This Is Just One Reason Why I Love The Clintons……

They can laugh at themselves! These are two really brilliant people, but they aren’t preachy or snooty. I thought this video that was made for the 1995 Gridiron Dinner was hilarious! Even though Hillary doesn’t have the most perfect timing or delivery, she’s just goes for it!! Actually, many of the jokes were pretty funny….and those wigs!!!!

So here it is, another way back machine classic:

“Hillary, Hillary Gump”


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  1. Very cute and love those wigs.

  2. My Senator, Al Franken, wrote that skit.

  3. Ok gang, it’s time to solve a mystery. What do you think that scheevebag Denny Hastert did to “Individual A” that would make him haul his large ass out of congress and pay Individual A 3.5 million dollars in hush money? Anybody?

    Tidbit: The case and the indictment took place in Chicago, where he once lived and worked as…..a school teacher. He suddenly left the Speaker’s job in 2007 but I think that was because he got caught with his big pants down over a sleazy land deal. So this may or may not be relevant to his departure.

    I am assuming you are all aware that big Denny is in deep shit, indicted he lied to FBI when they noted he withdrew cash 15 times from several banks, making sure he kept the withdrawals below 10k in order to avoid scrutiny laws. Withdrawals amounted to nearly a million dollars Between 2010 and 2014, he made payments to an unidentified person in Yorkville Ill.

    Indictment does not mention what the thing is he paid 3.5 million hush money to the person he gave 3.5 million to. Big Denny, incidentally, it a congressional lobbyist, as are most the sleazeballs how leave or get thrown run of congress are.

  4. This isn’t hard, Up. What was the name of the assistant coach at Penn State who couldn’t keep his hands off the young boys he was supposedly mentoring?

    Ironically, Hastert covered for Mark Foley who you mentioned in last thread. Unfortunately, this kind of molestation is as common as dirt. We learned that from the Catholic Church where we also learned how common the cover up is.

  5. Do I win a prize for stating the obvious?

  6. Assistant Coach at Penn State was Jerry Sandusky. He had Old Man Paterno running interference for him. Thought I’d throw that in for extra credit.

  7. Can’t be that, Rebel. The indictment came down in Illinois. That means the offense had to occur while he lived there. And the town where “Individual A” lives is the town he taught in. I don’t think Hastert paid 3.5 mill in extortion money for covering anything up. I think he personally did something and that something HAD to have occurred in that Chicago suburb, else the FBI would have charged him for DC crimes in DC.

    Individual A lives in the town where he taught and, in cooperating with the FBI, told them he/she has known Hastert for ‘most of his (A’s) life’. Hastert taught high school, so this person may have been his student. They have not filed charges against Individual A, and they have not named him/her. Protected. So far. This is because the charges are for circumventing the law by making withdrawals that skirted the rule of reporting any withdrawals from a bank over 10k to the government. The place where the money went was revealed as a result of that investigation. Hastert lied and told them he didn’t trust banks and kept the cash. Instead he mailed them to Individual A.

    They also didn’t charge the extortionist, obviously because he/she is also possibly a victim. And he/she cooperated. It works that way. When trial hits, the shit will hit the fan because more will be revealed.

    UPDATE: The crime was sexual abuse, A was his (male) student, and now a second person has come forward to accuse that fat pig of sexual abuse as well. Yayyyyyyyy “family values”!

    He was mailing 50k to the guy approximately every six weeks. That just shows you how much money these filthy pigs in congress accumulate as a result of their power while they all get to sit in judgment of the rest of us and make our lives as miserable as possible. 3.5 mil. Pin money for a congressional thief.

  8. As for Paterno, if there’s really a hell, he’s feeling the scortch.

  9. Hastert’s ability to make such large cash payments probably came from his career as a K Street lobbyist. He entered Congress in 1987 with a net worth of no more than $270,000 and then exited worth somewhere between $4 million and $17 million, according to Congressional disclosure documents.

    That common arc is more of an indictment of U.S. political culture than Hastert himself, but he’s certainly been happily and hungrily feeding at the trough. A political system that essentially ensures that every powerful political official becomes extremely rich is one that is inherently corrupt — as we’ve been taught for decades about those Bad Other Countries — and that is the most interesting and most important part of this story.

  10. Another holier than thou Clinton tormentor bites the dust.

  11. Hastert apparently had some money before he went to congress:

    Mr. Hastert was already an affluent man during his service in the House, largely from land holding, according to financial disclosure forms.

    He owned land in Kendall County, Ill., a farm in Wisconsin, and a home and property in Plano, Ill., worth between $3 million and $15 million, along with savings and investment accounts worth as much as $310,000. His cash income while in office consisted of a congressional salary of $212,100 and an Illinois pension of $34,000.

    And didn’t he leave/retire when the Dems took back the House?

    And love that video!

  12. The media are so busy searching for non-existent Clinton scandals that they miss actual scandals right under their dumb noses. Right now, they are aggressively ignoring Jeb Bush’s flouting of campaign finance laws.

  13. Fredster, Hastert was a teacher, there is no way that guy had bucks. Did he inherit or something? Was he a state or local elected official before congress, where he could use his power to increase his wealth? It’s one or that other if that is true because no way a teacher accumulates that kind of money. I note the article says he was wealthy DURING his service in the house, which could easily mean he acquired all that wealth WHILE he was there. I REMEMBER there was a sleazy HUGE land deal he got caught in and he resigned that year.

    Busybody Greenwald says his net worth was around $285k when he went to congress. He was worth between 4 and 17 million when he LEFT office. You can bet THAT’s when he got all that land and that home. THAT’s when he acquired all his money just like all those congressional thieves leave office multimillionaires. see quote here

    It’s all kind of sad because when he was teaching, it was probably the LAST time he actually did a day’s work. In between fondling boys, of course.

  14. Love that video, imust.

    More of their humor, this is the 404 (Not Found) error you get on Hillary’s site:

    Of course, since then, Dandy Randy and Froth Mix have put up Web sites with unconventional 404s.

  15. Meh, Sophie, that’s what mental infants do. and there is no candidate who carries more mental infants as supporters than (Pick a first name) Paul.

  16. Yeah, and Sweater vest’s 404 mocks Hillary. Couldn’t find Rands, but the GOPs also mocks Hillary. As Hillary said, what would they talk about if they didn’t have her?

  17. Did you see O’malley’s announcement…no? Yeah well, if a trees falls in the forest…..
    Oh and he made a comment about Bush vs Clinton and said something about not passing a crown from family to family. Wasn’t he another one who owes his career to the Clintons?

  18. love the video, Imust. 😀

  19. The economy sux 😦

  20. Upps, I was just pasting in the info from the Times article. Could have been family property they had had for years or something. I did read something about that real estate deal he got into.

    A friend of mine’s Dad had a farm in Ohio. Dad decides to stop farming and sell land to developer and he moves into a retirement home. Dad makes $800k.

  21. As to Hastert, Remember green yellow and Rotten. 😯

  22. I just read the LA Times article. I figured that’s what it was. Apparently, it was more than one kid:

    “top federal law enforcement official, who would not be identified speaking about the ongoing federal case, said investigators also spoke with a second man who raised similar allegations that corroborated what the former student said. The second person was not being paid by Hastert, the official said.”

  23. imust, cute video! I read that about snotty comment that O’Malley made. There is plenty of stuff to fling back at O’Malley, including the nasty Perdue chicken business.

  24. Yes, O’Malley endorsed Clinton in 2008.

    O’Malley has Baltimore to run on–that’s all I’m saying (for now).

