Oooops! Now That I’m Running, I’ve Changed My Mind…

Lucky Hillary is in this race or these guys wouldn’t have any talking points. – SophieCT

Isn’t that the truth!

I can’t help myself! I just have to post these comments made by hypocritical Republican Desperado candidates who suddenly regard Hillary Clinton as The Enemy Of America who, to quote Carly, “Has no achievements”.

h/t to SophieCT for finding this.

Clinton’s campaign set up a press filing room for reporters covering the debates at her headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. The walls of the room were covered with posters showing past statements from several of the Republican candidates praising Clinton.

All Righty, then. Let us move onto Quotable Quotes from times no so long ago:

I want to start with Carly, who seems to have no problem accommodating the Patriarchy’s oldest trick in the world: Let’s get this girl to attack that girl AKA “The Cat Fight”.

Carly, the truth is: You would still be fetching coffee and donuts for some dickhead with half your brains if it weren’t for 2nd Wave Feminists like Hillary Clinton, who stood in the rain and snow and incurred multiple bruises so that you could  move up in the world of business and  then show up one day running for President while behaving like an insufferable ingrate. Thanks for confirming that in your one accidental moment of truth about Hillary:

………..And now, for quotable quotes from the Boys In The Band:

Well Donald! In between calling women dogs, slobs and fat pigs, you said this about the woman who, now that you are Running, is suddenly “The worst Secretary of State Ever”:

Gang, I don’t even know what to say to this Dumbo, except that the quote below is surprisingly cogent – at least for him:

And how about you, Marco, you plastic-faced clown?

Did I hear you say in that debate that “God has blessed the Republican Party with some good candidates. The Democrats can’t even find one”.

What a hypocritical desperado you are. How’s this, Jesus-Man: “Alas you pharisees. Hypocrites all!”. Read this and have a gulp of water, you two-faced asshole:

A Bush admitting that Hillary is admirable! I’ll alert the Media!


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  1. Biggest takeaway from the GOP debate: follow @TheBriefing2016
    on Twitter!

  2. #HillaryMen
    Hillary wins the first GOP debate

  3. Didn’t watch the debate(s). It was waaay more fun reading your live blog.

    For the record, when Jeb! puts the ! after his name, it doesn’t make him look exciting. It just draws attention to how BORING he is. I think he may be the most terrible presidential candidate of my lifetime. He is awesome in his awfulness. He makes his dumb, snotty brother look good. Hoping and praying they actually nominate this great big Nothing 🍔.

  4. Brassy, some people have abbreviated it to just the ! in a sentence, as in “Last night at the debates, ! lied.”

  5. Surprise, surprise–some of the candidates weren’t entirely truthful in their responses last night.

  6. Or, “Last night at the debate, no one even noticed if ! was there.”

  7. He can stop campaigning. They should just send around a giant !. I still don’t think even the Repubs are dumb enough to nominate !. Hillary has already turned him into a big pinata.

  8. When Obama was the candidate in ’08, and many Hillary supporters were so upset at how the nominating process had been fixed, the Republicans thought they could perhaps get some of these voters in the national election, so they fell all over themselves praising Hillary. And then when Obama was President, they again praised Hillary, as if to show that they appreciated her capabilities, particularly compared with Obama. And of course she was not running for anything.

    So we have all these effusively positive comments by them about Hillary, who indeed was a wonderful Secretary of State. And now that she is running, they have no problem in completely reversing course and saying that she was awful, and that she has no accomplishments. A halfway decent media would of course point all of this out.

  9. I just thought I’d monitor FOX and apparently they think Trump won that one. Go figure. I though K…however you spell it did the best, and Mr. I Got Rhythm Method did well if only because he ate Rand Paul for lunch. I thought Rubio came across with all the sincerity of an Iranian Cleric promising to be nice to Christians. He might as well have poured maple syrup all over himself. This guy is a Phony. Cruz came across very mean. I mean Mean. Very very very Mean. And narrow minded. I think he’d do much better as a warden in a prison. Just my opinion. He’s scary. Huckabee presented very well. If you are a right wing complete Jesus-freaking crackpot, you should be very proud of his message. It’s too bad he’s so messed up, I think he has some great speaking skills. He would do REALLY well as the pastor of one of those churches where everybody gets slain in the spirit if the pastor so much as breathes on them. Jindal was completely not memorable. I almost didn’t remember he was there. Walker is a bore. I bet he doesn’t even inspire himself much less anyone else. Jeb was disappointing. I think it’s a family trait.

    Not sure what it is with Rand Paul’s hair but he is starting to look like Medusa. THis is one temperamental guy, let me tell you. Time bomb. Tic Toc.

  10. Hillary leads in every poll.

    Hey, whatever happened to the Joe Biden talk?????

  11. Regarding abortion: These smarmy bastards, every one of them, if they had a daughter who got pregnant via rape or consensual sex, they would be hauling Daddy’s Little Girl to that private clinic for a “D&C” faster than you can say God Forgives Me

  12. I see Bernie’s robots are following the Ron Paulie-ite model, voting as often as possible in online public polls. I always enjoy the Paulie patter about how you just wait and see, he’s gonna win, even if he only polls at 2%

  13. imust, the Joe Biden talk, which all originated from a MoDo column, seemed to come in just in time to take the pressure off the NY Times about those lies they once again published about Hillary. Once they got all the MSNBC pundits talking about Beau’s fake last wishes, their work here was done.

  14. The only poll where he’s anywhere close to Hillary is in NH. Well duh, he’s the Vermont Senator.

  15. Yes, Upps. And when you meet the Bern Bots in the comments, they are strikingly, hauntingly, uncannily EXACTLY like the Ron Paulies. I think they were recruited to help with BS’s anti-social strategy.

  16. Yes, imust. And to the BernBots, his ONE poll is a mandate.

    Doncha know he gets Yoooge crowds? 10,000! Psst: BernBots don’t like it when you point out that Sarah got 40K.

  17. I wonder of Bernie gives them free box lunches like Ron does when he buses them in

  18. OMG Bush is on Tee Vee insisting he did great last night. Why do all the bush boys have eyes so close together? Are they inbred or something?

  19. The New Hampshire primary is the last stand of the Sanders supporters, and of course the media. It is possible that he would win that primary, which I believe is an open primary where anyone can cross lines. There are often some very strange results in this small state. But for some stranger reason, the media always makes the results far more important than they really are.

    So if Sanders wins NH, or comes very close, rest assured that this is going to be the headline and theme for a few weeks. In the other, bigger states, Hillary should win substantially. So the goal of the media will be to make NH indicative of Sanders’ strength and Hillary’s weakness, when it really is only about a state close to Vermont, where the electorate likes to be contrarian. Once past NH, we will be in strong shape, but be prepared for a media-created firestorm if Sanders wins that one. In the meantime, we keep getting to see articles telling us how important New Hampshire is, when it is not, particularly in a two-person race. Do you remember who won this primary in 1992? 1984?

  20. Apparently, Burnie was live Tweeting throughout the debates and his Bots are proclaiming he won the debates!

    He said in a Tweet:

    It’s over. Not one word about economic inequality, climate change, Citizens United or student debt. That’s why the Rs are so out of touch.

    Would it be mean to point out that there was not one word about him either. But 32 times for Hillary!

  21. Good read:

    You have to reassemble it yourself–all one line, no spaces. Apparently, the @ symbol in the URL makes browser display results unpredictable.

  22. Uppity, hilarious post! LMAO! And great comments as usual. Am going to read the linked stories.

  23. Apparently, Burnie was live Tweeting throughout the debates and his Bots are proclaiming he won the debates!

    ROFL! Shades of recycled Paulies!

  24. NH. Great. He’ll never win another state,save for Vermont. So that’s um…… many delegates again?

  25. NH. Great. He’ll never win another state,save for Vermont. So that’s um…… many delegates again?

  26. We need Bernie so we can round up all those little pissants who pay for nothing, want to do nothing, and the last time they exerted themselves, they threw paper airplanes at wall street from their LLBean tents, which were also paid for by somebody else. This is the bunch that wants a nice salary for not working. That’ll happen. WHen pigs fly. But here’s a pony for ya! Your Mom’s calling you. Dinner’s ready!

  27. Uppity, that’s about right, I think; although the Sanders types are probably older for the most part; still, they have the similar mentality to what you described. Some of them are ’60’s types who essentially have hated the Democrats since Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam. Obama may have been the only candidate they ever liked, and that was mostly because he was Black, and because he was not a Clinton. But they mostly were disllusioned with him, so they’ll now wing it with Sanders. They wanted Warren, but they’ll take Sanders. But for the most part, they became disillusioned with the whole thing thirty or forty years ago when someone they liked didn’t win, so they’re sort of hoping that the whole thing collapses, like the anarchists did in the 1910’s.

    Then you have the younger group, the ones who don’t care about politics, don’t even care much about how the country is run; just want to try to affect an air of coolness and feel superior to it all.They don’t even know why they don’t like Hillary. They are always looking for someone who will shake things up, even though the person could not get elected. After the elections are over, they’ll go back to gamer sites, or trying to sell their TV pilot.

  28. CNN really really sucks! I have been looking for an alternativer to MSNBC because I’ not feelin’ the b*rn and I can’t get over how much CNN really sucks! Man, it was outstanding when Ted had it. I wish Bill Clinton would have CGI buy it or something.

  29. Yes you are right, William. I disregarded the Hippy Leftovers who never grew up. They are still angry that McGovern lost. Mostly he lost because his followers scared the crap out of everybody else. So here they still are, trying to scare the crap out of the rest of us, only we tend to want to hit them with their own canes instead.

    Here’s a record of what happened to them the day after Obama won his election….they realized their lives had no meaning now that the campaign is over. And alas………..this happened and now…..they have found…….BERNIE! Yes We Can has been replaced by Feel The Bern!

  30. Bernie is Jesus don’t you know? It’s the same group of people that thought Obama was Jesus until he wasn’t and a lot of them are taking out their disappointment with Obama on Hilary.

