Marketing Towards 1984??

—-An essay by our member William:

1984-NovelWhen I first read Orwell’s “1984” as a teenager, the thing which most terrified me was that the totalitarian state he envisioned, existed with the full support of its populace. There was some physical coercion, of course; and relentless surveillance of potential rebels; but the great mass of the people wholly bought into the government’s propaganda. There is no way that each of these people could have been individually brainwashed, the way that the protagonists Winston and Julia ultimately were. No, this was some kind of mass thought control, not done through individualized torturing, but simply playing on what Orwell saw as popular ignorance and credulousness, by the use of mass marketing techniques.

That book was written before technology has unfortunately (in my view) come to dominate much of people’s lives. Computer programs can now do even better what the cynical marketers of the “Mad Men” era were trying to achieve with their slogans and jingles. I never bought any of those products because of ads, so I used to look at it all somewhat amusedly. They could do all the beer commercials they wanted, but I wasn’t going to drink beer. And I wasn’t going to buy a car because some slinky woman was sitting on top of it, purring to me about how sexy it was.

But the somewhat amusing but ultimately sinister world of TV ads of course developed into something even more sinister: the marketing of politicians, and the attempts by the same types of marketers to manipulate the views and votes of the populace. First it was developing a certain kind of look for the camera; or coming up with a slogan like “I Like Ike.” But as this field developed, and as computers were able to calculate and refine such things much more comprehensively than humans, it became much more insidious. Millions and millions of dollars were poured into marketing research, to find ways to seduce, coerce, or manipulate the voters into preferring one candidate over another. And not at all surprisingly, the bulk of this is increasingly being done by the Republicans, a party controlled by corporations which now have billions of dollars to spend; and which contemplate even more billions of dollars in returns, by getting their preferred corporatist candidates elected.

A frightening microcosm of this can be seen in California, where I live. California was a state which was once controlled by oil and railroad barons, who bought and paid for the entire state legislature. When the Progressive movement of early 20th Century America found its way to California, it resulted in the election of the one progressive governor in 100 years, Hiram Johnson. And he helped to spearhead the three populist voting devices of the Initiative, Referendum, and Recall. These were intended to break the stranglehold of the corporate controlled state legislature, by letting people create Propositions which could go straight to the ballot, and be voted on, without the legislature being able to stop them. And people could vote to recall a politician who was felt to be guilty of malfeasance or ineptitude.

Well, as one might cynically expect, the good intentions of this system were eventually taken advantage of by billion-dollar corporations. First, they realized that they could develop and fund their own initiatives, and put them on the ballot. Then they would devise marketing schemes which would convince the people that they were not voting to benefit corporations, but that they were fighting against intrusive government, or “liberals,” or reducing their taxes. So some horrific propositions were put on the ballots. But actually, most of them were defeated, through some good, if underfunded, advertising by the “anti” forces. However, the corporations have been able to defeat virtually every populist consumer-based initiative, by swamping the airwaves (and I mean swamping; something like every five minutes, one of their ads would run) with messages carefully constructed to manipulate the opinions of voters, or make them think that “up is down,” the way that Orwell’s then-fictional totalitarian state did.

The typical buzzwords used (they are pretty easy to deduce, since we hear them all the time), are: “This will raise your taxes”; “We can’t afford to spend this money now”; “This will further damage a struggling economy”; “It will cost jobs”; “It is supported by the trial lawyers, who want to make money by filing frivolous lawsuits.” They have been tested and re-tested by the computer programs, and by immense marketing research. And very sadly, they seem to work. Most people just don’t have the time or even the insight necessary to sift through these messages and try to figure out who is paying for them. I always thought that the best way for the vastly underfunded consumer side of things to fight this avalanche of ads, was to try a little ju jitsu, by simply running a few ads saying, “All these ads you have been seeing, urging you to vote No on Proposition 58? Take a look at who is paying for them. Billion-dollar corporations which want to rob you of the ability to see what actually is in the foods you are buying. Stop them from duping you into buying genetically engineered and dangerous foods. Vote Yes on 58.” But no one actually runs such ads, and I don’t know if they would work, in any event. So the corporations spend $100 million to make $3 billion, a good investment for them. And this profit is poured into more of such marketing research and mind control manipulation.

Of course this has become pervasive in actual person-vs.-person elections as well. Both sides do it, but the Republicans, awash in corporate billions, have a lot more money to do so. And they are much more machiavellian about it. The Republicans have long ago abandoned whatever moral compunction they may once have had. They do not believe in science; they do not believe in facts; their sacred text is anything which can get them to win a national election. And very tragically, they are getting better and better at it. The fate of our democracy depends on people smartening up, and becoming more impervious to this evil marketing. And of course it depends on the reversal of the “Citizens United” decision, which opened the floodgates to “dark money” coming in to election campaigns, with no way for people to discern who is really behind it.

Now, as we know, the Republicans will do anything to defeat Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the greatest, and maybe the last, threat to their efforts to completely take over every branch of government, plus the media. At such a point, people would have no way to know what the truth was; they would just be brainwashed by the political leaders, supported by the corporate-owned media. We could be fighting Eastasia, or not; we could now be allies with Eastasia; who could tell? It is not really that difficult to create a totalitarian state, if you have control of all branches of government, AND the media; AND if you have trillions of dollars, and advanced computer metrics to show you how to keep this control.

So we are already seeing the results of these billions (and I literally mean billions) of dollars being spent on marketing research and advertising, designed to poison the voters’ minds against Hillary Clinton. We read that they are trying to figure out exactly how to get women voters to turn against Hillary. It is simply a marketing problem for them; like how to convince people not to buy a competitor’s detergent. They develop focus groups, and they try the various ads out on them. They found that the harsher ads were rejected by potential women voters, so they are going to try “softer” ads, all designed to change the minds of the women voters who originally favored Hillary. Will they be successful in this? Let us all fervently hope not. But we know that people are very susceptible to cleverly positioned ad campaigns. Just like in “1984,” the goal is to figure out what people’s greatest fear is, and then play upon it, to convince them that Hillary Clinton will cause the things that they don’t want. The accuracy of any of this is of absolutely no concern to them, just like it wasn’t to Goebbels in Nazi Germany, where his “Big Lie” technique was perfected.

And as we have discussed before, the Republicans believe that their best line of attack is the personal. They really don’t want to debate issues with Hillary Clinton. They want to convince people that she is a bad person, that she lies, that she cannot be trusted. All of these are nonsensical, but marketing research shows that you might be able to convince people of anything, if you say it frequently and cleverly enough. There is not one shred of fact indicating that Hillary has ever lied or misled about one aspect of political life; and probably not her personal life, either. But that does not stop the corporate marketers, who will run ads which say “she can’t be trusted,” over and over and over, like the Chinese Water Torture, designed to break the will of the tortured person. They will try to paint her as some kind of evil figure who wants to accumulate imperial power, when it is really they who want that power. They will doctor photographs of her to make her look unpleasant. And rest assured, they will seize on the most infinitesimal misstatement in any debate or speech to proclaim, ” You see! She lies! She misleads! You cannot trust her!” And the media, which is supposed to be a neutral and fair-minded watchdog, is really in the pocket of the corporatists, and will cheerfully aid them in this brainwashing technique.

We can still prevail in this election, and must do so. We cannot be overly dispirited by the misrepresentations in the broadcast and print media. But we have to provide the Clinton campaign with as much money as possible to help them to combat the Republicans’ insidious multi-billion dollar brainwashing campaign. It is a great shame that you need money to combat money; but right now, this is what has to be done. And then of course there still is a place for grassroots campaigning, where you can talk to the people one by one, and show them that billion dollar funded marketing lies are just that. We can all play a part in that, even as the main battles are inevitably fought in the media. Never in my life so much as now, have I felt that “1984” could become a reality. But it is not an inevitable reality, as long as we recognize the danger, and do not become paralyzed by fear or despair when confronting it.


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  1. One word, William–WOW! Thank you for nailing them.

  2. The “You can’t trust Hillary” attack is particularly effective against a woman candidate because in our culture women are not supposed to seek political power for themselves. We are already hard-wired to be suspicious of female political figures for this reason. And the misogynist Republicans know this better than anyone.

  3. Well done, William. I’m so glad you expanded upon the National Journal article I discussed in the last thread. The use of GOP opposition research calculated specifically to erode Hillary’s support among women by branding her as “untrustworthy” is very troubling. That the consulting firm ( Burning Glass Consulting ) doing the research is comprised of three women makes it even worse.

    In case anyone missed it, here is the link to the National Journal article I posted previously. It’s definitely worth a read.

  4. Thank you Brassy Rebel and Beata. Yes, Beata, that was a valuable unearthing of a very troubling piece. I am not much of a researcher, and I get upset when I read such articles in their totality, so I am glad that I can someetimes just read the abstracts here, and then I can attempt to put them into context.

  5. I hate the trustworthy line of attack. I think it’s completely wrong and I have no idea how to counter it.

  6. Another good #HillaryMen article–this about the e-mails

  7. And I’m bringing this up from below, because it’s fun: an inside peek at Hillary’s HQ in Brooklyn.

  8. I’ve heard that Al Gore is considering jumping in… was Buzzfeed so take with a grain of salt.

  9. Sophie, it is indeed virtually impossible to “prove the negative,” that someone is not untrustworthy. Last campaign, the Clintons were called upon to prove that they were not racists, wich is equally as ludicrous. There is not a person in the world who can “prove” that he is trustworthy. The Republicans are never called upon to do that, just the Democrats.

    At this point, I think that the best Hillary can do is to keep talking about issues. At some time, maybe at the convention, or maybe in the debates, she might actually controt this head-on, by saying that the Republicans have no clue on the issues, and thus they think they are forced to make this a campaign of personal attacks and character assassination. That might resonate. And eventually the Republicans will have to pick a candidate, and he will have a face, and a resume and background, one which will undoubtedly have a lot more flaws and black marks in it than does Clinton’s.

  10. Is Al Gore finished conceding the 2000 election before all the ballots were counted, and when there unquestionably was going to be a recount?

  11. You are welcome, William. I’m not the writer you are but I like to do research.

    I don’t know if you saw my comment to you on the last thread. It was about the Jeb Bush as governor article you once read in a national magazine. I’ve had no luck tracking it down but will continue to keep an eye out for it. Was the article written while Jeb was governor or later? Knowing that would help me locate it. If the article paints Jeb in a very bad light, it might be useful as the 2016 campaign progresses.

    I hear a Leaf might fall into your yard soon. Good luck!

  12. Sophie, saying ( or writing ) that you trust Hillary and then giving reasons why can be effective on a small scale. I have been doing that with people I talk to about the campaign. On a larger scale, I think we have to trust Hillary and her team to counter these allegations! I believe they will.

  13. Beata, I don’t know where that article is from, but it was read to me in full, and it was well-written. I thought it was from a prestige magazine like the New Yorker or Harper’s, but apparently not. I am surprised it is not accessible. Maybe it was from a newspaper, but I doubt it, as it was quite lengthy.

  14. William, when was the Jeb Bush article read to you? Was it ten years ago when Jeb was still governor or was it this year? The approximate date of publication, not the name of the magazine, is what I need to know to perform an effective search.

  15. When Jeb was governor of FL, maybe in the middle of his last term there.

  16. Great job, William.
    I’d like to see her campaign print out bumper stickers and buttons that say ” I trust Hillary to fight for you and me.”

  17. Well, I don’t know if this is the article William remembers but it isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of Jeb! as governor as he was leaving office in 2007. In fact, it paints a quite an ugly picture of him.

  18. Well, another day fighting on the blogs. This time it’s Republicans saying Hillary is going to quit or get indicted. Of course, they don’t know all the facts and it’s just wishful thinking on their part I’m sure. Once the DOJ is done with their investigation I’m sure this will all go away but I’m really sick of hearing about emails. And the trust issue? It’s completely like one of those when did you quit beating your wife questions. But it seems that is the only thing the GOP has go with and it’s what they are going with. Bill Clinton named it the politics of personal destruction and I have used that phrase and the GOP pretty much quits on that one. And the feel the bern people? Yes, let’s go down in a landslide so that we can have a creepy totalitarian like Scott Walker as president.

