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An essay by our member, William:


August 25, 2019

The country is in the third year of the Jeb Bush presidency. It is in the midst of the hottest summer on record, with temperatures in the 100’s in many states. Climatologists who three years before warned that the “tipping point” on climate change was close to being reached unless drastic measures were taken, now state that it is virtually impossible to stop it. Republicans in Congress have gutted every environmental law and control previously on the books, and coal emissions have skyrocketed. Fracking has extended to both coastlines, and the Alaskan National Preserve. Pollution covers most American cities, in some cases worse than in the 1970’s, before the former EPA air quality standards were in place. The intense heat of course holds the pollutants in the atmosphere longer. Asthma, emphysema, and other lung diseases become epidemic.

The Food and Drug Administration has been essentially eliminated by the Republicans. Outbreaks of poisioning due to contaminated foods are becoming commonplace. Some state governors have warned their citizens that they cannot guarantee the safety of any food or drug on the market, and that extreme care must be taken.

Social Security benefits have substantially diminished, under the cuts decreed by Bush and his Republican dominated Congress. In his Inauguration Speech, Bush vowed to end Social Security, saying that the country could no longer afford it, but he promised to do it over a five year period. There are to be no more new Social Security recipients beginning January 1, 2020.

Medicare benefits have been severely slashed, under the legislation which offset these cuts with a payments of up to $1,000 a year to allow the elderly to buy insurance. However, with insurance rates skyrocketing, most seniors are unable fo afford such plans, and are reportedly using the money to buy dog food to eat. Bush has promised to crack down on this fraud; and the Congressional leaders have indicated that the payments may be terminated altogether.

The stock market, which rose 500 points in the three months after Bush’s election, which conservative pundits hailed as a “Republican Rally,” has now dropped 2500 points since then, as unemployment has risen, and spending is down. Corporate profits have done well in some industries, with many more jobs being outsourced or eliminated than in previous decades. Economists believe that we are already in a recession, the depth of which is not yet known. Republicans have promised to further cut corporate taxes, which they say will stimulate the economy; even though the reduction to a 20% top rate two years before has not done so.

An article in the Washington Post, entitled, “Were We Unfair to Hillary Clinton?” has gotten some coverage, though most of the broadcast media has ignored it. The article wonders whether the media was unfair to Clinton during her campaign, ignoring most of her policy proposals, in favor of covering matters such as her email, her speaking style, and her wardrobe.

Part of the article is as follows: “It turns out that Ms. Clinton was correct when she predicted a downturn in the economy if the Republicans won the White House. She was also right when she warned that the Republicans. if given control of all three branches of government, would quickly move to end Social Security and Medicare; while most of the media scoffed at this, saying that it was just fear tactics from a candidate desperate to win. And unfortunately, her warnings that global warming would drastically increase, seem to be proving out. Perhaps we in the media paid too little attention to these policy issues, in our more pervasive coverage of personal matters.” The article goes on to say, “We may owe Ms. Clinton an apology. But whether we do or not, our hope is that we will work to improve the way the media covers campaigns in the future.”

This article drew scornful reaction from the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd. Writing on the company’s blogsite, which has taken the place of the former print editions, Dowd said that Clinton’s retirement from public life was “akin to Miss Havisham sitting in her room filled with cobwebs and stale wedding cake.” Dowd also likened Clinton to Lady Macbeth, Daisy Buchanan, Medea, the Medusa, Lizzie Borden, and any other character she could remember from her high school and college literature courses.

The broadcast media, now “All Conservative, All the Time,” hailed the raising of the chocolate ration from two grams to three.

This could all be real headlines and news from this date. Or there could be an alternate history where things are much better. Who can tell? In the words of the great Philip K. Dick, from his novel “The Man in the High Castle,” “Believe.” And realize that if it has not already happened, we might still have a chance to keep it from happening.


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  1. Believing as I do, that Global Warming is a money making scam akin to the Bomb Shelter Scare and Y2K, I was tempted to put up that shot I have of Al Gore freezing his ass off in Copenhagen, but I’ll be a good sport.

  2. Wonderful, William, and despite the very humorous shots at MoDo, your essay is truly chilling.
    “What’s at stake” cannot be repeated enough.

  3. Thank you, Sue!

    Uppity, I appreciate it! I know that we might differ on the global warming matter, but we agree on most issues, of course.

    As I’m sure most know, the novel “The Man in the High Castle” by Philip K. Dick, was an alternative history where Germany and Japan had won WWII. There was, however, a dim hope that there was another reality, where the Allies had won. “Believe” is what the man who wrote the hopeful reality history tells the heroic woman in the story. It won the Hugo Award for Science Fiction.

  4. Man, that’s a bleak version of America. Of course, having lived through the first miserable Bush administration I’m not about to vote for another one. And misery is just what Jeb would deliver to the entire country.

  5. Actually, I think it could be worse. Given what Bush did in Florida, and what the Republicans in Congress tried to do under GW Bush, I think it is likely that they would try to guarantee a permanent Republican control of the country. They would change the Senate rules to make filibusters illegal. They would try to have states change their electoral college rules to give proportionate electors based on the percentage of the vote, which would of course greatly benefit the Republican presidential candidate. They would do nothing to enforce voting rights laws, and would let states make it almost impossible for many ethnic people to vote. And so on.

    I could have written more in my essay, but it was getting so upsetting that I thought it was better to let a small part stand for the potential whole. Republicans want an absolute oligarchy which cannot be changed by any populist devices. They are not far away from it. Those people who are flirting with Sanders; or those who keep cavilling about supporting Hillary Clinton, do not seem to understand what they and all of us risk.

  6. I was thinking,if this were written about Hillary’s Presidency, we would have MoDo missing from the story due to the fact that she jumped off a high building on election night.

  7. Very good, Uppity. Actually, although I know there are far more important things, the prospect of Dowd having to deal with a Hillary Clinton administration is quite enjoyable to consider. We should all be sure to write her letters to celebrate that.

  8. I watched the Morton Downey, Jr. movie on CNN, tonight.
    They’ll always be men like Downey and Trump that appeal to the lowest common denominator type who just wants to stomp on someone’s head while screaming, “USA!”
    I do wonder if America is “blessed” with more willfully ignorant people than other countries?

  9. It is an interesting question, Sue. I don’t think we have much of an educational system here, as, say, compared to England, where people seem to have a better grasp of history and some sense of how society got to where it is. I find the lack of knowledge of most people, particularly younger people, very concerning. They can’t spell, they have little idea what words actually look like when written out; they know almost no history, either social or political. They can’t tell a good argument from a flawed one. The fact that so many people actually think that Trump’s ideas of “We’ll just tell them what to do, and make them do it” are actual solutions, is quite unsettling.

    On the other hand, Europe, for all of its centuries of learning, supported fascism.

  10. William, our educational system wasn’t always this way. There have been burdens placed upon schools to act as soup kitchens, primary care clinics, social worker offices, psychiatrists, social directors, transporters and baby sitters, they have essentially taken the place of good old-fashioned parenting. When I went to school (yeah, yeah, in My Day, I know) the job of a school was to teach. Period.

    Toss in the Dumbing-Down of our schools so that nobody feels “left out” and trophies we hand out just for showing up so that everybody can be ‘special,’ and that is how we got the generation we have. They all get to go to college even if they are dumb as a brick. Colleges offer ‘Remedial English’ courses and everybody graduates and thinks some CEO is going to tap them on the shoulder as ask them to be Lord of The Company. They all think they are worth far more than they are and don’t want to wait for advancement. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

    When I went to school (Yeah yeah I know….) there was no such thing as grading on a curve. If you wanted to go to college you had best be in the top quartile of your class, preferably higher. And you graduated with a “College Entrance” diploma. You had to learn things that we now just delete from the curriculum because it’s all just too hard for these “Special” kids. For chrissakes, they are eliminating cursive writing from curricula now, toooooooo much work!. To top it off, there’s a constant push to evaluate teachers based on how smart these little lazy, spoiled, entitled dodos all are at the end of the year. Ridiculous. How can any teacher win at that game unless he/she is teaching in a very rich district where parents actually act like… know…..parents. And even then, some parents are over the top protective of their mediocre little spawns.

    I hate to poke us all in the eye, but this is thanks to the far left touchy-feely bullshit. Then we are amazed that these kids can’t make it in the real world and are gung-ho for Socialism. Just remember what a bust Occupy Wall Street was to get a bead on just how Unable they are to handle much of anything from start to finish. I mean, there was a boatload of young adults in tents somebody else bought, eating free food and complaining that it’s unfair not to have an income just because you aren’t working. The best they could achieve, between having sex, consensual and otherwise, was to throw paper airplanes at a bank building! How many things did we all see wrong with that picture?

    For a touch of humor – and reality – I offer you this:

    Hey! Getting to school early is a problem for kids. Let’s start the school day later so they will be in a better mood!

    Now we have Honor Rolls for “effort and partial credit”

    Here’s a kid who got the answer wrong on Jeopardy and is upset that he didn’t win, his life is ruined!

    Red pens! They hurt your students’ feelings!!!

    Oh and guess how many students cheat their way through college and think there’s nothing wrong with that?

  11. Uppity, I very much agree with your comments. Part of this comes from “diversity issues,” the sense that some children from minority backgrounds don’t have the “advantages” others have, so we must make the curriculum easier. Then you are right that the “no child left behind” concept dumbs down the schooling to the level of the slowest person in the class. And then we have the fact that the teachers have become less knowledgeable about their subjects, and are mostly glorified baby sitters.

    Some years ago, a law firm I was working for had gotten a request to have an attorney come by for “career week,” and speak to the students about what it was like to be an attorney. So they asked me if I wanted to do it, and I thought it would be fun. I got to this junior high school, and the teacher told me that the “students” were somewhat difficult as far as holding their attention. They weren’t listening to her, that’s for sure. So I started to talk, and half of them completely ignored me. They just talked to one another, or wrote notes, or whatever. A few listened. When it came time for questions, the first young lady asked if I had a girlfriend. Then came some other silly question,; then another girl, who apparently had not listened to the first one, asked if I had a girlfriend. These kids were all from at least a middle class background, and were mostly Caucasian. If this was indicative, there is almost no teaching at all. How any school could let things deteriiorate to that point, is pretty sad.

    When I went to school, teachers were not harsh, not punitive. Some you liked, some you didn’t like. But the kids sat there and mostly listened and tried to learn. There were pop quizzes at times, and midterms and finals and sometimes papers to do; and a lot of homework, which I hated to do, because I thought it was busy work, but I did it, mostly. And I loved to learn, and I loved to ask questions. I had one very nice history teacher in high school, not the best teacher, but a nice man who loved to tell us stories about past political campaigns. And I was fascinated by all of this, and asked him question after question. He made history come alive, at least in that sense. But if no one who teaches knows things like that; and if no one is interested; and if the classes are essentially about making kids feel good; and if the school is more concerned about minor “bullying” which always goes on among children; and about “zero tolerance” of bringing aspirin to school, or a sharp pencil, then you have kids who grow up not knowing anything about anything, and not caring to. And then they take their place as adults, of one sort or another.

