On This Day, Let Us Not Forget General Washington and CPL William

A worthy rerun:

On July 3rd, the day before America’s birthday, our own Freedom Fairy posted the above header of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Lo and Behold, there was our own Moderator Kitteh Bill on that boat, right there in the arms of The Man Himself! Father of our country! Kitteh of our country!

Bill! we gasped! It’s Bill! How did Bill get there! Look, Bill was There! Bill fought for our country! Bill knew George, and I don’t mean Bush! The Real George! And how Dapper he was on that boat! Our Bill, Kitteh of our Country!

After our initial excitement at seeing our own Bill in that portrait, we were a bit flummoxed, of course. I mean, Bill would have to be seriously old in the triple digits if that was him. Not that Bill isn’t capable of just about anything, as you who have been spammed deliberately can attest. But, I mean, even the best of us have only seen our cats hit the early 20s. We knew Bill was special, but come on!

To the rescue, our own blog historian, the immortal and inimitable Revolutionary War Vet, who has been simply Everywhere, clarified the portrait for us:

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all the citizens of Uppityville!

Now, since I was actually on that boat when we crossed the Delaware on that cold, blustery Christmas night in 1776, please allow me to clarify…

See, it was in fact one of MK Bill’s ancestors who made the trip with us. He shared the same name, but the Continental Army knew him by the more proper, William. He carried the rank of Sergeant, and was assigned to the Quartermaster Department. There really wasn’t anything to the job, since we never had much food to eat. But Sergeant William always did his best for us. Once, he even offered to share with me a scrawny mouse he had caught, but I decided against it, and ate my left shoe instead. Anyway, we all loved Sergeant William.

Now, that night, General Washington was very reluctant to permit Sergeant William to make the crossing. But, at the last moment, as the boat was shoving off, William jumped aboard and into the arms of the General. What could Washington do? So, he just tucked William tight, as we rowed and poled our way to the Jersey shore.

We were headed for Trenton, of course. Where the Hessians had about 1000 men posted in the town.

Well, after a long march with bloody feet (and paws), we finally made it to Trenton. We attacked just after daylight. All was confusion, as we stormed into the streets from every direction. Sergeant William headed straight for the Commander’s headquarters. Truth be told, since he knew full well that the officers always ate better than enlisted men, William thought he might find some tasty leftovers there. He was always a sucker for German food, particularly Wiener Schnitzel.

Now, just as William made his way into the headquarters, Colonel Rall, the Hessian Commander, was stumbling out of bed, trying to get his uniform on, sensing that the cannon fire outside his window meant a surprise attack was well underway. And it was here that Sergeant William performed the heroic act that we all remembered him for afterward.

William bit into the ankle of Colonel Rall. Hard. There was blood.

So disoriented was Colonel Rall that, by the time he reached the street, half-dressed with bleeding leg, he never saw the Patriot soldier that fired the bullet that left him fatally wounded. And, seeing their Commanding officer shot down, the rest of the Hessians quickly surrendered. It was a glorious victory! And for his part…

General George Washington himself honored Sergeant William with a medal:

The Order of the Catnip.

It was, to my knowledge, the first and only time that decoration was bestowed.

Well, after the War, I lost touch with Sergeant William. But I heard that he met a sassy Long Island feline named Katrina, who most people called Kittie. (But, for some reason, she always preferred to spell it, Kitteh.) So, William and Kittie settled on a farm in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York, and lived a long and very quiet and serene life; while proceeding to give birth to many healthy litters, the present living descendant of which is – our very own MK Bill!

Just thought I’d set the record straight. 😉

Dear Vet!!!! What a beautiful and historic account of our Bill’s notable ancestor!! We are so fortunate to have you as blog Historian, particularly with regard to the presence of our own Bill’s forefathers at so many of our most important and/or historic moments in time!

The Order of The Catnip! This honor certainly explains MK Bill’s entitlement attitude with respect to paypal donations being  snatched and used for the Ordering of the Catnip.

This account most definitely clarifies our Bill’s staunch and loyal patriotism and only serves to confirm what a fine president he would make, especially when we consider his inherited prowess at capturing and dispositioning rodents, of which there are so many in DC.

I am convinced now, more than ever, that MK Bill must pursue his Presidential bid with vigor just as soon as he wakes up from his nap. Even though Bill is actually a Clinton Democrat, there is no sense of him bothering with a Primary with that current bunch, as Bill just remarked the other day that the New Democratic Party is seriously Shovel Ready. Instead, I am going to suggest that, being a cat and therefore having multiple wives, he should consider posing as a Mormon. So long as he doesn’t reveal his intentions to provide free CAT Scans as part of his health plan, I am sure this will be enough to convince the Republicans to give him a nod. Besides, he’s exponentially more interesting than the creatures they have as candidates to-date.

Vet, thank you for renewing my faith in Bill’s love of Country, as I do admit I was losing patience with him, what with his constant use of my charge card to investigate the Playcat Channel and the Live Nude Cats website. Now I understand that these are just the necessary diversions of a very patriotic cat who, like Newt Gingrich, is so patriotic, he sometimes ..…strays, and who, of course, aspires to fill Anthony Weiner’s seat, if not his shorts.

Trenton will never look the same to me again, and believe me, it never did look like much to me. Who knew?


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  1. Happy 4th Uppityites!

  2. I salute Sergeant William! Happy Independence Day, Uppityites!

  3. Aww, I love that old story! Thanks for reposting it Uppity!

    Love the Hillary tweet! Happy 4th of July beloved Uppityites!

  4. Happy Birthday USA! 239 years with only male presidents……let’s change that!

  5. Indeed, imust, let’s do!
    Very funny history lesson.

  6. Wonderful tweet from Hillary. So inspiring, as always.

  7. Well, people, it’s all over and we might as well pack it in.

    Bernie Sanders has sewn up the all important Dudley Dudley endorsement!!!!!!
    Why, God, Why???????????

  8. Dudley Do Right?

  9. Dudley Do Wrong.

  10. Happy Independence Day Uppityites. 😀

  11. At the first debate, Hillary should look to her left, then to her right and ask, “Am I the only one here not taking Cialis?”

  12. Well…

    NEW YORK (AP) — Billy Joel married girlfriend Alexis Roderick in a surprise ceremony at the couple’s annual July 4 party.

    The singer’s spokeswoman Claire Mercuri says New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo presided over Saturday’s nuptials at Joel’s Long Island estate.

    Sixty-six-year-old Joel and Rodrick, 34, have been dating since 2009 and are expecting their first child.

    Joel is currently on tour. On Wednesday, he set a record for most performances by a single artist at Madison Square Garden with his 65th show, besting Elton John.

  13. She’s too mature for Billy. It will never last.

  14. Well it’s about time somebody had the balls…

    U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused China on Saturday of stealing commercial secrets and “huge amounts of government information,” and of trying to “hack into everything that doesn’t move in America.”

    Clinton’s language on China appeared to be far stronger than that usually used by President Barack Obama’s Democratic administration.

    Speaking at a campaign event in New Hampshire, Clinton said she wanted to see China’s peaceful rise.

    “But we also have to be fully vigilant, China’s military is growing very quickly, they’re establishing military installations that again threaten countries we have treaties with, like the Philippines because they are building on contested property,” said Clinton, who was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

    “They’re also trying to hack into everything that doesn’t move in America. Stealing commercial secrets … from defense contractors, stealing huge amounts of government information, all looking for an advantage,” she said.

