An Essay by member William:

Imagine for a minute that suddenly the 22nd Amendment were repealed, and that a President could serve more than two terms.

And further imagine that President Obama declared that he was going to run for the third term. And still further, that as a result, no Democrat would oppose him for the nomination. And one final feat of imagination: that it was a virtual certainty that Obama would win the third term, by about the margin he had over Mitt Romney in the last election.

Would that be a strongly positive thing for the country, for the vision of it which we have consistently been striving for? I think not.

Yes, it would be a Democratic victory; it would not be a takeover of the executive branch by the Republicans. Roe vs. Wade would be safe for a while longer. But of course the almost certainly small margin by which Obama would win, would insure that the Republicans still controlled both houses of Congress. And given the absolute hammering the Democrats took in the two midyear elections during Obama’s term, it is likely that the Republicans would even increase that majority, maybe almost to a veto-proof majority. If not quite that, then close enough so that all that Obama could do during the third term would be to veto most of the many bills which the far right-wing House and Senate would send to him. And what if the Republicans threatened to shut the government down if he did not accede to various of their demands? And what if they refused to raise the debt ceiling? What leverage would Obama have, beyond making his “grand bargain” in which he agreed to massive cuts in Social Security and Medicare?

And what about the environment? Obama can’t do anything now to compel any agreement in this country to cut coal and gas emissions. He can do a few very small things around the fringes, but nothing substantial. He can’t really do much of anything in any area, because the Congress will not pass any bills he might propose. All he can do is veto some bills, and make speeches, which the media always seems to adore, but which don’t accomplish anything concrete.

We’ve now had a year of Obama facing a Republican controlled Congress, and he seems to have virtually given up on getting anything positive accomplished; he is simply trying to mute the worst effects. Another four years of that would not only be fruitless and dreary, the country would decline in so many important ways. A stalemate is better than a loss, but we do not have the luxury of being able to let things get worse in so many crucial areas, hoping for a change four years after that. In fact, why would anyone reasonably expect that four years from Obama’s re-election to a third term, the Democrats would suddenly become able to retake the Congress? Right now, the Democratic grassroots is withering; the Democrats have almost no strength or organization in a majority of the states. Republicans control most state legislatures, and they use this power to redistrict things even more in their favor. Some Democrats may not want to realize it, but the Democratic Party is actually in a state of serious weakness, despite holding on the presidency .

Now, if one follows this logical line, it seems pretty clear that an Obama third term would be far from sufficient or significant. And of course, that is the “best case” in that scenario. Obama barely won last time; what if he were to lose this time? Consider not only where we would be for the next four years; but who could suddenly arise to take back any of the lost ground in the next election?

What is absolutely. desperately needed, is a President who could do the following things:

1) Win by a large enough margin to at least help Democrats to make some inroads in the House and Senate, maybe even win the Senate back. This is so crucial in terms of the Supreme Court seats which will be coming up before too long. A Senate completely controlled by Republicans will simply defeat any moderate-to-liberal nominee. It should be very clear that the rabid and doctrinaire Republicans who control that party, do not care about protocol or reasonable dealings; all they care about is getting their way. If the Supreme Court seat has to remain unfilled for four years, while they vote down every nominee, they will do that. Thus a Democratic Senate is essential. At the very least, we need a Senate which is closely divided enough that maybe a couple of East Coast Republican senators might finally agree to support a moderate nominee.

2). Fight the Republicans. Do not cave into them. Use the power of the presidency for all it is worth. Use Executive Orders; threaten to withhold funds from legislators’ pet projects; go directly to the people and urge them to voice their support for the President’s position. Do not make bad deals just to avoid conflict. Call the Republicans out, and explain to the American voters what is at stake; and how pernicious are the Republicans’ views on these crucial issues. In other words, try to change the national dialogue. That is something that has not been tried since Bill Clinton was president. No one in recent times was more effective in winning the national debate on economics. If it weren’t for Clinton explaining this all once again to the American people at the last Democratic convention, Obama would probably have lost the election, because he somehow lacked the ability to make the case in simple but strong fashion. Or maybe he did not identify closely enough with the Democratic Party. Democrats have to win the national debate to be able to gain popular support for their positions and programs. Otherwise, the Republican-dominated media drowns it all out, and we are in a state of perpetual deadlock, at best.

3) Build up Democratic strength on the state and Congressional level. Democrats cannot. accomplish much of anything, if all the state legislatures are controlled by Republicans. Much of what can be done on a national level can be undone by the states. And having state legislatures in which Democrats show some power, can help in Congressional elections, because there is a deeper bench of potential new candidates. Right now, the Democrats nationally have virtually no young talent, which is frightening. This desperately needs to be fixed, and without delay.

The key point I take away from all of this, is that it is not enough for the Democrats just to win the next presidential election. It has to be won by someone who has the skill and strength to do all of the above, and more. And of course it is beyond obvious that if the Democrats actually nominate someone who cannot win, things immediately get much worse. We have to win, but not with just anyone; with someone who can set about fixing things which have steadily gotten worse in the last sixteen years, through a variety of failings and faults of a variety of people.

I think that it should be abundantly clear that the only possible person who has at least a chance to achieve this, is Hillary Clinton. Senator Sanders cannot win, nor could he effectively govern. Vice President Biden would at best just be a continuation of all of the limitations of the Obama Presidency. Hillary has by far the best chance of any Democrat to win. She is smarter than all of them; all the Republicans, and the media, too. She has vowed to undertake a massive rebuilding of the Democratic Party on the state level. She has seen and done more than enough in her career to have a very clear knowledge of what the Republicans and the vast right-wing conspiracy is about. She is a fighter, and she will not give in for the sake of convenience. It is so overwhelmingly clear to me that she is the only possible person who could change the course that the country is heading on, that I am virtually amazed that she is not getting the support of every single Democrat and Independent who truly cares about the the state of this nation.


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  1. Asked about the possibility of Biden running, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday, “I just don’t know. I just don’t know.”

    She added: “I think there’s a lot of excitement in the country to have the first woman president of the United States. … We want to win. We have to win.”

    Dear Nancy,
    Please STFU!

    I’m sorry friends, but this woman has a brain like a pea. And her mouth isn’t even connected to it.

    Another nepotistic product of the old Democratic machine, this one is from the Baltimore political trough, where he old man Ruled.

  2. Another great post, William! I, for one, am suffering from Obama Fatigue on steroids. Is it over yet?

    I agree about Queen Nancy, but she didn’t exactly bubble with excitement at the thought of the horse’s ass running.

  3. Nancy gave Well She’s A Woman reason. Toss in “I don’t know. I don’t know”. She’s supposed to be a leader not a child. When she opens her mouth, I cringe.

  4. Agree on Obama fatigue. i thought Bush’s tenure was long but Obama’s tenure beats all.

  5. Brilliant piece as always, William, with one footnote:

    What about the environment? Considering that Obama just gave the oil companies carte-blanche to drill in the Arctic ocean, I’d say protecting the environment is of little concern to him…unlike Hillary.

    “The Arctic is a unique treasure. Given what we know, it’s not worth the risk of drilling,” she explained on Twitter.

    “We applaud Secretary Clinton for standing up for what science, the will of the American people and common sense demand,” cheered Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, adding that Mr. Obama’s decision to let Shell drill “is a recipe for disaster and toxic to any climate action legacy.”

  6. We might feel like we’re living in the arctic when we run out of fuel though. Of course, if we didn’t sell our own crude to other continents while paying middle eastern despots for their oil, we probably wouldn’t have this problem.

  7. Thank you, Brassy Rebel, and GWM4Hill!

    GWM4HIll, I quite agree with you on the environmental matters.. Hillary is vastly better than Obama in that regard. I don’t know what Obama’s value system is. Sometimes he makes a speech about protecting the environment, which of course is just a speech, since the Congress can stop anything he wants to do. But he is allowing more offshore drilling than even some of his Republican predecessors. It may be that Obama really does not have an overarching vision of any of this. I never thought that he studied any of the issues; Hillary answered all the debate questions for him. Hillary has a grasp of every single issue, and her stand on protecting the environment in every important way, is very exciting to contemplate, and so desperately needed. And people who keep trumpteting Biden, just because it sounds like fun, are idiots.

  8. Great piece as always, William.
    You make a great case against a third Obama term (i.e. Biden.)

  9. Thank you, Sue! Yes, I thought it would be worthwhile to try to show why, independent of any personal reactions one might have to the various candidates, Biden does not offer nearly enough in terms of the changes we need. What has been going on for the last eight years is simply not sufficient; and the Democratic Party is eroding. One would think that this would be very obvious, but maybe some people out there cannot see the obvious, or don’t understand the implications.

  10. Has anyone gotten a “SHARE if you wish you could vote for a third term for President Obama!” post from various Democratic groups on Facebook? Talk about a big fat FU to Clinton.
    I always comment “No thanks. I’m MORE than ready for Hillary!”

  11. Same here. 😀

  12. I want a third Obama term like I want a root canal. In fact, I would prefer a root canal.

  13. Root canals have a bad rap, Rebel. Not so for Obama.

  14. I wouldn’t say Obama’s term has been longer than Bush’s but I would say both of them have been going on too long. For 16 years now we’ve had NOTHING done for the middle class in this country. It’s also why people on the right are flocking to Trump. They are finally realizing that the GOP could give two rips about the middle class. The irony is that they’ve picked someone from NYC who is a billionaire. I’m 55 years old and I was 40 when Bush was put in office and I don’t have a whole lot of patience anymore for the BS. I knew Obama wouldn’t be able to get anything done back in ’08. I knew the GOP was crazy back in 2008. I couldn’t believe he wanted to sing kumbaya with them.

  15. We don’t want an Obama 3rd term and neither does he! He’s barely made it through the first 2!!! 8 years is probably the longest time he’s ever been employed in one place in his life! Course how many of his other “jobs” have given him the perks he’s had with this one? Seriously, he’s worked harder on his golf game than anything else in 8 years. And his golf game isn’t that good!

