An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders Supporters

An Essay by Member William:

I am under no illusion that anything I write will change your minds, but I am going to try, anyway. At the very least, I would hope that you would consider some of it.

You are supporters of Sanders, and you want him to be elected President. At least I am assuming that this is your goal; and that it is not just to make a splash, or to give HIllary Clinton some anxious moments, or to indulge yourselves. Because as I think you would know, elections and governance are serious business, affecting all of us.

To me, this is the most crucial election ever. I know that we are fond of saying that, and it always seems to be at the time. But this one feels more important; so much so, that I find myself waking up some nights, worrying about it. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that the Republicans have virtually taken over the country. Yes, Democrats hold the Presidency, but Republicans have a large majority in the House of Representatives, and are not that far away from a veto-proof majority in the Senate. They continue to hold a very conservative majority in the Supreme Court, which has gone on for so long that it is difficult to remember what a liberal Court was like. You do realize that if a Republican wins the White House, they will have maybe three Court seats to fill, and they will stock them with doctrinaire Radical Right individuals who will control the Court for another two decades at least.

And the state legislatures are in dreadful shape , with Republicans controlling most of them, even in states which have long been Democratic in voting patterns. Most of these takeovers have been accomplished during the Obama Presidency. And I don’t think it is a coincidence. Obama has tried to do some good things while in office, but he has rarely identified himself much with the Democratic Party since the beginning of his campaign in 2007. And he certainly has scarcely done any campaigning for Democrats running for Congress and for state legislature positions.

Now some people, maybe some of you, do not care much about such things. But they have grave national effects. First, those state legislatures dominated by Republicans have the ability and the machiavellian will to fix things in their states so that the Democrats can never win back control. They gerrymander districts. They change voting rignts laws. In the case of Florida under Jeb Bush, they basically locked the Democrats out of the statehouse, in a horrifying display of incipient fascism. (You can read about this in a long article from the Washington Post written in 1995). The Republicans play to win, and by any means.

Further, the lack of Democrats in state legislatures across the country means that there is a very sparse field of potential candidates for U.S. Senate, Congress, and state governorships. In sports terms, the Democrats hava a very weak bench. Do you see any upcoming liberal senators and governors who might someday be legitmate presidential candidates? I don’t; no more than a very few, to even be generous. And those are almost all from small Eastern states, very unlikely to ever be elected nationally. The Democratic Party is in serious danger of disappearing as an effective counterforce to the Republicans. And this is at the most dangeous period imaginable, when the Republicans are absolutely dominated by know-nothing people who would destroy the entire government in order to make a point; who have absolutely no concern for working people, minorities, the poor, education, the safety net; or any protections against contaminated land, air and food. And they are backed by the most evil people imaginable, who unfortunately have trillions of dollars to get their way, and who are given cover by a media which is now essentially bought and owned by them.

And one more thing to consider: the Republicans, who value winning and power above all, have lately been trying to get some states to divide up their electoral votes by district, or proportionally by vote. The states where they trying to achieve this are Pennsylvania and Michigan. It is one of those typical “oh, this seems fair,” Republican carny hustles. If they get this done, the Democrats will be permanently locked out of winning the electoral college, even if they should carry a national election by four percent. And America will be an oligopolistic dictatorship.

What this all has to do with you, is that the only person running for President who would have at least some chance to arrest this frightening trend, is Hillary Clinton. She has already vowed to try to create grassroots strength among Democrats at the state level. She wants to develop a deep bench of state candidates; and she wants to encourage young people to participate in politics, on the Democratic side. In so many words, she wants to rebuild the Democratic Party to where it is a consistent and strong national force. Do you really think that Sanders has any interest in this, or any capacity to do it? He doesn’t even identify as a Democrat. He has never campaigned for any Democrat across the country. He would have no downticket strength whatsoever. Can you not see that even if Sanders were somehow nominated, he could not help the Democratic Party one iota in state races?

