The Sky is Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

The Chicken Littles are at it again……”The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.23.56 PM According to some, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are “plummeting”, her campaign is “failing”, scandals abound! Emails! Private servers! And emails! Oh my! Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.26.18 PM I forgot, did I mention emails?!??? Who besides CNN, MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell care about where Secretary Clinton’s server was housed? Okay, I forgot the RNC and Fox News, they’re obsessed with two things…. going through the Clintons’ underwear drawers, and all things electronic mail. Never mind that she used emails as a quick form of communication for information that was NOT classified. Or, used it as an efficient way to instruct some head of state to call her from a secure line, if it was classified. Oh silly, silly imust….don’t bore us with your facts!

The Chicken Littles say they are so worried that Hillary won’t survive, they have to find a back up candidate. A sure fire winner! So who is this wunderkind? The new “One that they’ve been waiting for?”
Is it this guy?? Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.31.54 PM

No, of course not…’s this guy! Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.34.25 PM
Who they seemed to have confused with this guy: Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.38.04 PM
I think I can understand the confusion.
Run Joe, Run!

PITTSBURGH — The calls of encouragement could be heard on nearly every block as Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. jogged his way through the Labor Day parade here.

There were chants from the steelworkers’ union marching behind him (“Run, Joe, run!”), shouts from onlookers (“Hope you run, Joe!”) and quiet pleas when Mr. Biden stopped long enough for a handshake, smile or selfie (“I’m sorry for your loss, and I look forward to your win,” said one man, referring to the recent death of Mr. Biden’s elder son, Beau).

But all the appeals went unanswered. The vice president, who has indicated he will decide later this month about whether to run for president, repeatedly responded with a word of thanks but no hint of what he may do.

Joe Forest-Gump Biden! Life is like a box of bourbon…..

……you never know if you’re gonna run for President.

Okay, back to the facts, and I don’t mean FAX, please, nobody mention FAX! That could create a whole new line of inquiry for Trey Howdy Gowdy!

I'm Trey Howdy Gowdy!  Pull my string and I can talk!  Hillary!  Email!  Hillary!  Server! Email!!

I’m Trey Howdy Gowdy! Pull my string and I can talk! Hillary! Email! Hillary! Server! Email!!

So Trey, Andrea, and the rest of you Hillary Haters, chew on this fact:
Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 6.53.14 PM

And this:
Impression of Hillary Clinton (among Dem. voters):
Favorable 71%
Unfavorable 17
No opinion 12
(Monmouth U. 8/31-9/2)

Hmmmm… me, that looks like a candidate who is winning, and winning big! So take heart Uppityites. Hillary has been through this before……too many times to think about. She knows what she’s doing. She’s got this…….

Madam President

Madam President


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  1. Speaking of emails! I just got this email from the Hilary campaign. Spread it far and wide:

    Hillary’s emails in 4 sentences

    Here are the four things you need to know about Hillary Clinton’s email use during her time at the State Department.
    Hillary takes responsibility for her decision to use a personal account, and the challenges it has created.
    Her use of a private email account was allowed under State Department rules.
    Nothing she sent or received was marked classified.
    She provided all of her work-related emails to the State Department.

  2. Delightful post Imust!

    I got that email too.

  3. So Delicious It Should Be Fattening!

    NY Times fires Washington Bureau Chief over inaccurate criticisms of Hillary Clinton

    After months of negative stories about 2016 frontrunner Hillary Clinton which were almost bizarrely inaccurate and had to be repeatedly retracted, the New York Times has finally taken definitive action within its organizational structure to put a stop to the strange editorial agenda. Carolyn Ryan is now officially out as Washington Bureau Chief, and while the newspaper isn’t referring to it as a firing, the move was made after less than two years on the job.

