Al Bundy’s Third Cousin Ammon. Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers

Ammon Bundy blowing it out of his ass

Ammon Bundy blowing it out of his ass

Say hello to Al Bundy’s third cousin, Ammon.

He planned a takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He brought reallllllly big guns with him — but he forgot food.

This man is too dumb to save.

In fact, the Twitterverse has dubbed Ammon and his lemmings YALL QAEDA.

The Bundy family hates government interference. Except when they are enjoying those $500,000 loans they got from the government. Now they say they are not leaving the Reserve until the Federal Government releases the sanctuary for logging, mining and whatever the fuck those nimrods feel like doing with it, up to and including killing each other off. Oh, and they also want the release of two imprisoned arsonists who set fire to 130 acres of federal land. Also they want snacks……Yes. Snacks. Because they didn’t bring any food to their Takeover Party.

Bundy says the last thing he wants is violence, while fondling his automatic weapon. I think that was exactly what Bundy wanted. He figured his own particular WACO example would be over on Day 1 and he could mow a couple of people down. Either that or he figured the government would back down in fear of a WACO-type encounter. He wanted a showdown at the OK Corral like he almost got in 2014 when the Government backed down. That was a mistake because that’s why Ammon is being a big asshole now. He thinks he can shove the government around again.

What Ammon got instead was the government ignoring him, starvation and a frozen ass.

I hope this gaggle of morons all have health insurance, because if they stay there long enough without food, their organs will start to fail. Ah well. When I heard that these big brave boys were begging for someone to give them snacks, I thought, the jokes just write themselves. They asked that people mail snacks to them. Silly boys! Don’t you know you have to fill out an official Change Of Address with the USPS before you can get mail there? Tell you what: I’ll mail you the form. It should take 7-10 days for you to get it and then another week or two for processing.

This food begging thing got me to thinking I need to have some fun. So I noticed a twitter account in Bundy’s name, on it and I realized that I couldn’t care less if the account was real or not. Fun is Fun. Especially when you have the perfect accomplice!


At first, I was very angry that the Bureau of Land Management didn’t just go there and blow these morons’ asses up and let the Refuge birds eat what’s left of them. Then I realized that wiser and more clever ideas were prevailing.

Nobody’s listening to Ammon Bundy and the suckers he rounded up to go watch birds with. As I realize how many birds there are residing on that sanctuary land, all I can think of is Where’s Alfred Hitchcock when you need him?

As Al Bundy’s third cousin reaches his fifth day with no food or heat (The Feds cut the power, heh heh), all I can say is Boy! You sure showed everybody! You’re the King, Al!

I thought you might like to see some of the Twitter graphics dedicated to these assclowns:


Resident of the Wildlife Reserve shows his support.

Resident of the Wildlife Reserve shows his support.



Yall Qaeda Flag

Today, Ammon said that he heard from a little Refuge birdie that the FBI is planning a raid on his important ass.

According to Bundy, the source said authorities were gathering “their equipment and their goons” at a local high school, where classes have been suspended, and “they were planning on coming in and raiding the refuge.”

No irony here, is there?

Translation: Goddammit, you Fed bastards! I want some attention and some gunfire now!!!! Also I want this land. And snacks. We need snacks.

Personally if  the FBI did go in there and flatten the whole lot of these thugs, it wouldn’t bother me in the least. Because calling a bunch of white thugs  demanding free land in Bumfuck Oregon a “Militia” is never going to change the fact that they are Domestic Terrorists and Big Fucking Thugs who need a dose of humility. Stat.




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  1. Uppity you have mail

  2. “If bigger goobers than these exist on our planet, you identify them by the bruises from where they poked themselves in the eye while trying to pick their noses.” 😆

    I wish I could take credit for that, but it comes from this:

    I can’t take credit for this flag, either:

  3. Oh how funny! Send snacks! LOL!

  4. Upps, hilarious post! I also wanted them to haul their asses out-o-there, but agree, ignoring them is so much funnier. I did see someplace in the news that they were going to cut the electricity to the place, which will make it hard for them to cook the top ramen packages that they brought. The dunces did bring a lot of beer which stay and cold for them. Just what one desires in 8 degree temperature–ice cold beer! What morons! Oh, the news also interviewed several locals who said they wanted them gone and felt unsafe with them there! Too funny!

  5. Annie, why do you think they even brought any ramen? 😆

    Real cowboys (or cowgirls) would not have neglected to bring provisions.

    For that matter, no self-respecting Scout troop, of either gender, would have neglected to bring provisions.

  6. Bill, as a former Girl Scout, I am sure that these dorks are way beneath the competence and skill level of the Scouts! Furthermore, Scouts are taught that its important to do community service and help others. The dorks are helping themselves, to taxpayer owned property and as Upps mentioned, low interest small business loans.

  7. According to this article in “NY Magazine,” PETA is going to answer these morons’ call for snacks “by trolling them with a delivery of vegan jerky.”

    Also, Reddit users are planning to ship “not-so-caring care packages.”

