Watching the Super Bowl #likeagirl

Are you ready for the Super Bowl……ads?? I’m a girl, and I do like to watch football games. Well, if I have some connection with one of the teams playing. This year, I’m rooting for the Seattle Seahawks. But, imustadmit, I do enjoy many of the Super Commercials. The Budweiser puppy spot last year had me reaching for the tissues.

This year Procter and Gamble has a campaign called, #likeagirl. When I saw the leaked, (if it really was leaked) video, I just had to throw a post up (throw as in, throw #likeanuppitywoman.)

I give Procter and Gamble an A for Effort in their attempt to change societal attitudes about girls and women. This isn’t their first campaign to empower girls. Their “Keeping Girls in School” education campaign was impressive. Do you think they’re doing some kind of penance? After all, they did make a fortune telling women they were worthless if they didn’t keep the home sparkling clean for their husbands.

Okay, Mr. Clean was a man, well, a genie-man. He actually did all the cleaning! But who does all the laundry?

Keeping the home and clothes clean #likeawoman with Procter and Gamble!


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  1. WOW!!! Imust thanks for the great ads.
    Who are you rooting for?


  2. I hope you are feeling better today Upps.
    Sometimes Sleep is the answer.. ❤

  3. The Seahawks. Not because of the “deflate gate”, but just cuz they’re on the west coast.

  4. Well this month is shot.
    Tomorrow is a new one, Sure hope it is better,
    And I don’t care what that Groundhog says, We will have six more weeks of Winter. 😛

  5. 😆 Imust on the Seahawks.

  6. Seahawks, since my family lives near Seattle and are all excited for them. I don’t care about deflate-gate either.

  7. Good Sunday morning dear friends,
    And Happy February!!! May it be a glorious and blessed month.
    And not so cold and Snowy.
    I know Dreaming right? 😆

  8. Nice post. Enjoy the game.

  9. Thanks Sophie. But of course this post wasn’t just about the game; it was about the #likeagirl campaign. Any thoughts?

  10. I loved it, Imust. 😀

  11. I loved it, too. Am I crazy or have I seen that ad, months ago?
    I said “puberty” before the ad mentioned that as the time when how girls see themselves undergoes such a negative change.
    It’s the time when most girls-not all-get interested in boys and want to appeal to them. So-unconsciously-we agree to undervalue ourselves, overvalue boys (as they do, themselves) and enter the sex caste.
    I’m old enough to remember when girls were advised to dumb it down so as not to threaten boys with their brains.

  12. Yep Sweet Sue, it’s the beginning. I think there’s a lot of pressure on girls to conform from all around them, peers, parents and other adults ….not to mention society as a whole.

  13. It’s not the beginning, imust. It’s a continuation. And a regression to worse times, only this generation doesn’t get it yet.

  14. The British Are Coming!
    Wall Street and Lockheed Martin came after Brian Williams in order to bring down Hillary.
    “He lied about the kind of fire he took In the helicopter and had to resign”
    “Hillary lied, too, she doesn’t have the character to be President!”
    Mark my words; this was always about Hillary.
    What are we going to do about this?

  15. Occurs to me that Williams might be in on this.
    He loves Rush Limbaugh and NASCAR. Maybe, he has such a payout that he doesn’t care about his rep anymore.
    Jesus, maybe it was his idea.

  16. I think this thing with Brian Williams will be used to drudge up stuff about Hillary…but….no more than anything else they’ve ever drudged up against her. Hillary is a fighter. She has weathered worse. Besides, I think Brian, as a so-called journalist has more to lose here. Journalists are supposed to be all about the facts. Getting the story right. Verifying sources….(yeah, I know, I know….quit laughing already.)

  17. Sue, I’m afraid we won’t do a significant thing about it. Hillary supporters suffer from all the anger but their mass inertia is nearly legendary. It’s how the Obots won. They organized. They showed up. They were there for him doing whatever it took. I did not see that kind of organization with Hillary people. Too many leaders, allowing men trying to take over, the Hillary supporters are armchair and even then it’s only if they have the time. They have more excuses than a kid without a pass in the school hallway. Sorry but it’s true. we NEVER got under the same umbrella or plan, and I fear it will be the same this time. I hope I’m wrong. It just seems that woman get easily derailed for other people’s causes and don’t put a priority on their own. It waters down our effectiveness. We don’t get the same treatment in return that we give others. If there is an event for other causes, eg racism, gay rights, etc, we are there. When we have an event these same people only seem to show up to appropriate the event for their own causes. Let’s just say we don’t get much of a return on our support investments.