  15. Re: Billy Joel:

    It must be love! After all, every 34 year old woman wants to marry an old guy who looks like ten miles of bad road.

  16. More like 66 miles of bad road.

  17. Upps @ 11:31, yes, about time a politician finally makes a public statement about this.

  18. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Notorious RBG

  19. The legend of William lives on! 😉

    Thanks for the rerun, Upps. Yep, I’m still here, lurking. Glad to see you’re feeling better, but just as fierce as ever. Just more battle-hardened, is all – which will be useful in the coming months.

    Hope all Uppitys had a Glorious Fourth. I celebrated in the usual ways: food, family, fireworks.

    Let us hope that in two years time our Founding MOTHERS (after all, they were there too – Mercy Otis Warren, Abigail Adams, Eliza Pinckney, Mary Ludwig, etc.) will finally have their legacy truly fulfilled…

    When pyrotechnics illuminate our Capitol under the wise and watchful eyes of our new Commander-In-Chief, as SHE watches from the White House balcony.

    Hillary 2016

  20. Ladies, Rev Vet is what a REAL Feminist guy looks like.

    Dang, Rev Vet, I had a quadruple bypass, two failed grafts resulting in heart failure, a stent and a defibrillator implanted in my chest. One dead kidney notwithstanding, when the heck are you going to start writing for me on this blog?

    (Hoping guilt trip works)

  21. They will make anything out of nothing. There’s a really vile thread on FB that show me the opponents on both the right and the left are not human beings.


  22. Billy needs to stick to sitting his fat ass at a piano. That standup concert video was pathetic.

  23. The press are lucky she talks to them at all. Sending them on that announcement wild goose chase and now a rope line is even less than they deserve.

    “This is humiliating”. Oh boo fucking hoo. You treated her like dog shit now eat some of it.

  24. And now we have Rope-gate! Poor-poor pitiful reporters!!! They were forced out the the parade! They were forced to walk at the pace that the Clinton aides demanded! They had to walk backwards!!! One CNN reporter lost her shoe!!!! Oh the humanity!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The were walking backwards before the rope. it actually helped them because originally, they weren’t even IN the parade. I heard one back-stepped into a toddler, but hey, that’s ok–anything for the DC press. Fact is, the local press had a good day.

  26. This is cute

  27. Nice videos Sophie!

  28. Man Shoots off Fireworks From Top of His Head, Dies

    Too soon to say FeelTheBern?

  29. @sophie: Check at 3:35 a.m.

  30. Now that fireworks guy is a major candidate for this year’s Darwin Awards.

    The Darwin Awards honor Charles Darwin by commemorating those who yield to natural selection and “remove” themselves from the gene pool…thereby ensuring that the next generation is fathered by one less idiot. “Safety Last!” Of necessity, the award is usually bestowed posthumously

  31. @Uppity: I still think this guy is up there and I wonder if he’s offed himself yet with another pyrotechnic act.


  32. And SHE congratulated the Winners!!

  33. Oops Fredster–didn’t see it!

  34. Cripes, Fredster, what a moron. You know what? I’m glad he blew himself up instead of somebody else. The taxpayers will now probably have to support this halfwit for life.

  35. Sophie, she congratulated them but the big boys who want to be president never bother with the girls….unless it’s to monitor their bodies.

  36. Sophie, no problem.

    Upps, yep he’s probably “getting a check”. He was 19, married with one kid. That was in 2012. If he didn’t blow his gonads off, the count is probably up to 3 by now. 🙄

  37. Check out this one, Upps and tell me if the guys would have answered this way too!


  38. First, thanks to all for your prayers for my “little boy”. Congrats to our amazing USA Women’s World Cup champs! To put their accomplishment into perspective, the little guy can only eat Boston Market meatloaf right now. Since he is at end of life, the vet said give it to him. In the time it took to nuke the meal and cut it up, the US women were up by four goals. Me and the pup were thrilled although I think the pup more so because he was getting his meatloaf….but he was wearing his American flag collar for the occasion.

    BTW, Hillary’s congrats were up at the same time Twitter announced the win. Michelle Obama, Pelosi, Obama and even Biden who was AT THE DANG GAME were way behind in their congrats.

    Guess we know who was actually WATCHING the game…

    Oh, Sonia….loved, loved, LOVED the video.

  39. oh, and I don’t recall seeing a congrats from any Republican candidate until way after the game…I think Christie was first which makes sense since Carli Lloyd is from NJ

  40. Now that Carli is such a sports hero, maybe people will know how to spell my last name.
    Go USA Women!

  41. If he didn’t blow his gonads off, the count is probably up to 3 by now. 🙄

    OMG that is soooooooooooo funny!

  42. Awww meatloaf for the puppy. How sweet he’s being pampered. He’s a happy boy because he’s safe and loved with you, right to the end.

  43. oh, and I don’t recall seeing a congrats from any Republican candidate until way after the game

    Campaign managers nudged them and said, Hey, you better say something to the broads.

  44. Speaking of sexism, did you see this tweet from England’s official twitter account? It was deleted of course, but there are screen shots.

  45. One more thing about our women’s soccer victory. The women’s team received $2 million for becoming WORLD CHAMPS.

    The men’s team received $8 million for losing in the first round for their last less than glorious World Championship tournament.

    What inequality in pay for men and women? Sheesh. Oh, and the game last night had the highest rating of ANY soccer game in US history.

  46. LOL! The comments are the best!

  47. Priceless Retort to England’s sexist tweet.

  48. Agree imust. The comments are hilarious!!!!

  49. Tomorrow, Hillary’s giving her first nationally televised interview of the campaign. CNN wins.
    5 PM Eastern and then again at 8 PM


  50. I’ll be watching!

  51. Thank god it’s not Candy Creepy Crawley or Poppy Seed Harlowe doing the interview

  52. Sophie, thanks for the info. I’ll be watching, too!

  53. LOL, Upps. YOU are the blog comedian and you know it.

  54. A loathsome article that must be read:

    Something to post to the SandersFans on the “left”.

  55. LOL, Upps. YOU are the blog comedian and you know it.

    I kill me!

  56. GWM, typical Republican dirty trick. Rush is a pro at it. Well that and smuggling boatloads of viagra across the border.

  57. I suppose Rush will do what he did in 2008, tell his sheep to register democrat and vote in primaries. In between marriages of course.

  58. Comments are closed due to squirrel visitations, no doubt, but I must give William A+ for both style and accuracy.

  59. William’s posts are great. He’s posted here a couple of times. I wish he’d come back!

  60. I vaguely remember William from 2008. If I recall correctly, he wrote a lot of good essays about Hillary.

  61. Williams posts are gold, thank you for the link. Such informed common sense is so rare amongst Democrats.

  62. It’s almost time for Hillary’s interview on CNN.

  63. God, I hate Brianna Keilor’s (or whatever her stupid name is) guts.
    Hillary sits down with her for an exclusive interview, does great and ends on a lighthearted note.
    Then, Brianna takes a big old dump on Hillary for refusing culpability for wrongdoing that she never did.
    I didn’t hang out long enough to hear what Gloria Burger (David Gergen in a dress) thinks about Hillary Clinton’s honesty and transparency.
    I switched over to The Real Housewives of NYC-better for my blood pressure.

  64. I recommend having a few drinks or muscle relaxants before watching a replay of CNN’s Hillary interview. Heck, have more than a few! Hillary was on top of her game as usual but the questions were the typical hit job.