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  8. I wonder if they thought to bring generators, and extra fuel, and camp stoves. They should have expected that the power would be shut off and they would need energy for recharging their cell phones and cooking those delicious ramen dinners!

    On a serious note, what jerks these guys are, leaving their familes (one of the bundys has like 6 kids) to go play Rambo in the woods like spoiled brats. These idiots don’t have an ounce of responsibility instilled in them. Now they want what they imagine are their legions of fans to bring them everything they want.

  9. Roz, LOL! I wonder if any delivery people will go up that road. I sure wouldn’t. The dumbasses are probably shooting off their guns out of boredom and you might get hit by a stray bullet. Would the Post Office or UPS or FedEx demand their employees deliver packages to armed criminals, I wonder?

  10. Awww…we should all chip in and send them a candygram or something!

  11. Upps, I read your link on the previous thread about the mayor of Cologne. Outrageous! That mayor is the one who was stabbed in the neck last year by someone who was furious about the huge number of refugees. This mayor has been promoting Merkel’s policy and a lot of the citizens are pissed. Apparently, Germany is not one big happy family with perfectly assimilated middle easterners like Merkel and the press have been telling us. Who could have imagined such an outcome?

  12. Socal. THe shitbags came out of nowhere and molested and raped women. Like a mass attack.

  13. Hahaha candygram. Reminds me of the old SNL Land Shark skits.

  14. Roz, socal, I’m surprised they haven’t killed some birds for food. WOuldn’t surprise me one bit. Of course, they’re too dumb to figure out how to cook their catch without the stove working. These guys are big built pansies if you ask me. Their survival skills are ZERO.

  15. imust, I would rather send them a box of dog or kitten poo.

  16. Upps, yes, supposedly there were around a thousand of them and they separated into groups of 30 and went after women in small numbers. Real men, right? I’m not surprised that now they’re telling the women to change their behavior. This whole situation is revolting. Last night I got addicted to reading the comments on the nyt article I linked to, they were really interesting. Not the “Times Picks”, of which there were 14 sappy comments, but the Readers Picks, which there were over 1,100, and pretty much in the same vein, outrage that they should put their citizens in such danger, and outrage that they should hush the story up in the press. As I mentioned, this happened on NYEve and made the news yesterday, because the victims told their stories on social media. Here is a great sarcastic comment:

    “Biff Ackley Brooklyn, NY 11 hours ago
    By all means, please “explain our Carnival much better to people who come from outside cultures.” When I attended Carnival, I didn’t understand what was happening, so I groped and robbed women out of confusion. It happens to the best of us.”

  17. And from a mother from one of the victims:

    “My daughter (24) was among those women molested at Cologne train station. Fortunately, she was not robbed and raped but could escape from the station.

    Cologne Main Station is one of the most crowded and public places in Germany. The police said, with 150 officers they had sufficient and probably maximum possible forces there. For more than four hours the police did not recognise that more than 100 women were brutally sexually abused, raped and robbed by a crowd of about 1000 young drunken asylum seeking immigrants. Their official report one day later was that the situation had been relaxed and without special incidences.

    I am shocked and outraged. This state is longer able to protect its citizens. The situation in Cologne, and as we slowly hear from other places such as Hamburg and Stuttgart, was worse than at the Tahir square in Cairo. I am a physician who has served his patients and country for mor than 40 years. I pay about 80% of my income to the state as tax or social insurance. I could never imagine that I would be be rewarded with this kind of cynical breakdown of public order. Germany is finally abolishing itself. This is a nightmare becoming true.”


    “SW is a trusted commenter San Francisco 7 hours ago
    Yesterday the NYT ran an article about migrant men pimping out their wives to pay the men’s debts and about rapes in detention centers. Today, the world is outraged by the mass rapes in Köln. Those urging the US to take in hundreds of thousands of migrant men from cultures that pride themselves in treating women as inferior and as sexual objects need to have their heads examined.”

  18. Oops, that was a father of a victim.

  19. I LOVED BIff’s comment.

    Yeah. You explain it all to men from a culture of animals. Go for it.

    Either that or give them some goats of their own to fuck. They like that.

  20. I wonder if they thought to bring generators, and extra fuel, and camp stoves. They should have expected that the power would be shut off and they would need energy for recharging their cell phones and cooking those delicious ramen dinners!

    I told you they’re too dumb to be saved.

    I think they expected to be all over fast. They would squat with high powered weapons and the feds will just lie down. It’s what that 2014 stand-down created.

  21. imust, can you believe this rain? Yowza.

  22. Roz I LOVE the NOT SO CARING CARE PACKAGES. Graphic at top of page, hilarious.

  23. Upps, I have read the Amazon reviews on sugar free gummy bears some time ago when I was thinking of getting them. I changed my mind in a hurry! Yeah, agree thats the perfect snack food for these dolts. Also, love the girly spa night box! This incident is turning out to be a treasure trove of comedy.

  24. Don’t be so hard on the Bundy Boyz — they heard there were emus at the bird refuge and they thought that meant there would be electronic cows to vape.

    I’ve written Chipotle and Carnival Cruise Lines and asked them to send the Bundy Boyz all their surplus fixin’s especially salads.

