Toilet Mouth For President.



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  1. That really says it all! He’s like a schoolyard bully using bathroom humor to shock and mock. How anyone could think he is presidential material is beyond me.

  2. Well, I have to tell you there was a poll that said only 1/3 of Americans would be proud to have Trump as POTUS.

  3. 1/3 of Americans being proud of a crude megalomaniacal thug is scary as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Yeah, 1/3 is a lot! Is it all Americans, or just Republicans?

  5. It’s Americans. Something like 4 our of 5 Republicans would be proud to have Trump as president. So that means approximately 80% of Republicans think he’s pretty awesome. That’s even scarier Uppity!!!

  6. I did not make this up. He really said it!

  7. Trump is a crude loud-mouth. What worries me is what’s trending on Twitter right now…#NotMyAbuela….seems like the Sanders supporters are pushing the meme that Hillary wouldn’t be good for Hispanics.

  8. It’s stupid Bernie Bro crap. There was an article written by a LATINA about how Hillary reminded her of her grandmother. I mean is there nothing the Bernie Bros won’t do at this point?

  9. One other thing I would like to point out regarding her late from the break. The argument is that Hillary wouldn’t use the restroom with the other woman from O’Malley’s campaign. Now, did Hillary say that or did her SECRET SERVICE tell her to wait because someone else was in there and they didn’t know it who was. Interesting it was one of O’Malley’s people…he is just shit-head enough to try and make Hillary wait thus making her late back to the debate. And it was AFTER that break that O’Malley uttered his totally booed comment about “a different generation’s point of view”..a slam at both Hillary and Bernie as being too old.

  10. I’m stealing that pic Upps…just wanted to let you know.
    Actually I’ll just paste in from your site. 😉

  11. Have at it, Fredster!

  12. To be honest, I wouldn’t need the SS or anybody else to tell me not to go into that rest room with that woman. We are dealing with enough scum not to believe recording the sound of hillary taking a leak isn’t a possibility.

    As for O’Whatshisname, I ignore him as the only one who doesn’t know he’s irrelevant is himself. I have no use for obvious losers who hang in to apply for a VP job.

  13. Now would be a good time to donate to Hillary, even just a couple of bucks. Contrary to what the conventional wisdom and conspiracy theorists would have you think, the billionaires are not carrying her and she does need us.

    Pass the word.

  14. Great suggestion, Sophie!

    I think after the last few days of craziness it bears repeating that Hillary is an existential threat to the patriarchy. And she is winning which means they have to ramp up the attacks. So if she makes a simple, honest mistake by referring to videos of Trump’s words when she actually meant ISIS social media is using Trump’s words to recruit, she must be attacked as a liar (once again!). Her now infamous bathroom break must be discussed and criticized endlessly and even labeled “disgusting’.
    Hillary is held to an impossible standard–perfection. It’s because she is a woman about to shatter the glass ceiling, and the patriarchy feels very threatened. She cannot even do what all the male candidates do during debate breaks and use the bathroom. Btw, I give Sanders credit for pointing this out. That’s what the breaks are for!
    In the end, this is all just campaign noise. It’s sad that Hillary must put up with this kind of demeaning and disrespectful treatment in order to become the first woman president. But it just makes me admire her more for being willing to subject herself to such garbage in order to obtain an important goal. It makes me more determined to help her do so.

    Happy Holidays, everyone! Stay strong! For Hillary and women and girls everywhere.

  15. Great points, Brassy Rebel.
    I saw a recent interview with Gloria Steinem in which she said when Hillary gets elected everyday is going to be hell, and that’s true.
    But if Hillary can take it, so can I; so can we all.

  16. It’s Festivus! For the Rest Of Us!

    Give us your list of grievances. Of which there are MANY!

  17. Yay! Festivus!

  18. Festivus Grievances:

    Celebs preaching anti-gun while having ARMED security protecting them.

    Scientists warning “There may be a possibility..blah blah blah”. Doesn’t that also mean there may be a possibility NOT?

    ISIS…not much else to say there.

    People hating on me because I like fruitcake…hey, you don’t have to eat it so leave me alone to enjoy it. Sheesh.

