The Stupid S#!t Joe Biden Said Today

Did you hear what Joe Biden said today?  Uppity asked me to make up a handy-dandy reference list. Consider it a work in progress as you never know what he’ll say next! In other words, check for updates, often!
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So Joe was invited to an event honoring Walter Mondale. And, Joe being Joe, naturally decided to make the event ALL ABOUT HIMSELF!!

I guess he was trying to contrast himself with Hillary Clinton, since he’s kind of running against her….without actually doing the running part. You didn’t have to bother, Joe, we know you’re NOTHING like Hillary Clinton! Anyway, one gaffe…led to another…and another…you get the idea.

He said that Hillary was “naive” because she listed the Republicans as enemies. You know, that throw away line at the end of the debate when she was asked about which enemy she was proud to have. We all laughed when she rattled off the list that included, the NRA, the Iranians and with a little pause for comedic effect….the Republicans! But not Joe! Apparently, he found that comment very disturbing!! Very disturbing indeed!

“It is possible, it is necessary to end this notion that enemy is the other party,” Biden told the crowd of Washington notables that included members of Congress and former President Jimmy Carter. “End this notion that it is naïve to think we can speak well of the other party and cooperation. What is naïve is to think it is remotely possible to govern this country unless we can. That is what is naïve.”

Huh? How many times can you say naive in one statement? It would be naive of me to hazard a guess. Naively speaking, of course.
Screen shot 2015-10-20 at 9.05.56 PM

Then, he said that he, really liked Darth Vadar, aka Dick Cheney.

Joe I am your father!

Joe I am your father!

“I actually like Dick Cheney, for real,” he said. “I think he’s a decent man.”

I’m sure he was so proud of himself for saying that, being all bi-partisan and stuff. Until Mondale burst his bubble, that bully!

But after Mondale pushed back, arguing that Cheney had taken the vice presidency to the “dark side,” Biden quickly walked back his remark, claiming there was “no similarity” between Cheney’s record and his own

Wait, wait….I didn’t say I LIKED Dick Cheney, well out loud I did…but in the private conversation in my head….I really said he’s a terrible man, I hate him!

He also changed his story on the Bin Laden raid. First, he said that he had been against the raid that got Bin Laden, but he really meant that he was for the raid.  When he was saying he was against it…got it?

He got to me. He said, ‘Joe, what do you think?’ And I said, ‘You know, I didn’t know we had so many economists around the table.’ I said, ‘We owe the man a direct answer. Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go. We have to do two more things to see if he’s there,” Biden recalled in 2012.

He claims now that didn’t want to share his true feelings in front of others, like you know, the Cabinet, national security team….shhhh….this was just between him and the POTUS. They have that “special” relationship. They walked, arm in arm up to Joe’s office, I mean, the President’s office, the oval office and then Joe could share his TRUE feelings!!

He also knew about the Bin Laden intelligence WAAAAAYY before anyone else did (read: Clinton) because, well, his BFF Potus told him so!

“The President and I, and only two others in the administration, knew about Abbottabad as early as August” 2010, Biden said Tuesday. “We did not go for almost a year to get him. And major players in the Cabinet did not know about it till January or February (2011).”

Finally, I shouldn’t say finally, we know there will be more…he talked up his creds with Obama. How they spend about ” four to seven hours a day together.” Everyday!!

According to Joe, their bro-mance was on from the get-go!

Joe and Potus and the complete me!

Joe and Potus and the beginning… complete me!

“It started off that I knew I was simpatico with the president-elect,” he said. “We had a genuine relationship.”

Obama even let him make all the really big decisions….it was a big f@#%ing deal!

Biden said Obama granted him the ability to sign off on all Cabinet picks — implying that he agreed to allow Clinton to become secretary of State.

And when it comes to foreign policy, who needs a Secretary of State when you’ve got Joe Biden on your team! Why he negotiates with world leaders even though he’s spending 4-7 hours a day chewing the fat with the president…..where does he find the time???

“We’ve had two great secretaries of State, but when I go, they know that I am speaking for the president,” Biden said.

The bro-mance after hour seven....

The bro-mance after hour seven….

