Dog Panics, Escapes Watching Debate of A Boatload of USA’s Creme de la Crappe

Behind high fences with a TV tuned to CNN, dog panics, knowing he Must Escape this punishment and run for his life.

I know how ya feel, boy!

I was unable to find a usable copy of the Muppets singing Another Opening, Another Show any longer, so I found an even better opening song for this carnival:

I think we could safely say we can all become sloshed if we downed something 100-proof every time one of these kooks mentions Hillary. Two drinks if they add the word “Stop” before “Hillary”.

Now wait………….why am I putting this thread up early you ask. You are asking that, right? Well because your predictions count! Who’s gonna win? Who will be the Winning Loser tonight? Come on! What are your predictions? Here are mine!

I predict:

Rand Paul will bite the head off a puppy right on National Tee Vee! And, given the nature of the Paulies, his numbers will go up!

Donald will go out into the audience and ‘cherish’ and touch as many women’s breasts and crotches as possible–but not the ugly ones!  His numbers will go Up, especially among the Christian Right! And  as a bonus….Tomorrow, Bernie Sanders will Scream………”So he touched a buncha women! So What?To hell with all this political correctness!!!!” Bernie’s numbers will go up too.

Mike Huckabee will tearfully discuss the epiphany he has received since returning to his Gluttony For Jesus Program.

Bobby Jindal will talk about how he doesn’t want his numbers to peak too soon, but you just Watch!

Carly Fiorina will look Donald square in the face and tell him he looks like he has a dead squirrel on his head and she heard he can’t get it up.

Scott Walker will…………….zzzzzzzzz……oh sorry, I fell asleep in the  middle of thinking of what he will say.

Not to be outdone, Ted Cruz will bite the heads off of TWO puppies. He will then stroll across the stage and passionately French Kiss his Friend, Donald Trump, so that Trump’s supporters remember to switch to him if someone would just figure out how to get rid of the guy. He will also promise to give women permission to leave the home un-escorted during select times of the year.

Rubio will force himself to pretend he actually gives a shit about Latinos, and he will finally admit he got a boatload of money from Nestle for gulping Poland Springs water in the middle of his Important Speech about………….about…

John Kascich, or however you spell it, will try to say something stupid like maybe we should all work together, and he will be pelted with tomatoes by the audience.

?Jeb will finally admit that, if his old man weren’t filthy rich, he and his brothers would be pumping gas for a living.

George Pataki will demonstrate one more time that he can talk out of the side of his crooked mouth almost as well as Dick Cheney. He will categorically deny that he is so crooked he can hide behind a corkscew.

Finally, Ben Carson will deconstruct an Oreo Cookie and explain the correlation between it and himself, while further discussing how stem cell research made his success as a neurosurgeon possible — and that is why we must stop doing it.

I know there are probably more of them. I just keep forgetting who they are.

OOOoooo! Wait! I forgot Rick Sanitarium! Rick is going to discuss the importance of a stable family, with a slideshow of his family album. Preview:


Your Turn!

UPDATE: OMG I forgot Chris Christie! How could I miss something that big!?

I also forgot Lindsey Graham! He’s going to admit tonight that he’s gay.


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  1. Oh no Upps! You forgot Chris *burp* Christie!
    What will he do? 🙂

  2. Gosh that was refreshing,Uppity. And right up there on the Truthiness Scale. I’ve been so inundated by right wing and jaw dropping media lately that I forgot what FUN this stuff can be. It’s all a matter of perspective.
    Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!! -Max

  3. Very, very funny, Uppity.
    I’m just too scared to laugh much these days.
    If anyone one of those villains reaches the White House, we’re done for.
    Downstairs, I referenced an old book titled, “Amusing Ourselves To Death.”
    That’s how I feel now.
    The Republican Clown Car is chock full of John Wayne Gacys.

  4. Awesome. Hillary is ready.

  5. Okay, first Huckaboob will proclaim his undying love for Kim Davis and announces he is lucky hubby No. 5 for the Head and Shoulders model.