  19. Oh noes…….fruitcake!

  20. The hubs loves fruitcake. My aunts make it for him. I hate it. Therefore he is happy because no one else likes it.

  21. Guess who gave you the one-star rating, imust! Think about it as I take another bite of my delicious FRUITCAKE! 🙂

  22. By the way, John Smart is not supporting Trump. Not even close! He’s still very much a Hillary supporter. His piece at his blog is satire.

  23. Touche, imust! LOL! 🙂

  24. Sophie, I agree. I sent her another $250 today. I will try to get to the $5,000 limit at some point.

    It is an appalling commentary on the state of our country, our media, our electorate which sees everything as some kind of entertainment vehicle, that a story about bathroom breaks would be the focus of the post-debate coverage. Too many people do not have the interest on insight to actually discuss the issues at hand; they would rather that politics simply be a fun personality show like “Survivor” or “American Idol.” Trump, the proud purveyor of his own schlock faux reality show, is the candidate for those people. One can only hope that there are enough of the other kind left.

    I thought I saw Hillary say that Trump’s comments about Muslims were being used as a recruiting tool by ISIS. Hillary doesn’t lie; and she doesn’t need to go after Trump at this stage for political or poll points; so if she said it, it is true. O’Donnell has hated the Clintons for a long time. I don’t know what he is going to do once Obama, whom he adores, leaves the scene. Of course it would be dreadful if Trump were to win, but it would be interesting to see all those idiots from MSNBC and CNN have their shows and White House credentials taken away by Trump. Won’t be anyone left to help you then, Lawrence.

  25. Fruitcake!!!!!! Fruitcake!!!!!!!!! Fruitcake should be BANNED! REQUIRED Read!

  26. That’s very generous of you, William.

    Trump is becoming more vulgar by the day.

  27. Actually, William, she was smart to go after Trump. It did a two-fold thing. One, it let the audience know she is the Dem candidate of choice and two, she took on what looks to be the general election candidate early thus giving their voters the option to elect someone more vulgar or uninformed than him.

    I think it was…what is the phrase…smart politics?

  28. One star for you too, Upps……why won’t you all let me enjoy my fruitcake in peace??? 🙂

  29. Go for it Voting. SOMEBODY’s got to eat that shit, otherwise we will never get rid of them.

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  31. Love that Uppity fruitcake post! 🙂 Don’t love fruitcake, just the post!

  32. That post was a purge for every fruitcake hater on earth — of which there are many!

  33. Report on my new eyeballs: I have improved quite a bit. I can now see Russia from my house!

    I told this to the doctor and he like near fell off his chair laughing. He is as a minimum a good audience for Uppity One Liners.

    For example, at a previous visit, his slid his chair to his little room desk and the chair moved really fast and he crashed into it. He said, “I did that on purpose”. I said, Yeah that’s what my cat says when he falls off the refrigerator”.

    I’m not mad at him anymore.

  34. I want to announce I will no longer post here due to being offended by the outright hatred and hostility towards fruitcake. My fruitcake and I are going to go find a safe space to exist in harmony and least until dinner time when I plan to devour my beloved fruitcake.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    And great news about your eyes, Upps.

  35. Merry Christmas to all of you troublemakers!
    Congrats on your eyes, Uppity.

  36. We once ordered a fruitcake-no nasty green cherries or citron-from the Thomas Merton monks in Kentucky.
    With a bourbon based hard sauce, that thing was divine!

  37. Merry Christmas, Uppity!🎄☃🎅

  38. Merry Christmas to Uppity Woman and all the Uppityites in Uppityville.

  39. Hi Tony! Merry Christmas backacha!

  40. I ate so much I feel like a beached whale.

  41. Sue honey, “Divine Fruitcake” is an oxymoron.

  42. I want to announce I will no longer post here due to being offended by the outright hatred and hostility towards fruitcake.

    Have it your way! You fruitcake people are all alike!

  43. I want to announce I will no longer post here due to being offended by the outright hatred and hostility towards fruitcake.