And what do you think Sanders could do even if he were incredibly, against all odds, elected President? You do know that all bills originate in the House of Representatives. The right-wing House would send up only right-wing bills, which would be similarly passed by the right-wing Senate. Then Sanders’ only power would be to veto them; at which time they would send up more such bills. Sanders could get absolutely none of his own preferred legislation passed. He could make a few speeches. Two years from the election, the Republicans would make the same kind of gains in the midterms that they made in midterms running against Obama. If you do not identify as a Democrat, or only scarcely so, like Obama, you have do not have any cachet or power to influence the midterms. And so eventually, the Republicans will obtain their veto-proof majority.

I am sure that at least some of you are concerned about climate change. To me it is by far the most important issue. Hillary Clinton has made it a centerpiece of her campaign. I don’t think that the planet can afford to wait another four years. We need to make drastic changes now. She will fight to do that. She has the ability to be elected President, and to bring a few Senate seats with her, and to gain some seats in the House. We need every Democrat we can get, to pass climate change legislation. A one-man maverick who identifies as a Socialist, is not going to pass anything. And the planet will burn. I would hope that you care about such things.

Right now, Sanders is getting a free ride. He is not being attacked at all by Republicans, who would dearly love to see him be nominated, or at least to force Hillary to spend a lot of money. And if he were somehow to win, it would take about two weeks for his poll numbers to plummet to where he would be lucky to get 40% of the vote in a national election. He is a Socialist by self-description. Americans will not elect a Socialist to anything, outside of a small state like Vermont. Sanders has a 0% chance to win a national election. I might generously give him a 1% chance, if Trump were nominated, and committed some unpardonable act in the campaign. If the Republicans nominate an establishment candidate like Bush, it is 0%. Sanders will lose by something like 62-38%, maybe win five to seven states, thus do slightly better than McGovern, but get completely routed; and the Democrats will lose several Senate seats and another twenty or so House seats. And then where we all be?

Elections are not a game; they are not a fun competition, though the media in its unending quest for dollars, likes to pretend so. When the election is over, the reality sets in. What are you going to do if Jeb Bush is elected President? Look for another country to move to? Go back to playing video games, or watching television? Write blog posts about how hopelessly screwed up this country is, while the temperature records continue to be broken? Laugh about how at least you managed to keep Hillary Clinton from being elected? Do you know that Hillary’s voting record in the Senate was slightly more liberal than Obama’s, and about on a par with Sanders’? So is this just a personality thing for you? Did you have so much fun in the ’08 campaign, that you are looking to repeat that high? How did it feel afterwards, and for the last seven years, when Obama felt that he had to make bad deals with Republicans in order to keep them from shutting down the government or refusing to raise the debt ceiling? And when we got absolutely “shellacked” (his words) in the midterms, both times?

You obviously can support and vote for anyone you like. It is your right as an American citizen. But I think that with that, also goes a responsiblity to other people, and to the country. Let the Republicans win this election, and we will all suffer the very serious consequences. Hillary can win, Sanders cannot. Hillary can govern the country, Sanders cannot. Hillary is far more experienced, particularly in dealing with world leaders, but we won’t even go into that kind of thing. This isn’t like voting for your favorite on one of the TV talent shows. It is about getting the best electable candidate elected.

Maybe if it were a different era, someone could afford to take a stab at a wishful candidate, and think that the country could survive the other side winning the election. But not now. You should have a good idea of what the Republicans will do if they control the one branch of government which they currently do not hold. Maybe some of you can psychologically deal with that, by ignoring it; or maybe some of you have long ago given up hope, and are just into having a fun time with it all. But there are hundreds of millions of people out there who are going to have to live with the reality of no Social Security, no Medicare, no FDA, no FEMA, no SEC, no HHS, no EPA; no protections against contaminated food and unsafe medications; no right to abortion; no controls on corporate greed, and destruction of the environment; the creation of massive asset bubbles which will ultimately lead to a severe Depression costing tens of millions of jobs. And they cannot just walk away from it as easily as some of you might seem to be able to, at least in your mind.