    We might be too late because from the looks of Ryan Bundy he’s been warding off scurvy by sucking on lemons, big lemons, enormous lemons, but only on the right side of his face.

    Ms. Uppity, I do so love it when you get wound up — this was a most entertaining post. Thank you.

  25. OMG! That review was hysterical! Did you write that Uppity? It so sounds like you, LOL!
    Socal: The…what you call it? Ray…rayme….oh no…rain, that’s it. So weird seeing water falling out of the sky! What’s next? Milk pouring out of trees? Just kiddin’! Did you see the video of the 5 freeway? Only one lane open, and even that looks like it has a foot of water!

  26. Prolix, ROFL re Chipotle & Carnival Cruise salad fixins!

    imust, I know, we keep running to the doors and windows to look at it like we’ve never seen rain before. El Nino on roads. Hubs couldn’t deal with the idea of driving downtown in this and stayed home.

  27. Actually typed “El Nino on ‘roids.” Autocorrect can be very annoying.

  28. El Nino on roads works too!

  29. No imust, but I wish I had! When I was reading it I had an odd sensation, like hey that’s the way I write.

    I was laughing so hard I was crying.

  30. Hahaha on the cows, Prolix.

    Glad you liked it. You win a trip the Bumfuck Oregon.

  31. WTF. Haven’t you people ever seen heavy rain before? I mean we see it alllllllll the time.

  32. Thanks, Uppity & Co. I really needed this after two days dealing with a bunch of uber-confused libertarians who think the child-torturing Hammonds are victims and the benighted Bundy Bunch are constitutionalist heroes.

    Reading this thread has helped (at least a little) to restore my faith in humanity and reminded me of that old saying about laughing to keep from crying.

    You go, girls! Brava!


  33. ROFL!! Love it Beata! Sooooooo true!

  34. Switching to a different topic… Here’s an interesting article in “NY Magazine” about wives — namely Camille Cosby and Hillary Clinton — being put in the position of having to answer for their husbands’ misbehavior.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  35. So many funny images here, I love it.

    Yesterday some folks on were calling the Bundy and his Posse Vanilla Isis.

  36. Ollie Ollie Akbar in Paris. Moron with fake explosives, fake bullet proof vest and a cleaver honors Charlie Hebdo anniversary by getting his dumb ass shot dead. Shades of the quality of ISIS recruits.

  37. You’re welcome Uncle Doug. What horrible thing did you do in life that resulted in you being placed in a room with a bunch of Ron Paulies????

  38. Oh I see Lorac sneaked in at like 4:30 AM. Well at least the floor isn’t sticky with booze and crunched popcorn. But that’s only because NES and a couple of you others weren’t here with her.

  39. CNN has a headline reporting that Joe Biden says he regrets his decision not to run “everyday.”
    According to Joe, the Democratic debates would have been far more vigorous if graced by his presence.
    What a sweetheart.

  40. Joe just can’t stand that he’s not getting all the attention. Go away Joe.

  41. It was predictable that if Biden didn’t run (hooray!), he would spend the rest of his life mourning our loss of his presence. Narcissists gonna be narcissistic.

  42. He’s like a bad cold that keeps coming back

    Considering his paltry poll numbers, (even AFTER his Pity Tour), he’s blowing it out of his ass.

  43. I bet Saturday Night Live regrets Biden’t not staying in the race since he is such a treasure trove of material every time he opens his mouth. 🙂

  44. This avian Oregonian should be a natural for the government to send after the Bundys. It’s not clear whose side it would be on, though.

  45. Can’t they retrain the damned owl for this one time? Then he can go back to attacking gvt workers.

  46. Yeah. You’d hope it would at least help the gov’t defend a BIRD refuge.

  47. Yeah dammit. He’d be lucky the Bundys didn’t eat him! Little ingrate!!!

  48. Oh yeah Voting, SNL lost a world of material there!!!

  49. And if he’s anything like the Bundys, he’ll go whining to the gov’t for protection if they try.

  50. Yeah and demand a half million Owl loan!

  51. Maddow did a couple of segments on the Salem bird attacks when the bird was attacking joggers. Her staff created a sign graphic and ended up giving the rights to Salem which then started selling t-shirts with the image on them and it raised a nice sum for their parks dept.

  52. Hahah that’s funny, Fredster

    I guess the bundy’s aren’t even from there and they are squatting their rotting asses there. I’ve seen signs that the people who live there have put up telling them to get the hell out of town. The people are NOT pleased with this.

  53. Cliven Bundy owes the USA $1,000,000 in fines. We should seize his property for this alone.

  54. Haahahaha. “If they don’t get their way they are willing to wage Yeehawd.

  55. Uppity@5:39: Yeah, I saw that the town folks put up signs basically telling them to get the hell out of Dodge.

  56. The Sheriff is officially asking them to respect the wishes of the residents and leave peacefully:

    What a dud this “protest” turned out to be! No throngs of fans, no fun shootouts with the feds. Now they’re being asked to pick up their toys and go home, like naughty little boys. So sad! 😉

  57. This link is better–the crowd of residents cheered when the sheriff made the public call for them to go home:

  58. Did you guys see the news about a man with a hatchet and a fake suicide vest in Paris. Its the 1 year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack and this guy stormed a police station shooting Allahu akbar or whatever, so the cops shot him.