    Have it your way! You fruitcake people are all alike!

  44. Oh, Gawd, me too!! And today is just the warm-up for tomorrow.

  45. Upps, so glad about your eyes!

    Happy Holidays to all you lovely Uppity-ites! Wish you all the best of everything!

  46. I woke up with a cold yesterday. I made chicken soup for tonight. Tomorrow we’re going to friends for dinner.

    I’m no fruitcake lover, but the one Sue described sounds interesting. (I 5stared your comment Upps, as ordered!)

  47. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  48. Merry Christmas to all of the uppityites! I’ve been up wrapping and bagging at the last minute for things I need for day after tomorrow. Today,Fri. I will be comatose with food and football games.

    On another subject, if you’ve never read The Rude Pundit, you should check out this post he did about his fantasy of Hillary’s response to Trump and his yiddish comment. Rude Pundit is indeed rude and often crude but almost always funny.

  49. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!! Aunt Uppity loves you!

  50. Nutcracker cannot be left out!

  51. Thank you aunt uppity, LOVE you back.
    Merry Christmas to uppityville!

  52. Merry Christmas to all my uppity friends.

  53. A really interesting, informative, short video on how it’s all Jeb!’s fault.

  54. I’m no fruitcake lover, but the one Sue described sounds interesting.

    It’s a hockey puck soaked in booze.

    (I 5stared your comment Upps, as ordered!)

    That was very wise of you!

  55. Sophie, thats horrible. It essentially gives people a free pass to murder; they just say their life was in danger. I wonder if the aclu is planning to sue any of these states. These laws are really f’ed up. I don’t even get the point of them. People have always had the right to self defense.

  56. That’s it socal. Repeat the magic words: “I was in fear for my life.”

  57. Sophie, that mantra only works for white males,apparently.

  58. I felt my life was in danger has ALWAYS been an acceptable reason. I would shoot someone if I felt my life was in danger. But if, for example, you have a gun and the other person is unarmed and 15 feet away from you with arms in the air, I hardly think that explanation would apply.

  59. Indeed Sweet Sue. Thanks for the correction.

  60. Not true, Sweet Sue. It worked for George Zimmerman and he is Hispanic.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas…..with or without fruitcake!

  61. Well, look who is trying to make himself politically relevant again? Give it up, Jim.

  62. Somebody’s paying that cockroach Webb. Probably Trump.

  63. By all means, Jim Webb should run as an Independent. He’d take more votes from the Republican than from Hillary. But I don’t think he could raise the $ to run as Indie. Takes millions just to get on all 50 ballots. Good luck with that. He’s quite nuts.

  64. I don’t think even Trump would pay for somebody else’s vanity project.

  65. There is a shit ton of anti-Hillary money.

  66. It’s an old trick. He’s looking for an appointment. I hope he gets promised a job and then it doesn’t happen. Serves him right.

  67. If anybody visits Johnwsmart’s place could you go over there and tell him I just spend a half hour trying to post a comment, and it throws me into an ENDLESS loop asking for my email, and then telling me I need to login to my account, which I am already logged into, and then it dumps me and my comment lands in the same place all my socks go after I throw them in the dryer. Thanks.


    To those certain people who always think women are lying when they are raped : 1) Watch it and 2) Fuck You.

    Till It Happens To You, Lady Gaga performed for the above documentary

  69. Uppity, I went to John Smart’s blog and let him know about your technical difficulties. Hopefully, everything will get straightened out.

  70. Thank you Jens!

  71. Yes, but no one LIKES her. LOL!

  72. YESSSSSSSSS! Did you tweet that sophie?

  73. Yeah. no one likes me either.

  74. Uppity Woman, on December 28, 2015 at 6:11 PM said:
    Yeah. no one likes me either.

    You’re right, Upps..we don’t like you.

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Uppity Woman, on December 28, 2015 at 6:11 PM said:
    Yeah. no one likes me either.

    You’re right, Upps, we don’t like you.

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

    (and delete the one in spam…dopey me goofed my email address.)

  76. Hey- Can you comment on my site yet??? ugh. please try… it has been so long…WP is being kooky…also they own me like 300 dollars it turns out. Also #trumpisanasshole.

