And The Winner of the Cockroach Of The Week Award Is…..

HollyspicMeet Holly Jones!

Holly is a wonderful person. She isn’t self-absorbed or narcissistic at all!

Holly posted this on Facebook, reminding you of why you can’t stand Facebook any longer…



Poor Wronged Holly. What nerve! Imagine that manager giving priority to a person on the floor instead of poor sweet self-indulgent Holly!

Unfortunately for Holly, she posted all of her indignation on Kilroy Restaurant’s Facebook page, which, of course, required a response from Kilroy’s management.

Here’s Kilroy’s manager Chris Burton’s reply:


KilroymanagerpicbicycleBurton’s response caused the entire affair to go viral. And as if Poor Holly hadn’t already been assaulted enough, he told her not to return to the restaurant again! The ingrate! There’s also a  GoFundMe page to raise money to help pay the fallen woman’s medical bills. But nothing for Holly! Life is so unfair!

He added that police officers had to come in and wait by Jones’ table until they paid their bill.

Jones has deleted her Facebook profile and has complained to Burton, saying she didn’t post the message.

However, she has still demanded an apology from the bar, claiming they should have had more respect for her as she was eating with firefighters and veterans, even though someone with her that night called in to apologize.

Burton told Daily Mail Online one of the men had secretly tipped staff more because of her actions.

Screen shots are just a terrible thing. They can be saved  forever. Please remember that when you decide to lash out online without getting control of your emotions first.

karma_cafeFYI, the poor woman who interrupted Holly’s good time suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. As you all know, I can relate to that. While still unconscious and in the ICU,  it’s amazing she’s still alive since fewer than 5% of cardiac arrest victims ever make it to the hospital alive. A person in cardiac arrest is essentially dead and chances of revival require VERY quick response with a defibrillator, so more often than not, EMS doesn’t make it to the victim on time. So shame on her, Holly, for messing up your fun when she could’ve just up and died somewhere else so your fun wouldn’t be spoiled.. I suppose this is an appropriate time to remind you that your turn could come one day. The Karma Cafe is like that.

……..And to make matters “worse,” Burton says he got thousands of emails telling him they will be coming to the restaurant as customers. Possibly not so for Holly’s employer, who commented before the cock crowed:

‘Serenity Salon is aware of the most recent negative publicity surrounding one of our Booth Rent Stylists,’ the statement from the Salon reads.

‘The posting to Kilroy’s Facebook page, allegedly by one of our Booth Rent Stylists, in no way represents the views of Serenity Salon or any of our staff.

‘We are saddened by the events that took place that evening and will continue to pray for the women who suffered a heart attack at this establishment on New Year’s Eve.

‘This was not a company event and no other persons from Serenity Salon were present.’

The statement continues to state that Jones’ actions ‘do not reflect’ the salon’s views and that they take their reputation seriously.

They also donated $500 to the fallen woman’s GoFundMe page. That’s was really nice of them and I do hope they do not incur punishment for this occurrence.

In conclusion, I would like to just say: 1) Holly’s mother must be sooo proud and  2) This story is an excellent argument for seriously considering “sleeping on it” before lashing out when you are angry and 3) Holly should hope she never lands on the ground in need of life-saving help, because if she’s recognized, she’s probably going to stay there on the ground.

Who knows? Maybe Holly did indeed have a bit too much of he bubbly and didn’t “Sleep on it” first. If so, she needs to just say so. We have all done stupid things after one too many sips. It’s best to just admit it. If not, well, she’s likely to continue getting what she deserves from others even as we speak.

And now for the Cockroach Of The Week Theme Song. Because, as you know, just as soon as you get rid of one, another one comes along.


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  1. Thank you, Ms. Jones, for reminding me why I will touch neither recreational drugs nor Facebook. 😮

  2. PT Barnum once famously said, “There is a sucker born every minute.” If he were alive today, he would revise it to “There is an asshole born every minute.”

    Let this serve as a reminder to please be kind to those that work in the service industry…you just never know who their last “customer” was. (Plus, they give lots of “freebies” just because you are the rare person that treated them nice!)

  3. I always think about what you said Voting. The nicer you are, the better your meal. Because I know for a fact that you never know what is hidden in your meal before it leaves the kitchen, for starters.

  4. claiming they should have had more respect for her as she was eating with firefighters and veterans,

    Well…it doesn’t say anyone was disrespectful to the firefighters or veterans. Maybe she should have brought along a couple of rag-tag orphans or something. o_O

  5. Well, I’m going to forgive you UW for ruining one of my favorite college songs, because what a special snowflake she is.

    It reminds me that when I’m commuting to work, and I get stopped forever in traffic because of an accident who knows how far up the road – my first impulse is to grumble, and then I remind myself that my day, even with the frustrating hold-up, is going to be way better than the people in the accident. Your Holly “friend” needs to back away from the self-absorption and come on over to the world of perspective!

