Feign shock – the media is still sexist


I’d like to be able to report that the media has changed since 2008. I cannot. MoDo at the NY Times still makes her living sniping at Hillary. The NY Times still collects clicks with near-libelous and sexist coverage of Hillary.

HRC Super Volunteers 2008 is a private Facebook group, consisting mostly of volunteers from Hillary’s 2008 campaign. A fellow member of the group, John West, sent the following email to a number of editors of periodicals.

Dear Editors:

I am one of an online Facebook community from all political bents who support Hillary Rodham Clinton for President: Republican, Independent and mostly Democratic voters. We number 150,000 and are growing daily. Many bonded in response to the blatant sexist & misogynistic coverage of Hillary Clinton during the 2007/8 primaries. We found refuge online as we individually encountered aggressive responses to our protests when commenting or posting online within conversation threads. We continue to experience vile and hateful responses anytime we speak out against sexist reporting, sexist comments, or post positive facts about Hillary Clinton and her record.

After years of interacting with this lovely community of fellow Americans, I know we will not tolerate any form of sexist news coverage of any woman who chooses to break through glass ceilings; whether as a CEO or running for President of these United States. Already we have seen the coded language of sexism and innuendo used by major news outlets and we are not happy.

Here are some examples (from MediaMatters and Peter Dhou):

The New York Times stated Hillary continued to “scramble in the dirt on the crabbed limbs of legal compliance.”
Washington Post comparing Hillary to a “stale, musty” old car.
The New Yorker prefers the derogatory term “petulant.”
USA Today refers to Hillary Clinton’s “reputation for secrecy.”
Washington Post: “[H]er judgment and penchant for secrecy.”
NBC News: “Folks, this is the Clinton Way. Secretive.”
TIME: “penchant for secrecy.”
New York Times: “[T]he imbroglio could grow into a problem with voters, including some women, if Mrs. Clinton comes to be seen as unduly secretive or imperious in the months ahead.”
Politico uses the same technique, opening an article by calling her “devious” then concluding it by asserting that “it’s hard to win if you’re constantly on the defensive.” See the trap? Attack her, then claim she’s on the defensive.
Similarly, the “inevitability” frame is an artificial perch that others place her on and then try to knock her off. When her behavior doesn’t conform to the media’s expectations, she is “defiant.”
You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism this time around in words and phrases like polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, will do anything to win, represents the past, out of touch, inevitable, entitled, over confident, defiant, inserting snide comments on her looks like tired, haggard, worn out….the list goes on but I trust you get my point.

We expect you to exercise restraint and take editorial responsibility. When you allow sexism into your lexicon, it does us all a disservice. We deserve better. We encourage you to report with integrity and respect.

Thank you
John West
1 of 18,000,000 cracks

He also sent the email directly to Amy Chozick’s after seeing a few of her tweets. (According to her Twitter profile (@amychozick), Amy is a: “Political reporter for The New York Times. Hillary Clinton chronicler.”)

She proceeded to Tweet:

As of this moment, if you Google “HRC Super Volunteers john west warn” (without the quotes), you get 562,000 hits. One of the better articles is this piece in the Washington Examiner, who took the time to interview John. Even Rush got in on the act. John’s email made Fox News.

At some point, someone else NOT in the group, created the @HRCSuperVols Twitter handle. So, if you see any tweets by them, they are NOT from the actual group.

For the record, the founder of the group is Kim Frederick. John West is “just” an incredibly active and enthusiastic Hillary supporter who wrote that email as himself, not a spokesperson for the group. Also for the record, HRC Super Volunteers 2008 is not a PAC and has nothing to do with the yet-to-be-announced campaign.

So how was your day?


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  1. (sigh) Different year, same ole chit.

  2. Indeed, Fredster. But this time we are more organized and ready for it. Unfortunately, we don’t know what we don’t know (to borrow some “wisdom” from Rumsfeld).

  3. Here we go again.

  4. I remember Kim Frederick from 2008. I think she was a delegate captain or something from Texas. She did a bunch of you tube videos about the caucus/primary abuses.

