Hillary: A Bigger Threat To The GOP Than……Say What?

Let’s get right into the statistics.

As of today:

1. Time spent by the House Committee investigating HURRICANE KATRINA:

5 months and 1 day

2. Time spent by the House Committee to investigate the attack on PEARL HARBOR:

9 months and 15 days

3. Time spent by the President’s Commission to investigate the ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY:

9 months and 27 days

4. Time spent by Select Committee to investigate covert Arms Transactions AKA IRAN-CONTRA:

10 months and 13 days

5. Time spent by House Select Committee to harass, harangue, derail and otherwise try to find a way to destroy Hillary’s strong election potential:

15 months, 16 days

hillary clinton reuters 660 smilingConclusion: Hillary Clinton scares the shit out of the GOP more than the Iran-Contra, Pearl Harbor, Assassinations and Hurricanes.

She must really make that patriarchy’s collective little dick shrivel.

In further conclusion, please Google the definition of Existential Threat. Oh here, let me help you:

An existential threat is a threat to something’s* survival. An existential question is a probing, philosophical question that gets down to the nature of what we are or why we are here.

*See definition of Patriarchy.

That is all. Carry on! Hillary certainly will!


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  1. Yo Fredster! I thought I zapped you!

  2. Great post Uppity! Thank you! And thank you MKBill!

  3. I wonder if we could rent a plane and skywrite “Hillary is an existential threat to the patriarchy.” Maybe directly over the New York Times building!

  4. Also CNN in Atlanta. Be interesting to see if they cover what’s right above their heads.

  5. Of course, every employee decides which emails to keep and which to delete. Otherwise every federal worker would need their own email cop. That would get expensive. And I thought Repubs are against so much bureaucracy.

  6. I don’t care if I sound insensitive. I am SICK of watching Joe Biden cry all over my TV. I don’t care what anybody says, he is USING his son’s death to garner poll numbers. Whereas I always found him a despicable phony with no redeeming social qualities, and a groper at the highest level, the distaste he now invokes in me surpasses all. He makes me sick. He is LOVING it. It’s starting to show, he’s actually CRAVING it. Cry Joe, Cry! You fucking piece of phony shit!

  7. It’s pretty disgusting, Up. No wonder surviving son is so dysfunctional.

  8. In comments at Gawker, someone said Biden has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  9. Well, Brassy Rebel, no wonder Biden and his boss get along so well.

  10. Wouldn’t taking delegates away from history’s first viable woman candidate for President be a wonderful follow up to Biden’s chairmanship of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings?

  11. At this point I do not think Biden is going to run. He’s just playing the I might run game to get attention. Seriously. He can read poll numbers as good as the next person. The only advantage to him running is he probably puts Bernie in third place instead of second.

    Love the post Upps. I knew the DOJ was going to clear Hillary. She’s not stupid despite what the press and everybody else thinks.

  12. Really, if he’s that grief stricken, he’s got no business even considering running for president. A presidential campaign is not grief therapy. The fact that he refuses to rule it out shows he’s just milking his son’s death for the attention. He is a POS, but the media just LOVES him.

  13. The stories of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. 😉

  14. You don’t even have to take a body language course to know that Joe is LOVING this attention, adoration and, yes, PITY. Expect him to crank up the tears such that you will no longer be able to look at a dry TV. And that…… is Just Plain. Sick.

  15. Sue, Joe would see the ability to grope more women at will as the biggest advantage to being pressy

  16. I have a campaign slogan for Joe: My loss is my gain! The sad part is there probably are people who would vote for him for president just because his son died. And they feel bad for him.

  17. The thing to always remember about the Republicans is that like some robotic force, they are programmed to only care about winning. They don’t care about ethics, about comity, about what effects any of their bills or edicts have upon 98% of the country. All they care about is pleasing the corporations which run the party, and of course by so doing enhancing their own bank account; and in winning. So everything is political to them. All the hearings and phony investigations and fake consternation is just in the service of them trying to trick people into voting for them.

