The Thief Says He’s The Victim. Meh. At Least This Debate Will Be Interesting

Hi everybody!

Listen, a couple of you left a window in your homes open to air a room out, so I just hopped in and stole your jewelry.

It’s your fault, you know. If you had closed your window, I wouldn’t have your stuff right now. So suck it up and don’t pick on me. Oh and by the way, I dropped my keys in your house while I was foraging. I need to get back in. If you don’t let me back in, I’m going to sue you. Okay?

Why are you picking on me! Can’t you see I am old white guy? Rank has its privileges, you know! There you go again!!!!:


Now about the “firewall” that “failed”. It’s my guess they were loading a patch or performing maintenance, and they needed to disable the firewall in order to complete the task. Happens all the time. The only thing is there aren’t usually inside people lurking, waiting for the opportunity to steal stuff.  Generally, such people are called Thieves. There was nothing accidental here – just raw dishonesty. They knew exactly what they were doing, they knew it was wrong, they knew it was a violation of their contract and they knew it was illegal. Or as Hillary’s campaign put it: “They were like kids in a candy store”. So what else do you do in those circumstances? Why………

You blame your victim. Especially if she’s some broad. Especially if the broad is Hillary.

I interrupt this post to show you what nice people these little Delusionals are, and how facts have little to do with much of anything when a free unicorn is at risk:


My answer? Hey, if you want to live the rest of your useless, basement-dwelling lazy-assed life with 2 or 3 more Antonin Scalias, go for it! No skin off my nose.

Furthermore, their argument that the DNC is trying to help Hillary is the funniest part of the whole thing. You violate your user contract, steal, break the rules and the law,  and how DARE anybody point it out?

If the DNC is guilty of one thing, they are guilty of trusting people with private data, for Chrissakes.  If someone is loading a patch or doing system maintenance that requires disabling a firewall, then they should block anyone from entering the system till it’s done. You’ve seen that message on web sites plenty of times. “Sorry. We are temporarily unavailable while we perform system maintenance. Please return later”. Or they could use a message that tells users the system will be unavailable from 7 PM to 8 PM on a specific date. It ain’t rocket science, you dodos.  Because left to their own honor, political zealots HAVE NO HONOR.

As for the Bernouts, they remind me of the joke about the kid who kills both his parents and then whines that he’s an orphan and everybody is picking on him.

Please understand something: The search for a unicorn that farts gold dust is a very emotional experience for them. If they don’t get that socialist pressy, they might have to get off their own asses and figure life out by themselves like adults do. Apparently, nobody has informed them that their parents are going to eventually die, probably won’t leave them much since they already spent all their funds on their own little brat selves – and so, they will be on their own. Now that’s scary for any entitled little spoiled brat who actually thinks he’s “Special”.  Seriously, after a couple of hours on Twitter last night, I honestly wonder how many Bernie followers are actually old enough to vote. These are seriously immature people. Don’t believe me? Try this: Apparently, the only reason one person out of four was fired by Bernie is……the other three were unpaid teenagers. It will be interesting to see if that actually turns out to be true. If it is, than the Hillary remark about “Kids in a candy store” is spot-on both literally and figuratively. Isn’t it just like a socialist to put kids to work for free? One would almost have to visit China to learn how to do that.

But the reality is, the one who steals data in a desperate attempt to catch up in the race is the one who is trying to “Rig” the election, not their victim.

Here’s a log of what these little guttersnipes did:

CWjfM_SWwAAiBrLYou can see now why their access was denied until an internal audit could capture their activities. If the little sleazers were allowed back into the system before that, they could have covered their tracks. So now the Bernouts are back into the system  and the needed logs and other evidence are safely recovered. As it should be.

The Pure Old Man is not looking so pure anymore is he? He hates lobbyists and just had to fire a few of his own. He hates SuperPacs and has a few of his own.But of course, his lobbyists and SuperPacs are “different”.  In keeping with what it’s like to be a socialist. They always lie and they always steal. They don’t believe in Personal Property so what they stole from the data system is not important. It belongs the The People!

In short, Mr. Pure is a hoax. I have no idea how the hell he got to run from my party’s ticket.