  5. imust, are you on FB? There are several Hillary groups there.

    And yes, she’s from Texas.

  6. I do belong to several groups Sophie. I was looking for this facebook group you mentioned in the post, but because it’s private I couldn’t find it.

  7. I haven’t seen you. I’m guessing you don’t Facebook as I Must.

  8. Nope.

  9. I was tweeting about this yesterday. Nothing nasty, but Amy Chozick blocked me!

  10. Nice post, Sophie. Sad, but true that nothing has changed. I clicked on Jen’s link. The blonde Fox woman was snide. Why don’t these women at Fox care about sexism?

  11. I was just reading the comments on the post about this on huffpo, and the guy that wrote it, John West, makes a comment and links to this site!!!

  12. annie, do you have the link to the HuffPo article?

  13. Is it me or does Chozick just ooze millennial, “creative class” self regard?
    Ironic, of course!

  14. Great post, Sophie.

  15. I see they drummed up the fugliest, meanest photo of her they could find. How very Huffpo.
    Utah, go for a walk, take a nap, play with your dog, but don’t comment on this comment.

    Listen, that group needs to get a grip because i didn’t see where half their complaints were sexist remarks. they were words to downgrade her as a candidate but not as a woman. “Petulant” is definitely sexist, when was the last time you heard them call one of those dicks “petulant”? And “secretive” is a narrative they want to spread because, remember, they hate her. But it’s not sexist. And it is true that she gets attacked and is deliberately put on “the defensive” and then they say you can’t run a campaign when you are always on the defensive. They badger her into it. It’s mean and nasty but it’s not sexist. It’s just plain one more case of the press manipulating viewers into hating someone. But the truth is, the only people they can get to hate her are the ones who hate her already anyways. So fuck em. In the meantime, I think this group has done her more harm than good because their tone was VERY threatening, implying repercussions because they are “Watching”. I know it was probably (hopefully!) not intentional, but the tone implies a hint of violence.

    I have learned from politics one very solid rule: Never threaten people who buy ink by the barrels or own broadcast cameras. If I were her I would tell them to keep their threatening yaps shut. Just my opinion FWIW.

    You want sexist, HERE’s sexist, downright misogyny to be SURE. Super Volunteers should save their breaths for this shit, and make no mistake, it’s COMING:

  16. Sue, I don’t even know who the hell Chozick is. So her self-impressive attitude is lost on me and probably a couple of hundred million other people. Just another third waverwho is capitalizing off the blood and sweat of the Hillarys who stood in the rain and snow so that ingrates like Chozick could become a writer for the NY Times instead of the girl going for the coffee. She’s caught in her own irony.

  17. Most of that list came from Peter Dhou:

    And I agree it’s not sexist–just Hillary-ist.

    The original email was not sent by the group–just John. Chozick is the only one of the many he sent it to who went public with it.

  18. Meh, sophie, Chozick got her 15 minutes out of it. Her time would be better spent checking to see how much less money the Times pays her than they pay the boys.

    I stopped reading the NYTimes when they started showing sympathy for high school ‘team’gang bangers, declaring their “lives ruined” without nary a mention of the lives of the girls they gang-banged. #Blamethegirl #rapeapologists

  19. Yeah Sophie, good post, you got everybody’s juices flowing!

  20. I agree with Uppity..if you’re going to call something sexist, it had better be sexist. I do appreciate that this group is pointing out the biased coverage she receives, though. I’ll bet Ted Cruz will never be accused of being willing to do anything to win…even though he has been extremely hypocritical on the “Obamacare” issue.

  21. While I regard her as a very fractious individual who would make a terrible president, I will admit that sometimes Elizabeth Warren does come in handy.

