Calling All Democrats

This is the first, of what I hope will be many posts, by one of our members, William.

Calling All Democrats
By William

I am a Democrat. It is certainly not that I agree with everything every Democratic officeholder says and does. I never have. But we have two major political parties in this country. For all intents and purposes, we have a two-party system. This is not going to be changing. Either the Democrats win, or the Republicans win. Sometimes, as in the 2000 Presidential election, some very foolish Democrats get the idea to cast a vote for an outlier like Ralph Nader, and thus allow the Republicans to win an election that they could not have otherwise won. It is a zero-sum game in this country’s political process, and an intelligent person will realize it, even if he or she might wish it were otherwise.

My parents were lifelong Democrats, and we were all proud of being so. We would watch the Democratic conventions together. Of course, there were some Democrats we liked much more than others. Back then, there were actually some decent Republicans. There are virtually no decent Republicans holding major office now. The Republican Party has completely turned into what years ago used to be considered the fringe wing of that party. They are all John Birch Society types now. It would be funny if it weren’t so horrifying. They all say the same things. They all vote in lockstep. They try to destroy the legislative chances of any Democratic President by filibustering every single significant bill; by holding up virtually all judiciary appointees. It has appeared to many of us that the Republicans would rather have the economy completely fall apart, rather than compromise on anything. They are far more about winning their battles than in accomplishing anything. Of course, when you believe in total laissez-faire economics, you may not want to accomplish anything legislatively: pass no regulations; let the “markets” work their own mischief.

It is to the point that we cannot allow any Republican to win the Presidency. One figures that they will have to at some point, and that could be ruinous. Their policies are so extreme that they might destroy us. Seeing what some governors like Scott Walker have attempted, in a formerly liberal state like Wisconsin, should terrify people. He has tried to destroy labor unions in his state. He is engaged in attempting to remove every single bit of environmental legislation. How he gets away with this is almost beyond comprehension. It must be that people don’t listen, don’t follow, or somehow believe the inane platitudes that all of this will help them get jobs, or win some kind of culture war. Get someone like that, or Jeb Bush, who ran Florida almost fascistically, according to a long article in a major magazine years ago, and heaven help us all.

Now, as I went along through college and grad school, and various arenas where i would encounter presumably intelligent and educated people, I met many who, when I said I was a Democrat, would tell me that they were independent. They would say it rather superciliously, as if they were claiming to have reached a higher plateau of personal development. “I vote for the man, not the party,” some of them would say; as if this showed that they were discerning, as opposed to someone who identified himself as a Democrat. Of course, they were arrogantly nonsensical. If you can show me a Republican on the national scene whom you would actually want to vote for over a Democrat, I would say that you are not too interested in actual issues and their implications. I don’t like all of the Democrats, personally or politically. But I darn well know that the Democrats are far better for this country, so I vote for them. Maybe in two hundred years, the Republican party will come to its senses, and then we can vote for a few of them. I’m not holding my breath.

The reality is that the Republicans play the political game better than the Democrats, for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, they don’t win the presidency all the time. But they are now in firm control of both houses of Congress. They control most of the state legislatures, some of which are denuded of Democrats. They have controlled the Supreme Court for about 25 years. The Democratic party is not that far away from being reduced to a permanent minority party, at least on the state and congressional level. As long as the Citizens United decision stands (and it would take a much different Supreme Court to overturn it; the chances of three-quarters of the states ratifying a constitutional amendement against it are essentially zero), it is a perfect circular game for them. Billions of dollars from corporate polluters and ravagers wins elections; the elected serve their corporate masters who make even more billions, which is poured into more elections. And the media, also corporate owned, of course, become ever more supportive of the radical right billionaires, insuring even more election victories. It is a dire situation; not unchangeable, but in increasing danger of becoming so.

So that brings us to Hillary Clinton, apparently the only remaining major Democratic force who both cares about the future of the Democratic Party, and has plans to make it viable in the long term. The current President, for whatever reasons, has been running away from the Democratic Party for eight years. And so, not surprisingly, he has been less than valueless in midterm elections, where apparently the norm now is that we lose 50-60 congressional seats, at least five Senate seats, and a few more state legislatures. Other than saying “we got shellacked,” he does not seem to have much concern about this, or any idea of how to do anything about it. And no one else but Hillary Clinton seems to, either.

Guess what? You cannot effectively run a country as President if the Congress is overwhelmingly against you, and uses every technique to thwart every bill and appointee. This is not some fantasy TV series or movie; this is political reality. Americans have for too long entertained this fantasy of the “outsider,” the brave man or woman who comes to Washington and changes everything through the force of his magnetism. I would think that the last eight years would have shown the utter folly of that concept, but apparently not. Maybe some people are so inherently bitter or contemptuous that they have given up all hope of fixing or even helping things; they just want to waste their time on tearing people down, and lamenting how rigged eveything is, and how it really doesn’t matter, anyway. Well, I think it matters; and I am totally sick of the people who self-indulgently try to get winnable Democrats defeated, or who keep playing their childish game of looking for some projective comic book hero to save us all.

Now consider the overwhelmingly positive attributes of Hillary Clinton. Not only is she a solid old-time New Deal Democrat, she also has the will and the competency to get things done. Of course she is not perfect; no one outside of a TV show character could be. But she is very smart, very dedicated; and any reasonable Democrat would have to agree with her stands on at least 95% of the issues. But even putting all of that aside for just the purposes of this essay, she actually cares about the Democratic Party. In a recent speech in Iowa, she said the following: She wants to communicate “the importance of midterms, strengthen state parties, and spend the next 10 years building a deep bench of young people” in the Democratic Party, who “will not just complain” about problems, but will get into politics and fix them.

She said, “Here’s one of the differences between our party and the other party: They know the importance of midterm elections. Because they show up and we don’t.” She further said, I am going to be the kind of President who will keep talking to the American people about the importance of showing up in the midterm elections. Otherwise, we will go backward.”

Well, this seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Except that when is the last time you heard something like this from a Democrat? Have you not seen public figure after public figure shrink from being too closely identified with the party?Have you seen any major Democrat talk about “the other side,” as if being a Democrat mattered? Have you heard anyone talk about the need to defeat the Republican candidates and agenda; that to actually do anything significant; to save this country, the Republicans have to be defeated, the way they regularly are defeating the Democrats every midterm election?

She may not be able to accomplish it, but she is really going to try. And who else is left to try? Bernie Sanders, who doesn’t even identify himself as a Democrat; who to my knowlege has never campaigned outside his state for any Democratic candidate? That should not even be worthy of consideration. If Sanders somehow got the nomination, he would win about seven states, and the Democrats would end up with about 120 seats in the House, 40 or so in the Senate; and the Supreme Court would be ultraconservative for another 30 years at least, because three or so Justices would retire, and be replaced by young corporatist right-wing radicals. On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton is elected President, she will not only be able to change the Supreme Court balance, but she is going to work to actually strengthen the Democratic Party at the statewide level, so that it somehow might be able to battle the Republican money machine on even terms. She is not going to concede the country to the evil forces, she is going to try to defeat them. And yet some people cavil and hesitate about supporting her for President? This is about the equivalent of being out in the desert, and trying to find reasons not to drink the bottle of cool, pure water you are being offered, because you think you might somehow find another one of a better brand somewhere out there in the mirage. If you are a real Democrat, and not just a professional carper, the choice to support Hillary Clinton in this campaign is as clear as you are ever going to get in any election. How about us Democrats taking advantage of it, for just once?


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  1. {{{Clapping}}} Excellent post, William! Thanks so much for bringing out these wonderful points about Hillary. I needed a reminder. Agree that the Democratic party needs to be rejuvenated. I will have my family read this!

  2. Just perfect.
    The prospect of the Republican party in charge of the entire Government is terrifying.
    I know it’s said so often that it’s become a cliché, but I do believe that this is the most important election of my lifetime.

  3. William, you just made the whole case! When we all go to other websites, we should try to link to William’s essay and blast it out far and wide. Also social media.

  4. Rebel, excellent idea about linking William’s essay far and wide. Is there a way for someone here to get the essay linked to #HillaryMen? I’m not on social media so I can’t do it.

  5. Here is an article about Hillary’s recent speech in Iowa in which she promises to work for a new Democratic coalition and better Democratic midterms. William references the speech in his essay. I posted this link in the previous thread but I think it is important enough to repost. Spread it far and wide, too!

  6. Heads-up: When you link to William’s essay on blogs and social media sites, preface the link by stating that he is “an attorney living in Los Angeles, and a long-time Hillary Clinton supporter”. That is what I am going to do. It will give gravitas to the essay. William says it’s okay.

  7. William is in fact an attorney living in Los Angeles, and a long-time Hillary Clinton supporter! I want to make that clear. He’s the real deal.

