Why This Is The Most Important Presidential Election Ever

A Guest Essay by our member William:

I guess we’ve heard that before, and said it before, too. But this time it really is the most important election ever. Frankly, I don’t know if this country or planet can survive a Republican president, to go with a Republican-dominated Congress and a right-wing Supreme Court. Maybe thirty years ago we could have survived it, but probably not now. We certainly should never give up; but I don’t even want to think much about what would happen if we were to lose this presidential election, and particularly when we have a truly superb candidate and potential president in Hillary Clinton.

The problem is that the Republicans are beyond redemption. There aren’t any Nelson Rockefellers or even Gerald Fords out there now. Every one of the Republican candidates, and indeed 99% of the Republicans in the Congress or the state legislatures, is wrong on virtually every issue, all the time. There is no redeeming quality in their politics. Their rigid and unnuanced views are like a religion to them. They want to cut the tax rates for millionaires, and make up the lost revenues by shredding the safety net. They want to destroy all labor unions, so that we are back to 1870 or so, when people had to work 18-hour days in horrible conditions, so that twenty or so people could become billionaires and live in Versailles-like palaces, and buy a bunch of faberge eggs. They want to remove even the very limited environmental protections we have, so that we can return to the era where companies could cut down trees, strip mine the land to death, pollute the water and contaminate the food, all with impunity. They want there to be no restrictions whatsover on any kind of gun purchases. They want to end the right to abortion, and access to birth control as well. And this is all of the Republicans, at least 99% of them on each of these issues.

Let me tell you what I know many of you already know, or maybe are trying hard not to think about, because it is so frightening. If the Republicans win the White House this time, I doubt that the country can recover from it. I never have thought that before. I went through Nixon and Reagan and both Bushes; and though I was very upset when we lost those elections, I thought that we would get through those regimes; that people would react to them and then elect better people. And though it didn’t always happen right away, it usually turned around. But this time, I am not sure. And I know that our planet cannot afford to take this chance.

So here are the reasons why I think that this election is the most important one ever. And here are the issues which highlight it.

1. Global warming.

Some days I feel compelled to read the statistics and the scientific findings. Some days I find it too depressing to do so. Let’s just say that it is absolutely imperative that we try to do something about global warming now. We cannot wait even another year.

Hillary Clinton will do something about it. I am sure of that. She is aware of the magnitude of this problem. I saw Bill Clinton make a speech at Georgetown University not that long ago where he talked about “one last chance” to do something significant to curtail global warming. The Clintons will not let this chance go by. Now, obviously, Hillary would have to deal with that more than recalcitrant Congress, but that is why it is so crucial that she manage to pull in some legislators with her by winning handily. We need both Hillary to win, and for the Congress to be much more favorable. A large task, but it is not impossible. I personally think that if Hillary actually made global warming and climate control the centerpiece of her campaign, it would work, because I think that most people are now pretty well aware of it, and just need some leadership. The Republicans’ position on this issue is essentially nothing. They cannot even pretend to want to do something, because they would upset their oil billionaire masters. So they would look like idiots in any debate which focused on this. I would pound away at this issue. I am not sure that Clinton will do so, but I wish she would; because it is a winning issue, and because it dwarfs every other issue.

2. The Supreme Court

Conservatives have controlled the Supreme Court for about 25 years now. Calling them “conservatives’ is actually being generous; because what they are is right-wing corporatists who were carefully selected by Republicans to think exactly the way they want them to; to never grow or evolve as jurists, just to decide cases in the same way that the Republican legislators vote on every single bill.

This was actually the master plan of the right-wing think tanks; and I would not be surprised if the “Citizens United” decision was what they had in mind all along. As long as Citizens United remains law, there will be no stopping the radical right billionaires from trying to take over our entire political system, lock stock and barrel. There has been some talk about trying to pass a constitutional amendment to invalidate that decision, but in my opinion that is virtually impossible, given the number of deep red states which would never vote for such a referendum; and you need three-quarters of state legislatures to do so

The only way to end Citizens United is to have a different Supreme Court revisit and essentially overturn it. And that very well could happen if we can win the White House. All we need is for one of those right-wing Justices to retire. If Hillary Clinton can win two terms, I would be pretty confident that it would happen. The Republicans are well aware of this, too. They think that they own the Supreme Court. They have turned it into a politicized branch of government which has lost most people’s respect. They will do everything they can do–and it is a good deal– to try to defeat Hillary Clinton in this election. And we cannot let them do it.

3. The Safety Net

Jeb Bush didn’t even try to hide it. The other day he said that Medicare would have to be phrased out. Why? Well, because the Republicans have to pay for their tax cuts for billionaires. More importantly, because they are committed to rolling back all the progress made by Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, and returning us to the Gilded Age. They do not want people to get Social Security benefits, or Medicare. They want them to starve or get sick on the streets, and then have the courtesy to do so out of the range of the rich people who do not want to have to step over them on their way to fancy restaurants. And that, as overstated as the major media might think it sounds, is actually exactly what the Republicans want to do, and plan to do. Watch them, if they get control of the executive branch.

Hillary Clinton would of course protect Social Security and Medicare. She would not “put it on the table” as Obama kept indicating he would do. Those crucial protections for retirees and the elderly would remain in place, and would undoubtedly be strengthened under a Clinton regime.

4. Workers’ Rights

Again, the Republican goal is to return to the time when there were no labor unions; and company bosses could hire police officers to shoot would-be organizers or strikers in the back; or hire Pinkertons to break the heads of labor agitators, and sheriffs to throw them into jail. Labor unions are the only threat to management being able to pay as little as possible to employees, provide no benefits and no safety standards. So why not get rid of them? They are trying to do it in Wisconsin, and in many other states where this would have seemed anathema twenty years ago. Who is going to stop them? A Democratic President would. And Hillary Clinton has always been supportive of the rights of workers.

5. Abortion

The Republican goal is to make abortion illegal, the way it was before the pesky liberal Warren Court made it legal 42 years ago. They are making headway at the state level. All they need is a somewhat more conservative Supreme Court, and they can probably overturn Roe vs. Wade, or at least make it a state by state issue, and then try to get the state legislatures to make it illegal in as many states as possible, if not all of them.

6. Various other environmental issues

The party which always puts the wealth of industralists above the protection of the environment, has all sorts of plans to build more pipelines, to allow fracking everywhere; to drill offshore on both coasts and in any preserve. Again, just give them a president to not veto such bills, and they will take care of the rest.

Hillary Clinton has always been very pro-enviroment, and I am completely confident that a Clinton Administration would do more to protect the land, the wildlife and the waterways, than any administration has in quite a while. We have this one little planet to survive on; and a political party which doesn’t care an iota about protecting and saving it, is beyond evil, in my view; and it is imperative that they not gain absolute power. The Republican party which sometimes used to have conservationists in their midst, is long gone. In their place are wealth-obsessed millionaires who were put into office by the black money of oil barons, and who do not have the intelligence or the bravery to go against them on anything.

There are many other issues, of course. Again, this is not the Republican party of the 1960’s. This is a band of extreme right-wing doctrinaire nutcases, many of whom do not have the slightest understanding of history, economics, government, or anything else. They are the ones who were cheerfully talking about not voting to increase the debt ceiling, so that the government would default; something that would have caused an economic cataclysm. Fifth graders have a more realistic understanding of how government and economics work, than do most of these people. They don’t have even a rudimentary grasp of science eiither, as witnessed by various comments Republican candidates made in the last two election cycles. They don’t believe in global warming; they don’t believe in evolution; they don’t want to hear about medicine, botany or biology. They believe what they believe, and they ignore the rest. There were always such people, but they were usually confined to a few states, and had no power. Now they populate the halls of congress. And all their presidential candidates are like that as well. It is as scary as any science fiction movie I have ever seen.

But they can be defeated–if enough people are helped to realize what is at stake; and how different Democratic ideas are from Republicans’. And if people actually take the time to listen to what Hillary Clinton says about these crucial issues, as compared to what the Republicans say. And if voters do not let the media try to turn this election away from real issues, and toward their own little game of trying to invent personal issues or “controversies,” to make the campaign look like some kind of superficially entertaining TV “reality show.”

All of us have to do our part. Whether it is sending money; or walking precincts; making phone calls; writing essays; participating in blogs–whatever best befits people’s skills and inclinations. We just all have to do something. There is no room for waiting to complain after the fact. This really is the most important American election ever, and it is one that we and Hillary Clinton have to win.


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  1. That of course should be, ‘phased out.” It is amazing that I could have read this three times, and not caught that.

