On Deli Turkey and Paid Speeches

Hi everybody. Uppity here, taking a moment off between setting off security alarms in airports to tell you a story…

A number of years ago I frequented a deli that roasted their own turkey breasts and sold them sliced by the pound for a thief’s ransom. I paid the ransom and so did plenty of other people. Do you know why I paid the ransom? Because it was the best damned turkey EVER. God, I miss that extortionist who could roast a turkey better than my mother did. And that’s saying a lot, because that woman could roast a turkey..

The owner of that deli had a sign up that said:

We know other delis charge less for their turkey. They know what their stuff is worth.

So it goes for paid speeches.

Donald Trump makes more for paid speeches than anybody on that list, but that’s really okay because he’s got a dick. has mastered the art of bankruptcies while being held harmless, and he possesses a big mouth. Condoleeza Rice does pretty damned well herself  at $150k for the pleasure of her company–but then she is a former Secretary of State and that is worth something, right? Right?. Take your time to think about that. I’ll wait.

Tim Geithner still garners $200k per speech, which probably includes free advice on how to evade taxes. Ben Bernanke, that other thief, makes up to $400k per speech. That’s twice what Hillary makes and all he ever did was help to f*ck the middle class as quickly as possible and send our money to Wall Street. (Do not pass up clicking on that link).

Dick Cheney only gets $75k per speech, but don’t feel too badly for him. He more than made up for it with all those Halliburton Iraq contracts. Sarah Palin makes $100k per speech, which is obviously a travesty because she’s achieved so much more and has done so much more for America in her lifetime than Hillary has. Everybody knows this, right? Right? I mean she was, after all, a mayor and a governor. And she DID run for Vice President and lose, and….and….

newtimagesNow, poor Newt Gingrich and  poor Mitt Romney only earn around $60k for their speeches.

Jeb gets $50k.

Well boys, don’t be blaming Hillary because people know what Newt and Mitt  or Jeb are worth to them.  You might say they are the “Other deli’s turkey”.

e3rNow, if Newt could get paid by the pound like the turkey he is, he would probably do much better. More to the point, if these three guys had any dignity left, they would be embarrassed to note that Bernie Sanders makes nearly as much for a speech as they do.

CaptureThe bottom line here is:

Hillary commands better fees because she’s more sought after, more popular, and people find her infinitely more interesting to listen to–whether you like it or not. People want to hear what she has to say roughly 3-4 times more badly than they want to hear Newt, Jeb or Mitt. Stop and reflect upon that for a moment and then try to tell me you don’t grasp Why. Go ahead. Take your time. I’ll wait.

When you sell your house, do you know what it’s worth? I’ll tell you what it’s worth: It’s worth exactly what others are willing to pay for it. Get it, Mitt? Jeb? Anybody? Anybody?


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  1. I LOVE IT!!

  2. Me post es su post. Feel free to cross-post, darling. I added a few additional thangs.

  3. I’m changing my screen name to ” best damned turkey EVER!”

  4. I’ve been up since 1 AM, right after some asshole blew off the most frightening fireworks that smoked up the entire street. I sat straight up in bed frightened half out of my wits because these were those m80s and those fireworks that shoot into the air and set anything in their path that’s dry on fire. Tosca went wild and I do mean WILD. She was loaded for bear. Mr. Uppity went for the Glock. It was that bad!

    It really sounded like massive gunfire. Half the block came out of their homes when it stopped, and one guy was so hopping mad that it woke up their baby, he went right to the house and, if somebody didn’t pull him off, he would have strangled the little asshole who was visiting his aunt’s house for a few days and brought along his arsenal. The whole neighborhood was up in arms, this is a peaceful neighborhood and now the area smelled like the day after a war battle. The police showed up ten minutes later, hands on their guns. I am so THRILLED they arrested that little bastard! I would feel sorry for the owners of the house but they got pretty damned defensive, as if everybody shouldn’t mind being awakened at 1 AM to the sound of blasts. I know they know it’s wrong but they were a bit upset that the baby chick landed in the back of a cruiser and got his Miranda read to him. Creepy looking kid, typical of his generation, with NO regard for anyone. Now he can tell it to the judge.

    When it was all over, poor Tosca threw up violently and then drank a ton of water and threw that up next. I had to give her a Pepcid. If she had ever gotten out of the house during this thing, I don’t know what she would have done to somebody. I tell you, if my ICD didn’t go off last night, it will never go off.

  5. Wow, Up! What a night! Sounds like my neighborhood every night. Well, almost. If I were you, I’d go out for some deli turkey. Look at it this way: you got a free test of your new device!

    Remember last week when we were talking about Caitlyn (“Call me Cait”) Jenner? I commented on how differently society would look at someone adopting a different race. Well, lo and behold along comes Rachel Dolazal, as if to prove my point. Other than the deception, can anyone see the difference between the two cases? I sure as hell can’t.

  6. Yeah Rebel to top it off, there’s already a name for it. Transracial.

  7. Brilliant post! I wonder how much people will pay to hear Obama stutter and stumble through a speech in a few years?

  8. It’s like that in my neighborhood for a week up to and including the Fourth of July, but that’s it and that’s bad enough.
    What was the little psychopath celebrating?
    He sounds like the type who shines lasers into the eyes of airplane pilots for laughs.

  9. Brassy Rebel, I’m so with you on that.
    Rachel is being excoriated by the pundits, while Caitlin is celebrated for her courage.
    So, blackface is wrong but womanface is good.
    Got it.
    And to those who say that Jenner didn’t deceive the way that Rachel did, let me just remind them that he deceived three-real- women at the altar.

  10. I feel my comments on the earlier post are totally vindicated now that Rachel Dolezal is being excoriated for “cultural appropriation” while Jenner is hailed as brave and courageous.

    As far as the issue of deception goes, its true Jenner deceived his wives. It’s also true that some transgender folks engage in levels of deception equal to that of Dolezal.

    This just confirms my thesis that in our society we take racism very seriously these days, and that’s good. But sexism is still culturally invisible much too often.

  11. I love it when someone says Dolezal hasn’t lived the black experience. As if Caitlyn Jenner has lived the female experience. No, living with the bizarre Kardashians doesn’t count. Jenner right now is very much trying to have it all ways.

  12. I kinda lived the black experience as a white boy since we lived in “their” town. I actually liked it. Everybody was dirt poor and that seemed to matter more than skin color. But I was just a kid. I’d don’t know Dolezal’s economic background but I’d say that was of great importance in her choices.

  13. Interesting perspective. Thank you for that input, Bob.

    I guess we here at ornery Uppityville wouldn’t even care much but that we are sensitive to the latest trend where guys decide they are women and are cheered on for it, pretending it is so and calling them brave heroes even though they have never lived our life or felt what we have felt–haven’t know the Woman Experience and all of its tribulations for even five minutes of their lives. So now we see somebody doing it with race and we see a correlation. Except that correlation is we skewer her for pretending to be black but we honor people who pretend to be women. We resent it and I’m sure it shows more often than not. Different impositions, to be sure, but treated much differently.

    In reality, she can no more be black than I can be Irish. However, I can see perhaps why she did it now that I’ve heard from you. But it still doesn’t make it all right. This identity switching has reached the point of absurd in all ways. In the old days we called people who did things like this Impersonators. One thing the Jenner thing has in common with this woman is they both look ridiculous. I just can’t believe the black community can’t tell a bottle tan when they see one. IMO, for what it’s worth I think the other thing Jenner and she have in common is they both are in grave need of psychiatric help.

  14. In case you all don’t know Bob, he’s owner of Mad In The Middle blog

    Hey Bob, you’d get some good play in comments if you would get the heck away from blogspot. They make it nearly impossible for people to comment on blogs unless they give up their entire computer to Google. Eventually people give up trying to comment on blogspot blogs. I was one of them. Too much work!

  15. It’s interesting though that she tried to sue Howard Univ. back in the day for “discriminating” against her b/c she was white.

  16. I know I’ve said this before, but the cis thing really sticks in my craw.
    To bolster the illusions of less than one percent of the men of the world, one hundred percent of women are expected to refer to themselves in that clunky, ugly and biologically delusional way.
    Talk about male privilege!

  17. 0.03% to be exact.

  18. Uppity, fabulous post! You haven’t lost it! Sorry, you had to go through that last night, but am glad to see the ticker held up well. I hope the beautiful pup is doing better today.

  19. Sweet Sue, agree with you, agree with everyone here.

    Regarding her suing Howard and losing, I was wondering why it is ok for a black school to maintain their exclusivity, but women’s colleges cannot. And not only can they not keep their schools exclusive to women, but they have to allow men who haven’t made the physical change, but just say they “identify” as a woman, or were meant to be a woman. (I say I was identify and was born to be rich, but it hasn’t helped me any.)

    And then there’s the whole language policing going on, trying to remove feminine and masculine words from our lexicon. Imagine what the English language would lose, if they had their way. Songs, poetry, literature, all would lose their beauty and meaning without those words. Imagine Shakespeare with this ultra pc nonsense.

  20. Oh, btw, I read the letters to the Editor @ NYT about that latest opinion piece we all liked, and there were a few from women that loved it, but there were more from trans men who were extremely offended and basically said the author “didn’t get it.” Yeah. We actual women don’t get why we have to allow men–oops, I mean women with penises in our bathrooms and showers and changing rooms, and we’re just too dumb to want to call our vaginas, “front holes”. That’s pretty bizarre, right? Actual women don’t get it, but men who say they’re women do get it? What nerve. Reminds of the comments I liked from the original opinion piece: one woman pointed out that these trans that are demanding that we conform to whatever they want are just like any other men with lots of testosterone and how ironic it is that women have been subjugated and bullied and dictated to by men all through history, and now even the trans are acting according to their kind and subjugating and bullying and dictating to women to get their way.

    As I said before, I don’t mind sharing facilities with genuine trans-women, the ones who have actually made the change. But all these guys like Bruce, who want to enjoy dressing and living like women, but still plan to keep their manly gifts…is there really a big difference between them and transvestites? I’m not knowledgeable about this subject, and I don’t get why they don’t want to be known as transvestites, who are basically considered cooler and more accepted than trans. Hope that makes sense, I’m still sick as a dog, and stumbling all over my fingers.

  21. I still enjoy all the beautiful headers with Bill the cat! I hope FF knows that her work is still appreciated here.

  22. Boy socal, you might be sick, but you sure as HELL nailed it! They might as well say, “You don’t get it. We’re guys and we want to play girly-girl and we’re going to have it our way because we are males and will dominate the world of women”. First dominated by men, now attempts to dominate us by men who want to pretend they’re women and keep their package just in case they need it. Over our dead, burnt bodies this will happen.

    Far as I can recall, NOBODY has ever told me what to think and no man has EVER pushed me around and if they think they can start now, they can kiss my ass.

  23. LOL! Thanks Upps!

  24. You make perfect sense, Annie. I have the same questions about the difference between a transgender man who is keeping his “package” and a transvestite. Is the former a woman and the latter a guy in drag? Can a man be a woman even though he has not experienced life as a woman nor had surgery to “become” a woman? If he can, then why can’t a white woman be a black woman if she alters her hair and skin color artificially? If she identifies herself as black, why isn’t she black? Doesn’t she get to decide who and what she is in this brave new world? Don’t we all? Maybe Jonathan Capehart can mansplain it to us. I’m waiting.