  16. Ga6th @ 8:48, Hear, Hear!

  17. Nice post William!

  18. in 2008, I feared 4 years of Obama.

    In 2012, I loathed 4 more years of Obama.

    In 2016, I will shoot myself with a bazooka if we have another 4 years of Obama.

    ‘Nuff said.

  19. What imust said!

  20. Hey Socal!

  21. 💬

  22. Nice post but I’ll have nightmares now about a 3rd Obama term.

  23. Hahahahah Fredster. Horror movie!!!!

  24. Dear NES:


  25. Must have an obot trolling. imust’s obama comment got bad reviews. Let’s everybody give her five stars and wipe that out.

  26. I wouldn’t say Obama’s term has been longer than Bush’s but I would say both of them have been going on too long. For 16 years now we’ve had NOTHING done for the middle class in this country.

    This is the ABSOLUTE truth! The middle class survival has been decimated by those two deadbeats. Sucked dry. Hung out. Tipped upside down for spare change. Either the goal was to ELIMINATE the middle class so they could have more peons to do all the work……….or they were both policy morons. Or both.

    The middle class are the people who have to get up every morning to reliably go to their mundane jobs because millions of people on public assistance are depending upon them.

  27. LOL, Upps! (@10:45 am)

  28. Thanks for bringing up my score everybody! But, it may not be Obot trolls. There may be some who think that my comment about Obama was too harsh. That’s okay. They’re entitled to their opinion, even if it’s wrong!!! 🙂

  29. Obots and SandersFans = Latte Liberals who rip Hill to shreds for her business connections but somehow never criticize O for doing the same thing.

  30. imust doll, please don’t be less than too harsh about Obama, And, for the record, I found your comment insufficiently harsh! xo

  31. Ayup, GWM!

  32. Hahahaha NES, you tell her!

    Imust if you ever are not harsh enough to obama again, there will be Punishments!

  33. Thank you, Annie.

    Fredster, I studied very carefully to make sure that there was no chance that Obama could actually run for a third term, before writing that imaginary scenario. 🙂 And for those people who realize that another Obama term would not get us anywhere, why would they possibly want a Biden presidency?

  34. Whaaat?! I’m not used to a HuffPost article that actually speaks a lot of truth. One may not agree with all of it (particularly about how everybody supposedly loves Biden) and I wish he had spoken about the misogyny behind Hillary-hate, but it’s a refreshing read indeed. Thank you, Peter D. Rosenstein.

    We have been witnessing the most biased reporting of any election I have ever seen. This isn’t only about FOX news spouting lies and bringing racists on to attack President Obama. This is about the media apparently doing all it can to bring down Hillary Clinton by skewing every report, including blatant headlines containing lies in The New York Times.

    In the past few day’s two new national polls, one from Suffolk University the other from Quinnipiac came out. Any candidate seeing numbers like Hillary has in those polls would be opening champagne and their opponents would be figuring out what they are doing wrong. After months of a non-stop barrage of negative attacks by Republicans and the press, Clinton still leads the Democratic primary contest by huge numbers and beats every Republican candidate in general election match-ups. She is also leading the Democratic contest in every primary state except for one poll in New Hampshire, which has her a few percentage points behind Sanders. She is 56 percent ahead of the field in South Carolina. Now, according to VOX, the various media are reporting these great numbers for Clinton with their own headlines. Bloomberg says, “Biden More Competitive Than Clinton Against Leading Republicans: Poll”; Politico reports, “Poll: Biden outperforms Hillary in general election; Trump leads GOP field”; and Time says, “Voters open to Joe Biden presidential bid in new poll.”

    Then Thursday evening I heard Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News talking about the Quinnipiac poll saying, “New poll shows Biden is running a wave of popularity over Hillary Clinton.” One has to wonder either what drugs he is on or whose biases he is channeling. Both these polls show Hillary’s lead in the Democratic Primary is staying strong. Biden actually comes in third behind Sanders. That is nearly 30 percent behind Clinton. How one can determine that he is riding a wave of popularity is incredible. He actually only has about a 10 percent higher favorable rating than Hillary in one poll and that is after she has been attacked for months, and Biden has yet to enter the fray where he will surely get beaten up quickly.

    In fact, according to Daily Kos, “at the beginning of March, Clinton led the GOP field by an average of 50.3 to 42.6, or 7.7 percentage points. Now, in late August, she leads 48.7 to 41.2, or 7.5 percent. Clinton’s “collapse,” in other words, is 0.2 percent! No serious analyst would consider that anything more than a rounding error. (And we’re not cherry-picking the start date, either: The picture is the same if you dial it back to Jan. 1.)”

    When it comes to whether Biden will have a smooth ride, Donald Trump has already brought up the plagiarism issue which forced him out of his first presidential campaign, and that will only be the beginning. People need to remember Biden left the 2008 race after getting only 1 percent in the Iowa caucuses.

    So it appears the press is doing what they always do to politicians: build them up so they can tear them down later. That seems to be how to sell newspapers and get TV viewers, and it is a sad commentary on both politics and today’s media.

    We really need to look at another way to run and report campaigns, but until that happens we should collectively ask the media to stop spouting nonsense. Clinton and Sanders are actually talking about issues and Clinton is putting out nearly daily policy papers. The most recent was her plan to help rural America. Heaven forbid we give voters something real to talk about, something that will actually impact their lives. Instead the media focus is entirely on rumors of Biden running and no one even bothers to mention what platform they think he can run on.

    Like nearly all Democrats, I like Joe Biden. I agree with what Hillary said as reported on CNN: “I just want the vice president to decide to do what’s right for him and his family.” Biden is a really nice guy, but there is much in his long legislative record that will be attacked and if the press gets him to run, they will then use that to tear him down. Hillary’s votes are more progressive than Biden’s, and Sanders’ take on issues is more to the left of Hillary. So will a very progressive leaning Democratic Party suddenly go with the more conservative candidate of the three main candidates? One really has to ask: what is the media thinking?

  35. I’m telling you–there’s too much media in politics. The money meme is a red herring. Besides, they use that money to buy media. And when I say too much media, I mean all of it. Wonder where Trump gets some of his “best” ideas? Right wing talk radio. Not just Rush, either. There’s lots of them–one loonier than the next. As for the “left wing media,” that mythical creature has CDS on their best days.

  36. Don’t mess with our girl. 😉

  37. VotingHillary, on August 29, 2015 at 1:57 AM said:

    in 2008, I feared 4 years of Obama.

    In 2012, I loathed 4 more years of Obama.

    In 2016, I will shoot myself with a bazooka if we have another 4 years of Obama.

    ‘Nuff said.
    You will Not be the only one VH. 🙂

  38. She didn’t snap at that reporter! She was actually quite nice!

  39. MSNBC is the worst Biden and Bernie fluffing, Hillary hating network on the air.
    My husband’s teeth nearly fell out of his head when I said that, at this point, I’d rather watch Sean Hannity than Laurence O’Donnell or Thomas Roberts.
    At least I’d know what I was in for.

  40. I went to the youtube on that. It’s from “GOP War Room”. The comments are horrible!!! A couple of them calling her “pig!”

  41. The media, as it likes to call itself, is more reminiscent of a junior high school clique, which relentlessly tries to damage someone they don’t like. They probably rationalize it to themselves as, “Oh, we’re just trying to get ratings,” but it’s more unpleasant than that. They have a variety of headlines they pull out: “Hillary sinking,” “Hillary embattled,” “Hillary snaps,” “Hillary continues to be plagued,” “Hillary’s problems,” “Hillary testy exchange.” They title these, “Breaking Stories,” when they are not breaking, and they are not stories. They are about as worthwhile as a seventh grader passing a note saying, “I still hate Karen. Let’s all call her names when she goes by the lunch table.”

  42. Sue, it has been so long since I watched MSNBC that I’m not sure that I even know Thomas Roberts. Did he used to be on CNN?. I used to watch MSNBC quite a bit. O’Donnell has been anti-Clintons for a long time. These types never change their spots, never mature about it.

    And I can see what you mean, in that with Hannity you get consistent right-wing rhetoric which is very unpleasant, but is pretty much distributed against every Democrat, and is based on dogma. The so-called liberals on MSNBC look very somber, and hide their bias behind an air of thoughtful weightiness. The only person I actually used to like on that station was Brashears, and they fired him. Olbermann was literallly frothing at the mouth about Hillary when he was last there. Schultz would rant against her, not making the slightest sense as he did. Maddow, I have no idea; i know that she said that she cried when Hillary voted for the Iraq Resolution; very mature reaction there. Sharpton just yells about racism, and said once that he would never say anything negative about Obama. Quite a group they have there, and it continually gets worse.

  43. Sounds like Lester Holt is following in the grand tradition of Brian Williams. Just makin’ shit up. To paraphrase HillaryMen, Hillary is an existential threat to the patriarchy.

  44. Wow I’ve been away from that place a LONG LONG time. I have NO idea who Thomas Roberts or Lester Holt are. I know who O’Donnell is, which is just another reason why I don’t watch them. #TotalArseHole

  45. Well, the GOOD news is that nobody is paying to attention to what the press is telling them to do. No Dems are listening to the press this time. Did you learn your lesson with Obama? And Republicans are not listening to what the press is telling them to do either hence Trump. I guess after the press pushed Obama and Bush the voters are wising up to the fact that the press could give two rips about any of us “little people”

  46. OT, but speaking of the press, has anyone else noticed the whole Bill Cosby story has suddenly disappeared after months early in the summer of hearing of nothing else but it?

    Wonder what that payoff cost him.

  47. It appears that the SC Supreme Court has just suspended the law license of one Todd Kincannon. Now who is Todd Kincannon? Welp, he’s the former head of the South Carolina Republican party AND……more importantly, The Donald’s “first choice” for Attorney General.