    NEW YORK, March 27 (Reuters) – Big Wall Street banks are so upset with U.S. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren’s call for them to be broken up that some have discussed withholding campaign donations to Senate Democrats in symbolic protest, sources familiar with the discussions said.
    The amount of money at stake, a maximum of $15,000 per bank, means the gesture is symbolic rather than material. Moreover, banks’ hostility toward Warren, who is not a presidential candidate, will not have a direct impact on the presumed Democratic front runner in the White House race, Hillary Clinton. That’s because their fund-raising groups focus on congressional races rather than the presidential election


    Stick your threats up your ass, you thieves. You stole the money I spent a lifetime of working to invest. And you are pimping the privatization of social security so you can shore up to steal the savings of the Stupid Generation That Learns Nothing From History, leaving them poverty-ridden with no safety next. Fuck you all very much and may you all be sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first.

  22. Jen, I am sure your life is ruined and you will stop having an opinion immediately, right? :). I’ll go one better. I don’t follow her and never will.

  23. Hugs to you madamab, muh blog wife!

    Jen, Kim is right. Unfortunately, that letter will forever mark a well-intended group as nitpickers seeing sexism where it is…….and isn’t. I feel for them. This kind of lone wolf stuff is what nightmares are made of. I am afraid we are headed down the old 2008 fragmented path again, with self appointed speakers shooting from the hip. I was afraid of this. We have learned nothing from history except how to repeat it.

    Never put a man in charge of women’s issues! They mean well, but they are just too testosterone driven! How many times can I say this????? And how much of our lives we have spent with men in charge that we allow them to continue to take charge of our thoughts. I would venture to say that this is one unhappy group of Hillary fans today, having handed over grist to the mills of the Chozicks of the world. I think they should probably work on some checks and balances with respect to publicity.

    As a side note, I see FOX also used the most flattering photo of Hillary they could find as well, short of the one riding a nutcracker.

  24. Of course, RAYCISM was the cry of every two-bit Obama bot for every criticism under the sun. How many “dog whistles?” I lost count. But that never seemed to hurt Teh One or Team Obama in the least.

  25. Meanwhile, it’s a brand new news day, so now something completely different: the Benghazi committee’s 3,023,567,234th investigation.

    Poor Wolf Blitzer has the vapors because Hillary deleted her email and wiped the server clean!


  26. why should these words not be said about Hillary Clinton every single one of them is true and describes her to a t. I didn’t know this is a communist group that censors freedom of speech

    Uppity Reply
    Blogs are not democracies. They are owned by individuals. I am the individual who owns this blog. I make the rules. You don’t belong here and you know it. You come here because you are an asshole who wants to start trouble. I don’t show up at your friends’ blogs and do that. That’s because I have what you don’t. Now Go fuck yourself and get out of here. Here. Let me help you. Click!

  27. Time for me to set down some written rules in a lead post. I am not going to put up with shit from these assholes ala 2008.

  28. imust, sophie, please check out my draft in the editor. Let me know what you think. I am in no mood for this shit and I am loaded for bear.

  29. Aw God, I do FOX before I do CNN. Seriously.

  30. I love it!!

  31. Good. I will wait till this post loses its life, which could be a while ahahahaha.

    I just found a forum post from that person tying Hillary to ferguson shooting. *Making circles around my ear* These are the kinds of people who would show up at your house for dinner uninvited and ruin the evening. A blog is a blogger’s living room. I wouldn’t think of barnstorming someone’s blog like that. I love autoflush.

  32. Uppity, you’re right and we should keep our powder dry until we really need to shoot.
    I do think that we should call out CDS as well as blatant sexism when we see it; just don’t call it sexism.
    I need to get out more.

  33. Well put Sue.

  34. Hahah for B and J. I bet men won’t buy the flavors. I am a haagen dazs fan myself

    Edit: OK I admit I like Pistachio Pistachio. But I can’t often find it. I am pistachio obsessed. I think it might have been something in my childhood or something. Howard Johnson’s used to make Pistachio ice cream and I loved it. Also, my mother was pistachio obsessed and bought huge bags of them, thus, I inherited the illness.

  35. Just sitting here savoring all the familiar names!
    And then I read this:

    “Uppity Reply
    Blogs are not democracies. They are owned by individuals. I am the individual who owns this blog. I make the rules. You don’t belong here and you know it. You come here because you are an asshole who wants to start trouble. I don’t show up at your friends’ blogs and do that. That’s because I have what you don’t. Now Go fuck yourself and get out of here. Here. Let me help you. Click!”

