An American in Paris

Last summer I wrote a post on John Kerry’s “guitar diplomacy.” I was really just joking around, you know, like I do. I’m not saying the Secretary of State is reading this blog….. but it does look like Kerry is doubling down on the old kumbaya” Just sayin.

Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Paris to remind the French that they’ve “got a friend” in an unexpected way — through a James Taylor performance.
Video surfaced on Friday of the singer singing his hit “You’ve Got a Friend” to French officials.

Don’t get me wrong. I love James Taylor. But doesn’t this make you cringe? Just a little?

What?? No candy and flowers??? The rest of the world sent their top leaders to march in solidarity against terrorism last Sunday. Our president sent a valentine.

Taylor’s performance honors the 17 people killed during terrorist attacks on Paris last week.
President Barack Obama and his administration were criticized this week for not attending Paris’ unprecedented unity rally after the attacks. The White House later admitted that it “should have sent someone with a higher profile to the event.”
Kerry said that this visit was meant “to share a big hug with Paris ”

No caption needed

No caption needed

On a serious note, and with great sincerity,

Je suis Charlie


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  1. Anyone who knows me knows I avoid ad hominems, but Mr. Kerry is a putz.

  2. ROFL Anita!!

  3. That was just awkward. He can still sing, but the sound was pretty bad.

  4. I’m a dyed in the wool liberal (liberal, not progressive) and, yes, Kerry’s Kumbaya diplomacy makes me cringe.
    If India couldn’t spare Kerry last weekend, wouldn’t Bill Clinton have made a great US representative in Paris?

  5. Bill Clinton would’ve been great, of course! He’s always great! But I’m sure O-blah-blah would not have approved of Clinton showing him how it’s done once again.

    Remember this?

  6. Yep. Barry missed the boat again, By not sending Big Dawg. 🙂

  7. I sure do, imust; as I recall, Obama had a holiday party to attend.

  8. LOL Sweet Sue, yeah he claimed he was “keeping Michelle waiting too long…”. Bill told him he didn’t want to “make her mad”….get going!

  9. dear god, what a fucking asshole he is. I have to say he’s got it all. Fugly as a horse and dumb as a brick. Thank GOD he never became president.

    Check out the kisses below. When I saw this all I could envision of how much better this all would have looked if Hillary had been there instead.

    Like being groped by Frankenstein who can’t make up his mind if he wants to use tongue or not.

  10. One of the many excuses for the original snuff by the administration was that “it isn’t all about US!” Us as in, the U.S. Then Kerry parades over there by his lonesome huggin and a kissin for photo ops. No, no…it’s not all about us!

  11. I have to say Obummer has done more then his fair share to raise my BP to deat levels but his snub of France and our Allies has taken the cake. I can not believe anyone could be that low class. I think back on 9/11 when we were hit and how the nations played our national anthem and stood with us during those dark days and this is how America reacts to our friends ? The world and this countrys people will not forget. Sending that horse faced traitor over after the fact only furthers the insult Obama sent.

  12. Yeah, the administration blew it. One of the excuses I heard early on was that they didn’t want to burden the French with the president’s security needs at a time like this. What?! Like Angela Merkel and Netanyahu don’t have similar or greater security needs?

    They should have sent Hillary.

    Je suis Charlie aussi.

  13. On the humorous side, the right wing is all faux-raged that we snubbed the French !!

  14. THe French have a reputation as cheese-eating surrender monkeys. I am very proud of them as I was their citizens fight back against these savages. They just might re-arrange their reputation. A bunch of savages aki to pithecanthropus erectus can do that to a People. Effing animals:

  15. Funny Foxy. Maybe we should just threaten to send Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus to ISIS if they don’t knock off their shit.

    Upps, I am wishing for some poetic justice–that a Lesbian soldier throws a couple of ISIS douchebags off of a roof.

  16. In defense of Kerry, a little bit anyway; I kinda doubt this was actually his idea. He’s pretty strange, but in a different way. It’s just one in a series of lame ideas from Obama and his people. Remember the “seal of the president elect”? The Greek columns? And the list goes on….I also think the “Reset Button” that got pinned on Hillary wasn’t her idea either. It just didn’t seem like something she would do.

  17. imust, you’re right–James Taylor was already in France for his European tour.

  18. I was not at all happy to see Pope Francis stand and say we should not be poking fun at any religion and he was against the Charlie movement of in your face to Islam. Sorry sir Pope but satire is what it is and all things are fair game. Religion is just one of them. And Islam is not a Religion plain and simple. Imagine if Catholics were taking women into the Vatican square and stoning them to death or lobing off the heads of Baptists. Can you not hear the out cry ?? A religion of peace calling to rape amd murder is a religion we should respect intead of make fun of and critic ??
    I was very and am very proud of the French people for standing in solitude against this crap. I would be less leary of the muslum religion if the so called peaceful ones world wide stood up against the Islamic extremests but they stand in silence leading me to think they are ok with it too.

  19. The editor of Charlie Hebdo responded to what the Pope said with this:–we-attack-religion-when-it-becomes-political-144539050.html

    Biard’s response: “Every time that we draw a cartoon of Mohammed, every time that we draw a cartoon of a prophet, every time that we draw a cartoon of God, we defend the freedom of [conscience]. We declare that God must not be a political or public figure. He must be a private one. We defend the freedom of [conscience], yes it’s also freedom of speech, but is the freedom of [conscience]. Religion should not be a political argument.”

  20. Utah! Soooooooooo well put!

  21. Upps, I am wishing for some poetic justice–that a Lesbian soldier throws a couple of ISIS douchebags off of a roof.

    Oh Please, be still my heart!!!!

  22. You’re likely right, imust, it probably wasn’t horseface’s idea, especially since he has no ideas. Correction, the last idea he had was to buy an outrageous new yacht and park it in another state so he wouldn’t have to pay MA luxury taxes.

  23. Exactly Upps.
    That is the way he thinks, that and marrying rich widows. 😆

  24. What are you watching tonight?
    I have some great shows on the DVR. 😛

  25. I really am interested in that Airfryer.
    Has anyone else besides Upps used it? 🙂

  26. well if you do get one, you do NOT need to buy the digital one. It’s way more expensive and probably won’t last as long as the analog one anyways. As a person who wrote software associated with electronics, a 50 cent broken chip will cost you dearly. I mean, whats so hard about turning the temp dial and setting the time manually? #ripoff.

  27. Many Thanks Upps, For that great advice. 🙂

  28. I just ordered this one. 🙂

  29. It costs almost 8.00 to fill up my monster deep fryer once a month, So this baby will pay for itself in no time at all.
    Plus the health benefits. 😀

  30. Doesn’t say anything about being digital Upps, So I guess I did good. 🙂

  31. Did I mention that I think all the vehicles in King Abdullah’s funeral procession should be driven by women ?? #douchebag

  32. Queen driving King Abdullah in her Land Rover:

  33. Hey Sophie…..check out the new post.

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