An Essay by Member William:

Sometimes, when I was a boy, I would read something in a book which just seemed so vivid and meaningful, that I would always remember it.

One particular image which made a strong impression on me, came from “The Land of Oz,” which was the sequel to “The Wizard of Oz,” and every bit as good. There was a bad witch named Mombi, and she was fighting against the heroic figures: Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and others. She threw up what looked like a wall of fire which terrified the Scarecrow and made him want to flee. But someone in the group had the intuitive sense that the wall of fire was an illusion, that he could walk right through it and not be burned. It took an immense effort of will for him to do it, but he did; and he was not harmed; and the heroic effort could proceed.

Then when I was a few years older, I read “The Valley of Fear” by Arthur Conan Doyle. I vividly remember a scene when the protagonist, a Pinkerton agent, was trying to infiltrate the group called the Scowrers, which was Doyle’s version of the Molly Maguires (Doyle was pretty much a Tory, so he made the Pinkerton agent the hero here). The Scowrers tested the man, who was trying to be admitted into their secret society. They had him close his eyes. Something very sharp was put next to both of his eyes, and he was told to walk forward. Of course fearing that he would be blinded, he still did so; and as he did, the sharp points melted away, and he had passed the test.

What always impressed me with these two scenes was that the protagonist had to trust to his or her sense of things, that the supposed danger was not real, but completely illusory. That the courage was in sensing that, and going forward even if it seemed most dangerous. In fact, the more dangerous it seemed, the more was the need to take the risk, because the illusion was all that the other side had. In the case of Mombi the witch, she did not actually have the power to destroy the heroes, she could only try to terrify them into giving up their efforts.

Now we will leave the world of fiction, and look at something of today: the increasingly desperate and pervasive efforts of Republicans and the media to scare people into voting against Hillary Clinton. Their goal is to somehow make this into the nature of a horror story, where Hillary is described and conveyed in such unnatural and unsettling terms, that maybe they can frighten the voters into being afraid to vote for her. It sounds weird and even insane, but that is what they are doing. This kind of thing did work, most horrifyingly, in Nazi Germany, where Goebbels’ “Big Lie” was repeated over and over again,, until it became reality to vast numbers of Germans.

What really brought home to me how this was now taking on the nature of one of those fiction stories I had read, were two things: An article in “HIllary Men,” about the virtually rabid attacks on Hillary from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, which are clearly orchestrated by the management of MSNBC. Apparently (I won’t watch it) they become more vicious by the day. And then there is this new nonsense story about Hillary, or “the Clintons” being the ones who originated the “birther” attacks on Barack Obama. Of course Hillary had zero to do with it, though the darling of much of the media, Donald Trump, carried on with it for years, as did much of the far right wing.. Further, Obama appointed Hillary Secretary of State, which is probably the second most important position in any administration. It is literally an insane suggestion, except to people who are highly suggestible, or who are being primed to hate and fear HIllary Clinton so much that they will believe anything.

So what is next? Hillary bombed Pearl Harbor? She sunk the Lusitania? She cleverly started the Great Fire of London? She is a witch, who travels through time, and is responsible for all the bad things that have happened over the centuries? Well, it wasn’t that long ago that people believed in witches; and burned women whom they thought were witches, and burned men they accused of being sorcerers. I am not sure how far the human race has progressed since then. Hopefully, most reasonable people will not believe idiocy like “Hillary started the ‘birther’ movement.” But hey, the media has all the air time, so they have endless opportunity to make up things and then go on to other ones if the first ones do not work.

Clearly, the corporate funded right wing is desperately afraid of Hillary Clinton. They cannot afford to have her win, and somehow transfer some of their trillions to the hands of working people; or to try to stop them from depredating the environment; or to give more power to women or the disenfranchised. So they have to try to frighten the voters so much that they are terrified of what will happen if she is elected. Push that lever for Hillary, and they will apparently be cast into the fiery pits of perdition.

Of course, it is all a complete illusion. Hillary would be an excellent president; and she is very accessible and warm, and would always be concerned about the voices of the people. But scaring people has proven effective many times in history. Rest assured that assuming Hillary is nominated, the Republicans will do everything possible to make it look as if the voter should choose their “nice” candidate; a friendly man who will smile at them (while he takes their money), and whom you might want to have a hamburger with, over Hillary, the archdemon,, who will despoil the land, create famines and wildfires, and laugh as she ascends to power. “Do not pull that lever, do not!!” ‘Do not walk into the fire, Scarecrow, or you will burned to ashes!!”

It is all illusion, all an evil magician’s trick to frighten people into giving the corporate powers what they most want, which is all the money, all the power, all the control of the terrified populace. I do hope that enough people are rational and brave enough to just see through this complete illusion; and realize that if they are trying to frighten you to this extent, then pretty clearly, Hillary is the best candidate in a half-century, the one who would slay the evil magicians. Never forget that the person the corporate powers most hated, and most tried to demonize, in the last hundred years, was Franklin D. Roosevelt. I am ashamed as a human being to note that bankers were literally dancing in the streets when his death was announced. So realize all this, American voters, and be brave; just walk right through the illusory wall of fire, or the phantasmagoric daggers being waved in front of you to try to get you not to do the right thing, the thing that will save you, but to instead be frightened into doing the very thing that the evil forces want you to do.


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  1. Your best post yet, William! It’s true that media and right wing are trying to literally scare Democrats away from supporting Hillary. Unfortunately, too many Dems are like weak-minded sheep and will refuse to walk through the non-existant πŸ”₯. When an authority figure in media or the party says something nasty about Hillary, they believe it and run away from her. The supposedly authoritarian Republicans don’t fall for these tricks so easily, probably because they are conditioned to distrust the media.

