Oh No He Didn’t!!!!

This is rich, just rich!! I confess, I stole this from Hillary is 44. I decided it had to be a separate post rather than just in the comments.

So get this….David Axelrove, the slimiest guy on the planet, says he’s….wait for it….. worried about a “cult of personality” surrounding Hillary Clinton!! UN-freaking-believable!!!!

So tell me Uppityites, what do you think Hillary should do with Axelrove’s advice??


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  1. what did you think he meant by that????

  2. Well, I’m not sure exactly what he meant, but what he said was that the Ready For Hillary PAC was a “cult of personality.” He said that their slogan, “Ready” wasn’t good….”Ready for what?” He said that this cult of personality was “dangerous”. This coming from the man who invented “Hope” and “Change”.

  3. Them’s fightin; words!!!! If Axelrod tries it, I will make it my personal mission to call him out in every post from here to eternity. He invented smoke and mirrors in ’08 — but I don’t need to tell anyone here that!

  4. WEll he do know his cults alright!!!! 👿

  5. Go get em Ani.WE got your back. 😀

  6. Tomorrow. 😡

  7. Axlgrease reminds me of old Adolf. :facepalm:

  8. @foxyladi-3:12pm: Really?

    “We need clear, enforceable, legally sustainable rules to ensure that the Internet remains open and continues to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers,” Twitter said in a statement. “This is the heart of Twitter. Without such net neutrality principles in place, some of today’s most successful and widely-known Internet companies might never have come into existence.”

    From what I’ve read, it’s only the Republicans who are against treating the internet like a public service.


  9. Axelrod is marginalized. He’s Karl Rove with orange makeup. Nobody gives a fast crap what he thinks any longer, not even that tool Obama. When was the last time you saw or heard from him till this moment? He’s of no value. His time was up long ago. CNN always trots out the cadavers and blows the dust off them, half their anchors are cadavers. We’ll probably see Keith Olberman next, lol. Blow the dust off. I wouldn’t wast ten seconds on these guys except as a source of amusement or to serve as a horrible warning that the higher you rise the further down you fall later. Just sayin’.

  10. fredster, my rule of thumb is if Verizon and Time Warner and Comcast are against it, it’s good for the consumer. But not to worry. By the time they water it down by greasing some palms, it will mean nothing to us. These cockroaches have been getting away with anti trust law violations so long, they don’t even try to hide it any longer. Just like insurance carriers, they lock up their regions and charge outrageous fees for things we used to get for free.

  11. @uppity: Well all we can do is hope. When we look at what we have for internet speed and technology, compared to other countries, it’s pathetic.

    I wish we had more municipalities that could do what Chattanooga has done.


  12. RIP ❤

  13. What a marvelous renaissance man Leonard Nimoy was and a true mensch, too,
    We’re all a little poorer, today.

  14. Indeed we are Sue. ❤

  15. Goodby February 😦

  16. lol Foxy, there is nothing good about growing old. It’s all bullshit to placate us when we are old and have the time to contemplate that we are in the “Winter” of our lives. You know how much fun winter is! You can’t wait till it’s over

  17. Okie Dokie, I best give you all a health report. I’ve been feeling great and just about back to my old self. But there’s a problem. When I was in hospital in Nov, an echocardiogram showed my ejection fraction to be 35%. It was 55% before surgery. See here for what EF is:

    Cardiologist decided to take another echo in 2 months to see if my EF returned to normal, as it often does with bypass patients. First red flag is, normally, when someone has open heart surgery their EF is low before surgery (because they had heart attack, which I did not have) and it goes to normal after surgery. As you can see, my situation was the opposite. An abnormal ECG showed I have what is called a Right Bundle Branch Blockage.

    In addition, the added meds from November have resulted in my previously normal kidney numbers rising every month for 3 months in a row. My nephrologist had a fit. So on my Thurs appointment, my cardiologist eliminated the medication that most likely caused the problem. I think I mentioned already that my left kidney is dead and no longer functioning, so I only have the one. The vascular surgeon deduced through tests that I have an aortic blockage that has been doing its work for years and years. In fact, it took so long, my body compensated and created another flow route. But the compensation takes time, so I lost a kidney in the process, thus I only have one and she (nephrologist) aims to protect it. At the same time, my cardiologist told me at my appt. that I was “at a crossroad” and “this could go either way*.