  25. I hope you feel better soon, Annie!

  26. I identify as a member of the Rockefeller family, btw. I’m looking forward to getting my inheritance. It better be big or I’m taking my relatives to the cleaners.

  27. Thanks Beata! LOL on the Rockefellers!

  28. I don’t need to identify with anybody important! I have relatives that date all the way back to the Boston Tea Party! My great great great great grandmother was the last bag to be thrown overboard.

  29. I could stuff an Alka Seltzer bottle in my pants and be a guy I suppose. I think an Alka Seltzer bottle is perfect because it’s six inches long and hard like glass.

  30. Hey what was the name of the male character Lily Tomlin used to play in her standup?

  31. Lily Tomlin has played a few different male characters in her standup. Tommy Velour is the one I remember best:

  32. Excellent post! Totally nailed it!

  33. On this day 130 years ago, France delivered the Statue of Liberty to the United States of America.

    As it is for women in general, the Freedom, Liberty and Right To Pursuit of Happiness — which our Lady represents– has been stifled, hobbled and abused by elected officials who deserve to be run out of America on a rail.

    Look what they’ve done to our Lady.

  34. Just as I declared, they have morons and goombahs of politicians, all unqualified, causing the compromise of our computer data systems security.

    It’s not just about this system. we have shit for brains overseeing the security of all our gov systems, including the white house and the pentagon. China knows it, and they keep coming back because They Can.

    Hey, has anybody heard that Hillary’s server has been hacked yet?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The agency that allowed hackers linked to China to steal private information about nearly every federal employee – and detailed personal histories of military and intelligence workers with security clearances – failed for years to take basic steps to secure its computer networks, officials acknowledged to Congress on Tuesday.
    Democrats and Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee spoke in unison to describe their outrage over what they called gross negligence by the Office of Personnel Management. The agency’s data was breached last year in two massive cyberattacks only recently revealed.
    The criticism came from within, as well. Michael Esser, the agency’s assistant inspector general for audit, detailed a yearslong failure by OPM to adhere to reasonable cybersecurity practices, and he said that that for a long time, the people running the agency’s information technology had no expertise.
    Last year, he said, an inspector general’s audit recommended that the agency shut down some of its networks because they were so vulnerable. The director, Katherine Archuleta, declined, saying it would interfere with the agency’s mission.

    Last year, he said, an inspector general’s audit recommended that the agency shut down some of its networks because they were so vulnerable. The director, Katherine Archuleta, declined, saying it would interfere with the agency’s mission.
    The hackers were already inside her networks, she later acknowledged.

    Even the management is inexcusably incompetent.

  35. Yes that’s it, Beata! Tommy Velour. I think I’ll transition to him.

  36. Talk about shit for brains: the media still hasn’t connected the dots and figured out why Hillary used a private email server. Or maybe they have, but they’d rather keep up their Lady Macbeth narrative.

    Still think Jenner is a cross dresser, not a trans. He gets a thrill out of tarting himself up like on Vanity Fair cover. He’s been cross dressing for years. Needed to kick it up a notch.

  37. I love the part of the Tommy Velour video when he ( Tommy is a he because I say so ) opens his collar and shows his chest hair to Elizabeth Taylor. She just howls with laughter.

  38. Stolen from a comment at Still4Hill:

  39. Sorry bowt that visual lol

  40. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-reportedly-paid-actors-232340811.html

    Yeah, they may be actors. And maybe they were paid. But who’s to say they didn’t self IDENTIFY as Trump supporters after being assigned to the identity of actors???

    Oh, in case you didn’t hear…..Donald Trump is running for president.

  41. imust, ROFL!

  42. That actually sounds like an easy gig. Fifty bucks to stand and watch one of the funniest moments of the 2016 campaign. It would be hard to cheer when you’re doubled up with laughter though.

  43. I read someplace today that Miley Cyrus identifies as “fluid gender”. Good lord.

  44. It would be hard to cheer when you’re doubled up with laughter though.

    That’s the actor part.

  45. Brassy, think you’re right about Jenner. I mentioned the letters to the editor about the NYT opinion piece. I thought this one was interesting:

    “miniver New York 1 day ago

    MS. Burkett is brave. She now has to look out for the death threats that usually follow when anyone (especially a woman) dares to take on the current trans movement. And let’s hope Ms. Burkett doesn’t plan on teaching again, for she has committed an unpardonable sin in academia today. Thus far have mens rights advocates succeeded in silencing women who dare to speak on the farce that is much (most) of the trans movement, Mens Rights Activists in Drag.
It is insane that Mount Holyoke, formerly a women’s college, now admits men who need only state that they identify as male. No psychiatric diagnosis, no hormones and no surgery required. And even those measures couldn’t have undone the biological and societal conditioning men receive from birth. As Elizabeth Hungerford pointed out in her open letter to Smith College about trans women: “Transwomen may retain their penises and secondary sex characteristics. They may retain offensive, stereotypical ideas about what “being a woman” means. They may talk loudly over women or on behalf of women while looking and sounding exactly like men.”

As in this and other matters to do with trans, the women affected are not consulted and have no say. Is there a more glaring example of male privilege?”

  46. Upps @ 10:40: hahaha! So true!

  47. Okay, there are too many damned rules here:

    transvestite (plural transvestites)

    A person who sometimes wears clothes traditionally worn by and associated with the opposite sex; typically a male who cross-dresses occasionally by habit or compulsion.

    Transvestite should not be confused with transgender or transsexual (“person who lives as a member of a sex different from their birth sex”).

    Okay def. of transgender:
    transgender (not comparable)

    (narrowly, of a person) Having a gender which is the different from one’s natal sex: being assigned male at birth but having a female gender or vice versa. (Compare transsexual, and the following sense.)  [quotations ▼]
    (broadly, of a person) Not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles and categories of male or female; having changed gender identity from male to female or female to male, or identifying with elements of both, or having some other gender identity. (Compare genderqueer, transsexual, and transvestite.)

    Genderqueer???? 😯

    and then the transsexual:
    transsexual (plural transsexuals)

    One who has changed or is in the process of changing their physical sex (because it did not match their desired sex) by undergoing medical treatment such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and/or sex reassignment surgery (SRS)

    Woof! Who knew? 😯

  48. socalannie, that letter to the editor that you quoted is great. The part about most of the trans movement is composed of ‘men’s rights advocates in drag” says it all!

  49. Thanks Fredster. Be right back, I got a headache….

    But first, I would like to point out that CISGENDER refers to 99.97% of the population. You know, messed up people like you and me. They are obviously all screwed up. Yes that’s right…….0.03% of the population identify is a different sex than the one they were…um…’assigned’ A large percentage of that 0.03 purport to now speak for women and define what Being A Woman Means while sporting a penis package for rainy days.

    Now i REALLY need that Tylenol.

  50. Miniver NY has TOTALLY NAILED IT.

    Who the hell are these assholes who imagine they can take over for women? Why, they are MEN of course!

  51. HERE is Elizabeth Hungerford’s AWESOME letter to Smith College. Now THIS is what a feminist looks like.


    And another great quote from her:

    “Being a woman is not a spiritual or metaphysical experience. It is not a feeling and it is not a performative utterance. Being a woman is a lived experience with material consequences.”

    In her references

  52. Ok let me tell you when I will buy Bruce Jenner’s schtick. When he separates from the Kardashian TV cash cow, when he has his d*ck and b*lls removed and replaced by a vagina, when he gets raped in that vagina and worries about being pregnant in addition to becoming a recluse because his life is ruined and he’s afraid to leave the house, when he takes a medication that makes him bleed excessively once a month for a couple of decades, complete with back and leg cramps that make him feel like he has polio, and when he gets a job and gets paid 17% less than the guy next to him, I’ll buy his schtick.

    The fact that he is presenting himself as a caricature of what MEN think a women should be, complete with porny corsets, offends me the most of anything in this story.

  53. Miley Cyrus is an unoriginal waste of flesh. In addition, Look What She’s Done To Melanie’s Song, Ma. Half her dumb generation thinks it’s original besides. And Melanie did it without “auto-voice” and other tools to ‘improve’ the voice. And she was cuter and didn’t need any makeup plastered all over herself or any half-nekked glitter anywhere.

  54. I was 10 years old when I saw Melanie in concert. She was a talented songwriter with a very powerful voice. Miley is a nothing but a poseur.

  55. Up @ 10:06 and 10:15: TWO THUMBS WAY UP! And who’s Miley Cyrus? 😄

  56. How come they don’t say Bruce Jenner is appropriating women’s culture?

  57. Wait! Just read that NYT mag link. So now a great women’s college like Wellesley has to accept both men who think they’re women AND women who think they’re men? Does that leave room in freshman classes for any…you know, actual women? I’m totally weirded out now.

  58. Uppity, thanks for introducing me to Elizabeth Hungerford’s work.
    I’ll bet she wears Kevlar when she leaves the house.

  59. From the Hungerford letter:

    According to current definitions of the term “trans,” roughly 75% of those who identify as transwomen are not fully transitioned; many are not transitioned at all, and some have no intention of ever doing so.

    Welp..just my opinion here but if you’re still “hiding the candy” as The Lady Chablis says, you’re just playing dress up in drag. If you are still toting “the boys” along for a ride it doesn’t count as anything.

  60. All the consolations, none of the consequences. How Privileged and Safe can you get?

  61. Sue reading the comments is a MUST. You will see a tranny show up and call her a POS and other assorted invectives, call the commenters “trash” and you will say her handle that POS. Let’s just say for a new Woman he sure acted like a privileged male who thinks he’s superior while laughingly trying to explain the re-definition of Woman to suit himself, X and Y be damned. Anyways she commented that she has not received ANY threats. Taking her to court on her blog is a huge mistake. She’s a trial lawyer and I’ll bet a damned good one too.

  62. Hungerford’s argument is basically, if they want to declare themselves women than they need to show women’s colleges full documentation (medical and psychological) of the process, and intention to continue to sport the family jewels negates their claim. If the process is ongoing, they update the documentation yearly until the transition is complete. If the transition stops at any convenient time, they can no longer be a student of the college. As it stands now, only declaring yourself a woman (checking the box) gets you in.

    Also another blog:

    I’m feeling a little discouraged at the ability of people to deny biological reality. I have a hard time understanding how people who should understand science can so easily buy into using definitions to change reality.


    The Transgender Trojan horse.

    How to destroy feminism:

    (1) convince young women to unconditionally accept men as women; and
    (2) convince young lesbians they are men.

  63. Another psycho left to walk the streets till he killed. This is Dylann Storm Roof (yup that’s his name). They just found him and have him in custody. This POS killed 9 black people in a church in S Carolina (where else). He did it with a .45 given to him by his asshole father.

    Once again, Obama speaks. And he says we have to have a conversation about guns. No conversation about our totally broken Mental Health system in this country though….where a crazy bastard can continue walking the streets until he kills..

    Look at him and tell me you don’t know instinctively that he’s a psycho!

  64. I have a gun to protect myself against psychos like Dylann Storm Roof, who continue to walk the streets with no real action taken until they kill. I have witnessed too many of these psychos in real life to want to give that gun up. I would prefer that someone in that church killed him first. I also regret that the police didn’t put a bullet in his head and save us the bullshit about his childhood and blah blah blah. Later they will let him out of prison to gear up again. But then again, it wasn’t a crime against women. Oscar Pistorius is to be released from prison because all the poor guy did was kill What’s Her Name.

