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An Essay By Member William:

I find myself becoming so upset and angry at the way that the media is making a mockery of a very serious and important presidential race; and the manner in which they relentlessly spin every possible fact and story against Hillary Clinton, that I have decided that perhaps the best way to handle it at this point, is to make a little game of much of it. And while some of these games may seem fanciful, the media is so derelict in its duty; so palpably biased and anti-Hillary, that they are actually close to the exact reality of what is going on. So with that in mind, here are some possible games that people can play, to help them get through the upsetting parts.

The “It is Bad For Hillary” Game:

This is the media’s favorite headline. It can can take either the form of a statement, or a fake question which is meant to serve as a statement. Since the media is obviously both vapid and biased, they will appreciate some prefabricated headlines which they can use.

“New poll (take a poll, any poll) is bad news for Hillary”

“Could firing of Miami Dolphins coach be bad news for Hillary?”

“More bad news for Hillary in weekly movie box office numbers”

“Why lunar eclipse could spell bad news for Hillary”

“Rise in price of breakfast cereals adds to Hillary’s problems”

“Negative editorial in Wall Street Journal signals bad news for Hillary.”

“Bad news for Hillary in rising temperatures this week; rain coming on weekend could also be bad news for Hillary.”

“More bad news for Hillary expected tomorrow; too early to know what it is, but we’ll find something.”

The Hillary Negative Description Game:

This is somewhat like the “Bad News for Hillary” game, except here the goal of the media is to find something, anything, to criticize in something Hillary said, or how she said it. There are endless variations, of course, as everyone who was ever in seventh grade should know.

“Hillary seemed cold and unengaged”

“Hillary lost her cool and responded with anger”

“Hillary driven to tears in town hall appearance”

“Hillary listened to a moving story and yet did not cry”

“Hillary’s speech was too long, or maybe it was too short”

“Hillary spending too much time giving speeches?”

“Hillary choice of canapes for appetizer outrages unnamed sources”

“Hillary picks dog over cannon as Monopoly piece; is mocked by pundits”

“Is our constant criticism of Hillary reflective of a failing campaign?”

I’m sure that everyone can imagine many more, without having to waste your time in actually listening to the media do them.

The Clinton Faux Scandal Game:

Some of these are bogus Hillary “scandals” which the Republicans have invented, and the media has dutifully parroted and tried to expand; some of them are actual scandals which occurred, but which had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. Can you tell which is which? Can the media?

Plot to blow up British Parliament



Teapot Dome


Profumo Affair

Keating Five

Vince Foster

White House Plumbers

Caligula marries his horse


Thousands hanged as result of bogus “Popish Plot”

Wall Street gives top rating to millions of fraudulent real estate loan derivatives; virtually destroys economy

Husband’s haircut on plane is said to have held up airport traffic.

Thousands hanged as result of bogus “Popish Plot”

No WMDs in Iraq, we go to war anyway

The “What words does the name ‘Hillary’ contain?” Game:

This is a thoroughly cheerful game. The words include:

Hail (to the Chief!)

Hill (Capitol Hill, where she will reside)

Lair (White House)

Hair (She has finally gotten it perfect!)

Rail (Republicans do it against her, but she perseveres)

Rill (“And here were gardens, bright with sinuous rills.” Always nice to include a lovely image from Coleridge)


Hall (Where she will do battle with evil Congressional forces)

Lira (Value of American dollar if Republicans win)

Ally (Anyone who is helping her become President)

Feel free to play any of these games; at your leisure, or when you are particularly upset at another media misrepresentation of Hillary Clinton, the most qualified Presidential candidate in at least fifty years.


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  1. Great post, William, and I’ll play later.
    But for now, I need to get this off my sizable chest:

    Anybody else catch Tweety almost begging Joe(!)Biden to run?
    He said that Joe could run as the “minority candidate”
    David Corn looked like he’d swallowed his teeth.
    Tweety’s reason-Joe is beloved by African Americans.
    Okay, so a minority by proxy candidate will excite the base but an actual minority candidate will not????
    What’s in Tweety’s chardonnay?

  2. Yeah Sue, he’s so ‘beloved’ he can’t pull 20%, and that includes Pity votes in the polls.

  3. I get the feeling Joe enjoys the possibility of screwing women again. After all, he hasn’t fucked them up really good since Anita Hill. Derailing Hillary would give that fucker joy.

  4. Excellent post, William.

  5. Some fun!

  6. Thank you, Sophie and Sue!

    Wow, Hillary actually wrote that tweet? She is having fun!

