It’s Official! Our Girl Is In!

First, I want  all you Uppityites to take one minute to bask. Hell, take an hour! Take your time, I’ll wait….

Specially Chosen Photo For Hillary Detractors

Specially Chosen Photo
For Hillary Detractors

Meanwhile, the rest of you can go ahead and take all the time you need to suck lemons.

Yes, Hillary has now formally announced her candidacy for President of The United States. And this time, we’re Ready. Not only are WE Ready, so are plenty of her 2008 detractors in the Democratic Party. Gee I wonder why?

This one's for you.

This one’s for you.

This is no longer a Race-Against-Gender race.  Nor is it a Gender-vs-Gender race. Instead, it’s a race where we have the most qualified candidate who just happens to know more about our government than…well pretty much anybody, more about foreign policy than just about anybody, the Woman who repaired plenty of relationships around the world that were fractured by GWB. The Woman who knows policy like nobody else knows policy, and no matter how many times they trot out the Hillary Nutcracker, these things will not change. That’s what scares the detractors.

You are going to see plenty of the same-old-same-old remarks. Bloo Dress Bloo Dress! But take heart, friends. After decades of the same tired cartoons and remarks, it’s become a de-sensitizing experience. Remember this: Hillary Clinton in 2008 received more primary votes than ANY candidate in ANY primary, EVER. And that was in spite of all the vitriol, all the invectives and all the Nutcrackers. She has suffered those invectives throughout decades from threatened patriarchal dipwads, and she has survived to remain the most popular woman in the WORLD.

Now, a word about the media, where we have frightened men whose wives secretly support Hillary and jealous women who secretly declare “Why isn’t it me instead?”. Thus the misogyny and sexism in the press has been rampant for many years. Well, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for them to sprinkle their code words around this time, don’t you think? Their pants are down and it’s not pretty. And so, the media slaughterers of women in general and Hillary in particular might just have some very bright lights shining upon them this time around. I for one shall enjoy watching.

Let the race begin! Because it wasn’t a race until Hillary announced. That alone should tell you something.

Let’s roll!

P.S. For those of you who are secretly reading this blog, and there are so many of you, who have that easily recognizable Derangement Syndrome, I urge you to read this post before ever trying to comment here. This is a Hillary blog, it was always a Hillary blog, and if you don’t like it, Eff Off! Thank you so much!

Oh! And this one’s for you.


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  1. I’m in! Thank you for being here,

  2. Great post Upps, Worth waiting for. 😀

  3. Hell Yes! Our Champion!

  4. It really was a good video. She went BOLD with the gay couple. To me that was an IN YOUR FACE GOP when it comes to the people of this country.

  5. Two gay couples, Ga6thDem. I agree that it was really good.
    Ladies and gents, for the sake of your sanity, turn off CNN when Washington “wise man”, David Broder appears.
    Like Hillary, we will all rise.

  6. Thanks for being a Hillary Haven, Upps. I’m in too!

  7. What a brilliant launching ad that is! She knocked it out of the ballpark — 3 ballparks, actually!

  8. I loved the video and thought it struck just the right note. It represented an all inclusive America and telegraphed a let’s get going, upbeat, can-do attitude. Just like Hillary. Brava.

  9. Nice post, Domina!

  10. Uppity’s back! Hillary’s back! I’m in!

    Very interesting video. She had to walk a fine line to hone a message. Showing things are better, but not finished. She can’t bash her predecessor, and she can’t tie herself to him (because he was a joke). So with that in mind, the video was great.

  11. Uppity’s back! Hillary’s back! I’m in!

    Indeed! We all are!! 🙂

  12. Clever logo too. The “H” with the arrow forward without the slogan “forward” that the Obama camp already used.

  13. Help! Can anyone recall one of the media’s earliest Hillary bashes from the 90’s. putting the finished touches on an article I was commissioned to write and I would love to include something from way back when…
    grateful for your assistance…

  14. Love the vid! Love this site! Love all of you! Am delirious with joy!

  15. Forgot to say, Great post Uppity! We’ve waited a long time for it!

  16. I’m back! Very, very happy day.

    The Tweet heard ’round the world:

  17. If you’re on Facebook, this is Hillary’s new page:

  18. Already liked that fb page Sophie. She got 500k likes in the first 15 min. of announcing!!!

  19. A very exciting day, which brought some tears to my eyes as well. I watched a couple of hours of CNN, and was as usual appalled by most of it. So I went in search of some Hillary blogs. I hope that this one prospers. And I hope that the person who might actually be the most Progressive hope since FDR, will have the enthusiastic following and support she much deserves. Winning is not going to be easy at all, but we have a very good chance of making it happen.