    That debate last night was a scream. Walker wants us all to die apparently. Jeb was nonexistent. Rubio looked over his head. Carson was insane and well as Huckabee. Hillary must be sitting in her office laughing. Though I do agree Trump won the debate but that’s not saying a whole lot.

  31. OMG, if I see one more BernOut post that Jesus was a jewish socialist, Imma scream!

    Upps, not just McGovern–this guy has folks still not over Gene McCarthy.

  32. Sophie, I gave up on CNN long ago. They are a horrendous train wreck masquerading as news. I would actually rather see FOX than CNN. Stay away, they are maddeningly awful.

  33. I know!! (CNN) I did a few minutes of a couple of shows and just couldn’t stand it! It just drags and is not very informative.

  34. CNN International is good. CNN has been lousy since they dumped Aaron Brown to bring in Gloria Vanderbilt’s overrated son.

  35. OMG I LOVED Aaron Brown and you are right. The place started to go to crap after he left. I LOVED LOVED LOVED him. And they DID dump him for All Anderson All THe Time. MISTAKE!

  36. Hey Upps! (waves)

    I watched the thing last night, it was so awful. I suggested to Prolix that I might invest in some of these for the next Repub debate.

    He said that while they were indeed smart, it might be better to go with the Hefty 39 gallon yard bags with odor resistance. LOL!

  37. Yeah, it’s just something we invented this year to repress the BernBot vote.

  38. My biggest take on last night….the debates should only be offered to CABLE news channels if they are simulcast on PBS. This is another example of why so many don’t make their own decisions voting but have the decision made for them by the media. Those who can’t afford the upper levels of cable had no access to the debates. Radio broadcast doesn’t cut it. Ask Richard Nixon about that one. Those that heard the Kennedy/Nixon debates thought Nixon won, those who saw it thought Kennedy did.

    Presidential debates both primary and general should be available for FREE to all citizens in what is supposed to be a FREE society.

  39. Voting, good point.

    Also loved Aaron Brown. I felt he was trustworthy. imust is right, thats when cnn started circling the drain.

  40. Sophie, enjoyed your response to one of the bernbots @ the Salon article. I glanced at the comments, these people are zombies, they all say the same thing and are working up to be as vicious as the obamabots were back in the day.

  41. Interesting that the Top “Trending” post on Facebook for the past few days is Fiorina’s “Hillary Lies”. No other “trends” on the debates or Trump, just “Hillary Lies.” No coincidence and no accident.

    (Oh, and NASA discovered a “woman-like” figure on Mars)

  42. Yes, I’ve also noticed that “trending” GWM and don’t think it’s organic either.

  43. Glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that, Sophie.
    A few hours later, every other trending topic is different, but Fiorina’s quote is still on top.

  44. I loved Aaron Brown, too (he was magnificent on Sept.11th).
    Maybe I’m biased because he spent so much time in Cleveland, but I think that Martin Savidge is terrific, as well.

  45. I actually remember the morning I turned CNN on to watch him and he wasn’t there! I was like WHERE’s AARON????? They just disappeared him for that twit Anderson Cooper! I actually had a kind of withdrawal over this. I never respected CNN after that.

  46. Uppity remember they tried to “add” Anderson to his show as a co-host? And then I think it was just Anderson and they tried to say that Aaron was on vacation or something. Then Anderson just took over the show without explanation. Unless I’m remembering it wrong.

  47. What does everyone think about Donald Trump’s comment about Megan Kelly?

  48. A few hours later, every other trending topic is different, but Fiorina’s quote is still on top.

    Exactly!! Like we don’t know it’s a game.

  49. Although 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, with more than six months remaining
    before the election, most voters have not yet engaged. New Hampshire primary voters typically decide who they will vote
    for in the last weeks, or days of the campaign and it is no surprise that few voters have made up their minds about who
    they will support in 2016. Currently, only 20% of likely Democratic primary voters say they have definitely decided who they
    will support, 27% are leaning toward a candidate, but the majority of voters (53%) are still trying to decide who to support.

    This is unchanged since June.

  50. imust you mean the one that implied she had her period. What a POS.

  51. imust, I wonder if the “outrage” would be this significant if it wasn’t one of their own (Megyn). Say, like Rachel Maddow or Melissa H. Perry. Trump would have been praised and applauded as tellin’ it like it is or even speaking truth to power.

    Even Bill Maher is piling on and said Trump was , “nasty, boorish, sexist, ignorant, smug.”
    Seriously?! Take away “ignorant” from that statement, and you have Maher.

    I think he’s a misogynistic pig nonetheless.

  52. Yeah! That’s the comment. And when you’ve got Bill Maher calling you sexist…’ve really jumped the shark! I agree that the faux outrage is because it’s Kelly. The whole audience was howling with laughter when he was calling Rosie O’Donnell an ugly pig.

    Oh, and about the Carly trending on facebook…..PLUH-EEZ! There’s no way she’s trending. Nobody is talking about Carly! Trump is, as usual, what the buzz is about.

  53. Once again….#hillarymen:

    Trump’s response to Kelly’s question was essentially a step-by-step guide on how to dismiss valid complaints about discriminatory behavior in the workplace. It was a two-minute primer on how to get away with sexism.

  54. Erickson is only acting outraged because he and the right wing want Trump out of the race. Trump is not controllable, and he does not read from the playbook which is literally or figuratively handed out to all the Republican candidates. Fox, which desperately wants the Republicans to win, will also do what they can to eliminate Trump as a candidate and a threat. Of course Trump’s comments were classless. But this gives the Right a chance to pretend to show that they really stand up for women, they just hate Hillary. if anyone else but Trump had said that, it would have been squelched, and he would have been speaking to the conference today.

  55. Look, Trump is disgusting BUT plenty of Republicans (and Obama supporters) had surrogates say vulgar things about Hillary Clinton. Now the Republicans are all pretending to be all concerned about civility. The GOP sock puppets with trot out the C.U.N.T. bumper stickers soon enough. Trump has revealed the slimy underbelly of the Republican Party for all to see.

  56. You have to hear the lies and smears St. Megyn says about Hillary. She is not some innocent angel here.

  57. Sorry Sophie, But she is no Saint. 😯

  58. VotingHillary, on August 8, 2015 at 12:54 AM said:
    I agree It should be free for all. 🙂

  59. 6:13 pm EST and guess what is still the “lead” trending story on FB? (the other two topics are of course different from the earlier set, none of them concern Trump).

    imusthavehillary is right of course. Nobody gives a shit about whats-er-name. Everybody is still talking about Trump. But it’s no accident the smear hangs on.

  60. Let’s face it, gang. They all want to control anything that doesn’t possess a penis and that’s that. Party doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except the patriarchy and the bitterness they assign to us is really theirs. They hate the idea that they have lost much of the ability to acquire a domestic servant who will be their sperm vessel at will, and to carry on their special last name and do their bidding. They want it back. Now.

    I’ve said it before and I hold to it. This is nothing 50,000 women with torches and pitchforks on congressional hill can’t fix. Nothing else will work. History has borne this out.

    ……..And that is why Women’s Rights as HUMAN BEINGS are more important than ANY subject in ANY election. More important than ANYTHING. Period! How many times do women have to be TOLD to take a back seat to other more “Pressing” issues and to “Wait”. Fuck that you bastards! YOU wait! There is only ONE, I repeat ONE candidate for President who will fulfill the reversal of dickhead BULLSHIT. You can’t respect yourself if you continue to turn a blind eye to what the patriarchy is doing to STRIP women of the rights they fought for. And I don’t mean Republicans either. I mean ALL of them.

    When it comes to the rights of more than half of America, they know they cannot control Hillary Clinton. That is why they have spent decades on STOP HILLARY. They know if she wins, the party if OVER, they will HAVE to respect women in a way they simply cannot STAND. The only difference between the USA patriarchy and the Middle East is it’s illegal to kill us. Make no mistake, the biggest threat Hillary presents is a threat to their Control mechanisms. A threat to their fake promises. They will continue to use other women to skewer her, it’s a long-standing Corporate America model. They are fine ‘granting’ power to women so long as the women do not offend the patriarchy. In turn, they will reward them with crumbs. This is why you see more women in management than ever, but you see hardly any of them in positions of REAL power. The model is the same for government. Hillary Clinton must be the next president. It’s as simple as that. And any woman who doesn’t crawl through glass to help make that happen will regret it at some time in her life. And that includes the fake Religious ones who function in fear of God, the translation of which is…….you are our servants!

    Funny how GWB43 server disappeared, with MILLIONS of emails DELETED by Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and GWBush and nobody seems to care. In fact, two of those three are front and center accusing Hillary of what they REALLY DID DO. STOP HILLARY. If you cant find some reason, make one up! Get it?

  61. Protesters who claimed affiliation with the BlackLivesMatter movement stormed the stage during a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in Seattle on Saturday, taking over the microphone.

    Moments after Sanders took the stage at Westlake Park, two women and one man climbed the stage and confronted the Democratic presidential candidate, demanding a chance to speak.

    And what do the commenters say? Why it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault of course!

    *NOTE: This is a trending topic on twitter. Did not see Carly trending on twitter at all.

    {I deleted the name} • 28 minutes ago

    BLM’s head works for Clinton. No one is surprised her dogs are out to attack Sanders. Pathetic really and sad. All they’re doing is turning people away from the BLM movement.

  62. Bernie is a non starter. His followers are what’s left of Obamazoid Land, who really have nothing else to do but look for Free Stuff and a purpose in life without doing much work. Yes We Can is Over. So now we Feel The Bern. These are Bernie’s people, what else would we expect?

  63. 9:46 pm: The Fiorina bullshit is still supposedly “trending” , but now there is another, back-up “trending” story: “Cheryl Mills, ex-Hillary Clinton aide told to destroy Emails, lawyers say”

    They are really working overtime.

