Republicans Are The Enemy

An Essay by Member William

There is this oft-related, but thoroughly naive theme that runs through too much of the electorate. It is the “why can’t we all get along?” mythology. Poll after poll will show that the respondents want the two political parties to work together; that people do not like political conflict. That may be an admirable notion in theory, but it is fanciful and actually harmful when superimposed over the current political realities.

Of course there have always been differences between the two political parties. Unlike most of Europe, America has essentially had a two-party system since the 1860’s. In that sense, it has become a zero-sum game; if one party wins the white house, the other party has lost it. But the checks and balances system put in by the nation’s founders has provided for the possibility of balance, even if only one party can own the presidency at one time. So of course while there are always differences, it is in theory possible for the two parties to work together on some matters, and move the country forward. And there is the concept of “the loyal opposition,” where decent people of either party can make their case; which can ultimately lead to some kind of compromise from the synthesis of two differing views and even agendas.

That is how it is supposed to work. And we can all remember some periods where there were Republicans who were essentially decent people who put forth ideas that we Democrats might disagree with, but could reasonably debate with them about.  For me, it was always a source of great disappointment and upset when the Republicans triumphed in an election; but I never felt that we Democrats could not bounce back in the next election; and I never really thought that the Republicans would destroy the country in their term of office. Usually, of course, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, so there was that check and balance in place, although the area of foreign affairs was less susceptible to congressional balance, so that was always a concern. But politically there was an ebb and flow, fits and starts, as the social pendulum would swing, and then usually be somewhat corrected, before swinging again.

That all started to change in the late ’60’s, particularly as a result of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” which sought to take advantage for the Repubicans out of the passage of the Civil Rights Act.  The Democratic “Solid South” turned Republican, and has never turned back. There are states down there that the Democrats haven’t won for fifty years, and are unlikely to ever win. And in subsequent years, various degrees of southern conservatives or racists were joined by evangelicals who started to take over the party at the state level. This was written about in magazines like “The New Republic,” but none of us paid it enough attention. Then suddenly it seemed like many of the midwestern states such as Kansas and Nebraska were completely controlled by evangelicals. And the people the Republican Party were nominating for various state and federal offices became immensely more radical. I would not call them “conservative,” because what they espoused was not old-time conservatism, but a kind of extreme anti-government, anti-education, anti-science dogma.

People have written lengthy books on all of this. Suffice it to say that the Republicans of the last twenty years have in almost science fiction fashion, morphed into the most dangerous political force this country has ever known. With the rarest of exceptions, they talk alike, mouth the same ignorant platitudes, brook no dissent. They have turned politics into a kind of religion, where they are out to purge the nation of the unbelievers, burn their enemies to the ground in a righteous crusade. You can’t argue with them, you can’t discuss anything. They know that they are right, it is their religion. A few are actually opportunists who say these things because it can get them elected and wealthy. But most of them are reminiscent of the people who lined the streets of Tennesee in 1925, chanting against the schoolteacher John Scopes, who had the audacity to try to teach about evolution in the public schools.

What is so terrifying about such people is that you cannot get through to them in any manner. They will not compromise on any issue, unless they are absolutely forced to by not having enough votes. Even then, many of the people who like to call themselves members of the “Tea Party,” would prefer to have the Congress collapse, or the government shut down, rather than concede on any matter. How can there be any negotiation with such people? How can there be what the public ignorantly keeps saying that they want. “for the two parties to work together?” Have you ever tried to reason with a religious zealot or political fanatic? Imagine trying to deal with a whole Congress full of them.

I don’t usually provide story links, but I have included two here, which some may have read. They are both informative and chilling, as regards the fate of the Democratic Party. The right-wing Republicans have managed to create a landscape where they have almost permanent control of various statehouses. They have so gerrymandered the districts, that they cannot lose. And the Supreme Court rubber stamps all of it. Another word for permanent control of statehouses or Congress, is “dictatorship.” Another is “tyranny.” The entire framework of this nation’s political system is in serious jeopardy.

And yet there is a whole group of media people, many of them comfortably ensconced in Washington, who keep arguing for “compromise” and “conciliation.” Is it that they just want to be able to go to as many fancy parties as possible? Is it that they are so intellectually lazy, or are so conceptually limited, that they cannot see that the current Republican Party is not susceptible to persuasion, or any kind of rational negotiation? It is populated by extreme radicals, who every year become more  and intransigent.

What is the agenda of the radical Republicans? No restrictions whatsoever on any form of weaponry. No unions. No Social Security or Medicare. No abortion. on penalty of death or imprisonment. No voting rights for people who might tend to vote Democratic. No minimum wage. No workplace protections. No restrictions whatsoever on any corporate activity, including pollution. No Food and Drug Administration. No Environmental Protection Agency. 1870’s social darwinism multiplied by all the decades since then.

And who is going to stop them in this holy crusade? People who keep thinking that we can negotiate or compromise with them; that they ultimately have the same goals that we do? People who talk about there being “no red and no blue states?” Political figures who give their House Majority Leader 98% of what they want, and then praise the Republicans for “compromising”? Those who for whatever reason, want to insist that “the Republicans are not our enemy”? If you are being attacked by an army whose members declaim that they will never surrender, they will not negotiate a truce, they will fight to the death even if the battle destroys everything around them, what can one reasonably do but fight them with the same fierceness?

I don’t like seeing politics as war. It is too disoncerting and enervating. But I am pretty certain that if the Democratic Party does not awaken to the terrible danger the radical Republican Party is posing, we will not be able to recapture the decency and progressivism of this country. Trying to act nice to them; praising them for nothing; thinking that you are some transcendent figure who can rise above politics or partisanship, has helped accentuate this situation. What the country desperately needs is someone to stand up and call out these people for what they are, which is right wing radical fanatics, who have to be defeated, and isolated from power.

Hillary Clinton is virtually the only national Democrat who is willing to actually fight the Republican hordes. Any Democrat who seeks to have her modulate that, is either woefully wrong, or has a personal agenda. A few more years of this mollifying of Republicans; getting your side pushed further and further back toward your own goal line, in the name of “compromise,” and there won’t be anything left to compromise about.  Anyone who watched the so-called Benghazi Hearings, would have a clearer picture of what the Republicans are about, and what they are like. These are people who have to be politically eradicated, state by state, district by district. Of course we can’t get rid of all of them, but we can mount a full-scale charge against them. Or has too much damage already been done. have we lost too much ground? If Hillary Clinton doesn’t think so, then we should not, either. But she has to win the presidency, and she has to do it by as large a margin as possible, to help to bring in more legislators on the national and state level, to help her fight against  the would-be tyrants at the gate of our democracy.



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  1. This is why I wanted to slap Biden for saying that he doesn’t think of Republicans as enemies. Easy for you to say, Uncle Joe, Ken Starr never rifled through your underwear drawer.
    If the Republicans take control over all branches of Government, this country will descend into a darkness and despair from which we may never escape.

  2. check the New York Times:
    The Opinion Pages | Editorial
    Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Gang


  3. I hope they don’t ditch this article in the next 5 minutes.

  4. Uppity, I still can’t read Direct Messages on twitter so I sent you an email! 🙂

  5. Uppity;you’ve highlighted the most essential issue of this election. We don’t want to elect Hillary because we like her;or even that she’d be the first woman president. We want to elect her because she’s the only Dem candidate who has spoken to the need to rebuild the Democratic Party. Even very pro-Obama people have had to concede that he’s done very little if anything to maintain the party. It was, and always has been about HIM.
    She has and continues to repeatedly demonstrate, her party loyalty,even to campaigning and working for a man she felt wasn’t quite up to the job ( no matter what Rachel Maddow thinks).
    Hillary has spent a good deal of time swimming w/the Sharks and she knows the difference between a Clown Fish and a shark.She knows you occasionally have to whack sharks on the nose to remind them that you’re not food.
    The entire Benghazi hearing was an eleven hour tribute to the way Hillary knows how to use the system to her ( and by extension,our) benefit. Those who prefer Bernie might want to consider the long term BURN they’d be feeling were he to be the nominee. ( Heartburn, carpet burn,burning down the house..and the senate )

    Thanks for the reminder of the real consequences of this election ,Uppity. It isn’t just hairdos and’s a way of life.

