And we’re off!

Hillary had a fabulous campaign roll-out in Iowa. Now that Hillary’s in it, the 2016 Presidential race is a real thing. She finally put out after all the teasing and being coy. (Wonder why no one’s calling Jeb, Christie, and the rest of the boyz coy teases.)


Having coffee with Hillary is an intimate thing.

All the attendees who spoke with Business Insider said coffee with Clinton was an extremely positive experience. Rosfjord described it as the ‘thrill of a lifetime’ and said there was ‘never a lull in the conversation.’

‘When we were sitting there, you know, you kind of lose yourself in the conversation, and you just feel like you’ve been sitting there talking to your best friend,” Rosfjord said. “Then you realize, you look over, and you’re like, ‘Wow, you used to be the secretary of state.’ It’s kind of surreal.’

She even made Jeb look like an asshole. Actually, Jeb made himself look like an asshole.

“I actually cook it at home. I don’t need to go to Chipotle,”

“Do I go there? Yeah, I go there. The one on US 1. Drive my own car, park my own car, get out of my own car,” he said. “Get Chipotle, take it home.” (Notably when Bush left the event tonight, he sat in the passenger’s seat of the black SUV that awaited him.)

In other news, Très Gaudi says he doesn’t have the authority to subpoena Hillary’s server. I thought people were subpoenaed  and you had to get a warrant for things. Anyone here a lawyer?

All I can say to that is:


And now it’s off to NH



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  1. The sooner Gaudi quits fleecing the rubes and fundrasing off his stupid investigation. During the GOP debates there should be a Beennnnggggghhhhhhaaaaaazzzzzzzzi drinking game. Sheesh.

    And everyone knows Jeb is an asshole. He’s a Bush isn’t he?

  2. Ga6th, The Benghazi hearings are absolutely a fundraising scam. That’s why people won’t give it up–they’ve sent check after check! They’re invested!

  3. LOL! Très Gaudi ….. Très hilarious!!!

  4. So Jeb cooks at home and “don’t need no stinkin’ Chipotle” or he do? Do he? And if he were Hillary Clinton, one of the most iconic and recognizable women on earth and a former SoS, Senator and First Lady, he would need Secret Service protection, too. Dullard.

  5. Yeah he cooks at home but he goes to stinkin’ Chipolte and does take out. He must THEN bring it home and “cook”. Which is it, moron? If Hillary were as small brained as you she would be petty just like you and point out your chipotle conflict.

    And to think Jeb’s the smart one of the three dullards. Well wait, that other bro is pretty smart. See Savings and Loan Swindle.

  6. You know I think the way they are pecking at her for every little thing is just great. They look like playground recess assholes, all of them. I hope they keep it up.

  7. Jeb is the Chipotle Nazi!

    No CHIPOTLE for you!!!!

  8. LOLOLOLOL! (Chipotle Nazi!)

    Me too, Uppity–I hope the opposition keeps being this hypocritically petty for the duration. Like the press. They knew she was doing small things yet they sent armies of reporters out there. After a few months of chasing the Scooby van, they’ll claim Clinton Fatigue ™.

  9. Cheeseborger, Cheeseborger!

    No fries, TIPS!!!

  10. Chipotle-ghazi. I don’t think viewing this requires a FB account.

    It is hysterical.

  11. smh……

    If you don’t want to watch the video, short version.

    “If this happens – I am moving to Canada. There is NO need for her as she is not the right person to run our country – but more importantly a female shouldn’t be president. Let the haters begin . . . but with the hormones we have there is no way we should be able to start a war. Yes I run my own business and I love it and I am great at it BUT that is not the same as being the President, that should be left to a man, a good, strong, honorable man.”

  12. Cheryl Rios, WTF? Hillary is post-menopausal.

    The long phase of perimenopause is marked by seismic spikes and troughs of estrogen levels, which can last for more than a decade in many women. But afterward, there is a hormonal ebbing that creates a moment of great possibility. As a psychiatrist, I will tell you the most interesting thing about menopause is what happens after. A woman emerging from the transition of perimenopause blossoms. It is a time for redefining and refining what it is she wants to accomplish in her third act. And it happens to be excellent timing for the job Clinton is likely to seek. Biologically speaking, postmenopausal women are ideal candidates for leadership. They are primed to handle stress well, and there is, of course, no more stressful job than the presidency.

    More at:

  13. Rand Paul is literally (meant the old way-literally) trolling for dirt on the Clintons.

  14. “Foreign money?” Isn’t the Clinton Foundation the Clinton GLOBAL Foundation?

  15. He can’t pull the sheep over your eyes, imust.

  16. imust, you just gotta stop with that fact stuff.

  17. Rand Paul needs to explain why he created his own board certification organization with the purpose of certifying himself, with his wife as the head. Rand Paul does not play well with others, he likes anarchy, apparently. Didn’t want to take a test. So would you go to an opthomologist who couldn’t pass a test? He failed in his effort to take over certifications for himself, because he was a schlep at the details. Mean spirited little bugger:

    Rand Paul is the poster boy for why crazy people should not have children.

  18. Yeah Sophie,I wonder if the author of the menopausal article will be covering all the guys in the race whose dicks don’t work. That should keep her busy.

  19. You know. Someone should tell Rand this little secret…..shhh… her previous job, she flew all around the world to meet with foreign leaders….sometimes in [gasp] private!

  20. I am loving these attacks. They are so OBVIOUS, it’s going to rile a LOT of women up. And golly, they vote.

  21. Did you see The Donald’s bit about Hillary being unable to satisfy her husband?

    I wonder if The Donald ever wondered if HE was satisfying the woman he was with.

  22. Has it dawned on anybody else or is it just me that everything seems to be like a replay of the 2008 primary with the GOP playing the role of Obama? Honestly they are repeating almost verbatim EVERYTHING that Obama said even to the point where you have Marco Rubio plagerizing Obama’s speech.

  23. Ga you are right, except Obama LEARNED it from the Republicans, who have been picking at and threatened by Hillary for decades.

  24. Remember one thing, the turkeys they encourage to attack her on womenly things are toast when it comes to actually winning a primary. Donald never goes anywhere in these races and Rand will go the same place his old man has landed for years. These are fringe people who have NOTHING to lose because they are losers in this race already.

  25. These are fringe people who have NOTHING to lose because they are losers in this race already.


  26. Some people are so picky, petty. Not a good thing to be. 😯

  27. “If this happens – I am moving to Canada

    We’ll be glad to see ya off, Asshole.

  28. LOL Uppity! Canada did elect a female PM though back in the 90s.

    She’ll have to be careful picking a country, we wimminz are all over the world.,29569,2005455,00.html

    Seems like the good ol’ USA has been the best bet for those who don’t want a woman president! So far…… 🙂

  29. Anita’s post on the Daily Show episode about states that allow rapists custody:

    Pass it along.–important issue and current laws make no fg sense.

  30. She’ll have to be careful picking a country, we wimminz are all over the world.

    Yeah there’s a whole bunch of us. Funny, that.

  31. Julia Gillard, PM of Australia had to put up with some of the same shit as Hillary.

  32. Carly Fiorina Full Speech: New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit 2015

    ps. Link Exchange with CC?

  33. Wow, sometimes, where you least expect it…

  34. IMO, he and others are just ideologues. If there were another democrat with enough critical mass supporting them, they’d jump on that bandwagon, just as they did with Obama. I don’t believe they’re (all those now jumping to support her, especially the ones who betrayed her in the past) particularly into her, they’ll just go all in for her because she’s not the republican.

    If I were her, I’d “take” their support, but not trust them any further than I could throw them.

  35. Sophie, thanks for this nice little report–it was refreshing to read.

    I don’t know what “Newday” is, but I know a lotta-lotta history. One of my favorite subjects. And one thing that always stood out to me was that after having men rulers all over the globe for thousands of years, things aren’t doing so well, are they? Seems like men make too many decisions under the influence of testosterone. And their tiny dicks. Hasn’t worked out too well for the world in general. As most of us can see, even all the macho dudes in my family, its long past time for a change. Pity that Newday has a moron running it. Feel free to leave honey, and take the past with you. We want the future.

