Bernie, We Hardly Know Ye. But What We Know is Horrible

Bear with me. I simply have to store all the links I am collecting on who Bernie Sanders is. It’s not pretty. Not pretty at all.

CYk3X8uUAAEUzhGFirst, guess who’s coming to dinner with Bernie? Why, why, it’s the Communist Party and the Marxists. They’re just pleased as punch that Bernie has reached the level of running for President.

No kidding. I’m not making this shit up.

And for dessert, here we are at In defense of Marxism site.


It gets better.  In 1985, Bernie thought the Sandinista leadership was “Impressive”.  But that’s nothing. He believed that Fidel Castro “Transformed Cuba”.

Sigh......Our Hero....

Sigh……Our Hero….

Bernie adored Fidel Castro for a LONG time. In fact, Bernie was so in love with Fidel Castro that, when JFK made his Cuban Crises speech, Bernie said, “It made him sick”.

After Bernie presumably puked over JFK, he went on to discuss how much he despised the Democratic Party.

As we know, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats in Congress can take much of Bernie’s screaming. Indeed, if you have ever seen him doing a tirade from the chambers on CSPAN, you would have noted that the room is empty.

Added to his role models is Daniel Ortega, whom he called “Impressive” .

Bernie made visits to, among other places I am sure, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Russia. Bernie loves touring places ruled by Despots.

His visit to Nicaragua was planned so that he could join in on the……are you ready……?  The “Seventh Anniversary of the Revolution.”

Gosh, wouldn’t it be just wonderful to put Bernie in charge of the Democratic Party? I know we all would love to give him 90% of our earnings for distribution at his discretion. And for  his bank account.

One thing I have noticed about all these socialist societies is, the only people living there who don’t die dirt poor are The Despot and his Friends.

I don’t understand Bernie. Venezuela is sinking – so they could use a new Chavez to go in there and straighten those people out about how wonderful Socialism is. He’s the perfect candidate!

While we worry about Hillary being trashed, is it not extremely disturbing that the party we call Ours is infected with enough Nutroots to actually make Bernie Sanders a viable option?

I was thinking of what would be the biggest USA export under Bernie Sanders. I settled on EXPATRIATES as the answer.

There is more about Bernie here, including discussion of his essay declaring that all women fantasize being raped by 3 men. You would think all those frat boys’ girlfriends who love his rallies would be bothered by this. But nope. After all, Bernie “Recanted” it. So I guess that settles it. Right?

Oh and one more thing: Bernie believes that cervical cancer is caused by lack of orgasms.

No kidding.



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  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg on Bernie. I have noticed literally everybody is unloading on Bernie today.

  2. Twitter is throwing his shit at the fan. We’re not going to stand for the press covering his wrinkly old ass.

  3. I have no patience with commies or their supporters. That system is pure evil. Later this year, I am publishing a novel about a Soviet figure skater. Those bastards put this kid through hell. I would be a hypocrite if I went out and voted for Bernie. (And he is indeed more of a communist than a Western European-style socialist.)

  4. You go and tell them uppity.
    why is anybody listening to this old fart Sanders macho commie?
    what is he bringing to the table on his mindless campagain? Zero.
    Just his old ego trip…

  5. yeah, you hit them with facts and all they do is hurl insults and Bernie whines.

  6. Upps what do you hear about the ground game in IA?

  7. Uppity, you aren’t just “back”, my dear, you are back with a vengeance! Fantastic post. I bow down to you!

  8. Georgia, who else is going after Bernie?

  9. I also love the title! Too freakin’ funny!

  10. I switched on MSNBC “All In”……who was he interviewing? Why Bernie of course! Bernie was explaining that his HC plan would cause more taxes, but it would be offset by all the savings!!!

    Brian Fallon has been after BS to explain how he plans to pay for HC, looks like BS is finally starting to ‘plain. How well do you think more taxes will go over?

    BTW, I can see why Chris’ show is called “All In”, never realized before what exactly he was “all in” until tonight. All I can say is…..ewwwwww.

  11. Everybody on Twitter is going after Bernie’s plan once the tax numbers came out and it seems that the middle class and the lower income people would be hit the hardest.