  6. Great essay as usual, William.

  7. Thank you, Sue. 🙂

    Yes, any comment by a Democrat about “working together” is detrimental in terms of the current situation. The Republicans do not want to work together, unless that is a euphemism for them winning on every matter. I don’t know exactly why or how the Democrats became so timid in this regard. Some of it may have to do with the national media, the David Broders and Cokie Roberts, who kept trying to get the Democrats to modify every strong position, so that they could compromise with the Republicans. But of course the Republicans do not compromise, particularly not now.. So compromise means defeat.

    And then we have a president who fancied that he was above it all, and that parties didn’t really matter, except that you to run as a member of one to get on the ballot. The Democratic Party matters, and has to matter. Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, and actually cares about the party. Her comments on the Rachel Maddow show last night were very positive in this regard; she will do everything she can to rebuild the party at the state level. We have to help her, though, doing what we can in the states we are in. Democrats desperately need to identify as Democrats; and despite all the pressure from the comfortable and sanctimonious media, they have to fight tooth and nail with the Republicans, and even demonize that party to the point that people start to turn away from them. That involves forcing them to state their positions, and making sure that the American people understand exactly what their agenda is, and the consequences of it.

  8. At this point, the Republicans don’t even want to work with EACH OTHER.

  9. Msdal, William wrote the post. I’m just a lazy git.

  10. Hahaha belle, no link in the comment. You can’t get ahead with the Times for trying.

  11. I make no bones that woman’s equality is my NUMBER ONE issue in this race. A Hillary win will AUTOMATICALLY change things for women all over the world. Not to mention what she will DO about it. I have felt that women’s rights have taken a backseat for 40 years, with the D party promising things like equal pay every election season. After elections they go right back to using us as bargaining chips and I am sick of it, because while they are complacent, the R’s are working hard to undo what was already done in the past. Ginsburg won’t retire unless she knows she won’t be replaced by another Scalia or Clarence. Women can no longer afford to be put on the back burner no matter what. There IS nothing more important than Human Rights.

    However, I believe the SCOTUS is CRITICAL. A Hillary win is going to be key in changing the Citizen’s United and Corporations Are People Too attitude. These people are appointed for LIFE. Ginsburg is 79, Breyer is 74, Scalia is 76, as is Kennedy. Four years from now you have got to wager that more than one of them will be gone from the court.

  12. Uppity, I am sure that Scalia will refuse to retire. Kennedy might decide to. As with everything, the Republicans turned the Supreme Court into a political war ground. It used to be that presidents would try to pick people they thought would be good justices; sometimes they would just pick their friends. And often the person would change views once on the court. But for decades Republican think tankers have managed to figure out an algorithm to make sure that their appointees are guaranteed to vote a corporate right-wing position. There are the very rarest of exceptoins on a vote, as with Roberts on Healthcare. But these are the exceptions which prove the rule.

    So the Republican right wing has essentially permanetly destroyed the credibility and honor of the Supreme Court, along with their other ravages. And they don’t care an iota. Everything is about winning to them. They are on a holy war. To me, one of the most fascinating, if nervewracking, parts of the Hillary Clinton presidency would be if and when she has a chance to choose the swing justice. My thought is that the Republicans will vote en masse against him or her. I don’t know at what point public sentiment will force them to accede to the fourth or fifth nominee, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to drag it out for years. Repubilcans have zero sense of decency or fair play at this point.

  13. I just want to say, that if anyone can do it, Hillary can. I refuse to go down in the dumps negative. Hillary believes she can do it……I’m with her! If she didn’t think she would do it, she would retire and work on the CGI for Godsakes! Why would she go through all this??? Let’s work to get her elected. Let’s work to help her once she is elected.

  14. That was some pretty impressive comment/analysis,Uppity..for a lazy git. 🙂 And sorry I got the wrong author,William, all the comments still apply. Extremely well done and thought out,as usual.
    The only exception I would bring up to your Supreme court comments is that of Kennedy,who was appointed by Bush I and has a regular record of being the swing vote on multiple issues that kept the Robert’s court from being the Robert’s court,even before it was the Robert’s court. Some of us owe our marriages and health care to that guy.
    Also, if I may return to my own past for a moment,”Right on”, Imusthave hillary. Lets not end up being like the Obama crowd who showed up to vote him in and then disappeared. We’ve had to wait seven long years to get a chance to vote for Hillary again;we all know she’s the best chance we have to return to a government that is both compassionate and pragmatic.
    Should we divvy up the issues based on interest and geography or draw straws?

  15. The obamabots were dreaming when they thought obama would heal the earth and give us world peace and a pony too. There was nothing in his background, no record of EVER doing ANYTHING but gaming elections. It was a fairy tale, even though Bill Clinton meant his supposed “stand against the war” nonsense, not his campaign. Hillary is just the opposite. She has a long record of achievement. She has actually worked across the aisle and accomplished things that helped people! When she has failed, she has learned from her mistakes and keeps trying! We won’t have to much beyond supporting her and blasting her opponents when the need arises. Tweet, email, call, whatever we can do. But what we can’t do is get down in the dumps before we even get in the game! It’s not being pollyanna. We know what she’s up against. But more importantly, so does she! She’ll tell us what she needs when the time comes. It’s not just a hashtag for me, #itrusthillary.

  16. Thanks, Msdsal.

    Imust, I think that Hillary is perhaps the best candidate I have ever seen, and I thought that last time, too, which made it all the more upsetting that so many Democrats did not see it. Who else could sit there for nine hours in front of a bunch of angry, ill-mannered Republicans, and keep her dignity and poise throughout, while answering all the questions? We won’t find a candidate of these qualifications in a half-century. I wish she could be president for four terms.

  17. Yes, actually I think it was eleven hours. Some people still don’t see…some will never see. What’s the percentage? 33% though GWBush was the greatest thing since sliced bread no matter what! Well, probably those same 33% (if that’s the number) will never like Hillary. Well, she’ll win with out them. And she will govern despite them! As she said in the hearing, she doesn’t care what they think about her! I think Hillary thinks she will win this election and she thinks she can get a lot accomplished. She does wear her “enemies” list like a badge of honor, just like FDR.

  18. Can someone PLEASE provide link for Uppity to Melissa McEwan’s post yesterday about does Biden still think Republicans are not Hillary’s enemies after Thursday’s abuse. At Shakesville. I’ve used all data for month on my ☎, and it’s slower than molasses in January. She wants to tweet it.

  19. Here you go:

    The Biden comment is at the end of this post.

  20. Hillary looks great! Bill looks great! Katy Perry looks great

  21. Fabulous post, William, truly. I completely agree. I am still furious at the bullshit innuendoes Biden said about Hillary the other day. He’s a stupid rat. A rat that ratf**ks his own. Screw him.

  22. Thanx so much, imust. You rock! Between debate and hearing, this is the first time EVER I’ve blown thru data. Hope to see you all in a few days when I’m back up to speed.

  23. Bill on the Glass Ceiling:

    “There has been a lot of talk about breaking the glass ceiling,” Clinton said. “I am tired of the stranglehold that women have had on the job of presidential spouse.”