    When you were listing the historical disasters caused by Hillary, you left out the time she kidnapped that poor little Lindbergh baby. Lol! πŸ˜„

  2. And the Kennedy assassination! Hillary was on the grassy knoll, don’t you know? Excellent post, William.

  3. Hillary is also responsible for cavities.

  4. John Boehner to resign from Congress effective at the end of October:

  5. I learned about Boehner from a panicked text message from someone terrified he would now run for president. I reassured her that was VERY unlikely.

  6. Thank you, Brassy Rebel, and Branjor. Actually, before this campaign is over, they are going to try to make people think that every bad thing that has happened to America in the last two centuries was somehow caused by Hillary Clinton. And Brassy Rebel, you make an excellent point as to how Republicans just ignore such things and go right ahead; whereas some Democrats always have their fingesr to the wind, worrying about things, instead of being confident that they are on the right side, and have the best potential President.

    Well, Boehner is certainly not going to run for President. I suppose he realizes that the Republican radicals in Congress were planning to oust him. Boehner is certainly not someone to admire, but he is more rational than the Tea Party people who will likely take over House leadership. If Obama hadn’t essentially distanced himself from the Democratic Party, we would not be looking at such a deficit in the House. If enough Americans finally get past the wall of illusion, and strongly support Hillary, we might be able to get back 15-20 House seats, and make a start at regaining House control in the next six years.

  7. Following up on Uppity’s thought that Hillary might be held responsible for cavities, and Brassy Rebel’s idea that perhaps they will try to blame her for the Lindbergh baby kidnapping (I can just imagine the House creating a Lindbergh Kidnapping Committee, and holding hearings), here is a short list of other things and events which the Republicans and the media might try to blame on Hillary.

    The Great Crash of 1929
    The War of 1812
    Not being able to find a parking space when you are in a hurry
    Your favorite team losing
    The Hollywood Blacklist
    Lack of good hamburgers
    The renaming of Mount McKinley
    The Panic of 1873
    Peace and prosperity in Clinton administration (sorry, that inadvertently slipped in)
    Leaf blowers
    All the other Gates
    Very few good TV shows
    The Popish Plot
    The Peloponnesian War
    Disappearance of pay phones
    Bad restaurant service
    Endless Hillary Clinton stories

  8. Then there is the Great Plague, the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, and hemorrhoids.

  9. Mushy avocados.

  10. Hemorrhoids.

  11. Sorry, Brassy, I see you already listed the rhoids πŸ™‚

  12. Yeast infections!

  13. Ultimately, the GOP is bound to blame her for…wait for it–The Donald!

  14. That’s already happening. I’ve heard from several Republicans that billionaire Donald is on “Hillary’s payroll.”

  15. Hillary was also the driver of the truck that killed “McDreamy” on Grey’s
    Anatomy. Shondra has been keeping that a secret.

  16. William, why I was reading, I had the same thought as Brassy, this is your best post yet! Love your creative illustrations.

  17. Thank you, Annie, and Brassy Rebel, too. I have always loved literature, and sometimes there are things I have read in novels which are such powerful metaphors or images, that they can affect one’s understanding of the daily world. I am glad that I could share those, because those were two scenes which I have never forgotten after all the other books which I have read. Sometimes a literary image or symbol can make a more vivid point.

  18. Hemorrhoids.

    She hasn’t caused enough of them because there are a lot of perfect assholes walking around.

  19. Yeast infections!

    Son of a bitch!

  20. Boehner has to leave because he hasn’t succeeded in passing enough legislation to control those damned wimmin once and for all.

  21. Furthermore, she knows exactly where that plane is and still won’t tell CNN.

  22. And are we absolutely certain she had nothing to do with Pushing Daisies being cancelled?

  23. Ignore the click-bait headline–it’s actually a Hillary-positive article.

    Why Aren’t We Inspired by Hillary Clinton?

  24. She did the BP oil spill.

  25. Hillary actually shot JR and framed the Crosby kid.

  26. SophieCT, thanks, that was a good read.
    The comments, of course, were despicable.
    Every day, I picture Madame President taking the Oath of Office.
    We’ll have to be ever vigilant.

  27. Sophie, thanks for the link. Sue, thanks for warning not to read the comments.

  28. She broke up The Beatles.

  29. She broke up The Beatles.

    And her machine blamed Yoko!

  30. She knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried!

  31. She kidnapped Judge Crater (look him up) and shot down the Hindenburg with her flaming arrows.
    Oh, the humanity!!

  32. She shot Liberty Valance!

  33. Oh My God! She killed Kenny!


  34. Oh My God! She killed Kenny!


  35. I remember the whole birther thing well. There were all kinds of people trolling the Hillary boards and blogs at that time; some had blogs of their own. They’d post stuff, they would gain the real Hillary supporters’ trust, and then they would start in on the right wing stuff, including birtherism. Oftentimes, they would claim they had friends in Chicago who knew people with inside info about Obama. Others claimed they worked for the FBI or the CIA or I don’t remember what-all. This was well into the 2008 primary season as well as in the weeks leading up to the convention. By this point, the real Hillary supporters were battle scarred. It was hard to know what to believe and what not to believe, who to trust and who not to trust. Personally, I never believed Obama was born in Kenya, but I wondered if there was something else on his birth certificate that he didn’t want people to see (i.e. his parents weren’t married, or someone else was named as his daddy). The whole issue doesn’t matter now, anyway. Obama has already been elected to two terms, and his second one is almost over.

    Now, the birth certificate I really want to see is Ben Carson’s. He just can’t be from Detroit! Having grown up in metro Detroit myself, I find it unbelievable that any black male could be born and raised in our fine city and come away from that experience with Ben Carson’s worldview. It’d be like growing up in Belfast and not knowing about the Troubles.