    The NY Times had been pushing various strange and false storylines regarding Hillary Clinton and her campaign. An article depicting doom and gloom for Clinton based on her standard-issue use of private email as Secretary of State was deemed so factually inaccurate that even after a comprehensive retraction was published, so much additional false information was found within the story that an unprecedented second retraction had to be issued. The article was deemed to be such a work of fiction that even the Times’ own Public Editor criticized the hatchet job.

    This was followed by several additional negative New York Times pieces about Clinton of questionable validity, including a headline last week which falsely claimed that Clinton had criticized democratic rival Bernie Sanders during her MSNBC interview. To anyone watching the interview, it was clear that she was answering a question about Donald Trump, but the Times made a point of trying to falsely paint Clinton as attacking Sanders.

    Media Matters says that while Ryan is being removed from the Washington Bureau Chief job, she’s being allowed to remain as a “political editor.” This may be a fair compromise, as while the fictional articles about Hillary Clinton did happen on Ryan’s watch, she herself was not the author of those articles. While the personnel shift may indeed get the New York Times political reporting back on track, the repetitional damage may have already been done; after all, the self described “newspaper of record” has spent the summer inventing fictional laws and imagined investigations which simply never existed.

  4. Thanks Fredster!

  5. Great piece, imust….and so POSITIVE which is what we all should be!

  6. One more positive for the night….Hillary is on Ellen D’s show tomorrow…set your DVR!

  7. Clarification since it’s after midnight here and don’t want to confuse anyone…she is on 9/10.

  8. Plus she’s going on Jimmy Fallon on the night of the GOP debates 9/16!

  9. Wonderful, imust! Just what the doctor ordered! I laughed out loud at the funny pix and quips.

  10. *Hobbles through broken debris, holding head, staggering*

    G’Damned sky fell on me!

  11. I was excited when I first learned about Carolyn Ryan’s removal as NYT Washington bureau chief. Then I read the fine print. She now will cover the campaign directly. This is like taking away an arsonist’s can of gasoline and giving them lighter fluid. She should have been fired or, at the very least, removed from all political coverage. Period.

  12. Those people urging Biden to run were plants. Guaranteed.

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  14. Well, hopefully Carolyn Ryan will have a responsible editor to moderate her garbage.

  15. If anybody can find a video of Hill on Ellen, I’d love to see it.

  16. Hahah NY Times. It’s no fun being caught being a lying sack of shite.

  17. Uppity, Hillary is on Ellen tomorrow, 9/10.

  18. imust, Thank you – your essay was a real day brightener. It does appear that she’s doing everything right. I’m loving those big fat plus signs!

    Ga, I’m hoping that too. We just have to wait and see. It’s great to see big black eyes for the Times over their garbage.

  19. Ok thanks, I saw an article with pics and thought she had been on already. I don’t watch daytime tv.

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  21. You can always count on imust to lift us up!

  22. Rebel the AUTHORS should have been fired.

  23. We have been overlooking the Iran deal and I just wanted to drop my two cents. I think it’s a terrible idea. One thing we have learned about Iran is, when they are left to their own honor, they have NO honor. They are liars and we are nothing but deep-pocket infidels on their checklist for beheading. They cannot be trusted. Signing a deal with them is a joke no matter what the deal is. However, I am not worried about this deal and here’s why:

    I know Hillary knows that Iran is nothing but a collective liar. It is unfortunate the way we left the young people there to die when they tried to revolt. Made me sick. However, this deal is nothing and I do mean nothing. The next president can drop this deal like yesterday’s newspaper if need be. The GOP people would drop it and Hillary would certainly drop it if there’s an inkling they have sinister plans, which, if I were a betting person, I would bet on.

    It’s fanfare in the end. Barack is the King of fanfare.

  24. That pic of bernie in the post is hilarious. Testimony to the fact that the man NEVER combs his hair. I swear he just plain looks like a bagman on the street to me.

  25. Somewhere here we discussed this very thing. Trump has warned CNN that the viewer interest in the upcoming debate is 100% due to him, and if CNN doesn’t agree to donate ALL the profits, he will not show up.

    CNN so deserves it.

