Cockroach of The Week – Serial Rapist and Horrible Cop, Daniel Holtzclaw

When the victim was asked why she didn’t report rape She said: “What kind of police do you call on the police?”

This is Daniel Holtzclaw, crying like a little diapered baby and listening to the verdicts handed down upon his degenerate ass for multiple instances of Abuse of Power and Rape. This blessed jury saw to it that this filthy pig will never see the light of day again, thereby making the world a better place. Listen to what Boo Hoo-boy did and how often he did it.

Daniel targeted black women who had scrapes with the law. He’d tell them It’s Sex Or Prison, even though they were doing nothing wrong at the time–or in a few cases when he was “in charge” and had the power to make things better or worse. At times, he trolled around looking for them. He also figured that since they’re all black, nobody cares about them anyways. Then one day, Daniel picked on the wrong woman. She is now 59 years old and a grandmother, and she had no criminal record. The Cockroach declared that she was a hooker. So Daniel had his way with her and then she went home and called the police.

Good thing it wasn’t the city I live in because she would have had her ass kicked ten different ways and Daniel would have carried on. But this police department not only believed her, bless their hearts, but they recalled several unsolved cases that were similar. And that is how this animal got to sit and listen to his well-deserved fate today in that courtroom.

The Cockroach was heard yelling I DIDN”T DO IT! after the verdicts were handed down. I think he probably should have added,

I also have no idea how that DNA got on the inside of my uniform zipper.

The degenerate took time out from his Man Tears to stare down the jury on his way out, just like a bad cop would do. I guess he still thinks he has power.

Here’s Daniel Hortzclaw practicing getting into position for the next 263 years:
Congratulations, you revolting piece of shit!!! There will be no one there to Protect Or Serve you, Danny, so now you’ll know how it feels, bitch. You’re going to be in charge of  picking up the wet soap for a long long time. Personally I hope they use really painful objects on you. The world will be a much better and safer place without you in it for the next 263 years. And boy oh boy, you sure look puny without your uniform, gun and badge, blubbering all over yourself looking for your Mommy. Man up,  tough guy! You’ll only be 292 years old when you get out of prison. But consider yourself really lucky I wasn’t on your jury. Personally, I believe filth like you should just be shot in the head, but hey, that’s just me.

This jury decision is a huge message to this country’s Abuse Of Power and Rape Culture environment. For a change.

Note: To those few badly closeted sexist pigs out there who happen to read this blog, yeah, I know, those women were all lying. This verdict was obviously a terrible MISCARRIAGE OF PRIVILEGE….  And thank God you don’t have a badge and a gun.


I have been remiss. I didn’t realize poor poor Daniel got this verdict on his……birthday! Happy Birthday, Daniel!!!



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    This verdict was obviously a terrible MISCARRIAGE OF PRIVILEGE…

    Classic Uppity! ROFL! Uppity is back! 🙂

  2. Something is terribly wrong with the police in this country. The worst thing wrong I think is the fact that other police know they’re working with a scum bag but don’t do anything about it. The police have entirely too much power in this country.

  3. *****UPDATE*****
    I have been remiss. I didn’t realize poor poor Daniel got this verdict on his……birthday! Happy Birthday, Daniel!!!

    That is the best justice EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ga6thDem, there is too much POLITICS involved w/ many of our police departments. I doubt many want to be a beat cop forever so they have to play the game in order to move up.

    What I do think is that too many cops have done their job and watched the perps walk due to our justice system. It has got to be beyond frustrating.

    I am just not quite as cynical as you because I worked with many police officers and there are far more good than bad. I am grateful to our police because theirs is a job I would not want to do, especially in this day and age. I truly feel most want to serve and protect their communities because there is no amount of money worth the day in/day out risk of losing your life unless you cared.