  25. RIP Beau Biden.

  26. And sorry–it was not Rand Paul who copied having a cute 404. It was Bernie.

  27. Fredster, I am pretty sure and willing to bet that money was acquired while in Congress. The Times article was artfully written but it still says WHILE he was in Congress not before he was in Congress. We’ll sort it out. Hey, I think I did a post on when he pretended to be driving a Prius, and then……….oh wait I’ll go find it.

    O’Malley. *Yawn*

  28. Dang i must have done it in comments. But I DID find this.

    Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) realized an estimated $2 million dollar profit last year on an Illinois land deal that included acreage near a future interstate highway Hastert pushed to build.
    The land was sold just five months after Hastert inserted a $207 million appropriation bill for the Prairie Parkway highway during a closed-door Congressional budget conference.

    Scumbag. But not to worry, he’ll get Probation like all the rich and connected get. Patreaus, that scumball Tom Delay, probation, there are two sets of rules. One of them, one for you.

  29. Here ya go

    Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) shows his concern for the environment extends for all of about two blocks. According to Raw Story, the Speaker was at a gas station press conference yesterday telling whoever would listen that he’s concerned about high gas prices. But then, after leaving the station in a bright blue hydrogen car, he rode a few blocks and stepping into a fat black SUV

  30. What a hypocrite. I hope he gets what he deserves.

  31. Beau Biden has passed away from brain cancer at age 46. May he rest in peace.

  32. The Times article was artfully written but it still says WHILE he was in Congress not before he was in Congress.

    Point taken.

  33. What We Now Know About The Men Who Led The Impeachment Of Clinton

    Gingrich, Livingston, Hastert. All hypocrites.

  34. OMG will you look at how cute Biden’s daughter was?

  35. Yes Sophie, they definitely protested too loudly.

  36. That scutch Newt saying how he “Prayed” because he knew he was doing the wrong thing. The same POS who told his second (or was it his third?) wife that you didn’t really have to be morally upright, you just had to look like you were. This pig should be sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first. For a bunch who purport to love and respect god, they sure think their god is stupid and can be fooled easily.

  37. It took the media 17 years to “break” this story. perhaps if their noses weren’t up the Clintons’ asses, they would have had a better view. I don’t want to wait 17 years to find out that Issa, Gowdy, and Rand Paul have a secret server farm selling arms to Turkey for Libyans.

  38. Speaking of break……John Kerry is being flown back to the US from France because he broke his leg riding a bike. (I know, terrible segue!)

    Apparently, he hit a curb.

  39. I am sending condolences to the Biden family. ❤

  40. I await all the babble about how old Kerry is and how old people break their legs and really are too old to be in charge. Oh wait, that won’t happen. He’s not a woman, it doesn’t apply, even though he looks like something I would help across the street.

    Imagine if Hillary broke her leg hitting………cough cough…a curb with a bike.

    Or……if she claimed she got hit in the face with her exercise machine band….oh yeah…

  41. Today I have my appointment with the cardiac electrophysiologist. That’s the specialist who implants ICDs. I have no idea what he’s going to do, probably hook me up with some kind of monitor that will help him with the settings on the ICD that fit heart patterns, this is all a new one on me. All I know it my clock is ticking and too much time is going by to suit me when I know I am at risk for cardiac arrest. And they tell you to avoid stress…

  42. Best of luck, Uppity!

  43. ICD to be implanted next Weds.

  44. He spelled it with a “C”?

    OMG! The latest Hillary is 44

    What Bernie Sanders wrote in 1972! Do you think anyone will care? I mean, he was just talking about wimmiz.

  45. O.M.G, imust. WHat a PIG! But of course the woman hating left who pretend they aren’t women haters will give him a free pass ala Bill Maher.

    Now i want you all to watch this video that H44 has up. I want you to watch that lying POS hypocritical sack of dung Howard Dean, I want you to listen to this weasel accuse others of what HE did the most of, and then tell me you don’t want to just step on his fucking face and pound hard. I hate his freaking guts and wish him everything he deserves in life just so long as it’s TERRIBLE. Wait………..till……….you hear this:

  46. Hey y’all! If you have a chance, go over to TW. Madamab has written a new one act play and it’s great!

    Upps@5:16: Is this a type of shocker thing to keep the heart in rhythm?

  47. Yes it’s the shocker Fredster. Think Weekend At Bernie’s lol. My heart isn’t pumping enough blood out with each beat due to muscle damage from the failed grafts. In essence, it’s the kind of damage you would get if you had a heart attack, even though I didn’t have one. Normal pumping of blood to the organs with each beat is 55-65%, I was pumping at 55 pre-surgery. This is called Ejection Fraction or EF. Now my EF is 31%, which puts me at risk for sudden cardiac death, also I have cardiomyopathy now. The exquisite ICD also includes a pacemaker as a bonus, but I don’t need it, but hey, it’s there if I ever do, I guess. Here’s what a Medtronical ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) looks like

  48. The exquisite ICD also includes a pacemaker as a bonus

    Never knock a freebie! 😉

  49. Upps@6:20: Sounds like you are in good hands.

  50. Damn right. It’s like turning down free mats and a spoiler on your car!

    Here is the exact device i will be the owner of.

  51. But does it have power windows and cruise control?

  52. My cousin’s husband has had one for nine years so I learned a lot from him. However, mine will be the newer more efficient model so I will be sure to rub that in his nose. Just to show you how good these are, he dropped dead on the golf course 9 years ago. He was very lucky that the club owned an external defibrillator or he would be pushing daisies now. Anyways, they got him to the hospital slightly alive and they put an ICD in his chest He’s been fine ever since. It’s important to have one if you are at risk for sudden cardiac arrest because only 5% of people who go down from cardiac arrest make it to the hospital alive. He dials in once a month and his memory microchip is read, it records the activity with his heart, if he had any shocks, and how well the device is functioning. If there’s a problem, he can get ‘beeped’ so he knows to contact his cardiologist ASAP. Like I said, it’s exquisite.

  53. Wow! Should we call you the “Bionic Uppity Woman” now! 🙂

  54. The ICD sounds very impressive! Knowing that a similar one has helped your cousin’s husband for the past nine years should give you at least a little peace of mind. Are you having it put in this Wednesday or next week?

  55. That would be next Weds Beata. I thought I’d be waiting for months but he took a shine to me so he told the scheduler to use one of the “Reserve” days, whatever that means. I actually could have had it done this Friday but opted for next week so I could digest it all a bit.

  56. Yes, imust, you can take me boating just like Bernie!

  57. But does it have power windows and cruise control?

    No but I don’t care about that, I was just pissed because the thing won’t clean my house for me.

  58. I was just pissed because the thing won’t clean my house for me.

    But that is what Mr. Uppity is for. 😉

  59. Fredster, lately you have no idea how close to the truth that remark is 🙂

  60. Upps@10:55: Never thought I’d see my Dad sweeping and mopping floors (as we divided up things) before my mom was getting out of the hospital one time. LOL!

  61. LOL Fredster! Moms are very powerful that way.

  62. Glad to hear you’re getting the implant quickly. Rather surprised to hear cardiologist took a shine to you since you’re always warning us about how uncharming you are!

    Sanders’ essay, no matter how old, shows his true colors. Once a misogynist, always a misogynist. Apparently, on Meet The Press the other day, he claimed it was badly written satire and changed the subject. I don’t think he should get a pass for something the left would be screaming about had a Republican written it. Yuck!

  63. Apparently, Caitlyn Jenner wanted to become a woman so that she too could experience the joys of sexual objectification. Why does being a woman mean posing in underwear for the cover of Vanity Fair?

  64. Rather surprised to hear cardiologist took a shine to you since you’re always warning us about how uncharming you are!


