Are ya ready for the debate? Then get ready.

I am personally looking forward to hearing Bernie scream his answers. It always tickles me…..and reminds me that First Come The Revolution, Then Come The Despot. Just saying.

I was thinking when I heard that Bernie actually raised some money last quarter, will he finally buy a comb? But nope. That didn’t happen. Think of how proud you would be to have a president who dresses like a bag man on the street, wears sandals all the time, looks like someone should run him through a car wash, and screams like a hyena all the time. So Proud. So Proud.


There’s also that other guy who will be there, what’s his name. Meh. Nevermind.



Really Big Picture To Match Really Big Ego

…..And  let us not discount the possibility that the most prolific of Public Professional Crepe Hangers, AKA Joe “Pity me and help me in the polls Biden,” will make a surprise appearance so his ego can bask in that applause that keeps him continuously exploiting his dead son. The guy who wants all the consolations of running for President but none of the consequences. The possibility of this despicable man showing up are increased because he’s not polling all that well.  Basically this could be because he doesn’t comprehend that he is supposed to either Shit or Get Off The Pot – and people are getting kind of sick of all that phony crepe hanging everywhere. Envision him running down the center aisle smiling to the cheers of his well-planted children — and then hopping right onto the stage to participate even though he hasn’t prepared for one minute. Envision him grabbing someone’s mic and saying softly with dewy eyes……”This one’s for Beau”….. This could actually happen, but not to worry!  I’m just kidding! Joe is hosting his high school reunion tonight instead. Um……all righty then.

They’ve got an extra podium just in case Biden drops by! Like you do. You know. This year’s Presidential Debates are basically an open mic night. -Colbert


But then, there’s that other anatomically incorrect candidate……

Specially Chosen Photo For Hillary Detractors

Specially Chosen Photo For Hillary Detractors



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  1. Hillary will get the first question and it will be loaded.

  2. All I have to say is that they had better not lob softballs at Bernie or it’s going to look mighty unfair to Hillary. They should hit Bernie with questions like “do you think America is ready for a socialist revolution”?

  3. Oh, and Bernies’ advisers apparently are trying to tell him to not yell during the debates.

  4. I miss you, UW. Thanks for posting. Will Anderson ask 50 stupid questions about email nothing burger or will we have a real debate? Almost afraid to find out. Anatomically incorrect Hillary will shine regardless.

  5. Thanks Anita. Wish I had the energy to do more. Maybe sometime. I dunno. Who the he knows what they will pull. I know they will go after Hillary. She’ll handle it. She’s been there before.

  6. Ga6th. Telling Bernie not to yell is like telling…..( )

    Hey everybody, fill in the blank!

  7. I wonder if they will ask the bern how he plans to pay for all his bullshit promises he will never implement. Oh wait, he doesn’t promise anything, just complains about things.

  8. …..Biden not to grope?


  10. Good one imust! They better ask Bernie how he plans to pay for everything…free university for everyone?

  11. @7:40 WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! Propaganda much CNN. Bernie surprised at crowds….OMG does he mouth “I love you too” when they say they love him??

  12. Donna I’m Going To Quit is one of the talking heads. All Anderson All The Time too. CNN is so stale it’s a wonder the crows and seagulls aren’t picking at them.

    I can’t believe I am forced to turn to their shitty channel. I suppose I should be grateful Candy Crawdad isn’t there with Poopy Harlowe.

  13. How are the crowds different at Hillary vs Bernie??

    Here’s Bernie’s crowd:

    Heres’ Hillary’s:

  14. Here’s Bernie’s

    Here’s Hillary’s

  15. Here’s Bernie:

    Here’s Hillary:

  16. The Dodgers are playing the Mets in the playoffs.

  17. imust, you’re on fire tonight!