  4. Hahaha! So glad he got what he deserved. Love the hilarious birthday pic!

  5. Justice: the jury verdict
    Bonus: birthday gift
    Super high score: Classic Uppity Rant!

  6. I got the birthday pic off of twitter. I cracked up.

    Ga, honestly I very much respect the fact that there are police. I very much disrespect that we are so cavalier about who we put in those positions. I have seen a HORRID shift in attitude of cops and a shift from Protect and Serve to Scare and Bully. Not to mention the very common belief that they can do whatever they want any time they want. There are just too many Daniel Holtzclaws out there! I believe this is a generation of poorly trained cops as well. What ever happened to shooting someone in the leg? I say this because there have been several incidents where filling some small-time dirtbag full of so many holes he becomes a strawberry barrel when the officer could have just as easily shot to disable. Look at that recent case where the cop emptied his gun in the guy. What I am seeing here locally and nationally is cops who are just taught to shoot, and shoot to kill, no matter what the situation. There were times when I thought, oh good, they’ve rid the world of another cockroach, but I think it’s gotten way out of hand. I am afraid of them now and that is exactly what they want. I have seen them treat victims like scum too, no empathy, no compassion, no nothing. I just wonder if this job should not be a lifetime job. I think sometimes these police see so much they become completely desensitized. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know when a person like me, who has never broken a law in her life, no longer trusts the police, something is seriously amiss. I personally know several people who got on our police force whom I KNOW are unstable and of VERY ill temperament.

  7. I will agree for sure Ga that our justice system pays more respect to criminals than to their victims, including their potential victims. I just do not see it as a reason for police to declare open season on small time thugs. I can very much see, in fact I CHEERED that the police turned those two terrorists in CA into a couple of oozing strawberry barrels. But when some POS acting like an asshole ends up bleeding out from several holes, I know things have gotten out of hand. Then too, it is NOT the police’s job to dispense justice, even if the justice system is in bad need of overhaul. No, it’s not a job I would want to do, it’s just that some people take jobs for the wrong reasons, and just maybe we have too much of that in several professional fields. This is nothing a good vetting couldn’t fix in large part. We are NOT vetting candidates for police departments, and there are several other fields we are remiss about as well.

  8. Aw he’s on suicide watch.

    I am alternating between hoping he does it to save us money and make the world a better place without him…….and wanting him to live and suffer.

  9. This nyt article makes me furious. Apparently that evil woman that shot up the San Bernardino office with her equally evil husband had made comments on social media that supported violent jihad and “wanted to be a part of it.” Dozens of peoples lives destroyed over this horrible act, but our lame government, which spies on all of us, does not bother to do so from people coming here from other countries. Furthermore, “there is a debate inside the Dept of Homeland Security over whether it is even appropriate to do so.”

    Appropriate to do so? Appropriate to do so? W T F?

  10. I am no conservative or Trump fan by any means, but, like Upps, I am an old time lib, not a “progressive” and I am frankly burned out by all the “progressive” screeching I have seen the past couple weeks on every liberal website and every late night talk show blasting anyone that doesn’t agree with unfettered and indiscriminate immigration. Every one of them says the exact same thing over and over, utter nonsense about not letting certain people in is “unconstitutional” (like the Constitution was written for other countries or something), and blah, blah, blah about the statue of liberty. Every time I hear and read this repititious bs I see the face of that little boy holding his peace sign–the one that got blown up by the Boston bombers, and those poor sobbing people in San Bernardino. Immigration we have now is already f*cked to a fare thee well imho, and needs major overhauling. How about making it a little more fair to those of here that are paying the bills? And Upps, like you, I was praying they would get the mf’ers and give them what they deserved.

  11. Diane Feinstein is reintroducing her bill to force social media companies to report any terrorist related activity. Apparently, both the R’s & D’s on the intelligence committee approved it earlier this year and it was in a bill in June, but it got pulled out of it, so she is reintroducing it as a standalone bill. Of course the aclu is against it. My first instinct is to be for it. Why should we make it easier for terrorists to recruit and communicate over sites like Facebook, who says they remove any terror stuff if they come across it, but don’t report it. One can only wonder if San Bernardino could have been prevented if the FBI had been alerted to those lunatics chatter.

  12. I don’t think placing that responsibility upon social media is too much to ask. Not at all.

    However, there is a part of the internet you and I don’t get to see. It’s “Dark”. Been around a long time. It’s where the sickest bastards go to show their wares and it’s where the terrorists go too, because it’s where they fit. And there’s encryption, which makes it so nobody can figure out what is being said.