  36. Love the Stephen King quip. Well, we were patient and the tide has turned. Even the orange-cheeto place is now behind Hillary. Heh.

  37. I clicked on the link about this woman CEO and she’s from Texas.

  38. I agree about the new support lorac. I’m leery but enjoying it nonetheless.

    socal, yes, even Cheetoh, BUT–there are still lots of folks there that didn’t get the memo.

    Alegre is on her way back to Cheetoh, by the way.

  39. ICYMI:

  40. You’re right about Maher, I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire, and he’s a major sexist pig. He’s only in because she’s not a Republican and his entire schtick is for his own little choir that he preaches to. Personally, I wouldn’t call an endorsement from him a Plus, but like you said, at least it’s one more pig who won’t be talking about her hormones. So far, but I wouldn’t turn my back.

  41. Carly is only in this as an attack dog on Hillary. She’s being used. They think they can attack her better using a woman. It won’t work. Then they’ll toss Carly out with yesterday’s newspaper.

  42. Are Carly’s prospects so bleak that she’s willing to be used in this manner. She’s smart enough to know she’s being an asshole.

  43. The other thing to remember about maher is, while the far left will skewer Limbaugh for filth, they always give Maher a free pass (Conversely the far right give limbaugh free passes, and that is what is wrong with the two extremist fringes of our two major parties). Back to Maher,
    Any man who uses the words “Cunt,” “Twat,” and “A Big, Hairy Set of Balls In Her Mouth” is not worthy or any respect and should be forced into the woods with torches and pitchforks.

  44. It’s just weird seeing Mika, Maher and others defend Hillary. Unsettling. We are right to be suspicious of their motives.

    O’Malley (O’Well) was just on Face the Nation. He still isn’t declaring. Still thinking about it he says. But he sure wants his time on the TV bashing Hillary.

  45. Yes, it’s really weird and unsettling. I have two theories. Theory 1 is don’t trust them–it’s a trap. Theory 2 is, they really do take their marching orders from some unknown large force and that force called it for Hillary this time just as that force called it for Obama last time.

    Update. One more. Theory 3 is they took a look around the landscape and thought WTF–I better quit clowning around or America is toast.

  46. Apart from the unfortunate title (Hillary Clinton’s sneakily brilliant launch), this is a good article:

    So much good press–it’s killin’ me…

  47. Good article Sophie.

  48. Larry Darrell Upright’s Obit

    The family will receive friends from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday at Whitley’s Funeral Home. Services will be held at 2:00 PM Thursday, April 16, 2015 at Whitley’s Funeral Home Chapel officiated by Mr. Bill Jolley. Burial will follow at Carolina Memorial Park with Masonic rites.

    In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Shriners Hospital for Children at 2900 Rocky Point Drive, Tampa, FL 33607.

    Also, the family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. R.I.P. Grandaddy.

    Ima donate to Hillary for America in his name!

  49. SophieCT, on April 18, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    Thanks,Will do. 🙂

  50. Yeah, I’m sure Larry wouldn’t have voted for any Democrat anyway. BTW Sophie, how long did it take for you to get your Ready for Hillary glasses after you ordered them? I’m patiently waiting for my flutes!

  51. imust @ 10:17: yes, absolutely!

  52. Sophie, love that you want to donate to Hillary in the FL guys name. Hilarious idea!

  53. Looked at the Carly Fiorina vid. omg. Destroyed is the word.

  54. I also was shocked to see Maher stick up for Hillary. Meanwhile, I thought Jon Stewart has been really snarky about her the past couple weeks. I didn’t expect that cuz he was almost solicitous to her the last time she was on his show. So I have really tapered off watching The Daily Show and whatever the new show after it is called. Really boring. And weird.

  55. Larry Darrell ain’t Upright anymore!

    What kind of small minded, petty creatures stick politics into an obituary ??? I’m sure the old fart and his petty relatives never even met her.

  56. imust — My Hillary Rocks! glasses came in about a week. My #Ready poster took a little longer.

    Socal, I am so grateful I get to go to sleep right after Elementary, Person of Interest, and all my other 10 PM shows now. Stewart really does take a swipe at Hillary whenever he can. Larry’s Nightly show isn’t particularly funny, although sometimes some of the guests are. He is no Stephen Colbert! But his show covering her campaign launch was just horrid. So, I stopped watching. That simple. I don’t mind some jokes here and there, but if I wanted to watch an anti-Hillary opportunist, I’d watch Lawrence O’Donnell.

  57. Is the deceased a relative of Larry, Darryl and Darryl?
    Fuck him. May he rest in turmoil.

  58. What kind of small minded, petty creatures stick politics into an obituary? Why, I’m glad you asked……this kind….

    Oh, and can you stand it? Claire McCaskill!!

    During an appearance on ABC News’ “This Week,” McCaskill called the 2008 primary a “tough choice.”

    “I’m glad I don’t have that kind of tough choice this time,” she said.

    Claire has a real problem with decision making. Do you recall in 2008 why she said she endorsed Obama over Hillary???

    So why did she support Mr. Obama over Mrs. Clinton? During the conference call today, she pointed out more than once that it was a difficult decision to make. Turns out, it was partly because of her daughter.

    “At the fierce urging of my 18-year-old daughter, I could not sit in the bleachers any longer,” Ms. McCaskill explained. “I felt like I needed to get down on the field, fighting for what I think is so important for our country.”

  59. Wow! And I was going to vote for Hillary till that guy croaked and “respectfully” asked me not to. I’m going to vote for her in spite of Maher. Blind squirrel finds acorn and all that.

  60. Seriously, Maher knows he’s got to go easy this time. People are starting to notice the misogyny. Between his irrational attacks on Hillary and all the time he spends at the Playboy mansion, he can’t fool true progressives anymore. And how mid 20th century IS the Playboy mansion anyway?

  61. Brassy, we actually may owe Bill Maher a solid on this one. He called the dynasty meme a GOP talking point but I can tell you, it ain’t just the GOP talking that point.

    It’s like when the email kerfluffle went down, James Carville got busy blasting it as a right wing job, even though the NYT had introduced it and left wing media (MSNBC: Matthews, O’Donnell, Kornacki) were running with it.

    Looks like people really don’t want a partisan divide in the same party again. We’ll see what happens. Week 1 went well. Only 81 weeks to go.

  62. All I can say is the GOP shouldn’t be talking smack on dynasties what with a Bush and a Paul out campaigning. Those are actual dynasties, involving more than one generation of people related by blood. A married couple is NOT a dynasty. The great irony for Hillary (another double bind for women) is that she was told in the early eighties that keeping her name Rodham was hurting her husband’s political career. Now they’re saying being named Clinton will hurt HER. People who nake an issue of her name (cause it’s not a dynasty) should ef off.

  63. Sophie, yes, you are lucky to be able to go to sleep at 11! I’m going to try to get back to it. Insomnia really sucks. I’m viewing the departure of Stewart & Colbert as my time to change.

    I think I agree with both you and Rebel on Bill Maher. I do think he maybe wants to look less misogynistic this time around, but also, I used to watch Politically Incorrect back in the 90s and he was always sticking up for the Clintons back then, so I think he just likes them. I remember on one PI show, a conservative guest said she couldn’t wait for Bill’s presidency to be over and she shuddered as she said it, and Bill asked her why? And she said, “I’m just so sick of this.” (Totally lame, right?) And Bill said, “Sick of what? Eight years of peace and prosperity?” I always remembered that and thought it was the perfect comeback to cds. And I love the way he took apart the “dynasty meme.”

  64. Does anyone really care what Carlos Danger has to say?

    I thought this part was especially creepy:

    Weiner also made it clear he was speaking for himself — not for his wife.
    “We talk about just about everything except the campaign,” Weiner said, “I don’t think she even knows I’m here today, except that she’s alone with Jordan.”

    He’s still doing things behind Huma’s back. And we all know what he does when he has free time on his hands. What does she see in him????

  65. He should consider himself lucky she didn’t kill him in his sleep, the pig. Did he know SHE was there when he flashed his fugly dick all over Twitter? Seriously the most ugly penis I have ever seen.