  26. Up @ 1:56 ppm: Yeah, they all should have been fired. As it is, no one is fired, and Hillary is the one who must apoligize if she ever wants to stop talking about this shit and get back to what most people care about.

    On Iran, in Brookings speech today, Hillary made it clear she has their number. When she is president, enforcement will be her responsibility. She’s on it. But she supports it because we don’t need another war over there, and it would not be supported by allies except Israel.

  27. The pic of Biden is pretty funny too!

  28. Haven’t seen any video of Hillary on “Ellen” yet, just still pix. Reporters at the taping do report that Ellen gave a strong endorsement of Hillary, saying, “When I hire a plumber, I do want someone who’s snaked a drain before.”

  29. My two minutes of watching CNN today, while getting lemonades at a restaurant. They had a crawl about Jeb Bush and his tax plan, whiich involves cutting the corporate rate to 20%, and then haviing only three tax brackets. He sells it as making the tax code less complicated and fairer.

    What it is, of course, is just another carny scheme to reduce rich people’s taxes. This would lead to a massive deficit, which of course would give him the phony rationale to get rid of Social Security and Medicare; eliminate the FDA, FCC and SEC. We would still have a massie deficit, asset bubbles, and ultimately a tremendous market crash worse than 2008, and massive unemployment. I wonder if CNN will be talking about the emails at that point.

  30. Jeb! was so lame on Colbert’s Late Show last night, When he was introduced, you could barely hear any applause at all, which made the interview get off to an awkward start. In any event, Jeb! sounded ridiculous and the audience did applaud politely when his time was up. They applauded wildly for Colbert, Clooney, the new band, and the Staples Singers, who were the performers. Just not Jeb! Heh-heh.

  31. Annie, I am glad to hear that, because Jeb does worry me, as he is smart, and ruthless when he is in power. So if he does not get the nomination, that is a good thing. I’ll take our chances with the rest of that group.

  32. Fabulous post iMust! You sure do know how to throw a party.

    Look who’s in full repentance mode:

    I don’t know exactly what she (Hillary) said she was sorry for. Sorry because it’s caused a fuss? … Sorry for that fact that there’s a misunderstanding about it?,” she added. “I’ll have to see the context of that story. But the fact is, I trust her judgment.
    — Nancy Pelosi

  33. Stolen from Still 4 Hill

  34. Well, the Bernouts are freaking out about that speech today at Brookings. Oh, my God Hillary is going to start a war with Iran. All kinds of hand wringing and screaming and gnashing of teeth. I said to them you are telegraphing that you trust Iran. Iran’s leaders are not nice people. A barrel needs to be held over their head to make sure they do what they are supposed to do. Besides if you think you can go into an election in the US stating that you’re going to show up at the Ayatollah’s residence with daisies and then expect the American people to vote for you in an election you have another thing coming.

  35. I can’t thank you enough for posting this!!

  36. Yea, GA, I saw that too…especially at HuffPo. God forbid we have a President that won’t cow-tow to the Ayatollah.

    Someone PLEASE educate the kids and remind them we have FOUR hostages they have not returned to us.


  37. imust, thanks for the vid!

  38. Personally I think we should turn Iran into a parking lot. Sick of their sicko shit.

  39. Please note the most vile of cockroaches have infiltrated the comment section of that Ellen youtube clip. MOST vile. Right up to and including the C word.

  40. If we could remove all innocent people and turn Iran into a parking lot, count me in. Trouble is it wouldn’t be that simple. They are a real military power–unlike Iraq under Sadaam. And nuclear facilities can be hidden, making taking them out a big challenge. A military confrontation with Iran would make the Iraq war look like a day at the beach.

  41. A lot of the Bern Babies are flaming misogynists. No surprise the C word is being trotted out so soon. Misogyny is the only explanation for the fact that a lot of them prefer Biden to Hillary when it is generally agreed that in the Senate Hillary was consistently more liberal–especially on economic issues. And, never forget, Biden was known as the Senator from MBNA.

