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1db2bf528b5fd38bceec09bde03aab87Hello everybody!

It’s me, Uppity! (Blows dust off self, coughs)

It seems that the 2016 election narrative is heating up already. After all, the press bobble-heads are so very anxious, aren’t they? Why, it won’t be long before the Hillary Nutcracker goes on sale again!  And how about that bloo dress!

And what about those millions, I say millions of deleted emails from private servers! Oh wait! That was George Bush, Karl Rove and and Dick Cheney over at gwb43.com. Wrong private server. Sorry!

And Hillary hasn’t even announced yet!

Calling Dr. Fine! Dr. Howard!.

Calling Dr. Fine! Dr. Howard!.

One quadruple bypass surgery, 3 transfusions from complete strangers, one dead kidney, two failed grafts, three hospitalizations and one stent later, I am still standing strong.  Just in time to fight for Hillary! Doesn’t that just fry my detractors’ ice?

These events in my life in a short period of six months have made me less apt to be patient with idiocy for some reason. I am impervious to threats these days as I have already cheated death once. I had my chest cracked open and put back together with stainless steel wires, and I walked out of the hospital in five days with no pain killers. I tell you this just so you know that any crap you can toss at me is nothing compared to what I’ve seen. So I figured I had best take the time to explain to newbees (or living fragments from 2008) who are passing through what this place is all about — you know, nip things in the bud. So excuse me if I am blunt as life is too short to placate rude blog-war-mongering fools. Recent visits from the CDS Zoo to this blog have convinced me that it is “Time” for this post.

MK Bill working.

MK Bill working.

For starters, this is a blog, not a democratic government. Blogs are not democracies. The rules of blogs are set by blog owners and moderators, the people who, you know, actually do the work. This blog is like our living room. Would you show up uninvited at someone’s home and do what you can to ruin the evening? Then why would you be so rude as to do that on a person’s blog? That is why Moderator Kitteh Bill is officially on board again to moderate your miserable butt!

So, newbees and leftovers from 2008, when you arrive here, you will find that this blog has two major purposes and you should bear that in mind:

1. This is a pro-Hillary blog. If you intend to come here to threaten us ala 2008 or to trash Hillary Clinton, please know that your ass will be kicked out of here before you ever make it to a published comment. Take it someplace else. Please also know that we are experienced. We can smell a Concern Troll at 100 paces. Dishonorable mention also goes out to those of you who pretend that “I was a Hillary supporter, but now [Fill in the blank]”. You have been warned.

2. This is a Second Wave Feminist, pro-women’s rights blog.  Some of us stood in the rain and snow so half the country wouldn’t have to spend their lives getting coffee for mediocre bosses whose only qualifications are penises. So we are pretty adept at standing up for our own. We don’t argue our rights doing flash mob dances to “9 To 5” and shaking our asses. We do it with the figurative torches and pitchforks. We are not afraid to break a fingernail. We will give no free passes to sexism or misogyny regardless of which pathetic, hypocritical major political party or Cable channel it hails from. We will not be placed on the back burner. Nor will we water our time down supporting other causes that, in turn, never reciprocate on our behalf. On this blog, women’s rights are Numero Uno! We believe women have the same rights as men and that they shouldn’t be “decided upon and legislated” (See Republicans) or “doled out” (See Democrats) by men,  If that bothers you, hit the road now before we are inclined to help you hit the road. So take your “Radical Feminism” babble elsewhere. There is nothing “Radical” about demanding the same rights as less than half the country. If you have a problem with that, it’s your problem, not ours. So go deal with your problem,. You are not welcome here.

You know who you are. So why don’t you just hit the road now and avoid the rush?

I hope I have made things clear for you. If I haven’t, then please join DENSA. I’m sure you’ll pass the test with flying colors.

Thank you!
Love and kisses, Uppity (and the wonderful people who have kept this blog going out of sheer camaraderie).

As for my personal status, pick one from the following, and believe it, baby:



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  1. Standing Ovation, Uppity!
    Now, I know you’re on the mend.

  2. This blog is like our living room. Would you show up uninvited at someone’s home and do what you can to ruin the evening

    Are you kidding? That would be their dream come true! 🙂

  3. Standing on my chair and clapping wildly!!!!

    She’s back!!! She’s back!!! Just as Uppity as ever!

    Oh, and btw….MKBill is being attacked by wild peeps in the header….just sayin’

  4. She’s back, and with Shirley MacLaine to boot! Welcome back, oh Uppity blog wife! Glad you are feeling better.

  5. I’m new here, Uppity, but I’ve been commenting at Still4Hill. I loved your book and have been following your health travails with concern. Happy to have you back just as feisty and brilliant as ever. It will be a bumpy ride once Hillary annouces, but with you in the fight, we’ll all be stronger!

  6. […] Good afternoon, Widdershins! In case some of you aren’t aware, our Uppity is back and in fine, fine form. Take a gander here. […]

  7. Btw, the media has moved on from St. Elizabeth of Massachusetts. Their latest darling is Martin O.Malley. If you get a chance, try googling Martin O’Malley and Perdue Farms. Enjoy! Gov. Chicken Bleep!