    This will be followed by Ted “McCarthy” Cruz professing his undying love for the “Donald” and his announcement that the Donald’s farts smell like Cuban gardenias, both of which Cruz enjoys ample experience.

    Rick Santorum announces a promotional deal where he will bottle “Santorum” and market it with an Anita Bryant-sound-alike singing, “Come see the USA, the brown frothy way.”

    Ben Carson cites The Flintstones as documentary evidence that humans did indeed fly aboard Air Pterodactyl.

    Marco Rubio grabs Trump’s head and aggressively uses a micro-plane zester on it.

    Piyush Jindal admits as a boy he tortured small animals, but through intensive therapy and prayer, he has evolved to now only torturing poor children and women by withholding health care.

    Carly Fiorina admits she was a mean girl, err, is a mean girl, and she thinks Hillary, among other things, has cooties.

    George Pataki and Scott Walker huddle in a corner and serenades one another by softly, tenderly singing, “Thank You for Being My Friend”.

    Rand Paul admits his dusty lung disease is from oral sex with Mitch McConnell.

    And then the Donald’s kangaroo scrotum toupee slips and he screams, “I’m hopping mad or is that, I’m a Mad Hopper.”

    If I’ve left anyone out, I’m kinda glad I forgot them.

  6. Thank you so much, Uppity. I desperately needed this laugh and a half!

    Tonight’s drinking game during the debate: drink a shot when any of the candidates say something intelligent. That should prevent any possibility of a hangover tomorrow. 🙂

  7. While they all give lip service to Reagan in his library…

  8. Ooops, forgot to tune in for the kiddy table and now I’m late!

  9. Pataki opens with what sounds like a prayer to Ronnie and puts everyone to sleep.

  10. And Santorum wins for being the first to say the name Hillary Clinton. DRINK!!

  11. ACK I’m just tuning in! What did I miss. Besides nothing?

  12. OMG I left lindsay out of my list! He’s going to finally admit he’s gay.

    Oh LOL! He’s asking the questions!

  13. Look at that twisted pataki mouth.

  14. Hahahaha Kiddy Table!

  15. Uppity, a truly excellent semi-comic debate preview.

    It is very close to what we are going to see (I guess it has started, but I can’t stomach watching these things. I’ll read about it here.. I spent my five minutes of the week watching CNN (at least the closed caption), when I was getting some lemonades in a restaurant. The audacity of them to print positive attributes in the introductions, like for Jeb Bush (“Conservative Reformer” What in the world does that mean?), and for Carly Fiorina, something like (“Strong on Issues”). They are so partisan, it is nauseating.

    I’m assuming they will all go after Trump, because the powers that run the GOP do not want him anywhere near the nomination.

  16. Prolix! The thing with Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell made me go blind in one eye!

  17. OMG I forgot Christie!!! How can anyone miss something that big?????????????

  18. Sophie where’d your post go!

  19. Stick the pic in!

  20. I can’t believe I’m liking Lady Lindsey the best!

  21. Uppity, I deleted it. I really only wanted the picture and wrote a very sparse post around it. So, I put the picture in the comments and tossed the post! Win-Win!

  22. Put that pic in the right spot in the post. It’s too good to ignore!

  23. Hey thanks for coming by Msdsal!

  24. Well, I wanted to play with it here…

  25. ROFL!!!!!!! Uppity in true form!
    Love the photo of Hill with the popcorn!

  26. How’s this?

  27. Or this?

  28. OT I made this for dinner


  29. Ooops, Rubio’s water joke fell flat.

  30. Yeah I bet Ronald Reagan’s last cogent thought was Damn! I shouldn’t have refused to fund Alzheimer’s research!

    And not how Nancy changed her mind about stem cell research after Ronnie went down the tubes

  31. Im not watching. One time of watching these creepy freaks was enough time for me.

  32. Yet another union endorses Hillary. i thought Bernie was the proletariat hero.

  33. the day after super tuesday, bernie is history.