    I took the echo last week and my EF is now 30%, that is, it went lower. His first reaction was to put a defibrillator in my chest, but then he began wondering if one of my grafts has failed. So i had a nuclear stress test Friday. That’s the stress test where you don’t walk, but they inject you and make your heart race as if you just ran really fast. It makes you radioactive for several days. Got through it with no notable symptoms. The purpose of the test was to determine if one of my grafts has failed. If the results were normal, I would need an ICD Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator AKA Jump Starter to laypeople.

    The cardiologist studied the results right there while I waited. What a good boy. Result is one of my grafts has gone down or is going down.He said there is an area of my heart that is not getting blood, thus the EF is low. The solution is another catherization where they will stent the failed graft. This should fix everything, presumably. Problem is, my nephrologist has explicitly said I am to have no more dye injected into me until further notice (hard on kidneys). She scrapped a CT scan with the vascular guy so he did an ultrasound. But a cath requires the dye.

    So now, cardiologist has ordered a scheduling of the cath but to hold it up till nephrologist okays it. I imagine she will have some instructions for them, or find out how long I can wait to give my creatinine and bun, etc. a rest for a bit now that the suspect meds are eliminated. I will find out her instructions and so will cardiology on Monday. One thing I do know is she guards my kidney as if it were her own child. The other thing is, I can be fairly certain I am not in an emergency situation or they would have never let me out of that clinic after my Friday test. The delay has to exist, as I have made it very clear that if my kidney fails and I am forced into a life of dialysis, I would just as soon die of a heart attack as I prefer death to that nightmare. I have seen first hand what that life is like and I want no part of it.

    I will keep you posted with an update when I have something significant to tell you. Over and Out. Please know I am very mobile and feel fine, I am just sick of being discouraged with unexpected news and feel kind of defeated. But you know me, I’ll get over it. I’ll endure. It’s what we do!

  18. @upps: and this is the important part of the cnet article:

    The decadelong debate over how to implement Net neutrality has really been a battle to make certain a level of openness is preserved And the way to preserve it is by establishing rules of the road that let ISPs, consumers and innovators know what’s allowed and what’s not allowed on the Net.

    That along with this:

    During the same meeting at which the Net neutrality rules were adopted, the FCC also passed a measure that strikes down state laws limiting local communities from expanding municipally owned gigabit networks in two southern states. The idea is that local communities should be able to build their own high-speed broadband networks if they want to. And they shouldn’t be prevented from doing so as the result of a state law passed because broadband providers in a particular state want to limit competition.

    Those state legislators passed those state laws after cashing the campaign checks that they got from Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Charter, Cox and the like.

    And this congress critter from Tenn is trying to stop muni fiber op networks at the federal level by twisting the issue around. Of course check out two of her contributors listed at the end of the article.


  19. OH and upps pls keep us posted on the cath situation and when it can be done. “Normally”, having that stent placed would not be a great big deal but with your kidney…smh. Always with the drama, you!!! 🙂

  20. Yup Fredster, the old palm grease thing. That’s how Comcast and TW got as big as they are and are merging besides(!!!), what with a free pass from antitrust laws.

    Agree, stents are no longer a big deal at all, most everybody I know has one somewhere, lol. But the last time I thought I was going to get a stent I ended up with my chest cracked open instead.

    My nephrologist will figure something out. She’s from Russia, nobody effs with her.

    You know, they can implant an ICD in an hour and half and then you will be a real life Weekend at Bernies and never die. You will also give TSA their own set of problems. I think if I had to end up with that exquisite piece of electronics, I would at least have SOME fun with it. My cousin’s husband dropped dead on the golf course, they revived him and put an ICD in his chest 9 years ago and when he plugs into the phone number each month to check out what is going on, he averages at least one heart attack he didn’t know he was going to have.

