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hillary_bw_sinageJust a space to land on where you neither can buy something or pay something or pick a card. Just a place to hang out before it’s your turn again. There’s nothing particular on my mind and no pressing question (at this exact moment) that I need to work though on paper.

There are a few interesting news items.

First, there was that Democratic Forum in South Carolina last night. It was actually quite good and despite a few “Rachel moments,” she was mostly a great moderator and many folks agreed this was a great way to get to know the candidates better. (Rachel Moments are where you can visibly detect that she prefers Bernie over Hillary.) All of them did well in that all of them achieved whatever goal they had for the evening. Everyone who had a favorite, still has the same exact favorite and thinks their favorite won. This is just the Hillary part.

Gail Collins wrote an interesting piece in the Sunday Times and we don’t have to wait until tomorrow to read it.

Here’s an interesting read on Hillary’s lead in the south (trigger warning: it includes positive language for Sanders.)

For those who prefer lighter fare, here’s a People fluff piece on Christina’s Aguilera’s fundraising party for Hillary.

This is an open thread.


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  1. And a good read from Anita:

    No, We Are Not Done With Sexism

  2. Hillary at Roland Martin’s town hall in SC today Fast fwd first 30 min or so to get to program. Beginning is just music and an empty stage.

  3. So now Ben Carson is going around talking about hiding white kids in the biology lab at Southwestern High School during a campus riot after Martin Luther King was killed??? I wasn’t born then, so I obviously wasn’t there. But I am familiar with that part of Detroit. In 1968, Southwestern High School would have been mostly white. There are also a lot of Mexican-Americans in that area. In the 1990s, the school population of Southwestern was still about 1/3 white, 1/3 Hispanic, and 1/3 black. Southwest Detroit remains one of the most racially mixed parts of Detroit. So the idea of all these black kids beating up on the poor little defenseless whiteys until Ben the hero came along and saved them is absurd! Could this have happened at other schools in other parts of the city? Perhaps. But hearing that this happened at Southwestern– in 1968, no less– is making my bullsht meter go off.

  4. Ben already admitted that he made up the names of the people in his knife fight and that he lied about west Point. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another one of his fabrications.

    Funnily enough, this “outsider” turned politician “revolution” is really having some unintended consequences. Conventional wisdom says politicians lie. For the most part, the outsiders are lying more than the establishment candidates. Trump, Carson, and Fiorina are some of the lyingest people ever!

  5. Sophie, thanks for the new post! The rethug pack, outsider and politico alike, are full of crap. Aren’t there also bs personal stories from Rubio and Cruz?

  6. Indeed, socal, Rubio and Cruz have told a few whoppers. They all have. I am not saying the regular guys don’t lie. I’m saying that the outsiders are surpassing them.

  7. One year from today, I am going to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States.


  8. Ben Carson lied about receiving an award for, get this, honesty. ROFLMAO!!

  9. I tell you that Carson creature is not wired correctly.

  10. Thanks for the open thread Sophie! Liked the video of Hillary but it should have come with a warning that that fugly twit Luke Russert shows up at the end of it. I simply cannot stand that creepy crawly looking thing who would be selling discount shoes if his old man weren’t who he was.

  11. Just in case you missed Ben Carson’s flare for interior design — his design aesthetic is early, late and modern “me, me, me”. There’s also a learning — always patronize tattoo parlors and sculptors who utilize spell check.

  12. LOL Prolix. And he spelled Proverbs wrong too!

  13. Sophie, have you heard this ad on the radio?

    Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said he is sickened by a new ad by a Ted Cruz super PAC that invokes the Sandy Hook school shootings.
    The radio ad, which was published by The Courageous Conservatives PAC, states: “Ted Cruz makes things happen. … After Sandy Hook, Ted Cruz stopped Obama’s push for new gun-control laws.”

    Story Continued Below

    Read more:

  14. imust–I hadn’t heard of it until now. Fricken Cruz.