  65. Rebel we’ve gotta give Catey some slack. Remember, she’s been saving up for a lonnng time.

  66. I dunno. Does Medicare pay for gender change surgery? 😉

  67. Won’t be long before all our premiums rise to pay for this surgery, but don’t expect birth control to be covered.

  68. With a lot of M-to-F trans folks I can’t help feeling they do it for the accessories.
    I also think G&L should drop the ‘T’.

  69. GW I think they got the T forced upon them. All this subculture and new language is just silly. Like A-Gender and Fluid-Gender. You know, for people who haven’t figured out what gender they are today, it all looks like experimentation, and you’re supposed to pretend you don’t notice if it changes tomorrow. And the elmination of pronouns eg. he/she so as not to offend in case you see a he but he really wants to be referred to as a she. it’s just plain ……….I have no word. But they aren’t going to get anywhere in the LGBT community by threatening people and demanding gender neutral bathrooms and the elimination of pronouns, and the demand that the acceptance include dating without question. Seriously, who does that ANYWHERE? There’s a lot of rancor within the LGBT community thanks to this. This is an otherwise very peaceful and productive community that has more than earned respect as far as I’m concerned. It has to be painful to be run over this way. We know a fair number of gays and lesbians and not one of them is happy with this. Especially the trans who become women and then declare themselves lesbians and then whine that the girls don’t want to be with them. Seriously, get serious.

    Boy am I glad I’m not young and dating today. it’s downright scary out there. What’s next, making it illegal to refuse to date someone?

    Hey G and L uppityites! Talk to me!

  70. Brassy @ 7:49: Touche!

    Loved the article on Hill44. I knew Sanders was an arrogant old man but didn’t know how creepy he was/is.

  71. Upps, good points @ 6:13pm. Things that start out with good intentions always end up way the hell overboard.

    Laker & I have been sitting here catching up and we are both so relieved you’re getting prompt good care, and a new device. My Dad was told he would die before he was sixty (3 massive heart attacks, triple bypass, stent & roto rooter job), but he had one of those, and they kept getting upgraded over the years, and he died at 85 from Alzheimers. Not the heart as all those doctors had proclaimed. His brother died at 54. Anyway, we’re glad you’re in it for the long haul! Good luck next Wednesday, hopefully, it won’t be painful or too hard to adjust to.

    Laker finally took his health class (you have to take it for grad) and he ended up loving it, liking the teacher, and learning a lot. He is working out everyday, eating a painfully sensible diet, and taking good care of himself. I never knew a health class could have such a good influence on a person.

  72. Fredster! Moms are very powerful that way.

    Yep, we divided up the “chores” before we went to get her to bring her home that time. I got their bedroom and bathroom that time.

  73. Apparently, Caitlyn Jenner wanted to become a woman so that she too could experience the joys of sexual objectification. Why does being a woman mean posing in underwear for the cover of Vanity Fair?

    Maybe she wanted to show there wasn’t any scar tissue or lumps left after the surgery? 😉

  74. Yup it does.

    Medicare will also pay for bariatric surgery which my Obmacare plan doesn’t, but I understand that’s more of a state-by-state decision.

    I think last year I saw it was covered in West Va. and New Mexico, like I want to go to either of those places. And my plan here will cover type 1 Diabetes if I develop it, as well as cover my htn meds and other things related to obesity. Makes a lot of sense… NOT. 😯

  75. I’m not exactly sure why the T got added to the G&L and B, but it’s a no-no if you disagree.

  76. yes I know that plenty of insurers don’t cover some pretty dangerous things unless you get diabetes first, and of course, if you get diabetes first, it complicates the problem you wanted covered to begin with. Shows you how freaking dumb our system really is.

    Don’t blame you aboue W. VA. OMG. 2 million people, six last names.

  77. Fredster, no scars are going to show in those photos. It’s some very ethereal photography, if you get my drift. Creative, very creative, but then comes real life…

  78. Upps@7:28: Yeah, but the lap band procedure is fairly simple and uncomplicated. And what “kills” me is I can find “Blue Cross centers of Excellence” for bariatric surgery but their individual plans won’t cover it. When you see company or govt plans, it’s often listed as a benefit. And you’re right, it’s just bass-ackward.

  79. Speaking of bariatric surgery and stuff, I’m gonna go fix my salad for part of my dinner.

  80. Well I think it’s a damned crime that you can’t get the help you need so you DON’T get diabetes.

  81. upps@7:51: And even if I were to decide to have the lap band surgery and pay for it on my own, the policies were written so that BCBS won’t even cover any office visits related to that. Lap band is done laparoscopicly. Then you have to periodically go back for a “lap band fill” which adjusts the saline with the band.

    I’ve talked to a few people who have had it done (and covered by their insurance) and they have been pleased with the results.

  82. Oh and I meant type 2 diabetes, the adult onset type.

  83. I knew that.

  84. I’m not exactly sure why the T got added to the G&L and B, but it’s a no-no if you disagree.

    Consent by threat.

  85. Socal thanks for that. I have heard numerous stories of how ICDs keep people alive. I know there will be a weird psychological adjustment involved but I also know I am going to drop dead if I don’t get one, so the choice is pretty obvious isn’t it? I’m not worried about any pain or inconvenience post-surgery, as it can’t possibly compare to what I went thru with the bypass surgery.

    Tell Laker, Aunt Uppity is very proud of him.

  86. I’m not exactly sure why the T got added to the G&L and B, but it’s a no-no if you disagree.
    Geez, ain’t that the truth.

  87. Laker tried to log in and comment for about half an hour, even changed his password, but this stupid thing wouldn’t let his comment go through and kept going automatically back to me, so here is Laker’s comment:

    Big Hugs to you Aunt Upps! Please take good care of yourself. I still check in and the site is as great as ever. In fact its changed very little over the years.

  88. I never got the T thing either; in fact I didn’t know what it was for a long time. I looked up LGBT on wiki, and omg, you should see all the variations now. Simpllicity is a thing of the past, I’m afraid.

  89. LOL, imust!!

  90. I’m not worried about any pain or inconvenience post-surgery,

    I’m not going to say mom’s was a snap (she had a regular pacemaker implanted) but it was fairly easy. They made a “pocket” in her chest to hold the device and then they run the wires to the heart. I believe that when she passed, she was on her third one. I know that when they did the replacements on the pacemakers (they always replace those because they don’t want to mess with the wires once they are in place), they did that with just a local and maybe a little valium push.

  91. Yeah that sounds like the procedure, takes 2 hours and they hook up the leads via a vein. Have to have my nephrologist involved because they use some contrast dye to do that part. The only thing that worries me is the testing. They use general anesthesia for that since the only way to test it is to induce cardiac arrest and see if it kicks in like it’s supposed to. They of course have an external defibrillator right there in case the ICD is a dud. They don’t keep you awake for that, obviously, as the arrest shock is likened to being kicked in the chest by a donkey.

  92. Up@7:30pm, I don’t think Caitlyn has even had the FINAL surgery yet. You know, the one that actually makes him(her, whatever) a woman. I wonder if he/she will. That’s the point of no return. Jenner has flirted with sex change before. Always pulled back at some point. But never went this far before. I still don’t like that the VF cover looks like a caricature of a woman. I think it reinforces sexist stereotypes.

  93. I told you it’s exquisite. I just got educated on my use of the remote device they will give me when I am done at the hospital. See video

  94. Upps@6:17: Yours is definitely a more complicated device than what the Momster had. Hers was just a regular pacemaker.

    @3:28: wow those testing things have evolved! What she had looked like a modem the phone receiver was placed in and then she had to hold a magnet thing over her heart and then the pacemaker. Your setup will be a lot easier to deal with.