  19. I just reread that Jeb Bush WaPo article after I posted it. Man, he was one horrific governor! If Jeb! is the GOP nominee, Hillary will be able to attack him on his miserable record in so many ways. Where to start?

  20. Beata, I’ve been doing that on Twitter, for example:

    Linking to her latest policy and adding #iTrustHillary on the economy/women’s rights/or whatever the policy link was.

    I don’t know what else to do. You’d think it would be obvious that if all the Republicans and damn near all of the corporate-owned MSM were against someone, that someone must be good!

  21. Thank you, Sue.

    And that is a good idea about the bumper stickers. It covers two issues in one. And that is of course the most important thing, isn’t it: what a president will do to help the country and the people in it? It is not voting for late night talk show host, as some voters seem to think! This is not a fun game, it is about terribly serious matters of governance. Did people just fall asleep in their social studies classes in junior high school?

  22. Ga6thDem, you are so right. If Sanders were somehow nominated, we would hear the word “Socialist” fifty times a day. He would get destroyed in a national election. The Bern supporters either are abysmally stupid, or don’t care if the country is wrecked,

    If Scott Walker were the most trustworthy person in history, which of course is absurd, it would just mean that we could trust him to carry out his horrific anti-worker anti-democratic agenda. Trust him about what? How do people get so confused or brainwashed to not only believe the idiocy about Hiilary being untrustworthy, but to cast a vote based on what the other side tells them about someone’s personal attributes? I actually sometimes think that the average voter has no real idea about how a country is governed, and what the actual issues relevant to him or her might be. I still like to think that enough of them do, or can be helped to figure it out. Right now, it’s hard, because Hillary is running against a phantasm, a non-existent and faceless canddiate from the Right. And she can’t attack Bernie, because she might encourage him to run as a third-party candidate. So she just has to keep talking about issues. It would help if there were at least one major broadcast media person who was a strong Hillary supporter, but I do not hear of one.

  23. Take a moment on #TBT to appreciate the man the Martin O’Malley once was

  24. Well, I fell asleep in my middle school social studies classes. My social studies teacher also was our school’s wrestling coach so he spent most of the class time discussing various grabbling holds.

  25. Uh, I meant grappling holds. It was hard to pay attention.

  26. Okay, William, was that Jeb Bush Washington Post article I posted @ 7:34 PM the one you remember?

  27. Beata, it probably was. I will not read it again, as it was disconcerting enough the first time. If it is the one which writes about Bush essentialy locking the Democrats in the Florida legislature out of the political process, and running Florida like a fascist state, that would be the one.

  28. I think that Walker is most likely to get the Republican nomination and a Walker-Rubio ticket is a real possibility. Then the media can tell us all about “what an attractive young pair of candidates they make.” The problem is that young fascists are no less dangerous than older ones. And I think that 46% of Wisconsin’s electorate voted to recall Walker a few years ago.

  29. Making fun of political opponents is a time-honored tradition. The GOP does it all the time. Why should Democrats always take the high road and try to discuss issues when we can joke about how Republican candidates look? Scott Walker is totally goofy-looking. He is not an attractive man.

    Here’s the Koch Brothers’ puppet Scott Walker off to a flying start in his campaign:

  30. I certainly am glad I took all that time to search for the Jeb Bush article that William asked if someone could find. LOL.

    I’m off to bake a fresh fruit pie now.

  31. Beata, I never asked anyone to find the article. I mentioned it once, and you kept trying to find it.

  32. Enough about the article please before I shoot myself in the head. And with my luck I won’t die! Just kidding. *Kaboom!* Oops!

  33. Beata, on August 13, 2015 at 10:13 PM said:
    I’m off to bake a fresh fruit pie now.

    Key Lime???

  34. Upps, I have a right to defend myself on this, then I will never say anything about it again.

    William, you mentioned the article at least twice. You seemed to think it was important. I have copied this comment exactly as you wrote it:

    William, on July 24, 2015 at 12:32 PM said:

    As I mentioned a few days ago, there was a devastating article written in one of the major magazines; maybe New Yorker, or Atlantic, about Jeb Bush, written when he was governor of Florida. It was truly frightening. He tried to make it impossible for Democrats to even function in the statehouse, sticking them in some kind of room; not lietting them meet to caucus; trying to change laws so that they could not even contest his favored bills. I do not remember the specifics of it, but it was very unsettling, far beyond what even bad governors do. It was virtual totalitarianism. And Bush is very smart in that way, and utterly ruthless. Someone who is really good at intetrnet searches might sometime want to find that article. Hillary’s campaign might as well.

  35. On a weird note, I did something today I have never done before. The Red Cross was begging for B+ blood, apparently there’s a shortage. I guess only something like 10% of the population has B+.So guess who’s B+? I figured since I had more than my share of transfusions last year during my heart surgery, I thought I really ought to give back. So I trotted in to the donor location prepared to give some blood up. And guess what? They rejected me! It seems you have to wait a full year after a transfusion to donate blood, and my surgery was last October, so I was disqualified. Now I have had my share of rejections in my life, but ……yeesh! We need blood! We need your type of blood! Sorry! We want B+ but we don’t want YOUR B+. Now, I do understand the rationale, don’t want you to think I don’t. But Jaysus! That was worse than being dumped by a guy!

  36. Upps, the Red Cross can be very picky. Worse than the guy that dumped you.

  37. Tonight’s funny…..I just read that Christie says Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be president…….you just can’t make this shit up.

    I have a feeling the entire 2016 campaign is going to be one big silly season.

  38. Hahaha!!! Christie assessing temperaments. It’s the end of the world.

  39. Upps, local blood banks are just as picky. This is the aftermath from when AIDS was being transmitted from blood transfusions. None of the blood banks are taking any chances of something like that again.

  40. Beata, yeah, I found that out the hard way. They did beg me to return in November and I said Ok, but I don’t think I’ll be going back. I am not a second chance kinda girl when my ego has been hurt.

  41. O’Malley takes a swing at Sanders:

    While campaigning at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) criticized presidential rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for being an independent.

    “I believe that the Democratic party has a tradition of offering pragmatic solutions to the challenges we face as a country. I am a lifelong Democrat, and I believe very deeply in the principles of our party,” he said. “That’s why I choose to be a Democrat, not just in presidential years, but in every year of my life.”

  42. Voting I thought the HIV issue in blood was resolved years ago. I hardly think the blood I received last year has been hanging around that long. But I guess there is still a small chance that a transfusion could contain HIV or HCV as well. It does seem they take major precautions before taking blood from someone to begin with. I would have happily let them test me. I already know I’m negative. So my assumption is they regard 1 year as some kind of marker for incubation or some such thing.

  43. Voting, I think the best opposition research we can do on the GOP candidates is to point out how what clowns they are. Just lather, rinse, repeat: The GOP candidates are clowns.

  44. Whoa. O’Malley grew some big ones!

  45. imust, I like O’Malley in attack dog mode. It sounds like he is looking for a possible Clinton / O’Malley ticket.

  46. I think O’Malley’s got a better chance of seeing God than being a VP candidate.

  47. Upps, you really should consider going back. They usually treat you to a drink. Maybe even some chocolate. You could do worse.

  48. It was, Upps, but they are now very strident about timelines when someone has had a recent transfusion. The AIDS issue led to an overall tightening of rules for blood transfusions that still exist today in order to keep the blood supply safe. Of course, it is only as safe as the honesty of the person donating.

  49. Yeah, but O’Malley doesn’t know that. Let him fight a few rounds with The Bern.

  50. Yeah I probably will go back. After all, if somebody with B+ hadn’t donated, I would have been shit out of luck last year. It’s not like I had only 1 transfusion. Two in surgery. 1 following surgery. So I Owe as far as I’m concerned.

  51. Go O’Malley! If he keeps that up, I will even stop calling him “Chicken O’Malley” in honor of his Perdue kerfuffle.

    I read the latest HillaryMen piece. They’re very good at motivating the troops. I really like those guys.

    Great post William.

  52. Yay imust! Thanks for that!

    Ready for another socal family rock star sighting? Hubbie took the day off and we went to the beach, and darned if another famous musician didn’t park his family right next to us. It was Davey Johnstone, Elton John’s long time (all the way back to Madman Across the Water) guitarist. Of course, hubbie talked to him and he was very nice. He said that Elton gave them all (the band) a month off, and he was going to enjoy every day of it, said they had been working for a year straight.

  53. I’ve always liked Harkin. I met him once when I was visiting Iowa. He’s a very savvy politician beneath that folksy exterior.

    Hillary has locked up so many Iowa endorsements, it’s difficult to believe she could possibly lose the Iowa caucus unless there is some cheating ( again ).

  54. Oh, wow, Annie! I am so envious that your family got to meet Davey Johnstone. Sophie will be, too. We both love Elton John! “Madman Across the Water” was the first album I bought with my own money. It is a classic. I still listen to it often ( although not the same copy I had when I was 10 ). Johnstone is a great guitarist, not as appreciated as he should be, IMHO. Is Davey as tall as he looks in photos and videos?

  55. Laker thinks he’s about 6’1″. He was a couple of inches taller than hubs, who is 5’11”. He was very nice, and talked to hubs and laker. I didn’t get up to talk to him (bad socal!) but he & his wife and I exchanged waves. Old rockers love lakerwade cuz he knows who they are and what their music is. They always like hubs who is like a happy teddy bear, but they really love having a youngster know their stuff. I guess its a legacy thing, their music is appreciated by the younger gen.

    btw, I just finished reading your link to the wapo piece about jeb. What a pos. God help us if he ever becomes prez.

  56. Seeing Johnstone was cool, but the coolest thing was a pod of dolphins that swam very close in to shore, leaping out of the water, and even riding the waves in towards shore.

  57. Annie, it sounds like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing it with us. I think it’s wonderful that Laker gets to meet and talk to these famous musicians. He is so knowledgeable and talented himself, I’m sure the rock stars are very impressed with him.

    I agree about Jeb. Before reading that piece, I had no idea he was such an evil despot. I just thought he was boring and not too bright,

  58. “I just thought he was boring and not too bright”

    Me too!

  59. Personally, I think there may have been some inbreeding in the Bush family back a few gens. I find that none of them are all that bright. I always had the sense that if grandpa hadn’t done so well financially helping out the Nazis, they would all be selling used cars today. I’m serious, here.

  60. Laker should have been born in the day where you could see simply everyone in concert, every single weekend. Legends who weren’t even legends yet–but you knew they would be. Priceless.

    Laker Dood! You know who MY heartthrob is!

  61. I’d like to think Hillary learned something major during 2008 caucuses and is now armed with the knowledge that, when left to their own honor, the nutroots have no honor. I’m sure she’s not about to let the same thing happen twice, in Iowa or anywhere else.

  62. O’Malley is just attacking Sanders because Bernie got in the way. Poor guy tbought HE would be the Knight In Shining Armor to slay the Hillary dragon for the snotty wing of the party. It helps Hillary, though, that someone is pointing out the obvious–that the Bern is not , in fact, a Democrat.

    Republican blogs think Hillary will quit?! Shows how little they understand her. And in order to be indicted a crime must be committed. Anyone know of a crime pertaining to Hillary’s emails? Anyone?

    These are just GOP wet dreams. Shared by some in the media. Yawn!

  63. Just like the Gore rumor and maybe even the Biden rumor Brassy. They wish for it. And if they say it over and over, maybe it will come true. Like clapping your hands for Tinkerbell.

  64. Now, Colin Powell destroying every single email on the personal account he used as SOS in violation of the Federal Records Act–that would be a crime. Jeb! withholding thousands of emails on his personal server in violation of Florida’s Open Records Law–that would also be a crime. If they had done this, they would be in a lot of trouble–oh, wait! That’s exactly what they did!