Are ya angry enough to watch that debate tonight? Good! But just remember: The fun part will be when they lose anyway.  They can’t even cheat and beat Hillary. To even suggest Hillary and the DNC conspired to catch the Bernies while they were stealing, is funny all unto itself. What makes it closer to hilarious is the suggestion that she needs help to beat this old fart, when National Polls have her whooping his ass. Unfortunately, he could take New Hampshire, it being his Vermont neighbor. Otherwise we wouldn’t have to put up with him till Super Tuesday. After that, he can take his left over millions and go to Venezuela or something.

Now, come on, there has to be some comedy in that. We’ve seen far worse things done to Hillary. So has she. She can handle this turkey.

So take heart and enjoy the show! Bernie at least got to use the Perpetrator-To-Victim thing to raise some money. He needs to do that so that when he drops out of the race, he will have many millions of dollars left to do with as he pleases. Name me one socialist leader who didn’t die rich. Ask Venezuela about that. Maybe Bernie can move there in 2016, because I don’t know about you, but I’m not voting for a socialist any more than I would vote for a right wing crackpot. They are mirror images of each other, caught in their own irony.

Tune in! No excuses! Look! Here comes Bernie! It IS, after all, The Weekend!



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  1. Re Justito’s tweet: I love when they don’t even bother to hide their misogyny anymore. They just let it rip. And stop being shady! ROFLMAO!

  2. Yes, leave your doors or windows open and it will be your fault if you find this guy going through your underwear drawer. You practically forced him to do it! He’s Josh Uretsky and he’s looking for work since the Bernie campaign fired him. Uretsky, 39, is a computer expert with years of experience working on political campaigns. Check out his resume on LinkedIn. He’s a Special Snowflake.

  3. Spot on post Uppity! Love the Weekend at Bernie’s reference! LOL!

  4. Great post, Uppity!
    Looking at Josh’s hair, I’m reminded of the Woody Allen line about Joe Franklin’s toupee; ” doesn’t he have any loved ones?”

  5. His entire staff looks like they ought to run them thru a carwash. Especially Bernie. With all the money he’s raised, you would think he would buy a comb and a new polyester suit.

  6. I’m wondering about the audience. Will it be stacked with Bernouts? I remember in the 08 debate when HRC brought up legitimate info about Obama, the audience booed her. I’m sure she has been planning what she will say to him about this and his possible reactions and then her response to them. But if the audience is stacked, she may be sabotaged in the attempt.

  7. Hilarious post Uppity! Love it! I’m working tonight, so will check out your comments on the debate later!

  8. Bravo, Uppity! I tweeted this under my JenMichigander account.

  9. “He’s a Special Snowflake.”………HILARIOUS!!!! Wasn’t surprised you were doing a ton of blocking last night. I went after as many Bernouts on Twitter last night as I could for their dishonesty or lack of basic intelligence.

  10. Excellent post, Uppity. It is clear that Sanders’ staff stole data, almost certainly still have it, or put it somewhere else to use, and that they will benefit from it. If any other campaign had done that, they probably would be out of the race. But here we will see Sanders try to somehow blame society, Hillary, the media, the DNC, or anyone else, for causing this, and not his campaign people.

    I wonder how acrimonious this debate will be.That data was valuable, and it appears that it was stolen without repercussions, if Hillary just lets it go. If she does not, Sanders may attack her out of desperation. I can just see the debate polls: “Do you think that Hillary went on too much about the data issue?” “What is worse in your mind, the data breach issue, or Hillary’s emails?”

  11. Works for me, Jen!

  12. Bernie is a loser and there is no way this is 2008.

  13. Ok can somebody find the right live stream link for the debate so we can live blog it? It’s on ABC at 8 EST

  14. Tweet that pic Sophie!

  15. Twitter hashtags for tonight’s debates are:

  16. Sanders will probably say, “In Denmark, you’re a hero when you steal data. We should be more like Denmark!”

  17. He’s a socialist. They don’t believe in personal property. What’s yours is mine.

  18. Bernie raised $1 million in one day off of his fundraising effort over his crime.

  19. When I worked at the Nat’l Finance Center we had maintenance weekend scheduled every two weeks. If folks logged into the mainframe for a session that was the first thing that greeted them after login, that the systems would be unavailable yadda, yadda. And that was also put on our web site.

