First Day of Spring 2015

I don’t really have a topic, but the downstairs thread was getting too long. It doesn’t matter–no one here sticks to the topic anyway.

So, the obvious is that it snowed ion the first day of spring. Here’s our winter advisory:










Also, there are these 20 things you might not know about Peeps.

A Jury of My Peeps

A Jury of My Peeps


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  1. Thanks for putting up a new thread, Sophie. You are a saint. It still feels like winter here.

  2. I am enjoying beautiful weather here. Going to till my garden and get it started. Had a very unusual Winter this year but am sure we will pay for it. Only two or three days of snow and it all melted off in a couple of days. Been in the 70s. Ground never froze at all this year. Normally I am ass deep in snow this time of year. The East took it all this time ( thank you all).

  3. Utahwoman, it’s like we traded winters this year!

    NP about the new thread, Upps–sorry I didn’t have something more insightful to say. Snow threw me off…yeah, that was it.

  4. Chit, I can’t believe I missed Needlenose’s birthday. MKBill misled me.

  5. 68 degrees here.

  6. Yay, imust is again imusthavehillary. Normalcy returns.

  7. was must another must? Imustknow!

  8. Yes thanks Sophie for putting up this thread! But hey, what am I? Chopped liver???? Have I not put up several posts in a row??? {tapping foot and crossing arms}

  9. Yes Sophie I know this is highly unusual for here.Norm is it is freezing and snowing to beat the band and sometimes into June. I am sure they will decide to raise water rates this Summer and ration it. Oh well I am intending to rip out my lawn anyway because I am sick and tired of mowing it and too damn cheap to pay someone to do it. I have plans on putting in water features and gardens with plants that do not need loads of water. Will always have my veggie garden though.

  10. Its been shorts weather here most of the month. I’ve been out planting. I can’t believe how bad your winter has been. I feel really bad for you.

  11. imust, i LOVE chopped liver!

  12. Had to rush Tosca to vet yesterday. She vomited thick bright red blood, it was horribly scary, both ends. Ultrasound and bilateral xrays showed no mass, thank Dog. So cancer is ruled out, leaning toward some kind of gastro intestinal bleed. No foreign objects either, she’s not a chewer of things. It all happened very suddenly. She threw up her breakfast. So I let her outside. She was out there about 15 min. When she came in she vomited the blood. I looked outside and there was also blood in the snow. She is staying in the hospital. The house is sooooooo empty without her right now. It’s like there’s an echo in here. But she has to be observed. She seemed better and more chipper when I left the vets.

  13. OMG Uppity. I pray she is going to be ok. I know what you are feeling trust me here.

  14. Oh Uppity. Oh no. Thinking of you, and also in the midst of all this political you know what. Hugs. ps: I baked a Hillary Clinton cookie and I am going to blog right now, so you will get the recipe + in just a few mo’s. Hugs you. & all at Uppity & Co. My god we met in 2008 can you believe it? ps: am going to cook my way through 2016 doing political cookies so there is a book in this. I looked up all the First Ladies starting with Jackie, and commentary plus recipes and feminism of each era will be in there, too.

  15. Sending good thoughts Tosca’s way.

  16. Here Upps & Co. Sweets for the sweet. Not a poverty recipe, but who cares.

  17. Uppity you have mail.

  18. Thank you for the new thread Sophie.
    And Imust I love Liver chopped or not. 😀

  19. imust, you went through some permutations, as I recall: first there was imustprotest, then imusthavepie, and now it’s imusthavehillary. Right?

  20. OMG on Needlenose, Upps. Is she back home and on the mend?

  21. A big X on each side of Needlenose’s proboscis.

  22. Ok Needlenose is doing very well. She followed the tech around the lab this morning and was being her jovial self. Looks like an acute Colitis, probably from the treats she ate the day before, so I threw all her remaining birthday food gifts out. She’s still being observed, is eating well as there is no sign of vomiting or the runs or blood at all. I’ll keep you posted. My poor cat Joe is off his food because he cannot stand when she’s gone. He was caterwailing for her today. I can tell you this…it’s much less work with her not around and……….WAY LESS JOY!