  15. One year from now, we are all gonna PARTY!!!!!!! 🙂

  16. Ben Carson’s mother died from Alzheimer’s disease.
    That is very interesting.
    Btw, my mother did too.

  17. Sue, that’s an interesting point about Carson’s mother. Ronald Reagan used to make stuff up too. Later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In any case, Carson is an unbelievable candidate. Literally. I cannot recall another presidential candidate working so hard to convince people that he is a homicidal maniac. Maybe Andrew Jackson back in the day. But he really was a homicidal maniac.

  18. Jen, I was still living near Detroit in 1968, and I agree with you. The Southwestern H.S. story is almost certainly as apocryphal as all the others.

  19. What is the writing backround of Greg Sargent? I come upon this column he writes for the WAPO, in which he wants us to be sure to know that the loss in the Kentucky governorship is “a brutal reality for Democrats,” although then he says that things might change at some point later in the decade, though things are very bad now for the party. He notes that Hillary has a big lead over Sanders nationally, but that “her numbers are terrible,” meaning on the “values questions.” Then he says that Hillary has about a 60 point lead over Sanders in South Carolina, so that means that even if Sanders wins New Hampshire, she might be able to rack up enough victories to win the nomination even if she loses New Hampshire, but that of course if she loses New Hampshire, things could change.

    His column is billed as “politics with a liberal slant.” Now, if this is what we are getting from the “liberal slant,” we can do without it. Has he always been anti-Hillary? Is this what passes for Beltway punditry? If Sanders wins NH, which of course he well could, I guess we are going to see a desperate effort by media to save their preferred narrative, which I guess in order goes: “Sanders turns the race around!” “Sanders nominated! “”Sanders defeated by Rubio (or whoever!” “Democratic Party destroyed on national and state level!” “Crushed Democratic Party desperately hopes for Warren to save them in 2020.” “Climatologists predict that entire Eastern Seaboard will disappear under ocean in ten years, but Republicans scoff, and Democratic Party too weak to do anything about it.”

  20. William, Hillary has been viciously and personally attacked from all sides now for months–on false pretenses. Over time, she can turn her numbers around by just being herself. There is nothing Bernie Sanders can do to appear presidential in a year’s time. After the summer onslaught, I don’t know why anyone would expect her personal numbers to be anything but “terrible”. My advice? Ignore the Greg Sargents of the world. She will win this thing.

  21. I also posted this on Sky Dancing:
    I just caught a moment of Jake Tapper’s interview with Brian Cranston; Cranston said he’s excited that Trump is in the running because he says what he means and Americans don’t want a tightly controlled and scripted candidate.
    You guys, Walter White is an idiot!!!

  22. Hahah Prolix, I was going to post the carson house photos, but I was so horrified, I thought this can’t possibly be a sane man.

    So in follow up, how about this: Shit Ben Carson Says: The Complete Collection. (With video clips)

  23. Brassy Rebel, I think Hillary will indeed win. I am just amazed at the takes these so-called liberals have. If I were a pundit, I would try really hard to say encouraging things about Hillary’s campaign, because it is the last, best hope. And as far as the Democrats losing the Kentucky governor’s race, they’ve lost plenty of those before, so it is hardly a “brutal reality. Maybe Sargent ought to consider that nothing he says helps matters, and try to point out the major flaws in the Republican candidates. But I think that for many so-called liberal commentators, there is some kind of virtuousness they feel in criticizing their own party and best candidate. It’s gone on for decades, ever since the ’60’s; and it gets very tiresome. I skip the vast majority of such commentary, and maybe should just skip all of it. Anyone here could write more insightful analysis.

  24. I just read the two links about Carson–his house, and the mediaite piece. Holy crap! He’s crazier than I thought. That stuff about his house…how could anyone in their right mind want this jerk for president?

  25. I can’t really get my knickers in a twist over this election right now because THIS has them tied up enough. What the hell is going on? Did Obama piss off the Chinese enough that we need this?

  26. We don’t have to do a thing to piss off China. They despise us. And they not only own all our jobs, they OWN us. They are far and away the biggest danger to the USA and somehow manage to evade being noticed within the fray.

  27. socal, I do believe Ben Carson is crazier than a rat in a coffee can.

    He has all the red flags of a personality disorder. His humor alone shows a complete lack of conscience and empathy, the hallmark of sociopaths.