  8. Welcome Rebel. Any friend of Still is a friend of mine. Sorry I’m late letting you in, i just got home. Thank you for your good wishes and stop back any time!

    FYI the book was written by Anita Finlay. I am much too Uppity to have written that book without opening fire, so to speak.

    St. Elizabether of Mass. ROFL! O’Malley is a nobody. He’s going nowhere, he’s no problem. He’s little league trying to get on the big league team. Meh.

  9. Yeah Madamab, Shirley’s got me channeling aliens now.

  10. imust, Bill eats birds. He’ll eat peeps if necessary, except for the pink ones.

  11. Fantabulous post Upps! Joining the other Uppityites in applause. God, I still can’t believe you went through all that! I hope you’re taking extra wonderful care of yourself. Hugs to you from me & the dudes.

  12. Love the phoenix btw, it suits you.

    Hi there Rebel! Thanks for the tip, I will check it out.

  13. Socal, if I were a car, I would probably be in the junk yard being sold for parts. Just saying.

  14. O’Malley honored Perdue? The company that locked all the doors to the processing plant so the minions couldn’t take breaks, only to have the place go up in flames, with all employees burned to death because they couldn’t get out? THAT PERDUE???????

  15. Ok, just looked up O’Malley & Perdue, the horrible chicken factory. What a wuss. O’Malley sounds like he can’t stand up to anyone. If I was a kid, I’d call him a chicken.

  16. Upps, you’re a phoenix.

  17. I bought what turned out to be a chicken with one wing from them. I think I still have the pic I took of it that i sent to them along with my typical love note I send when I am pissed.

    Socal, let’s hope I keep flying, then.

  18. Uppity is the phoenix and probably not-so coincidentally, Hillary is also. Remember Maya Angelou’s words…..RISE Hillary, RISE!

    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

    Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female.

    But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies.

    Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country.

    Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become. She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace.

    She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    She means to rise.

    Don’t give up on Hillary. In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country the wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.

    Rise, Hillary. Rise.

    -Maya Angelou, Jan 20, 2008, published in The Observer

  19. Maya. What a loss. She should have lived to 100 at least. But alas, she was so profound, made such impact in hearts and minds, that she will live on forever. As it should be.

  20. Yes, a great loss. Laker did a report on one of her essays, and was very moved by her writing.

  21. Thanks for posting that, imust! A lovely reminder.

  22. Laker. He’s such a dude!

  23. On the book, I meant Anita Finlay, of course. She’s wonderful too! On O’Malley, he IS a nothing. In a very blue state, he left office with a dismal approval rating probably in part because he let all the chicken farmers dump chicken waste in Chesapeake Bay for eight years. But if he’s running against Hillary, the media will lift him up and carry him on their dishonest shoulders, and in Iowa, at least, there are gentry liberals who will believe whatever the media tells them. Wait! I think I saw this movie before! His plan is to snow the three people who show up to caucus and move on from there. Media will do the rest.

  24. And Maya was a Warrior Queen!

  25. Thanks for the warm welcome, Uppity!

  26. Brava!! Hugs and smooches!!! You thrive on this stuff and you know it. I’d thrown in the Mommie Dearest/Crawford Pepsi board scene but ya know…F word so I’ll just add this one.

    (Yep, we all dressed up for you!)

  27. Happy Happy!!!! Upps is back!!!
    Party time. 😀

  28. Rebel, let me give you my input and then you decide if you want to worry or not. As I recall, only two candidates for president in my lifetime came out of nowhere rather unknown, won the primary and went on to become President. John F. Kennedy and William J Clinton. Both of them possessed something O’Malley could only dream of having: Charisma. Note I do not include Barack Obama on this short list. He didn’t do it with charisma. He cheated. And needed staged incidents, buzz phrazes and a teleprompter. And here’s O’Malley, running against someone who actually DOES have charisma. Is O going to carry latinos? Woman? The AA vote? He might carry the far far left nutbags just for spite, but remember, even factoring in that vote and all the cheating at caucuses and the stealing of delegates in the end, Hillary still got more primary votes than anybody in any Presidential Primary race……..EVAH.

    I rest muh case.

  29. I think I see you in that crowd, Fredster.

  30. Uppity, I hope and pray you are right, and you usually are so that is encouraging! However, there’s already a piece in some Iowa paper (I forget which) comparing Gov. Chicken Bleep to JFK. Really. And after ’08, I lost all faith in the primary process. And the potential for fraud in the Iowa caucuses? Don’t get me started! That’s why I’m already doing oppo research. Even the biggest scumbag of all, the great, John Edwards, finished slightly ahead of Hillary in Iowa. These poor folks apparently don’t have the sense God gave a tomato. I do hope I’m wrong, but I am on full alert and taking no chances. O’Malley worked on Gary Hart’s campaign in ’84, and he nearly upended Mondale. I know that was Mondale, lol. I hate to be so cynical and pessimistic. I guess I’m scarred by ’08.