  7. “What words does the name ‘Hillary’ contain?”

    Ray ( of hope )

  8. I’ve come to the conclusion Joe is probably not going to run and even if he does after two months of constant sick speculation it’s going to be actually be a nonevent if he does decide to run. He’s going to be way behind Hillary and even Bernie on Iowa and NH. The only good thing about Biden running if he does is it gives everybody in the party a chance to say they’ve moved on from Obama when Biden loses.

  9. William, you’re getting better all the time. Wish I could play, but work is so crazy these days I don”t have time.

    Up, I was thinking the same thing about Biden, the p.o.s. And he always claims Hillary is his great friend. Then, he goes to MoDo and unloads a pile of crap on his “great friend”. One more reason to loathe him.

  10. “What words does the name ‘Hillary’ contain?”

    Yar ( a nautical term meaning “prepared” or “ready” )

  11. Very good, Beata; I never would have come up with that word, and it is a good one.

    Thank you, Brassy Rebel.

  12. I try to resist the siren call of schadenfreude but I’m loving watching the Republican Party tear itself apart; loving it.

  13. William, dinna forget “yill”.

    “The clachan yill had made me canty” ( Always nice to include a wee bit o’ Robbie Burns. )

  14. An old pic from 2008 in my picture collection.


  15. Since McCarthy dropped out of the race for Speaker, that moron liar that kept interrupting Cecile Richards might be the guy. Republicans don’t actually have any good people left–the idiots who hijacked the party forgot to keep a few normal ones around.

  16. Yep, Sophie. They ran off anybody who was even somewhat normal and replaced them with a fundamentalist freak. One idiot with loose lips and one well placed ad by Hillary and the GOP is having a complete meltdown. This is a perfect example of why they are trying so hard to take her down.

  17. ROFL Speaker of House position listed on Craigsllist


  18. William, what fun!!
    I used to counsel some of my interns in a similar way. When they found themselves under attack from irate parents or staff I would suggest looking at the events as entertainment;that has the advantage of separating yourself emotionally from the events and laughing at the absurdity of it all.

    I have trouble taking my own advice when Hillary’s under attack. My dog is becoming accustomed to my yelling @ the TV which used to only happen during sporting events. I guess it’s fair to say that I haven’t completely healed from ’08..how sad is that? I think I could handle it if it was just Repubs going after her but it’s them AND Dems AND pundits you’d expect to be supportive OF THE MOST QUALIFIED PERSON RUNNING. Is it Lady Parts Envy? Did the Clinton’s really kill Vince Foster? Was it really Bill and Hillary behind the Iraq war? Or the bank bailouts? What on earth did she ever do to justify the level of viciousness directed @ her by individual pundits and whole networks? It boggles the mind.

    Reinforces the old adage..a good deed ( or a whole life of good deeds) never goes unpunished. Hard to keep your spirits up under the constant barrage of lies,skewed polls and misinformation. Maybe they’re just pissed that they can’t beat her down. Ah well, she keeps on fighting the good fight and so will we.

    Living well is the best revenge- Oscar Wilde

  19. Glad to see that the rest of the country is getting to see my esteemed governor (Kasich) in all his glory.
    He’s not off the chain insane but he has a heart of stone.

  20. More good news! Darrell Issa says he’d consider running for Speaker.

  21. Sue! So you know Kasich! DO tell!!!!

  22. Uppity, he’s taking a lot of money away from public schools and he’s among the worst when it comes to abortion.

  23. No kidding. And he seems like such a……..nice….man. I guess then he’s a snake who hasn’t had a chance to coil yet.

  24. God, I’m so tired of Biden’s drop one spaghetti strap ala Gypsy Rose Lee routine.
    Either fucking run or don’t.

  25. Well Biden hasn’t garnered enough Pity Votes in polls yet. Time for another Public Mourning And Crepe Hanging appearance.

    He craves attention. Therefore predict he has been secretly planning to show up at the debate. He will look like he’s deciding last minute, but that fucker has planned it all along, because he is a piece of shit who is dragging his dead son’s casket around with him for pity votes.

    I say he will be there. What say you?

  26. Do not pass up clicking on this. I swear to you, you have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, heard a crowd roar like this!


  27. I also predict that, since the email thing is exposed, they are going to move on to this line of badger. NY Times up to their old passive-aggressive op eds again. Note the familiar Hillary descriptors and phrases. This is also already being picked up by CNN. It will be slammed at her at the debate. Note the title.
    “News” travels fast too. See?