  8. Thank you, Annie, and Sue, and Brassy Rebel, and Beata, for the nice comments; and of course Imust, for getting the essay up, and for the kind introduction. I hope that the essay does some good; both in heartening all the strong and and intelligent Hillary supporters here, and in perhaps getting through to some of the people who need a wake-up call. Everyone here does their part, and I can write a hopefully effective essay now and then, for mine.

  9. You’re very welcome William, my pleasure. Let me know if I can help you with anything in the future.

  10. Here before I crash. FANTASTIC piece, William! Thank you!!!!!!

  11. Well I knew from the writing style that William was in a profession that values excellent writing skills.

  12. Well I knew from the writing style that William was in a profession that values excellent writing skills.

  13. I’m linking William’s essay to as many REAL Hillary sites as I can!

    imust and Sophie, I hope a few visitors will be stopping by to comment on the essay – Hillary supporters who remember William from 2008. Please fish them out if they get stuck in spam. Thanks!

  14. Upps, I admit I kind of know William from way back. He is a brilliant guy. I knew he would deliver a great essay. He can always be counted on for that.

  15. Excellent essay! Just as a playwright pens the closing scene first, this should be Hillary’s closing argument in the next election. Thanks for sharing it.

  16. Thanks for a powerful message, William. 🙂

  17. This is an excellent piece William. I agree that those on the Left who are pushing Sanders, and before that, Warren seem to be disinterested in building the Democratic Party. I wonder if they are afraid of the Clintons getting in control of the party. Remember when Obama got stole the nomination and they moved the DNC hq to Chicago?

  18. imust, I think the Sanders/Warren Latte Liberals fear that “the great unwashed” ( meaning people who don’t “food shop” exclusively at Whole Foods ) will gain control of the Democratic Party. You know, the average middle- and working-class person; the kind of person who, well, votes for the Clintons. As we all know from 2008, those Clinton voters are low-information types who can’t even be trusted to dine at the right restaurants. If people who eat at Olive Garden are allowed to choose who will be the next President, then all hell will break loose.

  19. I´m all for it.
    Thank you William for the blog essay and welcome to gal kitten universe.
    As I said in my early comments: “I’m back and ready to work for Hillary”.

  20. Speaking of Olive Garden ( and I was ), I wonder if Upps has seen this:

  21. It’s hard to completely generalize, but I think that some of these relentlessly anti-Hillary people on the Left come from a long history of hating their own party, because it does not live up to a fantasy ideal they have constructed. I certainly have had my issues with the powers that have run the party. But it is one thing to be critical at times, and another to be relexively cynical, snarky, and frankly, insufferably arrogant and pretentious about thinking they actually understand how politics and the country work

    They’ve been throwing up these fantasy projective candidates for decades. It makes them feel important. They don’t really care if they win, they just like to be championing the new big thing, like finding some obscure art house movie and saying that it deserves to win the Oscar. Well, you can write those kind of artistic opinions on blogs, and it’s fine; nothing is at stake; and contrarian opinions are welcomed. But this is not aesthetic criticism time; it is about the future of the country and the world. And of course the candidates a certain segment of the Left favors are people about whom little is known; they are wishful fantasies.

    There were a bunch of people who for whatever reasons–sexist, economic classist, anti-Clintonist– were determined not to let Hillary got the nomination last time. First they wanted Edwards; then as he showed poorly in many ways, they convinced themselves that Obama was wonderful. They didn’t get what they wanted out of that administration, but they are determined to stop HIllary again. If they actually looked at her voting record, it was every bit as liberal as Obama’s, and she actually showed up and was a very well respected senator. That’s not enough for them. That would cause cognitive dissonance, admitting they were wrong. So they remain steadfast, and try to imagine someone else they prefer, even if he or she has not the slightest chance to win a national election.

    The fact that Hillary is actually a brilliant candidate, someone with a remarkable blend of idealism and pragmatic ability to get things done, goes right by them; they refuse to look at it. What they want, they never will get, but in the meantime they are arrogant or self-indulgent enough to try to ruin it for the tens of millions of people who have a real stake in who is running the country. I agree with Sue that this is actually the most important election ever. Given what is at stake, how can some people be so willing to toss it away just fo maintain some petty resentment, or a foolish consistency?

  22. Spot on William. They aren’t really Democrats, they are the people who vote Green Party candidates, when there is no chance on this green earth that they will win!

    Just saw this:

  23. William, what do you think about Hillary supporters in 2008 who have now embraced the GOP? I think we all know at least a few of them. These days, they love Cruz or Walker or some other right-winger. What happened to them? Were they frauds to begin with or what? And if they were really Hillary supporters, how can we bring them back into the fold?

  24. Beata, I really have no idea how someone who supported Hillary in 2008 would support the Republicans, particularly Cruz or Walker (though they are all about the same).. I don’t think there is any rational intellectual reason for it. Pique; bitterness; disappointment; “we’ll show you, Democrats!”–some or all of the above. Maybe they only supported Hillary because she wasn’t Obama. Maybe they want the Democrats to lose all the elections now, because Hillary was robbed of the nomination. When you have a change that inexplicable, not much can be done about it.

    Hopefully, most of the Hillary supporters from 2008 will be just as strong for her this time. I am expecting that they will.

  25. FWIW, Sanders recently received the support of New Hampshire Democratic activist Dudley Webster Dudley ( of the Exeter Dudley Webster Dudleys ). Sweet Sue and I had some fun with this.

    It seems Dudley’s support is like the Democratic presidential candidates’ kiss of death. She loves to back a loser. Over the years, Dudley has supported Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, Mo Udall, Ted Kennedy ( Reagan thanks you, Dudley ), Paul Tsongas, and Wesley Clark. If she was backing Hillary, we should worry.

    The hot scoop on Dudley from Wiki:

  26. William, I think you are correct. If those former Hillary supporters have gone that far to the right, I doubt anything can bring them back. I believe they are a very small but vocal group. Hillary can certainly win without them.

  27. I think some resent her for accepting any post in Obama’s administration and her failure to run against him in 2012. She is a democrat who is true to the party that I think stabbed her in the back. The other day she spoke about the importance of building back the party from the grassroots. Some will never understand that kind of loyalty.

  28. The Obamacrats, as I like to call them, wanted to build a “new” Democratic Party. Younger, more urban….recall Donna Brazille? They rejected the Old Coalition of older, working class types.

    [BRAZILE: ]Well, Lou, I have worked on a lot of Democratic campaigns, and I respect Paul. But, Paul, you’re looking at the old coalition. A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics. We need to look at the Democratic Party, expand the party, expand the base and not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  29. Only problem, Donna, is that they don’t vote in midterm elections, so you lose all the House and Senate seats. But maybe that wasn’t much of a concern of yours.

  30. Donna spoke horse hockey. Obama and his people haven’t attempted to build a new Democratic coalition. Not at all. That’s why the Democrats have lost ground everywhere from statehouses to Congress since Obama has been in office. Hillary sees that and knows what it means, not just for next year’s elections, but for the decades to come. If she becomes President, she has promised to make the Democratic Party stronger at all levels of government. That’s not just words on her part. It’s a continuation of the hard work she and Bill have done for many years. And as President, she will have even greater power to build the Democratic base. Sanders can’t do that; even if by some miracle, he got elected, he’s not even a Democrat!

  31. Beata@742pm: Dudley Webster Dudley of the Exeter Dudley Webster Dudleys. ROFLMAO! That sounds like a caricature of a typical Sanders supporter. If Sanders is such a working class hero, why does he attract such obviously non-working class supporters? The snobs of the party.

  32. Bravo William! I don’t make it here to visit my blog wife nearly often enough. 😊 It’s always worth the trip, and this time was no exception.

  33. Ahhhh! So refreshing to log on here first thing in the morning and read your essay, William (Calling it a ‘post’ doesn’t do it justice). Thank you for your bracing common sense.

    I must say the SandersFans been relatively quiet on FB the last few days. Instead, I’ve been subjected of gushing over Caitlyn Jenner’s “bravery” in learning how to apply cosmetics, wear Armani gowns and walk in high heels.

  34. Absolutely brilliant, William!

  35. See William, you are a hit! You even brought my blog wife out! I knew it!

    imust, thank you so much for taking care of this.. I am going mad with my broadband. Only on a few minutes and then dumped! Some tower got damaged or some such shit.

    G,”Post” is a wordpress word, it means somebody publishes a piece.

  36. Hi Lorna. You a right to a degree. I think the Obamazoids will look for any excuse to bash her and they aren’t going to stop. She is my kind of Democrat. Obama is their kind of Democrat. He panders to them with promises and then shafts them in the end. And then they excuse him. That’s their kind of Democrat. And sexism is alive and VERY well in the Democratic party. Only difference between them and Republicans is Republicans don’t even bother to pretend they want a woman for president.