  59. More info on him: he had a paper on him pledging allegiance is is il,

    “Officials have named him as a convicted thief, Sallah Ali, born in Morocco.”

  60. For the first time, ever, Planned Parenthood just endorsed a Presidential candidate: Hillary Clinton.

  61. Ok, so I need practice putting pictures on the blog lol

  62. Please ignore the fact that at the end of the video, laying in the grass and flowers, that she – um – looks dead!

  63. My favorite new song (ok, turns out it’s not new, but I just heard it!

  64. oh, about that spilled dr. pepper and spilled popcorn:

  65. ok I just had to do one more – this is so cool – and this singer must be a good guy….

  66. Haven’t Met You Yet is cute. This is my fav Buble song:

  67. Karen Carpenter had such an amazing voice, didn’t she. What a shame she died so young.

  68. I thought she sounded whiny. But she was perfect for “Bless The Beasts and the CHildren”. Her death was a tragedy indicative of the pressure of fame ruining a life.

  69. Well I see we may have to post a guard for middle of the night raids!!!!!

  70. Dr. Pepper. So that’s what I tracked onto my kitchen floor when I left here!

  71. Lorac, I’ve hung around in the fruit aisle for years. I never met anybody who looked that good in a supermarket. The only reaction I ever feel is, “You want me to pay WHAT for this????”.

    But I LOVED Wildflower!!! Oh, and I have one of the prints shown in that vid.

  72. Well at least SOMEBODY has the balls to stand up to those Bundy leeches. Ooops. Nope. It’s a woman. Governor Kate Brown tells Bundy and his wannabee cowboys to get their asses off of that property and out of that county. Immediately. My only objection is that we should let them starve and freeze to death, thus freeing the earth of some cockroaches.

    “To members of the Burns-Paiute Tribe and residents of Harney County who seek a return to normal life: I hear you, and I agree that what started as a peaceful and legal protest has become unlawful,” the governor said in a statement Thursday.

  73. I really hate to post anything that was PROUDLY put on youtube by alex jones or Rick Santilli. But I want you to SEE what the Bundys got away with in 2014. So hold your nose and watch.

    Posted wrong vid twice. it’s been corrected.

  74. Upps, I watched the video. I don’t understand why the fed gov doesn’t just get a court order to put a lien on Bundy’s bank accounts, or if that isn’t doable, sue him, and have the court freeze his accounts. He would probably ignore the subpoena and thus lose the case. So then they could get a court order to take the money? I don’t know how it works. It does seem really unfair that these dumb slobs get away with taking what they want and not pay for it, while the rest of us pay what we owe.

    Hubs loved the “y’all quaeda” and “yeejaud”! Laughed his head off.

  75. Most of you folks here have probably figured this out already, but I’d guess that the Feds are taking the slow and easy way here, and they let Cliven the Mooch get away with his drugstore-cowboy pseudo-insurrection last time, because they don’t want the PR disaster of another Waco incident. 👿

  76. Yup. I hope the bastards starve and freeze to death there. The more I research them the more I see big white trash. And Supremicists. Want to here what Clive thinks? He was Rand Paul and Sean Hannity’s hero until this got sent to youtube. Brace yourselves

  77. Cruz: I spank my daughter when she lies — voters can ‘administer…a spanking’ to Hillary Clinton.

  78. “Spank” Hillary?????? Oh no he did-nt?!!!!

  79. that F%&Cruz… what an A**. Can´t stand him…

  80. If Ooze–er, Cruz–wins the Reptilian nomination, wait until the first debate, and she’ll show the slimeball what a metaphorical spanking sounds like. 😈

  81. Cruz is such a creep. i think I agree with my kid and think he’s the worst of that hideous bunch.

    Bill @ 6:26pm, agree with you about the feds and the Bundy Boyz; my comment prior was about Cliven (that always makes me think of “cloven” for some reason) and the huge bill he owes the U.S. for for grazing his cattle on fed lands, which is super cheap compared to renting grazing land from private owners. I was complaining about him getting away without paying his debt. We never get a break from our tax bill, or parking tickets, or anything else. I hope they put a lien on it. Mine and hubs annual tax bill to the Fed govt is more than double the percentage of our income than Snit Romney according to the one tax form he released back when he was running in ’12.

  82. Pendulum swinging the other way. Germans upset that refugees were among the criminals arrested for attacking women in Cologne, many more than were first reported. This is a good article:

  83. he he he

  84. last one – but it’s a classic!

  85. socal, will Hillary come out and ask for a freeze on immigration of Syrian/Muslim after what went on in Germany or will she continue to support this mass immigration?

    I think it is time for her to say we need a timeout until we can adequately determine if we should open our doors to the outrageous behavior going on in Germany.