  2. A wonderful essay, William. Thank you.
    I, too, believe that this is the most important election of my long lifetime.
    If a Republican (no it won’t be Donald Trump) wins the White House and their party controls all three branches of the government, it will be mere weeks before our country is unrecognizable.
    Hillary must win.
    For the first time, I’m glad that I’m old and have no children.

  3. Thank you, Sue.

    It is even upsetting in some sense to have to write an essay like that. But what we can do is to try as hard as we can to get Hillary elected. if enough people do that, it will make a difference. What appalls me is that so many people don’t seem to know or care what it at stake. They wrinkle their noses in their customary distaste, as if the election is an unavoidable intrusion into their lives, and none of the candidates quite measure up to their idealizations. Like you, I have witnessed a number of elections; and this is the clearest choice, all things considered, that an American citizen will ever have. And Hillary is actually someone who might change the balance of power for more than eight years, as she will work to increase the Democratic profile statewide. And she has never trusted Republicans, unlike some credulous people.

  4. I actually felt this way about the 2008 election. I think we have suffered a lot because of the travesty of the DNC stealing the election for Obama. We have lost ground in many areas. Now Hillary will have to clean up after Bush AND Obama. A lot was made of Hillary’s emotion/crying in New Hampshire back in 08. Nobody talked about her WORDS. But listen to what she says; she knew it too.

    The voters DIDN’T get to decide. The media and the DNC decided for us. But we all have paid the price.

  5. Well, the NYT has finally offered what is as close to an admission of guilt regarding their Clinton email story as we are going to get. It is as convoluted as the story itself was.

    The headline for this admission though is as misleading as the original story. It reads “A Clinton Story Fraught With Inaccuracies: How It Happened and What Next?” Does that not sound more like Clinton gave a story fraught with inaccuracies than the NYT reported a story on Clinton that was fraught with inaccuracies????

    Here is the link and go to the comments as well…NYT is getting hammered over this:


  6. Yep! Voting you’re absolutely right! The headline makes it sound like it’s HILLARY’s inaccuracies (read she LIES!)

  7. I disagree that Hillary should make climate change the centerpiece of her presidential campaign. That is a latte liberal issue. Most people are more concerned about the economy. You know: “It’s the economy, stupid” and “Jobs, jobs, jobs.” Good jobs. Of course, Hillary should address climate change ( she just released a video on the issue ) but focusing on income inequality is the way to win this election. These days, a majority of people are better educated than previous generations and are working very hard. Nevertheless, they can’t even achieve the middle-class standard of living their parents and grandparents had. Instead, they are losing ground economically. At the same time, they see millionaires and billionaires who are little more than con artists and gamblers becoming wealthier year after year. People strongly feel the unfairness of that. For Hillary to win, people have to believe their lives will improve economically during her administration. Hillary is already articulating policy plans that will make working hard and playing by the rules pay off for the average person. She needs to continue to do that.

  8. This presidential election is indeed very important but “the most important ever”? It’s a matter of opinion, of course, but I would say 1932 was.

  9. Beata, I think this one is just as important.
    And when Hillary wins, she’ll be faced with a Republican controlled Congress.

  10. I tend to agree with Beata, people have some serious financial and economic issues to deal with, their income is stagnant and prices of simply EVERYTHING continue to rise, jobs are pathetic, and to be quite honest, they already can’t afford those seven dollar putrid light bulbs with the mercury in them and a whole EPA page dedicated to their cleanup if they break –without wanting to get hit with the price of the next extortionist’s idea of ‘saving the planet’. Lots of already rich people continue to make billions on wallet-skimming ideas like carbon units. At this rate, more people will be homeless, which is the environmental zealot’s idea of how it should be, because, although you will die from the elements, you’re expendable and it’s grrrrrrrrreat for the planet. Meanwhile, BP Oil got away with soaking down the entire gulf with oil and chemicals that sink the oil, and not a peep out of anyone. I would say THAT’s the kind of problem we should be addressing if we really care about the planet. Monsanto continues to create almost-food and stop attempts to label it for what it is so consumers can Know it’s frankenfood. Nobody says boo. They continue to actually claim a patent on things like corn. Think about that. Nature patented corn long ago, but nope. It’s monsanto’s now. Monsanto continues to experiment with our bodies, continues to implant Roundup in seeds, which we ingest. And nobody says Boo. Seen a monarch butterfly lately? No? That’s because Roundup kills milkweed, which butterflies depend on. Oops. No problem. No profit in butterflies. There’s no profit for politicians or agriculture in setting things straight. You’re a guinea pig. WHen Monsanto declares there is absolutely no proof of long term effects on humans by what they are doing, they are right. The data is being collected off your body right now. By the time Monsanto is caught, millions will be dead and they will ride off into the sunset after a mighty profitable run. And nobody says Boo. And we’re worried about what might happen 500 years from now. Super.

    These are the critical environmental issues of today.

  11. I like the idea of making us less dependent, if not completely independent of foreign oil. That would be huge. Her latest video that explains her thoughts and plans on the environment remind me of JFK’s call for us to have man on the moon in a decade. Also, her goal for the solar panels would create a lot of jobs.

    The United States will have more than half a billion solar panels installed across the country by the end of Hillary Clinton’s first term.
    The United States will generate enough clean renewable energy to power every home in America within ten years of Hillary Clinton taking office.

    *I got the quote from Still4Hill

  12. imust: thank you for the clip and your comments. It was the DNC and the so call “Media” (bunch of nut-heads that want to feel relevant) and they are the “inaccurates”.

  13. People have been hearing about how “green jobs” are going to provide enormous new employment opportunities for at least a decade now. Most people have yet to see those jobs materialize. They are skeptical about them. So I don’t think average voters will be terribly impressed by Hillary’s solar panel initiative although I believe she is sincere in promoting it. It’s not going to motivate a lot of people to get out and vote for her.

  14. Upps, I love your light bulb rants!

  15. William, love your beautiful post and agree with you that this is the most important election ever. I have heard the same sentiments wherever I go this year. One of my nieces married a Canadian and is living in Vancouver, BC. She told me last week she is looking into getting dual citizenship for herself and her kids. I hear people near, or in retirement talking about what other countries they can retire in if the rethugs take over. I have the same thoughts myself.

    Regarding the environment vs economy, I think they are of equal importance, and I agree that creating renewable energy could and should provide lots of good jobs, that is, if it is not completely privatized, which will mean the mfg part will be shipped overseas. Solar panels are huge here in socal and are growing all the time. LAUSD is installing them on their school buildings as fast as they can.

  16. imust @ 8:44, that quote is from the new Hillary video that Beata posted on the last thread. We should bump it up here, it’s inspiring. I put it up on Widders (and gave Beata full credit)!

  17. Voting, thanks for the nyt link! Can’t wait to read the comments.

  18. I also love Upps light bulb and monsanto rants. Those are two issues that are extremely important to me, and I think are interconnected to several different issues, such as environmental, health, and economic.

  19. The quote is from the video socal, sorry, I should have given Beata credit for posting it in the last thread!

  20. Thank you very much, Annie. I do think that this will be an absolutely crucial election which will shape our future. In some strange way, the Republicans are a mnority party which simply plays the game better, or more ruthlessly, so that they virtually run the country despite the fact that most polls show that the majority of people agree with the Democratic positions on most issues.

    I think that what the Democrats have mostly lacked is someone who can articulate to people why it is so important to vote for Democrats over Republicans. Bill Clinton is of course the master of that. His speech to the convention in 2012 may have won the election for Obama. Hillary can do it as well, even if she is not the orator that Bill is. Obama chose not to identify himself very much with his party, which I think was not helpful at all.

    What I would hope for is a campaign which draws crucial differences between the two parties, and causes more people to feel comfortable to identify themselves as Democrats. And I personally hope that the Republican Party is attacked relentlessly, and forced to come out from behind their worthless Madison Avenue-formulated platitudes, and express their real positions. I think that Hillary is so brilliantly knowledgeable about issues, that she will take advantage of every opening to do that. But if we do not win, I do not know what kind of disasters we will have to go through before the populace wakes up. I just don’t think we can afford to go through the disasters, which is why I well understand why your friends are looking for other countries to consider living in.

  21. oops! Didn’t mean to sound like I was scolding imust! Was just mentioning that it was in previous thread. We all miss stuff that is posted.

  22. William, agree 100%.

  23. Question: Are solar panels huge and growing in Ohio, a crucial state for Hillary in 2016? How about Pennsylvania? Will making solar panels a centerpiece of Hillary’s campaign help her in either state?