    Now why would they take the license to practice law from this wonderful soul, you ask. You are asking, right?

    Welp, Mr K had a meltdown. Yup. A meltdown. During his meltdown, he sent out threatening and disturbing emails to some people, including a photo of him holding a gun to his head. Yes, I do have the shot, scuse the pun. But I won’t post it.

    Earlier this year, Mr. Head Of Family Values was arrested on charges of Criminal Domestic Violence. He says it was the result of an overdose of a cough suppressant. But no matter. God forgives him, right?

    Anyways, here ya go

    He’s been committed to a mental facility, but you know how well our mental health system works. He’ll be out in no time. I think he should be re-appointed as head of the SC Republican Party again as soon as he gets out, or even before they let him out. He’s perfect for them.

    But the larger point here is…….Donald sure knows how to pick em!

    One of Mr. K’s most remembered tweets:

    “I hope the dumb bitch who initiated physical violence with her NFL player fiance learned a good lesson when he justifiably beat her ass.”

    Warms your heart doesn’t he?

  48. I don’t watch Hannity or anybody else on Fox.
    I’m swearing off MSNBC.
    As I’ve said before, the “Establishment” wants anyone but Hillary.
    She must and will prevail.

  49. Trump is a buffoon but he’s a dangerous buffoon.

  50. Democrats no longer trust MSNBC but do trust CNN? I think CNN is just as bad, maybe worse, using their planned key phrases over and over again to trash Hillary.

    Example: In one poll this morning, Sanders is 7 pts behind Hillary. CNN: “Sanders is within striking distance of Hillary”. “Hillary is slipping”. “Voters defecting to Sanders*
    The poll that has Carson 5 points behind Trump. CNN: “Carson is second”
    After noting she’s ahead in ALL the polls: “People don’t like her!”

  51. Sue I do declare he’s no more dangerous than his opponents. He’s saying exactly what they are thinking.

  52. Voting you are right about Cosby. But in the end he is trashed. As it should be, the pig.

  53. Only 3 percent of Democrats trust FOX the most, with 32 percent for CNN, 15 percent for NBC, 14 percent each for CBS and MSNBC and 8 percent for ABC.

    Forgot to mention…….28% don’t trust ANY of them.

  54. Oh gawd I just trapsed around on the news websites and I see the bernie nutcases are out there sounding just like the Paulies and the Obots, declaring that Bernie is winning and threatening everyone with Bernie Or Else. Same twits from 2008. Can’t wait till some primaries so his ass can get whooped and they can carry him off to the nursing home for good socialists. Him might win NH and VT, but we can put up with that for a short time. After that, he’s toast.

    They also have a Write In Bernie 2016 pledge page. Rolling my eyes. They aren’t even smart enough to know the state laws for writeins more often than not give the vote to the winner in the party of the write-in candidate. America’s future leaders lol

  55. Ha Ha, Upps! You must have seen the latest Facebook Anti-Hill “Trending” crap today: “Bernie Sanders Just 7 points behind Hillary Clinton in Iowa!!!!”

    I came here just now to post it. It’s been a few days since an anti-Hill Facebook “trend’ so I was wondering it they had been slipping….

  56. GWM, it was CNN that said all that chit I posted. They are despicable.

    What’s with Bernie? Is he trolling towards a stroke? He YELLs all the time!!!

  57. Bernie was on CNN this morning…….Uppity you’re right. He’s yelling and grumpy. Who wants that?

  58. At his age, could just be constipation.

  59. Uppity @ 12:40, omg! A story that horrible and the media ignores it!?! Yes, a perfect choice for imbecile trump. Trump is going to surround himself with batshit rethugs.

  60. Bernie isn’t getting any closer to Hillary. The poll includes Biden. Bernie remains in his rut. Now, there’s a headline you won’t see.

    And Yes, UW, the Bernie Bots are the same anti-Clinton 2008 crowd.

  61. About TV news, I am one of the
    .28% that don’t trust ANY of them. ;evil:

  62. Maybe Bernie ran out of his little blue pills. 😆

  63. Uppity, I try hard not to watch any of the stations, but from the little I’ve seen, CNN is worse than MSNBC. CNN is perhaps as bad as Fox. How could anyone trust CNN? I was in a restaurant the other day, and they unfortunately had CNN on, but fortunately without the sound; so I looked at a few of their little headlines. All anti-Hillary in some fashion. Still on about the email. Crawl about Benghazi Committee calling two Hillary aides as witnesses. Interview with O’Malley. It looked like the questions were anti-Hillary as well. CNN is a propaganda machine, and an evil force. We’ve said this before, but some reasonably fair-minded and moderate person needs to start a network, and not sell it to the Arab network, as Gore did. This is going to be a test of something, to see if 24-hours of anti-Hillary news is going to get them the result they are desperately striving for. If there is no fair media with integrity, how can we have a democracy?

  64. I am DEFINITELY a member of the 28%

  65. Sophie, I thought so. They behave exactly the same way. Arrogant, threatening, name-calling, delusional, the whole gamet.

  66. Agree about the Bernie crowd being the same obots from ’08. I’m avoiding them this time around. Not reading their articles or demented comments.

  67. And no cable news either.

  68. A Suffolk University poll of potential Iowa caucus-goers taken last Thursday through Sunday, or about five days before the Des Moines Register poll, had Hillary up 54%–20% over Sanders, with Biden at 11%. That poll did not get any coverage on the networks. This one, which, if both polls were accurate, would show Hillary dropping from 54% to 37% in five days, and Sanders going up from 20% to 30%, gets teh coverage. There is no way that there could have been that kind of movement in five days. One of the polls is more accurate than the other, or both of them are questionable.

  69. The surest bet there is, is that the day after the Iowa caucus, the news headlines will make it a loss for Hillary. She didn’t win by enough; or she didn’t get that many more delegates; or she actually lost; or she won, but exit polls showed “troubling signs.” It will take until actual primaries in states bigger than New Hampshire, where we might get actual results not disgused by spin.

  70. I’m with you William. CNN is the worst. MSNBC is at least in your face about it. You know you’re going to hear them talk smack about Hillary. But CNN is sleazy and they have several dozen subliminal-cut phrases they are hammering out 24/7 to trash Hillary. They are slime. They hide in the closet an leech out their scum in the dark.

  71. Upps. stuck in moderation mode.

  72. Dang, Voting, sorry about the moderation thang. Damned WP!

  73. Gang just to let you know, our sometimes member HAL died today. He was a very sick man. I’ve known him online for years. He was a good man but unfortunately he suffered from neurofibromatoses specifically the NF2 form, which is the most severe. Hal went deaf a number of years ago and this was particularly hard on him as he loved music. He went blind slowly but surely as well, which is why he wasn’t around here any longer. He was a newspaper reporter for most of his life and we met when I wrote something in another time and place and he flagged my writing. He was a gentleman and a gentle man. A dedicated cat lover. He was in severe pain for years and had more surgeries than all of us put together.

    And he got dealt a raw deal in life.

    NF2 is characterized by slow-growing tumors on the eighth cranial nerves. The tumors cause pressure damage to neighboring nerves. To determine whether an individual has NF2, a physician looks for eighth nerve tumors, cataracts at an early age or changes in the retina that may affect vision, other nervous system tumors and similar signs and symptoms in a parent, sibling, or child. The distinctive feature of schwannomatosis is the development of multiple schwannomas (tumors made up of certain cells) everywhere in the body except on the vestibular branch of the 8th cranial nerve. The dominant symptom is pain, which develops as a schwannoma enlarges or compresses nerves or adjacent tissue. Some people may develop numbness, tingling, or weakness in the fingers and toes.

  74. Chrrrripessss. Chrissie Hynde looks like a major druggie. I never heard of her till now. Hopefully I won’t have to hear of her again.

  75. So sorry about Hal Uppity. I remember him.

  76. His family kept me abreast. It was downhill the past few months, imust. I didn’t want to bum all of you out about it as I knew he was going to die and there wasn’t much anyone could do about it. I kind of hoped he’d rally, as he did a number of times since I’ve known him, but this time, it was No Go.


  77. You two used to talk a lot about computers as I recall.

  78. God bless, Hal.

  79. Trump on the right, Bernie on the left, both obsessed with the size of their crowds (or something).

    Hill to field: Am I the only one here not taking Viagra?

  80. Yes imust, lol. I was perpetually removing viruses from his computer Delores. Until one day, she croaked. Since he was deaf and I didn’t want him taken advantage of, I did a three way call with him and DELL and ordered up his computer for him. Then of course, I spent the next few years cleaning up the viruses in THAT computer. Nobody could find a trojan like Harold.

  81. I really think that the great majority of the Sanders supporters don’t have any idea of what they are trying to accomplish, other than the game of “Beat Hillary.” Do they really think Sanders could win a national election? If he somehow could–and it would seem a very big longshot–what could he accomplish with what is certain to be a very conservative Congress? Do these people actually understand how the government works? Or is this all some kind of stupid fantasy game, like the computer games so many of them love to play?

    The damage that they do to the country with this futile and ill-conceived effort, has not occurred to them, either. Or they just don’t care; it’s just something to pass the time until the next Star Wars trilogy comes out. That is why no one can argue or debate with them; they are not interested in reason or analysis; they are only interested in having fun with it all. The rest of the people are left to deal with the real world issues.

  82. The sanders characters are the same people who called us all racists all through 2008, and then turned on the black community like rattlesnakes when BLM gave Bernie Boy a hard time. They showed the world who they really are, bigots, racists and misogynists all in one fell swoop. And hypocrites. And plenty of spoiled brats.

  83. Uppity, that “Clintons are racists” was one of the most sickening things I have ever seen in politics. Again, I don’t think this is even about dogma to them, it is just a schoolyard game which they will try to win by any means. It’s all personal; plus, they get some kind of weird ego gratification from “winning.” I wonder how many of them liked what they got in an Obama presidency, or did they even follow any of it?