I leave you with this tidbit, that Joe didn’t actually say today. In fairness, he said it in an interview in 1974. However, I think it’s relevant today, especially in light of his treatment of Anita Hill and all of the woman groping he’s done.

“When it comes to issues like abortion, amnesty, and acid, I’m about as liberal as your grandmother. I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far. I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body,”

I bet you don’t Mr. Joe, “some women are like that” Biden! Some women… no, make that all women… actually DO think we have sole right to say what should happen to our bodies.




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  1. Biden’s pathetic.

  2. He is such a tool, that if Hillary had to step down for some reason, I would become a bernbot. I have laid off him, for the most part, because he just lost his son, but these things he has said just disgust me. I was reading a post about him in Salon or Politico, about how ridiculous it was to say Hillary is calculating and Biden is not, and the post ended like this:

    “Now, I don’t know what Joe Biden is actually like in private. One former longtime aide of his, Jeff Connaughton, wrote a tell-all book blasting Biden as selfish, arrogant, rude, and extremely ambitious — even going as far as to call him an “egomaniacal autocrat.” Other former aides say nicer things.

    But the vice president has been in Washington for 42 years and knows perfectly well that his “unvarnished” persona is one of his best political assets. So the idea that Hillary Clinton is calculating and Joe Biden isn’t should be put to bed. He knows perfectly well what he’s doing.”

  3. Great post, imust!

  4. The good news is, as Uppity said, Joe is self destructing with these comments. Hillary doesn’t have to say a thing…..lift a finger…..she doesn’t even have to get out of bed and good ol’ Joe will keep talking, and talking……

  5. imust, yes, agree with you. You would think he would have wanted to go out on a high note–retire from politics in Jan 17, start a foundation or do some other worthy charity work. People would likely forget his past doucherys. But no, he has to force himself into the election, play games, try to make everything about himself and crap on the other candidates.

  6. Oh Joe…you just effed up majorly. These are not smart things you are doing here. The minute you announce, all the stuff is going to be dragged out of the closet where it’s been stored.

  7. annie@1:34. Aw hell, now I have to go wading through all the stuff on Politico *and* Salon to try to find that article. Grrrrrr….

  8. Sorry Fredster…here is the link…it was on Vox:

  9. Great article, thanks Imust.

    Creepy uncle Joe could have graciously retired and always been welcome at the family reunions, but no. I bet he has Jim Webb on speed dial — good thing, Webb might need a running mate.

  10. I never trusted him from the day I found out he got hair plugs.

  11. I don’t know how you did it, imust. I was confused just thinking about all the shit joe said yesterday. And remember folks, that was just ONE day of Joe Biden’s abject stupidity!

  12. Oh, and Joe has more foreign policy experience than somebody else. Somebody else traveled 1 million miles and Joe traveled 1.1 million miles!

  13. You guys should be on twitter with us. Imust and i had a blast with this shit yesterday. And plenty of others hopped on. One tweeter went straight to Joe and Jill and told them in about a dozen tweets where the bear goes in the woods.

  14. Wonderful writing,I must. I’m sure John Kerry enjoys being described in effect as Biden’s foreign policy backup.

  15. In one short day Biden shot both of his feet and put both of them in his mouth. Though after hearing more from Biden it has become obvious why Obama picked him.

  16. Reminder, not that you need it, Hillary will testify PUBLICLY in front that Trey Gowdy’s no-credibility committee tomorrow. CSPAN will carry it.

  17. Great post!!!!

    Hillary schedule:
    Thursday – Testifying
    Friday – on Rachel Maddow
    Saturday – Iowa JJ dinner (w/ Katy Perry and Bill clinton)
    Sunday – NYC Birthday Bash

    Today is Back to the Future Day” OCT 21, 2015!
    Hi Marty–sorry we were too busy worrying about Hillary’s emails and playing Candy Crush to invent real hover boards.

  18. OMG, imust!

    “I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.” !!!!!

    I don’t care if he said this in 1974 or 1874. That he said it at all tells women all they need to know about this horrible doofus.