    I think it would be far wiser to make modernizing our infrastructure a centerpiece of Hillary’s campaign with alterative forms of energy a component of that.

  24. Meh, I don’t need credit for posting that video.

  25. I have friends who just moved back here after spending 5 years in Guatemala. They thought it would be their dream retirement location, but as it turned out, not so much.

  26. Beata, I don’t think that anyone wants Hillary to make solar panels the centerpiece of her campaign. I suggested that combatting climate change could be a major issue for her, but I don’t expect it to be. To me it is an issue which the Republicans have no answer for, unless they want to deny climate change; but I think that most people believe it now. And for me it is an absolutely crucial issue.

    But of course the economy is very important. Unfortuhately, the Republicans and their handlers usually manage to obscure this issue by promising that they will create jobs by cutting taxes and removing regulations. This economic strategy never works, of course, but the media gives them cover. Actually, the Democrats mostly win when the economy is doing very poorly. When it is doing better, people forget, and think that they have a free shot to vote on “likeability” issues; e.g. they would rather have a beer with George Bush than Al Gore. People do not understand economics, and don’t care much about it unless they are out of work or in very bad financial straits. I agree that people are upset by the growing gap between the rich and everyone else. But they don’t often make the next step as to how to fix it. Anyway, I hope that Hillary calls them to account on a number of issues, and that she is able to effectively show that every single Republican economic “plan” is simply disguised trickle-down Gilded Age economic philosophy; a variety of laughable but insidious plans to take more money from the middle class and give it to the rich.

  27. William, I questioned the wisdom of making solar panels “a centerpiece” of Hillary’s campaign, not “the centerpiece”. Don’t put words into my comments that I did not make.

    I think you are writing from a Los Angeles point of view, not taking into account other parts of the country. A Democrat ( presumably Hillary ) will take California in 2016. But what about Ohio or Pennsylvania? If you want Hillary to win, think strategically.

  28. Exactly, Beata. Say “solar panels” to the coal workers in PA and WV or anti-fracking and lose this state.

    I doubt the Philly voters (and “phantom” voters) of 2008 and 2012 are going to arrive in mass to offset the rest of the state.

    Uppity, not only do I agree with you regarding the light bulbs, but also disposal of electronics. Seriously, couldn’t the garbage companies pick one day a month to just pick up electronic equipment rather than consumers paying out the ass to have these disposed? I am so sick of seeing TV sets being tossed down the hills instead of recycled.

  29. For those who think that petty political discourse is something unique to our time, let us remember these two…William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal. They held back nothing. I actually want to see this movie.

  30. Just read the article Voter’s nyt link. They owe Hillary and their readers a real apology on the front page of the main paper, not a bizarre and ham fisted mea culpa on their “blog” version. The comments were great though and more worth reading. NYT has just gone all to hell.

  31. Voting Hillary, do you remember the ’68 convention, where Buckley called Vidal a derogatory name, and threatened to punch him, for calling Buckley a crypto-Nazi?

    Buckley was a bully, with fists and words. He is given far more credit for erudition than he deserves. He loved to debate, and made the same points over and over–on his own stacked show. Vidal was much more intelligent. Vidal could be snarky and sometimes condescending, but he understood the political and social system a lot better than Buckley. I will give Buckley some credit for being polite to John Kenneth Galbraith, whom he debated many times; but of course Galbraith, a great intellect, was a scholar, not a a debater, so Buckley could come off better. Vidal was easily Buckley’s match, so Buckley was driven to other measures.

  32. I loved her video for the half a billion solar panels. She wove together several issues of the day: energy independence, jobs (and I hope a bunch of them go to the folks in coal country), the environment, corporate welfare (bye bye oil subsidies), and more. Every time I watch it I see something else woven into this fabric. Not stated in her video, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to stop going to war for oil and go back to killing people exclusively over religion?

  33. William, that bit between Vidal and Buckley is actually part of the movie. (Dick Cavett was on Jimmy Fallon tonight which is what got me started on this.) They showed that exact clip.

    I will preface my remarks by stating up front I have never been a big fan of Vidal’s books….at least the few I could labor through. He has to be the most long-winded of authors of all time and his snark must have struck fear into his editors. But then again, I found Buckley to be as pompous an ass as Vidal.

    How’s that for bi-partisanship. They were both elitist, pompous, all too full of themselves individuals. Which means in today’s terms, they would be in Congress.

  34. Voting Hillary, I did like “Burr” very much. I may have read one other of his books, and I did not feel compelled to ready any of the others. I am pretty sure that he wrote the political drama “The Best Man,” the movie version of which I highly recommend to anyone here who has not seen it. One thing I liked about Vidal was that he gave the other side no quarter, and treated them pretty contemptuously in his writing. Far too many political writers today try to ingratiate themselves with the Republicans. I wonder how the movie will portray these two, given the usual film efforts to not offend anyone.

  35. Beata & Voting raised good points about how renewable and sustainable energy issues will play in different states. Beata is correct that Hillary (or god forbid some other dem will take California in ’16) and suggests William is writing from a Los Angeles point of view, and I would go farther and say a California point of view, as so much of the new tech is coming from various parts of our state (although Tesla is putting their new “gigabattery” factory in Nevada.) Still, I think that renewable energy, whether solar, wind, or the new super batteries, and whatever else is coming down the road, is of critical importance to the future of the world and I would love to see the whole USA lead the way. Solar panels, btw, are evolving as they are already coming up with more efficient models. My dad-in-law (retired electrician) showed me how the surplus energy produced by the solar panels goes back to the grid. Now some companies are creating home batteries to store extra energy. Its complicated for my poor brain to grasp, but so cool to think of your home making its own electricity.

    William, I’m glad to have another “socalian” in our select group here!

  36. Sophie @ 1:01am, well said!

  37. I have a real problem with wind power for several reasons. First, what it does to the bird population of the areas they are operating. Second the noise level and before you doubt that level, note that Martha’s Vineyard voted no way on wind mills in their area for that reason.

    Solar, while a bit better, also hurts the bird population. Read this regarding the solar panels in…yep, CA.


    I make no claim to being a scientific genius here, but it seems to me alternative energy hurts the environment just as the current energy sources.

    BTW, SciAm also has a great article on the monies being used to shut down climate change discussion:


  38. Absolutely, Annie!

  39. socalannie, on July 28, 2015 at 12:38 AM said:

    They need a front page, above the FOLD, screaming headline “LIAR LIAR, OUR POLITICAL BIAS ON FIRE” headline for that beyond blatant lie of a story they published.

    Ah, one can dare to dream.

  40. @socal, I didn’t feel scolded at all! I just had credited still4hill on copy pasting the quote from her blog….I should had also hat tipped Beata!

    As for solar panels harming the birds, I guess it’s hard for anything we do to not effect something else on the planet. Everything is interconnected. We need to live our lives in the best way possible while being mindful and respectful as much as possible of the other creatures that share life with us on this planet.

  41. Great post William.

  42. imust, hear, hear!

  43. That’s just it, Voting. Everything about the global warming initiative is insincere and All About Making Money. Your money. It’s a wallet robbing industry. Speaking electronics…..where I live you have to BRING your electronics to a recycle center. Personally. On Saturday where you will sit there In Line for the Pleasure. And if you’re old or disabled, well….fuck you too.

    Ever since our recycling program began, we have some added gifts in our city we never had before: Skunks, possums, ground hogs, raccoons, crows the size of chickens, and foxes. Super Duper! We have more rabies per capita then EVER. The first time I saw a possum I thought it was a mutant rat. I never saw these things till everyone was forced to put out cans and bottles in the summer heat. In Winter, the crows come in droves from the country because the pickins’ are so good. We have some serious public health issues. And people find it difficult to clean their own properties. You can’t dump this. You can’t dump that. Branches and twigs can’t be longer than 3 feet and have to be tied, it’s all just ridiculous. And crap is piling up in people’s yards. Takes all summer to throw brush and twigs etc out because you have a weekly limit. It makes you want to give up and just grow a gnarly jungle out there…unless you can afford to pay yet another cottage industry to come and put your trash out for you.

    Solar panels aren’t such a terrible idea, I am all for screwing power companies owned by foreign countries myself, but for one little problem: They are EXTREMELY expensive. VERY profitable though. See the theme here?

  44. The poor could eat a lot cheaper if grains weren’t made to become so expensive because we keep rerouting all that corn to Mr. Daschle’s special billion dollar program AKA in the past as the Ethanol Scam.
    Is it possible the tip off to everyone came when Global Warming’s name was changed to Climate Change due to a certain nasty blizzard in Copenhagen and the discovery that the data was doctored?