  37. Uppity, much as we enjoy your drive-by blogging, we do miss you!

  38. Brassy Rebel@826am: That’s a very good question.
    When push came to shove, the Kennedys didn’t want to touch the Arkansas hillbillies with a ten foot pole!
    Even after President Clinton had moved heaven and earth (amid much criticism) to locate the bodies of the Heir Apparent and his victims.

  39. Sweet Sue brings up an excellent point : The Democratic “elite” has MAJOR “class” issues with the Clintons.

  40. Thank you to everyone for the nice and encouraging comments.

    I am hoping that this Sanders wave has peaked. But the media is giong to do all it can to keep it going. They want some kind of horse race; they don’t want anyone coasting to the nomination, particularly not Hillary. They want drama! If they can’t get it, they will manufacture it; it is about all the media is good for these days. And to go along with my thoughts about what Hillary could do for the country, the Republicans are of course aware of that. They have owned the Supreme Court for decades; they think it is their destiny to do so. The next President has a very good chance to determine the tilt of the Court for decades. The Republicans will do every single thing they can to win this election. We always say that this or that election is the “dirtiest one ever.” Well, this one will be. And there are those in the media who for whatever reason will try to aid in this. But Hillary is confident, she has poise and charm; and she is smarter than the rest of the candidates, so we have that going for us.

    GWM4Hill, I totally agree with your comments on Jenner, whose story I take great pains to avoid being subjected to on any media. I will just say that my definiion of “bravery” does not encompass this person’s actions, which seem to me like a desperate grab for attention and publicity from a person who had pretty much become a pathetic former sports hero in his original identity. But I cannot do anything about this unsettling attempt by media figures to award Jenner with medals for being “brave” about something or other. It’s not a good role model for other frustrated or unhappy people to believe that this kind of desperate grab for attention is the way out of their problems.

    Last night, I saw a theatre performance of “Dear Elizabeth,” which was the reading of 30 years of correspondence between the poets Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop, neither of whom I had known that much about. It was touching and poignant. And both of them, despite having certain gifts and benefits, seemed very brave in how they tried to deal with the melancholy aspects of life. It was a good deal more rewarding than reading about the Kardashians or Jenner, who by comparison seem like rather weird sitcom characters created for popular consumption.

  41. Hugs, Uppity!!!!

    Re the Kennedys and Clintons, there is actually a split in that family. The JFK branch backed Obama in 2007-8, whereas the RFK branch backed Hillary. The JFK branch seemed convinced Obama was the reincarnation of President Kennedy…still not sure why.

  42. But Bernie Sanders’ is a 72-year-old Brooklyn-born Jew who grew up in Flatbush. His father was a Polish immigrant who sold paint. Please understand that I am not making fun of his background. ( My mother was originally from Brooklyn. ) By all accounts, Sanders came from a solid hard-working lower-middle class family but he is scarcely “of the manor born”. So why is Bernie Sanders “cool” among the Dudley Webster Dudleys of the world and Hillary Clinton is not? Answer me that.

  43. William, “Dear Elizabeth” sounds like something I would love to see. Maybe it will be performed in my area someday.

  44. Beata. it is certainly possible. I think it was perhaps performed for production as a radio program; and if so, it may show up on one of the “indie” radio stations in many cities. Julian Sands and JoBeth Williams read the letters back and forth, and both were very good.

    Sanders is of course not an economic aristocrat by birth. He is just the newest wishful candidate that the latte types have latched onto. They really wanted Warren, of course. She would win about as many states as Sanders, 7-10 at best, but obviously these people do not seem to understand or care about that.

  45. I watched the CNN series, “The Seventies” last night. It was about the Ford and Carter presidencies. I knew that Ted Kennedy had challenged the sitting president Carter, but the series indicated that, like the Kennedy/Clinton issues, there had been a similar animosity between the Kennedys and the Carters. The Kennedys saw the Carters as southern hillbillies.

  46. Re: the Kennedys. My mother always felt the RFK side of the family had a stronger interest in Catholic social justice issues, whereas the JFK side was more “high-society”. Perhaps that partially explains the split in the family.

    My mother once met JFK. It was right after WWII. She was dating a member of the Roosevelt family and a group of his friends, JFK included, went night-clubbing in NYC. She had no idea who JFK was at the time. Her boyfriend just introduced him as someone who had recently gotten out the service and had lost an older brother in the war. My mother told me the young JFK was unprepossessing; sickly-looking and quiet.

  47. William@12:09 pm:”I am hoping that this Sanders wave has peaked.” We may know more after tonight when all five supposedly Dem candidates will be appearing at the same event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I predict that Hillary’s reasonable style will be compared (unfavorably) to Sanders’ anger.

    Sweet Sue, I think you’re correct that there is class resistance to the Clintons from the snotty wing of the party. It’s also regional. Bernie is a Northeasterner. Both Clintons are tied to Arkansas in their minds. And Hillary is missing the Nutroots convention to give the keynote at Arkansas Jefferson Jackson dinner tomorrow night. Not cool to the Dudley Webster Dudleys of the world!

  48. I am so glad to find someone else preaching the notions in this post. I’ve been yammering on about this since way before Obama and his spineless approach to Republicans. I would also like to point out that the ceaseless, constant shaming of Southerners does not help the liberal Southerner in attempting to recruit moderates back into the fold. Being constantly told you’re an inferior bigot because of where you live is not only bigoted in and of itself, it is certainly not conducive to retaking the lost political apparatuses of Congress and the state houses.

  49. Churl, I have thought about that, too. Of course the Confederate flag should be taken down; and of course what happened in South Carolina was horrible. But there is this constant derogation of the South by many Democrats, and there are actual decent people down there. .And some Southerners are, or would be, populist Democrats. And even after the Civil Rights Movement, the Democrats used to be somewhat competitive in some of the states, including Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, even Louisiana. I do not think that writing off these states or Southern people, helps. They will undoubtedly turn out in large numbers to vote against the Democrats, and that of course also costs us potential Senate and House seats. I don’t know how we can possibly have workable margins in either house, if we cede all the Southern representatives to the Republicans. Yes, we got that in 2008, but it was because the economy was collapsing. And those margins went away immediately in the next election.

  50. There has been much applause in the liberal press (certainly on FB) for the young man who tore down a confederate flag from someones house. I dislike the flag, but seem to be the only person I know who thinks taking someone else’s property just because you are offended by it sets a bad precedent – where does one stop? is it OK then to smash a person’s window because there a menorah in it?

    I have no problem at all with what Bree Newsome did and one notes that she very pointedly did not destroy the flag.

    Thank you, William for supporting my thoughts about Jenner. The misogyny and homophobia of the trans-movement is ignored by the mainstream “progressive” media.

  51. According to some stupid shill named Sean Illing, The Democratic Party needs to draft Al Gore right now because Hillary is flailing!
    Flailing, people! It’s on the front page of Salon, so it must be true.
    Except: she’s leading in every head to head match in the polls, she’s raised more money than the other candidates and she has a sixty eight percent approval rating among Hispanic voters.
    If that’s flailing, I’ll have what she’s having!

  52. Al Gore!! Ha! Who else are they gonna pull out from under a rock?
    John Edwards???

  53. Hillary will be speaking at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Celebration tonight along with the other Democratic primary candidates. I forget their names. C-SPAN will broadcast it live starting at 8 pm ET.

  54. Draft Dennis! Kucinich is anxiously waiting for the call begging him to run again. He’s even offering to bring his own orange crate to stand on during debates.

  55. Kucinich! He’s waiting for a call from ET! Or maybe the other way around……Den-nis…phone home!

  56. LOL, imust!

  57. Another thing the snotty wing of the party always wants to do is draft someone to run for president. Geez! What is wrong with these people!? Someone either runs for president or they don’t. Can anyone think of a president who was “drafted”? Anyone?

  58. And flailing candidate? In 2000, Al Gore was the definition of a flailing candidate from beginning to end! These folks are freaking nuts, I tell you!

  59. Hillary speaking at last night’s Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame event:

  60. 😆 Protesters don’t faze our girl. 😀

  61. Wow!!! 2 Hillary videos in a row.

    Be still my heart. 🙂

  62. I bet those kids in the second video don’t even end up voting. Yeah, they’ll be too busy playing with their iphones or something.

  63. Thank you Beata so much for the link of Hillary in the Iowa DP Hall of Fame.
    And also to foxiladi14 on the “climate haze-don’t faze”.
    This site provides a true and clear picture of Hillary’s strengths…
    LOVE IT!

  64. bellecat, wasn’t Hillary fantastic in her Iowa speech?

    I loved it when she said she will keep talking about women’s equality: “Some people think, I can see it in their eyes, ‘There she goes again with the women’s issues’. Well, I’m not going to stop, so get ready for a long campaign!”

    And her story about how her late mother continues to inspire her was so moving; it brought tears to my eyes.

  65. Loved, loved the Iowa Speech!!

    How about this part:

    I’m not a scientist either, I’m just a grandmother with two eyes and a brain!