    I was reading the autobiography of John Cleese, and while he not love school, he liked learning various things. And he said that he actually enjoyed memorizing dates and pieces of poetry, which he can still remember. He thought there was some value in that. One can argue about that, but there is certainly some value in actually learning some facts, some history, and how the government actually works. It is possible that those Republicans who seem to have no concept of social history, no regard whatsoever for science, or observable facts, are products of our decayed educational system.

  12. William I taught High School English before I made a career change, and I can tell you that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Kids learn respect at home, not in school. We used to have a figurative saying, which was: If you follow an ugly kid home and ring the doorbell, an ugly parent will answer the door. It’s not always the teacher’s fault. Kids are raised without respect for authority these days. I blame this on my generation of parents who started it all….they would run to school and stick up for their kids no matter what. Now their disrespecful little spawns have spawned more of the same. If there’s no discipline at home, so how can you expect it in school? Children have been taught they can have what they want and that they are soooooooo very “Special”. Well, in the real world they are not special at all. They don’t listen because they don’t have to. Teachers are strapped in the discipline department too. Everything today is a potential lawsuit. I wouldn’t go back to teaching today if you put a gun in my mouth and told me I had best do it. Kids are far too busy with social endeavors and they pretty much EXPECT to pass all their classes. Or else.

    You know, one thing about countries that have stellar education is: Respect for teachers. We have none of that here. Parents don’t respect them and neither do their kids. You can’t attract the best and the brightest into a profession everyone treats like dog crap. This is not an easy job to begin with. Just saying!

    Here’s what teachers have to teach to today. These kids have the attention span and learning capacity of a slug.

  13. P.S. I taught at a time when kids who didn’t do shit still FAILED. As it should be.

  14. I taught for a while at the middle school / high school level in a mid-sized ( pop. about 60,000 ) college town. Most of the students came from educated middle-class backgrounds. It was like working in a madhouse. I feared for my life in some of those classes. Having a chair thrown at me ( the kind with a desk attached ) was a pretty good day; lots of days were worse. And no, teachers were not allowed to discipline students. All we could do was send them to the principal’s office for “time out” ( which the students enjoyed ). I was threatened with lawsuits by students more than once for doing absolutely nothing. They knew whatever story they told would be believed ( kids never lie! ) and I would be branded a liar or worse. It was a nightmare. I would never teach again.

  15. I didn’t have those problems. I had a good mix of fun and they knew when I was serious. I enjoyed teaching. It just didn’t pay enough and I had this sinking feeling I was going to be sitting in the same place at the same time, doing the same thing every day of my working life. I also knew that, as a good teacher, I was never going to make more money than a lousy teacher. That did bother me. I always got stuck with the massively large study hall in the cafeteria, while the teachers who ‘couldn’t handle it’ sat quietly in their rooms with a study all of 20 kids. They got paid as much as I did. It secretly irked me.I also wanted more variation and the opportunity to advance, and I am not fond of recurring tasks. So I left a tenured job and I more than doubled my salary, had respect, was treated with dignity and worth. And the promotion opportunities were aplenty. Yes, I worked all year ’round, and I had some pretty heady responsibilities along the way, but to be honest, I was NEVER as tired at the end of the day as I was at the end of a school day!

  16. Yes, Uppity, like a lot of bright kids, I once considered being a teacher. But I would never want to, now; even though rather ironically, the salaries have gone up to a reasonable level. And I don’t think that many want to be teachers at this point, so those who now go into it are often not nearly competent enough.

    But yes, the interest in learning does come from the family. I blame many factors, not the least of which si the relentless dumbing down of people by television and movies. People have no capacity to sit through dialogue or exposition; they want slam-bang action and computer graphics. No one reads books; it’s;too difficult, and requires too much patience. So the kids do not grow up in households where reading, and discussion of ideas is encouraged.

    And I do believe that a strain of American anti-intellectualism has been accentuated to where the capacity to form and understand a coherent argument is seen as not nearly as important as “feelings” and an emotional response. So that every comment in class is supposed to be valued, the inarticulate along with the insightful, because they are “authentic.”

    I was remarking the other day that I was just amazed by the continued popularity of comic book movies. Then I realized what should have been obvious–that many adults who grew up on comic books, and never wanted to read beyond them, are racing to see every one of these films, to see what happens when Ant Man battles Napkin Man, or whatever. Nothing wrong with escapist entertainment, but not when that is all there is, and one cannot escape from it. What is the latest on the Kardashians? Is Hillary going to be sent to jail for robbing a mail truck?

  17. Beata, that sounds very harrowing. And I am sure that the administrators pulled down sizeable salaries, while doing nothing to support the teachers. And everyone gets passed through, and no one learns anything.

  18. I worked in special education where I taught students with learning disabilities. Some of them had learning disabilities like dyslexia and I didn’t have problems with them. Most of the others were emotionally disturbed and were labeled “learning disabled” because they couldn’t function in regular classrooms. They were children with serious mental health problems. The administrators were not supportive of teachers and basically left us to fend for ourselves with these students. I was a good teacher and did my best for all my students because I cared about them. But after a while, I couldn’t take it anymore. The burn-out rate for special education teachers is high.

  19. That’s a real specialty Beata. Most teachers won’t touch special ed. I would run like my hair is on fire.

  20. To lighten things up a bit:

  21. Oh, this is rich.

    In Jeff Greenfield’s article entitled “Democratic Blues: Barack Obama will leave his party in its worst shape since the Great Depression – even if Hillary wins”, our old friend Donna Brazile is shocked, I tell you, to find the Democratic Party in such disarray!

    “It’s almost a crime,” Democratic Party Vice Chair Donna Brazile says. “We have been absolutely decimated at the state and local level.”

    To solve this inexplicable problem, “Donna Brazile has joined with Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and others to form a task force to address what Brazile calls a decade-long neglect of the grass roots. “Democrats,” she says, “are like cicadas; they come out every four years. The midterms, the state and local elections, they’re just not sexy enough.”

  22. Hey, Donna! I guess when you send a “Message to the base: Stay home” it can bite you in the ass. Thanks for helping to ruin the Party. Have a great day.

  23. Furthermore, Donna, F**k You.

  24. Hillary’s new ad is focused on the middle class. It will be on TV in Iowa and New Hampshire.

  25. Brazille and her ilk in the Dem party will never…repeat NEVER…acknowledge the damage they did to the party in 2008. My fear is with so little depth on their bench, the Dems may maintain the Presidency, but it will be worthless since they can’t win the Congress. To a degree, the Republicans have the same problem…leadership stagnation.

    Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, McConnel…rinse, repeat.

  26. “Clinton Campaign on Alert for Undercover Conservative Sting: Dirty tricks alleged as campaign heats up”

  27. Are imust and Sophie on vacation? Call home!

  28. From The Hill: “Hillary vs. Media Malpractice” slams the press:

    “Hillary Clinton did not send or receive one classified email. Not once. Not ever. If others sent her emails that included materials that should have been classified, but were not, or were classified, but not labeled as such, for any in the media to treat this as a criminal scandal against the candidate is media malpractice of the first order. When Republican partisans level this charge it is the professional duty of legitimate journalists to report and explain the facts and not repeat and legitimize the lie.

    In another example of media malpractice, CNN on Wednesday released a poll that showed Clinton defeating every Republican opponent by between 6 percent and 10 percent. If this margin victory for Clinton occurs on Election Day, it may bring Democrats back into control of the Senate and give Democrats some chance of regaining control of the House, especially if Clinton wins by the 9 percent that the poll showed her defeating Jeb Bush by.

    And yet, in a stunning example of media malpractice, many political commentators stated that a poll showing Clinton winning by such large margins is a setback for the Clinton campaign, and proof of her faltering campaign.”

  29. From Hillary’s Press Secretary:

  30. Young girl at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas asks Hillary an important question:

  31. I have this weird feeling that I have entered an alternative Internet universe where I am talking only to myself. Could I be dead? How would I know? Can I have a pony now?

  32. Because of what it says about Americans, the Trump phenomenon is starting to scare me.
    Anybody else catch the Alabama rally, last night?
    I watched for laughs and came away scared.
    Not because Trump was eloquent or persuasive in any way, but because the enormous crowd was eating up his blowhard bromides with a spoon.

  33. I question whether Trump’s past financial dealings will hold up under scrutiny as the campaign progresses. Trump’s a blow-hard and a train wreck. He would be a gift to Hillary in the general election.

    Trump is full of promises, promises but he doesn’t deliver. Just one example from a 2011 HuffyPo article:

    “Though it may be hard to believe given his mild-mannered demeanor, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is the only potential Republican presidential candidate who can claim to have fired Donald Trump. Back in 2005, Daniels effectively blocked Trump’s attempt to build a casino in the town of French Lick, Ind.

    In one of his first acts as governor, Daniels asked for the resignation of the state gaming commission that approved Trump’s plans for a $108 million casino. The move raised tough questions about Trump’s financial viability. Around the same time, the Indiana tax court also ordered Trump to pay an estimated $20.9 million in back taxes. When state gambling regulators delivered a list of demands to Trump including details on the project’s funding, the mogul couldn’t meet a state-imposed deadline and backed out of the project.”

    “Before Daniels’ election, a casino in the fabled resort town was the subject of heated competition with the odds favoring a group led by hometown basketball hero Larry Bird, according to local officials.

    But Trump won the uphill battle by wielding all his charm. He swept into town for a personal visit, went on a marketing blitz and promised a glitzy casino with marble floors and sparkling chandeliers. Trump’s group had the most ambitious proposal, featuring a bigger facility and more gambling revenue.

    “They didn’t look too closely at Larry’s offer,” remembers Jerry Denbo, a former state representative who was the prime supporter of gaming in the county. “We had some local leaders who thought they could see Larry anytime they wanted but Donald Trump — he was a big deal. His TV show was a big hit and people got swept up in the excitement.”

  34. I’m not scared about Trump. So he drew a big crowd in Alabama. Americans like to see celebrities. If they can see one at a free event during the dog days of Summer, a good number of people will show up. They will cheer and clap for him, have some fun, and then go home. That doesn’t mean they will vote for him as President.

  35. Trump is what the republican party gets for offering up a gaggle of obvious closet Despots. The only normal one in the bunch is Kasich and even he is starting to slip hanging around with the rest of them. He’s worried about conversations in teachers’ lounges. You probably shouldn’t worry too much John. Except for lunch, teachers have just enough time to empty their bladders in the lounge bathroom before their next classes. But hey, you can always bug all teacher’s lounges. God, what are these candidates taking?

    As the Ohio Republican explained it, he believes school teachers congregate and, while talking among themselves, express concerns to one another about lost benefits and pay cuts.

    Cut that talking to each other shit out!

  36. I propose that rather than being unionized, public school teachers should be forced to become Discalced Carmelites. Then they will be allowed to speak only when they are teaching classes. These classes will be strictly supervised as will all the time teachers do not spend in class.

    “Peace be with you, teachers.” “And also with you, John.”

  37. William, great piece.

  38. Hiya Upps and all Uppityites!

  39. Hi, NES!

  40. NES! I am so glad to see you! imust just said the other day she misses you!

  41. Beata, nice selection!

    With a friend at hand, you will see the light. It your friends are there then everything’s alright*

    *Note to the English majors: the Brits spell it that way!