Some things that I hope that you will think about in the next few crucial months, when the future not only of this country, but of this planet, is at stake


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  1. Very well done, William. Why don’t you submit it to huffpo? I know if they published it, you’d take a lot of flack from the bernbots (most of whom I think are rethug trolls btw), but you might convince a few, and start a new thinking trend.

  2. Thank you, Annie. I don’t quite know how to do that; I didn’t know that they took guest submissions; and my computer skills are very limited in terms of cutting and pasting or whatever it is called. But if it were possible to do, perhaps it might get through to at least some of these Sanders’ supporters, or even that small part of the media which is in favor of Hillary.

  3. You said it all ! I cannot expand on this. I beg Bernie’s people to understand how very serious this could be if Hillary is not nominated and the sheer thought that a Republican took over with both houses under their control. Good grief ! She will win if nominated……….

  4. Ah my friend, remember the Long Game.

  5. Flack is an understatement socal. Those people are freaks.

  6. Nice post William!

  7. Thank you, Sophie!

  8. Great job, William.
    This needs to go viral.

  9. Thank you, Sue! I do hope that it at least might have some positive effect on the narrative as it goes forward.

  10. If you want a president who will tell you everything that’s wrong with America and who’s to blame for it, you’ve got plenty of other choices.…But if you want a president who will listen to you, work her heart out to make your life better, and together to build a stronger, fairer, better country—then you’re lookin’ at her.

    — Hillary today at the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention

  11. We LOVE Hillary!!!!!!!!!

  12. Time for the MSM to start the enthusiasm gap drumbeat!

  13. Thanks, Sophie. That would make an excellent closing speech at Hillary’s last debate.

  14. Hillary inspires me.

  15. Me too Sue, Me too. 🙂

  16. Ahh,William;every now and then the truth just pops up on my computer. Your analysis is spot on. Please do find someone w/the computer skills to get this article out and about. It’s long, so those w/attention issues may not hang in there long enough to read the whole thing but your arguments are solid and should really be put out there. PLUS ( and this is a BIG plus) no animosity or poison in your writing;just the facts,’mam.What will the bots have to complain about?

    Well done,sir!! ( I’m assuming sir on account of a name with a long association w/the male of the species) 🙂 Please carry on.


  17. Great speech by Hillary. h/t Still4Hill

    @Msdsal….who cares what the bots complain about? They’ll complain no matter what you do anyway. I don’t ever see hatred on this blog, if that’s what you’re implying.

  18. Well Imust, I do want to point out that I hate apricots. I really hate the little bastages.

  19. Whatever.

  20. The audirorium was packed for Hill. Lots of empty seats for the others including Sanders. This event clearly showed her organizational superiority and advantage. That will matter come primary day regardless of polls.

  21. Loved her dancing with audience members! 🎈

  22. Msdsal, thank you very much.. And thank you for noting that what I wrote is not in the way of an attacking diatribe (though of course there is room for that, too, sometimes), but an attempt to make a coherent and complete argument to which I think there is no compelling response.

    Apparently Sanders was on Colbert last night, and he was talking about universal health care, and all the various things he is for. And most of us are for it, too, including Hillary. But if his supporters are so naive, or unaware of how government works, that they think that he
    can just wave his hand and it will occur, this is a significant problem. I remember all those people taking naps or talking in government class; I guess this is what happens when they get to voting age. Or maybe it is too many inaccurate television shows. The idea of those classes was that people should grow up having some understanding of how the government has been set up, with the so-called checks and balances. If people actually do now believe that the president is like a medieval monarch, that is quite unsettling, but it would certainly account for Trump and his support.