  24. Thank you, Annie.

    The part that bothers me the most is not the rather obvious shot at Hillary taken by Biden, but that the media, for some strange reason always urging the Democrats to get along with the Republicans, will fasten onto it. Doesn’t it seem that every time any Democrat really goes out after the Republicans, he or she is criticized by the talking heads, who shake their heads sententiously, and say that “the voters want the parties to find common ground?” There is no common ground, but they stil say it. And it is infuriating. They only way to stop the Republicans is to beat them, and not just for President, but on every level. And part of that involves trying to make it very clear to people that Republicans are thoroughly wrong, evil, and want to turn the country into an oligopolist theocracy.

  25. I disagree with you William. You can’t just say the GOP as a whole is evil. That will just turn people off. You have to show people. Hillary did a good job of that in her 11 hour televised torture chamber. Hilary wants to work with the more moderate GOP. She wants to work at getting more Democrats elected. Sort of like her strategy with working with the extremists all over the world. Hillary believes she can find common ground. At least, she thinks it’s important to talk about it. She says she knows how to find common ground, but knows when to stand her ground. In other words, she won’t throw us under the bus for some deal (see TPP or even Obamacare).

  26. In The New York Times today.
    I decided to “cut and paste” before they ditch the article.

    Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton
    by Gail Collins
    OCT. 23, 2015

    Monday is Hillary Clinton’s birthday. Don’t bother sending a gift. This week has given her all the presents she needs.
    What a time she’s been having — the debate, Joe Biden’s non-candidacy announcement and then the total meltdown of the Benghazi Committee. It’s not often these days that a special House investigatory committee makes Democrats sing, but there you are. In a speech on the House floor, Representative Steve Israel claimed Thursday’s marathon inquisition had been like an “I Love Lucy” episode — “same plot, same characters, same script and nothing new.” This seems totally unfair to Lucy. Remember the one with the candy conveyor belt? Vitameatavegamin? How many of you think that 63 years from now, anyone will be saying: “Remember the question about Sidney Blumenthal’s email?”

    Heck of a run for Clinton. And to top everything else off, Lincoln Chafee withdrew from the president’s race, leaving the field wide open for her to grab that metrics issue and run with it.

    Things have been going so well, it’s impossible not to think a disaster is looming. Pop quiz – Hillary Clinton’s next headache will be:

    • Revelation that she kept a secret flock of State Department carrier pigeons.

    • Revelation that Justin Bieber is an old family friend with whom she corresponds regularly.

    • Revelation that major donors to the Clinton Foundation have included El Chapo and Lance Armstrong.

    • Revelation that during long family car trips, Clinton’s dog Seamus was kept in the trunk.

    • Oh, I don’t know — something about Bill.

    But let’s get back to the birthday. Clinton will be 68. There was a time when it seemed as if her age might be an issue. After all, we’ve only had two presidents come into office when they were 68 or beyond. One of them was Ronald Reagan and the other was William Henry Harrison, who did not do future 68-year-old candidates any favors by dying one month after the inauguration.

    Last year the Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, chortled that he “could run 20 years from now for president and still be about the same age as the former secretary of state is right now.” Which, as it turned out, was a lucky break for him. See you in 2034, governor.
    Now, the major candidates on both sides are in their 60s — except for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who are 44, and Bernie Sanders, who is 74. Donald Trump is older than Hillary Clinton, although of course when we talk about the possibility of a Trump presidency, age is about the 4,353rd topic of concern.
    It’s not that age no longer matters, but that we’ve come to realize it hits different people in different ways. Some lose energy and focus, while others seem to get smarter and stronger. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court, at 82, does push-up routines with her trainer. Gloria Steinem celebrated her 80th birthday riding an elephant in Botswana.
    In high-end politics, what we need to know is less about calendar years than staying power. Marco Rubio keeps talking about “generational change,” but he seems to have less energy than a koala. (Koalas sleep 18-22 hours a day. I am bringing this up so you can’t say I never teach you anything.) Really, where is that man? He hardly seems to be campaigning and he misses nearly half the Senate votes. Pre-millennials, is this the guy you want representing you?

    Meanwhile, Clinton wowed the country with her endurance during this week’s Benghazi hearing. If we remember the House Select Committee on Benghazi at all, it will be as the folks who gave Hillary a chance to demonstrate her staying power. Even accounting for breaks, 11 hours of questioning must be close to some kind of record.

    “Yoga always helps,” Clinton said as she departed.

    She is — except for the part about yoga — a throwback to the first era of American public women, people like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, who came into their own in late middle age. Stanton, who like Clinton had an ability to make herself nap at will, kept promising the impatient Anthony that when her kids grew old enough to fend for themselves it would be exactly the right time for their great campaign for equal rights. “We shall not be in our prime before fifty, and after that, we shall be good for twenty years at least,” she assured Anthony. Actually, both of them were good for quite a bit longer, and still giving speeches at 80. Justice Ginsburg has a picture of Stanton in her Supreme Court office.

    Clinton will be having a birthday party on Sunday in New York, and naturally it will be a fund-raiser. That sounds like the worst possible way to celebrate, but if there’s anything we know at this point, it’s that she can take the stress.

  27. OMG! Justin Bieber would be a deal-breaker for me!

  28. hey Belle, give me the link too. I’ll tweet it and let the readers figure it out.

  29. William I am of the belief that these were normal people at one time, but their brains are examples of what religious zealotry does to people. Doesn’t matter which religion it is, it rots your humanity.

  30. Imust, I certainly don’t think that Hillary can go around saying “Republicans are evil.” But I don’t think that there are many moderates left in the party. And Republicans have mostly been voting in lock step for years, under threat of punishments including being run against in their district by a Tea Party candidate.

    Hillary has to try to work with the reasonable ones, but I don’t think there are very many. I really think that a major goal must be to help Hillary to be elected by a large margin, and to turn around the Senate. The House is almost unobtainable, with the extreme gerrymandering, but we could win ten seats or so, which would help. I would never suggest to her how she run her campaign. But I’m sure she realizes that a House whose leadership is all right-wing extremists, is going to be virtually impossible to deal with. The extremists have to be shown for what they are, and isolated as much as possible. It is going to be a difficult struggle, but she has the intelligence and determination to undertake it, even though the media and the other side are going to scream about her being partisan. We need more Democratic partisanship.

  31. Many Communists were probably nice people once. Non-zealous Commies, like non-zealous religious believers, probably still are mostly nice people.

    I suspect it is zeal that warps people into Orcs.

  32. Well, we have certainly come a long way, ladies?? Fucking unbelievable.

  33. I won’t even read the article, but that is pathetic. All the women who did great things, or who gave of their time and money to contribute to causes; and this person wins such an award? Not only is it insulting to all sorts of people in various ways, it takes us further along to a kind of pop culturization of everything.. As if it is all a culture game; strike a pose; the person who gets the most publicity for whatever, wins, in one way or another.

    I’m surprised that Jenner didn’t get woman of the year, and man of the year, as well. I mean, he did such a remarkably courageous thing, in trying to find the one way that a one-time male athletic star whose skills had greatly declined; who had ruined whatever looks he had through bad plastic surgery, and who had lost the most precious thing to him, the public’s adoration, could get back in the headlnes and magazine covers. And that was to tell everyone that he was actually always a woman. What is even more ridiculous is that the public seems so endlessly fascinated with this, as if everything has now devolved to an endless version of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

  34. Hillary said on Maddow, that she feels there are many fairly reasonable Repubs that in private will say they agree with her, but they will be in trouble with their base if they go along. Perhaps that can be handled through working on the unfair gerrymandering practices. She mentioned that as well as the fact that we will have a census coming up soon. I’m sure Hillary has thought about this a lot more than any of us and has thought of ways to deal with it. We can do our part by donating, volunteering for her as well as down ticket Dems in our area. I’m in a blue state, but I can donate to Dems running in red or purple states too. Of course there are national Democratic organizations dedicated to electing Democrats all over. I was angry at the DNC for their bias treatment of Hillary in 08, but if they are fair with her now, I’ll renew my faith in them and donate as much as I can.