  23. Yay for Needlenose!

  24. Happy dance. Yea I know about the work. Hair hair hair and still more of it. At least she isn’t a puppy. Yea I am still having to pick up the yard from that thing I fell hard for. He at the lattace off my deck !!!
    Whiskey ate a couch and this critter three sheets of lattace. Sheesh.

  25. They won’t send her home till she poops. Another night in that place and it’s going to be one expensive poop. They have her on that shitty (scuse the pun) Hill’s ID diet, tooooooooooooo much fiber. And too much protein. I just got her protein down to keep her kidney numbers stable and they are feeding her this overpriced bag of corn. I hate Hill’s. They use the worst ingredients ever and charge big bucks for them. If I want a bag of corn and poultry byproducts, I’ll shop in the supermarket for her food. i told them not to try to sell me that shit, that it’s contraindicated for her kidneys with the protein (from corn!) content and I can buy better if i want to put her on something for stomach sensitivities. The thing is, she never had a sensitive stomach and this could easily be an isolated incident, acute. That doesn’t mean she’s chronic. She ate all that crap people gave her as birthday gifts. I threw it all out. And I will never find out if she’s chronic if I don’t get her back to her normal fare. Blue makes a better food than Hill’s with the same level of fiber, low fat AND low protein. I am not going to fix one thing that might not even need to be fixed, and ruin her kidneys. Vets get railroaded by Hill’s when they are in vet school. Hill’s is nothing but a marketing whore. They sponsor everything for vet students, give them free food and then they give ‘nutrition advice’. And nobody thinks, Gee, should i take nutrition advice from a food manufacturer who wants me to pimp their food? And that is why you see the UBER profitable Science Diet at vet clinics. I hate Hill’s for what they really are. Do you know they put sawdust in some of their foods? They call it “cellulose”. It’s the wood pulp they use to make paper. (Incidentally, McDonald’s puts cellulose in some of their foods, just saying). One day i will tell you the history of Hill’s and how some vet developed a non meat diet during WW11 that would keep pets alive during scarcity of meat. When the war was over Hill’s bought the rights to his diet and Hill’s CRAPPOLA diets were born. A holistic vet wouldn’t let that shit near their clinic. it is the WORST food EVER at the HIGHEST PRICE EVER. Good lord! Meanhwile, NEEDLENOSE!! GO TAKE A CRAP. So I can get you home and give you some good sense Mommy care. You’re not in a hotel, honey! I will feed her ground turkey and rice for a few days and then transition her to her food again. If that creates a problem I will switch her to Blue. But there is a damn good chance this is NOT a chronic thing.

    Utah, you know pet food. Would you feed a food that contains corn as first ingredient, Brewers Rice (Not even brown rice!) and unnamed byproducts as third, with gluten a close fourth……….with “cellulose” as a filler…..and call it Premium food at an astronomical price?

    Where’s the beef!? For sensitive stomachs and NO probiotics?

    Whole Grain Corn, Brewers Rice, Dried Egg Product, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Pork Fat, Powdered Cellulose, Lactic Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate, Chicken Liver Flavor, Iodized Salt, Potassium Citrate, Choline Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Dried Beet Pulp, Soybean Oil, vitamins (L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin Supplement, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement), Taurine, minerals (Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Mixed Tocopherols for freshness, Phosphoric Acid, Beta-carotene, Natural Flavors.