  18. Uppity, I don’t see anyone (currently) on this blog giving up and doing nothing for Hillary. Sorry to see that many in Hillary’s blog “army” from 2008 have quit and gone to the dark side.

  19. Uppity, I hear you. The so called third wavers are nearly a lost cause.
    It’s up to old broads like me to put women and girls first and show up for Hillary.

  20. Go to site like Shakesville and see how feminism is a dirty word.

  21. Sue 😯

  22. The brave first wavers must rolling in their graves. 😡

  23. Brian Williams is a horse’s ass and I am glad he is exposed for the lying POS he is. I’d love to say plenty more of those so-called journalists get some of that and watch them disappear like that slime ball Campbell what’s her name did. Just drop into the black hole Karma dug for them.

    I love Karma.

  24. When I said that feminism was a dirty word at sites like Shakesville, I meant a full throated feminism that doesn’t take a back seat to other causes. Melissa castigates Rosie O’Donnell for defending Eve Ensler and The Vagina Monologues which, apparently discriminates against women who have penises instead of vaginas. Monty Python couldn’t make this stuff up.
    Every time, I remember that Eve Ensler is Dylan McDermott’s mother, I laugh anew-it just seems so unlikely.

  25. Instead of emulating Strong women like Hillary, The young girls of today make creatures like Miley Cyrus and Beyonce their role models.
    It boggles the mind. :facepalm:

  26. ……and that butthead Naomi is their hair-flipping “Feminist” hero, someone who says she wore a hijab and it made her feel sexy.

    Yes, that’s right folks. This horse’s ass is generally introduced as a Feminist.

  27. Cockroach Brian Willams is finished. He’s on 6 months suspension without pay. That’s forever in the public eye. In six months he will be forgotten. That’s the goal. He will never return. He’s done. Put a fork in him. Boo Hoo.

  28. I’m glad Brian’s gone, but that NBC, trying to pretend like they have, you know, scruples or something! LOL!

  29. The campaign against Brian Williams is only about finishing Hillary.

  30. I don’t see that, Sue. He was horrid to Hillary and practically blew Obama during his white house special tour. Seriously, he’s crap. He certainly wasn’t going to be any good for her this year as campaigns start. If you ask me, however, Jon Stewart saved his ass and detoured attention to himself instead. It’s almost obvious. All the left news groups are mentioning williams and then overshadowing it with Stewart’s decision to leave his show.

  31. I’m glad Brian’s gone, but that NBC, trying to pretend like they have, you know, scruples or something! LOL!

    No kidding! #Scumbags. Comcast doesn’t want a distraction while they plot to make broadband and cable TV a monopoly by owning Time Warner while our elected officials pretend it’s not an Antitrust Law issue.

  32. Like the rest of his elitist media ilk, his ego got the best of him. Pride always goes before the fall. I really always felt he was a bag of scum since 2008. I have to laugh because CNN heads are all worried it might affect trust in them. Apparently they don’t know we already didn’t trust them either.

    Hey maybe NBC can go find that other bastion of integrity Keith Olberman. Or that gasbag Jack Cafferty.

  33. Upps, please don’t give nbc any ideas about Dobermann or Cafferty! We rarely watch national news on tv anymore, its so tedious. I remember watching Brokaw every night in the 90s. Now we watch a little local news and get the national stuff online.

    You guys, laker will have a post on the Widdershins on Friday. They have been asking me to contribute something, so I got my kid to do it! Anyway, hope you can go next door and check it out. Its based off his college essay about going to the NAMM show, which we did a couple of weeks ago.

  34. Upps, what I mean is that the powers that be are going after Williams so that, later, they can savage Hillary.
    “Williams had to go. Hillary did the same thing; how could she be President or-clutching pearls-Commander in Chief?”
    Williams is collateral damage; Hillary is the target.

  35. Sue, I just think that’s an over the top assessment. We’re talking about a guy who got huge ratings, here. He’s just an egomaniac is all. they don’t need him to go after hillary. They are experienced at it already. You know how I am about conspiracies. I just think it’s off the wall.

  36. That’s great socal! I’ll check it out Friday!

  37. A funny a day, keeps the blues away. 😆

  38. Beautiful. 😀

  39. I really like this Airfryer, Pitched that deep fryer for good. 😀

  40. To all Uppityites and Upps herself. ❤

  41. I’m telling you foxy, I hardly ever buy oil anymore!!!

  42. Simon’s Cat Valentine.

  43. Not Valentine but still priceless.

  44. Uppity Woman, on February 14, 2015 at 12:15 PM said:

    I’m telling you foxy, I hardly ever buy oil anymore!!!

