Things you can get away with on Halloween….


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  1. Happy Halloween Uppity! If you still have your eye patch, you can incorporate it into your costume. 😉

    Bringing this up from downstairs since it fits in more here.

    Halloween goodies from The Briefing:

  2. de Blasio finally endorsed Hillary.

  3. de Blasio. Is that a good thing? What a cockroach that guy is

  4. When your free trial runs out….

  5. My costume is so awful, Sophie, that people are running away screaming like their hair is on fire. Do I look that bad?

  6. ^The Gowdy Doody costume (h/t Driftglass for the nickname) is missing something.

    It should have “Property of HRC” stamped on the forehead, because she 0wn3d him and the rest of his motley crew the other day. 😈

  7. Time to dust off this classic novelty song from the late Bobby “Boris” Pickett. 😀

    Anyone else remember the Groovie Goolies cartoon? :mrgreen:

  8. I read something funny in a comments section today:

    If you take all the vowels out of the name Reince Priebus you get:

    RNC PR BS!!! 🙂

  9. So with you on de Blasio, Upps. He’s a complete non-entity who has done nothing for the middle class in NYC.

  10. GWM he’s done nothing, period. Unless you include shooting his mouth off.

  11. I always call him Reebus Preebus, socal.

  12. Peter Daou’s Republican Poll. lulz.


  13. Awww–totally cute costume!

  14. Once your vision is back on board,Uppity,you should start writing for the show Criminal Minds. Your posting makes me kind of wish I had a porch.

    As to De Blasio;you may have just observed the first giant crack in the Great Wall Of Progressivism . Whatever plan there was to keep Hillary from the nomination has NOT come to fruition and even the DeBlasios of the world are having to get on board or get left.

    And remember,tonight’s the only night you can get away w/wearing neon;without being attacked by the fashion police. Stay safe out there!

  15. Who ya gonna call? :mrgreen:

  16. Who the heck cares what De Blasio thinks anyways. He’s held in the same level of esteem as whale shit. He’s a fluke.

  17. GWM, he’s done nothing for ANYBODY.

    Hope he’s shored up for a real primary next time.

  18. Ups, I hope you are feeling better. Thought you would get a laugh over this one courtesy of the gang at South Park:

  19. Quick reminder…turn your clocks, watches, microwave clocks, etc. BACK one hour tonight. Enjoy the extra hour sleep.

  20. Did someone say…?

  21. Cartoon by John Deering of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

    Linus Van Pelt never expected THIS: 😈

  22. I see Fred Thompson died. I will leave it up in the air as to whether he is paying for pimping AAG reverse mortgages to unsuspecting seniors so that when they go to a nursing home for extended rehab, the bank can snatch their home out from under them. Or if they land in a home permanently, their personal effects will be chucked out while the bank puts their home up for sale. Or if their stupid spouse signs de paper for that reverse mortgage and doesn’t include their spouse in the deal, say goodbye to your home there, widow, unless you can come up with all the money your husband collected from the bank, if that even works. My realty friend just recently told me that last story. That’s when Freddie doesn’t show up.

    That should keep old Fred busy for eternity.

    If there is an afterlife, I suspect one day that he and Henry Winkler, who also pimps reverse mortgages, will meet up with one another
    in a very hot hot HOT place.

    Update: I forgot to mention that a nursing home is entitled to take that reverse mortgage check while the patient is there, (while interest accrues besides), making them self-pay off that ‘sweet’ reverse mortgage. So the person gets it in the neck twice. And when that poor old sucker dies, that house left behind will be worth less than is owed to the sleazy AAG, leaving the children to figure out exactly how the “estate” is going to pay the rest off. And Fred is(was) right about one thing: Reverse mortgages are “Fully backed by the government”. What he didn’t say is it’s not “free money”. The government backs AAG, so they will be sure to get that money that doesn’t come from the sale of the house, after the dead person’s assets are dispositioned first, of course.

    And…… More

    Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed lawsuits against two mortgage brokers for using unfair and deceptive marketing practices to solicit seniors for reverse mortgages.

    “These companies used extremely misleading language in their advertising, sometimes even disguising their loans as government benefits that borrowers don’t have to repay,” said Madigan. Many consumers have reported that they didn’t even know these offers were for reverse mortgages or a loan of any kind added Madigan.

    Read the rest:


  23. Reverse mortgages. Another “gift” to the middle class from Ronald Reagan.

  24. I assume that any ad offering money or loans is intended to take money out of the hands of innocent people and put it into the hands of insurance companies or banks. These ads should be regulated by the government, because they are intended to deceive. It is particularly evil that they are directed at older people, who cannot earn the money to make up for it. The very concept of a reverse mortgage sounds insidious.

  25. Quick reminder…turn your clocks, watches, microwave clocks, etc. BACK one hour tonight. Enjoy the extra hour sleep.

    I woke up an hour earlier.

  26. Did anybody else see the little kid dressed like the pope at the WH halloween bash? They had him in one of those little cars, popemobile. They dubbed him Mini Pope and he won first prize. It was hilarious

  27. Here’s the baby “pope” for those that missed it:

  28. I know you are all crushed to know that Larry Lessig has withdrawn from the Democratic Primary race. I didn’t even know ole Larry was running, whomever the hell he is.

  29. Upps @ 7:27, yeah, I saw that about Lessig. He has been bitching about not being able to join the dem debates.

    Anonymous is supposed to be releasing 1000 names of politicians and police officials who are members of the kkk. Meanwhile, today, a different group, who also claim to be “hactivists” released some names that they say are in the kkk. One of them was Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, which would be kinda funny if true. So anonymous tweeted something to the effect of, “pay no attention to those impostors. Our list is coming out on the 5th and we know what we’re doing…” The whole thing is turning into quite the clusterf**k. Laker was laughing about it earlier, but I’m thinking this could have some bad consequences if innocent people are “outed” for things they never did or have no part of.

  30. Upps, how is the eye today? Have you gotten the other one done yet?

  31. Here’s another clusterf**k. A school in Illinois made a privacy partition for a trans boy in the Girls Locker Room and Showers, but the aclu fought it and the entire school district is being threatened by Obama’s Dept of Education.