    Nice essay, William. Freaky, but…

  42. Yeah another one the English get wrong. Heheh.

  43. Well, the final shoe just dropped. Biden is talking about VP with Warren. This all makes sense now. ValJal drops the hint to the press about Hillary’s email thus sidetracking Hillary’s campaign with that bullshit. Biden says if he runs he will be one-term. Obama says Uncle Joe has his full support. Warren becomes Hillary/Sanders’ supporters consolation prize (2 for 1…beat that one Trump) and then she runs in 2020 and the progressives have the POTUS for 8 more years….if we still have a country left.

    This is so F*cked UP!

  44. Elizabeth would be a detriment to the ticket. She can’t keep her mouth shut for starters. And she’s too far left. The Indy’s will not like it. And I would want a NAMED source before I believe this story or any of its parts.

  45. And let me tell you something else. I would vote for Trump before I would vote for that Groping moron OR Warren. It’s no secret I am left of CENTER. I still enjoy capitalism. Warren is NO consolation prize to this Hillary supporter. More like a booby prize.

  46. There is some humor in this story though. Hillary, being a wimmin and all, is Old and Out Of Touch. Sanders and Biden, both of whom are OLDER than she is, are Fresh and In Touch.

  47. NICE of Biden to declare that he won’t still want to be pressy in his 8Os. lolol. Talk about the Old White Man Party. Which party IS that again?

  48. The “Biden is Running” story is really heating up. He had a “Surprise!” meeting with Warren today. Reportedly, he sat “very close” to her during the meeting. ( Okay, I made that part up. )

  49. Hell that’s not a stretch. He sits very close to ALL the women, usually with lots of hand contact and nuzzling. Gawd, I’m gonna puke.

  50. The guy had a brain bleed for chrissakes. What the hell are we doing? Does anybody really want to support Joe Biden OR Bernie Sanders? There’s a guy who forgets to take a shower. Both of them poll like shit. This party is getting seedier by the minute. What planet am I on? They make Trump look good. The Democratic party is making it increasingly difficult for me to want to hang out with them. Just saying. The Netroots really ARE Nutroots.

  51. Because CNN is the source for the information about the Biden-Warren meeting, I’m going to link to it but if Upps or the other mods want to delete it, go right ahead.

  52. Oh CNN said it. Then it surely must be true!

  53. I guess the email thing isn’t flying well, so CNN had to come up with something else. Let’s throw Warren against the wall and see if she sticks.

  54. Upps, I looked for another source of information about the meeting but couldn’t find one. All reports ( and roads ) lead back to CNN’s story.

  55. Yeah. Funny, that, huh?

    Don’t worry. The others will mimic it in no time flat. That’s how it’s done.

    Love how they said he “Dropped out early” in his presidential bid. They forgot to add “Because Plagiarism”.

    Well this certainly is a diversion from the fading email story. Wait a minute….nevermind.

    I see Fox is pimping for Biden. Boy does Hillary ever scare them or what?

  56. Ok I don’t want to hear anymore biden bullshit unless and until I see him flap his lips and say he’s running. Because this is bullshit. He polls even worse than Bernie.

  57. Rabid Hillary-hater Gloria Borger “contributed” to that CNN report. ‘Nuff said.

  58. Then do me a favor. Next time don’t post their shit unless you analyze first like you are analyzing now. It upsets me. And I’m sure it will upset others. Deal?

  59. Dang NES. Flies through and goes. I gotta Punish her some way.

  60. Sure, Upps. It’s a deal. I was trying to figure out the story myself after someone else first posted on it. Why don’t you delete my posts? I would appreciate it. Delete them all. Thanks.

  61. You know, I have serious health problems of my own ( an inoperable brain tumor ). I’ve contributed to this blog over the years and don’t like being treated like crap by you, Upps. Thanks for upsetting me. I really needed that.

  62. Brian Fallon, Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, took to Twitter with an epic 32-tweet explanation of the trumped-up (no pun intended) email story. It cuts right through the frenzied spin by Hillary’s opponents

    Since this is a Hillary grassroots weekend of action, it would be cool if all those here who Tweet would retweet each of the 32 Tweets, in order.
    Hint–it’s easier from Twitter than from the article–just go to Brian’s Twitter home page, scroll down to the first one, and start retweeting.

  63. LOVE this


  64. Brace yourselves.


  65. Thank you, NES and Sophie.

    If Biden enters the race, Hillary can still win the nomination. Biden is going to “name” Warren as his VP candidate before he is even nominated? This sounds like a baseball trade package. And he is going to tell everyone that he is only going to stay in for one term if he wins? That should really help things. And then, if he somehow wins, Warren is given the nomination? She is not an inspiring candidate, and the Democrats would lose by an immense amount, thus putting us in worse shape than if we had lost the first time. Or Biden will lose, the Republicans will take over everything, and then Warren can be nominated and get slaughtered in a general election. And then maybe Donna Brazile can run, to see if she can better the 32% that Warren gets.

    The media, which has sunk to the lowest level ever, has been pushing and pushing this. They think that they are the kingmakers, the Mark Hanna or Bob Strauss of this era. What a disgraceful display of bias on their part.

  66. If the Dems actually have such a plan to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, I too will play the Trump card. If they’re hell-bent on sending this country to hell in a hand basket, let’s do it as quickly and efficiently as possible-torch the sucker.

  67. Yes, Donna Brazile fixing the nomination for Obama has completely wrecked the Democratic Party. I hope it was worth it, Donna. Everyone here could have predicted what would happen. Obama could not help any downticket person after the 2008 election, and probably hurt many of them. And now we are close to having the Repubilicans have a dictatorship. Hillary is the only one who could stop this, but the media, and a bunch of very foolish and arrogant Democrats, are desperately trying to stop her. I do hope that some of them will wake up. The media isn’t going to.

  68. Sophie, I do not really disagree, but I have this suspicion that Trump really doesn’t want to be President, he just wants to act like one; and he will bow out at some point to be the kingmaker. But maybe not, maybe he really intends to push all the way for the nomination. The problem we have is that if any Republican wins, the country is pretty much destroyed; and thanks to Donna and Company, we have no credible candidate for the next time. Maybe Gloria Borger will find one for us.

  69. Do you think maybe this is being perpetuated to take the pressure off that Nothing Email issue that they just want to keep pretending is Something? I mean, CNN would be the best suckhole place to ‘leak’ it. They grab anything that has Hillary-Bad on it.

    Would our party people be that benevolent? Biden and Hillary have been friends for a long long time. Of course, a wise person once told me that in Politics there ARE no friends. But still….by tomorrow this story will have legs even though there is not one indicator that it’s true or false.

    For starters, it’s very late to be throwing a hat in a ring in terms of fund raising if nothing else.

    Just thinking out loud.

  70. William not only downticket, but the Regressives worked to dump our own people in Congress who were moderates. Some of them refused to give their delegates up to Obama too. So they trashed them all, pretty much. We lost seats, sense, reason and none of these assholes cared. That’s when all Sense left the building. That’s crap the GOP does to people who don’t walk a fine, fine line to cater to what is actually a loud minority, just like our loud and stupid minority. We are officially a mirror image of the GOP. Guilty of the same extremist type behavior that we hate about the GOP. I mean, let’s face it Bernie Sanders really IS a Socialist. It doesn’t get any more extreme than that. He’d turn us into Greece in no time flat.

  71. Wondering what all of those out-of-work animals from dKos have been up to?

  72. I did begin my comment with, “If the Dems actually have such a plan…”

    If not, we’re good.

    But IF, then Fuck. It. All.
    No, I don’t give a shit about SCOTUS anymore because guess what intersectional third wavers, I don’t need birth control, abortion, or protection from a wife-beating husband. Sure gay marriage is lovely, but it would have been lovelier two decades ago when I actually wanted to get married. Go ahead and take my voter rights because there isn’t anyone else worth voting for. Did I miss anyone or anything in my scorched earth rant? Trust me, it was a mere oversight.
    I do not have another 2008 in me.
    So, even if they run Santorum, I will do it. Watch me!

  73. Wow Sophie, everybody should read that link you just posted. SOooooooooo On target!

    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a man who has always advocated for the underdogs, for women, for minorities. And so it’s exceptionally ironic and troubling that his campaign is being hijacked by priggish, self-satisfied, angry white progressives. The elitist, misogynistic kind whose myopic priorities are pot laws and the privacy of their emails. Oh, and their zealous, rabid hate for former Secretary Hillary Clinton.

  74. LOL Sophie are you reading the comments?

  75. I don’t think that Biden has all that much support, not as much as the media wants him to have. So they have all these provisos like Warren on the ticket, or only one term, to try to sweeten the appearance. I think that the only way that Hillary could lose the nomination is if somehow Sanders or Biden threw his delegates to the other one. Hillary has a core of support which I think would give her primary victories over both of them, but they would pile up some delegates in Brazile’s European style “let’s split up all the delegate votes, so if you win a primary, you only get a couple more delegates than the loser” process. So they might be able to cheat her out of the nomination in that manner, but I think she’ll win the nomination. And then all she has to do is beat one Republican.

  76. I am with Sophie. I don’t give a shit what happens to the third wave pissants. They let this all happen now let em punt.

    By the way Soph. Check your twitter messages.

  77. That’s not the word on the street right now, William. The word is, Hillary is getting set up by Mr. Sleaze Obama himself.

  78. The other talk is that Biden and Warren are talking about the Iran deal

  79. Yeah like Warren can do anything about it.

  80. Well, it would be disappointing if BIden decided to run. And it would be upsetting if Obama weresupporting it, after all that the Clintons have done for him since he was nominated.

    But unless Obama calls Hillary a racist, and demands that Black people all vote for Biden, I don’t think there is much that he can do. Oh, or unless he leaks email stuff, but I don’t think there is any, and I don’t think he would, anyway.

    Hillary can win a three-person race. And I don’t think it is like trying to find a silver lining to suggest that this would give HIllary the benefit of not being “the insider,” not being the person who is looked upon by the public as trying to be Obama’s third term. That would be Biden, in both respects. Hillary then becomes fresher, in some sense. The Hillary supporters would need to redouble their efforts, This never comes easily. I would send Hillary more money, and I hope that everyone who can, will, too. Obama would be risking splitting the party, but that probably has never concerned him a bit. But Hillary is the one who has to surmount all of this. And if she is willing to fight, then we must as well. And you know, if Hillary beats what turns out to be Obama’s choice, then that might be just a bit of recompense for 2008.

  81. I’m sure that story is everywhere by now. It’s how they roll. One starts it, the rest grab it, especially if it hurts Hillary. We don’t even know if it really happened. We don’t know anything real anymore. The press no longer can be trusted. The ‘sources’ are always sketchy. Our politicians are all shady and secretive. the GOP is swiftboating Hillary and she is just sitting in the freaking boat. I don’t get any of this any longer and, frankly, I am starting to lose interest. If Joe wants to run and take EW with him, I do hope Trump does at least some good for the country as President, because the dog known as Joe and Elizabeth is a dog that will not hunt in a general election. As with 2008, I will not vote for them. And I’m getting a little tired of living an a stolen republic where I needn’t bother to vote anymore because the system is so corrupt and the so-called leaders are so sleazy, it no longer matters.