    Jenner also got the Arthur Ashe, Courage Award. What’s next? The Nobel Peace Prize? What has Jenner done to earn the title of ANYTHING of the Year?

  35. One of my nieces briefly dated a republican jerk who worked for a local rethug committee, and by worked for, I mean it was his paying job. He went around ratfucking the local elections, trying to dig up dirt on small time dems that were running in local races. His big dream was to make it to the big time and work for the rnc and be a big time player (ratfucker) in the national races. The rethugs haven’t changed, they haven’t mellowed. They have gotten worse. My niece is not political, but when she figured out what he did, she dumped him.

    I know there are nice people who happen to be republicans. I know several. But the repubs I know who watch Fox News are nuts and believe every bs thing about Hillary that that committee tried to spew out about her. I’m sure Hillary has no delusions about what she is getting into, I doubt if she expects any better than what Obama got. The next census is in 2020. I’m wondering though if she is able to get to replace one of the “horsemen” on the supremes with a moderate, if the dem attorneys can start suing the states with these ridiculous gerrymandered districts, and get change that way.

  36. imust, love your line about Jenner! I used to buy Glamour mag back in the late 70s, early 80s when I was young. I’m disgusted with them.

  37. Joe Biden still isn’t walking off into the sunset quietly. He’s on 60 minutes tonight.

    Joe reminds me of Steve Martin in that scene from “The Jerk” when he’s leaving and keeps saying…”That’s all I need….”

    Just GO ALREADY Joe!

  38. Hubbie had 60 minutes on, and I heard some of it. Biden just doubled down on his rethugs are our buddies bullshit. He also kept up his fairy tale about him and Obama doing everything together, and how they still had a lot they plan to accomplish. Yeah…riiiight. Meanwhile he continues his hectoring tone about Hillary.

  39. Biden also proclaimed that Paul Ryan was “one of the good guys.” Compared to what? Someone that stands against the entire democratic platform is “one of the good guys.”

  40. Biden seems to confuse chumminess with willing to be politically reasonable. Ryan is an Ayn Rand disciple. He will not compromise on anything. His proposed budgets have been the most draconian ever seen. It is impossible to work with him on economic issues. It is going to be absolute war to try to get any bills through, but HIllary will give it her best shot. Having worked as VP for a president who contributed to the loss of both houses of congress, and the loss of a total of about 80 House seats from when he was elected, I guess that the best thing to do is ignore all of that, and trumpet the wonderful compromises that were made every year to bribe the Republicans from not destroying the nation’s credit rating and economic stability.

  41. What Biden meant is Ryan is one of the good ole boys just like he is.

  42. I still maintain he brought Romney down. I might have lived with boring Mitt but I could not tolerate Ryan. Horrible man with respect to my Number One issue.

  43. The problem with Joe Biden is he is looking at his own mortality and realizes his place in history will fade from the minds of the people, and that he was never all that important. Naming the ‘greatest’ vice presidents is not a national habit. Nobody cares who the VPs of history were. Biden didn’t run for one reason and one reason only, and it wasn’t For Beau. It was because he couldn’t cut 20% in the polls he was watching during his Crepe Hanging Pity Me Tour.

    The stunt in the Rose Garden was pathetic. It reminded me of school children who get to be Teacher For A Day or Mayor For A Day. Or Take Your Child To Work Day

  44. I wonder if the person who slid through here and one-starred most of the posts, would like to engage in an actual political dialogue? Undoubtedly not.

  45. Certainly repubs have been Hill’s enemies for going on 30 years now..but we live in a time where truth , even in a joke ,is an outrage.
    The new wrinkle was seeing fellow dems stand up for Hillary instead of sitting on their thumbs as the repugs let loose on her. That was refreshing

  46. Oh, I think he also said that Beau never asked him to run for president! I wonder what modo will do to backpedal that one.

  47. paper doll, good points.

  48. William, on October 26, 2015 at 12:59 AM said:
    I wonder if the person who slid through here and one-starred most of the posts, would like to engage in an actual political dialogue? Undoubtedly not.


    It wasn’t me, William, but I have to say your ego at times makes me crazy. I have received more than my share of negative stars here, but I don’t whine about it. Sometimes I 5-star you and sometimes not, but I get the same thing.

    Reality check, not everyone agrees with everything you have to say and yes, it may be a troll, but why would you feed it like this?

    BTW, who would want to have a “dialogue” with someone who has already summarily dismissed them like you just did?


  49. The nicest Republicans are moderates. I think it’s so with Democrats too, when it comes to politics. Extreme people are just plain rabid during election time. Who wants a free unicorn that farts glitter vs. who wants all old and poor people to just die. In real life, I rarely waste my time arguing with them and smirk a lot as I say things like, Don’t worry, your parents will be dead soon enough and there might even be some money left for you to spend even if you didn’t earn it…vs. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of free unicorns to go around. Or, if your mistress got preggo I’ll just bet you would send her to that private clinic reallllly fast, and your doctor would call it a D and C.

    As Bill says, the same goes for religious zealots. I mean, zealotry is just plain rabid. Wherever there is a zealot about anything, there is bullying and insults and disdain for You Who Don’t Do As I Do. No offense to my vegetarian friends, but there’s a zealot crowd among you too. Peta is a zealotry group as well. I would believe they love animals if they weren’t reputed to kill nearly 100% of the pets brought to their shelters.

    Short explanation: Zealots are self-righteous, self-impressed assholes.

  50. Willam dear, I kind of figure if I get One-Starred, I really did a good job pissing off some closet-reader idiot who deserves it. I regard it as a badge.

  51. Germaine Greer speaks the truth and the TransBots go apesh*t.

  52. God, Greer is refreshing.
    I’m where she is: I don’t believe in second class citizens-period-and, as a courtesy, I’d use feminine pronouns when addressing Caitlin Jenner or Chelsea Manning; but I will believe my “lying eyes” thank you very much.

  53. […] Republicans Are The Enemy […]


  54. Imust, I am surprised at you. I wasn’t concerned about my posts; there were about fifteen posts here that were one-starred, including all of Annie’s, and several others, so I five-starred them all. But I do not like when some person comes onto a site and starts one-starring all the posts because he or she supports another candidate or agenda. It’s what went on in 2008, in various contexts.

  55. My apologies, Imust; I meant to address my comment to Voting Hillary. But Voting Hillary is right in that if someone comes on to get attention, this of course encourages him or her. It just bothers me when a great contributor like Annie writes a post, and someone comes by and gives it one star. I didn’t want her to be discouraged. If no one else minds, then I shall not, either. Not being much of a computer person, I am not too well versed in the concept of “trolling,” though I certainly am aware of the term.

  56. On Jenner, I am just amazed at the credit that “she” is given, for being brave, or other wonderful qualities. I honestly think that Jenner, probably in some unconscious way, craved publicity and acclaim, which he could not get in the ways he did before; so he chose this one. Ditch the entire masculine aspect, and tell everyone that you have always really been a woman.