  32. Any Uppityites in New England or nearby NY/NJ interested in joining Women4Hillary CT as we trek up to NH to canvass for Hillary on Saturday, November 14? Let me know!

  33. You know, if all the girls that would have to shower and change with the trans girl don’t mind it, then it sure doesn’t affect my world. But apparently, some of them do, which is why the school thought they were compromising. So, the xx girls get no say so in the matter, but the one trans girl does. Doesn’t seem quite fair.

    I think schools are going to have to provide privacy partitions for everyone, which would probably be a good thing.

    Also, the Dept of Education spokesperson said something I thought was really ridic:

    “All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities — this is a basic civil right,” Education Department Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Township High School District 211 is not following the law because the district continues to deny a female student the right to use the girls’ locker room.”

    The trans student is already participating in the girls sports programs. How is showering, changing clothes, and peeing (what a locker room is used for) part of “school programs and activities?”

  34. Sophie @ 1:14, sounds like fun…I wish I could!

  35. I question whether it is psychologically healthy for a trans kid to be in a locker room with a bunch of gendertypical (I refuse to use the term cis) girls who have bodies like this kid desires but will never really have? Wouldn’t that make the trans kid’s gender dysphoria worse?

  36. Jens, that is an interesting point. In addition, I wonder if its psychologically healthy to have your trans kid be involved in a national issue like this. Kids are so sensitive at that age. It seems possible that there could be mean girls that would hold a grudge about it. If my son were trans, I think I would prefer him/her to use the private facilities as being better for him. Its not like showering in a high school communal shower is fun. I hated it, but I was born modest. There were no private showers when I was in high school, and showering was mandatory unless you were on your period. Actually, I think schools will end up having to provide more private showers and changing stalls for anyone that wants them. We’re in new territory here. I’m glad my kid is grown.

  37. I won’t use cis either. I resent one on thousandth of one percent of the population making up words or acronyms that rename who and what I am with obvious disdain… and I am not playing.

    As for children, sometimes fads mean a lot to them. They are impressionable. An 11 year old hasn’t even reached the concrete operation phase of his or her life. There is going to be a growing need for psychiatrists in the near future to help with the confusion factor . And I can’t imagine how uncomfortable those girls would be in a locker room with one biological boy. Once again, women are being shoved around, and their privacy and feelings mean little. Training them to be Lesser early on. Even unto being told they aren’t women anymore because they ‘resigned’ themselves to being ‘gender assigned. I think everybody should be who they want to be but not at the expense of the entire population of girls and women, who are, incidentally, 51% of the population.

  38. socal, thanks for asking. Doing the eye this morning. The one that was done has improved but I am still relying on my other eye with my glass lens in to actually read or use computer. In other words, I’m concerned that the fixed eye has not adapted, probably because of my other eye with the glass lens being used. It’s extreme difference. I am concerned that after this morning, I’m going to not be seeing very well at all for awhile till my brain adapts and the two eyes work together. It’s been a bit disconcerting to say the least. And after today, my glass will be worthless so my eyes will be one their own.

  39. Am wishing you the best Upps! I think you’ll like it when all the healing is over. Great comment up above.

  40. Some of the world’s “job creators” still get away with slavery. Year round. 👿

  41. It is only because this is about the very delicate and for many people uncomfortable matter of gender and sexuality, that we have this ridiculous situation. If some ten year old boy told everyone that he was actually 40 years old, he just knew that he was, would people fall over backwards to praise him for his courage in coming out as a 40-year old? Would he get to skip all his classes? Just because he looks like a ten year old does not mean that he is one, right? Age is a social construct? What if some girl is certain that she is the reincarnation of Queen Victoria, and thus demands fealty from the rest of the students, plus a lifetime stipend? Are we going to let our personal conceptions stop her from being who she just knows she is?

    Why is someone not allowed to walk around naked at school? What if he or she believes in nudism? Why are we constraining people by forcing them to accept a societal norm of wearing clothes? What if some elementary school students have a different biological clock as far as eating, and want to have luncn at 10 am and for the school to provide them with dinner at 2? What if some child believes that he is a mountain lion, and should not be in school at all, but should be allowed to roam in the hills? Just because he has the genetic maketup of a human, does not mean that he is really a human, since this is all a social construct, right?

    This is insanity. Strange or unhappy or faddish children are getting to go around telling everyone that they are really a different gender–at least for a while, until they might want to change back. In our efforts to “honor” every degree of identity, and our desperate wish to applaud diversity, we are helping to create a world of weirdness and self-indulgence. And how many nice and innocent children are traumatized by seeing some eight year old boy claiming that he is a girl? Or children who like to act out for attention, or to give their lives some sense of specialness, and so wear lipstick and high heels as boys, or shave their heads as girls? Strict conformity is one unpleasant extreme of the spectrum; the other end is allowing everyone to do whatever they want, based on “feelings.” I probably sound like a conservative in saying all this, but right now we are in danger of having strange or delusional people dictate terms to everyone else. And like many things, this ultimately becomes all about power. Just think, you can get the school administrators to kowtow to your every demand! And no one dares to say one negative thing about you, or they will throw them out of school! You are the supreme ruler!

  42. You nailed it with the parents, William! This generation of parents wants their kid to be the special snowflake who gets all kinds of extra attention and accommodations. I’m not talking about parents whose kid truly has special needs. I’m talking about parents with a kid who doesn’t stand out from the rest of the kids, but who has some kind of quirk or issue– some mildly autistic behaviors, a food allergy, or some gender nonconformity– which the parents escalate into A VERY MAJOR BIG DEAL THAT CONSUMES EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES.

    While watching “I Am Jazz”, a reality show about a transgender teen, I noticed that the entire family revolves around Jazz being transgender. There was one episode where the family was discussing what to do about the kids’ bedroom situation. There are four kids in the family– an older sister who went away to college, twin boys who are about 16 or 17, and 14-year-old Jazz. The twins had been sharing a room, but when the sister went away to college, one of them took over her old room. Now she was about to come home for the summer and the family needed to sort out who was going to sleep where. But the whole thing quickly became all about Jazz, who felt a sudden need to redecorate her room. Maybe it was set up this way for the sake of the reality show. It didn’t seem like it, though. To me, it seemed like this is the way this family rolls– the special kid gets the most attention, and if something isn’t about her, it soon will become all about her. The mom is the one who REALLY seems to relish all the attention she gets for being the model parent for transgender children.