  45. One of the reasons California and my state of New York are so riddled with public assistance is…..the majority of the people in this country can’t afford to live in these two states. They both share one thing: The ability to shake all of your money out of your pocket given any opportunity. When you have citizens struggling to feed their families the last thing on their minds is Oh Boy I Can’t Wait To Go Buy Seven Dollar Light Bulbs and put Solar Panels On The Roof.

  46. Congratulations on another great post, William.

    You can never please the latte liberals on the environment (or anything else!) anyway. Not satisfied with Hillary’s comprehensive plan to combat climate change (a more accurate phrase than global warming), the extreme enviros immediately complained that she won’t state a position on Keystone XL. Never mind that it splits the party in two. Never mind that it’s Obama’s call, and he hasn’t taken a position. And never mind that she was extremely glad to leave this Lose-Lose proposition behind when she left State. With hundreds of miles of pipeline in the U.S., this is the defining issue of our time to them.

    I recently read somewhere that Carolyn Ryan, the head of NYT’s Washington bureau is extremely hostile to HRC. This explains a lot. But why so hostile? A possible clue: Ryan recently bragged that one of their anti-Hillary screeds was praised by the Drudge Report. Let that sink in for a moment.

    I have become suspicious because of the clear, naked bias of the current media, led by the Times, that the vast, right wing conspiracy got tired of complaining about non-existant liberal bias and began seeding their own people in the MSM. They certainly have the resources to do this between right wing billionaires and conservative think tanks. I can’t prove it, but when the Washington bureau chief at the NYT is proud of paper being praised by Matt Drudge, something is very rotten in Gotham.

  47. I wish somebody on this earth could convince me that Global Warming which soon became Climate Change because more asses get covered if it gets cold instead of hot, was more than raw bullshit. The bomb shelter scare of the 50s …on steriods. The Y2K scare of the new century. In the words of Roseann Rosannadana, if it isn’t one thing, it’s another. Send money.

  48. An acre of U.S. corn yields about 7,110 pounds of corn for processing into 328 gallons of ethanol. But planting, growing and harvesting that much corn requires about 140 gallons of fossil fuels and costs $347 per acre, according to Pimentel’s analysis.

    The entire world will starve and we will use up our fossil fuel trying to make it. It is UNSUSTAINABLE. We need to stop this Billionaire-Producing bullshit now!

  49. Up, I live in Minnesota. This morning I drove to work in about the fourth or fifth tropical downpour this summer. There was one last summer with flash flooding. I thought I was a goner! The air is so muggy and humid you can’t breathe. The monsoons wring out the atmosphere. This is not supposed to happen in Minnesota even in summer. Our winters are milder too. 99.9% of scientists day it’s real, and it’s caused by human activity, namely excessive carbon emissions much of it from places like China.

  50. Totally agree about ethanol.

  51. Bravo, Uppity! Yes, it’s about MONEY.

    David Pimentel, Emeritus Professor of Entomology at Cornell ( cited in Uppity’s link ) says apart from the enormous amount of fossil fuel required to produce ethanol, the process raises the price of corn used for food around the world, thus “taking food from the mouths of the world’s poorest people.” I remember one of my favorite teachers in college, Distinguished Professor of Botany Charles Heiser, was deeply concerned about the ethics of using food for fuel. Food used for fuel means less food for starving people on our planet. It also increases the cost of food for all of us. Biotech billionaires don’t care about the planet or its people; they care about money.


  52. So I gotta pay for what China does? IF and I say IF, this is the the truth, China isn’t going to do squat about it. They have the worse human rights record in the WORLD, do we imagine they give a crap about the environment?

    The truth is, weather is ever changing. The history of weather bears this out. For you winter was mild. For me and the people who live where I am, last winter was the Ice Age. No kiddng. You can’t change nature. As for the carbon emission thing, I have a hard time seeing those putrid light bulbs fixing it. We need to all give up cars. And live in caves. I don’t want to do that. I refuse. We’d have all the gasoline we could ever dream of if we would stop giving it away to other countries and then begging for more from other countries.

    Ivory soap: 99.9% pure. It was an advert. Pure what? I want to see the statistic of every single scientist on earth and his vote about Global Warming, then I want to calculate that statistic. It’s an advert. Nothing more. Here is what this *Carbon Emissions* BS has come to:




  53. Your winter was terrible. Mine was mild. That’s why it’s climate CHANGE not warming. It varies from place to place. I figured you’d seize on my comment about China. Thought I’d throw you a bone! The truth is they’re spewing out more now, but we’ve been polluting far longer and are way ahead long term.

    As a climate change skeptic, I guess that means you’ll be voting Republican! Good luck with that! They’d have us all drinking fossil fuels, if they could. Yuck! 😝

  54. The last two winters in Indiana were the coldest and snowiest in my lifetime. Snow and ice were on the ground for months. I thought I was living in Siberia. This spring and most of the summer were unusually cool but with record rainfall. Rain almost every day. Lives were lost in flash floods. Corn and soybean crops ruined. Is this “climate change”? I don’t know. But it certainly doesn’t feel like “global warming”.

    I remember visiting Minnesota as well as the Dakotas years ago during the summer months. It was always hot, although not as muggy as Indiana summers.

  55. Upps, you’re crankier than I am about climate change. I like that.

    Where’s UtahWoman? We need her to weigh in on this.

  56. Yeah I’m just waiting for somebody to convince me. Meanwhile, I gotta post this all-time favorite! It actually won a Top Post award.

  57. No Rebel, I do declare, Global Warming was changed to Climate Change at the onset of these events
    1. It was discovered that certain scientists had hidden data that showed things were getting colder instead of hotter in many places.
    2. A Blizzard in Copenhagen during Al’s Worship Event. He didn’t even show up because he was so embarrassed. He’s been practically AWOL ever since.

    You can’t mess with nature for profit. Years from now we will look back on this and wonder how we fell for this horseshit. If they worked on cleaning up the Hudson River so that the water doesn’t come in creamy or chunky, if they stopped pretending the Gulf is oil free, if they worked on why they are finding fish with cancer and mutations of wildlife and fish, I would say the EPA is doing a good thing. But this is just too touchy feely to be anything real. We don’t know what nature has planned for the planet and we need to stop pretending we can control it.

    We are causing earthquakes trying to produce “green” geothermal energy. It’s not Climate Change. It’s more bullshit trying to control things we can’t control: For Profit of course:

  58. Up, would an iceburg floating down your street convince you? 🗻 🐧😄

  59. I think Upps was living on an iceberg this past winter. I know I was.

  60. One of the problems of her talking about the environment that I didn’t think of is that it gives her enemies another way to slam her. They already are…..the Repub group America Rising released a video of her taking off on a private plane after her speech on the environment in Iowa. They’re saying she’s “untrustworthy” because what she says doesn’t match what she does….yada-yada-yada.

    So I guess she’s supposed to walk to all her events.

  61. Froze my arse off last winter, Beata. Brutal and unrelenting cold, ice and snow.

  62. imust, you gotta figure if they stop talking about her, she doesn’t scare the bejesus out of them any longer.

  63. Well, I think that climate change is very real and very ominous. Worldwide temperatures continue to rise. The icecaps cointinue to disappear. The ocean is warmer, and that is very dangerous to fish and plant life there. Many states have experienced the worst droughts in their history. And it will only get worse.

    The fact that some entities might want to make a profit on this, or want to hype some wild ideas, does not negate the reality of global warming, or whatever they now want to call it. I am much afraid that there is not enough will to do anything about it when we still have a chance to improve the situation. There was a recent article about climatologists which someone read to me to spare me from reading the worst parts. One of them is moving to Scandinavia because it will be cooler there for a while. One had a vasectomy because he will not bring children into this situation. Another decided to go back to school and study psychology, thinking that maybe that field would tell him why people refuse to believe what his science tells him is very real. If anecdotal evidence has any value, the last two years in Los Angeles have been consistently hotter than I can remember; fewer cool days, many more days in the 90’s during autumn and winter months; and of course the drought. Not only is there not enough water for good farmers to grow fruits and vegetables, but a number of them have told me that the weather was so unusual, so consistently hot, that they lost 50% or more of their fruit crops. Peaches are now selling for $4 a pound; cherries were going for $8 a pound. One of the best cherry growers in the state told me that they lost fully 80% of their crop this year.

    Fortunately, I do think that Hillary, if elected, will try to do something. I just hope that there is enough popular sentiment to support her. And I know we can all agree on the immense importance of having her elected, for a variety of important reasons. I think it is really our best and only chance to deal with global warming, so I will focus on that, since there is so little that someone not in political power can do to combat it.