  66. It’s true about the prosperity. Anybody who has a portfolio will tell you they miss Bill Clinton. So if that’s ‘going backwards’ please take me there!!!

  67. MCCaskill is just scared witless because she shafted Hillary in the worst way in 2008.

  68. I’m not a lawyer–getting to the question at the end of the post–just a couple months of law school. So I know nothing, LOL!But I think you’re correct about you can’t subpoena an inanimate object. They would need a search warrant which would require actual evidence of wrongdoing which, of course, they don’t have even with all the smoke they blow. That’s why they’re trying to bully Hillary into turning the server over. She’s waaay too smart for them.

  69. Exactly, right on Bush and Rand Paul Brassy! actual dynasties, involving more than one generation of people related by blood.

  70. “MCCaskill is just scared witless because she shafted Hillary in the worst way in 2008.”

    Upps, so true, and so funny! Seriously made me LOL to think of McCaskill being nervous. She deserves it, the traitor.

  71. More from Claire….

    The once-rocky relationship between McCaskill and the Clintons hit more difficulties when McCaskill become one of the earliest supporters of then-candidate Barack Obama.
    McCaskill acknowledged that a lot of “women were upset with me” for endorsing Obama over Clinton.
    “I think they understand that it wasn’t like I endorsed a good ole boy against her. We had two historic candidates. They were both amazing and it was a hard thing to do. A lot of the women were upset with me,” she said. “Having said that, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic for her to be president now. And I can’t wait to work as hard or harder for Hillary Clinton as I did for Barack Obama.”

  72. Note that Nancy Schmancy *There will be no dream team” Pelosi changing her tune too.

  73. I think you can view this without a facebook acct.

    It’s called Cookie-gate. It’s supposed to educate young folks about what Hillary went through in the 90s.

    Oh…and it’s by MSNBC….{cough-}

  74. I’ve been watching Chris Hayes’ Hillary for Millennials program whenever I can! Although, it’s not just for millennials–It’s for us too. This was the first election I was really, really following. (Truth be known, I couldn’t stand Bill. I was a Jerry Brown fan. Hillary is the one who turned me between the cookies and her commencement address at Wellesley that year. I thought–wow, this woman is smart. She speaks for me. Why can’t she run instead of him?)

    So, it’s been fun walking down memory lane. The Tammy Wynette thing, the Rodham thing, and the cookie thing.

  75. Check this out: Goldie Taylor of BNR goes after MoDo for being a bug nothing!

  76. I’ve said it a number of times here. Dowd is a horrid writer. She must have known someone to get that job because her mastery (cough) of the English language and of Messages created using the English language are both totally absent in her ranty pieces of ‘work’. She has bored the crap out of me more times than I could count. She makes no impact at all when she throws her words together. What a waste of column space. I cannot help but say it: Her tone suggests a bitter woman who needs to get laid well. It must truly suck to be her.

    I must have been coming down with something on that day a number of years ago when I purchased her book, the name of which I forget. The theme was about men and if we really needed them. I couldn’t finish the first chapter, she’s that bad at writing.

    I can think of a dozen bloggers who are far more effective writers than she is.

  77. I never saw the allure myself. So, forgive me while I enjoy what appears to be a wave of MoDo comeuppance.

  78. Well sophie, it couldn’t happen to a worse columnist. I hope she gets Olbermanized. She’s either a slacker or over her head. You pick. She has all week to write that shit!

  79. I was thinking, could YOU imagine what today’s press would be like if Eleanor Roosevelt were first lady today? They would skewer the shit out of her. I can assure you she didn’t bake a lot of cookies. She was Uppity, too. Very Uppity. And not very good looking. Just think what they would do to that great lady because she didn’t look and act like she was ‘posed’ to.

  80. And never mind the rumors about Lorena Hickok!

    I was at Eleanor’s house once. In Hyde Park, NY

  81. Oh yeah, that’s right. Not to mention affecting policy and other audacious behaviors such as speaking up.

  82. Love the post about modo, who I cannot stand. I noticed that one of the first commenters is John Smart!

  83. Ok Uppity health report. The stent appears successful. However (isn’t there always a “however”?) my cardio noticed in the picture that there is a smaller artery that may have required stenting and wondered why the interventional cardiologist didn’t stent it while he was there. (This guy was an arrogant little shit, not my first choice for interventionalist but I would have had to wait too long for the guy I wanted and I was at a “crossroad” being told this “Could go either way”).So my cardio called down to the intervention lab and demanded a study of the photo and an opinion. It could be that it’s too small to stent. Anyways, I told him that I had an incident of very uncomfortable chest pains ( I didn’t mention it to you guys) that was over in about 5-10 minutes a few days earlier, so he is more interested in that little artery. So…another nuclear stress test to make sure the blood and oxygen is reaching my heart correctly. I have not had an incident since that day. I am concerned with having another nuke test because of the radiation as a cancer risk. But it has to be done when you consider the immediate possible danger. Anyways, I am also taking another echocardiogram next week to see if my famously low Ejection Fraction has improved with the stenting. This is a scary one but the chances ARE good it is going to make a comeback, barring Murphy’s Law. So keep your fingers crossed. Test is on 28th.

    This was an excellent appt. I am SURE my primary care gal made a call about my complaints (She said she would, she is so powerful, I simply LOVE it). The guy was right on my case when I got there, and he told me that he feels I have some “loose ends” that he can take care of so I can get on with my life. For once, I left there feeling like I am not going to hit the ground dead as a brick any minute now. I also didn’t tell you that I was feeling severely short of breath since the stent and I was sure it was the pill the snotty interventional cardiologist put me on intead of Plavix. It’s called Brilinta and do NOT let anyone you love take it. Anyways, the minute my Dr saw I was taking it, he took me off of it, saying that a fair number of patients get short of breath on it. I remember a nurse telling me that Dr was “all hepped up about Brilinta” and me asking why I wasn’t being put on Plavix, a pill I have no problems with. My guess, Astrozenica has a cruise planned in this Dr’s Future, because that med is hell. They did the patient studies on it in Poland, not USA and this pill is simply Hell to bear. I couldn’t stop taking it either, because after a stent you are required to take a blood thinner, if you miss a dose you can get a clot and die. My cardio was bothered that he gave it to me without consulting with him as he doesn’t use the pill unless there are no alternatives. It also holds a higher risk of bleeding and users often get bloody noses that are hard to stop. He took me off of it immediately. Anyways, I was off of it for a day and felt better already. Lost a whole month of health because of that little shithead. He will never touch me again.

    Report on my kidney: Numbers are stable now. not in any woods. Won’t have to see nephrologist for 3 months. That’s a departure from once a month, so I guess I’m doing something right there. (sodium and meds). I really owe that doctor a huge debt for stepping in and getting my meds adjusted and switched to meds that don’t kill kidneys. Also, for her controlling what had to be done for me before they put cath dye into my body. Bless her heart.

  84. Re: that obituary. It made me laugh because he changed no one’s minds but is actually one less GOP voter in NC. LOL.

  85. Ga, in NC, one less rightwing crackpot is a drop in the bucket. It’s like losing a leftwing crackpot in New York or California.

  86. I was wondering when “Bastes In Her Own Bitter Juices!” Dowd would weigh in. What a sad, jealous little woman.
    Although Andrew “Bareback me Barak!” Sullivan has quit his blog, I expect we’ll hear yet another anti-Clinton screed somewhere from him any day now.

  87. Sullivan posted one word one day. The word: Deadenders. And boy did all those cultish sycophants grab ahold of it.

  88. I think 2008 will seem like a walk in the park for Hill compared to what she will have to deal with her “friends” in the Democratic party and the so-called “Liberal” press. She may have the 2008 back-stabbers in her corner now – theoretically. But I have no doubt that a Hillary Presidency is the Obamas worst nightmare (for starters we would have a whip-smart accomplished, seasoned Democratic professional in charge instead of someone who spent his first term playing patty-cake with the GOP) – the last thing they want is for the American public to wake up and say “What were we thinking in 2008?! We could have had AN ADULT in charge!”