    She was asked about Sanders gaining in the polls ( she expects a challenging primary and is looking forward to it ), her perceived “untrustworthiness” among voters ( she has confidence in the voters’ ability to judge her record positively), possible conflicts of interest re: the Clinton Foundation ( the Foundation has accomplished great things ), the State Dept. email brouhaha ( she went beyond what the law required her to do regarding her emails ), Donald Trump’s immigration comments ( Hillary “scolded” him according to CNN! ), and which woman should be on the ten-dollar bill ( she had no preference ).

    The analysis following the interview was the worst. Hillary was described as “defiant”, unwilling to admit to any “responsibility” for voters’ so-called questions about her trustworthiness, and showing a lack of “openness” and “transparency” in her answers. Her “untrustworthiness” among voters is likely to dog her throughout the campaign, according to CNN asshats who keep beating that bongo like Maynard G. Krebs on bennies.

  65. I missed it! But Beata’s description makes me kinda glad I did!

  66. Which explains why I didn’t watch it.

  67. Yes William has been here many times. Great writer. Love to invite for a guest post.

  68. William handled the hook that has showed up at that blog. The Sanders blow job guy. William handled him very well. That person is a Sanders shill if ever there was one. Yet another idealistic person bent on turning us into a socialist state with a promise of a chicken in every pot.

  69. Watched the rerun. They’re showing it in parts. Everything Beata said is spot on. Geez some things never change, at least when it comes to the media and CDS.

    It’s the commentary afterward that’s the worst! OMG John King! PLEEEEEZE! He made a comment about what she said about Sanders being in the race and literally MADE UP something she supposedly said!!!!! UNbelievable! All the questions were of the “have you stopped beating your wife?” variety. She did a good job of calling the reporter (and I use that term loosely) who was interviewing her on that……but the spin afterward was: “she was defensive”…..”her body language” “Did you see her eyes?!!!” OMG! I’m sure throwing her into a lake to see if she sinks or floats is next. Of course if she floats, time to burn her at the stake!

  70. I’m not going to watch it. Thanks for the heads-up! Looking forward to reading Williams post instead.

  71. Hillary Men has a great take on the interview…..Hillary Strong!!

  72. Beata, wasn’t “defiant” an interesting way to describe the first viable woman candidate for President?
    It sounds like the CNN crew thinks Hillary is uppity!

  73. CNN blows.

  74. Love the HillaryMen comment!

  75. Excellent analysis of the Hillary interview and media reaction to it by HillaryMen.

  76. CNN blows.

    They don’t just blow. The blow goats.

    They have consistently failed miserably at pretending they are the Neutral cable channel. At least MSNBC doesn’t pretend they aren’t biased. CNN offends me more than they do. They have managed to garner women talking heads who hate women. Or more likely, they are willing to go along for that paycheck. I know the type.

  77. Sue, “defiant” fits in with “precocious”. It’s a ‘girl’ word. Furthermore, it’s a Scold word. She is not respecting the press’ Authoritayyyyyyyyyy! Don’t you Defy me, little girl!

    I think Hillary knows they are out to skewer her no matter what she does……or doesn’t do……..so she figures, why bother sucking up to these twits who fancy themselves kingmakers.

    Yayyyyyyyyyy Uppity Women!

  78. Funnily enough, all the Republican trolls think that the interview was scripted with softball questions. I guess it was more favorable-looking than it seems!

  79. Following Hillary’s interview, the CNN morons actually accused her of “scolding” Trump about his immigration views. When is the word “scold” ever used to describe a man’s comments about anything? The word conjures up images of “bad mommy”, “nun with a ruler”, and the “Wicked Witch of the West”; all those evil female archetypes that haunt the media whenever Hillary appears. They need daily psychoanalysis to rid them of their CDS. Better yet, they need to be fired. ASAP.

  80. Sophie, I have seen Hillary go through much worse interviews than the one yesterday. Some of the questions seemed petty but Hillary was strong throughout. It was the post-interview CNN spin that really got ugly.

  81. Yes, and the Republican trolls are basically doing the same thing. They may have perceived the questions as easy, because Hillary handled the interview so well. She has a command of the issues, she’s strong. So the questions must be soooo easy! So easy, even a womminz could answer them!!! Also, they are not talking about the substance of the answers either, just how softball the questions were…….

    And as Beata said, it was the spin! The CNN spin! I mentioned in my previous comment about John King. He was actually talking about Hillary’s body language, like….is he some kind of body language expert now?? He urged Wolfie to “look at her eyes” when she talked about the emails vs “her eyes” when she was talking about Donald Trump! Oh my! Her eyes….those evil, evil wominz eyes!!!!!

  82. The only “softball” question I can recall was the one about which woman should be on the ten-dollar bill. It came at the end of the interview. That question might have been easy but Hillary gave a very thoughtful answer.

  83. Hillary on top of her game. That’s all we need to know. End of story. I’m tuning out the post interview spin already. Last time I didn’t feel the need to do that till January 2008.

    Other candidates give interviews, and, if they comment afterwards, it’s just a rehash of what they said. Only Hillary is subjected to this prolonged theatre criticism and snark. Ef ’em.

  84. Rebel, I need to follow your example. The CNN spin bothered me all last evening and has continued this morning. I’m going to mentally turn it off. Now.

  85. I 💝 hillarymen!

  86. Beata, not watching the post interview spin is very liberating. It’s our way of saying to the media, You’re not the boss of me! Hillary does not require an interpreter. She speaks English extremely well.

  87. Beata, on July 8, 2015 at 10:05 AM said:

    Keep the faith, Don’t let them upset you. 🙂

  88. Well, that’s it; I almost burned the house down by placing the refrigerator’s meat and cheese tray on the stovetop.
    I wanted to clean it out; unbeknownst to me the act of placing the drawer turned on one of the ceramic burners.
    It wasn’t until I smelled a very unpleasant, chemical odor that I knew something was amiss.
    Now, I’m waiting for the fumes to dissipate completely.
    Also, I think I stepped on a sliver of glass.
    I told my husband to bring home wine-a lot of wine.

  89. Oh man Sue! Those fumes are toxic FCS. Doesn’t sound like you are having a good day! Wine will probably fix it. You’ll still have the problem but you won’t care.

  90. Go over and tell them you love them. Tell them all of Uppityville loves them.

  91. $10 bill. Eleanor Roosevelt. End of story. The woman on that bill should be a champion of women. An example for women.

  92. If the Republicans think Hillary gets it easy from the press, I want some of what they’re having.

    G’damn wimmin!

  93. It was the post-interview CNN spin that really got ugly.

    That’s because it’s the only time they “win”. When she’s not there. They haven’t got the cojones to say that stuff to her face. Bunch of cowardly paper tigers.

    They’re doubly pissed at her because she’s not going to suck up to them. It’s about time somebody spanked the press good and hard.

  94. That’s because it’s the only time they “win”. When she’s not there. They haven’t got the cojones to say that stuff to her face.

    That seems to be it in a nutshell. They really are afraid of her aren’t they?

  95. Looks like the Clintons have a history of playing rope-a-dope with the press.

  96. Eleanor on the $20. Way more 20s in circulation. There’s machines all over the country spitting out predominantly 20s.

  97. Hi. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my post at the Riverdaughter blog.

    I do not think that the Republicans can beat Hillary, certainly not by themselves. I think that the only two entities which could beat her are the stupid, sanctimonious so-called “left-wing” Democrats, and of course the media, which thinks of itself as superior to every branch of government and every candidate and issue.