    Everyone here, do you REALLY not have a feeling that the idea from BOTH sides is to STOP HILLARY, just as it has been for 25 years? And that Hillary seems to be making the same mistakes she made in 2008? Or do I need more coffee?

  82. Well, it would be disappointing if BIden decided to run. And it would be upsetting if Obama weresupporting it, after all that the Clintons have done for him since he was nominated.

    Like that matters to a Chicago politician.
    In politics, there are NO friends. In Chicago politics, there are Plans for The Other Person. Just think of the long range sleaze Obama planned for 2008. Not being on Michigan ballot because you Know you will lose, go back later and crap on the results and make them in your favor. Don’t campaign in Florida because you Know you will lose, go back later and snatch yourself some free delegates. This kind of convoluted and vindictive Planning is the art of the devil. What makes us think he hasn’t done it again? Anybody?

  83. Yeah, endorse her early–leaves plenty of time for you to flip.

  84. I haven’t liked Joe Biden since the Clarence Thomas hearings. I liked him even less when HE personally arranged “Bankruptcy Reform” to benefit his Delaware Credit Card company constituents. He screwed people royally and got away with it. This is NOT a man who gives a shit about “the people” at all. And he’s an embarrassment more times than any of us can count. He also gropes any woman he can and that is pictorially provable. If I were the Republican candidate, I would skewer him with those pictures subliminally in ads. He is also a proven plagiarizer, not that this bothers the Nutroots, who know how to cheat like pros. And finally, today, when I thought I couldn’t possibly think less of him, I see where he is exploiting the death of his own son for yet ANOTHER Presidential run.

    Onto Elizabeth Warren. She is a fractious person who nearly NEVER plays well with others. She never knows when to keep her mouth shut and, I, the quintessential feminist, draw the line when it comes to her. I do not like her. There is a chalky undertaste to EW. She got past her baggage in the senatorial election because Scott Brown proved to be the suckhole bust many of us already figured out he was. He couldn’t possibly last as a senator, much less as a senator in MA. Unless of course, he could operate on the basketball court with Barack. His looks carried him long enough and then it was over. He was a nice wrapping and bow on an empty box. He won because his opponent was expertly swiftboated as only the GOP knows how to perpetrate upon the dumb-as-a-brick Democratic Party. In any event Once a lazy playboy, Always a lazy playboy. So EW took him out. Woo Hoo. A cockroach could have taken him out.

    To put a more succinct point on it, I Do. Not. Like. Elizabeth. Warren. But I do think she’d be great in a job where she gets to torture banks. That is, if she’s got any action ability beyond shooting her mouth off with all her big blustering talk. Which I somewhat doubt.

  85. Richardson. Oh Pulllllleeeeeeeeeze! I long for the day when Hillary gets him back.

  86. I suspect this endorsement is Richardson’s first act of penance for 2008. There is no way Bill would offer anything to this idiot again.

  87. I don’t like Richardson any more than any of you do, but the timing of this announcement is somewhat worthwhile. I don’t think that Richardson can influence any voters, but endorsements are helpful, particularly at this point.

    I rather agree with Uppity on Warren. I rooted for her to beat Brown, suffered through watching her struggle in the debates. She doesn’t have close to Hillary’s knowledge, poise, or charisma. She is just another fanciful projective candidate of the latte liberals. You would think that some of them would have taken a class in government at some point, so that they would understand that unless the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, they couldn’t do a thing to banks or any other corporations. It is just a wishful fantasy they have. Hillary woluld have enough coattails to perhaps win back the Senate, if she were strongly supported. But these self indulgent idiots would rather lose, and somehow feel ennobled by it, and then go off and look for a new frappe in which to drown their sorrows.

  88. Lorna, not sure it’s penance so much as bald-faced fear of appropriate revenge.

  89. It’s an active investigation; I’m not sure that Hillary can say much more than “I’m sure that it will all be resolved, soon.”
    That doesn’t stop the “press” from running with every ort that Trey Gowdy spoon feeds them.
    Hillary is a fighter; that’s one of the reasons we all love her.
    Let’s not compare her to Jet Ski Johnny.

  90. Cute

  91. Upps– I couldn’t agree with you more on both sides engaging in a “STOP Hillary” campaign. Feels like redux 2008. And, it’s frustrating that her email issue is a self-inflicted wound.

  92. Eff Bill Richardson! Can’t wait to be gets his in a HRC Administration. 💣🔪

  93. Eff Bill Richardson! Can’t wait till he gets his in a HRC Administration. 💣🔪

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, please! #Cockroach

  94. NES, I’m not picking a fight, but how self inflicted?
    Hillary obeyed all the rules and regulations.

  95. She did indeed follow the rules. The rules were changed in 2014, she wasn’t even SOS then. She did it exactly the way Colon Powell did it. She did what did. Those guys actually DID destroy all the emails. Nobody said Boo. She did NOTHING wrong. NOTHING. If an email that was NOT classified came to her, it was not classified. Period. She is not expected to have a crystal ball. Well at least nobody else would be expected to have a crystal ball. Hillary is held to different standards every single day. If she had KNOWINGLY received emails DESIGNATED as Classified that would be wrong. That didn’t happen.

    Sue, i think I understand why NES calls this Self Inflicted. If she had not had a private server, this wouldn’t be an issue. But that doesn’t make it illegal or wrong in any way. She just mistakenly thought she would be held to the same standard as a former president, former SOS and a Pentagon honcho. Silly girl.

    The problem here is FBI etc and State dept disagree on what constitutes “classified”. That’s THEIR argument. How is that her fault? She does not have to turn over ANY personal emails. That’s her Right to Privacy. I am sure the GOP would have a ball with her personal stuff. There are people saying she “Should” have turned the server over 6 months ago. To whom, exactly? The GOP. ROFL.

    This will turn out to be NOTHING. They couldn’t find anything else so they picked on this. It’s just how they Do things when they want to kill somebody off. What scares me is Hillary is just letting them do it. She knows this isn’t amounting to a hill of beans but she doesn’t seem to realize they will continue to skewer her over it until the investigation of the emails is over with.

  96. One more thing. They keep comparing this to Patreus’ case. Well Mr. Patraus, however the hell you spell it, KNOWINGLY had CLEARY LABELLED Classified information in his home safe. Then he KNOWINGLY shared the information with his concubine. How the Fuck this has anything to do with the issue of emails sent to Hillary is beyond me!

    THe irony here? The state dept got hacked and she didn’t.

  97. Just to point out how INSECURE and BEHIND THE TIMES our government computer and security systems are………they all still use Blackberrys.

  98. 😆

  99. August 20, 2015 at 5:00 PM Upps said:

    Believing as I do, that Global Warming is a money making scam akin to the Bomb Shelter Scare and Y2K, I was tempted to put up that shot I have of Al Gore freezing his ass off in Copenhagen, but I’ll be a good sport

    I agree Upps. Besides Barack Obama, This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American people.
    We do have some climate change on the way.
    It is called Fall. 😀

  100. Sweet Sue: You can never offend me in a political debate — I love them. Upps knows it, which is why she never hesitates to pounce when she thinks I’m full of sh*te. Lol

  101. You are not full of shite today, dear NES. Tomorrow could be another story. *Snort*

  102. OMG Foxy. Will I need to replace all my lightbulbs and check the mercury level in the house to make sure it’s high enough before Fall hits?

  103. “Self-inflicted” is the buzz phrase making the rounds. It’s intended to make people think she actually did something wrong and she DESERVES all the hate, vitriol, and insults they all can hurl at her.

    I hate that phrase. It’s got a blame-the-victim, what-was-she-wearing smell to it and I really did expect better on this page.

  104. So Upps, Sweet Sue, & others here I suspect will disagree with me 100%. Here’s my view of the email flap & an explanation of what I meant by my reference to a “self-inflicted wound.”

    HRC is being held to a higher standard than her predecessors: this is not a surprise to us nor is it to her. Bit was predictable. She knew this when she used a private server for her work emails, but she chose to do that anyway. It could’ve been avoided had she used a separate iPhone (or BBerry) for private mail. It was a miscalculation because she’s a Clinton & can’t afford to give the many with CDC — both inside & outside her party — a weapon to use against her. This was not politically astute; ditto “wiping” the server. I can’t use a private server for my work email: I have to use my law firm’s. And, when a subpoena or document request is served on any of my cases, I can’t choose what I want to produce and delete the rest. The work email belongs to my firm and to the particular client on whose behalf I’m sending the email. (All workplaces own email sent or received on their system/network.) HRC’s work emails during her time as SoS belong to the State Dept. — that’s not just a matter of law, but also common sense and professional ethics. HRC knew it: she’s a lawyer.

    Now, as to whether it was then illegal then not (most probably not) is irrelevant in my view. It’s politics, not a court case, and appearances matter. Perception is all, isn’t it? No one can believe that a SoS is not emailed classified info. Her poll numbers have been affected, so it’s not a nothing-burger. Let’s hope the issue is a blimp, but none of us can be certain it won’t dog her well into 2016.

    Also, HRC needs better lawyers. She can’t be making varying statements about this: from “no classified emails were sent or received” to “no emails DESIGNATED as classified were sent or received.” This can’t be another “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is” scenario because people don’t buy the sincerity of that. Her lawyers need to figure out one explanation that holds up in all possible scenarios, currently known or not, and stick with that.

    All the above is what feeds my frustration: she could’ve avoided this and would be sailing along now.

    Ducking and covering now…..

  105. SophieCT said: “I hate that phrase. It’s got a blame-the-victim, what-was-she-wearing smell to it and I really did expect better on this page.”

    Sorry to disappoint , my friend, but I think of this blog as one where debate is polite permitted, especially among friends. I support HRC’s candidacy, and will defend her to outsiders, but here (& in other friendly quarters) I won’t sugarcoat things I think are a problem (for her).

  106. NES I do understand what you are saying. It just pisses me off that I do.

    All the above is what feeds my frustration: she could’ve avoided this and would be sailing along now.

    Bullshite. They would drudge something else up and we both know it. It’s never-ending with these witch-hunters. I guess I would rather have it be this than some of the other things they have yanked on through the years.

    By the by, you sexy legal-thang, you have sent me some pretty interesting emails from your Penthouse work server. They are your private personal emails. I’m sure you have deleted them. Right? Because they weren’t working documents, although some of them would have made interesting ones as I think about it in retrospect. In any event, Hillary did not turn over her emails about Chelsea’s water breaking. I know this is a huge disappointment to the GOP, riddled with perverse men who revel in Things To Do With Women’s Crotches.

  107. Ahh Upps, you know better me better than that .. I am my worse critic. I have used the work network to send personal emails, & I will fully understand if my firm claims them for its own; it’s the law. Also, deleting doesn’t help: nothing electronic can ever really be deleted & everything can be easily recovered. Lastly, I’m not a politician or other public figure; if I were, I’d get & use my own (non-work-issued) mobile device, or kick myself for being stupid. It’s a no-brainer.

    (Check DM.)

  108. Yes tis true nothing is ever really deleted from the internet. Not so sure that’s a fact with servers.

  109. Well, let’s hope/pray it’s not the case with servers.

  110. You can’t hit the internet’s memory with a hammer if you get my drift.

  111. Look how the IRS accidentally destroyed records that simply can’t be retrieved…..

    ……..cough cough

  112. Well, let’s hope/pray it’s not the case with servers

    I’m honestly not worried about that. I’m more worried that the GOP will latch onto her personal emails, the kind we all have that are meant not to be shared. They would LOVE that.