    That said, I am concerned about the way in which they will be able to make the Iran deal a major issue in the campaign. I am not privy to enough details to know if this is a worthwhile deal or not, compared to the alternative. But I do know that every further terrorist attack anywhere will ber blamed on this deal by Republicans. It is like an albatross that Obama has placed around the neck of his party as a going-away present. Republicans live by angering their voting base (different from their monied corporate base) into coming out in big numbers. This deal puts every Democrat on the defensive, which either makes it a profile in courage for them to have supported it, or a foolish reliance on the judgment of President Obama.

  18. Brassy @ 9:12 & 9:13, Love it!

  19. Spot on post, Upps. 😀

  20. Uppity, fantastic post! And thanks for the link!

  21. Upps: Some pics from your fave Akita, Koji.

    First trip to Audubon: overwhelming! pic.twitter.com/DbwofMBNDX— Koji (@NolaAkita) September 9, 2015


  22. Why didn’t the tweet and pics embed?

  23. Excellent post, thank you for this.

    Just for kicks and giggles, your fine research made me go look up the dates on Watergate. Watergate, at 16 months and 15 days, was only investigated one month longer than what Hillary has been.

    Too bad Woodward and Bernstein and the rest of their ilk have lost what little minds they had. Some accurate reporting would be refreshing and an interesting change of pace.

  24. Thanks prolix. Good to see ya visiting us. Give a hug to my blog wife Madamab for me will ya?

    And not to worry! Is there ANY doubt the R’s will surpass Watergate during their witch hunt on Hillary?

  25. Why didn’t the tweet and pics embed?

    Because wordpress hates you. heheh

    And because Javascript is not a welcome embed on WP.

    I love me that Akita!

  26. But…it does it at TW. I can embed the purty pictues there.

  27. Is Widdershins a free wp blog or does she pay?

    Reason I ask is JS is a plugin at wp.org. The free blogs are wp.com. Have no idea what’s going on other than they barf up script code everytime here.

  28. I want my Akita pics!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I’m not sure. The addy is thewiddershins2.wordpress.com so I think it’s a free one. Now something new I noticed was that at the foot of the embedded tweet, you see link for the js.

  30. UP, will definitely. And thanks for having the welcome mat out and leaving the door open. I was offered a tasty cocktail and canapes at the door. I opted for the pigs swaddled in blankets of bad stuff for me.

  31. Isn’t Koji just a cutie pie? I love it when Tm puts up some pics of him.

  32. Yeah he’s a gorgeous dog! Magnificent, really.

    Here’s WP.com’s take on js

    Users are not allowed to post JavaScript on WordPress.com blogs. JavaScript can be used for malicious purposes. As an example, JavaScript has taken sites such as MySpace.com and LiveJournal offline in the past. The security of all WordPress.com blogs is a top priority for us, and until we can guarantee scripting languages will not be harmful, they will not be permitted.


  33. Well dear Upps, you’ll just have to go to Koji’s twitter page to see his pics.


  34. @upps: That’s odd. i can embed the tweets at TW. I just click on the 3 dots and click on the embed tweet thing. Copy the code and paste it into a reply. Weird! Well, you can check his pics out over at TW also if you want.

    and there’s this:


  35. So maybe this:

  36. Everyone, behold a magnificent dog


  37. Ayup! A beauty.

  38. I embed tweets all the time, Fredster, but what you posted first has a .js file with it, that’s why it didn’t roll. I didn’t even realize you were embedding a tweet. Something went awry, specifically this link caused it to lock up


    It added it to MY embed too! Something’s going wrong at WP. It’s definitely WP, probably a temp glitch. I have no idea what is dumping the .js in there. WP pisses me off sometimes.

  39. Oddly, if you click on “September 9” on either of our embeds, it comes up. WTF.

  40. I’d love to meet Koji back home. He’s such a beauty.

  41. That dog is adorable! I wish I could hug it!

  42. Agree socal, the dog is in a class all his own!

  43. Rick Perry is a moron. The only fun part of him is that POS Pataki polled below him.

  44. That’s me too annie. I’d love to hug him, give him a few pets and some scritches.

    That is indeed sad about the dufus from Texas.

  45. I am very familiar with Akitas. You don’t hug an Akita unless he wants you to. These are major powerful dogs and require an experienced owner or else. Akitas are INCREDIBLY loyal and protective of their families. I pity a person who tries to break into an Akita’s home, they will be hardly recognizable when EMS shows up.