  64. We all have our key concerns. For some people, it’s climate change. For me, it’s poverty issues. I’m particularly concerned about poverty among the disabled and the elderly.

    If someone can show me how proposed climate change initiatives will help the poor, maybe I can get on board. As it is now, I see the poor struggling with the increasing cost of food and other basic necessities. Forget about paying for those $7 light bulbs. Perhaps people who are so worried about climate change could donate expensive light bulbs to their local food banks so the poor can use them. Volunteer to buy and install solar panels for poor peoples’ homes. Haul old unwanted TVs ( the clunky ones ) and other electronics to recycling centers for disabled and elderly people who can’t drive. You know, think globally, act locally.

  65. Oh, and stop drinking bottled water, FCS. It’s insanely selfish behavior. All those fricking water bottles polluting the planet!

  66. I drink bottled water. I pay a nickel extra PER BOTTLE for the pleasure in NY. If I recycle it I get my five cents back. I drink it because I happened to be on our water board for years and I ain’t drinking that shit. It’s riddled with chlorine and soda ash and the underground delivery system is well over a hundred years old with barnicles and fossils on it. There is no way I am drinking that water. I don’t even give it to my pets. In my condition Cryptosporidium is not something I am going to gamble with.

  67. Upps, my bottled water statement was meant for the Al Gores of the world, not you.

  68. Ah Al. I was wondering if he has CFLs in his chandeliers over at the Convenient Palace My Inconvenient Movie Paid For.

    Oh no, wait! Chandelier bulbs are exempt! How handy for all those limousine liberals! They love them their chandeliers!

  69. This is the best debate I’ve seen on this blog in a long time. I am personally loving it!

    William, you live in a desert you might just have a drought. End of message.

  70. Yep, maybe large areas of California were never meant for farming. Just a thought. ( And this is coming from someone – me – who had a lot of relatives in both Southern and Northern California. )

  71. Believe me, Uppity, this is one of the very few times when I hope I am completely wrong. That is why I almost hate to ever discuss the issue, because if I convince someone that I am likely right, it just depresses them about it as well. Anyway, since electing Hillary is the goal, it all potentially gets dealt with. It’s the best thing I can possibly think of to improve the situation, although you are certainly right about China, and how immensely difficult it will be to get them to do anything helpful.

  72. Beata, I love your comment @ 1:50pm. There should be a program to put solar panels on lower income properties. Right now, only the wealthy can afford solar, it’s like a status symbol. There are solar companies that allow you to rent the panels, give up any tax credits and rebates to them and then pay THEM instead of the power company. Then they put liens on their homes making it difficult to sell or refinance.

  73. I couldn’t find any information about a climatologist having a vasectomy because of climate change. But in 2013, a weatherman named Eric Holthaus tweeted that he was considering a vasectomy in order to leave a lighter carbon footprint. He also vowed to stop flying.


  74. The Daily Mail article above also mentions a Dutch artist named Tinkerbell who had herself sterilized to reduce her carbon footprint. Tinkerbell’s “art” calls attention to animal rights issues by using the remains of dead animals.


  75. It’s a healthy debate William, and they are rare. Thank you for helping to make it happen. xo

  76. Oh Bullsheet, Tinkerbell. You had your tubes tied for the same reason I did: So you wouldn’t get pregnant.

  77. Yeah, William, we vehemently disagree with you because we like you. xo

    Go Dodgers!

  78. We will always have Climate change.
    It is called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. 😀

  79. We are living in a very scary time. I don’t know if this election can even fix things. HRC would try, but Koch owned republicans are messed up individuals.

  80. Congrats!! Jen. 🙂

  81. We will always have Climate change.
    It is called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. 😀


  82. Whoa! GO Cardinals!

  83. Don’t know why you land in Spam Kim. But I’ll keep fishing you out till it stops.

  84. Kim, if there is one person out there who can actually stand up to Republicans in Congress, and can also battle against the evil Koch Brothers, it is Hillary Clinton. The Kochs obviously have billions, but some Democrats do, too. I am actually excited about the prospect of Hillary taking on these people. We just have to get her elected. I guarantee that she is not intimidated by any of them.

  85. Thanks!!! I signed on through my phone. I’ll go to a laptop and subscribe.

  86. Will billionaire hedge-fund manager and environmentalist Tom Steyer support Hillary? It looks promising.


  87. Tom Steyer, speaking in Iowa, also says big companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft won’t want to expand into states that don’t promote clean energy:


  88. Beata, I think a huge part of California was/is perfectly situated for agriculture, with perfect soil and perfect weather for growing except for occasional droughts, and the proof of the pudding is that it produces more food than any other state, with over 80,000 farms and ranches that make some 40 billion bucks per year. When I was a kid, they used to call the San Joaquin Valley the “horn of plenty.” The current problem is the drought, obviously, although, they are predicting an El Nino year which will bring more rain. Another problem tangential to the issue is that a lot of farmers still haven’t converted to water saving “drip irrigation” and are still sprinkling their crops which wastes water. I’m praying that this drought ends soon. It would be truly horrific for everyone if California loses its ability to grow all that food.

    Beata, I will pass along your excellent idea for foodbanks to carry lightbulbs. Our local banks already provide baby necessities, school supplies and toiletries, besides food.

  89. Good links re: Steyer and his clean energy plans. Thanks!

  90. It seems like lately Hillary has been taking a lot of incoming from the “feel the bern” crowd, the press and the GOP. As far as the environmental issues i have to say that if we quit funding the nuts in the middle east we’d be all the better for it. As far as unemployment, the numbers aren’t all that bad but the jobs don’t pay that much. and that’s the problem.

  91. Jobs numbers are a fake. They don’t include the people who collected their last unemployment check, they drop off the statistics. They also don’t include people who gave up even looking for a job. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Been that way for a long long time.

    It’s like the Cost of Living is fake as well. When they calculate inflation, they do not include: Fuel (cars or homes) or food. Think about that one to get a clear picture of what bullsheet that statistic is.

  92. Jobs numbers are a fake. They don’t include the people who collected their last unemployment check, they drop off the statistics. They also don’t include people who gave up even looking for a job. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Been that way for a long long time.

    It’s like the Cost of Living is fake as well. When they calculate inflation, they do not include: Fuel (cars or homes) or food. Think about that one to get a clear picture of what bullsheet that statistic is.

  93. The Bernies, who are strikingly similar to the Paulies except for which loser they choose, are Obamazoids looking for another home hanging off the left cliff. Expect this from them. They are still waiting for someone to give them a living wage even if they don’t work, and of course, a Pony.

  94. btw, its not just California that is having drought, the whole west coast is having record dry spells. I just got back from WA and they were telling me that this year one record after another was being broken, for high temps and lack of rain. They’re having forest fires, the rivers and lakes are down, and people’s wells are going dry.

  95. It’s a pretty sad day when the most expensive item in a food bank will be a light bulb……how many things can you find wrong with this picture?

    World leadership. One government. Be careful what we ask for. As for the current multiple world leaders, they can’t even keep from killing each other’s people and they are expected to fix the weather? It doesn’t rain much there, it rains all the time here, are they going to make it rain less here and more there? I’m just not sure what you think World Leadership is going to do about it. Seriously.

    Move here! You will have all the water you want, I guarantee it.

  96. Annie, it is horrifying. There is no way that this is all coincidence or some kind of short-term weather cycle. I believe I read that England it having its hottest summer in recorded history. World leadership is needed. I actually think that if Hillary wins this election, this could be something that Bill Clinton might be very helpful in doing, given his great respect around most of the world. Some accords need to be put in place, even if all the nations will not agree to them.

  97. hell it never rains in california that’s why you’ve go no water. Toss in overpopulation and there you have it. It rains all the time here, and it snows and snow melts and….it’s the tradeoff.

  98. Uppity, I deliberately stay away from Sanders blogs, but I am assuming that the supporters are mostly well-off Caucasians who feel enhanced by chasing after idealized projective candidates who cannot win. They think they are doing something noble, but actually they are helping Republicans win elections. I’ve known people who like to call themselves liberal, or independent, who have hated every Democratic nominee for president in the last 39 years, except for Obama, who usefully had a very scant actual voting record, and of course had symbolic import.

  99. I remember back during the Bush Administration and gas was $4.00 a gallon conservatives were saying that the price of gas didn’t matter because it was “inelastic”. LOL. Well, the way we measure UE was changed by Reagan back in the 1980’s so I guess you could say it’s only in comparison to numbers since then. I have noticed that the “fell the Bern” crowd is pretty much the white Obots from 2008. What I find interesting is they get mad at Hillary because she won’t promise them what they want and I want to say would you rather that she lied to you like Obama did back in 2008?