  12. I retweeted a lot of those posts at my @JenMichigander account if anyone wants to take a look at them.

  13. Lol socal remind me to write all my posts in less than 20 minutes.

  14. Ga, on Iowa……I hear that the ground game is awesome. As one person put it, the place is flooded with Hillary people. They have knocked on every door possible, walking or crawling if necessary. The twitter ground people are so energetic, you can almost touch it. Her ground game in Iowa is hefty as hell and I’ve DMd with a number of them and they swear the energy for hillary there is amazing. They feel sure she will take the state.

  15. Most well done Ms. Uppity.

    I can see the ads now — there will be Che, Fidel, Ortega, and Hugo Chavez, getting an invitation in the mail. They all hurry along to get ready and make the party.

    The money shot is all of them and Bernie sitting around a campfire farting and talking about ED, ala Blazing Saddles.

    The tag line, “Bernie puts the social in socialism.”

  16. Love this piece, Upps. As you say, it’s truly gobsmacking that this guy could hav poll numbers that threaten our girl. WTF.

  17. I think that while Sanders does have some supporters who are excited by his rhetoric, he is primarily just another port where the anti-Hillary wing of the Democratic Party can dock. Oh, Obama had people who liked him, and/or who were excited by the idea of a Black President, but most of them wanted him because they hate Hillary and her husband, for some strange psychological reasons. After their early favorite Edwards showed himself for what he was, they all just jumped on the Obama wagon.

    Again, Sanders gives them their only chance to beat Hillary. This is a poisonous wing of the Democrat Party, and they never relent. You don’t think that Biden really is impressed by Sanders’ great contributions, as he tried to say the other day? No, he just doesn’t want Hillary. Some of these people have dedicated their lives to defeating Cllintons, even if it destroys the country to do it. So while I certainly agree that Sanders’ record and statements and allegiances are very much worth looking into, I do think that many of these Democrats are psychologically invested in trying to defeat Hillary, and thus they will be pretty much impervious to Sanders’ actual plans, or ability to enact them. Anybody But Hillary is their motto, however much they try to disguise it. Hopefully, there are enough responsible Democrats to overcome these disturbed people.

  18. IIRC, Edwards dropped out of the race before his adultery scandal came out–or did William mean something else, which I have forgotten by now?

    I was an early tepid supporter of Edwards. I differed from my peers (assuming William is correct about the majority of Edwards supporters) in becoming a Clinton supporter (though, again, tepid) after Edwards dropped out.

    I still voted for him in the Arkansas primary, even though he had dropped out (the adultery scandal had not broken into the news yet), because of the three Democratic candidates, he seemed to be talking most about the people the economy had left behind (still leaves behind, in many cases). I voted for him to send a message to both Clinton and Obama that those issues were important to me. I went with Clinton because she seemed to listen better to my “message” than Obama did, plus something just felt wrong about The Obama Phenomenon. The Phenomenon, in its development, proved my uneasiness to be valid.

  19. For crying out loud! Why are these Bernie morons even talking about re-fighting health care? It went so well last time–Dems were destroyed in next election, and it led to the rise of the Tea Party. ACA is far from perfect, but we now have the lowest rate of uninsured in history. Hillary is right–let’s build on that and move on for now.

    Most people are satisfied with their health insurance. They will not be pleased to absorb a tax increase and lose their current coverage for something which may not be very good at all. Where were Bernie and his cultists during the whole ACA battle? They seem to have missed how difficult it was. Now they want to abandon that and push something even more controversial down everyone’s throats. It’s the very definition of insanity. We have other needs that must be addressed now.

  20. RIP Alan Rickman

  21. Yeah, Bernie Could Win if the ex-Ron Paul sockpuppets could all vote.

    Thanks MSM for your hard work in manufacturing this horse race.

  22. Ga, you have to lower yourself to their thought process to understand why they want to fight health care, good or bad. Their motives are not pure. They think Bernie is going to give it to them absolutely free.