    I just hope that the Clinton people are well prepared for the caucus rules violations this time. They will try them all. And of course these people will not vote for Hillary in the general election, because it is not about the country, it is about their own grandiose sense of self.

  84. Remember we were trying to come up for a name for these Bernie-Bots? Did anyone mention this? Bernie Babies.

  85. Well William, this time they are not going to win. They are betting on a loser. I look forward to watching their tantrum when it happens.

  86. They are betting on a 74 year old member of the socialist party who screams when he talks, who looks like he should be run through a car wash twice, and who never combs his hair.

    He’ll win Vermont. Maybe one of the surrounding little states. And that will be that. We’ll just have to put up with this nonsense till around February. It will keep people busy. Then we will get to count up how many people are left who really wish they lived in Greece. Bernie Sanders couldn’t even beat that deadbeat Jeb. Which reminds me, what is it with that guy? He needs some Red Bull or something. He’s amazingly sleepy-looking. And I thought W was a dud. He’s on speed next to Jeb. Every time I see him he looks annoyed that his nap was interrupted.

    No need to fear his Bernie Babies. They’re toothless on this one. They can throw all the tantrums in the candy aisle they want. They will lose. Of this I am sure.

  87. Bernie Babies™

    It is done, imust.

    The same babies that hung out in free tents and ate free food, threw paper airplanes at Wall Street buildings, demanded a good pay for not working, raped girls and told them to shut up, communicated using Twinkles Up and Twinkles Down, complained that the homeless were treating their free food like it was free food, and packed up and left the minute it got a little cold out.

  88. Uppity, I certainly agree that Sanders will not win many primary states. It is somewhat frustrating that what I hoped could be a Hillary breeze to the nomination, saving her money, and building up momentum, is going to have to go through more months of the media getting to pound away at her on the campaign trail. And I really do think that while most of the “PUMAs” did end up voting for Obama, some of these Sanders people will not vote for Hillary, just out of spite. They’ll look for a third party candidate, or they’ll stay home, and hope she loses, so Warren can run next time. Most of the time, Democrats end up voting for the nominee, out of rationality. But these people aren’t Democrats at this point; they are wild-eyed evangelists.

  89. They won’t stay home, William. They have a campaign to Write in Bernie. That’s great. Most of the states transfer Write In votes to the primary winner unlrss the candidate is registered. . Or they will vote for Hillary because they will be scared shitless that whomever the Republican candidate is will tell them to go to work and pay off their useless dumbed-down college education debt.

    In order to actually be counted, the candidate will need to register in 43 states. In other words Bernie has to decide to be a write in and register otherwise a write in is USELESS. Do you think he’ll do that? I kind of doubt it. Bernie caucuses with the Democrats. I hope he won’t mind caucusing with NOBODY because that’s what’s going to happen if he decides to be an official write in.

  90. The only time in our living history that a candidate on write in won was in Alaska senate race. And she had to register and she campaigned as a write in.

  91. I’m gonna pull a Donna here. I don’t think we need the holdouts. I am watching twitter closely and I am shocked and thrilled at the number of college campuses working for Hillary. I think the young women are stepping up to the plate. This time, the Nutroots are not going to run the show. They are playing the deluded Ron Paulite game. Let em pretend. Keeps em busy.

    As for Joe, tic toc. His time is running out. Fast. I would love to watch him explain HIS crime bill to Black America. Then I would love to watch him discuss Clarence Thomas. Then I would love to watch him discuss HIS bankruptcy reform bill that made it impossible to go bankrupt without paying off his Delaware Charge Card buddies.

  92. I know you will all remember how we went through the Write In idea in 2008 and realized how futile it was unless Hillary wanted to do it.

  93. Nope, not done. Not Bernie babies.


  94. I remember Hal, he was a lovely man.
    RIP Hal.

  95. Uppity, I’m glad to see that Hillary has support at the universities. That kind of enthusiasm and wilingness to canvas is very important.

    The word “coalition” is probably overrated in politics. But certainly Democrats need to bring in enough people who actually vote in midterm elections, and who support the party candidate for president.

  96. Bern it downers

  97. Upps, that was very nice of you to help Hal with his computer issues. Like imust, I remember you guys talking about that stuff.

  98. I’m having trouble remembering who Hal was. Sorry to hear about his passing.

  99. I may have mentioned this before and, if I’m repeating myself, I’m sorry.
    Does anyone, here, know Riverdaughter well enough to email her and ask if she’s okay?
    I know (at least, I think I do) that there have been disagreements and rifts; still, for many of us, The Confluence was the mother ship of political blogging.
    She hasn’t posted in over a month and I miss her voice; especially, now.
    I hope that she’s doing fine and I hate to think that she’d let a few Bernie Babies (trolls) silence her.
    If I’ve stepped on any toes, forgive me.

  100. Thanks Sweet Sue, I’ve been checking on her daily and I wonder about her silence. I also would like to know…such a brilliant woman, excellent writer.

  101. Up, in your excellent list of problems Biden would have if he entered the race, you left out Assets Forfeiture which is another slap in the face to the African American community. Then, there are his co-conspirators on the bill, Strom Thurmond and the Reagan Administration. He also wrote the law making possesion of crack cocaine more serious than possesion of cocaine. Perhaps he was anticipating his own family’s vulnerability there. Lol! So many of the laws resulting in mass incarceration go back to the eighties even before 1994 law.

    It seems to me that Biden just doesn’t want to let it go. But he’s running out of time. He knows once he rules out running, no one will pay any attention to him anymore. And he can’t bear the thought of that.

  102. I like the name bernouts. I think it’s a perfect description. After all the bruhaha about Biden the other week it seems to have gotten quiet. Anyway, I’m back towards leaning to the fact that he is not running. Apparently his wife is not too keen on it and if the polling is correct he’s just going to go down a third time.

  103. Oh, and I was wondering about Riverdaughter too but I don’t know anything either.

  104. Bernistas
    Slow Berners
    Bern Toasters
    Bern Downers
    Carping Berns

  105. No everyone, I don’t know Riverdaughter personally and have no means to contact her.I just looked and it seems her last post was in June. I see she had some trolls but I don’t think that would make her run off at all. I have found that moderating people who are commenting for the first time is the best way to control these snipers. Blogs are not democracies and they don’t have to be.

  106. Rebel, he made crack more serious a crime than coke because rich people snort coke and poor people use crack. That should go over well.

  107. Bernie Babbies!

  108. Yay NES!! Thank you!

  109. Awesome record of the shit NY Times continues to pull..

  110. My son managed to find time to go to lunch with me today, and he ranted on about politics. He was hilarious. I wish I had taped it. He said that bernie’s supporters were “all spoiled rich kids and lame ass hipsters.”

  111. Upps, I like that website.

  112. I don’t know RD personally, but I get the impression that the effort of making a living is requiring all of her time and energy, leaving none for blogging.

  113. GifilteFishGate! This is serious, folks!

  114. So if Huma was Hillary’s lover, why would she even have to knock? Answer me THAT, NYT!

  115. Uppity, that’s a great website.
    No one can pretend that the Times doesn’t have an anti Hillary agenda.

  116. Happy September Uppityits Look Climate change The leaves are turning different colors. 😆

  117. Oh, this is RICH. Just days after giving Shell carte-blanche to drill in the arctic.

  118. Obama is so phony that his picture should be put on the $3 bill. 😈

  119. Damn foxy. More leaves than there used to be! $omebody DO something!

  120. Rebel, re: Knock-Knock: obviously this is #DoorKnockGate

  121. We really could have use Obama trying to have done something about climate change when he had a Democratic Congress for two years. At this point, he is relegated to speechifying about it.

    I am not sure that enough people (the people here excepted, of course) realize how crucial it is for Democrats to gain Congressional power. With the gerrymandering, I don’t know how possible it is, but something has to be improved, or it would stymie any Democratic president. I was really hoping, and still am, that Hillary could win by such a large margin that she would inevitably pull in some Congressional seats downticket. But apparently too many Democrats do not comprehend any of this, and would rather try to damage her with ridiculous fake stories, or simply vote for a whim, and then complain about everything afterwards. Short-sighted narcissistic idiots.

  122. William, you mention gerrymandering. In her DNC speech Friday, Hillary made an important point when she said that because Dems had such a poor (to put it mildly!) showing in 2010, they got creamed all down the ballot, including in state legislature races. That’s had a profound effect on their ability to win congressional races because these heavily Republican legislatures have drawn the districts to their own advantage. She says this MUST change, and it will be her goal to change it as president. Her speech was very well received in general but especially this part. It’s the state party organizations which have suffered most under Obama’s neglect.

  123. Brassy Rebel, that in itself is an overwhelming reason for a Democrat, or even an Independent who hates the Tea Party, to vote for Hillary. She is the only Democrat who talks about this, and by far the only one who could actually accomplish this. And it is imperative.

    The Republicans are not particularly smart, even about strategy, but they are smart enough to have realized that if they dominate the state legislatures, they get to redraw the districts to their advantage. Meahwhile, Democrats were apparently so thrilled at the social breakthrough of electing Obama, that they neglected all of the rest of it, leaving the party in very bad position going forward. And how Hillary, the hardest worker of them all, is going to try to fix it and save the party. And yet some Democrats apparently don’t want this, they want to continue playing fantasy games. I don’t think that the Obama people even cared about midterm or state elections; but his was a wishful presidency from the very outset.

  124. After the way she was treated, it would certainly be ironic if Hillary did get the chance to save the party after Obama wrecked it.

  125. So, CNN has agreed with the RNC to change their debate criteria in order to place Carly F. in the prime time debate.

    Anyone else think this change occurred due to Carly agreeing to:

    1. Trash the hell out of Trump.
    2. Trash the hell out of Hillary

    Two for one as far as the RNC and CNN are concerned.