    Or when she was talking about Donald Trump. How they’re not talking about her hair anymore because their talking about his hair!

    She was great!

  66. Once again, Hillary proved her smarts by steering clear of the Netroots Nation forum:

  67. VotingHillary, was that for real? I had to keep checking to see if I was reading an “Onion” piece! Crraaazzzy! Yes, I’m glad Hillary didn’t attend!

  68. imust, apparently because even HuffPo has an article about it….which frankly surprises me.

  69. Unreal…just unreal.

  70. Well, Bernie certainly had a lot more time to speak than O’Malley.

  71. Bernie do talk a lot Bout nuthin. 😆

  72. Voting and Foxy it was just so strange and rude. The whole thing reminded me of this:

  73. Not for nothing are they called “Nutroots.”

  74. Bill “Cockroach” Cosby admits in deposition to using drugs, phony displays of concern, and other tricks in his calculated games to sexually assault young women. His ass should be rotting in jail.

  75. Hello? Anybody home?

  76. Hey Beata! Yeah! Where is everybody? Gone fishin’?

  77. Thanks for the link, Beata.
    Good read.

  78. Well, imust, I hope they aren’t caught up in flash floods or stranded in the middle of highways on fire. Maybe they’re just enjoying the quiet mid-summer days. Cook-outs. Water balloon fights. Frying eggs on sidewalks. Swatting flies with rolled-up newspapers. That kind of stuff.

  79. Of course this has been posted here before. But I came across it again just now. What can I say? Mika Brzezinski gives me a tingle and puts a spring in my step as she defends Hillary from right-wing bullshit, calmly shredding Carly Fiorina into cole-slaw (figuratively of course)!

  80. Oh darn it! Forgot to imbed….

  81. I think that this is one of those periods where it is not bad at all if there is not much news. The media is waiting for any chance to go after Hillary, or create a “Hillary is struggling” theme. If there is nothing happening for them to be able to do it, that’s good.

    My only real concerns at this point are the inevitable timing of the two “big” referendums–the Iowa caucuses, and the New Hampshire primary. There is some chance that Sanders could show well in Iowa, and a very good chance that he will do well in New Hampshire, where the voters are historically very unpredictable. Also, we know that Republicans will be encouraged to cross over and vote for him. Hopefuly, there will enough of a battle among the Republicans, that they will want to vote in their own party’s primary. I don’t think that they can vote twice, but who knows what kind of strange rules they have in various states.

    If Hillary can win both of these, she should be able to convincingly win most of the major primaries. But we know that in the cebates with the Democratic foes, someone is going to say something critical or unflattering, which is going to get big headlines, so we have to get through that, too.

  82. Here’s a question for everyone: Whom do you want to see win the Republican Party nomination? It is not easy, because they are all so absolutely awful, that one does not want to see any of them do well. But on whatever terms you choose–who would be easiest to beat; who might lose by the largest amount, thus giving Hillary a greater mandate, and perhaps a better chance to bring in Congressional Democrats; even who is marginally less terrible–who are you “hoping” does well in the Republican primaries? Alternatively, who would you like to see do really badly, and have to drop out quickly?

    I don’t know how I would answer at this point. Jeb Bush is always worrisome, because he is smart and ruthless, and he has billions behind him. So I would love to see him do badly, but Republicans ordinarily end up with the “political primogeniture” candidate, so he will probably stay in there quite a while, if not actually nominated. Likely, it will end up being Bush against some “right-wing radical populist” candidate like Paul or Walker. Republicans know that they have to field a somewhat credible candidate, so I would think that there will be a lot of pressure on the field to begin dropping out pretty quickly, rather than drag it along to late Spring. But if it does drag out, that is going to make the Republicans look worse. Who would be the easiest to beat? Trump. Jindal close behind, or Rubio, I think. Obvious potential Republican ticket: Walker and Rubio. Is Bush still domiciling in Florida, so that he cannot take Rubio as VP mater? Kasich is a threat to be a VP choice, just because Ohio is so crucial. South-Midwest or Midwest-South duo is very likely, I think.

    Completely alternative question, if you like: Who is Hillary’s best choice as VP running mate? People keep talking about Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, but does he have enough gravitas?, will the electorate see him as someone who could be President? I saw him speak at the last convention, and was not all that impressed. But the Democratic officeholders are such a sparse group, that it is hard to think of many possibilities. O’Malley? TIm Kaine?–No!! Sherrod Brown has said he has no interest in this. Mark Warner?–NO!!!! Anyone else?

  83. William@12:14 pm: Right now, I’ve noticed Hillary is having a delightful time running against the whole GOP clown car. I think she can take ’em all on. She’s a great candidate so far. She’s like, “So much material, so little time!”

    Obviously, Trump would be easiest to beat which is why he’s giving the GOP establishment a case of the vapors. He’s tainting the whole party and sucking up all the attention. Hillary loves calling him “the Republican front-runner”. It’s all good for her.

    As for veep nominee, since Obama has emptied the bench, it’s anyone’s guess. I’d still like to see Hillary double down on women. My home state Senator, Amy Klobuchar, is great and well qualified to become president. But let’s hope she won’t have to step in before Hillary completes her term!

  84. And I can’t believe Mika defended Hillary. She usually trashes her. Maybe the tide is turning.

  85. Brassy Rebel, it is an interesting quandary. There are simply few options for VP. Castro is an “obvious” choice in some contexts, but is a mayor of San Antonio really ready to be on a crucial national ticket? It almost seems like…demographic targeting; or the media will say preumptuous arrogance–unless Castro is that good. Even if he is, what mayors have ever seen on a national ticket?

    I don’t know much about Klobuchar, but if you think that she is really capable, that is encouraging. But obviously two women on the ticket does present a risk. And Minnesota is not a crucial state; at least it had better not be. But I would agree with you that we need to have the best VP dandidate, not based on geography or demographics. My first choice would be Sherrod Brown, but he is much against the new trade proposal, so that would be awkward.

    If I had to bet, and I only had one stab at it, I would guess that the Republicans will end up with Bush and Kasich. Hillary completely trumps anybody, but is Castro a good match for that ticket? Not my choice, of course, but VP speculation for our side, when we have a great Presidential candidate, is one of the fun parts of the campaign.

  86. William, the slam against Hillary (not true, in my opinion) is that she’s too cautious. Picking a well qualified woman as her running mate would be bold and gutsy. It would also lay down a marker: would Republicans want to make an issue of an all female ticket when we have had so many all male tickets? That would be risky for them given their well documented problems with women voters. It’s a risk. I’d argue it’s a risk worth taking given the qualifications of both women. And the only woman ever on GOP ticket was such an embarassment they’d be foolish to attack Klobuchar’s credentials which are impeccable. Of course, they’ve been foolish before! LOL!

  87. Living in NE Ohio, my number one choice for the Veep spot is Sherrod Brown.
    It’s disappointing to hear that he’s not interested; maybe, Hillary could change his mind.
    Brown on the ticket would mollify some of the Sanders supporters.
    And, as you say, William, Ohio is crucial.

  88. I really don’t care who Hillary picks for veep, but I guess Brown would be my first pick. O’Malley stills bugs me re: the Perdue chicken grossness, but I feel comfortable that Hillary will choose whomever she thinks will be best for her.

  89. I think Warren would be a good choice, even though it would be good to keep her in the Senate. She could be a help to Hillary advocating for bills with congress people as a VP, much like Biden does for Obo

  90. Just watched the msnbc clip of Carly. Good lord, she is so tedious…blah…blah-blah. Ugh. Funny how that guy toasted her about half way through.

  91. In addition to the thin resume, and I believe Castro in now HUD secretary in Obama admi nistration, Castro’s family has been in U.S. for so long he doesn’t speak Spanish. It’s really unbelievable that the Dem party has so few Hispanic elected officials to choose from.

    Sherrod Brown is okay by me, but I don’t see him taking the job. He’s very independent and wouldn’t be comfortable as #2. Also, GOP needs Ohio. Dems have paths to 270 without it, particularly in states with large Hispanic populations.

  92. Annie, Fiorina was absolutely awful as a Senatorial candidate in CA. Just mean-spirited and unpleasant. It is so ridiculous that she gets trotted out there to be the Republican to attack Hillary, just because she is a woman. She will turn everyone off before too long, just like she did here.

    Brassy Rebel, I did not even know that Castro does not speak Spanish!
    And yes, HUD; I knew that but forgot about it. I know that he was being raved about in ’12, so he was given the prestigious keynote speech. I’d tend to prefer Klobuchar over him, or indeed anyone else who has shown some background in dealing with major national issues.