  23. Sophie, that comment by Hillary you posted really gets to the heart of it all. Hillary is a tireless worker; she is a fighter; she is smart and capable. I have always felt that there was a better chance that she could get some of the things accomplished that we all want, than there has been with any Democrat for perhaps fifty years. A pity that the Obama supporters didn’t or wouldn’t see that eight years ago.

  24. Well don’t hold it against me. I can’t help it, they’re so overly fuzzy.

  25. The crowd loved her. Here’s video of her dancing and catch the excitement of the crowd.

  26. And yet, Uppity, you like peaches.

    Speaking of peaches, they’re still available in these parts and I have a lot and was thinking about having one in a little vino!

  27. I just ate a peach! Not in wine though. Had a tree pear too.

    How dare you say Peach and Apricot in the same sentence! Have a little respect for peaches!

  28. If you have a lot of peaches, I HIGHLY recommend this recipe. I can tell you it will fly right out of the pan!

  29. Interesting analysis. I tend to agree.

    The real reason Why everyone is afraid to criticize Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

  30. I have been fighting my whole life to even the odds for people who have those odds stacked against them. That’s what I’m going to keep doing—fighting for families, fighting for fairness, fighting for you.

    –Hillary at the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention

  31. Good and interesting read. Thanks for sharing, SophieCT.
    I agree with his analysis, too. I’d only differ to say that none of us, here at Uppity’s place, are “silent supporters.”
    I know you hit back all the time.

  32. Another article about The Bern:

    5 reasons why Bernie Sanders is full of it.

  33. Indeed , Sweet Sue, no one has called me silent. ever. But the majority of voters who will pull the lever for Hillary are regular people who have regular busy lives–families to feed, work to do, homework to help with, lawns to mow, lunches to make, and so on. They aren’t like me or the Bernie Bots or the Bitchie Twitchies, all of whom spend LOTS of hours being anti-social on social media.

  34. Sophie you should tweet that 5 Reasons link.

  35. Done

  36. Upps said,
    Well don’t hold it against me. I can’t help it, they’re so overly fuzzy.

    😆 So are bears 😆

  37. I like bears better than apricots.

  38. o/t Got a spare room? :facepalm:

    The U.S. is offering new details about its plan to ease the Syrian refugee crisis by significantly increasing the number of worldwide refugees it will take in over the next two years.

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. will accept 85,000 refugees from around the world next year, up from 70,000, and the number will rise to 100,000 in 2017.

  39. Uppity Woman, on September 20, 2015 at 3:18 PM said:

    I like bears better than apricots.
    Only if they are fuzzy and wuzzy. 😀

  40. Yes they must be very fuzzy wuzzy. And unBEARably cute. Unlike apricots.

  41. I thought the Face The Nation interview was really good. I think it’s because he began with a substantive foreign policy question, which allowed her to begin in her element.

  42. She was amazing!!!! 😀

  43. More fuzzy wuzzyness.

  44. Two mortal sins in one post (almost 3)!!

    Here is Christ Matthews (sin 1) on Real Time with Bill Maher (sin 2) with Pataki as a guest (venial).
    I am posting it because while railing against the republican way of spinning things, actually defends Hillary on Benghazi (around the 50 sec mark).

  45. OMG. Christ Matthews, Bill Maher and George Pataki in one room.


  46. Here’s the thing–I actually liked Matthew’s on Maher’s show and in fact, Bill Maher was very good (in general and about Hillary) on Hardball the other day, but I really have issues with both of them on their own shows!

  47. OMG, Sophie, you read my mind. I was just talking about Gloria Steinhem this morning at Still’s place. I ‘ve been wondering what she’s doing this election cycle. Thank you! She’s as feisty as ever it seems. ☺

  48. Really enjoyed all the links this morning. Thanks everyone.

  49. Uppity thank you soooo much for the link FTN interview with our president Hillary…well she is my president there you have it.
    But she should be the Queen of our planet Earth; that’s how much I admire this woman’s wits, knowledge, demeanor and charisma, etc. etc. etc.