    Jenner went from a rather pathetic former sports star, who was dumped by his wife; had two other failed marriages; was a victim of some very bad plastic surgery; to someone who is on the cover of magazines, gets awards from beauty and sports shows and publications; and is hailed as some kind of culture hero. I honestly don’t care what gender he identifies with; maybe he will change his mind in a few years; or decide he is an animal, or from another planet. There are people walking down the streets of Los Angeles every day who are talking or arguing with invisible people, and there is a former Washington housewife who got rich claiming that she was channeling the spirit of an ancient warrior. It’s all about how you frame it, or whom you know, as to whether you will be seen as insane, or laudable.

  57. Socalannie;thanks for pointing out an issue that’s concerned me for years..ever since the whole “devolve the federal government programs to the states”. I think that was a Gingrich ploy. If you devolve to the states it’s a whole lot easier to divide and conquer a state legislature,easier to fly under the radar,as most people pay little attention to what goes on in their state legislature AND you get more bang for your buck.
    I’ve watched the Microsoft/Amazon/Starbucks/Boeing cartel run Washington State for years. Devolution is not the friend of the People;corporate America,you bet.

    And folks;please;let’s not take the number of stars we do or don’t get personally. None of us can know the motivation of the Star Givers and, after all it’s just our opinion we’re expressing here. While I admit to a bit of a thrill when I received my first star;I kind of got over it when I realized the number of gold stars I got was triggering memories form Kindergarten. Which was a very,very long time ago and may also mean I’m not in touch with the true meaning of the stars.

  58. Well look who’s trolling us. Must have gotten tired of picking on Riverdaughter.

    Hillary must be doing well.

    Speaking of haters….Shrug. Bad taste. Without even looking I know it’s in bad taste just based on who it is. I…I feel so threatened I can barely stand it! Skeered I tell you, Skeered. We will not respond. Don’t meet bad taste with bad taste. Brush your shoulders. This is your blog. I haven’t bothered clicking because I am sure it’s ripe with rancor ala 2012. And if I decide I want any shit from that troll I’ll just squeeze his head.

    So goes those one stars! Carry on.

  59. Vox has an interesting article up today, “The House Science Committee is Worse Than the Benghazi Committee.” I thought to myself, “no way” & checked it out. It’s pretty bad. Apparently, the Chairman, Lamar Smith (R-TX) “was one of the committee chairs granted sweeping new subpoena powers by his fellow House Republicans, what one staffer called “exporting the Issa model.” No longer is the chair required to consult with the ranking member before launching investigations or issuing subpoenas. A spokesperson for Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, “This change will inevitably [lead] to widespread abuses of power as Republicans infect the other committees with the poisonous process that Issa has so abused during his chairmanship.”

    Now they’re busy harrassing scientists and defending the oil companies. The article linked to a pdf of a letter written to Smith by the Science Committee’s ranking member, another Texan, Eddie Bernice Johnson, and its really troubling how the rethugs are freezing out the dem representatives from doing their jobs. She points out that they are subpoenaing NOAA for their data and methods for a study, that is already fully posted and available to the public like all their studies (even I knew that!), and now they’re hassling them for all their emails. She points out that the Supreme Court says that for Congress to subpoena someone, there has to a be “valid legislative purpose for the inquiry.” She also says that when NOAA went to Congress to brief the Committee on its study, that the minority members (the democrats) weren’t allowed to attend!?!

    Her letter is an interesting read if you have time. Its really chilling how this religious republican majority is rolling over everyone else, and in so many different ways. Wapo also reported on this story btw.

  60. Hey did you all read where Ben Carson is beating Donald in Iowa? Jebus. Viva La Ben Carson!

    Back to business: I was looking over state maps and somebody in the D party had best start paying attention to governor races because most of the country has R governors. It seems that this party focuses on nothing but Presidential races and nothing else.

  61. Annie, yes, it is very frightening. They are zealots and would-be totalitarians. They cannot be reasoned with. They do not compromise on anything. Hillary has to somehow get through to the electorate that they are a very serious threat to democracy, and must be defeated. And the media has to stop giving them cover simply because of their stupid doctrine of equivalency.

    Uppity, you are right; and of course a good share of the blame, though certainly not all, goes to Obama and his people and supporters. Obama never cared much about the Democratic Party; and how many times have we ever heard him talking about the differences betrween Democrats and Republicans? Nor did any of the DNC people like Braziile do anything to tend to the state candidates. Brazile’s preferred coalition of minorities and young people did not come out for either midterm. Apparently they believe in an all-powerful wizard who doesn’t need any congressional or gubernatorial support.

    The blue-collar White people, the ones whom Obama described as bittter people clinging to their guns and religion, have been ignored. Now, these people, in general or specific, have their flaws; but they have mostly been loyal Democrats; and they were the ones who stayed behind Bill Clinton. Write them out of the party, and this is what you get. All of us here could have, and did, see this coming eight years ago. Unfairly or not, the Republicans have been getting rich, politically and literally, by running against Obama for the last eight years. It was so bad, that the state candidates didn’t even want Obama to campaign for them. That’s quite a national price to pay for the thrill of making a cultural statement by electing the first Black President; a bright man with rhetorical gifts, who is not very energetic, and who couldn’t be bothered with his Party, or the national landscape.

  62. Upps, yes I saw it. Trump & Carson leading the lunatic pack. This has been the weirdest presidential campaign period I ever remember. I also saw that Rubio, who has been a senator less than one term, hates it and is missing votes and sessions, and says he will not run for senator again. If he can’t stand being senator, why would he want to be prez?

  63. Yeah socal but at least Trump is entertaining. Carson is……disturbing. Like an Idiot Savant. He says really weird things that are totally unacceptable socially. Lots of doctors are like him.

  64. Carson example: Like when he said he’d “Skip” meeting the families of the people killed on Oregon and “Go to the next one”. Very very strange and convoluted thought process. And dark DARK humor.

  65. Socal I think Rubio just isn’t good under stress. It shows.

  66. The difference between the presidential election and the Senate, House, state, and local elections is that the GOP can’t gerrymander their way to permanent power on a nationwide scale, only in smaller areas.

    This is why the GOP is trying to change the rules to have electoral votes apportioned by congressional districts, rather than winner-take-all per state, so they can gerrymander their way back into the White House.

    If gerrymandering can be abolished, the GOP will go the way of the Whigs. Abolition of the Electoral College would also be a good idea.

  67. Wow everybody you have to to read the article socal posted on the “Science” committee. This crackpot has issued more subpoenas than were issued in the entire 54 years the committee has existed. Looks like yet another political witch hunt.

  68. Gang I have my eyeball thing tomorrow. I’ll be a pirate for a day or two. Just to let you know in case I’m sleeping off that wonderful Michael Jackson anesthetic for the day.

  69. Ivory Bill, that is exactly right. If the GOP can manage to get some blue states to spllit votes by district, they will permanently own the White House as well. Hopefully even this Supreme Court will declare that unconstitutional.

    Yes, I would prefer election by popular vote. But I don’t think that would come without a constitutional amendment. So as the linked article notes, control of the Supreme Court is paramount. If the Democrats could somehow win the presidency long enough to get these unjudicial hacks off the court, most of the clouds would be lifted. And at that point there might be a chance to find agreement on limited terms (maybe staggered 10-15 years) for justices.

  70. Uppity, I hope that the surgery goes well, and that there is a quick recovery!

  71. It’s really not all that big a deal, William. After the way I’ve been carved up, it’s a pinprick. So not to worry.

  72. If gerrymandering can be abolished, the GOP will go the way of the Whigs. Abolition of the Electoral College would also be a good idea.

    Yeah they love carving up those districts, don’t they?

  73. I see you’ve been visited by one or more Crawdads (No, I didn’t click the link.) :mrgreen:

    Riverdaughter seems to be too busy to post more than a few times per month these days, so they have to look for other targets.