  65. imust, I’ve lived through so many “Hillary About to be Indicted” stories, I’ve lost count. If Ken Starr, the Inspector Javert of the nineties, couldn’t indict her, she’s clean as a whistle. And he had a VERY low bar for indictment unlike a real prosecutor would have.

  66. So true Brassy!

  67. You know, maybe the campaign starts too early. It just gives the media all this downtime to concoct stories and make up rumors. I used to love politics, but with the vapid and unscrupulous media we have now, I know that watching any of their shows or commentary is just going to make me upset. They literally have nothing useful or insightful to say, but that doesn’t stop them. I thought that maybe the large GOP field would draw their attention, but they feel compelled to throw in one negative made-up Hillary story every day, to try to keep the audience.

  68. Thanks, Annie.

    I was never much of an Elton John fan, though my brother loved him as an artist. I would never be able to recognize his guitarist. Speaking of the ’70’s, though, I will be seeing the B-52’s tonight, whom I have never seen, with the English Beat as opening act. The late ’70’s postpunk and “new wave” was a good musical listening time for me, after having had to suffer through all that Led Zeppelin-influenced mid-’70’s stuff. But musical tastes are even more individualized than political views, so I hasten to add that these are just my opinions!

  69. Yeah Rebel, not only did Powell and Jeb do that, but W, Cheney and Rove (who dares to discuss Hillary’s emails of all things) deleted an entire server with millions of emails under the presidential private server named GWB43

  70. That’s a fact, jack. Bernie is NOT a Democrat. Not. Not. Not. Small detail I guess…

  71. For William jus for spite:

  72. William, your brother has good taste in music.

    Davey Johnstone played acoustic guitar and mandolin on this classic song. I think he was a studio musician at the time and didn’t officially join Elton’s band until a bit later.

  73. Uppity Woman! That is my least favorite song of all time! I personally think that Led Zeppelin ruined rock music. Every year, on the classic rock station, they would have a “Top 300 songs of all time” countdown, and every year “Stairway to Heaven” would win, followed by “Free Bird.” I actually thought I would have to give up listening to the radio; but then the “new wave” music scene started around 1977, and I could happily listen for two or three years, until that was infiltrated with a bunch of insipid fashion conscious groups with little talent. At that point, I started listening to books on tape. 🙂

  74. William, my boy! Your eyes are bugging out of your head! I am fighting a compulsion to put up “Free Bird”. I am fighting the urge……….

  75. ……..the urge…….it’s……… strong!

  76. Just do it Upps. 😆

  77. Hillary was fired-up in Iowa today. Just had a great town-hall with various topics. Paying for Education, termoil in world, racism, immigration, how to work with congress to get things done. She is brilliant, had a standing ovation. You go girl!

  78. Aw, Upps….you can’t always be the bad guy….

  79. And Upps…this one if for you. 🙂

  80. Mods watch for Diane in moderation. It seems WP hasn’t cooled down yet. You know how it rolls. Sorry Diane. Eventually WP will Get The Point that you are now a member.

    I see that you post with more than one IP address. This confoozles WP moderation very much. Toss in changing your screen name and WP should soon have a nervous breakdown.

  81. Ah Voting. Thanks for carrying the water for me!!!! I feel much better now! William, not so much.

  82. Hahahah Voting. I may just make that my song!

  83. well, upps and the gang it seems everything has turned on a dime. Hillary has gone on the offensive and blew up the email story today. Hooray! If I heard one more story about that bleeping email i was going to barf. And now we have the great Iowa town hall. Awesome! Thanks everybody here for keeping my spirits up!

  84. Very cool, socal!!
    And YES, Beata Penis (no pun intended), I am very fond of Davey. This is my favoritist EJ song evah. And that’s SOME guitaring!

    Bonus: MSG in NYC!
    Fun fact: My very first EJ concert was August 11, 1976–yes, I just had my 39th anniversary!

  85. NY Times’ little tune change.

    WASHINGTON — F.B.I. agents investigating Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email server are seeking to determine who at the State Department passed highly classified information from secure networks to Mrs. Clinton’s personal account, according to law enforcement and diplomatic officials and others briefed on the investigation.

    To track how the information flowed, agents will try to gain access to the email accounts of many State Department officials who worked there while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, the officials said. State Department employees apparently circulated the emails on unclassified systems in 2009 and 2011, and some were ultimately forwarded to Mrs. Clinton.

    They were not marked as classified, the State Department has said, and it is unclear whether its employees knew the origin of the information.

    The F.B.I. is also trying to determine whether foreign powers, especially China or Russia, gained access to Mrs. Clinton’s private server, although at this point, any security breaches are speculation.

    Law enforcement officials have said that Mrs. Clinton, who is seeking the 2016 Democratic nomination for president, is not a target of the investigation, and she has said there is no evidence that her account was hacked. There has also been no evidence that she broke the law, and many specialists believe the occasional appearance of classified information in her account was probably of marginal consequence.

    I guess soon they will have to dream up something else. Read the rest here

  86. Hillary: I love Snapchat — “those messages disappear all by themselves”

  87. AWESOME tweet, Sophie!

  88. “She’s the most qualified candidate we’ve had other than a sitting president, why would we not give her our full support?” West Des Moines resident Claire Celsi told msnbc while waiting in line to enter the event.

    Sorry Bern boy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Senator Sanders –” she said, before her friend Tim LaPointe interjected, “but she’s the Eleanor Roosevelt of our time.”

  89. This is great news!

    My favorite part:

    “The question should not be why are we endorsing Hillary Clinton now, but rather, what took us so long,” Buffenbarger said.

    Yeah baby!!!!!!!

  90. So great to read that not all folks are buying what the media is trying to sell regarding Hillary…yes, the Eleanor Roosevelt of our time.

  91. For your viewing pleasure:

  92. Is Uppity Blog a new commenter? So NYT is finally fixing their story?

  93. No that’s Diane. She’s never gonna make it out of moderation, lolololol

  94. NY Times humiliated themselves. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of cockroaches.

  95. For your reading pleasure:, the list of endorsements for Democratic candidates.
    Spoiler alert: her list is YOOGE. His is so sparse, I think they even listed his mailman.,_2016

  96. I think Bernie’s mother’s name is in there.

  97. Lotta reasons to be jealous of The Bern’s endorsements. Michael Moore, a Canadian and Jessie Ventura. Hill must be green with envy. Oh and your favorite pink-eyed scheeve and mine…….Ed Schultz.

  98. I saw a great hashtag about all the media ga ga over Sanders: #BernedOut

  99. Love it. 😀

  100. Hillary on CNN live doing presser in Iowa with Harkin.

  101. Up@9:32 pm: Am I imagining it, or is that NYT piece implying that law enforcement suspects that someone at State was trying to frrame Hillary? It kinda reads that way

  102. Rebel I don’t think that’s it. They are trying to determine who sent the emails in question, which it seems at the time they were sent, were not classified.

    They are all bent out of shape because she now turned over the server. These yahoos thought she should turn it over to them so they could have a heyday going through her figurative underwear drawer and leak personal shit about Hillary and her family. And that is EXACTLY what they would have done.

  103. Thanks, Up!

  104. Bernie so lucky–he even got Camille Paglia. LOL!

    EDIT: I misspoke. Ms. Pagli’s much-coveted endorsement went to Martin O’Malley. In short, Camille prefers the Big O.

  105. Hillary Sooooooo knocked it out of the park at the Iowa WingDing that even media outlets that don’t like her are forced to report positively. (Ha! Even Amy Chozick has positive tweets–mostly.)

    One from Politico:

  106. Sophie, that is a fantastic article from Politico! I would give it 5×5 stars. I’m going to post it ( giving credit to you! ) on a couple of other Hillary blogs to pick up their spirits. Thank you.

  107. Well, I thought that maybe it would be safe to turn on CNN for a few minutes–but I see a woman named Poppy, who is pointing to a “poll” in Iowa which asks which candidate they think is more honest, and 35% said Sanders (whom they scarcely know anything about) and 28% said HIllary (leaving 37% or so undecided), and Poppy asks this correspondent at the fair, “How much do you think this will matter to people on the ground in Iowa?” And the correspondent says, “Well, that kind of thing is of course important…” And click goes my TV.

    No one can convince me that CNN is not deliberately trying to do everything they can to either defeat Clinton, or at least make the race close. They won’t, but this so far removed from journalistm as to be beyond discgraceful; since from what I read here, this kind of thing does on every day with CNN. And what kind of question is, “Whom do you think is more honest?” About what? Policies? Personal life? Cosmetic work?

  108. And even the arch-enemy has to admit the facts!!

  109. I am pleased to report that the B-52’s are still great; and that Kate Pierson is a marvel; she is about 70, and she looks as lovely as ever, and is very energetic, and can still hit all the high notes. And the English Beat also was quite good. And even seeing “Stairway to Heaven” posted here, did not spoil that. 🙂

  110. Someone told me that was a bad story. Turns out the writer is a schmuck…I shoulda read it, I guess. Still not reading it. Eff the Times. I took back my retweet.

  111. Ah William, that’s bimbo Poppy Harlowe. CNNs premier rape apologist and all around coffee fetcher for the boys to ensure she keeps her job even though her talent is marginal.

  112. I didn’t click on that link Sophie, I could small Mo Do

  113. In that case you won’t mind if I post Stairway again, Wills.

  114. Hillary Clinton’s Time Is Now: Sexists, Purists and a Phony Email Scandal Won’t Stop her

  115. LOL! That wasn’t my one-star vote, Uppity, it tmust have been someone else.’s They used to play it about ten times a day in the ’70’s, so if I could quickly change stations then, I can certainly ignore it now. Yowl away, Robert!

  116. I would like to see Hillary’s town hall meeting in Iowa. I hope CSPAn shows it at some point. I seem to always miss these things live.

  117. Elvis Costello was the first new wave artist I ever saw in concert. I was 18 years old and went with my first true love. It was fabulous.

  118. I checked C-SPAN online this morning to see if they had Hillary’s Iowa Wing Ding speech on video. They don’t yet.

  119. Thanks, Beata. I didn’t know that one could look up such things; I thought that you just had to turn the station on twenty times a day to hope to hit the right thing.

  120. I also checked YouTube for Hillary’s Wing Ding speech. Nothing there but very short clips. The Bern’s complete speech from the same event is on YouTube though and it shows “No Views”. HeeHee.

  121. Nobody’s got the WingDing speech yet. But EVERYBODY wants it!

    And I confess to being the single-star vote on Stairway. As a Teen-of-the-70s, I over-heard that song myself. And I had the sheet music in my guitar case for 6 years. Okay. Nuff. Play the Immigrant Song! Or Kashmire.

    While we wait for the wingding video, enjoy Jen Granholm on Bill Maher (yeah, well) going to bat for the wimmins. Jen has a new role now with Correct the Record. She left Priorities USA to take this role.

  122. Poor Lincoln Chafee has no endorsements. Sniff. But reportedly, his dog always greets him with great enthusiasm.

  123. Uppity & imust, sorry the for the late notice–I just found out about it myself.

  124. Yum, lemon meringue. I’ll have some, please.

  125. Lemon meringue is not my fav. And we all know Uppity’s fav! Is there a Carmel apple walnut pie day?

    Okay, I checked. There’s an Apple Pie Day on May 13th. Looks like we missed that one too!

  126. Something strange is going on with all these celebration days. I think I saw Watermelon Day, Donuts Day. We know there is Talk LIke a Pirate Day. Now we do not only have Pie Day, we have days for individual pies. There could be anything mercantile going on, could there? These are actual Days decreed by august bodies?

    And what are we supposed to do to celebrate Lemon Meringue Pie Day? Buy one? Eat one? Do PSAs extolling the contributions made to our culture made by lemon meringue pies? Have one of them throw out the first pitch?

    Frankly, I try to keep my favorite foods a secret, so that other people will not buy all of them up. This may not be a worthwhile strategy, but I don’t want any Days for my preferred type of pie. However, I imagine that every pie will have its Day fairly soon, along with the crullers.

  127. Now we do not only have Pie Day, we have days for individual pies.

    Apparently, not all individual pies….note comment above about the obvious oversight of National Carmel Apple Walnut PIE Day.