  21. Sorry for the turn of events for you on your health Uppity. But I am glad you are feeling okay and that you have such a good nephrologist.

  22. Hey Uppity! Sorry to read about the new issues in your health report. yeah, it is never just one thing it’s five, because we humans are complex machinery and everything is connected to something else. Sending hugs and healing energy. Glad you feeling good and have a doctor with your kind of fighting spirit!

  23. Always with the drama, you!!! 🙂

    Hey you can’t say I’m boring! When I do something I do it all the way, even horrid things!

    Yes imust, I will keep you posted.

  24. Thanks for the update Upps.
    Sending prayers. ❤

  25. Happy March Uppityites!!!
    Now where is Spring??? 😯

  26. Uppity said: Hey you can’t say I’m boring! When I do something I do it all the way, even horrid things!

    Yep, you do have that certain panache! LOL!

  27. Spring! I saw a robin in a snowsuit and boots. And a fur hat with flaps.

  28. Wow. Missed this whole thread. and it’s a live one!
    1.) Screw Axelrod
    2.) RIP Nimoy. You were loved and will be missed, esp by me.
    3.) Net Neutrality = good thing. Hooray (provided they don’t F it up)
    4.) Uppity, Uppity, Uppity! I simply do not pray this often–you are freaking God out! (Seriously, woman–if there is anything you need that I can actually do, name it.)
    5.) Happy Woman’s History Month. March is also the anniversary of the Girl scouts. Allow me to once again point out that all three female Secretaries of State were Girl Scouts!
    6.) Screw Axelrod again.

  29. If you want more information about Net Neutrality from a news source you can trust:

  30. Uppity, best of luck always, comfort and joy.

  31. Sophie, just keep doing what you’re doing. Keep the place running with imust, there are uppityites who depend on you and appreciate it even if they don’t always write it down. x

  32. Sorry to hear this Upps but I know you. You will become a medical miracle lol. You will hHey best wishes to you and loved the crack about the Robin. That is so you.

  33. Uppity Woman, on March 1, 2015 at 5:20 PM said:

    Spring! I saw a robin in a snowsuit and boots. And a fur hat with flaps.

    The one that missed the Bus to Florida!!!! 😆

  34. The one that missed the Bus to Florida!!!! 😆

    So did we.

  35. Yeah Utah, I am not one to go quietly into the night.

  36. So Hillary Clinton used a personal email account while she was Secretary of State. Is that illegal; if it isn’t, shut the fuck up!
    Now, the artist who painted Bill Clinton’s official portrait confesses that he was obsessed with the Lewinsky imbroglio, so much so that he painted in a blue dress shadow. What a dick move; why now?
    Those of you who have so many doubts about Hillary need to ask yourselves why the malefactors of great wealth are moving heaven and earth to kneecap her.

  37. Yeah Sue I know you are right, but look how hard they have to work to dig up silly things like email addresses, really. Same old fossil stories are expected, eg blue dress. She got 18000000 primary votes with the blue dress shoved in her face, I pretty much think that fossil has gotten it’s mileage with no more tread left. We should be hearing vince foster soon. And let us not forget her cackle and how her brain is damaged, blah blah blah. And the Nutcracker for sale.

    Besides,I firmly believe Jeb Bush is the only one who could give her a run for her money, but not to worry! His own brain-dead party will get rid because he’s just not mean or anal retentive enough. But GAWD he looks like his brother (shiver)

    I guess lots of people are thrilled with her and bothered by her:

  38. what did you think he meant by that????

    He meant I’m underemployed and essentially marginalized and I need some attention.

  39. So what if she used personal emails. Any email account can be accessed if need be. A non-story. The faux outrage from the idiots and usual suspects will flood the airways. Nothing new for the Clintons, they can handle it and will.

  40. exactly imust. Plus, Jeb tweeted a link to all his government emails, saying “Transparency counts!” He forgot to mention he used a personal email address too.

    Hey, I’m watching that Russian funeral of the guy Putin killed and they have NO SNOW! I have their snow!!!