  42. The Bernie supporters are mostly comprised of the section of Obama supporters who simply hated Hillary Clinton in ’08. I doubt that the vast majority of them have any coherent political philosophy, they just don’t want Hillary to win. Why this is, is anyone’s psychological guess. For most of them, I don’t think it is even a real-world thing with consequences; it is more in the nature of a video game or sports event.

    The differences between Hillary and Sanders in terms of Senate votes is negligible. And Hillary obviously has immensely more foreign policy experience. So why is there is virulent rancor coming from such people? Because it is not about policy or governance. It is about personality for them. And as can happen with immature and even unbalanced people, these things can take on a quality of fanaticism. We saw this in the ’08 campaign. Some of the Obama supporters were utterly irrational, unpleasant, and vindictive. But they got a high out of that campaign, and they are trying to recreate it. The fact that the Democrats could retake the Senate with a strong Hillary victory, is of no matter to them. The fact that the Republicans, with their flat tax plans, would destroy the economy if they won, is of no concern. They just want their rush. And after Sanders inevitably is not nominated, most of them will not vote, and will still attack Hillary just for spite.

  43. Bulls-eye as usual, William and Brassy.
    What gets me, Brassy, is how many BernBots are women …and in my experience, they’re even smugger and full-of-themselves than the male versions. Very Dowdian.

  44. We’ve gotta admit. Women are Women’s worst enemy.

    William you are very right. They are 2008 throwbacks still looking for that free pony.

  45. I was looking at politico and they have a post up about conservative women being furious with Trump. The conservative men worry he’ll drive away women and minority voters. Yeah…really? There was also a quote from Hillary saying she would love to debate him. I have to admit I would relish that.

    There was also a piece from David Brock saying the NYT should have a special place in hell for all their bs about Hillary. The comments, of course were mostly vile. I think most of this anti-Hillary screeching is really rethug drones pretending to be anti-clinton dems, just like they did in ’08, spamming all the threads. We all saw that, and it became obvious who they were. One thing I like about Vox is that they don’t have comments. I didn’t like that in the past, but now I understand it.

  46. Right on Upps.
    It is the Gimme Dat crowd. 😡

  47. lol socal, the conservatives don’t have to worry about Trump driving women away. They’re already pretty good at that without him.

  48. It’s a big problem with our party. The socialists are mucking us up constantly. They are loud, intent on a Gimmee society and I don’t like it. I am NOT a socialist. I do NOT want to be led by a socialist. I don’t think ANY real Democrat does. They have so made our party look like the Totalitarian party, in the same way “Conservatives” have sullied the Republican party with an equal fascist bent. “Conservatives” used to be FISCAL conservatives. Now they are SOCIAL conservatives and NOBODY in that party gives a fast Eff about fiscal responsibility. They just want to transfer wealth to the already wealthy. They have sullied the party in a similar, horrible way. Neither of these two disgusting extremes are given to consensus and that is why NOTHING REAL ever gets done. Moderates have been eliminated just to ensure nothing ever WILL get done.

    Back to MY party: I don’t want Bernie Sanders to shit on my Republic. Period. Go muck around in your own party, carpetbagger.

  49. Good points, Upps. I’ve been wondering why he gets to run as a democrat if he’s never been one.

  50. Sanders is getting a very easy ride so far. The Republicans don’t bother to attack him yet, because they want him to do well and thus damage Hillary. Hillary won’t attack him, partly because of collegial respect, and partly because she does not want to cause him to consider a third party challenge. So no one attacks him at all for anything, including his affiliation.

    Interestingly, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, now the DNC chairperson; someone who did a terrible job in running the congressional party races last election, has limited the number of Democratic debates to six. She has been criticized for doing this to somehow protect Hillary, which is ridiculous, since Hilary far outshone Obama in the debates last time. I think that there should be more debates than six, simply to compete with the Republican debates, which draw a large audience because of Trump’s unpredictability. But even so, Hillary would not really benefit from them, since everyone else would disagree with her, and she couldn’t really criticize any of them.