    However, I imagine that every pie will have its Day fairly soon, along with the crullers.

    And this would be a problem because…….?

  128. To watch Hillary live try They seem to be outdoing cspan. If you place the cursor in the blue bar on <shift/msnbc the schedule should appear. They do regular shows but if a candidate is doing an event they cover it live. The time is usually posted if its an upcoming campaign event. Sorry for mixup on the last posting

  129. I don’t care what day it is, I have to make this pie! It looks so good!

  130. Imust, if we start giving Days to crullers, the bakery ovens will open, and there will be no stopping it. I certainly have nothing against crullers, and have certainly enjoyed one on occasion. But they do not rise to the level of pies, and yet crullers are going to demand their rights, too. And the days will overlap; some days will feature a pie, a cruller, and perhaps an eclair or petit four as well. And people are going to be labeled as unpatriotic if they do not buy at least one of each. So, while I do not know how it will all sort out, I think that we should be very careful about how this expands.

  131. Beata if you do……don’t be surprised if you get a special visit from Uppity!!

  132. I used Diane’s suggestion ( thank you very much, Diane! ) and went to MSNBC’s website. They do have the entire Iowa Wing Ding affair on video. I’m going to try this link and see if it works. Hillary begins speaking at 1:12:10.

  133. I see your point William. However, it would not be right to deny pies their day based on the hypothetical future action of other baked goods.

    Also, if we deny the pies their due…….the donuts will win.

  134. Uppity, I fail to see how any sentient being can love lemon pie and hate key lime pie.
    I make a killer key lime with three ingredients: egg yolks, condensed milk and a half a cup of key lime juice,
    Yes juicing those limes is like milking mice, but it’s a labor of love.
    Meringue is the Devil’s sputum.

  135. I love Pizza Bagel Day. It’s October 14th. I’m preparing for it already.

  136. Dear Sue: Hurls. I am NOT a lime fan of any type. Period. Unless it’s in a mojito and the rum disguises it. I am however, a dedicated lemon fan. One might even say I begin to twitch if there aren’t at least 3 lemons on the premises at all times. During the past decade or so, limes have made a feeble attempt to displace lemons. What nerve! It will never happen! Key limes have even tried to advance their place in the citrus world but they never get farther than inside an insipid pie with the texture of baby food. They aren’t even real limes, they are hybrids! It will never happen! Any serious chef will tell you that, given the choice, they would rather have lemons in their basket than limes. As for key limes, they would say, “What?”. Unless of course they want to make a pie.

    But there is most certainly a place for key limes. In florida. What oh what would all those fossilized people do without that key lime pie after scarfing down that Early Bird Special at 4 PM?

  137. Meh, you’re all off-base. None of these wannabees can even approach the level of a good cannoli.

  138. Now that’s a pie! She used gala apples. I’m in love with her. And I’m not even Lebanese.

  139. Who The Who is Lincoln Chafee and what is he doing trying to be president. If he was a Senator, he could have fooled me. He couldn’t have done anything very notable. I don’t even remember the guy. Go away!

    So he was mayor of some town and governor of Rhode Island. Rhode Island. I could run Rhode Island myself. You can carpet the whole state for 50k!

  140. During the past decade or so, limes have made a feeble attempt to displace lemons. What nerve! It will never happen! Key limes have even tried to advance their place in the citrus world but they never get farther than inside an insipid pie with the texture of baby food.

    And William was worried about a non-existent bakery war when we already have a citrus revolt going on right now!

  141. Chafee’s claim to fame is being a Republican who voted against THAT war. And he never misses an opportunity to bring it up.

    So far, the biggest policy initiative he’s introduced is the metric system.

  142. Philistines! Behold The Cannoli! Prepare to weep profusely!

  143. Awesome, imust. BTW, bit of trivia. That line wasn’t in the script, it was ad-libbed during the take and was kept in the final film.

  144. Frankly, I try to keep my favorite foods a secret, so that other people will not buy all of them up.

    I totally relate to this. The first item that comes to mind is the zucchini flower. Those delicate and delectable things that are only available when carefully removed from the the male zucchini. There was the day when few people were aware of their wonderfulness and you could buy a whole basket of them for a few bucks, and the farmer thanked you for taking them off his hands! Now they are sold 3 for a dollar at farmer’s market. And those of you who enjoy zucchini flowers know that you can eat three of those battered and sauteed flowers in about 15 seconds. Who told everybody else about these flowers??? That person should be executed right now.

    You might also know that the same thing happened to red bell peppers. Sweet and far and away better tasting than green peppers, I remember taking those off of vendors’ hands too. The Ignorant imagined they were overly ripe green peppers and therefore should be rejected. Now they cost twice as much as the greenies. I despise the person who let that pepper cat out of the bag.

    Finally, where are all the shanks! When I want to make ossobuco, my hands are tied. Shanks! Lamb Shanks! Veal Shanks! Pork Shanks!!! Gobbled up by all the best restaurants, leaving the rest of us with the shaft! Fortunately, I recently found a local farmer who offers shanks at filet mignon prices. I remember when they were stashed at the far end of the meat rack with chicken gizzards and tripe. I am so pissed!

  145. Uppity’s Uncle Tony explains how to cook zucchini flowers:

  146. Not my preferred recipe, but nice anyways, imust. I learned the batter method. Flour, water, egg and peccorino romano cheese. Dip. Fry. Also I have had this recipe and it’s delish.

  147. Uppity, did you make that cannoli? It’s been hard to find good ones down here in GA though we did find an Italian bakery in the next town over that had them and It was pretty close to the ones we had in NYC when visited. Yum!

  148. Want to see the difference between male and female zucchini blossums?

  149. Whoa! The video @11:32 PM is very provocative.

  150. No Ga, I did not make those cannoli, but my grandmother used to make them. Fortunately we have an abundance of pasticciarias in my area, I can get a fresh cannoli made by a dago who speaks broken English in ten minutes. Also, my favorite pastry, the sfogliatelle.
    I’ll load a pic of one

  151. Inside a sfogliatelle

  152. Dontcha just love when we go all Foodie???

  153. Isn’t it though, Beata? Makes you kinda feel like a voyeur!

    You pick too many female flowers and you aren’t going to have zucchinis! In fact, that’s how people cull the crop so they don’t end up with enough zucchs to sink the queen mary.

  154. Ga, they usually sell cannoli shells in the frozen section at supermarkets here, if they do it there, I can dig up a good recipe for the filling for you.

  155. imust, speaking of Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli, didn’t they poison some old Don in one of the followup Godfather movies……..using cannolis as the conduit?

    Hokay I looked it up. Don Altobello is poisoned by Connie after she gives him a box of cannolis laced with poison. He doesn’t trust the cannolis so she tastes one. The one that wasn’t laced, of course. He scarfs down the entire box like a pig and dies while she watches from her opera box.

  156. California-types who don’t get out much sample classic foods from Indiana. ( I have never even heard of those pickles in the video, much less eaten one. I don’t know where they come from. )

  157. “Polenta comes from cows?” ROFL!

    They got a wisconson one. And Californians trying to talk like Boston. These are hilarious!

  158. I especially love the couple who think corn is a meat.

  159. The more of these I watch the more I laugh till I cry! I LOVE these guys, they are hilarious!

  160. They’re killing me!

  161. Ah, foodie talk @ Uppity’s on a Saturday nite. Takes me back a few years.

    Sophie @ 4:32pm, huffpo (bernpo?) has an article thats favorable to Hillary?!?! I’m astonished.

  162. Here are all of the Iowa Democratic WingDing speeches:

  163. Nothing beats the Republican clown squad at the last Iowa state fair. I can prove it!

    Hey! A couple of them are there again today!

  164. Where is this place called Iowa?

  165. This is an excellent article about the drought in California and its impact on agriculture there and across the country:

  166. Upps, not sure about the shells but then I have not looked for them either.

  167. Help, I need an intervention.
    Somebody bossy order me to stop watching CNN.
    Otherwise, I’ll be dead from an aneurysm before Super Tuesday.

  168. Sue, turn off CNN, put down the remote, and walk away! Now! Do you hear me? I said do it now!

    Read a book, listen to music, go out for pie; do anything but watch CNN! Otherwise I’m going to be forced to come to Cleveland and show up on your doorstep with a bottle of those weird pickles Indiana is supposedly known for. I’m going to throw them at you, one by one. That is a threat! Do you understand me, missy? I mean business.

    Have a nice day.

  169. And watch this video for some laughs:

  170. To dear Beata:
    Yes, snookums!
    Right away, snookums!

  171. Sue, you are getting very sleepy…very 😪. Now you will not watch CNN, or any media outlet without a specific link so you know what you’re getting. When I say, “Wake up!”, you will awake refreshed and totally, TOTALLY done watching CNN. (Claps hands). “Wake up!”

  172. Here Sweet Sue!!! This will make you feel better! A little #hillarymen RX!

  173. You girls are the best.

  174. Thanks, imust. That was a beautiful breath of fresh air!

  175. Hillary and all of us are gonns be just fine, Sue. Hang in there and don’t let media morons demoralize you!

  176. I quit CNN in 08, Never went back.
    Just like Foux 😀

  177. Dontcha just love when we go all Foodie???

    Yes i do !!!! Upps Yum!!! 😀

  178. I quit CNN when Jon Stewart shut down Crossfire.

  179. Sue, I made the mistake of turning on CNN yesterday, and I turned it off after five minutes. Every month or so, I do this, thinking that maybe as the campaign develops, the coverage of Hillary will get a bit fairer; but of course it does not. So it does become easier and easier to not even bother with it.

    I used to listen to a lot of sports talk radio while driving. But it got to the point where I knew exactly what the hosts were going to say about every story, complete with stupid jokes and guffaws. So I just skip all of it. I skip TV shows the same way; they mostly all have the same story arcs, and of course many commercials. And I do not feel that I have missed anything when I don’t even give them five minutes. It is a great shame that we cannot follow this campaign on the broadcast media, but they are so biased, so obnoxious and self-satisfied, that it is impossible. So the next time you are tempted to turn on CNN, just imagine in your head what Poppy or any of those others are saying about the story; realize it will just get you upset; and try to find a positive article or essay to encourage you.

  180. Sue, let’s put a finer point on all of this. Stop watching CNN or there will be Punishments.

  181. William, that’s exactly right. I know it’s stupid but I’ve been tuning in thinking that now, now the commentator or members of the panel will have to say something positive, but no.
    I’m remembering that Bill Clinton used to say the definition of insanity is doing the same dumb thing over and over, expecting a different result.
    Words to the wise.

  182. To Uppity: Yes, Mistress.:)

  183. Sue: Very Well, then.

  184. When CNN gets an adult host, wake me up. To be more specific, they went in the crapper right after they dumped Aaron Brown.

    My last straw with them was during the Haiti disaster. It seems that Haiti had the nerve to be smack dab in the middle of all of this on a……..weekend! Gasp! So there I was, watching CNN cover this travesty. I thought they did a great job, Anderson and Sanjay. Until I realized that they had the same 3 segments in an endless loop all weekend. They weren’t live. They weren’t even there. Or if they were, they weren’t working live. What a disgrace.

    The final nail for them came when Candy Creepy-Crawley started to advance her Rape Apology theme, stating something to the effect that if you are a woman and you joined the armed forces, what do you expect!? Then came the ultimate Rape Apology show when Poppy Harlowe (Who happily calls herselp Poppy and expects to be taken seriously?) teamed up with her to throw a nauseating pity party for those little scumbags, the Steubenville Rapists. Why, they were simply beside themselves that these two barn animals were going to jail! Their lives were ruined! When the public showed outrage at their coverage, with nary a word for the VICTIM, they were simply OUTRAGED at our outrage!

    Watch the positively SICKEST coverage of two cockroaches I have EVER seen. For me……….the END for CNN. Prepare to PUKE:

  185. Sue, I just want to say two words to you. Just two words. Are you listening?

    Cat videos.