  77. I’m in John!

    Everybody in unison:


  78. Thanks Voting!

    *Bursts into tears*

  79. YESSSSSSSSS! Did you tweet that sophie?

    Like all day!! 🙂

  80. Ooops. Sowwwy.

  81. I’ve been out of action for a few months, but wanted to post an excellent piece I stumbled across by Allen Clifton about a “pro-Bernie” blogger that (like so many of his ilk) is not pro-anybody – just anti-Hillary Clinton. I was particularly struck by this:

    “Funny, in all of his war-centered Clinton bashing and Sanders praising, this guy never seems to mention that when George W. Bush wanted a “surge” of troops in Iraq in 2007… Sanders voted for the surge, whereas Clinton voted against it. Goodman probably also won’t mention much about Sanders’ continued defense of the $1.2 trillion F-35, a project that’s been deemed as one of the biggest wastes of money in Pentagon history. In fact, it’s the most expensive defense project in history. Why does Sanders seemingly inexplicably defend such a wasteful military spending project – when he’s called out defense contractors and lobbyists – especially one that will cost taxpayers over $1 trillion? Well, that’s simple: Because it has created jobs in his home state. For the record, the F-35 project – consisting of one fighter jet – will ultimately cost just slightly less than the entire Iraq War.”

  82. GWM, is that blogger H A Goodman? That person’s anti Hillary tripe is always on Fluffpo and Salon. Glad to see someone call them out.

  83. socal, we gave him a shit ton of hell on Twitter last night. I even got blocked!

  84. Oh Sophie, tell more.
    That moron has been raising my blood pressure for months.

  85. HA Goodman is sooo progressive but last year flirted with supporting Rand Paul over Hillary.

  86. Just another member of the He-Man Woman Haters Club. Screw him. Sorry. Schlong him.

  87. I fantasize about tweeting Trump after he loses Iowa………You’ve been schlonged. And You’re Fired.

  88. I have the perfect response for Hillary to Trump’s hypocritical attacks on Bill: I am not resposible for my husband’s actions any more than your three wives are responsible for yours.

  89. Sorry for typo. 4 yr.old hanging on arm. 😉

  90. Another answer: I am resilient and I don’t quit. Apparently, none of your ex-wives thought you were worth saving.

  91. Please sit down Uppity, for I am certain this news will break your uppity heart:

  92. Apart from the utter vulgarity of Trump’s comment (I have actually never heard this word used as an adjective before); the fact, which unfortunately is generally not known, is that Hillary got more votes in primaries than Obama.

    She won every major primary except Illinois. Obama won primaries in Deep Red Southern states where African-Americans make up 30-40% of the Democratic constituency, and his troops dominated caucuses in Red States, by committing a variety of illegal practices. And Donna Brazile’s carefully constructed Obama partisan strategy of awarding more delegates to districts with a high percentage of Black voters (under the guise of rewarding districts which voted strongly Democratic in the previous eleciion–has anyone ever heard of such an undemocratic arrangement?); plus essentially invalidating primaries in Florida and Michigan; plus the DNC awarding Hillary delegates to Obama in Michigan, where he didn’t even have his name on the ballot, was the only reason he won the nomination. We know that, but most do not. And Hillary would of course never bring it up.

  93. Hillary Clinton got more primary votes than any candidate in any primary, ever.

  94. Pataki, I could tell stories about that son of a bitch. Al D’Amato’s concubine.

  95. Well, looks like there’s still a puma in Northern NH. And when she introduced Hillary at a town hall today, she couldn’t hold it in. Dan Merica tweeted this:

    Kathleen Kelley, a businesswoman in northern New Hampshire, opens a Clinton event w/ this: “Unlike Obama, Hillary respects rural America.”

    It’s currently 2 hours old, has 89 retweets and a bunch of angry comments.

    As it happens, Hillary really needs the Obama Coalition and she knows it and they know it.

  96. Of course, O’Malley’s manager, Lis Smith
    ‏@Lis_Smith, the one who used the bathroom before hill and made her late, had to pile on.