  46. The Japanese have a statue to Hachiko, there was a movie made about this Akita dog, I have the link somewhere, will post it when I find it. The dog waited at train station every day for his owner to get off the train after work. The owner died at work one day and Hachi spent the next decade living at the train station and sitting in his spot every day awaiting his owner, until the day he died.

  47. upps, well I’d try to see how Koji reacted to me and then see what his daddies said about it. I wouldn’t go near him if I got bad vibes from him.

  48. Uh-oh, hearing thunder close by so I’m going to shut it down for awhile. We have a cold front coming through and then supposedly, wonderful cool weather behind it. I can’t wait!

  49. Here’s a scene from Hachiko, at the end of his life, the owner’s wife sees him waiting still at the station. She thought he had disappeared, and all those years he was here. Waiting.

  50. Hachiko, end scene, remember folks this is a true story

  51. Unveiling of Hachito statue in Japan

  52. Bet Pataki is hoping for Perry’s voters….it might get him to 1% of the vote.

    I know she has a gazillion dollars, but I still felt bad for Serena Williams…..so close to history to miss the way she did today. I’m sure she is crying all the way to the bank.

    Last bit of news (and the best), I became a great aunt today. Mom and baby are both doing well….thank God…and yes, I DO thank God. 🙂

  53. I am not watching those Hachi clips..I cried happy tears half the day and I am NOT going to get sad over that movie for the upteenth time. Yes, I have seen and adore the movie. Makes me wonder though why dog is man’s best friend…not sure we are worthy.

  54. Fredster, if you ever do get to pet him, you will note that his fur is reeeeeeeeeallllllly plush.

  55. Oh man, the Hachiko story is too sad! Poor sweet doggie.

  56. I notice that Judicial Watch and that other repub attack organization are going after Hillary’s aides as well as Hillary. Why don’t the dems have organizations and do FOIA requests on all the emails of the creepy repubs? Start keeping them busy turning over their own emails.

  57. Check out the crowd. Of course some folks claimed it was not a very big audience at all


  58. And here’s the overflow from that little dinky crowd.


  59. socal if you can find the English version with cumquat nose richard gere, it was so well done.

  60. socal, the English version is called Hachi and if you have Amazon Prime, it is free to view, but have a box of Kleenex nearby.

  61. Great post!

  62. VOting, I saw it on youtube but can’t seem to find it again. It was awhile back, probably removed. I was crying with wracking sobs.

  63. Hi Upps.

  64. I’ve got amazon prime so I’ll look for the movie. I only watched the first clip.

  65. I have Amazon Prime, so I’ll watch it one night when I’m alone. We watched “Woman In Gold” tonight and that made me cry. God, what a magnificent painting.

  66. Love those tweets, Upps!

  67. THIS is priceless. The guy in the photo is UK’s Jeremy Corbyn, labor leader.

    CLICK ON IT and watch Donald look as out of touch as humanly possible.

  68. There were 2,000 with overflow in Milwaukee, Ed Henry, you POS.

  69. Upps is in top form. Great post!
    I’m so happy to see you kicking butt…

  70. Well Bell, She is Bionic now.
    Like the Energizer Bunny. 😆

  71. LOL at the Hamish tweet!

  72. Annie, yes, “Woman in Gold” was a very touching movie. I am glad that it did well at the box office. It is to Helen Mirren’s credit that she chose to do it, and enhance its drawing power. Her father was Jewish.

  73. So, the Justice Department says Hillary was completely authorized to delete her e-mails but watch the bitter hating assholes claim Nope, not enough!

    I can’t believe there are people who’s lives are so worthless and useless that they can’t deal with someone being right just because they don’t like that someone anymore.

    To them I say:
    Listen morons, read the fucking rules. She was the Secretary of State. She could have deleted them all. She could have turned nothing in. That was her right because she was the head of the damn department. They gave her that right when they confirmed her.

    Choke on it.

  74. Gee Soph, I think you’re mad….

  75. socal I was hoping everybody would click on that tweet. Hilarious.

  76. Uppity, I saw your tweet on Joe Biden and the Anita Hill story. I favorited it and Retweeted. Everyone should! Like 2008, we should never forget!