  113. If the GOP starts publishing her private emails, that would be a miscalculation. Voters will flock to her in sympathy. But, they will, if given the opportunity, overplay their hand. Might be a good thing for her — I can’t imagine her personal email is racy or nasty.

  114. The Trump-popularity phenomenon is baffling to me. He’s such a buffoon. One’d expect him to rise momentarily (as Mr. Pizza & SanitaryNapkin did in 2012), but then plummet. Can you explain his continued buoyancy , Upps?

  115. Yes I can explain it somewhat, NES. There are a lot of crazy SOBs in America. Trump is just showing us all where they are. Personally I think it’s hilarious, and the GOP deserves every minute of him.

    He just says what they are thinking. He’s a reflection on-steroids of their own convoluted thinking. Except for Kasich, and they will NEVER pick him, he’s way too close to being a regular person who kind of thinks everybody else’s business isn’t his to control. He unforunately has a heart and would probably try to reach consensus now and then. He’s finished.

  116. People watch dumb TV shows and movies. They think that the problems in the country are easily solveable if someone just cuts through all the legalese. I saw somebody write once that Ross Perot could clear up the tax codes if he just sat down with Congressional leaders over a pot of coffee.

    So when Trump glowers and says, “we’ll build a wall across the border and make Mexico pay for it,” they think they’re watching a cowboy movie with the tough sheriff. They think that any non-politician, non-lawyer person can solve thiings that way They’re understandably sick of politicians who talk for an hour and say absolutely nothing. But they don’t understand government and they don’t understand the issues. Trump seems entertaining, and so it’s like they are watching another TV show; what will happen next?

  117. I am also glad to engage in political debate. I don’t think “self-inflicted” is a debate topic. At this point, it’s a slur (or dig or smear or right wing talking point, if you prefer those).

    I DON’T think the server thing was a bad choice or a good choice or any other value-weighted choice. Why was it entirely up to the employee to do what they want and the thing she decides to do is now judged to be the wrong thing to do? You know why–because SHE did it. I’m not going to let the media brainwash me into calling it a mistake when it was a valid option at the time.

    Looks like the village already charged and judged her and they’ve decided we should punish her by torture–let’s dangle that presidency one more time and make her dance. I hope she gives them the finger.

    I think she should continue to mock them. At her hearing in October, she should put a blue dress and cigar on Gowdy’s desk saying, “This is what you’re looking for, right?”

  118. NES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. I am of the opinion that Hillary did nothing wrong at all. Just maybe not the best way to do it, but nothing wrong. The Republicans and the media have latched on to this with all their might. The Republicans can’t beat her otherwise.

    We watched them talk about Whitewater for five years, and for only $90 million. The media really thought, or wanted to think, that this was something very significant. And we had articles and whole shows about it. And it was absolutely nothing. And Vince Foster, and Travelgate, and Thisgate and Thatgate. And it would not stop. They are desperate to find something that could stop Hillary from winning the election on issues. They are obsessed and crazy, both the Republicans and the media. The email actually has nothing to do with anything. It is all that ludicrous hinting that there are deep secrets being hidden, just like with Whitewater, and Hillary’s stock deal, and Bill allegedly holding up air traffic while getting a haircut, and all the rest of it. It’s really all of a kind. And then they get to talk about how she answers it, what she says, and on and on. “Clintons on the defensive,” their favorite headline of all.

  120. I think the Trump Phenomenon is a few things.

    One, none of the other candidates are viable. Everyone knows that. Normally, they would settle on the strongest establishment candidate but apparently, even Republicans don’t want another Bush and if they would, it ain’t Jeb. He’s the only different candidate.

    Two, even though he’s a buffoon, he’s enjoying pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes. He’s actually Romney’s argument come to life: Corporations are People. He is a Corp and he’s being quite human, for all its messiness. Conversely, there’s the rest of the field. They’re politicians and they’re puppets, not people. We’ve been saying this all along, but he’s demonstrating it in real time and its televised. He’s playing with them. He says something and they either rush to agree with what he said or say what their benefactors allow them to say. None of the rest of them have minds of their own. I take that back–they’re not allowed to use their own minds. Crazy as he is, he’s leading, they’re following.

    Three, he’s treating the media like shit. He answers what he wants. he interrupts. He talks shit about them. (And YES, I am really jealous that Hillary cannot do that because she is held to Clinton Rules.) People actually like that. The people, it seems, don’t like the media narrative any more than they like business as usual.

    Frankly, he’s my second choice. Okay, not exactly. He’s my literal trump card in case the party fucks us over again.

  121. Wisconsin poll

    Hillary 44%
    Bernie 32% percent
    Joe Biden 12%

    Lincoln Chaffee, Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb each receive less than 1 percent support.

    Hillary in General Matchup:

    Clinton 47, Bush 42.
    Clinton 52, Walker 42.
    Clinton 50, Cruz 38.
    Clinton 51, Trump 35

  122. imust!!!!!!! How da hell are ya?

  123. Thx William, Upps & Sophie for your thoughts on the Trumpster’s ‘appeal’ (such as it is). He just horrifies me, to the point I can’t stand to see him. But, the GOP has done much to deserve him…so let the games continue.

  124. Liking that poll, Upps. I’m a little surprised that Jeb does best against her because he doesn’t seem to be generating much enthusiasm among GOP primary voters.

  125. The poll is pretty good. The one concern is if Biden does not run, where does that 12% go?

    On the definitely positive side, Wisconsin is one of the more liberal states in terms of its Democratic voters. If Sanders doesn’t win there, I don’t know where else he could win, outside of a few Eastern states and maybe Oregon. It is a question of how long he plans to stay in the race. The Democratic primary process is ridiculous in terms of its proportionate delegate counts, so someone who doggedly hangs in, and keeps getting 30% or so of the vote, can pick up a lot of delegates. He can’t win that way, but in a multi-person race, the scenario becomes more dangerous. One hopes that they won’t risk tearing the party completely apart by such a scheme. Hillary will beat any Republican–if her own party would just get behind her.

  126. I’m good NES!!! Glad you’re back! We’ve got to stay positive and get Hillary elected!!

  127. I watched an older movie I have called Bulworth this weekend and I think that movie explains Trump’s appeal. Trump is Bulworth. He is saying to the political parties and the media what most American voters would like to say…that they are all full of $hit. Bulworth didn’t speak in PC terms, he just let ‘er rip and let the chips fall where they may.

    What I also liked about the movie is that he called out the American Voter and their “vote party line” whether or not that party actually followed through.

    If you have never watched this movie, I highly recommend that you do. Some clips are available on YouTube but I worried posting due to language. (I didn’t want to assume it was ok.) Beatty offers a truly honest and inspired take on our media and politics that is just as true today as it was in 1998 when this film was released.

  128. NES, you have to figure in name recognition. Thus a Bush will get some percentage. Frankly, I am a bit surprised Jeb is doing as badly as he is. I thought the Bush Kingdom was more powerful than that. He’s really giving a dismal showing. I think he’s as surprised as anyone.

  129. Yes Voting! I do remember Bulworth!

  130. I will say this one more time because it still keeps coming up. People keep saying, Well, Hillary did nothing wrong, but she used really bad judgment using personal email and a personal server. Here is what I know: we don’t have all the facts. Period. The constant hacking of the State Dept. server is itself classified information. So Hillary can’t say she was advised not to use it. Just like before that idiot Republican Congressman revealed the classified info about the house in Benghazi just being a front for the CIA facility there, she had to act as if it was all State Dept. facility and personnel. And before the Bin Laden raid, the Pakistanis took the CIA station chief in Lahore into custody, and Hillary got him out so the raid could go forward. She insisted he was a diplomat with diplomatic immunity. These are cover stories to protect classified information. “I used personal email for convenience” may well be another cover story because the State Dept. doesn’t want its email ststem even more compromised than it already is. We know how bad it is only from security experts outside of government. Government officials do not ‘confirm or deny”.Because it’s classified! I refuse to judge Hillary’s decisions re email without knowing all the facts which as of now I don’t.

  131. Up, you may be the one person who loathes Joe Biden more than I do. I agree with everything you said. The man is an ass, no matter how many members of his family die tragic, premature deaths. That doesn’t mean he should be president! He’s still an ass!

  132. Brassy Rebel, that is a very perceptive comment. Only a Clinton gets this kind of treatment, where it is held to be legitimate to probe into everything, even if it potentially compromises national security, or is ordinarily out of bounds for the media and the opposing party to speculate about. No Secretary of State before Hillary ever had to face this kind of insane scrabbling over this kind of thing. She has been out of the state department for three years; she was considered to be an excellent Secretary of State; she did not compromise one iota of classified information. And yet the media allows and further inflames what is virtually an insane partisan attack on her which can do damage to national security.

  133. William, it is well known that Hillary was hesitant to accept the job when Obama offered it. Many reasons have been cited for her hesitancy, but it’s entirely possible that she realized that in a position like SOS there likely would be times when she would have to put national security ahead of her own political interests. I believe she has done so again and again. And the emails nay be one!

  134. Good call on Bulworth, VotingHillary! Perfect analogy to Trump.

  135. Agree. Bulworth applies for sure.

  136. Rebel, re: Joe Biden. Thank you. How many things can you find wrong with that guy’s picture? If that were Hillary…well…….you know.

  137. Rebel very perceptive remarks about security and classified information. Funny how even though it was leaked that this was really an undercover CIA station, the press wasn’t really interested in that little tidbit because it would have gotten Hillary off the Benghazi hook. Funny, that. Not.

  138. Obama is the one they should be going after.

    He is the Boss!!! 😡

  139. Unbelievable! Why yes, it is from Salon!

    Many years ago when political blogging was in its infancy, I coined the phrase “Cokie’s Law,” which referred to a specific comment by pundit Cokie Roberts about the Lewinsky scandal that illustrated the precise way the beltway media excused their propensity for cheap gossip and scandalmongering. In discussing whether or not Hillary Clinton had actually blamed her husband’s childhood for his philandering, Roberts said:

    “At this point it doesn’t much matter whether she said it or not because it’s become part of the culture. I was at the beauty parlor yesterday and this was all anyone was talking about.”

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could organize a huge protest in front of CNN’s HQ with signs that said theyshould start being journalists instead of tabloid meme makers? Wouldn’t be great if we really could show up by the hundreds, no thousands, demanding that they let go of this non-story, faux scandal about the emails?

  140. Imust, it would be great. Of course, one would have to be sure that there were several thousand people demonstrating; otherwise, CNN would headline, “A small band of ragged protestors…”

    What would also be nice is for about ten thousand people to write to CNN and tell them that they were never watching their station again, and why. However, it is still my theory that the purpose of CNN is not to make money, but to influence elections and determine who runs the country. So there is probably no chance that anyone could stop them from continuing this, just like no one could stop Hitler and Goebbels from ranting their hate and lies. It is the essence of CNN’s being.

  141. Imust, it would be great. Of course, one would have to be sure that there were several thousand people demonstrating; otherwise, CNN would headline, “A small band of ragged protestors…”

    So true.