  41. I gotta bunch of that Snow too Upps. 😯

  42. I heard this one guy is getting rich, From all this Snow.
    Boxing it up and sending it to people that have no Snow. 😆

  43. I was thinking of putting a “Free Snow” sign in front of my house.

  44. Well, the crisis is over…there are now more article out there about Hillz not breaking the rules than there are pearl-clutching :did she break the law” articles. Even the Big Cheeto was with Hill on this one. Go figure.

  45. By the way, you can watch the live stream of Hillary at EMILY at 8 PM ET. Details/links over at Still4Hill’s place:

  46. Youtube! DO listen to Barbara M first, she’s worth listening to! And you will see how good Gabby Gifford looks when she presents an award.

  47. Ok, the email crisis is not over. Sigh! But there is some humor:

    IIRC, NARAL endorsed Obama early and EMILY’s list called them out to wait the remaining weeks until the primary was over.

  48. Uppity Woman, on March 3, 2015 at 6:10 PM said:

    I was thinking of putting a “Free Snow” sign in front of my house.

    😆 I tried that!!! They want it shipped o California. 🙂

  49. And Free shipping too. 😯

  50. Sophie the primary was over and she won. Then they sleazed their way into taking delegates from her and giving them to the man whose ass they simply had to drag over the finish line. Emily should have been incensed.

  51. Yes, I agree that EMILY could have and should have led the charge that we PUMAs (back when that was a good word) were. Still, on the list of the Terrible, the Horrible, and the Miserable, in my book, they only make it to Badly Behaved. I give them points for telling NARAL off.

  52. Hey, you can send your snow to OK Senator Inhofe.

  53. Axelrod should just take his chair and shove it pole up his ass.

  54. Sounds like a plan, Tony.

  55. I like Tony’s plan.

  56. I hope they youtube it. 😆

  57. I know most folks here have no love for Kerry, but on the subject of EmailServerGate, his response is absolutely priceless. The video is short and well-worth the watch.


  58. A good read:

    For decades, the innerati have indulged in one Hillary Clinton feeding frenzy after another, methodically constructing mountains, only to see them crumble like molehills. Each time, there’s a breathless hope that she’s finally been taken down, cut down to size, put in “her place.” A “woman’s place.”

    But something funny keeps happening. Hillary Clinton only becomes stronger, more respected, more significant, and more popular.

  59. Sophie, I don’t like Kerry because of how he backstabbed Hillary in 08 and promoted Teh Won. He had his eye on his own prize….the Sec. of State position.
    Memory lane….March 2008:

  60. I don’t like him because he’s a boring cheat of a limousine liberal and a shameless kept man with a face like a horse, a personality like a clam and horrid communication skills. In spite of what we got stuck with instead, thank GOD he never became president.

  61. Here’s who I want for president…..who I wanted for president….but idiots like Kerry shoved the empty suit down our throats.

  62. Oh, I don’t like Kerry either, but his response was priceless. It really was classic.

  63. Actually very surprising. I would have expected him to throw Hillary under the bus.

  64. I know Sophie, I just can’t help it, that cretin makes me crabby.

  65. Ok. update. I go today for chest xray and yet more blood work(the people at the lab and I are on first name, hows-yer-family basis now). I will be admitted to hospital next Weds, probably later in day, and have IV fluids hyrdrate me overnight along with the prescribed nephrologist meds. I will have the cath and stent thurs am, will stay overnight to monitor the artery used (ensuring it doesn’t spring a bleed), and go home friday when they get around to my discharge papers.

    Stent is how they treat a failed bypass graft, it’s pretty reliable. here’s hoping I am not the exception to the rule and it works and I will be done with this shit and get on with my life.

    Oh and Monday i go for a carotid artery ultrasound to check my left carotid. with my luck that will need a stent next too. I feel like a real cash cow.

  66. Uppity! Just scrolled through. Be well. So good to see you again, and especially after this news cycle. Love that tweet. Love those stats for her. You know, Ani calls it. I could not believe what that prick Axe said either. What a bastard. But you know what? We saw it all. Even the women in the party (well except for us) turned on her. You know something? It might be different this time around. Hoping so, and hoping there is some sanity soon. Be well today.