  20. Incredible, right?!

  21. Imust, perfect. Thank you so much!!!!

  22. No problemo Anita, hope it helps. Good luck with your article.

  23. Woo hoo! She’s in, she’s in. Congrats Uppity and Uppityites!

  24. Blog Wife!!!

  25. I am still celebrating!!!

  26. Lots of hits today.

  27. Congrats back at you, madamab!

  28. What a great day! Sophie, did you have that scotch in your Hillary tumblers? I ordered the champagne flutes, but had to drink my bubbly tonight in my regular old ones! I didn’t mind!

    Hillary 2016!!!

  29. So, a sweet little coincidence happened today. I was helping out at a Girl scout Service Unit Sing-Along. To be honest, I really didn’t want to go–I wanted to stay glued to my computer for the announcement. As it happened, I was able to check my cell for the announcement later during our snack break–after the fact.

    During the second half, one of the groups did this song called “Can a Woman?” It’s sung to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.”

    It starts:

    Can a woman fly an airplane?
    Yes, she can, yes she can!
    Can a woman build a building?
    Yes, she can, yes she can!

    then there’s more, more, more…then this:

    Can a woman lead a nation?
    Can she run TV station?
    Can she head a corporation?
    Yes, she can, yes she can!

    As you might imagine, I was very loud on the “Yes, she can, yes she can!” for that verse.

    (Full lyrics here, if you’re interested.)

  30. Drinking that Scotch now, imust!

  31. I’m still in!

  32. Drinking that Scotch now, imust!

    [clink] cheers!

    Hillary was a Girl Scout wasn’t she?

  33. Yes, she was!

    So were Maddy Albright and Condi Rice. So I always tell the girls, being a Girl Scout doesn’t guarantee you will be SoS, but you won’t be one if you’re not!

  34. Very cool thing:
    Geotagged Tweets referencing Hillary Clinton before and after her official announcement:

  35. I got thrown out of the brownies.

  36. Looks like someone isn’t ever going to be Secretary of State, Upps.

  37. That is discrimination against fractious Brownies!

  38. Where do we sign up to work for HRC? Let’s take that “No Girls Allowed” sign off the WH.

  39. Loeac! I was just thinking of you. OMG I am psychic!

    I LOVE Kool and The Gang!

  40. Lorac, H44 and Preparation H. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLL

  41. cover your eyes, I’m dancing and singing!

  42. My dad started calling me a “women’s libber” when I was 10 (I don’t think “feminist” was a term yet?). This song came soon after. I’m ready.

  43. Yeah, a lot of pent up stuff came out with H44 admin today lol I liked the forcefulness…… take THAT, you idiots! lol

  44. For UW… for today!

  45. I won’t cover my eyes unless you are dancing to Leave Your Hat On!

  46. Heck, my mother was a feminist long before they even coined Women’s Libber. She owned and ran a male dominated business, Construction Company, and it grew into a large union operation besides. Let me tell you, those men listened to her. If she wasn’t ‘supposed’ to do that, she didn’t give a shit. If she didn’t stop to give birth to the likes of me, heavens knows, she probably would have been governor. My father was field man, he was great at it, Joe-Social. It was said a handshake from him on a deal was as good as a signature, but he was a lousy businessman. So he schmoozed and she was DE BOSS. Perfect match! All the bases covered. How the hell do you think I got the way I am?

    Lovin’ that Kool video!

  47. Lorac should you ever be salivating to write something, you already know your invitation is Open. Nuff said.

  48. Definitely your mother’s daughter!

    Thanks, UW, means a lot to me. Inspiration may strike!

    As long as you don’t mind, after my having posted this as a “hello” to NES on this day of happiness! 🙂

  49. ROFL on the gym teacher, hilarious. My HS gym teacher particularly. I remember her well. And she Knew us well. We used to have to take showers after gym, it’s was a huge room with massive numbers of showers with curtains. And our gym teacher would go down the aisles and make ‘sure’ you were showering.

  50. It’s okay, students to crush on the teacher. Not the other way, bad gym teacher!

    Bedtime for worn out Upptyites!

    Glad you’re up and kicking UW. You have a special place in my heart.