  28. Ramble continued…..however, her change of heart on the trade agreement (I hate trade agreements, they have destroyed us) has a strategic purpose. It puts Joe The Mourner in a bad position with the left base. He has to defend that agreement, he has little choice unless he wants to slam Barack Obama. And it’s an unpopular agreement among the people. Get it?

  29. DEAR JJ:

    This blog is moderated to keep out crap like you. Next time you will just land in autoflush. So run along and Fuck Off you horse’s ass.

    Love, Uppity.

    P.S. Hillary won Kentucky handily last time. And she will do it again. So boo hoo to you. Also, I wish to point out that “Ewwwwwwwww” is a word used by mental infants. Try handling your debates like an adult next time.

    Now I know you are probably either a Democrat or a Republican. Or you’re supporting Bernie, who is neither.First comes the ‘revolution’ and then comes the despot, hey? Now, if you are a Republican, I am terribly sorry that they are eating their own. Not. And it does appear that even they don’t want to hang around themselves any longer. Thus, an ad in Craigslist for a Speaker. We Democrats think it’s really nice of them to take this opportunity to embarrass themselves in front of the entire country.

  30. The hive at America Rising (as well as their cousins at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Heritage Foundation) spend hundreds of millions of dollars shapes reality like it’s a dark commodity. They utilize software that allows each analyst to manage scores of Twitter and Facebook false-profiles simultaneously. They swarm in super-organized campaigns to influence popular opinion through the social media we’re all loyally addicted to. They have been campaigning hard against Hillary with these techniques for nearing a decade.
    Their usurping of the Bernie for President campaign is an important aspect of it. Sanders isn’t more than a pawn on this game board, but he’s become a willing victim to it, poor guy. From the alliance between the ill-intended and ill-fated “Run Warren Run” campaign’s chief exec…


  31. Sophie, I am not at all a fan of social media. But of course I know that tens of millions of people participate. I do think that there is a great danger of manipulation through the social media, as what is purported to be free and open dialogue is actually controlled and refined by large and shadowy entities with access to complex computer programs. And the public is then susceptible to being inflamed over false or contrived stories and images. Television was bad enough in its ability to do this, but social media, with no controls and no clear chain of sources,for any of their “stories,”, is more unsettling.

    Who can forget Howard Beale, “the mad prophet of the airwaves,” imploring his viewers to turn off their televisions? They didn’t, of course. And social media is not going away, either. But I do not think that technology is necessarily our friend, even though most would not want to be without it.

  32. Apropos of media in general, I had the unsettling experience of watching three minutes or so of “Two Broke Girls” on television. This was only because I was looking for the BBC America station to check a listing of a new show about the Saxons in England (probably no good, but at least it’s historical, so I will try it once) and to do that, I have to turn the mute button off, because the “mute” icon on the TV blocks the listings in the left-hand lower corner. That is my excuse for somehow listening to this awful show for a few minutes! I was stunned at how absolutely terrible this show is. It makes something like the inane “Green Acres” look like classical theatre. It is witless, semi-vulgar, utterly vacuous, and not the least bit funny. A five-year old could write more intelligent dialogue

    . And yet apparently this is a top ten rated television show? The concept of millions of Americans actually sitting down and watching this every week, is difficult to contemplate. I can be intellectually elitist sometimes, but I certainly accept that people can watch and read what they want. But TV, which never was good (except perhaps in the early ’50’s, the so-called “Golden Age” we read about), has now apparently sunk to unimaginable depths of idiocy. And these viewers mostly vote, too. No wonder Trump is doing so well.

  33. The people now accusing Hillary of flip-flopping on TPP were criticizing her for refusing to take a position before it was final just a couple of months ago. So if she had no position then, how did she flip-flop? This is another GOP talking point that was launched on Morning Joke.

  34. But William, without social media, there would be absolutely NO way to counter the media’s BS. Twitter has truly given places like CNN and NYTimes a massive case of heartburn. In fact, I would venture to say that they agree with you that social media is not needed. But for far more nefarious reasons. While it is true that lies are posted on places like twitter, they are not posted by computer programs at all. They are posted by real people who, amazingly, are allowed to vote. The upside of this is, they can’t post a thing without the potential for real counter-responses, also from real people.

    I have a different complaint about ‘social media’. I do not now, nor have I ever, used Facebook. This is because they are an aggregator of information on people. When you click onto Facebook, if you know how to track them, you will see hundreds of cookies,web bugs and trackers dumped into your computer, the worse of them without an ‘expiration’ date. These little data bits are from then on following you everywhere you go, tracking you by IP address, which, if you are on Facebook, are immediately connected to your identity. People should have some real concerns about Facebook, yet the majority simply either shrug off the loss of their privacy or don’t even know what the hell you are talking about if you tell them what’s going on.

