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  1. Well, I am still looking forward to seeing this debate. Apparently I taped the wrong station; the one that used to be CNN some time ago; somehow I set it to that station, which is now TNT, so I got some bad TV shows instead.. My error, but I was disappointed not to be able to watch it last night. However, it is replayed on Friday night on CNN at 7pm-9.23 pm., for anyone who wants to watch it again. So I will only miss the prelims and the post-debate analysis, both of which I can do without. The main thing is that Hillary did very well, by every account; and this is very good for her campaign going forward.

    I’m like Sue in the respect that I can scarcely bear to watch these things live, because I get too upset at the unfair questions. So once I know that it came out very positively, I can watch more comfortably. I’ll watch the general election debates, of course; but I remember yelling at the TV, trying to answer the questions more effectively than Gore or Kerry did. And Dukakis and that terribly unfair rape question; I’ve replayed what I thought he should have said many times since then. We know that what we end up seeing afterward are little sound bites which unfortunately take on a mythological status The Republican handlers search and search for a clever line which might dominate the post-debate headlines. The great thing is that Hillary, just as she was in 2008, is a superb debater, and is tremendously well prepared.

  2. LOVE the photo, Upps! Thats exactly how she looked after the debate.

    Just to prove that I have FB friends who are NOT BernieBots. His update is too good not to share:

    “To all the people whining that the press won’t say Bernie won the debate:

    One problem I have with Bernie’s people today is that you seem to think proving Time/Warner gave Hillary money is proving that all sorts of pundits who don’t work for Time/Warner or CNN are all lying. Very strange.

    The New York Times, which cheered Hillary’s debate performance, has been writing slanted anti-Hillary pieces for a year, some of which have had to be partially retracted, and there’s no reason to think they’ll stop.
    The other problem I have is that what you seem to want is for political reporters and operatives to have NO OPINIONS OF THEIR OWN. Even as they were expressing them, they were also reporting about focus groups picking Bernie, and online polls picking Bernie, and Twitter liking Bernie, and Bernie leading Google searcches. On BOTH CNN AND MSNBC, both of which I kept going back and forth to. NONE OF THIS INFORMATION WAS CONCEALED.

    What is more, they were all saying Bernie did an excellent job, which I don’t think would have been part of their instructions from some Darth Vader of Corporate Giantism giving them orders from On High.
    It’s simply that Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes and the Times and Cillizza and Klein, etc., etc., didn’t AGREE that Bernie won. Neither do I. NONE OF US HAS TO AGREE WITH YOU BERNIE SUPPORTERS, and it isn’t necessarily a conspiracy when we do not.
    You seem to think you’re the only ones who get to talk. it’s not enough that your views are reported, you want nobody else to have any–not even people who have been legislative aides, or held office, or been political reporters their whole lives, or are trained debaters themselves, or have run campaigns. If they don’t agree with you, they have no right to speak, or to write pieces disagreeing with you, and justifying their views.

    Hillary is way ahead in the national polls–real, scientific polls. You were all just fine when all the very same people were talking about the email story, or reporting that Democrats in one little state neighboring Vermont seemed to be moving to a Vermont Senator. You don’t seem so eager to see any big deal made about a 20 point lead in national polls for the other candidate, or her lead in other states.

    And I don’t see Hillary voters saying YOU have to be silent, or that reporters sympathetic to Bernie have to be. I did take issue with a piece today by Jonathan Alter, but I certainly didn’t call it part of any conspiracy. I simply said the same thing about that piece that I’m saying about all of you, and the fact that you won’t shut up about all these unscientific focus groups and online polls, or pretending that an online poll (which can be gamed, and I’ve personally done it) is just as good as the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

    You’re not being honest, fair, or respectful of other people’s views, or even crediting their sincerity. What are you going to say now about ME? You certainly can’t say I’m the CEO of Time/Warner.

    And when you start talking about conspiracies, has it occurred to you that the Drudge Report, whose online poll you cite, and its right wing readers, might LOVE the Republican nominee to run against Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton? That they’re not voting for Bernie as the winner because they suddenly favor Democratic Socialism?”