    I’m glad Fritz took exception to his Cheney comments. But now that toothpaste is out of the tube too! Way to go, Joe! This is exactly how you should run for president–if you ever do. Gee, I’m almost hoping you do after yesterday. You’re even more entertaining than I thought.

  19. And yeah, in typical Biden fashion he made an event about someone else all about him. What a guy!

  20. Thanks Sophie! XO

  21. Hi Lorna. Long time no see!

  22. Fredster. Politico AND Salon in one day could be detrimental to your health.

  23. Socal. Joe’s not interested in worthy charity. He’s interested in getting attention at all times.

  24. Joe, we’re all sorry your son died. But keep your grabby genderist paws off the election. We don’t need you. We don’t want you. Go away and stay gone.

  25. Creepy Crawly Joe

  26. Did I see correctly? Joe’s not running? Could someone else please listen to whatever he’s saying because I’m sure I would gag heavily.

  27. Yep, not running except for his mouth.

  28. Hehehehe. Why would he go out bad mouthing his party’s likely nominee. He has created a Republican ad. Is it possible that some highly placed party member drew him aside to say ‘knock it off.’?

  29. Taking one last shot at Hillary. That’s so Joe! I think he was going to do it right up until the last couple of days when so many prominent Dems began begging him not to. But like a character in “Frozen”, he clearly was having a very difficult time and couldn’t bring himself to “Let It Go!”.

  30. And three seperate polls now have Hillary back in the lead in New Hampshire. Rise, Hillary! Rise!

  31. Now Trump and Priebus are saying that Biden was Democrats’ best hope in 2016 and they’re happy to be running against her. Priebus in particular indicated that the emails and Benghazi are still going to be used to hit her.

  32. Another new poll shows that people agree with Sanders on one thing: they’re sick of hearing about her damn emails! So if Republicans refuse to focus on the issues that really matter to people, they are toast.

  33. Biden the best hope? You’ve got to be kidding. VP’s generally have had the hardest time getting elected. Of course they are going to talk about the emails. They don’t have anything positive for Americans.

  34. Well, we got rid of that POS Joe Biden, onward and upward!

  35. Did anyone see the picture of him with his fists clenched and holding his arms up in some sort of “Evita” pose? “Don’t cry for me, Joseph Biden…The truth is, we never liked you….”

  36. Now, Joe has all the time in the world to go duck huntin’ with his old pal, Dick Cheney.

  37. I know Upps! And there’s no immunization available for that either! 😯

  38. Maybe he didn’t enjoy the last 25 hours of the MSM questioning his multiple Bin Laden stories instead of continuing the pity party.

  39. Yeah, the honest and trustworthy Joe meme took a real hit when he revealed he was for the Bin Laden before he was against it–or vise versa. Whatever. Our long national nightmare is over.

  40. From Datalounge. Wish I posted it.

    Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton 1 minute ago .@VP is a good friend and a great man. Today and always, inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. -H

    In other words, “You tried it. I kicked your ass. Bye Felicia.”

  41. House admits it cut funding to embassy security and then spends 4.5 million to blame Hillary

  42. Yeah Lorna, Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! They aren’t worshiping meeeeeeeeee!

  43. Fredster, honey, I daresay in large doses it could be fatal!

  44. We need a vaccine!

  45. Sorry Fredster! Researchers are dedicating all their time to find a cure for Maureen Dowd!

  46. Aw Sue, I gotta tweet that!

  47. Nah I better not. Be accused of wanting Cheney to do what he does best, shoot his friends in the marsh. But can you imagine anybody saying they reallllly like Dick Cheney?

  48. Oh there’s a cure for that Upps, but homicide is against the law. 😦

  49. Agree that the latest bullshit fest probably had his supporters backing off in a hurry. Imust, you did a superb job of documenting it.

    Upps @ 4:55pm: “But can you imagine anybody saying they reallllly like Dick Cheney?” Hell no! And certainly not a democrat. (I personally view Cheney as a traitor and war criminal.) But what I find especially galling is that the bern bots and other non-Hillary supporters are always saying she’s “republican-lite” or some such nonsense, and who is more republicanish than Biden?

