Happy Mother’s Day and Hillary has famous friends

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Uppity Mothers! (And if you’re so inclined, you can wish Hillary a Happy Mother’s Day too.)


A few celebrity endorsements have come out this week. I say this with full understanding of the roolz: the folks in Hollywood aren’t real people if they like my candidate—only when they like the opposing candidates. Here are some fake people who like Hillary this week.

Helen Mirren: Still for Hill has a post up about Dame Mirren’s endorsement.

George Clooney: pledged to support Hillary Clinton any way he can even though he called her “the most polarizing figure in American politics” in 2008. Apparently, marrying a super-smart woman has done Mr. Clooney a world of good.

Wonder Woman/Lynda Carter: said, “Hillary has my endorsement for all of her life and mine.” She also said, “She can have my Lasso of Truth.”


Nancy Reagan:

The time for a woman to serve as our President has come – really, now is the time – and I think the idea of having a former First Lady as the leader of the free world is really quite a marvelous notion. I want Hillary to win. Even though I admire two of the current potential Republican nominees, I have no interest in seeing either of them lead this


This was a hoax, but sounded so believable that Bloomberg fell for it.

This counts as an endorsement in my book:

John Bolton: said Hillary should be disqualified from presidential run.

My favorite endorsement is an old one, from Meryl Streep: who said,I am am actress but she is the real deal.”





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  1. Clooney: “I think she’s ready to be president….oh, uh,…I think she would have been a wonderful president before…..”

    Ya’ think George?

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to all of us who had one.

  3. I think Hollywood stars should STFU and do what they do best: Play Pretend on screen and wait for people to buy the overpriced tickets to see Play Pretend.

  4. I think Hollywood folks deserve as much of an opinion as the rest of us–no more, no less.

  5. By the way, there are LOTS of Hillary grassroots organizing events going on all over the place. You can search for one in your neck of the woods here:


    I’m pretty excited about the one in Danbury, CT next week!

  6. I agree Sophie. But how many of the rest of us regular folk…non Hollywood stars get this close to a president?

  7. Yeah Sophie, but when you or I give our opinion we aren’t manipulating a million fans going all ga ga.

  8. I agree with both (imust, Uppity).
    I get that they already have the Citizens United megaphone built in and agree that is unfair.

    I am against the part where it is insinuated that they are fake people and couldn’t possibly have a valid opinion because they are celebrities. How is it that their profession makes them less able to read a paper and draw conclusions, but I am able to do that along with Joe the Plumber and you?

  9. I’ll rest my case with my last comment. And most of them are fake besides. They aren’t even close to who they present themselves to be. It’s PR and Image for them day in and day out, even unto much of their charity work. It’s called Doing Well By Doing Good. I can think of some exceptions though, and funny, they don’t much stick their noses in politics. For the rest, it’s not about them being less able to read a paper, it’s about them acting as if they are more capable of reading a paper and making decisions than the rest of us. I put hollywood on the same level as the media. They attempt to make people vote in the way they want them to. Take a look at Clooney with Obama. I think it’s safe to say if Obama weren’t president, he wouldn’t give him the time of day with his own watch. Where’s the PR and the prestige (and photo op!) in that?

  10. A Happy Mothers Day to all the moms here and I’m including the moms of their fur babies, whether canine, feline or other ine. 🙂

  11. Thanks, and I love you, Fredster!

  12. Well, I thought GC would come around and support Hillary this time. Any support for her is welcome from my pov. I’ve never been a Dog the BH fan, but I was glad to see him endorse her (especially on Fox)!

  13. Fredster’s the tops!

  14. Yeah Sue, I think we should keep Fredster, don’t you??

    My dog and cats didn’t get me anything for Mother’s day. They are such ingrates!

  15. I think it’s a riot that Dog endorses Hillary because it has got to just give FOX and their choir gas pains.

    I think Clooney just held his finger to the wind and decided Hillary is a good bet, setting himself up for another photo op and continuing access to the WH.

  16. I don’t get women who swoon over Clooney. There’s nothing sexy about a guy who’s in love with himself. I have my oven timer set on his “marriage”.

    Can’t put my finger on it, but I also get misogynist vibes from him. Count me deeply unimpressed.