  3. As I said over at TW, I’ve been waiting for a clip of this to come out and it was so priceless. We’ve also been speculating about what old couch that tie Lincoln is wearing came from? Was it the old couch in the basement or the even older one at, maybe, the vacation cabin or something?

  4. Fredster, hands down, absolutely the best moment of that debate!

  5. imust..I’m so glad I did not have a beverage I was trying to swallow at that moment because it definitely would have sprayed all over the place. 😆

  6. Dang Fredster, bad timing!

  7. Translation: I’m not going to dignify this moron with an answer.

  8. Fredster, forget his tie, he got his shirt out of the Big Man’s bin over at the Goodwill place.

  9. William, not to worry. It didn’t matter what they asked her, she handled every single question like……like……a President.

  10. @upps: But good for me since I would have had the mess to wipe up.

  11. Personally, if I never see or hear from Joe Biden again, it will be too soon.

  12. Did you see this? This would have gone over well… Note the date of the tweet.


  13. Just like old times. Hillary schooling the good ol’ boys. How sweet was that? Even the CNN pundits were forced to compliment her;many had retracted by the next day. But hey,at least we know it’s possible for them to recognize excellence when repeatedly exposed and paying attention. A novel experience , paying attention, instead of continually checking their “sources” on their phones.

    One of the CNN pundits was saying today that Hillary shone in the debate because the Dem field was so weak ( Continuing the CNN tradition of finding some way to bash Hillary). But if that is true of the Dem field,it’s even truer of the Repubs. I am currently visualizing a President Hillary in our future.
    Oh, and many thanks to Bernie for doing Hillary a solid re: the e-mail stuff.

    We’ve waited all these years w/Hillary for the Redemption Tour and here it is.

  14. GWM I am so sorry I didn’t see you in spam! Because that was an EXCELLENT comment.

  15. Thank you, Upps. I’m delighted to see some of my FB friends who have never posted anything political before have revealed themselves as out-and-proud Hillary supporters.

  16. Sophie, thanks for the Boxer link. I am really going to miss her! I hope she stays in the public eye, but also that she enjoys a great retirement, which she deserves, and then some.

  17. I love that picture of Hillary. She looks fantastic. 🙂

  18. Page Not Found, Bellecat.At least now it is.

    GWM, excellent! Stick around!

  19. I am hopeful that most of the public will learn to trust their own perceptions, and not bother to listen to or read the “takes” provided to them by the agenda-driven media.

    The media loves to provide “instant polls,” because for them it is like a sporting event, with no real world consquences. Those polls can of course be manipulated in a variety of ways by the pollsters or by the people polled. I do not forget the first Bush-Gore debate, when the “instant polls” showed that a majority thought Gore won; but then the media spent three days concentrating on Gore having walked around and “invaded Bush’s space,” and thus were able to somehow convince people that Bush had won.

    Of course, debates are not about “who won,” like in a TV talent competition. They should be about who seems most capable of leading the country in a positive direction. Hillary fortunately is both a great debater, and the person who would make the best leader and have the best policies. I hope that this is what the viewers were left with most of all.

  20. William, these morons are accustomed to polls for Dancing With The Stars. So they think online polls are valid, even though they all voted 5 times.

  21. Gee! I hardly post a word and when I do “page not found”.
    It was on yesterday’s New York Time in “opinions”…
    I thought was a very good editorial about the debate, considering that the NY Times is always writing crap about our Hill Ro.

  22. lol belle. somebody decided to take it down, it was probably too complimentary, if you get my drift

  23. I get your drift and I’m giving Salon fair warning that if they don’t stop publishing puerile put downs of our girl, I’m striking them from my favorites list.
    Salon, how do you like them apples?
    In other news, apparently Bill Maher has endorsed Bernie Sanders (sad trombone.)

  24. Oh man I just had a go round on twitter with a guy who is accusing me of seeing what’s not there when I posted pics of joe touching women. No wonder women never complain, they have to go through that. You tweeters need to read this. He needs a dose of women slapping him around.