  50. Upps, I’ll check out your twitter fun later tonight.

  51. Republicans are the enemy, at least this iteration of them. You cannot negotiate with them unless they get “98% of what we wanted.” You cannot reason with them. They are a group of insane Ayn Randers and evangelists. They believe what they believe, and no science, no logic, will get them to budge one inch. They would just as soon destroy the country rather than seek common ground.

    The policy of praising Republicans, and declaring that tjere are no red or blue states, did not work at all. It has led to Republicans dominating every branch of government but one, barely; and to them controlling vritually every state legislature. They are not our friends, they are not even respected colleagues. They are stupid, dangerous and destructive people. And it is more than about time that we have a candidate who will see the Republicans for what they are, and warn the populace. They actually have to be largely eradicated from our government, or eventually one of them will win the Presidency, and we will not recover from it. Making nice with them just lets them grow stronger, wealthier, and more belligerent.

  52. William, you are sooo right!

    btw, there is an excellent post by Prolix about Benghazi over @ Widdershins.

  53. Hillary was making a joke at the debate: conflating (congressional Republicans) with Iranians as enemies. It got a big laugh.
    That said, Holy Joe never had a member of Congress shoot a watermelon in his (Dan Burton, Indiana) backyard trying to prove he was a murderer.
    Biden’s speech in the Rose Garden was peevish and passive-aggressive-not his finest hour.
    But then, the Clintons have always been better to the Democratic Party than the Democratic Party has been to the Clintons.
    Bill is still the upstart with no pedigree that became President on talent and smarts alone; the Villagers hate that.

  54. My national nightmare is over; Joe is NOT running…of course he retains the right to take stupid pot shots at Hill .The Joe ,run Joe thing was fueled by his ego and DC guys who cannot bare the idea of girl cooties in the oval office…but Joe makes sad sack Jeb look like a good campaigner LOL

  55. This was another thing soooo funny about Joe supposedly running….how long it took to get a damned decision out of him….oh yeah that’s who I want taking that 3 am phone call..Mr” I’ll get back to you” LOL

  56. It occurs to me that Biden’s statement about Republicans as enemies might be due to the fact that most of his years in Washington were spent with the Democrats as the majority and with a more rational group of Republicans to make friends with, as well as accomplishing bipartisan legislation.

  57. Many of us have lived through or watched mid-life crises;today I think we watched a full blown Latter Life Crisis. Apparently this can be diagnosed by observing an adult person having a temper tantrum replete w/finger pointing;unwanted/unnecessary advice and attempts at attacking the Lady who stole your prize.
    I guess when you’ve lived your whole life wanting something when it finally becomes clear you can’t have it AND you have only 15 months to figure out what you’re going to do with the rest of your’s probably not a good idea to play out this drama in the Rose Garden.

    Still if it really is all about you ,the Rose Garden is the best place for a tantrum..plenty of national attention. This,Joe, is why grieving people are advised NOT to make important decisions while still processing grief. I guess you had to make a decision;but grace during adversity is apparently not a part of being really,really authentic.

    Should you require a role model for how to demonstrate grace during adversity,let me refer to Hillary Clinton’s concession speech in’08.

    One of my teachers used to say you can’t heal crazy,you just bless them and send them on their way.

    We’ve got the right and the best person running for the Dems this time around. She doesn’t do petulant,she just gets back up and carrys on.

    Thanks for all the links everyone and…

    “Onward through the fog.”

  58. Well said, Msdsal.

  59. Seriously, didn’t Jill Biden look like she was thinking, “Joe, just STFU already!”

  60. OMG! I just watched a video clip on CNN. I was thinking the same, or close. It was like she was thinking, “Please let him get through this without saying something stupid!”

    He did seem pissy. Why did he make the announcement in the Rose Garden, with Obama by his side??? That was weird. It was like Obama let him be president for a few minutes since he would never actually get to BE president. Do you suppose he let him sit behind the Resolute Desk too? Pick up the Red Phone and make a call? So childish. What about his comments about how people shouldn’t just support Obama, but RUN on his record?!? Yeah Joe, you can dictate how Hillary runs her campaign too. Whatanass!!!!