  95. They monitor you when you sleep too. I was thinking…..well what if I’m not actually sleeping at that moment and….nevermind.

  96. Brassy, with you about the cover.

  97. Upps, don’t even think it.

  98. Well at any rate they’ll definitely know I’m not

  99. Damn straight! Heh heh!

  100. Well at any rate they’ll definitely know I’m not

    Yeah, and they might send you a zap! 😯

  101. Brassy – Rhonda Garelick expresses your feelings and so much more. Thought this piece was absolutely brilliant.

    “What of the millions of other 65-year-old women, whether born female or trans, who deserve attention? The millions of women who become invisible with age and could never successfully mimic a Kardashian (and would not wish to)? They remain offstage and out of mind, their own accomplishments unknown to us.
    What’s more, those few women of Ms. Jenner’s age category who do manage to enter the public arena are routinely excoriated simply for being older — see the endless discussions on whether Hillary Clinton is “too old” to be president — or else they’re shamed for trying to appear younger via cosmetic enhancement.”

  102. That was a perfect piece in the NY Times. I don’t remember liking and/or agreeing with anything in the Times in a long long time. This article was On Target. ..and it proves one thing for sure……Ms Jenner is Bruce Jenner, for he views women from a man’s point of view and has now become trapped in his own male-opined irony. Good luck with that Brucey. Catey is going to have to do a lot of work 24/7 to please you.

  103. Great article, thanks GWM4Hill!

    Jon Stewart agrees:

  104. OMG Stewart! He Gets It!!!!

  105. Yeah, and they might send you a zap! 😯

    That would speed things up.

  106. I don’t think Caitlyn has even had the FINAL surgery yet. You know, the one that actually makes him(her, whatever) a woman

    Brassy Rebel, the removal of a penis does not make someone a woman. Let’s not define womanhood as an absence of something.
    Surgery won’t give Caitlin a uterus, ovaries or another X chromosome.
    But, I know you know that.
    I, like you, would have much more empathy for M to F transgendered patients if they didn’t adopt such shopworn gender clichés.
    And, don’t nobody call me a cis anything, or else.

  107. Rhonda Garelick’s article was great.
    Wouldn’t it have been refreshing if Jenner had graced the cover of Vanity Fair in an appropriate outfit, wearing her own hair and doing something interesting?
    But, I dream.
    Thanks, GWM4Hill, for the link!

  108. That would speed things up.


  109. Loved the NYT piece and John Stewarts bit tonight. Thanks for the links!

  110. Sue, isn’t cis supposed to be a shaming insult to the 99.97% in this country who have the audacity to recognize the gender they were born as……excuse me…the gender they were “assigned”? The people who have that silly notion that they actually ARE that gender? So we get dissed and then we are expected in return to respect the 0.03% who dis us? Exactly how are they going to get us all to stop using She and He as pronouns? Hell, women are 51% of the population and we can’t get any respect in this country. Nothing like turning yourself into a caricature of a woman to warm our hearts!

    Eh, let’s face it. Bruce is a Kardashian by injection. What can we expect that’s any different than what he just did and how he is flaunting it? The show must go on! And since not one of that family (ironically, except for him) has ever actually done anything useful or achieved anything significant … or has any interest in anything that isn’t fashion or makeup-related.. they may have been running out of material for the show made especially for the vain and shallow.

    Looks like Cate, stereotypically referred to as “Giddy” over her transition (rolling my eyes), might be the next Spokesthing for MAC cosmetics.

    The corset she wore (as we all do!) in the Vanity Fair shoot came from a place called…………..Trashy Lingerie. A place the Kartrashians, frequently visit. Ayup. Like the rest of that bunch, he’s a girl now. He doesn’t have to do anything but make sure his makeup and hair are right and spend hundreds of thousands on altering surgery. He’s done his face, his chin, his boobs but he says he’s going to …um…hang on to the salami package. So exactly how badly does he want to be a woman, again???? Just asking! A typical man protecting the round boys, wouldn’t you say? My sympathy lies with the gay and lesbian community for this caricature. I have no idea what T is doing at the end of their acronym.

    I can’t help but think of what any of the men we know would do if they dated this thing and discovered a penis. Overall I would say, they would land in either prison for life or death row. I dunno. Maybe I am the one who needs the attitude adjustment, but this is sensationalism at its worst.

  111. Sweet Sue, no, the final surgery doesn’t make her a woman except they do more than remove the penis. They try to replicate female sexual organs. Uppity indicates Caitlyn isn’t even going that far which is my point. If Jenner actually said this, I didn’t see the quote. I was going on a hunch from other things he said. He’s not “all in”, shall we say. Everything is reversible so far. So he’s not truly transgender.

    GWM4Hill, thanks for the link! While many proclaim what a great thing this is for the transgendered, I immediately saw it as horrible for women. Yes, Jenner retains the male view of women. We’re all being encouraged to applaud him. Well. I don’t. He’s demeaning those of us who were born ffemale.

  112. Brassy Rebel, you’re right they do try (and, usually fail) to replicate the external female sexual organs and make some kind of pocket.
    The internal organs are a whole other story.
    Like most liberals, I really do have a live and let live attitude, but you can’t force me into your reality ( I will believe my “lying eyes”) and the cis nonsense is a big deal breaker to me.
    If Jenner wants me to refer to her as her, I’ll oblige. The more I learn about her as a person, the less I find to admire.

  113. Sue, like you I’m torn between wanting to respect legitimate choices and feeling like I’m being played in this case. And all the shaming over Jenner is pissing me off. That VF cover is a horrible image of a woman. I shouldn’t have to praise Jenner’s “bravery” when it’s just another degrading image of the cultural view of women. The more I learn about this, the more I think it’s just another made for TV scam.

  114. My pleasure, folks! Garelick really hit everything in the bulls-eye. And she brought up something that I increasingly feel in the face of the uncritical, wildly enthusiastic trans-mania in the press – is that all this “liberation” is ultimately deeply misogynist and homophobic, starting with its strict reinforcement of gender stereotypes. Little boys who like pink and play with dolls and little girls who like short hair and football are now celebrated as very special trans-kids. Gawd forbid a parent have a sissyboy or a babydyke these days or a heterosexual kid that wants to play-act how the other half lives – much cooler to say they are trans. And the drug companies love this – they have a fresh battery of hormone-blockers and steroids ready to sell to “help” kids (and adults) “transition” more smoothly.

    As a gay man, I think L&G needs to divorce from “T”. The two groups could not be more different. One concerns same-sex attraction, the other gender identity. Many transfolks do not identify as gay or lesbian (and are often hostile to the assumption they are) while same-sex couples are routinely, “jokingly” asked “So which one of you is the woman and which is the man?”

    Unfortunately, Official Gaydom is dead-set against this – after winning the cause for gay marriage and parenting, they need a new cause to espouse and trans-rights are *it*, no matter how potentially detrimental they might be to the hard-won successes of the Lesbian & Gay Community.

    Two recent incidents have only reinforced my belief in the misogyny of the trans-rights movement. Several months ago, a woman was kicked-out of a Planet Fitness Gym because she objected to a trans-male in the women’s locker room.
    Yvette Cormier went to the front desk after someone who looked like a “man” entered the women’s locker room while she was changing.