    Second, there no way in the hell that the vendor should have been running a patch while the system was live. The vendor should have requested it be made unavailable while the patch was applied then check that it’s doing what it was supposed to patch, then restore access. Now I don’t know if this vendor runs the entire thing for the DNC or just one certain application. I’ve seen a reference to “master list”.

    Third, looking at your graphic of a log Upps, how in the hell is it that a Bernie user has the privilege to grant “full access” to anyone? Any granting of privileges or access should be controlled at a higher level imo.

    Oh and here’s the explanation by the vendor:

  20. Sophie, love that graphic at 6:38. 🙂

  21. Wow! uppity:
    great post and you’re in top form and ready for the upcoming events.
    I will follow the campaign from overseas.

  22. Perhaps we should start a new hashtag? Firewalldowndon’tsteal

  23. Or this one……#hackersforBernie



  25. Hey where are you Belle?

  26. Fredster, take a look at Josh Uretsky’s resume on LinkedIn. His background as a data expert is extensive. Is there anything there that would indicate to you that Uretsky might have connections that allowed him access to the data? ( Tinfoil hat, I know, but I am curious about this. )

  27. Hahaha hackersforbernie

  28. Twenty minutes in and the best part so far is the Gaga/Bennett commercial. ROFL.

  29. omg, not her…the most annoying reporter/commentator…..audience is definately stacked for Bernie.

  30. Hillary handled the data question great!

  31. Yeah I saw Gaga and Bennett. Cute.

  32. She did handle it well, even though I’m sure she wants to rip his seedy guts out.

  33. Voting I don’t think the audience can be stacked. They generally allow x number of entrants for each candidate. It’s just that Bernie’s people act like barn animals.

  34. I am surprised nobody gave Bernie some cheese to go with all his opening whine. BTW, was that not the WORST apology ever?

  35. Oh suddenly Mr. Rural is interested in gun control.

  36. O’Malley is trying so hard to be relevant, but he just comes across as annoying and entitled.

  37. O’malley might just steal some of Barney’s poll numbers.

  38. Beata, I’ll look at that and let you know. Because I don’t know the platform the app was built on, I’m not sure. is it an Oracle database or enterprise sized Access db? I can say that imo, if the “master file” is DNC property I would really make sure that permissions and such were clamped down as tightly as possible.

  39. O’Malley is losing it!

  40. I know hahahaha. He’s freaking out. And why does he look like one of those Christmas elf movies on Hallmark channel. Poor guy needs an ear job!!!

  41. He looks like a character on the Keebler boxes.

  42. O’Malley =pathetic

  43. He’s a Keebler elf who’s been hangin in his hollow tree too long.

  44. From Prolix and me:

    Martha Raddatz has already had to tell O’Malley to be quiet and wait until he’s called upon to talk.

    “Go sit in the corner Martin.”.

  45. Oh, O’Malley just asked if he could give a “different generation’s view”…and he got BOOOOOOOOED!

    I have a new debate rule for both parties…each candidate gets speaking time in direct correlation to his/her current poll position.

  46. I think Hillary just killed it with the foreign policy discussion. Proved she knows what she is talking about.

  47. Yeah O’Malley did what Cruz did. Just talk because you feel like it, screw you and everybody.

  48. Go to my website bernie sanders dot com and we’ll show you…

    all of clinton’s data. lolol

  49. Sorry Fredster, I just saw your comment! He would be able to grant access to the SANDERS data to anyone. Each campaign manages its own data separately and the information and who has access is picked by that campaign. So basically, he had the right to grant access to the data. unfortunately whomever had access also had the access to Clinton’s data. For 40 minutes.

    I totally agree the vendor shouldn’t be doing ANYTHING that results in a change or maintenance with users active. Users should be locked out WHENEVER firewall has to be disabled. Any first year software engineer knows that. Of that, I agree. That doesn’t give anybody the right to knowingly steal. These cockroaches would steal the wallet off a unconscious person.