  93. My first choice for VP would be Sherrod Brown. Even though he has said he’s not interested, that could change.

    If a Hispanic would help the ticket, how about a real long shot? Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona. He’s the son of immigrants, born in Chicago, a Harvard grad ( International Relations ) and a Marine veteran of the Iraq war. He’s also very young and serving his first term in Congress. My feeling is that he isn’t experienced enough but he would add a lot of energy to the ticket. It would be a bold choice.

    Article and video from just before Gallego’s election to the House:

  94. Beata, I have heard of him, and he seems to have many good credentials. But the big problem would be almost toatl lack of experience. In some sense, that is the problem with Castro, too. Biden was a good choice for VP, because he was respected, and had the foreign affairs background in the Senate. Hillary obviously has immense foreign policy background. But I think she should pick someone whom the public would be comfortable with one step from the presidency. Otherwise, it presents a vulnerable spot in the campaign.

    She may have to go to Kaine, just because of that. Of course she will make her own best decision. But just for the interest of speculating, I would rather have her be attacked for playing it safe in this decision, than for picking someone whose experience or credentials are open to question. Yes, Brown would be an ideal choice, but I really think that he wants to be the voice of the liberals in the Senate. And then of course, anyone you pull out of the Senate risks another seat there, particularly where there is a Republican governor, which is the case in most of the states.

  95. William, you might be interested to know that Gallego considers climate change the most pressing issue of our time. Wage disparity is his other key concern.

  96. I certainly understand what you are saying, William. Gallego is a long shot. But since we are not playing with real money here on the blog, I will place a bet on him.

  97. I agree with William, they are -Gallegos and Castro- very hopefuls but not enough experience and I really hope Hillary goes for someone more seasoned and plays it safe instead of gamble.

  98. Does anyone feel energized or excited by the idea of Kaine as VP? Will he help get out the vote among any group of people that might otherwise stay home?

  99. #Hillarymen nail it again…..and so does our Hillary!

  100. imust, that was great.
    Never excuse, never surrender.

  101. What about Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper as VP? Could he help Hillary carry a few Mountain States?

  102. I love the #Hillarymen!
    Does anyone remember BartCop? I’m so sorry he is no longer with us. He was a progressive redneck who had the hots for Shirley Manson of the band Garbage, and he LOVED our Hillary from the get-go, remaining highly skeptical of O. when most of his readers became Obots. He wasn’t perfect – I wasn’t fond of his referring to weak Democrats as “pink-tutus” (a bit homophobic there, dude…I called him on it and he stopped), but during Obama’s weak first year when he played patty-cake with the GOP while they repeatedly kicked him in the balls, he ALWAYS brought up Hillary:
    “What’s he doing? We could have had a fighter, but we fucked up.”

  103. GWM4Hill, I remember Bartcop with great fondness.
    He saved my sanity during the Impeachment farce.
    I often wonder about Mrs. Bartcop and if she still lives in Bartcop Manor.

  104. Yes, #HillaryMen are doing a fantastic job!

    I remember Bartcop. Weren’t there a few other pro-Hillary rednecks that used to be around? I miss them.

  105. I’ve been thinking about my guy, Ruben Gallego. He’s a real up-and-comer. Not ready for VP yet but should challenge McCain for his Senate seat. I’d love to see that fight.

  106. My concern about a Clinton/Kaine ticket: it’s possible to play it too safe. Kaine is very much an insider. He’s the former chair of the DNC, FCS.
    Right now, Hillary is facing a primary challenge from an avowed Socialist ( Sanders ) who’s talkin’ ’bout a revolution. Yes, it’s pie-in-the-sky stuff but obviously he has attracted a good number of supporters. If Hillary wins the nomination ( and I believe she will ), are those Sanders’ supporters going to be motivated to vote for a Democratic establishment ticket like Clinton/Kaine? Or will they vote for a third party candidate like Jill Stein? ( Sanders isn’t Nader; I don’t think he will run third party. ) Or will they stay home? It’s easy to say, “Let’s just write these Sanders’ voters off. They’re a bunch of Whole Foods nuts.” but is that wise for Hillary’s campaign? My feeling is she needs to make a bolder move in choosing a VP than Kaine or another establishment guy.

  107. Oh, I am no big fan of Kaine. There hopefully is a better choice. I have heard about Hickenlooper, and he did a nice job holding that governorship in the middle of another GOP midterm avalanche. I don’t know much about his politics; governors in Western or Rocky Mountain states have different agendas to deal with than much of the rest of the country. If he’s somewhat dynamic, he could be an asset to the ticket.

    Actually, Brassy Rebel’s thought about Klobuchar is intriguing, in that she has credentials; and presumably the only “risk” of that choice is the two women on the ticket aspect. But HIllary can say that she is far more concerned about the right person for the job than things like gender or ethnicity, which are from the past. We don’t need a splash pick; just someone whom the voters will respect, and feel reasonably comfortable with as someone who could lead the country.

  108. Gov. John Hickenlooper, like many Mountain State Democratic politicians, seems difficult to pigeonhole.

    He’s 63 years old, a native of Pennsylvania, a geologist by training, and a Quaker. Prior to becoming Governor of Colorado, he was Mayor of Denver. While Mayor, he belonged to the bi-partisan gun control group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. As Governor, Hickenlooper has stated his opposition to the legalization of recreational marijuana but said he will enforce the will of Colorado voters on the issue. He is currently Chairman of the National Governors Association. He has a book coming out in 2016.

    More from Wiki:

  109. There’s a lot of talk about Julian Castro as a potential VP.

    Regarding E. Warren as a VP, I called that the Patty Duke ticket.

  110. William, I didn’t have a chance to add something important about Klobuchar yesterday. She has a solidly working class background. Her dad was a sports reporter and later a columnist for the old Minneapolis Star newspaper. This was at a time when reporters really were ink-stained wretches. His family is Slovenian, I believe, and were miners on Minnesota’s Iron Range.

    Hickenlooper is intriguing. However, he is 63, and Hillary probably would want someone younger. She’s going to get enough grief from right wing about HER age.

    This is kinda a fun game you started!

  111. I confess I don’t know enough about the potential candidates to proffer a pick. William and the responses on this thread are a great education for me.

    A tidbit: The rumor mill is spinning this afternoon that MSNBC is contemplating re-hiring that slimeball Olbermann. Will this misogynistic violent blowhard just go away already?

    As a friend noted on FB: “MSNBC’s ratings are down because they’ve been promoting Bernie Sanders over Hillary for months now. Hayes, Wagner, O’Donnell, and Maddow have all been breathlessly reporting on Sanders’ every move, while snidely reporting on every Clinton misstep. Chris Matthews is the only one on the network who supports Hillary. Now that polls show Hillary demolishing Sanders, maybe they’ll get a clue. If MSNBC wants Democrats to watch again, especially during the run up to the 2016 election, they need to dump the idea of Olbermann returning and start promoting Hillary.”

  112. Brassy Rebel, yes, I did think that Hickenlooper might not be ideal when Beata noted his age. But I didn’t want to quibble with everything, since there is no ideal candidate. Also, his name is quite long for bumper stickers! I was trying to think of a similarly long name on a ticket, and all I could think of was Throttlebottom from that old political satire play, “Of Thee I Sing.” I know, it’s not fair. 🙂

    From what I have read, Castro seems to be one of the favorites. But to be completely honest, it just feels like an ethnic pick, that he would not have been considered without that aspect. And then you have to convince the electorate that he is of VP caliber. But we’ll of course just have to rely on Hillary’s best judgment. Yes, I always have had fun guessing who the VP of our party might be, most particularly when we really like the presidential candidate. Last time, with Obama, I didn’t much care, though they did have odds on it, and I actually managed to win money on Biden at the end, after mulling it over for weeks, and having placed a couple of earlier small bets on Bayh and maybe someone else. I won’t bet this time, as there is too much at stake for us and the country. If I did–and it’s too early, of course–I’d bet on Castro, because I don’t think they’d float this name so much only to yank it away. But that could of course be wrong. If the Republicans pick Bush, I’d bet on Kasich as VP candidate. But again, a lot would depend on how the primaries go, and what gaffes are made.

  113. After the current governor of Colorado serves 8 years as Hillary’s VP, I am envisioning a Hickenlooper/Klobuchar ticket! It simply rolls off the tongue.

  114. Alas, Birch Bayh’s Republican son, Evan, seems to have fall’n into the sere, the yellow leaf. We hear nothing of him even in his native land. Such a pity.

  115. Lol, Beata! Hickenlooper-Klobuchar simply rolls off the tongue! Hell, we’re Democrats. No one syllable names for us! Or, after Hillary, even two syllables.

    William, I love ” Of Thee I Sing”. I had forgotten all about the great Wintergreen- Throttlebottom ticket. I wonder why it’s so rarely staged. It’s great!

  116. William, quibbling with each other is what you and I do best. Go right ahead.

  117. Sophie, Ct, I don’t know what this means (other than I’m a woman of a certain age, but I woke up singing that theme song this morning!
    “They Look alike
    They Walk alike
    At times they even Talk alike.
    You could lose your Mind
    When Cousins are Two of a KInd.”