    The Crawdads used to be smart people, but, in their understandable anger over the shenanigans of the 2008 Democratic nomination, they allowed themselves to start reading, listening to, and watching the wingnut sites, because the wingnut sites also despised Obummer, though for different reasons.

    The Crawdads neglected to turn their mental deflector shields up to 11 first. 😦

    Of course, the wingnut sites were very nice to us, hoping to love-bomb us into the Wingnuttification Church. I hung around with them for a while, too.

    I don’t know why I realized (*Admiral Ackbar voice*) “IT’S A TRAP!”, and they did not, but somehow I escaped before I could be assimilated into the Wingnut Borg.

    The Crawdads, however, ended up guzzling the Red Wingnut Kool-Aid, after being smart enough to reject the Blue Obummer Kool-Aid.

    I still lurk there sometimes out of morbid fascination, though be assured I keep my mental deflectors up to 11 at all times when I visit there. 😉

    Watching them change has felt like living in a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 😦

  74. William, unless the Electoral College gerrymandering attempt succeeds, the GOP will not get the White House back for a very long time. This is one reason the GOP Senate keeps dragging its heels as long as possible on confirming Obama’s nominees to lower courts; they think they can get the White House back in 2016, as they thought they could get it back in 2012.

    Hillary won’t let them get it–unless she somehow dies. I hope her Secret Service protection is top-notch; I wouldn’t put anything past fanatical wingnuts, whether genuine lone nuts or false-flag “lone nuts”.

  75. May Haruhi-kami-sama grant Uppity a full and swift recovery. :mrgreen:

  76. William, as always, an excellent piece of writing. Being simple-minded, I don’t know how anyone could argue with your underlying thesis: How do you negotiate with a group whose sworn objective is to shut down as much government as possible?

    It’s a real life example of the scene from “Con Air” — “Make a move and the bunny gets it.” When one side is holding a gun on an inanimate object, the stakes aren’t very motivating.

  77. A friend just sent me this lovely Mark Morford article. Except for one tiny detail (“Obama-ready”?! PLEASE!) it will brighten your day or evening.

  78. upps:
    The bloomberg link article brings up the delegate crap that I do not understand and like since the 2008 Obamba snatcher.

  79. Upps @ 7:24, agree completely. Carson just freaks me out.
    Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow!

  80. Ivory Bill @ 8:31, LOL! Yes, you described that period well and love the Admiral Ackbar reference. I remember Crawdads, although I didn’t go there often. The blogs back in ’08 were really wild. I’m not going back to that.

  81. Ivory Bill, my kid (21 yo college student, actor, musician & Star Wars geek) just passed through, and I started reading him your comment and as soon as I said Admiral Ackbar’s voice, he shouted out “It’s a trap! It’s a trap!” Ah, Star Wars geekery. It looks like fun.

  82. What freaks me out about Carson is how many AA voters he would take from Hill…is the GOP that smart? I pray for Trump

  83. It has been making me crazy (ok, I know…crazier) but I kept thinking Bernie Sanders reminded me of someone else. I had the breakthrough tonight of who it is.

    Bernie Sanders reminds me of Mr. Magoo. Same crazy hair, same ranting all over the place.

    Yep, Bernie is the real-life Mr. Magoo.

    BTW, Ups, good luck tomorrow on the eye surgery. My sister had both eyes done and she thought it was the best thing she ever did.

  84. Paper Doll, I do not think that too many AAs would vote for Carson, who is against every social program that they favor. And even if some do, he will get no Jewish votes, after his utterly ignorant recent statement. Also, Carson does not believe in evolution, which of course is his right, but hardly speaks to his scientific knowledge.. Trump is unnerving enough, but he is a blowhard who thinks that you can run a country like a company. Carson is scarier, I think. How did this country get to such a point?

  85. Oh, I think he also said that Beau never asked him to run for president! I wonder what modo will do to backpedal that one.

    Funny how he waited to admit that until he noted that he couldn’t cut 20% in the polls. He hung crepe all over the country on that bullshit story. He’s just as disgusting as she is.

  86. Listen I have to be honest here. Is it me or is this board starting to look like a clinical depression clinic?

    I don’t understand all the unhappiness, considering Hillary is doing great. I leave here sometimes and feel like it rained all over me. How about some positive thinking for a few minutes. I’m guilty too. I don’t want us to start looking like the people we get pings from. Our girl is in good shape, folks! How about celebrating it? As for Joe……who gives a fuck. He’s gone because he had no poll numbers. He’s not relevant, the lousy phony son of a bitch.

    I can see fighting back when we have a reason, but there is no reason we need to act like it’s 2008, for chrissakes. We are NOT the underdogs here! Can’t we have some freaking FUN for a change? Lighten up!

    Admittedly, I am not writing posts. I’m sorry but I’ve got a lot of other shit on my mind. I try not to let it impact you and that is why I keep this blog going instead of taking it out in the woods and shooting it. I am looking for some good cheer and I’m not getting it here and I just don’t understand all the Debbie Downer attitude here. This is starting to look like a Republican 2015 blog in tone. I don’t remember the last time I laughed coming here. Sorry but I had to get it off my chest. Come on gang! We’re the ones whose candidate is AHEAD. It’s NOT 2008. It’s NOT 2012. We should save all the bummer stuff for the next time cockroaches shoot at Hillary and try to enjoy the times in between.

    I’m off for the eye thing now.

  87. I should revise one of my above posts.

    Of course, the Federal Senate is not gerrymandered in the strict sense of the word, as each state has two senators.

    I see now that I was using “gerrymandering”, perhaps too broadly, to describe all factors which give the significant minority of USAmericans who are non-affluent, white, and reactionary (Disclosure: I fit the first 2/3 of that category) the same level of political power as if they were a great majority of the populace.

    One of those factors is the fact that such people tend to be concentrated in low-population states–“states with more cows than people”, in Gene Lyons’s quip–and so they have more like-minded senators in the Federal Senate than would be expected from their percentage of the national population. The true gerrymandering comes into play to give them their disproportionately high representation in the Federal House and in state legislatures. Voter suppression also plays a large role in maintaining the foul hegemony of reaction, but that is a different subject.

  88. Good luck with the Eye thingy Upps.
    I hope you do better’N me, It left me Cross eyed. 😆

  89. Happy Birthday Hillary.

    Looking and sounding great!!! 😀

  90. Here is a cute joke my father, who never told an off-color joke, told me years ago. It even has a bit of a moral to it.

    A man likes to play golf with his friends. But he is not particularly good. He and his friends bet money on the golf games, and he almost always loses and pays up. And his friends rib him about it as well.

    So he is out at the driving range, hitting balls, trying to improve his game. As he is doing this, he notices a gorilla not too far away, also hitting balls. The gorilla puts the ball down, swings, and the ball goes about 500 yards in a straight line. He puts down another ball, hits it, and another perfect 500 yard tee shot. Amazing!

    So the man has an idea. He goes over to the gorilla, introduces himself, and asks if the gorilla would mind coming over to the golf course that Saturday, and playing in a team with him. The gorilla agrees.

    So that Saturday, the man gets to the course where he and his friends are going to play. He tells them that instead of playing a single-person match, he would like to play a team match, two against two, best ball (which means that the teammate whose ball is closer to the hole, hits that ball next, until the shot goes in the hole, for the score on that hole). They are surprised, but since they are so much better than he is, they are not worried about some new teammate. They do ask if he is a professional, and the man assures them that he absolutely is not.

    So they agree, and they raise the stakes for the match, from $25 to $100 per hole. Ten minutes later, the gorilla strolls up, and the man introduces him as his partner. The other guys don’t know what to make of it, but are not worried.