  50. “Watching Hillary debate is like watching Serena play tennis.” – Michigan supporter

  51. Hi Dances!!! Sorry you were in spam net!

  52. Granting to Sanders data yes. But that shoud have been a small, defined set of info. I understand that. Sorry, I wasn’t clear about thaat.

  53. Yeah DWP how ludicrous is it to say Hillary wants to avoid debates. EVERYBODY with a quarter of a brain knows she’s great at it.

  54. Whoa. She didn’t let those boys tread on her!

  55. Reader’s Digest version of tonight’s debate….”Two Angry Men and One Smart Lady.”

  56. Bernie is a liar! There IS A Superpac!

  57. “Watching Hillary debate is like watching Serena play tennis.” — Michigan supporter

  58. Fredster, my guess is, they get a menu when they login and they are approved to click on specific items only. My guess is the firewall participates in blocking their access to other items for which they have no approval. Although that would not be the optimal way to do it. The optimal way would be, firewall or not, your userid determines what you can and cannot see. It’s a very small program comparatively, really kind of simple. In that way, the firewall would have nothing to do with users and the only danger would be the short time a hacker could get into the system.

    It does seem kind of squirrely

  59. Re: Heroin addiction epidemic….it is believed that the heroin is being brought here across our borders! When you can show up in a country without seeing customs, you can bring all kinds of shit here. Our drug traffic is a glut.

    If we are going to make these drugs illegal, we damn well have the responsibility to make it a little more difficult to get them.

  60. Martha is a total tool. What a ridiculous question.

  61. You know, Bernie’s program plans place the burdens for freebee school and freebee health care on the STATES. That’s how he will bleed everyone, INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY the middle class who tend to pay the preponderance of those state taxes. SOMEBODY has to pay to keep public college’s running and somebody has to pay for all that health care, one way or another. The corporations will not be paying it, their EMPLOYEES will.

    Does anyone really think extreme special taxes on corporations won’t be passed down as cost to the consumer or cuts to the employees? Just asking.

  62. “May the force be with you”
    Fucking brilliant.

  63. I actually missed that line! I left the room to let the dog out back. Damn.

  64. Just for you, Upps!

  65. AWESOME!!!!!

    She should add SCOTUS appointments next time.


  66. ROARING applause!

  67. My Christmas present to you, Upps. Merry Christmas and a Happy, HEALTHY New Year!

  68. Instead of the never ending and trite-thanks, Reagan-“God Bless America-yada,yada,yada-how refreshing was it to hear Our Girl say “May The Force Be With You?”

  69. The difference between someone bridging the generation gap…see Hillary’s closing…and someone….well, someone polling at less than 5%…

  70. Great comments & youtube, thanks everyone! I had to miss it, laker caught most of it.

  71. God, O’Malley is so boring.

  72. My other fave Hillary response of the debate which shows her sharp mind and great humor:

  73. She’s so awesome!

  74. Voting–that was my favorite line of the night! I stood up and clapped (and I’m here by myself!).

  75. Enjoy–the article says Hill and others are winners of last night’s debate while Martin, Bernie and others are losers.

    Bernie Sanders: Sure, if you already liked the Vermont senator, nothing you heard in the debate will make you like him any less. But every Sanders answer seemed to devolve into shouting and outrage — not a great look when it comes to persuading on-the-fence voters to be for you. Clinton cut Sanders deeply when she bashed the massive costs associated with his proposals, raising the point — without exactly raising it — that Sanders would be a massive risk as the Democratic nominee.

    On Saturday night, Sanders looked less like a legitimate threat to Clinton and more like a niche candidate operating at the fringes of the party.

    BTW, this is Chris Cillizza, someone who has NO love for Hill. None at all.

  76. And despite the fact that ONLY Bernie’s campaign breached data, he just had to cast aspersions on her campaign last night. Sorry Hill, you can accept his apology. I’ll accept when the passive-aggressive shit drops out. He STILL has his lawsuit.