    ::::::::::: swoon :::::::::::

    Love our Uppity Woman!!

  36. Great post Sophie And I love all the comments. 🙂

  37. Thanks Foxy!

    DWP, welcome back!

  38. I don’t care about brands. Ice cream is all good, especially if it’s chocolate!

  39. Thank you, Sophie!
    Just gearing up (after barely gearing down)!

  40. Dances! How the H are ya, girl!!!! I love the end of hibernation season, don’t you?

  41. I never did make a comment about the John guy’s notices to the press. It’s never a good idea to attack the 4th estate about just one issue or person because they get really pissy about it. Those organizations are gonna do what they gonna do. I did laugh about the “old musty car” thing. I have an old car but to fight any mustiness, I use one of those Febreze car thingies and stick it in a vent. Works pretty well in the old car. LOL!

    Who the hell is “sanford haney”? Mr. Haney from Green Acres?

  42. Locked out of post, but I’m sure it’s great! Can’t wait to read it!

  43. A tweet from a guy in nola whose blog I follow.

  44. Indeed Fredster, fighting with the Fourth Estate, or as Uppity put it, people who buy ink by the barrel, isn’t wise.
    BUT…how long do we have to take their deliberate distortions? This entire email-gate saga began at the NY Times. Their “article” was 90% conjecture and 10% actual events. They shaded the entire news cycle of this story with that. (And Lawrence O’Donnell is still a big POS.) We know they did it on purpose because they have always done this. MoDo writes some of the most tortured sentences, attempting to weave as many slurs as possible before she gets to the period. At some point, someone has to call them out on it.

  45. @Sophie: I don’t disagree with you about the distortions, but the guy didn’t help anyone out by his implied threats. And for MoDo, does anyone even pay any attention to her these days? I don’t. I don’t read anything from the Times unless it’s listed in the news blurbs when I sign out of my email.

    Generally I don’t even watch O’Donnell unless I was watching Maddow beforehand and something on his show might have caught my attention.

    I don’t read that much of the “newz” when it comes to Hillary, or rather, I pick and choose what I want to read. But imagine reading this on TheHIll! I almost fell out of my chair with amazement that they would even publish this!


  46. Fredster–yeah, it did sound like a threat–We’re watching. But in fact we are, are we not? I don’t watch O’Donnell. I have this game–when Maddow is ending and says “And now it’s time for The Last Word with–”

  47. Wowow Fredster, that Hill piece is a keeper.

  48. Sophie fighting with the press is just fine. It’s threatening them that is a huge mistake.

  49. How could you be locked out of the post imust? I will go check settings.

  50. I don’t get it imust. You have the exact same upper level privileges as sophie. Under TWO email addresses. Maybe you tried to get in when I was working on the draft. Try again.

    Sophie, I edited it so check it again. Both your inputs are much appreciated.

  51. Lawrence O’Donnell is a scheeve. When I see him I think someone really should run him through a carwash. I felt the same way about Chris Mathews. I didn’t even know Maureen was around. She lost her mojo during the past 8 years. Boo hoo.

  52. I get that. But like I said, how much of a threat, really, is We’re watching you? Isn’t that what those guys want?

    Without threatening them, I do think a few need to be taken out. I realized yesterday that they are the root of all evil in our political system. Money in politics is just a symptom, since the campaigns need most of that money to buy media spots.

    If they are going to control the narrative (and they do), I would like more responsible people doing it.

  53. Sophie, plenty have already been taken out. Remember that idjit Olbermann. Where’s he now. How about Campbell Brown? Who? Is Chris Mathews still alive? Where’s that gasbag Cafferty now. Wherever he is, he had a great face for radio. I’m sure I missed a few, so easily forgotten. How hard they fell.
    They all moved to the karma Cafe, where there is no menu. You get served what you deserve.