  26. Praying for Needlnose Upps. ❤

  27. Upps you know me I would not feed (* cough cough) science diet if it were the only dog food on the market and it was free. One thing I know is she will take a humungous dump from that crap they are feeding her.If someone truly enjoys cleaning a yard of crap feed them that junk and gaurenteed they will be poop scooping and often.Hills puts that junk into every vets office and they most often swear by it. Ask them sometime to tell you the ingredients without looking at it. LOL they are surprised when they actually read what shit it is.
    I still feed EVO and my dogs are outstandingly healthy other then Whiskey’s bout with cancer and I might point out he is 15. Kahlua lived to 19. That is 7 years over an ACDs expected life span. Upps you know all about dog foods too and look at the great health Tosca has had so far. Yes one round of an intestinal thing but you also can attribute it to all the store brand goodies she got.
    As I posted I even make their frosty paws and they love it. Made them fresh blueberry this time.
    I am OCD when it comes to my dogs seriously and I know Uppity is too.
    This is for Needlenose *** Listen here girl you had better take a dump and a darn good one so you can get home and eat some good stuff and so Joe can eat a meal or two. I heard it from a good source that he will even allow you to slobber all over his fur and make it crunchy if you just get home. So hike that fur skirt up and do your thing. Knowing you are eating that crap food does not sit well with me at all.

    EVO ingredients Beef, Pork Meal, Salmon Meal, Tapioca Starch, Peas, Sunflower Oil (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols a Source of Vitamin E), Beef Fat, Bison, Lamb, Venison, Natural Flavors, Menhaden Oil, Apples, Eggs, Carrots, Potassium Chloride, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Cottage Cheese, Alfalfa Sprouts, Mineral (Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Calcium Iodate), Dried Chicory Root Extract, Vitamin E Supplement, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamins (Betaine Hydrochloride, Vitamin A Supplement, Niacin Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, Folic Acid), Direct Fed Microbials (Dried Enterococcus faecium, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus, Dried Lactobacilus), Rosemary Extract

    I also like Blue.

  28. Feed science diet and get a poo this long {————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-} or good diet and get one { _____________________________________________} and that will tell you they are using the food not just filling tummies and pooping it out. Graphic yes but true.

  29. lol double that first poo line cuz it did not when posted

  30. Poor Tosca/needlenose NEEDS the loving care of her human caretaker. Prayers for her and for you. How is Uppity today besides scared shitless for Needlenose? I recall you once told me never to feed Hills “Science Diet” to cats because cats must have a meat-based diet. They eat meat in the wild. Tigger, napping in the chair, is about 13-14 now in human years and well over 110 in cat years, never had it and would thank you, yawn, and go back to sleep. If she could talk, she’d say, “You’re pretty smart…for a human….are you sure you weren’t a cat in a former life? Yawn….stretch….go back to sleep. Hey, I earned my right to nap a lot!”

  31. It she could talk (Tigger IS pretty good about might add to m.more about this later), she would chew out her human for forgetting a birthday, even if it was a dog’s= “Her human is one of your long time friends!” Until she was satisfied my tail was sufficiently far enough between my legs!

    If she could talk, Tigger would make sure WE wished NEEDLENOSE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THEN A GET WELL CARD FOR TOO MUCH CELEBRATING IT!! (She might add to me, “Isn’t that just like a DOG to worry her human caretaker Uppity and Joe the cat??

    About the orders=Wheels lunch arrives on weekdays, Tigger jumps up; surveys the plate and I can hear her ask, IZZAT FER ME?

    Hal offers her a bite.
    Tigger sniffs it. Ack! You eat this crap? Where’s the chicken
    Hal: Sorry, no chicken today. I eat what they bring.
    Tigger: Scoffs. Well nobuddlys gona feed me sh*t! Jumps down, leaving Hal to eat the crap sandwich alone.

    Thanks to Uppity, Tigger eetz better than I do but the scene repeats every day. I think Tigger has reached an age where her teeth are hurting her as she eats the premium dry cat food,

    Time, past time to switch to a quality canned food, Suggestions?