  142. Ah, yes, Cokie Roberts, who cheerfully admitted after the 2000 campaign that the media was biased against Gore, and that “we mocked him because it was fun, and so easy to do.”

    Cokie was one of the pioneers of the nouvelle vague in punditry, where you acted as if you were a bemused observer of the scene, but every word you said betrayed your biases, at least to anyone with the quality of discernment. In earlier days, writers and broadcasters were much more forthrightly partisan, so that their statements could be easily discounted as such. But someone figured out that if you said that you were neutral, some people might believe you were. So now it is: “There is a scandal because we say there is, and because we want it to be.” Then it’s, “It is an even bigger scandal because we keep saying it is a scandal, so it must be a big scandal.” And then, “Even if there was never a real scandal, people now think there is, because we kept telling them that there was. So we’re not responsible for any of it.”

  143. That’s it in a nutshell. Pretty pathetic. I hope the Salon article is right and people see through that.

  144. On CNN’s New Day, State Department spokesman John Kirby said, “We have said in the past, Chris that there was no policy prohibiting the use of a private email account here at the State Department, and that is still a fact. Now, obviously, we have policies in place now that highly discourage that, and you are supposed to use your government account so that there is a constant, permanent record of it, but at the time she was not violating policy….I can tell you that there was no prohibition for her use of this, and we’ve since changed the policy to discourage that greatly, and in fact, the policy is that you have to use your government account for business.”

    Kirby added that he didn’t believe that the policy changed while she was Secretary of State, which means that Hillary Clinton was doing nothing wrong when she used private email.

  145. I do think some of these heavy hitter blogs are going to start rebelling against the obvious.

  146. Bleckkkkkkkkk! We have a skunk out there, had to slam all the windows shut. ACK!

  147. She huffed, and

  148. And she puffed, and

  149. She blew the $&%#€ door down!

  150. Great to see you again!

  151. One of the great things about that Salon article is that she makes the point that Republicans are trying to pick their own opponent. And guess what? It’s not Hillary who they want to face! She is correct: Democrats must resist losing control of who their nominee is. We’ve seen this movie before.

  152. Of course, same goes for the media. They picked Bush AND Obama. They are really lousy at picking presidents!

  153. Thanks, Uppity!
    You’re welcome, of course, to delete those housekeeping comments now that the obstacle has been obliterated.
    Thanks, again.

  154. What asshole keeps trolling this place and giving every one of my posts a 1 star?

    Let’s have a contest and guess!

  155. It’s good to have ya back, Dances. You guys all know Dances from Murphy’s place?

    Hey Dances. Where’s Murphy these days?

  156. I knew this would happen. 👿

  157. The man is simply a dirtbag. And I don’t think it’s gonna matter. I really don’t. I think he and Bernie will share the same block of nutroots. Many of Bernie’s faux followers will drop him for Joe though.

    There is some amusement to this if he does run (without much money): Hillary is the baby in this crowd. Two old white men and Hillary.

  158. Brassy Rebel, exactly. This is so obvious that one would think that everyone would realize it–except that the media is also behind it, and the media will never admit its own tactics.

    As I have been saying many times, Hillary is the one person who might actually be able to stop the Republicans from taking over the entire country. She could also bring in a much more favorable Congress, if Democrats would all get behind her. This is why she is getting all this nonsensical criticism and microscopic analysis. If only more Democrats would figure this out; but too many of them are lost in their completely self-indulgent infatuations with candidates who could not win, and could not govern; and whom the Republicans would love to run against, if the Democrats are so stupid as to fall for what they are doing.

  159. Wow! DancesWithPuma has made a come back show with us, democrats in exile.
    It feels good to see that the core of our early movement is up and kicking butt.
    I get to see Murphy quite a bit on FB.

  160. Obama is apparently bidding to become as historically unpleasant as Jimmy Carter.

  161. I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy keeps moving the football at the last minute. If the Dems to this to Hillary again, then I am with Sophie. I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE. I am also beginning to really hate women. What is wrong with us, do the rights of ourselves, our sisters and our mothers mean nothing to us? Why can we not take a page from AA, or Gays, or any other group in this country and demand respect. #women like men, only stupider.

  162. Honora, I would have thought that this time there would be a tremendous surge of women voters behind Hillary. And there may well ultimately be; she certainly polls higher among women than men. It is really a matter of votes, and of course financial support. There is really no Democratic machine anymore. Obama has very little ability to transfer support to another candidate. He does have some donors, and some organizers; but Biden is never going to get the fervor that Obama did, because he is not Black, and is not seen as somehow ennobling to vote for. So if Hillary supporters come out in large numbers and vote, she should be okay, despite any chicanery going on between certain political figures and the media.

  163. Belle, say hi to Murphy for me will you?

    There, there Honora. It’s just another day at the tiny testicle farm. If we don’t behave like the boys say, they won’t like us anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  164. Well, if Hillary does not get the nomination I am done, done, done, done. This is it. There will be no woman president in my lifetime because the GOP is probably not gonna run one and if they do it will be a candidate so unpalatable that she will lose. Biden can suck it. Obama can suck it. I’m sick and tired of both of them. And people are clueless about Bernie. He would even lose against Trump.

  165. Ga6th @ 4:51, I feel the same way; although, I’ve been thinking along Uppity’s lines that if Biden does jump in, he will take away a lot of Bernies votes. It seems that the people who are Bernie bots & Joe bots are people that are anti Hillary. People that want Hillary aren’t going to ditch her for either of the two (or four) old white dudes.

  166. As bad as things look, its always cheerful to see the old Uppityites and friends come by to visit! Nice to see all of you, NES, Dances, Honora (hope I didn’t miss anyone)!

    imust, loved the Salon link, I passed it on.

  167. The White House Press briefing that foxi posted really boiled my blood. What a low, vulgar, completely classless thing to say. I doubt if that was part of whatever deal he made with Hillary back in ’08 for her to concede and publicly support him.

  168. CNN is reporting that Caroline Kennedy has been using a private email address to conduct official business as well.

    Here’s my take on things. 21 million Frderal workers and their families had ALL of their personal information stolen by hackers from federal servers that weren’t even encrypted. Then we find out that thousands of federal employees were using their govt issued email addresses to get laid on Ashley Madisin,s website

  169. The latest poll in Iowa is very favorable to Hillary. Those caucuses are tricky, but if she holds most of that lead, she is going to win a strong victory there, which will be a boost. Then, if she could eke out any kind of win in New Hampshire, she is in excellent postion.

    If Obama wants to completely split the party by backing Biden against Hillary, he will lose most of the goodwill he might have right now. Only by having both Biden and Sanders in, and having them stop Hillary from gaining majorities of delegates as opposed to pluralities in the various states, and then somehow one endorsing the other, could this all be a danger. But to do that, they would have to completely divide the party, which I don’t think they are all willing to do, though I suppose anything is possible with some of these people.

  170. Sorry I hit send before I meant to.

    The point is that Hillary was not precluded by law from using a private email account. She was conducting official business and her information was better protected than the Feds.

  171. Annie, things don’t look bad, just irritating, to see certain people acting like jerks, including the press secretary. As long as Hillary continues her grassroots campaigning, she will gain more supporters.

  172. Uppity,
    Murphy is alive, well, and thriving. She’s sctive on Facebook. Good to see some true blue pumas here!
    I’m supportive but haven’t been active politically. Seriously believe I came through 2008 with PTSD, and never fully recovered.

  173. Eurogirl, well said.

    William @ 8:46p, I hope and think you’re right!

  174. I heard that Biden has just hired John Edwards 2008 campaign spokesperson. Oh good, another fake ass populist. Biden, the man in the pocket of the credit card companies who played an integral role in getting the law changed so that everyday Americans can no longer file for personal bankruptcy. Yes, the man from Delaware who was the marionette of his states biggest industry; predatory lending and interest rates

  175. You know Bill went to the mat for Obama back in 2012. The popular opinion was that Bill drug his sorry butt across the finish line with his speech. But I wouldn’t put it past Obama to stab him in the back. It seems no good deed goes unpunished with Obama. I sure hope Bill extracted something for doing that. If Obama starts pushing Biden it is going to blow the party up and then it won’t matter whether Biden runs or not because he’s going to lose. Everybody is going to be so ticked at him getting involved that they are going to sit home.

  176. Eurogirl, Biden hired someone from Edwards team for his VP office not for a campaign.

  177. Oh lookie….Princess Caroline used a private email server too.

  178. Ga6thDem, There was always the question as to what kind of Democrat Obama was. It always seemed that he wanted to be some kind of transcendent figure who rose above it all. He spent much of his early ’08 campaign telling people that Republicans had most of the good ideas in the recent decades, not the Democrats. The first thing he said when he got elected, is that “there are no red states, there are no blue states.” One would imagine that he would have learned otherwise by now, but maybe not. He virtually never campaigned for any Democrat in the midterms, and rarely criticized the Republican Party; in fact, when he made deals with them giving them “98% of what (they) wanted,” he praised their leaders for negotiating with him.

    So I really don’t know if he cares if the Democrats ever win another election. Maybe that would make him the last Democrat who ever won, which would make him feel special. Maybe he thinks that Hillary would do things better than he would, and thus diminish his tenure. Maybe he wants to he the gray eminence whom desperate people will turn to for wisdom with his so-called party out of power. Who can know what his further ambitions might be? If he really cared about the future of the Democratic Party, he would advise Biden not to run; if he could not stop him from running, then he would immediately say that he would not endorse. What is going on now is very strange. But of course this is a person whose allegiances and goals were always hard to discern. I hate to think that way; and maybe he will surprise us to the positive side, which would be nice. But given the past history, I do not feel very confident as to that.

  179. I’ve always known that, as far as Obama is concerned, loyalty is a one way street.
    He’s much like the Bush Crime Syndicate in that way.

  180. I saw a bit of the Trump presser on TV; man he really does remind me of the old black and white films of Mussolini.
    I notice that CNN gives no other candidate a fraction of the air time that they give that purse lipped little bully.

  181. OMG! The FBI needs to open an investigation of Caroline Kennedy immediately. She must think she’s “special” and “entitled”.

    The fact that all the so-called news channels on cable waste so much time on Trump blows their cover: all they care about are ratings. So they keep talking about the biggest clown in the GOP clown car.

  182. Personally, I didn’t even think Caroline was smart enough to send an email.

  183. Sweet Sue, I have the opposite view of the Ramos news conference. I had heard how out of control Trump was so I went to watch it. I have come to know that how things are reported and how they happened are often worlds apart. Ramos clearly stood up and started asking questions without being called on. He was completely wrong. Yelling that he had the ‘right’ to ask a question. In what world does a reporter have the ‘right’ to ask a question without being called on. I really think this is why Trump is liked by so many. He doesn’t take sh#t and Americans are getting tired of people feeding them sh#t and telling them that if they don’t like it, they are displaying some form of political incorrectness.

  184. Not defending Ramos, but there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that Trump would ever call on him.

  185. For a long time I thought Jeb would naturally be installed ..but Jeb is such a lazy sociopath, the 1 % of the 1% might go with spawn of Regan, Trump . If Trump can keep from self imploding ala Ross Perot, blowhard that he is, the powers that be may go with him.