  86. Ahh, what the heck…it is their 50th anninversary year….

  87. Voting, agree. I keep reading that Canada is taking a lot of the refugees, but only families, old people or women, no single young men. Don’t know if its true, but I’ve read it a lot lately. There must be some way to be a kind and generous nation and not put ourselves in danger. I’m not sure if I trust the “rigorous interviews” procedure that our govt is saying will keep us “secure.” I also read in one of the UK papers earlier this week that a lot of the refugees are upset with the housing they getting. A lot of them are housed in barracks and they seemed to expect their own homes. The Germans I know have told me for decades that Germany never has enough housing, so this whole situation has puzzled me.

  88. Here’s a fun factoid: Stephen Stills auditioned to be one of the Monkees! When he didn’t get it, he recommended his friend Peter Tork! I wonder how they would have sounded with Stills, and his great song writing?

  89. and I can’t believe he just released a new album today… of my personal faves of Bowie.

  90. Finally, the best mix of music and video ever….and I promise to clean the place up tomorrow, Upps! (of course, the odds of that are about as good as my cleaning my place!)

  91. socal, they already had Neil Diamond, Geffen//King and Boyce and Hart writing for them. I think all worked out well for both Stills and the Monkees.

    Speaking of Stills (and to further mess up the house the Upps built)

  92. socal, one more Monkees fun fact…the opening act for their first tour…Jimi Hendrix!

  93. Voting, I know all about the Monkees songwriters, and I admire them all; however, they are all pop songwriters. I was just wondering if they would have been edgier with Stills. Agree though, it was much better that he found himself with Crosby and Nash. Better for me anyway, they was part of the soundtrack of my young years.

    Speaking of my young years and concerts, my first big concert was in the early 70s, I was a kid and for some reason the teen girls on my street very kindly took me along to see Bread’s farewell tour. Santana opened for them! I was entranced with Santana, thought Bread was nice.

  94. *Walks in. Stumbles over things, steps on food. Sniffs the air. Folds arms. Taps foot*

    Clean this place up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. I’m sick of the primary. Anybody else with me? I’ll be glad when it’s over and we’ll have a standard bearer going after the insanity of the GOP.

  96. Apparently Cruz can make remarks about spanking women because nobody has kicked him soundly in the balls. Yet.

  97. An ACTUAL resident rancher of the county Bundy is squatting in is totally pissed off that he’s there and wants him the Eff out of her life. Looks like the rest of them at this meeting feel the same way too. Bundy’s a pest. They do not want him there. He keeps speaking for people who do NOT want him representing them. Even the Hammonds, who went to jail for setting 130 acres of gvt land aflame, do not want Bundy speaking for them. Because they see him as destructive. In truth, his whole gripe is he and his old man want the land back that was NEVER owned by them to begin with. He’s a turd in the punchbowl of relations between protectors of Refuge and Ranchers. And yet, he’s still there, thinking he’s winning.
    Here’s one very pissed off woman I would not want to mess with. Funny how following laws makes things better. But then what do I know?

  98. Meet Cliven Bundy, who doesn’t want those “Colored” people around and they would be so much better off picking cotton. He loves those “Mexicans” though, and wants more of them, probably because they work dirt cheap for him.

  99. Upps, I like the rant that woman gave. The Bundy Boyz are idiot famewhores. They’re there for themselves. I think they view this as a legend making opportunity for themselves. I’m surprised some idiot producer isn’t up there filming it for a reality show.

    That being said, I’m glad the government in in control of forest land, wetlands, and wildlife refuges. Ranchers, Loggers & Miners haven’t exactly been known as diligent stewards of the environment over our country’s past. A few are, I think, like my husbands late uncle, but when I fly over Utah for example, I’m glad the government stepped in when they did.

  100. Bundy militia standoff escalates when another heavily-armed group arrives to provide ‘security’

    Now can we send the military?

  101. Whoa! Everyone, click on Sophie’s link. Just when the Bundy Boyz dramedy was getting boring! It sounds like these new guys have bigger guns and the Boyz attorney says the Boyz “are alarmed” over the new guys presence.

  102. Fabulous. Thanks Sophie!

  103. unless they want to round up all the anarchists in the country, in a word, No, Sophie. I was just hoping they would starve them out.

    You know the Hammonds, the two in prison, denounced them too.

  104. They sound completely unprepared. Did they go for a coffee and then decide to occupy another state? WTF?

  105. Sounds like they have a lifetime habit of expecting others to provide them with their needs and wants.

  106. They have bigger guns because, obviously, they have bigger dicks.

  107. White Nationalist SuperPac urges Iowans to vote for Donald Trump, calling him the “Great White Hope”. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. I bet his fans will love it. They’re making robocalls just to be sure.

  108. Upps, I read the dailykos link–so funny! So they’re fighting amongst themselves and some of them actually staying in motels and eating in restaurants!

  109. socal, the one guy begged for donations online and then spent all the money on booze lolol.

  110. It’s so hard to believe that David Bowie is gone. He just released a new album a couple days ago! His work on Earth must have been done, and now he can go back to his own galaxy.