  50. Belle, I think Hillary is about to go into gear. I think Hillarymen are right, summer’s over, let’s rock.

  51. Weighing in on the fruitful topic of the day, I prefer plums, then peaches, then apricots. Apricots were gone by late June, there are still a very few peaches, and even fewer plums I really miss fresh fruit season in winter; there is nothing much that I like then, though I will have blueberries and some red delicious apples, if I can find them. There will be a few late season watermelons for another month or two.

  52. I saw Hillary’s NH speech, and I thought it was as strong as a convention acceptance speech. She is going to have to go some to outdo it!

    I’m glad that Hillary was good on Face the Nation. I didn’t see it; I should check these Sunday show listings. If the moderators stop badgering her with email questions, and ask about policy, she is in her element, and is infinitely more effective than any of the other candidates.

  53. This is the ad — it’s from Americans for Change and they are not HER political machine.

  54. Hahaha! That ad is great, love it that Jeb! throws a hissy fit over it. He seems really immature to me. Americans United For Change is probably a pac, but if not, its clearly independent of Hillary’s campaign, there is no endorsement of her on their website, they could be bernbots for all we know. They were attacking Jeb!’s comment because it was one of the most outrageous things said last week (and with all the bs in that debate, that’s sayin’ a lot). There is no connection to Hillary’s campaign in this ad or on their site. Jeb! owes Hillary an apology.

  55. Yeah, that’s not an ad from Hillary’s campaign. Her ads have a totally different style.

  56. Meh. Who cares who did it. It could be anybody, because it’s the truth. I appreciate that Arbusto #3 is loyal to his shitty brother, but that doesn’t mean we are going to sit there and listen to his bullshit about him.

  57. The leadership his brother provided AFTER 9/11? Why does?Jeb keep pretending W became president on 9/12? Before then he was MIA on terrorism and brushed off warnings from the outgoing Clinton administation. He should be held accountable for this dereliction of duty, not praised for it.

  58. The link provided by Sophie yesterday @2:43pm is to an article by Jonathan Allen. He has written before about Hillary’s “mastery of the inside game of politics.” He argues that her canniness about the part of politics that the public rarely sees, such as coalition building and policy development, is what makes her such a strong political talent. Ir’s why she was an effective diplomat as SOS as well.

  59. Wow! The dude is seriously delusional! He thinks he can win the Dem nomination by pissing off large segments of key demographics like AA’s and women. And he thinks he should get credit for leading the kangaroo court? Unbelievable!

    The more I hear, the more convinced I am that the S.O.B. really is going to run. But it’s great to know that all of Hill’s defenders have Hillary’s back. Ir might be kinda fun to watch her bear him like a rented mule.

  60. I thought Biden was not going to run. I know that once he says he won’t, his career is essentially over. So maybe to keep it going, he will run. I think it is a very bad idea, for all concerned. He won’t win, he will just help the Republicans by dragging out the primary campaign for Hillary, and forcing her to spend more money.

    There is not one credible reason for any liberal Democrat to vote for Biden, unless they are so consumed with utterly irrational hatred for Hillary, that they don’t even care what happens to the country as long as they can try to defeat her. Republicans, as awful as they are, do not have people like that. They always get behind the candidate who is the most electable. Too many Democrats are locked into this Jacobin kind of fanatical search for purity; or maybe they are just spoiled people for whom nothing is ever sufficient; the kind of people who complain about every dish at a five-star restaurant being not quite exactly how they want it, and who would rather go hungry than think that they are “settling.”

  61. Well said William. 🙂

  62. In honor of Scott Walker suspending his campaign today:

  63. Hahah. Walker was a walking corpse of a candidate anyways.

  64. Well, I am glad I can predict sports events better than I picked the Republican nomination, because I earlier had thought that Walker had a very good chance, at least as among the large field. I thought he would do well in his neighboring state of Iowa, and that would give him a good start. And I thought he was sort of the figurative face of the “new Republicans,” not seemingly radical on the surface, but almost social darwinist in philosophy. But I guess he went from leading the Iowa polls to near the bottom.