    How any self-respecting Democrat could support Sanders or anyone else but Hillary at this stage, is incomprehensible–except that it is pretty much par for the course. I remember the brief love affair with Gary Hart in ’84, and the Jesse Jackson infatuation in ’88, and Paul Tsongas becoming the darling of the New Hampshirites in ’92. And of course the flocking to Obama in ’08, mostly because he was not Hillary. The left-wing of this party would apparently rather lose elections and feel miserable for 7 out of 8 years, just to be able to feel self-righteous for the other year, and champion some fantasy projective candidate who has no chance to win nationally. It is beyond infuriating. And then of course they did get their one great moment, in electing Obama, except that now the Congress has many more Republicans in it than it did before Obama was elected. But Bernie Sanders is of course going to fix all of this, by winning seven states and getting 38% of the vote against Jeb Bush or whomever the Kochs put up there.

    As for the media, everyone here describes it very well. I can scarcely bring myself to watch any of the stations. I understand that Fox is right-wing; but the other ones, CNN, MSNBC, what exactly is their goal here? Destroying Hillary is their end in itself, their own little campaign victory, to substitute for the fact that none of these smirking hacks could get elected to anything in school?

    If we ever actually get to issues, we’re in good shape. But the media is going to trivialize this as they always do. We are sitting here with the best potential President since FDR, and the Democratic Left is sniffing in disdain, ready to give us another McGovern debacle. We just have to combat this, even if these people don’t like to be told that they are bitter, unhappy pseudo-intellectuals who don’t really care that much about the country. But the country, and likely the world, is at stake, and we do care about it. And I know that Hillary cares, and that she will do everything she reasonably can to actually make things better. That is why it would be a tragedy if she did not get the eight years to do it. She is the reality of what the Obama-ites liked to imagine that Obama was.

  98. Just a comment on what Sue said about the use of the word “defiant” by the CNN hacks. Yes, it probably does have some sexism in there, but I also think it is a typical way for a biased media to completely derogate whatever a candidate whom they don’t like, had to say.

    “Defiant” means, “We, the superior intellects of the media, found many flaws and problems with this candidate, but she was combative, refusing to acknowledge the missteps and failures which we cleverly pointed out.” If someone is going to be charged with crimes, or a leader is facing being deposed, he is often described as defiant. There is nothing complimentary about the word. The press will never say, “Secretary Clinton elucidated her positions,” or “countered criticisms.” No, they imply that she is clearly guilty of whatever charges are made; she has no adequate rebuttal, but she is defiant, anyway. The term “defiant” as appellated to a Presidential candidate, is an appalling example of media bias.

  99. Perfectly said, William.

  100. Great to see you here, William. I rushed here to cleanse myself after another FB friend’s post of another “Bernie is gaining in a key state” article.
    Thank you for your concise analysis. This is going to be a long year….

  101. Would the Demicratic party actually nominate for president someone who is not , in fact, a Democrat? Someone who often attacks it? Someone who has never raised a penny to build the psrty or elect its candidates? I learned in ’08 just how stupid Dems could be , but nominating Bernie would top even that.

    Meantime, Hillary is out there making clear her intention to rebuild the party from the ground up after Obama’s eight year long ego trip has left it in ruins. Old Bernie brags about all he would do. How? He’d face a very hostile Congress–that is, if by some miracle, he managed to get elected. This whole “Bernie” thing is delusional.

  102. Rebuild the party, not the pastry. Methinks I need the fixit fairy.

  103. Yes, Brassy Rebel, it is delusional. It is a childish fantasy. I should have figured that there are enough Hillary haters on the Democratic Left that they would coalesce around some alternative candidate. The really sad thing is that every time they do that, the millions of working class Democrats get hammered. McGovern actually led to Carter (because the liberals were so humiliated by that election that they had little influence on the ’76 primary process), which led to Reagan and Bush.

    It would be pathetic enough even if Hillary were a moderate Democrat, and Sanders were some heroic liberal. But Hillary is liberal, with as good a voting record as Sanders has ever had, and of course she is far more competent. The stupid primary process which nonsensically gives mighty Iowa caucuses and powerful New Hampshire such an important role, helps lead to these things. In a national primary, Sanders might get 35% of the vote. But if he somehow wins Iowa or NH, the media will make the biggest thing imaginable. The tricky thing for Hillary is that she really cannot attack Sanders much, for fear that Sanders, who I think is rather self-righteous and egotistical, might decide to run as a third-party candidate. Hopefully he would have more regard for the country than that.

    And you make a very good point about Obama. He has consistently run away from the Democratic party, even starting in the 2008 primary run-up. He never really identifies himself as a Democrat, part of the heritage of this great party. And that has helped to lead to the dreadful mid-year election results, since he has no ability to effectively campaign for Democrats. The only ray of light would be if the Democratic voters would strongly support Hillary, who might win by enough that she could pull in at least a Democratic Senate. But the deluded people who are supporting Sanders don’t even consider these things; they would much rather act intellectually superior, and gratify their infantile dislike of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

  104. Yes, William, but the bright side is Sanders’ appeal is very limited demographically. Hillary has broad support across the party. The bad news is Iowa and NH are full of affluent white liberals who go gaga over Bernie. These states are not at all representative of the Dem party, but they go first and skew the results toward what I call the Snotty wing of the party.

  105. I think that ultimately Hillary will pull away by winning big-state primaries. But not before the media does everything it can to turn any Sanders’ wins into a major thing.

    Eventually there will be debates. One can only hope that some member of the media would ask a question lke, “Senator Sanders, you have identified yourself over time as a Socialist. Are you a Socialist? And if so, why do you think America is going to elect a Socialist as President?” Or, “You have consistently identified yourself as an Independent, though you caucus with the Democrats. If you will not identify yourself as a Democrat, and have never campaigned for any out-of-state Democrat, why do you think that lifelong Democrats would trust you to help the national Democratic party?” I’d love to see how he manages to answer those questions.

  106. Good questions, William! I don’t trust anyone in media to ask them, unfortunately. Sanders is also much too close to the NRA for me. I expect Hillary to emphasize her record on gun safety since she’s to his left on that issue.

  107. You can bet they won’t ask Sanders those questions. It would be akin to asking Obama about his experience (or lack of) in 2008, or his ties to the Chicago machine and people like Rezco.

    Most people don’t understand the importance of party affiliation in our 2 party system. Much like Obama was the “Citizen of the World” candidate in 08, Bernie could end up being the “Citizen without a Party” candidate. Just imagine what he will accomplish without being beholdin’ to a political party or corporation!!!!! Yep, I can see it now.

  108. Obama didn’t campaign to elect Indiana Democrats in 2012, although he carried the state in the 2008 general election ( the first Democrat to do so since LBJ ) . But Bill Clinton was here, helping both gubernatorial candidate John Gregg ( in a race which Republican Mike Pence narrowly won, 49% to 46% ) and victorious senatorial candidate Joe Donnelly. Donnelly said when he received a call from Bill Clinton offering to come to Indiana to help his campaign, it was like hearing “the voice of God”:


    The Clintons remain very popular among Hoosiers. They have spent a lot of time here over the years and people remember their loyalty. Hillary won the 2008 Indiana primary and no doubt she will win the state again in the 2016 primary. Bernie Sanders can’t carry anything in Indiana but a university town or two, much like Jerry Brown did in his vanity primary race against Bill Clinton in 1992. And Hillary has a good chance to win Indiana in the 2016 general election, especially since there is a very competitive gubernatorial race going on. Pence is running for re-election but is unpopular even among many Republicans. Democratic GOTV efforts are going to be strong in the state and Hillary will benefit from that.