  65. I also regret that the police didn’t put a bullet in his head and save us the bullshit about his childhood and blah blah blah


  66. It’s the whole thing: guns, racism, and mental illness. I get that some people feel they need a gun for protection, hunting, sportsmanship, collections, and just because it’s their right BUT our culture glorifies them and pretends that ALL gun owners are law-abiding good guys and those who don’t get the phallic fixation are the mentally ill ones.

    Racism because yes, he said, “You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” before he killed them and was wearing two flags, one for apartheid-era South Africa, and another for the former colony of Rhodesia (white supremacist).

    The gun people have repeatedly said it’s not the guns, it’s the person yet these very same people have done everything they can to prevent us from identifying those who should not have a gun.

    Personally, I want full universal background checks. By full universal, I mean that everyone who lives in the house or regularly visits the house with one or more guns has to have a background check. The gun owner is responsible such that whenever anyone is on their premises without a background check, every gun and piece of ammo has to be locked up. I don’t think this kid or Adam Lanza could have passed a background check.

    It’s a sad state that we have tighter laws for swimming pools than firearms.

  67. I have absolutely NO problem with background checks for people who want guns. It makes perfect sense to me. But then I think the NRA is over the top and would never even think of joining. I completely agree that this crazy bastard and Adam Lanza would NEVER pass background check. Not that they wouldn’t eventually kill anyways–and that’s what bothers me. We let these whackjobs loose and leave them loose until they do something horrendous. And that is the only reason I own a gun.

  68. There are people saying this was staged and a false flag operation. I ripped a guys head off who dared to say in a comment. “Sandy Hoax.”

  69. Sophie the country if full of morons who see a conspiracy in everything. Frankly, I hope none of THEM have guns. Paranoia is not a good companion for a gun.

  70. Sophie & Upps, well said. I hate the NRA with a passion. And I think gun owners should also have to keep their guns locked away from their kids. If the kids want to learn how to shoot a gun when they’re adults, that’s their right, if they pass a background check, but I will never understand these gun nuts immersing their children in gun culture. Kids minds are too vulnerable to brainwashing and warped ideas when they’re going through school. They should be focused on their education, their futures, having fun with other kids, and hopefully racking up some accomplishments and contributing to their community. It kills me to think of all these kid/young adult mass murderers since Columbine, and their stupid f&*king parents that sat back and watched it happen.

    And I blame Reagan and the republican party for destroying the mental health system. But I think the NRA is right up there with Big Agra, Big Pharma, the oil companies, and the MIC; they’re all destroying everything that was ever good about this country all for greed and power.

    I’m off to read the Hungerford letter.

  71. Don’t forget the media’s role. They do wall to wall coverage for days and loners with mental health issues see a way to become infamous. They have a need to feel powerful and to control and to be noticed. Nobody ever talks about that.

  72. Turns out the loophole in the “law” is named Daddy. If he is found to have given the son the gun, I hope he spends more than 10 years in prison. I hope he is charged as an accessory to the crime.


  73. I agree with you voting. The father should never have given him a gun.

  74. I can’t remember who wrote it but some clever person on the internet referred to NRA members as “ammosexuals.”

  75. Sweet Sue, I also saw “ammosexuals” used. It is a good one.
    Voting, that would be great if the Dad is charged. From your link:

    “The National Rifle Association recently changed its mind on universal background checks, coming out against them. “Background checks will never be ‘universal’ because criminals will never submit to them,” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said in 2013.

    Yet according to a Johns Hopkins poll released that same year, 74 percent of NRA members and 89 percent of Americans support the policy.”

    89% of Americans want universal background checks, but that’s not good enough. And think of how incredibly obtuse LaPierre’s statement is: “criminals will never submit to them” Duh. Like we don’t know that. So because criminals get their weaponry on the black market, we’re supposed to let every psycho with a record walk into walmart and get a weapon over the counter without a check. Yeah, that’ll really help stop crime.

  76. The thing is, he’s 21, so it’s pretty immaterial that his stupid old man gave him a gun while he had a screw loose. The crime was committed by a legal adult. It’s unfortunate that people who should never be allowed to spawn don’t serve time for doing so.

    I don’t think Lanza’s parents did nothing and watched though. I think the system failed with that little psycho. You can’t put them where they belong if they don’t want to be there. You can only hold them 72 hours, next potential victim be damned. These Defectives are never without a history with the law, you watch. You can bet this little cockroach has been in trouble before. You can bet people saw signs. Of course his father wouldn’t see signs because nobody becomes a 2015 skin head without learning their savage ways from someone. When I taught school we used to have a saying, “Take an ugly kid, follow him home, ring the doorbell, and an ugly parent will answer the door”. We Learn From Our Parents. We learn so very much that can be very bad or very good from our parents.

    As for getting hands on a gun at a young age, some people grow up on the sport of hunting. Normally they are taught to shoot with a hunting rifle. While I think it’s not really Sport unless you arm all the deer with automatic weapons, it’s a cultural thing, and in some cases, people feed their families this way. However, this little arrogant psycho killed these people with a .45, not a hunting rifle. If you dig, would you be a bit surprised if you read that he shot small animals with that .45 and laughed sardonically when they were blown to bits?

  77. I loved the Hungerford letter to Smith College. I also read a couple of her other posts, the one about “cis”, and the one about trans in women-only spaces, which was especially good. It was about trans activists crashing a yearly camping retreat that is held by a group of some 30 lesbians. What a great way to be accepted. Not.

  78. Upps, I agree with you: “We Learn From Our Parents. We learn so very much that can be very bad or very good from our parents.” And that is why I place a lot of blame on the parents of these young killers. I’m sure good parents occasionally turn out a rotter, but I think most of them probably learned their hatred for humans and their love of guns from the folks.

    The system should have done something with Lanza for sure, but didn’t his mother give him access to her huge arsenal?

    And I’m not totally anti-gun. I spent a lot of my life in ranch country and learned to shoot a 22 on my Uncles ranch, and my husband did on his Uncles ranch. I see nothing wrong with people having a handgun in the home for protection and rifles for hunting (or protection–my brothers house is in woods where there are bear and mountain lions). What bothers me is this huge obsession with the kind of guns that Lanza used. Military stuff. And the people who love them can’t seem to get enough of them.

  79. Nothing says My Penis Is Tiny like a realllllllllllly big gun!

  80. Good God. Look at that happy face. He’s happy to have a bigger penis…er…gun than any of his friends.

    I’m still sick. Upps, how are you feeling with your new gizmo?

  81. Uppity, first I have been following in the shadows for months and I wish you nothing less than great health from here out.

    I have been reading all the comments regarding trans men..and yes, let’s call it what it is..MEN.

    I think I am about to become the board un-PC Uppity Lesbian. I am beyond furious over this whole PC nonsense that .03 % of the male population thinks it now gets to determine what it is to be a woman.

    I have three things to say to that: no…uh, no….OH HELL NO!

    But what really infuriates this Uppity Lesbian of a certain age is how the whole BT got added to LG rights. It’s like it was forced down our throats by the PC crowd. No one added Native American rights or Hispanic rights to African American rights, but for whatever reason, bi-sexuals and transexuals got added to our cause. It infuriates me because my issues are not their issues and the trans men are now trying to define me as both a woman and a lesbian.

    Example, The Michigan Women’s Festival which was not lesbian exclusive, but FEMALE exclusive stopped this year after 40 years of being a safe place for women because the trans men kicked up a shit-storm that they weren’t invited or welcomed because they are MALE.

    The lesbian community is so under-represented anyway in leadership positions in the so-called LGBT community that it may be time for us to say Adios, please refer to yourselves as GBT from here out.

    Trans men to me are not looking for rights, but privilege at the expense of women and when .03% of the male population thinks it can dictate to over 50% strong female population, that is not a struggle for rights.

    That is just being a prick…period.

  82. Voting, great comment, especially like your last paragraph. As I mentioned, the link upthread “ehungerford” under one of Uppity’s comments has a great post about why trans men should not be allowed to crash all-women groups and gives an example of a yearly lesbian retreat.

  83. So, apparently Faux News is trying to spin the latest atrocity. Instead properly reporting the kid as the psychotic rascist that he apparently was, Faux is trying to make the story fit into their demented “war on Christianity” meme. Square peg in round hole.

    “Analysts on Fox News floated the theory on Thursday that the shooting at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday night was motivated by religious animosity toward Christians, rather than by racism.”


  84. Larry Wilmore, the guy that took over Colbert’s spot, is now calling out the repubs on their trying to spin the tragedy away from racism to the phony “war on christians”.

  85. Uppity Woman, on June 19, 2015 at 1:17 AM said:
    The thing is, he’s 21, so it’s pretty immaterial that his stupid old man gave him a gun while he had a screw loose.

    Actually, it is very material, Uppity, as the SC law clearly states that you can’t give/sell a gun to someone who is charged with a felony as his son is prior to this incident. It is not a matter of the background checks not being followed as much as Daddy went around it. I pray an attorney seeks accessory to the crime for the dad.

    But what is more material is that the son was on meds that can dispose to aggressive behavior. Big pharmaceutical is as guilty as Daddy is and I hope some enterprising attorney raises this issue and sues the crap out of them as well as the dad.

    Another Uppity Lesbian “I am so sick of” meme….I am so sick of Big Pharm being excused because they say a “possible” side effect when they know it is a probable one.

  86. Hey Voting, in case you didn’t notice, we love love love lesbians here. And we ESPECIALLY loves Uppity Lesbians. For some lovely reason, this blog is a Lesbian magnet. Or as we say, “Lebanese”. And thank you for your good wishes. As you know, I am now officially bionic.

    Oh, and I agree on Big Pharma and their TV ads should be cause for indictments. I cannot believe they get away with doing what they do on TV. And I am more than a little sick of them fudging data and getting caught when they’ve already killed people. I believe Big Pharma does the bulk of their debugging in the field. In other words, we are their unwitting data collection subjects. All you have to do is remember HRT to know it’s so. Let’s put it out there and see who dies.

  87. Socal I had little Gizmo tested yesterday. It was slightly disconcerting because all these readouts were flying off a computer when nothing was attached to me. The readouts included a data dump of everything that went on with my heart for the last 8 days. In other words, I am literally, and I DO mean LITERALLY……..wireless. But while it’s disconcerting, it’s also extremely fascinating for a digit head like me. And hurray! I can shower and drive again!

    Anywho….the settings seem to be close to perfect for my heart, great Cardio-Electrophysiologist. I only paced 1%. This means out of 192 hours, the device only had to do some small things for a total of 1.9 hours out of 8 days. I say small things because I didn’t get any jolts. I did however check to see if I can be a lightning rod during a thunderstorm. J/k. I really don’t feel anything inside of me in case you wanted to know. i don’t even know it’s there. And it is a relief to go to bed at night and not have to worry about sudden cardiac arrest any longer.