  25. Where’s the tweet with the guy on twitter Uppity? I saw a bunch with some biker guy, but looked like you two had made nicey-nice. 🙂
    Where is everyone on this blog??? There’s a lot of stuff going on! Gowdy’s crying….Biden’s whining……and Hillary is as strong as ever!

    I’m gonna have to find Uppity’s hook!

  26. Yes that’s the guy, but the thread gets heated and he accuses me of being “overly sensitive” and that the women seemed not to mind and all the buzz stuff of a man who trivializes women. Yes I like him but when it comes to this stuff he’s a typcal MCP of a generation that just thinks this shit is all right.

  27. imust the thread on biden is so long I don’t know how to capture it to send to you. He’s saying that the photos might be manipulated, and that I obviously had an “experience”, you know, all the shit men do to trivialize a woman’s information when he doesn’t like it.

  28. I will DM the thread to you, the thing on biden starts further down. He wants to know where the women’s complaints are registered, as IF they would dare to complain. No official complaints so obviously they didn’t ‘mind’. Shit like that.

    He is NOT a Biden fan, just a typical guy who thinks women see things that aren’t there.

  29. Did anyone see the latest HillaryMen? Its about the twitter explosion over gowdy. I wish I understood twitter better. I’ve hardly looked at it since I joined it years ago to follow MKBill!

    This Biden-running-or-not has gotten really boring.

  30. File this under Boo Effing Hoo

    ‘These have been among the worst weeks of my life’

  31. I hope next week is even worse for him, the cockroach.

  32. Hillary now officially beats Bernie on every issue, and she wipes him out on foreign policy.

    Did anybody see the SNL on the debate. Hilarious.

  33. Yes damn, I lost the link I had to CNN’s poll video. the majority do not want joe to run.

  34. I just want to let everyone know I will be having eye surgery tomorrow so probably won’t be too active till after Weds,when I get bandage removed. I have decided I have earned a gift to myself and I am correction far, near and intermediate vision in both eyes. I want to be able to see a leaf falling across the road.

    Nothing big as far as I’m concerned. After the surgeries I had this is a pin prick. But I can’t wait to see without stress! They will do the other eye next week.

  35. Will be thinking about you Uppity. What about your 3rd eye? That one will be okay right? 🙂

  36. Hahah imust I was thinking of that just now! I am NOT having my third eye touched!

  37. Oy the Paulies have turned into Bernies. Here is one of MANY comments on CNN’s page about how Hillary dominated the debate. Still pissed that online polls aren’t King. But But I worked so hard to vote over and over again! And I got all my friends to do it too! We Won! We Won! Those scientific polls that use likely voters are bullshit!


    CNN. Come Clean. Your own poll, and every other poll and focus group after the debate shows Bernie Sanders won the debate by at least 80% to 20%, some even more lopsided. Why aren’t you reporting this in every article about the debate ??????????????????????

    Your credibility as a ‘news’ outlet is now approaching the level of Fox News, in other words your credibility is becoming non existent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you really want to be known as the Fox News equal in terms of accuracy and honesty ??????????

    That’s it! He not only won, he won by 80%! All righty then.

  38. Best of luck, Uppity.

  39. My life is crazy so haven’t commented for almost a week, not that anything has happened or anything. LOL! If women that Biden paws don’t say anything, they must not mind. Of course, if they do say something, they will get Anita HIll treatment. Heads we win; tails you lose. Some of the Bernie babies insist that Bernie won because more people googled him during the debate. Apparently, they don’t know that you can google someone even if you’re not impressed. Some of those searches were, no doubt, to find out who the lunatic is.

  40. Best of luck, Uppity, on the surgery!

    Maher endorsed Sanders? Maher strongly supported Ralph Nader, and then a year or two later, apologized for having helped Bush “defeat” Gore. I don’t watch Maher; don’t have HBO or whatever he is on; and wouldn’t watch him if I did. He’s better than some, I suppose, but he is another who has very little understanding of the pragmatics of trying to govern a nation. In addition to which, Hillary is superior in all aspects to Sanders, but Maher misses this in the eagerness to be ;”politically”incorrect.” Very foolish of him to be wrong again on whom to support.