  64. Yeah, Carly has been on top of Facebook for longer than anything now. I think conservatives have found a way to rig it like they did the NYT best seller lists. People talked about her the day after the debate but no one is talking about her now and the Cheryl Mills things if you click on the link is all from nut sites where Cheryl Mills says she is going to destroy emails. Carly Fiorona is not going to be VP but she might move up from the kid’s table. If her claim to fame is screaming that someone is a liar then she’s not going too far.

  65. I noticed that facebook trending change too. I’d be very curious about who paid for that. I looked up to see how the trending is determined. Supposedly, it’s by searches and hashtags. I really doubt it. But this part was interesting which could account for the sort of skewed trends:

    And since Twitter has been long-known as a place for current, and since most content on Twitter is public and therefore eligible, Twitter’s Trending Topics pages may be deeper and move faster alongside breaking news.

    The fact is that most people don’t post publicly on Facebook and don’t have “Follow” turned on, so what appears in Facebook’s Trends isn’t actually what’s popular with people.

    Overall, Facebook’s Trends seem a bit more immediately helpful and personally relevant, but Twitter’s pages will likely feature much richer content that actually reflects the thoughts of the common man, not just celebrities and news outlets.

  66. BLM can hardly be “working for Clinton”. That creature made that up. They booed her when she spoke to them and said (Gasp!) ALL Lives Matter.

  67. imusthaveHillary, on August 8, 2015 at 6:50 PM said:
    And what do the commenters say? Why it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault of course!

    The same thing is going on at HuffPo…it must be Hillary’s fault. This is the second time this has happened to Bernie which leads me to the following question….where is his damn security?

  68. Uppity, you’re on fire.
    I love it.

  69. There are a few reasons it doesn’t happen to Hillary
    1. She was out on this issue early, LISTENING. That’s a keyword and she’s the only candidate doing it.
    2. She has the most diverse staff of all the candidates and that includes a Director of Black Outreach.
    3. She’s not calling out Obama in her stump speeches and he is.
    4. Her followers did not spend all the time since Netroots Tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging at BLM telling them they just don’t understand–their candidate did so much for “you people” during the 60s and has always voted in their best interests.
    5. And more
    6. She has a Secret Service detail

  70. I worry about her team. When I see scumballs like Bill Burton making Nice on Tee Vee, I worry. He has no soul whatsoever. I am not comfortable with the scum from the obama campaign infiltrating her camp. Not one bit.

  71. I’m so goddam sick and tired of CNN.
    Every Sunday, the weasel who hosts “Reliable (My Ass) Sources, ” brings on that broken down jalopy, Carl Bernstein, to hint that there are deep dark secrets about Hillary Clinton.
    He never says what they could be and Weasel never asks.
    Bernstein hasn’t broken a scoop in fifty years, but we’re all supposed to hush and gather round when this “legend’ opens his yap;
    This week, he compared Hillary to Trump and all but begged Joe Biden to run!

  72. OMG! I turned on Face the Nation to see what the Donald was up to…..and it’s CARLY!! She’s putting on this fake nice voice saying she wasn’t insulting Hillary by saying that she “lied”, but that she was just being “factual”, according to Carly, it’s a “fact” that Hillary “lied”. Of course the host didn’t ask her why it was a “fact”.

    Bernine’s on now…..
    Speaking of Bernie, he’s found a way to fix his BLM problem:

    SEATTLE — Hours after Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a Bernie Sanders rally here, the Vermont senator’s populist Democratic presidential campaign once again attempted to cast Sanders as the candidate of a modern civil rights movement.
    Before a crowd of more than 12,000 at the Alaska Airlines Arena on the campus of the University Of Washington, a new public face for the Sanders campaign appeared. Symone Sanders, a volunteer organizer with the D.C.-based Coalition for Juvenile Justice, was announced as the new national press secretary of Sanders’ campaign and was tasked with introducing the 73-year-old senator.

    NOTE: Carly’s “Hillary lies” is trending again on facebook.

  73. I finally watched the longer version of the Bernie/BLM video and I have to marvel at the karma of it all. The same folks who called Hillary supporters racists were called racists by BLM. And they didn’t take to kindly to that.

    Karma is such a bitch. LOL.

  74. Screw the EmoProgs. Nothing is ever good enough for them and they DO absolutely nothing. That’s why BLM is all over them.

  75. Hahah Voting. Don’t you love when Karma works like that?

  76. Awwwwwww. Bernie found himself a token black woman.

  77. Sophie, that’s why the regressives are so in love with socialism. They love doing nothing and getting stuff handed to them.

  78. I posted this:

    Anyone else find it ironic that the revolutionaries who are claiming to be building a real grassroots movement are perturbed at an actual real grassroots movement. Nothing sounds more “establishment” than complaining someone else isn’t protesting the “right way.”
    Like shutting down the Campus Admin Building was the “right way.”
    Like the vandalism in the WTO protests in Seattle was the “right way.”
    Like hanging from a bridge to stop the icebreakers in Portland, Oregon was the “right way.”
    Apparently, the “right way” is to be a white, middle class, male emoprog. And it is most certainly the “wrong way” to protest against a white, middle class, male emoprog.

  79. lol Soph. They have become caricatures of themselves.

  80. I loved the many, “HOW DARE YOU!” shouts from the crowd when the BLM people called them racists!!!


  81. Hahahahaha! I hope that’s on youtube.

  82. Oh man check THIS out

  83. Doddering old man gets shouted down. See 7:00

  84. Whoa if you want to see what the Bernies really think about black people and what they really are, see the video comments. Ooops, boys! You’re feeling the Bern. Feels pretty shitty to be called a racist, doesn’t it? You created this, now you fix it.

    And there are attacks against blacks and women, obviously if they were black men things would have been better for them.

    Not pretty Bernie, not pretty at all.

  85. Hillary always stays away from the Nutroots. Ever since Movey Ony stabbed her in 2008 with their fake WHo Shall We Support ‘poll’.

  86. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was Trump behind this? The BLM’s over-the-top antics is just an audition for the next Apprentice….

  87. I wouldn’t put it past trump at all, except he has nothing to gain or lose by it.

  88. The youtube video comments are a howl!! These Bern Bots are the same people who called Bill and HIllary Clinton racists. They called anyone who supported Hillary over Obama racists. Like Uppity said, feel the bern Bots!

  89. Yeah they are upset because they being ‘berated’. How’s it feel?

  90. Exactly! These are the people who played that race card every chance they got, whether it applied or not. Imagine that–they don’t like being called racists!

  91. I’ll take my hits over this, but if you ask me USA WOMEN should be behaving EXACTLY like the BLM movement. THAT is how we won our rights at 2nd wave. Being nice and “asking” is how we are losing them.

  92. UW, Holy Shit, I was JUST thinking that! Our problem is that about half the women will not align with us because they enjoy, shall I say it, privilege, by being conservative-identified.

  93. Also, for women at this time, there isn’t the same immediate sense of urgency.

  94. True, Sophie, it there SHOULD be an immediate sense of urgency. If you see some water in your basement, you don’t wait till it floods to do something.

    The water is rising…

  95. UW, 3 women are murdered every single day because of domestic violence.

  96. And not enough abusers are killed in their sleep.

  97. Please install a per-comment Like button. 🙂

  98. Do we have that option?

  99. I do not see an option to “Like” a comment.

    Update: I found comment ‘ratings’. So I turned it on

  100. Cool! Wait…what happened to the like/dislike thumbs?

  101. Only have ‘ratings’ choice. It’s the same, Up or Down.

  102. I just used it for you.
    Thumbs up. 😀

  103. I’m not a fan at all of the down buttons. People who don’t even hang out at this blog can use them destructively. Still4Hill has a Like-only star thingie.

  104. And just like that, Carly disappears completely from the trending list. No slight decline for a while–just gone. Makes me think they all went to the same church service.

  105. Good work, Sophie.

  106. Polls have her at 8%. Snort.

  107. If the R’s had any brains they would pick her for VP so they could give her the task of attacking Hillary. I also envision Hillary reminding her with amusement that she’s not running against her and to focus on her own hopefulness as a VP–and then calling on the Presidential candidate to Man Up and fight his own battles. But nevermind, they won’t pick her for anything, as the Boys In The Band aren’t going to give up that slot for no dirty wimmin.

  108. Hee hee foxy.

  109. Yeah Sophie, I thought of that, anybody can click a down button. But I don’t see ANY other option.

    Besides, we can count up how many cockroaches are reading us.

  110. OOps, she’s back on the trend list. Church must be over.

  111. is that what the thumps are for?
    to see how many cocky roaches are reading us?

  112. ???
    who wants to rate what I say? I’m usually waay behind the topics.

  113. So there you have it…I just gave myself thumps up on my none comments…ha!

  114. I trumped it.

  115. One protester, who identified herself as Marissa Johnson, began by saying, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is — with all of its progressives — but you’ve already done that for me. Thank you.”

    Some in the crowd jeered the protesters and yelled “get off the stage,” but others replied “let her talk.”
    At times, shouts of “arrest her” were audible.

    Surely, we’ve met these people at another time and place….

  116. I guess NOW is eeking out their endorsements one chapter at a time.

  117. Wow a NOW endorsement. That’s big. Not.

  118. Oh NOW NYC! Pappas! I respect these people. They should have been put in charge of NOW National A LONG TIME AGO -instead of the third wave wimpy twits who finished destroying NOW

  119. More FB ‘trending this morning’: The ‘Clinton Deleted Emails’ smear is there, along with “Oh Boy! Bernie Sanders draws a crowd of 28,000!”

    For some reason, “BLM Interrupt Sanders” never made it to FB ‘trending’.

  120. GWM that’s just the Bernies using the Paulies’ playbook. They get online, soak down polls and create ‘trends’. Makes them feel like they actually have a chance. I LOVE when the Paulies come out and declare Ron Paul The Winner, when he has like 3% of the vote. Same deal. Let them have fun, keeps them out of their mother’s hair.

  121. That 28k number was provided by the Sanders Campaign. Whenever we assess ourselves we always do really well.

    No doubt the Nutroots are busing themselves all over the place for him with their box lunches ala Ron Paulies.