  36. Ben Carson: What do you mean he can’t be from Detroit? If you ask me, he can’t be from this planet!

  37. She stole all of the original Tribbles from Gene Roddenberry and sold them to Donald Trump to use as hairpieces! 😈

  38. “…shot down the Hindenburg with her flaming arrows.”

    Some years later, she used the same weapon to shoot down Buddy Holly’s airplane. πŸ˜›

  39. And we know who REALLY whacked Nancy Kerrigan on the knee!

  40. OMG Yes, Jens. That poor innocent Tonya Harding too the fall. Isn’t that just like Hillary?

  41. Bill, not to mention she sold those bad drugs to Elvis.

  42. It really happened.

  43. Cavities, yeah! I had to get THOUSANDS of dollars worth of dental work done, all because of her. 😑

  44. She’s holding Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan somewhere in the South Pacific. And she was on the iceberg that sunk rhe Titanic!

  45. She was so funny on MTP this morning as the moronic, obnoxious Chuck Todd kept harping on emails. At one point she asked, “Another conspiracy theory?” He really sounded like us coming up with ridiculous conspiracies she was behind.

  46. As a proud citizen of the Arkanshire, I know for a fact that she and hubby Slick Willy are actually shape-shifting space aliens! It was their ship which crashed near Roswell! My third cousin twice removed’s fishing buddy saw ’em hiding the spaceship in Lake Ouachita one night! It’s gospel truth, I tellz ya! :mrgreen:

  47. I always suspected that, ivory Bill.

  48. πŸ˜† great comments.

  49. She arranged the “accidental” deaths of every Spinal Tap drummer!
    The first three were done to prove her worthiness for initiation into the Cthulhuvian Illuminati. The CI accepted her, but she continued offing ST drummers just for the lulz. 😈

  50. Off topic: Anyone else think those dorky dudebros on the Sonic ads are Beavis and Butt-Head, grown up? πŸ˜›

  51. I went out to the farmers market in Hollywood this morning, and in the midst of the fruit and vegetable stands, were a few people handing out Sanders material, particularly spending their time talking to young adults. I suppose I could have just walked by, but I find all of this so absolutely irritating, that I argued with them for a few minutes in a polite way.

    I told the 30’ish woman that if Sanders somehow got nominated, he would not win, and the country would be worse off. “Oh, he will win,” she said. Then she said that if I asked people under 30, I would find that most of them were supporting Sanders. I told her that must be because they do not remember George McGovern, who won two states (if you generously count DC as a state). She looked at me blankly and kept on waving her Sanders sheets to give out, and shouting, “Free public education! Increase in the minimum wage! Support Sanders!”

    There was an older man there, also advocating for Sanders, who hsf overheard this exchange, and told me that he certainly remembered McGovern, but this was different. I asked him if he were aware that the House leadership had just become more right-wing radical,and he said, yes, he was a “political junke” and knew all these things, but that he thought that if Sanders won, he would bring in all sorts of new liberal people to the Congress, which I suggested was completely absurd since Sanders had never campaigned for any Democrat out of his state. After a few more pleasantries, I prepared to walk on; and he said, “I will leave you with one thing. Honestly, I do care that much if Sanders wins or not; I am concerned with building a new political base of young people for the liberal side.” Which of course shows the futility of ever arguing with these Sanders supporters, who seem to be motivated by some esoteric cause divorced from any reality of politics or governing. California is a quite liberal state on the Democratic side, so Sanders could cause some trouble here. I just hope that he does not doggedly stay in the race, just to keep “getting his message out,” and picking up the proportional delegates that the generous and all-inclusive Democratic Party hands out in every state win or lose. He well could, though.

  52. William, that woman means the ten people she knows are supporting Sanders. It’s simply NOT true that young people are supporting him in droves. You should see how many twitter accounts for organizers and groups on college campuses there are. It’s staggering. And heartening. You can’t have these conversations with his supporters. It’s like trying to talk to a Paulie. They are delusional. Their candidate could be polling at 1% and they swear he’s winning.

  53. “Do not care that much,” is what the man said. In some small way, one admires people who will get up on a hot day and stand in the middle of a very crowded market to politically advocate. However, they are damaging the Democrats’ chances to win, and thus helping the Republicans, whose policies they claim to hate. I think that many of them believe they are part of some movie, where there are no real-world implications to any of this, you just cheer for the candidate you like the most, and that makes you feel good about yourself. I really think that is what happened in 1972; and then we got another Nixon term, and the incipient police state he was busily creating; and then Carter and then Reagan and Bush. “But working for McGovern was so much fun!”

  54. When somebody asks Sanders how he’s going to pay for all his bullshit ponies, he scurries off.

  55. Wow Sophie, get out of my head. I was thinking of King the other day, thinking of how focused she was to win The Battle Of The Sexes because if she lost it would be devasting to women in tennis. I was thinking of what she did for woman with hard work and SKILL. And how Hillary’s win would have positive impact for women around the entire WORLD.

  56. Uppity, I am sure that you are right about that.. And I usually let such things go. But I guess it just bothered me to see that the only political activity going on there were these three or four people handing out Sanders material, and that they were being very persistent about it. I didn’t want it to be a completely positive experience for them. πŸ™‚

  57. I hear you William. To me, they are just young delusionals in the Ron Paul manner. If it’s different, weird or sticks out like a sore thumb and it promises them EVERYTHING for free for just inhaling and exhaling, they are going to support it. lol

  58. Live feed of the lunar eclipse. I need it; it’s cloudy where I am. 😦

  59. Brassy Rebel, I cannot stand Chuck Todd. In fact, it made me think of just how many absolutely awful “pundits” there are on TV. I don’t think there is a single one I actually like, and there are few whom I can even tolerate. But just from memories of recent campaigns, Chuck Todd could well be the worst. And I’m wondering, is the media ever going to stop asking about emails? Are there any more questions they have yet to ask about emails? Do they write each other emails trying to help them all come up with new email questions? Do vapid pundits dream of emails? Do they actually have any interest in the answers to these questions, or even really care about the emails, or is it just “get Hillary?” If so, how absolutely pathetic of them.