    This new model ALSO monitors fluid! It can give a warning when you are about to get into trouble that way. I can’t tell you what a plus that is for me, because for all I endured, only ONE thing frightened me out of my wits. And that was the day I was rushed to the hospital because I couldn’t breath without feeling my head was underwater and I was drowning. The most horrible experience of my life and I just can’t forget it. I still shiver thinking about it. I really thought I was going to die. I tell you I literally SLID to the floor. There was no air. Only water. Since then I have been VERY diligent about my sodium. Sodium is my enemy, not only for my heart but my kidney. I know where all the sodium lurks in the supermarket and it’s EVERYWHERE, killing us all so that Big Agra can increase the shelf life of their frankenfood! So having that feature is a HUGE benefit.

  88. Still my favorite redneck shooting video.

  89. The guy in that video made a video showing how he was healing, with a shot of him with his drawers and skivvies down around his ankles. He thanks his friends “slickybeans and zombietactics” for sticking by him thru the ridicule. I tell you, I laughed so hard I was crying.

  90. I have that youtube bookmarked!

  91. It’s what he deserved for trying to whip it out so quickly. Heh.

  92. Upps, I’m so glad its working and not causing you any pain. Can you have any kind of salt, like the pink kind (Himalaya)?

  93. CNN is covering Roof wall to wall–not the victims, the damn shooter! Yes, this surely incites these total social misfits to do something horrendous just for the guaranteed hyper publicity.

    There is no question here that there are underlying mental health issues even though he’s legally sane. Now it turns out Roof also has a drug problem. My question about all these highly dysfunctional social misfits with no visible means of support is: who IS supporting them. We see this pattern over and over in these cases. There seems to be a whole subculture out there of adult males who love guns, live on the internet, have no job but live quite comfortably. Someone is enabling this uselessness.

  94. Yeah Fredster, he just Whipped It Out and Showed Everybody, eh?

  95. socal I can have salt, but have to be very judicious because it’s not just my heart at play here but my remaining kidney is at risk. My nephrologist says my sodium is very good and allows me up to 2 grams a day, but I voluntarily keep it at 1500 milligrams. It does pose a restaurant problem and fast food is completely out of the question, but I don’t miss it since i was not a big fan of fast food anyways. The hardest part is eating someone else’s food. I just can’t do it, and you can imagine people simply take the heat about it no matter how i explain it. It seems even reasonably intelligent people are ignorant of what sodium can do to me in a big hurry. They’re ignorant of what it’s doing to themselves as well. So I wish I had a thousand for every time someone says the most stupid thing you can say to a person with my problems: “Just once won’t hurt”.

    The other thing is, I am so weaned from excess salt that I can’t stand the taste of what others consider normal salt in food. I taste the salt. I feel like my lips will crack or something. And these are good cooks. I cooked like that once too. You don’t taste the salt when you are desensitized to it. If I had my wish, I would love to be able to snap my fingers and wake up the people i care about. Sodium is destroying them. And all those people you know who are trying to lose weight and can’t? How do you make them understand that five pounds or more of it is fluid retention from sodium. And I want to shoot the TV every time I see a pissant dietician discuss low-fat, low cholesterol and ignore the salt they are recommending you eat instead. What a disservice. Low fat dairy, for example is PACKED with sodium. It’s how they get the taste back after taking the fat out. OK rant off.

    I have a friend who still isn’t talking to me because she would try to hammer me with food. I finally told her that the only way she is going to understand is if she would go stick her head in the toilet and not remove it till EMS shows up, and good luck with that inhaling thing. And don’t forget to volunteer for dialysis 4 times a week for shits and giggles. I had just about had it and couldn’t help it. I kind of figure if you aren’t going to respect my need to live on because your pride in your food is more important, then you aren’t my friend so fuck ya.

    socal, pink salt, sea salt, kosher salt salt salt salt.It’s all the same shit and it’s bullshit to claim any differently. Just more marketing meant to gain profit while killing you. For example, the only reason they can claim that Sea Salt is lower in Sodium than regular table salt is because the grains are bigger. But by weight, all things equal, it’s got just as much sodium. Marketeers just know how to pull people’s chains when they don’t really want to give something bad up. 1 teaspoon salt = 2300 mg sodium. I don’t care if the salt is crapped out by jesus himself, I ain’t eating it. And FWIW, table salt is only 25% of the problem. The real problem is the sodium in the supermarket.

  96. Hi!!!
    Our girl on the S.C. Tragedy. 🙂

  97. Handy Dandy Guide you Must follow or Else.

  98. I am so glad to see that you are doing better Upps,
    And great post!!!! 😀

  99. Thanks Foxy

  100. Yeah Fredster, he just Whipped It Out and Showed Everybody, eh?


  101. I am definitely going to start cutting way back on it (salt).

  102. Uppity Woman, on June 19, 2015 at 11:43 AM said:
    Handy Dandy Guide you Must follow or Else.

    Count me in the “or else” group.

  103. Say Sodium, not salt. Because the labels on your supermarket crap say Sodium. Thats even worse than salt because table salt is not 100% sodium. It is part sodium and part chlorine. Yes that’s right. Chlorine. 39% of salt is sodium.

  104. Voting: You 99.07% got a real attitude problem!

  105. I’ll admit it, I’m a salt hound.
    My sister used to say “It’s snowing down south” when she watched me salt (heavily) my spaghetti topped with commercial marinara sauce!

  106. We were both children and she was pretending to be a weatherman.
    I’m so old that “meteorologists ” were all men.

  107. Whoopsie, I wish we had an edit button. 🙂


  108. I’ll admit it, I’m a salt hound.

    Allow me to serve as a horrible warning to you.

  109. I don’t like the phrase “side effects.” They’re effects. Just because they weren’t planned–they are effects, equal to the intended effects. Calling them side effects makes them seem smaller, like a side dish compared to the main dish. But they’re not smaller if you get them.

  110. Uppity Woman, on June 19, 2015 at 6:41 PM said:
    Voting: You 99.07% got a real attitude problem!

    Somehow that feels like a COMPLIMENT coming from you! LOL!

    I hope you are feeling well today and thanks for the info on sea-salt which my sister makes me crazy over. I keep telling her its still SODIUM but what the hell do I know.

  111. You are correct Voting. Here’s your reward

    And do tell your sister for me she should stop deluding herself.

  112. The Vocabulary Police shall decide who can be in on a conversation and have an opinion.

    You are not allowed to be horrified over Newtown or want to do something about it if you don’t use precise vocabulary. Wo to you who use the word automatic, for you shall be shamed by the ammosexuals. Forget the dead children–you didn’t use “high capacity” correctly in a sentence so your opinion doesn’t exist.

    And now, the 99.07% are not allowed to express their discomfort about there being penises in the women’s locker room because, it turns out, the 99.07% been using the word “woman” incorrectly.

  113. Oh get with it Sophie, what do you know about what a woman is compared to a guy dressed like a woman?

  114. Right. So sorry. Forgot my place. Must be Uppity or something.

  115. Get with the program, girl! Wait, you aren’t really a girl, you are a….wait i gotta look it up…

    Ok I got it. You are Binary Cisgender She/They.

  116. Sophie @ 7:58, spot on, girl!

  117. Got a penis? I don’t care how many hormones you’ve shot yourself with or push-up bras you wear. You’re a man.

    Got a vagina? Doesn’t matter how many hormones you’ve shot yourself with or how bushy your mustache is. You’re a woman.

    Fuck the cis shit. Drop the T.

  118. I am a binary CIS woman-loving woman!

    Sing it Theresa! Still excellent after 38 years!

  119. You GO Girl. Obviously you don’t need any men redefining you!

  120. OT: Uppityites, please keep a good thought or say a prayer for a young starving kitty I am trying to rescue. If I can’t get him today, I’m afraid he may not make it. Thanks.

  121. Oh boy Beata. I am assuming you have left some nutrition out where he can see it. And water. Lots of water.

  122. Beata, I did.

  123. Speaking of little kitties, you know this Saturday is our anniversary, right?

  124. Ah you mean the trip di tutti trips?

  125. Si, un viaggio di cinquecento miglia.

  126. quattro donne arroganti, tre stati, un gattino

  127. Vogliamo fare un repost ?

  128. OT but I ran across this and just have to post it. Obviously meant for that shit Bob Dylan, who ripped her heart out and left her because

    Bob Dylan loved fellow folk singer Joan Baez, but he told his friend, ‘Joan won’t be there when I want her. She won’t do it when I want to do it’ Instead, he married Playboy bunny Sara Lownds because ‘she’ll be home when I want her to be home’

    She had a better voice than you too, Dickhead. Subsequently, Bob had five unsuccessful marriages, all of which he paid for $$. He did apologize to Baez though. In 2009. Meh.

  129. Of course the comparatively mediocre Judas Priest remade that song. Badly

  130. Uppity Woman @ 6:13, god, soooo true!

    Around 25 years ago, I worked at a very trendy golf course, that was generally difficult to get into on Fri-Sat-Sun. I wore a lot of hats in that company, but I ended up being a sort of unofficial concierge for the celebs that golfed there. For some reason, celebs have to think they have a special “in” at the places they like to frequent. Makes them feel important. So, they wouldn’t just call up and ask for a tee time from the starter or whomever answered the phone, they always insisted on talking to me. Anyway, I dealt with all manner of celebs, actors, rock stars, athletes, but the most obnoxious of them all was Dylan. I got even with him though.

  131. I got even with him though.

    Do tell……

  132. Yes, do. Do it for Joan Baez.

    I note his twitter acct. Nearly 300k followers and he follows nobody. Always a sign.

  133. I will still always love this though. Shithead.

  134. Ok this one too. Dickhead.

  135. yea, he’s a shithead, but a talented one. This is one of faves from his later work.

  136. You guys crack me up! Can I post a few if I call him an asshole and a dirtbag each time?

  137. Yes, Sophie, yes.

  138. Brilliant asshole.

  139. Visionary prick.

  140. I’m trying to think of a way to tell it so you can understand it, and also so that no one could tell who I am, in case there are some LA golfers lurking. Hopefully, I’m safe with the passage of a couple of decades. He was always difficult and always demanding special concessions that screwed up the schedule and made all the scheduled tee times run excessively late, and/or interferred with the groundskeepers work. This was a hardship to our regular customers…the ones who actually p a i d to golf there. Cuz he never did, and stiffed the pro for hours and hours of lessons. (A lot of celebs are like that, think they should get everything they want for free, and in this case, the pro did not make much and really needed his $, but he kept believing he would get paid eventually, and he was a sucker for celebs).

    Also, he demanded to have this huge swath of space around him, which took some doing. No one could go near him or address him except the pro. It was ludicrous as no one gave a shit if he was there or not, the place was crawling with famous people and in fact many rock stars golfed there, like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac guys, Jimmy Buffett and many more than I can think of now in the middle of the night, and they were always super nice.

    One morning, after I arrived, it started raining and the boss decided to close up. I had two teenagers there who worked as starters or with the carts, and since we had to pay them for four hours, we decided to inventory the pro shop, so myself and the kids were counting away and his lordship called the pro and demanded a lesson. He and his manager showed up and stood outside the door to the shop. His lordship, as usual, wearing baggy jeans and a hoodie (we usually enforced the rule of country club attire). His mgr came in and asked me if he could be inside with us to get out of the rain. I said of course he was welcome and so was Mr D. The mgr gave a condescending smile and said, “oh no, Bob always feels he needs to protect himself from his fans.” I replied, “well then, he’ll never be safer than in here, because these two kids don’t know who he is, and I really don’t care.” Mgr looked a little ruffled and asked if we had a lot of rock stars play there, and I said yes, lots, and also I was the girlfriend of (record producer) for five years so I knew quite a few. He said Oh! and went outside and spoke to his lordship, posing like a sphinx staring off in the distance, but the posing hooded sphinx stayed out in the rain until the pro arrived.

