Barrels and Bottles and Peeps….Oh My!

Have I got a beer for Obama’s next summit! Just like Obama himself…it’s a beer of the people! I mean the Peep-le!! A Colorado craft brewery has created a special Easter Beer made with Peeps!!!

Walking the plank.....

Walking the plank…..

The head brewer at Barrels & Bottles Brewery, Collins made a test batch last spring, and decided it was worth trying again. The beer is an English-style bitter with an alcohol content by volume of about 6%.

“If I didn’t tell you there were Peeps in there, you might not notice,” Collins said Friday after the brewery tapped the first pints of the beer. She made only about 100 gallons, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Although I think many Uppityites prefer scotch or wine, some might still wonder whether the sweet, marshmallowy Peeps will ruin the beer!

The Peeps boost the beer’s alcohol level when the yeast devours the marshmallow sugar.

And although the Peeps are colored, the beer ends up a bright straw color with no hint of neon. It has a malty taste, accented by the sweet smell of the whole Peep that perches on the pint’s rim when served.

Here in Uppityville, like Christmas fruitcake, Easter Peeps have not always been on our favorite food list. But, we have had a sweet, soft spot for the little guys. And yes, we have viewed videos of Peeps being microwaved, and made into pop culture dioramas! And yes, there was that time when Angry Peeps Seized the Blog! [shutter] It was all just a big misunderstanding, I’m telling ya’!!!! But we never actually wish the Peeps harm! Not so for the Brewmistress Collins……

Collins said the Peeps beer will likely last only a few days, and she’ll make something else as spring moves into summer.

And she has an important message for all of those who hate Peeps: Ninety of their squishy foes got dumped into the brew kettle.

They were all severely harmed,” Collins said.

Ouch! Ms. Collins, you need to chill a little. Why not kick back with your favorite beverage and dream of……………
Peeps on Earth.


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  1. If she makes a beer out of fruitcake, I am going to shoot myself in the head.

  2. All I can say to peep beer is…ewww!

  3. Beer is bad enough just the way it is.

    Lu4PUMA! Sorry it took so long to get you onto the board, I didn’t check the board yesterday. Your comments from here forward should just show up. We moderate first comments so as to eliminate squirrels. Hope you understand.

  4. Uppity, hope you had a happy Easter, Passover, pick your celebration! And not too many peeps! Last week while talking about Gov. Chicken Bleep of Maryland, I mentioned that he thinks of himself as Gary Hart in 1984, taking on Mondale. He worked for Hart. Surprise! Surprise! Hart is now hyping O’Malley and trashing Hillary. Apparently, the two are in close touch, strategizing how to elect this fake liberal loser POTUS. As I recall Hart, another fake liberal loser, was all in for Obama in ’08. The media always takes Hart VERY seriously, even though he is an even bigger joke than O’Malley. Gov. Chicken Bleep may not be going anywhere, as you say. But he’s not going away either.

  5. Rebel, talk about inconsequential people. Gary Hart, who, as I recall, went down in infidelity scandal flames during Run #2. He’s an Also Ran, temporarily. The only reason his name is remembered is he’s a womanizing scumbag. I don’t recall the media taking him seriously or anybody else for that matter since then, must have been a slow news day. Anyways, let us ruminate upon the fact that Hillary is no Mondale. Hart couldn’t be him because he couldn’t hold a candle to Mondale’s knowledge and experience. Even still, I had doubts about Mondale but there was no way I wasn’t going to vote for him with Gerry Ferraro as his historic pick. Now about Mondale. I never thought he was Presidential material albeit he seemed like a ‘nice guy’, but he probably would have been better than Jimmy Carter, who created a malaise in America that ensured if he won re-election, the suicide rate in the USA would have risen exponentially. However, I’ll wager with you that if you ask 100 people who Walter Mondale was not 5 of them will tell you he was a vice president,and they will all be seniors or close to it.

    Hey Gary! That ain’t yer wife!