  61. I think Joe is going to harass Hillary throughout this entire election, that’s what I think. Like it’s her fault he couldn’t even get 20% in the polls in spite of his well honed crepe hanging routine. The pity party just didn’t work out for him. I also suspect he wants candidates to worship him throughout the campaign and remember how wonderful he is in his own head. I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire.

  62. Yeah that’s the closest he’s ever going to get to taking over the rose garden. If you ask me, he’s about to have another aneurysm because his brain is misfiring big time.

  63. “Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me–and I welcome their hatred.”

    Franklin D. Roosevelt 1936

  64. I just watched part of Biden’s speech. All it did was make me doubly glad he is not running. I mean he issued pretty much veiled threats to anybody who is not going along with the Obama agenda for the past 7 years. He’s like you better toe the line or I’m going to come after you. However it was instructive as to why the media wanted him to run. They wanted someone to beat up on Hillary. WTF is wrong with these people? Do they have such a problem with women running or what?

  65. Ga6th, Hillary can handle him. She will take from his agenda what fits hers and I’m sure there is more to her agenda. Joe is going to interfere, but let me tell you if you were on Twitter you would know just how angry her supporters are at him, even those who ‘loved’ him before this. They will be all over him like white on rice. If he thinks he’s going to loom over her with threats, he might just find out that’s not to his legacy benefit. Joe thinks he’s more powerful than he is. You would think his Pity Poll numbers would give him the hint. Today he looked like a petty, jealous school child, lashing out. Now that’s his image. Me? I never could stand him ever since Anita Hill. And if he keeps it up, he will be blamed for giving poll numbers to the R candidate and go down at the end of his career in flames. And No, none of them wants a woman usurping the biggest job in the country, that’s for sure. I always hate primary time because a candidate has to toe lines, but once a general is underway, things get fine tuned. Nobody wants to be anybody’s third term, good, bad, terrible or great. That’s where Republicans always get into trouble. Let’s let it play out. Look how she is prevailing with that fake Benghazi Club. I’m sure tomorrow she is going to hand them all a shit sandwich. And make them eat it.

    Listen gang, i have a dentist appointment I forgot about until I got reminded this afternoon. It’s at 12:30! So please, if you can, live blog her testimony so I can catch up when I get back. xo.

  66. Uppity are you gonna put up a LIVE blog thread?

  67. imust:
    Absolutely fabulous post.
    And of course, all the following comments…
    He knew that did not have a chance…RIP

  68. Does anyone know what time the testimony starts? And who is televising it?

  69. Ok, it looks like 10am Eastern, CSPAN. Please post if anyone knows anything different. 🙂

  70. I wish I could be happy about Biden stepping aside…but I smell a rat. Not just a Dem rat, but the elite rat. Biden spent the last two days trashing Hillary. Read Biden’s speech today. His “ideas” are Sanders’ platform. He demands any Dem candidate MUST defend the Obama admin. Interestingly enough, yesterday Paul Ryan said he would run for House Speaker as long as he had a guarantee of fidelity from the Republicans.

    Something is up. At this point I think the Dems and Reps are twin sons of different mothers and the mother they have in common…the “ruling class”.

    Hillary needs to watch her back because they are gunning for her.

  71. I’ve been shouting it out in twitter, I have NEVER believed Joe was a champion of women. For him it was a show. He’s identical to those Big Boys in Corp America who pretend to mentor those Little Women, complete with the back rubs. The guys who pretend they are mentoring you…….until you get too close to being their equal. THen all bets are off. Hillary stole his thunder, she’s going to surpass him in “Title”. He’s very very angry.

  72. Except Bernie hasn’t been defending the Obama man and if he starts now, his “I’ve had the same exact message for a bazillion years” is out the window.

    And was Joe thinking about his presidential loyalty when he met with Elizabeth Warren?

    So, I don’t know who Joe thinks he’a’s aligned with!

  73. Today’s the Benghazi hearing.

    Looks like it’s all on CSPAN3

    Still4Hill has a refresher for today.