  186. The Candy/Poppy Steubenville coverage was the lowest of the low. Thanks for reminding me Uppity. How could we even expect fair political coverage with a low rate organization like CNN.

  187. Remember when CNN was IT? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  188. And Fox, oh please!
    The Five Attacks Funny Or Die For Satirical Video Ridiculing Debunked Right-Wing Claims About Planned Parenthood

  189. CNN pretty much hasn’t been worth a darn since Ted Turner sold it. they are trying to emulate Fox which the idiots that watch Fox are never going to watch a poor imitation. Pretty much I have not watched cable news solidly since 2008 and even before 2008 it was spotty between then and 2001. I quit watching all the Sunday morning political shows back in 2000 when they were all whoring for George W. They never have apologized for their part in that freaking disaster of a president.

  190. I don’t know who owns these networks (I suppose I could look it up), but it seems to me that the purpose of them is not to garner high ratings, but to swing the elections and popular opinion in the way that the corporate owners want. In that sense, they are loss leaders, designed to bring in the large profits by influencing elections.

    It simply cannot be coincidence or bad luck that virtually every on-air personality on CNN is either completely vapid, or clearly biased. It just can’t be that every news story is skewed a certain way; that Hillary Clinton cannot get one iota of favorable coverage. My parents and I used to watch the evening news on the major stations, as so many people did. And while we might get upset at how a particular story was spun, there was no sense that Cronkite or Howard K. Smith, let’s say, were not trying to tell the facts. And I always thought that the convention coverage on the major networks seemed pretty fair. Do people remember Sander Vanocur, Edwin Newman, John Chancellor, and of course Dan Rather? These all seemed like newsmen who had some journalistic standards and integrity. What we have now is utter hacks, who probably went into the business only because of the celebrity quotient and salary.

    I used to watch CNBC a good deal, and that was just for stock information. But it was actually funny as well as upsetting to see that 98% of their market “analysts” were right-wingers, who spent much of their time excoriating the Democrats. Clearly there were some hiring criteria there. To me, this all is a violation of anti-discrimination laws, but of course no one could prove it. Maybe Hillary’s FCC appointees, as opposed to Obama’s, might want to take a look at this.

  191. I agree, William, and what’s interesting is that Cronkite was a true blue liberal and Smith was a conservative but they played it fair and straight.

  192. Surely there is some enterprising journalist or writer out there who could blow the cover off this. Do these networks ask their prospects questions about their political or social views? Is there a pattern of simply advancing those people who advance the agenda that the owners want? Is this agenda actually spelled out, or is it more subtly expressed? There must be someone who has worked there, who could shed light on this.

    If job applicants are discriminated against on the basis of any of a variety of ethnic or religious or gender-oriented factors, they violate anti-discrimination laws. If they are broadcast networks, they could have their FCC license taken away. But is hiring based on political proclivities somehow immune from that? Rest assured that a Republican appointed FCC would run around trying to “get” stations or personalities whom they don’t like. Dan Rather has his personal flaws, perhaps, but he was one of the most highly respected media journalists in the business, going back 50 years, and the Republican based media and their followers got him fired. But the Democrats when in power, do nothing about this. If we ever turn into a totalitarian nation, it is not going to be the government, as such, causing it, it is the corporate giants which are going to be controlling it.

  193. If you look at who owns….or at least, who are the major stockholders of those 6 corporations, you’ll see many of the same names.

    For example: You’ll see this name, Vanguard Group, Inc. as a major holder of G.E.
    They are also a major holder of Disney. And what a coinky-dinky…..they also hold a big piece of Comcast……

  194. For all the trashing we do about CNN (and deservedly so), one must give them props whenever they do the right thing.

    Hillary Clinton revived America’s reputation in world

    This, the author says, was her singular significant accomplishment:

    Diplomatically, without bluster or bullying, without stealing headlines or focusing on her own legacy, Hillary Clinton rebuilt the network of American relationships around the globe. This is certainly her most important legacy and fundamental to the future of American leadership in the world.

  195. imust, isn’t Vanguard like Fidelity–the keeper of everyone’s 401k? They don’t care what these people do for news–they only care about one thing: shareholder return. They are not ideologically driven. However, as Hellen Keller (a socialist) said, “You’ll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator.”

  196. Sophie, the thing is, that CNN piece is written. You won’t see one of those clowns allowing any of that being said on the air… least not without Poppy rebutting using her most snarling jealous face.

    Edit: I do declare this article is a Keeper, though. Nice chronological set up compliments. I wonder if they’ve fired the author yet.

  197. imust, interesting about vanguard and GE. The reason I am intrigued is Fidelity holds my GE 401k. So I am figuring if Vanguard owns a major chunk of GE, goodness knows how much stock Fidelity owns.

  198. This doesn’t even qualify as OT…just a feel good video. Our US World Champion Women’s soccer team played here today in Pittsburgh….and our hometown girl got to live a dream…scoring in front of over 44,000 of her Black and Gold neighbors who were cheering her on…and ran to the bench to get my city’s unofficial flag the “Terrible Towel” to wave in celebration.

    It made me cry with pride.
    (BTW, USA 8, Costa Rica 0.)

  199. You GO Girls!

  200. Personally, I think the lime thing is just snobbery. “Oh, you are making a key lime pie? (Eyeroll) Well, do you have KEY LIMES? Because (condescending sneer) it’s just NOT a key lime pie if you don’t have KEY limes. SO much more flavor, you know. Pity you cannot get them in YOUR area (snigger)”.

    Just found the real story behind what’s in Hillary’s lost emails to brighten your Monday morning.

  201. Hillary is a fan of cat videos! Yet another reason to support her!

  202. Who is this dipshit? “Bill Curry was White House counselor to President Clinton and a two-time Democratic nominee for governor of Connecticut. He is at work on a book on President Obama and the politics of populism.”

  203. Curry had better get a big advance, as he is not going to be selling many of those books.

    Maybe he can persuade Obama to run again, his popularity is 47% or so. Obama won because the DNC fixed the nomination; tjhe media was ln love with the idea of a Black president; and the economy fell apart two months before the election.

    Months to go before the Iowa caucuses, and all this internet space to fill up with wild punditry. I’m not reading this one, but I’m sure the giist of it is that Curry doesn’t want Hillary to get the nomination, and so rationalizes all of this for a supportive Salon audience. I wonder how Salon stays afloat; there can’t be many paying members.

  204. Apparently there is no love lost between Bill Clinton and Bill Curry, Clinton’s former WH policy adviser. When Curry was running for Connecticut governor in 2002, Bill Clinton was conspicuously absent from Curry’s campaign except for a very brief last-minute November appearance right before the election ( which Curry lost ).

    From an October 2002 NYT’s article:

    “What strikes many political experts, however, is how Mr. Clinton, whom Mr. Curry served as a White House policy adviser, has stayed away from his former employee even as he campaigns for other Democrats in Connecticut.

    ‘There’s something very strange about it,’ said Ken Dautrich, associate professor of political science at the University of Connecticut and director of its political polling institute. ‘Bill Clinton is the biggest fund-raising machine for the Democratic Party. He was enormously popular in Connecticut. He would be able to raise a significant dollar amount.’

    ‘Bill Curry worked for him,’ he added. ‘You would think that Clinton would have a soft spot for him.’

    Indeed, in the past five weeks, Mr. Clinton has campaigned twice in Connecticut, but not for Mr. Curry.

    Snubbing Mr. Curry may be Clintonian payback for a presidential aide whom many in the Democratic Party’s inner circles, including the White House, considered brash and outspoken, Democrats here and in Washington said.”

  205. Pity you cannot get them in YOUR area (snigger)”.

    Nobody wants them.

  206. Ok then. Cat video it is.

  207. Bill Curry has been trashing Hillary on Salon (yawn) for months now. The Clintons are nothing if not loyal. The fact that Bill wouldn’ t campaign for Curry speaks volumes. Talk about dubious character! The creep trashes Hillary and predicts imminent doom constantly but still touts his employment in the Clinton White House in his bio. Major Asshat!

  208. Very poignant cat video. ( Wipes away tear. )

    My kitteh is lying right next to me now on her favorite blankie, showing her pretty peach-colored tummy. Life is good.

  209. Brassy Rebel, good points.

    On an unrelated note, I turned on CSPAN earlier, hoping to see a Hillary speech. What I got was Scott Walker on the stump in Iowa. I could only stand five minutes or so of it, but he was pretty effective, at least for those who do not understand the ruinous import of his policies. If I wanted to bet on who would win the Republican nomination, I would bet on Walker; because,who else is going to get it? And also, because of the ridiculous metric that has Iowa as being more important than all sorts of other states, he should do well in the caucuses, and thus really springboard his campaign. It looks like Trump, and then whoever the more pragmatic Republican donors coalesce around, and ti seems like Walker. What he has tried to do in Wisconsin (of which he was very proud in this speech) is of course the template for how the Republicans intend to destroy the safety net, the unions, and any vestige of consumer or employee protection.

  210. Fredster at The Widdershins has written a terrific post, “You’ve Got Mail” about the news stories covering Hillary’s emails. He does excellent research as always. Check it out.

  211. Whoops, that linked to my comment which was not noteworthy. My bad! ( Fix-It Fairy, where are you? )

    Here’s the proper link:

  212. Scott Walker looks like Mortimer Snerd. He will never be the GOP nominee.

    What Walker did in Wisconsin was done in Indiana years ago by Mitch Daniels. The template was created then. Before Wisconsin, Indiana was the lab rat for the Koch Brothers’ vision for America.

  213. Beata, are you making a prediction for who gets the Republican nomination?

  214. GOP is so fractured with so many niche candidates, I think it’s impossible to predict a nominee coming out of this clown car. Presumably, there will be one at some point, but will that person be able to unite a party in tatters?

    That’s one reason the Right is going after Hillary so ferociously. They’d never admit it, of course, but their party is one hot mess right now. Their only option is to demonize Hillary to the point that she is unacceptable to voters. Good luck with that!

  215. William, I’ve said before I believe it will be a Jeb! / Rubio ticket. Second bet would be Kasich / Rubio. I hope it isn’t the latter because I think Kasich is the GOP’s best chance for beating Hillary.

  216. It has been a long time since either party’s convention actually decided the nomination. At least back to 1960, though John Kennedy pretty well had it wrapped up. The last convention to go to more than one ballot was 1952, when Taft went into the Republican convention as the presumptive nominee, but ended up losing to Eisenhower on the third ballot. In 1924, the Democratic convention went around 102 ballots, with John W. Davis finally getting the nomination.

    So the odds and trends are much against the Republicans not having a clear nominee by the convention. But if it ever were to happen, this is the time. If many of these candidates stay in the race, there is no way any of them is getting close to a majority of delegates. Of course many will drop out, but how many? Does Trump actually want to be nominated, or does he want to be the kingmaker, the person whom the other candidates have to bow to, to get his delegates? The “horse race” aspects of that race will at least be interesting, though of course all of them are truly awful.

  217. I agree William. Presidential candidates are now picked by the party elite, the most powerful, who bully, threaten, bribe, blackmail, cheat, whatever is necessary to make the person they want picked be picked. All you have to do is see the sequence of events in 2008 to be a believer. I mean, these cockroaches even stole delegates from Hillary. That shitbum Levin, whom I have hated ever since, used his crystal ball in Michigan….and declared that if they could vote for Obama they would have, so he yanked a load of her delegates. It was all planned there. Obama could have NEVER taken michigan so he didn’t put himself on the ballot, pretending he did it because he has……..integrity…cough cough. Same deal in Florida, he didn’t campaign because golly I follow rulez. BUllshit. Fla was a loser for him, period. So he claimed it was because he didn’t campaign there. Plan. Plan. Plan. They even manipulated the voter delegate system, so he could get bashed in a state and still have almost as many delegates as Hillary. And in the end, he STILL didn’t have enough delegates to win on MERIT, even after they cheated at caucuses, so they had to poach some for him. Disgraceful people. Simply disgraceful. No souls whatsoever. And the Republicans are NO different.