  60. William, after Hillary testifies before Congress, she should refuse to answer any questions about the goddamn emails.

  61. Positive OpEd in LA Times:

    “Has the political punditry class lost its collective mind?

    In a year in which every other supposed front-runner and establishment candidate has collapsed to single digits or has already withdrawn from the race β€” yes, I am talking about you, Jeb Bush, and you, Scott Walker β€” Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to lead the Democratic field with more than 40% of the vote. Can Bernie Sanders, who is 15 points behind her in recent polling, represent a real threat to her nomination? No. Hell no. Not a chance. But pundits keep asking the question without pointing out the obvious answer.

    And given the fact that no vice president who has sought his party’s nomination has ever been denied it, you would think Clinton’s 20-point lead over Joe Biden would be seen as a remarkable sign of strength. Instead, when pundits mention Clinton’s lead over the vice president, they always follow up with the fact that Biden has yet to enter officially β€” and rarely caution that he may never enter it and that even if he does, he’ll start 20 points behind.

    When has anyone been so strong that he or she led a sitting vice president by 20 points? Does the punditry really think it’s because he hasn’t announced yet?”

    More here:

  62. Awesome link, Voting. Tweeted.

  63. William, it’s not just Todd, because too many of them are just plain odious. I am convinced that most of these idjits come from the Trust Fund Baby class. And far too many of them are there because their old man got them the job. Think Mika. Or Luke. Come on, these people would be selling shoes if they didn’t have some pull. Many of them appear to be dumb as a brick beneath the surface. One of the reasons, probably the MAJOR reason, media has been after the Clintons for decades is because the Clintons didn’t come from their “class”. They actually achieved using their brains and hard work. Class warfare in the USA begins with the vapid twits in the media.

    I agree Todd is horrid. But I would trump that (scuse the pun!) with Candy Crawdad and Poppy Harlowe (who the hell is really named Poppy Harlowe). Nothing is worse than when women do what they do, up to and including rap apology.

  64. That LATIMES Op-Ed is by Joe Trippi, not exactly president of Hillary’s fan club. But he analyzes like a strategist and concludes that Hillary is on track for the nomination. It’ not spin or b.s., just facts and figures. Pundits really are STUPID. Journalism majors with really low IQ’s (and trust fund babies with low IQ’s!) go into political reporting. The word is out: no brains required!

  65. “If the GOP wasn’t convinced that she could block theirr path to the White House in 2016, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop her right now.” This point by Joe Trippi should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. And yet it’s rarely said.

  66. Sophie, I don’t think the NYT will ever apologize, nor will any of them. Not just from self-righteousness, from the fact that their bottom line is defeating Hillary. Thus they reason that a few lies, distortions, relentless negative spin, is worth whatever small negative feedback they get, if it leads to their goal. They have abandoned whatever pretense they may have had about being respectable news organizations. They are now every bit as corrupt as the corporations whose interests they purposely or inadvertently serve.

  67. Brassy Rebel, yes, they are very dumb. But they have a sort of low cunning; and I do not think that is just unfortunate coincidence that all these dumb people consistently have the same anti-Hillary spin in all their comments or articles. Just like a fan of a particular sports team might want to convince himself that things are going well for the team, or will soon get better, so do these people hope and wish that every fact is somehow bad for Hillary, so that is how they frame it.

    As Trippi points out, Sanders may well win in Iowa and New Hampshire; and if that happens, we might want to shut out all media for a few weeks, because it is going to be brutal. Of course, as he also points out, HIllary is in strong shape to win most of the other states. But we will see headlines like, “Is Hillary Finished?”; “Will HIllary Drop Out of Race Now?”; “The Collapse of the Hillary Clinton Campaign.” They desperately want it to be true; and also, they hope that by writing things like that, they will achieve a snowball effect where voters think that they are right, and thus vote for someone else. Hillary has the temperament to withstand this sort of thing, but it will not be pleasant at all. Why anyone imagines that a few thousand people voting in an Iowa caucus, or a small, homogenous, and maverick state like New Hampshire, have much to do with the hundreds of millions of people in the rest of the country, has always baffled me–except that it makes for good stories, and it can serve the media’s purpose. Hillary beat Obama in New Hampshire, but the media preferred to act as if it were the last gasp of a futile campaign. Maybe Obama’s people will send us some of the Illinois residents who traveled to stack the caucuses in Iowa last time.

  68. Unfortunately, being stupid as a brick does not preclude the ability to be sneaky, mean and cunning.

  69. Yeah, just look at Mika.

  70. I am not worried about Iowa at all. First of all Bernie’s supporters are unlikely to be experienced caucus goers. Secondly if you have the organization and the money you can win a caucus. Bernie does not have the money to compete there and he seems to have put the state on ignore lately wandering around the country. Remember that Hillary hired that firm from Boston to bank votes for her in NH back in 2008. It’s the same firm that Kerry hired in 2004 that switched the Iowa voters back to him. Bernie has zero institutional support in either Iowa or NH. That’s not to say he can’t win NH being a neighboring state and it likes to be different. Bernie basically has a ragtag band of followers not a professional organization. Hopefully the debates etc. will make things settle down.

  71. Going to go a bit retro here,on the comments. William’s original piece referencing the Wizard of Oz reminded me of Glenda’s original question to Dorothy;” The Munchkins would like to know if you’re a good witch or a bad witch.” ( I know who I’m voting for for bad witch).