  41. I’ll lay odds that in the next Democratic debate, the consensus of the media will be that Sanders did better, Hillary did worse than in the first one. This is the “Dancing With the Stars” mentality; someone “improved,” or someone did not quite live up to the perfect standards set by him/her earlier. It is completely inappropriate to debates, which are about who sounds more capable and knowledgeable on important issues., not who “beat expectations,” or “showed improvement.” But the media continues to treat this as if it were a sports competition, because they believe they get better ratings that way.

  42. Uppity:
    Lots of hugs and kisses and rely on your third eye, which is where you are always shining from.

  43. I saw the Maher thing, which was annoying, and he did say he preferred Bernie, but that he would vote for Hillary in the general and made a comment to the Bernbots urging them to vote for her in the general also. He made the lame comparison about chicken and fish, saying if you’re at a wedding and they run out of fish, you eat the chicken. Stupid, but he has actually defended Hillary a lot lately. He really got into it with that journalist creep that hates her so much, Andrew Sullivan. In any event, I doubt that Maher has much influence on how people vote.

  44. Upps, best wishes on your eye surgeries! I had it done years ago and love it.

  45. Sophie @ 8:15, I read that article about that tool gowdy howling about his “worst weeks”. The idiot must have lived a very sheltered & perfect life if some criticism over his nasty little committee caused him the “worst weeks of his life.” We just buried my darling sis-in-law yesterday after her grueling fight against liver cancer. Things like that constitute “worst weeks”, not criticism (which in this case was totally deserved). He must be very shallow, as well as ignorant.

  46. Vox has two new articles up that are critical of Biden. One mocks how many times his people have leaked that he’s going to make “his announcement”, and the other explains why he’s out of touch, and shouldn’t bother.

  47. Annie, my condolences.

    Gowdy just wants some sympathy from the public and media. The concept of holding continuous hearings about a tragic event which happened three years ago, and about which Hillary was totally cleared of any responsiblity by a neutral body (FBI, I believe), is so palpably political, as well as a vast waste of taxpayer resources, that he deserves even more critcism for it. It is actually impeachable, I think, because it is a politically motivated sham. But the media is of course covering it.

  48. If Biden enters the race (as this afternoon’s rumor mill is spinning “within 48 Hours!!!”) he will regret the day he did for the rest of his life.

    If people think Hillz hit Bernie hard during the first debate over gun control, just wait until she goes after Joe. She. Will. Cut. His. Balls. Off.

    And smile sweetly while doing so.

  49. Oh, the story is he’s supposed to decide with in 48 hours MAYBE but MAYBE he’s going to announce at the Jefferson Jackson dinner in Iowa on Saturday. The whole Joe Biden thing has become a freak show of epic proportions. And it’s coming from that freak at Fox News Ed Henry. So I would take it with a grain of salt.

  50. The thought of Biden getting in is cringe worthy. Maybe,just maybe,Beau asking him to run has played a small role..but Joe’s ego will have played an even larger one. He has wanted the Presidency for decades and apparently failing twice before isn’t sufficient enough evidence to forego a third attempt.
    It’s not like the guy’s had a personality transplant and if people think Hillary has baggage,they should get a look @ Joe’s. Does he really do better w/Unions? Several have already gone for Hillary and let us not forget that she has been admired by Union folk for her “testicular fortitude”. And sorry,Joe, but you’ll NEVER be able to out feminist Hillary.
    Would it not be better to end your career on a high note rather than subjecting the country to watching a grieving man slowly dismantled? You can’t do Crazy Uncle Joe any more,either,Bernie has that group sewn up.
    It’s like watching your sister get into a really bad relationship;you know there’s not much you can do about it but be a witness.

  51. Actually, I don’t know if I even believe the “Beau on his deathbed pleading with his father to run”. My sis in law, with liver cancer could hardly talk during the last weeks and not at all during the last days. Didn’t Beau had brain cancer? He had a family, wife and children he was leaving, and we’re supposed to believe he was concerned about Hillary becoming president during that tragic period? It sounds really contrived. A melodramatic story for the press to amp up interest in Joe.