  67. Best luck in the world, Uppity. You’re a strong woman-no surprise.

  68. God Speed my friend. Pray that all goes well for you.

  69. {{{{Uppity}}}} ❤

  70. All I can say is thank God for the person who invented stents! Who was that person you ask? Why it was this guy:

  71. Stents are nice if you can get one. Last time I went in for a stent, I was told I needed open heart surgery instead.

    I’m relaxing today and came to the conclusion that I no longer know what to do with myself when I don’t have a doctor’s appointment or don’t have to go to the lab for blood work, or I am not being eradiated or probed while I listen to sonar sounds. Yesterday I had my 8th chest xray in 5 months. And if I didn’t accidentally ask the right question last week, I would be the host of an Implanted Defibrillator by now. And monday I do another ultrasound of my carotid artery. I am trying to decide what to wear since this is my new social life. I can’t afford to do anything else since I have become a cash cow. I imagine once I go broke they will just let me die.

    If they next tell me I have permanent damage from the block off of blood to a part of my heart, which nobody considered a possibility in November when I was hospitalized, (it’s 3 months since then!) I am packing up and going to the Cleveland Clinic. I am more than a little pissed that I took that ultrasound Feb 11 and nobody even looked at it till the 26th, and then I was informed I was at a “crossroad” and this “Could go either way” so let’s hook you up with a defib.

    Too big. I am involved with a gaggle of excellent heart doctors in a setting that has gotten so well known, it’s too big. Falling off their conveyer belt is looking a little to easy for my tastes. If I didn’t have a nephrologist (thank god for my female primary care doc) I would most likely be on dialysis by now too. I’m losing patience.

  72. Sending prayers and healing thoughts Upps. ❤

  73. Listen, I think Hillary is having a huge good time with the press. CNN is nearly apoplectic that she is not giving them more grist for their mill. She knows they will take anything she says and spend a week trashing and twisting her words, her tone, her expression, her very existence. At this point, Poppy Harlow looks absolutely anxious every time she mentions emails. Tonight Hillary is speaking for the Clinton Foundation and Poppy is over here asking the question, Will Hillary respond? They have nothing more to talk about with Hillary except their endless loop. They have trotted out dozens of people to talk about this and still………no Hill to give them that grist. How on earth are they going to carry this on for the next week with nary a word from her? Where oh where did we go wrong……..Poppy, pull some hair out will ya? You’re incessant baiting and calling her names is nothing new for her from bigger people than you. I can tell you’re this year’s Campbell Brown. May the same thing happen to you that happened to her. Do you really think she’s going to talk about what you want her to talk about at a forum that has nothing to do with any of this?

    If I were Hillary I wouldn’t announce till the last quarter of this year just for spite. There would be media nervous breakdowns.

  74. She should announce via email.

  75. Now, if someone would invent a stent that’s truly compatible with a woman’s body.
    By all means, Upps, come to the Cleveland Clinic.
    Thank, goodness, you have a wonderful PCP and nephrologist. Everyone needs a real patient’s advocate.
    First do no harm.

  76. Now what was that about John Kerry defending Hillary on the email-faux scandal????????

    More of same, and what we’ve come to expect from His Majesty:


    resident Obama said Saturday that he’s “glad” Hillary Clinton has asked the State Department to publicly release emails she sent during her time as secretary of state.
    In the interview with CBS News, the president said he first learned about Clinton’s use of a personal email address to conduct official business the “same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”
    Asked if he was “disappointed” by Clinton’s decision, Obama responded, “Let me just say that Hillary Clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. She was a great Secretary of State for me.”
    “The policy of my administration is to encourage transparency,” he continued, “which is why my emails — the Blackberry I carry around – all those records are available and archived, and I’m glad that Hillary’s instructed that those emails about official business need to be disclosed.”

    Under the bus…….

  77. In the portion of the interview that was released, Mr. Obama did not address how he could have avoided noticing that Mrs. Clinton was sending emails from a “clintonemail.com” address throughout the years she served in his administration.