    I did a little “observation” of Inside Politics last Sunday just to measure how frequently they mentioned Hillary and whether or not those comments were negative ,positive or neutral in tone and/or content.You’ll not be surprised when I tell you Hillary was mentioned twelve times, ten negatively and two neutral. Where as Bernie was mentioned four times,all positive.( Didn’t look @ Repubs) Granted a small sample but,I think representative of the pundits in general. Next week I think I’ll DVR as many programs as I can and apply the same observations.

    You alls’ comments are so right on the money,I hope you’re sending these off to the news network’s comment sites.

    As to other media “Illusions” they often neglect to comment that the polls they’re reporting reflect a drop in Hillary’s numbers because they include Joe Biden ( Hello, not running yet,people). And if they happen to mention the sampling error they rarely comment on how those numbers would change if taken into consideration. One that CNN has been reporting has a +/- sampling error of 6.5;that means the actual results are meaningless because the actual scores could be 13 points different plus or minus. You have to give their stats people and editors credit,though;they do a remarkable job making Hillary’s situation look much worse than it is. I e-mailed MTP last week and asked if there had been a recent merger between NBC and FOX that none of us had heard of because I was having trouble distinguishing the HiIlary bashing @ NBC/MSNBC and FOX.

    Years ago I had a conversation w/ a news anchor from a major news network, I was giving him some grief about his reporting on the “gay” vote. He basically told me he didn’t write the stuff and was only paid to read it..hence the explanation why a high IQ is not necessary. It also doesn’t help one’s career to question the media Overlords..not about reporting the truth or even looking for the truth; more about advancing one’s career.

    Lastly, ( my ,how I do go on) William,be not afraid ( Ooops, pope influence running rampant). It’s so easy to feel that these run ins w/Saunders folk are indicative of a larger trend. Also so frustrating when people don’t understand how things work. I’ve been having to remind myself frequently,lately,that many of Hillary’s people know what they’re doing and in the Bill’s famous words,” Fool me once,etc” Don’t think Hillary’s going to let Iowa happen twice. She might lose NH, but so what; then the pundits can’t go on and on about a coronation.

    Onward through the fog!



  73. Fiorina apparently had a Bob Dole moment.

  74. Did anybody see the story of the congressman who ran up to the pope’s podium after he left?….and grabbed the pope’s water glass, brought it to his office, where his wife and he drank from it?

    I’ll reserve the rest of my comment.

  75. Ga6thDem, if Hilary can win any kind of victory in Iowa, that will be great, because then really all that Sanders can win is New Hampshire. It will show that indeed the Hillary campaign will do much better in the caucuses, and I know that we will win most of the primaries. And also, it might keep Sanders from staying in the race until the end, just picking up his delegates, hoping that they can battle for platform planks, which I used to think meant something, but really does not.

    Msdsal, I appreciate your kind words. Your counting up of anti-Hillary comments is instructive, though not surprising.

  76. I just hope she learned something about caucuses in 2008, because the same scumbags will be out there locking the doors on Hillary people and counting One For You, Two For Me again.

  77. For a short and mood-lightening interlude, here is the Shaun the Sheep song

    He’s Shaun the Sheep
    He’s Shaun the Sheep
    He even mucks about with those who do not bleat
    We’ve been in mind
    He’s one of a kind
    Oh, life’s a treat with Shaun the Sheep

    He’s Shaun the Sheep
    He’s Shaun the Sheep
    He’ll never miss a trick or ever lose the beat
    Perhaps some day, you’ll find a way
    To come and meet with Shaun the Sheep!
    Come and bleat with Shaun the Sheep!

    Season 1 of the short cartoons is highly recommended by me! The movie was good, but not as good as the cartoons. No talking, just various baahing and grumbling farmer noises. Seven-minute cartoons which are very clever and charming, from Aardman, the people who brought you Wallace and Gromit, and the movie “Chicken Run.”

  78. Well, shiver me timbers and blow me down: Erin Burnett did a very good job interviewing Bill Clinton this evening.

  79. hahah Sue. They’re all afraid of him because he is known to tell interviewers where the bear craps in the woods right in front of god and everybody.

  80. Uppity, do you have the poop on the pope?
    Did he really meet with Kim Davis and tell her to “stay strong?”
    If so, our mild flirtation is officially over.

  81. does anybody have a link to the Burnett interview of Bill Clinton?

  82. I wasn’t having a mild flirtation with this pope or even a brief fling. He lost me when he said right at the beginning that women will continue to have different roles in the church than men because they have “different natures”. Here I always thought we had human natures. His other comments which caused so many to go so gaga I attributed to a more sophisticated appreciation of public relations. I think the Kim Davis meeting is the real Francis who’s been there under the surface all along.

  83. Bellecat, here is a small clip:

  84. Lemonade day, so I spent five minutes in a restaurant which always has CNN on. Apparently there is a new poll of Republican voters showing Trump in front, Carson barely second (15%), Fiorina third (13%), Rubio slightly behind that; Cruz 10% Bush 8%. I may have the numbers slightly wrong, but it close to that. It seems to me as if Fiorina is at least even money to be on the Republican ticket, if only because she is not palpably insane, although she is a truly unpleasant person, and of course wrong on every issue, but that is true of all of them.

    I think Trump will withdraw at some point; it’s hard for me to see him taking this to the convention. Rubio and Fiorina is the ticket? Can the evil Ted Cruz be nominated? Bush and Fiorina? Fiorina and Carson? I seriously doubt that someone in the lower tier is somehow going to rise up in the polls.

  85. Here’s the future ex Speaker of the House spillin’ the beans.

  86. Too funny (from Hillary’s e-mails).

  87. Yeah, the beans are spilled and now everybody knows what we always knew that the Benghazi committee was nothing but a bunch of hacks. However, maybe NOW the press will stop listening to anything that comes from that bunch of hacks.