  43. Trans rights trumps everybody’s rights. Too bad if you’re a girl – you feel uncomfortable or threatened? Suck it up, honey. That goes for you gay men and lesbians. In some states, you have no recourse if you are harassed at work or fired for your sexuality. Trans are protected. You queers are not.

    LGB need to drop the T.

  44. Jens, I think you are right on point with regard to the matter of some children or young adults wanting to escape from the situation of being average in school, average in sports, and (like most kids) teased by others, or being put upon by certain teachers. Here is how you completely turn it around, to becoming special, and having everyone cater to your wishes. Now maybe these children do not think this way, maybe they absolutely believe that they are the other gender. But unconscious motivations can be very powerful. These are things which should be discussed, but unfortunately what I call “social correctness” makes it virtually impossible. I am afraid that pretty soon, the “normal” young person is going to be the outcast; considered bland and uninteresting, and thus the lowest on the totem pole of privileges.

    And, while I know I might offend some by saying this, I do think that transgenderism is actually a kind of “one-up,” the new vogue, to undoubtedly be supplanted by another one. My thought is that we will be learning about “proteans,” people whose gender identity can change from day to day, or according to situation. After all, if we are going to hear that gender is a social construct, and not determined by genetics, then why should we try to hold onto the concept that it is immutable; and that a child knows what it is, even if it is not the genetic gender he or she was born with? If it is a social construct, why might it not change as easily as a person’s or a culture’s choice of clothing styles or favorite music? That seems to be something which the dogmatists have not considered.

  45. It is very hard for me to read on wordpress right now. Everything is light grey and too small.I have my laptop magnified to 200 everywhere else. Just want to say that it is unfortunate that WOMEN aren’t as passionate about their rights as such a small segment of the population is. Look at the attention and Snap-To responses they are getting. We get shit because we aren’t rabid enough. There’s a lot to be said for true Radical Feminism.

  46. Another thing I am noticing about the trans movement is 99 percent of it is about male-to-female transgender individuals. Where are the stories of transmen who want access to the men’s locker room?

    The only story of this type I’ve come across involved a sex toy company selling child-size “packers” for FTM kids to wear so they have a bulge in their pants like gendertypical (again, I refuse to use the term cis) boys. I guess they can even pee through these things, although how exactly this works, I am not sure. But this story involved children, not grown transmen. In fact, the blogger I heard this from said she’d gotten emails from transmen who were disgusted that someone was selling these things to kids.

  47. William, interesting, and scary, points you make @ 3:37. I have been wondering about this being “the new vogue”, as we also have people claiming they are a different race than the one they were born to. This whole “I identify as…” seems inauthentic to me. That Dolezal woman, besides not having the genetics, did not have the life experience of being black, so why lie about who she was born? Same thing with all of these different “gender identities”. If a guy wants to live like a woman, go for it, but it will never alter the fact that he will never have an authentic woman’s sexual organs and life experience, and in fact, could have prostate cancer someday. And whatever he does to his body with drugs and surgery, he is still (except in very rare cases) going to die with xy chromosomes. If these people can’t learn to live their lives without infringing on the rights of others (usually women and girls–of course), and costing taxpayers and businesses a ton of dough, then this situation is going to get uglier and uglier.

    I was reading the comments to the nyt article and some of the commenters thought that the gender police should tone it down til after the ’16 elections. They’re afraid that this issue could motivate republicans, who might not bother voting if the candidates are Hillary and Carson for example, to get out and vote republican.

  48. OK i increased the font size. Now all i have to do is hope one day soon, everything won’t be grey instead of black and blurry instead of clear. If I knew this was going to be this much trouble I would have said NO THANKS.

    I’m sure when this finally gets better, I will say it was worth it, but bear in mind the next time someone says they want to correct their sight that they should plan to feel like they are going to fall down, have knees like rubber, be nauseous and not be able to read a thing without moving it around till you can actually make something out. Then tell them that when the second eye gets done a week later you are left with the one eye that still doesn’t work. You will get a taste of what it’s like to be nearly legally blind. And the kicker is, you don’t know how long it’s going to go on that way. Could be days, weeks or even MONTHS. So tell them to plan on having their life ruined for some time.

  49. Would you expect an 11 year old to know what he wants to do for a living when he’s an adult. Would you badger him to decide?

    Just asking. Because some of the web pages I’ve seen look more like transgender recruitment sites.

  50. I dunno. Maybe if I **knew a transgender person I would have a more useful outlook. As it is, they are like finding unicorns. There just aren’t enough of them to be changing the whole damned country to accommodate them– not to mention changing the English language for them. I was an English teacher, there is no WAY on EARTH you will ever get me to use the word THEY for singular just because someone can’t make up his or her mind which sex he or she is that day.

    Would that we would give this much attention to disabled people. We give them a ramp and then tell them they are on their own.

    **On the other hand, maybe I DO know one and don’t know it.

  51. Poor Uppity! When I had it done, years and years ago, I felt bad for the first 24 hours, then had mild scratchiness and dryness. But my vision was perfect as soon as they took off the eye padding. My sis had the same experience. We are wondering if hubbie should do it.

  52. “Would that we would give this much attention to disabled people. We give them a ramp and then tell them they are on their own.”

    Hear, hear! (Says the mother of a mildly disabled person!) Actually, laker gets some benefits: he has a blue disabled placard, and at school he gets early registration for classes which is a godsend–he never has to wait to get into a class he wants. They also offer him double the amount of time to take a test, which he has never used. I can’t think of anything else, he is motivated and goes after what he wants and any acting roles or music gigs he has gotten were given on the basis of his talents, he never asked for or was given special consideration for having muscular dystrophy for any of them, and he takes pride in that.