  111. I wasn’t a huge fan, although I know he had tremendous impact and remained relevant for many decades. I guess I always felt unsettled because he was such a …..changeling. He certainly didn’t follow anybody’s else’s mold or pattern, that’s for sure. Also, he was too young to die by today’s standards.

  112. Hillary needs to cut the Mr. Nice Guy shit. It’s starting to piss me off. I would really prefer not to have to put up with Bernie’s crazy nasty children till Super Tuesday. I expect her to lose NH, there’s a propinquity thing there with Bernie. But she had better not lose Iowa because I’ve got better shit to do with my life than watch a repeat of 2008 where she didn’t get any fire inside her till she lost the early races.

    Sorry if I offend anyone, but being on the defensive instead of the offensive has never been a favorite position of mine. An old fart who’s a borderline communist should not even be CLOSE to her in ANY race, but here he is, creeping up on her in Iowa like a cockroach. It’s ridiculous and god only knows what assholes are advising her THIS time. The deja Vu is astounding. All I know is she’s not being Hillary and she’s being whomever somebody else is telling her to be or something. I don’t even think she believes half of the shit she’s saying to placate the crazy loons in the Nutroots.

    If this is what it takes to win a primary then my party is more fucked up than even I thought. It’s just like the Republicans. I mean Bernie is our Trump. A big asshole saying stupid ridiculous incredible shit who should be run out of town on a rail simply for their ludicrous ideas. We’ve got two megalomaniacs who need meds actually trending in two parties in shambles. One wants to throw anybody who wasn’t born here out of the country and the other one thinks we should all pool everything we own and become poor so some pissant with a mediocre IQ can go to a dumbed-down college to join a fraternity, take courses on how everybody is good except for America, and play beer pong for free. WTF?

    If I were a little younger and a lot healthier, I tell you true, I would be an ex-pat right now. And I wouldn’t come back till these two fucking parties develop some sense of sanity. It’s downright embarrassing. Nobody should have to WINCE when a candidate for the President of the United States is spewing garbage and making what used to be a sane country the laughing stock of the WORLD.

    Sorry for the rant, but I have already died and come back to life and life is too fucking short to put up with this bullshit. No wonder the number of Independents has grown large than the members of either of these two fucked up parties. This country is due for yet another civil war, during which I would hope the far left and the far right annihilate one another completely – so the rest of us can have some peace.

    I’m at the point now where I realize that, as far as SCOTUS goes, there is NOTHING this POLITICAL entity can do that will effect me in any way, and women are their OWN worst enemies. If this election (and the last one) proves anything, it’s that America is a Patriarchy that DESPISES women and will hold them down at every turn, saving them only to Serve the Patriarchy. If that’s good enough for young women and girls today, and they think it’s cool to just look as pretty as possible for the boys while settling on lower level servitude, well then, Fuck Em. No skin off my nose. I got my nibs at a time when we still had at least a LITTLE respect and Self-Respect. If they think that shaking their asses in a flash dance to “She Works Hard For The Money” in front of the Capitol building for Equal Pay is ever going to get them there, then they don’t deserve my attention.

  113. What I am tired of is stupid Iowa. Why oh why do they have such importance? Because they’re first??? They do not represent the country demographically at all. Their process, the caucus system is not representative…..not everyone can spend hours at a caucus. So, a very small number of people, in a very small state get so much power and influence? But, as we know, it’s not just them. It’s the media who fawn over them and their decision and make them so important…or not. If the media doesn’t like the candidate that wins Iowa, it’s not a big deal. But if the media does like him, (and why bother saying him/her, they’ll never like a her) then winning Iowa is the most important thing evah! That’s what I am sick of; and I’m tired of yelling at my tv.

  114. Yeah, I’m pretty fed up with the unicorn and fairy brigade of the Bernie Bros. However I’m sure the media will somehow make it a “win” for Bernie in Iowa even if he loses. Look, Bernie has NEVER led in Iowa. He’s not going to win Iowa. NH is a different story though Hillary is the candidate of the dems in NH while Bernie is pulling in “independents” Those independents are very unreliable when it comes to voting. At the last minute they could decide to vote in the GOP primary instead of the Dem primary.

    Also in Iowa Bernie is relying on first time caucus goes who don’t know what the heck a caucus is.

  115. Don’t kid yourselves. I have a distinct feeling the same people who cheated in caucuses in the past will be doing it again. Is Hillary prepared or was that lesson not learned? I have no idea! Why don’t I have an idea?

    Bernie is within 3 points in the latest Iowa poll Ga.

    You ask why Iowa is important, imust. It’s important because an early caucus or primary is a First Impression. Doesn’t matter if it’s Iowa or Bumfuckistan.

    But the worst part of it if she doesn’t take Iowa is listening to those pissants who have a familiar ring. I want to reach out and beat the crap out of each and every one of them. At least if she wins, all we will have to hear is how she cheated. CNN had someone from Iowa on and someone there is declaring that Iowa is already rigged for Hillary. I just want to run when I see this shit. We have here mental midgets who have no idea about how government works. Unless they think they can eliminate a congress and a SCOTUS, Bernie isn’t going to be able to do ONE thing he’s promising them. No chance at ALL. None. Zero. Zilch. And to make it even more annoying, here’s a guy who couldn’t get shit done in congress for nearly 30 years, other than name two post offices. His most notable achievement is screaming so much that when you see him bloviating on CSPan, the room is empty. Nobody wants to hear him NOW, who the hell would want to hear him later? What the hell makes anyone other than a delusional child think that perception of him where it counts will improve.

