Thanksgiving Dinner With Friends and Family, 2015



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  1. When E.M. Forester wrote “Only connect,” I don’t think that’s what he meant.
    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Omg!!! That picture is so sad…and funny! When I first glanced at it, I thought they were saying “grace”! God, what a world, huh? If some ungrateful little shits did that at my table, I’d smack them upside the head and snatch their iphones away.

    Happy Thanksgiving Beautiful People!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Uppityites!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. For my beloved vegetarian Uppityites.

  7. LOL Sue, EMF would be a Verizon Commercial today.

    Side note: Haven’t heard someone mention Forster since my college literature days. Passage to India does seem to have a rather curious relevance today.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Enjoy your feasts today! 🙂

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Uppityites.

    imust–I left a note for you on the bottom of the last thread!

  10. Did everyone have some good pie?

  11. Very Happy Thanksgiving uppityville!

  12. Did someone mention PIE? 🙂

  13. Haha, love the old cranberry massacre! We were too full to eat pie! Even Laker!

  14. One should never pass up pie!

  15. Check out the header. Another one tomorrow.

  16. Hooray! It’s pie for breakfast day and I’m celebrating it!

  17. Black Friday humor….from the Onion:

  18. Sophie @ 10:54, yep, we had pie for breakfast (along with an egg).

  19. So a gunman killed three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood.
    Was he inspired by Carly Fiorina’s lies?

  20. These zealots all need mental help. And the last thing they need is access to guns.

  21. Poor MKBill! He’s so full from all the turkey!

  22. Saw your comment to the Bernouts, Sophie. Well done.

    Bernie could take NH, it’s his territory, White and liberal and Next Door.

    That’s the last state that carpetbagger will see light in. He’ll be wiped out on Super Tuesday.

  23. Their comments are so skewed. And so off base. He’s not talking about Super Pacs anymore since one is now funding him. He’s so full of shit, it’s amazing you don’t smell him coming toward you. And all his promises are simply BULLSHIT. we are a Republic not a Despot’s Dictatorship. So how the HELL does he plan on keeping a single one of his free pony promises? Total cost: A Trillion dollars we don’t have. The only people supporting him are the white Gimmee Crowd who think they should just get whatever the hell they want to free while sitting on their asses. It’s never going to happen. He can’t get along with people in Congress now, imagine him as President. It’s all a big joke. I just can’t wait to his bullshit comes to an end, and it will. Just wanting it sooner than I expect. Like yesterday. That would be good. It’s not so much his constant screaming and repeating the same paragraph over and over as an answer to EVERYTHING, even if it doesn’t apply. That’s annoying. But his crazy assed, mean, nasty, rude and delusional followers that bother me way more than he does.

    P.S. The workers on Wall street donate to her because she was Senator at 911 and she got the funding to REBUILD.

  24. They’re loving her.

  25. Look at that tasteless asshole holding a bernie sign up. Do they have ANY idea how TERRIBLE they look?

  26. I wish John Smart would bring back his Shelby Fluffy character. I’m sure Shelby would be a bernout.

  27. I tried to watch that JJ Dinner on the MSNBC feed. But I had to sit through Bernie and then O’Whatever and the feed kept freezing so it seemed even longer. Then reading all the Hillary hate and Bernie love on the live chat was too much. Bernie ended with saying that, basically, the only way the Democrats will win is if they get out and vote and that HE was the one who was energizing the base, so he’d be the only one who could win!!!!! So ignore all those poll numbers with HRC beating him double digits, ignore all of the union endorsements and the endorsements from mayors, governors and members of congress……HE will win!!! LOL! Delusional much Bernie?

  28. O’Whatever!!! Heh-heh!

  29. imust, I shut down the comments so I didn’t have to see them. They do that everywhere on the net, ala Ron Paulie nuts. They show up and dominate like the rude little bastards they are. As with Ron Paul, we will just have to put up with them for a small time. Not exactly put up with them, but know they will be there, stacking polls and using online to pretend they are winning. It’s an old tune that would be laughable if they didn’t act like barn animals. They want to deliberately bait you. Don’t let them. Don’t fall for it. Makes em crazy.