    Anita Hill, the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, said that as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Vice President Joe Biden did a “terrible job” overseeing Thomas’ confirmation hearings in 1991.

    During an interview on HuffPost Live, Hill stated that Biden didn’t call witnesses and experts to testify who could have shed light on the sexual harassment claims that were being made about Thomas.

    “I think he did two things that were a disservice to me, that were a disservice more importantly to the public,” Hill said. “There were three women who were ready and waiting and and subpoenaed to be giving testimony about similar behavior that they had experienced or witnessed. He failed to call them.”


    I watched those hearings every day back in 1991. I was disgusted and enraged. I called Ms. Hill’s office at UO and left a message of support. I know people who sent flowers. Joe Biden was only concerned with his own image. Completely ego driven. He was having his moment in the spotlight and wanted to milk it. He proved that he can’t be trusted to be fair, just or even simply follow the law. No one should ever seriously consider him for POTUS.

  77. Thank you, imust! This whole “Joe Biden is a living saint” chorus from the media is pretty nauseating. It ‘s good to have ammunition to the contrary.

  78. Bout that Biden,
    A saint he aint!!!! 😆

  79. Thanks imust. Had to get bully flack from Biden lovers. The old detour the subject routine. Not taking any shit this time.

    I don’t think he’s going to run, just loving his attention. This is called “mourning”

  80. I agree that Biden isn’t going to run. He isn’t doing any of the serious, boring campaign work like hiring a staff and setting up offices. However, I think there’s more to his public appearances and all the campaign talk aside from the attention factor. If Joe plans to write a book after he leaves office– and most politicians at his level do– he wants to make as much $$$$ as possible. A book by a veep who agonized over his decision to run for POTUS after the death of his son is more marketable than a book by a veep who only briefly considered the matter and then decided against it.

  81. Wow, Jens. What you say about the book motive can’t be true. That would be calculating and inauthentic and if there’s one thing Uncle Joe is not…

  82. How true, Sophie. After all, CNN called Joe “noble.”
    Still nothing on their front page about Hillary’s exoneration.

  83. Joe Biden’s book…..an advanced copy:

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…….
    Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot
    So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

    The End.


  85. OMG Jen you could be right. Exploiting your son’s death. Hardly noble. Despicable.

  86. Oh lookie……the “liar” poll pushed by the media, in particular, Andrea Mitchell in her interview, was false!


  87. imust, are you suggesting that noble Joe could be capable of plagiarism?
    Oh my stars and garters!!!

  88. Well Sweet Sue, as Noble Joe would say…..if the quote fits, steal it!

  89. Hillarymen also explain how the words and phrases get started and how they are implanted in empty heads for regugitation on social media.

  90. imust @ 9:31 pm: You are HYSTERICAL! 😂

  91. A strong woman has a mostly male Congress schriveling, shaking & sobbing in their custom made boots.

  92. I keep coming back to this and cracking up:

    Joe Biden’s book…..an advanced copy:

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…….
    Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot
    So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

    The End.

  93. I wonder how much money was spent on each of the investigations in this post vs how much was spent throwing shit at hillary all these years and trying in vain to get any to stick.

  94. Empty nest day one…. bittersweet but looking forward to lots more time here!

  95. Ooooh, THIS is going to get interesting. I think a lot of Obot/BernBot heads are going to explode.

    Cornel West joins Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail in South Carolina

    West, a professor emeritus at Princeton University, was once a popular thought leader among African Americans, but his standing has been questioned more recently because of his harsh tone in criticizing Obama.

    West has referred to Obama as “a Rockefeller Republican in blackface” and “a black puppet of corporate plutocrats,” among other insults.

    In a book published this year, West said that Obama has betrayed the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    “The dream of the radical King for the first black president surely was not a Wall Street presidency, drone presidency, and surveillance presidency with a vanishing black middle class, devastated black working class, and desperate black poor people clinging to fleeting symbols and empty rhetoric,” West wrote.

    Sanders’s aides said that they welcomed West’s endorsement and that his support could help validate Sanders’s message with black voters.