  34. Carly’s pretty cheeky.

  35. Wow! All these men fighting over who defunded Planned Parenthood the first! Crispy Cream Christy was the most animated about his great accomplishment!!!

    Donald Trump said Carly Fionia was a beautiful woman. Right after he said he would “take care of women.”

  36. I made my pay period donation tonight, during this debate to send a message.

  37. You give him that long?

  38. Rubio, the only man in America whose father was a bartender and mother was a maid. He is such a nauseating whiner.

  39. Hilarious


  40. I only give him that long, Soph, because he might take his neighbor New Hampshire. They are a lot like Vermont in demographics.

  41. Christie, the champion of the middle class! The guy who told all the teachers to go fuck themselves.

  42. Fuck Fiorina, repeatedly referring to Hillary as MRS Clinton. Fuck her.

  43. Did JEB! just say that his brother kept us safe…. I must be losing it, I seem to remember that his brother was president of the US during 9/11….

  44. Yes, honora, he did. The fucker.

  45. Yeah Honora I yelled out loud when he said that. Asshole. Biggest disaster ever under his “safe” watch.

  46. I’ll say one thing for Carly, she sure gives a good bullshit speech.

  47. Reminder, Hillary is on Jimmy Fallon tonight!

  48. I can’t get into Carly. I hate her type. Getting where she got in life by stepping on other women but capitalizing on the sisterhood when it’s to her advantage. She is a sexist. She trashed the most qualified candidate in this race for the solely because that candidate is a woman.

  49. She also made fun of Barbara Boxer’s appearance when she ran against her. She is a phony, a jerk, and she is being paid to go after Hillary and Trump.

  50. His brother kept himself safe by flying around in safe airspace for hours. And he kept Dick Cheney safe by scurrying him off to a bunker. The rest of us? Well we weren’t safe.

  51. Don’t worry about Carly the R’s will never give up the Cherry Presidential Candidate Slot to a woman.

  52. Vain and shallow

  53. How does CNN have any credibility?
    Right wing talk show, Hugh Hewitt, starts off a “question” by assuring all the Republican candidates they’d be better than Hillary Clinton.
    Why is a right wing talk show host one of the “journalists” asking questions?

  54. Hewitt was a perfect example of how Republicans are terrified of trump. They are blowing the guy all over the place.

  55. Sweet Sue, on September 17, 2015 at 12:03 AM said:

    First, we don’t have journalists in this country anymore.

    Second, CNN wants to say they were fair and balanced with the panel.

    Third, Hewitt is a bought and paid for Bush supporter and completely anti-Trump which fit the RNC’s priorities for this debate.

    I didn’t watch because I love my baseball and my team is in the playoff hunt so my three hours were better spent. I have to give all the candidates credit for this….standing in one place for 3 solid hours. I would not be able to move my knees the next day if I had to do that.

    BTW, for those on the West Coast, Hillary is did a FABULOUS job on Fallon’s show and doesn’t seem as stiff as she did on Ellen’s. She tells a great story about taking a photo in front of the White House, but I won’t spoil it for those who are waiting to see the show. She also got more policy points aired this time out.

  56. Uppity Woman, on September 16, 2015 at 11:49 PM said:
    His brother kept himself safe by flying around in safe airspace for hours. And he kept Dick Cheney safe by scurrying him off to a bunker. The rest of us? Well we weren’t safe.

    Yes we were BECAUSE Cheney was in a bunker…what made us unsafe was letting him back out.

  57. Voting Hillary, great to hear. I’m looking forward to watching the Fallon interview. I guess it overlapped a bit with the debates on the East Coast?

    Sue, CNN is beyond disgraceful. A debate is supposed to be a fair competition, and the questions are supposed to come from credible journalists. A questioner who is a party shill, turns the so-called debate into a commercial, a set-up presentation. One more step in the decline of our democracy, I think of the movie “Quiz Show,” where the network executive tried to rationalize feeding the answers to their preferred contestant, saying that it is all about entertainment, and that the audience shouldn’t care if it is fixed.