    Back to Hart. It’s too bad he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, he was a centrist and probably could have won but his dick won instead. Tidbit: Hart is said to be the engineer of the Iowa caucus. Think about that one. I’ll wait.

    Dear Rebel you are going to give yourself an ulcer if you don’t separate the Inconsequential Babblers from the Consequential Babblers.

  6. Engineer of the Iowa caucuses? Wow! He was a centrist back in the day, for sure. Now he’s talking like St Liz and professing great admiration for.her while suggesting Hillary isn’t progressive. That’s why I call him a fake liberal. If he did engineer Iowa, that’s one more reason he’s a jerk.

  7. Well he gets paid to show up on some talking head show, so who’s going to hire him if he doesn’t say something ratty?

  8. I always thought the caucuses were the invention of the old Soviet Politburo.

  9. Rebel, IMO people who don’t object to caucuses are natural born cheaters.

  10. Didn’t have time to address the issue of my health this morning. The way I see it, if 2007-08 didn’t give me an ulcer, I must have a natural immunity. Consequential or not, most of the Babblers are UBER-annoying.

  11. Hey Rebel! Maybe you’re a carrier!

  12. Rebel is right to be nervous. From what I’m reading Hillary’s announcement could come this week!

    Gird your loins!!!!!!!

  13. Beer is only good for rinsing your hair and making bread…or adding to stew. Otherwise, meh

  14. One more. Beer is good in greek lamb and potato bake.

  15. Always the contrarian, I love beer.

  16. Soooo…..the WH computer systems where hacked??? hmmm….. I guess Hillary can say, with regard to any breaches of her information, “I’m good, I had my own server!” LOL!!!

    To get to the White House, the hackers first broke into the State Department, investigators believe.

    The State Department computer system has been bedeviled by signs that despite efforts to lock them out, the Russian hackers have been able to reenter the system. One official says the Russian hackers have “owned” the State Department system for months and it is not clear the hackers have been fully eradicated from the system.

  17. LOL! Hacked.

    Our government has the WORST security. Most of us have better safety mechanisms on our personal computers for chrissakes. This is the same story over and over. Even our FBI system has been hacked. All I can say is our government’s IT departments must be comprised of relatives and mediocres who are kids of congressional and White House friends. This is pathetic.

    Love the way they point out that Hillary’s server was even less safe. Really! So who got hacked? These media clowns will spin what they have to spin but it won’t hide the egg all over their faces.

    I guess the only one whose emails were safe was Hillary. I’d be falling on the floor laughing if our insecure systems weren’t such a danger to our national security. The history of our systems couldn’t get worse, we might as well give our enemies passwords and get it over with.

    If aerospace had these clowns guarding their systems, we would all be speaking Chinese by now.

  18. Yeah, CNN had to spin that part at the end about Hillary. But as you said, it wasn’t her server or account that was breached!!!! And you’re right. This Obama group makes the Keystone Cops look competent.

  19. I’m excited and nervous for Hillary to announce! Did you guys hear that Rand “Stand With Rand” Paul is in? Hubbie wants everyone to know that he made up the slogan, “Scandal with Randall” for him.

    I remember eating Welsh Rarebit when I was a kid and it had beer in it. Beer is also good in batter for fish and onion rings and stuff. All goodies that I don’t eat anymore, btw.

  20. Here’s my take on why Hillary used a personal server for her emails: when she became SOS, the tech dept. at State said, Oh, great! Now the MOST FAMOUS WOMAN IN THE WORLD is going to be SOS.And we can’t keep our system secure with Rice as SOS. I’m guessing a conversation took place. Hillary told them there was an unused server in her house. The same people who put secure phone systems in both houses came in and secured the server so at least her email was safe from prying eyes. State Department has hinted that server was secure. But they can’t go into details or draw more attention to the problems with official site. Media is ASSUMING no special precautions were taken. They have no way of knowing, and no one is going to tell them what was done. They should take a flying leap off the Washington Monument or shut the hell up.

  21. I agree Rebel. Hillary is unable to defend herself due to the sensitive security issues and the idiots keeps using that against her to try to make it look like something shady was going on.