  32. Well done, Utah. Well done! You gotta scrap that EVO girl, there’s no Iodized salt way up near top of the list!~ (rolls eyes)

    Ok here’s the deal, vet called me and said T pooped and it contained black blood. Which now suggests a gastric bleed, probably bacterial. That would rule out colitis entirely. Anyways, he said, she’s healing fine and he just wants to add some meds she could benefit from, to keep her till there is no blood and her stomach or lower intestine is healed. I think it’s the right plan. I am going to go see her tomorrow to tell her what a good girl she’s being. Vet said she’s not only beautiful but is so smart and obedient and a very well trained dog. This made me preen of course, since I didn’t know chit about training a dog when I got her, but once I realized she was about to take me over, I learned fast.

    Let’s see, Kahlua lived to 19. Your vet would have told you she would have lived longer on science diet. My soulcat giz lived to 21 and they were pimping science diet for long life at me since the day I got him. And what is this love affair between dogs and frosty paws? My gawd, they love it. My cousin’s Akita would threaten to rip the freezer door off if they didn’t give that stuff to her at exactly 7 PM every night. I’m going to use your recipe this summer for her.

    Hal…….canned food is best for cats really, just less convenient for humans. my advice? Anything but science diet, for starters. Go to a pet store and buy a premium brand food for seniors or ‘mature’ cats. easier on the protein and fat. At his age, Tig is not out there plowing the back 40 any longer. Senior formulas are easier on the kidneys. And by the way 13 yrs is not all that old for a cat and it does NOT compute to 110. He’s roughly 68 years old in human years. purina makes shitty food but I like their slide chart:

  33. OMG that Frosty Paws , what a racket. They become crazed addicts lol.I have experimented with the recipe and bought the flavored buckets of yogurt ad addned that type fruit , ie strawberry banana, blueberry etc. I tell ya they go nuts over it. So much cheaper then those overpriced little paper cups.I would think the yogurt would be good for their tummies and digestive tracts too.
    So he suspects bacterial infection huh. That would be the least serious of what it could have been and I am grateful for that. You know about some of these store bought treats.
    Hills Science Diet makers of { drum roll} Purina dog chow, Beniful , One, and a host of others that are sure to shorten your loved ones life in this persons opinion. If I am correct Nestle owns Purina therefore we know why vets pump that crap. Nestle is huge and can afford to pay off to ensure sales. Companies that produce good quality foods put their money into the food.
    Upps I believe Tosca has been doggy napped lol. That vet bill will seem like you paid the ransom for sure lol.
    How is Jo doing ? He ought to be just beside himself with lonliness.

  34. Just talked to vet tech, she hasn’t pooped yet today so we wait. Have to make sure it’s free of blood. I bought some brown rice and ground turkey (99% fat free version, of course). i am going to feed her that and some yogurt for about a week to be sure and then onto transitioning her. if she doesn’t poop by early this afternoon, I am going to go see her. She’ll probably do it after I leave, and make me come back to get her. Just kidding. Well, not really. Anyways, not sure going to see her is good idea. She will be upset when I leave her. What to do, What to do.

  35. Bill is only up to $1200 now. Scuse me while I go shoot myself in the head. Yeah Utah, she picked it up. I mean I caught her eating frozen cat poop this winter so what else is new. Who knows how she picked it up. Antibiotics generally fix it though. I’m sure that’s pretty cleared. Now it’s just the irritation that bled that has to clear. Thus the sawdust diet. Could be worse I guess. Hill’s “Advanced” bag for crap contains peanut husks. You can pick that up at the pet shop for about 60 bucks a bag. Somebody please indict these people.

  36. Peanut husks WTH. Yea on the brown rice and Turkey. I feed ground beef or bison to my gang when they are under the weather. Seems that every ACD I have had does not do well with foul. makes me wonder if it is an ACD thing.
    I always have the need to go see my kids when they are in the hospital but I think that is just a feel good for me thing and really only upsets them. But I do it for two reasons. I am lonely and I want to see that they are doing right by my kid. I always popped in on vets and on groomers just to see if the quality of care meets my specs. Once satisfied with the care provider I tend to leave them to their work. Now knowing the Collie dog as I do she is absorbing all the attention she can. Milking it for all it is worth lol. Here is hoping she can come home tonight or in the morning. I know she will gets tons of love and attention there to tide her over for awhile lol.
    Maybe she got into some rat or possum poo. It is a bad thing dogs do I dislike about them but it seems to be females that do it. Have never caught Whiskey doing it or Jack so far but Kahlua never refused a cat tootsie roll. Can’t think of any of my males that did it. They would however roll in it if given the chance. Another nasty dog thing.