  122. That event in Seattle in the park with the BLM interruption….the first day all the reports said, “thousands” had waited for Bernie to speak that day. Over and over….thousands. After he hired his new spokesperson….it was reduced to a few hundred.

  123. Still not up to Palin’s numbers and we see how well that worked for her. Right now, he’s a curiosity.

  124. Maybe, it’s because I’m old, but I find the thumbs and rate this to be very distracting.
    Does anyone know Riverdaughter, as in corresponds with her via email or twitter? I miss her writing and hope that she won’t let a troll or two silence her important voice.

  125. The hole “crowd numbers” game is ridiculous. That what they did in 08. Touted the massive crowds for The Won. Hillary made a point, a campaign strategy, to NOT play to crowds. She has set up small venues so that she can get up close and personal with voters. Especially in the all important, Boss of Us states of Iowa and NH.

  126. I also am not a fan of the “ups” and “downs.” Maybe I will get a “down” for writing this! I know that the NYT has this; and you can virtually see that comments which favor one side get a consistent percentage of “ups,” and the ones on the other side almost the consistent opposite number of “downs.” That is, the same people go through all the comments and rate them according to their views. I guess it would feel good to get 99% of “up” on that site, but to do that, one has to write something very politically inoffensive yet heartfelt.

    I think that Fiorina could be a VP choice, in that she would be the attack dog that VPs often are. At the very least, I am sure we will see her out there on the campaign trail, most unfortunately. The Republicans are not averse to picking a woman VP if they think it would help them; they picked Palin, obviously, though she didn’t. And it would give the Republicans the opportunity to claim that it is not women they are against, it is just Hillary Clinton. I would not mind seeing some opposition research on Fiorina to perhaps stymie her before she starts making weekly trips to all the talk shows to try to undermine Hillary.

  127. Talking to the dirty masses is easy. You don’t have to interact one on one with anybody. You write your script, you mem’rize your buzz lines (Fired up! Ready To Go!) and you use them. You get to sniff the air with your nose up while they cheer and shout your name. Then you go home untouched by queries. Your staff releases a bogus number and off you go. At least that’s how it was before BLT showed up, eh Bernie?

    Bernie is trying the Obama venue behavior. Why wouldn’t he, he’s got that Obamazoid bunch cheering him on. The problem is, he’s no Obama. He looks like a tired decrepit old man at the end of his career and way beyond the end of his physical fitness. He really does. Watching him scurry off in the face of a challenge told me all ANYBODY needs to know about his ability to negotiate with some very nasty world leaders.

  128. You remember when Obama claimed to fill a whole aud and somebody snapped the other side of the building, with empty chairs? I have a post on that somewhere

  129. Up, did you mean BLM instead of BLT? It’s lunch time, and I’d love a BLT!

    You should see pro-Bernie comments after the Black Lives invasion of his speech. They’re calling the protestors “stupid, ignorant, uneducated.” Yeah, that will sure help him with the AA vote.

    William, don’t worry about Fiorina. This is her moment in the sun. It’s all downhill from here. She has tons of baggage. More than the Titanic. And just slight scrutiny would open it all up. She’s not even a VP material in the first place since she’s never held elective office and would make Palin look politically experienced.

  130. Hahahah make me a sangwitch!

    I guess all that’s left is the leftover obama zealots, now barnicles on Bernie, will be calling the BLM crowd “Low information voters” and “deadenders. Good luck with that, white boys.

  131. Well, at least the stupid Carly Fiorina thing finally fell off. That Cheryl Mills hoax thing has been on and off there for a while.

  132. Bernie’s 28,000 probably really looked like this page from Obama’s playbook

  133. I also find the multi-thumbs distracting.

    So, now Burnie’s put out a fabulous fantastic policy so now they’re tight. So did Martin. And so where’s Hillary’s, now? Why doesn’t she have a policy?

    You will need to reconstruct this yourself:

    Actual comment by Kossack: “Bernie’s Racial Justice Plan is historic”
    Need I say more about who these folks are?

  134. Ok first you want Likes and then Likes are annoying and then……..

    *Shoots self in head*

  135. I personally think she should just blow the nutroots off. All it will do if she cowtows to these ideological Gimmee Crackpots is lose the middle and the independents. I say let em eat Bernies.

  136. I wanted the single star, just for likes. Not the thumbs. Not up or down and not the little i with Rate this!

  137. Nutroots is one thing. BLM is yet another.

  138. How’s that? Better?

    *Stands on bridge, prepared to jump*

  139. Agree, and BLM is definitely not connected to nutroots at this point. I’m sure she will address them. Funny how those two clowns stepped on the landmines I’m sure she knew were there by sheer instinct.

  140. *Rate this” becomes number of votes once someone rates the comment.

  141. Sigh…Still not the same as Stills

    Anyway, look who’s running for Congress! Sara Gilbert’s sister (Sara of Roseanne and The View fame). Melissa of some other fame.

  142. And no, she’s not running against Nellie Oleson.

  143. Even Lady Lindsey can read the tea leaves:

    Clinton would beat Trump like a drum

  144. Hillary referred to Megyn Kelly at Fox as “incredibly impressive” today.

    Umm, Hillary, have you seen any of her reports on you?

    (smacks hand on head, “Heck with V8…I need a drink.”)

  145. lol I’m of the belief that Hillary doesn’t make remarks like that without purpose.

  146. Melissa Gilbert played Laura Ingles on the Little House on the Prairie series with Michael Landon.

    I like the stars! I also liked the thumbs! 🙂 However, rating with PIES would be even better!

    I give my comment 5 pies!

  147. BTW, thanks for switching to the “stars”, Uppity. So much less annoying.

  148. Imust, do you bake pies? I love fresh fruit pies, but they are very hard to find unless one has someone to bake them for you. No, I do not think women are supposed to be in the kitchen baking pies. But some women like baking them. When I go to the fruit market, sometimes there will be a woman there who tells the farmer that she wants a certain amount of peaches or berries to bake some pies. I have thought of asking if they would bake a few extra for me, but it never seemed appropriate!

  149. WTF? Now its LGBTQIA?

    Halllllllp! What’s QIA? Jebus!

  150. I’m not a baker myself. I love to cook, but i never got into baking. However I make a mean cheesecake and an even meaner fresh peach and blueberry cobbler. But only when the orchard has the freestone peaches!

  151. So Sanders came out with a great plan to address police brutality? And Kos people are waiting on Hillary’s plan? Well, I did not read Sanders’ ‘plan,” but since police departments are hired and regulated by municipalities, I don’t know what effect he thinks he is going to have.

    Uppity, I agree with you on how irritating the anti-Hillary bloggers can be. But they can be dangerous in caucus states. And they will take any opportunity to vote for a third-party candidate, so they can continue to feel empowered and important. I am hoping that Hillary can win the Iowa caucuses by a reasonable amount, and then win any kind of small victory in New Hampshire, and then go on to win big victories in larger states. At that point, these people will become dispirited, and go back to watching Game of Thrones, or blogging about their foodie experiences.

  152. Peach and berry cobblers sound great! Cheesecake I have never liked, though. I remember when I started working for a law firm years ago, and a couple of the other attorneys took me out to lunch on my first day–to the Cheesecake Factory. They proceeded to peruse the cheesecake menu, choosing two or three different cheesecakes to share; while I sat there wishing we had gone somewhere else.

  153. I gave myself five (boysenberry) pies for my comment about pies; four (olallieberry) pies for my comment about the Kos people; and three and a half (peach) pies for my comment about the cheesecake.

  154. My cheesecake has a top layer of sour cream baked into it.

    I got a cobbler pic somewhere..

  155. Here’s the recipe I use from one of my very favorite places, Smitten Kitchen

  156. William, Hillary knows what havoc can be wreaked at caucuses, given what her people went through, from cheating on the numbers to being actually locked out of the room. If she’s not ready for these shiteheads this time, she will have nobody to blame but herself. When left to their honor, they have no honor.

  157. I suppose I could look up what QIA stands for, but it is more challenging to try to guess. The problem here is that every individual difference must be honored and represented, thus inevitably leading to a string of letters to be sure to cover such things as “Was born a man; transgendered to a woman; transgendered back again to a man; transpecied to a rhinoceros; transentitied to a Venusian.” That would be “TRTTSTEV” (To distinguish from someone who did all of that, but transentitied to a Martian, hence “TRTTSTEM”). They would not be part of the original LBGT, as that grouping discriminates against their singular identities, and thus is exclusionary, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, retransphobic, humanistic, and planetcentric.

  158. Here’s you answer, Uppity:

    “What Does LGBTQIA mean?

    Lesbian – A female- identified person who is attracted romantically, physically, or emotionally to another female-identified person.

    Gay – A male-identified person who is attracted romantically, physically, or emotionally to another male-identified person.

    Bisexual – A person who is attracted romantically, physically, or emotionally to both men and women.

    Transgender – A person who is a member of a gender other than that expected based on anatomical sex.

    Queer – An umbrella term which embraces a variety of sexual preferences, orientations, and habits of those who do not adhere to the heterosexual and cisgender majority. The term queer includes, but is not exclusive to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transpeople, and intersex persons, traditionally, this term is derogatory and hurtful, however, many people who do not adhere to sexual and/or gender norms use it to self-identify in a positive way.

    Intersex – Someone who’s physical sex characteristics are not categorized as exclusively male or exclusively female.

    Asexual – A person who is not attracted to anyone, or a person who does not have a sexual orientation.

    Ally – A person who does not identify as LGBTQIA, but supports the rights and safety of those who do.”


    My community has been completely hijacked. It’s enough to make me go straight. (Well, not really.)

  159. Uppity, what happened at the caucuses last time was one of the most appalling things I have ever witnessed in politics. That was part of the Obama gameplan, it was not some accidental thing. Of course one of the problems was that the Obama supporters included many young or out of work people who could spend all day at the caucus sites, while the Hillary supporters were often working people who could not stay, and thus lost their places, or were kept from voting. The caucuses are a ridiculous vestige of politics and should be eliminated. Donna Brazile loved them, though.