  51. He is not going to mount a third party challenge. MONEY. he doesn’t have it and he painted himself into a corner about getting it.

  52. Despite his promise that he would not run third party, I am still worried about Sanders changing his mind. But you have made a VERY astute observation, Sophie.

  53. Even Donald Trump knows he’d lose in a 3rd party run. That’s why all that stuff about him signing a pledge was so ridiculous. Sanders understands too….that’s why he’s running as a Democrat.

  54. I don’t know how he is getting away with running as a Democrat. He is not a Democrat. He is not registered as one. For him to get on the ballot he has to register in all the states. He has no real right to be on the D ticket at all. I really don’t get how he’s getting away with this.

  55. Hillary is a great debater and I don’t worry about her at all. I hardly think she has a problem with number of debates. If you recall, it was barack who didn’t want anymore debates.

    As for sanders, the R’s would love him to be the candidate. They’d love Joe too. They are mortified of Hillary, it is obvious. But they know Sanders is a loser in the end. He’s not going to fly past the nutroots.

  56. Uppity, I think someone has to contest his name on the Democratic ballot to do anything about it. If no one contests it, he stays. At least, that’s what i’ve heard.

    Okay so nix that comment above. I read a little more and it seems National party rules overrule state rules. National rules say something like, the candidate has to represent the values of the party.

    Where’s Donna and her mama when you need her?

  57. Democratic Underground has become a cesspool…trolling of HRC people by complaining and have posts hidden…even if you’ve done it at the HRC group…I am completely turned off now by the Sanders thing.
    They guy undermined his partner Ron Paul when they presented companion bills looking for an audit of the Fed. At the last minute, Sanders voted for a watered-down version, betraying Ron Paul, who did a video expressing his disappointment.
    So much for “integrity.” Sanders plays when he want to play…

  58. Well, imust, as Uppity pointed out on an earlier post, socialists are mucking up the Dems so why wouldn’t Sanders run? He can finish the job and it will be one thing the Bernie Babies CAN’T BLAME ON HILLARY!

    Not that they won’t anyway.

  59. I don’t think the mucking up is a purposeful thing. I think he wants to win. There’s no way to win 3rd party, he’s been around Washington long enough to know that.

  60. You can add Stephen Colbert to the list of “liberal” dickwads.

    Biden was a guest on his new talk show, and Colbert supposedly encouraged him to run.

  61. *Shuffles foot* Um….I have a post up. Bill made me do it.

  62. FWIW, Caroline McCarthy was a registered Republican when she ran and won as a Democrat for Congress. She didn’t change parties untl the next election or the one after that.

  63. FWIW, Caroline McCarthy was a registered Republican when she ran and won as a Democrat for Congress. She didn’t change parties untl the next election or the one after that

    It’s quite a stretch to compare a republican switching to democrat and a socialist running for president. Socialism is the antithesis of a Republic. I am a Democrat. I live in a Republic. I would like to keep it that way even though we appear to be losing our Republic. Electing a socialist is not going to improve that problem one bit. Secondly, this blog has two primary purposes. One is Hillary and the other is Feminism. Not the wishy-washy redefinition of feminism that placates the boys. I mean Feminism. Many of us stood in the rain and snow to hand rights to a third wave that is throwing it all away. 20 years ago the Republicans wouldn’t have DARED to try the shit they are pulling now. It may not be noticed at the spa, but woman have lost ground. What does this have to do with Bernie, you may ask? Well, I see nothing, let me repeat, NOTHING he has done to promote the rights of women as equal to men. Therefore he means nothing to me.

    P.S. According to wiki, such as they are, Ms McCarthy served her first term in 1997 and switched to Democratic in 1996, most probably before the election, which is the law in most counties. I know for a fact that’s the way it is in my NY county.

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