  17. So, about my comment up-thread, which kinda got lost in the sauce:

    By the way, there are LOTS of Hillary grassroots organizing events going on all over the place. You can search for one in your neck of the woods here:

    I have never done this before–got involved early, at the grassroots level, in a national campaign. In 2008, I got involved later in the game and signed up at Hill’s website to do phone calls. (I like to think I delivered RI!) This time, I want to be able to say I did everything I could possibly do.

    Have any of you ever done this? Any inclined? Any advice?

  18. Sophie, I went to Iowa (from Minnesota) in 2007 for two weeks and volunteered at the Des Moines HQ. It was there I learned to be deeply skeptical of both the caucuses and the media. But I met Hillary four times and got a great photo with her taken by the ever-present Huma. No, the media narrative that she was entitled and inaccessible is, of course, not true.

    It was a great experience which I highly recommend to anyone with the time. I got an email from the campaign and another from our Governor (Dayton) about events in Minneapolis this week, but it’s too far for me to travel during the work week. I plan to get engaged in the town where I live later in the campaign. If the opportunity comes up, I will return to Iowa, not because I have any faith in the caucuses, but because it’s so easy to see Hillary there. 😉

  19. I did mostly data processing in the office but also canvassed one rainy Saturday.Also worked the phones.

  20. Brassy, I knew GC back before he was famous, and yes, he was definitely the macho/misogynist type. But also insecure around women. You know the type. But I don’t see why he couldn’t have mellowed over time, my Dad did, and was super macho/misogynist, tall dark and handsome. But he was dying to vote for Hillary before he died and had evolved a lot over his later years. Back to GC, I will also say that I have heard he is great to work for, very supportive and generous to his employees, gives to a lot of charities, and has a lot of friends, male and female. I have heard recently, that he is disappointed with Obama, that he feels O let him down on issues to do with helping the people in Sudan, which is GC’s big charity project. Maybe he thinks Hillary will be more inclined to help those people? Who knows.

  21. He would almost have to be a bit less macho, he is married to a very powerful woman who would probably kill him in his sleep if he tried any of the Fetch Me A Beer shit.

  22. LOLOL! So true!

  23. SophieCT: There are no Hillary grassroots level events that I am able to get to but if I were you ( or anyone else considering getting involved early ), go for it! I don’t see any reason not to if you are physically able. Imagine being able to look back on the experience and know that you did everything you could to help get Hillary elected. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

  24. Annie, you need to write a book! You’ve had such an interesting life.

  25. Thanks for the inspiration, Beata!. Tonite was my first night of calling people to invite them to an organizing event. I called my list and I am sad to report that I did not get one “Yes, I’ll be there.” I am sad but not demoralized. Time for a Scotch. There’s always tomorrow.

  26. Sophie, don’t be discouraged, it’s early yet. I admire the heck out of you for jumping in!

    Beata, you’re so cute! I do have lots of great stories actually.

    Odd question: What is a good bourbon? Any recommends?

  27. Maker’s Mark.

  28. Clooney saves the “Fetch me a beer” shit for his boyfriends.

    And big whoop to the Clooney-Come-Lately Hillary endorsement.

  29. Wait….are you saying Clooney is gay? That would explain a lot. I thought he just preferred hanging out with guys.

    Well, if Travolta can hide it for decades, why not Clooney?

  30. All those fucking big shots who declared that women should not get mammograms before age fifty, may you all get cancer of the balls and have them removed, you sonsabitches! Another high profile woman is speaking out for God knows how many women are harboring breast cancer before age 50 while their insurance companies try to tell them to go fuck themselves. Sandra Lee is about to get a double mastectomy. She interviewed with Robin Roberts on GMA, who also was diagnosed in her 40s, and on stage is also another GMA host who was DXd in her 40s. I think it’s Amy Robach (?).

    I hope your balls rot, you fuckers! Guard your nuts too, Obama. Cancer of the testicles can’t be fun! Well neither is breast cancer! YOU appointed the committee to ‘study’ this, and not ONE member was an oncologist! Feminist MY ASS! But I’ll bet you get your prostate checked every year!

    Interview here

  31. Clooney gay? Well he sure looked like he wanted Obama’s tongue in his ear in that photo op.

    Travolta’s gay? Seriously? Not that it matters, he looks like a hot mess now, neither sex probably wants him.

  32. I saw the news about Sandra Lee, and even though I never cared for her or her show, (she strikes me as a downscale Martha Stewart) it really sucks that she needs a double mastectomy and could have been diagnosed earlier. Another point against the medical establishment.