    The Obamas would like nothing better for somebody, anybody – Warren, O’Malley, Donald Duck, Your Name Here to screw the Clintons over again, lest she sully their “legacy”. I expect Maddow and others to sow the seeds of discord and “dissatisfaction” with the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    Of course Hillary is the GOPs worst nightmare too. If anybody knows how to twist their arms and gut them like a flounder, it’s Ms. C. They despise Obama, but they fear Hillary.

    Has Krugman weighed in yet? Sad to see that he changed from someone who ruefully wished Hillary was elected to an Obamkateer.
    Will he return to the Clinton fold or will he one of the first 2016 back-stabbers?

  89. GWM I have no doubt all of that is their wish, however, they fear a loss to some GOP crackpot a whole lot more. And they know that they have honed no one who is capable of winning. They also know that Hillary is their ONLY hope of avoiding a GOP win.

  90. And now a word from the vast, right wing conspiracy! A book will be released on May 5th called Clinton Cash. Another right wing hit job; so what, you ask. So this:along with Fox, the publisher(HarperCollins, owned by Murdoch) has made an exclusive deal with both NYT and WaPo to provide research to them. No one would give any credibility to a book by a Republican operative who used to advise Sarah Palin on foreign policy(LOL!). But now they’ve got the so-called “liberal media” on board. The rags deny it. They just look for tips wherever they find them, so they say. These are the same two outlets who are always monitoring Hillary for improper “appearances”. Even some of their own employees think this looks bad–but won’t go on the record. Cowardly scum.

  91. Sorry for typos. In a hurry.

    ****Fixit Fairy visted your comment*****

  92. I would appreciate verification links to confirm they are up to no good. But of course, they are always up to no good. Nothing could be worse than that movie they made in 2008 about Hillary. Oh what movie, you ask? The one that the Courts told them they couldn’t release. None of these efforts are new, they should be expected. Trust at least that if you know about this, if it’s fact, then Hillary and her staff are smart enough to know about it too. If we worry about every sneaky-assed thing they are trying to do, we will be spending all of our time looking at sneaky assed ideas that might or might not come to fruition. Desperate people always implode. I thoroughly expect that fraud Ulsterman to show up next. Because if he wasn’t a republican, then I’m Cleopatra. And otherwise smart people were following him around like a bunch of baby goats. Ditto for Hillbuzz.

  93. Lindsey Graham says there’s a 91% chance he will run for President. (A slam at Carly, who said there’s a 90% chance she will run). I wonder if he will finally come out of the closet before he announces. He would be so much happier if he finally admitted he is gay, just sayin’..Of course the party would run him out on a rail, but who cares? The man whose face is not finished is running.

  94. Upps, Glad your health is improving and you can breathe. 🙂

    You asked for links–I give you links

    New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News strike deals for anti-Clinton research

    “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” will debut on May 5. But the Times, the Post and Fox have already made arrangements with author Peter Schweizer to pursue some of the material included in his book, which seeks to draw connections between Clinton Foundation donations and speaking fees and Hillary Clinton’s actions as secretary of state. Schweizer is the president of the Government Accountability Institute, a conservative research group, and previously served as an adviser to Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

  95. New Book, ‘Clinton Cash,’ Questions Foreign Donations to Foundation
    More wisdom from Amy Chozick (The Twitter Twit)

    But “Clinton Cash” is potentially more unsettling, both because of its focused reporting and because major news organizations including The Times, The Washington Post and Fox News have exclusive agreements with the author to pursue the story lines found in the book.

    I take that to mean that even though the content is a crock of shit, it has legs because The Big Three have endowed it with their interest.

  96. Even the Big Cheetoh has a diary up, heavily supporting Hillary on this AND their post features an Axelrod Tweet asserting the book is ludicrous. (Of course, just the section that also implicates Obama, but still…)

    I’m still not giving Big Cheetoh free links so you’ll have to find it yourself.

  97. The author wrote for Breitbart. End of credibility.

  98. How Corporate Media Plans To Cash In On ‘Clinton Cash’ Scandal Book

    Worth going over and reading the whole thing.

  99. Even wonkette is supporting her, there’s a beware. Remember them? They are the ones who hand picked a loser website to be the Winner in Best New Blog Category, and then voted early and often every day to make sure it happened so I would lose. Yup. They were the ones.When they saw I was handily going to win, They went over to this dead blog and posted a comment, congratulating them because they were going to be Best New Blog. No kidding. Then they made it happen. Winners of Mean Spirited Award.

  100. Yes, Wonkette has been giving LOTS of love to Hillary this year and I could have sworn Wonkette was a dick in 2008. Correct me if I am wrong.

  101. A book. They will all buy one for their choir members. Blah blah blah. I am NOT concerned. I’m sure that crazy who writes Hillary books all the time with bullshit information verified by “anonymous sources” will write another one too. What’s that jerk’s name? I forgot.

    Will you folks please stop festering over this bullshit? Seriously. Do you think her detractors are going to just do nothing? Thicken up your skins! If you can’t, you are not cut out for this ride and won’t make it without them carrying you off waving your arms and screaming.

  102. I remember Wonkette Uppity, I remember. You were winning too, before they cheated. The website they picked had like 3 comments in like 3 months, if that.

    Is this book the thing stupid Rand Paul was crowing about a few days ago?

    Glad the shortness of breath problem was a medication problem that you could adjust. is on the smear job book story.

  103. Calling them dicks would be nice, Sophie. They were the WORST IMO. They went after this blog that was winning Best New Blog because it was a Hillary blog. Nuff said.

    But even though they are dicks and have all those children following them, they aren’t stupid. They know it’s Hillary or one of those creatures in the GOP recycled pool. Like the rest, they know who has the chance to win and who doesn’t. The first one is Hillary and the second one is……nobody else they’ve got.

  104. Yeah imust, I lost a month of good living on that medication because of a fuckwad doctor who is on the take from Astrozenica. Wouldn’t be surpised if they recall that medication. They took it off the market once before for false analysis data. You have got to wonder about a UK company that tests in Eastern Europe (Poland and Ukraine) and then pimps their data in the USA and UK anyhow. They didn’t test in UK or USA because, you know, pesky regulations.

  105. Yeah, this is the stupid book Paul was talking about. You know if conspiracy laden Paul is touting it its’ going to be full of holes. Uppity is right. I don’t care about this crap and you had to know it was coming and I’m sure Hillary did too. Right now the GOP is dead man walking and desperate people will do anything. At this point the GOP has nothing to lose.

  106. Another great Hillary video!

  107. Crazy Ron Paul’s crazier son is a Non Starter, just like his daddy. I plan to ignore his ass unless he amuses me so much I cannot resist. He’s a rerun of his old man, complete with the same sycophants who will swear he’s winning right up to a week after the primary is completed. They are crazy nutballs they bus into CPAC every year with a free box lunch. They will spend yet another primary season shitting all over polls and youtube, making people wish they would all just astroproject to another planet more suitable to the delusional.

  108. Wonkette went after other bloggers too, if they were winning and not Obamazoids, they trashed their chances. We all came in second because the members voted all day and all night from the basement ( in lieu of having jobs). They like Hillary like they like a boil on their asses. But hey, them fawning over her now works for me!

    They wrote a nasty post about SOCKs when he died, entitling it the Clintons Abandoned Cat Dies or something like that. Truth is that cat loved Betty and spent all day with her by choice and she loved him. Cats are like that. They get fixed on a person. I have seen it. They had that out of control dog that was probably torturing the cat besides. He lived to 20. I kind of figure he couldn’t have exactly been miserable.

    I had a rescue cat who fell in love with a college student who was living with her aunt across the road. He waited for her day and night. WHen she graduated I gave him to her. It wasn’t easy but I KNEW he would die of a broken heart if she left and he never saw her again. It happens. So Dirty Ernie became New Jersey Ernie and lived a joyous life. How awful.

  109. I just remember going over to that blog when we realized what was happening in the Blog voting. It was so filthy I needed a silkwood shower when I got back.

  110. Come on, WaPo and Fox? They are republican shills. Of Course they will preach that book to their Choir. What else will they have to do? Is “The Times” the NY Times? If so, Nuff said. Something for MoDo to do with her 8th grade writing skills.