  31. These poor folks apparently don’t have the sense God gave a tomato.

    Hahahahaha. Which is just one more reason why I never pay attention to Iowa. We let em go first so they can feel important. Then we tell them to get back to those corn fields because Daschle needs to keep making millions off the ethanol scam. As for caucuses, I suspect that Hillary is going to forgo the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Obot experience at caucus cheating. I am sure she will be ready to thwart it this time.

    Now if you were talking to me about California, I’d start to worry.

    Poor JFK. He must be rolling in his grave, given the clowns they keep comparing him to.

  32. @Brassy Rebel: There was actually a horror/sci-fi movie made about the chicken sh!t issue in the Bay. And it was by serious filmmaker Barry Levinson.


  33. Your point about Cali is well taken. But they(the Obots, the media)told us last time that raw votes don’t count, just number of delegates. And no one needs to beat her in Iowa, just have a respectable showing. Then the media has its desired “narrative”. It’s all about the narrative. She’ll have a hard time organizing in caucus states because they’re dominated by gentry liberals who hate her. And they award more delegates than actual elections in big states like Ohio. The whole process is nuts! I won’t breathe easy till it’s over, and Hillary is the nominee. That’s just me. I admire your positive outlook!

  34. Thanks, Fredster for the heads up!

  35. They won’t work as hard for O’malley as they did for O’bama. Remember all the bussed in voters from Chicago to Iowa??? Not gonna happen for O’malley.

    Are you sure MKBill is going to eat those peeps? He looks like he’s drowning in them.

  36. Awesome!! I love how you do what you do, Upps!

  37. Yeah imust, Maryland ain’t Chicago. I just don’t see the Democratic party bribing and threatening delegates for a guy named O’Malley. They only did it for the black man. We have to remember that Hillary is not prone to allowing the same mistakes twice. She Learns from history. I’m worried more what they pull in the general election than the primaries. I just don’t see this guy as a problem is all. Hey! Maybe he’s going to promise a Perdue chicken in every pot!!!!

  38. Listen Sophie, if it weren’t for you and imust, this place would have been in the trash bin. Don’t think I don’t know that. Just keep doing what you’re doing. WHen the spirit moves me, I’ll write. Meantime, I am your most dedicated blog member. So there.

  39. Love it! Keep fighting.

  40. I’d thrown in the Mommie Dearest/Crawford Pepsi board scene

    *Clears throat*

    Don’t Fuck with me, fellas. This ain’t my first time at the rodeo.

  41. And that YouTube clip is a keeper!

  42. This made my day! Uppity returns! Thank goddish. And yes, thanks to all the posters who filled in and kept the joint going.

  43. Fredster, thanks for the youtubes. The Crawford one is hilarious, and the chicken shit one is unreal. (I know its scifi) Shame on Maryland for and the feds for letting them dump all that shit in what was once a magnificent body of water. Big corporations are going to be the death of this country. And the planet.

  44. Ah She’s baaaaaaaaaaack and in her Uppity fighting form. Never thought a thing like a bum ticker would keep her down lol. Good to see you ready to rumble lady

  45. Hi Everyone! Nice to see that Uppity is getting better and this blog is still going and still has heart. xoxo to you Uppity! And when I think of Uppity, I think of another icon for me, one that I’ve been listening to since I was 9 years old, and today is his 70th birthday. So Happy Birthday EC and this is dedicated to Uppity and the Uppityites!

  46. YAY!!! Uppity is back and in fighting form! Thanks to everyone for keeping the blog going. LETS GET READY TO RUUUUUUMBLE!!

  47. Thanks Upps for putting Joan/Faye up there. I thought it was perfect for the theme of this topic but didn’t want to be bad and do something like use the fuck word. Uh…oops. 😳

  48. Oh wow! Lookie here: We can now use emojis in posts!


    (scroll down on that page)


  49. Yep. She’s back. Officially.

    And for all the nefarious knuckle-draggers out there who may be contemplating trolling this site over the next year and a half, and, who did not take the time to read this post (or do not possess the mental faculties to accomplish said reading) allow me to sum up Uppity’s eloquence with my own simple words…

    Do Not Eff With This Woman.


    Hillary 2016

  50. There’s another occupier up in a tree. Too bad skooks can’t hit him for real.

  51. Be nice if they smeared honey all over the tree and let a bear loose.

  52. A Perdue chicken in every pot. Now that’s funny. Not the one winged variety, I hope. I’ll start worrying about the general election after the primaries. My shrink only allows me to have one nervous breakdown at a time.

  53. Oh hell Rebel, I’m too mean to have a nervous breakdown. I am a carrier, though.

  54. Yeah Rev Vet, Yeah! If I weren’t already taken I’d be all over you like white on rice.

  55. Yah bayybee!!! She’s back, our Upps! xo

  56. A hearty thank you to imust and Sophie, who kept (and keep) this living room of ours warm and lively…and full of booze.

