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  1. When we get to the general election, there will be even more clips like these. I can’t wait! Thanks for posting.

  2. OMG!
    Upps: are you trying to out-smart our HillRo?
    So funny and yes, brilliant…
    Don’t tell me if you don’t want to share expertise secrets; but how do you edit all so well?
    I can’t even post a link that sticks…

  3. This is still my favorite–I will never tire of it! I love their “Hillary Clinton” chorus!

  4. I just posted an interview on my blog with Seth Bringman. His book, “Ready For Hillary: The Official, Inside Story Of The Campaign Before The Campaign” will be released tomorrow.

  5. He was the lead plaintiff in the marriage equality SCOTUS case.

  6. Jens, that sounds as if it might be a worthwhile book to read, in the midst of all the usual anti Hillary junk publications.

  7. Sophie, that’s great news.

  8. Jens, great interview and thanks for taking the time to do it. Haha that tape of Republicans praising Hillary is going to get those people in a lot of trouble. I expect an insurrection in SC against Lindsay Graham should that get widely viewed in SC.

  9. Ga6, I suspect they already don’t like Lindsay. He can’t even get 1% in the polls.

  10. Hurrah for Anonymous, but this snark was too good to pass up. 😉

  11. Maybe Lindsey will get Jindall’s supporters.

  12. Oh, yeah, the GOP pretty much hates Lindsay. However he has been able to maintain his senate seat in SC despite challengers. Just don’t know if the Hillary video will be enough to push the voters in SC over the edge.

  13. Maybe Lindsey will get Jindall’s supporters

    All ten of them.

  14. And all ten are members of his family!

  15. A really good read:
    View story at

  16. Off-topic cuteness break. :mrgreen:

  17. Thanks for the link, Sophie. The author has some other interesting posts at the link as well. She calls it Breaking Down Anti-Hillary Memes One Meme At A Time.

  18. Just dropping in to say Hi to everyone, and Upps, how are your eyes doing?

  19. I saw the movie “Truth,” and I highly recommend it to everyone, even if it may have disappeared from many theatres. There has been a concerted campaign from the usual Far Right suspects, to give it low ratings. CBS would not even accept paid commercials for it, which of course further emphasizes the theme of the movie.

    I will probably write more about it, but I’ll say now that it is an angry elegy (even if that is not a usual juxtaposition) for the news business, particularly television news. It is engrossing throughout; superbly acted, particularly by Cate Blanchett, who should get an Oscar nomination for it, but of course will not. I am glad that they made the movie. And I think I will buy Mary Mapes’ book, just to lend support in a small way. If you can’t see it now, try to rent it or even buy it. It is better than Redford’s “Quiz Show,” in my opinion, and that movie had points to make as well. And it shows us what we are up against as liberal or moderate Democrats.

  20. Eyes are improving by degrees, socal. Had an appt with the Dr yesterday and he said it does take a bit of time from my brain to adapt, to be a bit patient and I won’t be disappointed. So I’m going to go with that for now. I should say that I CAN see. It’s just that I feel like nothing is very sharp. Like I’m looking thru a slightly dirty window. Close is not as far along as distance. Distance is great. I can see a fly down the street. But I’d much rather see one close up…

  21. Upps, I’m glad its getting better anyway. I was really worried for you. You’ve had a rough year.

    William, we plan to watch that movie later. I always thought the story was true and that Mapes & Rather were hung out to dry.

  22. Nice! The general election ad just writes itself. Go Hillary!

  23. Hey Upps, sorry to hear about the eyes. Hope they correct soon. xo

  24. Annie, I am pretty sure it was indeed true. The idea that someone concocted all of this is very farfetched. Democrats don’t do that, because it’s not their style, and because they are not really good at that kind of thing. When you see the movie, you will indeed feel that a great injustice was done. And even more than the way that the sympathetic Rather and Mapes were treated, it may have been the end of credible journalism in this country. Anyone on our side who sees this, will never believe anything that CBS or any of the networks says about political matters again.

  25. The better to see you with, NES.

  26. Socal I was a bit worried myself. I thought either the implants were defective or the surgery was a failure. This is what happens when a Doctor fails to communicate with a patient. This was an elective surgery that I paid for out of my pocket and I had a right to some answers.

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