    Anyway, as I mentioned upthread, Fri-Sat-Suns were always packed and we were always running late. (Men would offer me $100 tips to squeeze them in on weekends.) His worshipfulness demanded a private lesson on a busy Friday afternoon. I said impossible, we can’t give lessons on Fridays. He called the pro who gave in. He demanded that we not start him until the previous foursome was on #2 tee, and not start the foursome after him until he and the pro were on #2 tee, therefore having an entire empty hole both in front and in back of him, hugely screwing the golfers who had already booked their times 7-10 days before and were waiting. This course is long and hard and it actually put us behind an entire hour. When his lordship finally took to the #1 tee, I had about 24 very angry customers crowding around me, cursing up a storm. We were up a slope, looking down on him watching him practice his drive, & I realized I could play a little trick on him that might make the angry dudes feel a little better. Our PA system was screwed up and when you turned it on it gave an eardrum splitting squeal out of a loudspeaker right over #1 tee. I said, “Okay guys, I’m gonna get even for you.” They dudes excitedly plastered themselves against the window or outside, standing along the ridge. I waited until his lordship had addressed the ball so I knew he was finally going to drive. I waited until he was just starting into his backswing and I let ‘er rip. A godawful high pitched squeal. He looked like he was having a seizure and of course flubbed his shot. The dudes were screaming with laughter, slapping each others backs, applauding, and in general carrying on like the men at the end of “Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” do when Shelly Winters slips on the banana. The pro looked up and gave me a dirty look. I put my hand on my heart and shrugged and shook my head and gave my sweetest smile. The dudes were happy, and thanked me and begged me to do it again. (I didn’t)

    Sorry for the long response, but you guys asked for it!

    PS: I agree that he is a brilliant songwriter. Gifted people are usually weird in some way or another.

  141. ROFL socal!! “His Lordship!” Priceless! Too bad you couldn’t go down to Palm Springs yesterday and help out the workers at the golf course where another special someone was probably needing his pillows fluffed.

  142. Oooooooo that was downright malicious, socal. In a good way lol.

    Visionary prick.

    This one’s a winner.

  143. Fascinating story, Annie. I never would have guessed that His Lordshitness was a golfer. Now you need to write that book. I bet you have a million good stories. Use a pseudonym.

  144. Update on the kitty: He was caught early this morning. Very weak, dehydrated, and starving. He had refused to eat or drink anything I put out for him over the past several days. But now he is getting medical care and there is at least a chance he will survive. He’s a sweet little boy about 6 months old. As weak as he was, he was kneading biscuits on the little blanket in the carrier after we caught him.

  145. Oh Good, Beata. Good girl! The vet will hydrate him and he’ll pick up right away. Just hopefully no organ damage from going without food for too long.

  146. I thought of that too, I didn’t envision that dope head playing a round of golf in his scutty clothes.

  147. You have such a sweet soul, Beata.

  148. I just can’t imagine Bob Dylan golfing.
    Did he wear plaid pants?

  149. And a hat with a little umbrella on it?

  150. Warms my heart.

  151. FYI: Al Franken’s on The Daily Show tonite

  152. I’ve read a lot of rock & roll books and nobody in any of them actually seems to LIKE Bob Dylan.

  153. He didn’t wear golf attire, usually sweat pants or jeans and a tshirt or hoodie. I never saw anyone else get away with that there. If someone showed up to golf in a tshirt, we made them buy a shirt with a collar (polo, golf shirt). Of course the other customers complained about him wearing his sloppy clothes.

    Beata, I’m glad you caught the kitty. Hope it will be okay. My mom keeps bugging me to write down mine and my sibs various adventures for our offspring.

    Sophie, thanks for headsup re: Franken.

  154. An interesting contrast to Dylan was John McVie of Fleetwood Mac. Like Dylan only wanted to deal with the pro, McVie only wanted to talk to me, and he insisted on calling me “his sweetheart” or “the sweetheart”, so when he called he would say, “this is John McVie, I need to talk to my (or the) sweetheart.” The starters thought it was hilarious and happily passed him on to me and I would find him a tee time; but for some reason, the pro was irked by the “sweetheart” thing and would always try to get him to use my name, like, “yes, John, (my real first name) is here, I’m sure (my real first name) will be glad to help you…ok, I’m transferring you to (my real first name).” McVie was completely unfazed by this and still called me sweetheart. However, unlike Dylan, he was always courteous and friendly, never expected to get away with any weird stuff, and everyone liked him.

  155. I just realized I could have used “annie” instead of “my real first name”. Anne is my middle name and the fam call me annie. I used my much longer first name for work.

  156. The pro was trying to quell what is sexism designed to get what a man wants. In his case, a tee time anytime he wanted it. You call a woman Sweetheart at work and you have let her know she’s just a girl at your service. It’s often inadvertent from conditioning (although sometimes it’s not). Another nifty trick is to shorten your name and add a “Y” on the end. Sometimes they even rub your shoulders a bit while doing it. Think Joe Biden. It’s erosive in the end. I’m with the pro on this one. He could have found a better way to mention how he prefers to talk to you. Using your more businesslike first name was wise of you. Eh, I spent too much time in Corporate America where sublte denigration and subjugation is rampant. However, on a better note.

  157. My ruffled feathers on last comment reminded me of the time I was on a project with all men and the project leader came in with two of the other male members and said “Good morning,” and promptly shortened my name and put a Y sound on the end of it. So I answered to all three of them, “Good Morning Davey, Sammy and Brucey”. Funny how it cured them.

  158. He played golf in a hoodie? Haha Dylan’s here. There goes the neighborhood!

  159. Just heard from the vet’s office. The sweet kitty is failing. He’s getting excellent care but may not make it. Please say a prayer for him. Such a darling boy. So brave. I am heartbroken.

  160. I always suspect that guys who call women they slightly know “Sweetheart” or “Hon” do it because they can’t remember their names. So many women, so little time.

  161. Poor kitty. Probably organ damage. Kidneys or liver. He made his way to you a bit late. But………Perhaps if you promise to take him home he will hear you…

  162. No Beata, trust me, they know EXACTLY what they are doing either through conditioning or deliberation. re: Sweetheart, Honey.

  163. Upps, agree with you about the sexism. I was inundated with it at that job, and that is why I left after 3 years. People always asked me why I would quit what they considered a glamour job, and one where I got lots of tips and presents, but the sexist bs just became too much, and it was from the men I worked for, as much as the spoiled rich & famous customers. My boss begged me to stay, but I had made up my mind. I went back to visit them a few months later and they had replaced me with 3 people to do the work I did. I should have been paid so much more than I got. Re: the sexism I put up with, McVie was a drop in the bucket, I was hit on all the time there, even had a couple of stalkers that I would hide from.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you about all the presents. Besides tips, I was regularly brought presents: tons of bottles of wine (good stuff too, like some Chateaus and Perrier Jouet), boxes of candy, silk scarves, jewelry, flowers, perfume, food believe it or not (the maitre ‘d and mgr of Chasen’s, which was a famous Bev Hills restaurant back in the day would bring me their famous Chasen’s chili that Elizabeth Taylor would have flown to her. They brought a quart of it to me almost every Monday! We were on the list of must-golf-at courses with the Japanese and I got all manner of weird stuff from them when they would fly to Calif for a golf week. They would have their wives buy me something and wrap it in their pretty cloth gift wrappings, and from them I would get stuff like little art things, and things made of beautiful fabrics, and super expensive soaps. Once one of them brought me a case of pantyhose in all different colors!!! Aside from the impropriety, they were size A. I am 5’ 8″, I ended up giving them to my nieces. When I got married, I got about a grand in gift money and a tv and luggage!!! It was truly the most bizarre job I ever had. Oh, at the time, I could speak passable Japanese, which was one of the reasons I was hired for the job. When I left, they bought me an expensive purse from Bev Hills (they went shopping for it themselves, my bosses), and threw a sukiyaki lunch, and a prime rib dinner in my honor. You guys will probably think I’m making this stuff up! My family always wanted me to write a movie about it.

  164. “I’ve said this many times — there’s plenty of room in the world for mediocre men, but there is no room for mediocre women.”
    –Madeleine Albright


  165. I’ve noticed on Facebook a lot of pro-Hillary sites infested by Sanders supporters. What fools. They are either clueless fantasists who believed Obama was a progressive or GOP trolls.
    I do worry about Sanders being a third-party spoiler for Hill.

  166. socalannie, I think John McVie learned his manners from his ex-wife Christine McVie. One of the classiest and funniest people I have ever met. Think Helen Mirren if she was a musician! I wish I looked as good now as either of them look and they are both at least 15 years younger than me…..actually I wish I EVER looked as good as either of them do now. LOL!

  167. oops, 15 years older than I…..apologies to Christine and Helen for that one.

  168. You mean all lives don’t matter? I had no idea. WTF? This is even more ridiculous than translating “It’s a fairy tale” into racism in 2008.

  169. I am freaked out right now and need to vent. Since we’re already discussing sexual harassment, I figure this is a good, safe place…

    I just found out that a man who taught at my old high school has been sexually harassing his former students on Facebook. He didn’t do it to me– I was not especially fond of this teacher and did not friend him on FB. But a woman who graduated a couple of years after me “outed” him on her Timeline and it opened the floodgates. All of these women came forward and said that this teacher had been PM-ing them late at night, making all kinds of inappropriate, sexually explicit comments. This teacher was at our school from the late 1960s until he retired in 2006, so we’re talking about A LOT of women from different generations. None of them mentioned him by name, but they did mention his position. He was the only person who taught that particular subject, so it cannot possibly be anyone else. All of the women are adults. None of them said they experienced this kind of treatment when they were students in his class, so they can’t go to the police. The man is married to a former student from the 1970s. Apparently, she knows about his behavior and tells people they just have to ignore it.

    So many of these women are old friends. It made me sick to read that thread on FB and see all those familiar names. I am so upset about this that I can’t sleep. I don’t even know if I am making any sense. It’s very hard to explain this situation to anyone who isn’t from my hometown. For decades, this teacher was treated like he walked on water. I always knew better, but I had no idea *this* was going on.

    Thank you all for listening.

  170. GWM, do you think Sanders will run as an Indy, or that the progs that don’t like Hillary will write Sanders in?

    Voting, agree, Christine McVie is lovely and amazingly talented.

    Agree about this stupid “all lives matter” bs, Really? They’re skewering her over that? How ridiculous and immature. Maybe these people deserve a president like Trump or Walker, or Jindal.

    Laker is watching John Stewart, who opened with Trump’s filing to run, and Laker is laughing at the top of his very loud and deep voice. He’s praying that Trump is the nominee so he can see him and Hillary debate.

  171. I think there will be a high push to write Sanders in. The press is starting an Obamaesque love-affair with him, and his fans offer the point “Well, nobody thought a black man could be President, so why not an old Jewish guy?”. I’m also seeing a lot of misogynist Hillary hate from pro-Sanders posters.