  57. We’ve now moved to phase two of the email nonscandal. Poll numbers. New poll purports to show nonscandal bas affected Hillary’s poll numbers in three key states. Actually, if you look closely at the numbers, they’re mostly within margin of error of last poll by that organization. I won’t bore you with details from meaningless poll–and they’re all meaningless 20 months out. But media will endow them with great meaning because that’s part of the game. Create pseudo scandal, then claim you’re justified in covering it because it’s affecting her poll numbers. Actually, I’m surprised it’s not much worse for her since most people don’t follow the news closely enough to know SHE DID NOTHING WRONG! Or that Colin Powell deleted ALL his SOS emails. To listen to the hyperbole from media, you would think she had murdered someone, put it in an email and made a bonfire of the server.

  58. @Brassy Rebel-11:43: That’s their shock and awww campaign. SHOCK: Hillary’s emails!! AWWW: Is anyone paying attention?

  59. I saw that Elizabeth Warren has been or will be all over MSNBC.

  60. I gotta give St. Elizabeth of Mass. her props. This morning on the Today show she said people need to give Hillary a chance. She’s promoting her book. But she said everyone should wait to let Hillary decide if she’s running and what she offers to help the middle class. She reiterated again that she is not running and will not run. Sounds quite reasonable to me. I was surprised to hear this.

  61. It’s very bad news for Repubs. They’re just dying for what our sexist society would call a “cat fight”.

  62. Saint Elizabeth does not poll very well. She comes off as very fractious, temperamental and unwilling to play well with others. She would lose if she were the candidate. And she doesn’t poll well among the party either, save for the far left Gimmee dis and Gimmee dat crowd. In any event, the Independents would never go for her, most of them are middle class and pretty sick of paying for everybody’s everything. Wall Street would find a way to set her up as well. I give her kudos for saying what’s on everybody’s mind sometimes, like how the banks have to be broken up, but that kind of talk only fuels the resolve of some very rich people to get rid of her. I think the senate is a good place for her, though. She probably drives the boys in the band to near-stroke.

  63. Uppity, welcome back. Big hugs your way. And so many thanks to Imust and Sophie for keeping this a warm and safe space. Looking forward to…everything!

  64. I have nothing against Warren–just don’t think she has the chops to be Prez and neither does she. It’s the MoveOn folks who are behind the Run Warren Run “movement” despite the fact that she has repeatedly told folks she is not running. I’m certain MoveOn is well-aware they are pissing up a rope but I believe they’re in it for the fundraising emails.

    Also, I believe that’s why MSNBC is all over this primary challenge thing (we can’t let her have a coronation!) — MONEY. If there is no Democratic primary, there is no news for the “Liberal” network.

  65. And so nice to see you all again…

  66. Brassy Rebel–that’s why they have Carly Fiorina. They are bound and determined to have their cat fight. And Carly is willing to be their tool.

  67. Sophie, I suspect there will be a good place in a Clinton administration for Warren. Someplace where she can torture wall street and finally make the right thing happen, we could only hope. Break those banks up. You wanna be a bank? Then be a bank. Like it used to be. Dept of labor wouldn’t be a bad place either.

  68. Ani, Sophie and Imust are going to stay doing just what they do, they were part and parcel to keeping this place going and still are. I don’t see myself being a prolific writer, given my challenges and my social life of seeing doctors, cardiac rehab and every test under the sun continuously. In two months i will know if my ejection fraction has returned and if it hasn’t, I will be heading out to Cleveland Clinic if I need an implantable defibrillator. So lots of things are in the air, everything bears watching. Except my spirit, which nobody can take away from me.

  69. Except my spirit, which nobody can take away from me.


    (For those observing Lent, forgive me)

  70. You kidding, they’ll never push Carly to run though, those same old boys are dying to be the pressy. They have no shame and no pride when it comes to this. They will keep running till they are in the grave.

  71. Did you catch Carly’s speech for CPAC? Seen any of her Tweets? Really mean and in direct violation of the Maddy Albright Rule.

  72. Nah I don’t pay attn to CPAC. Does anybody? Yeah she’s being mean to Hillary and Hillary is like Carly Who? Shrug.

    Nothing more wasteful of one’s energy than to preach to the choir.

  73. Given her health scare, one would think she’d be more concerned with where she’s going to land eternally. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  74. SophieCT asked: Did you catch Carly’s speech for CPAC?

    Yep I saw some of it with her cracks about Hillary. Just hope she doesn’t think talking about that HP time will be a good thing for her.


  75. Uppity, Sophie, amd Fredster, Fiorina is a disaster looking for a place to happen. Sounds like a job for GOP presidential primary. Yes, her record at HP is terrible, terrible. Even worse is the blatant hypocrisy of going around in 2008, saying nice things about Hillary just to get Hillary supporters to vote for McCain and trashing her now. Didn’t work for me in 2008. She is a tool, Sopbie. Also a fool

  76. Uppity, on the subject of St. Liz, she has another good reason for not running: it would surely bring scrutiny of her house flipping adventures in the nineties. Could destroy her brand as a champion of middle class. Exploiting others’ misfortune for personal profit runs counter to her carefully crafted image. Much worse than the fake Cherokee kerfuffle.