  218. I agree Beata, that Kasich is the only General Election threat in that pile of hot dogcrap they call candidates. That’s because he appears sanely moderate and humble, which is a real departure from that crowd.

    They all pick on Trump for being a pompous ass. Oh the irony.

  219. Yes, Uppity, if we had a halfway credible media in this country, they would have pointed out tha Obama removed his name from the ballot to avoid being routed in those two state primaries. But they never even dealt with that. Solidarity, what a joke. Who said that because some people in a state decided to move up the primary a week or two, that all the people there of that party get disenfranchised? Donna Brazile saw a great chance to eliminate two primaries where her man was going to badly lose, and she took it. And she wanted South Carolina to be the third primary, because her guy would win there. And so about five million people in two of our biggest states were either completely disenfranchised, or had their votes greatly diluted. And then someone not on the ballot was given a bunch of delegates. I have never seen anything like that, and I don’t think it has ever happened in this country. Hillary should have sued all of them, but she is too devoted a team player. What happened was actually worse than what the Republicans do in their nominating process.

  220. This site really is hilarious.

    Jesus Christ files lawsuit against GOP for Slander

    Donald Trump: The only illegals who can stay are the ones working for me.

  221. We were up in Wisconsin ( Door County ) recently for a brief vacation. Just from talking to ordinary people who live in the state, it was obvious that Scott Walker is not a popular governor. The last Marquette University poll gave him a 56% disapproval rating. While Walker may be proud of what he’s done in Wisconsin, few other people are. He’s made a lot of political enemies there who are just waiting for a chance to go after him on his poor record as governor.

  222. Uppity, I agree that Free Wood Post is a hoot! It reminds me of The Onion.

  223. William the worst thing about what they did is they were so blatant and In Your Face about it. They knew they were breaking every rule and plenty of laws and did it with swagger. It was a moment frozen in time when we all know that we had lost our Republic just as Benjamin Franklin *warned could happen. Disgusting people. And they still show their faces today as if they are respectable.

    “A Republic, madam. If you can keep it”

  224. Not sure how unpopular he really has been Beata. He beat a recall effort AND got re-elected. So SOMEBODY there likes him.

  225. Upps, according to the article I linked, Walker’s popularity in Wisconsin has been plummeting over the past year with his disapproval rating now at 56% ( Marquette Univ. poll ). But, yeah, the K. Brothers like him a whole lot. That counts for $omething.

  226. Scott Walker is more popular in Wisconsin than Chris Christie is in New Jersey. A recent Rutgers poll showed a 59% disapproval rating for Christie.

  227. HillaryMen is all over the hatchet job going on at CNN

  228. The whining Bernie Bots started a petition AT Ellen:

    I need a NAME for these people, like WhiningBernOuts, but better, Please help.

  229. Koch money loves Scott Walker. That and the ideological purists who didn’t bother to vote for the opponent in the recall election and the one after that.

  230. The BawlingBernBots?

    IMHO, alliteration is your friend when creating catch phrases.

  231. Taking a cue from Beata:

  232. Good ones, imust!

    Other possibilities:

    BleatingBernBots ( sheep reference; I like this one, it sounds obscene )
    BlitheringBernBots ( idiots )
    BlusteringBernBots ( bullies )
    BrayingBernBots ( donkey reference )

    That’s all I got.

  233. Sanders’ supporters want Ellen to have the grumpy, old geezer on her show? She should think twice about that since hers is an entertainment show, and Bernie is about as entertaining as a root canal.

    He still can’t get out of his own way when it comes to Black Lives Matter. A couple of weeks ago, his campaign hired a couple of black staffers to reach out to BLM. The other day, one of the new staffers emailed BLM and apologized for the delay by the campaign in outreach. Grumpy old fart goes on Meet the Press Sunday and throws the staffer under the bus, saying there’s no need to apologize for anything, then lumps BLM in with all other interest groups and says his campaign is very inclusive.

    I would have a hard time voting for this guy for dog catcher, not because he’s a socialist but because he’s SO self- righteous and obviously has a hard time in ever admitting error on anything. He’d be a disaster as president.

  234. Can you imagine The Bern trying to work with a GOP-controlled Congress? Would anything ever be accomplished? Can you imagine him meeting with Putin or any other foreign leader with whom we have a “difficult” relationship?

    The Bern is just not presidential material. He needs to stay in the Senate and be a strong voice for the left. He’s good at that.

  235. Bunch of typical generation whiners. I wannnnnnnnnnt one toooooooooooo! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. I can’t imagine Bernie as president but I don’t have to. He’s never going to be president.

    I do have to say he has not aged well either.

  237. He also has problem hair.

  238. 305 emails flagged for FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) made by reporters. They are sending them to the agencies mentioned so that they can redact any info before they are sent to reporters. When Hillary received or sent them they were not classified. They are asking the agencies if they want to classify anything now before they are turned over to reporters asking for them in the FOIA request. The media is dancing all around this – it is jaw dropping to think they don’t understand what is happening or is it conviently misunderstanding?

  239. The media most definitely understands, Diane. They just don’t like that there is no felony here. They need to milk this is far as they can before the boom drops on them and they are told that in no uncertain terms she didn’t do anything wrong any more than Colin Powell did. It’s important for them to milk it before that happens because the whole idea here is the long term plan to raise questions about Hillary that relate to the plan to paint her as simply a non-compliant, dishonest, fractious, etc etc individual. The idea is to embed thoughts in voters’ minds. The conservative think tank has been doing this to Democratic candidates since time began. It’s an old corporate America trick and nobody mimics CA tricks better than they do. In corporate America, honchos know that if you SAY it enough times, a lie will become Truth.

    I have no idea where our FCC went. Obviously they’ve gone the way of the USDA and FDA when it comes to succumbing to political pressure to either look the other way and/or mislead Americans. We know now that the USDA, for example is infiltrated with Monsanto lackeys and we can thank Barack Obama for that. This is why GMOs will never be labeled. Well that, and the legislative palm greasing. As least the FDA steps in when horses leave the barn. That’s more than I can say about the USDA. Or the FCC.

    Ladies and gentlemen…we have lost our Republic.

  240. Beata, I don’t think he has problem hair so much as he never combs it. He looks like someone should run him through a carwash too.

    Hahaha the Onion.

  241. Wow, lots of good ones!

  242. Interesting side-by-side timeline of Hillary’s life and the women’s movement

  243. Excellent article from Allen Clifton, who while pro-Hillary, is willing to give Bernie the benefit of the doubt (for the sake of argument). He correctly nails the Sanders problem on his craziest ‘bots:

    “However unlikely the scenario, if Bernie Sanders overtakes Hillary Clinton and wins the Democratic nomination for president, I’ll be one of his biggest supporters. Everyone’s goal heading into 2016 should be, above all else, to make sure Republicans don’t win – especially with the stakes as high as they are with the Supreme Court.

    If you’re one of those “Hillary Clinton is no different from a Republican” people, let me educate you a little bit. Clinton is for: Immigration reform Free community college Universal health care (since 1992, by the way) Gay rights Overturning Citizens United Campaign finance reform Raising taxes on the rich Protecting women’s rights Combating climate change Practically every single Republican running for president strongly opposes each of those, so if you think “they’re the same” – well, you’re probably one of the people I’m talking about when I say that many Sanders supporters are becoming a problem. The truth is, while I have my doubts about his electability, I have no problem supporting Bernie Sanders for president if he were to win the nomination. Again, my main goal is to keep Republicans out of the White House in 2016. I am unapologetic in saying that I would rather vote for a box of rocks under the Democratic ticket than any Republican.

    So when I express my doubts concerning Sanders and his chances of winning, it’s not to “bash” him, it’s to point out some realities (often based on polling stats that I read just about every single day) showing that what I’ve believed for a while is actually coming true. Take for instance the Gallup poll showing that 41 percent of Democrats won’t support a socialist, or an even more recent CBS poll showing only 8 percent of Democrats think Sanders can win the general election. Now, I know what some will say, “That’s because the media keeps saying he can’t!” Well, let me remind those folks that even many of those who picked Sanders in that same CBS poll as the candidate they wanted to win the nomination said they didn’t think he could win it. But my biggest concern with Sanders hasn’t really been that he’ll win the nomination, it’s that he’ll build up expectations from many liberals just enough to where if he eventually loses, it’s going to deflate enthusiasm and hand Republicans the White House next year. And based on how radical quite a few of his supporters have become, that’s exactly what seems to be happening. If you don’t believe me, let me show you what I mean. From what I’ve been experiencing (and the feedback I’ve gotten from many other liberals as well), many Sanders supporters are radical, aggressive and sometimes even borderline “bully-ish” when it comes to anyone who might dare doubt anything to do with Bernie Sanders…”

    Read more at:

  244. Uppity, well said. The Republicans try to win elections by avoiding any actual discussion of real issues which affect people. Sometimes, aided and abetted by the media, they manage to go through an entire campaign without talking about even one real issue. We all remember how in 1988, their “issues” were flag-burning, Willie Horton, and Boston Harbor. In 2000 and 2004, their candidate did not answer one single question about issues in the debates. His stock answer was ‘leaders lead.” And the media let him get away with that.

    Remember how in 2004, in one of the debates, John Kerry menrioned the fact of Mary Cheney being gay; and Lynn Cheney jumped around in fake outrage that he had “outed” her, even though Mary was going around the country giving speeches about being gay, and was working on a book about it? And when Theresa Kerry made a comment about Laura Bush not having worked, but she had been a teacher; so the media blanketed us with coverage of that, and had a bunch of polls asking people which potential First Lady they preferred? This is fun stuff for the media, because it derogates Democrats, and it also draws eyeballs, people who get tired or confused by actual economic statistics, or complex matters. So it becomes the equivalent of a junior high school popularity election.

    Yes, the media will ultimately drop the mail matter because there is no real issue; but of course they will never admit that, they will state or imply that it is because Hillary effectively stonewalled it. And then the Republicans will come up with another one of these, even if they have to completely invent it. Again, like junior high school; someone says something ridiculous, and suddenly it is whispered all over the school.

  245. Another Clifton article. I don’t think he is wrong about most of it, but I don’t find her “robotic” – but I get his point. Disagree about her being more liberal now than a year ago – She’s always been that way.
    He has a lot of good ideas.

    5 Things Hillary Clinton Must Change About Her Campaign

    I make no secret about the fact that I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter. It’s not that I don’t like Bernie Sanders, I just have my doubts about his chances to win the general election and how effective he can be as president. Seeing as 2016 is one of the most crucial elections in many of our lifetimes, I’m not overly eager to support a candidate who 41 percent of Democrats have said they wouldn’t support in a recent Gallup poll because he’s a self-described socialist.

    But even as a Clinton supporter, I’m not blind to her flaws. In fact, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with her campaign thus far. Not because I doubt her as a candidate, but in politics, perception matters – and the perception of her as a candidate has taken a beating lately. Now, that’s not entirely her fault. As Sanders supporters have become more emotionally invested (and sometimes flat-out hostile and irrational), it’s natural that they’re going after her with the same tenacity that Republicans have for years. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that. I could write an article filled with nothing but comments I’ve come across from Sanders supporters about Clinton and you would think they were taken straight from Republicans. While I’ll continue to put my support behind Hillary, I think she needs to make some changes to her campaign – and soon. Otherwise, even if she wins the nomination (which is still very likely), the perception of her is going to be so tarnished that it’s going to make a once slam-dunk candidate very vulnerable next year.

    That’s Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem right now – perception. Literally nothing “new” has come out about her over the last year. It’s the same nonsense Republicans have been pushing for years. Even the email “scandal” they keep pushing is something almost no one really cares about. Yet, despite the fact that nothing has really changed (except she’s actually come out far more liberal than many had thought she would on several issues) liberals continue to turn against her. So here are five changes I believe Clinton must make to her campaign if she wants to gain back her momentum.

    So here are five changes I believe Clinton must make to her campaign if she wants to gain back her momentum.