  22. Exactly, Imusthave! It’s like Benghazi where Hillary takes all the incoming when it was actually a CIA facility with State Department cover. And it was some dumbass congressman who blew the cover, not Hillary. First few days she eulogized all four victims as if they were all State Department employees.

  23. Rebel, GWB did exactly the same thing. From the WHITE house. Except he, rove and cheney deleted the whole damned server. Crickets.

  24. Rand Paul. Crazy replacement for his decaying father. Leave it to the Republicans to come up with somebody batshit crazy. I guess Santorum and Newt should be announcing soon to round out the circus. They all poll under 10% in their own party, including Paul. Just like his daddy. So once again we will listen to the crazy Paulites voting 50 times each in online polls and declaring he is going to win, right up to the end. He probably did what his father did for CPAC. Give the losers a box lunch and bus them in.

  25. Rand is in the green phase, of the cycle. 😆

  26. Tax time soon!!! 😡

  27. When Rand Paul talks about liberty(which he does endlessly), he doesn’t mean for the average individual, poor person, or woman in a crisis pregnancy. He means liberty for the rich and powerful, corporations, and all businesses from regulation by the federal government. In his libertarian, Ayn Rand (catch the last name!) universe, everything would be great if government would just disappear–unless you’re that pregnant woman; she is incapable of making her own decisions.

  28. Ayn Rand collected HER social security, she just didn’t think the rest of us should collect ours.

  29. Boston Bomber cockroach guilty on all 30 counts. Put that shitbag in his roach motel. The kind where roaches go in and never come out. I say shoot him in the head. In a public square.

    The death sentence shouldn’t even be negotiable for this defective Islamofascist POS.

  30. Upps, I agree. Every time I see that evil little freaks face, I see his poor, sweet innocent victims. He deserves the death penalty. I wish those cops that found him would have killed him the night he was hiding after his insane crime spree. Actually, I think the death penalty would be the most mericiful thing for him, and I don’t think he deserves any mercy, but I’d like to see him out of the public consciousness, and no longer supported by the public.

  31. I can’t stand Ayn Rand. A lunatic. A really nasty, hateful woman without a shred of decency and integrity.

  32. Rolling Stone is an old Rock ‘n Roll mag pretending to be journalism. IMHO Matt Taibbi is a misogynist. His vicious attacks on Hillary are among the worst I’ve seen.

  33. Indeed you did! I bopped along to the song when you first posted it. It’s been removed by the youtube nazis after 4 million hits. But….

  34. I don’t think the My Brother Made Me Do It defense ever would have gotten traction, but it sure didn’t help that he acted like such an arrogant a-hole all through the trial. Of course, that’s what he is so….

  35. That slime wanted to kill. Slime like him just run that way. That whole family is a bunch of lunitics devoid of feeling. I personally want him to suffer the death penalty because I sure do not feel we need to support his sorry ass for the rest of his life and watch him getting good quality health care while many in this country are going without that do deserve it. I do not want him eating three squares daily while so many here deserving of a good meal go without. I do not want him breathing the air I do and the air he robbed from his victims. I want him to have to watch a clock knowing each tick of that clock means he is closer to the needle. I want him to watch the minutes of his useless life tick away and know it is coming and nothing is going to stop it.

  36. His whole family looks like something out of a roach motel.

    They should cut his dick off before he dies, so he’ll know he can’t do a thing with all those virgins he thinks are going to get in the afterlife.

    Best way to execute him is 15 minutes in a sound proof room with the family members of the victims. Turned his own brother into a speedbump. A really upstanding fellow.

  37. He looks like her too. The too-close-together eyes.

    “My boys are the best!” LOL your oldest boy really is the best speedbump I’ve ever seen. Thanks to your youngest son. Nothing like brotherly love.

  38. Yeah well she can have him back when we’re done with him. We’ll ship him.


    Should we start a pool? Winner gets a pengy?

    Oh, what the heck……


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