    “Cornel is a leading voice in the African American community,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said. “He’s a forceful voice for understanding the intersection of racial justice and economic justice. He understands very well Bernie’s message. He provides validation to many people that the agenda Bernie is putting forward is an agenda that would benefit people in the African American community and beyond.”


  96. Great job, Bernie! Needing African American support, you turn to the one black person in America who hates Obama. African Americans will love you now!

  97. Another college campus on lockdown. Delta State in Miss. Professor shot and killed. So sad. These are crazy times.

  98. Yes they are Imust. and getting worse by the day. :facepalm:

  99. So Bernie goes to Liberty University and someone there asks him about how he plans to heal the racial rifts in the country and he calls the founding fathers racists. This guy does not have the self discipline to run for president.

  100. Ga6thDem, Sanders is the political lost cause of all lost causes. He has a 1% chance to win the election if he gets nominated. That 1% is based on Trump being nominated and somehow saying or doing something appalling. If the Republicans nominate any button-down canddiate like Bush, the Republicans would carve Sanders up. Democras would maybe get 38% of the vote, and lose 45 or so states.

    Sanders would be the last gasp of the Democratic Party. Running McGovern meant Nixon’s memorable second part-term (in fairness, Nixon probably would have beaten any Democrat in ’72). It meant Carter getting the nomination in ’76 because the liberal wing was completely discredited and out of candidates. It meant eight years of Reagan, and four years of George H.W. Bush, as the Republicans simply ran against “librulism” for many years. Until Bill Clinton came along, of course, to change things. I will say again that the Sanders supporters must care nothing about the fate of the country, nothing about any major issue; because voting for Sanders will accomplish nothing good, and it may possible lead to something almost incomprehensibly bad. And I don’t think that they even think about any of it.

  101. No, they are either deluded or selfish. I can’t figure out which. That statement made me cringe. I can see the incoming already. It’s up on all the wingnut sites. I just wonder if it will bubble up into the mainstream media.

  102. Here’s the quote from Bernie:

    SANDERS: I hope that every person in this room today understands that it is unacceptable to judge people, discriminate against people based on the color of their skin. And I will also say, that as a nation — the truth is a nation that in many ways was created, and I’m sorry to have to say this from way back, on racist principles, that’s a fact. We have come a long way as a nation. Now I know, my guess is that probably not everybody here is an admirer or a voter for Barack Obama, but the point is that in 2008, this country took a huge step forward in voting for a candidate based on his ideas and not the color of his skin.

    I had to go to an icky RW site to get that quote. (The Daily Caller) Time for a silkwood shower.

  103. I think that most people voted for Obama BECAUSE of the color of his skin.

  104. Yeah, it’s all over right wing media but the whole statement in a lot of ways makes Bernie look worse. Are the pursuit of happiness racist principles? I mean you really can’t say that. The whole worship of the founding fathers by the right is beyond annoying because they definitely were imperfect people. However I don’t see how you can say the whole country was founded on racist principles. The slavery part yes perhaps but not everything. Heck, you could just as well say sexist principles if you want to get into that since women were pretty much viewed as property.

  105. CNN is covering the Trump rally in Dallas LIVE like it’s some kind of major sporting event.

  106. The way that Obama won the nomination was to game caucuses, and then lock down 96% or so of the Black vote, which meant that he was a sure winner in every Deep Southern state primary, since Blacks make up 30-40% of the Democratic vote there. Plus Brazile fixed the primary rules to give more delegates to predominantly Black districts. I wonder if Sanders and his campaign managers are trying to do the same thing, which would account for the Cornel West addition, and the “this country was founded on racist principles” statement. I wonder if we are going to start hearing “the Clintons are racist” comments coming out of the likes of James Clyburn again.

  107. Ga, only property owners could vote, so one could say that the country was founded on sexist, racist, and oligarchical principles. But so many of the principles in the Constitution were noble in idea, and egalitarian. And that document certainly set the stage for the advances in individual rights over the centuries; and the Supreme Courts have used it to uphold individual rights against the tyranny of the majority. The so-called Founding Fathers were of course the product of their Age. But I would easilyl take them over the majority of unintelligent, poorly educated corporate lackeys who populate the legislative halls now.