  126. And since I am in a “conspiracy” mode, I think the true Obama POTUS candidate has not yet been revealed.

    Who do I think it will be? Julian Castro. The DNC/Obama will run the same playbook…he’s young, handsome…and oh look, Hispanic. Who better to run against the Republicans to to get the Hispanic vote?

    If you doubt it, then explain why the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development was in Japan representing the US last week?

  127. There’s no question about it. Something is amiss and it has a Kill Hill stench to it. And that stench is coming from the White House.

  128. Carly is yet another woman who would be fetching coffee for some mediocre dickhead if it weren’t for the Hillary Clintons of this country to fought the fight and stood in the rain and so so that years later, ingrates like Carly could trash her.

  129. Agree about the stench, Upps.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the last thing O wants it to have her succeed him. He doesn’t want his “legacy” tarnished. His biggest fear is within six months (or less) everyone will be scratching their heads saying to themselves, “What were we thinking in 2008?!?”

  130. If the Democrats lose the election, and the Republicans control every branch, Obama is not going to have much of a legacy at all, other than having been elected. What is to stop the Repubilcans from repealing his Obamacare? The law was held constitutional, but laws can be repealed.

    Obama would then be seen as the last Democratic president for decades, which might make him stand out; but none of the legiislative or executive acts would endure past his terms. And with the Democratic party in total disrepair, who would want to hear from him about what to do about it, or anything else? I do agree that he is afraid of having Hillary overshadow him, but if he supports someone else, and they lose, he will not be looked on favorably by very many people.

  131. I agree William. 😦

  132. I cannot wrap my head around the vitriolic media bobble heads, and the rapid Bernie Sanders followers/Donald Trump tea baggers, who are trying to draw comparison between Hillary Clinton’s emails and Watergate. Today I went to a website, whose name I will not divulge, that gave a link to a Washington Post article claiming that Hillary sent/received classified emails on her non-governmental email. Thing is, they weren’t classified at the time that she sent them and were not “re-classified” until after she was no longer Secretary of State. Then, they quote from that jackass Bob Woodward, who gave George W a B-job for 8 years, saying that it was a lot like Watergate.
    Remember when he said the same thing about Whitewater, which turned out to be a big fat nothing and that led to a $79 million dollar investigation by that Republican shill Ken Star and all we got for our trouble was a b-job? Does anyone even remember what Watergate was about? It was about the attempt, by the Nixon Whitehouse, and its’ political cronies, to undertake a data theft and dirty tricks campaign that would end in Nixon being able to run against the Democratic candidate he believed would be the easiest to beat; that being George McGovern. They aren’t even the same thing!
    I personally think that the likes of Kos and Arianna (both former Republican shills) and others like them realized that in order to beat the Democrats they had to become Democrats and do it from within. They are the reason that some don’t even identify anymore as Democrats or liberals. Now they call themselves “Progressives”. They are trying to destroy the party from within by claiming they only want a candidate who is “ideological pure”. I remember the Clinton years, and a country that was on the right path. I also remember the same media taking both Al Gore and John Kerry out to the proverbial “woodshed” whenever possible. Neither were great candidates but let’s be real, Al Gore would have been far better than George W. Instead, these same “bern-outs” were the ones who voted for Ralph Nader (a Republican who wasn’t even a member of the Green Party) as a political protest. They should be medicated and disallowed from voting this time around.


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    identified above. If you are not the addressee(s), or an employee or agent of
    the addressee(s), please note that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of
    this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this information
    in error, please destroy the information and notify the sender of the error.

    Thank you.

  133. What they are trying to do, is to ruin the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. There is no more logic to it than that. They act as if the emails are important, but of course they are not at all in themselves. They are simply the thing that they have latched onto in a desperate effort to beat Hillary.

    It could have been something else; anything they could come up with. With Bill Clinton, we spent months prior to primaries discussing his draft status, and whether he tried to pull strings to avoid the draft. No other candidate ever had that kind of issue discussed, much less blanketing the airwaves. They acted as if this were the most important thing imaginable, until they finally dropped it. Since they can’t beat Hillary on issues, they have to try to do it by essentially making up a story, and then quoting each other to make it seem like a story.

    They don’t really think the emails are important. Maybe Woodward does, because he apparently hates all Clintons so much that he fantasizes that the story that will make him relevant again is out there somewhere. Huffington is a gadfly who married an apparently gay man with many millions, and tried to get him installed as CA Senator, running a campaign against Feinstein which was 100% character assassination and distorted photos. When that failed, she divorced him, and took to getting on the Larry King show and calling herself a progressive. Then she got into media. I have never heard her make a cogent point even once, about anything. She just strings together words. She now purports to write empowerment books, when she is not on her yacht, hobnobbing with other rich people.

    . Kos I don’t know much about, but my sense of him is that he doesn’t really understand issues very well. I guess he had some skill at putting together a blog, but very little in actually articulating much of anything. He didn’t like Bill, Clinton, and he didn’t like Kerry. He loved Dean and Obama. He is also essentially irrelevant now; his subscribers have continually dwindled. It is a shame, because we need progressive voices on blogs and media. But unfortunately most of the would-be voices don’t really know anything, and are more concerned with gaining followers or publicity. Supporting Hillary is no fun for them; they want the excitement of a lost cause loser; and then they can fancy themselves the gallant rebels in exile.

  134. I agree with everything you said Wiliam. Dont forget that Arianna also had to settle two major plagiarism lawsuits in the late 80s after she stole copious amounts of research for her books on Pablo Picasso and Maria Callas.
    They know that if Hillary wins the Whitehouse their cash cows will dry up

  135. Euro, you just described what I call the Nutroots. I have little or no use for them. And that goes for Move On too. These are the kinds of creepy crawlies who gravitate to people like Bernie or any other candidate who says he will give them a pony. See B. Obama. They are the OWS Twinkles Up and Down crowd, throwing paper airplanes at wall street, and grabbing news cameras to whine about what they don’t have as a result of not working. They are the spoiled brats who picked up and left their free LL Bean tents as soon as the weather turned cool, swore they would be back and, of course, didn’t follow through. They are the brats who claim to care about the poor, but they complained vehemently when homeless people showed up and treated their free food as free food. Bleck to the whole lot of em. Progressive are Regressives.

  136. Arianna goes whichever way the wind is blowing.

  137. GWM, Hillary poses an existential threat to the patriarchy. They must stop her because she must might do a better job than they have and……she’s not going to be bullied by them. In short, she has bigger balls than they do and they know it.

  138. Yeah, the bernouts are mostly ex Naderites for sure. There’s nothing going on as far as voting so the press is focusing on nonsense.

  139. Nader is a seedy fool who never got over the fact that his heyday was done. He was big when he went after the automotive industry. If he really wanted to help America, he would be doing it again. But he’s just too busy snarling about everybody and everything.

  140. I’m a liberal, please don’t call me a progressive.
    I’m a woman, please don’t ever call me a cis woman.

  141. I am wondering if, after about 7,500 articles, and questions all focused on Hillary’s email, someone in the media will ever ask Sanders one question about his being a socialist: how does he define it; why did he never choose to be identified as a Democrat; does he think that America is ready to elect a socialist president. Just asking those questions will cut his vote percentage in half. I wonder how many Democrats realize that he identifies himself as a socialist. Maybe the media doesn’t have the time to ask one single question about this, as they attempt to concentrate the entire presidential campaign on the emails, an issue of immense significance to the average citizen.

  142. Bernie is just a useful fool for them; a tool with which to bash Hillary. They couldn’t care less about him because they know he will never be president, if he even makes it past NH and Iowa. They’re just making hay while his sun shines.

  143. Uppity @ 8:27 pm: Thanks for using my paraphrase of #hillarymen, Hillary is an existential threat to the patriarchy. I am trying to spread it around as much as possible. Hillarymen said she is an existential crisis for right wing Republicans and their media allies. I just shortened it by fingering the patriarchy. Same thing.

    Now I see that Darth Vader himself is urging Joe Biden to enter the race. Dick Cheney says he’s very popular in the Democratic party. Like he would know! He really tries to sound like he’s trying to help Dems. He’s so solicitous! An endorsement by Cheney really should be all it takes to kill any idea of the 🐎-s ass running for president. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. 😉

  144. Ok if you are going to take credit for paraphrasing then I am going to take credit for paraphrasing your paraphrase! heheheh. I know it came from Hillarymen, wisely and I agree it should be said FAR AND WIDE because it is the EXACT truth in a few words. As an English teacher, I just thought I thought the phrase up myself because it’s the grammatically most economical way to put it. Where else can you can that kind of Economy of Sledge Hammer? This is what the media and GOP does to Hillary. They use the same phrase over and over again until it buzzes in everyone’s head. Well let’s see how they like millions of people hearing that Hillary threatens what we all know we have……a patriarchy. And not a very good one at that. They make horrid decisions, start wars and can’t even finish them, foster hatred for our country around the world, and spend the preponderance of their time looking for ways to dominate women so they can continue owning free domestic servants who will act as vessels. They do this all in the name of a god who, based on what I’ve read, wouldn’t be caught standing next to any one of them.

    Oh yeah Dick Cheney is sooooo interested in what’s good for the Democratic party and he is a bastion of integrity and honesty. That is why when he says Joe should run it’s because he can win. Right? And his balls don’t shrivel even more than they are at the thought of Hillary being the candidate….or anything..

    You know what really amazes me about Dick Cheney? The fact that he is so oblivious to his own impending mortality. This guy had a heart transplant, nearly died, but he’s still the same thieving, lying rotten son of a bitch he was before it all happened. You would think he would stop being a sleaze before he yells out from his deathbed asking his god to forgive him. Just saying!

  145. For Upps 😆

  146. Hahahaha Foxy. Tell the truth. You wrote that.

  147. Up @ 10:49 am: EXACTLY!

    Dick Cheney=patriarchy.

