Awards Night Open Thread

Yes, it’s that time again! Roll out the Red Carpet! Put on your best gowns and bling! Oh, it’s so exciting, I can hardly wait!!!

Deal With It

Deal With It

So, what’s your pick for the best…….wait….that isn’t the Oscar….that’s the Uppity!!

That’s okay, I haven’t seen any of the movies that are nominated this year anyway. So let’s give away Uppities instead. But I’ll need some help with the nominations. Leave your suggestions in the comment section. The Uppity goes to……

Pssst., and like Uppity says…I recommend the veal and don’t forget to tip your waiter on the way out! 😉


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  1. Hiya imust–I haven’t seen any of the films either. I though NPH’s opening was excellent. You watching?

  2. Yep, I am! Love NPH!!

  3. Wow–rough one–Tim McGraw singing Glen Campbell’s I’m not Gonna Miss You.

  4. Wow, Patricia!! You go girl! Whooooo hooo!

  5. That was something! Loved, loved, loved Particia Arquette’s speech!!
    Yeah!! Got Meryl Streep up on her feet!!!

    “To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.”


    Reminds me of the Hillary in the rain photo.

  6. I saw that 🙂

  7. Yes!!!! 😀

  8. I agree with this.
    We need women leaders everywhere, at every level
    And let me add especially as POTUS!!!! 🙂

  9. Patricia Arquette is getting a lot of flak from the Shakesville/Jezebel crowd for not being “intersectional” and inclusive in her speech.
    How dare she not acknowledge her white, upper class privilege!
    Why is it only feminists who have to include every other downtrodden group in their speeches and actions?
    Did John Legend include women in his speech about African-American incarceration? Why not? Why isn’t he being excoriated by the youngish Academia crowd?
    I’m so done with the third and fourth wavers. They are going to lose any and all hard won rights, including reproductive, while they’re so busy being precious and intersectional.
    Then they’ll look to us old, bad-assed feminists to bail them out: Nuh- uh.

  10. Yeah intersectional. Women show up for every cause under the sun and then when it’s their turn to get support, you either see some group show up to appropriate the event for their cause, and from the rest, you see:

  11. Indeed–what a bunch of professional victims. Sheesh. We are doomed.

  12. And, in fact, arquette’s “intersectionality” is just fine. Check out her CV:

    Her sister is a trans and Arquette was fiercely supportive of her siste and a vocal advocate on the issue.

    Also, all of this from her wikipedia page:

    After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Arquette and childhood friend Rosetta Millington-Getty formed GiveLove,[22] a non-profit organization supporting ecological sanitation and composting, community development projects and housing construction in Haiti.[23] She has also worked with Eracism Foundation, Libby Ross Foundation, The Art of Elysium, and The Heart Truth.[24] Most recently, she is doing a commercial for ABC on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for homeless dogs and cats.[25]

    In 1997, after her mother died of breast cancer, Arquette worked to raise awareness about the disease. She has run in the annual Race for the Cure, and in 1999 was the spokesperson for Lee National Denim Day, which raises millions of dollars for breast cancer research and education. In April 2010, she teamed-up with welding students of the Robert Morgan Educational Center, in Miami, Florida, to build shelters in earthquake-ravaged Haiti from 20 used shipping containers.

  13. That was my favorite part of her speech…that she said women have helped every other cause, and now it’s our turn.

  14. This is the same crowd that supported Obama over Hillary and wore those Sarah Palin (and, I’m no fan) is a C Word tee shirts.

  15. Exactly Sweet Sue.

  16. that she said women have helped every other cause, and now it’s our turn.

    Exactly! While Audre Lourde and Pat Parker were dying of cancer, an overwhelming number of Lesbians were working with the Gay Men’s Health Crisis to fight AIDS. That’s what Arquette is talking about.

  17. Welp I am intersectional. I have 3 causes.
    1. Women
    2. Women
    3. Women.

    And I am not helping ANYBODY who doesn’t give me a return on my investment.So there, assholes.

  18. Hey Sophie, I clicked on the site you provided, read the essay and the comments, including yours.
    Thank Goddess, many-if, not most-of the replies were thoughtful and sensible.
    If Arquette’s critics were doing ten percent of the good works that she’s doing, the world would be a better place and sooner, rather than later.
    I despair for feminism but hope that I’m wrong.
    Keep fighting the good fight, friend.

  19. Goodby February!!!! 😀

  20. Happy Women’s History Month, Uppityites!

  21. Assigning a month to women’s history (as if we evolved differently) is a reminder that men get to pimp their version of history the other 11 months.

  22. Women’s History Month!!! Yippeee!! I’m so excited for all the parades, awards and TV specials…..oh wait…..

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