  6. Holly, as an artist/stylist at Rent-a-Booth Poofs, knows what an “up do” can do, she knows what a little make-up can do, she knows what a good mani and pedi can do for a body, but what she will never understand is that, “You can’t fix stupid.” Try as she may with Spackle and fill, her soul will always have a slow leak.

  7. Re: self-absorbed, special snowflakes – I read an excellent essay by the president of OK Weslyan University. College is supposed to be a place to learn new ideas, learn to speak with people with different ideas. It has always been my belief that it was misguided on the part of our society to list race as the definition of diversity. I’ve always felt strongly that our individuality is our diversity, our different outlooks on life, the different ways we spend our lives (both work and leisure), etc. But mostly our diversity in how we see the world, IMO.

    Here’s the url for anyone interested:

  8. Wow. That girl really blew it. If she has any brains (and class) at all, she should publicly apologize to the woman, the restaurant, her fellow diners, donate to the womans gofundme and wish her well. Then she should go about her business and if people ask her about it, say she made a mistake and learned from it. In a year, it will probably be forgotten.

    Upps, thanks for the reminder that we need to sleep on it before lashing out!

  9. This one may not be cockroach of the week but he’s surely in the running for scumbag at least.

  10. Man, Fredster, that creep should be sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first.

  11. So Mr. “We want the govt out of our lives” Bundy got hisself a $500,000 government loan. That’s in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars he owes in back land fees for using land that isn’t his. It’s like you moving into someone’s apartment and never paying your rent, and then protesting that your landlord wants the rent.

    Oh and he’s not leaving until we give him the entire wildlife reserve for his own use.

    SOmebody needs to haul these anarchists’ asses off to Occupy a Jail.

  12. What’s this in my inbox? Could it be true? The turn coat organization NARAL, which inexplicably endorsed Edwards and then Obama last time, has endorsed Hillary. ‘Bout damn time. Maybe Bernie didn’t take their phone call.

  13. Big of NARAL, since I think she helped them get started. Real Big of em.

    Edit, Oh No, that was Emily’s list sorry.

  14. I think Emily’s list actually supported Hill in 08.

  15. Here’s the Fact Sheet on Obama’s exec order on gun control. I’m sorry, but this is going to be a huge can of worms. First of all, deciding who can get a gun based on their mental status is very arbitrary, subjective. It doesn’t distinguish degrees of illness. As you all know, I’ve been yelling for a long time that crazy people like that nut who did Sandy Hook should NOT have guns. But he DIDN’T have a gun, his mother did, so he took it. But it does seem an attempt at keeping crazy people from buying a gun does not address degrees of illness that constitute a rejection. For example, off top of my head, if a person attempted suicide ten years ago, because someone they love died and they were very depressed at the time, but they got over it, they may not get a gun. Or if a person is bipolar, but stable on meds, do they get a gun? Is that the same as a sociopath who’s doing well on meds right now, but maybe later……well, you get the picture. How about people who are bent toward domestic violence? That’s not even a mental disorder, it’s just plain mean. So they get a gun if they want one? Because most times, they don’t have a felony of record. The questions are ENDLESS.

    This order also makes it very clear that privacy privileges no longer exist with medical records. I always felt that electronic medical records were a bad idea because of the potential of the information being used or abused by the wrong people. Or by the government. Or a well connected corporation for employment purposes.

    But what bothers me most is that it’s very unclear who makes the decision that someone is fit or unfit to own a gun. It’s very touchy-feely.

  16. That’s clear because it reads like a law. Because it IS a law. Obama’s Fact Sheet reads like it was written by a couple of pissant millennials after a round of beer pong. It says everything but nothing.

  17. THe Feds plan to cut off the power on the Y’all Qaeda morons who took over a bird sanctuary that demand be gifted to them just like the $500,000 loan Bundy got from the feds.

    These nimrods are so dumb they forgot to bring food. They are asking that people mail snacks to them. No kidding. As IF the USPS is going to walk right up there and deliver to them. Besides, they didn’t fill out the official change of address form. I’d like to send them one of those and tell them it will take 7 to 10 days to process. Heh.

    Anyways, soon they are are going to be a bunch of starving, frozen popsicles.

  18. Typical. Remember when the OWSers whined and complained when the homeless people started eating their free food?

  19. Yeah hahahaha.
    “Freeloaders Resent other Freeloaders who Freeload off of their Free stuff”

  20. So while Obama signs this BS executive order, that dip-shit North Korean Jung Ho Numbnuts just did a nuclear test registering 5.1 on the Richter scale.

  21. Not to worry Voting. Sum Dum Phuck will probably blow his own ass up. He’s not too bright, you know. And he’s the smartest one of the kids.


  23. I forgot to watch Hardball when it aired today with the Hillary Clinton interview. But I watched a clip, and I couldn’t believe it was the same Chris Matthews from 2008! He was actually nice, and fair to her! Was he like that for the whole interview? Did anyone watch it??

  24. Hey, now this is pretty cool! It’s from May, 2014, but it’s still relevant!

  25. You tax dollars at work…and the feds wonder why the citizens of this country run for cover every time they announce “No credible threat to the homeland.” This article is less than a month ago.

