You know you have a problematic candidate when….

You know you have a problematic candidate when you aren’t sure if posting a photo of his potential First Lady is a violation of WordPress Terms Of Service.


Ah well, you can’t say we don’t know enough about her now.

Nice handcuffs, though!


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  1. Oh my!

  2. Well apparently it doesn’t seem to bother Evangelicals. But then they voted for Scotty Brown. Remember Scotty Brown. We played Pin The Free Pass On Scottie Brown once. And he won.

  3. Yeah, you’re right. This won’t bother his supporters, in fact, probably will help him.

    Love the Scotty post!

  4. In every picture of Melania, especially lately, she looks so goddamned miserable: it’s like she using her squint and frown to send a coded message: “Help me, I’m a victim of Human Trafficking.”

  5. Oh, dear… Handcuffs and high heels in bed. A most unfortunate combination. And after all that, she ends up with The Donald? With her looks, she could have done better.

  6. ROFL at that video! “Hogwart School!” LOL!

  7. I wanted to come by to wish Happy New Year to all my old friends here, and especially to UW, who always holds a special place in my heart. I think of you often and visualize you well.

    I became an independent and we seem to have taken different paths and also seem to interpret the same things differently now. But, I’ve always felt that diversity has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with a variety of ideas, so we onward march 🙂

    So, I wish you all well, and don’t send Bill after me to eat me up! 🙂

  8. Hey lorac. Thanks for stopping by! I also visualize myself as well as often as I can! Happy New Year to you. And No hard feelings whatsover.xo

  9. Yeah the hogwart was the very best line. lolol.

  10. I think that picture of Melania will probably get him some votes in the GOP primary. Can’t you imagine the Rush Limbaugh crowd really going gaga over that picture? I’m sure some of the evangelicals will tsk tsk it but it won’t bother them all that much.

  11. Well, you know which way I lean, so I get to hug and kiss you even more, so HA! 🙂


    Sorry, Mr. Uppity, but these things happen, refer to a certain Dr. Hook song for fuller understanding… 🙂

    gosh I miss you all. Maybe I’ll stop by sometimes to say hi but not speak politics 🙂

  12. Happy New Year, lorac! Do you remember when this video was a favorite at Taylor Marsh’s site? Seems like a lifetime ago. Have a good 2016.

  13. I would like that very much, Lorac. So would Dr. Hook. My fondness for you was never a secret. Now all I have to go is go and figure out WHICH Dr. Hook. I’m sure it’s not on the cover of the Rolling Stone. *Goes mad wondering*

    Mr. Uppity will just have to live with it, God knows he has to live with me as it is. Wait till NES sees you were here when she wasn’t. I had to get used to waking up and no longer seeing the place trashed in the middle of the night.

  14. I love ABBA! Hi lorac!

  15. Me too, imust. It’s Taylor Marsh I can’t stand.

    I don’t think I ever met anybody who doesn’t like ABBA!

  16. Hi, my old friend Beata, and yes I DO remember! I also remember when on this very blog, late at night, when only the mice were stiring, this was a big hit – I remember I made lots and lots of new friends due to my steller ability to recognize the BEST music around:

  17. OH, UW! This is the Dr. Hook song for Mr. Uppity 🙂

  18. Oh yeah. I think I probably won’t show him that one, Lorac. lol

  19. OOops sorry for duplication

  20. So our place is kind of like your old guitar. Or mine. Or somebody’s.

  21. and one of my very, very favorite –

  22. Yeah that Black Velvet is a very hawt song. We all remember looking that good too.

  23. finishing with my favorite “fun” one

  24. Hey, he really, really, really LOVES that guitar, even after being away from it for a long time! 🙂

  25. Well then I have to toss in one of my favs.

  26. lol Beata you and I are dancing!

  27. …. and UW is, too!

  28. Love dancing. Always loved it. First one on the floor, last one off.

  29. The Rude Pundit (who I just love dearly even though he’s naughty and rude at times) has been having an end-of-the-year haiku contest. I went to check it today and quelle surprise!, I see a haiku by TW’s own Prolixous. Check it out:

  30. Yeah he loves it and it seems love him right back!

  31. imust, hi! xxoo I just saw you snuck in there!