    I think Sanders will run as an indy.

    I think the press-sanctioned Hillary-bashing of 2008 will be much worse this time around, especially from those “progressives” that loved Nader and brought us Bush II. …and you can bet Hill knows this.

  172. That part of her statement was when she was talking about her mother:

    learned this not from politics but from my mother who taught me that everybody, everybody needs a chance and a champion. She knew what it was like to have neither one. Her own parents abandoned her. By 14, she was out on her own working as a house maid. Years later when I was old enough to understand, I asked her. What kept you going? Her answer was very simple. Kindness along the way from someone who believed she mattered. All lives matter.

    Her mother is not black.

  173. Jen, too many of these creeps are teachers. The guy waited till the students are not minors so he’s clever that way. Like all teachers who fancy themselves ‘walking on water,’ he imagines these former students surely must be simply spawning to be with him. What he’s doing is not illegal, until such time as someone tells him to stop. After that, he’s treading into more slippery territory. If these young women tell him to leave them alone and he doesn’t,now they have a legitimate complaint known as Stalking. It would be nice to nail him this way, because his name will then be public and it will be a forewarning to other former students (and their parents). Being publicly arrested for stalking isn’t a great path to continuing to “walk on water” Teachers are held to a standard that way. Actually, all humans are held to a better standard called the Law. On the other hand, if these women simply continue to tolerate his behaviors in the present, they have no one to blame but themselves. Should one or more of them do the right thing, tell them to be sure to capture screen shots of his comments. Generally in cases like this, once one or two people complain, the house comes down because the rest will get the courage to add to the complaint. If former students who were harassed by him while he was STILL teaching come forward, he will surely be dog shit. Of course, if he’s not doing it now and it’s all in the past, it’s a little late to tell him to stop, isn’t it?

    That story made me feel the need for a long hot shower.

    As a lesson here, I would just like to tell you that i had a teacher when I was in high school and he fondled plenty of young girls and got away with it. Nobody said a word. He taught for many years and continued his behavior………..and eventually became SUPERINTENDENT of schools. This is what saying Nothing gives you.

    On the other hand I have a story of my own with a teacher, and since he was hired to tutor me to catch up on Geometry after my parents took me on a long trip during the school year, he made the mistake of trying to grope me under the table in my own home. WHen I shot up and say Stop That! my father entered the room, picked his ass up and threw him face-down into the driveway into the snow. He came to school next day and his face was pretty gnarly. I did the rest of the job by telling everyone I knew why.

  174. I am willing to bet that Sanders will NOT run as an Indy. My reasoning is: That guy is so far to the left most times, his fingers are bleeding from hanging off the cliff. In addition, he does not appear to be very ego-driven (like Ralph Nader is), but more of an ideologue. This is a man who is not going to be a spoiler for a Democrat and give a Republican a Presidency.

  175. Her mother’s life didn’t count obviously. Nor hers. Nor mine Nor yours..and if they do count in our minds, we are no longer allowed to say so. Or something.

  176. Okay, you all know I’m a digit head, so you won’t be surprised at how totally excited I am to have received my ICD monitor. What is this, you ask? You are asking, right? It is a reminder that I have an exquisite device implanted in me. I am wireless. I also own an internal memory chip. I will repeat this. I am wireless. I have a memory chip inside of me that records everything that is happening with my heart and every little action my ICD had to perform on behalf of my heart. This could be a simple pacing adjustment ….or Pulsing activity that straightens me out so I don’t need a defib shock instead. Furthermore, I will be remotely checked while I sleep.

    Now onto the monitor. Well this link explains it all.

    This page has a demo of how to use the monitor and how the data is transmitted directly to my doctor’s computer.

    So now you know why this digit head is all excited.

  177. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been officially sentenced to death. Buh Bye you piece of shit. May your appeal process break speed records so that we don’t have to feed you for too long, you cockroach.

  178. Uppity, I think you should put a widget in a sidebar so we can all get real time feed of your ICD.

  179. Obama got heckled over deportation at a LGB(T because I am told by the PC crowd this now has to there) event at the White House today

    First, WHO’S HOUSE? I always thought the White House was the People’s House. Since it is HIS house, he can pay for all the repairs over the last 5 1/2 years.

    Second, what I said in my post further up about lesbians have no real role in the LGB(damn the T) “community”, take a good look at the crowd to see how many women are there.

  180. Hillary released this LGBT-positive video today. She really gets it.

    Might want to have the Kleenex nearby before pressing Play.

  181. My god, i couldn’t find ONE woman in that audience. Typical Obama, he’s a sexist pig and we all know it. Besides, men take over everything like the bullies they are, hell, they’re even working on taking over Womanhood. Lotsa luck with that boys. You and your corsets and size 13 shoes. This time you might be shocked at the push-back considering you are fucking with 52% of the population.

  182. You’re right! It’s all men! Unbelievable!

  183. Oh, please–there are two women there.
    From 1:38, bottom left. One with short hair and a sleeveless white dress and another right next to her, longer hair, black dress.

  184. Because there are more important things to argue about


  185. Uppity, is this your cat?

  186. I saw three individuals in the WH audience who appear to identify as women. What more do you want, Sweeties?

  187. MTF Trannies think they are MORE “real women” than the people, who were, uh, not born with penises.

  188. This just keeps getting better….guess who the heckler was? Beata, does this mean we’re back to 2 women at the event?

    “The protester was identified as Jennicet Gutiérrez by the Not One More Campaign, which opposes the Obama administration’s deportation policies.

    Gutiérrez, an undocumented transgender woman, could be heard shouting “not one more” and “stop all deportations.” ”


  189. LOL! Beata, Voting…you crack me up!

  190. On the “all lives matter” mini-hubub: I don’t think the people objecting on social media were even at the event. Those who were were not offended and were grateful Hillary took the time to come and listen and talk with them. Polls show her with overwhelming numbers in African American community. They are not going to stay home because she quoted her mom in a context having zero to do with Ferguson. That is also why Sanders will not get traction the way Obama did in 2008: AA’s are not that into Sanders. As for misogyny from his supporters: like candidate, like supporters. We’ve seen this movie before.

  191. If anyone here was ever worried about Jim Webb challenging Hillary, you can stop worrying as of yesterday. He posted a semi-defense of the Confederate battle flag on his FB page. Come to think of it, all her challengers are, shall we say, just a bit quirky.

  192. So all the cheering about Obamacare ruling. Did anyone think it was really in jeopardy? The challenge was based on a single word “State”. Clearly it meant the government, not the individual states. I think the challenge was hyped up so that when it “failed” there could be all the celebrating and pats on the back.
    I say, time to put your money into insurance stocks. Obama”care” is not healthcare, it’s insurance…..private insurance. So we are being forced to buy private insurance and/or our tax dollars are being paid to subsidize the premiums paid to PRIVATE insurance companies. There is no cost containment, in fact, it’s just a RX for costs to skyrocket. smh.

  193. Listen to Aunt Uppity. Sanders and Webb are gnats not even worth discussion as “challengers”. I mean what’s next, Joe Biden?

  194. Apparently Gutierrez confused Undocumented Tranny with Undocumented Workers.

    He needs to be deported back to his own gender.

  195. MTF Trannies think they are MORE “real women” than the people, who were, uh, not born with penises.

    Apparently delusional behavior comes with the territory.

  196. OMG Voting! That cat must have cojones the size of tennis balls!

  197. Because there are more important things to argue about



  198. I know for a fact that Caity wasn’t there because she didn’t have a thing to wear and her nails weren’t dry and she was having a bad hair day and those cute Fuck Me shoes she wanted don’t come in size 13!

  199. Uppity @ 1:44: it could be a Tranny Bear!

  200. I don’t dismiss Sanders. There are lefties out there who think an angry, septagenarian socialist is just what we need in the White House. Even after Obama, the magical thinking lives on!

  201. Uppity @ 1:44: it could be a Tranny Bear!

    Sill girl. If it were a tranny bear it would have penis and testicles covered by a dress befitting of a hooker, with lotsa makeup, 2 inch long fingernails, and size 13-Wide Jimmy Choos big enough to float down a river in.

  202. Come here to escape from the Bernie brigade. It’s the same group that was Obots in 2008, the upper income whites, and they are just as obnoxious. Bernie is SURGING. He’s going to in I tell you! Ugh. Yes, he’s polling at 15% and was polling at 2% before and his ceiling is probably 25%. He’s not going to win Iowa but he’s got a shot at New Hampshire and will probably win Vermont but that’s about it and he’ll be out by Super Tuesday.

  203. Was never worried about Jim Webb. He has no constituency in the party and frankly after that screed he wrote yesterday defending the confederacy he should be running in the GOP primary.

  204. Ha! Correct as usual!

    As for Biden, when I volunterred for Hillary in Iowa in 2007, I attended an event where Biden appeared. I kept a safe distance. He simply CANNOT keep his hands to himself. And he really gets up in your grill, so to speak. He also gave the worst speech I ever heard. Can’t stand the guy and don’t understand why so many like him. Yikes!

  205. As chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden also wouldn’t allow Anita Hill’s corroborating witnesses to testify thus hanging her out to dry for Repubs. So there’s that too. He brags about writing Violence Against Women Act, but he had a chance to stand up for one and didn’t.

  206. Not so many people like him except that he was Obama’s VP. I guess he is not running for President. He was very good on bringing attention to the murders in Darfur though, probably one of the few people who talked about it.

  207. Ga6thDem, You should hang at Uppity’s place.
    We don’t agree on everything but we’re all feminists and we’re all for Hillary!

  208. Another cool thing. I love this campaign.

  209. SophieCT, The best.

  210. Sophie, that vid is adorable.

  211. Love it!

  212. Great video. Very catchy song. It’s going to be playing in my head for quite a while.

  213. Very cute, eh?

    Much better reaction than for the Equal video above. Hmmmm.

  214. You always find the good stuff, Sophie. 🙂

  215. Ga6 my major objection to him goes all the way back to the Hill-Thomas hearings. To me, he’s a pig and I will never stop calling him one. He’s also lecherous and simply never stops denigrating and/or subjugating women by publicly imposing on their space. There are just too many recent photos of him doing it to make it deniable. Joe Biden is creepy.

  216. Ok I can’t resist!
    From the Joe Biden Creepy Series.. Tis The Season To Be Creepy.


  217. Joe Biden reminds me of the creepy uncle you had to deal with once a year on Christmas. You had to let him give you a kiss and then you stayed away as far as possible for the duration of the visit.

  218. Yup Voting and it was always a wet kiss.

  219. Uppity Woman, on June 25, 2015 at 10:41 PM said:

    The woman in the top photo has a look that says “You are so lucky the Secret Service is here.” LOL!

  220. Oh, oh! Don’t forget this classic!

  221. The expression on those bikers’ faces is priceless!

    An update on the creepy teacher I posted about two days ago… HUNDREDS of women have come forward and revealed that this teacher was sending them creepy messages on Facebook. The teacher issued a lame “apology” on his FB page (which most of his victims can’t see because they’ve blocked him), followed by an Internet meme about how forgiveness is a sign of maturity. He said he had managed to control his impulses while he was teaching, but then along came the Internet. (He retired in 2006– long after the advent of the Internet!) His bots started quoting the Bible, basically saying that anyone who doesn’t forgive him is a bad Christian. The same crap the Duggar family has been spewing. But the victims are sticking together. The woman who blew the whistle is collecting evidence and plans to go to the local media. And a lot of men are standing behind the women. One guy who graduated in the 1990s issued an open letter to this teacher, calling him out for his behavior and for his inadequate apology. Another man, who had been running a sort of fan page for this teacher, took down all references to him. From now on, the page will exist as a tribute to the work that his students did and a place where they can share memories of the extracurricular activity they did together. It’s so good to know that there are men in this world who “get” it!