  118. Haven’t seen Uppity in a while. Hope she’s okay. 🙂

  119. I’m concerned about Uppity, too. Let’s hope it’s the broadband problem and nothing more.

  120. I am envisioning a Hickenlooper/Klobuchar ticket! It simply rolls off the tongue.


  121. Sweet Sue, it means they’d be like identical cousins. Usually, the VP is supposed to be somewhat different from the President so that they cast a wider net.

  122. Sophie, I meant that I didn’t understand the synchronicity of it all.
    I was really startled to see the clip that you posted. 🙂

  123. I woke up singing this song this morning. I think it means I’m old.

  124. Anybody else see that CNN keeps “trumpeting” one poll that has Hillary behind Republicans in Virginia, Iowa and Colorado?
    Kids, it’s going to be a long haul.

  125. I saw that Sweet Sue. I turned them off. They were like 5 year olds with a new toy.

  126. I’m baaaaaack!!! What. A. Mess! I HATE Time Warner!

    Hey William! It took me nearly a year to get more than a hundred comments! You’re a hit!

  127. Hi, Uppity, and welcome back to your blog!

    Well, some of the comments were mine. 🙂 But thanks!

  128. Am I getting sardonic in my old age or does anyone else find Trump hilarious lately?

  129. Trump is totally hilarious! Every day it’s something new!

  130. Sue, I don’t know where that poll is from. They are taking state polls now for an election over a year away? And what kind of poll has Hillary on one side, and a “generic Republican” on the other? Wait until they actually have to settle on a candidate.

    That all said, I would prefer there not to be such polls. But for CNN to focus on it is pathetic, and simply shows, A), That they are very much rooting for Hillary to lose; and, B) That they are desperate to fill up time on their stupid shows every day, and have little of substance to talk about. What Hillary’s plans are for the country; what her stands on issues are, are far less important to the media than “the race.”

    Finally, if people are so abysmally stupid and ignorant, that they actually want one of these Republicans to run the country, there probably isn’t much hope for it, in any event. I wonder what they would like: a repeat of the financial collapse; destruction of the entire safety net; more wealth for billionaires; more parching weather? The only aspect which concerns me a bit is the recent social “victories,” which Republicans might make some hay running against. In fact, I woudln’t be surprised if “family values” made a comeback in this campaign. It’s all they’ve got to run on, as hypocritical as it is.

  131. Chuck Todd had to comment on the poll. I can’t stand him.

    Oh and speaking of Donald Trump (well, Uppity was..) he’s taking his show down to the border! EEEEHAAAA! That should be fun! Pass the popcorn amigo.

  132. Imust, of all the media hacks, the perpetually sneering Chuck Todd is undoubtedly one of the very worst.

  133. William, you write em we’ll print em!

  134. William, I agree that there is a chance of a backlash when people feel that ” the pendulum has swung too far.”
    I hope that the voters will be smarter than that.

  135. Trump doesn’t stand a chance in the general election, but here is where I think he is going to decimate the rest of the so-called Republican field..that August debate. The other candidates are damned if they do and damned if they don’t and Trump knows it.

    If they attend the debate, it will be all Trump all the time and face it, the guy knows how to work the camera and the discussion. If they decide to gang up on Trump and refuse to join a debate with him in it, Trump will use that to show how “spineless” the rest of the field is and such cowardice is not befitting of a future POTUS.

    I swear this guy is on the Clinton payroll. ROFLMAO!

    OT, Uppity, my little guy is still in somewhat good spirits, but is costing me a small fortune in panic emergency vet visits. I now know what mothers go through when they think the least little thing is wrong with their children. During the night, he sounds like he is on death’s doorstep and the next morning, he is propped up asking to go for a walk. But as long as I can keep him happy and he has the energy and is still eating without stomach discomfort, we are going forward.

  136. I think the Repubs will figure a way to exclude Trump from the debate. Rig some polls (like they haven’t done THAT before!) or find another way to disqualify him. JMO

  137. If they exclude Trump from the debates, maybe he’ll run as an Indy? We can hope!

  138. Oh Please yes!

  139. Voting, glad to see the little guy is making the best of his life, thanks to you.

  140. So glad you’re back, Uppity! We were getting worried.

    On the Q poll from yesterday, I started a comment thread on yesterday’s post over at Still’s place. The poll is a big nothing burger, but the constant refrain, “Hillary is not honest and trustworthy” is deeply rooted in the idea, common in our culture, that women are not supposed to seek political power. GOP and media use this cultural fact against her.

  141. Never to worry, Rebel. If I’ve shown everyone one thing, it’s that I am the quintessential human boomerang.

  142. Never to worry, Rebel. If I’ve shown everyone one thing, it’s that I am the quintessential human boomerang.

  143. Oh crap, now I am compelled to post this

  144. For anyone feeling dismayed by recent polls, here’s a feel-good story: Marquis Boston, a nightshift worker at a Little Rock hotel, cut down on groceries and gasoline over the past year so he could save $1000 to donate to Hillary’s campaign.

  145. LOL at the boomerang, Upps. Glad you’re back!

  146. Trump cats scientifically proven to have higher IQs than The Donald!

  147. Voting, thank you for giving such loving care to your little guy.

    {{HUGS}} to you both.

  148. No one has ever asked me to write an essay for a blog. I wonder why? I have blog creds! During the 2008 Democratic Convention, I was hospitality hostess on another blog’s online DNC Cruise to Nowhere. I gave out awesome goodie bags and had a whirlwind affair with the ship’s masseur. His name escapes me now.

  149. Thank you Uppity and Beata, but I typed to soon last night. My little boy went into respiratory stress this morning and I had to send him to his Grandpap and my other beloved little boy in heaven. I appreciate you all letting me vent in here about my dog. Your kind words really helped.

  150. Oh, Voting, I am so sorry. Losing a beloved pet is an incredibly painful experience.

    Remember that you did all you could for him. He knows. Most of all, you gave him love.

  151. Awwwwwwww Voting, I know how this feels and I am SOOOOOO sorry!!!! Fly away all well again, you good boy, you

  152. If I lost my beloved Tosca I would be devastated.

  153. Go Donald! Please!

  154. LOL! CNN has live coverage of The Donald’s plane landing in Laredo, Texas!

    Is anyone else running for president on the GOP side??? Oh yeah, 15! LOL!!

  155. The Donald is Master of all He surveys!

    ( Sophie, this is especially for you. )

  156. Ha! Check this out! Hillary vs fantasy candidates. She even beats Bill Clinton!!!!

  157. I’m thinking of changing my screen name to “Because, Penis” so I will be taken more seriously. “Beata” has no gravitas.

  158. imust, I love that poll.

    So much for the “Draft Al Gore” idea. Unlike fine wine, he’s not aging well. Just sayin’.

  159. They took that poll because supposedly we’re all so dissatisfied with Hillary and want more choices. Guess not.

  160. If I were a betting person, I would put money on Bush/Rubio being the GOP’s ticket. Jeb! has a new house in Kennebunkport, Maine. I assume Jeb! can claim that as his residence which would solve the problem of both he and Rubio domiciling in the same state.

  161. VotingHillary, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  162. Oh, joy! Uppityville fav Chuck Todd to get new daily one-hour show on MSNBC, taking over Ed Schultz’s time slot.

  163. Schultz dumped.Todd hired. Talk about mixed emotions….

  164. So much for the “Draft Al Gore” idea. Unlike fine wine, he’s not aging well. Just sayin’.

    Blatant greed, dishonesty and fear-mongering for profit will do that to a crook.

  165. Cheer up Beata. I’m thinking of changing my name to Woman With Axe.

  166. Testing!

  167. Yay! Just call me “Penis” for short.

  168. Love it, Because!

  169. omg Beata!!!

  170. ROFL! Glad there’s no icon.

  171. I think we need an inquiry into the MILLIONS of disappeared emails from the GWB43 account.

    Congressional requests for administration documents while investigating the dismissals of the U.S. attorneys required the Bush administration to reveal that not all internal White House emails were available, because they were sent via a non-government domain hosted on an email server not controlled by the federal government. Conducting governmental business in this manner is a possible violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, and the Hatch Act.[1] Over 5 million emails may have been lost or deleted.[2][3] Greg Palast claims to have come up with 500 of the Karl Rove lost emails, leading to damaging allegations.[4] In 2009, it was announced that as many as 22 million emails may have been deleted.[5]

  172. Good catch Uppity!

    All you need to know about Jeb! in 12 seconds.