  32. Imust gave me my theme song last year!

  33. LOL Prolix! Bad Bad Bad!

  34. lorac, imust runs the place. She and Sophie will be cleaning any messes we leave behind in the AM.

  35. I liked this one over there also:

    I read, vagina
    Is kryptonite to the right
    All chant vagina –

  36. UW, never doubt that my absence was for anything other than respect. When I saw who was writing when you took a break, I knew the direction you guys were going to go. Questions were starting for me, so I knew I had to go somewhere where I could start working out what I was feeling, political-wise. You and you all have always remained in my heart.

    So….. I’m going to have to come back in the evenings here and there to UP your music game… yeah, I haven’t even played WHAM! yet ROFL >>>>> lorac running >>>>>>>

  37. I was hoping beyond hope that the internet would never discover haiku. I have failed.

  38. We never changed direction lorac. The purpose of this blog is what it’s always been. That just isn’t going to change. If you can say nothing else for it, it’s consistent. I’m also consistent in my friendships!! This blog, of course, was started for Hillary and it will stay around for her. I am grateful to Sophie and imust, because the blog would have fallen silent in a death in my absence. I owe them a debt of gratitude for picking up the gauntlet and allow the people who felt like their blog home was about to be taken from them to stay and comfort one another — and if they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here now having fun with you! Yes, it will stay a Hillary blog for the die hard Uppityites who continue to support Hillary. And I thank you for respecting that. That doesn’t mean I don’t love and miss you along with a few others whom I know miss you as well.

    We’ll carry on as usual of course, and you are always welcome for a hug and a kiss sans politics.

  39. Hey lorac!
    We’re here whenever you need us!

  40. When I see Donna Summer, there is only one song I can think of.

  41. Tony Orlando. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  42. ROFL I see I have previously and continue to corrupt imust and beata 🙂

    UW, I didn’t mean you or the blog had changed – *I* was changing and needed a place to work it out. I knew this wasn’t the place and didn’t want to upset anyone.

    But thanks for letting me continue to come here to corrupt people!

    And NES (did you finally dump that one you were cheating on me with?? lol)

  43. UW, I agree, imust picked a great song for you!

  44. NES is in Paris, Lorac. Doing God knows What.

  45. Thanks Ms. Uppity — too many late night catheter commercials lubricated with scotch.

  46. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! You could have at least…

  47. For UW

  48. I should have used Carol.

  49. and one more for my friend Uppity

  50. Pffffftt – I know darn well what she’s doing – snort!

    When will she learn, she doesn’t have to look the whole world over, I’m right HERE!


  51. She’s a gypsy lorac. Let’s face it. And I still think she’s got that hot Italian in tow.

  52. And to make it worse, she DMs me in French. Breaking my heart!

  53. Yeah Prolix, what is it with those friggen cath commercials. Makes me wince as it is, but if I’m eating a sandwich I get REALLy freaked out.

  54. grumble grumble yeah okay I extremely respect the length and commitment of their relationship 🙂 (I truly do)

    But I’ll find her again, and be the other woman again (oh, I am such an abused, long-suffering other woman lol)

  55. lol well tell her I said “ooh la la”
    the only other thing I know is the dirty sentence from the disco song and “Ou est Monsieur Thibeaut” from high school

  56. Well you wouldn’t mind if she said Come Along With Me To France!

    She invited me to Italy a few years ago. I really should have my head examined.

  57. But I KNEW once she found a dago she would never turn back….

  58. It was great, and healing, to speak with you guys again. Thanks for not being “Amish” and shunning me lol

    But if I wake up at 3 or 4 am…. you never know… they may have to clean up some Carpenters in the morning! 🙂

  59. Carpenters. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Nooooo Noooooooooooooooooooooo.

  60. You SHOULD have your head examined! And you were the first “dago” she knew!!!! Well, I’m sure they’ll be more invitations!