  100. I’ve read with interest how California wants other state’s water. Do you really blame them for saying No? It’s kind of like everybody giving up everything they have worked for to the poor, so that we can then ALL be poor.

    You might be interested in knowing that there are a few select companies in the world who are attempting to purchase municipal water supplies. What a blast that will be when none of us can afford water.

  101. I will stop being bad. I will stop being bad. Oh hell, I’m just baaaaaaad!

  102. A few years ago, a company in Canada (their lawyer turned out to be that scumball phoney, Rudy Guiliano) tried to implement a plan to raid all the counties in upstate NY of their electricity, to send it down to NYC (the city that never sleeps never turns off the lights). The idea was to erect 180 foot towers all the way down to NYC. No kidding. They wanted to eminent domain farms, residential areas, whatever was in their way all the way down the state. And guess what else they wanted to do? Why, make everybody UPSTATE pay for the towers. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. They almost pulled it off, but that they pissed off hundreds of thousands of people, who all stood up and rallied and drove their asses out of every city and town they planned to trash.

    NYC doesn’t have enough electricity. Gee, I wonder why.

  103. The water problem is not just in California. We have been having water wars here in GA with SC and AL since the 1990’s. There are lakes and rivers that border with these states and GA is saying it is theirs and the other states are saying no, it’s mine. Right now we’ve had a lot of rain so nobody is talking about the water problem but at one time we thought Metro Atlanta was going to be completely without water. We might all be moving to NY soon as it seems there are zero water problems there!

  104. It’s a pretty sad day when the most expensive item in a food bank will be a light bulb……

    Kinda sounds like a joke. “How many politicians does it take to screw up a lightbulb?” [fill in punchline here]

    BTW, we don’t have seasons in California. We have dueling weather patterns. “El Nino” vs “La Nina”.

  105. Upps, stop making sense!

    California agriculture relies on a complex system of irrigation to survive. When it fails, it fails big. Throw in overpopulation in areas like Los Angeles, where it never rains, and you’ve got water problems just waiting to happen.

    Heck, I remember in the 60’s when there were water restrictions imposed in the Los Angeles area. They were very common. My grandparents couldn’t water their lawn in Pasadena. Was that because of climate change?

  106. It’s flooding here! Come on over! Help us bail out.

  107. Actually, only 10 percent of water goes to urban areas. The rest goes for environmental and agricultural land.

  108. Does anyone care what Linda Tripp has to say about Hillary Clinton running for president???? Nah, me neither.

  109. Linda Tripp is on my “I Thought They Were Dead” list.

  110. LOL. I saw that statement from Linda Tripp and I started laughing. First of all would anybody think she would say anything differently and secondly who cares what the “world’s worst friend” says about anything. I seem to remember the majority of Americans had a pretty low opinion of her. I can’t believe the GOP would not try to stuff her in a closet and hope she never said anything ever again.

    The GOP must be getting some really bad internal polls the way they have been trying to torpedo Hillary lately.

  111. Congratulations, William! Your essay has only been up since yesterday afternoon and it already has over 100 comments.

  112. Tripp? Wow. Who blew the dust off of her?

  113. GA, but just think, you have better weather? We have those pesky distinct seasons! You know, the ones that bring……..water.

  114. As soon as I saw Linda Tripp was weighing in on Hillary”s run the picture of John Goodman dressed like her in a SNL skit popped into my head.

    Thanks for bringing that one back, Linda…pfffffffffffffft.

  115. Yeah but you grow some nice produce there! i say evacuate the humans, keep the agriculture. There, that’s settled!

  116. Beata admit it, you love those thunderstorms!

  117. Oh, it gets better. If you read what she was saying it’s that Hillary was completely in control of everything back in the 1990’s. I mean she sounds completely unhinged in the article. She did not even know these people and she feels qualified to know what was going on and that Hillary was actually running the country not Bill? Honestly she sounds like an unhinged psychopath trying to pass moral judgment on them.

  118. Uppity I think you have better summers and we have better winters. The heat and humidity down here is enough to fry brains and considering some of the jokers we have elected to congress it just might be frying some brains.

  119. William you and GA have the Sanders cranks pegged. They are the twits in the LLBean tents who tossed paper airplanes at Wall street, in between raping girls and telling them to be quiet about it. The ones who complained that the dirty homeless were showing up to eat their free food. The ones who ran home to mommy and daddy as soon as the temperature started to drop.Twinkles Up!

  120. Upps, first the thunderstorms, now the frog invasion. It’s horrifying.

  121. We’ve got no frogs. Well, we had a few but I sent them over to you. I do have a woodchuck, though.

  122. I can’t link anything, but apparently there is an article where Barney Frank blasts “progressives” who support Sanders, saying that they are helping the Republicans. Good for him. Of course these people would never listen to him, as their whole sense of political self-importance is based on not listening to anyone with experience who knows better. If every Democrat in the country told them not to vote for Sanders, they would do it anyway, just to prove how independent they were. It’s good to see Frank do it, though.

  123. Eww, frogs! One or two are cute, but hundreds send shivers down my spine. A few years ago I went with some friends to the Mojave desert late at night to watch a meteor shower. We were driving down this black, empty desert road and there were hundreds (or thousands?) of mice running across the road. It was utterly gross. The car kept squishing them. Later, when we set up camp, we had several rattlers slither past. They had tons of food with all those mice.

  124. I hope our govt never allows any corps to buy municipal water. We would all be so screwed. I bet the repubs would think it a great idea.

    Agree with you all about the Bernie crowd being leftover obots. I can’t stand that stupid phrase: feel the bern. Dimwits.

  125. Upps @ 8:11: Aw, you’re just having fun! If anyone deserves some good bad fun, its you!

  126. Yeah. Fun is……..Fun!

    And not one personal attack. William is a First Class person.

  127. Well, thank you, Uppity Woman! We are all on the same side here. And there is certainly a virtue to being polite in the disagreements which will inevitably come up.

    Annie, that “feel the bern” stuff is ridiculous. It makes no literal sense; it just sounds clever to a few people who are determined to lose another election by chasing after a candidate who could not possibly win; and who isn’t even on the right side of a key issue like gun control. I’m sure that Mr. Sanders has his heart in the right place on many issues. But when he says that the answer to the South Carolina shootings is not restrictions on gun ownership, but dealing with the racism or hatred that is in some people’s hearts, it sounds about like the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” mantra of the NRA. This appears to be conveniently passed over by the would-be Jacobins who keep looking for some kind of fictional political purity in their candidates. If Obama let them down; well, Sanders, the Socialist from Vermont, will lead them to glory.

    For them, it is about the sense of power they get from championing projective candidates, or going against what they think is the Establishment. They had such a wonderful time in ’08; fixing caucuses; being bussed in from another state to vote; calling the Clintons racists; having delegates won by Hillary handed to Obama by fiat. Then they spent most of the last eight years being bitterly disappionted by Obama’s performance in office. But to admit that they made a terrible mistake and backed the wrong candidate, would destroy their sense of empowerment; so they double down, and try to defeat Hillary again; this time with someone who has zero chance to win a national election’ and whose political career consists of carping from the safety of Independent status in Vermont. Barney Frank, one of their heroes, tels them that they are foolish people who are essentially trying to hand the election to the Republicans, but that won’t stop them; because they think they are the only virtuous and right people out there, so that they are entitled to drag everyone else along with them over the cliff. And then they will go back to Salon or wherever, and complain about how hopelessly ruined the country is, and that they basically have sworn off politics, and now spend their time binge-watching programs on Netflix. Of such selfish stupidity, fascist states are born.

  128. William, you’re a good sport.

    Here’s the Barney Frank op-ed you referenced:


  129. And then they will go back to Salon or wherever, and complain about how hopelessly ruined the country is, and that they basically have sworn off politics, and now spend their time binge-watching programs on Netflix. Of such selfish stupidity, fascist states are born
    William, wow. You’re a wonderful writer.

  130. William is a fine writer, I hope he will do an essay on feminism soon. I know that is an issue he feels very strongly about.

  131. I would love that.

  132. Aw, thank you, Sue.

  133. Frank’s article seems like it had been cut by Politico for space, as it ends rather abruptly..He did get the point in about Sanders being a socialist, which is not a bad thing, but just renders him unelectable on a national stage. I have not really looked at the roster of who is supporting Sanders, other than having seen that Tad Devine is running his campaign. In my opinion, any Democratic officeholder and any so-called Progessive who is actively supporting him is either very foolish, or doesn’t really care whether the Democrats win. And any online blog or “magazine” which supports Sanders over Clinton is contemptible, simply because they are either deliberately making mischief, or they are so deluded that they are actively if unwittingly aiding the right-wing oligopoly to take over the country. This may sound harsh, but we do not have any more time available for self-serving indulgences.