    However, I find gmail the most dangerous thing of all and it doesn’t even fall into the category of social media. Most of google’s ‘conveniences’ are there to harvest your information. Google has already been caught and has admitted that they scan every gmail you receive or send for key words. Not just advertising key words so they can spam you, but key words associated with You. They know who your contacts are, they know your address book, yay, they know who your friends and relatives are. At first blush, you might not care. But think about how google is collecting bits and pieces of information on you every single day and you will realize that you are seriously profiled. And its subsidiaries are tied in to one another. If you do a search, for example, for diabetes, google now knows you either have it or will find out for sure sooner or later that you do or one of your relatives does. Imagine the impact of collecting all that medical data on people and how valuable it would be to, say, an employer, or a health insurance company considering letting you join one of their plans. Just saying.

  35. Biden make a surprise appearance at the debate? I wouldn’t put it past him. At this point, I wouldn’t put anything past him. I’m pretty much beyond caring what he does. He’s not going to be nominee no matter how much he tries to leverage his dead kid for votes.

  36. Sophie, you are speaking of bots, I assume, and GOP does use them, but they are often very easy to spot as they are repetitious. Remember in 2008, when we found so many identical posts in different places? Some of those were bots but most of them were lackeys doing a copy and paste for 10 cents.

    One thing far worse than any bot is the way in which one outlet writes something and thousands of copies are dispersed in a matter of minutes. NY Times modo’s bullshit piece on Poor Joe Biden and His Dead Son was a perfect example. She wrote it, CNN was talking about it in a matter of minutes using the same phrases and words to describe it. It’s what they do to hillary too. This isn’t done by bots, it’s far to easy to do without a bot. If you type in “Hillary flip flop” right now, you’ll see it. Without social media, none of this could ever be countered.

  37. Uppity, I don’t think the article is about bots (as in programs). I do think they’re employed but I think this “pro-Sanders social media movement” consists human Bots (as in paid keyboardists), in two floors of a large office building, like the article said, copying and pasting, like you said.

  38. Yeah sophie, if figures. Also, I saw a piece where the R’s are having people flood boards and pretend they are bernie people because they would LOVE to run against him.

  39. Of course they want to run against him. It’s a no brainer. 50% of the country will not vote for a socialist so all the GOP has to do is get just even a fraction of 1% and they’re in the white house. Bernie absolutely would carry no swing state but at this point I’m sick of discussing it and ready for the voting to start. I also am beyond caring about Joe Biden. He can run again and lose again.

  40. I think the write in bernie movement was started by GOP and the suckers liked it.

  41. Uppity, you make a good point about the internet at its best being a place where individuals can counter the mainstream spin. Of course it is also a place where “viral” rumors can be started about anyone. But it is here, and it is not going away, so I guess that we can just hope that it does not become the tool of entities with unlimited funds which try to control discourse.

    I totally agree with you about Google, and will never use it.

  42. You can’t spell Bernie Sanders, Without BS. 😆

  43. Republicans have used the term “flip flopper” many times in the past; notably with Gore and Kerry. His “I was for it before I was against it,” made perfect sense in context, but the GOP aided by the always eager media, turned it into a national joke.

    I don’t think it will work here. Hillary is too good at explaining exactly what she said, and how she meant it. But obviously the Republican goal is to keep throwing out various terms and hoping that the sheer number of them will have an effect. The Republicans will run into problems when they actually have to field a candidate with some kind of record of voting, or at least statements. So far they haven’t advanced anything other than ” a better America” nonsense cliches, and attacking Hillary.

  44. I am posting this here to make it easy for you to retweet. 🙂

  45. Uppity, (from your favorite reference source):

    On January 20, 2007, EMILY’s List endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The endorsement came within hours of Clinton’s announcement that she had formed an exploratory committee to run for president.[7] EMILY’s List bundled $855,518 for Clinton, making the group one of the five largest donors to the campaign.[7]

    During the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries, when NARAL endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, EMILY’s List was strongly critical. EMILY’s List President Ellen Malcolm said, “I think it is tremendously disrespectful to Sen. Clinton – who held up the nomination of a FDA commissioner in order to force approval of Plan B and who spoke so eloquently during the Supreme Court nomination about the importance of protecting Roe vs. Wade – to not give her the courtesy to finish the final three weeks of the primary process. It certainly must be disconcerting for elected leaders who stand up for reproductive rights and expect the choice community will stand with them.”[17]

    After the conclusion of the Democratic presidential primary, EMILY’s List moved their support to Barack Obama and was vocal in their opposition to the McCain/Palin ticket.[18]

  46. Way cool! Maddy Albright cameo’d on madam Secretary (the TV show)!

  47. Mia Culpa. But why would i want to live blog with them when I can live blog with you–and actually participate instead of “following” them?