  61. All I can think of is the theme song to Un Homme Et Une Femme.

  62. We’ll tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree for ya.

  63. Armed militia, incl. Bundy bros, occupy forest reserve HQ in Oregon, call ‘US patriots’ to arms

    Time to call in the National Guard. The Bundy’s are a disgrace.

  64. Hollllllly Shit.

    Look at that weapon!

  65. Who the heck are the Bundys? I bet the FBI is up their asses even as we write this.

    His radical proposal to solve the situation is to have armed “patriots” come and live in a de-facto self-rule zone independent of the federal authorities.


  66. You SHOULD have your head examined! And you were the first “dago” she knew!!!!


  67. Oh darn! lorac’s gone! I wanted to tell her that if NES were here she would probably say something like…..”Corrupt ME lorac! Corrupt ME!” LOL! Well, maybe she’d say that…she was always flirting with lorac! 🙂

  68. Aww, did I miss lorac? {{waving}} Hi Lorac! Miss our late night craziness! (a few years ago, lorac, nes, fredster, imust & I would hang out here and be weird)

    Upps, your post is hilarious. When he first announced, I said it would be pretty strange to have a First Lady who has (or had–they probably scrubbed them by now) full frontal pix online. Yeah, she used to do what they now call “glamour modeling”! She does always look pissed off these days. Can’t really blame her for that.

  69. imust, that’s right! Where is MY “fly to the ends of the earth with me!” ?? lol It’s always Uppity. “Uppity, Uppity, Uppity!”

    Well, Jan was always prettier than Marcia, any way! lol

  70. Hi Socal! MIss ya! And how’s our boy?

  71. Is that an FF header? I love the colors!

  72. Ok, here it is, drum roll please!

  73. lorac you are SOOOOOOOOOOO J !!!!!

  74. Oh but i LOVED Joe Cocker. And that song in particular.

    But look!

  75. Waving to everyone and wishing all a Happy New Year. UW, so nice to see that you’re back to writing again. Will try to visit from time to time. My political leanings have also changed, now being an Independent, and will vote for the best person that I see can right our ship after the disastrous presidency of Bronco Bama.

    Definitely not a fan of Trump, trying to spread info about him throughout the web. Bombastic egomaniac should be emblazed on his forehead to alert everyone who is even considering him.

    BTW – Melania, another beautiful model, marrying for money. Of course I’d like to have her surgeons’ names. 😈

  76. Thanks Piper. Geeze, haven’t seen you in a long time.

    I’m going on record right now to predict that Donald Trump will not win Iowa or New Hampshire. Sneaky reptile Ted Cruz will take Iowa. NH up for grabs.

    His tantrum will be mahoosive. Or as he would say, ‘Huuuuuuuuugeeee!”.

  77. Gee I wonder what Donald thinks of the Bundy “Patriots” who just took over a federal building with massive weaponry. See video to appreciate who these crazy bastards are.

  78. Awwww….my Joe Cocker entry…

  79. Didn´t we have much better music in our days than the so call whatever Kennie´s alike?

  80. Yeah and it required some actual…you know…talent.

    You get a good song now and then. Usually a remake. Do you think people will be remaking rap stuff in 30 years?

  81. Hahaha Voting. I knew that was coming.

  82. They’re being called:
    Vanilla Isis
    Y’all Quaeda

  83. They’re being called:
    Vanilla Isis
    Y’all Quaeda

    Oohh! I like this game! How about Talibundy?

  84. imust, that heckler was a GOPer.

  85. Was she? She’s a NH state legislator.

  86. She has been called out as “New Hampshire’s Most Annoying Voter”

  87. Not sure that means she’s a legislator. ?? Could mean a GOP state rep.

  88. Get the gander of the line of people trying to get in to see her


  89. Yes, Uppity, you are correct. Representative. I assumed that meant she was a legislator.

  90. Heaven forbid, imust.

  91. Trump on Tee Vee yelling he will Veeeee Toeeeee Obama’s exec actions. I guess nobody told him you don’t veto exec actions, you Reverse them.