    NY Time article on the DNC and #bernieGate

  77. Sophie the way he screams and yells all the time, he already shows the public that he does not have the temperament to be President, the fact that he is a socialist who acts like a despot notwithstanding. Now he adds a lawsuit and America Sees what’s in store with this guy in charge of ANYTHING. I say let his fractious behavior continue to plague him, and it will when he continues on with a lawsuit to bite the hand that made it possible for him to run for President, although for the life of me, I cannot understand why. People say they let him pretend to be a Democrat so he wouldn’t run independently. I say he’s far too lazy to bother. Just a chronic kvetcher, complain complain complain. Just like his followers. Lazy complainers.

    Every day, he proves that he’s the mirror image of Donald Trump. Bluster. More Bluster. More Bluster. The only unrealistic thing either one of them hasn’t promised yet is their uncanny ability to solve World Hunger. Bullshit.

    P.S. Fixit Fairy visited your comment.

  78. I love that shouting/arm waving/microphone spitting act of his–it’s causing him to drop in the polls after every single debate. That shit must freak people out!

    P.S. I saw. Thank you FF!

  79. Fixit Fairy loves you.

  80. Do me a favor, check your DMs at twitter. I need you to straighten me out if needed.

  81. The belief by Sanders, OMalley, and their supporters that if they only had more debates they could beat Hillary, appears more and more delusional after each debate.

  82. Laker and hubs watched the debate while I was at work and when I asked for all the details, they told me the great stuff Hillary said, then laker said Bernie was shouting really loudly and it made him tune out, and he and his Dad would talk about sports while Bernie was shouting. They said O’Dummy was whiny and boring, Bernie was loud and boring. My funny dudes!

  83. Brassy @ 11:04, so true!

  84. Nice read, thanks Sophie.

  85. I love me my Laker Dude and Mr. Socal!

  86. The read from the VAN people on exactly what happened and the implications:

    View story at

  87. Laughed so hard I cried

  88. We had a lot of blog visitors in the past two days.

  89. Sophie, thanks for the Huff Post link; that was a refreshing read.

  90. FYI, Chelsea tweeted today she is expecting Baby #2 this summer. Congrats to her and her husband.

  91. Josh Uretsky even looks like your stereotypical bernie bro.

  92. Donald Trump used vulgar language as he attacked Hillary Clinton during a rally on Monday night, saying it was “disgusting” to talk about her using the restroom during the latest Democratic debate and that she was “schlonged” by a male political opponent.

  93. Add women who pee to the long list of those who have been alienated by Trump’s nasty rhetoric.

  94. Not for anything, but imagine HIM sitting on the can.

    Apparently, the ‘ladies’ room’ is a much longer distance from the podium than the men’s room. We can all relate to that, now, can’t we?

  95. Trump is mining an extremely ugly vein in the American psyche. I only hope and pray that Hillary’s Secret Service detail is especially vigilant in these hate-filled days.

  96. Btw, if a venue wants to host a debate and they can’t provide each candidate with HER own dressing room and bathroom, that should be a deal breaker. No wonder Hillary doesn’t want lots of debates! Sheesh!

  97. You’re right, Up. As usual! The men can go backstage and pee in a can, for chrissakes.

  98. //

  99. Ignore Rush, he’s extremely bitter that he can’t get a hardon. And if it weren’t for ACLU’s Roy Black, he’d be in jail for being a junky, where he belongs

  100. Rush is the one who needs a diaper. Maybe he could borrow one from David Vitter. Whiny babies.

  101. When is someone in the media going to have the ovaries to say that Trump belongs in a mental health facility, NOT the Oval Office.

  102. Want to know where Trump gets his material from? It would seem none other than Rush. They are two peas in a pod. Rush is pathetic and a sexist. If anything that comment will turn more voters off to the GOP.

  103. MSNBC is actually giving Trump MORE airtime since the ISIS recruitment tool comment and all are saying Hill lied! Lawrence O’Donnell was the worst of the assholes over it.

    Rush must figure if the diapers are working so well for him…

  104. Lis Smith, the caffeine-guzzling deputy campaign manager for former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, beat her to the restroom.

  105. I have a funny feeling she knows where there IS a video and she’s letting him hang himself. Don’t ask me why, I have no basis in fact, but something tells me….

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