    Why, I am not quite sure; one could of course say that he is insipid and unappealing, but then one can say that about all of the Republicans, except Trump who is unappealing, but not insipid. I’m not sure what the Republican voters are looking for; maybe it is something superficially different, and outside the Beltway, in that their top two candidates in polls are Trump and Carson, and Fiorina is even moving up. Very strange. It looks like the candidate is going to be one of those three (likely not Fiorina, although maybe for VP), or Jeb Bush. I don’t see how anyone else can get any traction. Unless this is going to somehow be a one-time return to the older days, where five or six of them are going to go to the convention without sufficient delegates, and deals will be made there.

  65. I kinda like this version better, though, Soph.

  66. Hey! Where’s imust! imust have imust! *Throws self on floor and screams*

  67. Love it! Go Snowball!!

  68. I remember Snowball. Cute little bird.

    Speaking of Walker, his utter dullness is made fun of in this goofy video of the debate. Laker and his film dudes love it, so its young guy type humor, but if you watch it when you’re drinking, its pretty funny:

  69. William @ 8:23pm: Word on rhe street is that you are an attorney. No wonder you are so logical. Your reliance on logic and facts is very refreshing and helps explain your devotion to making Hillary our next president. But when it comes to the Republicans, you can throw logic out the window–especially this year. They have gone completely round the bend. Donald Duck may be the Republican nominee the way this thing is going.

  70. Thank you, Brassy Rebel. 🙂 Actually, my first intellectual love was literature, so I like to think that I have an imaginative and historical sense to go with the other.

    I think you are very likely right about the Republicans. Let’s see what the media might say in support of Donald Duck, if he were the candidate. He is an outsider! He brings a fresh approach to issues. He doesn’t waste time on speechifying, at least not so one can understand him. He can both swim and fly, who else can do that? He is a friend of Mickey Mouse, and could use him as an advisor. He is not Hillary Clinton. His campaign ads will be very colorful. The Republicans already have a whole field of virtual cartoon candidates, so why not go for the real thing?

  71. Lol, William! And a sense of humor too! That Duck fellow probably would do great in the Republican party these days. Now that Walker’s dropped out, they’re short one cartoon character!

  72. He’s so authentic too!

  73. Thanks to Citizens United, Donald’s Uncle Scrooge McDuck could buy him the Reptilian nomination, and maybe the election as well. 😦

  74. I shared this post. I know so many who are excited by Bernie’s thoughts and rhetoric. However the question remains, what exactly can he get done???

  75. Don’t have a clue as to why I am showing up twice!!!!

  76. Ivory Bill, I thought of Scrooge McDuck a bit after a wrote the post; I’m glad you added that aspect as well!. He is rather tight with his money, but he certainly has a lot of it, judging from all those bags of gold he is always shown with. Actually, we may be creating a wavelet for Donald Duck, so we had better be careful. “Donald Duck’s entry into the Republican field has turned the contest upside down. Mr. Duck now leads the other Donald by 2% in the latest poll. The potential entry of Yosemite Sam into the field may complicate the race, however.” But I do like to think that all of the real cartoon characters favor the Democrats.

    Kim, thank you. That is really one of the most significant aspects. Sanders not only cannot win; but even if someone likes to think that he can, he is surely going to face a stacked Republican Congress which will not allow one of his ideas to even get to the floor. Hillary is just about as liberal, but much more pragmatically. And she can help get the Senate back, whereas Sanders cannot, he has no national coattails. People witnessed Obama’s presidency, where after the first two year of having solid congressional majorities, he could get nothing done. I do not have the slightest idea, outside of fantasy, as to why Sanders’ supporters imagine that Sanders can. Hillary will improve the Democratic Party and enhance its numbers, which is essential to getting actual legislation passed.