  37. I noticed that in my females too.
    I attribute it to the mothering instinct.
    Ever watch a Mom keep her babies clean? 🙂

  38. Well damn she didn’t poop. I told them to pleases stop feeding her that sawdust. But they say it’s so bland it’s good for stomach lining. I didn’t go to see her because I am SURE she will be freaked and carry on and cry when I leave her there.

    Come to think of it, I have a package of ground venison in the freezer. Maybe I should give her that. It’s REALLY low fat.

  39. Hey Utah, guess what the first ingredient is in Hill’s ID Low Fat?

    You ready? You sure?


  40. Corn starch are you kidding me

  41. omg. Upps, I hope she’s home soon.

  42. Nope not kidding. But it is balanced out with corn, wheat and….um…soy. I think a chicken did fly over each bag once though. In the form of byproducts. I wonder of chicken crap passes as a byproduct? If it does, Hill’s is using it.

  43. Ok I am picking her up at 3

  44. happy happy 😀

  45. She’s home and none the worse for wear. What a sport.

  46. Thank god! Poor beautiful thing! Thanks for posting Upps. We have been wondering about her all day.

  47. Oh good. I take it she is fine now but most likely on antibiotics and off that crap food yea
    I did a bit of interesting reading how Purina give the classes on nutrition in Vet school and losts of grants as well. No wonder they pump that crap.
    How did Jo react to her coming home lol. Meowwww………..Honk Honk. Yup I can hear it now lol

  48. Glad your doggie is back home with her mama.

  49. She’s exponentially better today, yelling at squirrels at AM is my first sign. She’s on three meds, an antibiotic and two for coating intestinal tract and stomach. Also pepcid. It’s all temporary but we want to make sure she doesn’t cop that tear again before it’s been healed awhile. Of course, she’s easy to medicate, so that helps. Yesterday she slept so sound all evening, I thought she was dead at one point. She’s more active today and into routine. Jo is laying off her with the torture but he hangs close to her. She has two beds in the den and they both lie on them. And he’s not hiding from her so she whines. lol. All in all, that nearly 1700 bucks at least seems to have fixed her up. Here’s hoping she doesn’t pick it up again. She is eating really well, which of course, is always a good indicator. Bless her furry self.

  50. Utah Purina is not related to Hill’s. But at least they don’t pretend they use quality ingredients and are premium like Hill’s does.Or charge 70 bucks a bag and 4 bucks a can for their “special” foods with sawdust, peanut shells, corn starch and corn gluten in them. I really have a Jones for Hills.

  51. Hary Reid is not running for re-election. now we won’t have to listen to his bullshit every election time about how women’s equality lies in the balance. He never did shit for women except instill fear in them that, without him, things like Equal Pay would never happen. And for sure they never happened with him there! And he is decaying before our very eyes. Karma is a bitch, Harry. One more lie-spewing fossil gone from the senate. I am sick of these phonies serving for life when it’s obvious they are no longer capable of doing their jobs. Except in Harry’s case, he never did much good even when he was capable. If you ask me, Nancy ought to follow. We need an age and serious health-issue cutoff point for congress people. Too many Strom Thurmonds, another waste for many years. Think Arlen Specter. In the real world, you or I would have been kicked to the curb long before these guys. I know this is all disrespectful and I would apologize for my attitude but that Harry screwed women the day after every one of his elections for decades.