    “I wanted to know why there was a man in the women’s locker room,” she told CNN. “He looked like a man, and that’s what stopped me in my tracks.”
    She said the front desk employee told her about Planet Fitness’ “no-judgment” policy, which allows people to use changing room based on “their sincere, self-reported gender identity.”
    Unsatisfied, she said she called Planet Fitness’ corporate headquarters and heard the same thing.
    “That should be something they pointed out when I signed up,” she said.
    “If you have male parts you don’t need to be in the women’s locker room. I don’t care what you are; I don’t care if you’re gay lesbian, transgender or transvestite. I am uncomfortable with you as a male in my locker room, in my restroom.”
    She returned to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday “to get the word out” to other women that they “let men in the women’s locker room,” she said.
    “Every day I said ‘just so you know, there’s a man they allow in this locker room and they don’t tell you that when you sign up,’ ” she said.

    The next day, she found out that her membership had been canceled.

    Cormier said Planet Fitness needs to do a better job of informing members of its policy allowing members to use whichever locker room corresponds with their gender identity, which refers to a person’s psychological identification as a man, woman or another gender.

    “The manner in which this member expressed her concerns about the policy exhibited behavior that management at the Midland club deemed inappropriate and disruptive to other members, which is a violation of the membership agreement and as a result her membership was canceled,” Gosselin said in a statement on behalf of Planet Fitness.

    “Planet Fitness is committed to creating a nonintimidating, welcoming environment for our members. Our gender identity nondiscrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity.”

    LGBT advocates applauded the Planet Fitness policy, saying it was necessary to ensuring the safety and privacy of transgender individuals.

    So, according to Planet Fitness, a woman feeling threatened and frightened doesn’t matter. HER feelings of being unsafe are disregarded. I’m glad she is suing Planet Fitness. I hope she bankrupts them.

    (As it turns out Carlotta Sklodowska, the “trans” person in the locker room was a heterosexual male into fetishistic female garb who covered his ass by claiming “trans” identity)

  115. For Years The Michigan Women’s Music Festival (Michfest) has opposed the inclusion of transpeople, wishing it to remain for women-born-women who grew up as females (Some have dubbed it ‘penis-free’). I totally support that. Born in the 1970s, Michfest might have a lot of that granola-crunching hippy-dippy goofiness that seems silly or outdated today, but it was a safe place for women of all ages, colors and sizes to relax and have fun – the ultimate lesbian summer camp.

    The organizers believed with what seems like the most refreshing common sense and reality that if one has been born female and matured as one, gone through puberty and menstruation – you’re a woman. If you were born with a penis and grew up having erections and ejaculations YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN even though you may call yourself one and live as one. Screw that whole “gender begins in the mind” fantasy – You cannot change your chromosomes.

    But the transgroup (using what might be called male privilege) could not accept that. They could not organize a TransFest. They HAD to be allowed admission, to hell with the natural females who might be uncomfortable with the idea. And finally they exhausted MichFest to the point that this years Gathering will be its last.

    “While it would be unfortunate to fail to resolve this four-decade conflict directly, it would be fitting that the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival dies a natural death, having outlived its usefulness as an exclusive club that failed to adapt,” Dana Beyer, executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, told the Windy City Times.

  116. Excellent points, GWM4Hill! Then there is the whole question of can anyone who hasn’t experienced being female her whole life ever be a woman?

  117. That festival “outlived its usefulness” for the two trannies who had a hissy fit, and the rest of the people disagree. But you know what? I don’t blame them for just shutting down because who the fuck wants to listen to that shit day in and day out? “Womyn”.What kind of ahole declares himself a woman and then even changes the name of the gender besides.

  118. Ah well. What the hell do I know?

  119. Planet Fitness is committed to creating a nonintimidating, welcoming environment for our members
    Yeah, well it was neither for Yvette.
    Our gender identity nondiscrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity
    Gender identity that, apparently can change (sincerely!) from day to day.
    LGBT advocates applauded the Planet Fitness policy, saying it was necessary to ensuring the safety and privacy of transgender individuals
    What about safety and privacy for Yvette and the other women who join Planet Fitness?
    I ‘ve heard about the Womyn’s Music Festival being cancelled, and the Vagina Monologues cancelled at Mt. Holyoke because of its cruel and insensitive insult to all the women without vaginas; it’s disturbing and through the looking glass to me.
    I’m straight, but I’d love to hear from our lesbian friends and ask them if it feels( destruction of the Michigan fest) like just another bunch of men telling them what to do.
    Thank you, GWM4Hill for bringing up so many good points.

  120. It’s puzzling that post menopausal me is always getting warnings and tut- tuts about hormone replacement, but it’s fine to put prepubescent children on hormones for decade after decade?
    Is there a yam shortage?
    Will bio-identical hormones be reserved for Transsexuals only?

  121. Hey, all you Caitlyns-come-lately! I had this gender first! Don’t try to Bigfoot me into silence.

  122. Uppity Lebanese members not touching this one lolol.Bless yer hearts I love ya.

  123. I think if all these guys who want to pretend to be women had one really bad period, it would change their plans forever. I’m talking the kind with the back cramps where your legs feel like you have polio and you have to be in your boss’s office in an hour. We could all sit outside the emergency rooms and watch them all be hauled in.

  124. I enjoyed reading the conversation and I agree with all of you. I have seen similar thoughts on other parts of the internet. I read that Kim K was furious that Jenners big Vanity cover came out on the day she planned to announce she is preggers again. These people really are unbelievable, all they care about is their fame.

    I have seen Jenner many times over the years btw, he frequents a nearby Starbucks where I often meet a friend, and he’ll hold the door open for us, and has other gentlemanly type manners, like letting us go first in line. Kind of ironic.

  125. Upps, those back cramps, where it starts in your lower back and rolls forward to your abdomen, that’s what labor is like, and it gets worse and worse.

  126. Laker wants me to post this. He loathes Ted Cruz more than any other repub. Apparently he made a crass joke about Joe Biden, right after his son died:

  127. Barnard College issued a new policy Thursday saying it will now admit transgender women. The decision at the Manhattan campus follows those at a number of women’s colleges across the country over the past year. The policies, which all acknowledge changing norms regarding gender, differ in their breadth. Here’s a look at some of the others:


    Will consider eligible for admission transgender women, intersex individuals who do not identify as male, individuals assigned female at birth who have not taken medical or legal steps to identify as male, and individuals assigned female at birth who do not identify as either female or male.


    Will consider for admission transgender women, transgender men, those born female who do not identify with either gender, those born female but not identifying as male or female, and those born male who identify as “other” but that identity includes female. Not considered for admission: those born male who identify as male.


    Will consider eligible for admission transgender women but not transgender men, nor individuals who don’t identify as either female or male. Those who become trans men while at Smith have full support.

    Y’all got that? (eye-roll)

  128. Kim Kardashian is white trash.

    Hey I think I want to identify as “Other”. Then I can use any bathroom I want. This all reminds me of the joke my brother used to say. He said “I want to have three kids, one of each”.

  129. Time for Lesléa Newman to write a sequel: One of Heather’s Mommies has a Wee Wee.

  130. Eh, don’t tell me he’s not hedging his bets keeping de penis. Phoney!

  131. Well I see the entire government employee data base has been hacked. Has Hillary’s server been hacked yet? Anybody? Anybody?

    Considering the billions of dollars in tax money they take from us, you would think they would get rid of the morons in charge of computer security and hire somebody with a brain. That goes for the Pentagon and the FBI too. To think they own ALL of our personal information. Most of us have better security than they do.

  132. Upps, I didn’t think about Hillary’s server. Good point.

    You know, I truly wish that every trans gets to live the way they want and finds happiness and a fulfilling live. I don’t mind at all sharing the women’s facilities with a legitimate trans. What concerns me with all of these new open policies is that it will be easy for some jerk men to claim their trans and have full access to our showers, spa facilities and restrooms. I have been to a LOT of spas in my life (worked part time at one for 9 years), and the fact is, we are walking around naked or with just a towel on, and we don’t want some heterosexual man leering at us and jumping in the jacuzzi and plunge pool with us in all his naked glory. How are they going to prevent such things from happening? I know most spas are for 18+, but I have been in spas that allow younger girls in with their moms. Spa facilities are supposed to be a restful, peaceful environment and they are expensive if you have to pay for them. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but letting any guy that says he’s trans in the women’s side seems problematic, and something that would attract pervs and jokesters.