  28. I don’t know the person who is the target here. SHe’s probably an A Hole just like the rest of them. Especially on CNN, where if she IS an A Hole she’s in the right company. However, here’s a little quiz.

    Quiz: 1.Would you think a candidate might be a megalomaniac if he or she tweeted this petition to CNN ?
    2.Which candidate do you think would do this?

    We demand CNN immediately fire so-called “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro based on the falsification of her credentials, her lack of any particular expertise on political matters and her obvious bias toward Presidential flame-out Jeb Bush as well as her general stupidity. Should Jeff Zucker and CNN ignore this petition, the next step will be civil disobedience at various CNN bureaus and orchestrated verbal confrontation with CNN on-air talent.

    The people will not be denied. Ana Navarro must go!

  29. Oops, I may have buried Ben Carson’s mother prematurely.
    I’ve been googling like a fool but can’t find out if the poor woman is dead or alive.
    She does have Alzheimer’s and it make me wonder if her son is in the early stages?
    His affect is so childish and very, very weird.

  30. Uppity, sounds like Trump to me.

  31. Losing the Kentucky governor’s race to a Republican this year is a big deal. Democrat Jack Conway was expected to win. There have been only 5 Republican governors in Kentucky in the past 100 years ( 2 in the last 65 years! ). In contrast, California has had 11 Republican governors over the same period of time. I doubt the results of Kentucky’s race will have any impact on Hillary’s campaign as I fully expect her to be our next president. But the national Democratic Party needs to work harder to elect Democrats to statehouses across the country. The recent loss in Kentucky is evidence of that. Kentucky Republican governor-elect Matt Bevin had a large amount of out-of-state GOP $upport coming in the latter days of the campaign to use for attack ads and other tactics that GOTV. Jack Conway did not receive the same support from out-of-state Democrats.

  32. One of the biggest disappointments (but not a surprise) about Obama as President is that he has done nothing to build the Party-nothing.
    Like Bush, he’s all “me, me, me.”

  33. Yes, Obama has seemed as if he has no interest in whether Democrats win any state or congressional races. He rarely campaigned for any of them. Many of them didn’t want him to do so. Obama has rarely identified himself as a Democrat. And so the various Republicans in various states simply run against him as a surrogate for the actual opponent.

    Money is certainly a problem, as the Republicans have much more of it. They just pour it into any race, anywhere. Democrats seem to have to choose their spots, and they are always outspent. The best hope is that Hillary can bring in some candidates on the so-called coattails, and that she will consistently make the case for electing Democrats; and how important it is that she not have to deal with a Congress dominated by extreme Right Republicans. And I think we need better people in charge of overseeing the Congressional races. Right now, it does not seem that many Democrats care much about how the party does at a national level, and are not willing to donate to it. To the extent that Obama got them to believe in magic; that one person could somehow do everything through Hope, and Yes We Can, the last eight years were a detriment to the Democratic Party in general.

  34. One of the reasons we have little representation down ticket is the “New” Democratic party spite itself by working hard to primary and defeat Blue Dogs in congress. They were very successful at this stupidity and ended up helping Republicans take the slots in the General elections. This also affected state and local tickets, as in shit rolls downhill. At least Blue Dogs has the sense to seek consensus instead of that My Way or the Highway attitude that gets both the far left and the far right nowhere. The R’s did the same thing with their moderates, except they were actually successful in the subsequent general elections.

  35. Ding Ding Ding. Sue you win the stuffed animal.

    I read where Carson got his mother to confirm he nearly stabbed her (so proud! So proud!). Thing is, like you said, she has Alzheimer’s.

  36. The two senators from Kentucky are Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. It is aberrational when a Democrat wins a major state race in the South, or even Border State South. The Democrats won virtually every state race in the South from Reconstruction on, until 1964, and the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and then Nixon’s Southern Strategy in 1968, which capitalized on the same Southern racism which had caused them to vote against Republicans for a century. It is interesting that Kentucky has had so many Democratic governors, but the period to look at with regard to the current configurations is after 1968. As to California, the Republican oil and railroad interests owned this state for a century, and controlled the governorship and state races.. Pat Brown, elected in 1958, was the first Denocratic governor in about 100 years here. Things have greatly changed since then; though the only Democratic governor not from the Brown family, was recalled.