  30. John W. Smart. There’s a guy I miss. And Deadenders!. We lost John a long time ago. Definitely a loss. Truth is, if it weren’t for John Smart I would have never started a blog in 2008, such was his influence on me.

  31. Hahah O’Whatever. He’s like a pimple on your ass that won’t go away, but you know it eventually will disappear.

  32. LOL!! Bernie thinks he’s energizing the base because he thinks he’s bringing in all of these new voters when they are obviously the old Ron Paulies, ratfucking with our primary.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of people we knew really well aren’t professing lots of Bernie love!

  33. Every time a poll comes out they trash it because it ‘doesn’t include new voters’ as if 18 year old pissants are special, which they think they are. Anyways, if you look at most of the polls, they no longer just poll ‘likely voters’ but are polling “registered voters” which includes all the new Bernie children who act like they are a baby boom lol.

    Incidentally, Bernie’s demographic is primarily white and male.

  34. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Hillary has a big fundraising dinner tonight. 13 of the 14 women Senators will be attending. The one that won’t be there. One guess………….

  35. Love those 13 Senators!!

  36. Meh. Warren. Big phony. Perfect for the nutroots to worship.

  37. Bernie. Another great nutroots catch. Got his first job at age 40. On the public teat.

    Trashed the Democratic Party all of his life, refused to be associated with it, then registers to run on its ticket. So much for his “Principles”.

  38. The event with the Senators was carried live by C-Span 2. It was great–especially Hillary. Just what I needed after a tough day, weatherwise and workwise. Warren hoped to be conspicuous in her absence, but nobody missed her.

  39. I saw that Sanders never actually held down a real job before running for office in the eighties. And he had a child to support. I guess this is what we are all supposed to be aiming for now. Hillary has spent her entire adult life helping people on top of holding down a fulltime job. Sanders has spent his entire adult life promoting an ideology. No public service work outside of elective office. This is , to me, the key distinction between the two, not policy differences.

  40. I wonder where William is; I miss his voice.

  41. Cute!

  42. Amy Klobucher: “I can see Iowa from my porch. And Hillary is going to win Iowa.”

  43. Amy Klobuchar. That’s MY Senator! Still say she’d be great Veep candidate. I defy anyone to kvetch about a two woman ticket after 99% all male tickets for the last 200+ years.

  44. I think a two woman ticket would be a path to Loss. Look how tough it is for them to grudgingly let ONE woman have the opportunity. They work day and night to derail her. Imagine two women on that ticket. Their dicks would shrivel and die.

  45. However, if we pull this off, I predict a Gillibrand candidacy in the future. Must work on speaking from diaphragm though.

    Hey, I am watching Klobuchar right now. She looks like a really fun person.

  46. “Their dicks would shrivel and die.”

    That’s kinda the point. If it was two women, they no longer have the excuse that it’s just Hillary they can’t abide. Amy takes away the so-called “likability problem”. I don’t know anyone in this state who doesn’t like Amy Klobuchar–even a lot of Republicans.

    I used to agree with you that two women would be a bridge too far. But my thinking has changed completely watching the patriarchy lose its collective shit over the summer. It’s risky, for sure, but that addresses another criticism of Hillary–that she doesn’t take risks and doesn’t have core principles. It’s time for half the population to be represented at the highest levels. That”s a very big core principle! And Amy Klobuchar is highly, highly qualified.

  47. Still, I don’t see this as a wise risk at all. Risk-taking can be good. Bad risk-
    taking is never good unless it is a needed writeoff. This has been a long time coming and we STILL don’t know what tricks are up sleeves. That kind of risk is not something that makes me comfortable at all, given the stakes.

    Once Hillary is president, do you realize that the competition pool from which Presidential candidates emerge will have DOUBLED? This is already more than some can bear. One lesson at a time, that’s what I say.

    I think she might pick a Latino. Castro, perhaps. This would especially be so if Rubio or Cruz actually crawl up past Trump.

  48. The pool of Latino talent in the Dem party is shallow, unfortunately. Castro is lightly credentialed and doesn’t even speak Spanish. I will accept Hillary”s choice absolutely, whoever it is. Thanks to Obama, the bench is thin. (I’ll stop with the sports metaphors now!) Ironically, some of the most qualified and interesting possibilities are women like Gillibrand and Klobuchar.