  48. Rebel, they are claiming she was in favor of the plan and even that it was her plan…..and that she verbally complimented it something like 45 times. Of course, like you said, it wasn’t actually finalized and I’m sure plenty of things changed. Truth is, Hillary is a hawk when it comes to Iran, she knows they are the turd in the punchbowl. So you can bet they changed things to plans she would not implement. But hey, what’s that matter? To get out of this one she is going to have to come out and say, what was discussed THEN is not what’s in that plan NOW. In short, she is going to have to start pulling away from Barack on issues such as this one.

  49. It would be easier politically for Hillary to just support the plan in general, and say now that she will make sure that it is strictly enforced. Obviously, she is being more forthrgiht, and indeed the plan must have been changed from when she was SOS three years ago. It is certainly not politically expedient for Hillary to be against the plan now; it was already approved by Congress, one way or another, and would be unlikely to be a major campaign issue. So this is an example of her being precise and knowledgeable, and not liking the current actual treaty, not the one she worked on; and for this she gets accused of flopping. The problem is that to explain all this, she would have to divulge classified information, and/or infuriate Obama, who apparently does not like anyone to ever question his actions.

  50. A long-belated THANK YOU to Upps for hints on how to combat salt a few weeks ago. I haven’t posted – I’ve been out of commission for the last few weeks.

    I would sooner go through root canal than watch Maher, but according to the gang at Datalounge, Andrew “Milky Loads” Sullivan was last night’s guest, and was reportedly even MORE deranged in his Hillary-hate than usual.

    Some of the comments from the DL: “I thought he was going to have a stroke when he was ranting about her. It was even too much for Maher, who is no Clinton fan himself.”

    “He looked like a lunatic when he went after Hillary for bring a politician. She does nothing worse than any male politician who’s risen through the ranks. They too have worked as legal interns, worked for corporations, been elected to political office, been appointed to political positions. She’s not my favourite person, but let’s face it, she’s better than Donald Rumsfeld who put together the whole disasterous Operation Enduring Freedom.”

    “Remember when he was on the show a few years ago and got caught picking a wedgie on camera?”

    “He came across as a woman-phobic gay man. “Ewwww, a woman president! She’s so icky. I think Liza should be the first female president!””

    “He’s emotionally unbalanced and always has been.”

    “He claimed that masculine gay men, as he fancies himself, supported Obama and the queens liked Hillary. A Repug a heart, and he’ll go back to them to oppose “dastardly” Hillary.”

    “Bill Maher is as much a revolting hobgoblin as Milky.”

    There is something so richly satisfying seeing Sullivan go truly over the deep end you-need-help batsh*t over Hillary. I love how the stronger she gets, the more spittle-spewing deranged her detractors are.
    I like to envision he and Dowd screaming in impotence and banging their heads against the wall as Hillary is sworn in next January.

  51. I like to envision Sullivan and Dowd watching her inauguration on a 12 inch black and white television—-in Hell.
    Their old pal, Michael Kelly, has been there for years and has arranged a truly warm welcome for his fellow travelers.

  52. Andrew needs to just get the tranny surgery over with. The rest of us are sick of his female envy.

  53. William, by denouncing the plan, Biden knows now he is left defending it. That is should he ever stop his crepe hanging program and actually run. He’ll probably show up in cameo tonight and hang some crepe.

  54. Over/Under (you can bet either over the amount, or under, odds are theoretically the same either way), on number of tough, accusatory type questions directed at Hillary in the debate: 6.5. Number of such questions directed at Sanders: 1.5. Place your bets.

  55. Bet a Buck, They will get higher ratings the R’s did. 😀

  56. I’m a coward; I can’t watch because I’ll end up screaming at the TV.
    My blood pressure (yes, Upps, I know I should ditch the salt 🙂 won’t allow it.
    I depend on you more stalwart types to abuse yourselves and report back.
    More than two email questions from Andy and I’d have to be “escorted” out of my house like Blanche Du Bois at the end of act three.

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