  52. Sophie, I voted. 77.7% NO

  53. Socal Joe is a blowass. He made the whole thing up. I have never met a politician who could be shameless and shameful concurrently. Joe wins that challenge.

  54. Msdal, Joe couldn’t out-feminist Rick Santorum. He’s pro life, he touches any woman or girl he can, he deliberately destroyed Anita Hill AND…….he gave us Clarence Thomas in the process. I wouldn’t spit on Joe Biden if he were on fire. The only job he is worth holding is Jester. And I never believed for a minute that he has been hanging crepe all over the place because of a dying wish. I never believed there even was a dying wish. Joe is despicable.

    Joe is and always has been an egomaniac and exploiter. Hillary should promise him some ego job and then not give it to him. He deserves to be screwed the way he screwed women from the start of his political life to the end, which is now.

  55. Be leaving shortly for my eye surgery. Promise to make them keep their hands off the Third Eye.

    Word’s out Joe is running. Leaked on purpose no doubt.

    Joe Biden. Pro Life. “Abortion is always wrong”. Supreme Court. Nothing for young women to worry about there! That’s why they will be dumb enough to flock to him. I still think Hillary will take him. If not I hope that piece of shit comes in third. For Anita.

  56. Good luck, Up!

  57. If Biden announces, the producers of the Anita Hill documentary should immediately announce they are re-releasing it and try to get a cable channel to show it.

  58. Key bloc of 50 black mayors endorse hillary

    Oh, and Joe blunder mouth said Hillary asked him to be SOS then he retracted it. What a moron.

  59. Meh. So I got up with the roosters, trapsed to the hospital, answered 50 thousand questions, signed 6 thousand forms, have an IV shoved in my arm and……….the nurse announces that the Dr cancelled all surgeries this morning. Being that he’s a millennial I figure he probably went fishing.

    Funny how he had to get his thousands from my pocket really fast though.

  60. Your health care aystem at work–or maybe not!

  61. Uppity, what a bummer.

  62. I’m not upset, Sue. It’ll get done. But I admit I was looking forward to today.

  63. There were 8 more people waiting for him and they were furious. SOme people have a lot of anxiety of the thought of this type of procedure so it must have been hard on them to be let down. But to be honest, it was kind of hilarious. They were blaming the nurse who had to tell them, yelling like crazies. One old guy, probably cataract surgery, was yelling WHAT IS THIS SHIT! It was pandemonium. I got that IV taken out of my arm and hightailed the hell out of there. I called his office and they pretended they didn’t know what happened. I told them to expect 8 pissed off patients to show up with torches and pitchforks. Plus……….I got up with the roosters!

  64. What a nightmare, Upps. I’m sorry you had to deal with that rat’s-nest of bureaucratic bullshit.

    Maybe this will lift your spirits. It’s breathtaking. Steinem NAILS IT.

    Gloria Steinem: why the White House needs Hillary Clinton

    “When she left the White House and decided to run for the US Senate from her new home in New York State – something no first lady, not even Eleanor Roosevelt, had dared to do – I was blindsided by the hostility toward her from some women. They called her cold, calculating, ambitious, and even “unfeminist” for using political experience gained as a wife. These were not the rightwing extremists who had accused the Clintons of everything from perpetrating real estate scams in Arkansas to murdering a White House aide with whom Hillary supposedly had an affair. On the contrary, they mostly agreed with her on the issues, yet some were so opposed to her that they came to be called Hillary Haters. It took me weeks of listening on the road to begin to understand why.

    In living rooms from Dallas to Chicago, I noticed that the Hillary Haters often turned out to be the women most like her: white, well educated, and married to or linked with powerful men. They were by no means all such women, but their numbers were still surprising. Also, they hadn’t objected to sons, brothers, and sons-in-law using family connections and political names to further careers – say, the Bushes or the Rockefellers or the Kennedys – yet they objected to Hillary doing the same. The more they talked, the more it was clear that their own husbands hadn’t shared power with them.