  26. Yeah, Obama is always a day late, and a dollar short. BTW, is it just me….or does Kim Jung Un look like Donald Trump’s brother from another mother?

  27. imust, Sum Dum Phuck as our beloved Upps calls him, reminds me of the Korean version of the Safety Puff Man from Ghostbusters.

    But somehow, I am just not really finding this all funny..except for Ups version of his name. Not with the ties between North Korea and Iran.

  28. Did you guys see the story about women being assaulted, groped, robbed & worse, in Cologne & Hamburg Germany on New Years Eve? There are 90 cases reported in Cologne, one woman reported she was raped. All of the women described the men as Middle Eastern or North African and they operated in packs of 30 or so, circling women and groping them, stealing their purses. They shot off fireworks and/or firecrackers into crowds of people.

    Meanwhile the media ignored the story for 4 days. They only ran with it when the stories gained traction on social media! It seems that Germany aka Merkel is trying to play it down, so as not to incite anger against the refugees. I read on the bbc story about it this morning that the police captain in Cologne said he had arrested 8 men and they were all refugees, but that was removed from their story tonight. Similar events happened in Scandinavia. From reading major news outlets, I read that one politician said they were going to hand out pamphlets (seriously?) to the refugee men explaining to them that “women are not property here” and they can’t do whatever they want to them. Here’s what the woman mayor of Cologne said:

    “We will explain our Carnival much better to people who come from other cultures,” she said, “so there won’t be any confusion about what constitutes celebratory behavior in Cologne, which has nothing to do with a sexual frankness.”

    Yeah, you explain away, honey. That should clear up their “confusion”.

    Here’s a link, the individual stories are awful:

  29. Yes I saw that story last night. Germany is in deep shit. That might be us next if we aren’t careful, but honestly, in the USA, nobody will give a shit since they’re only wimmins.

  30. Listen the Dum Phuck family has never been anything more than China’s useful idiots. Without China, they wouldn’t even have bread, because basically nobody else will send those nutcases anything. This is a dull normal family that does sensational things because their ego requires attention. So you will see Dum Phuck do stuff like this whenever he notices that nobody gives a fast F*ck about him. Like his Dum Phuck father before him, he has nothing going for him but his mean personality. He also does these sensational things to keep the people mortified of him so they don’t revolt against the animalistic way he treats everyone. Its typical communism. When compare N Korea to S. Korea, N Korea always emerges as the big joke it is. Their only successful industry is counterfeiting Marlboro cigarettes and cheap handbags.

  31. Oh hell have some fun! Read the comments. Seriously, don’t worry about N Korea, one of these days somebody will just level the place. But as of today, Dear Leader 2 sounds like a job for a drone.

  32. Read about this fatass clown that Dear Leader picked as his successor. Basically, there was no one left, as his first son had “The heart of a girl” and his second son has several cans missing from his six-pack, so that’s how this assclown got the job.

    Behold! Illy’s son Unny!

  33. WELLL!!!! Who couldn’t see THIS coming! Mayor of Cologne pretty much blames women for getting raped on New Year’s Eve. Suggests a “Code of Conduct”. You asked for it comes to mind.

  34. Hillary shines on “hardball”

  35. Realist I hate him so much, i can’t get past it.

  36. I understand.. He IS a jerk…
    I don’t care about him or that network at all, but it’s a great, positive interview where Hillary gets to speak directly to the voter.
    I hope you don’t mind me posting it…;-)

  37. Oh no Realist. I watched the whole thing. It’s a great interview. I still hate him. That’s all.

  38. He’s WAS less sleazy to her than Rachael. Rachael did some snake in the grass questions.

  39. Hey all wanted to say I miss all of you and wish you all the happiness this year might bring. I am not into politics because I do not need to be brought down. I am enjoying the last days weeks or months of life with terminally ill husband and my beloved Whiskey. Miss all of you peeps but I just can not allow myself to get wrapped up in this stuff. I need happy places now . Upps so happy to see you back in fiesty mode though. Miss our talks. Hope all is well dear and I still loves ya.

  40. Wtf it is me Utah not Daisy.

  41. UTAH! I tried to reach you but your email address bounced! I just figured you didn’t want to talk to me! I am glad to see you. I knew it had something to do with your husband too. I hope you are okay!

  42. Upps I don’t know what this daisy shit is but anyway I am hanging in there. Life is not a bed of roses as you know. Anyway my friend I miss you also wanted to show you something . I will email it. You are going to die.

  43. No no do not say die! lol

  44. Your name is inserted as Daisy so you must have used Daisy somewhere on WP or something. I’ll change it for ya.

  45. Ya bad choice right ? Ok you will faint but you have mail

  46. Holllllllly chit, Utah. Gorgeous!!!

  47. NEW POST UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. {{{Waving to Utah}}} Utah, I am so sorry about your husband. You are doing the right thing avoiding politics. Am glad you have your dogs and family to help your spirits. Take care and stay Utah! xo

  49. Ditto what socal said Utah, take care.

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