  111. They’re just jealous because people are willing to pay Hillary more to speak than George Bush and Sarah Palin. Hey! They know what their speakers are worth….

    I used to frequent a deli that sold outrageously delicious turkey breast sandwiches. They had a sign up that said something to the effect that they know that others charge less for their turkey because they know what their stuff is worth…

    It’s like that.

  112. Like you said, I’m sure Hillary knew this was coming. She doesn’t look worried.

  113. Nope, she’s not worried.

    “I think it’s worth noting that Republicans seem to be talking only about me,” she told reporters after her first roundtable in New Hampshire, which took place at a family-owned wooden toy company in Keene. “I don’t know what they’d talk about if I weren’t in the race.”

    She swatted away attacks due to be published in a book out next month, “Clinton Cash: the Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” by Peter Schweizer. “[I’ll be] subjected to all kinds of distractions and attacks, and I’m ready for that. I know that that comes, unfortunately, with the territory,” she told reporters.

  114. It’s not even close: Hillary Clinton crushes her potential Republican rivals in a poll released Monday.

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — If the presidential election were held today, it wouldn’t even be close.

    Hillary Clinton is crushing her potential Republican rivals by double digits in a new CNN/ORC International poll. The Republicans’ best showing is by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who trails the former senator and secretary of state by 14 points. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who hasn’t declared his candidacy yet, lags Clinton by 17 points. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are each 19 points behind Clinton.

  115. Good news on the early poll. Hard to understand why Rubio does the best; he seems to be a not-too-bright man who is almost certainly given to verbal missteps. I was singularly unimpressed with him four years ago. He is young, fairly good-looking, I suppose, and Hispanic. But he is a right-winger who is basically against the concept of Social Security. I can definitely see him as a VP candidate, though, because of Florida.

    If I were betting, I would bet on Walker as the nominee. I said that even before the evil Kochs essentially endorsed him. He “looks” moderate, because he is from Wisconsin, and is one of those “non-hating” Republicans like Ryan and Kasich. He is probably a more polished version of Ryan, 2012’s darling of the Ayn Rand types in the Party. If Hillary gets any kind of fair shake from the media, she will dismantle him or any Republican, because she is far smarter, and because their social darwinist policies have to be carefully hidden away, but she will unmask them.

  116. Glad that you’re feeling better, Uppity.
    Why do our doctors use us as guinea pigs?
    The doctor that my mother was seeing for her arthritis gave her an Rx for Vioxx and her health was ruined.

  117. I wouldn’t be on Walker. He might have money but poll after poll has shown him losing his own state to Hillary in a presidential election. Then again the GOP isn’t too bright and they could pick a guaranteed loser like Walker.

  118. There was no “before the Koch’s” for Walker. He likes to strut and say he won Wisconsin 3 times. Koch money won Wisconsin 3 times.

  119. Sorry I did not provide links, Up. I actually was synthesizing four articles I had seen over four days and thought most people here were already familiar with general story. I’ll do better next time!
    I am not concerned with a silly book or Fox promoting it. The sun always rises in
    the east. What I find alarming is the
    behavior of NYt and Wa Po. We know they suck, but the rest of the media worships at their altar. Anything they publish on this hit job will be all over the rest of the media. It will be like the email nonsense all over again. And this reveals Stop Hillary mindset at all costs. Who knows what they’ll do next if they’re willing to parrot right wing propaganda?
    The premise of this shit is preposterous. No one would want to hear Bill speak if Hillary wasn’t giving them stuff apparently. And Bill was doing really well on speaking circuit and Foundation was growing before she became SOS. It’s nuts.
    On the positive side, yes, it’s uniting the party behind her. But I disagree that there’s nothing to worry about. The collusion of these two media giants in this disgusting enterprise is a very bad sign for the next year and a half.

  120. Glad you’re getting rid of that quack!

  121. Hillary once said she was a cottage industry with all the books written about her. More of same. I think the collusion of the media, (which we all saw in 2008) is so upsetting because they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

  122. Actually Rebel, he’s an excellent interventional cardiologist, it’s just that it went to his head. He’s an arrogant, narcissistic horse’s ass. And a pisspot. The only reason I used him was because I would have had to wait many weeks for the guy I wanted and I was at a crossroad with two failed grafts, that’s cardiac arrest territory. That’s the only way he would ever get to lay hands on me, the little prick.

    NY Times attacking Hillary is NOTHING new. Just like apologizing for rapists is nothing new for them. They are the worst of the lot and we have to stop expecting any better from them. I kind of figure if the left wing of the press wants to join in and help the GOP, they have as much to lose as anyone, the morons. So let it rip. Like Hillary said, the only thing the GOP talks about is her and what on earth would they have to say about silly things like governing if it weren’t for her. I wonder how much all the past presidents and SOS’s are making on the speaking circuit. I mean Sarah Palin has never served except as a mayor and she was raking it in herself. The only reason Cheney isn’t in the game much is because he died several years ago and is adept at Weekend At Bernie’s. I can assure you that if I were in his shoes they would have given me last rights long ago, but he can jump right to the top of the transplant list on Golden Insurance paid for in part by………me. My medical costs surpassed 500k in six months so you can imagine what his issues have cost. But since I paid out six figures in SINGLE PAY insurance over the last decade, I do not feel guilty at all. But I digress. I can do that. It’s my blog. Hahahaha.

    The reason H makes more money speaking is simple. She’s more sought after than the rest of those dogs. Boo Hoo. They’re all overpaid. Only difference is they are worth less overpayment.

  123. I agree that there’s nothing new to the NYT attacking Hillary, Up. But I also think that colluding with a Koch funded right wing smear merchant raises it tova whole new level.
    Here’s my theory of the case: their liberalism is just for the editorial page. Since this is clearly a business decision, not a journalistic one, I wonder if their poor circulation numbers are really catching up to them. They may be becoming more and more reliant on advertising revenue which means more reliant on the big economic interests and Wall Street firms that advertise in their pages. They know Hillary would be far more effective in reforming the economy and dealing with income inequality than Obama and St. Liz put together. That’s not in their economic interests. So…Hillary must be stopped. Just my theory.

  124. Oh, they are going to try to stop her. No doubt about that. The problem for them is that the majority of Americans have lost faith in our institutions including the press. They came down on her time and again back in 2008 screaming for her to get out of the race and everything else but she just kept going and winning. Hillary is no Kerry who’s going to hope that nobody notices this kind of stuff. She is going to fight back. You can be assured of that. The good news is they are starting all this stuff way early so by the time November 2016 rolls around this is all going to be digested, disected and discarded.

  125. On Maddow last night, David Brock said, “What we are seeing is Swift Boats docking early”. Hopefully, too early.

  126. Hey I just got my first cool snail mail from Hillary.

  127. Well, the whole book thing is already starting to unravel. Apparently the idiot that wrote the book fell for a hoax regarding the keystone pipeline. Even he admits he can’t find any wrong doing.

  128. How many lies does a person have to tell to be called a liar?

    Answer: One.

    Especially if it’s in writing.

  129. Go here and look at the complete list of books that have been written about Hillary Clinton, and then understand that this is nothing new for her and, not only is it nothing new, but gee, if all these books were such a threat, how come she’s still standing.

  130. Regarding that logo (the design “experts” trashed). As Hillary visits each state, they’re filling in the logo with iconic scenery from the state.

    Here’s Iowa:

  131. Here’s New Hampshire:

    They’re using these as the Profile Pics on the Facebook pages Hillary for Iowa, Hillary for New Hampshire, and so on.

  132. Cool!

  133. I love those logo-state pix. What a brilliant idea. Upps, am so glad you are on the mend. And thanks for the updates, which are consoling to us, and educational. I hope the little artery will be ok on its own. What is plavix for? High cholesterol?

  134. socal plavix is a blood thinner. When a person gets a stent they are required to take it for period of 1 year without missing a dose. To thwart/reduce the risk of a potentially deadly clot. most people also take 81mg of aspirin a day in conjunction with it.

    They give it to people at risk for stroke or heart attacks/problems as well.