    I have no idea about Clooney, though it wouldn’t surprise me. Comment before mine referred to his “boyfriends”. That’s not the way guys describe their male friends unless they’re gay. So IDK.

    On Travolta, I don’t think the jury’s even out anymore. The bizarre behavior you describe is him overcompensating, trying desperately to re-establish his secret. He kept it for years. Gay men are coming out all over the place. In Hollywood, not so much. It’s the last bastion of homophobia.

  33. Sounds like Sandra Lee chose the double mastectomy, could have chosen lumpectomy. Apparently, she went against medical recommendations and had the mammogram before fifty. So it was a pretty early diagnosis. Good call on her part.

  34. she says she had the lumpectomy but the margins were not defined, which means she would have to have the one mastectomy anyways. She chose to do both because of the obvious danger that cancer would show up in the future in the other breast. GOOD thing she went against the recommendations brought to us by barack obama’s committee.

  35. I will wager that Andrew Cuomo will dump her like yesterday’s newspaper, but not right away. That wouldn’t be a good political move. I don’t like him one bit. He is NOT his father’s son.

  36. Hey Sophie, why don’t you live report on your Hillary meetup in Danbury?

  37. (she strikes me as a downscale Martha Stewart)


  38. The more I look at this the more I say, LET’S CAPTION THIS. I’ll go first.

    “Thanks for last night, G”.

  39. “You had me at hello.”

  40. Cool interview with Hillary from 1979. Scroll down page for video.

  41. “Your forehead completes me.”

  42. Yeah, that pic is the ultimate bromance.

  43. ” I live for our Vulcan mind melds.”

  44. Geeze, you guys are so good, it’s hard to pick a caption winner.

  45. Upps, do I detect a note of sarcasm in your voice? Don’t we all deserve a trophy for just showing up?

  46. oh yeah I forgot! You’re all special!

  47. Holy cow, imust. That 79 interview is gold. It should be a post! It shows just how LITTLE has changed for women since 1979. She has to suffer the exact same slings and arrows right now.

    Please consider making it a post! The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

  48. Wow. Hillary shows her amazing perception in that ’79 interview.

    Thanks for posting it, imust.

  49. Everyone needs to read that interview! Please!!!

  50. I should have added “watch the interview” as well. It’s all available at the end of the article. Very powerful stuff and so true that very little has changed since ’79.

  51. Did anyone catch Bill, On Letterman? 😀

  52. Great post Imust. 🙂

  53. Beata’s right. That interview is a must click.

  54. @foxyladi14 I can’t stand Letterman so never watch. But I did see this re: Bill’s appearance:


    (And, no, I didn’t watch the video).

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  55. No Foxy I didn’t see it because I never watch Letterman. I can’t help him, he reminds me of a dirty old man. I scheeve him.

  56. I never watch Letterman either. I remember when he was a dirty young man doing the weather on the local news in Indianapolis. He was a loose cannon back then which is not exactly what you need during tornado reports.

  57. Enjoyed the ’79 Hillary interview. Also not a Letterman fan. I never “got” his sense of humor, except once in the 80s when he had the late nite show after Johnny, he did a bizarre stunt where he wore a velcro suit and jumped off a trampoline onto a velcro wall and he stuck. I thought that was hilarious back then for some reason.

  58. Yay! We have rain today!

  59. Roz, thanks for the link. Bill was adorable on Letterman.

  60. But everyone has already looked at the video!

  61. Imust, everyone who comments here has looked at it. More people will see a post, and other bloggers may want to show that video too. I say let’s try to spread that video out!

    As I listened to that interviewer drop every sexist line on earth, I found myself translating what he meant. What he meant was, Hey you broad you are over the line. Get thee to the tea party and don’t forget to wear a big floppy hat and sexy dress. IMAGINE the nerve of asking a woman why she is using her own last name. An opponent who introduces his wife as “Mrs…whatever his name was to needle her. She’s been needled for refusing to have her brain covered up by men for most of her adult life (haven’t we all???). NOTHING has changed. Nothing.

  62. Hillary writes a letter to the lesbian couple who appeared in her campaign video.

  63. Hey for once the North East has better weather than California. It was a beautiful day here. But of course that could change in a matter of hours!

  64. I thought that was hilarious back then for some reason.

    Famous post-marijuana quote.