  53. Uppity, how unfortunate about the post-operation problems. Yes, those should have been explained fully, so you could either choose not to do the surgery, or at least be ready for the unpleasant aftermath. Hopefully in a few weeks you will feel as if it were worth it.

  54. I am very concerned about parents that dose their eleven and twelve year old boys (with the complicity of doctors) with female hormones.
    Those kids will experience decades of reverse HRT; tell me that isn’t an invitation to breast cancer.
    They won’t get uterine or ovarian cancers because they don’t possess those organs.
    On the other hand, what do we make of two and three year olds who insist that they’re in the wrong bodies?
    It’s the smallest ones that pull me up short sometimes.

  55. Jens, my purely personal opinion is that some of what you note, about many more boys “identifying” as girls, rather than the opposite, is because right now, being a girl is seen as “cooler” than being a boy. And since girls are now able to participate in just about everything that boys can, I can see how some young boys might think that girls have more fun; whereas I don’t think that many girls want to be boys. Now, I am giving more credence to choice here, or inclination, than what I think is a ridiculous idea that these children “know what they really are.”

    Growing up is not easy for anyone, but being a boy means endless competition on the playground; being challenged to races, feats of athletic skill, or even fights. I had it pretty easy, but certainly do remember one boy, bigger and taller, who kept telling me all through junior high school that he wanted to fight me after school, something I managed to avoid while still keeping my dignity, but not without various anxious moments. And fortunately I was always pretty good at sports; those boys that are not, can be humilated on a daily basis, at least when I went to school. So I can understand some wanting to “opt out.” Not that they would necessarily find it any easier to be a girl, but on the other hand, they are not really girls, just boys who might feel more comfortable with female companionship. I think it is almost all cultural preference and self-protection masquerading as destiny.

  56. The trans movement is mostly about mtf trans because it is basically a conservative men’s rights movement masquerading as a progressive cause. The females just aren’t that important to them. Among children the majority of those being medically transed are “transboys” (girls being transed to boys), but the talk shows and reality shows are only interested in “transgirls” (boys being transed to girls). Check out this website if you haven’t already:

  57. Sue, if children at such a young age are expressing such things, then they are getting it from their parents, who might be consciously or unconsciously trying to get them to express a particular preference. The whole thing is quite unsettling, and I think that the parents are contributing to most of it.

  58. Yes, I agree that when very small children insist they’re the “wrong” gender, it’s more about what the parents have drummed into their little heads as opposed to anything innate. A child of two, three, or four doesn’t understand the difference between boys and girls. They also don’t understand the difference between fantasy and reality. For example, a little boy might believe he has magically turned himself into a girl if he puts on his sister’s Disney princess costume. Then when he puts his own clothes back on, he is a little boy once again.

    Nothing wrong with this type of play. But if it persists, some parents seem to believe their child is “confused” so they attempt to educate him/her. “No, Liam. You’re a boy. The pink boots are for girls. You are a BOY!” Or “No, Kayla, you can’t be Spider Man for Halloween. Spider Man is a boy, and you are a GIRL! Wouldn’t you rather dress up pretty like Elsa from Frozen?” If the parents aren’t the ones filling their heads with this crap, they’re still getting it from relatives, preschool teachers, and society in general.

    If the kid still doesn’t conform, that’s when adults start throwing around the T label. Little Liam must really be a girl, because his favorite color is pink and all he wants for Christmas is Barbies. Meanwhile, Kayla just chopped off all her hair and is going around telling people her real name is Bert. Never mind that she’s four and last week she went around telling people she’s really a tiger. It’s off to the gender specialist! From what I’ve read about these specialists, almost none of them will tell the parents it’s a phase or that the kid is too young to be labelled. Instead, they say the child was “born in the wrong body”, a HORRIBLE message to give to any kid. I cringe every time I hear it.

  59. Sue @ 10:42, yes, hormone therapy sounds crazy for kids. The men I know who have tried it for prostate cancer hated it–it really messed them up. I was reading the comments @ the nyt piece about this and the best comments were from a woman named Sue and I thought of you when I read them!

  60. Wish I could take credit for the comments, annie:)

  61. 4th Wave Now is a blog for parents who question the current “trans the kids as young as possible” paradigm. They just posted this article that sheds light on some of what we’ve been discussing here:

  62. William, I’ve tried so hard to just let your “cooler to be a girl” comment sit there, but I’m not being true to myself. I disagree with your “coolness” explanation as to why more boys want to be girls (or men want to be women)….on so many levels ….that I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll only give you a few examples. Try being afraid at times all of your life of being raped while walking alone at night. There isn’t a woman on this blog who won’t attest to that fear plenty of times at all phases of their lives. Or being placed in a secondary box at work no matter how much education and experience you have. That starts in school. Or being the lone parent of a toddler who is expected to take care of her child while still going to work.

    There are so many limitations imposed upon girls before they even take their first step that it makes the worry of sports competition in school pale in significance. And speaking of pressure with sports….. Tweet Billie Jean King and ask her about the pressure upon her to win a tennis match against a disgusting loudmouthed sexist pig, knowing fully well that if she loses, it will have a negative impact on all other women in terms of equality……..for generations to come. I’ll bet it wasn’t too Cool for BJ when she was a Limited girl in school.

    It’s so “cool” to be girl that you get to learn that, when you grow up to be woman and you happen to be heads above the rest intellectually, and you have the misfortune of having leadership skills, men will chide you for your looks, your clothes, your hair, your voice or your body to detour your life path and get you to sit down. And heaven forbid that you should be really good looking, they will Joe-Biden you for the entire of your career. You need only watch what has been done to Hillary Clinton over the past nearly three decades to get just how difficult it is to be a woman, and exactly how UNCOOL you are treated throughout your lifetime. And if you think it’s rougher to worry about competing in sports or having a fist fight on the playground than it is to know you will spend the whole of your life being thwarted if you try to compete at ANYTHING with men, well then I just don’t know what to tell you.