    Kurt Eichenwald has a good article up on Newsweek: Benghazi Biopsy: A Comprehensive Guide to One of America’s Worst Political Outrages

  74. Joe is aligned with Joe. It makes me sick to watch the media fawn all over him like he’s some kind of saint. Maddow had a slobbering Bidenfest going on last night. Did she not hear all of the nasty things he said on Tuesday?

  75. It’s amazing how quickly affable, good natured Joe turned into angry, bitter Joe–who is now defending REPUBLICANS. Hillary made that remark about Republicans as her enemies with her tongue firmly in cheek. But even if she hadn’t, she would have a case to make. Republicans have never felt threatened by Biden and have left him alone for the most part. However, they have gone after Hillary in vicious, personal, and sexist terms before she even arrived in D.C. as FLOTUS. Her experience of GOP is very different from his. Really, there is no excuse for his cheap shots at her. Anger is one of the stages of grief, but his anger is badly misdirected.

  76. The pity party didn’t work well enough for him so he switched to angry victim. Man, I thought Obama was a narcissist…..Biden is worse.

  77. I can put one up if you havent already thought of it imust

    EDIT I see you did one, thank you!

  78. If you have one….use it. I just threw that together. Actually, I’ve gone from hopeful and optimistic to really really ANGRY that she has to do this AGAIN. Especially with the Joe Biden CRAP of the last 2 days.

  79. Watching the hearings,
    I hope this ends this Witch hunt? :facepalm:

  80. H/T CDH. 🙂

  81. Nooooo. Go ahead and put it up!

  82. Madam President did great,
    Just like I knew she would. 😀

  83. Hillary is amazing. And I love how the democratic congresspeople are standing up to that freak Gowdy. Did you notice how the idiot R from Ohio screeched during his entire time about the silly youtube protests meme? What a jerk. He didn’t let her respond to anything he was screeching about. Interrupted her every time she tried to speak.

  84. I looked around at various blogs and they all seem to be on Hillary’s side. Fluffpo’s headline says: Clinton vs. the Clowns.

  85. I am trying to follow on Daily Kos live blog at work. They are very positive about her. My only concern is that she will get tired and make a mistake. This has to be exhausting! The clowns questioning her can leave and take breaks. She has to sit there and stay focused for hours. Commentators at Kos are in awe!

  86. Josh Marshall at TPM: “She looks poised; they’re radiating spittle….She’s making rhem regret this is even happening.” 😁

  87. I just got back from finishing my root canal. You all sound like it’s going well?

  88. Oh, Up, Gowdy and the clown posse wishes they had gone for a root canal today! Apparently, it’s deteriorated to the point that rhey are asking her who deserves more credit for getting rid of Ghaddafi–her or Obama. ROFLMAO!

  89. WHo the H is that twit Jim Jordan? He wouldn’t let her answer a single question. How would you like to be married to THAT POS? He probably beats his wife.

  90. I must share with you all the following. I have family that live in Ohio. I however did not know who the knucklehead “Jim Jordan” was so I went to Wikipedia to get some info on him. It has since been removed from his official Wiki page, but I kid you not this is what was posted:

    “Jame Daniel “Jim Jordan (born February 17, 1964) is the U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district, serving since 2007………He suffered a serious injury in his youth that permanently left him wrong about everything.

  91. Driftglass mocks the Benghaaaaaaazi! Reptilians (NSFW for naughty words): 😉

  92. Today is a REALLY good day to donate to Hillary. Whatever you can–even just a couple of bucks.

  93. Although I don’t live in his district, I’m really proud of Adam Schiff, the dem congressman from the L.A. area. Whether it was his comments during his questioning time, or the interviews he gave during the break, he killed it!

  94. Lol that reminds me of when Obama did that. No politico can miss that message. At this point the committee seems to be about giving Hill another platform to look good on! lol Mincemeat.

  95. #FreeHillary

    If you tweet, do it!

  96. Our girl killed it! What a triumph! She made the rethugs look like stupid, dangerous rubes. Also, the Democrats on the Congress were heroes!

    Did anyone else notice how gowdy was sweating profusely as the day wore on?