  160. William, I am not a pie baker. Well, that’s not to say I haven’t baked pies, I have…..but it’s not a *thing* for me or anything like that. The pie comments go way back on the blog during the 08 campaign. Obama, actually it was Michelle, made a speech saying people were going to have to get used to giving up some of their PIE! *I’ll find the quote later. Then, Obama himself seemed obsessed with pies as evidenced by this video.

    So, when Obama started talking about PIES, everyone on the blog started talking about PIES! Finally, Uppity said, “Enough with the PIE talk!” “No one mention the word PIE again!” Thereafter, the P word. So, I made myself the unofficial PIE Policewoman calling out anyone who mentioned PIE on the blog! So there you have it. The rest is Uppity Woman Blog History. Or, Herstory!

    *Here’s the MO quote:

    “The truth is most Americans don’t want much. Folks don’t want the whole pie. Most Americans feel blessed to thrive a little bit….but that’s out of reach for them. The truth is, in order to get things like universal heathcare and a revamped education system then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.

  161. Voting i did know what LGBT is, it’s just that letters keep getting added to the point of ridiculousness. Personally I think it should just be LG and everybody else should fend for themselves or something

  162. imust, don’t you dare ever forget to include Caramel Apple Walnut pie in the history!

  163. Imust, thank you for explaining! It is quite an interesting story! I hope that this election will be a much happier time for all of us! That fixed and bogus campaign was a miserable experience.

  164. I bake pies and cobblers. My grandmother was known for her delicious pies and she taught me how to bake them. Whenever we went out to a restaurant with my grandparents and ordered pie, my grandmother would say “This isn’t half as good as mine” and we would agree. Her pies were heavenly.

  165. imustcorrecttherecord! Let it be known to all who blog here! Uppity Woman LOVES Caramel Apple Walnut pie!! Now, we will go back to original pie rules! Unless Uppity herself decides to change the rules….she can do that, it’s her blog!

  166. Strawberry rhubarb is my favorite.

  167. More gender identity terms to memorize ( quiz tomorrow! ) :

    Agender or neutrois – neutral gender identity

    Bi-gender or pangender – multiple gender identity

    Genderfluid – variable gender identity

    Demigender – weak gender identity

    Demi Moore – person who identifies as an actress that used to be married to a much younger person who identifies as a guy but it didn’t work out because he left her for a younger person who also identifies as an actress

  168. Wow, one would almost have to buy a ticket to a carnival to meet all those people in one fell swoop. Surprise! I don’t intend to learn ANY of those terms or the rest of the alphabet they are continuing to add to LG daily.

    They better leave DemiTasse alone. I draw the line!

  169. William, you are in a very humorous mood tonight. I turn over the title of “blog comedian” to you.

  170. That’s better, imust. Next time, I might not be as forgiving.

  171. If a person has a neutral gender identity, what name would they use? I mean you can’t be neutral and use a male or female name. So like would you use a pet’s name? Like “Spot”? Or an inanimate object name, like Fridge or Saucer?

  172. Because Penis, on August 10, 2015 at 9:50 PM said:

    You crack me up to no end….and glad to see you here again!

  173. “Was born a man; transgendered to a woman; transgendered back again to a man; transpecied to a rhinoceros; transentitied to a Venusian.” That would be “TRTTSTEV” (To distinguish from someone who did all of that, but transentitied to a Martian, hence “TRTTSTEM”). They would not be part of the original LBGT, as that grouping discriminates against their singular identities, and thus is exclusionary, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, retransphobic, humanistic, and planetcentric.


  174. Amanda Taub expertly outlines the steps Donald Trump taught in his recent master class on how to get away with sexism:

    Step 1: Claim that the complaint is an exaggeration in order to imply that the complainant can’t be trusted

    Step 2: Dismiss demands for respect and equality as mere “political correctness”

    Step 3: Insist that this complaint is too minor to bother with when there are more important things to worry about

    Step 4: Say it was just “fun”

    Step 5: Pretend that the complaint is really about personal animosity

  175. Well Donald certainly hit on all those points immediately. Scum. I respect no man who does this shit with women and then points to her as the problem. No sense of me being Politically Correct then either.

    The Republicans might just have a ball with this outline. Great way to remove women from his voting list. The Democrats won’t bother since they are enjoying seeing him ruin the show. I mean, it’s not like they give a fast crap about women. We’re just bargaining chips to them anyways.

  176. Mmmm, I love strawberry rhubarb pie. My grandma also made the best pies; also, my mom and aunt. Like Upps, I can cook, but never mastered pie making. I make crumbles & cobblers though.

    William, the bakery at Gelsons makes good pies. The crust is good and lots of filling. I bought a blueberry one that was excellent. They are kinda pricey though. If you’re LA based, there must be a Gelsons somewhere in your orbit.

    Glad to see our House “penis” back and in good form! I swear I was thinking of you earlier today.

  177. Over at Widders, I think chat said that she would love to see Cruz for the repubs, Clinton (obviously) for Dems, and Trump runnin’ on his own. God that would be hilarious.

  178. .VotingHillary@7:10 pm: I just read Hillary’s remarks about Megyn Kelly in context, and I agree with Uppity. She was making the case that Kelly is in a position to defend herself and certainly has the skills to do so. She went on to say that she worries more about women without resources should one of these dangerous chuckleheads (my word, not hers) actually become president. She had particularly harsh words for Marco Rubio’s no exceptions for rape or incest position.

    Hillary said that while Trump is blatantly offensive, they all have the same position on women’s reproductive rights and women’s rights in general. They would all be a disaster for women should any of them make it to the White House. It was “incredibly impressive, if I may day so! Check it out over at Hillary HQ.

  179. And I know nothing about baking pies, but I’ll take a Fremch Silk if you’ve got one! 😀

  180. Or Key Lime. Either one.

  181. The best Key Lime pie I ever had was at Sam’s Subway in downtown Indianapolis. Sam’s deli was a community gathering place for people from all walks of life. Elderly Yiddish-speaking Jews, young families, corporate business types, students and politicians frequented it. Robert Kennedy ate at Sam’s with his family and aides during the last days of his presidential campaign.

  182. Welcome back, Penis! We missed you!

    I haven’t been to a great, authentic deli for forty years when I worked in a mostly Jewish suburb north of Detroit. There were two great delis nearby. Never had the pie though. Once I finished a pastrami sandwich, I was done for the day! Didn’t try the cheesecake either. Now I wish I could. 😭

  183. “It looks too salty.”

  184. Annie, I did not even know that Gelson’s made pies, after all the times I have shopped there. I will take a look the next time I am in one, and maybe take your suggestion on the blueberry.

  185. William, we know you love fruit pies but how do you feel about corn muffins?

  186. I don’t really like corn muffins that much. Maybe homemade ones, but the ones in restaurants or stores are usually somewhat spicy, which I do not like. Actually, the only “dessert” kind of things I like are fresh fruit pies in summer.

  187. Cruz is a very scarey man. Something is missing inside of him.

  188. Cruz is the Tin Man from Oz but without the same charm, personality or singing and dancing talent. All hollow, no heart. Had just what it took to be a brilliant law student though. Ask Alan Dershowitz.

  189. I have never ate a Pie,
    That I did not love. YUM!! 😀

  190. Uppity Woman, on August 10, 2015 at 10:06 PM said:

    If a person has a neutral gender identity, what name would they use? I mean you can’t be neutral and use a male or female name. So like would you use a pet’s name? Like “Spot”? Or an inanimate object name, like Fridge or Saucer?

    ROFLMBO!!! 😆

  191. See how PIEs take over the blog!

  192. Something I never ever say at home:

    Penis in da house!

  193. The GOP’s Carly conspiracy:

    The other day when the donor lists to various campaigns were revealed many noticed an odd curiosity about Fiorina’s donations. A pro-Cruz super PAC controlled by millionaire Robert Mercer (who had written checks for 5 million to Cruz’s effort) sent $500,0000 to Carly Fiorina’s super PAC. How often does it happen that a PAC for one candidate helps one of its rivals in a primary campaign? But New York Times reporter Amy Chozick cleared up the mystery when she tweeted:

    Fiorina finance chairs told me supporters of other candidates have thrown them $$$ to have a woman in race attacking HRC.

    Now that makes sense. (And it also explains why the Koch Brothers invited her to their recent billionaire meet-and-greet.) The Republicans understand the minefield they are going to be walking if Clinton should become the first woman nominee for president of one of the two major parties. It will be helpful to have a woman on the trail making a slash and burn case against her without incurring the wrath of Clinton’s woman supporters

  194. ROFL!!!!! Sophie @ 8:18 PM…….I think that is the funniest thing you have ever said!!!

  195. What a surpise…..Carly is just being used as an attack dog. Color me shocked!

  196. I’ve lived through the 1968 Democratic Convention and the 1972 Convention, too.
    Extreme identity politics usually result in a Republican in the White House.
    Groups like Act Up work best during a Republican administration, forcing change.

  197. I have been reading today’s comments and I went back and forth as to whether I should voice my opinion or not. After much soul-searching and faith in this forum’s members, here is my opinion.

    Give me key-lime pie or give me death.

  198. I can make key lime pie. I do love it.

  199. I hate to be the turd in this pie punchbowl but I despise key lime pie.

    *Runs away fast*

  200. Yeah imust re: Carly. The patriarchy LOVES LOVES LOVES using women to do their filthy work for them, and not just cleaning house. They will use Carly and throw her away like an old shoe in the end. Maybe give her a crumb or two.

  201. Something I never ever say at home:

    Penis in da house!


  202. Now that I’ve made my key lime confession, I wonder if I should stay…

  203. Up, you can blame me for starting the key lime pie meme. But I must say, if you don’ t like it, there is something WRONG with you!

    😂: Sophie”s comment.