    Tru Dat upps.
    I even got a Hot Air Popper and I love it.
    Also No oil. 😀

  45. That Simon, is the Cats Meow. 😛

  46. Considering oil is 120 calories a tablespoon and now no excess fat content, it’s a very healthy way to eat things you thought you shouldn’t eat anymore. I am beating the crap out of my machine. I also bought the top basket so I can make two things at once.

    I roasted peppers in it the other day. Skins slid right off too!

  47. My God, ISIS, Taliban, AQ, whatever they are called, they are riddled with mentally deranged creatures!!! And they are recruiting crazy people from all over the world. God knows there are enough of them to go around.

    I caught CNN for a few nauseating moments and they were talking about that cartoonist and said they ‘decided’ not to post photos of whatever it was he drew. I thought, why don’t you apologists tell the truth, you are afraid to show those photos because you will die.

    Do we see what is happening here? We are giving exceptions to a specific religion (that has crossed over into a specific political system, something our own Religious Zealots would love to do!). All religions can be criticized under free speech, except the one.

    There is nothing that has killed more people throughout history than Religious Zealotry that leeches into society by force. Bringing me to the question (politics aside): Do we do something or not ? If so, what ?

    Note: Do not make a post out of this, God only knows what would happen. Our own might round us up.

  48. Amen Upps. It is scary. 😡

  49. I agree Uppity. As for doing something….we tried in 08. The best thing that will happen will be when Obama and friends leave the WH. Still a long way off though.

  50. Well at least Obama is trying to do something. I’m sorry but the Republicans are right on this one. this crap is leeching into our own national security and is a threat to our Republic and the constitution as a whole. Not to mention our very lives.

  51. What exactly is Obama trying to do?

  52. He’s asking congress for permission to in effect go to war.

  53. But Obama refuses to attach the religious part to the Religious Zealotry. Remember Ft. Hood…workplace violence? Political correctness run amok.

  54. He’s not apologizing for this mess any longer. I don’t care about his own weirdness and racist obsessions and propensities, long as he kills them all. Later he can join what’s left for all I care. If we jerked around and pandered pre-WW II like this, we’d all be yelling Heil!!!! And Europe better stop being so damned PC too and get on the stick before these animals kills us all.

  55. The State department has all the answers. 🙄

  56. The hot topic of the day is, Obama got his tail feathers clipped. 😆

  57. Good. I just know he wants to go too far. We do need to do something about anchor babies because this has been clearly abused. Hop over, get your baby delivered for free and get all kinds of public assistance many citizens who lived here all of their lives have trouble getting. Whatever would Walmart do if they couldn’t hire those illegals for peanuts, and whatever would the rich do without their inexpensive gardeners and nannies, leaving Americans without work. And after all, why shouldn’t we just let terrorists stroll right across a border to come kill us?

  58. Can’t call them illegals uppity, that hurtz their feewingz. Why do we even bother with a border anyway if we don’t enforce it?

  59. Oh yeah. Sorry… I meant Undocumented people Outside of The Law.

    I see Obama is ’embracing’ that touchy feely stupid idea of “reforming” terrorists. Let’s waste a hundred million on that shit. Also still says they aren’t Islamists, they’re terrorists. As if screaming Allahu Akbar is just because the phrase feels good.

    We need to tighten things in our prisons, that’s where these crazies are being converted and recruited.