  173. Cripes he looks like W there. *Hurls*

  174. As I mentioned a few days ago, there was a devastating article written in one of the major magazines; maybe New Yorker, or Atlantic, about Jeb Bush, written when he was governor of Florida. It was truly frightening. He tried to make it impossible for Democrats to even function in the statehouse, sticking them in some kind of room; not lietting them meet to caucus; trying to change laws so that they could not even contest his favored bills. I do not remember the specifics of it, but it was very unsettling, far beyond what even bad governors do. It was virtual totalitarianism. And Bush is very smart in that way, and utterly ruthless. Someone who is really good at intetrnet searches might sometime want to find that article. Hillary’s campaign might as well.

  175. Yeah, Jeb!, let’s start to cut government spending by gutting women’s reproductive health care. Women and children first! Any well-bred WASP knows that.

    Frickin’ dickhead. Go back to Kennebunkport and roll some yarn for Babs’ needlepoint pillows. Be useful for a change.

  176. I’ll look for the article, William. And make coffee, too. BBL.

  177. ROFL! Glad there’s no icon.

    Don’t give her any ideas!

  178. Still defending Women’s rights 🙂

    “Hillary stands up for Planned Parenthood—and women’s rights.”

    “It is unfortunate that Planned Parenthood has been the object of such a concerted attack for so many years. It’s really an attack on a woman’s right…to make the most personal, difficult decisions that any woman would face.” Hillary Clinton July 23, 2015

  179. Jeb! thinks the answer to our problems with the economy is to defund Planned Parenthood. Hillary thinks this:

  180. Penises don’t make coffee, Beata.

  181. In case you’re interested, here is The Briefing factsheet for:
    The Facts About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

    The Briefing is a great GoTo sub-site of Hillary’s Web site.

  182. Thanks, SophieCT.

  183. Notice on Sophie’s link, toward the end it says security precautions which were “rigorous” were taken but refuses ro elaborate for obvious reasons. The media always makes it sound like Hillary just put her emails on this private server, and no one else had anything to do with it. She had a secure ☎, fax machine, and an email server. Somebody set it all up. The media is either dishonest or awfully dumb. Probably both.

  184. And Newsweek shits all over the NY Times (which is about what it’s good for, if any of you have bird cages).

  185. And finally, no matter what anyone says about Teh Roolz, this is The Real Rule of the government regarding the turning over of e-mails:

    The Federal Records Act puts the obligation on the government official to determine what is and is not a federal record.

    In other words, it’s a federal record IF Hillary says it’s a federal record. So, sorry Trés Gaudi, but you are not The Decider.

  186. For people working overtime to prove that Hillary is dishonest and untrustworthy, all the media is proving is that most of the media is dishonest and untrustworthy.

  187. Exactly, Brassy.

  188. Sophie, everytime I try to read the Newsweek article, Apple craps all over it. What’s the gist?

  189. I’m SURE the only reason she won’t turn the entire thing over to them is she KNOWs the press will leak out her PERSONAL correspondence with family. They are just DYING to get their hands on personal information for a week of on-air “analysis”.

  190. Don’t give her any ideas!

    I know. It’s not like she’s Anthony Weiner!

  191. I do have to say that I found that video of the PP doctor to be highly unprofessional and offensive. I mean I wanted to slap her silly. What an arrogant ass. I can’t believe she’s even a doctor. Just saying! Not too sure I’d want her working on me. I would fire her just on the way in which she represents PP. Low caliber, for sure. I’m sorry.

  192. Word is that the Planned Parenthood vid is highly doctored by the Breitbart gang.

  193. Wouldn’t be surprised. Breitbart left his sleazy legacy intact there. But the truth is, what was left, even if doctored, showed her to be comfortable with low-rent behavior. I don’t imagine much left on a cutting room floor would have redeemed her attitude.

  194. What Planned Parenthood vid are you talking about, the one I posted with Jeb!? Yikes, I hope it wasn’t from Breitbart.

  195. Sophie, thanks for the Newsweek link. Great article. Who woulda thunk it?

  196. Sweet Sue, the Newsweek article is an itemized take down of the NY Times “reporting” on the latest fascination with Hillary’s e-mail. If you can find a place to read it, it’s very good and thorough.

    By the way, #CancelNYTimes is gaining traction on Twitter. Please use it.

  197. Here is a new essay from #HillaryMen about the NYT’s blatantly obvious bias against Hillary. They cite the Newsweek article that Sophie linked above.

  198. Nice to have Howard on our side for a change. (And follow the link to the Hillary Men article–it’s a good read.)

  199. #HillaryMen say if The Gray Lady is trying to become The Drudge Report, it is certainly accomplishing that goal with its Hillary “reporting”.

  200. Here’s another great breakdown of the NYTs lies.

    I’ve been noticing it all over. The faux email “scandal” has been debunked…..but all the reporting is that she’s done something criminal!!!!!

    The NYT needs to come out with a FULL APOLOGY on the FRONT PAGE! How about a HEADLINE….”WE LIED”….yeah that would be the best.

  201. That was a great article at Hillary Men.
    What shall we call the NYTimes now?
    The Paper of (Broken) Record?
    The New York Slimes?
    The New York Crimes?
    I agree with imust, they should print a very large and long retraction on the front page.

  202. This is something I posted elsewhere on another site about the Louisiana shootings:
    the two dead victims are women and the movie this creep bought a ticket for is one targeted to young women. I don’t believe for a moment that that’s random, but you can bet your sweet behind that it won’t be classified as a hate crime.

  203. Sue, I vote for “The New York Crimes”. Let us not forget the Crimes also gave us Judith Miller.

  204. So true, Beata. I haven’t takes the Times seriously since Judy and the shaking Aspens.
    Actually, not since the whole Whitewater bullshit.

  205. Mo Do is a NYT person as well.

  206. I am surprised, that they are still in business. 😆

  207. Hillary is going to testify (again) before the Benghazi panel on October 22.

  208. The NYT used to be a highly respected paper, maybe the most respected. It even used to be a consistent supporter of Democrats. I used to buy it, at least on weekends. I have not read it for years, and I wonder what has happened to its journalistic standards.

    Someone mentioned Howell Raines the other day; and I know he was apparently virulently anti-Clinton. But the NYT was never supposed to be about petty jealousies of its editors. Maureen Dowd, who never deserved her opinion page status, is pretty obviously emotionally and psychologically stunted, as she has the viewpoints and style of a clever ninth grader, and she has an infantile hatred of the Clintons, particularly Hillary. But even so, I do not understand the Times’ relentless and completely unwarranted attempts to damage Hillary’s reputation and campaign.

    Do they think they are showing that they are not the liberal paper that the public usually thinks they are? Has Dowd poisoned the minds of the rest of the staff? Or is this just a personal vendetta of people who are shaming the respected history of this newspaper?

  209. Any media outlets still enabling the NYT’s lying should be boycotted along with the NYT. Period. We all should vote with our feet. Hit them in the wallet where it hurts. Make them squeal like pigs.

  210. Howell Raines hasn’t been with the NT Times since 2003 when he was forced to resign following the Jayson Blair scandal. True, Raines was strongly anti-Clinton during his tenure with the Times but I doubt his personal animosity is behind the paper’s current attacks against Hillary. It is widely known that when Raines left the Times, he was extremely unpopular with his newsroom. Indeed, reporters called him a bully and were glad to see him go, so it’s not like he left behind a group of disciples. I think the Times’ hatred of the Clintons goes far deeper than the feelings of particular editors or columnists. It’s become endemic.

    Btw, Raines is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, not Arkansas.

  211. CNN headline “Clinton Campaigns Amid Controversy”. Oh brother.

  212. Meh, I meant to write the “NY Times” or better yet “The Crimes” as Sue called the lying rag.

    We definitely need to boycott the paper and refuse to click on any of their links.

  213. The only “controversy” involves the NYT’s lies and the paper’s failure to acknowledge and apologize for them.

  214. Hillary supporters on Twitter are being urged to use the hashtag #ITrustHillary whenever possible to counter the constant media drumbeat that “voters find her untrustworthy”.

    Not everyone is on Twitter ( I’m not ) but we all can take other opportunities to say “I Trust Hillary”. Use the phrase on blogs, bumper stickers, and signs.

  215. As if Hillary is responsible for NYT’s causing controverzy by LYING about her! Sheesh!

  216. Well, that is the time-dishonored propagandists’ way: make up a story, then say, “candidate fighting controversy.” It is one of the most troubling aspects of our country’s political and social life, that the major media has abdicated any journalistic responsibility, and has sunk to the level of the tabloids, selling out all of its principles for money and notoriety. Thus one cannot trust or believe them, which makes it difficult to have a democracy.

    It is as if a bunch of media people got together, and said, “Hillary Clinton is going to be elected; let’s see if we can somehow stop her in any way possible. That would make us the most powerful force on earth!” Or maybe it is simply that the kind of person who goes into journalism now is not the kind that did so eighty years ago, and is usually someone who is looking for fame and TV appearances, not the truth.