  92. I also love Joe Cocker.

    Lorac, thanks for asking, laker is doing great! He’s 21 (!), majoring in film, getting mostly A’s (even in Eng Comp & Science), getting to direct some college films, and getting a few acting gigs. He still plays guitar every day and performs with local bands also. His muscular dystrophy issues are also much better. He works out & does phys therapy still, almost every day, and actually has developed some muscles, like 6pack, which is a huge achievement for him and took lots of sweat and determination. He has big goals and works hard for them. He has solid feminist and liberal values, much of which he learned here in his teens. He always asks about all of you guys, as does socalhubbie.

  93. I’m glad Hillary told that woman off. She shouldn’t be allowed to attend these things, she sounds nuts, like she could be a threat to others.

    Re: the Bundy idiots and their imbecile cohorts, I have a couple of ideas. 1) cut off the electricity and water to the bldg, and blast the worst rap music at them 24/7.

    Since they have publicly called out for more armed men, I wonder if they would welcome a bunch of armed city gang members, or armed muslims?

  94. That SOB took up a slot in that room that someone got turned away for. Bastard.

  95. Re: Bundy. The gvt is doing nothing. They are not present there.

  96. Upps, they feds backed away from Cliven also. They didn’t arrest him, didn’t make him pay his grazing fees, nothing. He got away with stealing and threatening officers with guns. Now his brats are taking over a federally owned site. Can you imagine if we decided we weren’t going to pay our federal tax bill?

  97. Sophie, are you going after that woman on twitter?

  98. They’re afraid of another Waco, that’s why they’re leaving them alone.

  99. “blast the worst rap music at them 24/7”

    That’s softball. Break out the SHATNER RECORDS! 😈

  100. imust, i agree with you regarding the Waco repeat fear. Obama is in his last year and the last thing he wants is something to tarnish his “legacy” although at this point I am not sure just what his legacy actually is.

    I don’t condone what is going on in Oregon. You can’t cover up lawlessness under the guise of patriotism. I just wish our government would abide by the same. For example when is our government going to enforce our anti-trust laws and monopoly laws instead of doing the will of the highest bidder?

  101. imust @ 12:43, I know, but how far are they going to let these freaks go? And do they really want to create an impression that loudmouths with lots of guns can break whatever laws they want with impunity? They will turn the whole country back into wild west mode.

  102. Our government created this monster when they stood down in 2014 to the Bundys. You let anarchists get away with one thing, they are coming back for more.

  103. Happy belated New Year, everyone!

    The woman heckling Hillary wanted to ask her about Bill and “sexual improprieties”. Is it me or are these women who keep obsessing over Bill’s sex life desperate to get in on some action? Can’t help wondering what she thinks of the likely GOP nominee’s wife with her nude bondage photos. If she were my state rep, I’d tell her, “You’re fired!”

  104. imust, very perceptive. I kind of thought WACO too. But that doesn’t mean they should let these assclowns get away with taking and ravaging a wildlife reserve. There are those who believe that the two who are going to prison started those fires to hide poaching evidence.

  105. Can you imagine what GOP would say if BLM or a random group of Muslims took over Federal building?

  106. lol socal Rap Music would surely drive me away. Barry Manilow does it too. Remember when that city in NZ used him as a teen deterrent? For your amusement:

  107. Just watched Bill Clinton in NH. He was great, of course. He talked about Hillary’s early accomplishments, but from a personal perspective. So cool. But Chuck Todd, so disappointed! The Bill Clinton vs Trump match up didn’t happen! Whaaaaa!!!!! He talked about policy!!!! Whaaaaa!!!!! Bor-ing!

  108. I thought it was great that he just ignored Donald’s bleats. he’s created a bad reality show of “We will make America enter a great World War again”.

    He instead focused on things that a President or Presidential candidate should actually be addressing, things Donald knows are cares little about.

    As I said I predict Donald will NOT win Iowa. What scares me is what’s going to replace him.