    So they tee up for the first hole. The man who always loses, hits a nondescript tee shot, His friends each tee up their balls, and hit their shots much better, right onto the fairway, one a little better than the other. They grin at him, and one of them says, “This is giong to be a very lucrative day for us!.” The man says, “Well, don’t count your money just yet.”

    Then the gorilla steps up to the tee. Takes one practice swing, and then bam, hits the ball 500 yards, right down the middle. Past the fairway, onto the green, and rolls about two feet from the hole. The other guys are stunned. The first man smiles and says, “What was that about a lucrative day?”

    So the opponent who had the best shot of the two, takes his second shot; it barely makes it to the edge of the green. The first man smiles, hands the gorilla a putter, and the gorilla strolls up to his ball, two feet from the cup. The gorilla takes a swing–and whack, 500 yards past the hole.

    Yes, it is a long joke, but I always have remembered it. My father liked jokes which involved a story. For a much shorter joke, not from my father, a ham sandwich walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food here.”

  91. Aww, cute jokes, William!

    Laker & I watched Colbert last night and he was hysterically funny about politics in the first 20 minutes of the hour. You should try to check it out on youtube or the Late Night site.

    Also, Hillary will be the guest on Colbert tonight!!!

  92. I’m back. Thanks for telling me, Foxy! *Runs off screaming*

  93. I better not be crosseyed. I paid $3600 out of pocket for the lenses.

    Can’t see too will, glasses won’t fit right over bandage so my good eye is barely getting it.

  94. Oh You will be fine Upps. I promise. ❤

  95. This is a brutally funny skit from Colbert from last night. He goes after Chafee and Webb:

  96. Gowdy an “Acrylic American” ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  97. Upps, how are you feeling after your eye surgery?

  98. Doing ok socal.Blind in one eye, can’t see out of the other one.

  99. LOL! Well it should be much better in a few days!

  100. Paperdoll, the only AA votes he’s going to take from Hillary are people like the Pizza King who ran for President last time on his record of fixing every single company in the world. I forget his name. And that other nut from Chicago who keeps running for office and even Republicans don’t want to know him. I forget his name too. Also-rans are always difficult to remember as they are meaningless.

    And Clarence.

    Update: I looked their names up. Herman Cain and Alan Keyes.

  101. I stayed up to watch Hillary on the Colbert show. Nothing special, but she was charming and good-natured. These late night show appearances are always sort of strange, in that the first eight minutes or so is joking around with the host, and then the host takes the next segment and asks a few political questions, but never lets her finish, before he jumps to something else. But it does help humanize her, not that she should need it; but it helps after the media and the other side has been pushing this misperception of her.

  102. I think Carson would take a chunk of AA votes however it wouldn’t help in the end because there are too many Republicans who will not vote for a black person. Carson would probably be a net loss for the GOP.

  103. Hugs upps!
    and Ouch! about the cost…
    A joy and blessing to have you back!

  104. Ben Carson is Alan Keyes on Valium. 😛

  105. Alan Keyes on valium..hilarious,,,may I quote you?

    And Uppity,re: the no fun anymore thing. I’ve reflected on this and you know,I’m thinking it’s kind of like the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing as it applies to the abused. We’re so used to watching Hillary be beaten up and being beaten up for supporting her,that we don’t know what to do now that things are looking good. Humor helped us cope when things were really bad;lots of material for dark humor.

    Now that we have Bread AND Roses;we’ll have to find a new source for fun.

    But for those who could use a ” Are you fucking kidding me?” tid bit;the Republicans are now trying to represent Hillary as anti-vet because of comments she made on Colbert last night. Man those guys are getting desperate. When Dems don’t generate enough OMG comments,like the Repubs do;the Repubs have to fabricate horror stories about them.

    Speaking of clear vision,Uppity..may you soon “see clearly now.”
    ( What WAS the name of that song?)

  106. Keyes + Valium = Carson: I do not plan to copyright it; fly, little trope! :mrgreen:

    Meanwhile, someone who knows how to manipulate images (I do not) needs to update this pic:

  107. Perhaps when he said “Obama-level ready”, Morford was referring to Obama’s easy victories in the general elections of 2008 & 2012 (his toughest opponent ever was Hillary).

    However, by 2008, the Chimperial Cheney @$$ministration had not only screwed the pooch, they had screwed the whole kennel of pooches, in positions that would leave Dr. Ruth scratching her head. Even Joe Biden, had he somehow been nominated, could have won the White House that year.

    That was why the anti-Clintonites among the Democratic power brokers had the luxury of rejecting Hillary. If the GOP elephant had not temporarily shape-shifted into a sitting duck, the anti-Clintonites might have needed to swallow their pride and allow her to be nominated in 2008.

  108. Yeah the new eyeball is coming along. I finally got used to wearing my glasses with the lens popped out so I can see in the other eye without falling down. I’m figuring that, with glasses with 1 lens, I could just wrap some tape around the bridge and pretend I’m a Geek. Ah well, it’s only a week of people pointing and laughing…

  109. I hope you are all correct and I also hope Carson is not on the ticket.

    Jeb is such a bust and what passes for our foreign policy is such an incoherent mess, I think that even the Powers that be sees they need Hill to clean up. That’s why the press is on the leash and being decent ….so I’m hoping they will allow her to keep her victories this time.

  110. I didn’t watch GOP debate. Not a masochist! But from all the reviews this morning, I guess that ?Jeb is toast. What a shame! He is so atrocious I was hoping he would somehow survive and be the nominee. It ‘s scary that he is the “smart” Bush. Yikes!

  111. Brassy Rebel,l I had been more concerned about Bush than the other Republicans, just because he had all that potential money behind him, and because he might be seen as not scary by the voters. I may have overrated his appeal even to Republicans.

    I wonder who is going to get this nomination. If not Trump, and if not Carson, does that leave Rubio, who apparently is now the beneficiary of Walker’s former donors? Cruz? It seems as if it would be one “establishment candidate,” vs. one outsider, either Trump or Carson, as the primaries go on. The are such an awful group of political figures. Rubio might be seen as the most acceptable by the Republican “mainstream,”which of course has now been pushed much further to the Right in the last few decades. But it is really anyone’s guess as to who emerges.

  112. Willuam, whoever emerges from this scrum will have trillions in dark money behind him–and it will be a him. But Bush is such a disastrous candidate, contrary to everything we were told before he actually began campaigning, that I don’t think any amount of money would save him.

  113. I didn’t watch the debate either. And I also read ALL OVER THE PLACE that Bush is toast.Couldn’t happen to a nicer family. Now he can go back to his nap. I never saw a candidate that ran for ANYTHING that was so blase and disinterested in talking to anybody. Funny, I always though W was the dumbest shit in that family. I was wrong. W is brilliant next to Jeb?! What a loser. He was so bad in this primary he will NEVER live it down. I am now more convinced than ever that, if their daddy hadn’t been sinfully rich, they would have all been pumping gas for a living.

  114. I think ?Jeb was pushed to run by family and family retainers. He was told that it was his duty to rescue family legacy. Instead, he further tanked it because he never wanted to run in the first place–and it showed! Hopefully, we’re all done with them now. Although, I suppose in ten years or so, George P. will be hyped like his daddy was and have to run.

  115. Long ago ( before he! actually announced ) and far away ( Kennebunkport ), it seemed like destiny. Kinda like the Cubs winning this year’s World Series.

  116. Oh I think Jebby wanted to be pressy. The Legacy. I think he thought he could just sail to the nom-nom because of the people who would back him, mostly PACs made of of FOD. Friends of Daddy. It explains his early unwillingness to work very hard at it. He appears to be a VERY lazy man. I mean lazy. I mean Moss-Growing-On-Him-Lazy. Like a typical trust fund boy who never REALLY had to work, he felt Entitled. He started out thinking it was in the bag. Surprise!