  77. William;

    I think we should nominate you the new ” Explainer in Chief”. After all you and Bill share the same first name and, apparently have a similar profession. ( OK, I know Bill isn’t a lawyer anymore;but it sounded good when I wrote it)

    I love the way lawyers think when they go “big picture” as apposed to “fine print”.

    Please continue and thanks. And continued thanks to Uppity for providing the forum for discussion and revelation…oh and fun;don’t want to forget the fun.

  78. Msdsal, thank you very much. It is really the great dereliction of the national media, and of course the disdain for education that much of the American public has, that there is this glaring lack of understanding of how governing works in this country. The Democratic Left, which I might agree with on various issues, seems to have an utter disdain for the actual nuts and bolts of governing. They want a figurative fairy godmother to come in and wave all these changes into existence. And then when it doesn’t happen, they become bitter and frustrated.

    It was so obvious that Obama did not have the experience or aggressiveness to fight the Republicans. They just filibustered all of his bills, and forced him into weak compromises. And then they ran against him in the mdterms, and took over the Congress. The answer, which apparently is not appealing to some of these people, is to have Hillary win, and to also win the Senate, thus forcing the Republicans to make deals or be marginalized by not having one single House bill get through the Senate. It may be a cliche, but we have to win the country back district by district, state by state. Excitingly, Hillary will dedicate herself to doing this. She is the best thing the Democrats have seen since perhaps 1932, and yet there is this ridiculous resistance to her which is completely wrong and unhelpful.

  79. I will just add that whatever the good things that Obama may have done or tried to do, when you have the leader of the Democratic Party essentially distancing himself from the party from the beginning of his campaign, and trying to run as some kind of transcendent outside figure, it inevitably is bad for the party. And like it or not, we have a two-party system, and we need a flourishing and successful Democratic Party to combat the Republican money and media machine. The Left always goes for the outsider, like Dean, or what they thought Obama was, or Sanders; or many of them wanted Warren. It doesn’t work; they either lose; or in the case of Obama,, win, and still damage the party nationally. All that Jacobin Reigh of Terror in the name of ideological purity, ended up leading to Napoleon, and then the return of the Bourbons.

  80. So William, wow,political analysis AND a history lesson, I’m am sorry to say that I was once one of those w/a huge lack of understanding of how the process works. ( Yes, I voted for McCarthy;though that was so long ago I can’t remember if it was in a primary or a general election. I date myself and simultaneously reveal the onset of a wee bit of long term memory loss. Many,many things best left forgotten).
    I learned that lesson well, but then when I thought Hillary the better and more experienced candidate in’08..crickets,voice in the wilderness. We got the White House ,but so began the decline of the party.
    As is true of so many things in life;if you live on the surface it’s hard to see the essential,hidden root system. For some of us we’re born with an understanding of that,some of us learn and some of us continue to skim the surface of all things. And some of us dig deeper and reach different conclusions.

    Upon reflection I think that’s way more ruminating than I need today..think I’ll go watch the ball game. And a book to finish 🙂 Good posts,though;very good posts. So thanks.

  81. Msdal, that’s right! Fun is………..Fun!

  82. RIP Yogi Berra.

    It ain’t over till it’s over.
    “You should always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise, they won’t come to yours.”

  83. I am a Dodger fan, and always rooted against the Yankees because they won so much. But one had to like Yogi Berra, who was always cheerful and good-natured, and actually a great baseball player, considered one of the best clutch hitters in baseball, and a tremendous defensive catcher. He was part of an era which many consider the golden years of baseball, which ran from about 1946-1964. Maybe the Eastern scribes picked those years because the Yankees stopped winning pennants for more than a decade after 1964? In any case, he was a major part of all those great Yankee teams.