  51. PS stop drooling over the young good looking Mickey Rourke!

  52. As for Places in the heart, the feeling is very mutual, Lorac.

    Yeah Micky WAS hot. Now he’s a hot mess. But there was that one movie….eh….9 1/2 weeks, well yeah, I have a copy of that…

  53. Yeah when I taught school, the kids would get all crushy. Specially the freshmen. I always felt uncomfortable about that but realized it’s a phase kids go through.

  54. We have to out think them, but also get our hands dirty

  55. Heck, we’re all still crushing on ya, UW!

  56. If the world is night, shine my life like a light

    Hillary is doing it, we can too

  57. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  58. Oh LOL lorac, I keep thinking, if I were a car, I’d probably be in a junkyard being sold for parts.

    But alas, I am still flattered.

  59. AnnE, you can sign up for Hillary here

  60. Good morning, All. It really is a great day. I woke up to the news that the newly minted candidate is on a road trip to Iowa. Super idea! And the video blew me away. GOP attacks are so over the top that last night on CNN two hard lefties who usually dis Hillary, Sally Kohn and Marc Lamont Hill, were actually defending her. I couldn’t believe my ears. Know it won’t last, but it was nice while it did!

  61. The media explains its corrosive coverage of Hillary by saying it’s because she doesn’t have a primary opponent. As Eric Boehlert of Media Matters points out, that didn’t help Al Gore.

  62. Thanks for the info UW. My son believes that she announced via social media to let the a@#$%# in the media who did a hachet job on her in 2008 how irrelevant they are now. Love it. I will take my power back.

    I think when you write her inaugural address, UW, you may need to tone it down a wee bit….

  63. Hahahah AnnE, somehow I get the feeling she won’t be asking me to write the inaugural. I don’t imagine that this is because it would look alot like H44s last post.

    When she didn’t announce at noon, I knew she was sending a msg to the press and I was thrilled they had to work on the weekend for a change, and even more thrilled that she showed them she doesn’t even need them to announce a candidacy for president, and how close to irrelevant they can become in the near future.

  64. What didn’t help Al Gore was his stick-up-my-ass condescending tone coupled with the fact that he imagined he could actually become president without the help of an insanely popular sitting president. That showed me what a really dumb smart person he was. Of course, Donna Brazile ran his campaign too. Nuff said.

    You’ll probably hate me for this, but I am so glad he never became president. If he had, we would have all gone broke paying for carbon units so his dummy companies could profit from it all. He’s also a Do As I Say Not As I Do kind of hypocrite. Here’s guy who is gungo ho Union, and who built the “People’s car” (people’s car costing 100k lol) out of the country. On taxpayer money, I might add. I don’t like him and i don’t trust him. I for one am thrilled he has disappeared, but he didn’t do it before he made many millions off his scheme, and believe me, that’s exactly what it was. That snowstorm in Copenhagen was the best thing that could ever happen to his target victims (and They were Us).

    Now if only someone would dig up the shit that scumbag Daschle is pulling off with corn. His nifty little ethanol bullsheet story is making him a millionaire a minute and the world can thank him for the rise in the cost of corn and other grains as he continues to snatch up all the corn he can, the Fucker. Congressional dropouts never fade away, they continue to screw Americans with lobby rights. It should be illegal for ex house and senate members to lobby congress in ANY way, shape for form.

  65. Anybody know if John Smart is going to start his blog up again?

    I just tweeted DE about his vault too. After all, the “Deadenders” aren’t so dead, are they now?

  66. I just posted over at H44. A member was looking for stock answers to the questions surrounding how Hillary’s logo arrow “Looks like a penis”. Rolling my eyes here. They are so wrapped up in their little dicks. My answer:

    Her logo arrow cannot possibly look like your penis, it’s much too big.

  67. I don’t hate you, Up, but Gore not becoming president meant we got Bush–not a palatable alternative. Your criticisms are valid, but he did get taken down by the media while they ignored the many skeletons in Bush’s closet. The arrow is too big to be any penis I ever saw. 😉 And is it safe to go back to H 44? Have all Repubs and Sarah Palin worshipers left because, seriously, I haven’t been for years. Couldn’t take it anymore.

  68. Rebel, fair enough.

    It does appear that H44 is dominated by pro Hillary people at this time. There are a couple of holdouts, but H44’s last post might have given them pause.