    Because Bruce Jenner into Kaitlyn Jenner, posing on a magazine cover in a corset with hours of makeup work done on his face, is NOT what it takes to become a woman.What it is instead is the male rendition of what it takes to be a woman –all looks and no There there. All hot and sexy and not much else. And it’s too bad for him, because the older he gets, the saggier he will get. And if he had decided to stay a man, nobody would say a thing about his gut and grey hair. But then again, he can always switch back since he kept all his plumbing. But then he might not be able to afford the switch if he weren’t a reality trash actor hanging out with the Kardouchians–or if he hadn’t been able to parlay his olympic status into money all of his life. Because in real life, if he were a woman all of his life like 99.99999% of the woman in America, he wouldn’t be able to afford all the surgery to do or undo his rendition of a woman, because the chances of him ever making it to the male olympics as a born-woman would have beene ZERO — and the odds of him making the money he would need to surgically switch genders would be nearly zero. In the Real World, as opposed to the world of the Kardouchians, being a woman is a lot of work. The kind you don’t get paid for.

    So you will excuse me if I don’t weep for your problem worrying about competing in sports as a kid.My nephew refused to participate in sports and “wreck his body” on the field when he was in school as well. He was far more interested in learning shit that would actually serve him well in life, a life I might add, that he had a better chance of acquiring than the girl sitting next to him who was probably instilled since she was 5 with the belief that girls aren’t good at math and science. Today he’s an interventional radiologist and I can fit my house inside of his house. Because in the end, being a girl on the playground and not having to worry about sports competition you aren’t welcome to participate in anyways (unless it’s with other girls) is not the same as growing up and being a woman. These young boys know not what they are getting into when they try to usurp womanhood. They might find out a little late that it’s not all that and a bag of chips! But then they get to skip the REAL fun, like period cramps, the kind that include back cramps that make you feel like you have polio. Hell, I’d rather have a fist fight! And if you think fist fights with boys is bad, try checking out all those Mean Girl cliques that have a now well-known history of making other girls kill themselves.

    You’re half-right, William. A modest percentage of girls and women are now…allowed…to do what is generally reserved for boys and men, if they are willing to do it in the face of resistance and work twice as hard to get half the recognition. The percentage of women in congress glaringly bears that out.

    Yeah. I’m a little pissed off. Run-on sentences and all! Your view of just how easy and “Cool” it is to be a girl instead of a boy (because of sports and fist fights and your unsaid lower expectations) is simply so very ……………..fill in the blank, girlfriends.

    I should add I’m not really pissed off at YOU. Just pissed off. Like so many men who really mean well and try to Get It, you don’t get it. But at least you try. But you see, this is why only a brilliant woman president who Gets It can fix this HUGE perception and equality problem once and for all.

    “After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” -Ann Richards

  63. I am obviously in a very bad mood. I have my font raised from the normal size 10 to 18. Legally blind people do that. So I best not write anything further on this blog because I am SO scared that this surgery has ruined my life. And if it takes months to get better, I am going to hurt myself. My legs are like rubber, I look drunk and I just plain can’t deal with this.I am going this afternoon to get the bandage off of the one eye I depended on to see for the past week…….with my glasses on. Now my glasses for that eye will be worthless and if this second eye is anything like the first one is, I am in DEEP SHIT. I am going to rip this doctor’s throat out this afternoon. He made me think I would walk out of his office after just one eye being done and see the world perfectly… it stands right now, I need glasses. Fast. This “it takes time” bullshit is worn down to a nub for me. I couldn’t even chop a carrot last night. I have to put umpteen zillion drops in my eye four times a day and nothing, NOTHING is making this eye See right. Should I expect more from the bandaged eye? Sure! More feeling like I am going to fall down and crack my head. I got through healing from bypass surgery easier than this. At least I could SEE.

    Over and out, signed’

  64. Up, that’s terrible about your vision. Makes me glad I’ve passed on the surgery! I do hope it gets better soon.

    When I was 4 in the nineteen fifties, I insisted to my parents that I was really a boy. Thank God they ignored that till I passed thru that phase! Now, they’d feel pressure to accomodate my desire. But even then, I could see that boys had it better and were more valued by society. Thus, my insistence that I was a boy. I should add that it wasn’t my parents making me feel that way. For their time, they were very un-sexist. But I perceived what was valued by the larger culture even at 4!

  65. Uppity@ 6:09 AM: I had so many things I wanted to say about William’s comments but I couldn’t articulate them. What you wrote spoke for me. Thank you, Upps.

    I do want to say that I am so sorry you are going through this experience with your vision. It sounds terrifying. I am praying that you have a complete recovery very soon.

  66. Re-reading my comment, I absolutely SHOULD NOT have said I was glad I passed on the eye surgery. That sounds mean, like I’m rubbing it in. Just hope this gets better soon. No one should go thru what you are going thru. Sounds like doctor misled you, or, at least wasn’t totally upfront about side effects.

  67. Sending healing thoughts to you, Uppity.
    All of us are.

  68. After eight years of a Democratic governor, Kentuckians just elected a Tea Party nutter to the executive position.
    I’d thought that the Tea Party was on its way out; guess not.

  69. Republicans are all tea partiers now. If they don’t toe the tea party line, they’re endangered species. Basically, they’ve all lost their minds over there.

  70. Rebel don’t apologize for telling the truth. And you should be glad.It’s a terrible thing when you can’t see and there are no glasses there to improve it. I stepped on my poor cat Joe yesterday.

    I just got back from the eye surgeon and he has strongly assured me that I WILL have perfect vision but every eye heals differently. There were others in the waiting room who did the surgery on the same days I did and half of them had perfect vision now and the other half were like me. Anyways, he took the bandage off of my left eye and I can say as of right now, my sight has improved. Not to perfect but at least I can focus. He said that I have to understand that my brain has to do this, I can’t do it any other way, and my brain will take over. Also, having both eyes done now will make a huge difference in terms of my brain being able to sort my new eyes out. I of course have a couple of glitches going on, such as flickering of the most recent fixed eye, but not the horrible strain of my eyes I have had to endure to the point of headaches.I do see a difference with both eyes being used.I have an appointment in one week and he said he is certain when he sees me then, I will feel a lot better about this surgery. I had really bad eyes. My distance had already improved but the near and intermediate sight simply wasn’t showing up, and that was very very hard. I’m probably going to hit a few bumps but as of this moment, my left eyeball hurts but I can see out of it and the blur I was experiencing is still there but not as bad. We’ll see. I still have the font size enlarged and will lower it by degrees over the next few days and see how I fare.