    Completely false stereotype. @POTUS did a ton for rural communities- investing in schools, infrastructure, small biz

  97. She should not have said that. That was VERY damaging. SOmebody should have stuffed a rag in her mouth.

  98. Yup. She’s getting some flack on twitter too

  99. If Hillary loses support because of that comment, she never would have gotten that support anyway. What I mean is, if it’s that fragile, then she won’t win.

  100. Well, to add to the pile-on, HuffPo has an article about how “black Twitter” is unhappy with Hillary’s Kwanzaa theme on her website.

    Face it, folks, she was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. Patronizing because she did, but if she didn’t she would be called “racist” by BLM for not.

    Why anyone actually wants to be POTUS in this day and age I will never know…….

  101. Oh yeah, they were brutal about her Kwanzaa logo. I found their complaints to be petty and malicious. Had she not done it (having done it for every other holiday including Diwali, they would have blown a fuse.

  102. Too much Twitter, too much Facebook, too many angry reactions to just about anything. People who don’t like Hillary just look for ways to validate it. She said this; she didn’t say that; someone whom she probably doesn’t even know, but who introduced her at an event, said this; it’s all a way for some people to rationalize why they won’t vote for her.

    If I had a dollar for every insulting thing said about Hillary; online; at Obama campaign events; on television by people who supported him; I would be able to buy several new cars. I heard Hillary and Bill called racists, because someone in the Obama campaign decided that this would be a good way to make sure he won all the Southern primaries. I heard people virulently attack her for staying in the race, even though she might have had more delegates than Obama at that point. And it still continues, and one gets to expect it, no matter what she says or does. There is something calming in knowing that.

  103. Apparently, we’ve reached the point in the campaign where the comments of supporters become controversial and fodder for opponents. Social media magnifies everything so I’m surprised it took this long.

    Does Bernie Sanders have a Kwanza logo? If so, what do the art critics on Twitter think about that? And if he doesn’t have one, BLM should be after him. Sheesh! Some people need to get a life!

  104. Imust and Sophie, pls check out my post draft and give me a personal critique pls. Use twitter DM

  105. Dan Merica, like many other “journalists,” knows exactly what buttons to push.

  106. Rebel, I get great pleasure when I see a Bernout bash Israel and/or Jews. Then I get to tweet them and say, “You do know Bernie’s a Jew, right?”

    I tell you, it’s a rush. I should read their tweets more, but I simply cannot stomach the nitwits. They don’t Think when they ‘debate’. If I could stomach them I would catch more of them praising palestine.

  107. The bar of decency is now so low in this race, that you couldn’t get under it if you were doing the Limbo to a reggae song.

  108. If Hillary loses support because of that comment, she never would have gotten that support anyway. What I mean is, if it’s that fragile, then she won’t win.

    That may be true, imust, but it’s not like hillary doesn’t have ENOUGH arrows to dodge without some big mouth handing her some more.

  109. Up, it’s an ideological requirement for some on the left to assert that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is totally Israel’s fault. I don’t know exactly how or why this got started but Vanessa Redgrave back in the seventies comes to mind. And they seem to believe if not for Israel, Palestine would be an oasis of democracy and peace. I get frustrated with both sides at times, but I am ever mindful that Israel remains the one true democracy in the region. No one else is even close. And I believe Sanders has always been quite supportive of Israel. His supporters are living in some alternate universe.

  110. What Will YOU Do to Help Hillary Get Elected in 2016?

    There are many ways to be a part of this fight depending on your time and comfort level, such as:
    -voter registration
    -phone banking
    -driving people to the polls
    -talking to your neighbors, friends and family one-on-one and via social media
    -holding a sign and being enthusiastic with other volunteers at a polling location
    …and much more

    And of course, there’s what every campaign always needs: cash! Clinton’s campaign manager has said that Bernie Sanders might actually raise more money than them this quarter…and we simply can’t allow that to happen.

    Hillary Clinton needs you by her side, because nothing less than the future of our great country is at stake in this crucial election.

  111. NEW POST UP!!!!

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