  52. Yea for T. Yes sometimes it hurts our wallets but they repay it in so many ways. I call Whiskey my million dollar boy and I bet you if I added up all his costs from the start when I rescued him I could buy a brand new cadilac with all the whistles and bells.
    I am so glad to hear that terrible bastage is not going to run again. He isn’t doing it for nobel reasons however. He knew he would lose this time around and by huge margins. He screwed all the folks in Nevada that trusted him. Anyway happy to read this one. Agree Nancy and several others need to retire in shame as well.
    Putting my tomatoes in this weekend. Grow grow grow. Fact is the entire garden is going in. Can’t wait for my goodies. I love summer mainly for that reason. Scrumpdillyishious veggies. My fruit trees are in full bloom too.
    Anyway happy to hear that Needlenose is back up and running. Had to have been a painful ordeal ,poor girl.

  53. Utah, this year I am planting nothing. I am not going to kill myself, that’s why God made Farmer’s Markets. I’m done with all that digging, I loved my garden but it’s way too much work now and not worth what i would have to pay some schmuck to get everything prepped halfway decent.

  54. Utah, this year I am planting nothing. I am not going to kill myself, that’s why God made Farmer’s Markets. I’m done with all that digging, I loved my garden but it’s way too much work now and not worth what i would have to pay some schmuck to get everything prepped halfway decent.

  55. One more thing about Harry Reid. i find his explanation of his injuries to be something I would have to suspend disbelief to buy. I think some Las Vegas big boy beat the shit out of him and told him to get the Ef out of office or they will finish the job next time. Just saying.

  56. lol you might be right about Harry rof. I could in fact see it happening rof. Upps I understand given what you have been through. I bought a little ,( get this one) electric tiller and it works far better then any gas powered one I have ever owned . I can handle it fantastically. Does not jar me or pull me around. Better then my Mantis. I can lift it with one arm. I am ripping out my yard slowly and putting gardens with plants that will need little care. Planning for my old age rof. Then intend to build several raised gardens for veggies should I find myself one day unable to prep my garden. I am building a green house in back for year round goodies. Right now I am trying to prep the house and yard for an elderly person that has limited mobility should I need it later on. Seriously given what I see with hubby it makes sense. Most likely with my luck I will get it all done then just up and die lol.

  57. Ok great, his successor is Schumer. I have watched this wheeler-dealer Do Nothing Asshole sail by for far too long, especially considering the only reason he became a senator is that Al D’Amato was such a morally bankrupt Scheevy hyper-sweaty thug. A cartoon character could have beaten him after that debate where Al lost about five pounds in facial sweat trying to dodge questions about why he hardly ever showed up for Senate sessions. For spite, after we NYkers dumped his rotten ass, he gave us Pataki, another upstanding citizen, wink wink.

    P. S. Al singlehandedly changed the community property laws in NY State. He was engaged to be married and probably already knew it wouldn’t work out, since she dumped him before the wedding citing he was really “wierd”. You fill in the blanks.

  58. Oh Gawd tell me about the Mantis. I have one and finally gave up trying to keep it working. POS takes up space in the garage.

  59. Help!! She’s exhuming Senator Pothole again.

    And no, Mrs. D’Amato, I will not vote for your son.

  60. Yea first year I loved my Mantis after that it was need this need that just to get it running for the season. I finally shitcanned it and started renting them. Well my son brings me this electric one he found at home depot and have ran it for three seasons now and love the darn thing. All I need to do is plug it and and go. Don’t know who makes it most likely Black n decker but until I go rustle it out of the garage don’t know for sure. I tell you a three year old could run it. Bought an electric mower too because it is light weight, does not run out of gas and needs no plugs or whatever every year. Hopefully will no longer need a mower though.

  61. Uppity Woman, on March 27, 2015 at 12:01 PM said:

    Utah, this year I am planting nothing. I am not going to kill myself, that’s why God made Farmer’s Markets. I’m done with all that digging, I loved my garden but it’s way too much work now and not worth what i would have to pay some schmuck to get everything prepped halfway decent.

    Same here Upps. The time has come to retire the tiller, And my back. 😀

  62. New post up!

  63. Amen Foxy. Twice.

    Hiyah Fredster. Here we go again.

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