    From this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/08/us/obama-says-he-didnt-know-hillary-clinton-was-using-private-email-address.html

  78. I’m so angry, I’ll have to take a while to comment.

  79. Sue, you have to expect this kind of Iscariot behavior from Obama. It’s always been that way. Doesn’t even bother me anymore, I just expect that shithead to make sure he doesn’t get any on him. Hillary will give him his long overdue payback later. Meanwhile I hope Mr. O’Malley, a man practically no one has heard of who wants to be president, doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet because that closet door will be opened when it’s most effective and least expected. He might as well say buh-bye right now.

    imust, if Kerry is defending her it’s only because he realizes he will be out of a job next year. He’s probably just delusional enough to think he can carry on as a worthless SOS.

  80. We got another couple of inches of snow last night. But the good news is it’s about 20 degrees, which, I can assure you, is a heat wave here because Global Warming.

  81. Uppity, I know you’re right. What a feckless, ungrateful coward.
    Obama reminds me so much of the Bushes: loyalty is a one way street

  82. imusthaveHillary, on March 7, 2015 at 5:38 PM said:

    She should announce via email.

    LOL 😀

  83. Happy International Women’s Day.

  84. foxiladi14: I love your comment.

  85. Ha! I missed that post, imust. I love it! Announce via her own email!

    Hillary will give him his long overdue payback later.

    From your mouth to God’s ears.

  86. UW – I had no idea you were going through so much. You’re in my heart and in my thoughts. And I’ll be sending extra positive energy at the end of next week. You’re a special person, and I suspect even stronger than Hillary. I know you’re going to get through all this, but here’s hoping they get you straightened away sooner rather than later, so you can get on with your life. XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO

  87. Amen Lorac. ❤

  88. Lorac, they will take me out of this world, kicking and fighting. Just think of me on Thurs AM, I already know you got some cosmic pull.

  89. I’ve got pull, I’ve got push, you’re going to be okay. Unlike other patients, you have love coming your way from all parts of the country! I might even send you some of our warm weather! 🙂

  90. Good. I’ll take prayers, incantations, rain dances, whatever it takes.

    Ok, here’s the itinerary (I used to reserve this word for vacations but, alas…)…I will be admitted to hospital tomorrow late afternoon. They will begin to hydrate me with magic juices. My nephorologist says she’ll come by with any additional instructions. Cath and stent will be Thursday AM “sometime*. I stay overnight again to monitor and I should be home sometime Friday when they get around to discharging me. That’s the plan and I plan to stick by it.

  91. This will cheer every one up. 😀

  92. It should cheer me up, but it doesn’t because the press will always, always act like a jackal pack trying to bring down the lioness.

  93. Funny how Obama couldn’t say all that she said in that press conference.

    And, I agree with Sweet Sue. So does James Carville. If you can stand to sit through Andrea Mitchell’s oh-so-obvious-I-hate-Hillary, faux interview. Combative interrogation would be a better name for it. Seriously, the Gitmo guys got better treatment than Carville did from her.

  94. can’t stand Lawrence O’Donnell and David Axelrod….

  95. Uppity, good luck with your stent surgery!

  96. Uppity, please add my thoughts, prayers, incantations, positive vibes, and good thoughts for health and wellness to all the others headed your way.

  97. Best article about Hillary’s “F*ck you” to the media.


  98. I’ll add my thoughts and prayers to our wonderful Uppity.

    Today will be fine. Tomorrow even better. And by Friday you will be well, and safe and snug back at home.

    That IS the plan, young lady! 🙂

  99. Thank you Tony and Freespirit!

    *Salutes to Vet* Yes Sir!!!!

  100. ksgala, O’Donnell always looks scheevy and dirty to me, like somebody should run him through a car wash.

  101. 😆 tru Dat upps 😆

  102. Hello Uppity!

  103. Hey Scott!

  104. I’m saying a non denominational prayer for you, tonight, Uppity.
    Best of luck, tomorrow.

  105. Sending you love and prayers!! Get better dam it!!

  106. ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for Imust

    Tomorrow is 3/14/15, pi-day, or the first 5 numbers of pi: 3.14159265. There will not be another perfect pi-day until 2115.