  108. OK I see. So Bernie is going to Re-Found the country then, right? His handlers said, hey old man, we aren’t doing so well with AAs, so let’s make a speech about how We Feel Their Pain. It might even help give them amnesia over how you cowered in the corner and ran off and hid when BLM scared your wimpy ass, ya know?

  109. Cornell West. Is that supposed to be a good thing, Bernie?

  110. I watched on YouTube Trump’s speech in Dallas and frankly, this guy has me worried because he has tapped into the two areas most Americans are fed up:

    1. Special interest bought politicians

    2. Our bullshit media (they aren’t worthy of being called journalists)

    He is actually helping Hillary in the long run by calling out the media for their bias which we are all too familiar with, but she needs to address the special interest part. I want her to come out blasting because he is not going away. She needs to be the fighting Hillary we loved in 2008. I keep trying to find something positive but with the exception of Hillary blogs there is nothing out there media-wise.

    She needs to create her own POSITIVE message and appearing on Ellen isn’t cutting it. I am just not getting a sense of message from her this time…and it is killing me because I WANT HER TO WIN!

    I know this post is not going to make me too popular tonight, but the worst thing to do is get into the dismissive, self-righteous NYT mode when it comes to the voters. Like it or not, Hillary needs their votes.

  111. I believe Donald is a megalomaniac and there IS no more dangerous person you can give unbridled power to. Donald is a despot in waiting. He would scare congress into doing whatever he says no matter which party. He does it by degradation, humiliation, threats, confrontation, and In-Your-Face conversation. I believe everyone on that debate stage with him is scared shitless by him. Look how well he has turned ?Jeb into a simpering fool. Well deserved, but imagine him doing that to everyone he encounters. He also has the deadly personality addition known as Charisma. I knew a mayor like this once. He not only nearly destroyed his city, he terrorized anyone who disagreed with him. Hie die-hard sycophants would threaten anyone who dared tread on his thoughts, and many of his thoughts were convoluted. Incidentally, Rudy Guiliano had this very same reputation, only he taunted people behind closed doors. Imagine the leader of the free world with these qualities.

    Yet even I admit, I am entertained by him, but i know if he won, I wouldn’t be entertained for long.

  112. Sanders is historically illiterate if he really believes this country was “founded on racist principles”. That’s a better description of Nazi Germany’s principles. Tragically, the founders punted on the institution of slavery and even institutionalized it in the Constitution.

    Almost a hundred years later, a Civil War was fought to align the nation’s reality with its principles. Lincoln expressed this beautifully in the Gettysburg Address in which he described a nation “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Those are our founding principles, and the Civil War was “testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.” We continue this struggle, to form a more perfect union, to this day.

  113. Voting. There’s a thing about elections that winners are always mindful of. It’s called the long game. If you peak too soon you will most surely lose in the end. Everyone who has ever run for office at any level knows this. Playing the long game requires some restraint in the early days. It’s a plus to let your opponent blow his stupid wad as soon as possible. You do that by giving him a long leash. Think Bernie. Do you really think Bernie is not going to implode, just consider his personality alone, and then add in the fact that he’s a TRUE socialist. He’s doing to do this to himself without anybody’s help. The idea is not to get any on you.

    Timing. It’s everything. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to hold your tongue because the Time wasn’t right and it would not benefit you to say what you want to say? A time when you knew what was coming but couldn’t ruin it by shooting off your mouth? You practically can’t wait…..but you do because you do not want to ruin The Long Game.

  114. VotingHillary: How’s this for a message?
    “I’d be the first woman President in the history of the United States.”

    ” Oh and, not incidentally, I ‘m the most experienced and capable candidate.”

  115. Having Bernie around or even Joe playing with his ego in the background, sucking up oxygen—– is a good thing in at least one way. The twits aren’t calling Hillary Old.

  116. Foxy I just saw your link about Minnesota. When a ring of orange frogs are consistently robbing banks, you don’t put up posters and hunt for blue frogs.

  117. If we had paid attention to how “Training” is used in the USA by terrorists, Foxy, the POS who blew up one of the twin towers wouldn’t have been there. If you recall, he went to American flight school to learn how to take-off and fly, but wasn’t interested in learning how to land…… But nobody saw that as a red flag….