  69. Maybe that arrow is actually a vagina. Tell them that! ROFLMAO.

  70. They probably don’t recognize one, it’s how it is when you…um….keep in touch with yourself all the time.

  71. Well, Uppity you were right about the obnoxious obots and the behavior they were going to display. Condescending a-holes who hate women. They’re back again concern trolling.

  72. Yay, finally, I am so happy about this! GO HILLARY!

  73. Welp, GA if they try it here, they’ll get the boot. As it is, Spam has been active. Apparently CDS people can’t read.

  74. Cute pup, Branjor.

  75. Thanks! 🙂

  76. lorac was here??!!! Whoa. C’mon back, babe. I’ve been waiting for you in the ‘dark backroom.’ So great to see you still have the ol’ avatar.

  77. Waiting to read a lorac post. Don’t keep us waiting too long. Uppity still has some of Mom’s old whips.

  78. Hey back atcha, Ani!

  79. imust, do you really like Hill’s logo? I dunno…it’s a bit odd. I like the red-blue combo quite a hit, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to personalize the name with her first initial. Symbols are more powerful as logos, IMO.

    Upps, I’m interested in your view of the logo. Are you jazzed about it? Does it make your third eye twitch?

  80. OMG!!!! Hillary is brillant! And yes, you already knew that! But her campaign…….she’s like Where’s Waldo! Hillary spottings have begun! She doesn’t have any official stops, but she is being spotted and photographed doing regular things. Buying gas, eating at Chipotle!

    @NES, I do like the logo. Do you think she should use her last name initial? Run as a Clinton? I like the arrow because it suggests moving forward, the opposite of what the opponents are saying that Clinton would be the past. Remember Clinton ’92? Building a Bridge to the 21st Century. It has that feel to me. Hope she comes up with some good slogans. I don’t really like the Hillary for America, but it’s early.

  81. No I am not all excited about the logo, but I don’t think it’s all that important in the grand scheme of things. Besides, it gives CDS morons something to talk about.

  82. You and lorac aren’t going to trash the place while we’re all sleeping again, are ya NES. I so enjoyed cleanup the next morning! She was here last night, but later than this. After all, it’s Caleeeforneeeia time.

  83. Haha Imust, she’s driving the press crazy. Make em work for a change that’s what I say! Where’s Waldo, RROFLLLLLLLLL!!!

  84. finally …. Someplace to land and call home. Can I just vote for her now???????

  85. no indigogrrl, but I hear tell there are ways to vote several times in several states. See 2008. That Voter ID idea, it’s soooooooooo obsolete!

  86. Uppity Woman, on April 13, 2015 at 8:23 PM said:

    Haha Imust, she’s driving the press crazy. Make em work for a change that’s what I say! Where’s Waldo, RROFLLLLLLLLL!!!

    😆 😆

  87. I like the logo a lot.
    Ladies, the clueless, narcissistic twits at Jezebel are driving me nuts.
    One of the front pagers called Hillary’s excellent video a bad “Stouffers commercial” and none of the regulars are excited about the real prospect of the first woman President.
    I know that the obvious answer is don’t go to that site, but it’s so painful to see how low feminism has fallen. It’s as if Feminism was all about the right to have as many sex partners in as many positions as possible: Porn as female empowerment. Snort.

  88. Sue, you can blame the lax third wave for the fall of feminism. They are too busy getting manis and pedis to recognize that their lack of vigilance is slowing biting them in the ass. It’s what happens when you inherit rights that someone else worked for. You want their idea of “protesting” in DC? Here ya go.

    Yeah shake your asses for them, that should fix it. And don’t forget to smile, you little morons. Have fun! That should fix it! And thereby hangs the problem. they know not of torches and pitchforks, which HAD to be used to win the rights they are giving up every day. What’s important to them is A Good Time Was Had By All! No fingernail breaking with THIS bunch.

  89. And who gives a shit what jezebel thinks. You have to know that if they didn’t like Hillary before they aren’t going to like her now. Fuck em. Hey! Empowerment! Yeah, that’s the path to respect. See?

  90. That was a protest? They all looked deliriously happy. Who’s going to take them seriously?

  91. Thanks for the good read, Uppity.

  92. Without the slightest hint of self-awareness, In These Times (venerable leftoid publication) says “Ready for a Woman, but Not Hillary Clinton.” Goalpost-moving (“not THAT woman because reasons”) is the oldest patriarchal trick in the book. I guess they’d rather have Jeb Bush than THAT WOMAN.