  88. I still maintain that Fiorina would never be allowed to run for the Number One slot. The GOP boys would never give up that cherry slot to a woman, much less her. She is nothing but a useful fool to them right now. She gets to say snide things about “Mrs. Clinton” without being called a pig. After all is said and done, they will put her ass back on the shelf.

  89. Rebel, I find this pope to be the best that can be expected. Especially when I compare him to that nasty creature who came before him. The guy was so awful, he’s in exile, being the first pope to ever be replaced by not dying. I expect Francis to get the Woman Thing wrong. After all, keeping women Inferior is a huge part of their entire reason for being, as is the case with every religion.

  90. VotingHill:
    Thank you for the link…

  91. Does anyone know where I send my “Thank You” card to Kevin McCarthy? He just single handedly threw the Repubs into further disarray and may have brought millions of independents to Hillary.
    What a guy!

  92. Thanks for the link, SophieCT/

  93. Was it mentioned that Hillary seems to be scheduled for a town hall meeting to be shown on the Today show next Monday? I don’t know how the are going to work it into the program, but it should definitely be worth watching.

  94. Sophie, thanks for the link. Rare to find something realistic about Hillary at the Bernington Post site these days.

  95. I’m a A Hot Mess for Hillary

    Why I feel “a complex, long-brewing mix of deep admiration and deep reservation.”


  96. Hillary is the best candidate the Democrats have put forward in at least a half-century, but this writer feels “deep reservation?” That is the Democrats for you; always looking for nirvana, or what used to be figuratively termed “the big O.” Or maybe it that perfect bouquet of flavors, robustness with just a hint of spicy taste. Spare me this soul-searching angst, and wake up to the reality that you are not going to get a better electable candidate than Hillary. Lose this election, and you can look forward to that amazingly exciting Elizabeth Warren getting 35% of the vote in 2020.

  97. Young women (self proclaimed feminists, to boot) who have “reservations” about the only viable woman candidate for President that I will ever see in my lifetime (and, for all they know in theirs) leave me reeling.
    Enjoy President Trump, you morons.

  98. William, Rebecca Traister who wrote the “Elle” magazine article is NOT a “hot mess for Hillary”. Those of us who have had the extreme misfortune of encountering her writings before (she actually wrote a whole book like this article after the 2008 election), know that she is just a hot mess. Period.

  99. I mean, in 2008, she started as a John Freakin’ Edwards supporter. ‘Nuff said.

  100. Brassy Rebeil, thank you for that information, which most would be unaware of. It is oo bad that Elle didn’t append it to her article, to put it in perspective. It amazes me how some of these “journalists” manage to keep getting magazine articles. “Deep reservations,” what an utterly pretentious and self-indulgent term. She must live in one of those protected cocoons where the results of elections do not really have any effect on her lifestyle or ambitions; and then she has the effrontery to write as if she is expressing the inchoate thoughts of women in general, or the voting populace.

  101. Traister is the Queen of passive-aggressive commentary when it comes to Hillary. I just skimmed her book in the bookstore when it was published. It gave me a headache.

  102. Sweet Sue:
    RD is back blogging… that’s very good news!

  103. Just remember, if you leave me, I will come get you with a hook! J/k. Glad she’s back. I know you guys miss her when she’s gone.

  104. bellecat, that is good news indeed.
    Uppity, there’s enough of me to go around…God knows (sigh,)

  105. Lol, Up! You’re excused.

  106. Many of us have very embarrassing things we either wrote or advocated for in our youth;fortunately for most of us our mistakes weren’t plastered all over social media. Today’s “young folks” are having to learn the hard way while very much in the public eye. You’d think that’d make people more cautious;but when was caution ever associated with being young? By definition it’s kind of hard to have an historical perspective when you haven’t much of a personal kind of have to rely on someone else having previously been clever. What if that person turned out not to be so clever after all? Or not the man he ( Edwards) appeared to be at the time?
    As to Hot Messes;if you were a hot mess in’08 and remain a hot mess in ’15..that says a lot about learning curves, or the lack there of.There are going to be many ,many pundits and soothsayers with egg on their faces before this presidential election season is done. Me,I’m not inclined to offer up any Handiwipes;but man,I’m going to savor me a couple of “told you so’s” and maybe some sweet revenge.
    ( non-violent revenge;only occasionally saying something snarky or smug knowing looks)

    As was noted here and on several other blogs, the tide appears to have turned;in a good way. NEA endorses Hillary,that’s big.Do people still read ELLE ?

  107. LOL Rebel. Thought so.

  108. Initially, I liked Edwards because of Elizabeth.
    The more fool me.

  109. Don’t forget–Hillary is on Saturday Night Live tonight!

  110. OK!! That was awesome. She rocked it!!

  111. Oh My God, they’re multiplying!

  112. Here you go, folks:

  113. Voting, hope you don’t mind, but that copy cut the beginning off and it is fun to see, also it’s a full screen shot video instead of just closeup. This one appears to give the whole picture xo

  114. What can I say, I love Hillary even as a bartender…LOL!
    Thank you upps and voting for the links.

  115. best SNL ever!!! πŸ˜†

  116. So it appears that,contrary to some;lots of people WOULD like to have a beer w/Hillary. Count me in!

  117. Hillary rocked that snl skit. foxy is right, best snl ever!

    Did you guys see this? Marco Rubio actually has “sponsor a staffer for a day for $250” scheme.

  118. No problem, Upps. It was the first video up last night so that is why I posted. Glad someone put up a better version so all could see!

  119. Strong ProHillary article by Earl Ofari Hutchinson at the Bernington Post. Amazing.

  120. Remember to wake up early tomorrow and turn on the TV, Uppityites! Hillary will be holding a live town hall meeting on the “Today Show” in New Hampshire Monday morning.

    Thanks to Still4Hill for the info!