  118. Brassy Rebel, I share your frustration with aspects of this campaign. Of course the media has caused 95% of it, with their absolute refusal to cover any of Hillary’s issue oriented messages, in favor of doing a character assassination.

    The tricky thing here is that it is not 2008, when Democrats had an easy target in GW Bush’s administration. Now we are somewhat on the defense, in that those who are unhappy with the direction of the country (there are many people who seem to permanently be that way) want the idea of change. Hillary can’t really criticize the Obama administration very much, so she has to focus on general issues: what we need to do to make things better. But at this point it is harder to find a target. The Republicans don’t have a candidate. She’s got Sanders running to her left, who can verbally go her one better in debates, vowing to do all sorts of things which he of course never could do if he were elected.

    I agree with Uppity on the issue of the campaign being a long process. I figured that Hillary would wait until the general election phase to really go after Republicans, and highlight the major differences on so many issues. That is easier to do when there is an actual candidate, or at least a pretty clear nominee. Unfortunately, the relentless media savaging of Hillary, and the fact that she has to be somewhat delicate when going after Sanders, has made it harder to sharpen focus. I will venture the opinion that she has to be sure that her message is as appealing to male voters as to female voters, because there are tens of millions of male voters, and right now she is running distinctly worse among them than among women. Very unfortunately, there is a male backlash vote out there; and while you cannot expect or want to capture all of those, you do have to be wary of too many men, particularly single men, thinking that somehow her presidency would benefit women and exclude them. If she can at least somewhat surmount that hurdle, I think that she will be elected President. The focus on working person issues is her strongest approach, in my view.

  119. Hillary’s gotten endorsements from the pipefitters and the bricklayers, so, apparently there are some men who don’t cross their legs when they hear her voice, 🙂

  120. Sue, that is certainly a plus. I certainly have supported her strongly in both or her campaigns; and I know that there are many men who do. But the poll numbers, albeit early, still show this massive gender gap. Obviously, we need to close that a bit, to the positive side. Hillary is a strong supporter of unions, and I hope that message gets through to working class America.

  121. Yep Upps, Hill is playing the long game.
    But I can’t wait for her to start,
    shaking the trees.
    And watch all the Nuts falling down. 😀

  122. Bernie’s followers are the.

    Hands out, where is the loot bunch. :facepalm:

  123. Foxy they’re still looking for that pony.

  124. Bernie himself isn’t all that bad but his supporters are some of the rudest clueless people I have ever come in contact with. Bernie is going to magically deliver all his pie in the sky promises to them they seem to think. Well, the interesting thing is Bernie is now starting to get some hits. We’ll see if he responds.

  125. Did someone mention PIE?

  126. Uppity, an email for you.

  127. I swear Donald Trump doesn’t have to spend a dime on ads. CNN is waiting to show a speech by Trump from a battleship or something. LIVE!

  128. There are too many people who just do not understand how government works. It is not that complex, and you were supposed to learn that in high school, if not before. Not only would Sanders not get elected, but if we even imagine that he would, he could not possibly accomplish any of the things he talks about in speeches.

    There is no possible way that the Republicans would lose control of either House if Sanders ran. So we would have a worse re-run of these last two Obama years, where he cannot get any legislation even on the floor. Actually, even when the Democrats controlled the Senate and House in his first two years, he could scarcely get anything through. Maybe people actually want a dictatorship here, which is perhaps why Trump seems so appealing to many voters. Didn’t Obama’s administration show people that someone who is the nominal head of a party which he allows to fall apart on the Congressional and state level, cannot accomplish much of anything as an executive?

  129. William, emails for you.

  130. Got them, Uppity. And a couple more for you, including an essay.

  131. William, thirty years ago a book was published about the amalgamation of American politics and entertainment. It was called “Amusing Ourselves To Death” and I think of it every time I look at Donald Trump.

  132. I’ll be putting up a thread for the Really Big Shoe tonight.

  133. Upps–check the drafts…feel free to do whatever you like!

  134. Decent read:

    The Never-Ending Hillary Clinton Story


  136. Ooops! Sorry Sophie! I was so busy furiously writing, I never even saw you!!!!

    I will take my punishment!

  137. No punishment–just use the picture!

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