  18. I want Hillary to torch those other so-called Democrats and walk off the stage just like Ms. Angela Bassett!

  19. Hillary looks beautiful. Awesome pant suit.

  20. I stole this, Imust!!

  21. That’s okay….I retweeted it!

  22. I was hoping you would. 😉


  24. Toldja. First question and loaded. And now comes the badgering.

  25. Anderson Cooper, tries to make it seem like she is an opportunist. He’s trying really hard!

  26. Yep Uppity. He thinks it makes him look like a real journalist.

  27. Yeah I thought it was bullshit when bernie talked about a ‘better democracy’ when he’s an ABSOLUTE socialist. There is no such thing as a democratic socialist. It’s another made-up phrase just for bernie.

  28. OMG the last places I want to be like are Denmark and Sweden. Is this jerk kidding? Did you ever see that docu on how happy they are as minimalists?

    Who the hell wants a country where you have to figure out ways to cram things into an apartment the size of a matchbox. YOu can’t have much but that’s because you can’t get much. I want a country where I earn and get what as an individual.

  29. What’s with that Chaffee clown grin?

  30. Chafee is a brick. He said so.

  31. Notice how Bernie is for supporting small and medium businesses after Hillary spelled it out for him.

  32. Chicken O’Malley is rambling. I hope they ask him about Perdue Chix dumping crap in the Chesapeake.

  33. Whoa Hillary! You GO girl!

  34. Bernie is attacking Hillary for SHOUTING!! LOL! He’s such a sociopath. Or maybe misogynist…or both. Hillary cannot raise her voice, but he can shout at the top of his lungs for 10 minutes.

  35. Yeah socal, reminds me of Mr. WhatHillarySaid Obama

  36. Spill the beans Upps on what Hillary did.

  37. Chaffee says he’ll “bring the gun lobby in”!?!?! Yeah right. Delusional.

  38. Chafee is a brick. He said so.


  39. Sophie, yes, love the “Chafee is a brick” line. Upps is on top of her game today.

  40. Wait, it was O’Malley that said he’d bring the gun lobby in? Socalhubbie thinks O’Malley is obnoxious.

  41. The other Dems….well and Bernie…and Chafee….well and Webb….wait which ones are Democrats?? Anyway, they appear to be debating GWBush, it wasn’t HER war, she wasn’t the potus.

  42. Andy Cooper keeps trying to cut off Hilary. He’s really getting on my last nerve.

  43. Hubbie: “See, how smart! She is a world thinker. None of the other four have her brains.”

    (They’re talking about Syria)

  44. Bernie is completely delusional about Putin.

  45. Hillary & Chicken are the only long time dems. Chafee has been a dem for 3 years; Bernie never, and Webb used to be a repub also.

  46. Bernie: Let me applaud my good friend Jim who served this country..

    Translation: So I didn’t have to….

  47. lots of free pony kids in audience

  48. China is the answer. biggest threat

  49. Chafee can’t speak.

  50. Foreign policy. H is the ONLY one with any real experience. Bernie voted for some wars or against some wars. He has NO foreign policy experience, so why are they asking that question. Based on bullshit answers or actually ground knowledge?

  51. Bernie on biggest security threat: global warming.

    Did he understand the question?

  52. emails. blue dress. vince foster. Yawn.

  53. Secretary Clinton do you want to respond?

  54. Just watched the last couple of minutes.
    I’ll never say a bad word about Bernie Sanders, again.
    “Enough with the damn emails!”

  55. I appreciate that he said that. I applauded him for saying that. I’m still going to say bad things about him, though.

  56. For instance,
    I can see Bernie’s brain doing the carriage returns while he speaks.

  57. Do you think she should have been more subtle driving home the word Democrat?

  58. LOL! No I think she should have said it a few more times! 🙂

  59. I just want to leave this right here

  60. Control Freaks twitter won’t let me tweet! Something about too many…is twitter my mommy??

  61. I’ve had that happen to me too. Twitter is programmed by a bunch of 12 year olds

  62. Fist bumps all around. She killed it!!!!

  63. Yes, I’m so proud of her!

  64. Did Bernie just sell me a TV at the end?

  65. I heart Hillary!!!!
    What a great closing! If that wasn’t a warm, likable, intelligent statement, I don’t know what was!!