    Fiorina as attack dog for the patriarchy: It won’t work! Just because she’s a woman that doesn’t make it better. In fact, it makes it MUCH worse for women who can think!

  204. I confess I don’t like sweet potato pie. I don’t like sweet potatoes at all.

    Now that I’ve gotten that burden off my chest:

  205. Hillary recently released a detailed plan for a “New College Compact”. Under this plan, Hillary promises:

    1) College costs won’t be a barrier
    2) Student debt won’t hold people back

    It’s a plan that should appeal to a lot of young people, as well as older people who are going back to college or still paying off student loans. I know a recent college graduate who is working with disabled children and is barely able to make her monthly student loan payment in addition to rent, food, etc. Last week, she worked 90 hours! She’s obviously working very hard, playing by the rules and contributing to society in a job that is difficult and important. She shouldn’t have to worry all the time about her student loan debt. Something needs to be done to ease that burden. Of course, The Bern has said he will give everyone a pretty little pony and a free college education! One hopes that people will see that those are just, um, pie-in-the-sky promises. Dream on, Bern Bots.

  206. But I must say, if you don’ t like it, there is something WRONG with you!

    ….Hangs head in shame….

  207. I like sweet potatoes AND sweet potato pie!

    Mostly I like fruit pies with pieces of fruit IN them! Except for lemon meringue. I excuse the missing pieces of fruit because I think a good lemon pie is exquisite.

  208. I vote we let you stay, Up. After all no one is perfect. And at the end of the day, it is your blog.

  209. I think expecting taxpayers to pay for some other people’s kids’ college education is absurd. And extremely unfair. People have gotten college loans since college began. And they all either paid the loans off over time or defaulted, after which time the loaners haunted them till they died and then put a claim on their estates. That’s what happens when you borrow money you have no intention of paying off. I knew plenty of people who actually, you know, WORKED their way through college. Some went to ……gasp…….night classes after work. I myself did that to acquire additional degrees. What ever happened to THAT novel idea? I am frankly tired of little lazy pissants who grew up accustomed to getting things for free and who imagine their entire lives should continue on that way. To add insult to this injurious thought-process, probably more than half the kids who go to college today have no business being there. In the meantime, we can’t find anymore skilled labor, jobs I might add pay MORE than most graduates from dumbed-down colleges will EVER make. Since when has becoming a carpenter, a mason, an electrician or a plumber been a terrible thing? Most of them make more money than teachers do!

    I don’t have any kids! If I had kids I would recognize it’s MY job to raise them! I have been paying school taxes, the highest taxes in my county are SCHOOL, on multiple properties for decades and I don’t even have any kids. Now you want me to pay for their OPTIONAL higher education besides????? This idea will be so incredibly unpopular amongst ANYBODY who works and actually pays taxes, I’m not even worried that it will be a possibility.

    Still, none of this matters to me in the way WOMEN’S RIGHT TO MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS WITHOUT THE HELP OF MEN is more important to me than ANYTHING. ANYTHING! ANYTHING!

    It is my ONE and ONLY issue in this election. I am tired of seeing this on back burners or having others say there are more important “pressing” issues. That’s over for me! If you do not have the same rights as others, there IS no other issue. There is only ONE candidate I trust with this issue, and that is because of past performance. That is Hillary Clinton. Period. Without someone to put a STOP to the efforts to set women’s rights back 50 years, women in the USA are doomed. They might not be covered from head to toe in garments, but they might as well be.

  210. That was a wise vote on your part, Rebel. *Snort*

  211. Let’s face it. Pie is divisive. It destroys relationships. We see it happen every day.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  212. I would be happy to get along on the pie issue just so long as you like the pies I tell you to like and discard the pies I do not like. God has told me which pies are appropriate so I am always right about this. Now, you may think this is all between you and YOUR god, but that is not so. God himself speaks to me every single morning while I am shaving my legs. I know what’s right. Period.

  213. Student loans haven’t always been part of getting a college degree. I don’t think they even existed until well after WWII. My grandfather didn’t have to get student loans to become a doctor. Neither did my father who became a professor. They weren’t trust fund babies, either. My grandfather grew up on a small farm. My father’s parents were factory workers who hadn’t even graduated from high school. Public colleges and universities were affordable back then. Tuition was free. Students only paid small fees and room and board. Now tuition ( in addition to fees and room and board ) at public colleges and universities is sky-high. It’s a different world. And a degree, even if that means a one or two year program at a community college ( they aren’t cheap either ) really isn’t an option anymore. It’s a necessity if you want to get a job that pays a living wage.

  214. Lord, you’re cranky today, Upps. I love it!

  215. One of the reasons college tuition is RIDICULOUSLY high is because colleges see the money flowing in from government entities. They know the demand to get into college is high and so they have continuously jacked up the cost of attending. The sky has been the limit for colleges. They are bilking EVERYBODY. The market will bear ANY price. And later, everybody else is left with the financial mess. These are not non-profit places any longer. How many colleges have you seen shutter their doors in times of recession, hey?

    Toss in abject stupidity. Who on earth signs on for 100+k debt without REALLY thinking about if it’s worth it first? Why, the I’m Special Generation, that’s who!

  216. Even if some of us here ( you know you are! ) don’t care about student loan debt, it’s an issue that matters to a lot of people. And addressing a variety of issues is what the process of getting elected POTUS entails. That’s what Hillary is doing.

  217. Student loan debt has ALWAYS meant a lot to people who owe it. The difference is, they paid them off eventually without all the whining that they want college for free. This is NOT a new debt issue, it’s just that it’s whined about more. It also seems that these students major in useless things that make they qualified for managing a Mikey Dee’s at night and then they complain they can’t find jobs as Lord of A Company. They enter college expecting too much and they leave with the same unrealistic expectations. If you want to make it big, don’t major in the academic equivalent of basket-weaving for chrissakes. They go get a BA in business and expect to be Lord Of A Major Corporation that ran just fine before they got there and will continue to run without them.

    If we are going to pay for free college then let’s do it like other countries who put a premium on brains do it: Free to the Cream Of The Crop! In fact, we do that in our own way already. It’s called academic scholarship.

  218. That should be “you know who you are!”.

    I, however, am confoozoled.

  219. If you weren’t ‘confoozled’ you wouldn’t be on this blog.
    Also, being a penis has been known to affect the thinking process during certain moments.

  220. You may be right about life before WWII Beata. And how many people do you think went to college then? And how many people today would be ACCEPTED to college back then? I am not exactly a fossil, albeit probably close, but I remember when you couldn’t even get into a community college without specific courses under your belt (we called it College Entrance program in high school) and you had better be in the top 25% of your class, preferably higher. Now we let any shit for brains in. I am NOT willing to pay for some jerkoff to get a degree. It’s the reason a BA or BS is worthless today. Any moron can get one.

    Just an additional thought. Pre WWII (and somewhat beyond), there was a thing called Grandfather Clause. That’s where someone could become a doctor or lawyer by working at it under another doctor or lawyer. Thank GOD we don’t have that today. Could you imagine some lazy assed trust fund baby who shot paper airplanes at Wall Street treating you medically? For sure, I for one would be dead today.

  221. Student loans and student loan debt didn’t exist when my grandfather or my parents went to college. Higher education was affordable then. It is a post-WWII generation problem that has gotten worse with each passing decade.

    Upps, you greatly admire William’s writing ability, as I think we all do. Ask him what “useless thing” he majored in as an undergraduate. He might tell you.

  222. Beata, Useless is in the eyes for the current Market. Besides, undergraduate degrees are nothing but stepping stones to doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and a host of other professions. I majored in English. Bully. I could read and write and speak. As a singular major, it was essentially worthless in the marketplace. I knew I had to go for graduate work. And I did. And I did it while working at a degrading job. So what. It built my character and I even learned some things along the way that served me well. I did it Pay As You Go. Another concept lost in the USA now. You buy things on loans and charge cards that you can’t pay back.

  223. Until the 1960’s or even the early 1970’s, people didn’t need to go to college to get jobs that paid a living wage and had good benefits. They could get factory jobs like my paternal grandparents did and live quite comfortably. Surprise, those days are over! Even to work in most trades today, you need a post-high school education because trades have become very complex. And that education costs money. This isn’t the 1960’s anymore.

  224. I often wonder, what with the lower maturity level of today’s high school graduates, if they go to college too soon. I think that about back when I got my first degree as well. I was too young to really know what I wanted to do or even what my capabilities were. Just a thought because I am a good example. I was an English major who got accepted to law school but really wanted to be a veterinarian. The schools I wanted to attend didn’t take lightly to Wimmin as Vets. And I didn’t really want to be a lawyer. So I did my graduate work in Education like a good girl –and became a teacher. I was very good at it. I left a tenured job. Because although I enjoyed it, I didn’t like the recurring tasks and the limited room for growth. So I worked and got a degree in Software Engineering. I went to a corporation and was a programmer, then a systems analyst and then a manager. I did very well I was happier. I didn’t know what I wanted till I was much older than the days I was majoring in English. However, I will add: My technical degree got me in the corporation door, but my liberal arts degree moved me up in the company faster than I would have moved if I were just a standard digit head writing software. I could understand the technical product, but I could also write and speak to the customer and to groups in seminar. This helped me to rise. So although my initial degree was useless by itself and early on, it served me well later in life–just the way, I am sure, William’s degree did help him in some way later. The problem today is young people don’t want to start at the bottom and acquire all these skills collectively over TIME.

    The other thing I want to point out is: When I first graduated from college, jobs were VERY tight. I went to work in a department store in the stockroom. I got laid off after Christmas too. To expect life to work out the minute you step out of college is to be very very stupid.

    Once I figure out what I just said, I’ll let you know.

  225. Sorry Beata, but my dad was a General Contractor and his heyday was through the 80s. It didn’t continue because he stopped doing it. People in trades today are more needed than ever. Try to find a plumber. Take your time, I’ll wait. Tradesmen are taught the way they always were. In NY there is BOCES. It’s not college, it’s a trade school. There, you can learn a trade of any type, from construction to dental assistant, and hook up with a tradesman for apprenticeship.