  148. I’m all for Hillary winning any reasonable way she can. And it’s a good slogan. It’s just that this concept of “the patriarchy” doesn’t really reflect the lives of tens of millions of men, who now as in Thoreau’s time, lead lives of quiet desperation. In the Middle Ages, the male monarchs and aristocrats ran Europe, but 99% of men were peasants or serfs who tilled the land, and were sent out to be slaughtered in wars. The lives of women were not good, either, but men were scarcely living it up. And the female monarchs like Queen Elizabeth or Queen Anne, or the various Italians, were certainly not concerned about improving the lives of their subjects of either gender. And Margaret Thatcher may have been the most unfeeling prime minister England has had in modern times.

    So to me, it is more a matter of power, and who has it. As far as concern for the average person’s lot, it takes a special individual who can rise to power and yet still really care about improving things for more than his or her rich cronies. Franklin Roosevelt had that quality. And I think both Bill and Hillary Clinton do. Along with that quality, of course, you need a leader who is smart and capable enough to deal with opposing forces, which of course do include some very rich and entitled men (although CEOs like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina do not strike me as any improvement on the general type). We’ve had far too many presidents and leaders, both here and in the world, who pay lip service to equality and the “common person,” but really just like the perqusites of power. What is so impressive to me about Hillary is that I think that in absolute opposition to what her enemies like to paint her as, she is actually someone who is not in it for the power or the glory, but because she truly wants to help.

  149. William, the term “patriarchy”doesn’t mean all men have power in society or even that all men want to oppress women. Rather, it describes a systematic oppression of women in a male dominated culture. Hillary describes how the economic system is stacked in favor of those who are already rich and powerful. In the patriarchal system we have, the deck is stacked in favor of male interests and maintaining men in power. Thus, we see truly vicious attacks on Hillary coming from all quarters. She is an existential threat to this system simply by being a strong, very viable candidate. Her victory would upend this system in countless ways, suddenly empowering not only women but men and gays as well. And, sadly, many women support this patriarchal system either consciously or not. You only have to look to female media figures such as Maureen Dowd to see how this is true. She has alligned herself with the patriarchy.

  150. Brassy Rebel, I certainly appreciate your points. Just focusing on Dowd, she has hated both Clintons for 25 years. And there was this strange thing, maybe just her rationalization in her mind, about being upset at Hillary because she did not immediately leave her husband after the Lewinsky situation. So Dowd probably sees herself as a more enlightened feminist than Hillary. There is a kind of Jacobin quest for ideological superiority in some aspects of the movement.

    I think that Dowd is a woman who has various issues, and has latched onto the Clintons as some kind of a target through which to vent them. There are plenty of women who have lived entitled lives who have a kind of contempt for the Clintons. Dowd, Joan Walsh, Sally Quinn, several others. They may try to hide it behind some rationalization, but it is just an air of superiority that they have to people whom they think are not of a certain type.

  151. I always find it interesting that some women think they have the right to decide for other women how to deal with their marriages. You may be right about Dowd, and she may have considered herself a feminist for saying Hillary should have left her husband. My own view on this has always been that everybody’s marriage is their own business not mine. I don’t consider it feminism to try to break up someone else’s marriage. And that’s why last year when Lewinsky resurfaced to lecture Hillary on feminism, I felt nauseous. Seriously, who does this twerp (I could use more colorful words) rhink she is?

  152. One thing one must never forget with the Clintons is the class issue. Bill was always considered po’ white trash by the Washington “elite” like Quinn, and Hillary was guilty by association. It didn’t matter how learned or passionately civic-minded they were, (and hated for it) they didn’t “earn” their position.
    They were uppity.

  153. Everything you need to know about Jeb Bush’s campaign in one minute. Keep an eye on the woman on the right.

  154. GWM in the political arena, Uppity means you can’t be controlled by party.

    I remember when they called Bill the first black president.

  155. Rebel, I have this Right To Life group continuously calling my number. I have them on block and can see that they still keep trying. Pushy meddlers.

  156. Dowd is a very dour person, period. I tried to read her book, the one about are men necessary, I can’t even remember the whole title. What a piece of trash. She is a TERRIBLE writer. How someone like her got to be an editorial writer in a major newspaper is BEYOND ME. But then it IS the NY Times. I stopped reading her years ago. I know this is crude, but I always got the sense she just needs to get laid.

  157. HAHA the woman in that Jeb video is in a total COMA.

  158. Voting, I have GOT to tweet that video.

  159. Voting @ 8:16, that video is hilarious! Yes, Upps, tweet it!

  160. I always had a hunch Dowd had an unrequited crush on Bill and was rebuffed. Her obsessive HillaryHate always reads to me like deranged bitter jealousy.

    Speaking of skeevy pundits, it’s nice that Andrew Sullivan seems to have largely vanished. His oft-expressed hatred of the Clintons pales to his fan-boy swooning over O.

    I’m so old I remember when he gushed over McCain….

  161. The releasing of all Hillary’s emails appear to be backfiring. “Humanizing Hillary”

  162. GWM, I have heard other people say that about Dowd as well.

    Even fluffpo posted an article by the Media Matters dude that defended Hillary:

  163. Andrew Sullivan was a scheeve.

  164. GWM4Hill, I’m so old that I remember when Sullivan was a fan boy of Margaret Thatcher.
    Honest to God.

  165. Biden: (on whether or not he will run….)

    “The most relevant factor in my decision is whether my family and I have the emotional energy to run,” Biden said, responding to a question posed by his longtime friend, Stuart Eizenstat, a former U.S. ambassador to the European Union.

    He added: “I have to be honest with you. I can’t you look you straight in the eye and say now, ‘I know I can do it.’

    I can’t figure out if he’s trying to milk this just for attention, or if he’s trying to get as much sympathy as possible before running.

  166. OMG, could you imagine if Hillary or any other woman considering running for office had uttered the words “emotional energy to run”?

    The media would have a feeding frenzy that would make piranhas jealous.

  167. Tweet away, Ups. I just knew in my heart of hearts that video would crack you up the way it did me.

  168. That video proves Trump is right about one thing:Bush is “a low energy person.”

    It’s true no woman could get away with Biden’s Hamlet routine. If he’s still dealing with his son’s death, and I’m sure he is, he should just rule out running for president. In this case, uncertainty means you shouldn’t do it. Duh! So, yes, he’s milking it for the attention. The only thing bigger than Biden’s mouth is his ego. Unfortunately for the nation.

  169. OMG foxy! Fell off my chair laughing at your Obama-Alaska image. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  170. Did anyone see Hillary’s interview with Andrea Mitchell?

  171. uppity:
    Thanks for the link to “Humanizing Hillary”.
    We need more of those and put emphasis on them.

  172. No because I avoid andrea mitchell like the black plague.

  173. Personally I think Biden is disgusting. He has exploited his dead son from Day One. He’s worshipping the attention too. He makes me sick. I thought i had no respect for him already, and now he does this.

    Remember it all started with Beau told me to do it!

  174. imust, the interview is on YouTube. I won’t post the link so as not to make Uppity sick right at the beginning of a holiday weekend.

  175. Thanks Voting!

  176. So now, if he jumps in everybody will fawn all over him with sympathy and cut him the slack he is going to BADLY need just by being Him.

    And if he doesn’t run, everybody will bemoan and cry, “If Joe had only run…*

  177. Put it up Voting. *Loads my target bow*

  178. @5:14 pm Exactly Uppity!

  179. It is sad that most people apparently do not have the capacity to think ahead a bit, as to what someone’s presidency would be like. I really think that many sort of view it as voting for their favorite TV personality, or on Dancing With the Stars. They get excited about the campaign, they let the media make it a personality issue for them (“Let’s see; who do I like the best; whom would I rather invite into my home with me?”), and then after the election, they completely lose interest. The problem is, that then the governing starts, and so they are always disappointed.

    Elect Biden, and you will get some version of the Obama administration, except that it will be even more pro-business; particularly since the Republicans control everything else. And then the Democrats, having had three terms of the same policies, will get slaughtered in the election of 2020, ushering in the nightmare of some awful Republican president. And that’s if he wins; the odds are that he will lose, and usher it in four years earlier.

    If Hillary wins, she has the ability to bring in some Congressional winners with her, too–if people would just get behind her. She would be more liberal than Obama or Biden; she would do many things which no Democrat has tried. She could win two terms. She would improve the party’s standing in the states. Does anyone believe that Biden would somehow make the Democrats stronger on the state level? Why would one vote for him…except of course that he is not Hillary; and for too many stupid Democrats, any non-Hillary port will do. Besides, they have been complaining for 50 years, so they are well inured to it. “We lost the White House; the country is ruined; I am moving to Costa Rica. But at least we stopped Hillary! No more Clintons!”

  180. I watched the Andrea Mitchell interview today. I almost cut it off when she spent I don’t know how many minutes on the stupid email issue. I guess there is some benefit in doing an interview with a bottom feeder like Mitchell. Anyway it actually was pretty good after you got past that nonsense. She talked about foreign policy, Trump and everything else in the interview. You really should watch it but if I knew how many minutes in you need to go before you get past the email crap i would tell you. The one thing that I really got out of the interview was that the beltway media has not a clue what is going on in the rest of the country.

    As far as Biden goes I truly think he is in a bad way. Losing a child is a terrible terrible thing and honestly if he does run I can’t see his heart being in it. My aunt lost her daughter and the first year was just complete misery. It haunts you forever but it took a good 10 years before she was anywhere near back to her normal self.

  181. If Biden really is that upset, not just milking for attention or for sympathy to get votes…….then he should just say, “I”M NOT RUNNING.” Period. Why is that so hard? Even when someone is grieving, they can say that much. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but all this hemming and hawing and teasing, etc. is not helping.