  58. William, I wish I could give your comment more than one excellent.

  59. To those who watched the debate, did Bush really say MARGARET THATCHER should be the first woman on the $10 bill??? If he did, he is done and i mean DONE.

    BTW, I think it should be Eleanor Roosevelt or Betsy Ross…who do you all think it should be?

    While I respect Rosa Parks, I don’t think it should be her. Harriet Tubman before her.

  60. My vote is for Harriet Tubman.

  61. Fantastic, amazing, hysterically funny post, Upps! Being bionic hasn’t dulled your wit at all! Loved it all, the title, the videos, the snarky commentary. I bow down to you!

  62. I missed the debate (lucky me), but who cares since I got to read all these funny comments, so thanks to all of you!

    Loved Sophie’s tweet, and the other persons, Decimiyan’s (?). Awesome.

  63. Upps, dinner looks delicious. What did you do about salt?

  64. I vote for Eleanor. Did Bush really say Thatcher?

  65. Wow. Jeb! really did say Thatcher should be on the US $10 bill. What a tool.

    I heard he also said his brother “kept us safe”. Holy crap, what a lie. He destabilized the world.

  66. Random thoughts…

    1. Jeb is boring.

    2. I don’t like Carly, but I’ll give her credit for doing her homework and for knowing how to handle Trump.

    3. Something about Marco Rubio seems “off” every time he’s on TV. He has a social awkwardness about him, like a seventh-grader at his first school dance.

    4. Trump seemed a bit subdued. On one hand, that’s good because I can’t take him seriously when he shoots off his mouth. Yet at the same time, when he attempts to act like a normal person is becomes obvious there’s no there there.

    5. The woman on the $10 bill question told us something about each candidate. I give some credit to any of them who named an actual American female historical figure, instead of using the opportunity to patronize women by giving the wife/daughter answer. And Margaret Thatcher– WTF??????

    6. Scott Walker did better this time around. He actually talked.

    7. It’s creepy having so many men onstage talking about women’s bodies.

    8. I can’t believe Ben Carson is from Detroit. His mama must have kept him indoors and made him write waaaay more book reports than he says, because I just can’t imagine an African-American male of his age living his life in our fine city and coming away from that experience with the political views that Carson has.

    9. Hillary on Jimmy Fallon had more substance than all of those clowns put together, even though she wasn’t really there to dig deep into the big issues.

  67. Omg, just watched Hillary on Fallon. I had tears in my eyes, she was so amazing. Funny, relaxed, brilliant! My son watched with me and we both loved it.

  68. Jen, I didn’t watch, but like all your points.

  69. Agree about Eleanor. She belongs on that Bill. It would be a bill that commemorates strong women, not watered down killing 2 quota birds with one stone. I hate that. I think Rosa Parks is a good choice as is Tubman, but it doubled the commemoration, watering both down. Why can’t we have women on……..gasp…..TWO bills!

  70. They have been doing this to women right along. Let’s get a woman! No wait! Let’s get a black woman. The joke in GE was let’s get a black woman who was in the military and lost a limb. Woman, minority, disabled! 3 quotas!

  71. Do fallon shows show up on youtube? I didn’t see that show! I was exhausted, those R’s put me in a freaking coma!

  72. Socal, we are so weaned from excess sodium in this house, I used no salt whatsover. I used good fresh spices. The ravioli had sodium in their mix. I used Romano cheese, which has sodium. It was delicious. In my house, if you want more salt, put it on yourself! I learned my lesson! The hard way!