  121. See Hillary rip the GOP another A**hole re their fake Benghazi hearings to bring her down


  122. I am taping it, and look forward to seeing it. I wanted to be sure it would tape, so I got up before 7 just to record. I got to hear the host of the local NBC station say that “Hillary will answer questions about the email scandal.” In no possible definition or extension of the word, is this a scandal. A scandal is perhaps some outrageous sexual conduct, like the Profumo doings in England; or perhaps massive corruption; bribery, kickbacks. And yet the media will incessantly use this word “scandal” when referring to something which was completely permissible, legal, and allowed by the government and the State Department. So who is responsible for the incessant use of this word by the media?

  123. In more pleasant news, the latest CNN poll has Hillary at 41%, Sanders at 23%, and Biden at 20%. This is virtually unchanged from last month. She should have 80% or so, but many Democrats do not see things as clearly as they should.

  124. So true, William. Many Democrats do not see things as clearly as they should. Neither does Savannah Guthrie who actually asked if Hillary would be as outraged over investigation if Rove or Cheney used private email for work. Savannah, Sweetheart, bless your little pea-sized brain. They did! And never turned them over. God help us preserve our great democratic system with this crap for brains media we’ve got.

  125. Brassy Rebel, I hope I am going to enjoy watching this, but maybe not. It is…pick your word: appalling, disgraceful, infuriating, deplorable…that national media cannot bother to actually check facts. They hire these people on looks or a pleasant voice, or something not related to actually being a journalist. Even if they aren’t, at least hire fact checkers to help them.

    I am so immensely sick of hearing every single interview of Hillary ask questions about the emails. The public obviously doesn’t care about emails, but the media is obsessed with it–but only because it is Hillary, since they never cared about anyone else’s emails. They don’t even know what they are asking about, but they ask anyway. I guess it is some version of media “street cred,” to keep doing this. And I also assume that the media is so well paid that they do not need to care about actual issues, or who runs the country. Perhaps it is not obsession, but some kind of weird compulsion; they somehow think that being a journalist means you have to keep asking and asking the same questions.

  126. William, I hear the townhall was excellent, and Hillary had an emotional moment with a Sandy Hook mom who lost her 6 year old. If I had no other reason to support Hillary, I would support her for having the guts to stand up to despicable NRA and gun manufacturers. In the Guthrie interview when Hillary rips Republicans a new one, as Uppity says, Salon is already describing this justifiable anger as Hillary “loses her cool.” That was bound to happen. Black people and women must never get angry in our culture. So they say. Btw, Sanders has carried major water for NRA during his career as a supposedly great progressive.

  127. Yes, Hillary is being very brave in standing up to the immensely power gun lobby. Someone has to, but no one else in power does.

    I am glad that she did well, as I had expected she would do. Those Salon types are just infuriating. As I suggested, it is like those oh-so-pretentious people who go to fancy restaurants and think that they are showing their discrimination and discernment by finding fault with some aspect of every dish. And yes, any other candidate getting upset would be hailed as authentic or showing a spine.

  128. Well Rebel, women are not supposed to fight back like that. They’re just supposed to take the crap.

  129. Ain’t it the truth, Up?! I was prepared for the headline, though. These things are predictable.

    William, the good townhall was later in Manchester. That’s where she encountered the Sandy Hook mom. It was very moving but count on the media to put that together with the Hillary “loses cool” meme and announce that the pressure is getting to her. Still4Hill says during Today townhall, Willie Geiss was influencing/goading audience. The people in the audience should feel free to ask their own questions without intimidation.

  130. Imagine if someone from Hillary’s campaign was wandering through audience during the event “suggesting” questions.

  131. I keep making the point that the media brought you Bush and the media brought you Obama and what have you gotten for listening to the media? It’s the same as it was in 2008. The media wants to pick the candidates. Well, hopefully we’re not going to let them do it this time. These people live in a rarefied world where it really doesn’t matter who is president unlike the rest of us that it does. It’s all a game to them. We had 8 years of a Democrat so now it’s time for a Republican completely ignoring the fact that the GOP is rabidly insane.

  132. Hillary’s Ad

  133. Uppity, an email and a fun essay for you

  134. Sophie, that article best explains why Biden was the perfect VP choice for Obama. Biden is every bit as ruthless and without decency as Obama is. Using dead children in order to further your own goals is as low as it gets.

  135. Sophie, that Vox article is great isn’t it?

    Voting @ 6:06, agree 100%.

  136. Lately, I’ve noticed that Vox has been a lot fairer to Hillary than Politico or Salon, and certainly more so than nyt or the Bernington Post.

    Hmmm. I wonder what their angle is?

  137. Annie: Differential marketing?

    One would of course like to hope that it was on the merits, of course; but that might be too generous of us.

  138. Hi, everyone!…..Sorry that I haven’t visited here in a long time…..I’m just always busy with my own blog…..If my memory serves me correctly it seems like there were some folks here that know a lot about kitty cats……I have a stray that is so sweet…..He obviously used to be someone’s indoor lap kitty because that is where he wants to be all the time – in my lap for belly rubbings…..Anyway, I have a sort of medical type question that I would like to ask if there are still some very knowledgeable kitty lovers here…..if so, would it be okay if I ask y’all a question about my stray kitty?…..There isn’t a feral bone in his body – poor thing has somehow lost his home…..I’ve been taking care of him for about four months……Can I ask you nice people a question about him?

  139. Yes Troy I remember you! Hope you are well. I’d be happy to help you with your kitty if I can. Bless you for taking him in!