    If Hillary had a husband who regarded her as an equal – who had always said this country got “two presidents for the price of one” – it only dramatised their own lack of power and respect. After one long night and a lot of wine, one woman told me that Hillary’s marriage made her aware of just how unequal hers was.

    Haters condemn her for staying with her husband despite his well-publicised affairs. It turned out that many of them had suffered a faithless husband, too, but lacked the ability or the will to leave. They wanted Hillary to punish a powerful man in public on their behalf. I reminded them that presidents from Roosevelt to Kennedy had had affairs, but the haters identified with those first ladies and assumed they couldn’t leave. It was Hillary’s very strength and independence that made them blame her. When I tried describing the public condemnation Hillary would have suffered had she abandoned her duties in the White House for such a personal reason, this changed the minds of some – but not many.

    Finally, I resorted to explaining my own reasons for thinking the Clintons just might be, in Shakespeare’s phrase, “the marriage of true minds”. Yet when I brought this up, some Hillary Haters became even angrier. The fact that Bill valued Hillary as an equal partner – and vice versa – seemed to make them more aware that their own marriages were different. It dawned on me that if a sexual connection is the only bond between a husband and wife, an affair can make her feel replaceable – and perhaps cause her to be replaced. This was not only emotionally painful but devastating when it also meant losing social identity and economic security as well. I began to understand that Hillary represented the very public, in-your-face opposite of the precarious and unequal lives that some women were living. In a classic sense, they were trying to kill the messenger.

    Their projections made me realise that I was projecting, too. I couldn’t understand why Hillary wanted to go back to Washington, and so campaigned for the Senate in the first place. Why ask for six more years with a target painted on her back? It seemed quixotic and self-punishing, especially now that she had such great alternatives as creating her own foundation, and supporting female empowerment globally.

    Finally, I had to admit that the latter would have been my choice, not hers. If she was willing to face a degree of combat that I couldn’t even imagine, I should celebrate.

    As my own part of her senate campaign, I began to invite Hillary Haters to the living room events where Hillary herself was fundraising. To my surprise, all but a few turned around once they had spent time in her presence. This woman they had imagined as smart, cold, and calculating turned out to be smart, warm, and responsive. Instead of someone who excused a husband’s behaviour, she was potentially, as one said, “a great girlfriend” who had their backs.

    They also saw her expertise. For instance, George Soros, the Hungarian-born financier and philanthropist, introduced her in his Manhattan living room by saying, “Hillary knows more about eastern Europe than any other American.”

    After she was elected to the US Senate on her own merits, she worked constructively, even with old enemies there, and was solidly re-elected to a second term. I began to hear the first serious talk of Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. By the time the election of 2008 was in the wind, she had a higher popularity rating than any other potential candidate, Republican or Democrat.


    As the New York primary approached, I certainly wasn’t against either candidate, but I still had to decide who to vote for. So I sat down with a yellow pad and made a list of pros and cons for each.

    The only obvious difference was experience. This primary race was a rare case in which the female candidate was more experienced in big-time political conflict than the male candidate. She was more familiar with extremists for whom there was no middle ground. I knew that outside the women’s movement, I would be better liked if I chose Obama. Women are always better liked if we sacrifice ourselves for something bigger – and something bigger always means including men, even though something bigger for men doesn’t usually mean including women. In choosing Hillary, I would be seen as selfish for supporting a woman “like” me. But that was a warning, too. Needing approval is a female cultural disease, and often a sign of doing the wrong thing. There was one more note on my yellow pad. Because I still believed it was too soon for Hillary or any woman to be accepted as commander-in-chief, I wrote: If I were Obama, I would not feel personally betrayed by lack of support from someone like me, a new ally. If I were Hillary Clinton, I might feel betrayed by a longtime supporter who left me for a new face. In other words: Obama didn’t need me to win. Hillary Clinton might need me to lose.

    Once again the road educated me – by showing me what voters were subjected to. I began to think that the wait for a female president might be even longer than I imagined. On campuses, I saw young men wearing T-shirts that said “Too bad OJ didn’t marry Hillary” (all caps). I watched as MSNBC political analyst Tucker Carlson said of Hillary Clinton: “I have often said when she comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs.”