  49. That’s actually true about their potential and qualifications. But the time for this has NOT come. It’s going to be tough enough just electing Hillary. I’m not kidding. You watch. We have to eat this piece of the elephant first. Trying to eat the entire elephant at once is folly.

  50. We also are going to have to deal with trouble from Within. The Bernouts are going to be very sore losers. Everything about them indicates that. And from what I have seen of him, I think he will encourage this. Remember, he’s no Democrat.

  51. I don’t think many of his followers are Democrats either. They are Greens, Libertarians, Socialist Workers Party. This actually shows up in polling. They describe themselves as Independent-lean Dem. Not sure they’re gettable. Probably will revert to fringe parties. But, yeah, we’ll have to try.

  52. Their dicks would shrivel and die.

    Might be an improvement.

  53. lol Branjor, most of them don’t work anyways, so probably no loss. heh.

  54. Brassy I could swear some of his followers are Paulies.

  55. Another insane mass shooting today in San Bernardino, Calif. 3 gunmen shot up a facility that helps disabled people, I shit you not. 14 dead, at least 14 injured. The suspects fled, now the cops have found them in a house and there is a crazy standoff. The neighbors had to be removed from their homes. I hope they shoot the s.o.b.s.

  56. No, the bench is not thin. The Bench has 13 stellar possibilities on it, BUT they suffer from an affliction known as being female. But DAMN, I was impressed with each and every one of them! I am not sure if two women really makes it worse.

  57. I’m with Sophie. Double down on the ticket. And it’s true, the most qualified on the Democratic side are women! But, I’m guessing she goes with Sherrod Brown, or the Castro guy. I think Castro would be a mistake, as you said, very green and would be seen as pandering to the Latino vote. HRC has the Latinos already, I don’t think she needs him.

  58. Sad about Sandy Berger. Thanks Sophie for posting.

    I wish we could have two women, but I think Uppity is right and the menfolks would revolt.

  59. That horrible shooting seems to be over. Two of the shooters, a man and a woman (?!?) were shot dead after an insane car chase where they lobbed pipe bombs at the cops. They took a third suspect alive. Lots of people were evacuated from their homes and businesses. Lots of people hid for hours. There was lots of shooting apparently. This went on since about 11am.

    None of us are safe anywhere. My hubbie is actually deputized in case of an emergency in L.A. He has to take classes on emergency procedures every now and then. He wouldn’t be involved in chasing criminals or anything, they want him for his expertise on buildings in L.A. which would include stuff like lockdowns.

  60. I should have said “conservative menfolks,” I wasn’t implying anything about our awesome Uppity men.

  61. Oh they killed two of them. Good. We won’t have to pay for and listen to their bullshit at a trial, feed or house them. And the world has lost two cockroaches, thus making it a better place.

  62. The two women thing won’t happen, Hillary is far too politically smart for that. The interpretation of that statement would be glaring and extremely damaging. It just won’t happen for all those important election reasons that have little to do with capabilities or qualifications. VPs are generally picked based on what they can bring to the election…..namely electoral votes that the candidate my not be able to garner without that appointee. And as John Nance Garner once said, the job of VP isn’t “Worth a bucket of warm spit”. It’s a great job for a clown like Joe Biden. The only time I saw it worth anything was when we had a president who was too stupid to be president so Dick Cheney ran the show. We must never make that mistake again.

  63. Now, as a person who worships satire, if these two ladies haven’t mastered it, I’m Cleopatra. I don’t care what anybody says, they are punking Donald. They’re Priceless!

  64. I so agree with you Uppity! They are punking him. They play right in to his ego, so he doesn’t even see it coming! LOL

    Also Uppity, I see that the comments are closed again. I was only able to make this comment by going in through admin.

  65. Oh, I better check settings. I may have comments set to expire after a certain amount of time. Thanks for letting me know. No wonder the place has been dead lol

  66. EEEK. I had the settings on 7 days from days gone by or something. Fixed.

    SORRY GANG!!!!