    Do you remember that video of the woman who said with such great emotion that Barack Obama was going to pay her mortgage for her? She really believed that. It was the magic. Bernie is giving young people that magic thought. I had a long DM with a twitter account for millennials for Hillary. I asked her why so many M’s are falling for Bernie’s snake oil. She gave me a different slant.She said she doesn’t know a single one who isn’t for Hillary, there are millions of them. I noticed that many of H’s ground game people are M’s too. She said if you study the faces of Bernie’s rallies, they are very very young first voters and college students looking for a pass on their tuition loans. They are also Very White. Young people, she said, who “never paid a bill”. That and sprinkles of old Hippies. She said pretty much that nobody she knows in their right mind wants to give more tax money to Bernie to pay for people’s college. What she did say is people hope to refinance their loans at a better rate. It seems that the rate for college loans is something like 7+%. That’s outrageous when you consider rates of return to day. She’s right.


    “Losing Bernie: My Journey From #FeelTheBern to #HillYes

  24. selzer poll out. Hillary ahead.

  25. Into the lion’s den she fearlessly goes: Hillary will be on Morning Joke tomorrow!

  26. OMG this is why I could never run for President (among other reasons hahahaha) – I would tell Joe and his concubine to kiss my ass.

  27. New Gravis Poll Iowa
    Clinton 57
    Sanders 36

    And the PPP Poll which came out the same day as the Qunnipiac Poll CNN pimped
    Clinton 46
    Sanders 40

    Turn off CNN. THey are pimping only one pollster, the one that allows them to say Hillary is “In Trouble”. She will take Iowa.

  28. If Hillary could tell Joe and Whatshername to kiss her @$$ without getting censored out, she would lock up a landslide right there.

    I loathe the Corporate Propaganda Media, and I doubt I’m the only one.

  29. Hillary always talks about creating a program where people can refinance their college loans. Sanders tries to trump her by saying that he will send everyone to college for free. Uppity is certainly right about the appeal of “free stuff” to many of the young voters. The question of actually paying for it is something which these callow folks don’t bother with.

    I come back to this, but it both bemuses and infuriates me that so many people have no conception of what a president can or can’t do. This is not the Ottoman Empire. No one is going to break up the banks, certainly not from the Executive Branch. No one is going to make college tuition free. Such a bill–assuming there even were a Democratic legislator who would try to put it on the floor–has absolutely zero chance of even getting to a vote. This should be completely obvious. But apparently there are a lot of people who never bothered to learn anything about how our government works.

    Part of being a good voter is being responsible enough to actually know what might be possible. This even puts aside the fact that the Republicans will completely control Congress–unless Hillary can finally muster enough support from the fantasy wing of our party, and take back the Senate. Most interestingly, Sanders never campaigned for anybody outside his state in thirty years, but he wants “a revolution,” where somehow everyone rises up like in a ’30’s movie, and all the Democrats in various states defeat all the Republicans? If he were to get nominated, the Republicans would win even more seats than they already have, essentially destroying our hopes to stop their desired Darwinian theocracy. Either his supporters aren’t knowledgeable and intelligent enough to see this, or they just don’t care, they will go back into their rooms and play video games until the food runs out. My parents remembered the Great Depression as children. Maybe yours did as well. Some of these Sanders supporters don’t know a thing about it, which is why they think that these campaigns are a jolly old time, which you can later turn off like a TV show that you don’t like.

  30. From September but still relevant in BernieBot sociology.

  31. I saw a tweet in which someone gave Nate Silver’s explanation for why these polls are suddenly all over the map. He’s the elections guru from who correctly predicted all 50 states in 2012 when no one else came close. He says the volatility is the result of “poll bombing” in which the most reliable voters in both Iowa and NH are being bombarded by pollsters all day and night. They’ve simply stopped responding. So you have fewer and fewer people in the sample. It renders the polls useless.

    There have never been so many polls in the primaries. There are more than just four years ago. The pollsters and the media will never admit that the more they poll, the less reliable the results are. It’s a co-dependent relationship in which the pollsters and the media have a lot invested in getting us to believe that these polls come down from Mt. Sinai.

  32. Well, 538 gives Bernie a 47% chance based on polls but based on polls plus he only has a 27% chance of winning. Bernie’s support is also concentrated in a few places in Iowa. So he could get a lot of his supporters to show up at one location.

  33. NES, his followers are the GIMMEE FREE SHIT crowd. They want their pony AND a unicorn that farts gold dust and that’s exactly what he’s promising them. THey are too young and stupid to know it will NEVER happen.

  34. Again, Sanders gives them their only chance to beat Hillary. This is a poisonous wing of the Democrat Party, and they never relent.