  217. Actually, Hillary has never to my knowledge lied or misled about anything pertaining to governmental matters. She was very popular as Senator from NY, even among Republicans, which attests to her keeping her promises, and being open about her views. Somehow this narrative of “Hillary cannot be trusted” goes on, counter to all observable facts.

    That is the Rove way, and that of Atwater before him: Invent some kind of personal negative, and then emphasize it over and over as the thread with ties together every issue. With Gore it was, “He is a perpetual liar and inventor of fables.” With Kerry, it was, “He can’t make up his mind, and he lied about his war record.” If the media ever deigns to actually cover real issues which affect real people, Hilary will win. The question is how long wiil the media do the Republicans’ work for them?

  218. I would love to see a poll in which voters were asked, “Can you name a government issue Hillary Clinton has lied about?” I bet most could not come up with anything. Maybe a few would say “Benghazi” or “her emails”. Then I would have the pollsters follow up by asking, “What specific lie(s) did Hillary Clinton tell about Benghazi / or her emails?” I can imagine people struggling to answer that one, groping to remember some sound bite ( “She lied!” ) they heard on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh.

    Such a poll will never happen. That I know.

  219. Yes indeed, Beata, #iTrustHillary

  220. P.S. Beata, I like you better without the Penis.

  221. LOL, Sophie. But it was kind of fun to strap it on for a while.

  222. Gray Lady = Bad
    Grey Seal = Good

  223. Hmmm, perhaps this one?

  224. Okay Uppityites, help me out. I pulled this right out of an AP report:

    Clinton, the former secretary of state and now the leading Democratic presidential candidate, wants to focus on the economic issues she and her team believe will drive the next election. But they remain unable to fully escape the questions surrounding her decision to run her State Department correspondence through an unsecured system set up at her New York home.

    Was her system “unsecured”??? I would be surprised about that. So far, I haven’t heard of any hacking of her system.

  225. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t State servers get hacked since the accusations of her “unsecured” server started? And how about that “secured” federal employee server that got hacked. Seems to me she’s the only one who didn’t get hacked.

  226. We all knew that penis wasn’t real, Beata. It was a decent size.

  227. selling out all of its principles for money and notoriety.

    And power. Lots of power. They enjoy the cowering.

  228. The Times can act as arrogant as they want but the truth is, they went into the financial dumpster long ago. They had to borrow 250 million at loan shark rates just to get out from under their junk rating.

    They are just about owned by this dirtbag now.

  229. Her server was secured. Uppity is correct–it was one of the few that didn’t get hacked. AP is wrong.

  230. Maybe Carlos NotDanger Slim is influencing the NY Times editorial decisions…

  231. Last post about my little boy…I buried his ashes today. Uppity, devastated is the proper word, but as I was talking with my sister today I think I hit on why and I would like to share with the forum members.

    My sister said she cried harder after having to euthanize her dog than she did any other death except our parents. After mulling over her remark, I told her I think its because we rarely make the decision that it is time to end a human’s life except under the most extraordinary of circumstances. Humans don’t really have the God-gene when it comes to life and death and once the decision is made, we spend so much time replaying it in our heads wondering if we made the right choice. And I believe this is what causes so many tears, the fear that we chose wrong for a being we so deeply love and deeply loved us.

    So to those who have had to make this decision and to those who may have to in the future, I will leave you with this. You are making the best decision based on the best information you are being given and you are making the decision OUT OF LOVE. Mourn the loss, but not the decision made out of love.

  232. {{{{{{Voting}}}}}}

  233. VotingHillary, what wise words and take them to your own heart.
    I agonized over the decision to put my cat, Lulu, down and second guessed myself after the fact.
    You’re right, that beyond difficult decision was made with the utmost love. We take ultimate responsibility for our animals and part of the responsibility is to know when to say goodbye.

  234. Agree with all of you about the media. My 21 year old sees it–he hates the news media and says its nothing but opinions, top 10 lists, and reality show freaks. When he was a youngster, he liked that George Clooney movie about Edward R. Murrow, and he talks about this subject quite a bit. I think its good if young people are paying attention.

  235. Voting, thank you for sharing your story with us. It is one I understand very well. Several years ago I had to make the agonizing decision to have my 21 year old cat put to sleep. She was 6 weeks old when I adopted her from a local shelter. I have no children; that cat was my baby. We had been through so much together. She was a comfort and a companion. But at 21, she had advanced kidney failure and was suffering. So I let the vet put her to sleep, to send her home where she would suffer no more. I cried for days afterward, the kind of tears that leave you exhausted and totally spent. I was devastated by her loss and worried that I had not done all I could to save her..

    About five years later, I had to make another even more agonizing decision but one that was oddly similar. My mother had been in a nursing home for over a decade. She had been bedbound for many years, suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the joints and causes them to become deformed, as well as causing other chronic problems like anemia. Her body was so crippled, she was unable to move even her head without assistance. She suffered terrible pain. Then a couple of winters ago, she started to refuse all food, liquids, and medication. She began calling for her mother and asking for things “to be over”. She was slipping away. The nursing home said they could give her fluids through a tube. Did I want them to do that? Or did I want to allow my mother to die of dehydration? How does a daughter make that decision? My mother was not brain dead. She could talk a little bit and she knew me. It was not a matter of taking her off life support. But nevertheless, her actions were telling me she was ready to go. She had suffered enough. I was her power of attorney, she had entrusted me to make the right decisions for her when the time came. And the time had come. I said “no” to the tube and I watched my mother die of dehydration. She lasted about a week. Then she was gone.

    My mother and I had always been extremely close. I grew up without a father around and my mother was my family. She was the person I loved most in the world. My sadness at her death was overwhelming but so was the guilt. I let my mother die! A tube could have kept her alive but her quality of life would have been near zero on that tube. I still struggle with feelings of guilt. Who was I to play God? Did I kill her by refusing that tube? In my heart, I know I made the right decision. Her refusal to even take liquids was her way of saying, “Let me go”. I honored that refusal and I did it because I loved her so very much. I did it out of love. I let her go. Just as I had my sweet cat. It was love that could not stand to see them suffer any more and wanted to set them free.

  236. Oh, Beata, so much love to you. You’re brave and greathearted.

  237. {{{{{Beata}}}}}

  238. Whoa! Jake Tapper just corrected the record about Hillary and the faux email scandal! Of course he was trying to rebut Donald Trump…..maybe he forgot his script for a moment.

  239. {{{{{Beata}}}}}

  240. Dear, Beata, I cannot even wrap my brain around how agonizing that decision with your Mom had to be. Blessings to you.


  241. Beata, I remember when you were going through that with your mom, and you and Fredster & I have had several talks about this, and the various issues involved when caring for your dying parent over a period of years now, here and on Widders. It is truly heartbreaking, and those memories of a parents last pitiful days are hard, but I know you did what was best for your dear mom. xo

  242. Those hillarymen rock! I bookmarked them.

  243. The NYT has as much credibility to me as the National Enquirer. Actually, I think I trust the Enquirer more. And they hurting because I dumped my Sunday addition in 2006 and they STILL send monthly “please come back” requests in my mail. You would think after almost 10 years, it might be time to give it up.

    If anyone is interested, Planned Parenthood’s president was on This Week this morning and the video is available at RealClearPolitics. (I hope I didn’t just contaminate the place again by saying that place’s name…no link, Uppity!)

  244. Hillary’s new video is about climate change:

  245. Uppity, I have just sent you another essay; you suggested that when I do so, I let you know here, so that you could be sure to look for it.

  246. The paramount issue of climate change is one of the themes. It is absolutely imperative that we win this election, for the future of the planet.

  247. I just published it, WIlliam. Thank you.

  248. I think Global Warming is a bunch hooey, as you know. But I’m also a damned good sport about it.

  249. Actually Voting, the Enquirer has better reporting than NY Times; they’ve actually exposed things instead of burying them. Put a fork in the NY Times.

  250. Even the birds crap on it. 😀

  251. socalannie, on July 27, 2015 at 1:03 AM said:

    Those hillarymen rock! I bookmarked them.

    Me too 😀

  252. The Biden rumors, I believe, are just the sort of thing that the pundits do during August doldrums. I haven’t heard that he’s prepping to get in–hiring staff, calling potential supporters in early states, lining up fundraisers. And Hillary has pretty well vacuumed up staff and fundraisers anyway. No one’s attacking Biden now or lying about him. He’s not enduring anything like what Hillary is going through. I think GOP would much prefer him to Hillary so they would leave him alone even if he entered race. But, boy, if he were nominated(kill me now!), photos of him manhandling various women and video of him acting the fool would suddenly be everywhere.

    This “Hillary needs a rationale to run for president.” is very interesting. Has anyone heard demands that any of the men provide a “rationale” to run for president? Apparently a penis is an adequate rationale to run for president. No further questions. Not since Teddy Kennedy has a male candidate been asked to provide a rationale. And he killed somebody so…

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