  93. Also, do you freakin’ believe this? What other candidate has to tolerate this BS with a smile on her face?

  94. OMG, that hillaryis44 piece is freaking PRICELESS!!!! Bow down, bow down. I’m in stitches. Somebody is on FIRE.

  95. Hey! Irland!!! So glad to see ya! Woot!!!!

  96. Mad, she makes their little pee pees shrivel.

    Honestly, between what i witnessed in Corporate America and how many decades I have watched them skewer Hillary, I do declare I am practically impervious to them. Not That Woman is reserved for those women who are the most capable and who threaten mediocre men the most. OMG guys! What if she does a better job than you Fuck Ups did? You can’t fool me, I spent too many years cleaning up your messes in the workplace and making you look good. I know what’s really bothering you and all I can say is Too Fucking Bad.

  97. Robert Reich is a despicable ungrateful little troll. He’d be selling shoes at Payless if it weren’t the the Clintons.

  98. Hahahaha Sophie, love all the arrows!

  99. Robert Reich needs to get a life. She’s not running on being a woman. She’s running on issues and she happens to be a woman but darn if these jokers can get that message. I have to say they haven’t changed. Just because Obama was black they thought he was “progressive” and that’s the same tea party mindset BS that thinks he’s a socialist because he’s black. Neither one can seem to let it sink in what is really going on.

  100. CNN interviewed Ashley Judd about violence and abuse against women on the internet. Then they asked her about whether she supported Hillary for President. As she started explaining why Hillary was so qualified…………they cut her off!

    Robert Reich has a Napoleonic Complex.

  101. If it weren’t for the Clintons, Robert Reich would be playing Tyrion Lannister at “Medieval Times” in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

  102. RR has been doing this passive aggressive thing with regard to the Clintons ever since he left the cabinet at the start of the second term. Gets him LOTS of attention. I don’t recall him criticizing O for his “race” speech back in ’08, even though it was clearly about getting out of hot water over the esteemed Rev. Wright. I don’t take anything he says seriously.

  103. We used to laugh at Reich in corporate America. He made a series of videos with W. Edwards Deming to make himself look important. He talks to an animated parrot (with an Australian accent, lol) in the videos, which frees Deming to try to control his amusement with his stupidity. Those videos got passed around to dozens of our plants, they were so ludicrously funny.

    **Deming was the guy who, after WWII, kept warning the USA that if they didn’t start focusing on quality, they were no longer going to be the leader in MFG. He was so annoying to the big shots, especially auto manufacturing, they the govt sponsored his permanent trip to Japan (remember laughing at “Made in Japan”?)to help them recover. The end result was Japan ate our auto mfg lunch several decades later, not to mention electronics. They build statues to him, literally. So once the damage was done, USA CEOs were clamoring to have amused 90+ year old Deming ‘consult’ with them, meaning, fix us in 10 days. He gleefully took their money and told them that they were idiots, which they were. It took decades to do what he did in Japan, but alas, we like results fake and fast.

  104. Well I can understand his concern, considering his size, one can only imagine how SMALL his…………….brain is.

  105. Ga they get the message. This is just another strategy the boys in the band thought up to denigrate, trivialize, minimize their biggest nightmare.

  106. Yepper Upps. 🙂

  107. SophieCT, on April 15, 2015 at 6:33 AM said:

    Love it!!! 😀


    Ninety-three lawmakers have endorsed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for president, locking down nearly 40 percent of all Democrats in Congress, according to a survey by The Hill.

    Sixty-five House lawmakers, more than one-third of the 188 Democrats in the chamber, as well as 28 senators, more than 60 percent of the upper chamber’s 46 Democrats, are in the former secretary of State’s camp.

    Fourteen of the 23 current Democratic senators who served alongside Clinton during her tenure in the upper chamber are also backing her bid.

    Clinton formally announced her 2016 bid in a video released Sunday, but the longtime Democratic front-runner has been building up her support for years.
    Many of the lawmakers surveyed by The Hill began backing Clinton well before her campaign kickoff, helping the pro-Clinton group Ready for Hillary.

  109. I made it using the Hillary Bold (or Hillvetica) typeface. You can make your own thing here:

  110. I’m seeing a lot of them with different words around twitter now, Soph.

  111. Oh for goodness sakes!!! The media is nuts! The only question is…what will they call it? ChipotleGate? TipGate? BurritoGate?

  112. Sophie, that is adorable! Hillvetica!

  113. imust has a new gravatar! i just looked at all the current pix of Hillary over at Still4Hill. She looks amazing! Rested and ready.