    A woman reporter for the Washington Post wrote about a Hillary suit jacket that disclosed a bit of cleavage and called it “a provocation”. No such charge had been levelled at male presidential candidates, from John F Kennedy to Obama, when they were photographed on the beach in bathing suits. About Hillary, Rush Limbaugh asked: “Will this country want to actually watch a woman get older on a daily basis?”

    No wonder such misogyny was almost never named by the media. It WAS the media.

    In making my list about the pluses and minuses of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I discovered I was angry. I was angry because it was OK for two generations of Bush sons to inherit power from a political patriarchy, but not OK for one Clinton wife to claim experience and inherit power from a husband whose full political partner she had been for 20 years. I was angry because young men in politics were treated like rising stars, but young women were treated like – well, young women. I was angry about all the women candidates who put their political skills on hold to raise children – and all the male candidates who didn’t. I was angry about the human talent that was lost just because it was born into a female body, and the mediocrity that was rewarded because it was born into a male one. And I was angry because the media took racism seriously – or pretended to – but with sexism, they rarely bothered even to pretend. Resentment of women still seemed safe, whether it took the form of demonising black, single mothers or making routine jokes about powerful women being ball-busters.

  65. I’m not a big fan of Gloria any longer, she has let NOW hit the crapper with her blessings, and NOW is about as useless to women as AARP is to seniors. Nothing but a political arm. She treated Hillary like she wasn’t even there in 08.

    But still,it’s a nice piece.

    No big deal with the eye, GWM, I can wait. I do want to but it’s not critical, it’s elective. It will get done.

  66. Uppity, sorry about the delayed surgery;no big deal for the providers but it does take a lot of energy to psych yourself up for a surgery,even a minor one. Fortunately your third eye appears to not be negatively impacted and your connection w/spirit ( one of the functions of the third eye) very much intact. That must be one feisty spirit you’re in contact with.
    I’ve learned much from you today,oh wise one. Didn’t know Joe was pro-life. ( I should’ve known that one,he’s Catholic after all). Wasn’t so blind as to have missed the “hands on” approach he has to women.
    And speaking of eyes;didn’t realize vision could be corrected for near/far and middle vision. Would love to get rid of these glasses that have made a dent in my nose for the past 15 years.

    All will be well..for Uppity and for Hillary. Keeping the faith.

  67. Biden V. Biden

    Against the Bin laden raid but says he was really for it.

  68. Hillary reacts to the news that Jim Webb is going to drop out of the Democratic race and may run as an Independent.

  69. Biden’s “debut” today has been nothing short of a disaster. He praised Dick Cheney, said he loves crazy Republicans etc.

  70. Biden now says he was for the Bin Laden raid when he is on record as far back as 2012 saying he was against it. Has the man not heard of Google? He got caught plagerizing in 1988 had apparently thinks he can spin another yarn and no one will point out his lies! The man is a schmuck!!

  71. Uppity, if I’m not mistaken, the Steinem piece is from 2008.

  72. Biden is a disaster: a well known liar and an admirer of Dick Cheney!

  73. Sue – The Steinem piece is brand new, October 2015.

    Agree with Upps that Steinem can be a huge asshole – I was dumbfounded she (and the Girl Scouts!!! ) guzzled the TransBot Kool-Aid recently declaring “MtF Transsexuals are women”.
    But in this Guardian piece I think she’s very good, especially about the women who hate Hillary – the BernBots are loaded with them.

    Biden SAID that today. Ga?! What an idiot.

  74. Biden is imploding. Stand by

  75. And that’s not the only lie he said today.

  76. He also said today that he had veto power over senate votes. he has lost it.

  77. Wow, the more he talks the worse it gets. What in the world is wrong with him? Like was said above does he think that nobody can Google. Again, nothing short of a disaster.

  78. And he basically said that whenever he was sent to another country, he spoke for the president but SOS did not.


  80. No contest. Hillary was up against a gaggle of Little Leaguers.

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