  60. Hiya gang ! Let me start this post with some exciting news, at least for me it is. Whiskey has come through his cancer treatments with flying colors. He was not ready to leave me yet. Yes most dogs that have been through what he just has undergone only live a year to a year and a half but he is 14 and will be 15 in June so if I get that time I will feel blessed.
    About this ISIS ( Muslum) issue. Ok we are told not to hold them all at fault and normally I do not blame an entire group for the actions of a few but in this case I find it hard not to.
    Let’s compare, because that is what the PC crowd wants us to do. Our POTUS wanted to remind us as Christians we too did these acts during the crusades. True enough but the crusdaes we spawned out of where and from what ? Anyone ? Ok needless to say the followers of this child rapist have been at this since the beginning.
    Take a look at Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Methodists, Lutherens and any other religion at this date. Can you pick them out in day to day life. Can you tell a Lutheren from a Catholic in a store ? I say most likely not because we do not all wear our religion as a form of dress. Do we have religious zelots in the above mentioned ? Safe to say yes we do but are they Char broiling people alive or loping off their heads ? If they did how would the rest of the world react ?
    If a group of Christians took 45 Muslums out and had a public killing do you think our President would go play golf that day or be out to end it. Think about it I will wait.
    If this happened from Christians do you still think our POTUS and the PC crowd would hesitate to call them what they are ? Religious terrorists ? He would in a heart beat and proceed to wipe the lot out so why is there hesitation or has there been hesitation to go after all these slime balls killing in the name of Allah ? Why is it some years after the Fort Hood massacre is it just now being dubbed an act of terrorism ?
    If the people of America and her politicians do not awaken and soon it will be happening here too. People will be being paraded into Times Square and be fried alive or beheaded . It already has happened with a few honor killings here so when do we awaken to this insanity and end it ? You can not give them jobs, educate them etc. Madness does not have a fix other then death. To even think you can use logic and understanding on someone who can without conscience take a lit tourch and set someone afire isludicrous. It is time to end this and stop pussy footing around. Seal the damned borders and stand up and go in and get rid of these murderous slime once and for all.

    Now I will sit back and wait for the black SUVs to show up. lol

  61. Meant to add to those who think you can fix a person who is a killer and without conscience shall we let Charlie Manson out and give him a job ?

  62. Harf makes me want to barf. 😯

  63. What about this? 🙄

  64. Nice threat, scumbag. That’s why mass deportation was invented. It might come to your theater soon if you keep threatening us like that.

  65. Not gonna argue with ya, Utah. this is all so over the top I can’t believe we are even wasting our time trying to “fix” it

  66. I interrupt this discussion for………well this.

  67. Here’s Obama’s answer:

    Groups like al Qaeda and ISIL promote a twisted interpretation of religion that is rejected by the overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims. The world must continue to lift up the voices of Muslim clerics and scholars who teach the true peaceful nature of Islam. We can echo the testimonies of former extremists who know how terrorists betray Islam. We can help Muslim entrepreneurs and youths work with the private sector to develop social media tools to counter extremist narratives on the Internet.

    We know from experience that the best way to protect people, especially young people, from falling into the grip of violent extremists is the support of their family, friends, teachers and faith leaders. At this week’s summit, community leaders from Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Boston will highlight innovative partnerships in their cit

  68. Yea . LMAO with a POTUS trying to sell us a crock of crap like that and folks who worship him and believe every word he says rather then face the truth we will all be looking for our heads one day. Sorry but ISLAM is not a religion it is a way of life. It is a sick preverted way of life.

  69. Remember how fast we went after Warren Jeffs and the crazy sect of Mormons that were taking underage girls and forcing them to marry. Remember Wacco ? What is the big hesitation here ? I fail to understand any of it. When people use religion as a means of lawlessness and subhuman behavior we need to get in and end it.
    These nuts intend a total take over of the world and as I see it so far they are succeeding.

  70. I agree utah.

  71. OMG Foxy lol.
    You know in some way this situation in the world today reminds me of the Steven King novel ” the stand”
    Times have changed for sure in our country and the world and I feel I am getting left behind. I don’t understand hate. Not in the sense I am seeing it today. I understand strong dislike but this blind hatred I do not.
    I do not understand anyone able to kill like is being done now. I can not even remotely begin to grasp how someone can think burning someone alive is ok.
    I do not understand others in the world thinking we just need to go along with our daily lives and let the middle east alone. These people ( if you can call them that) are here and we are importing them via the Syrian refugees and the many think it is not a problem. I give you Deerborne Michigan.
    I grew up and had to learn to speak, write and understand English. Now you have to press 1 to get someone who does and even after pressing one odds are you will get someone from Thailand, or India that you will not understand.
    I am being taxed to death and paying for everyone else to eat and have cell phones and health care and now have to worry that I will never see monies I put into a system for my old age because our POTUS feels we ought to give santuary to folks who broke the laws and came in to this country and now they will get a tax refund and social security card so they can drain what is left in that fund too.
    I feel like Rip Van Winkle and have awakened 20 years later and do not know where the Hell I am.
    I ask do we have to bring every basket case here to live ? I look at these countries and have to say they have not progressed like Europe or the USA and we expect to change that ? I think when JFK started the peace corps we went in and tried. That was how long ago ? Islam is savage plain out savage. Folks say like going back to the middle ages I say going back to the caveman age. No progression and they want us to regress back to the caveman mentality.
    It’s scary and yes I am very worried at what is to come.