  222. hahaha imust! Look at the look on the two guys’ faces! He’s lucky he made it out of the hood.

  223. Jen it’s good to see them take action. While there may be nothing criminal that can be done, he can be publicly embarrassed. Maybe he’ll consider a trip over a bridge and make the world a better place without him in it. I’m not even going to address the convenient “forgive” thing. And yes, don’t you just love REAL men who Get It????

  224. Even biker dudes know there’s something wrong with Biden. When will media catch on?

  225. The sweet little rescue kitty has passed away. He was very sick when we found him and could not be saved. At least at the end of his life, he was cared for and loved. He will be remembered. My boyfriend and I will give him a nice burial.

  226. The SCOTUS has ruled same-sex marriage legal nationwide! Mazel tov!

  227. Watch out, straight people–we’re gonna get married in droves and come to your states and STILL be married! That will totally mess up your straight marriages, make you impotent (or barren, depending on your assigned gender), and likely cause hurricanes in your state.

  228. Great news about same sex marriage.
    It’s about time!

  229. Stop hiding stuff, Sophie. We heteros know damned well that same sex marriage causes cavities.

  230. Seriously, though, this is cause for celebration. Congrats to all my gay and lesbian friends!!!!! Why shouldn’t you be miserable like the rest of us!

  231. Beata you should very much take solace that he died being cared for in peace. He could have had a miserable death outside and nobody would have ever known him, nor would he have known human kindness. He thanks you for that.

    He made bread in that carrier with his paws because he felt comforted and knew he was now safe.

  232. You did all that you could, Beata, and Uppity is right-the little kitty knew human kindness and a lot of cats never experience that.
    Good job!

  233. First, Beata, you did all you could for that poor kitty and while I understand your being sad and offer my sympathy, DON’T think about “if only”…you did all you could and then some. Let that be your source of comfort.

    Second, while I am happy about now being allowed to marry, I think right now I would be happier to simply have a date! LOL.

    Bet divorce attorneys around the country were popping the champagne bottles today. (Just kidding….sort of)

  234. Second, while I am happy about now being allowed to marry, I think right now I would be happier to simply have a date!

    ROFL!!! My sentiments exactly!

  235. Dear Janis, while you song is now OUTDATED, it’s still funny and well points out the absurdity of the whole marriage debate.

  236. Uppity Woman, on June 25, 2015 at 1:36 PM said:

    Listen to Aunt Uppity. Sanders and Webb are gnats not even worth discussion as “challengers”. I mean what’s next, Joe Biden?

    ROFLMBO!!!! 😆

  237. VotingHillary, I saw Janis in concert and she did that song!

  238. One of the escaped killers in NY has been shot.

    Richard Matt, one of two escaped murderers from an upstate New York maximum-security prison, was shot and killed by officers involved in a massive three-week manhunt, three federal, state and local law enforcement sources said Friday. Officers are still pursuing fugitive David Sweat


  239. I’ve never been an Obama fan; I hated the way he attained the nomination and knew he was not ready for the job. I thought and do think that he was too cozy with banks, Wall St. and corporations and watched in bemused horror as he had his ass handed to him by the Republicans.
    But, that was one hell of a speech today.
    I like this freer, more genuine and (ahem) more experienced Obama.
    Now, I really want the woman who was ready in 2008 to take over the Office.

  240. Go Janis. Still relevant even if she’s no longer “At 17”

    So they killed Matt. Boo Fucking Hoo. Now the world is a little bit better place. And we won’t have to feed and house him. Buh Bye shitbag. Is next: Your partner.

  241. On the outside chance that any of you are on Facebook but have yet to Like Hillary’s page, please do so. We are trying to get it to a million Likes by Monday. It’s at 969,805 now.


  242. Meh you were in Spam Voting. Do not ask why. We all get our turn. Who knows.

  243. Sorry about that, Uppity. Delete all but the first one, please. And I hope you feeling well today.

    BTW, think you can put in a good word for me with Sophie so I can get a date? 🙂 (just kidding around, Sophie….unless…)

  244. I’m doing fine Voting, honest 🙂

    Don’t apologize, it’s WP not you. It just does that to people now and then, especially if you are an AOL user.

    Yo! Sophie! Over here!

  245. This was really amazing to me to the point it brought a tear to my eye but at the same time I also had this thought cross through my mind. Wouldn’t it be great to light up the White House in red, white and blue on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day? Those who serve in our armed forces serve in a manner no one in the Congress, Supreme Court or White House serves. They serve ALL the people of this nation at the expense of their own lives. Just my 2 cents on a night I am feeling grateful to be an American.

  246. Yeah and, unlike Congress and White House lackys, the guys in the trench actually work. And they actually work on behalf of the people of the USA. Furthermore, I wonder how many people in Congress or the White House are willing to give up their lives for America? The answer: Crickets.

  247. Three years ago today, I got this sweet bundle of joy thanks to the folks here at Uppity Woman blog.

    Miss Tiger Lily 2015

    She has been a handful and a real joy. She still greets me at the door when I come home from work (okay, so it’s dinner time, but still.)

  248. Our baby Lily is all grown up!

  249. She is the best mouser of the three! But she is NOT a snuggler. Sofie is the snuggler. Sofie weighs 20 lbs.

  250. Ohhhhh she’s lovely, Sophie.

  251. He had a great week, it’s true. But bleccccch. Have at it, kids. http://www.vox.com/2015/6/26/8849925/obama-obamacare-history-presidents

  252. Yes, quite majestic in that picture. Currently stoned on the kitty condo–just a bit too much celebratory cat nip.

  253. From GWM’s link.

    Richard Nixon proposed a universal health-care plan remarkably similar to Obamacare that was killed when then–Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) walked away from a deal to pass it, in what Kennedy would later call his greatest regret as a senator.

    There you have it folks. If there is any doubt that Tedward was a lousy hypocritical fuck….

    This from the man who pretended to care about woman’s rights, while not respecting any of them and bonking as many as he could, not to mention helping his little rapist relatives get off scott free.

    This from the man who cared so much about wind energy that he stopped the building of windmills because they would be visible from his family estate.

    I maintain right along that this was a guy who loved the poor so long as they didn’t live anywhere near him.

    And he couldn’t wait to screw Hillary. He and Barack tried to strongarm NY into taking that borderline moron Caroline as our senator. Oh please…

    I hope the quintessential limousine liberal is in a ring of hell with Bob Novak. I always envisioned Mary Jo standing there at his eternity crossroad, waiting for him wearing steel-toed boots with which to kick his ass downstairs.

  254. ^^ Perfect Rant!

  255. Well said, Upps! And I never knew that about Nixon, so thanks GWM.

  256. Sophie, has it really been three years since the kitty relay? Wow, the years are spinning fast. I remember that so well. I stayed up all night as it was starting early am EST and I was afraid I wouldn’t get up in time. Ah, we’ve had some fun times here!

  257. Oooh, Upps in on a roll today! 😀
    Imagine opening up my Facebook page this morning to see this. “BLOCK UPDATES FROM…*Click*

  258. Expect to see a LOT more of this ^^^ in the next few months.
    Has Maddow joined the slobberfest?

  259. GWM, So far, Maddow’s keeping her hands clean. She’s pretty open that she’s trying to attract any and all candidates and potentials on to her show as guests. Any press, positive or negative, she’s given so far has been issues-based. For example, she showed Hillary rather favorably after Hills’ voting rights speech in Texas.

  260. Hahahaa. CNN reported that they saw an ISIS flag at the gay pride parade. They pulled it when they learned what it really was!


  261. SophieCT, on June 27, 2015 at 12:48 PM said:

    Three years ago today, I got this sweet bundle of joy thanks to the folks here at Uppity Woman blog.

    She is beautiful. ❤

  262. Hee

  263. They caught the other escapee.

  264. Thanks, Sophie. That’s good to know. Maddow jumped on the Obamawagon pretty early in 2008, so maybe she’s wised up. Glad to see her praising Hillary, and I don’t mind criticism of Hillary that is issues-based as long as it doesn’t carry over into Clintons-bashing.

    Like Ga6thDem, I need to come here to wash off after being blasted with BernieGush.

  265. Then Freep this poll.

    Right hand column. A bunch of BernOuts were already there.

  266. Done. Thanks, Sophie!

    I just clicked “Unfollow” on Mrs. Betty Bowers on FB. I just saw that she’s become a haven for BernOuts.

  267. Does anybody know what happened to John W. Smart? He has been out-of-action since November.

  268. GWM’s link at 11:06 (Slate) is shocking. Wonder how all those progs are going to answer that one.

  269. Regarding the prog’s obsession with Bernie, which looks to be amping up: I remember these same bots back in 07-08 carrying on that Hillary was too old to be president and that the country needed younger and fresher politicos. If Bernie won, he would be 75 yrs old when he took office and 83 at the end of a 2 term office. He is six years older than Hillary. Kind of hypocritical that…when they want the younger guy, Hillary’s too old, when they want the older guy, age doesn’t matter. CDS knows no bounds, does it?

  270. Yeah Socal but Bernie’s a guy. That’s different!

  271. I inquired about John Smart via Deadenders’ Scott. They are related. He says John wasn’t planning on blogging again but was considering blog talk radio again. I left him with an open invitation to blog here whenever the spirit moves him, although I don’t think he will do it. But hey, you never know.

  272. Imust yeah they caught him but they didn’t kill him. Bummer.

  273. Whoa that gun vote would really piss off those Obots. Except Hillary didn’t do it so it doesn’t count.

  274. Ok I’m taking bets 5 to 1 I say Bernie Sanders won’t carry a single state.

  275. I say NH depends on who’s the underdog

  276. Tyne Daly, so freaking awesome.

  277. Tyne. Always loved that lady.

  278. Uppity, re: Sanders gun votes, yeah, I would really like to see the progs discuss this. This isn’t just about protecting citizens rights to own a handgun or a rifle, he was protecting the NRA and the gun mfgs. How is that liberal?

  279. socal, they won’t discuss it, they will dismiss it, just like they dismissed all the Obama crap. Like I said, if Hillary did that, it would be a big deal to them, because there’s nothing objective about them, surely we witnessed that enough in 2008.

  280. They are already dismissing it, framing it as VT is a rural state with hunters, yada, yada and Bernie has been on the NRA bad list for a while, etc.

  281. Shameless hypocrites.

  282. I wonder if the VT hunters shoot deer with those military things that shoot a gazillion bullets per second.

  283. I don’t think it’s a bummer that the police didn’t kill Sweat.
    We need to know just how those two killers got out of a maximum security prison.
    Can we just start by firing the warden?
    How does a cop killer get honor privileges?