  109. Hello Uppity(s)
    As one of the many who have been banned from xxxxx, I look forward to seeing old acquaintances, making new ones, and Hillary taking the nomination, election and oath of office, in that order…

  110. Yeah, Ted Cruz. I loved Bill’s story about Tom DeLay. He compared him to Cruz! He said, Hillary came in and said she found DeLay’s “human streak!” Then rattled off her accomplishment of increasing adoptions for fosters kids some 60% or so! Brilliant!

  111. Welcome Refugee, I did block out blogger name as we have a policy here of Live and Let Live and only talk about blogs that attack us first. Hope you don’t mind. Would appreciate if you would change your name lol

    Know this is a safe place for Hillary supporters. One of the few left.

  112. Welcome Realist.

    I did block out blogger name as we have a policy here of Live and Let Live and only talk about blogs that attack us first. Hope you don’t mind.

    Know this is a safe place for Hillary supporters. One of the few left.

  113. Oh ok you are one in the same! WOuld appreciate if you would use the Realist name instead. xo.

    Do we know you? Bet we do!!!!

  114. Tom Delay had a human streak? Coulda fooled me.

  115. Realist et al….we are a moderated blog for obvious reasons, now that you have posted, you should be able to do so without moderation. However, sometimes the net gets confoozled a few times in a row, so bear with us, pls.

    Welcome home!

  116. Hi Uppity! I bet you do too…:-) Now I’ll be TheNewRealist, and happy to be among friends…;-)

  117. Yeah well don’t worry. We’ll figure out who you are and will keep it to ourselves. lolol

  118. Lol…much thanks! I feel at home already…;-)
    Does anyone else wonder why very little is being made about Sanders’ ZERO contribution to the DNC?

  119. It could be because Sanders is a Zero himself. But it’s probably because he is not a Democrat, never was and never will be. He despises the Democratic party, always has and always will.

    He’s nothing but a party carpetbagger. So why would he donate to a party he not only doesn’t give a shit about, but seeks to destroy? I am pretty tired of his Bolshevik-Wannabee bullshit and simply cannot wait till he drops out and takes his leftover millions with him to Venezuela.

    Hopefully that clears up your question hahahaha

  120. Occasionally one of his unicorn riders shows up here, but they never make it to the board. In fact, they are flushed down the spam net drain unceremoniously. This frees them up to further pursue the unicorn that craps gold nuggets that Bernie is promising them.

  121. It’s more the crickets from the CDS, or Hillary Hating media that irks me, than Sanders or his rag-tag, Ron Paul refugee following. The same Hillary Hating media that would have called for her to withdraw her candidacy if her campaign had stolen HIS voter info, and promoted his, “defense”…
    IMO, His followers are children who would sacrifice party for a cult of personality masquerading as a “revolution”

  122. I suspect MANY of his followers aren’t even old enough to vote. They can’t debate worth shit and they know very very little about Bernie or Hillary except what they are told, probably at some place where they hand out the one liners. I watch them get dispatched like gnats on Twitter. They are bringing a knife to a gun fight. They ARE nasty like Ron Paulies though, perhaps he rented out his list to Bernie.

    As to the media, we have got to recognize we will never have a fair shake from them. We shrug and we win anyways. That’s the idea.

  123. Amen to that…;-)

  124. imust, etc….CNN is saying that cockroach who tried to trash Hillary at her town hall IS a legislator.

  125. Rut Roh. I feel a Cockroach of The Week Award coming soon….have you all read about Holly yet?

  126. Who’s Holly?

  127. Holly is quite viral right now. Check drafts

  128. Got it. What a winner!

  129. I don’t know who Holly is, but I think I have found her :

  130. Was just looking at a video and saw a Bernie one with this description

    The Crowd are Certainly Feeling the Bern, and did you notice NO toilet break required. Now that’s a prostate you can depend on for President!

    Well aren’t those little fuckers proud of that remark? Trump’s reflection. By the way, the video is an hour long. So the old man can go an hour without peeing. Let’s elect him!

  131. Haha Lorac. I’ll raise you one.

  132. SCREETCH!!!


  133. Ewwwww lol

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