  109. Rebel, Hillary really needs to go after Sanders on his gun safety record. I highly doubt the media will.

  110. Hillary, in Iowa, on how she plans to (re)build the Democratic Party:


  111. Ruby Cramer of Buzzfeed is one of the rare political reporters who actually does a decent job.

  112. I love how Hillary says this is her last rodeo before she rides off into the sunset. Let’s hope she wins the trophy! Or whatever they guve at rodeos. 🐴

  113. Somehow I don’t see her ever riding off into the sunset! Post presidential Hillary Clinton will be just as busy as she ever was!

  114. I agree imust. The woman will work till she expires.

  115. I don’t see Hillary ever retiring. I think she means this will be her last elective office. Then after eight years as POTUS, she can serve on the Supreme Court as The Notorious HRC.

  116. A Your Royal Cuteness moment:

  117. Hey William. Would love to see you do a headline post here.

  118. Agree on the $20 bill imust. Only reason I said $10 was because the question was raised and I just jumped on it Because they have others on the short list whom I think do NOT have the depth of accomplishment that she had.

  119. Just a quick question for you all….have any of you seen or read any comment from Obama regarding the San Francisco woman killed by the 5-time deported illegal?

    Is his silence actually his comment?

  120. Voting, meh, it was just a woman–and very white. Mexico is doing exactly what Castro did, sending us their mentally ill and their criminals. It’s so much less work for them to just send them to us. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to justify and rationalize what is happening at our borders. There is simply no excuse for the lackadaisical attitude toward illegal entry on our soil, especially during these times of terrorism and violent crime. When a POS has been deported 5 times and just walks back it, you have a real indicator of how totally unprotected the people who belong here really are.

  121. Hi, Uppity. I would be glad to, though I have no computer skills whatsoever, so all I could do would be to type an essay and either send it to you; or if there is a convenient box where I could type it in here, I could do that. And linking things–no chance! But writing prose; yes, I can do that. 🙂 I don’t want you to have to exert yourself in any way, by having to reformat things. You do enough as it is.

  122. Good article on how the media trashes Hillary. On fluffpo of all places.


  123. William I enjoyed your post at the confluence.

  124. Wow Socal, that was a good article….on the huff-n-puff!

    William, don’t worry about fancy stuff in your post. Your writing is what is great!

  125. Bahaha William, I do practically nothing here. Sophie and imust do all the work now! I’m just a lazy git.

    Tell you what, William, give us Hillary. I will email you and you can send your work to me. I will post it for you. Deal?

  126. Absolutely, Uppity. I only wish that my part of the deal were completely in my control. But I will do my reasonable best to try to help it to happen–for you, for me, for everybody here, and for a country which should vote 90% for Hillary, if they only realized how immensely superior she is to every current or would-be candidate out there. I am idealistic enough to think that if we can help to get her attributes and message out there, enough people will figure it out.

  127. Thank you, Annie, and imust.

  128. Well William I could make you an editor and you could practice in the editor and we can help you with questions. You can’t harm anything, but all it takes to learn doing posts is practice. Whadaya say?

  129. The first chapter of Harper Lee’s new novel, Go Set A Watchman, is available to read online:

  130. Is it me, or am I getting more and better results for Hillary queries on Bing than I am on Google?

  131. Poor kittehs! Sophie, I didn’t know that, will have to try Bing. I’ve been using Yahoo for search.

  132. Uppity, I really do appreciate the offers. How about if I can send you an essay or two; as things go along, and then you can post them for me? Just let me know a convenient place for them to be sent to you.

  133. Sophie, I just gave Bing a try and was quite impressed. It seems to give better Hillary search results than Google or Yahoo.

  134. I’ve been waiting for Harper Lee’s second novel all my life!

    “The summer that had begun so long ago had ended, and another summer had taken its place. And a fall.”

  135. Beata, I have been using Bing for quite awhile now and so prefer it to Google. I don’t trust Google at all.

  136. Those kittehs with bad toupees are hilarious. And they look so ashamed, unlike The Donald who is incapable of shame.

  137. Beata, one of the great pleasures of the movie is the magnificent narration by Kim Stanley.
    That and Gregory Peck’s face.

  138. Voting you are right that google is not to be trusted. Unfortunately neither is Bing. Bing is owned by Microsoft, and when it comes to intrusion and spyware, MS is practically Google’s mentor.

  139. Thanks Upps, Which one do we trust? 🙂

    Pick one and then add Ghostery, Scriptsafe and Click & Clean to your browser. Then add all the Google “Opt Outs” that exist for your browser.

  140. My kitteh is an ardent Hillary supporter. I made a Trump toupee for her but she refuses to allow me to put it on her head for even a few seconds. Smart girl.

  141. Sue, Gregory Peck’s magnificent voice combined with that exquisitely dignified face, it’s almost too much for a woman to stand.

  142. And I agree that Kim Stanley’s narration adds so much to the film. She was wonderful in “The Goddess.”

  143. Willam sounds right to me. I did email you yesterday. I see no response in my email. Did you get it? I am using the email address you are providing with your wordpress login.

  144. Hahahaaa Sophie. Trump your cat is hilarious

  145. Uppity, the email address I used when I first posted on another WordPress blog eight years ago, is one I usually just use for sites where I don’t want to end up getting a bunch of marketing list things. So that one has stayed up on WordPress blogs. I’ll check that address later, and write back, and give you the address I ordinarily use–since I am confident that you are in no way interested in selling my address to marketers. 🙂

  146. I will protect your privacy with my life, William!

    Listen, I am not very reliable with checking mail so if you send me something, just say so here, okay?

  147. Uppity, re your comment on search engines, I use Bing, because I also will not use Google. But I will tell you that Bing is not to be trusted for fairness, either. If I idly type in some search about Hillary, it will also show me a whole bunch of anti-Hillary sites or posts. Anyone who was actually trying to make up his/her mind, would see all these scurrilous comments and locations. The power that search engines have to control narratives is very disconcerting.

  148. What the heck is Anthony Weiner doing weighing in on the 2016 race when his wife is the personal assistant to Hillary Clinton??


    He needs to just keep quiet. The last thing Hillary needs is him poking his nose into her campaign!

  149. This is a BFD:

  150. Good news, Sophie!

  151. That is a BFD endorsement! The AFT represents nurses and other healthcare workers as well as teachers.

  152. I don’t want to hear about Weiner poking anything ever again. The guy needs to STFU and go away.

  153. 2% of Democrats believe Sanders has best chance to win. From CNN no less. Sanders followers remind me of the Paulies. The guy could be polling at 5% and they insist he’s gonna win.

  154. Weiner is a disgrace and they only one who pretends he isn’t is himself. The scheeve.

  155. Hillary will be on CNN’s State of the Union (w/ Jake tapper) Sunday morning. That’s 9 AM here on the east coast.

    Also, don’t miss her big speech on the economy on Monday. It will be streaming here:


  156. Sanders followers remind me of the Paulies

    Uppity, you have no idea. You have got to see some of the trolling comments–right out of the Paulie handbook.

  157. I think the very fact that the Dems are allowing Sanders who is not a Democrat party member to run for the Dem nomination tells us EVERYTHING we need to know about how “fair” this primary is going to be for Hillary.