  77. Yeah Rebel, that would do it. lol.

  78. In defense of Fiorina, she took over a nearly dead company that was trashed by a man. It just could not be resurrected that quickly. Typical situation, woman sent in to clean up man’s mess and given a deadline besides. Not that i am fond of her, just telling you what I saw. What woman who spent enough time in corporate America doesn’t recognize that kind of assignment.

  79. Fredster, with your sensitive stomach, you watch CPAC? I mean I can’t even consider it. It’s just too much to see what lurks in America wishing they could rule everyone’s life when their own lives are not very impressive.

  80. Guess we won’t hear from Meg Whitman anymore though, what with her illegal alien employment problem. So they have to use Carly.

  81. I absolutly LOVE Uppity and this blog site…

  82. A loooooot of us, us feel that way Bell. 😀

  83. Happy to see you back with the blog and with batteries recharged despite some “mechanical” issues.

  84. @upps: Oh I didn’t watch the entire deal or anything remotely like that. I just saw a clip of her speaking there and in the snippet she was throwing some shade at Hillary. Yeah, right Carly.

  85. Upps@8:05: The thing with Fiorina is the deal she was hellbent on, with taking on Compaq. That was not a smart business move.


  86. I think the repubs think that they need a woman to attack another woman. Yeah, I know, that never stopped them before….but I think they are really worried that Hillary would win and want to go full bore..

  87. O’Malley was my mayor, O’Malley was my governor….believe me we don’t have to fear Martin O’Malley.

    Uppity so glad that you are on the mend….We need you.

  88. Now here’s someone who hates the NY Times as much as I do. Check out the most recent post.

  89. Thank you SHV, Belle and Honora. I appreciate it.

  90. Honora, DO tell about O’Malley.

  91. Good news from my nephrologist today, gang. My kidney numbers are stabilized and I won’t have to see her again for 3 months. I owe much of this to her along with taking sodium seriously. But mostly to her.

  92. That is good news Uppity! BTW, that blog you mentioned @ 6:17 is really good! How did you find it?

  93. She/He tweeted me, imust. @NYTNarrative

  94. You may be sorry you asked.

    He comes from a political background. His mother has worked in Mikulski’s office for years. He married into the Curran family, his father in law was Lt Gov of Maryland and then Attorney General. He became mayor by beating two AA candidates in the Democratic primary (which makes you mayor)… He was a good mayor, but always looking to the next step up the ladder. He weakened Kathleen Kennedy Townsend when she was running for governor by being unsupportive and toying with a run himself. He never did run, but she wasn’t that strong a candidate and she never recovered. She lost to a republican (Ehrlich). That set O’M up to run against and defeat Ehrlich in the next gubernatorial campaign. You can only serve two terms as governor in Maryland, so O’M shifted from governing the State, to finding his next job. By his second term, he became increasingly ‘preachy’ and spent most of his time on the Sunday morning talk shows. Maryland had to be a leader in Gay Rights, Gun Safety, Human Rights, Worker Rights, etc.. but it was ok if our taxes were high and our roads sucked. I think people got sick of him in Maryland. He served as Hillary’s co-chair with Mikulski in 2008 (which was a risk in Maryland which has a large AA population), but he gave me whip-lash when he switched to Obama once Hillary dropped out. He worked hard to have his AA Lt. Gov. elected after O’M’s term was up, but Anthony Brown ran the election as if it were owed to him and lost the general election to a Republican who is a businessman with no political experience. Hogan just out ran Brown.

    I think O’M really thinks that he can be president and that this is his time. Mikulski just announced that she is not going to run for re-election. O’M would have been a natural for that seat. A senator for life is appealing. He either knows that Maryland is sick of him and he wouldn’t have won the seat (altho I think he would have), or he really thinks that he is going to be president. I don’t think he stands a chance, but I thought he would set himself up with a job in the next administration. His personal attacks on Hillary are crazy, he will never be welcomed into her administration.

    See how dangerous it is to ask my opinion, Uppity

  95. Uppity, thanks for the link to the website.It is awesome!

  96. And congrats on the good health news. You will be kicking ass for decades to come!

  97. She/He tweeted me, imust. @NYTNarrative

    She. Jess.

  98. Comedy Central tries to replace Jon Stewart with an arrogant, Obama like, “citizen of the world!” Turns out he’s a sexist anti-semite too!

  99. Great news about the health issue Upps. ❤

  100. Congrats on the positive numbers, Uppity.

  101. Typical situation, woman sent in to clean up man’s mess and given a deadline besides

    Just like General Motors.