  72. Stay warm and safe dear friends. ❤

  73. I’m boring??? Has he ever listened to one of his speeches? I tell you this, if I had the audience he’s got and spoke to them they would not be nodding off like people do when he moves his lips. The Biggest Bore telling us we’re boring. Priceless.

  74. Hahaha Utah’s on one of her rolls.

    Hey I am SO glad to see Whiskey rallying. He loves life, that boy does!

  75. Foxy, the weather is BRUTAL, cold again, reeeeealllllllllly cold, more snow, major wind, drifts, it’s like Siberia.

  76. “The high-quality videos, the online magazines, the use of social media, the terrorists’ Twitter accounts – it’s all designed to target today’s young people online, in cyberspace.

    “And, by the way, the older people here, as wise and as respected as you may be: your stuff is often boring. Compared to what they’re doing. You’re not connected. And, as a consequence, you are not connecting.”

    Yeah, that’s the problem….we’re not tweeting to the young terrorists enough! All they need is a little hashtaggin! #don’tbeheadmebro

  77. Wow…what a thread.

    FABULOUS NEWS about Whiskey, Utah.

    I disagree with the American jihadists.

    I absolutely detest the Christian right and will do nearly anything to subvert their message. I think the Westboro Baptist Church is reprehensible. But I do not hate all of Christendom because I know that not all Christians are right wing nut jobs that want to force their religion down my throat. The fact that the Episcopal Church did not come out and make a strongly-worded statement against Holly Hobby, who USED God to push their own agenda, pissed me off BUT I still wouldn’t lump the Episcopal Church with those “Christian” whackos.

  78. Thanks guys I can not say how happy I am my boy made it through all that crap. I have had numerous dogs but there is never going to be another Whiskey. Jack as neat as he is , is just not on the same plane as Whiskey. He knows my soul.
    So The crap head n chief thinks we are boring lol. I have yet to get through one of his speaches unless I am bored and counting the mes, I’s and ahs.
    Hope you all can stay safe and warm because you sure are having a brutal Winter. Weird as it is Our ground never even froze this year and if we got two inches of snow I would be surprised. Eh didn’t miss it. Uppity once said I lived in the snow belt lol well maybe it moved back to her yard lmao.

  79. Yeah, that’s the problem….we’re not tweeting to the young terrorists enough!


  80. You see, their boring parents are busy working their asses off, some of them way past retirement, to support the lazy bastards who keep moving back home and waiting for some big ship to pull up to their basement window begging for a captain. While they await their fate as a “leader” of great magnitude, they have plenty of time to play on the computers, ipads, smart phones and other electronics their parents pay for. Sorry I didn’t bother to learn how to Twinkles Up and Twinkles Down with them, or participate in discussions about that shitty Rap noise as Art, and wasn’t willing to sit around swooning over how great life would be if we were all Socialists looking forward to our next government issued chicken. Oddly, these are the same people who want to cut off seniors from the things they think they should have starting right after they pop out of the womb. These are selfish, self-serving, desensitized little bastards. They give up too easily, want to work for nothing, and wonder why they have nothing going for them so they join a cult just like any weak-brained moron would do. Our educational system convinced them that they are all “special,” therefore they should just sit and wait for their monetary “Trophies” just because they exist. They get mad when they don’t get it. Right now. So they join up with a bunch of mentally defective killers and get to kill the people they are jealous of, who don’t recognize their “specialness,” regardless of the fact that those people worked for a living for decades to get where they are.

  81. Amen Uppity !!

  82. TGIF!!! One day loser to Spring. 😀
    Niagara Falls is freezing up. 😛

  83. You knew that is closer. yes you did.
    Great news about Whiskey Utah. 🙂

  84. And to think I thought his job was to keep us safe from terrorist scumbags. Doh on me!

  85. I don’t know about you foxy, but no way we are going to get Spring for a long time here. Today it’s -2 and I don’t even want to guess at the chill factor.

  86. It is that Globaloney thing Upps.
    We are getting up to 7 inches of it as we speak. 🙄

  87. His State dep. says ISIS needs jobs,
    Here are some suggestions. 😆

  88. Gawd, it’s snowing again. And freezing.

    ISIS needs jobs, ROFL these people are morons. Great suggestions though.

  89. Even the Falls are freezing. 😯

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