    I met a traveller from an antique land,
    Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
    And on the pedestal, these words appear:
    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

  54. Your post is still good!

    You aren’t kidding–Lawrence O’Donnell really, really, really is a scheeve! I was forced to watch him the night Hillary was the keynote speaker at Emily’s List’s 40th anniversary gala. While waiting for her to come on, he was talking incessantly about the damn email thing with this eerie kind of glee that she MIGHT have done something wrong. I am certain he had a woody under that desk. Anyway, when she started giving her speech, it was obvious she wasn’t going to give a statement about the stupid email nonsense. He cut the feed saying, well, she’s not going to give a statement about the email… What a F Face,

  55. How about Campbell Brown?

    LOL! Campbell is shilling for the “take away teacher tenure” movement. Saw her a couple of times on Morning Schmoe. Meeka and Schmoe thought it was just wonderful. 🙄

  56. I agree about O’Donnell and more times than not I do the same click. It’s pretty much the same thing for my little geeky cutie Steve Kornacki. I’ve had to switch the channel a couple of times because he just won’t let it go with the server thing.

  57. Sophie, the We Are Watching would have been innocuous if the entire letter wasn’t so badly toned. It’s not what you say it’s how you say it. And this letter was ‘said’ very badly. We are Watching…and……….what? Not We Are Watching and will call you out. Nope. Just We Are Watching. It’s threatening and it was major grist for Hillary’s detractors’ mill. With supporters talking like that, she doesn’t need any enemies.

  58. Upps, that piece at TheHill was an opinion piece, but for that publication to even put it out was amazing.

  59. Agree, Fredster, The Hill is highly respected.

    Thought you might enjoy this trip down memory lane. I kiss goodbye to Campbell. Too bad she managed to get the video taken down because looking at her sneering jealous rancor was the icing.

  60. Here’s Campbell on charter schools. I guess that’s her gravy train now. And don’t get me started on charters. The concept might be a good one, but they’ve been disasters in nola in so many ways. Just another way for some folks. Just another way for some folks to make tons of money in the name of “educating” children.

  61. Oops! Helps to put the vid in there!!

  62. Oh Puleeze, fredster. Don’t do this to me! LOL

  63. Oh Puleeze, fredster. Don’t do this to me! LOL

  64. I got in Uppity! Bravo on the post! Yeah, you were probably editing. I sure have missed your uppity posts Uppity!!

  65. I sawwee. You can take it out if you want to.

    I’ve gonna run for awhile now. LSU baseball on WatchESPN on the computer. The guys are ranked pretty high this year so I want to see how they do. I’ll be back later!

  66. Nah I was just kidding Fredster.

  67. Ok thank you imust! I hope you two aren’t just pulling my chain. Hey, they messed with my insides but they weren’t able to shave any points off my IQ

  68. Hey, anybody here who posts at Still4hill, can you please tell her it’s too dang hard to comment on her blog. I forgot my dang password and it’s just too dang much work. I am signed on to wordpress and normally, I can post at ANY wordpress blog with no sweat at all, don’t have to sign on separately. So I put in my user name, my email, my webiste, etc etc etc and got a headache.

  69. I was repairing a chair the damned pup decided to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Upps, good to see you in your fighting form! Takes me back to NQ in ’08! I agree with your comments about the words they picked not being necessarily sexist. I think the guy that wrote it meant well though. I like Sue’s comment upthread about the CDS or sexism. Also, enjoyed the Hill article. A pleasant surprise. Thanks Fredster!

    All the talk about the media…Laker has been bitching about the news media for days, about what a crock it is, and how untrustworthy they are, and how the news has devolved into “top 10 lists”. Seriously, he said all these things this week–repeatedly. The youngun’s are noticing.

  71. annie said: Takes me back to NQ in ’08!

    Ewwww! Is that place still around? It just devolved into such a mess of hatred over there.