  133. Re: 7 year old transgender.
    Cute kid, but “I don’t ask what’s in your underpants?”
    Coached much?

  134. I just reread my post and realize it sounds like I’m only concerned about spoiled women in spas!!! Sorry about that! I’d had a couple of glasses of wine, and that’s all it takes for me to get loopy. I meant to point out that besides spas, people could take advantage of this in public restrooms at parks and beaches (women & little girls always changing in those) and even schools. Dudes were always getting suspended for trying to peek into Girls bathrooms when I was in high school. Laker is majoring in film, and one of his assignments this past semester was to write a screenplay for a comedy and he set it in a High School and it was full of scams, pot, dirty tricks, bare butts, and perv teachers (which is actually how I remember my High School) and a nifty twist at the end. Dudes can and will think of everything. Dealing with new transgender issues will take a lot of adjusting. Not everyone will be happy.

    Sue, yes, the kid sounded coached for sure.

  135. Upps, the post about the Kenyan wanting to marry Malia, or uh, buy her, was pretty funny!

  136. At 7 years old, he/she knows SHIT about sexuality, relationships, gender significance, anything! Listen I taught Junior High and High School freshmen on thru 12th grade, and let me tell you there were as many girl crushes on me as boy crushes, and I wouldn’t bet that any one of those kids grew up and became trannies. It’s natural for certain age groups to have crushes like that or struggle with dealing with their own gender ‘expectations’. I had them. They aren’t mature enough to mistake them for life commitments. Pedos are attracted to the profession because they know how easy it is to get their paws on one of these young people in crush mode. Unfortunately, most school districts are woefully inadequate when it comes to checking out applicants for employees who are near kids, and it’s not just teachers they should be checking. These children are so impressionable, I expect to see more of this ‘gender switching’ now that they have a Kardashian approving of it and a ‘role model’ to follow. I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t exactly what happened to this 7 year old.

    That little boy/girl is going to be so incredibly fucked up, regardless of what’s “in his/her underpants,” from a former teacher’s point of view, knowing the phases of cognitive development, I am just shaking my head here. When I was that age, I was the poster child for Tomboy. I only wanted to do boy things. I wanted to climb those trees faster, hit that softball farther. The only doll I ever had I played doctor with and eviscerated it. If people were dropping the word Trannie in my face, I might have bitten at that phase in my life.I did not like being a girl. Funny how that changed not too many years later. I still liked softball but I didn’t mind being a girl at all, especially if I was better at it than some of the boys.

    I can see,for example, a 12 year old knowing instinctively that he or she is gay or lesbian. They are not denying their gender. I cannot see a 12 year old or anyone else denying what sex they are, ignoring DNA, genetic codes, hormones and bodily assessories. There is no There there. It’s just so obvious. Thus we see a push on to change the nature of nature, force people to accept the ridiculous, pretend they don’t see what they see, change pronouns, make bathrooms gender neutral. These are the signals of the Obvious. Signals that the only way to make it so is to keep saying it till everyone is beaten down and pretends……and it IS pretending…to believe and agree. You can’t trump nature or chromosomes no matter how badly you want to do so.

  137. Here’s some information about Dr. John Money, the psychologist we have to thank for coining the terms “gender identity” and “gender roles”. I was acquainted with him ( very slightly ). He was one messed-up man who ruined more than a few lives by playing God.

  138. Yeah socal, but after all, the guy DID offer 150 heads of livestock.

  139. Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a really messed-up guy, too, btw. My parents knew him and his wife, Clara. Mrs. Kinsey was a leader of the Girl Scout troop I belonged to when I was growing up.

  140. Judging from that piece on Money, it’s a good thing he’s dead.

    You know, though, there are babies born with duel sexual organs, rare but true. Usually one set is rudimentary with the other being dominant, but that doesn’t mean much does it? I would imagine a person in that situation might have to deal with which gender they are, but as a baby, parents will ‘decide’ and yeah, they might get it wrong. Apparently Money helped at least one family get it wrong.Talk about playing God.

  141. I thought the Kinsey report was supposed to be helpful to woman re: the stupid perceptions of their sexuality and sexual needs as faked by men who decided women wanted what they wanted them to want. Or something. I’m interested in hearing more about Kinsey. Do tell!

  142. I just reread my post and realize it sounds like I’m only concerned about spoiled women in spas!!

    …which is why you keep hanging out over here with the rest of us spoiled brats.

  143. Dr. Money as in “Show me the…”
    I remember that famous case and its tragic aftermath-more like Dr. Mengele, if you ask me.

  144. Dr. Money “helped” more than one family to get it wrong. The case cited in the NYT obit is just the most famous one.

    As far as Prof. Kinsey is concerned, among other things, he was a tyrant. I think Clara Kinsey was only able to create her own life, on her own terms, after her husband died. She lived for over two decades following his death. During that time, she was no longer forced to play “the good little wife” to the Great Man and do whatever he wanted her to do no matter how degrading.

  145. In retrospect, I should not have mentioned Prof. Kinsey here.

    The people who worked with Kinsey never discussed his personal behavior publicly. There was a strict rule of confidentiality among his researchers. I think only one of those researchers is still alive and that researcher is almost 100 years old now. As far as I know, he is the only surviving person who has direct knowledge about what went on in Kinsey’s inner circle and he is keeping it confidential.

    Prof. Kinsey’s research into human sexuality was ground-breaking and much-needed. That is all that really matters.

  146. That’s interesting. I never knew much about them. Isn’t there a tv series about them on HBO? Masters of sex or something?

  147. Sending good thoughts for the surgery Upps. ❤

  148. Thanks foxy. Chewing my nails a bit.

  149. Upps, I lit a candle for you today in church. Sending you my good thoughts, too. xoxo

  150. Alan Cumming just opened the Tony’s with:

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen and those of you who don’t identify as either.

  151. I’m thinking of changing my name to “Dakota” and identifying myself as a sod house.

  152. Re: the Tony Awards.

    Helen Mirren is just fabulous ( stating the obvious ).

  153. hahaha Beata!

    I don’t identify with the species I was assigned. I am certain I am a cat and God made a big mistake making me a biped.

  154. Well Sophie, you do look like a cat! 😉

  155. I’m going for Hermaphrodite. I mean, the thought of getting it any way I can is so attractive! Consider the earthworm. They can mate from both ends, impregnate and get impregnated all in one fell swoop, which adds a whole new meaning to the words “Go F**k yourself*. Also it makes access to all rest rooms possible. And it will make simply EVERYONE uncomfortable and afraid to use any pronouns at ALL, which is very important.

  156. Thank you Beata!

  157. Upps, yeah, that is popping up everywhere, there seems to be a movement to get everyone to stop using feminine or masculine pronouns. What if women want to be known as “she” or “her” and men want to be known as “he” or “him”? And how are those of us who are aging supposed to remember all this stuff?

    “Sarah Lawrence College, in Bronxville, New York, is one of many conscientious American institutions currently struggling to devise guidelines for the use of gender-neutral language on campus that avoids cisnormative presumption. What’s cisnormative, you ask? To be cisnormative is to assume that people identify with the gender of the sex they were born with. Sarah Lawrence’s solution to this hot-button issue is to ask everyone to do his utmost (sorry, your utmost) to use the second person instead of the third person. When that can’t be done, they recommend the use of “non-gendered nouns as needed (student, person, individual).” (“Stickler” would also work.) They advocate the broader use of the plural pronouns “they” and “them” to “replace singular gendered pronouns (he, she, him, her), even when it’s incorrect.”