  65. Beata. You are in very humorous form. We may use you as the blog comedian if you keep this up.

  66. Woke up early, listening to the rare CA rain (it’s actually more than the usual “misting”, it’s real rain!!). Hoping you’re feeling better every day, UW my friend.

  67. Upps, what will you do to me if I stop being humorous? I want to prepare myself.

  68. Beata, of course there will be Punishments.

  69. ……listening to Chicago while I type…

    Lorac, thank you. I will feel a lot better and safer once I get my defibrillator implant and won’t have to worry about sudden cardiac arrest. It will be a load off my mind.

  70. Just to ease everyone’s mind, an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) procedure is not a major surgery of any kind. They make a slight incision and implant the device under the skin. It’s about the size of a pocket watch. They hook it up to the heart. Should an attempt at cardiac arrest occur, the defib kicks in and stops it. I have to have it because the two grafts failure damaged my heart and I can no longer say my heart is fine but my arteries were bad. Now that my heart is scarred, my Ejection Fraction will never return to normal again. So I have a weakened heart and the ICD will keep me alive, kind of like Weekend At Bernies. I know several people who have one, notably my cousin’s husband who dropped dead on the golf course, was revived and got an ICD. That was 9 years ago and he’s doing very well. Without it, I may never have that cardiac arrest, but then again I might. And it’s not fun going to bed every night wondering if the next day I am going to be dead. So I am biting the bullet. If I don’t and sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the chances that someone with an external defibrillator will be right there aren’t very good are they? Statistically, only 5% of people in cardiac arrest make it to the hospital alive. Not odds I want to gamble with.

  71. So you caleeeefornians have some rain! Does this mean you won’t have to try to get other states’ water anymore?

  72. WOOT! POS Boston Scumbag Bomber has been sentenced to death! Die you piece of shit, the sooner the better.

  73. I know it will take years of appeals before they kill the little bastard, but Death Row is no picnic. Isolated Isolated Isolated. No privileges. maximum security. You are disappeared, so to speak. Unless of course MSNBC wants to wring their hands and cry boo hoo hoo poor baby and interview his sorry ass. Or CNN, but they only seem to love them their rapists. Now, FOX would like to be there to help shove the needle in him and if that could only happen, I would watch FOX for the first time since…..I don’t know when……probably last time I was in the waiting room of some mechanic’s garage.

  74. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much water, so yeah, we’ll have to keep trying to pirate water from someplace. They’re talking about building desalinization plants finally. The enviros are trying to pound it into the builders heads that they can’t take the leftover salt and dump it back into the ocean. I don’t know why people don’t get that. Everyone I know is conserving. Which is more than a lot of the big agra in the state is doing.

  75. Upps, I agree with you about the Boston Bomber, and I actually think he’d be better off. I am claustrophobic, so cannot imagine living for decades in a little cell in a supermax and only getting out for an hour a day. {{{shudders}}} Besides, he seems truly unrepentant. Every pic I have seen of him, his eyes look dead, like he has no soul, no heart. He even ran over his own brother trying to get away. I think society will be better off when he’s dead.

  76. The rains in California during the last two days are just a drop in the bucket, most of which just flowed back into the sea instead of being collected. It’s going to take 6 months of rain like this for the state to get back to pre drought levels IMHO.

  77. Boston PD should have just shot up the boat that jihadist Tsarnaev hid his sorry ass in and saved Taxachusetts citizens some money paying for his medical care and giving him free room and board.

  78. Tony, agree about the rain, but it was nice just for freshening up the air and ground and giving our poor greenery a little H2O. Better than nothin!

    Didn’t those cops shoot that boat full of holes? i was really surprised he survived that. Like Rasputin.

  79. I agree with you, Tony, I said the same thing when his sorry ass was in that boat. They should have just riddled it with bullets and disintegrated him. Would have been a lot cheaper to just replace the boat. Truth be known, the world would have been a better place without him in it.Now we will have to feed him and cater to his specialness and religious needs for at least a decade before he goes to hell where he belongs. Next thing we know, some dumb shit moron will be wanting to marry the hateful little bastard in jail besides.

    They should ship any of his white trash family who is still here out of this country too. They are a disgrace to all the neighborly and productive Russian immigrants I have seen and known in this country.