  116. I agree Ga6th. I think Hillary will win Iowa, but it may be too close for our comfort, and the media and Bernie bots will say he won! She is way ahead in every other state after Iowa and NH. The Clinton people just need all hands on deck in Iowa on caucus day, (but I’m sure they know that) Heck, why not have Bill drive people to their caucus!

  117. I know Uppity. But Hillary has Obama people working for her this time, so I hope she is prepared for the cheating and the bullying this time too. Also, no matter what the media and Bernie nuts say, many have won the nomination without Iowa and NH. Bill Clinton for one.

  118. Well I’m not sure that staff is a good thing.

    Yes of course, she can win without Iowa. We’ve had some pretty ridiculous people win Iowa in past. I was just pointing out that things can get a lot harder without Iowa. And I really don’t want to wait till Super Tuesday to tell those children to STFU.

    I’ve already predicted that she will win Iowa, I’m not changing that. I just hope she doesn’t get complacent because that is how you LOSE. She needs to take those gloves OFF.

  119. If a Bernie Bro is already declaring that Iowa is rigged for Hillary you can be sure he knows he is going to lose.

  120. Upps as someone living in the south I can tell you that Bernie is going to get massive body blows when it turns to voting down here. But I understand that you do not want to wait that long to shut the annoying little children up. I also understand that Bernie has closed up shop in SC.

  121. Well you could be right Ga.

    Here’s something I think about: Pollsters do not call cell phones. They call land lines. Who doesn’t have a land line? Young people. People old enough to vote before they’ve ever even known what it’s like to pay a bill. These are Bernie people. Do you see what I’m saying?

  122. Oh Ga, I know Bernie doesn’t have a prayer in the south. I am pretty sure about Nevada too. It’s just that an Iowa loss could drag her numbers down because people are affected by early vote results. Ok, I CAN BE AFFECTED. lolol.

  123. I will say this, to detour a bit. I think Ted Cruz is the slimiest ratface in the race. Yet I will get some serious pleasure out of seeing him………to use his own words……..SCHLONG DONALD. But who knows with these people.

    I saw a piece about how Bernie is going after Trump voters and I’m thinking WTF? You mean the same people who want everyone who wasn’t born here to leave also wants to pay the tuition for every little dumbbell who wants to go to college? It doesn’t compute.

  124. Well, supposedly pollsters have adjusted for the cell phone issue. However the gold standard in polling on the IA caucuses is supposed to be coming out this week.

  125. I can tell you right now that if Bernie is trying to go after Trump voters it’s a mark of desperation on his part. All I can go on is the Trump supporters that I know and I know they would never vote for Bernie.


    Read the above Upps. That poll predicted 75% NEW caucus goers. That’s a 20% increase from 2008. Seriously? And less women are going to show up to boot?

  127. Notice to women in NYC… Police Commissioner suggests that you bring along a ‘buddy’ before entering NYC cabs at night!! This will stop the rapes. Really!!!! Why don’t we just require MEN, you know the people that rape other people, to travel with a police officer (preferably a woman police officer) whenever they leave their homes? Problem solved.

  128. Ga., also interesting that the Marist poll’s likely voter model has a majority of caucus goers CURRENTLY not even registered to vote. I know they can register at caucus, but this is just ridiculous. And as the twitter feed points out, the turnout model is super friendly to BS, and he still loses by three! Some of these polls are so bad they gotta be rigged. On the other hand, in NH, a 14 point Sanders lead in October is down to 4. Maybe they’re just incompetent.

  129. Brassy, what I think is that they want it to be close but I’m not sure that works in Bernie’s favor as Hillary’s voters are more likely to be complacent if she has a 30 point lead.

    I understand after 2008 that a lot of people have become leery of things.

  130. Rebel, non registered is a sign to me that those are Bernie youngsters out to screw themselves.

    Ga, I went to that twitter account but scrolled and scrolled and could NOT find the tweet. Could you please give me link to ACTUAL tweet? We still don’t know where these stats are coming from so we can’t take them seriously till we do.

  131. Honora, I am not surprised. The mayor of Cologne, where 90 women were groped, robbed and in some cases, raped, told the women to follow a code of conduct with similar rules. Blame the victims. It’s what they ALWAYS do. What else? Incidentally, 18 of the 31 perps they picked up were young male Syrian refugees. Funny, how the preponderance of these refugees are young males. The ratio is outrageously suspicious. Just saying!