    “…what today’s transgender-aware college students would call “Intersex (the “I” in the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. umbrella) — a person whose characteristics are neither exclusively male nor female. And as for Robbins, perhaps he was an early “A”— an “Ally” of people who reject traditional sexual labels.”

  158. Think about it. As women who have always fought and stood for equal rights, we have come so far, broken so many barriers that would have been unthinkable when we were young, have so many accomplishments, and have so much to take pride in, and now, as we’re getting older, we’re not supposed to be referred to as women? Gee, thanks Sarah Lawrence. Hey, instead of “they” or “them”, why not remove the human element altogether and we can refer to everyone as “it”.

  159. Ok now I know what “I” stands for. And I reject it. So sue me. I don’t even WANT to know what Q is and if A means ALLY, I’m out unless you are talking about the L.G’s. Then I’m in as an ally.

    What a crock of doo doo. No matter how you try to coat this with candy, it means some guy is going to be pissing in the stall next to you standing up. And it means you might see the wrong plumbing when the It you are dating unrobes.

    You know, I always said if I were out there dating today, I would make the guy where 3 condoms and duct tape. I shall have to modify that with an additional requirement: Drop your pants before we go out.

  160. That is a great read in the NYT. I actually agree with it. Amazing.

  161. Upps, that NYT article is amazing! Agree with you, twice in a week is a miracle. Also, the comments are very interesting:

    “MM SLC, UT 1 day ago
    Thank you Elinor Burkett and the New York Times for publishing a piece that express what so many people feel – that in this rush to accept transgendered people “women” are disappearing. Women have been discriminated against since the dawn of time precisely because of their reproductive biology (because they bleed for 5-7 days every month, get pregnant, give birth to infants, and had to nurse their offspring, etc.) The solution to the problem of discriminating against half the human race due to their reproductive biology does not lie in pretending that biological differences don’t exist. Having long hair, wearing makeup, enjoying wearing a dress or high heels or pouting yourself up to what the male gaze thinks a woman is (the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner/pinup girl model of “womanhood”) is purely a male invented caricature of what these guys THINK it means to be a woman. Feminists’ spent the last century and millenia fighting against the notion of an “inherent female brain” because the excuse of an inherently different “female brain” or the “natural frailty of the female disposition” was the excuse used to deny women the vote, deny women an education, to own property, to hold a job, to serve on a jury, etc. It is beyond disturbing that these trans-activists now depend on those very same “female brain” arguments. If anyone can be a Woman (including a Man) – then what exactly is the future of Women’s Rights?”

  162. I am stunned at how far the trans community has gone with their word policing. Going after women’s rights groups like Wendy Davis’ because they use the word “woman”: #StandWithTexasWomen, and they now consider the word “woman” to be “exclusionary”. And sorry, but no, I am not going to start referring to my vagina as “front hole” or “internal genitalia”. So they got Holyoke to cancel the play “The Vagina Monologues” and gotten various abortion groups to remove the word “women” from their group’s names!?!? Ironic that all of these demands are adding up to discriminating against…women! Another possible backlash from this could be the galvanizing of the Christian Right during the next election. God help us all if we get another repub in the White House and future Supreme Court.

  163. Do we as women now have to change the way we refer to ourselves and our own anatomy in order to please transgender men? As Annie said, no way am I going to refer to my vagina as a “front hole”. Let the Caitlyn Jenners of the world go through 40-some years of bleeding every month, taking birth control, becoming pregnant, giving birth ( or miscarrying ), nursing babies, having PAP smears and vaginal ultrasounds, ovarian cancer scares ( been there, done that ), hysterectomies, menopausal problems, etc. and then maybe they can earn the right to speak the same language that WE do about our own bodies. Our bodies; our choice of words!

  164. I didn’t watch the Diane Sawyer interview, or read the Vanity Fair article, but I read on NYT today that when Jenner was asked what he was looking forward to doing as a woman, he said “wearing nail polish, not for just a day, but until it chips.” The glory of womanhood is apparently all wrapped up in nail polish. Something I have scarcely given a thought to since I was in my teens.

  165. Our bodies, our choice of words! Damn straight! I really wish those women’s and abortion groups would not have removed “woman” from their groups names. That is just so over-the-top ridiculous.

  166. I am horrified, NY Times wins the web bug award. I have counted more than 70, yes 70 web bugs, beacons and tracking cookies NY Times dumps into your /device machine when you click on their links. I suggest STRONGLY that you all download the “Click and Clean” addon in firefox or chrome. And if you don’t have the Ghostery addon and Scriptsave addons, you are truly foolish. This is a blatant violation of your privacy. Of course, you will all ignore me. Okay by me!

  167. Will those work on macs? I have Firefox and will try to do the click and clean.

  168. Wow. all those years we feminists tried to get gender neutral language and we were laughed at, complained at, and insulted.

    In the 1970s I was one of the very first female newspaper carriers in my state and they were pissed they had to change all of their forms from “Newspaper Carrier Boy” to “Newspaper Carrier.” Seriously.

  169. I don’t remember a push for gender neutral back then. Out here, when a girl did a job that had been done by boys in the olden days, they just changed the “boy” to “girl”. For instance, I bagged groceries in the 70s, and at the time it was called “box boy”, but I and the other girls at the stores that did that called ourselves box girls. Later, the job title was changed to “wrapper”, which I never got, because we never wrapped anything. We bagged, and helped people to their cars. I remember we had to wear hideous polyester dresses, white hosiery, and nurses shoes.

  170. Oh, and newspaper carriers were called “paper boys” in my neck of the woods, unless when a girl did it, “paper girl”. One of my best friends who lived two doors down was a paper girl.

  171. Thinking of you this week,Up!

    The whole controversy about Jenner (I don’t know what first name to use) has got me radi -calized. Between that and the Bernie Sanders essay that came to light last week, I’ve been on the muscle, as my mother used to say. Who do these guys think they are?

    I got into an argument with guys at another web site who took exception to my negative view of their beloved Bernie. I told them women are getting sick of this crap from male politicians in both parties. They would never give a pass to anyone for racist language. Why are they so willing to put a statute of limitations on sexist and even misogynistic utterances? Bernie is good on women’s issues, they claim. Yeah, so is Obama, but his mindset is sexist: women he doesn’t even know are referred to as “Sweetie” and in the middle of the health care debate, he throws women under the bus, proclaiming, “Abortion isn’t health care. ” I am so done with trying to rationalize left wing sexism.

    Then in the middle of all this righteous indignation a clerk less than half my age at a convenience store calls me “Hon”. He nearly had gender surgery right there at the cash register!

  172. I get called “Hon” around here a lot. Sometimes the older “boys” call me “Doll”. I’m supposed to be flattered. I call them “geezers”.

    The problem I have with changing language to avoid offending transgenders is that women who were born women are being pushed even further back on the bus. Controlling language that refers to us and our anatomy is a form of power. Calling a vagina a “front hole” offends me. But I guess I have no say in the matter unless I want to be called a variety of other ugly names that insinuate that I am insensitive to transgenders. I should just STFU. Where and from whom have I heard that before?

    So we need to move back for “Caitlyn”; she gets your seat now, Hon.

  173. I had a newspaper route back in the late 60’s. I was called a “paper girl”.

  174. “Front hole” is downright Orwellian. I mean, you gotta be effing kidding me!