  135. Let’s see now. What would my state’s H look like? Something that embodies it…….hm………a photo of the long line outside the SSI or Dept of Social Services building. In deep snow.

  136. Yes, Up, if books could kill, Hillary would have died long ago.
    On the topic of your health, I heard a doc on my local public radio station while driving home from work last night. He made the interesting observation that new drugs are tested on only dozens, maybe hundreds of people before going on the market. Then, once approved, they may be prescribed for millions. Often they then find many more side effects, both good and bad. Doctors need to be constantly monitoring newer drugs. Yours just fixated on that cruise.
    I’m curious. Do you have to do a lot of blood draws on Plavix? My sister had a pulmonary embolism in March and is now on Coumadin. Blood draws are driving her crazy.

  137. Rebel, no blood draws on plavix. Coumadin is serious stuff. Usually Drs don’t put a patient on that unless they really think it’s necessary. A pulmonary embolism is pretty serious stuff. They use it to keep existing clots from getting worse, I guess. Heavy Duty anticoagulant.

    WHat you describe about testing meds is called DEBUGGING IN THE FIELD. SOmetimes people die. They use us as guinea pigs. Don’t allow it. Class actions come later. After people are dead. A great example in my mind is HRT. Boy were they pimping those hormones! Women flocked to their doors. I have an address book with lots of names scratched out, those would be women I knew who died of breast cancer, they were all on HRT. But……a good time was had by all and what’s a few dead women when so much valuable data can be collected…

    The Brilinta pill I mentioned that literally made it close to impossible to breathe has a shady history. First, tested in Ukraine and Poland. Taken off the market at one point, back again with a vengeance against Plavix. exploiting the plavix situation with people who have a gene that renders them unable to metabolize plavix. Blah blah blah. I would bet MONEY that med will be pulled. But not off of MY body.

  138. It’s Rebel, Up! Oh, well, it’s early. Lol.
    The embolism WAS very serious stuff.She’s damn lucky she didn’t die because she took so long to get medical help. But what’s a swollen leg when you’re on vacation? What’s shortness of breath and excruciating back pain?
    Fortunately, she went to doc as soon as she got back or she’d be pushing daisies for sure. Now she’ll have to put up with inconvenience and dietary restrictions of Coumadin.

  139. And don’t get me started on HRT! If we were meant to have estrogen or lots of female hormones into our fifties and sixties, our bodies wouldn’t stop producing them at menopause. I never fell for that particular scam.

  140. lol sorry rebel! I shouldn’t comment before coffee. yes, she is lucky and that’s the kind of stuff that Coumadin is used for. She’s going to be on it for a long time. NEVER ignore shortness of breath OR swelling of legs.

    The Still Living refused HRT. An experiment at the expense of women. The Fountain of Youth was the Fountain of Death.

  141. The medical community believes that being a woman, and especially, a menopausal or postmenopausal woman, is a chronic disease. Drug companies are happy to oblige that delusion.

  142. Meh. In medicine, everything about women is either pre-menstrual, menstrual, post menstrual, pre-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal.

    And men get heart attacks. Women get anxiety attacks. Seriously two ambulance drivers told me I was probably having an anxiety attack. Sick as I was, I told them both go go fuck themselves. I also lodged a complaint. Sick of this shit.

  143. Btw, only other option for my sister was Xarelto which is heavily advertised. No blood draws or dietary restrictions but a near 100 percent chance of bleeding to death if she’s ever in an accident. Didn’t seem like a good option.

  144. Another county heard from: I’ll never give up my bio identical hormones.
    Without them, I enjoy acne, hair loss and a vagina so arid, I’ve affectionately named it “Dry Gulch.”

  145. OMG ROFL Sue!

  146. I am glad that the hormones help so much! Last night, I saw a tape of a speech Bill Clinton gave at Georgetown, where he discussed virtually everything, including this thoughts about the futire. He told the students that they should all expect to live to at least 90, unless some accident befell them, or there were some new disease caused by the environment. Improvements in medical science are wonderful, and I wish that the government spent much more on research, then on weaponry and other such things. I will say that I am discomfited from all the pharmaceutical ads on television, as the goal of that industry is to identify virtually everything as an illness or “syndrome,” and then offer some pills for it.

    Bill Clinton is extraordinary, with his grasp of an incredibly wide range of issues. Hillary of course has this as well. I saw this in the debates she had with Obama in 2008. It is a real shame that such knowledge and facility is either minimzed by the media and electorate, or breezily dismissed as “wonkery.” I would love to see a three-hour free-for-all debate between Hillary and any Republican. Once the Republicans get past their two or three talking points, they have nothing to add or say. Hillay can talk about anything with insight and depth of understanding. This is so incredibly rare in political figures.

  147. Rebel they all increase likelihood of bleeding and make it harder for bleeding to stop. But some are worse. On Brilinta, when they released me from hospital, my wrist where they put the cath in the artery STILL wasn’t safe to unbandage.

  148. On Coumadin, if you’re bleeding they pump you full of vitamin K. That’s why the dietary restrictions. You can’t consume foods like spinach or certain green vegetables. They cancel the effects of the Coumadin. My sister was not happy that she can’t have V-8 juice, only tomato. But with the Xarelto, they literally have no way to prevent you from bleeding out once you get started. Super scary stuff–except in the commercials, of course.

  149. TMI, Sue! LOL!
    Love your comments about Hillary, William. Very true.

  150. Yes I was just going to piggy back on William’s remark about TV ads for meds. I think they should be illegal. THey put ideas in people’s heads and W is right, it’s one frigging Acronym after another. Everthing has to be renamed with three letters, what a bunch of bullshit. Like if you come to me and tell me you have IOTP I am supposed to know it means you are out of toilet paper. And do you really think I want to hear it? Pharma keeps making up all these bullshit illnesses, if it weren’t so ridiculous it would be hilarious.

    I still recall that one commercial for the acne med, i forget which one. At the end a gaggle of deadly side effects rolled by the screen and all I could think of was being at a funeral and saying, “Well, he’s dead but at least his face cleared up!”

  151. Yeah Rebel, TMI but I don’t know about you, but I feel I know Sue so much better now…..

  152. And another thing. All those ads for shingles. I am no spring chicken, but as of this very day I have only known 2 people who had shingles in my whole life! I don’t believe for a MINUTE it’s all that common to require a frigging vaccination that, incidentally doesn’t actually work. And how about that pneumonia shot that they want you to take IN ADDITION to the other pneumonia shot in case it doesn’t work? WTF???????????

    And although I can’t remember the name right now, I love how they changed bladder leakage for men to a name that’s more masculine, lol, so as to not bruise their tender manly egos to admit they can’t hold their pee that well.

  153. Hillary is what you call “scary smart”…….

    For two decades, Clinton — as first lady, then senator, then secretary of state — kept a schedule jam-packed with meetings, votes and more meetings, shaking hands and then departing rooms without much opportunity to mix and mingle. Now, her campaign appears to have built in time for Clinton to linger all she wants.

    She spent an hour Monday night at a house party in Claremont, New Hampshire, hosted by Bethany Yurek — a former librarian and Head Start teacher who now works for Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

    Yurek began the night with a story about going to see Clinton discuss stem cell research at Dartmouth College


    “The professors and the doctors stood up and they said, ‘Wait a minute, you are the first politician in our lifetime who not only understood the need and the necessity but you understood the science,'” Yurek said.

  154. This is what your state would (does) look like, Upps:

    I do love NY!

  155. Sick as I was, I told them both go go fuck themselves. I also lodged a complaint. Sick of this shit.

    You Effing go, Girl!!

  156. Upps, I have said the same thing about the ads pushing people to get the Shingles vax. Says 1 out every 3 adults will get shingles?!? wth? I find that hard to swallow. Unless all the corp grown frankenfood and pharmas bad drugs are so unhealthy that they are going to trigger mass outbreaks of shingles in us. And those ads are all over every pharmacy or drug store in my area. I also thought the hysteria over 120 people getting measles (out of what 330-340 million people) was pushed on the media by big pharma, they are trying to terrify everyone into getting as many vax as they can make. One of my closest friends had pneumonia, so when it was finally gone, she ran out and got the vax, then she immediately got it again. She ended up having pneumonia for a whole year, in & out of hospitals.