    I’m NOT, repeat, NOT gonna listen to the CNN spin.

  66. Bernie was selling something Sophie. I think this:

    Boy that takes me back….to when I was about TEN! Grow up Bernie!

    I wonder what ol’ Joe Biden was thinking about during this debate??? Like maybe, never mind!

  67. Couldn’t resist. My bad.


  68. I wonder what ol’ Joe Biden was thinking about during this debate??? Like maybe, never mind!

    But but but my son died!!!!

  69. She was poised, specific, articulate and unflappable. The harder the questions were, the more relaxed she got. She was the only one there with a sense of humor. And she was on top of EVERYTHING. Poor Bernie going on about “coming together” and “Revolution” was spinning cotton candy.

    Hillary smiling and laughing: “I got this.”

  70. Bernie doesn’t get it….his supporters don’t want to work at a revolution! They just want free stuff!! 🙂

  71. I really like that song. I hope his campaign doesn’t ruin it for me.

  72. //

  73. imust @ 11:26, spot on, Girl, spot on!!! 🙂

  74. He would not be a good VP choice. It would put off moderates and people who have a problem with throwing capitalism away, and that’s a LOT of people. I mean the Free Pony thing is not something the majority wants. I for one believe you rarely appreciate what you don’t participate in paying for. Children get things for free. Adults work at getting things themselves. That’s a major problem with socialism vs. capitalism. Capitalism is not a bad thing. Crony capitalism is a bad thing, which is what we have to get rid of.

    Secondly, the thought that a very old man is VP is disconcerting, and there would be no follow through with a VP running for president after the president’s terms are done. It’s bad strategy. He’d be 81 at the end of her first term.

  75. One day I would like to see Gillibrand be president. It’s just too bad that a two woman ticket would be a problem.

  76. Awesome debate.
    It was great, to watch Hillary, Eat all of their lunches. 😀

  77. I know, foxy! She gave them all a sh!t sandwich and did it with humor and a smile.

  78. I could not watch the debate, do you have a link to a video?

  79. I’ll see if I can find one.

  80. Can’t find it on cspan. Would you settle 11 parts on youtube? If so

  81. I like this part. 😀

    [video src="" /]

  82. Today has been an awesome day for all us Hillary supporters. Of course, I think we deserve it for all the crap we’ve had to put up with over the last months. Thanks Hillary for delivering for us and for the country!!! Everybody should send her money after that debate performance!

  83. 🍷x 100 to our girl Hill, who totally aced it.

  84. Upps:
    Big cat kiss…mmuua!

  85. That she did NES. That she did. I suspect she’s going to give them some pain at that Benghazi/Email/Get Hillary ‘committee’ too.

    You’re welcome Belle. *Wipes cat slobber off*

  86. I did not watch the debate live, but taped it to watch today. I am very glad that Hillary did so well; although having watched all her debates in 2008, I knew how superb she is in such a format, when people can actually watch her, not filtered through the media’s biased spin.

    I did read all the comments here after the debate, and I am happy to be among such intelligent and dedicated Hillary Clinton supporters.

  87. Ga6th, there’s more to come for sure. They are far too desperate to get rid of Hillary.

    I don’t know about you, but I think 2008 desensitized me. I don’t get nearly as upset when they pull another boner on her.

  88. lol foxy looks like bernie’s voting for Hillary.

  89. No, same here upps. Mostly I just ignore the crap that is thrown at her. It just gets tiresome so I’m always glad for some good news!

  90. Gillibrand is only 48. There is plenty of time for her to be president and I am already looking forward to it.

    What the heck is cat slobber? I’ve been a Cat Mama for 30 years and all I get is sandpaper.

  91. Upps @ 6:20: “I don’t know about you, but I think 2008 desensitized me. I don’t get nearly as upset when they pull another boner on her.”

    Yes, I’ve felt that way all year. I’m much different this time around.

  92. 48? That’s 104 in “man years”.

  93. Sophie, obviously you are cat-spit deprived.

  94. New Post Up.

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