  158. Sophie, thanks for all the info. You always keep us up to date.

  159. imust, I read the Weiner piece. Weird. I thought this was a good point though:

    “Why is he asking for the nomination of a party he always avoided joining?”

  160. An excellent article by Allen Clifton:

    “But there is one thing both Sanders and Cruz do have in common – neither of them are ever going to become president. As much as I really like Bernie Sanders, I also care a heck of a lot about Republicans not winning the White House in 2016. What’s worrying me now is I’m seeing signs that Sanders’ entrance into the presidential race is already making it more likely that Republicans could do just that. Right now, the GOP is continuing to try to convince millions of Americans that Hillary Clinton is some shady, underhanded crook who shouldn’t be trusted. Meanwhile, many on the far-left are trying to paint her as a neocon who’s actually more “Republican” than somebody like Jeb Bush because she’s not a far-left progressive like Sanders. In a lot of ways, far-left liberals are actually helping out the Republican party by bashing Clinton. I’ve literally received several messages from people saying they believe that if Hillary Clinton had to nominate Supreme Court Justices, her choices might be more conservative than many of her potential Republican opponents. That statement in and of itself proves just how delusional many people have become about her.”

  161. I am not very sure that google or bing have anything to do with what pops up first (beyond paid displays). I think it has more to do with mastering the art of tags and the manipulation of the web using those tools. I believe Google got caught once forcing paid links to the front, but beyond that, you are more likely seeing the most recent mentions of Hillary and the mastery of tag usage. Republicans know this and so do Kossacks. I have maintained that we often underestimate the Republicans’ability to use the internet – to our own peril. Bing might be seemingly less annoying, but that is probably only because Google captures more results than Bing does. I have found that Bing is spartan next to Google in production of results to a search. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. For now.

    The other influence has to do with the search itself. Most people don’t just type in a politician’s name, they type in a name with other tag words. For example, if you wanted to see links to Sanders with respect to socialism, you would be typing in Sanders Socialism into the search line, not just “Sanders”. If you did that, you might see some pretty negative stuff.

    As the most recent coverage, when you type in Hillary in google this morning, the first thing that comes up is her AFT endorsement.

  162. When I posted my search engine complaint here, I was searching for “Hillary, economic speech, 7/16” (without the quotes) to find out where and what time the speech would be. There were absolutely NO hits on that topic on Google while the 3rd and 4th hits on Bing had info. It seemed odd to me and that’s why I asked if anyone else had seen anything like that.

  163. 7/16 would not be a guaranteed recognizable tag in google. It would have to say Jul 17 or July. I learned that awhile ago when doing search with dates. Sometimes it also works better with the noun version of the word as opposed to the adjective, because the word “economic” might not appear in the page, whereas ‘economy’ would. Sometimes I just redo my search to satisfy the way a search robot would think. I typed in Hillary economy July and got it as the first display:

    Ironically this came up first, with the word “economic” in the title. So it’s possible the search robot hadn’t picked it up yet.

    Pick up of links is controlled by a computer program. To really trash someone, the programmer would have to modify the software to impact that person. Not so sure Google bothers, not that they aren’t capable.

    What bothers me more about google is they are a huge aggregator of personal information, and if you don’t protect yourself by blocking all their bugging efforts, they eventually know everything about you. Example, if you search for “diabetes” google now knows you are worried about diabetes. Since google has been wooing the government to become the keeper of electronic medical information, much information on you is already owned by them, and…..sellable by them. That’s why when you search ‘diabetes’ you soon get email spam trying to sell you diabetes products. Google is scum. This is how they make their money. If you aren’t protected against them enough, you will know based on the ads they push in your face, which just coincidentally happen to match up to your search subjects. Once you do a google search, google begins tracking your activity long after you have left their site.

  164. A little search trick that comes in handy…….if you want to do a search of something but you don’t want to include something else that pops up with it all the time, you could us a minus sign. Example:

    If you wanted to look up someone named Mary Clooney, you just know her last name is going to include simply EVERYTHING about George Clooney. So you would type in “Mary Clooney -George”. This will remove George Clooney from your search results. Cool, huh?

  165. I’m waiting for Hillary on Jake Tapper, but I think, based on the promos they keep teasing with, that it’s a rerun of the interview she had will what’s her name the other day.

  166. I have the same complaint, imust

  167. Yeah, and of course, before they reran it…..they had to talk about “her biggest challenger”, Bernie Sanders. Me: *click*

  168. Did Tapper talk about HER EYES???

  169. LOL Beata! That comment about “her eyes!” by I think John King….was the worst!

  170. Oh this is rich! Talk talk Bernie…..but gotta file your papers too man!

    Oh and this! Clinton Dominates!!!!


    Bernie who??

  171. Laws, schmaws! They are such nit-picky little things that get in the way of destiny. I have no doubt that Sanders’ New Hampshire supporters will find a way to get Bern on the Democratic ballot for their primary.

  172. Yeah Beata, don’t you love how NPR (your link) calls it a “quirky new law”? Quirky? So having to be a member of the party you are running on the primary ballot is quirky? These are the same people who took away the voting rights from 2 states because they held their primaries before “the bosses” said! Where’s Donna and her momma’s rulz???

  173. Upps, thanks for the search engine trick. The last time I took a computer class was in the 80s. I’ve just stumbled along ever since.

  174. Funny about the NH law. But no doubt the same people who gave away a huge chunk of Hillary’s votes to O will find some way to keep their old crank on the NH primary ballot. Oh, and speaking of old, when I was scanning comments on posts about Hillary and Bernie this past week, I kept seeing comments that said that Bernie would be 70 when elected in ’16!?! He is 73 now and will be 75 in the 2016 election. He is 6 years older than Hillary. Since they all bitched about Hillary’s age back in ’08, it looks like their trying to shave a few off Bernie and hoping no one will notice.

    Also, I hate their dumb internet slogan for him: “feel the bern” which is all over fluffpo commentary. Besides being utterly lame, it really has a nasty secondary meaning to it.

  175. I don’t care for that either. Sounds like they have STDs. I would LOVE to co-opt our friend’s name for a hashtag: #still4hill but that’s been her name. Still, it would make a cool hashtag!

  176. Anyone feel like being a troll buster?

    If you Tweet, go after @CoffeeLiberals. They are reprehensible.

    By the way, I have figured out how to tell the difference between the right wing trolls and the Bernie trolls. The right wing trolls are misinformed. The Bernie trolls are uninformed.

  177. I do NOT want to Feel Bern.

  178. @CoffeeLiberals I’m afraid to look

  179. They have 68 followers. Seems appropriate for his 2% polling

  180. Don’t look Uppity! I just got back. I need a shower. What a bunch of ignorant pigs!

  181. Anybody know what time Hillary’s speech is tomorrow?

  182. Hillary’s speech is at 10 am ET tomorrow. It will be shown live on C-SPAN.

  183. Hey, Sophie, how much do Hillary’s Wall Street backers pay you to argue with Coffee Liberal dude on Twitter? LOL.

  184. Apparently ultra-purity doesn’t pay the bills so The Bern is going to schmooze with the rich and powerful lobbyists at the DSCC fundraiser. Boy, can that guy ever mooch off of Democrats?!


  185. Thanks Beata! I’ll have to get up early California time, but it’s worth it!

    Asked about Mr. Sanders’s appearance at the fund-raiser, his spokesman, Michael Briggs, said he would not recalibrate his populist language in the wealthy enclave.