  157. I know sometimes we must take drugs and they can and do save lives, but I try to avoid them if I can. I do use the bio-identical hormones for estrogen and progesterone replacement and I love them. They are creams that you rub on your skin, the hormones are made from things like wild yams and soy. They have greatly reduced my debilitating migraines. I can even rub a little progesterone cream right on the side of the head that has the migraine and get soothing relief from the burning pain. They help many different ailments.

  158. imust, I want to the see the California “H”!

  159. Socal, note they attach Shingles to chicken pox, telling everyone if they ever had the pox they have shingles just lurking inside them waiting to get out. let’s see now, would you say that 95% of America has had chicken pox? Isn’t that convenient? 1 in 3, well it sure isn’t 1 in 3 of all the people I know. I guess my friends and acquaintances must be ‘different’ then….

    They pulled the same shit with fosomax too. Suddenly the whole frigging world has osteoporosis. Funny how their mothers never had it, but then there wasn’t fosomax around to pimp back then…

  160. So true. And I have heard bad stuff about these osteoporosis drugs. Of course they will never tell women to take helpful supplements like boron, silica, mag and calcium, and most importantly, to do weight bearing exercises. There is no profit for them if women do those things.

  161. It’s all frightening. And the most unsettling to me are all those psychotropic medications they push. I appreciate that clinical depression is a serious matter. But they’ve got so many marketers hawking these anti-depressants to the mental health practitioners, that from what I read, it is very usual for anyone who goes into a psychologist with a life issue, to be sent to a psychiatrsit who then prescribes two or three of these mood-altering drugs. Who knows what mental and emotional side effect they have? Most of these patients just need a caring psychologist to provide some suggestions, or just listen. But there’s not nearly as much money in that, as getting them on a regimen of mood enhancers.

  162. I actually did have shingles, and it was very painful, but I still don’t want the vaccine for it. I had very bad reactions to vax as a child (trips to ER, getting all the diseases I was vaxxed for, then being re-vaxxed for them and having my immune system destroyed), and I thought I was being more careful when vaxxing laker, but he ended up with 2 kinds of seizures and other horrible symptoms after vax. I think vaccines should be done on an individual basis, not the one size fits all, but the drug companies are ramping up the hysteria to sell as many vax as they possibly can. Every time I go to Kaiser I am requested to get a DPT shot. I keep telling them I had it less than 10 years ago, and I won’t get another before its due, but they refuse to write it on my chart and keep on asking. They keep on asking Laker also, even after they almost killed him. I can’t believe the hysteria over vaccines, they keep calling that tiny outbreak of 130 measles cases a “massive” outbreak. Out of millions and millions of people. Now Calif is trying to pass a mandatory vaccine bill that would take away peoples religious or personal exemption to vaccines. It still leaves the medical exemption. The problem with this is that it is really hard to get a doctor to agree that your child shouldn’t be vaccinated; even when they have been taken from your house in an ambulance in the middle of the night a few hours after having a vaccine. Kaiser badgered me into continuing lakers vaccines, even though he had bad reactions before and had to be rushed to the er. They literally badgered me. So I let them do it one last time, against my better judgement and the poor kid almost died. And these same doctors still don’t have laker down as someone who shouldn’t have them. When I told my mom about Kaiser bugging me to get another DPT, she offered to write them a letter about my childhood experiences! (My mom is so sweet…and amazingly healthy and strong at 85! Also a former nurse!) I am really sick of doctors telling me what to do. Hubbie & I were recently talking about cancer and we realized that all friends that had it and took the traditional route; ie chemo, are dead. The ones that went to the natural clinics like Gerson in Mexico or Budwig in Spain are in remission, and seem healthy as ever and following their protocols and diets.

  163. William, another good point. I am afraid of most drugs. Laker is on anti-seizure meds and it has really slowed him down. Taken a lot of the sparkle or zest out of him. Its really sad.

  164. socal I don’t think we have a logo yet because the campaign hasn’t established itself in our state yet. 😦

  165. Annie, I am sorry about that. That is always the problem, of course; you don’t want to risk not having him take the drugs, but you sometimes wonder if they are really the best thing. All drugs have side effects. I guess in this case, you simply have to rely on the medical practitioners. But when it comes to mental or emotional matters, in all but extreme cases, I would not suggest that anyone listen to a doctor reflexively prescribing pills as a remedy.

  166. I know. I hope she will come. I think she will.

  167. meant my comment @ 9:47 to imust, about Hillary coming to Calif.

  168. socal the dpt is another story. You do know the Today tetanus shot is bundled with diptheria and whooping cough vaccine, right? It’s pretty hard to just get a plain tetanus shot any longer. The bundle, of course, costs more. As if you are going to contract diptheria in the jungles of…..California. That’s why it’s called the DPT now. Dipthera, Pertussus, Tetanus.

    I don’t like drugs either. Up until last year I hardly ever took any. But I take some drugs now that keep me alive, or at least prevent my potential death, if that makes sense. Even blood thinner is necessary for me at this point. So I take them. But not before I study every damned one of them and know what I’m getting into, and then decide if I want the trade=off. But when it comes to staying alive, the decision isn’t all that hard. The thing is, some doctors get fixated on specific drugs for whatever reason, and one size does NOT fit all when it comes to reactions and side effects. I’d like to imagine they are fixated on a particular version of a drug because they’ve seen such wonderful results, but for the most part I think it’s because they want that cruise. I do know of an exception though. My marvelous GP gave me months worth of Bystolic samples for HBP last year. She told me it has fewer side effects and makes you much less tired than the cheaper brands out there. It’s not generic so it’s expensive as opposed to a couple of bucks for some generic beta blockers. So one day I told her I wanted to switch to the generic. It made me feel so awful I lasted 3 days. She was right.

  169. Yeah socal, she’s got to go to the Boss of Us (Iowa) and the other “firsts”, first. Otherwise, they get all dissed.

  170. imust, so true! LOL!

    Upps, I remember trying lipitor and I had the weirdest neurological reactions to it, I could hardly lift my legs to walk. Really scary.

  171. I knew that about DTP shots. I told my doc that when I did get the shot I just wanted the Tetanus part and she went berserk on me. I think the big drug companies are pulling everyones strings now. My bro-in-law says that cancer is the biggest industry in America, I don’t know if its true or not.

  172. When Laker got pertussis a couple of weeks after his 3rd immunization, I had him treated by a naturopath and he made up custom homeopathic tinctures for him and also put him on penicillin. Anyway, lakers whooping cough ended up being very mild and manageable.

  173. I made some chicken stock tonite, which reminded me of something funny…did you guys know that the millennials are in a froth about it? They seem to a) love it, and b) think they discovered it. They call it “bone broth” instead of stock, and are amazed at how healthy it is, and how good they feel after drinking it. We took my niece with us on vacation last month and she asked me if I had heard of it and ever made it!?!? When I stopped screaming with laughter, I said yes, since long before you were born. She said all her vegan/vegetarian friends are debating whether or not they can drink it and one of the vegans said she could because its not like eating meat. Well, somehow, with a straight face, I said “well good for her, she’s absolutely right.” Apparently some young movie star, Shailene Woodley sparked all this by saying in an interview, “bone broth is the shit. Seriously, it is the best stuff.” God, young people are so funny.

  174. Bless that little brain-addled generation.If they ever lose their parents, they will be wandering zombies without a clue.

    And if her silly little ‘vegan’ friend drinks chicken stock, then she is NOT a vegan. Jayyyyyyyysus.

  175. Yes I remember trying lipitor and having major muscle pains.

  176. Well, that was fast–Koch Bros dump Scott Walker.

  177. How quick the Republican stars rise and fall. Seriiously. They fall in love with some guy in January and in February they never mention him again. think bobby Jindal, or Scott Brown. Or What’s his name, who hiked to Argentina. i’m sure I am missing a fair number of names.