    I feel bad about the comment I made to William, I apologize William, for my tone. I probably would have tried to be more artful in how I presented what I was trying to say to you, if I could see better.

  71. And now for something completely off-topic:

    You can make your own goofy things like this at

    You just need two gifs and (optional) a YouTube musical track.

    Despite the name of the site, no mating dogs are shown. :mrgreen:

  72. Upps, your latest dr visit sounds fairly reassuring. As Sue said upthread, we are all thinking about your poor eyes a lot and sending healing vibes and prayers your way. What you’re going through sounds really scary.

  73. I remembered this morning that my grandma once told me she wanted to be a boy when she was a kid, because she thought they had more fun and she wanted to play baseball. When I was really little, she kicked my grandpa out (couldn’t blame her–he was a drunk), and she spent her middle aged years working two jobs and built a nice life for herself. I remember she was very proud of being strong physically and being independent. But she enjoyed “girly” stuff as well, she loved to cook, sew (she made beautiful clothes for all of us out of fabrics like silk and Italian linen), crochet and embroider; she loved perfume and lipstick and going to the beauty parlor every week. Oh and she was a diehard Dodger fan for decades. I spent a lot of time at her house and would fall asleep listening to Vin Scully’s voice. We had so much fun with her. I’m grateful her parents let her enjoy her tomboy-hood, and didn’t immediately put her on hormones and plan her “transition”.

  74. Rebel, same thing with me really, when I was a kid. I was one major tomboy. I only liked things boys liked. I mean I had ONE doll……and I pretended to be a doctor and performed surgery on it and cut out its guts. I spent much of my time proving to any guy that I could climb trees higher and, mostly, I did. Couldn’t STAND wearing a dress or even being near anything girly. I do believe I would have switched if given the opportunity. It’s a damned good thing it wasn’t today and I could change based on my ten year old brain’s bad decision, because I would be one fucked up person today. That’s because I wouldn’t give up being a woman for anything.

    But hey, what a difference being an adult makes sometimes when it comes to decisions…

  75. Upps @ 6:07: awww, cute!

  76. I read the blog piece Jens linked to upthread about the medical stuff that parents are allowing for their “trans” kids, and honestly, I just think its insane to let kids make their own life altering decisions. We change so much over the course of our lives. In the article, it said researchers were concerned over the effects that hormones and other drugs would have on the kids brains and growth, even the quality of their bones. A lot of scary stuff. I understand that having a kid who insists they are the opposite sex would be extremely traumatic for the whole family. I hope these people can find the delicate balance and make the best decisions for their kid. It seems safest (at this point anyway), to let the child finish growing and developing (including the brain, which doesn’t stop developing until the 20s) before starting the physical change. I hope that doesn’t sound heartless, I am sympathetic to everyone dealing with these issues. Oh, except for the parents of the trans kid with the reality show, who have revolved their whole families lives around the trans kid’s life, (I think) for money and fame and glory. Horrible people.

  77. Uppity I just now saw your long post, as I was out all day. I am very sorry about the surgery aftereffects being so unpleasant. I do very much hope that this improves very quickly. I am sure that you are following up with your doctor to see if this can be ameliorated. And of course I wish you the very best in that regard.

    As to the male/female matters, do note that I was writing about my sense of the current teenagers, not when we were teenagers. I am not one now, and I don’t go to school, so I am just getting a sense from the ads and the various things I pick up. My sense is that “girls are in, boys are out,” as far as coolness goes, among children and teens. But that was sort of a lighhearted comment. I was not making a comment on males vs. females, as to which gender has it better, if one even wanted to make such general statements. There are many ways in which women have a very difficult time, and certainly have been ill-treated over the centuries. I do think that the life of a man is not nearly as wonderful as some think it is (remember Thoreau’s comment about the majority of men living lives of quiet desperation, or Hobbes writing that the lives of men were nasty, brutish, and short). Men were the serfs, the cannon fodder in endless wars in the Middle Ages and beyond. If you were a male aristocrat, you had it pretty good; otherwise, it was no great advantage. Anyway, no man can really understand what it is to be a woman; or vice versa. But I have always felt that men and women actually have a lot more in common as humans, than in the various obvious differences there are. We both are touched by the same beauty in nature, we ordinarily appreciate the same kinds of music or art or literature; and the best of both genders similarly care about their parents and children.

    But those are matters which might be interesting to discuss at some other time, after we have won the election for Hillary, who in my mind is the best candidate in many decades, maybe since FDR. I am happy to support her, send her money, write essays on her behalf, because I think that her winning is so important for America, and for the planet, and that she is probably the last best hope in that regard.

  78. For adults who want to transition, I say it’s their body, they can do what they want. Caitlyn Jenner and Chaz Bono were grown-ups when they made their transitions. They knew what they were getting into. But leave the kids alone!

    As for Jazz Jennings, the reality TV transkid, she seems like a great kid. Yeah, she did come off as bratty in the episode where she wanted her room redone, but that’s not unusual for a 14-year-old. Kids that age tend to think the world revolves around them. But either her parents or the TV execs (or both) are reinforcing this behavior. I didn’t watch every episode of the show, but overall I felt sorry for her. This child has been living as a girl since the age of 5. It sounds like there were some hiccups along the way, but for the most part her social transition seems to have gone well.

    However, now Jazz is getting to the age where she is interested in boys and the boys don’t like her. I wonder how her life would have been different if her parents had left her alone and allowed her to proceed through childhood as a very effeminate boy (a la Johnny Weir or Adam Lambert) instead of socially transitioning her to female before kindergarten? Not that effeminate boys have it easy in this world! But if Jazz were making that choice now rather than at age five, would it be the same choice? Maybe it would be. Maybe Jazz would still say, “Yes, I’m a girl. I want to grow up to be a woman.” Or maybe Jazz would find that life as a gay boy is the way to go. I don’t know… I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that in letting a 5-year-old choose to socially transition, it took away future choices. Jazz’s path was set and it would be hard for her to choose a different path, especially since she is already on blockers and hormones.