  132. Upps, sometimes I think about the ex-pat thing myself. Agree with you that the Bernie thing is so ridiculous. His age, his lack of accomplishment, his lack of actually earning a living, his lack of common sense…uhh! I still don’t think he’ll beat her though. She is racking up endorsements from all types of people. And Bernie’s idiots don’t seem to be as horrid as the Obots were. I think the rethug party and their bots are the ones behind a lot of the Bernie mania, and yes, trying to change the meme that Hillary will win. In the end, I think people’s instincts will kick in and they will choose the happy medium.

    The funny thing is, MB has a post up about how splintered the rethug party is with Trump & Cruz being the frontrunners.

    I’m sad about Bowie! He was weird for sure, but he was creative genius weird. I’ve been listening to live songs of his all day. He was a great performer, not like these kids of today, who can’t sing, pay ghostwriters for their songs and lip sync on stage.

  133. I totally agree with Honora & Uppity. The dumb millennials are throwing away women’s rights as fast as they can. I read some posts last week about the Cologne attacks and they’re were lots of posters saying the same thing, that the authorities would tell women they had to change their behaviors (i.e., give their freedom), and damned if it didn’t happen the next day. The pc pendulum has swung too far.

  134. Upps it is down toward the bottom on his page but I will do a cut and paste of his tweets.

    1 last nerd point on NBC Marist Iowa Dem poll – projects 30^ of caucusgoers will self ID as Independent. In 2008 only 20% of caucusgoers did

    Final ironic observation on NBC Iowa Dem poll – Clinton leads among earners of less than 50K by 11. Tied among earners of more than 50k

    In 2008, 57% were first time caucus goers, In latest NBC Marist poll, projection of 1st timers is 75%!!!

    NBC Marist Iowa poll – among voters who have past participation in Iowa caucus Clinton leads by 10, those wout Clinton leads by 2.

    In 2008 women were 57% Iowa Dem caucus goers. NBC Marist poll projects that dropping precipitously, less than 50%

    n NBC Marist Iowa poll, Clinton leads by 19 among women, Sanders by 11 among men. NBC Marist projects more men than women caucusgoers.

    More striking – Clinton leads among registered voters – 53-38. Sanders among nonregistered – 49-44.

    I hope this helps. For Bernie to get those numbers in that poll he’s going to have to do a lot better than he has. I’m sure that these people are saying they’ll show up but he has the most unreliable pool of voters out there.

  135. Thanks for that info Georgia!

    And I’m with imust re: Iowa & NH getting to go first. Its absurd. I think California and New York would be better choices! 🙂

  136. I read where the teenage and young male syrian refugees outnumber women and children by 3 to 1. Now isn’t that a coinkydink? When anywhere in the USA tells women to adapt to a savage culture by looking out for their own safety because of a savage culture, it’s far worse than PC, it is adapting women to the savage culture. But you know what? I live where I will never see one of these freaks. Having said that, it’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I am losing my willingness to care about young stupid people who want everyone to buy everything and do everything for them…….including fight for their rights. I honestly am at the Fuck Them point in my life. None of this will affect me and if they want to adapt to savages then let them have at it. My point is, I don’t see any women rising up when they are told they no longer can go into a taxi alone without being raped, so if they go into that taxi alone it’s their own fault. I guess there will have to be a few unfortunate examples. What can I say? Let these entitled little bastards break their own fingernails and do some work, or let them cover themselves with hefty trash bags and join in. The choice is theirs and i don’t intend to let them come whining to me when it starts to get REALLY noticed. They’ll be giving them a dress code next. That will really hurt that bunch of primpos who value how they look over the substance of who they are. Personally, I will enjoy watching their struggle.

    Thanks for the stats Ga. I found the most interesting one to be the one where people who earn over 50k like Bernie. Apparently they enjoy the thought of giving Bernie most of their paychecks.

  137. As to our two party system, I see a trend here where the number of Independents outnumber the number of people in either party. I long for the day when everybody is a Independent and the only “Platform” out there is a candidate’s platform. Only then will we be free of the horse shit we have to endure from these two horrid parties.

    Between 2009 and 2010, the number of states with the Democratic Advantage changed from 34 to 23. You have the Nutroots to thank for that. Note the Timing. Obama may not have gotten re-elected if the Republicans didn’t present such an odious alternative.

    2014 Data, Pew

    The share of independents in the public, which long ago surpassed the percentages of either Democrats or Republicans, continues to increase. Based on 2014 data, 39% identify as independents, 32% as Democrats and 23% as Republicans. This is the highest percentage of independents in more than 75 years of public opinion polling.

  138. Yeah, but if you dig deeper into that poll it says that there’s only 13% true independents. There are a lot of people who call themselves independents but who regularly vote for one party or another. I can understand why they call themselves independents. In the age of Obama and then the idiotic GOP who wants to be identified with a party? Obama has been nothing short of a disaster for democrats. Bernie would be another disaster.

  139. It’s my understanding that Independent means registered as independent or equivalent…not a member of the D or R party.

  140. NEW POST UP.

  141. Iowa is inviting Hill supporters to come and canvass and you can get free housing. Let me know if you’re interested. I think we should go with a whole Uppity contingent.

  142. Gotta hand it to those Iowa canvassers. They really are working hard. You might want to repeat your comment over at the new thread in case people miss it here. xo

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