    On another note…..I just watched Andrea Mitchell on TRM show. AGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One thing she revealed, she was given a lot of ammo info from sources in the Obama administration, who she said were, “very upset” or something like that, about the Hillary’s use of private email. Gee, I wonder who those sources were???? Hmmm……Jarrett? Obo himself?????

    No candidate has EVER had to sit through an interrogation interview like that! Nothing short of the Salem Witch Trials.

  182. imust, you’re right it’s not helping but he gets to be the center of attention and I can tell he likes it. He is getting all the hugs and warm fuzzies and in some convoluted way, it makes him feel better. Once he backs off, he disappears from the radar.

  183. funny how all those white house mental infants are so verrrrrrrrry upset over the use of a private email system, but stealing delegates to drag somebody over the line, cheating in caucuses and registering cartoon characters to vote didn’t upset them at all. Give me a break.

  184. William, if Kim Kardouchian and Kanye were running, half the nutroots would go for it. Because they are vain and shallow mental infants.

  185. Ups, see imust’s comment to understand why I WON’T post that interview.

    Well, that and I hear you are pretty accurate with that target bow….DUCKING!

  186. Ga6th @ 9:16p, thanks for the info about the Mitchell interview. Hubby had NBC news on while I was making dinner and they played an excerpt from it and it was all email. Made us all angry.

    Your comments about losing a child are 100% spot on. We lost a child 8 years ago, my fabulous stepson, and it took us years to be over the funk. I can’t imagine someone running for prez, and then being prez, after just losing a child. I can’t figure out if this will help Hillary or not, if he actually ran, I think he might well split the Bernie voters, but I don’t think this “thinking about it” phase is helpful to her.

  187. The way I am reading Biden, the talk about him running for POTUS is helping him work through his grief. But it doesn’t look like he’s actually going to run. (BTW, this is Jen the Michigander. I changed the name on my account because I have a book coming out soon and I needed to do a blog. Yeah, I know I could have started the blog using a separate email address. But using two email addresses is a pain in the arse! I totally understand why Hillary didn’t want to bother.)

  188. Cool calendar of Hillary’s events

  189. Sophie, thanks for sharing. It will be fun to follow Hillary (virtually) on the campaign trail.

  190. Just fished you outta spam, Jen. I guess it’s cause you changed your name. Or something.

    Why don’t you post your blog link for us, sister?

  191. We’ve all had tragic family losses. I myself lost my brother senselessly. It was so awful, my father died less than 3 months later, crushed. But he didn’t go around fucking up other people’s lives to keep himself occupied.

    And that’s the problem with people like Joe. He fancies that his family loss is due more attention than everyone else’s loss.

    Joe Biden has a not-so-well-kept secret habit of fucking things up for women (See Anita Hill) and this is just one more example of how his own self-absorption leads him to trash the needs of others for his own edification. Fuck him.

  192. Yeah Voting, I am frighteningly accurate with my bow. Although it’s common knowledge that sometimes I use a rapier.

  193. Imust, I was surprised that Hillary would consent to an interview with Mitchell, who has probably never said one favorable thing about either Clinton in the last 25 years.

    I am also amazed, though I guess I shouldn’t be, that this email matter continues to dominate the media focus. I do not think that the average citizen has any interest in it. Does anyone remember even one other presidential candidate (apart from Bill Clinton, of course) who was endlessly harrassed about such a matter? For just one example, did anyone actually question Obama about what a “community” organizer” was? Or about how all the other Democratic candidates mysteriously disappeared from the Illinois Senate race? Or his house? Has any Republican candidate, ever, faced this kind of obsessive scrutiny about anything, much less something which has no deeper import whatsoever?

  194. William, I get the impression that it would literally kill any newscaster to say something positive about Hillary Clinton.
    She is one of the bravest women in the world.

  195. Annie @ 12:22: If my husband made me listen to NBC News while making dinner, I’d make him make his own dinner. He needs to find a constructive way to occupy his time. As for the White House brats, Hillary’s use of personal email was no secret to anyone who got or sent an email from or to her. This includes Obama himself. Now they act all shocked What hypocrites!

  196. Have a safe, and happy holiday weekend, dear Upps and friends. 😀

  197. Upps, I remember how your dear brother died and it is a chilling story. When laker had to have those tests a couple of years ago, I insisted on being in the room with him and that they had a doctor close by that could resuscitate him if necessary. Good points about Biden’s douchey history.

  198. foxi, same to you!

    William, I was also amazed Hillary gave the interview to that nasty bitch.

    Brassy, LOL! Seriously, don’t worry about me being a domestic drudge! I cook because I’d rather eat my own healthy delicious food, although, as a matter of fact, we eat out too much. My hubby is like a funny happy teddy bear, who works his butt off so we can have a good life. I have no complaints in the hubby dept.

  199. Anyone here in Ohio and free on Thursday morning (9/10) for a Grassroots Organizing Meeting with Hillary Clinton in Columbus, OH?

    If you can go, let me know and I will e-mail you the link to RSVP.

  200. Here is my blog link:

    Y’all are welcome to stop by. Keep in mind, the blog is still under construction.

  201. Annie @ 6:02 pm: Congratulations on a happy marriage. I was just kidding, of course! If hubby’s worst fault is watching NBC News, you’re damn lucky!

  202. Just keep him away from CNN! 😄

  203. Sue, that was particularly well put; one would think that occasionally someone would praise her for something. But I have never seen it. It is almost like some atavistic hatred. Or do they all get together and agree to do this? Is it because she is the favorite to be elected? Is it because she is a woman? A Clinton? She is the smartest person on the scene, and people are jealous of that? Or have they done it for so long that it is just reflexive at this point? I think that one could literally watch the TV news all day, and not hear one even grudgingly positive comment on Hillary. If Woodward wants a story as big as Watergate, this would be it; but of course he is part of it.

  204. My mother watches cable news and is afraid Hillary won’t get elected because of the constant negative coverage. She thinks voters will actually believe all the shite they’re spewing. She doesn’t do the Internet, so she doesn’t get to see how Hillary’s supporters are pushing back.

  205. Jens Lyon, I fear your mother may be correct. Sigh.

    Hey, gang. I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m still here lurking. Honestly, this whole election season so far is beyond depressing. The constant attacks on Hillary, combined with the Trump circus, have me barely clinging to my last shreds of hope for our Republic – which I have tentatively maintained since the abomination of 2008.

    I support Hillary. I will advocate for Hillary. I will vote for Hillary.

    But, like Jens Lyon’s mom, I worry. And my greatest worry is not from the lunatic fringe that has seemingly become the mainstream of the GOP, but rather from the “supposed” Democrats who should support the most competent and qualified nominee their party has produced in two decades.

    I think that we, true Hillary supporters, tend to underestimate the blind rage that many DEMOCRATS (so-called) have for the Clintons in general, and Hillary, in particular. It is real. We saw it for ourselves during the 2008 primary (never forget, never forgive) and it is now again rearing its hydra-headed hate again.

    Of course, come the General Election next fall, everyone (even most of the Obot quislings) will rally round the Democratic banner, and stump for Hillary. But, will it be enough? Or will the damage done in 2008, and the daily wounding which continues even now, be too much for her to overcome?

    I worry.

    Those worries do not, however, extend to this ridiculous e-mail “scandal”. Good grief. Has there ever been a more frivolous non-issue than this one?

    I myself have adopted a very simple answer to any and all that continue to keep this thing alive. Please feel free to use this at your will:

    She broke no laws, and none of her e-mails were hacked.

    That’s it. That is all I say. Nothing more needs to be said. After all, these are the only two possible “problems” that one could have with Hillary deciding to use a private server.

    Were any laws broken? No. Of course, we could easily point to myriad politicians, on both sides, who *have* broken laws – some in prison, many more not.

    Were any of her e-mails hacked? No. Of course, we could point to other e-mail accounts that *have* been hacked – oh, you know, like: The IRS, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, and The White House.

    But, these are merely pesky little facts that the media chooses not to discuss.

    Repeat after me…

    She broke no laws, and none of her e-mails were hacked.
    She broke no laws, and none of her e-mails were hacked.
    She broke no laws, and none of her e-mails were hacked.

    Then, smile in silence. The truth speaks best for itself. 🙂

    Hillary 2016

  206. Great response, RWV! I would just add that she violated no administrative regulations either. And the State Department signed off on the whole arrangement. What exactly is she supposed to apologize for? She brought no harm to the American people in any way.

  207. And worked incredibly hard on our behalf!

  208. What a mind reader you are, Rebel. I just tweeted CNN and asked them what they expect her to apologize for…breaking a law that didn’t exist and they wish existed?

  209. Excellent advice Rev Vet! Like you I worry, but not about the Nutroots. They are lame this time around and have thrown their primary hopes toward an avowed socialist who isn’t going to win. They will fall in line once they see what the R’s are running. What worries me is CNN et al. They are clearly witch-hunting her. They are like a dog with a rag with the email non-scandal and I fear many Democrats watch them because MSNBC has jumped the shark.

    I saw them tear apart Trump for not knowing a thing about Hezbollah, etc. And then they pompously talked about how people should have someone who is adept and experienced at world affairs. Immediately afterwards, they were back skewering Hillary. They are so obvious, they should be noticed by the FCC. It’s that bad. They worry me because they Can.

  210. That’s a great tweet Uppity! I RTed it! Everyone with twitter should RT Uppity’s tweet to CNN!

  211. Revolutionary War Vet, you write about some Democrats feeling blind rage toward the Clintons.
    Do you have any theories about what causes this?
    I find it incomprehensible.

  212. Uppity, it has to be coming from the top at CNN. It just can’t be that everry single person they have on air has his or her own insane dislike of Hillary. There have to be some kind of orders, explicit or very obviously implicit, to criticize Hillary in every bit of coverage. I would hope that some of the few remaining true journalists, like Joe Conason or Gene Lyons, or maybe someone at Media Matters, would unravel this. Many people discount Fox because of their clear bias. But CNN has been considered as middle of the road, which is simply not the case. A strong article about CNN’s bias and its origins, might mute some of their impact.