  102. Yep to that Sue. 🙂

  103. Heads up: do not go to hillaryclinton DOT org.

    Per Reuters:

    (Reuters) – Hillaryclinton org bears the likely Democratic presidential candidate’s name, but she would not want supporters to go there: some cyber security experts said this week the site contains malicious software.

    The site is registered, not to Clinton, but to an administrator in the Cayman Islands. Its existence underscores the challenge 2016 U.S. presidential hopefuls will face in trying to control their digital brands, more important than ever before as voters increasingly turn to the Internet to learn more about candidates.

    In fact, Still4Hill got infected there.

  104. I recall last year(?) I got suspicious of a twitter acct that got MANY Clinton people to follow it, speaking AS Hillary, but no confirmation mark near the name. I tried to warn a few people but they blew me off. So I started tracing the acct, and he made it very easy for me to find out he was a fraudulent fuckwad from the Middle East. He recommended to his followers that they follow other accounts and the accounts all traced back to him, he was all of them. Then I found a couple of web pages where he claimed to be different things. So I posted it all at Still’s place and then she sent the info along to Chelsea and the account got banned. Be careful of twitter, too, folks. There are plenty of scum bags out there. I cannot believe how gullible people are on twitter, they’ll follow anybody without question. Just saying.

    I am surprised Still’s antivirus didn’t flag that .org site before she even got there. That’s what an AV is supposed to do. Intercept and block viral websites and photos on the web.

  105. Thanks for the warning, Sophie.

  106. Thoughts?

    The lease is signed: Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters will work out of 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights, according to a source familiar with the deal.
    The campaign will occupy two full floors of the office building, which is close to 12 subways lines and a dozen bus lines, and will be taking them as is – no buildout. On its website, the building markets it as “Modern Offices. Brooklyn Cool.”
    Story Continued Below
    The Clinton team’s neighbor in the building will be Morgan Stanley, while across the street is the office of the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York.
    The clock on Clinton’s official announcement is now officially ticking. FEC rules state that you have 15 days between conducting campaign activities and filing a



  107. imust, it seems apparent that she will be announcing within the required 15 days, as in not very long. Man oh man, they are scrutinizing everything except her lingerie.

  108. Yup Sue, Sophie done did a public service.

  109. So Honora, Mr. O is a lifer and has never done much of anything but be a politician. His eye on the next job and-everybody-in-my-way-be-damned attitude reminds me of a certain sitting president, but nevermind. His Hillary payback will be sweet to watch as well.

  110. No protests here??? 🙄

  111. These PC islamofacist apologists will make it okay for them to hang gay people next. Get yer burqa ready.

  112. Man oh man, they are scrutinizing everything except her lingerie.

    I’m sure they’re looking at that too.

  113. There’s something hilarious about Hillary Clinton’s new office

    …there’s a very funny coincidence about the building’s location. The building, One Pierrepont Plaza, is located next to the intersection of Tillary and Clinton Streets.

    That’s right: Tillary Clinton.


  114. Well, that was a weird video. First thought: Log Cabin guy. Way too hyperbolic. No one’s asking the baker to BECOME gay or even to like the guy. Just to do his job.

    Forget the fricken cake–that makes the whole point sound silly. How about the ONLY pharmacy in town NOT carrying HIV meds because religious beliefs? Or that pharmacy not selling birth control because religious beliefs? And to make it even more fun, we’re talking about the pharmacy’s religious beliefs, not the pharmacist’s?!

    People who open a business to the public are licensed by the state to do business with the public. There is a civil rights act of 1964. Public accommodations.

  115. Interesting read:

    One of the largest demographics in America is women in their forties to sixties, and by 2020 there will be nearly 60 million peri- and post-menopausal women living in the United States. Because women’s average life expectancy is currently 81 years, we’re easily spending a third of our lives postmenopausal. That is a great opportunity for growth and change.

  116. @foxiladi-2:28- On the bright side I had no idea who the hell Steven Crowder was. And on an even brighter side, I don’t give a chit even after I looked him up. All I had to do was stop when I saw FOX.

  117. Sophie, civil rights only apply to muslims when they yell about it. The rest of the time they don’t have to honor your civil rights. That’s the way it has looked around here for a long time. They don’t have to bake your cake but tell them that they can’t work in your shop wearing a burqa and hear them scream. What we are looking at is crackpot religious rights are trumping civil rights and the concept is encroaching closer and closer every single day. And the right wing quasi-christians started it all, sticking their noses in women’s crotches vicariously. But the crackpot left only rebels and complains if a christian business discriminates against them. If the muslim community does the same thing, they pretend it didn’t happen. Perhaps that was Crowder’s point, Fredster. If it is, he’s right.

  118. Perhaps that was Crowder’s point, Fredster. If it is, he’s right.

    He could be, but I just wasn’t interested in listening to him once I went to his website and saw the connection to Fox.

  119. A commenter over at Louisiana Voice put this in a comment and said he could remember those times when businesses would have those signs that read: We reserve the right to refuse service… and then put in this vid of Kinky Friedman.