  97. I try not to look at Trey Gowdy. They just showed him talking to reporters after the filibuster was finally over…..He.Makes.Me.Sick

  98. Lucky for Joe that he announced his big “No” yesterday. had it been today–well we were all busy. Had it been tomorrow, he would have looked like the BIG JERK that he is dissing the ONLY person in America that could have had the day she had.

  99. Martha Roby (AL-02) was a big dick today.

    Actually, they all were.

    I am making a pledge to donate money to any candidate running against any of those Republicans on this committee.

  100. Socalannie

    Gowdy might have been sweating, but most of his shine comes from the MASSIVE amounts of Botox the bastard has had

  101. Sophie, you rock!

  102. Huffpo has a great headline up now with a gif of Hillary brushing off her shoulder, like she’s brushing off a gnat or something.

  103. Been looking at the comments on fluffpo and am amazed to see lots of comments like this one:

    “Fred Nuguid
    Thank you republicans for making up my mind about Hillary Clinton. Testifying before a group of angry white patriarchal males, Clinton exuded strength, poise, grace, charisma, nerve and talent. Never have I seen her more presidential than today. I AM VOTING FOR HER.”

    And hardly anything about Bernie.

  104. I made a tweet. I hope I did it right?

  105. Socal, it wasn’t just Huffpo. Kos did a tweet saying many people were “Meh” about hillary, now they are supporting her. Now read the comments her. One said he/she had to watch the whole thing because they didn’t want to leave her alone with these abusers. I mean I tweeted with Bernie supporters who were showing her support just on the basis of how abusive it was.

  106. Oh, she wasn’t alone with the abusers.

    They were alone with her. 😈

  107. Somebody needs to call the WAAAAAAHmbulance for the denizens of the Freshwater Crustacean Pit. 😆

  108. Gang, I wish I had the juice to write what I am thinking in a post. I fear someone performed a writing bypass on me. I just can’t get kickstarted. I’m sorry.

  109. She beat the shit out of them even when she wasn’t saying anything.

    I can’t wait to see the next polls.

  110. Eurogirl, so sorry I just found you in spam. I have no good explanation for it other than it happens to us all now and then, including me.

  111. Eurogirl, so sorry I just found you in spam. I have no good explanation for it other than it happens to us all now and then, including me.

    Gowdy had Botox? What for? He’s so damned fugly, why bother.

  112. I can’t stop thinking about Hillary’s performance yesterday; she was magnificent.
    Although I never criticize anyone’s appearance (okay, I’m lying), I can’t help but notice Gowdy’s strange face: it’s so flat.
    Congenital syphilis or fetal alcohol syndrome?
    You decide.

  113. When Hillary started coughing toward the end, but declined a break and took a cough lozenge…..I lost it! So much abuse heaped onto one woman. They tried so hard to break her, but they couldn’t do it. She was simply amazing.

  114. Committee formed to tank Hillary’s poll numbers will make them soar! 😄

  115. She really was, imust. She’s presidential no matter how all these clowns everywhere try to bury it. She’s show this both in the debate at during an 11 hour blatantly vicious interrogation. And her numbers will reflect that.

  116. His eyes aren’t far enough apart for the fetal alcohol thank, Sue. I’m guessing he’s an early phase creature that appears when a pod pops open in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.

  117. Melissa Mc Ewan at Shakesville asks a very pertinent question of our distinguished vice president: Does he still think Republicans are not Hillary’s enemies?

  118. Webb out Biden out,
    Chaffee out. 😯

    Pretty soon our girl, Will be the last Man standing. 😀

  119. Bernie will hang in. He’s got a solid 25%. I’m not going to pick on him anymore unless there’s a Hillary attack…because I thought he did her a huge favor during the debate. I think he likes her.

  120. Hey Rebel, can you give me alink the shakesville’s piece. I’ll tweet it.

  121. Yeah, as far as Bernie goes you will hear no more complaints from me. Honestly the bernie bros did a 180 and came to the aid and support of Hillary yesterday during the hearings.

  122. That Gawdy fellow should be name Gaudi instead. He looks out of one of those Tim Burton’s movies called; “Nightmare at the White House” as the Halloween spook star attraction.