    “The people who financially support the Democratic Party need to hear the message that Bernie is giving all over the country and that is resonating all over the country,” Mr. Briggs said. “It is also important that the Democrats take back the Senate.”

    So on the one hand Bernin’ Bernie says we don’t need no stinkin’ rich people to win elections……on the other hand, he’s saying we need these rich people to win back the Senate. Okay, got it Bern.

  186. Hilary is making gun control a key issue in her primary campaign. Feel that, Bern!

    Another great essay from Hillary Men:


  187. Gee, it’s so good to have the whole gang together and ready for battle.
    Love you all.

  188. Those Hillary Men are fabulous!

    What Sweet Sue said!

  189. The Dem party could challenge Sanders running in Dem primary, if they wished. But they’re not objecting for only one reason: they don’t want him mounting a third party challenge in the general election. Dems will be very nice to him during primaries, but even the ones who rigged it for Obama last time, don’t want Sanders to win the primary. That would be a disaster for the party of biblical proportions. So, for now, they’re humoring Bernie.

  190. She’s on! She looks great!!

    Nobody asked for my opinion….but here it is anyway!

    She was calm, poised and clear. She sounded like a grown up, which to me is refreshing! She talked about Wall St. and Main St. She talked about fairness and responsibility. Working together for our country and getting things done. She talked about building for the future, not just for the moment. She didn’t have soaring rhetoric, just down to earth, roll-up your sleeves, smart talk. Practical not platitudes.

    In short….I love her!

  191. Hillary was absolutely wonderful! She doesn’t live in some pie-in-the-sky fantasy world, she lives in the real world. She knows what needs to be done and how to do it. No doubt about it, she’s the most qualified person to be President in our lifetime.

    As her supporters, we need to do everything we can to help get her elected. We can’t let this opportunity to fix our economy and our country slip away. Hillary’s the one! She can get it done!

    If you missed her economic speech, it’s online at C-SPAN, with no spin.

  192. I didn’t get up in time for the original speech, but I am watching it now on C-Span. She is impresssive, as always. The mainstream media spin on anything is so pathetically superficial and biased, as compared to the reality of what she says and stands for. She is actually the one person in this country who might do something about global warming, and about enhancing the status of workers and the middle class. She probably is the most economically liberal candidate that we have had in many decades. A shame that the latte liberals refuse to see it. But we can get through to some of them, hopefully.

    Uppity, I did write back to you, albeit a bit tardily.

  193. Just about the best sppech I have ever seen Hillary give. The thing which always impresses me so much is that she has complete grasp of all sorts of issues. None of the Republicans has much of a grasp of any issue; they jus ttalk in platitudes, hoping no one will notice. It almost sounded as if she were doing this speech extemporaneously. And her delivery was quite good. Any Democrat who does not vote for her is either deluded, or so embittered that they don’t even care what happens to the country, they just want to carry out a personal vendetta.

  194. I am looking forward to your next essay, William.

  195. Hillary’s command of the issues and her understanding of what needs to be done to fix our country’s problems is second to none.

  196. Amen William and Beata! Can I hear an Amen?!!!

    BTW, did someone mention PIE?

  197. Yeah, I heard that too.

  198. Hillary outlines her economic plan in a clearly-written chart:


  199. She was awesome!

  200. William got your email. Let’s rock!

  201. The Dem party could challenge Sanders running in Dem primary, if they wished. But they’re not objecting for only one reason: they don’t want him mounting a third party challenge in the general election. Dems will be very nice to him during primaries, but even the ones who rigged it for Obama last time, don’t want Sanders to win the primary. That would be a disaster for the party of biblical proportions. So, for now, they’re humoring Bernie.

    Very perceptive.

  202. I love Hillary Men!!!

  203. I agree on #hillarymen!!!

    Okay, I know we don’t bash other blogs here…..but…..I’m not naming names. What kind of so-called Hillary blog doesn’t praise the speech she made today??? Just sayin’

  204. A very solid speech by Hillary with actual POLICY positions….such a rarity anymore. I still have concerns about her immigration stance, but then again, I do with both parties stance…they seem like twin sons of different mothers when it comes to that.

    I just don’t see anyone in either party who really has a grasp of the issues like she does.

    As far as “feel the Bern”…go ahead and choose him and you will most certainly feel the “burn.”

  205. imust, those are not Hillary blogs. The people were never Hillary people–just Republican plants, looking to take advantage of the primary results. I’m not bashing. I’m telling the truth while flipping the bird.

  206. Clinton’s speech was light on specific proposals — those will arrive in coming weeks, according to her campaign — but it nonetheless represented one of the most comprehensive economic policy visions articulated to date by any of the major presidential candidates.

    More at:
    The Numbers Behind Hillary Clinton’s Economic Vision

  207. From hillarymen: “Indeed, all she’s ever run on is a liberal economic agenda…”
    What part of Hillary’s progressivism doesn’t the snotty wing of the Dem party like?

  208. Up, @ 6:31pm: glad you liked my comment on Dem party’s ambivalence about BS ( gotta love THOSE initials). The more colorful way to say this would be to paraphrase LBJ: The Democrats would rather have Sanders inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.

  209. I watched the Scott Walker roll out and was stunned when some political analyst on CNN pronounced it a great speech given by a great orator!!!
    Have our standards sunk so low?
    My husband and I were gagging during the Kohl cash portion and, really, through all of it. No insincere, stale cliché left behind!
    Ron Reagan was stunned that Walker referenced the long discredited Laffer Curve in a positive way. You remember trickle down economics, don’t you? When the rich pissed on our legs and told us it was raining?
    Superficially, he’s fugly and makes weird moues with his lips and was winking at the audience.

  210. Just realized that there’s a lot of pissing in the comments.
    Tee Hee.

  211. Brassy Rebel, the “Democrats” who do not support Hillary have no coherent idea as to why they don’t. They start from some visceral antipathy, and then try to construct rationales for it. They are so used to being disappointed about things, that they have retreated to totally self-indulgent positions of finding fault with everything, except their own fantasy projections. They just loved Obama, because he had no background or record; then they became bitterly disillusioned with him. So now they’ll take another wild stab at it. Since they are always bitter and disappointed, anyway, there is not much at stake for them. But thiere is for people like us who actually care about the real world.

    Uppity, I sent you an essay. It’s long, but I like to write “old-style,” and construct a hopefully impervious position, anticipating potential arguments from the other sides.

  212. Sue, the dumbing down of the American populace continues apace; it has sunk into films, television, books, and any other aspect you can think of. Apparently it has permeated the media, too.

    Scott Walker is an uneducated, unintelligent hack. Everything he says which is not absolutely meaningless, or a cliche, is, palpably wrong. The fantasy about “trickle down economics,” has been consistently proven to be nonsensical again and again. And yet some still give it credence? And Scott Walker does not become a great orator just because some Hillary-hating shill on CNN wants to make it so. Of course, with people lining up to see the likes of “Tron” and “Minions,” it may be that they will buy anything.

  213. William, I’m seeing comments on “progressive” blogs praising the speech but saying things like, “Well, she doesn’t mean it; Obama didn’t.” Of course, she has a progressive record going back decades. Obama had a slum lord named Tony Rezko. She’s the real deal.

  214. Speaking of movies, I am looking forward to seeing “Mr. Holmes”. Robert Downey Jr. was unwatchable as Sherlock a few years ago, IMHO, but I think Ian McKellen will do the character justice.