  120. Fredster, it’s all just so small minded, ignorant and ……….just plain mean and barbaric. To even associate this behavior to their god is ludicrous.

  121. I mainly get my news from the internet!!
    Sometimes I watch the MSM.
    Where do you all get the news from? 😀

  122. Thanks Sophie for the warning,
    I am spreading it every where. 😀

  123. This is fun:

  124. Upps@6:24 a.m.: Oh I agree totally.

    foxi@11:14: I get my news from some teevee but mainly from Reuters and BBC. I don’t got much for TheGuardian website or many of the other newspaper sites.

  125. Sophie that was cute. 🙂

  126. Oops! Don’t “get” much.

  127. I do not regard cable ‘news’ channels as news and get none from them. I get no news from TV and regard all TV news as editorial narrative. The TV news, both NBC, ABC etc and ALL the cable networks are pure crap. They are there to manipulate the news, MAKE the news and feed you a plate of crap they want you to know or think. I get most of my news, when I bother, from the internet, using a variety of sites listed on this blog front page. Often, I find that UK will cover USA things that the USA ‘news’ outlets bury. I never, I repeat, never, regard anything the NY Times says as something I should hang my hat on.

  128. I can’t help but think of that video where the islamofascist shopkeeper refuses to make a cake. Please click on this link and read what they have done in the middle east to women and gays and, well, anybody they feel like torturing. They escaped that shithole and now they want to turn the USA into the shithole they escaped.

  129. imust, I must confess I was not in a good health place when you wrote it, so I just read your “Driving King Douchebag” post and found it hilarious.

  130. what’s everybody doing tomorrow?

  131. Newz, newz you say? Here’s your newz:

    Damned Clintons are gonna get the illegal aliens vote. 👿

  132. Upps@6ish: Going to have ham and tater salad and eat myself silly.

  133. I am making the long drive (3hrs) with my sister, BIL, niece, and nephew to my mom and dad’s house where we will stuff ourselves silly until we can’t move and then eat more, complain about how much we ate, then have dessert. Then all us CT folk will drive on back.

    We will have an antipasto which could be a meal in itself. Then we’ll have the pasta dish, which is ravioli and includes meatballs, sausages, and bracciole. Then we’ll have the roast, which this year will be a ham along with veggies and carbs and a salad. I don’t eat the salad and get tormented every year for that. (I don’t really liek salad and can’t fake it on a full stomach.) Dessert this year will be an ice cream birthday cake for my dad who turned 80 in March and this is the first we’ll all be together to celebrate. (So sad about the cake because it coulda been cheesecake in a normal year.)

    How about you?

  134. @SophieCT: Sounds like you’ll be eating for hours there!

  135. Well there’s the proof. She is clearly swapping spit with that alien. I’ll be some of those emails were between them too. What say you?

  136. Interesting, soph. Your menu is a lot like ours. As you know, my entire immediate family is dead. I have a cousin I was literally raised with in our home. And we are sisters for sure. And I have a very close cousin on the other side as well. Both of them have been sooooo helpful to me during my illness. Due to my many trials and tribulations in the past six months, I have been told, ordered and decreed not to do ‘anything’ but “show up”. In addition, the menu has been adapted to me. Normally, there’s lasagna and then a ham. However, I cannot eat lasagna with sausage in it as sausage is VERY high in sodium and I must protect my kidney. So we will have ravioli with sausage and meatballs on the side (I can eat meatballs). We will still have the ham and I have requested that everyone around me do everything possible to make sure I do not weaken and eat it. Ham is the Number One highest meat in sodium (after baloney and hot dogs). We will have all the trimmings though, most of which I CAN eat. My cousin was going to make a filet mignon for me while everyone else eats ham just so they can all feel the kind of pain I feel around ham, but I decided not to do that. We will also have our usual huge antipasto and that’s where you and I part. I love a good salad. I have no idea what dessert will be but dammit, WHATEVER it is, I’m eating it. We will be bringing wine though. Who knew I would find a way to get off easy????

  137. I don’t totally dislike salad. I like pasta salad, potato salad, fruit salad, 7 grain and bean salad, and even chicken salad. I don’t want to eat cold greens with a dressing. I’d rather have my greens sauteed in garlic and olive oil with a splash of chicken broth. Same recipe for spinach, kale, mustard greens, broccoli rabe, and so on. But I especially do not want to eat cold greens with a dressing when I am already really full and am trying to figure out where dessert is going.

    I too am bringing the wine. A lovely CT Cab Franc. And apple sauce that I made from scratch. And whipped cream, also from scratch but cheating with this gadget.

    I wish you the happiest Easter ever!

  138. Uppity, glad you are back and in fighting form. Loved the article. I guess in 2016, we are going to have to get in the mud and wrestle with the pigs. Have a Happy Easter and take good care of yourself.

  139. OMG Sophie, I have one of those whippers. It was my mother’s. Solid stainless and you put a cartridge in it and POOF! Perfect whipped cream to dispense. Also doubles as a weapon in a pinch.