  79. William, I must say I appreciate your gentle response to me. I didn’t deserve it.

    But as I look at this entire conversation, I am reminded of something an old dear friend once said to me. She was married to a **horrible man who snatched her up when she was quite young. So I said to her, Why Don’t You Divorce Him? And you know what her answer was?

    “Because I would just change one set of problems for another”. And isn’t this what we all do? And isn’t this what transgender people are doing as well? And isn’t it just a matter of which ‘set of problems’ we are least uncomfortable with?

    **Fortunately the bastard just up and died.

  80. Uppity@6:07pm: You were an adorable tomboy.

    Seriously, if the women’s movement hadn’t come along just as I was entering adulthood, I don’t know what I would have done. Like you, I reached the point that I was happy and proud of my gender, but the culture kept sending crappy messages about women and objectifying us. Still does unfortunately. I really believe that Hillary as president is the most important rhing we can do for ALL women right now. Remember, Hillary is an existential threat to the patriarchy.

    I really relate to your tomboy tales! Until I hit puberty, I played baseball everyday, all day, every summer. When I became a teenager, I was omly allowed to play softball which I hated. And don’t get me started on girls’ rules, half court basketball. What a joke that was!

  81. Uppityville Cat Lovers: I need help with a problem my lovely cat is having. For the last few months she has been pulling out the fur in certain areas of her body ( one flank, her lower belly, the inside of her back legs, the outside of one front leg ) until she has several nearly bald patches. The skin is not broken in those areas and she has no lesions or other skin problems. No fleas or other parasites. No change in diet or cat litter. She doesn’t scratch or seem to be itchy. I brush her regularly and she gets lots of attention. She’s a high-strung cat and has reacted to stress by pulling out fur before but only occasionally. Never to the point of causing bald patches. There is nothing new going on in the household or the near outside area ( she is an indoor cat but likes to look out at the birds ) that would appear to be causing her stress. She is an only cat. The vet has checked her out and says it is a behavioral problem like OCD. Bach’s Rescue Remedy has been tried but hasn’t worked. Now the vet wants to put her on Prozac. I am very reluctant to do that. She is an otherwise very healthy cat. Can anyone here offer suggestions? This is not a life-threatening problem for her but it is worrisome. I hate to see her pulling out her beautiful fur.

  82. Brassy Rebel, you must have been some kind of athlete, maybe still are! Actually, I liked when we got to play half-court basketball, because my best skill was as a very good shooter. I could dribble all right, and was in good shape, but I rather hated to have to run up and down the court, particularly in the hot sun hitting off the blacktop. So when the gym teacher sometimes told us we would play a halfcourt game, I was pleased. But yes, fullcourt is real baskeball, and if you get to play indoors on a real court, that’s how it should be played.

    My parents wouldn’t let me play Little League; I’m not sure if it was because they both worked, and they couldn’t really arrange to pick me up each day, or because they were concerned I would take a fastball on the head. So I only played softball, which I always enjoyed. I also liked playing wiffleball, 🙂 So while I certainly understand your frustration, it doesn’t seem so awful to play softball. Don’t most girls and women’s leagues, even in college, play softball and not baseball? Yes, Mone Davis is the exception. But I thought that women preferred to play softball rather than baseball; and that throwing directly overhand was harder for most women to do, than for men. Actually, humans are not built to throw overhand; underhand is less stressful on the arm, and that is why so many baseball pitchers ruin their arms, even at a young age, and whle the best ones mostly end up having Tommy John surgery. I have had many casual conversations with men who, when we started talking about playing sports, told me that they “threw out their arm” as a teenager, and could not really play any more.

  83. Beata, I know that Amazon sells something that you plug into a wall outlet-like a Glade diffuser-that, supposedly, releases calming pheromones into the air.
    Have no idea if it works or not.

  84. The right-winger who won the governorship in Kentucky promised that he would “repeal Obamacare” for his state. Now, I don’t know how he would manage to do that; but I am starting to think that if these states which just love to elect Republicans can opt out of it, they should; and then we will see how happy the populace will actually be. Let’s go back to 1870’s social darwinism in those states; no minimum wage, no workplace protections, no unions. If the people are happy with that, and vote for it, what the heck. I am tired of liberals having to drag people to try to understand that big business is not your friend, and that Republicans only help the rich.

    The entire Progressive Movement in this country, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, was a reaction to the Gilded Age’s callous disregard for the average working person. As was the Roosevelt New Deal a reaction to the ravages of the Great Depression brought about by laissez-faire capitalism. But if people in some states want to go back to that, maybe the federal government should let them. Of course, then millions of them would move to Californai or some other more progressive state, like refugees. But maybe Trump could build some walls to keep them in Kentucky, Louisiana, et al. I am so tired of having those states overrun with Republican governors and legislators, and the populace apparently glorying in being able to defeat Democrats.

  85. Beata, the product is called “Comfort Zone” and it’s gotten good reviews. One person mentioned it stopping her cat’s fur pulling, specifically.
    Why not give it a try before you medicate her?

  86. Thank you, Sweet Sue. I will check Amazon and look into that diffuser. It certainly seems preferable to Prozac!

  87. William, moving to California before Trump puts a wall around states like mine sounds like a good idea. I plan to start packing today. See you soon!

  88. William, I am no athlete but was a good baseball player as a kid. Too short to be any good at basketball and was always assigned the guard position. You, at least, had a choice on half court or full court. Half court is all we poor, weak females were allowed to play until after I left school. In Iowa, they were still making girls play half court long after everyone else had stopped. So this is the state that gets first shot at picking the president. Sad.

  89. Annie, I just saw your post on your grandmother and listening to Vin Scully. I don’t know how you and I and millions of other Dodger fans are going to get along after Scully retires at the end of next season. He was the soundtrack to our summers. No matter what I was doing; playing ball, or visiting a friend, or going to the store on errands, I had to get back by 4pm, if the Dodgers were on the road, so I could hear Scully and his partner Jerry Doggett do the game. I took my transistor radio everywhere; to restaurants, museums, neighbors’ houses, so I would not miss a game. There is no doubt that if there were a poll of every person in Los Angeles as to the most popular person in the city, Scully would have won every year.