    Next to others , Trump comes across as “honest.. ” Sure he’s sexist , elitist, xenophobic and a self adoring blowhard …be he’s honestly so lol/sob That’s his appeal

    Hillary’s woe’s , like in 2008 , are coming from the Dem elite ….the O justice dept and the Biden bandwagon on blocks ….If they run Biden it’s clear the Dem’s want to lose and mean to lose. Biden is voter Kryptonite and out side of Delaware always as been. The Dem elite didn’t want her in 2008 and they still don’t

  186. For the Democrats to ever strongly rebound as a national party, they need a new configuration. And that means that Hillary has to win, and that she can then do what she promised as far as building up the grassrooots, and helping to strengthen the party on the state by state level, where they have virtually fallen apart.

    There really is no party elite. There are just a bunch of people running around trying to seem important. Now, if too many of the Democratic voting populace want to destroy the party by voting for unwinnable candidates, that is another matter. But there are no powers which can stop Hillary from being nominated, not if she can get the votes. What happened in caucuses last time will presumably not happen again. With all the appalling maneuvering going on in 2008, Hillary would have won had they been better prepared for the caucuses, and the illegal conduct of the Obama supporters. Assuming that doesn’t happen this time, if she wins most of the primaries, she will win the nomination. That is what she is counting on, as she travels from state to state to campaign. The Democratic Party will not survive as an effective entity, unless Hillary can rebuild the infrastructure and install competent people who can manage midterm and state elections. Maybe some people in the party will actually figure out what is at stake here.

  187. Now it’s being reported that Joe’s son Hunter might have an Ashley Madison account. You know the same Biden son who got kicked out of the navy after testing positive for cocaine. Say it ain’t so Joe!!

  188. Eurogirl70, re: Hunter: The schadenfreude-it tingles.

  189. Yet, when someone like Megan Kelly is “politically incorrect” to Trump, he goes nuclear.

  190. LOL Euro. Better check and see if Dad has an account too.

  191. I mistakenly thought Jeb was the smartest one of the Bush boys. Now I take that all back. Clearly the only smart one is the one who pulled off the Savings And Loan scam. What’s that criminal’s name again? Marvin? Did he ever go to jail? Nah, I didn’t think so.

  192. Hey Uppity:

    That Bush brother’s name is Neil Bush. He ran Silverado Savings and Loan into the ground and then went into the educational software business. He is also the brother who’s wife divorced him and it came out in the proceedings that while he was traveling to Asia, business associates were delivering hookers to his hotel rooms and hom having sex with them was only his way of being polite

  193. But Hunter says somebody set him up with that Ashley Madison account to ruin his reputation–which, btw, is so sterling. I guess somebody else peed in the cup that tested positive for cocaine and got poor hapless Hunter kicked out of the Naval Reserve. And the dog ate his homework too! Boohoo!

  194. Up, Dad doesn’t need an AM account. He gets to paw every woman in D.C. free of charge!

  195. Ooo yeah that’s right! *Slaps forehead*

  196. Yeah that’s it Neil. Another fine upstanding Bush.

  197. Yeah and they used Hunter’s charge card too, huh?

  198. The Bushes and the Bidens are all fine, upstanding public servants. It’s those corrupt, nasty Clintons we need to watch out for–especially HER.

  199. Nearly 31,000,000 Ashley Madison accounts have been hacked. That’s a LOT of people trolling for sex.

  200. I watched all the clips I could find before I made a comment on the Ramos/Trump incident and here is my take. Ramos was not there as a journalist, but as an advocate. His behavior was no different than BLM’s with Bernie Sanders. The difference was Trump stood his ground.

  201. Interesting that the coverage of “Princess Caroline” security breech is one day and done. Guess that confirms what I have always thought. It is not that the media is sexist, but they just flat out hate Hillary.

  202. I’m with Voting. Ramos is an arrogant ass. He was going to try to bully the bully. That made him look no better than Trump. He’s also attempting to split hairs with the English language, insisting that a person can’t be “Illegal”. This is the kind of shit that pisses Americans off about this subject. The audacity that people who did something blatantly illegal don’t like it being said that they have done something blatantly illegal–and are going to threaten people about it. I’m sorry but this is bullshit and just the kind of thing that awakens the bear.

  203. “Illegal Immigrant”: Someone who immigrated illegally. The person is not illegal, but the immigration was. Just like an illegal trader is not an illegal person, but someone who is either violating the trade laws, or trading without the proper license. Or maybe we can use the term, “differently legal,” or, “immigrant of a somewhat different kind than the legal ones.” That is ISDKTL for the acronym abled.

  204. Citizenship Challenged.

  205. HAHAHAHAHA….love it, imust!

  206. Yeah I know that too, William. Somebody tell Ramos.

  207. Correct the Record’s website also features a timer counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds since Gowdy received Brock’s initial request.


    In the letter, Brock goes on to “hazard a few educated guesses” as to why the chairman has not released the emails, speculating that he is “hiding correspondence with GOP presidential candidates, the Republican National Committee or other political committees” that would show a “campaign of character and political assassination against Hillary Clinton in an effort to win a political campaign.”


  208. Tracking of 119 National Democratic Primary Polls, and Hillary beats Joe Biden’s ass in every one of them. In fact, the closest he came to her is 27 points down.

    See all the polls here

  209. OMG! Karen Finney just favored one of my tweets!!!!!

  210. I’m glad that Ramos challenged Trump, demanding to know just how the hell President Trump is going to deport eleven million people.
    Will there be cattle trains and German shepherds?

    I wish that more reporters had the guts to say:
    “Mr. Trump, will you please give us a few details about the wonderful, terrific health plan that you will single handedly enact once you’ve abolished Obamacare?’
    Yes, we know that it will be perfect and we’ll absolutely love it but could you possibly, pretty please put a little meat on the bones for us and the American people?

  211. This will come as a shock to all the little Jezebels, but I’m post menopausal and, frankly, I don’t really give much of a shit about abortion anymore.
    That’s right, kids, this time it’s all about me.
    If the Democratic Party blocks Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House for the second time in eight years and engineers the nomination of Anita Hill’s Chief Inquisitor, they will face a backlash the like of which has never been seen before.

  212. Oh, I wasn’t directing that definition to you, Uppity, but to our friend Ramos, or anyone else who somehow thinks that using the term “illegal immigrant” somehow means that one is calling the person an illegal person.

  213. Excellent thread here.

    William: Beg to differ about Obama as being potentially “historically unpleasant as Jimmy Carter.” Since leaving office, Carter has shown more grace, humanity and genuine charity than 99.99.99% of the people who call themselves “Christian”. Also, he deserved his Nobel Prize.

    But I am with you regarding Obama’a fear that President Clinton II will obliterate his administration in its achievements. He’s terrified that the public will come to the realization that the wrong candidate was chosen in 2008.

    I will never forget Obama’s frequent praise of Reagan and never once mentioning Bill.

  214. Upps–DM me, baybee.

  215. GWM4Hill, I must disagree with you on Carter. I don’t think it’s the proper place for me to debate it here, but in my opinion, his consistent criticism of Israel, his obvious bias; going so far as to say that he would have no doubts that Hamas would be a reliable entity at any negotiating table, have been not only unhelpful, but damaging. He has kept up a nonstop attack on Israel since the day he left office. One of the many reasons I so strongly support HIllary, is that I have no doubt that she will defend Israel, even while she looks for a reasonable way to broker some kind of necessary peace accord. Obama has always been iffy in that regard to me, but I might be a little unfair to him in that regard. But Carter would always show up on TV defending every action of the PLO, including the terrorist wing. His more recent comments about the Islamic terrorist attack in France somehow being a result of the actions of Israel with regard to the Palestinian issue, was both appalling, and disgracefully naive, in my view.

    So whatever else Carter may have done with regard to human rights issues, is unfortunately overshadowed for me by that. Actually, though, iwth regard to my comment, I was really referring to both of them in national terms, and how each of them might end up really damaging the Democratic Party. The Republicans ran against Carter’s inept administration for about four straight elections. And if Obama were to somehow try to stop Hillary from being nominated, he would perhaps write the end to the Democratic Party as a viable force, and hand the country over to the Republicans. If he suppported Hillary, we could look at him as an overrated political figure, but one who tried to do some good things, did a few of them; and who just did not have the political savvy or fighting spirit to effectively combat the Republicans. Does he care about the party and the country, or is he going to tarnish his presidency by trying to elevate his own status at the expense of those?

  216. I think the second part of your last sentence pretty much sums it up. This is Obama were talking about here. He’s all about himself, and only himself.
    As for Carter, I agree. He was a huge disappointment to me with regard to Israel. I also thought he was a pretty big jerk to the Clintons back in 08. He not only supported Obo, but as I recall, he was not kind when talking about the Clintons.
    From June, 2008:

    Carter, a superdelegate who has frequently spoken favorably about Obama, told Britain’s Sky News last month that while he had not yet announced his decision publicly, after the last Democratic primary June 3, it would be time for Hillary Clinton to “give it up.”

    He also said that Clinton “had a perfect right” to keep running – but that “a lot of the superdelegates will make a decision quite, announced quite rapidly, after the final primary on June 3.”

    The former president also told an interviewer last month that he believes Hillary Clinton would accept the vice presidential spot on the ticket, but that he did not believe such an offer would be made by Obama “because I don’t see how it would help his ticket. I think he needs somebody like a [former Georgia Sen.] Sam Nunn, but I won’t name other

  217. Imust, we quite agree on these matters.

    Ah, Sam Nunn, the longtime favorite of the chattering classes. Year after year, we were told about Nunn, and how it would be great if he ran for President, or were on the ticket. Nunn was wrong about most of the issues, was a consistent hawk, and quite conservative on fiscal and other domestic issues. He wasn’t a hater, and he wasn’t unpleasant; he was just uninspiring from all perspectives.

    At the time in which Carter wanted Clinton to cheerfully bow out of the race, she may actually have had more legitimate delegates than Obama. No one knows for sure, but many Hillary supporters believe that she had more superdelegates than the public counts were showing; and that some of her regular delegates were coerced into supporting Obama before a first ballot at the convention.

  218. Very interesting thread.

    Looks like some bot is having fun with the stars, Upps. I wouldn’t be heartbroken if you decide to drop them. It takes forever for the threads to load.

  219. Uppity, I am for a national primary for both parties. Yes, the long primary system is entertaining, but it is unfair, as it overly weights the earliest states to votes. The caucus system that the Democrats have is ludicrous. If there were a national primary this time, Hillary would win
    comfortably, and that would be that.

    Last time, Hillary got more votes than Obama in primaries;’ would have had an even greater margin had Donna not managed to keep several million Michiganders and Floridians away from the polls by saying that their primaries would be discarded. Obama had a margin of several hundred delegates in bogus and illegally run caucuses in deep Red states like Kansas and Wyoming. That’s right, a few thousand caucus voters in small states gave Obama hundreds of more delegates, whereas the many primaries that Hillary won in large states gave her 10-15 more delegates in those states, because of the Democrats’ ridiculous proportional distribution, accentuated by a dreadful rule which gave extra delegates to minority districts, under the guiise of rewarding them for having had a higher Democratic margin in tne previous election. Everybody here probably knows all of this, but it bears repeating, if someone does not.