  134. The Barney Frank op-ed is two pages long. Anyone who reads it should be sure to click on “Continue Reading” at the bottom of the first page. It’s easy to miss that.

  135. Ah, yes. Thank, you, Beata. As I had earlier mentioned, I have no computer skills whatsoever, so I did miss it. Well, I am glad that he didn’t end it as abruptly as I had thought.

  136. Yes, and with the GOP cranking up the volume on the war on women we’re really going to get smacked in the face if the GOP takes over the presidency.

  137. And indeed the second page is well worth reading, as it is even better than the first page. Frank elegantly rounds out his arguments in a gracious manner, and makes a virtually unassailable case. But again, this will not stop the self-indulgent people who seem to want to take out all their political and social frustrations on Hillary Clinton, someone who actually is more liberal on most issues than Obama, and who almost certainly is a good deal more capable of effecting some of the changes they say they want.

  138. Thanks for the link, imust.

    I see Sanders has the endorsement of Jesse Ventura as well as Dudley Webster Dudley. Knowing that, Uppityites, I think we have to face some hard truths. The Bern is getting serious support from socialites with silly names and former pro-wrestlers who are Ron Paul devotees. It’s all over for Hillary.

  139. Yeah Beata, Hillary must be shaking in her pantsuits over those endorsements.
    Bernie also has celebrity endorsements from Cole Sprouse, former child actor on the Disney Channel…..and this guy, a you tube star:

    Do you feel the Bern?

  140. I’m feeling it, imust, and it’s creepy. I wonder if an antibiotic would help?

  141. Here’s the article that William mentioned about really depressed climatologists:


  142. I wonder if an antibiotic would help?

    Maybe. That and a cold compress.

  143. I live in a university town. As we were driving around today, my boyfriend and I saw quite a few Bernie Sanders’ signs in student neighborhoods. No Hillary signs. I hope that changes as the new academic year begins next month.

    Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist, has yet to endorse Hillary but this new article says he has “signaled his early support” and that many of Hillary’s advisers have close ties to Steyer. He’s going to put big money into the 2016 election including House and Senate races. His environmental organization, NextGen, is also expanding campaign operations onto college campuses. All of this sounds very positive for Hillary. College students that I have talked to here say that while they like Sanders, they don’t believe he can win a Presidential election. I think Sanders’ support among college students is weak and can be shifted toward Hillary with the help of organizations like NextGen.


  144. Ugh. This unwashed asshole may come back to NBC. Then he can fantasize about “taking Hillary into a room” all over again: http://www.politicususa.com/2015/07/29/nbc-news-discussing-potential-keith-olbermann-return-msnbc.html

  145. Oh no, not Doberman! You gotta be kiddin’ me!

  146. I am sure in MSNBC’s collective brain trust…which is worth nil…they believe that bringing the Doberman back will once again aid and abet the demise of Hillary’s campaign.

    Fortunately, they have become such a joke ratings-wise that this may be a case of all bark and no bite.

    If a dog barks in a vacuum, does anyone hear it?

  147. Considering he was relegated to well-deserved Nothingness, he was even fired from Al Gore’s Nothing cable channel, one might think that, if he were a normal person, he would have learned some humility. Keith doesn’t play well with others due to his exaggerated sense of his own self-worth. When I think of that, I realize that NBC is the perfect place for him. It is, after all, the storage locker for nauseatingly self-impressed people who think they are more valuable than they actually are. Then there is the touching camaraderie amongst his fellow NBCers. How can we forget how beautifully this was depicted when Tim Russert croaked. The 24/7 tribute to him over a period of several days only thinly masked the obvious jockeying for his job. Gee Tim’s dead! That opens his slot! Wait, let me wipe a tear…..

  148. ROFLMAO, Up! You have those Asshats at “the peacock network” pegged! And Russert was the BIGGEST Asshat of them all, literally and figuratively. Oh, I’m being bad again. Shame on me.

  149. Yes he was a mahoosive asshat and, since he was in charge, he was also living proof that Asshatitis Rolls Downhill. Even in his death, his legacy among the remaining asshats lives on. But like Campbell Brown, major asshat, Keith was the embodiment of asshatiosis.

    I did give a fairwell kiss to that POS Campbell Brown. Too bad she had that video removed of her nasty evil face as she jealously skewered Hillary in 2008. Campbell suffered from Why Her and Not Wonderful Me syndrome. Now she travels America torturing teachers whilst knowing shit about education.

    My sendoff to dear dear Campbell:

    Edit: Oh wait. Her firing came down at CNN. Meh. Asshats are interchangeable anyways.

  150. Fear not! We still have Erin Burnett to kick around.

  151. Meh, not to worry. The return to MSNBC sounds like a storyline that Olbermann’s agent is spinning. Keith is toxic. Leaves a waste dump that has to be cleaned up wherever he goes.

  152. I agree, Beata. If MSNBC hires Olbermann, it would be out of pure desperation. Then again, they’ re pretty desperate at this point. 😄

  153. And the first thing they should do is get rid of Morning Joke and his snotty sidekick, Mika.

  154. Campbell Brown always looked like she had just smelled something really bad. Little did she realize it was her own stink.

  155. Mika is MSNBC’s Kathie Lee Gifford.

  156. Mika gives airheads a bad name.

  157. This is an issue close to my heart: “Too Small to Fail” is a joint initiative between the Clinton Foundation and Next Generation ( Tom Steyer’s organization ) that focuses on the health and well-being of children ages zero to five:


  158. SEIU union member discusses the importance of early childhood education in the lives of her three sons in this video. She is shown speaking with Hillary.

  159. Sad news. Valerie Harper rushed to hospital. It doesn’t look good. 😦

  160. That is terribly sad. A wonderful actress. I know she was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago.

  161. I really liked Harper. Bummer. I know she’s been sick a few years and she had such a positive attitude while KNOWING it was going to take her sooner or later. She was sitcom comedy gold.

  162. The only reason Mika has that job is because her old man is ZBIG, the quintessential terrorist sympathizer who mucked things up during the Carter administration and then became near and dear to Obama. The end result is obvious. And Mika would be selling shoes in Payless if her old man didn’t pull some strings. SHe’s so unimpressive they don’t know what to do with her, so they stuck her with Joe.

  163. Don’t only pick in Mika. You have to remember Luke Russert in that conversation. Have pundits always been this bad? Luke is another air head that treading on the family name.

  164. Luke.Russert.Is.The.Worst.
    Well, maybe Ronan Farrow is the worst……

  165. Ga6thDem, I think that this is probably the worst level of political commentators I have ever seen, although it has never been good. First, most of them simply are not very bright; they are chosen for paternal reasons, as has been mentioned; or for some producer’s idea of telegenic qualities; or sometimes just for diversity reasons. They are not respected journalists, and have almost nothing useful to say.

    Every once in a while you see someeone decent. The African-American woman whose name I can’t think of, who was on MSNBC, had her own show for a bit, and then lost it, was bright and effective. I rather liked Martin Brashears, who lost his job for some stupid reason. I like Krystal Ball pretty well. But I find that I really can’t bear to watch these shows, because there is so much insipidity, and then this pervasive bias against Hillary Clinton, almost a kind of sophomoric jealousy by people who think that because they have their own makeup and hair persons, and they have a microphone to talk into, this means that they are important.

  166. OMG Luke Russert is a complete moron!!!!! Another one who would have been selling shoes if his old man didn’t exist and die.

  167. I can’t find where Harper is dead. Saw a website that posted two hours ago that she was released from hospital?

    And this

  168. Hard-core Hillary hater Krystal Ball is even worse than Mika. Thank the media gods, MSNBC just fired her today. Maybe she can get a new job as a party planner.

    Classic commentary by Ms. Ball:

  169. No, I didn’t say Harper was dead. The link I posted said she was rushed to the hospital and that “it didn’t look good.”

  170. Okay this is crazy. Chris “tingles” Matthews actually defended Hillary Clinton on his show today! Of course, he also said on the same show that Obama was like “Frank Sinatra” so there’s that.

  171. I read later that Harper has been released from the hospital and is “resting comfortably”.

  172. Matthews has been pretty supportive of Hillary lately. His wife is running for Congress in Maryland. Maybe he thinks it’s wise for his family to be on good terms with the next POTUS.