  284. Bernie has the buzz…but they’re not gonna cheat and thug for him. And they won’t be going to rallies and shouting Ber-nie San-ders! at the top of their lungs. You won’t see photos of him with a halo on his head or photoshopped superman clothes, or him posing and looking like JFK. He won’t give tingles the tingles and no one will be talking about the crease of his pants. They’ll be no vibrating cell phones or JZ hip hop songs, fainting women, or Bernie saying “I love you back!”. After all, he’s just an old white guy from Vermont.

  285. They’d be wasting their time trying to thug us because they have a definite loser and they know it. Pffft.

  286. Actually, imust–they are starting to pull that shit–everything right up to the riding in on a unicorn and giving out free ponies. For example:
    – He’s been right on every issue for 40 years (or 50, with some sources)
    – He never lies.
    – He never ran on an attack ad
    – I’m moving back to America to work for Bernie
    – I’ve never worked for a campain before but I’m working for Bernie.
    – I’m switching parties to vote for Bernie
    – He’s for the people; she’s for the banks
    – He’s the real deal and she’s fake.
    – “He’s connecting in a way that Hillary Clinton is not. People are used to candidates who are calculated, produced and measured, and they see through that. Bernie’s different.” (http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/in-bernie-sanders-an-unlikely–but-real–threat-to-hillary-clinton/2015/06/28/feb64a74-1daf-11e5-84d5-eb37ee8eaa61_story.html)

  287. Sophie, my favorite on line comments start with ” I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I can’t stand Hillary Clinton…” Yeah, sure.
    Let’s face it, a lot of men (and a few stupid women) just cannot stomach the thought of a woman being in charge.
    Doesn’t matter; she will win.

  288. Oh I like this one better: “I Supported Hillary in 2008, but now…(Fill in The Bullshit).” Usually they are amazingly all gung ho about wonderful alternatives such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, etc etc.

  289. Hillary has been incredibly gracious about Sanders jumping in the race. But she is studying him very carefully. The Clintons were sideswiped by Obama in 2008. That will not happen this time.

    I have always supported Al Gore…but he’s being a MAJOR asshole here: http://pagesix.com/2015/06/26/al-gore-wont-back-hillary-clinton/

  290. Or how about this logic: I’m never going to forgive what the “Dems” did to Hillary in 2008 so now I’m hanging off the right cliff, because that’s not a complete 180 of my so-called beliefs, is it? And fuck all those Dems, especially Hillary.

  291. And those damned Radical Feminists, what never they have expecting equality. What assholes.

  292. It’s not gonna work sophie. It only worked for Obama because he was ‘historical’.

  293. Hey I just read that fat Tony Scalia, of the Italian Mussolini Club family, says that the Supreme Court is a “Threat to democracy” (because, gasp! gays and lesbians get married!). This from the man who voted to give corporations “Personhood”.

  294. Al Gore! Whattajerk! Whattajudas!
    As for the rest of the “former” Hillary supporters….here’s another:

    “She’s not the Hillary of 2008” Uh yeah, read her positions in 2008 and read them now…..same. Hillary has been fighting for women, families and the middle class for her entire career.

    Corporations have only recently been declared persons, but they’ve always been able to marry. Except they’re called mergers.

  295. Oh I like this one better: “I Supported Hillary in 2008, but now…(Fill in The Bullshit).” Usually they are amazingly all gung ho about wonderful alternatives such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, etc etc.
    Yeah, well, we all know where they hang out, don’t we?

  296. The same suspects as always I’m sure. But we don’t attack other websites, blogs, or message boards here. It’s an unwritten rule. When I see that happen somewhere, I think, Bleck. What bad taste.

  297. Hahaha on mergers.

    Meh, everybody’s worked up for essentially nothing. Bernie is essentially nothing. Other sites don’t matter to me because I don’t care what they think, except that I am sorry some are gone. Like JW Smart. I liked his blog. And Deadenders. I miss him.

  298. You know the cure for sites that rile you up? The cure is Don’t Go There.

  299. You know, I kinda like having Bernie around. We hear “Hillary it too old” rarely from the Obots.

  300. Or how about this logic: I’m never going to forgive what the “Dems” did to Hillary in 2008 so now I’m hanging off the right cliff, because that’s not a complete 180 of my so-called beliefs, is it? And fuck all those Dems, especially Hillary.

    Expletives deleted because “we don’t attack other websites, blogs, or message boards here.”

  301. You know, I kinda like having Bernie around. We hear “Hillary it too old” rarely from the Obots.

    Since Bernie entered the race, I have not heard one comment about Hillary’s hair.

    Feast your eyes:

  302. I’d be cool if John Smart did a post here. deadenders too!

    ROFL on Bernie’s hair!! Also, on the other side…..whattabout that Donald!? Now there’s some hair!
    Speaking of hair…..

    Here’s Carly from 2010 dishin’ on hair:

    Laughing, Fiorina tells her staff that someone had seen Boxer on television and “said what everyone says, ‘God what is that hair?’ So yesterday!” But she also questioned a decision by fellow Republican Meg Whitman to appear on Hannity so soon after winning the GOP nomination for governor

  303. I liked John W. Smart, too.
    Remember he named his dog “Bob Barker?”
    Sophie, you used to hang there, too, didn’t you?

  304. Just way too hairy to imagine a debate between Donald and Bernie.

  305. Ironically, google kept us from using Blogspot in 2008 and here they are now wanting her to be Pres. Because google doesn’t “predict” anything they don’t want to see happen.

  306. Actually I agree with Teh Donald on Immigration and Trade. The problem is, I think he would be a terrible president because he shoots from the hip and that is NOT a good quality for a president. Second reason: Any man who has found a way to file for bankruptcy five times due to his own bad decisions and bad risks……and managed to be personally held harmless is not someone I want as my president. I believe these are both big things.

    As for Bernie. Some times I have liked what he was saying, but overall I think he is the closest thing to a card carrying socialist in Congress.

  307. I googled “who will be the next president?” and it came up “Five reasons why Jeb Bush will be president”

  308. I like nearly everything Bernie says. He and I have nearly identical complaints. Neither of us is presidential material–America is not looking for a Complainer In Chief. He is really light on DOING anything. I cannot see him executing on any of his “bold ideas” because he has no coalition and isn’t willing to compromise. He is a Senator from a rural, non-diverse state with 600k people.

  309. What most don’t know is it was John Smart who got me into blogging for Hillary. I don’t remember how I found his blog but I got hooked. And it was because of John I started this blog.

  310. Yay John Smart!

    Funny, I went back and changed the search to “who will be the next United States president?” and it came up: Glenn Beck thinks Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

  311. Well now I know google is full of shit because Glen Beck doesn’t Think at all. Thankk goodness he’s marginalized because he’s a major psycho.

  312. You know, Barack Obama is a huge hypocrite trying to pretend he was in favor of same sex marriage. What a crock of crap. I remember when he refused to interview in a gay magazine and they printed a blank, I remember how he kept saying he only believed in ‘civil unions’ and yes I do remember how he snubbed Gain Newsom and didn’t go to the gay pride parade. But then this is the same guy who didn’t show up at plenty of significant AA events either, including MLK events. I remember in 2008 how major black publications complained thet he didn’t advertise with them. Little did they know he was telling them he didn’t need to advertise with them because “Where else are they gonna go?”. He is the quintessential hypocrite. Makes me sick.

    The only thing he has achieved for AA’s is the same thing he achieved for women. He set progress back by 40 years.

    We can thank the same morons who gave us Barack Obama in 2008. What a mistake. They turned us into the Regressive Party.

    You need to remember there used to be fringe parties. Once they assimilated into the Republican and Democrat parties, that’s how these two major parties turned to trash. You put trash in, you get trash out.

  313. Al Gore! Whattajerk! Whattajudas!

    I knew he was bad news long ago, including when he was running. Here’s a guy who claims to be the champion of the American worker, who makes his “People’s car” out of the country. SO much for his union loyalty. And he’s doing it on US government loans. And his People’s car is to cost upwards of 100k. In the UK the courts banned the use of his video An Inconvenient Truth in schools because they asked him to fix the 9lies errors they found in it. Everywhere he went to 'lecture' it was just that::A lecture. Questioners were removed from the room. He earned more than 100 million on his schtick and frankly folks, I don't know how anybody can believe ANYTHING he says. Here is what you would get if you REALLY questioned Al Gore.

  314. Supreme Court Stops Texas from closing down abortion clinics with their new restrictions/rulez. And of course the ruling is 5-4. And Fat Tony says the court is a threat to democracy. If you ask me, HE’s a threat to democracy.

  315. What happens when you wrongfully park in the handicapped spot in Brazil. Wish they’d do this in the USA.

  316. Everybody buy a bigger Tee Vee! Christie’s running. I want you to be able to see all of him.

  317. Lol! Did you see his speech? He’s gonna “tell it like it is!” Gee, can’t wait! NOT!

  318. “The Boss” offers Christie his full support. Not.

  319. I personally am looking forward to Christie and Donald getting into it;
    Shut up!
    No, you shut up!
    I said, sit down and shut up!
    You’re fired!

  320. Hahahahahahaha! Oh yeah??? You wanna step outside????

  321. LOL, Sophie. Pass the popcorn. Just keep it away from Christie or you’ll never see it again.

  322. OMG Beata! That’s hilarious!

  323. Beata, Jimmy Fallon did a similar thing with Neil Young! (Not about Christie, though!)


  324. It’s just as well Jon Stewart is signing off…with guys like Christie and Trump, even amateurs can be funny.

  325. Yep, Fallon’s got talent. Wonder if he can do Dylan?

  326. Amazing. Dickhead.

  327. This is classic Dylan. Joan Baez was right. He is so good with words and with keeping things vague.

  328. Bill Clinton, preparing to be Obama’s third term (Michelle, that is):


  329. Hillary created the anti-Obama birther movement??? God, that Cruz is such an asshole.


  330. My God what have they done to the Tonight Show.

  331. So HRC gets more because she does a good job. I thought this was a meritocracy guys. As my dad used to say “tough toenails.” Or as an Uppity Woman would say “boo f&^%$#$% hoo.”

  332. Breitbart link here at Uppity’s Place????????????? *Faints*

    Why oh why would anyone go there? I cringe just seeing the link. *Twitches*

    You gotta stop hurting yourself, girl!

  333. The Republicans now officially have 14, count em, 14 candidates. Hey, I have an idea. Maybe they could all get together and beat up Hillary.

  334. Well at least Christie will be entertaining in a crude way. It’s kind of fun to watch him.

  335. Ewwww! Breitbart Link. We’re all contaminated!

  336. Sophie, I get the same reaction when I see a Dkos link too. Or Wonkette or Democrat Underground.Oh I am sooooooo confused!

  337. I get the same feeling about dKos. For some reason, Wonkette is WAY different this year than they were in 2008. Management shake-up? Idunno. But I don’t see Breitbart ever stopping being slimy. I don’t see Dana Leosche ever not being repulsive and hateful.

  338. Shit! Hardball is stealing my meme! They’re running clips going back and forth between Trump and Christie being obnoxious morons

  339. SCREEEECH!!! This is excellent commentary…..for the thread upstairs!!

  340. Sophie, do you recall that it was the Wonkers who made sure a loser with nothing on his blog beat me out for Best New Blog. I will never forgive them. I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire.

    Dana is the quintessential Mean Girl. Nasty person. I think if I ever saw her face to face, I would run away screaming like my hair was on fire.

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