  13. Upps, thats really scary.

  14. Encryption is the result of the quest for real privacy for good people and, of course, bad people learned to reap the benefit as well. Real privacy is something we have already lost. Anything can be used for good or evil.The internet underground is said to be dominated by many many very bad things. I can’t confirm because I have never been there and don’t plan to ever go there, but I know it’s There. It presents a very difficult problem for our intelligence agencies when it comes to terrorism, I am sure.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if encryption becomes the target of a law in some form or another.

  15. Hillary has been talking about the issue of privacy and encryption. She has said that as POTUS she would convene social media people and try to reach consensus on protecting legitimate privacy rights and balancing with legitimate security concerns. Terrorists should not be protected by social media. Period.

  16. Love the birthday boy pic, Up!

  17. Agree Rebel. Problem is our government spends all its time spying on people like us instead of potential terrorists.

    Just heard on news that that cockroach wife who shot 14 people passed THREE, count them THREE intelligence probes. Not one of them included looking on social media. Jesus H. Chrrrrrrrrrrist. How come they have NO problem finding these things out AFTER they kill somebody? It’s the same with our domestic crazies who shoot schools up. It’s always AFTER the fact that it’s revealed they were walking nutbags nobody did anything about. Then there’s that See Something Say Something plea, which is raw bullshit. You turn somebody in and your life ends up ruined by social media. Look at that teacher who turned the kid with the clock in. I don’t really know at all if she was right or wrong because all the noise took over. But her life is ruined either way. So when you tell people See Something Say Something, you are telling them essentially to plan on law suits and a ruined life. Who the hell is going to get involved knowing that? As it is with our government’s role model…corporate America….whistleblowers are almost always dead meat.

  18. Problem is our government spends all its time spying on people like us instead of potential terrorists.

    You make them sound organized and hard working. You give them too much credit. What they are doing is collecting everything which then gets filtered by keywords. I’d be willing to bet that there’s a list of keywords not to use available on the Dark Net.

  19. We’ve gone back to the Colonial Times with public shaming. Look what happened to Paula Dean. What she said was wrong, but it wasn’t something she said publicly, not to mention it was many years ago. Freedom of speech has been effectively taken away, not by some superpower; but by mob rule. This is one of the reasons Trump is doing well. Backlash against the politically correct mob.

  20. Yes I know they do that. They get all phone records, internet records, etc. And they are spending a LOT of time on regular people. If we say the word ISIS in an email, boom! We hit a key word. How many people in the USA do you think are saying that word right now? I know somebody who has an elderly cat named ISIS after the greek goddess of the sky. People got blocked out of twitter because they got caught in the keyword net just mentioning a poor old cat with some love. That’s one example of getting caught in the net, and I’ll bet there are millions of people who our intelligence are looking at who are just everyday people. Time is proving that this is not a good system for ferreting out scumballs. The Dark net doesn’t have to worry about saying ANYTHING, since they encrypt and nobody can figure out what the hell they’re saying anyways. Our intelligence agencies admit that this is a huge deterrent for them. Meanwhile, our systems of finding people is NOT working as it should. That is why we must focus on what we let into our country and what crosses over our open borders besides. My major complaint is they find out things about these animals who kill AFTER they let them in and they kill. As we look back on 911, one of those cockroaches took flying lessons and didn’t bother learning how to land, and that instructor saw nothing wrong with that. Moreover, why weren’t they being watched to begin with? And how the hell did they even get IN here? Surely there was a trail to be found—right back to Saudi. Again. If you ask me, Saudi is the first place of suspicion. I’m not even in the CIA and the minute I heard that they both were in Saudi together, I saw it as a HUGE red flag and was horrified that our own intelligence didn’t think that was a red flag for both of them. The Sauds are Wahabbis. The worst form of Islam one can think of. The kings of woman abuse and the kings of beheadings. The funders of mosques throughout the USA. They are not our friends and, because we have an oil deal with them, we whistle a happy tune about them. They are a huge turd in the punchbowl of terrorism and any association with Sauds on an incoming person’s record SHOULD be a red flag. Not some old woman mentioning her cat!