  178. Ugh, and Mark Sanford is now a US Congressman.
    Gotta love the Palmetto State.

  179. Don’t forget the unforgettable Herman Cain!

  180. Sophie, funny post about Walker!

  181. Socal, the video was funnier!

  182. The Women in the World Summit Keynote (by Hillary) is tonight.

    ICYMI, here’s Meryl Streep, paying tribute to Hillary in 2012 (or what I like to call, the “I am an actress and she is the real deal” speech”


  184. It’s on youtube! Put it up, Sophie! Let everybody see what fucking assholes media and Hollywood morons look like.

  185. So, that’s how it is–if you have to click a link to go to a page to see a video, fugeddabout it?

  186. well no, I just thought it would make a good post for the world to see. And to be honest, I had to work to get the first one to work. Had to go to Chrome. That’s why it took me so long to respond. Youtube just works…….for everybody regardless of settings etc. I still to this day can’t pull up a stewart video and have it work for me.

  187. Hey y’all! Just a few thoughts on the topics. Reasons for coumadin, aka warfarin: It’s c h e a p. Or at least the generic is. The momster was on it due to her artificial heart valve. One thing though: when she was on the generic, many times her pt/inr would just wander around all over the place. She had more steady results with the brand name. We always had her doc give a statement to the ins. company and then they would cover it.

    Another thing is if you are going to have some type of invasive procedure, they can d/c the warfarin, put in a heparin lock and then give you some injections of heparin. She used that when she had to have some dental work done. Heparin is short acting so they can stop that before the needed procedure and then start you back afterwards and then get you back on the warfarin.

    And if you want to see a scary-as-sh!t medication, check out amiodarone. They had to put her on that one too.

  188. Hot off the press: Hillary, today

  189. Hillary’s giving away bumper stickers.

    All you bitter deadender holdouts can finally scrape off your 2008 stickers and get this year’s model here:

  190. Sophie@9:04: I know on the stickers! I requested mine today.

  191. But do you have to scrape off the remnants of a 2008 sticker?

  192. I saw a car with a Hillary bumper sticker in LA yesterday. First one I’ve seen so far. The owner had a smaller Obama ’12 sticker on the left side of the bumper, and the Hillary sticker over the rest of it. I think I will be seeing a lot more Hillary stickers around here very soon.

  193. I hope they’re the magnetic kind that will stick to plastic bumpers.
    I’m pretty sure they won’t be; they’re too expensive.
    Egad, now I’m going to have nightmares about palmetto bugs–blech.

  194. I guess I must have missed those comments about palmetto bugs, fortunately!

    The sticker I saw was the usual tape kind, but hopefully they have other types as well. I usually do not put bumper stickers on, because they are so hard to peel off. But of course if you have the winning candidate, then you can keep them on proudly for years. I do buy lots of buttons, and of course kept Hillary ’08 buttons.

  195. Fredster, I never had warfarim/coumadin that I know of, but they might have given it to me in the hospital post-surgery. Not sure. I did cop a bleed on the table. 3 transfusions, 2 during and 1 after surgery, so they might not have given it to me. I was on plavix before the surgery but stopped it a few days before. But don’t remember taking the other stuff. But then, I was in another zone after surgery anyways. only thing I remember is waking up with the respirator tube down my throat. Good thing i was educated about it during pre-admission so I didn’t try to rip it out.

    Pee EssL Plavix is cheap too. Generic is Clopidogrel. It’s just not as powerful as coumadin.

    Wow, that Amiodarone is great stuff! Destroys your lungs, heart and liver. Cool!

  196. Yeah William, those palmettos are seriously gross. Makes common cockroach look like a baby.

    That’s the problem with bumper stickers. They’re forever. And white trash always have them all over their junky cars.

  197. I DID see one really funny bumper sticker though. It said, Yes this is my truck. No I won’t help you move.

  198. My sticker is on the way. But I won’t put it on my car. In the areas I drive, my car would be keyed for sure. At the very least.

  199. Brassy Rebel, that’s why I love the magnetic ones; I can drive around with the bumper sticker for all to see and when I get to my destination, I throw it into the trunk. Win-Win.

  200. Sue, that is an appealing level of commitment; making the effort to put the bumper sticker on and off, maybe several times a day. I guess that in some states, one has to be wary. Fortunately, Califonria is mostly full of Democrats, and so Hillary stickers will abound. I do recall when it was different. Republican business interests controlled this state for many decades.

  201. William, I live in Minnesota–a blue state for sure. But outside the population centers it’s quite rural and VERY conservative. Michelle Bachmann is from here.

  202. Brassy Rebel, I can well understand the need to be careful in such situations! And it is interesting the way demographics work; there are enclaves which resist the general tendency of the state.

    Minnesota has a long history of liberal politics, from Humphrey, to Eugene McCarthy, to Wellstone and now Franken. But the state has had moderate-conservative senators, too, like the person who beat Mondale when he was gallantly trying to step in after the Wellstone tragedy. So obviously there are some Republican strongholds. What has surprised me of late is how Wisconsin, one of the homes of progressive politics, from the time of Robert LaFollette, could be such a risky blue state, and have elected Walker as governor.

  203. We have two progressive Senators now. Amy Klobuchar is our other Senator. We’re not always so lucky. The one who beat Mondale after Wellstone died was Norm! Coleman. I use the exclamation point because he did in campaign literature. He was an embarrassment. Then there was our Ventura adventure. That was mostly the result of two dismal nominees from the major parties and a nonpresidential year.

    I think Walker is just lucky he’s only run in congressional election years. Wisconsin will be in Dem column in 2016, I’m sure. Even if Walker is on the ballot for president or Veep. Ryan didn’t help Romney. And Walker is NOT popular.

  204. Then, Franken beat Norm! Coleman, so there’s that.

  205. He beat Norm! by a few hundred votes largely thanks to Hillary. I was so mad at the whole Dem party in 2008, I didn’t know what to do, although I wasn’t voting for Norm! Hillary campaigned for him at least twice, once in the Twin Cities and once up on Iron Range. That swung me. I voted early and later that day I got a call from Franken’s campaign asking me to vote for him. I told them I already did, and they can thank Hillary for that. He kinda chuckled as if that wasn’t the first time he’d heard that. I figure Franken easily got his margin of victory that way.

  206. Upps: They had to add the amiodarone to the momster’s meds. She was having arrhythmias so bad that her pacemaker couldn’t even capture a heartbeat! The e.r. docs even had a tech from the pacemaker company come out and futz around with the thing They tried the amiodarone and it took care of the arrhythmia but when I had a chance to check out the med I just freaked out. She was just lucky she didn’t have any issues with it.

  207. Man sure need rhinocerous skin these days. I’ll be glad when the press gets tired of their sick character assassination.

  208. You jest, GA. the press is even worse at character assassination.

  209. I’m sorry folks, but this one is over my head. Full interview.

  210. Up, I think it’s way over anyone’s head who hasn’t struggled with gender identity or known someone who has. So I try to keep an open mind and think it’s disgusting that he or anyone gets bullied or harassed on social media over this.

    My only issue here is whether he fully disclosed to all the women he married that he was going through this. Because this would be a hell of a thing to learn once you’re married and have kids. On the other hand, one of his ex-wives is Linda Thompson who was Elvis’ last girlfriend. Probably once you’ve dealt with all Elvis’ issues, gender identity struggles may seem minor. She obviously has a high pain threshold.

  211. Apparently, only Republicans believe in the Constitution.

  212. I do hope that this campaign actually becomes about issues, most primarily, the future of this planet. It is terrifying to think what would happen if the Republicans controlled all three branches of government. All of hte environmental protections would be rolled back, and of course nothing at all would be done about global warming. But the miedia, which presumably consistss of human beings who have to live on the planet along with everyone else, doesn’t seem to care; they just want an exciting “horse race,” and they get to go to all the fancy parties no matter who wins. It would be nice if they treated elections like serious and important affairs, not like “Survivor”-like entertainment.

    On the good news side, Hillary is apparently going to have two fundraisers in Los Angeles in May. $2,700 a plate; I guess because that is the maximum a single person can contribute. They haven’t been confirmed, but it was reported, so they are likely to happen. One at Steven Bochco’s house, and one at the home of Haim Saban, who I think owns the nice Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, where they have good concerts, lots of artists from earlier eras, and where I recently saw Judy Collins.

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