    I have removed excess sodium from my life so well, that now things other people cook taste salty to me. I STRONGLY believe I am still alive because i count every milligram of sodium I ingest every single day. Saved what’s left of my remaining kidney too. Not to mention my renal hypertension is gone. It’s a FACT. Ask any doctor with a brain and he/she will tell you so. We are inundated with sodium from the supermarket and their obsession with sodium as a shelf stabilizer is killing us. Don’t remember the last time I bought canned soup, boxed anything. All I have to do is read the label and I KNOW it’s bad stuff. I ingest 1500 mg of sodium a day. One teaspoon of table salt is 2325 mg of sodium. That’s not counting the salt that occurs naturally in foods and the sodium that’s added at the supermarket. I have learned to make things I love at home instead of buying that salt jar. Like BBQ sauce, dressings, etc etc.

    And all this hype about “types” of salt is just some more bullshit. Sodium is sodium!

    Ask me about salt, and you will always get a lecture from me. Expect it! 🙂
    Because too. much. salt. kills. period.

  73. Here’s the youtube of it Sophie

  74. Loved it when she said she’d grab a pen!

  75. William I will post your essay when things on this thread, analysis etc die down. Please remind me though, as I might forget it’s in my emails!

  76. You see what these scumbags are up to
    Republicans should help Bernie so they can weaken hillary

  77. ?Jeb wants to put Margaret Thatcher on $10 bill. ROFLMAO! He is so FINISHED. He just doesn’t know it yet. Maybe when they debate for British elections, one of the candidates will propose putting Hillary on the pound note. Works for me!

    I didn’t see Hillary on Ellen, but she was obviously relaxed and enjoying herself with Fallon, even when he interviewed her for real after skit.

    Fiorina is trying to have it both ways as the GOP FEMALE candidate. She resents sexist remarks, but doesn’t propose any policies that would actually do anything about sexist practices. And almost nothing she said was accurate.

  78. But she insists Hillary is a liar.

  79. You mean “Mrs. Clinton”.

  80. //

  81. Yeah, she who has no title and no accomplishments, supposedly.

  82. Hillary on Fallon:

  83. Upps, I appreciate the salt lecture. Seriously. I have cut back to half on the salt, but need to go all the way. I will do it today!

  84. Also, can I say that I love Hillary’s hair on Fallon? She looks great and on top of her game.

  85. Fallon LOVED Hillary’s hair too! 😁

  86. Sophie, loved whatthefuckhashillarydone.

  87. Another “thanks” to Uppity for her post against salt. She is on the money in every word. Salt sends your blood pressure up dangerously. I’ve been trying to cut my sodium intake severely in the past few years and it is not easy, as it sneaks into all kinds of foods you’s never think it would – plain fat-free yogurt and fat-free cottage cheese, for instance. Generally, anything labelled “fat-free” or “Lo-fat” compensates by upping the sodium. And vegan ‘Boca Burgers’ is like eating a salt lick.

    I’m a member of Weight Watchers and I stay away from their pre-packaged Low-point snacks and bars. When the leader pushes them in meetings, I always pipe up and mentioned how high the sodium is, which gets me a few cranky looks from leaders. The program itself is great, lost 15 pounds since June…a very slow process, but one I’m sticking with. Just make your own food from fresh materials, lots of water, fresh fruits & veggies and you are fine.

    One Weight Watchers recommended home-made snack I’m addicted to is popcorn (not microwave popcorn…lots of crap added to that)…just use my old reliable stovetop Stir-Pop maker. Don’t put anything on it, but would love to know if anyone has any salt-free alternative seasonings to try. (not sweet butter, though 🙂
    I tried cinnamon…didn’t work at all….

  88. No problem, Uppity. It is good that we can all discuss the debate, though some of us, like me, did not actually see it.

    Sue, thank you. 🙂

    I would vote for Eleanor Roosevelt on the $10 bill, though actually Hamitlon, a monetary genius of sorts, and I think the person who set up the Federal Reserve system, really deserves his bill.

    Did Jeb actually say Margaret Thatcher? If Hillary ever makes the slightest mistake, like when she misspoke in an ’08 debate when talking about drvers’ licenses for illegal immigants, it is a news story for weeks. This one will either be ignored, or quickly blow over. Or Jeb will make a self-deprecating joke about it, and people will say that he humanized himself.