  84. RIP. Yogi. ❤

  85. Always hard when the great ones step away from the planet. Yogi transcended team and even sport. Many of us walk around quoting some of his famous sayings w/out even knowing they can be attributed to him. A bit of light went out of the world yesterday;fortunately we can count on more light coming our way;it’ll just never be Yogi again. ( Unless you count the Yogi Bear reruns.Still not quite the same) I’ll light a little candle for him so he doesn’t get lost heading west.


  86. Uppity, an email and an essay for you.

  87. Great posts all. Yes, it would seem that things are starting to turn around. People are tired of the email BS. I think even the press is tired of the email BS.

    Biden only has 2 1/2 weeks to decide. Well, really less because the debate is in 2 1/2 weeks. I’m tired of hearing about him. The press is saying that he’s going to decide in November now. The date is continually pushed out. We’re going to be on the eve of Iowa and Biden is still going to be “considering”. More or less I think the decision is going to be made for him.

    As far as Bernie? He’s frozen in amber from the past. I know he’s not electable, everybody knows he would lose a presidential contest however his group of bernouts either don’t realize this or are in denial about it.

  88. Same old “we suck less” garbage we’ve had shoved down our throats for 40 years. Hell no.

  89. Happy Fall Folks.
    More Climate change. 😆

  90. Same old garbage?
    Please refresh my aging memory: exactly how many women Presidents have we had in our two hundred plus years as a country?

  91. Andy, Hillary Clinton is the best Democratic canddiate I have seen in many years. She is actually more liberal (if that can be accurately measured at all) than virtually any we have had. Her voting record was better than Obama’s. She voted against Roberts and Alito, how many Democrats can say that? Somehow some Democrats have a complete misperception of her politics. She is the one who first used the term “vast right-wing conspiracy.” She is already taking out after the Republicans, when most of our past canddiates seemed diffident about doing it. If you want a strong Democratic Party for the future, Hillary is the only choice. If you want the Democrats to nominate a series of political mavericks who ignore the party, you will see the Republicans dominate 80% of the state legislatures, and all the brfanches of government. Our side cannot govern out of theory, we need to actually control the goverrnment.

  92. What a perfect ad!


  93. I was really trying to ignore the election. I really was. Two for Obama, 1 for Al, and let’s not even think about all those letters I wrote in 2000 over Florida. I was just done. I figured Hillary would win the nomination, and then I’d volunteer for her, but I wasn’t going to spend too much time.

    Then, I watched the Brooklyn debate. Then, I read about Bernie. And Bernie can’t happen. He’s about as qualified as Sarah, and we all know who I mean. Plus, there’s the Nixon factor – yelling, waving his arms, jowls flopping – but I’m not superficial enough to let that matter. The experience and the pie in the sky was enough for me.

    And if all that weren’t enough, t was just reading about the immaturity of the supporters throwing dollars at Clinton’s motorcade last night. I’m embarrassed for them, and I’m embarrassed for us. This reminds me of some of the REPUBLICAN tactics used during the Obama campaign. For example, coming into the campaign offices and giving change to the female volunteers to make up for the difference between what Obama was paying men versus women.. It was so childish, and we had to remind them that we were volunteers and therefore all making the same nothing. There were many other childish incidents, too, but I don’t have to tell you about them because they’re happening again.

    Now these Bernie supporters are behaving the same way. Throwing a $1,000 in the street and stomping on it. Who raised these children? . That money could’ve actually been used for a good cause, but they obviously don’t understand the value of $1 or $1,000, and it’s probably their parents who are supporting them anyway. I know that their brains don’t fully develop until they’re 26, but this is just bad manners and bratty behavior.

    It’s disgusting. I was going to sit this election out but I’m disgusted enough now after this behavior and Bernie’s jet and the Bombastic Bloviating Breaking Up Banks Bernie charade, I just can’t take it.

    Anyway, I know that this post is 6 months old, but I just googled immature Bernie supporters and was surprised there were so many results. Let’s hope those are the only results the bernie kids get.

  94. Hi Haley and welcome. Could you come over and comment at the current post please? So everyone can see your comments.

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