    1. She has to come off more personable:
    Listen, Hillary Clinton isn’t Bill. She’s never been the most warm or personable person in politics. She’s far more “business” than “personal” – and there’s nothing really wrong with that. I’ve never been someone who “wants to have a beer” with the president. I just want an effective leader. That being said, she has to stop coming off like she’s afraid to answer questions without being prepped beforehand. She wasn’t always like this. She’s never been the type of speaker President Obama or Bill Clinton is, but she’s never been this robotic. I’m not sure who’s telling her to be this “stiff” but they’re giving her horrible advice. One of the biggest contrasts I’m seeing is that when she says something, it’s cold – even if what she’s saying is great. Again, it’s about perception.

    2. Embrace the press:
    This one is tough, because hammering Clinton is good for business. While I’ve never been a big believer in “gotcha questions” (though they do exist), it’s clear many members of the media are fighting to ask her questions not because they want to hear what she says about an issue, but because they’re hoping to get their next “shocking headline.” But at the same time, “freezing out” the press just appears shady. Even though I understand why she’s not the biggest fan of the media, blowing them off doesn’t help either. She needs to take a page from President Obama’s playbook and just hit back at the media if they ask a question that’s clearly meant to try to lure her into giving them fodder for an anti-Hillary article.

    3. Expand her speaking audience
    It’s been rumored that the main reason why Clinton is holding many of her speeches at smaller venues is to appear more like “one of the people.” Look, that’s not going to happen. She’s a multimillionaire, a former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. One of the biggest perceptions that’s helped Sanders build momentum is the liberal blogs bragging about the big crowds he’s drawing in.
    Now, does any of this really matter? Well, it goes back to perception. When your strongest opponent is speaking in front of 8,000 people and you, the presumptive frontrunner, are speaking in front of 2,000 – it looks bad. If Clinton wanted to, she could fill large venues with massive crowds. Catering to smaller crowds is only making her look less popular than Sanders, which isn’t true. While her numbers have taken a slight dip, she’s still crushing him in national polls. If I were advising Clinton, I would insist that she needs to build up her “rock star” vibe again. A big step toward accomplishing that is seeing the headline, “Clinton attracts 15,000 at speech in (fill in the state).”

    4. She needs to take command of her liberal message:
    I’m amazed at how many liberals I come across who honestly believe she’s no more liberal than someone like Jeb Bush. While she’s clearly not as far-left as Sanders, she a lot more “left” than many liberals seem to think she is. The biggest reason for that is she’s not out in front of her message, pushing the fairly left-wing agenda on which she’s running. Once again, it’s about perception. If you’re running on universal health care; women’s rights; campaign finance reform; immigration reform; reducing (or eliminating) the costs of getting an education at a public university; combating climate change; and regulating Wall Street – yet many on “your side” seem completely unaware of all of that – that’s called being ineffective at getting your message out.

    5. She needs to stop campaigning “not to lose”:
    I’ve never – ever – been a fan of the tactic “play not to lose.” Sure, it’s safe – but it’s also weak. Clinton is the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic nomination. That being said, leaning against that lead, hoping it doesn’t shrink too much before next summer, is a piss-poor strategy for someone who wants to be President of the United States. Hillary needs to get her ass out there, take charge and be the person she’s been most of her political career. It seems as if the people running her campaign have basically told her to “play it safe and ride this thing out,” hoping her big lead holds. That might ultimately work, but it’s not doing her any favors to energize the people who’ve begun to doubt her ability to be a leader. Win or lose, I’d always rather see someone “play to win” than simply build a lead and sit back hoping not to lose. Look, this isn’t meant to appear as if I’m “losing faith.” Again, a lot of this is just about perception rather than reality. Like I said, nothing about Hillary Clinton has changed (outside of her actually becoming more liberal) since this time last year when she was overwhelmingly popular among liberals. And while her numbers remain high, there’s no denying that there are quite a few who have lost some of that enthusiasm about her they once had. And while I’ll never be in a position to directly advise her, if I could, these are five of the things I’d tell her she needs to do ASAP. In politics, perception is often reality, and right now the way she’s been running her campaign hasn’t given off the best perception to many voters who she’s gong to need if she ever wants to become president.

    Read more at:

  246. GWM4Hill, that is an interesting piece. Clifton is far too easy on these people. If Sanders were nominated, the Democratic Party would be essentially destroyed. The Republicans would win by such a margin, that they could easily undertake their agenda of tearing down the entire social fabric of this country. And they would be set up to control the Supreme Court for another 30 years at least; probably more, because the Democrats would be so weakened that they might not be able to raise sufficient funds to ever combat the Republican machine.

    I don’t think the Sanders people care. They got a taste of victory with Obama, when the DNC deliberately handed him the nomination, and they gloried in that, and want to repeat it. This time they would get massacred, but they see it all as a fun computer game, so they would just find another one to play. And of course some of them would spend the next twenty years writing articles for Salon about how the country is forever ruined, and they are moving to Costa Rica or Greenland. They take no responsiblity for any of their stupidities, they never have. And if Sanders were to be nominated, Mr. Clifton could support him all he wants, but it would not do an iota of good. “Democrats finally admit that they are Socialists” would resonate for a half-century, and the people who caused that would be nowhere to be seen.

    Oh, and just wait until Hillary gets the nomination, and these fools go around promising to vote for a third-party candidate, or even the Republican nominee, so that Elizabeth Warren will be all set to take over four years from now.

  247. The second Clifton piece is much worse. I am so heartily sick of these kind of “well meaning advice” pieces which are written by people in every Democratic campaign. We saw it in the Gore and Kerry campaigns, too: the candidate needs to say this or that, or dress a certain way, blah, blah.

    Hillary is quite personable, as attested to by many people whom she has met in Iowa. She is actually a fine grass roots campaigner. She is doing well in her campaign. These kind of articles are almost insufferable. They do no good whatsoever, and they are worthless on their face. They actually help do the Republicans’ work for them. In fact, I am not sure that Mr. Clifton is much of a Hillary supporter, if at all. If I thought that Hillary were not running a good campaign, I would say so, but she is. Tom Harkin the other day said to public media that he thinks she is doing everything perfectly in Iowa, as perhaps opposed to the last time, when he did not endorse anyone.

  248. Who is Allen Clifton, and why should Hillary take political advice from him? That second article sounds more like concern trolling than anything constructive.

  249. He wants her to campaign more like Sanders? WTF?! If she were giving lectures in big venues, then blowing people off like he does when they want to ask questions, the media would skewer her as entitled and elitist. Sheesh! Maybe Allen Clifton is Karl Rove’s pen name.

  250. Uppity @ 10:56 am on Sanders: “He looks like someone should run him through a car wash too.” ROFLMAO! Best description of Bernie yet!

  251. William, I think both pieces are very interesting and don’t find the latter one insufferable, (provocative, Yes) The fact that you and Clifton disagree is healthy and worthy of debate. I don’t think (especially by reading Clifton’s other pieces) he is not a strong Hillary supporter (see article linked below). I strongly disagree with him on other issues (his support for “Kaitlyn” Jenner and the whole trans-fraud package) and I do agree with you about the Sanders people being even more dangerous than he makes them out to be – they are a toxic combination of the Hillary-Hating Obots and stealth Republicans.

  252. GWM4Hill, I am glad that you say that Cutler is actually a strong supporter of Hillary. And I don’t expect all Hillary supporters to march in lockstep. But it is just that I don’t think we have the luxury of engaging in debates about “process,” how Hillary should present herself, how she should talk to people. I think that she does a good job at that, even though she is not the orator that her husband was; who could be? But when I see her talking to people in small states, she seems to connect very well. Anyway, trying to “revamp herself” would be a very big mistake. She is Hillary, and she has an unparalleled grasp of issues, which should be more than enough.

    As to Jenner, I had a bit of an epiphany the other night, though probably this has already occurred to many people. Surrounded by Kardashians, who have no talent other than managing to become famous, and have wall to wall coverage by the media, Jenner did the only thing available to him which could get that kind of coverage. So that it isn’t about “bravery,” or “expressing his true self,” it is a once famous and adulated man desperately trying to come up with something to get all of that back, and apparently finding it–at least for as long as that plastic surgery worked.

  253. Smartest person in the room once again. She invited BlackLivesMatter to meet with her in the overflow room thus keeping them from interfering with her speaking. I loved how she turned this conversation around to basically “WHAT strategy, legislation etc. are you behind to solve the problem?” Excellent response by Hillary.

    Also, Bernie is missing a great fundraising tool…he should have Tyco make a BernieBot Beanie Baby for the kiddies to buy,

  254. The problem is, having an unparalleled grasp of issues, being smarter, more accomplished and astute than anyone running ISN’T enough for some people. Hillary had all that in 2008 (“I know what Republicans are capable of. I’ve lived through it for eight years”) but those unique Hillary qualities didn’t “matter”. Nowadays, it’s all about “feelings” and “giving people hope” (Barf).

    Of course, the fact that a WOMAN possesses all those qualities makes a lot of people feel very threatened. Better to “feel good” about oneself by voting for a completely inexperienced, silver-tongued black guy or a rumpled grandfatherly sage.

    Agree about “Kaitlyn”. But I’m not sure “she” has come back – ratings for “her” reality show keep dropping every week. “She’ll” have to do something daring, like buy an off-the-rack dress or get shoes at Payless.

  255. OOOOOOH, SNAP! Great video, VotingHillary! 🙂

  256. Hillary’s conversation with the BLM folks was priceless. Ever pragmatic, she gave them very good advice by saying their movement will only have a long term impact if they come up with specific plans, programs, and proposals. They were all like, well, you’re not the boss of me.

    And she pointed out that for all its flaws, the Crime Act of 1994 was badly needed at the time and was especially needed by communities of color who were the victims of crime more often than anyone.

    This was truly Hillary at her best, and she’s been at her best a lot lately.

  257. Whatever his/her/its reason, Kaitlyn makes me puke.

    When he gets his dick removed I might buy his schtick. Till then, he’s just hedging his bets as far as I’m concerned.

  258. She was very frank in telling them that she can’t help them if they can’t tell her what they need from her besides confessing her “sins”. Love it!

  259. The BLM movement can’t get past the yelling and screaming phase and the focus on the logo/mantra that Black Lives Matter but don’t you dare say anybody else’s life matters so far, but once they do, they will understand that they do have to be specific and work on plans and proposals like she suggests. Otherwise it’s just an anger movement and let’s face it, anger and fear-generation never solves anything in a permanent way. Hopefully, phase 2 will realize that. Hell, if you have the ear of a powerful person, that’s the time to tell them what they can do for you, how they can take the initiative to make things better.

    Realistically, we certainly are not going to disarm cops. That would be ridiculous. But I for one think we ought to be a bit more careful to whom we give this power, and some real temperament and psychological testing is definitely in order before hiring. Let’s face it, we have had some incidents that were inexcusable, but certainly not all the incidents that are being argued fall into that category. Some people become cops for the wrong reasons, just like some people become teachers or priests for the wrong reason. We need to weed out unsuitable temperaments before hiring. Nobody should have to feel like slamming their door when they see a police officer in the vicinity. People who abide by laws need to be made to feel that police are there to protect and serve them not make them feel afraid just by their presence. Something has dramatically changed in the past few decades. Community relationships have been degraded. I always feel like a borderline criminal when I interact with a police officer. It wasn’t always that way. I don’t really know how to explain it further, but I do think most of you know what I mean. The last thing I think of is calling the police if I can find another option.

    Conversely, if you are going to provoke a cop then I have no sympathy for what happens to you next.

  260. If they want to become as irrelevant as Occupy Wall St., they will completely disregard everything she said.

  261. Uppity, that was excellently said. The issues are difficult; and I don’t think anyone wants the cops to just ignore criminal activity. But yes, there are bad cops, with lots of testosterone and adrenalin, and they live for the feeling of power. We don;t want that kind. But if a cop’s life is made so dangerous and unpleasant that people don’t want it, then we have a worse problem. All lives matter, and maybe some of the minority communities might try to do a better job in teaching their kids that being educated is not a “whitey thing,” and that “street cred” is not the goal of life.