  72. Seriously, he said all these things this week–repeatedly. The youngun’s are noticing.

    (sigh) Not so much from what I’ve seen or read about. I was reading on nola.com about this…millennial- I guess who got all worked up about the fact that City Park in nola was finally going to start construction on a golf course. They had 3 before Katrina and will have 2 now. Now the area where the old course was became overgrown in the time since the storm. These idiots thought they had a “forest” with paved walking paths instead of realizing they had an overgrown golf course that hadn’t been maintained since the storm! These newbie-to nola-folks thought it was unfair to take a “natural area” for all people and replace it with a golf course in the same place it was before!

    So this clown decides to climb up into one of the trees and occupy it to protest the park redeveloping the area. He was up there about 10 days until someone walked up to the fence to speak to him and wave. He was in a hammock and started to wave back and promptly fell out of the tree. Naturally after the paramedics hauled his @ss off to the e.r. the folks from city park came in and cut the tree down! 😆

    I loved this article:

    Anti-Golf Protester Hugs Tree, Tree Lets Go


    Oh well, that was a long story all leading up to some of these younger folk are definitely not as attuned to things as your Laker is. 🙂

  73. LOL! What a great story! Laker is more attuned to boomer issues and ideas than what is normal for his age group, that is for sure. I just realized that all his women teachers give him A’s!

    Yeah, nq got worse and worse, didn’t it? I have no idea if its still up. Funny that we’ve all held together after all these years though, isn’t it? And the bloggers we know from all the sister sites…we all remember each other. Kind of amazing.

  74. @annie: I had a great time in the comments deliberately egging on some of these folks. They were saying “Oh it’s a nature area in the middle of the city”. Me: “No it’s not..it’s an overgrown golf course!” “You want nature, go out to N.O. East and Joe Brown park. There are nature trails there. If that’s not enough go further to Bayou Sauvage.” Them: “I live in in the city I don’t have a car. to go to the East!”. Me: “TAKE THE BUS!”. 😆

  75. Oh I’ve got to call it a night. I’m sitting here yawning my fool head off and can barely keep my eyes opened and focused.


  76. After Occupy Wall Street it’s probably a natural progression to move up to something really huge, such as “Occupy Golf Course Tree”…. And since that failed at one, the other almost HAD to follow. #dumbpissants. America has such a short memory and is so ungrateful! If someone had only sent him a free LLBean tent, he would have never fallen!

    Hahaha Utah, only a chair. What a slacker. As you recall, Tosca ate a couch. Suggest you get some LARGE raw marrow bones and put that little booger outside to chew chew chew away his teething phase. Or you could just hand him another chair.

  77. I don’t have any issues posting comments over at Still4Hill. I think I’m logged in through Gravatar, though.

  78. LOL Whiskey ate the couch at this age. I do have some large bones for him it was my patio chair , outside. Yea I knew sooner or later I had to lose something here so it was one of my chairs to my set . This little snot has every toy invented, bones you name it and what does he do ? I knew I was getting off too cheap so far with this little critter. Ugh

  79. No problem here Upps. 😀


    Hi Still,
    I was over at Uppity’s place, And she is having some trouble getting on here?

    Great post, Thanks.

  80. LOL Utah I had an Irish Setter years ago (seriously stupid dogs, I don’t care what anyone says. Handsome and dumb) who ate the leg off a desk…and then the desk fell on him.

  81. Yeah Still’s is the only place I have a problem. I don’t ever login using gravatar. All the steps to post are tiring, then you lose your post. It’s maddening. She could keep squirrels away in a way that’s much easier on people who want to comment…but moderating all newbees. Once they are freed they are no longer newbees. Like we do here. It catches the morons before they get to the board. I do think the method she uses is a discouragement and she woud have far more commenters if they cut down the steps and allowed anyone who is logged into wordpress to comment, no muss no fuss. Besides, gravatar is known to plant web bugs and they follow you everywhere. Peekaboo.

  82. I am logged in through WP.Com. 😛

  83. Uppity@6:26 a.m. I did some searching on the tree guy and never could find where he had an actual job. Then I saw a comment where someone said he had his own business and he decided to take 12 days of vacay. Hmmm… I own a business and can just shut it down for more than a week. I’m sure whatever customers he had were understanding of that. And since he closed his business for those 12 days I wonder how he’s gonna pay his hospital/e.r. bill after he fell from the tree?