  67. LOL imust, and Donald’s crowd is eating it up too. OMG hilarious!!!

  68. So now DOnald says Hillary has no stamina. She gives a speech and disappears for four days to “sleep”. Then she puts on a pantsuit. Yeah I’d like to see Donald do 11 hours with the trey gowdy crowd. Why does he say such infantile things like he’s the 3rd grade bully on the playground during recess. Good God, this man must really hire his brains. I’ve known a few successful people who do that. I just think he is so adolescent. He can’t debate so he thinks whomever calls the worst names wins. He truly rules by terrorizing people into shutting up.

  69. Oh, thank God, Upps. I started to panic that something bad had happened to you. I am so relieved you are ok. BTW, I noticed the last two comments at the end are from earlier dates and current posts are falling in between.


    Uppity Woman, on December 3, 2015 at 8:18 AM said

    socalannie, on December 2, 2015 at 10:44 PM said:

  70. Yeah Uppity, Donald, who complained about the length of the GOP debates and how hot it was inside the RR Library!

  71. Yeah imust, made them reduce the debates to 2 hours. I guess he hasn’t got the stamina.

  72. Oh Voting, honey, i am SO sorry! I didn’t realize the comments closed automatically. I am REALLY sorry it made you worry about me. XO.

  73. I was also really worried about Uppity! Been checking here several times a day. Whew! Glad Upps and everyone is okay.

  74. Upps, I thought you were flooded with Bernbots/Brogressives.

  75. Hi all,
    We are all fine. The shooting happened in my hometown but I don’t live there any more. All family is safe.

    I was worried about uppity too.

    I’m lurking these days but still read the site every day.

    XOXO to all in Uppityville.

  76. I don’t know, Ups. Once or twice would be a joke, but “Diamond and Silk” have been making pro-Trump videos for quite awhile now. They have their own YouTube channel. They did do one I found interesting about the undue influence of pastors on voting choices. Seemed to me they were calling out the likes of Jackson and Sharpton.

    I think this go-round Hillary supporters shouldn’t be dismissive of any opposing candidate. Obama has made the political as toxic as can be for Dems. I doubt his “speech to the nation” tomorrow is going to do much to change that.

    BTW, Upps, are you doing better with your vision now?

  77. Hey goofs! Good to {see} you! I also have 5 households of uncles, aunts & cousins in San Bernardino and Redlands and fortunately they are all ok also. They are in varying degrees of hysteria and cold fury though. xo!

  78. I know their channel, Voting, and it makes me laugh hysterically. I still think they’re satire.

    Vision has improved. Not there yet but apparently the relationship between my brain and my eyeballs is more of a journey than an instant miracle.

  79. Goofs! Comment more, we need ya! Glad your family is ok. You too, Socal! Yeesh!!! I’m personally thrilled they turned those two cockroaches into strawberry barrels so we don’t have to spend millions on their sorry asses.

  80. Hahaha Sue, Bernouts have to get past Bill’s gatekeeping first. It rarely happens unless I want to let it through so I can respond in like and kind and then block them.

  81. Et Tu, Socal! Dang ! You guys gotta stop worrying about me. You know I’m practically bionic!

  82. Here’s garbage mouth now.

  83. I found a story about a wannabe rapist whose prospective victim gave him at least part of what he deserved.

    Is it OK to make links to HuffPo here?

  84. Glad the comments are back up. I thought you might have been hacked.

    Thr Trump remark about Hillary’s stamina? Misogynistic dog whistle, imho.

  85. Hi, Uppity, hi, all. Happy Holidays! Uppity, I have a new essay for you, sent to your email.

  86. About John Smart (who I mentioned upthread). I don’t know if he is blogging again, but he has been participating in some of the Hillary groups on Facebook. So we did not “lose” him.

  87. Hi, William, I’ve missed you.

  88. Good to know that John W. Smart did not go over to the dark side.

  89. Thank you, Sue. 🙂

  90. Re: John W. Smart: Whatever John is doing, if he’s not blogging, it’s our loss.

    John has blogging stills that most others only imagine they have. I think I mentioned several times…….if it weren’t for John’s blog, I would have never started this blog.

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