    States can change, but not the South. They were the “Solid South” for Democrats for about 100 years, and now they are all Republican. If it weren’t for slavery, I would have let them secede. California basically supports every one of those states with tax monies paid to the federal government and then disbursed to the states. The Southern states cheerfully take that money from people that they despise. Would that they could try to survive on their own.

  37. Well said, William. The preponderance of ‘welfare’ money goes to the states who purport to despise any form of public assistance. I would say there is some real irony there but that there are a lot of morons worrying more about how to hobble women and shoving their religion down others’ throats than paying attention to their own dependence on other people’s money while complaining on people who depend on other people’s money.

  38. The Jr. GOP debate is on. Anybody watching? Sweater Vest seems to be having a good time.

  39. Oooooo I forgot. Can I get it online? Can’t find the remote haahahhaha

  40. Hey imust?

    I love you.

  41. What, it’s over? Cripes, don’t blink.

    That was the kids’ table.

  42. Oooooooo the next one is coming up at 9. Oh goody (rolls eyes)

  43. Hey Uppity @ 8:12pm……you’re gonna get NES all riled up with that talk!

  44. Well it serves her right. I mean she’s never here to keep me….busy! I got needs!

  45. I think the GOP clown car is going to like the moderators of this debate better than the last one. The pundits are falling all over themselves. “It was an honor to interview these candidates.” GAG me!

  46. OMG that have that fossil Lou Dobbs doing the post-mortem. He’s looks like rigor mortis himself.

  47. Yeah, I know Lou Dobbs! Haven’t seen that guy in a while. Rigor mortis! Perfect!

  48. Commenting is a bear. I have to re-enter my info each time, multiple times, even though I checked the box for the info to be saved.

  49. Good God, Cruz looks like McCarthy. He’s a genuine rodent-face.

  50. Rubio has a pretty good answer, we can’t find welders much anymore. Or electricians and plumbers. They all make more money than teachers too.

    It’s just that not everybody is college material. We’ve dumbed college down and look where it’s got all those graduates. Their diploma is worth nothing.

  51. Yeah, they took most of the shop and vocational ed programs out of the schools. Charter schools rarely offer any of these programs at all– even their names are something along the lines of The Greater Metropolitan Success Preparatory Academy For Excellence. A kid is considered a failure if he/she doesn’t go to college. Of course, what these “100 percent of our graduates go on to college” proponents don’t tell you is that a lot of these kids don’t make it through college, either because they don’t have the academic skills or because they can’t afford to stay in school. So they’re screwed.

  52. imust, have you heard about how Eli Broad and his billionaire buds want to take over a bunch of L.A. schools and make them charter schools (in their image), run by them? They even want the big new arts high school downtown (the one on Grand Ave. with the fancy architecture). The nerve.

  53. Voting @ 4:56pm, they shoot off those things every now and then and have been for years. They make the sky look really bizarre sometimes. Sometimes we get wild air force jets racing overhead also. Very loud.

  54. I think they want to take over the L.A. schools so they can force feed the kids a conservative propaganda-like education. The rethugs think far in advance about these things.

  55. imust I think you have some settings problems. That’s why you can’t use DMs as well.

  56. Are you logged in?

  57. Yes socal, their plan is to take over 50% of the LA public schools. They want to get rid of the current teachers, and replace them with Americorp teachers. Meaning, young, no experience, little training.

    Yes Uppity, I have to keep logging in. It won’t hold my password or username. Even though I’ve checked the remember me box.

  58. I’ve checked settings. But you may be right and I’ve missed something. I may have to just clear everything out and start over.

  59. not a bad idea

  60. Ok, what imust just said makes me believe in my conspiracy theory all the more. I keep seeing articles that say that conservatism/republicanism is dying out, that the young people aren’t embracing it. So now Eli Broad, and his billionaire buddies, including the Walmart heirs are so concerned about educating our younguns. They want to raise a race of super-repubs.