    We took all of the trades courses out of high schools in the late 80s, around the time when people thought it was an embarrassment and we needed to dumb everything down so no kids were “left behind”…meaning nobody felt bad. But at least places like BOCES still exist. Many community colleges have also picked up that gauntlet. You don’t get a ‘degree,’ you learn a trade.

    I blame this ludicrous attitude toward the trades on my own generation, all of whom thought their kids should all be brain surgeons.

    To insult me by declaring I think like I’m in the 60s is simply ridiculous. It implies that nobody builds any churches, schools, homes, bowling alleys, bridges, supermarkets or other structures anymore. Those days are NOT over and they never WILL be over.

  226. I know that English and other liberal arts majors are stepping stones. I was a liberal arts major and then went on to get a professional degree in graduate school. I worked my way through both at minimum wage jobs, no benefits, no vacations, nothing. I worked holidays. Helped to support my mother at the same time because of her illness. But I also had to get a student loan in graduate school because the cost of that education was so high, I couldn’t pay for school and living expenses without a loan. And I was living a Spartan existence: no car, no credit cards, not even a phone for a while. Shopped at the Salvation Army.

    Most current college students also work hard at crummy jobs while going through school. I see and speak to them every day. But those jobs no longer pay enough for the extremely high cost of college so they are forced to take out loans or drop out ( which some do ). This idea that all current college students are lazy blood-suckers living it up on credit cards, student loans and Daddy’s money is a fallacy that belongs right up there with Reagan’s Cadillac-driving welfare queen in the GOP’s line-up of suspects that are destroying their 19th century vision for our country.

    Hillary needed to address the problem of affordable post-high school education and student loan debt. She did so and I applaud her.

  227. Imagine that, Beata. All that experience just to get by helped to build your character. And STILL, you got by all by yourself without the government fixing your problems for you. In fact, it sounds as though you did it under much worse conditions than the majority of today’s whiny Special People. You didn’t even have a phone. Bet every one of them has the latest cell phone though. They just don’t want to make the sacrifices you made. Who would if they didn’t have to and could get somebody else to help out? Just saying!

    We all had crappy jobs. hell I had them even AFTER I graduated from college. So what? The idea is success takes a little TIME and sometimes even sacrifices. That’s life. I do NOT object to loans. I object to Free. That is, unless you’re so damned smart someone is willing to give you a scholarship.

  228. Not all states are like New York. They don’t have trade schools in many places. Instead, they have community colleges which cost money. They do have degrees at community colleges: associate degrees that are 2-year programs. Also certificates that usually take a year or more to complete.

    My point about it not being the 1960’s anymore ( or the 1970’s ) is that you can’t just leave high school and get a factory job anymore because those jobs don’t exist. If someone is lucky enough to have family or friends they can learn a trade from, that’s great. But it’s also pretty rare these days. Usually a trade has to be learned at a school now.

  229. Well my point is, trades are very good livings without factory jobs. Worrying about what isn’t there is counterproductive when there are things that ARE there. Yes, community colleges offer trades everywhere in the country. They are filling the big hole made by high schools for non-college bound students. So you take a course at a time. You have to wait a little bit for the reward. You Pay as You Go. You attend at night after you are done with your current crappy job. Or you take out a loan. It’s certainly not the size of a loan for four years of college. It’s still the way it’s always been. There is no golden goose waiting to crap out a golden egg for anybody, there never was.

  230. I totally agree with you, Upps, that more young people should go into trades. There is a snobbish attitude against it. Just yesterday, I was talking to a teenager who graduated from high school in May. He doesn’t know what he wants to do. I suggested he should become a plumber. I told him they make a lot of money! The suggestion did not go over well.

    My years working my way through college and graduate school may have built my character (?) but I often wish I had chosen some trade instead.

  231. Upps, I think I actually agree with you on most of these issues! I posted the Hillary video about college education and student loan debt because, as I said above, it’s an issue that she needed to address. The Bern already has and is getting attention for it.

    It would be great if Hillary also talked about the importance of learning a trade. That’s something she could do in connection with discussions about modernizing our infrastructure.

  232. Bernie is ahead of Hillary now in NH. I really don’t know if I can handle this again….I really don’t.

  233. Imust, don’t worry. It’s just the Dudley Webster Dudley ( of the Exeter Dudley Webster Dudleys ) factor playing out in NH. Ms. Dudley’s support is the Democratic primary candidates’ kiss of death. She never backs the person who eventually wins the nomination. Which means Hillary will triumph!!!

  234. Thanks Beata!

  235. Hillary can rock and roll better than any of them! Let’s dance!

  236. imust, that’s a Boston Herald poll. It’s a right wing rag, therefore, not to be trusted. The media will go crazy, but even if accurate, it’s one thing to tell a pollster something in August and quite another to follow through when voting in six months. Even though NH is Sanders’ meighbor, I still expect Hillary to win the primary there. She has a lot of quiet support there, as we saw in ’08. This time in 2003, Howard Dean was our next president!

  237. Karl Rove’s SuperPac just put out a glowing video for Bernie Sanders.Complete with Feelthebern hashtag. Didn’t know Rove had turned socialist. Strange bedfellows. That tells you all you need to know about who the smear merchants fear.

  238. Interesting point Beata, not sure trade talk would work out with the Kossack bunch though.

    Listen don’t worry about bernie, gang, no way he goes beyond the far left nitch. I mean the guy really IS a socialist.

  239. It’s New Hampshire folks. If he’s ahead in Ohio or New York, then wake me up.

  240. Howard Dean lol. And they whack women for going off the wall. Imagine if a woman did this

  241. …Or imagine if a woman did this

  242. New essay up #HillaryMen. They are extremely confident about Our Girl:

    “Whether it’s an over-hyped poll, a new report about her emails, or another attack on her family foundation, Hillary will withstand whatever is thrown at her – to the great consternation of her detractors.”

  243. Gawd I love that Peter and Tom. They are what a feminist looks like.

  244. Thanks everyone! I feel better now. Thanks Brassy for the info on the fact that it was a Boston Herald poll. And the additional info of what ROVE is up to…..welll….it all makes sense! 🙂

    I’m missing NES for all this discussion!!!!
    Where’s NES? Has anyone heard from her. Tweets or anything?

    NES, if you’re out there…………COME BACK HOME!!!!!

  245. Imust, I think that there is a decent chance that Sanders wins the NH primary. There is crossover voting there, giving Republicans a chance to try to rig it. Also, NH voters love to be contrarian, to make a splash with an anomalous result. Also, NH is very close to Vermont. And it is a fairly homogeneous population.

    Sanders won’t win Iowa. And he is unlikely to win very many of the other primaries. But of course the media will jump up and down and make it the biggest story they can, if he edges Hillary in NH. It might help him a tiny bit, but he still has to contend with her in all those other states in which he is very unlikely to win. So look at it as some choppy waters that we are just going to have to navigate. Now, if Hillary could win NH by a couple of points, that would probably be the end of Sanders’ campaign, even he won’t act like it is. Given the likely Hillary win in Iowa, NH voters are going to look at their state as the last chance to keep the race going, so they might give Sanders the win there.

  246. Yes, what you say makes sense William. That’s why Iowa was such a disappointment in 2008. Edwards was able to tag team with Obama to split the Iowa vote, plus all of the caucus cheating and thugging. It was Iowa that gave us Obama. The only thing good was that silly John Edwards, who thought by teaming up with Obama in Iowa he’d get a VP spot, getting thrown under the bus by Obama. Many think, me included, that it was Team Obama that gave the National Enquirer the info about Johnny and his girlfriend on the side.

  247. William, why do you think Sanders won’t win Iowa? The caucus system there can be unpredictable as imust points out in her comments.

    FWIW, I think even if Sanders does manage to win NH and Iowa, he won’t win the big states that really matter. He may be drawing big crowds now but he’ll never have the Wall Street money that really got Obama elected in 2008. And Sanders’ appeal to voters nationally is limited. Aside from a possible win in the crazy Iowa caucus, the Midwest, particularly Ohio, will be his downfall. Hillary will win this part of the country and carry the South as well.

  248. One thing Sanders won’t have to help him win in Iowa is the caucus cheating. Remember that line from Joe Biden in Iowa when he said “Hello Iowa!” and then he turned to the other side of the room and said, “Hello Chicago!”

  249. Brassy, do you have a link to that Rove video?

  250. Beata, Hillary got off to a good and early start in Iowa, doing effective grassroots campaigning, going to various locales and businesses to make presentations and take questions, as I saw on CSPAN.

    Last time, the whole caucus was full of chicanery. There were a number of people there who would swear that Obama’s people bussed in ineligible voters from Illinois. And then Bill Richardson, who had promised not to do this, directed his caucus delegates to Obama, allowing Obama to win. In fact, I think that Edwards’ delegates eventually ended up with Obama. This time, there are really only two candidates, Hillary and Sanders. O’Malley and Webb won’t have enough delegates to flip. She is better organized than he is, and has more support.

    Of course one must always be wary in these caucuses, which should be abolished. But I am expecting a decent-sized Hillary victory in Iowa, even though the media will likely say, “closer than expected! Is the Hillary campaign in trouble??” Get past New Hampshire, and things should go much more comfortably, as you suggest.

  251. So Jeb! dropped to 5% on a recent poll. As I was watching a lot of news today on various channels, it occurred to me that they were reporting on the Iowa poll which puts FeelTheBernie a little ahead with headlines and comments like “She’s in trouble!” But there were no stories that I saw on TEEVEE saying things like that about Jeb! I mean dropping from the lead to 5%, wouldn’t they be saying, “he’s in trouble” even a little??? So I googled “Jeb Bush at 5%” Do you know what came up first in that search? “JEB BUSH SPEAKS TO SOLD OUT CROWD AT RONALD REAGAN LIBRARY!”

    The media is really so obvious.

    P.S. the poll was Iowa.