  80. I’m wondering why the wife of the brother, who is an American, wasn’t charged with something. She obviously knew:

    BOSTON — Testimony in the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev zeroed in Tuesday on his late brother’s wife, revealing searches done on her computer on the rewards of dying as a martyr’s spouse and raising questions about what she knew before the 2013 attacks.

    Mark Spencer, a computer expert testifying for the defense, said a computer belonging to Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife, Katherine Russell, contained searches done more than a year before the bombings for terms that included “rewards for wife of mujahedeen” and “If your husband becomes a shahid, what are the rewards for you?”

    Also this curious part:

    Russell’s name came up Monday, the first day for the defense to present its case in the penalty phase of Dzhokhar’s trial. Her best friend, Gina Crawford, teswtified that she texted Russell the day of the bombings to ask if she was OK. Crawford said Russell texted her back, saying she was fine and as far as she knew, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was at home in Cambridge at the time of the attacks.

    Crawford said Russell then added a curious statement, texting, “a lot more people are killed every day in Syria and in other places.” She wrote in another text: “Innocent people.”


  81. Tsarnaev probably thought it was all a video game until his brother died and didn’t respawn, so he decided to hide in that boat.

  82. Re the Tsarnaev death sentence, I keep hearing people argue that if they just locked him up for life, we’d never have to hear about the creep again. Really? It’s been forty five years, and we’re still hearing about Manson and his band of lunatics. And now he’s got a girl friend–or has he married her? I try not to keep track.

  83. Brassy, I said that over at Widders. We hear about Manson a lot, plus all the other murderers that have made the news, like David Chapman and the idiot that shot Reagan, and many more. If this guy is locked up, we’ll be hearing about stupid girls that want to marry him and how much fan mail he’s getting. He won’t be forgotten until he’s gone.

    btw, I read this interesting tidbit about the “aggravating factors” that the jury agreed on:

    ‘They also ruled that Tsarnaev crafted a substantive plan and premeditated an act of terrorism; that he had an intent to kill more than one person in a criminal episode; and that he deliberately targeted Martin Richard, who was 8 years old, due to his youth.

    Jurors ruled that the prosecution proved some of the counts of Tsarnaev being fully aware that he had created grave risk of death to multiple people, and that he committed the acts in an “especially heinous, cruel, and depraved manner.””


  84. I agree that if the widow knew something, she should be charged. I read somewhere that she bought the pressure cookers,, but I don’t know if its true.

  85. Ok, I don’t want to start any unsubt. rumors, so I looked it up and this is what I found, from March 4 of this year:

    “The widow of one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is on the hot seat – as authorities investigate whether she helped her murderous husband buy pressure cookers used in the blasts.

    Katherine Russell, 25, who was married to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is being investigated in connection with the terror attack and could face charges, law enforcement officials told ABC News.

    Russell is suspected of accompanying Tsarnaev on a shopping spree to a Macy’s store in Boston to buy five pressure cookers a couple of months before the April 2013 attack. Two of them were allegedly used in the bombing at the race’s finish line.

    The FBI and Russell’s lawyers declined to answer questions, but authorities said no decision has been made on whether to charge her.
    Russell could face charges of misprision of a felony – or failing to notify authorities of an imminent crime, a senior law enforcement official told ABC News.”


    It is the Post, so who knows.

  86. From same article:

    ““To live in a small apartment and buy five pressure cookers and have all those explosives obviously just does not make sense – something other than cooking was going on,” said former FBI agent and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett.”

    Ya think?

  87. And Annie, you know who we’re not hearing about? Ted Bundy and Timothy McVeigh. I rest my case.

  88. Also John Wayne Gacy. Somebody shanked Jeffrey Dahmler in prison, but we’re not hearing about him either.

  89. Brassy, touche!

    I read a couple of funny comments about the Boston Bombers widow and her internet searches:

    “What are the rewards for the wife of a Mujahedeen?



    “She gets to drive.”


    “Rewards should include seeing your family on visitation day in jail.”


  90. I’m telling you the whole family is a bunch of skanky cockroaches.

  91. The problem with death row is they are not near the general population, so nobody can stick a shiv in the bastard’s neck. That’s how Dahmer got it. Prisoners have standards too. That POS Jodi Arias will get shivved. As it should be.