  215. Brassy Rebel, that would be just like them, wouldn’t it? They believed all the Obama speeches, were certain that he was better than Hillary, no matter what was pointed out to them; and now after they became disillusioned, they decide that they can’t believe anybody.

    Actually, I always have thought that whatever Hillary says, she means. She is that kind of person. Of course she and we know that to do all of what she wants is going to be very difficult, particularly if we cannot change the balance in Congress. But it is good for her to run on that platform, because she does mean it. It is up to the electorate to give her the tools to accomplish it.

    Actually, I always felt that Obama, who may have meant well, but who ran away from the Democratic Party, who kept saying things like, “I’m not going to refight the battles of the ’90’s,” (of course he had to); who promised some kind of vague new way; who was anxious to immediately say when elected, that “there are no red or blue states,” was not going to be able to deal with the Republican machine. But those “progressives” did not want to even hear about it, they were so excited to be able to defeat Hillary, who is far more knowledgeable about Republicans and determined to battle them.

  216. Obama, like all narcissists, believed his own hype. He thought that his speeches would solve problems, like magic! Remember his, “Words? Just Words?” speech? Well, turns out, they were just words. Hillary countered and mocked him with her famous, “And the skies will open up…..celestial choirs will sing…..and everyone will just get along….”

  217. Beata, I am afraid that I cannot see “Mr Holmes,” because I do not like the idea of showing him as aged. Everyone wants to play off something in the Holmes canon; Irene Adler; the one or two stories in which he took cocaine; the three stories which included Mycroft. The very last Holmes story Doyle wrote, “His Last Bow,” did have Holmes as much older, apparently doing something to help the British in WWI. But that is really not Holmes, to me. However, that is just my opinion. I wish that someone could write a legitimate Holmes story where he is in his prime; or else do something like “The Valley of Fear,” or even a really good version of “The Sign of Four.” But instead they will do Holmes as a boy, Holmes as an elderly man, Holmes as living in New York, Holmes as living in modern times and using a computer.

  218. William, I am not a literary purist as you appear to be. Like figures in classical mythology, legendary characters such as Sherlock Holmes continue to evolve beyond the canon as time passes. It is inevitable. New writers and filmmakers will reinterpret them or “play off” them as you put it. That doesn’t bother me at all. What matters to me is whether the work is done well or not.

  219. imust Obama didn’t believe a word of his own bullshit. He was there for the adoration ride.

  220. Having broadband issues in the area, to make it worse it’s affected my display. God knows what Time Warner did to my machine. In any event, if I go quiet, you know why.

  221. A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out this one!

  222. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/07/14/hillary-clinton-capitol-hill_n_7796460.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000013

    Not a bad piece. Harry Reid makes me sick though…..not ready to endorse…..

  223. I don’t know Uppity. I certainly think he was in it for the ride. But I think he’s actually pretty delusional, and believed he could walk on water. That’s why he went through periods of pissyness and/or depression. Things didn’t go his way and watch out.

  224. Uppity Women sure love HillaryMen! Here’s their latest:

  225. imust@10pm: Sanders left the meeting early in order to hold a press conference about where he differs from Hillary!? Could he be any more of a jerk?

  226. Yes, Sanders could be more of a jerk! I expect he will be before the campaign is over.

    Yours truly,

    Not Feeling the Bern

  227. He wanted to upstage Hillary. Why do I sense that he doesn’t respect women all that much???? Here’s the part you were referring to:

    Clinton may have been met warmly by the majority of Democrats in the caucus, but Sanders tried to steal the show when he exited the meeting ahead of other senators and held a presser of his own in the hallway outside the Senate chamber, which is typically reserved for Senate leadership.

    Sanders spent about six minutes laying out where he disagrees with Clinton on a variety of issues

  228. imust, we need to make allowances for the Bern because he is “a man of a certain age”. ( snark )

    In spite of the Bern’s statements to the contrary, I don’t think he fully respects Hillary or women in general. He considers himself superior so he’ll put her down in a variety of ways. We all know the script because this is a movie we’ve seen before.

  229. We know Sanders is sexist from the offensive essay he wrote forty years ago which he hasn’t apologized for or even acknowledged its offensiveness. Now we know why he’s a socialist: He has no class. This was supposed to be Hillary’s time with her former Senate colleagues, and he had to try to make it all about him. NOT classy.

  230. Brassy, what was that essay?

  231. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/06/01/so-you-might-not-want-to-read-bernie-sanderss-43-year-old-sex-column/

    Or you can search: Man and Woman by Bernard Sanders. It was written in 1972.

  232. Gone overseas for 7 months and glad to be back to start working for our Hillary. Let’s roll up our sleeves and start working…I’m ready!
    How are you all uppities?
    and the biggest Upps of all, how are you doing health wise?
    I missed you…

  233. imust, I love the way the WP goes to Jezebel to give Sanders a pass: Well, sure it’s a creepy little essay, but it can’t be sexist because he’s from the left. Fantasies about violence against women, and women fantasizing about having violence done to them is not just a creepy little essay. I’m embarassed that Breitbart of all web sites gets it right. But then it’s the left spilling the bilge this time.

  234. I walked into a bookstore to buy a book about the Dodgers, and I saw a book by Hugh Hewitt, entitled “”Queen Hillary.” I suppose all of you know about this book, but I had not heard of it. Hewitt is someone who used to be on here as the conservative in a “point, counterpoint” type of show. Most thought of him as at least a reasonable person on the
    conservative end. But then he puts this book out, with the picture on the cover of Hillary made to look cold and imperious. I did not open the book. Interestingly enough, part of the cover tells about how the book willl show the plans “for a second Clinton Administration,” or something like that. I would not think that this would be such an upsetting prospect to most voters.

    It is a shame that there is not a very favorable pro-Hillary book on the shelves to counteract it. Usually there is one for a candidate. It is always a good idea. There was one out there for BIll Clinton, during his first presidential run. Anyone here could write a good one.

    Uppity, I know your computer was down. Did you get my mail and essay from yesterday?

  235. Speaking of the Dodgers, Sandy Koufax is still one good-looking man and he can still get it over the plate. I saw him on TV last night before the MLB all-star game. Very impressive!

  236. Does anyone have a recently written pro-Hillary book to recommend? I agree it is difficult to find one.

  237. My computer is damaged from this broadband mess, William. I’ve ordered a new one. I don’t think I can post it without my screen going down. my time is limited online. Sophie, Imust I will mail it to you. Could one of you post it for Wiliam? I won’t be steady online with anything till I get my new wheels. I’ll mail it to both of you and if one of you can do it, please do. gotta get to mail before I go down. Be sure to put a line on top in bold saying the post was William’s.

  238. Uppity the post is in the can. Should I go ahead and publish or do you want to wait until tomorrow?

  239. imust, I say go ahead and do it now. People want to read it and we need a new thread anyway! This one is too long.

  240. Imust, if it doesn’t matter to Uppity either way, then how about tomorrow morning?

  241. I love you Beata!!

  242. Thanks for your input and enthusiasm Beata!

  243. I love you too, Sophie! xoxo

  244. Looks like I’m gonna have to post a Elton John song in order to fit in around here!!!

  245. Remember this? A very early Elton song and one of my favorites.

  246. That’s a good one Beata! This one’s for Uppity:

  247. OMG! It’s an EJ love fest. I love it! And yes, Beata, I do remember Michelle’s Song. I have that album (and it has a hole punched in the sleeve).

  248. Nighty night!

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