  117. I watched the debate. It was boring. At least the first one was entertaining, a la the Jerry Springer show. This one was a snoozefest. Those candidates have nothing of substance to say. Even their attacks on Hillary lack creativity; it’s like they hired some 19-year-old staffer-of-a-staffer to take notes while watching Sean Hannity.

  118. Anybody know what the total viewership of the debate was? I bet it was lower than the others. I mean, I actually forgot about it. Face is, these guys just snipe for a couple of hours and call it a debate. When they aren’t sniping at their Biggest Fear, Hillary Clinton, they snipe at each other.

    At first, I had him marked as Hillary’s biggest competition. Then he opened his mouth and I know she could eat him for breakfast.

  119. I can’t remember where i read it, but Cruz is not liked in Congress. Apparently he’s a nasty man and a snake. I think the powers will work to tank him if he gets too close. Rubio has got some damning baggage but he might emerge. The baggage will be a plus. Financially, he apparently can’t manage himself and he can’t manage his campaigns. Then there’s his perpetual absence from his job. Some real damage there. His history is one of a bumbler. And that’s fairly recent history, not Youthful Bad Decisions as the R’s love to use as excuses.

    I have NO idea how Carson got anywhere above the pile. It boggles the mind. I guess it speaks to the minds of the R’s right wing. Scary. I mean, the guy is clearly not wired right. Wouldn’t you just love to see him win the primary?

    But then in the early phases of their primary, the nutcases usually prevail and then eventually, someone more sensible gets to vote. Or something. This year’s token Republican Black Candidate. Like Herman Cain only weirder.

  120. I read somewhere that the media SO wants to make Rubio happen. Then their narrative can be handsome, YOUNG upstart against the “old lady”. There are a number of problems with this narrative starting with Hillary’s energy. She doesn’t come across as “old”. But an even bigger problem is Rubio’s ideas are old even if he isn’t. And he looks like a cub scout which may make him seem a little too young. He’s baby faced and short. I noticed in clips of debate all the others towered over him. There’s a very fine line between fresh and immature.

  121. I’m very short myself so I’m conscious of what a detriment it can be. For a man (running for president!), it’s even worse.

  122. Is it me or does Carson seem medicated? In interviews, he seems on the verge of falling asleep–or slipping intoba coma. Lol!

  123. Last Florida poll, Rubio carries 15% of his own damned state.

    This week’s Ipsos Reuter national poll has Rubio at 6%

    Iowa caucus poll has Rubio at 10%

    NH latest poll has him at 7%. Even Bush, Fiorina and Kasich are ahead of him.

    He’s not impressing anyone. Although he might get a bump as a reward for reducing that lazy git Bush to a pile of ashes. Certainly not from the R establishment, though.

  124. I don’t know if Carson’s on something or is just completely without any redeeming social qualities. It’s like he’s not connected to Earth, certainly not connected to societal norms and the basics of acceptable behaviors. He’s a very odd being.

    Who says things like “I would skip meeting with the parents of people killed in Oregon and go to the next one”? This is not a normal human remark. It shows a complete lack of empathy or sympathy for human beings and their suffering. A lack of conscience.

  125. Good reviews of the Republican candidates, Uppity and Brassy Rebel.

    I had heard a lot about Rubio four years or so ago, and then I saw hm, and was singularly unimpressed. He is not very bright, and he is immensely conservative. If people are going to vote for him because he is young and fairly good-looking, then they might as well run Bieber, because there isn’t much difference in the global knowledge both have. All Rubio has is a look, like some movie version of a political candidate. He talks about “building America,” and “restoring America,” and it is just words like from a high school speech. His blueprint is to get rid of Social Security and Medicare,a and cut taxes on the rich. Actually, that is all the Republicans’ blueprints, but he is just a more visually appealing mouthpiece for it. But someone has to get nominated, so he certainly has a chance as compared to the other ones. I agree that the Republicans usually flirt with weird candidates, and then settle for the more conventional one. That’s what most of these other candidates are hoping to be. But right now, even with Trump dropping, he and Carson take about 45% of the national polling, and that is quite a bit.

  126. If the country were full of informed voters, Hillary should get about 80% of the vote against any Republican. Unless one is a multimillionaire or just hates people, I see no reason whatsoever for anyone to vote for their candidate, who offers nothing to help any aspect of society, except the pockets of the super-rich.

    Of course I would like the Republicans to nominate the candidate whom Hillary could beat by the largest margin. But I am not sure who that would be. It will be a test of how much the Republican trillions and the media can disguise the weaknesses and lack of knowledge of their candidate, to try and make him competitive. Because this is the most pathetic collection of candidates I have ever seen them put up, and that is really saying something.

  127. Brassy Rebel, don’t forget that Kristin Chenowith, probably our most acclaimed Broadway female star, is 4’11”!

    But yes, there is a bias toward height in our culture. I am 5’7″, which I have grown to like as a height, but certainly it would bother me that some women would always go for tall men. And there have been studies about corporations, where it was found that as one goes higher in the hierarchy of a corporation, the men (it was mostly men when the study was done) are taller. There is this idea of the “commanding presence,” which of course has very little to do with ability. And you probably know that in the last dozen or so presidential races, the taller candidate won almost every time, whether or not that was the major criterion. Really ridiculous, in my view! 🙂

  128. The GOP faithful only think their eventual candidate has a chance against Hillary because they just KNOW sooner or later the smoking gun will turn up which will PROVE Hillary and that closet Moozlim Obama sacrificed naked Girl Scouts to Baal on Vince Foster’s grave to insure ISIS conquers the world in alliance with Vladimir Putin, who is secretly A VAMPIRE!!! (*Insert Bach organ music*) 🙄 :mrgreen:

  129. Oh, rot–I missed a chance to complete the Wingnut Circle of Life; I should have said they sacrificed aborted fetuses (feti?) from Planned Parenthood on Vince Foster’s grave. :/

  130. William, good points about height in our society. I met Hillary eight years ago on the first campaign, and she’s only a few inches taller than me–maybe 5’4″ or so. Yet, she’s very commanding, both in person and on a debate stage. So it’s obviously not just about height. Rubio’s youth will only work for him if he doesn’t come off like a kid on his way to summer camp who took a wrong turn and ended up at a presidential debate. And it’s pathetic how we fetishize youth in our culture.

  131. Ivory Bill, very clever! But don’t let that get out; the Republicans will say that you admitted, in black and white, exactly what they had known all along!

  132. [wingnut]

    You know who else had a commanding presence despite not being tall? NAPOLEON! She’s Napoleon reincarnated by Beelzebub! 😮


    I should be ashamed of myself about how much I love making fun of that lot. 😈

  133. According to his campaign, Marco Rubio is 5’10”. According to my campaign, I am a former astronaut and Olympic gold medal winning figure skater who looks like a young Grace Kelly. So there.

    This article from U.S. News and World Report lists the heights ( self-reported? ) of other 2016 candidates. Hillary is listed as 5’7″.

  134. Halloween goodies from The Briefing:

  135. New Halloweenie post up.

  136. A little birdie told me that you don’t ever want to meet up with our own NES in a court of law…..and she’s no advertisement for height either.

    My experience in corporate america? NEVER underestimate a short person.

  137. Unless Hillary grew since she first ran for Senator, I can speak from absolute propinquity that Hillary is not 5’7. I am 5’5 and she was about eye level with me, maybe a tad shorter. Then again, I don’t remember what kinds of shoes either of us were wearing.

  138. Ok I found this! It appears she has never officially recorded her height as 5’7, it came from other sources, namely the press. Her campaign did report she was 5’5″ in 2008 though.

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