  92. Rebel, there’s this website called Prison Talk or something like that, and there are women there who talk about these savages like they are the baby Jesus. Never a word about what they did, rapists,torturers, killers, monsters. They sit vigil for these animals when it’s time to give them the needle. AND…………..there ARE marriages. You can BET this little scheeve will get married from death row. We’re too good to these animals. Their punishment should be ten minutes in a soundproof room, chained to the wall and let the vicitim’s families in with anything they want to bring. I can assure you we would never hear about them again after they scraped up the pieces.

  93. Tony, his brother died and he ran him over to get himself away, the little shit. If they had blown up that boat, we’d be talking about something else today. How long do you think he would have lived in Russia if he did something like this?

  94. Up! I said shanked when I meant shivved! Thanks for not lol. I think the same thing happened to Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler. Crickets from him too.

  95. Yup, the general prison population usually extracts this type of vermin. However, we do have some isolated prison populations where they put all these goat-fucking terrorist pigs together so they can plot from inside. But overall, putting them in the general population gets them killed faster than the death sentence. You can’t do ten years of appeals with your jugular vein severed. We’ll be reading about that psychopath Jodi Arias’ untimely death in a couple of years when she gets out of isolation.

  96. Rebel, I did have a lovely veal shank in osso bucco.

    I would like to see the FBI follow up with the wife of the Roadkill brother. I’d love to see her in the prison general population too. Those ladies will fix her up really good. Far as I know there are no burqa prison duds either.

  97. Brassy the only reason Manson isn’t dead is because they keep him isolated from the general population, as in Death Row without the death. They also move his prison locations regularly. That psycho has cost us a bundle. He was on death row and then they changed the execution law, but he gets to stay in a death row environment, which means he’s safe. Dammit. One of his girls died there of cancer and there was this movement to send her home because she was terminal. They refused. She was supposed to be executed too.

  98. ROFLMAO! So glad you enjoyed the veal shank! Actually, it’s also a jewelry term which is why it was stuck in my pea brain.

    One of Manson’s Stepford Wives, Leslie Van Houten, comes up for parole regularly. Supposedly, she has been a model prisoner who has done.much good. Parole Board hasn’t fallen for it yet. Sharon Tate’s sister, Deborah, shows up every time to argue against parole.

    There is a great documentary shown on the History channel from time to time, called Manson. It tells the story through the eyes of Limda Kasabian who was the prosecution’s star witness. She was present at both murders but did not kill anybody. They never show her face because, obviously, the immunity deal she got is still VERY controversial.

  99. Hey listen, veal shanks are hard to find because all the big shot restaurants want them. When you said Shank I got hungry. They are quite expensive. Shivs are cheap as dirt. In fact, you can make your own if you have a lot of time, as prisoners all do. Therefore your Shank outclasses my Shiv.

  100. It was Atkins that died in prison of cancer. Fromme got released a few years ago, she’s the one who tried to kill Pres Ford. She’s presumably living in NY State. The woman was crazier than a rat in a coffee can and they let her out so nothing surprises me.

    Still, given that they wouldn’t let Atkins out to die a miserable death, if the pattern holds, the only way Krenwinkle and VanHouten will get out of there is on a gurney on the way to the morgue.

    They were all supposed to be dead decades ago but for some brain fart california had. Look what they let live.

  101. Uppity, you aren’t kidding about the price of veal shanks! In the early days of farmers markets, I would get them for $1-2/lb. Then when they found out what you could do with them, they were in demand. They stopped selling them as veal shanks and started selling them as Osso Buco for $5-10/lb. I’m like, Hey, they’re not Osso Buco until I do all the value-add, which takes a couple of hours.

    Still, I love to spread that marrow on a nice crusty Italian bread. (It’s really good for you too, but IMHO, that’s secondary.)

  102. Nothing like a slow cooked veal, lamb or pork shank. Apparently, these animals no longer have shanks because finding ANY of them is a damned frustrating task. I did find a local (about 40 min away but close enough) farmer who sells real free range meat and can get them there, but I WISH they were only 10 bucks a pound.

    Hey I remember when red peppers could be had for pennies because everybody wanted green bell peppers. Red peppers were a better-tasting secret (one secret I am happy to reveal I knew for many years), but then somebody TOLD! Like they TOLD about shanks!

  103. Nine gang cockroaches are dead after gang fight in Texas. Nice of them to remove themselves from the planet, thus making the world a little bit better by default.

  104. On a lighter note, Merlin breaks Guiness record for loudest purring cat.

  105. SCREEEEECH!!!

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