  262. There’s another side to the “Black Lives Matter” movement that is seldom addressed. Black women don’t matter enough in the Black Lives Matter movement.

    (And yes, black-on-black crime is also very seldom addressed)

    “Women have come so far in the past hundred years, but at the same time, we really haven’t come that far,” states Maya Milton, 19, Seattle Central College student and local artist. “We’re still fighting to get equal rights. Women are treated very unfairly,”

    She says it’s unfair that women created the Black Lives Matter movement, only to see it overshadowed by men.

    Hersi, who is a youth organizer with YUIR (Youth Undoing Institutional Racism) says that if you don’t go out of your way to follow Black female activists on Twitter or on Facebook, you won’t be exposed to them at all.

    Mainstream media has literally silenced Black women’s, and Black trans women’s voices. To Walker, that erasure happens at least partially due to stereotypes that marginalize black women’s perspectives as angry or unreasonable.

    “People continue to say ‘there’s a right way to go about it, there’s a constructive way,’” explains Walker, “but as a Black woman I know that there’s never a ‘right’ way to say something. As long as I’m a black woman, what I say and how I say it will forever be labeled as angry regardless.”

    “You know what? I am angry, and I have a right to be angry.”

  263. Well sisters, rejoice! FDA is deciding today whether or not to approve the female equivalent to Viagra. The Be All To End All! Now mind you, it won’t help everybody, and they aren’t saying how many “everybody” is, but I’m sure it will be pricey, aren’t you? Of course, it causes headaches (the bane of sex to begin with!), dangerously low blood pressure, and fainting. And you can’t have alcohol if you use it, but hey……….wait a minute. Give me a glass of wine and I’ll have sex with you. So, why the hell would I want this shit?

  264. There’s an elephant in the room; how many of these rogue cops are newly discharged from the military?
    Are there some cops bringing a Fallujah mentality to traffic stops?
    We know that white supremacist groups are infiltrating the armed services.
    That said, BLM does not appear to be interested in policies or solutions.
    They’re harassing Democratic politicians (Trump would have them tossed out at the first peep), seemingly looking for some kind of Maoist show trial where O’Malley, Sanders and Hillary accuse themselves of crimes and beg forgiveness.

  265. Upps, the FDA has just approved “female Viagra”. It sounds like a really bad drug. Women have to take it every day for weeks or months to see any increase in libido. Even then, it reportedly doesn’t work very well and has a ton of side effects. Hallelujah!

  266. Read my comment on that a few comments up, Beata.

  267. Thanks, Upps. I did read your excellent comment. That’s why I checked to see if the drug had been approved yet and it has. I wanted to post the link because it explains the low effectiveness and potential risks of the drug very well.

  268. OWS was typical of the generation. A big worthless party where everybody else bought the food and LL Bean tents. Childish Twinkles Up, infantile behavior, paper airplanes, and run home to mommy’s basement the minute it got cold. Loved when they complained that the homeless were eating their free food and treating it as free food. A big NON ACCOMPLISHMENT. Mr. Rogers was right there telling them they are special.

    If the 99% were like these losers, nothing would ever get done.

  269. Beata the only people that drug will help are the pharma stockholders. Did you see they are now pimping vaccinations for Whooping Cough? There is no end to the bullshit these clowns will come up with in TV ads. Those adverts should be flat out ILLEGAL. Worse than cigarette ads. Got everybody thinking they have every disease they can think of an acronym for. And the side effects are UNBELIEVABLE!

    Gee he’s dead but his face cleared up.

  270. Yes, vague but loud complaining without any coherent policies or proposed legislation behind it, will not accomplish a thing.

  271. On the female viagra, they will do what they did with HRT…collect data in the field and see who dies.

  272. Yep, it’s all about the money. The FDA rejected Addyi, the “female Viagra” drug twice before, in 2010 and 2013, because of serious health risks. But Sprout, the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug, then started lobbying efforts aimed at “feminists” which seem to have worked.

    From the link above:

    “Critics said the FDA was pressured into approving the drug by a feminist-themed lobbying campaign funded by Sprout and other drug makers.

    ‘It’s just a mishmash of politics and science and sex and money,’ Tiefer [ a psychologist and critic of the drug ] said.

    The lobbying group, dubbed Even the Score, began publicizing the lack of drugs for female sexual dysfunction as a women’s rights issue last year.

    ‘Women deserve equal treatment when it comes to sex,’ the group states in an online petition to the FDA, which attracted more than 60,000 supporters. Women’s groups, including the National Organization for Women, signed on to the effort, though it was funded by Sprout and other companies working on female sex drugs.

    At an FDA meeting in June, more than 30 members of the public called for the drug’s approval, frequently citing the Even the Score campaign. They vastly outnumbered speakers who spoke in opposition to the drug. At the meeting’s conclusion, the panel of FDA advisers voted 18-6 to recommend approving the drug, with safety restrictions.

    Sprout declined to comment on how much it spent on the campaign.”

  273. From #HillaryMen’s latest essay:

    “The reaction among her [ Hillary’s ] media detractors is shrill, journalistically unethical, infused with deep animosity, and riven with a kind of transparent desperation that almost stirs a humane sympathy for their deep psychic misery.


    This is the cynical playbook and frankly, intellectually lazy nature of what they offer as ‘news’ and ‘analysis’ in the Age of Hillary.

    1. Incessantly peddle false Rove and Koch-funded right wing narratives to tarnish Hillary’s public image.

    2. Latch on to the slightest hint of trouble ( an unfavorable data point in a poll, a negative comment from a voter, an anonymous quote from an ‘insider,’ and so on ).

    3. Insist darkly that more nefarious deeds will eventually be uncovered ( Hillary’s emails are just the tip of the iceberg because she ‘is a Clinton’ ).

    4. Magically step outside of the very negativity they are creating to become ‘objective’ observers lamenting all the bad press around Hillary.

    5. After unceasingly attacking her, ask why she’s always under attack.

    6. Rinse and repeat.

    This is how the national media fabricate news around Hillary and then report on it like they had nothing to do with the very news they manufactured. That she’s still standing (and thriving) in the face of it drives them into a frenzy.”

  274. Someone fish me out of moderation!

  275. If you have not checked him out before, take a look at Peter Daou on twitter. He is heading up Hillary Men and fighting back against the hack press. Some of the reporters are so thin-skinned that they have blocked him on their twitter feeds. He is not being nasty, he is just give them the facts. Its time to fight back people and the first line of attack is sadly the press.

  276. Diane, my comment in moderation quotes #HillaryMen and is about the hack press. #HillaryMen are fighting back but in an entirely professional way. No cheap shots like the press uses with Hillary.

    Amazing to hear reporters are so thin-skinned that they are blocking Peter Daou on Twitter. It’s like the old saying we learned in childhood: Some people can dish it out ( in this case, the reporters with their constant criticism of anything Hillary ) but they can’t take it.

  277. These feel the bern people are becoming bigger and bigger assholes by the day. Good lord. They’re willing to turn the election over to someone who wants to turn women into birthing slaves so they can pat themselves on the back that they got their candidate nominated.

  278. Ga6thDem, Sanders won’t be the nominee. Sanders’ followers are delusional if they believe he will. At most, he may win a few primary or caucus states. My main concern is that Sanders will become so ego-driven that he will decide to run as a third-party candidate. That’s the way he can really ruin Hillary’s chances and turn the WH over to the GOP. Let’s hope he has the common sense his followers so clearly lack.

  279. Well if my ICD didn’t kick in now, it never will! I just lost the brakes on my car! Coasted to the mechanic shop. Scarey! I think I lost a brake line. Pedal went to floor and brake light went on. No fluid leaks. Whoa!

  280. Good God, Uppity, how scary!
    I’m so glad that you’re okay.

  281. OMG, Upps! That’s terrifying. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt. {{{ HUGS }}}

  282. Beata, I was worried about that as well, but Sanders has said he won’t run as a third-party candidate and will support whoever the Democrats nominate (i.e. Hillary)

    Let’s hope he keeps his word.

  283. It was a first for me. All I could think of was, shiiiiiiit! After all I’ve been through I’ll be DAMNED if I’m gonna die this way!

  284. Ga, they are the same little pissants who harassed us in 2008. They are perpetually angry and delusional, the Gimmee Crowd. Gimmee a salary even if I don’t work. Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee. They haven’t got a realistic bone in any of their bodies. They are also obsessive when they latch onto a candidate, seeing what they want to see, hearing what they want to hear. They are the MIRROR IMAGE of the Ron Paulies. Ron Paul would be pulling in 3% in the polls and they would go to the online polls where you can vote over and over again and obsessively bump his numbers up and then declare that he’s winning! What a loopy generation!

  285. I’ve been following Daou for years. Love him.

  286. Great read:
    Why Hillary Clinton Drives Her Enemies Crazy

  287. Same here Upps
    Glad you are alright after the brake scare. 🙂

  288. Keep Calm and. 😀

  289. Good read, Sophie, thanks.
    I’ve admired Lyon since “Fools For Scandal.”
    This is hardly Hillary’s first trip to the Rodeo. She’ll be just fine.

  290. Uppity, I’m glad that you were able to get your car into the shop before anything disastrous occurred.

    Each election cycle, it seems as if the media cannot get worse, but they manage to. One could and should write an entire book about it. Corporate ownership; the seeking of profits above all else; non-journalist talking heads blathering about nothing; invented scandals. They have no decency, they have no sense of journalistic ethics; and they don’t care what happens to the country or the world, as long as they get air time, and can go to fancy restaurants. I don’t know if this democracy can survive without a fair and ethical press and broadcast media. Maybe a few people will step up and surprise us.

  291. The “Fox New reporter asks Hillary if she wiped her Emails” has been “Trending” on Facebook all this week. There is never a day when some fake Hillary “scandal” is not rubbed in everyone’s face there.

  292. Did anybody see her blow the reporters off with a wave of her hand and tell them,”Nobody talks to me about this. Except you”

  293. New “Gender Bias Thesaurus” from #HillaryMen:

    To help sort through the terminology used to describe Hillary, we’ve put together the following thesaurus:
    •A male candidate is smart, while Hillary is “calculating, scheming, crafty, manipulative.”
    •A male candidate values privacy, while Hillary is “secretive, suspicious, paranoid, uncommunicative.”
    •A male candidate takes strong positions, while Hillary is “polarizing, divisive, alienating.”
    •A male candidate deserves the benefit of the doubt, while Hillary is “untrustworthy, corrupt, deceitful, dishonest, unethical.”
    •A male candidate is an achiever while Hillary is “over-ambitious, will do or say anything to win.”
    •A male candidate is diplomatic while Hillary is “inauthentic, disingenuous, fake, unlikable, insincere.”
    •A male candidate is solid and unflappable, while Hillary is “machine-like, robotic, abnormal, cold.”
    •A male candidate is a confident leader, while Hillary is “inevitable, defiant, imperious, regal, testy.”
    •A male candidate is experienced, while Hillary is “old, out of touch, represents the past.”

  294. Also from the #HillaryMen article:

    “It is difficult to overstate the impact of these word clusters. Persuasion by repetition is a powerful thing; it is how the public absorbs information and forms opinions. The added gender bias with respect to Hillary further exacerbates the effect, as the terms tap into a deep well of cultural sexism. Furthermore, many of the negative words associated with Hillary are focus-grouped by shadowy conservative research groups and surreptitiously fed to the media.”

    And the media, like pigs at the trough, just eat it up.

  295. Strong support from Black voters will be very helpful in the primaries in Southern states, where Black voters are sometimes 30-40% of the Democratic voters. Obama got about 98% of the Black voters in 2008, enabling him to win Southern states by substantial margins, virtually the only actual primaries he won. If Hillary can beat Sanders by around 65-35% in those states, she will add a lot of delegates. And those voters are not going to be swayed toward Sanders.

  296. Uppity, a mail for you.

  297. new thread please,
    and an Apple Pie. 😀

  298. Foxy you slave driver! I was going to tell you to write one!

    SCREETCH! New Post up!

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