  123. And the gifts keep on coming. Republicans debunking their own committee-check.Debate win-check;Biden out-check;Web/Chafee out-check. Eleven hours of screen time demonstrating what a woman president really looks like-check.
    I’ve been fond of saying for years that I always get even;which my colleagues and friends often found “so negative” But I reassured them that I never had to do anything;most of the time I just had to only request is that I get to be a witness when the jerk/s implode.

    This has been so entertaining. I kept wanting to hear Helen Reddy’s”I Am Woman” playing in the background.I am smiling today and probably tomorrow,too.

    Isn’t life grand? And we only had to wait seven years.

  124. Msdsal,, I often imagine Helen appearing at one of Hillary’s Inaugural balls and belting out her anthem while the crowd roars.
    I can see it.

  125. Yes, I think we (well, Hillary) forded the rapids, and there are some more tranquil waters ahead. Oh, there will of course be more attacks and more scurrilous comments. But Hillary somehow sitting through that nine-hour third-degree hearing, and handling it with grace and poise, was an amazing moment in this campaign.

    And yes, Republicans are indeed the enemy, and that should be said, at least by us, at every opportunity.

  126. Uppity, a mail and an essay for you

  127. I used to live in Gowdy’s district or close to it. I don’t know how to describe the voters there. It’s embarrassing that they elected such an incompetent person to be solicitor. Well, I do know how Gowdy wins. He plays the Jesus card. All you have to do there is play the Jesus card and you’re in. To the rest of the country he looks like a nut.

  128. We have plenty of crazy religious fanatic politicians in Michigan, too. Fortunately for the rest of the nation, most of those critters never leave the barnyard. Unfortunately for Michiganders, we can’t get rid of ’em!

  129. I beg the indulgence of all as this is completely off-topic.

    Thank you God for Adele. Her voice makes me weep at revisited heartache, but ultimately tears of joy at her gorgeous voice and its resonance of the humanity and fragileness in each of us. It is so needed by me at this point in my life….and apparently the rest of the world. She just broke the 24-hour video views on YouTube/Vimeo with over 22 MILLION views in that time period.

    Maybe we all want more MUSIC, more HEART, more TRUTH to the human condition and a lot less gruff/fluff.

  130. Ga you are so right! I’ve got Bernie people following me on twitter now and some have changed their profiles to say they support Bernie and Hillary. They REALLY did come to her aid and I am not going to forget that. I will give them respect even if the face of a disagreement with Bernie. I think this formed in my mind when I saw a comment from a Bernie supporter during the Interrogation, and he/she said I am going to watch this to the end because I can’t leave her alone with these abusers.

    We saw what our debate was like when we looked like the only adults in the debate room compared to Republicans. We should keep that up, follow that example. I think that we have shown recently that bitterness and rancor will get none of us anywhere. If a house burns down, you rebuild, but you don’t rebuild and then burn it again. Or some such shit. That doesn’t mean I will never get angry or I will become passive (not one of my qualities, right?) but, I really want to try not to shoot first. Of course if someone shoots at me first, it has always been my policy to shoot back good and straight. Straight. Really straight. Really Really Straight, as you all know.

    As a side note, I really think that POS Jim Jordan woke a lot of feelings in women who were treated like that from control freaks like him, both Republican and Democrat. The only thing he didn’t do is punch her in the face. He also embodied why it is so imperative that we stop these animals from being legislatively in control of women in ANY Way, Shape or Form. God help his wife.

  131. William please check your emails.

  132. Don’t miss reading Rolling Stone’s piece, “Republicans’ 11-Hour Gift To Hillary Clinton. I stole it from Skydancing, and hopefully Dak won’t mind

  133. I’ve never seen Adele, but I did see Florence and the Machine twice in a row a couple of weeks ago. They had the same producer for a while. I like Florence better, but Adele is very impressive.

  134. As you probably know, tonight it the Iowa JJ Dinner. The Des Moines Register will stream it live at 7 PM.

    By the way, Iowa is on fire for Hillary today!

  135. RIP Maureen O’Hara

  136. God, I love Bill sometimes!

  137. Love that Bill Clinton quote Sophie. We’re all laughing our heads off here.

  138. Upps @ 7:27, Brava!

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