  107. Thanks utah! But I think EVERY day is a perfect PIE day!!

  108. Any updates on how Uppity is doing postoperatively? I hope it went well for her.

  109. It’s UW’s coming home day!!!

  110. Good!! then we could sure use a new thread. 😀

  111. I hope Uppity is all right.

  112. Uppity still having great thoughts for your speedy recovery. It has been a long hard road but you are a fighter. Let us know how you are doing when you are up and around again.

  113. am ok can’t type a lot, both wrists bound up because of artery poke bleeding. Should be all set tomorrow.

  114. RIP Jimmy Greenspoon, awesome keyboardist, Three Dog Night.

  115. Yay!!! ((((((Uppity)))))) Happy to see you!

  116. Glad you’re better Uppity! Thanks for checking in!

  117. looks like i slashed my wrists. Gorey. hahahaha.

  118. Happy you are back up and running lady. Let’s hope that all is fixed and you are ready o rumble .

  119. Utah, if I were a car, I would be parted out in a junkyard. Seriously. Oddly, you’d never know by looking at me. Wierd.

  120. Glad you’re okay, Uppity!

  121. Two failed bypass grafts, Tony. They stented the native artery, which makes me wonder why they didn’t just do that in the first place. But then there were two other grafts I had that open heart surgery day too. Hopefully this will fix my ejection fraction and that right bundle branch block. If not, i am headed for the Cleveland Clinic. I’m not going to jerk around and be anybody’s cash cow. I’m sure you know Cleveland’s reputation. I’ve seen them do the impossible and get it right the first time.I am tired of “We can fix this, you’ll be in and out” and then “Well, I guess that didn’t work”. Can’t get any decent answers, stuck with a 12 year old physician’s assistant with answers like ‘It is what it is’. I’ve had it, these guys have gotten so big in the region, they no longer know their patients and don’t care to know them either. I had to put my foot down about my kidney numbers. Never ONCE did they consider what they were doing to another organ. Thank GOD I have a nephrologist who stepped in and put a stop to the endless meds that kill kidneys. I still don’t even know if this stent fixed my ejecton fraction or that right bundle branch blockage. Another echo in 2 months, well what if the EF went DOWN? Not happy and definitely getting proactive and probably more aggressive than these Godlike guys are used to. Tough shit, this is my life.

  122. Good for you Upps. Just because they went to Med school and you did not does not mean you do not know something and that you have no say in things. I will always be in the drivers seat when it comes down to what they will do with me so long as I have my wits about me. If I have dementia someday well then I guess I become a science experiment.

  123. Glad to hear from you, Uppity. You’ve been through hell; stay mad.

  124. beautiful musictto heal our uppity

  125. another beautiful song to heal UW

  126. TY Lorac, I needed that. Although methinks How Do You Solve a Problem Like Upp…um… Maria is more like it.

  127. Hahaha Utah, you gonna end up on some lab table at Universitas de Grenada.

  128. By the way whoda thunk that slut Gaga had a voice? Standing ovation in tribute to Julie Andrews. I guess this is what Tony Bennett sees in her.

  129. Sue, honey, gotta admit, I do mad well!!!!

  130. Scott!!!!! I didn’t see you! TY for coming by, sweetie!

  131. Uppity Woman, on March 15, 2015 at 2:02 AM said:

    Utah, if I were a car, I would be parted out in a junkyard. Seriously. Oddly, you’d never know by looking at me. Wierd.

    😆 upps

  132. Happy you are ok Upps.
    And I really think that Spring has Sprung. 😀

  133. OK I don’t usually do pics but I just found this on my laptop. It’s the day I traveled to Saranac Lake to pick up little Tosca! Look how cute she was!

  134. Well God knows I’ve sprung a few leaks myself, Foxy.

  135. So cute and great name. I think we should name all our pets after Puccini heroines and heroes.
    Rudolpho, Musetta, Mimi, Marcello, etc.

  136. Agree! So long as T doesn’t jump off the parapet.

  137. RIP Luciano. You ate too many hot meals and bonked too many women.

  138. Yay! Uppity must be feeling better…..she’s posting! And opera too!

  139. OK I don’t usually do pics

    gasp!!! You’re a….. human?