  21. Ack, I could do hours on Paula Dean and……..come to think of it…..I have. She only admitted what she did was wrong because she got caught. Thousands and thousands of people followed her and her obesity and diabetes-inducing recipes. Struggling with both obesity and diabetes is tough enough for people without someone giving them fueled ideas on how to do it faster and better. She never once told her audience what she was showing them was bad bad baddddd and she was living proof of it — until she got caught. Yes, that angered me and plenty of others too. Most were were angered were not being politically correct, they were angry at her hypocrisy that centered around profits. When I think about it, this post we are commenting under could be construed at part of mob rule. Look at it this way, would ya?: Hey, if he weren’t a confirmed cockroach he wouldn’t have been on the receiving end of my disdain. Sometimes people reap what they have sown.

  22. No Uppity, I was using her as an example of public shaming about something someone says. Paula was the only one I could think of at the moment. Here’s another one, a teacher shares a meme joke about “why teachers drink” on her personal facebook page. She gets shamed and then loses her job. The media tried to shame Donald Trump, but this time it’s not working.

  23. Ok better example. I get it now. xo And who says teachers can’t drink anyways? They almost HAVE to.

  24. How about the public shaming of Germaine Greer simply because she expressed an opinion on Jenner.

  25. I don’t think Donald Trump can be shamed because I don’t think he has the capacity to feel it. But here’s a guy who deserves to be held accountable for what is legitimately hate speech. He is completely irresponsible. And dangerous. Right now, he’s the best recruitment tool ISIS has. And people are bullying and beating up Muslim men and women in America ever since he said his careless remarks.

  26. Yes Sophie, I agree, he can’t be shamed. But, also, his supporters are balking at the shaming. They rally around him more when he says another outrageous thing and the media tries to shame him like they’re used to doing. They are feeding the beast so to speak. Think about previous campaigns…..the “macaca moment”, Howard Dean’s scream. The media piled on, the supporters withdrew, the candidate apologizes or makes some kind of statement. Usually, candidate doesn’t recover. Remember when The Donald first began with the comments on Mexican undocumented? Macy’s pulled his line of clothes, NBC or whatever channel cancelled his contract…..usually that stuff works. But Donald not only survived it, he thrived on it! Teflon wouldn’t even be the right term for what’s going on with Donald.

  27. He is losing everything for this. Products in stores, TV shows, positions of privilege in other countries, ability to even get into some other countries. I wonder what his master plan is.

  28. He is putting it all on the line for this isn’t he? Which means he really needs to win….and he must think he can. Personally, I think Cruz is going to get the nomination.

  29. Gawd I hate Cruz.

  30. Germaine Greer. I love that woman. Good for her! nobody can appropriate what constitutes a woman and change an entire gender’s definition. She’s right.

  31. The only redeeming thing about Cruz is the establishment hates HIM too! But this is a bad bad man. Evangelicals make my skin crawl. Women are the bottom of their pile too. And they have a nasty habit of minding other people’s business. Moreover, they think Church IS State. Just like ISIS, except they can’t kill people without taking their punishment. They also are serial wives and husbands. Just like Mormons, only they do it one at a time.

  32. Trump won’t go down easily. He doesn’t like losing. Oh no, not at all. He’s going to mess that party up like a Mafia bag man collecting a debt from a loser. He’ll break both that party’s knees, ribs, nose, you name it.

    Sophie I think his plan is, be the candidate or bust up that party.

  33. Maybe Donald duck is trying to help Hillary to get elected????
    The Cruz has a face of a maniac depressed or like he is just gonna cry…

  34. Funny note on the ISIS tag intelligence dredging: a “flagship” southern university’s liberal arts server is named ISIS. On AndrewsAFS, no less, which means it’s worldwide.

    Talk about a perfect Mandelbrot set.

  35. Carson was on Tee Vee saying how he didn’t get “excited” when his numbers were up and he’s not “excited” now that his numbers are down. I was thinking, you’ll never be excited about anything, because if you aren’t a walking Quaalude commercial, I don’t know who is.

    He continued on about how he isn’t always available for what he implied was a little hobby –campaigning, schmoozing, asking for money and going to cocktail parties because he’s busy nights performing surgery on little children who are far more important.

  36. Earlybird, I think they ought to include the keywords “And” and “The” in their net.

  37. Heh – they probably did override the search engines’ automatic removal of those terms. And then crowed over how many more suspicious communications they intercepted.

  38. Hahaha. Yeah and now they’re all on the No Fly list.



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