  252. I think Hillary’s campaign is all over Iowa. I am not worried about NH. There’s lots of time. Plus, people have won it without going on to win the nom or the presidency and people have lost the NH primary and have been president. In fact, the last three presidents lost NH in the primary and won the presidency.

  253. William, thank you for your answer. I agree that Hillary has strong grassroots support and is very well organized in Iowa. An impressive number of local and state level Iowa Democrats have already endorsed her. Given all of that, she should win. I guess I am just overly concerned because of what happened there in 2008. I don’t trust the caucus process.

  254. Sophie, I think the video Brassy Rebel was referring to was put out by the conservative America Rising SuperPac. They have a recent video on YouTube entitled #FeelTheBern. I’d rather not link to it.

  255. Like imust, I was feeling bummed out about all the Hillary attacks. Feeling encouraged after reading your conversation. Uppityites rock, as always.

  256. I’ve been doing some investigating into the Republican Pac American Rising. It does opposition research on Democratic candidates. One of its affiliate groups is Burning Glass Consulting, run by three women whose mission is to teach the GOP how to appeal to women voters in a way that will turn those voters against Hillary.

    From a National Journal Magazine article about Burning Glass Consulting:

    “Funded by America Rising, the GOP outside group that acts as the party’s clearinghouse for opposition research on Democrats, they [ Burning Glass Consulting ] have begun an ongoing series of national polls and focus groups to determine how women feel about Clinton—and how they can be convinced to vote against her. The early returns have been eye-opening: Many of the traditional ways that Republicans (and, they would point out, Democrats, too) craft their ads—heavy on facts and harsh in tone—are counterproductive with female voters.”

    “The three women described one recent focus group in which female voters were shown a real negative TV ad against Clinton that questioned her trustworthiness. In this case, all of the women immediately recoiled at the tone.

    “Once you go over the top with her, it’s just like, ‘Oh, it’s the boy’s club,’ ” Matthews said. “It’s the attack machine, it’s the Republicans out to get her.”

    Gage added, “If you start with, ‘Don’t trust her,’ then their immediate instinct is to not trust you.”

    Matthews tried a different approach with a later focus group. Instead of a negative ad, she slowly but methodically laid out a case explaining why Clinton wasn’t trustworthy. It didn’t so much instruct the women what to think as let them make their own conclusion—and, from the GOP’s perspective, it worked much better.”

  257. Somebody please check to see if I’m in spam! I tried to post a comment with links about the Republican Pac America Rising and its all-woman affiliate group Burning Glass Consulting. It didn’t post for some reason.

  258. To follow up on the discussion that Uppity and I had yesterday about Hillary “New College Compact”, I want to point out that Hillary is not advocating a free college education for everyone! That’s The Bern’s empty promise. Hillary’s plan is more practical and doable. It seeks to make college more affordable and student loan debt less burdensome.

  259. Sophie, I don’t have a link to the actual video. And I don’t think Hillary HQ put one up either because they didn’t want to promote it, but you can try there. Sorry.

  260. imust, I treat the media like the weather. I can’t control it so when it gets bad, I try to avoid it.

  261. Brassy Rebel, the video I think you are referring to ( it’s called #FeelTheBern and shows Andrea Mitchell ) is on YouTube. I didn’t want to link to it because it just helps the GOP attack against Hillary, IMHO.

  262. Beata and Uppity were also talking about the need for trade school assistance. I read somewhere earlier this week that Hillary will be coming out with a plan for that too. Of course!

  263. Brassy Rebel, Hillary has a plan for everything, doesn’t she? She’s amazing! ( We already knew that long ago. )

  264. If she does talk trades, it’s a good thing. It’s truly about time that our young people get realistic. They aren’t all brain surgeons and dammit, I need a plumber. I already have doctors.

  265. Sophie, I just checked, and the Rove video is available at Hillary as well as YouTube.

  266. Making college more affordable is a good thing, but not if it means taxpayers have to pay for part of everyone’s education. Remember, this is optional education. The way to make it affordable is to stop throwing money at these thieves. They see grants and easy loans and they see it as easy money and can increase the tuitions with the sky as the limit, which is what they have been doing. It’s time to cut their bullshit off. If nobody can afford them, they will either have to close down are stop the party. If a student wants to go to a highly rated private college, then they can expect to pay more and nobody should pay it for them, unless like I said, they are so damned smart, they get a scholarship.

  267. Karl Rove is trying to redeem himself. The party dumped him like yesterday’s newspaper after his complete failure in 2012. Rove will never recover from that. He’s practically marginalized right now.

  268. William, I have tried in vain to locate the national magazine article about Jeb Bush’s almost Fascist-type governance of Florida that you mentioned in a previous thread. There was surprising little coverage of Jeb! in the national press during his years as governor. Lots of state and local articles, of course. You know I am like a dog with a bone when I start researching something, so I will not give up easily. I will keep looking.

    I did find a New Yorker article from March, 2004 entitled “The Cuban Strategy: Can Jeb Bush deliver the Florida vote in November?” but it is about his role in that year’s presidential race.

  269. Up, Hillary’s plan addresses the problems with the institutions as well. They’ve all become top heavy with administrators.

  270. Upps, am I in spam? Earlier this morning, I posted what I think is some important information about GOP opposition research against Hillary but it didn’t go through.

  271. Brassy Rebel, that is so true about post-high school education being glutted with way too many highly-paid administrators. It’s a problem that has ballooned in the last 20+ years and needs to be fixed.

  272. Public universities also are spending too much money on fancy extras. At my alma mater, the dorms have been redesigned as luxury suites. The sparse rooms with bunk beds, desks, and a couple of dressers are long gone. And there are all kinds of spa-like workout facilities and specialty food courts. It’s like being at a resort!

  273. In my day, we slept on bare mattresses and ate ramen noodles for 4 years! We “worked out” by walking miles to class in all kinds of weather! And we were better people for it!

  274. Yeah! We walked to school! Uphill. Both ways!

  275. Beata that’s because they are charging shark rates to go to their schools, because they KNOW the loan money will be there, guaranteed by the gvt. That doesn’t even include the money they get from alumni, acting like beggars at the food pantry. Cut em off, and watch how reasonable tuition becomes.

  276. Yes beata, you were in moderation. Who knows why.

  277. LOL. I did walk miles to class both ways in college and grad school, lugging my books with me. It felt like I was always going uphill. At least I never had a weight problem.

  278. Beata @ 7:44 am: That’s an instructive article about the GOP hit women. I’m sure the case they finally laid out for why Hillary isn’t trustworthy was totally “trustworthy”. 😉

  279. And this constant barrage of character attacks and smears proves the point of HillaryMen: if this election is decided on issues, the GOP is completely SCREWED!

  280. What I found most disturbing about the National Journal article was that Republicans are targeting their “Hillary is untrustworthy” message toward women voters in particular. They know Hillary has strong support among women and they are actively seeking to undermine that through media manipulation, negative ads, and right-wing polling.

    It’s not going to work, dickheads!!!


  281. Watching CNN and reading the Times, it’s very clear that the “Establishment” does not want Hillary Clinton to be President.
    That tells me that she’s my candidate.

  282. Sweet Sue, I just call them “the Elites”. It captures that self-satisfied, arrogant attitude perfectly.

  283. Thank Goodness I found you all. Thought my head was going to explode the last few days. I’ve been looking for a Hillary haven all over. It’s starting to sound a lot like “08. The little rat fr, 30 somethings on MSNBC pushing Bernie. The rest of the mainstream press going around LIKE THEY DON’T REALIZE there is a dispute between the State Dept. IG and the Intelligence Dept. IG about Classification. That the State Dept. itself released the emails to the public because they didn’t think it needed to be classified. I’m glad she turned the server over to FBI – Trey Trey, can’t manipulate the release of info. SOOO GLAD I Found you

  284. Uppity, an email and an essay for you.

  285. And it is about just what was being discussed above, the insidious power of marketers to attempt to brainwash the voters.

  286. Thanks folks, I found the video

  287. If the media helps conspire to get the Republicans elected, they will have ample cause to regret it.

  288. Sweet Sue, on August 13, 2015 at 12:41 PM said:

    Watching CNN and reading the Times, it’s very clear that the “Establishment” does not want Hillary Clinton to be President.
    That tells me that she’s my candidate.

    Looks like 08 all over again. 👿

  289. I looked at that national Journal article–the first thing I want to know, is why are those three women working for the Republicans to begin with? Since we have some right-leaning if not full-bore Republican women here, maybe you can explain it to me because I really don’t get it. I understand being pissed at the party in 2008, but not anything more enduring than that.

  290. Beata they work for the Republicans because they make money doing it.


  292. Love the comment about 2 inches of rain feeling like 8 inches. There goes another guy lying about inches! Hee hee

  293. Hi Diane! Sorry I found you in moderation so late! I promise I won’t let it happen again! We moderate first commenters to keep the cockroaches away. I’m sure you understand.

    In any event, you are safe here. On that you can count!

  294. Diane, welcome to Uppityville! You will like it here. It is a Hillary haven!

  295. LOL, penis jokes! They always go over big.

  296. Welcome Diane!

  297. Want to see the inside of Hill’s campaign headquarters courtesy of Elle?

  298. One thing making college so expensive that hasn’t been discussed is the ridiculous amounts of money spent on college FOOTBALL. Since it is now nothing more than the NFL’s farm league, the NFL should be picking up the cost for it.

  299. Thank you Uppity & Beata

  300. SophieCT:
    Thank you so much for the link to Hillary HQ.
    I feel like I’m there… wish I really was…

  301. Hillary’s campaign headquarters looks like such a creative and vibrant environment. I love it!

    Thank you for the link, Sophie.

  302. Glad to have ya hang out, Diane.

  303. Great and true point about college football, Voting. In addition, it seems to foster some very perverse behavior which The Team thinks they can always get away with. It seems in some quarters, football is more important than academics (and character!). I always thought giving full scholarships to people just so they could play ball was In Your Face ludicrous.

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