  84. He’s not going to pay the bill, Fredster, the rest of us are. Lots of people claim they have a business or are a ‘consultant,” when in actuality they have no business to conduct. Anybody can get a DBA, but getting contracts requires work. You gotta figure if he is closed down for 12 days, nobody is missing him. He’s a loser. He probably was one of the guys standing on wall street throwing paper airplanes at banks (when they weren’t raping girls and telling them to shut up), declaring they want a living wage whether they work or not. I say Twinkles Down to this idjit.

  85. I am logged on to wp.com 24/7 foxy. I can comment on ANY wp blog. Except Still’s. First it lets me comment, then it demands that I put my user name in and my password. Apparently the password is NOT my wp password, as it doesn’t work. I have no freaking idea what the hell they want but it’s just so damned much work. A dirt road. When 20 minutes later you are still unable to figure it out, you give up. I love Still, want to comment but it’s just too much work!

  86. Ok, I just went over to Still4Hill and made a comment, and it took it as a WP comment as usual. I also don’t do those gravatar or facebook things, because its too much stuff to remember or keep track of, and I have to keep stuff simple for my poor aging brain. Upps, I wonder why you can’t comment in a regular manner? It didn’t ask me for anything, just said I was commenting using my WordPress account and I am logged in as socalannie, same as here or Widders.

  87. I log in at Still4Hill the same way I log in here with the same password. Ditto for all WordPress blogs. I don’t know why the password at Still would be different for you, Upps.

  88. Well I don’t get it either. I just stay logged in, never logged off, can go from wp blog to wp blog and just comment and hit ‘reply’. Don’t have to re-enter password or user name or website name. Go figure.

  89. SCREETCH!!!! New post.

  90. The quoted email section from this very blog post has been immortalized on The Ed Show.


    (at 47 seconds and later in the clip.)

  91. OMG! That was a screen shot of your post!! MSNBC reads this blog?? [waving to the jerk Lawrence O’Donnell}

    This post was 9th on the list when I searched “John West email Hillary”

  92. LOL, imust. I don’t think they read this blog. I think John West gave them the URL so he could point to the full text of the email he sent.

    But just in case:
    Lawrence, you suck!!

  93. Well I can’t see it, I refuse to let news channels run scripts on my machine. So what was the quote. And what makes them think I even think of them? I never watch MSNBC.

  94. Was it a video. is there a youtube of it? Just tell me what the quote is and I will be satisfied.

  95. It wasn’t a quote–it was the blockquoted email section of my post, as a background image on the screen.

  96. I wouldn’t want to be tied in with that guy who wrote that letter. I think he did an injustice and, like I said, most of his examples weren’t sexism at all.

  97. Oh Ok, it’s because I think you were the only person who actually blogged the whole thing. You are famous now.

  98. So Sophie, you think West gave MSNBC the URL to this blog? Does it come up on images?

  99. It does not mention me or the blog. It does not even include any of the words I wrote. I am still an obscure hermit.

  100. The examples were verbatim from Peter Dhou’s column on the Hillary Decoder linked in the post). What John failed to do was differentiate between the media’s blatant sexism and their thinly-veiled sexism and their Hillary-speak. He needed another paragraph in there. And instead of “we’re watching you” he should have just said, “We’re on to you.” He is really upset about this. Like I said, Chozick is the only one who mocked him on Twitter like that and made it into a story. I looked at some of Chozick’s Tweets and she obviously thinks she’s clever. I think she’s she’s clever by half.

    If this is really a news story, then this is the headline:
    Media Powerhouse Bullies Private Citizen for Defending Candidate

  101. They probably copped the link to the post from Huff Blow. West posted it there.

  102. Well, once she tweeted that, the CDS afflicted media jumped on the bandwagon and continued the mocking/bullying.

    Yes Uppity, that makes sense. MSNBC probably reads Huff n Puff for new story ideas! Wow! What great journalists they are! /snark

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