  220. I don’t know enough about the idea of a national primary, but I am all for banning the caucuses, and making primary season much shorter (if we don’t have a national) and a rotating order as to who goes first. The Iowa/NH thing has gotten really old.

    You guys may have already posted this…is NYT trying to look unbiased here? (too late nyt!)

  221. William, Michigan and Florida have NOT forgotten. Those two states are HERs. Period.

  222. socal, that may happen. As for the threads loading……..there are 223 comments on this post. The more comments, the longer the load takes. We need a new post. You want to write it?

  223. Yes, I used to think Carter was a sweet man albeit a horrible president. It was only in the last few years I found out he is a massive anti-semite, and that seals if for me. What a horrible man. Secondly, I swear to you, if that man had gotten a second term, there would have been mass suicides in America, such was the malaise and depression Jimmy Carter dropped upon the country. He was the most depressing, finger-wagging president I have ever seen. Third, Jimmy Carter brought us ZBIG. The man who told islamofascists that God was on their side. And that’s on youtube. Residual to ZBIG is we are stuck with his daughter on CNN besides, a patronage job almost as bad as that Russert twit.

    Carter has done many wonderful things with habitat for humanity SINCE his presidency. As a president he was completely depressing bust. I won’t post the video of his Crises Of Confidence speech. I don’t want any attempted suicides.

  224. What Sue said. It’s all about me. Fuck everybody else. I have watched promised unkept for too damned many decades. I’m out for blood.

  225. Hahaha sue, why would trump tell us what’s in his health care plan. Obama certainly didn’t! And Nancy had to vote on it before she could find out what’s in it. But I suspect that’s because her ass is too damned lazy to have read it anyways, since SHE is exempt and has the very best health insurance. Paid for by the same people she shoved that law onto.

  226. Karen Finney. Super. I only got Ruth Buzzi once.

  227. I am seeing a lot of articles like the one you linked to at vox, Up. All of a sudden.It’s like there may, in fact, be a sane wing in the party which realizes Joe Biden is still…well, Joe Biden.

    I have seen the name Dick Harpootlian referenced several times as the guy fueling most of the madness. I remember him from ’08 (unfortunately). Big time Clinton hater. A marginal figure in the party for sure. And even a few media figures seem to recognize that the party would be playing with 🔥 by dissing Hillary again when so many women have clearly pinned their hopes on her to become the first woman president.

  228. Rebal you are so right. There were be a lot of Democratic women staying home on General Election day if Hillary gets railroaded again. A LOT of women.

  229. And I would be one–especially if Biden was the candidate. YIKES!

  230. New poll showing Clinton beating everyone is reported as bad news for Hillary

  231. A pox on Vox is my general view of that publication. They’re Obamabots, by and large. And, the founder Ezra Klein is pretty insufferable and suffers from CDC. He recently wrote a piece plugging for Biden to step in the ring.

  232. Is there anyone left on the planet that doesn’t see the media’s bias against Hillary?

    The other day, someone did an Onion-like headline after reporting Hillary’s 34 point lead in Iowa: Can’t Biden save us from this woman who can’t even get a 35 point lead in Iowa? 😄

  233. OMG that scumbag Klein owns Vox?

  234. I’m sure this is obvious, but it is still so unsettling to contemplate: The media does not report news, or even report and then comment. It has a headline, a theme, and then whatever news there is, configured to fit the theme. The actual facts are rather a nuisance to the media, which would prefer to simply tell the story they want to tell, without having to bother with them.

    As to Ezra Klein, I never really liked him, even when some were saying that he was a bright upcoming star liberal journalist. I never heard him say anything very liberal. And, while I know this might be a touchy subject, I personally found his, “all men should feel a cold spike of fear any time they engage in a sexual encounter,” to be utterly sanctimonious and insulting. I never liked his columns, either. I don’t know if I’ve seen too many people who ever acted so pontificatory while saying nothing insightful.

  235. Exactly what makes the Vox article powerful, NES. They can hardly be considered a shill site for Hillary by any stretch of the imagination and even they see the media bias enough to post on it.

  236. I like the Vox article also. Did not know about Ezra Klein. Sophie, is the wapo article you linked @ 5:43 based on the same poll as the Vox article?

  237. Are there any honest owners of news outlets any longer?

  238. Yup Sophie, Push Poll is what you will get when you’re the one paying for the poll. A pollster loves to help out by making the outcome what you want it to be. It gets him more of your pollster work. It’s all in the way the question is asked. Where I come from it’s called “invalid test question” in the tests and measurements field.

  239. Upps @ 6:40, that’s what I’ve been wondering. Where can we go to get an overview of general news, that isn’t trying to take down Hillary?

    You guys may have already posted this link upthread. Newest article on the Hillary Men site. Beautiful:

  240. Ok, I just looked and the Vox post linked by Sophie @ 11:04, and the wapo @ 5:43 are based on the same Quinnipiac poll, which came out this morning. It figures the douchey msm writers cherry-pick anything negative and ignore the main points. Here it is, if anyone wants to look at it:

  241. Welp, the Witch Hunters have obviously conceded that the email ‘scandal’ is bullsheet, because they have now moved on to pick on Huma.

  242. Strong conflicting opinions on Jimmy Carter here! Ha! 🙂 Happily there is one subject we all can agree on.
    Question: My FB feed has been filled with editorial cartoons praising Sanders and dissing Hillary (none of them yet have been as vicious as the 2008 ones which pitted a very witch-like Hillary against the noble O). Has anyone seen any enthusiastically pro-Hillary cartoons they can post here? Thanks.

  243. wow! so much activity in uppityville…
    Love it.

  244. Uppity, an email for you, and an essay.

  245. Hey, MSNBC, stop trying to make Joe Biden happen!

  246. William said: “And, while I know this might be a touchy subject, I personally found his, “all men should feel a cold spike of fear any time they engage in a sexual encounter,” to be utterly sanctimonious and insulting.”

    God bless you for saying that William! I found Klein’s statement to be atrocious. He was talking of course about why the lack of due process in university witch-hunt kangaroo courts is just fine. Revolting rejection of everything that’s most cherished in Anglo-Saxon law, especially the presumption of innocence and the importance of due process.

  247. Oh brother.
    Black Transgender Lives Matter? What, all ten of them? Not that all lives don’t matter, but for chrissakes, you stop an entire event?

    5 were killed this year — considered an emergency. Can someone give a stat on how many actual naturally born women, including many black women, were killed this year so we can decide which one is the biggest emergency? If you want to be a woman than you are part of THAT Statistic. There are no subsets there, all women matter, then. Not just .003% of them. Same goes for Black Lives Matter. All of them, not a thousanth of a percent of them. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? This is a slap in the face to Black Lives Matter and crashes the larger cause.

    The entire transgender community is roughly 0.003% of the population (including those that become women but hang onto their penises just in case– See Kaitlyn) and they want an entire event to stop for them.

    I am just so tired of all the pushing of Self in our faces, not just with Transgender but pretty much everybody wants the rest of us to take responsibility for other people’s lives and decisions. It doesn’t work that way. You make your life choices, get on with your own life and deal with the repercussions of YOUR choices. That means ALL of us. Isn’t that what we ALL do every day of our lives? I have a heart problem. Should I expect to stop the presses because my problem is bigger than yours? It’s not. Period. In this life, we change one set of problems for another, continuously, but to expect everybody else to fix your personal problem it is just crazy!

    This highlights the problem in this country where everybody expects to be special. Nobody’s special. If everybody were special, nobody would be special!

    Not sure what the prison population has to do with this though. Unless you are in a male prison and declare yourself a woman, in which case, I imagine that would be a problem for you. And since there is no official dating in prison (is there?) why not wait till you’re out of prison, if you are ever going to get out? I don’t know, all I do know is, this subset behavior is getting tedious. If it isn’t one subset, it’s another. A dozen people are NOT more important than the rest of the country. Just as important, but not MORE important.

    I’m glad Mr. Rogers is dead.

    Edit: I have been noticing that I see very little trouble from transgender men. I deduce that this is because they started out as women and already understand the concept of being blatantly discriminated against.

    And……..all these newly formed ‘definitions’ of genders and their variations are not going to ever be accepted in the general population. If a person can’t figure out what gender he or she is or wants to be, that’s really their own struggle not the rest of the country’s problem. It’s he or she and will always be he or she. Pick one. Or don’t pick one. That’s the individual’s choice, but do not expect the rest of us to redefine gender and add new genders, because I suspect that trying to change the whole world and science for Me Me Me is a path to pissing up a rope.

  248. NES, get with the program. There’s no such thing as rape according to some quarters. All women are liars and besides, women are vessels anyways, that’s their job.

    If you DO get raped, remember it’s your own fault. It’s what you get for wearing the wrong thing, drinking like the boys can do — or leaving the house to begin with. Stay home and cook and clean like you’re meant to do.

  249. New Post up. Thank you William.

  250. **********Waves to Tony!

  251. Sorry Upps, I cannot “get with the program” on the campus kangaroo courts issue. I’ve represented more than one accused student in these campus cases and seen, firsthand, women students make demonstrably false accusations (proven by prior texts, emails, and the like from the accuser herself that contradict her story), and how the lack of due process damages not only the falsely accused, but also the integrity of the entire process. Historically, it’s undisputed that women students’ complaints were ignored, swept under the rug and otherwise mishandled by the schools. Over the last few years, however, there has been an absolute overcorrection that has trampled the rights of the accused. And this has happened, in large part, because Obama’s DOE’s OCR division and White House and Senators Gillibrand and McKaskill have politicized the issue, creating a witch-hunt in our schools nationwide. Past wrongs can’t be corrected by further wrongdoing.

    As stated above, my firsthand experience on this issue trumps the rhetoric. Sexual assault cases must be decided in real courts, subject to the rules of evidence, and not by campus kangaroo courts that disregard due process rights and bend to political and financial pressures (for fear their federal grants will be pulled).

  252. Well of course they must be decided in real courts, NES. I never said they shouldn’t. I am responding to Klein’s comment. Almost to imply there is no such thing as rape and all poor innocent men who have consensual sex will be accused. I’m sorry, though, I don’t call sex with a drugged or passed out woman consensual. I’m funny that way.

    But now that you mention it, I can’t help but think…how many rapists get off with a good lawyer, and how many women back off from court because they know their character will be shredded and they will be made to look like they asked for it.

    When i was on the board of YWCA, which housed a rape crises center, I saw plenty of that. It got so I couldn’t attend those trials, made me want to puke. I saw a whole lot more women’s lives ruined than men.

    If Klein is so worried about all the boys every time they have sex, then perhaps he and all the boys should keep their dicks in their pants. Then they won’t have to worry.

  253. I had a guy try to rape me once. I thwarted him because Mr. Gotta Have You was fucking stupid. Anyways, I told my brother what happened and that guy had his ass kicked every time he left his home and every time he came home. Till he finally left town. But not before he practically had to carry his balls around in a wheelbarrow. Now that’s my idea of justice when it comes to that shit. And nobody gets to ask you what you were wearing.

  254. Got it, Upps!

    Lol, on the “balls around in wheelbarrow” story.

  255. I could tell you what I did, NES, but then I would have to kill you…

  256. Hey! Shots fired, Jeb started it, Hillary finished it. Here’s the thread.

  257. Happy September Uppityits 😀

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