  140. But Sophie, some greens beg for dressing! Spring mix, mesclin mix, you know, baby salad greens. I guess my love of salads has more to do with my vinegar addiction than anything, though. I mean tomato salads with red onion! Yum!

    I will have a happy Easter! I am lucky to BE here to have an Easter!

  141. She is clearly swapping spit with that alien. I’ll be some of those emails were between them too. What say you?

    That’s exactly why she wiped that server! Quick, call Trey Gowdy!

  142. Hiya AnnE! Yeah, I love pig wrestling. Not afraid to get dirty or break a fingernail. That’s for sure.

  143. I mean tomato salads with red onion! Yum!

    I’m in! Just not lettuce. (As long as the tomatoes are in season and not those pink things you get at Stop N Shop.)

  144. I saw him referred to as Très Gaudi and I’m stealing it.

  145. @Sophie: 😆

  146. Uppity I was thrilled to see you are recovering and ready to fight. Since 2008, we Hillary supporters have gotten older, wiser, and meaner, and we have been waiting for this fight a long time.

  147. Welcome back Uppity!! Word traveled to Big Pink that you were put though the wringer and back on your feet again. Thank God.

    Keep fighting Uppity and it’s good to see you blogging again.


  148. Hey thanks Shadow! Good to see you!

  149. freespirit! Yay! If I knew all I had to do to get great folks like you and Shadow over here was get my chest cracked open, I woulda done it sooner!

  150. not those pink things you get at Stop N Shop.

    You mean the ones with the shimmering green snot inside them?

    Does this mean like 6 more weeks of winter or something?


  151. “Fidel is full of vitality,” the report said.

    Ya coulda fooled me. Looks like rigor mortis to me.

  152. We just celebrated lakers 21st for about 4 days, which included 2 days and nights at Vegas. We’re not doing anything special for tomorrow, I’m thinking of grilling steaks, making some Greek potatoes, and salad.

    imust, I saw that about Stewart’s replacement for Daily Show. I saw a couple of his bits over the past few weeks and they really weren’t funny. I’m also not into Colbert’s replacement, it’s just boring after Colbert. I’m thinking of going back to bed at 11:00pm, like I used to in the olden days. I’ll probably be a lot more productive.

    Great thread everyone! Its fun to “see” so many old Uppityites back!

  153. Nice to see you back on your feet, Uppity!

  154. annie, laker has some b’day wishes over at TW.

  155. Wow, young Laker is 21! I feel so old! He was barely 15 when we first met here!!! Happy 21st Laker Dood!

  156. I hate to bring this up but what is it with Obama, making deals with Iranian Islamofacist savages? Does he have some kind of goal of destroying the West for his buddies over in that Me shithole? Iran cannot be trusted. I repeat, they cannot be trusted, second only to Saudi and the big Kahuna…….China. The one thing all three of them have in common: Huge disdain for Human Rights and Life in general.

    This man supported the sham known as Arab Spring, which was really Arab Winter for anyone other than savages, yet he allowed Iranian young people to be slaughtered as he stood by and watched their rebellion squashed like a bug. They begged us for help but we reserved it for facist rebellions instead……something is very rotten here and our nation’s security and our very freedoms are increasingly at risk because of it.

  157. Good to see you back. I posted as Headclunker on Murphy’s pumapac and have more recently been over at Big Pink. It is hard to get some real news through the current propaganda on just about everything that has been failing for the last 6 1/2 years.

    I hear the first quarter of 2015 we had a 0 GDP. I think they are blaming the weather. But we know it is because of the mistake of ’08 (and they better get it right this time). China’s economy is imploding and this crew has not a clue about keeping us from going down too.

    The kids in charge of the ship need to be thrown overboard.

  158. socal, greek lemon potatoes? Yum. I love it.

  159. So Uppity, are you going to keep us posted on HRC’s doings and when we can sign up to go to battlestations?

  160. Hell No, Anne. I’m a terrible administrative person. I’m just a Shoot From The Hip writer. I never strive to have people follow me, I learned long ago you can’t lead if nobody wants to follow you. I do wish some others would learn that too. If people want to follow me, I am happy to lead. If not, I am still happy to do my thing. I’ve always been that way. Besides, if 2008 is any indicator, there will be plenty of self-appointed leaders bumping into each other ordering people around, duplicating efforts in a competitive way, and thus ensuring things will be as ineffective and fragmented as possible. You can sooner herd cats than get Hillary supporters organized under one decent non-ego-driven umbrella. I am sure some man will emerge once again to speak on behalf of a gender they don’t even belong to, because girls, you know, they need a man to protect them because they aren’t capable of doing much without a man at the helm, don’t you think?……..

    As for keeping people posted on HRC’s doings, why, NOBODY does it better than Still4Hill. I couldn’t begin to compare to her on that task.

  161. Hi Lu4Puma! Good to see you here! Uppity also says hi, but I think she posted it on the upstairs thread. 🙂

  162. Oops, yeah I did, sowwy!

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