  173. I just read another report that says she wasn’t sent home she was sent to a larger hospital and is in a coma????


  174. Matthews has been pretty supportive of Hillary lately. His wife is running for Congress in Maryland. Maybe he thinks it’s wise to for his family to be on good terms with the next POTUS.

  175. Why am I in spam??

  176. I released you for good behavior Beata 😉
    Actually, I have no idea why you were in spam. As Uppity says, it was just your turn.

  177. Well, if Chris Matthews defended Hillary on his show then the media worm must be getting ready to turn and they are tired of all the “Hillary is the nexus of Evil” stories.

  178. I just saw a report that said Harper is in a coma and has been transferred to another hospital. If her condition is that serious, it makes sense that she would be taken to a hospital such as Mass General. Maine doesn’t have a major medical facility that can deal with complex neurosurgical problems.

  179. Thanks, imust. It feels good to be free.

  180. The worm must be getting ready to turn if Matthews is being nice to Hillary. The press must be getting tired of the same stupid story line they’ve been shopping.

  181. William, I think you referring to Joy Reid.
    I liked her, too.

  182. Beata, on July 30, 2015 at 7:28 PM said:
    Hard-core Hillary hater Krystal Ball is even worse than Mika. Thank the media gods, MSNBC just fired her today. Maybe she can get a new job as a party planner.

    Add Abby Huntsman, Ed Schultz and Toure to that list. The media gods giveth, the media gods giveth away. Guess MSNBC is trying to stave off becoming the next Air America.

  183. Yes, Sue, exactly! I thought of the name, and came back to write it, and you already had it there for me.

  184. I liked Krystal Ball in the last election cycle, and liked her. I did not know she was anti-Hillary. I visited her home page once, and she looked to be defending her, but I haven’t watched her for two years, so maybe not.

    I would assume that MSNBC, owned by a right-wing corporate entity, is firing all these people in order to fill up the slots with mostly right-wing shills like on the other stations, with maybe one token liberal person in there for show.

  185. That should be, “I watched Krystal Ball in the last election cycle, and liked her.” Anyway, I don’twatch any of these now, and it’s probably a good idea for my frame of mind. I wish there were someoe good to watch, because I like the idea of politically themed shows; but I think that they are basically all hacks now, and they have a very anti-Hillary agenda.

  186. By golly you’re right, imust

  187. Uppity, are you thinking of Joy Reid?

  188. Breaking!

    Clinton campaign’s scathing letter in response to bungled New York Times story


  189. Who’s she, Sophie?

  190. I just fished Beata AND Ga6 out of spam. Dang.

  191. Great letter to the crappola rag known as the NY Times. She should sue them immediately.

    I think Carlos Slim is running that rag. He already owns their shorts.

  192. You should put that letter in a post, Sophie.

  193. Love the Clinton campaign letter, and Upps comment @ 12:02am! Crappola rag! Agree Sophie should have the honor of doing a post on it. Hee hee.

  194. Wow! Jen Palmieri smacks down NYT.

    Did Krystal Ball really get 🔥? If so, she can now get work as a stripper and won’t even have to change her name. William is correct that she used to be proHillary. That doesn’t work at MSNBC so late last year she started trashing Hillary and writing on-air love letters to Elizabeth Warren. If she was let go, I’m glad all the EW ass kissing didn’t work either.

    Very sad about Valerie Harper. But if she’s terminal and in a coma, I don’t understand why they’d be rushing her from hospital to hospital.

  195. Up, as a public figure, Hillary can’t sue the Rag or anyone else who defames her. Damn shame she must put up with this shit just for the crime of trying to become the first woman president.

  196. Btw, the Rag refused to publish epic smackdown letter from Hillary for America which is why the campaign has released it now. Even commentators at the Daily Kooks are impressed by Hillary’s willingness to FIGHT!

  197. Sadly, NYT has lost about all of their credibility. They were so gleeful to have this scoop which they thought would destroy Hillary’s candidacy, that they couldn’t wait to put in in, without any of the fact and source checking that the Times once made famous as journalistic standards. Then when it all fell apart, they weaseled around and put a half-retraction on a web site, not the paper; and wrote a headline which implied that there were all sorts of inaccuracies, theirs and Hillary’s and everybody’s. And they never apologized, or ever printed a full retraction.

    The problem is that we have no reliable neews source in this country, certainly not for political news. It’s all about agendas and headlines,; damn the accuracy, and full speed ahead. I don’t like many current movies, but I did see “Nightcrawler” on video, and it was quite good; and while not about the exact same subject, it is pretty close as an analogy. If we get to the point that all major media is either a direct arm of the Republican Party, or an amoral entity which sacrfices facts and justice in the desperate search for “eyeballs,” we lose the protection which a free press used to provide, in the struggle to maintain our democracy.

  198. Rebel I think they moved harper to a hospital better equipped to deal with her. They rushed to to the closest hospital where she was (Maine?). I could understand the transport, there would be more ‘hope’ with a more renowned place. Not sure where they transported her but I’ll bet it’s a 4 star medical facility.

  199. Rebel I’m not sure she doesn’t qualify as a private citizen running for office. She holds no public office. She is known but that doesn’t disqualify her from the same rights of any other defamed private citizen. But then I’m no lawyer so what the hell do I know.

  200. Uppity, I don’t think Hillary would do well to sue the Times. It would be a major sideshow. It would also cause this mail matter to stay in the headlines for years, as that is how long lawsuits take to get through the courts. I share your anger and contempt for how the Times handled this. I think that Hillary, through the writer of this letter, well outlined her outrage at how the Times handled things; and not so subtly hinted that she might refuse to even deal with the Times unless they either apologize fully, or maybe fire a bunch of people who participated in this.

    What we don’t need is more headlines saying, “Hillary goes to the mat with the New York Times,” or “Embattled Clinton demands Times apologize.” I don’t know how much damage the stories have done, I hope not too much. I think that she made her points very forcefully. I hope some of the other media continue to point out the NYT bungles and agenda-driven hatchet job.

  201. Well, I had one semester of law school so I’m not much better, but here’s my understanding. I don’t think not holding office matters. She may be a private citizen, but she is a well known “public figure” so a law suit would be very difficult. I think the case law on this was made back in the eighties when some magazine satirized Jerry Falwell. He was a private citizen but definitely a public figure. He tried to file a defamation suit which eventually was thrown out. Obviously, this is not a perfect analogy unless the Rag was trying to satirize Hillary somehow. Lol! In any case I think the legal principle holds: it’s damn near impossible to defame a very famous person. The price of fame is high.

  202. And I agree with William, in any case. She wouldn’t want to get into a protracted legal battle with anyone while running for president. She’s 100% focused on that. It sucks however that the Rag can get away with lying and pay no price.

  203. Brassy, you are correct about satire and “public figure” not being subject to a lawsuit. That case was Falwell vs. Hustler magazine. However, Carol Burnett sued and won her case vs. National Enquirer over their report that she was an alcoholic…Burnett was relentless against them because her parents were alcoholics and that was a hot-button issue with her. It took years in court, but she did finally prevail and damn near buried that magazine.

    Hillary’s problem is that she falls under the “public official” category which pertains to anything that occurred during her tenure.

  204. Voting, I think the Burnett case is the exception that proves the rule. Few people are willing to devote years of their lives to nothing but a lawsuit. I salute Carol Burnett’s dogged determination, but she was lucky to have the National Enquirer as an adversary as opposed to the NYT. The Times, even in their depleted state, has far more resources than the Enquirer, not to mention access to every right wing, Hillary-hating First Amendment lawyer in the country. Carol Burnett is a beloved entertainer, not a political figure seeking the highest office in the land. It would be brutal and ugly. Hillary has a much better idea how she wants to spend the next eight or nine years.

  205. Another exception to the rule was Jesse Ventura’s suit against the American Sniper’s estate in Federal Court here in Minnesota about a year ago. However, he was able to show significant damage to his reputation (LOL!) and loss of income. I felt badly for the guy’s widow and kids who did nothing to Ventura but were the ones who paid through the estate.

  206. Sending prayers for Valarie. ❤

  207. Brassy, what was the Jesse Ventura lawsuit?

  208. Never mind, I looked it up.

  209. The Donald is suing a media entity, I forget which, but I heard him say he was suing for 700,000,000. You can’t say he’s not a public figure.

  210. In this case, the times had no real information other than some sleaze telling them there was a memo and what it said. Problem was, the memo didn’t say a THING about a criminal investigation, but the times never checked and committed journalistic negligence because it was a baldface LIE. And then they never really corrected it.

  211. Done.


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