  175. I have no problem with Jenner or any born male living as a woman and they are welcome to refer to themselves however they like, either by feminine words or gender neutral words. What I don’t like is for this tiny percentage of people to dictate to the rest of us women what we can and cannot call ourselves and our vaginas. And apparently, they’ve had some success along those lines, according to the NYT article. I read the most of the comments of that article linked above and many of the women noted the same irony–that women have been bullied by men throughout history and now we’re even being bullied by men who want to be women.

  176. Front hole. No.

  177. Annie @ 9:08 AM: I totally agree. You said it all much better than I did.

  178. I like to switch it up and substitute race for gender. Imagine the outcry if a bunch of white people changed their skin pigmentation and began entering historically black colleges. Then they began issuing edicts about how things were going to be and what the black students needed to do to accommodate the newly “black” students who also were reviving old racial stereotypes which authentic African Americans had worked for decades to eradicate. Liberals then would be outraged. Historically female colleges can be hijacked by males who want to be women, and the response is…crickets.

  179. Brassy, good point. And the restroom thing is already a done deal:

    “The document instructs businesses to allow all transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their choice, even if they have only decided to change their name.”

    I can’t think of an alternative to this, and I’m not uncomfortable with an actual transgender woman sharing a restroom with me, but I do see a potential for men to take advantage of this, and I imagine this will come to include all public restrooms if it doesn’t already, and then people with kids will probably start demanding more private Family Restrooms, since some pedo might start frequenting ladies rooms (actually they do now).

    I have been in countries that have unisex bathrooms, but what causes me some discomfort is the memory of a stalker. I had a few stalkers when I was young and one of them prowled around the house my older sis & I lived in, and listened to us using the toilet or taking a shower. We were always calling the cops, who never caught him, and finally, after months of this shit, I set up my own sting and we caught him ourselves (with our bro & his friends) and had the creep arrested. Anyway, he actually told the cops about our bathroom habits. I’ve never gotten over that.

  180. And the other funny thing is that feminists got blamed for wanting to do away with separate bathrooms back then! (But feminists did not ever advocate for that–it was a strawman.)

    Funny how all the things society said they couldn’t possibly do for women (meaning women who were born that way) they are now suddenly able to do for women with penises.

  181. Funny how all the things society said they couldn’t possibly do for women (meaning women who were born that way) they are now suddenly able to do for women with penises
    So right, Sophie. As I said upthread, gynos have no problem prescribing bio-identical hormones for the Caitlyns of America.
    I have to beg for mine.
    I, for one, am very close to pushing the button and embracing my TERFitude.

  182. If third wavers had any academic integrity, they would call this cultural appropriation. Instead, they are using this as yet another reason to beat up on second wavers, whose definition of feminism was “narrow” and for “elite white women” and did not include “intersectionality.”

  183. Did you all see that Oscar Pistorius will be released from prison in August?
    Lucky for him, the woman he murdered had a vagina.

  184. “Cultural appropriation” is an epithet reserved for Katy Perry donning a kimono.
    Jenner in full drag? Blessed freedom and empowerment!

  185. LOL, Sweet Sue.

    I’m thinking of all the medical tests and procedures I have had to beg for over the years. Yes, I’ve led an entitled life as an “elite white woman”. You bet.

    Today, I’m off to pick up a matching bra and panty set from Trashy Lingerie. Maybe I’ll get two or three sets. Why not? Then I’ll have my brows threaded and my nail art done. It’s so empowering!

  186. Does “intersectionality” have something to do with “Intersex”? Is it like you’re crossing two roads? Help me out here.

  187. Beata, don’t forget the Brazilian wax and vajazzling.

  188. Sweet Sue, I’ve put those on my “to do” list. A woman’s work is never done but oh it’s such fun!

  189. Is “intersex” the new name for hermaphrodite?

    Dr. John Money, the psychologist I mentioned above, was considered an expert on hermaphroditism. Just see how that turned out.

  190. Intersectionality has feminism considering all of the “isms” not just sexism. There’s a better definition, but the fact is, WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE THIS! As a Second Wave Feminist, I will tell you that every single issue of Ms Magazine had articles about the global plight of women, the extra-devastating effects of poverty on women and families, and so on. Lesbians made up quite a bit of the NOW meeting attendance. Feminism was ALWAYS about the whole big picture. These Third Wavers have convinced millennials that Second Wave Feminism was merely a white suburban housewife thing. NOT TRUE. Perhaps white suburban housewives, at the time, had more time and the means to DO stuff, but it was never an exclusive club.

    Here’s the definition:
    Intersectionality (or intersectionalism) is the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination.

  191. OMG!!! I just looked up vajazzling. I had NO IDEA that was a thing. Sheesh!

  192. Third wave are morons who are throwing it all away. This is because they didn’t work for it or get the gashes and bruises that allow them to be what they want to be. Instead, they choose to be plastic Clairol girls more interested in pedis and manis, while perverts like the guy who owns American Apparel turn them into sex objects, much to their actual glee. I hope I live long enough to see these idiots have to start over. It’s coming and it will serve them right. Then they will have to stand in the rain and snow like we did, with torches and pitchforks, and I don’t need to tell you that they will be breaking a few fingernails. Bruce Jenner is a caricature of them. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

  193. OMG!!! I just looked up vajazzling. I had NO IDEA that was a thing. Sheesh!

    I just looked it up too. Why am I not surprised. Morons.

  194. Then I’ll have my brows threaded and my nail art done. It’s so empowering!

    ROFL! And don’t forget majoring in pole dancing in college- for some REAL Empowerment.

  195. Thanks for the explanation, Sophie. I’ve heard the term “intersectional feminism” but didn’t know what it meant.

    I have no idea what vajazzling is. I suspect I don’t want to know.

  196. Anybody remember this piece, written by a 3rd wave nobody?

    Not to mention Naomi Wolf, their “Feminist” mentor, the “feminist” who said how sexy she felt in a hijab. See her here at 2:35. Don’t eat first, this is the hair-flipping “Yahhh” and “Hellloooo” woman they call a Feminist, who endorsed Barack Obama.

  197. Third wave’s “Feminist leader” who talks about how there’s a thriving sexuality beneath the veil.

  198. Ah, Naomi. She’s for a post-label era unless she’s doing the labeling.

  199. I have no idea what vajazzling is. I suspect I don’t want to know.

    It is like steam cleaning the Carpet!!!! 😆

  200. Naomi Wolf is a moron.
    It was Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one for the nabobs of the Democratic Party to kick the first viable woman candidate for President to the curb.

  201. Sophie @ 10:50, well said!

    Sweet Sue, I get my Kaiser doc to prescribe me bio-identicals. I tell her that I must have them to control my migraines. Obviously, she would rather prescribe the drug company kind, but I explain to her (I have to refresh her memory every couple of years) that I need this cream because I can apply to the side of my face that has the migraine, and it takes away the pain better than anything else. She doesn’t believe in it, but I think she figures its like a placebo and can’t hurt. Anyway, I get it from a local compounding pharmacy and they call her every 6 months and she renews the Rx.

  202. Ok uppityites. Got my ICD implant in the morning. See you when I get back. Won’t have too much mobility in arm for two weeks, have to give the leads a chance to settle in. If I blow it, I end up with another surgery. So bear with me.

    See yas. Love ya all…..xo

  203. Take care Uppity! We’ll be thinking about you!

  204. I’m praying for you, Upps. You’re not going to blow it. It’s going to be okay. Just take it easy. xoxo.

  205. Godspeed, Uppity Woman!!

  206. We love you too Upps. Don’t worry about us, we’ll play nice. The important thing is your health. Take very good care! {{{Hugs}}}

  207. All the best luck in the world, Uppity.

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