    Actually, if Jeb said that, I’m not sure what would be worse; the fact that Thatcher was British, or the fact that he thinks she did a good job. But if she were on the bill, it would be worth $15, right?

  89. Other possibilities which Jeb Bush might want to consider: Mary Queen of Scots; Helen of Troy (“the face that launched a thousand ten dollar bills”); Jeanne D’Arc; Cleopatra; Agatha Christie; the Empress of China; Lady Jane Grey.

    Actually, the best idea is to wait until Hillary is elected President, and then put her on the bill!

  90. William, then we should go with Eleanor on the $20.

    Love your other possibilities for Jeb!

  91. GWM, you are right on about low fat. It’s riddled with sodium. Pisses me off the way those pissant young dietitians pinp that stuff and never even bother mentioning sodium. So wrong. So dangerous, they are.

    Also beware of salt substitutes as an overload of potassium is VERY dangerous to your heart. Take advantage of lemons, they add salt-like flavor. And vinegars, they have NO sodium in them, including balsamic. If you bite the bullet and wean yourself down to a daily limit, you will never go back because things that never seemed salty to you before will be unbearable. Then you know you are home free. Completely avoid canned and packaged soups. Forever. They are riddled with sodium. Baking powder is verrrrry high but they sell a baking powder without sodium and it works. They also sell low sodium soy sauce! You can get low sodium versions of things here

    GWM, buy this book, it will tell you where the sodium is in supermarkets. For example, did you know that they put saline in packaged chicken. And the list gets longer.×750&kpid=9780967396972

  92. Salt kills.
    Thanks for the links Upps.
    And I love my Airfryer. 😀

  93. For some reason, I started getting emails from the Carly Fiorina campaign. I don’t mind an occasional email from the opposition so I can check what they’re doing. But the Carly people were clogging my box, so I unsubscribed their list. They’re STILL sending me emails! I unsubscribed again. Hopefully, this will be the end of it.

  94. Oh yeah my airfryer, Foxy!

  95. Hahahahahahaha!!! Must watch!

  96. You beat me to it again Sophie!!! You are quick girl!

  97. Thanks voting! Hillary was GREAT on Fallon!

  98. LOL~ imust, you both beat me to it!

  99. Jens, are you saying Carly is this year’s Fatal Attraction campaign?! I can’t believe anyone with a modicum of intelligence can’t see right through someone like Carly.

  100. I don’t think Ben and Rand understand what a secret service code name is about.

  101. CNN must have been getting a lot of viewer blowback because Wolf Blitzer’s interview, today, with Hillary was good.
    He gave her a lot of time to make points and talk about her plans with only one or two questions about the goddamned emails.
    Will wonders never cease?

  102. Thanks for the welcome,Uppity. Actually I’ve been reading your articles since ’08;just never logged on w/my opinion. Sorry it took so long to respond,I was butt-weary after four hours of debate watching and 2 hours of punditry. Obviously retirement has it’s peaks and pitfalls.

    I was only able to tolerate that amount of time because of liberal use of the MUTE button ( You will,I hope,pardon the pun). Apparently it was this use of the mute button that caused me to miss Scott Walker dissing the Seattle Public School Teachers ( my people) who were on strike trying to insure kids got recess, weren’t tested every other minute and that maybe some of the teachers could actually afford to live and work in their neighborhoods. ( The Communists).

    Honestly, you’d think that a guy who doesn’t have a college degree would be more sympathetic toward Unions.

    And is the irony not exceptional that so many of these Repubs and pundits who’ve spoken so highly of Carly are the same who’ve criticized Hillary for being cold? I do not recall ( in honor of Ronnie Reagan) Carly smiling once. That woman appears so cold you wouldn’t want to touch her for fear of freezer burn..but then,maybe that was the point. Speaking of contrasts..Palin vs Fiorina;Wow,clearly no shades of grey in the Republican party only either or. W/their wimmins anyway.
    Oh,dear,how I have rattled on. Sleep deprivation.
    So it’s good night and onward through the fog, from the west coast.