  140. I’m so glad you’re back, Uppity!

  141. O Contrare Lorac. I am a borderline human.

  142. She’s cyborg lorac.

  143. imust, I just knew I’d be exposed sooner or later. I somehow knew it would be you.

  144. Just for that I will punish you with more overtures.

  145. Ha! That’s not punishment! You call that punishment!!? Now, taking away my precious pengy……[sniff-sniff]…that was cruel and unusual punishment!!!!

  146. I thought he was in rehab.

  147. Poor pengy, you ruined him. tsk.

  148. We’ve been over this……..
    stolen out of a snow globe I say!

    😉 (Great to have you back Uppity! And on the Ides of March of all days!!)

  149. Oh that’s right!!! The Ides of March! One of my better fun pieces methinks.

  150. Bull on the snow globe hoax.

  151. grrrrrr………

    Okay, okay. The Dingo got my pengy.

    That was a great post Uppity! Too bad I didn’t think to re-post it today!

    (whattaya think?)

  152. I think that’s a very clever decision.

  153. As long as that doesn’t include another Patti “Moleis” Doyle.

  154. Putin is back, Let the games begin. 😆


  155. Doyle. That Judas. May Karma get her. She better pray, because if Hillary is president, she’s not going to be working much in DC. The SOB.

  156. Foxy, ROFL!

  157. Why does Jake Tapper hate Hillary Clinton so much?
    Whose payroll is he on besides CNN’s?
    I’d love to see his career take a nosedive. Every time I see him, I want to punch his smug, stupid face.
    Must be time to take my hormone replacement.

  158. It’s a penis problem, Sue. It always is.

  159. Hey guess what? My heart profile is identical to Bill Clinton’s. He had bypass surgery, failed grafts, stent of native artery.

  160. And he’s going strong.

  161. Maybe if I start learning the sax???

  162. And he’s still so cute, just like you.

  163. Upps! You’re so saxy.

  164. God knows, Sue and NES, lol.

    CNN is having apoplexy, even their own stacked polls can’t stop Hillary’s numbers. D party she has 62%. The jackals will need to step it up. email*gate* hasn’t affected her at all.

  165. Uppity, these a holes just want to put a “No girls allowed” sign on the WH, but since they are so cool, and all, don’t want to come out and do it in public for fear that they will be called out on it. Very Silicon Valley Frat boyesque.

    Hope your health is holding up and will praying for you.

  166. This thread is really getting looong. 😀

  167. Bibi and Walker both survived the Obama attempt to oust them.
    Let us pray Hillary will be another success story. 🙂

  168. Obama was never popular in Israel, all the way back to the primary when he didn’t even bother going there during a visit, and his ties to scumballs like the now dead Edward Said. And he had that other POS in florida, the Jewos congressman who actually lived in Maryland (and is now AMBASSADOR TO ISRAEL, telling all the Florida Jews how great he was, the POS). Then there was that crap bag Rashid Khalidi, Obama’s buddy.


  169. ok got to love this one Uppity. A cats revenge on a SOb that needed it. I loved it. Shows cats are smart and will get even.

  170. My first thought was to yell That Bastard, I hope he got a brain bleed! Somehow I think that scene was kind of set up. even so, it was shitty abusive.

  171. Today is Needlenose’s birthday!

  172. AWE . Happy Birthday pretty girl. What is she now 9 ?
    Yes it might have been staged but even so it was a good plan to get back.

  173. She says a lady never reveals her age!!!

  174. T a lady ??????? Coffee through the nose time lmao

  175. You cut that out! All right, she had a few misdeeds but they were mostly with her pillow! Her reputation as a Durty Colly Dog is wrong!

  176. Bah ha ha ha . It is interesting though that females dogs once fixed do that and the males do not or at least not that I have had. Kahlua was always taking a pillow and doing that.

  177. Happy Birthday Needlenose. 🙂

  178. First day of Spring my arse. It’s snowing here

  179. Screeeeech!
    (new post up)

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