  140. Oh, so nice to hear from you Uppity! πŸ™‚

    He is a black and mostly white patched kitty……I call him Patch Adams. πŸ˜€

    One eye is surrounded by black fur and the skin pigment around that eye is dark colored……Around his other eye is snow white fur and the skin pigment is very pink like an albino, but both eyeballs are a normal green / hazel color……Here’s the deal – the eye with the white fur around it constantly weeps fluid / tear……He keeps it wiped off mostly, but I often see tear running down the corner of his eye…..It is even discoloring his fur there…..Is that weepy eye a sign of a health problem?…….Or does it maybe have something to do with that white fur and pink skin?…..Any ideas?

  141. Troy, first, the differing pigment colors are really related to fur color. Black cats generally have black liner around the eyes, and white cats have pink. The differing pigment probably has more to do with the difference in fur color surrounding the eye than anything else. I wouldn’t worry about that unless there is some illness i never heard of and I’ve pretty much seen it all. Now about the weeping eye: It’s possible that he has an irritation associated with the eye. It’s probably not any upper respiratory problem because it’s not affecting both eyes. In fact, I have a cat with a similar problem. Off and on, the eye bothers her. About the discoloring: White cats are apt to stain. Well, so are black cats but you can’t SEE it, lol. As long as the discharge isn’t yellowish, it’s probably not serious anyways. Which brings me to opthomology meds that could help him out. I would ask my vet for a topical antibiotic tube cream to put around his eye to relieve his issues. You know, to give him a break and give whatever is bugging his eye a chance to heal.

    I don’t think you are dealing with something serious here based on your description, but if I were you, I would get him a checkup and some basic blood work to see if there’s a higher white count, which would indicate infection that can be fixed with an antibiotic. Chances are there isn’t anything going on there, but it’s always good to be sure. And you can get something topical from the vet for the eye.

    If I recall correctly, you have another cat in your home. I think I remember you had a real beauty. If you do have other cats and they haven’t contracted any eye issues, that’s another good sign that what you are dealing with probably isn’t serious, but obviously something is bugging him in that eye. But another possibility is he may have had a scratch/injury to his eye, considering he was on the street for an undetermined period of time, it’s possible. In fact, it’s a possibility I’m leaning toward. The symptoms you describe would definitely happen if he, say, got a scratch to his cornea. Again, not serious but still uncomfortable for him. So getting something to sooth the eye would be helpful there too. You can only get the good stuff from a vet though.

  142. Thanks a lot Uppity…..The discharge is clear and not yellow…..He lives at a different location than my other THREE kitties do. πŸ˜€

    He will also be going to the vet for a full check up very soon and probably later for neuter…..I’m not able to furnish him with an indoor life, unfortunately……He has a really nice outdoor home to live at (my parents property) and I’m going to build a warm safe area (complete with heat lamp and bedding) for him before winter……I want to limit his roaming for females and getting into fights with other males that could be infected with fatal diseases.

    Thanks so much for your input…….He looks very healthy other than that weeping eye……I’m fattening him up a bit. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t help it, I just love all kitties. πŸ™‚ I love dogs too, but lately in my life our heavenly Father has been sending kitties straight into my lap and that’s not an exaggeration…..They seem to actually seek me out…..I can’t turn them away. πŸ™‚

  143. Troy, if he’s an adult I recommend you get him neutered as soon as humanly possible. Unneutered strays can become semi feral very quickly. It would be a sin to have that happen to such a lovable guy. Because he is so affectionate, and was probably accustomed to living in a home, you might want to consider rehoming him so that he can spend his life on a warm lap like he prefers.

    Trust me, I know how you feel about cats. I too have an arrangement for cats that do not live in my living quarters, but they were semi-feral and/or emotionally damaged from previous owners….and had no chance. I work in conjunction with a sanctuary to rehab those I can and they get rehomed. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. But when i place one, I know I’ve made room for another, so I have incentive. I have a room attached to my basement, that is closed off, but has a trap door for them. Heated and air conditioned. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of homing one of them. It took some time, but she’s a sweetie now and I think I have a great fit for her. It’s hard to give them up when you succeed because there’s a bond there, but the goal is to fix one, and help another. So yeah, I know what you mean about how cats are attracted to you. They are very smart. They know where the good people are! And sometimes they go get their friends if they hit pay dirt. lolol. And that is why, during the depression, hobos used the Cat Symbol to let others know that a “Kind lady lives here”. They were doing what cats do. You might recognize the symbol:

  144. Wow!…That’s a great service that you are doing.

    I’m definitely going to get him neutered and then talk to my aunt and see if I can get him acclimated to the other kitties so he can have an indoor life…..If that isn’t possible I will do my best to try to find him a home…..He had an indoor home for a brief while with the neighbor across the street, but he started spraying in the house and then he got put outside…..The neighbor said that once they start that then you’re not able to make them stop……So far he has not done any spraying on the porch where he is living now……It’s very easy to notice if they do that……The smell is unmistakable…..That was his only bad habit that caused him to loose an indoor home……And yes, he loved living indoors……I’ll try my best.

  145. Unneutered males spray. And that’s a fact. The longer they go on that way, the harder it is to break them of the habit even after neutering. Try not to delay the neutering. There is nothing worse than the scent of unneutered male cat spray, except for a Skunk. It may be why he lost his home. They couldn’t put up with his habit. Of course, his habit was THEIR fault for not fixing him.

    Spraying is territorial, a message that This Is My Territory, Don’t Mess With Me…And it is also a kind of …um…advertising. Here lives a Whole Tom Cat, ladies, at your service!

  146. Awww! That’s so sweet about the kitties.

  147. Thank you for the advice and input Uppity Woman…..I’ll keep you updated.

  148. Benny N The Jets wave to Socal

  149. {{Waving back to Benny N Jets!}}

    What cuties!

  150. Uppity, check your email to be sure you received the essay I sent. My email was not working today because of an aol problem. but it apparently is working now.

  151. Wow! all that wonderful cat talk…love it. Let’s have some more…
    Beats the Barnie, Biden, Barack and Bozos of GOP kind.

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