    I do think that if she can just get to the nomination, it will finally be impossible for the networks to caompletely ignore actual policy issues, although they would like to. Even apart from the incredible bias shown, the fact that the media doesn’t even care about showcasing issues which will affect people’s lives after the election, is absolutely appalling for a so-called democracy. I do not think that we even have a free press any more; they are not journalists, they are not responsible fact-checkers; they are vapid lightweight smiling TV faces, who are disseminating propaganda given to them by their corporate bosses.

  213. Sue the younger people and millennials just parrot what they have heard over and over again about the Clintons. Ironically, the little spoiled brats got everything they wanted from parents who did well under Clinton. Many of the M’s are STILL tapping their parents

  214. Thanks imust. Hopefully that tweet will travel.

  215. Sue: Here’s a thought, off the top of my head:

    The Clintons are like the unpopular smart High School dorks who were looked down upon by the popular kids. Then when the dorks grow up, successful, powerful and with an unrivaled command of issues, they make a lot of the popular kids (now much older) feel really stupid. They deeply resent these hick nerds who are the smartest kids in the room. The Clintons dare to buck the culture of do-little touchy-feely mediocrity the Dems have long been happy to embrace.

  216. Smart lady! She’s going commemorate the anniversary of her Beijing speech in………New Hampshire. A great article in the Times, for a rare change.

  217. I think it’s the media that owes the American people an apology for thoroughly trivializing this campaign.

    And you’re right, William. I haven’t watched CNN for months, but I hear they never have ANYONE on to defend Hillary. That has to be a conscious decision by higher-ups.

  218. Thanks, Uppity and GWM4Hill.
    I can only imagine how the whiny “progressives” would treat Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
    Pretty much the same way they treat the Clintons.

  219. Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland. The NYT takes a moment off from its chronic Hillary trashing to acknowledge that this is a great woman who took on the entire U.S. government, including her husband’s aides, to give this great world changing speech twenty years ago. It would all be so funny if it weren’t so sad.

  220. Even my beloved Martin Savidge on CNN can’t talk about Hillary without a sneer on his face.
    It’s glaringly obvious that the Establishment does not want Hillary Clinton in the White House; a fact that should give the Bawling Bernie Babies pause.

  221. Woot!!! 😆

    A federal judge has denied a transgender teenager’s request to allow him to use the same bathroom as his peers at his public school in Virginia.

    Instead, the judge ruled Friday, the teenager must continue using a separate, private bathroom that he has said makes him feel “singled out

  222. Geeze I can’t understand why he feels singled out, can you? Did he cut his penis off yet? When he does, he can talk about peeing sitting down.

    Edit: Oh wait, it’s a girl who’s a boy now? How’s she gonna pull the stand up thing off. Funnel? Just asking.

  223. Yeah Rebel and I hear CNN has that turncoat mole from 2008 on, patty what’s her name.

  224. Brassy @ 1:39, agree media owes everyone an apology. Except for local newscasts or 60 minutes, its mostly unwatchable.

  225. I wonder if this bathroom issue will end up as a case for the Supremes. I have been in other countries that have coed bathrooms, and yeah, it made me uncomfortable.

  226. I think I might finally do a Tweet using the #BecausePenis hashtag

    update: imagine my surprise. It’s been done. (Not my exact tweet–just the hashtag)

  227. But wait, there’s more!

    The flip side of foxy’s post: “Nearly 200 students walked off-campus for about two hours as part of the protest before returning to class. Another 30 to 40 held their own gathering in support of Perry, who has identified as a girl since she was 13 but only publicly revealed her gender identity last year. She also told officials she did not want to use a unisex faculty restroom, but wanted to be allowed to use the girls’ locker room and restrooms.
    “I wasn’t hurting anyone and I didn’t want to feel segregated out,” Perry said. “I didn’t want to be in the gender neutral bathroom. I am a girl. I shouldn’t be pushed off to another bathroom.”
    According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Perry was “locked” in Principal Cathy Freeman’s office during the protest to ensure her safety. A local man, identified as 47-year-old Jeff Childs, was asked to leave campus after the demonstration when he drove onto the school parking lot with the phrase “girls lives matter” painted on his pickup truck.”

    Big BRAVOS to Mr. Childs! And how great to see a lot of boys and young men supporting their female classmates.

    The school allows Perry to dress as he wants, identify as he wants, be called the name he wants.

    When he expressed his desire not to undress in the boys’ locker room, the school came up with a solution for him that also respected the girls.

    It wasn’t enough for him.

    There is no discrimination here; in fact, the school has bent over backwards to accommodate him.

    Trannies will never be satisfied with unisex bathrooms, because they require constant validation that they are the gender they erroneously believe they are. It really is a mental illness, and situations like this demonstrate that. But of course, the “progressive” press embraces this homophobic, misogynistic cause.

  228. Worth pasting and posting in full:

    The vast left wing conspiracy against Hillary Clinton
    By Bill Palmer | September 6, 2015

    Hillary Clinton once quipped back in the nineties that there was a “vast right wing conspiracy” against she and her husband, as those on the right invented one trumped up scandal about them after another. Now in 2015, Hillary faces something of the converse. Oh sure, the right wing is still after her, but by now their concoctions are predictable. Here’s what no one saw coming: from the liberal members of the media on down, there now appears to be a vast left wing conspiracy against her.

    On the surface it seems an absurd notion. After the liberals have had control of the White House for the past six-plus years and has benefited from it greatly, Hillary Clinton represents the best chance to keep the left wing’s control intact. So the left leaning members of the media should be rubber-stamping her candidacy for President, right? Hardly.

    Take a survey of the tenor of the relatively few openly left-leaning prominent members of the media. MSNBC should be thrilled at the idea of President Hillary Clinton, but they just tried to bury her in a hostile interview this week which focused mostly on phony scandals. So perhaps Andrea Mitchell, who conducted the interview, isn’t from the left wing. But her MSNBC counterpart Rachel Maddow is. And if anything, Maddow seems more cravenly out to sink Clinton’s chances than anyone. That’s a shocker considering that Maddow is generally considered one of the fairest liberal voices on television.

    Is it that Rachel is so enthralled by a can’t-win protest candidate like Bernie Sanders that she’s willing to throw Hillary Clinton under a bus in the hopes of propping up her preferred candidate, or is it that MSNBC is merely shifting to hard to the right this year that Maddow has little choice but to go along with it? That’s not entirely clear. But what is more transparent is the manner in which liberal hero Bill Maher has essentially turned his weekly show into a pro-Sanders, anti-Hillary campaign stump.

    When Maher had Sanders on as a guest at the start of his campaign, it was the most puff-piece interview possible. Since that time Maher has made a point of doing segments in which he specifically trashed Clinton for daring to take Hollywood money to fund her campaign – yes, this is the same Bill Maher who famously gives large sums of that same Hollywood money to democratic candidates whenever he feels like it. When Claire McCaskill went on Maher’s show recently, seemingly for the sole intention of talking up her recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Maher never let her get to it before moving on to the next segment. But Maher isn’t the only problem either.

    Look around at any popular left leaning reporter in almost any media format, and you won’t find one of them who is willing to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton is leading the democratic primary by twenty-plus points in every national poll. Forget about whether they like her, they’re not even willing to acknowledge the most basic facts of the 2016 campaign when those facts just happen to make clear that she has a big lead. So why the sudden vast left wing conspiracy?

    There are two factors at play, and you’ll have to decide for yourself whether one or both applies to any given liberal reporter and in whatever proportion. One factor is that these liberal reporters are simply trashing Hillary Clinton for street cred among their left leaning audience. They know Bernie Sanders is trendy right now, and while they’re politically savvy enough to know that Bernie Sanders has no chance of winning this primary, they’re also aware that much of their audience doesn’t know that. So they keep swiping at Hillary, score some cheap points with purist liberals, and they figure no harm done because Hillary is going to win anyway. The other factor is simply that no one watches a blowout, and in order to get their left leaning audience to keep tuning in, they have to paint this race as being much closer than it is. You can decide who’s doing what and way. But some of these otherwise respectable liberal leaning reporters are stomping all over their own credibility in the process.

  229. Uppity, an email and an essay for you, about this very subject.

  230. I just went over to Datalounge and read the comments under the article that GWM4Hill posted. Almost everyone on that mostly-gay-male forum sides with the female students, not with the transgender teen. They think the school was reasonable in offering Lila a unisex change room.

  231. GWM, the left media can’t possibly stomp over their credibility because they gave that away in 2008 and have never earned it back with the constant fawning over O for the last 8 years. It’s why their ratings are in the toilet.

  232. Does one get to transgender back at any time, if one feels like it? This notion that you are one gender, and that you always sense what it is, even if you are born the other gender, is completely fanciful. It’s not based on science, it’s not based on anything but a kind of generous political correctness. What is the age that the person accurately decides what their real gender is? Five? Fifteen? Sixty? And what if they decide at fifteen that they are really a female and then decide at thirty that they really are a male? There is a fantasy that this will not happen, that there is only one true identity that they have, and that they always know it. I would think that this is mostly nonsense, except in very extreme cases. I guess that people can do what they want, but I do not think that any of this is deserving of admiration; it seems like indulgence. I will virtually guarantee that some of these transgender people will switch back to the original gender, after trying the other one out. Maybe this is unfair of me, but it veers close to those dumb teen movies where the boys try to dress up like girls in order to watch them shower.

  233. William, re your questions on transgender AKA I’m In I’m Out I’m In I’m Out. Use Caity as your example. All decked out, keeps the penis to hedge his bets. Everyone calls him a hero because Kardouchian. I would say more people would actually buy his schtick if he removed his penis. Let’s just say it’s a sign of….um…. actual commitment.

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