  103. I saw Hillary’s appearance on Fallon which I had taped last night. She was great, could not have been any better. The media and Republican (is that two different entities?) portrayal of her is so appallingly wrong. She has more charm than the entire Republican field added up together and multiplied by several hundred.

    I would like to have seen Hillary’s interview with Wolf Blitzer, but of course I never watch the station, so I would have had no idea it was on. Thanks to Sue for having the courage and stamina to actually watch it from time to time, in case they ever say or do anything at all positive.

  104. William, on September 18, 2015 at 12:33 AM said:
    The media and Republican (is that two different entities?) portrayal of her is so appallingly wrong.

    Yes, William, the Republicans and the media are two different entities. The media however is twin sons of different mothers. Both represent the extreme side of their political spectrum. The reason the Republicans seem the same as the media is because the ultra-liberal media hates Hillary as much as the conservative media thus making them seem the same…(see 2008)!

  105. William, this is for you. Ask and ye shall receive 🙂 :

  106. Well Max…you are allowed to speak up as you please, even unto a screed or two if necessary to your well-being………considering you have kept your mouth shut on this blog since 2008. I think that might be a record or something.

    I do believe if Scott Walker were ever to become President, the entire country would fall into a coma. And I wouldn’t worry about Carly. She has baggage that actually can be proven, unlike the crap they try to make stick to Hillary. Secondly, there is NO way the Boys In The Band are going to give up a slot like President to a cootie woman. She’s just a useful fool to them, their token broad put there to attack Hillary.

  107. William @12:33 am: “She has more charm than the entire Republican field added up together and multiplied by several hundred.” So true!

    I broke my no CNN rule to watch Hillary’s interview. Blitzer let her talk and didn’t attack her–apparently he did after on the next show. But I missed that because I was back to my no CNN rule. I’m getting very adept at separating the wheat from the chaff of the media. Glad I saw the interview because she was very sharp and focused.

  108. William, I published your essay and, it appears you used some kind of huge odd font that looked really bad published. It also didn’t post spaces between paragraphs. Not sure what editor or different font you used, but I have no idea how to correct it and ended up putting your post in the bin so others wouldn’t see it. I can re-enter it but I need you to go figure out what it is you did differently when you wrote this post and produce it in the standard font, so I can copy and re-enter it into a more pleasant and readable format. Hokay?

  109. Which reminds me, do any of you mods know how to change a font from the editor?

  110. Which reminds me, do any of you mods know how to change a font from the editor?

  111. Uppity, I used the same font as always, so maybe it is a computer problem on my end? It looked the same when I wrote it and sent it. I’ll try to forward it again, and maybe it will look right this time. If not, I’ll just rewrite it. Thanks for letting me know,

  112. I rewrote it a bit, made it a little bit better, and just sent it to you, so I hope it will work.

  113. Carley the pawn. 😆

  114. Voting Hillary, thanks. And that is a good point; of course on the few left-wing shows, there is also this pathological dislike of Hillary, so that the coverage is all the same, even if ostensibly coming from different directions.

  115. Politico did a pro-Hillary piece; although the part at the end with Donna B. praising Hillary is kinda nauseating:


  117. The comment section of that politico piece is simply disgusting. As I was reading, I was thinking, These people are the reason we need gun control laws.

  118. Upps, I stopped looking at their comment section, its vile. I think they know its vile and made it so you have to click to see them. Vox doesn’t have comments, which I find refreshing.

  119. “The Odd Fonts” would be a great name for a rock band. :mrgreen:

    In that Sanitarium family picture, Mrs. S looks like a Stepford Wife, the boy looks freshly lobotomized, and the girls look like they want off that stage, and maybe out of that household, ASAP–and who could blame them? 😮

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