    As to the Dodgers, I do not see good things ahead, at least in the near future. Scully always made the bad seasons bearable. For those here who do not know anything about Vin Scully, he was the greatest sports announcer ever, no contest. He made describing a baseball game sound like poetry.

  90. Brassy Rebel, I always played guard, too, since I was smaller than many. Playing guard is actually the best position, though, because you get to control the action, and take a shot whenever you feel like it, rather than wait for someone to throw you the ball. But yes, of course you should have been allowed to play fullcourt, where your quickness and coordiination could have come into play. Surprising that Iowa, a state where basketball was a major sport, would be so antediluvian in its attitudes.

  91. In girls’ rules, William, guards couldn’t shoot. You were literally confined to half the court. If a guard got the ball, she had to dribble to mid-court and pass to her team’s forwards in the other half court. We may be talking about two different half court games. The team was literally split in two with forwards (shooters) in one court and guards in the other. Never the twain shall meet except at mid court to pass.

  92. And there were all sorts of crazy rules about dribbling and passing that I don’t even remember. It was more of a contest to see who could best follow arcane rules than an athletic contest. I think it was part of our brainwashing to be obedient and docile.

  93. William @ 1:06, omg, I say the exact same phrase about Vin, “soundtrack to our summer”, and same experiences, transistor radios, etc. Many of the jobs I’ve had allowed us to have the Dodgers on while we worked. Hearing Vin while you go about your business is just so soothing. My grandma had an industrial sewing machine which was set into a huge wooden cabinet that my uncle made for her, and at night she would sew upholstery cushions. During the warm months, she’d have her old electric fan from the ’40s blowing on us and the Dodgers on. I would sit on the cabinet and play and draw, and eventually fall asleep on stacks of cushions to the sound of Vin. What a happy memory!

    Agree 100% with all of your comment. I was hoping when they finally ousted that creep McCourt, and Magics group took over that things would change but I am frankly furious about the whole pay tv situation. Who do you think will take Vin’s place? Rick Monday? Oh, I went to one Dodger game this year, and you’ll never guess whose season seats we sat in…Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s! Apparently one of hubbies friends is friends with a friend type thing. They were pretty cool seats.

  94. Brassy Rebel, I actually think I remember that in some way; maybe I saw the girls at school playing, and wondered what kind of rules they were following. I have no idea what the point was; maybe patronizingly thinking that girls could not play actual baskeball? Very unfair. But as to the obedient thing, most of boy’s sports, particularly later on, involved some coach yelling at everybody to do it exactly his way. Very unfortunately, some people literally thought of boy’s sports as preparation for military combat, where you do not question one rule of the commanding officer.

  95. High schools in Iowa (1993) and Oklahoma (1995) were the last places to abandon girls’ six-on-six basketball ( also known as “half-court” ). Banning girls’ six-on-six basketball became a civil rights issue beginning in 1958. Wikipedia had the only comprehensive article about the subject ( including the rules ) that I could find so I am posting it here. If any of the mods object to Wikipedia, please remove this comment and link.

  96. Annie, the easiest thing for Dodger ownersship would be to let Charlie Steiner do the games, since he does all the road games when Vin doesn’t travel. But I don’t think he is particularly good. I think they should hire the best play by play person they can find. No one will ever be Scully, but they should at least get someone who is highly respected. Steiner and Monday are pretty bad to listen to, with their endless jokes and discursions from the games.

    You know who would be a great color person, I think? Alanna Rizzo, who does the interviews on the Dodger TV station. She is bright, articulate, and really knows her baseball. But Monday would be awful. A shame that Dick Enberg isn’t in his prime. I keep hoping that Vin will not retire, but I think he is pretty well set on doing so. If the Dodger ownership were as committed to the fanbase as they like to say they are, only the hiring of the absolute best announcer available after Scully retires, would be acceptable.

    I can very much relate to your experiences following the Dodgers, or being soothed by listening to the games. I do remember a time when the Dodgers were the absolutely biggest thing here. And I would be going to the store on an easy errand for my parents, and I would take my transistor along if it were a day game; and people would be out watering their lawn or washing their car, and would ask me, “What’s the score?,” and I would tell them, “Dodgers are ahead 2-1 in the 5th,” (assuming they were!), and they would nod their head, and I would walk on down the hill. Very nice and communal memories.

  97. Dick Enberg is one of the greats. He got his start in sports broadcasting while he was a graduate student at Indiana University. He did play-by-play for both IU’s basketball and football games. That’s when he began using his signature phrase “Oh my”. He comes back to Indiana quite often.

  98. Hillary will be on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight ( Thursday ). I admit I’ve never watched his show so I don’t know the network or the time.

  99. @Beata, Jimmy Kimmel Live airs on ABC at 11:35 p.m.

  100. thewizardofroz, thank you for that information! I’m looking forward to seeing Hillary.

  101. Beata, I should have added that’s 11:35 p.m. EST. So, if you aren’t in the East, adjust the time according to your locale.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  102. Hillary was fabulous on Jimmy Kimmel, as expected. And Kimmel was a great host. He did a funny little skit with 4 kids about America having a woman president and Hillary came out and met the kids. It was quite funny. One of the little boys (cute as a button) was a junior misogynist! Anyway, the whole thing was great.

    Beata, thanks for the heads up!

  103. Here’s the skit with the 4 little kids on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Neither of the boys thought a woman should be President.

  104. That proves how early the indoctrination starts! WOW! And not in a good way.

  105. Rebel, have we come a long way, baby? It appears not.

  106. My great-nephew is almost two. He will not go over to the dark side, I swear!

  107. My son is a feminist and totally pro Hillary. Also my husband and even my macho Greek dad was looking forward to voting for her back in ’08. He was really disappointed when Obama got it.

  108. The best way to educate these kids is to elect Hillary. They’ll get used to having a female POTUS, just as they’re used to having a black POTUS.

  109. Anyone watching the SC Democratic Forum?

  110. No. I had a bad feeling about Rachael, she;s a Bernout

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