  61. 100% go to college because charter schools can cherry pick who they let into their schools. They can toss someone fractious out the door as well. They can raise the bar for applicants as much as they want. That leaves the public school system to deal with the rest….and take the flack for low achievement levels and a dismal graduation rate.

  62. I am impressed with all of you for watching that. I was not willing to give up NCIS New Orleans for it. I’ve got my principles.

  63. By the way, I don’t remember if I ever posted this here, but this is a great post of the answer to every Hillary question.

  64. UW: Here is the thing about Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson–they are VERY popular scientists on the left. They are quite happy w/ GMOs. I feel there needs to be a BIG distinction made between drought resistant crops in impoverished nations (the feed the world seeds) and gratuitous crops (alfalfa) that are not necessary except to enrich patent holders, and poisonous (BT corn, round-up ready) which I want labeled so I can opt out. As long as these guys are cheerful about GE crops and feeding the world, they get to ignore the other factors whilst calling folks who insist on labels “anti-science.” They are who we need to go after in a BIG way. Because as long as they’re singing their song, the folks who get to make policy and decide can continue to claim that they are going with sound science.

  65. My Third Eye discounted Tyson long ago. He’s entertaining himself with the thought of running for president at this point.

    Bill Nye, well he’s The Science Guy, right?

    I want to hear from the scientist who comes with a match not a blowtorch. I worked with enough of these types to know razzle dazzle when I see it.

  66. We are guinea pigs. The long-term data is being collected off of our lives. There’s no data on the harm GMO is causing because it’s still being collected. Reminds me of all the women they killed collecting data on HRT. We screw up their controls if we get labeling on food. Thank goodness for the organic people who are voluntarily labeling their foods as NO GMOs, No hormones, no antibiotics. Nobody can stop them from showing where this shit is and isn’t.

  67. I was not willing to give up NCIS New Orleans for it. I’ve got my principles.

    It was a great Pure Comedy show.

  68. Did you know that “StopHillary” was the WiFi password for the press at that debate last night? Tell me they aren’t adolescents?

  69. I’m convinced it’s ALL they think about. Hillary scares the SHIT out of them.

  70. Did you know that “StopHillary” was the WiFi password for the press at that debate last night?

    Which is why she must win.

  71. Uppity, an email and an essay for you. All about the Republicans and their debates.

  72. Meet the women who fought on Afghanistan’s front line before it was allowed

    In 2011 a special female-only unit was deployed by the US Army to Afghanistan. Here Gayle Tzemach-Lemmon tells the story of how this band of sisters paved the way for women to fight on the front line

  73. I have never been particularly impressed with Tyson, when I have seen him on television. Besides, just because one is a scientist, that does not mean that you are knowledgeable about all aspects of science. He is an astrophysicist, isn’t he? Not a biologist.

    I would be inclined to say that he is so well known because he is one of the only Black people in his field. For that he certainly deserves credit, but it does not make him a great scientist. On a minor matter, he wrote some silly article about the film “Interstellar,” which I thought was a great movie. He found various “flaws’ in it, but I am not sure that he understood the movie, from his comments! And for him to make statements about genetically modified foods, is pretty presumptuous, since he certainly did not study that area.

  74. I think Tyson says whatever is earning him the most money. I think he’s a propagandist. And not just for Republicans because, we need to come clean and admit that most of the Democratic party is also owned by Monsanto, lock stock and barrel.

  75. It doesn’t matter if we like him. He’s got enough of a critical mass of the left so that even labeling is jeopardized. If we want to change the tide back, he’s the one to go after.

  76. Going after him doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t matter how many democrats or republicans believe him. It’s about Monsanto and big agra owning the senate AND president (see Monsanto appointees to USDA). If NOBODY believed him, it wouldn’t matter. It’s all about hush-money and where the congressional thieves have their ‘blind trusts’ invested.

    And when judges declare that it’s ok to patent CORN (For Chrissakes!) and it’s okay to bankrupt farmers who had Monsanto seed blow onto their land by the wind, then you might as well add in the judiciary branch as Owned as well.

    There is some serious EVIL going on here and our 3 branches of government have given it a wink and a nod. The only thing what could possibly work is 50,000 people descending upon DC and wrecking havoc ala Second Wave.

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