  114. Not only did Hillary not tip, but she didn’t even pay. The “other lady” paid, according to the manager, who didn’t even know Hillary had been in his restaurant until afterwards, when he was told, and then looked at the surveillance video.

    I wonder if people really think to volunteer information like that or if the press keeps badgering them with these kinds of questions.

  115. I thought Chipolte was a place where you got in line and served yourself. oh, good grief.

  116. We now have new rules! You must tip at fast food outlets. No word on who you’re supposed to give the money to, but at least for Hillary, thems the rules, doncha know? Btw, Chipotle is one of the best ff places in terms of how it treats its employees. Don’t think Hill will get any media credit for that.

  117. If Hillary started giving people money in situations where you usually don’t (like fast food joints), she undoubtedly would be accused of trying to buy votes. Even media people are now saying that she will be criticized no matter what she does.

  118. regarding Hillary’s logo and the arrow; not for anything, but the Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity symbol for man was the circle with an arrow; and for Woman was a circle with a +. So, H+ would suit me better – just sayin’.

  119. Taylor affirms, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. We just gotta SHAKE IT OFF.

  120. That’ll be the day I tip for that slop they serve at Mickey Dee’s. I wouldn’t eat that shit if you put a gun to my head now.

  121. Fast Food chains should pay their customers for allowing them to slowly kill them with sodium.

  122. Yeah socal, surprised they aren’t accusing her of having radical plastic surgery. That’s next.

  123. Everyplace you go there is a tip jar now. Its so absurd. Chipotle is like a cafeteria, you stand and move along with the line telling them what to slap on your burrito, then they give it to. Its not a sit down restaurant fgs. Whats next? Will we have to tip the checker at the grocery store?

    Jezebel blows.

  124. I like the allbeenarranged website, but trying to post a comment there is a truly bizarre experience.

  125. Hill is getting all the media attention too. 🙂

  126. The whole tipping episode shows how out of touch the press is with the average American. I NEVER tip unless I go to a sit down restaurant. I will tip the bartender at a bar and that is about it. Anyway I’m pretty immune to all this stuff by now. It’s just a bunch of BS. There are a lot of people still suffering in this country and if the press is going to go on about burritos and nonsense nobody is going to listen to them.

  127. Oh, journalism is dead. You should hear my son rant about it. He says its all speculation and top 10 lists.

  128. Rebel blogspot is a snake pit. They expect you to let them follow you around the internet just for the ‘privilege’ of commenting on one of their blogs. A bunch of us Hillary bloggers left them for dead in 2008 when they started messing with our ability to post, locking us out, etc etc. Blogspot at the time was lorded over by a bunch of Obots. I am proud to say I led the effort to dump their asses and switch to wordpress. I did have a DM with this great blogger you speak of and she is planning to leave blogspot as soon as her domain is ready for her use.

  129. Socal and Ga6th, these cockroaches are just trying to spook her, make her afraid to do or say anything. they are pissing up a rope with their petty baby playground bully stuff. I’ve seen this kind of shit before and the cockroaches ALWAYS overreach.

  130. Sophie, love the lego Hillary and the magnificent video. I was smiling the whole time I was watching it. What an inspiring woman.

  131. Sophie thanks for the link. Her speech at the convention back in 2008 still makes me cry. I had it on my DVD for a long, long time. I sat there watching the whole thing with tears running down my face.

  132. Great video Sophie.

  133. Hillary on Time’s 2015 list of Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.

  134. Whoa! That is a really good write up in Time Uppity!

  135. I love the video Sophie! One of my fav parts is when she says to Rand Paul…..”To Turkey???” Oh heck, the whole thing is my fav.

  136. Feel free to do a post on it imust

  137. Thanks for the explanation, Up. I work and don’t have all day to take a test just to make a comment. I’m glad to hear she’s moving to WordPress.

  138. Girl Power!!! 😀

  139. Uppity Woman, on April 16, 2015 at 9:41 PM said:

    Hillary on Time’s 2015 list of Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.

    She has probably been on that list ,more then any one else. 😀

  140. RE: the Times 100 list–not only is she on it, but she’s a very gracious non-ladder-kicker. Check out her write-up on E. Warren:

    P.S. The woman who wrote Hillary’s page was Steve Jobs’ wife, a brilliant woman in her own right,

  141. Screeech!

    (New post up.)

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