    This is SO true. Absolutely poisonous for far too long. The mirror image of the crazy far right.

  35. The more I read online about (and from) the Bernouts, the more they resemble the Oborg of 2008.

    Also, the more I read about Sanders himself, the more I find myself growing uneasy about him.

    Plus, that stuff up there in Uppity’s blog post would make him easy prey for the Reptilian Party propagandists, if the Dinocratic Establishment decided, in a fit of madness, to rig the nominating process to hand it to him as they did with Obummer in 2008. 😮

  36. Rand Paul is butthurt because he doesn’t qualify for the main debate so he’s boycotting the kiddie debate. His rhetoric sounds just like the Sanders campaign and groupies: establishment, revolution, etc

  37. MoveOn endorsed Bernie and they are they most aggressive, alienating of the left. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t already the BernieBots we’ve come to know and loathe.

  38. I asked a magical unicorn pony if her kind farted gold dust.

    I guess the Bernouts will be disappointed. :mrgreen:

  39. OK, that did not work out as I had expected. I’ll try again.

  40. it is the largely the same people from the Oborg. they have turned on Obama because he didn’t deliver them unicorns that fart rainbows. So now failing to learn their lesson are now attaching themselves to Bernie. I swore after Obama they should NEVER be allowed to pick another nominee. The only good thing if Bernie should be the nominee is that they would finally learn after him getting his butt kicked in a general election that most voters don’t buy into the unicorns and fairy tale story.

  41. Ga6thDem, sort of what i’m saying–I think MoveOn folks are the Oborg folks. I’m not talking about ordinary supporters or even spirited supporters. I’m talking about the over-the-top aggressive types that we knew in 2008 who are back now. And I think there’s lots of Libertarian/GOP (Nutroots Kos-like folks) mixed in with them. You can tell by the nature of the comments–the slant, syntax, and methodology.

  42. I’m sure you all were worried. You can calm down now.

    Martin O’Malley qualifies for Sunday’s Democratic Debate with Clinton and Sanders

  43. OMG the whining on twitter by Sanders supporters is becoming really annoying. Hillary is going to run a negative ad after Bernie has been running them for literally two weeks.

  44. If I ever see Carly Fiorina in person, I’m going to smack her right in her manufactured face. She always says Mrs. Clinton when referring to Hillary and never Secretary Clinton. I get the idea of ideological adversaries, but she is just plain disrespectful in a very ugly way. She has played the “woman” card twice as much as Hillary but makes a point to disparage Hillary for playing it. WTF with women like that?

  45. Sophie, she is utterly despicable. Besides her horrible record of running things, she shows she is completely incompetent to be the head of the most powerful country in world. Would she call other political leaders by “Mr” or “Mrs” instead of their proper title, when dealing with them? Could you imagine her dealing with someone like Putin or one of the Muslim leaders? In any event, I think she’s being paid by one of the rethug billionaires to be the token woman and attack Hillary, which is all she does at the debates. She knows she doesn’t stand a chance in hell of being the nominee. She’s the token woman, that weird surgeon is the token black. Rethuglicans are so unoriginal. I guess that explains Trumps popularity.

  46. Fiorina is in a bad mood because she’s been moved back to the kiddie table.

  47. Georgia, LOL! True, but then she always seems to be in a bad mood. She always seems snide to me. I remember her well when she went up against Barbara Boxer for Calif. senate. Nasty, horrible woman.

  48. Oh Gawd, she went into hyper witch mode on Hardball. Shit that woman is SO JEALOUS of Hillary, I could smell it all the way from my house!

  49. Sophie, I’ll give you five bucks and pay your bail.

  50. What’s a good cocktail for a GOP debate (aside form Scotch)?

  51. Cocktail ideas coming up!

    We have the “Low Energy !Jebtini!“, mix 1 tsp. gin with 8oz. tonic water.

    No? How about the “Marco-Polo Margarita“, mix….wait no mixers, just water, lots of water, salt the rim and add a lime slice.

    The “CarlySour“, suck on a lemon for 10 minutes and wash down with sugar-free Squirt chaser.

    Any other ideas?

  52. Oh no, debates on FOX?

    I was wrong, FOX Business Channel.

  53. Carly Sour!!!! ROFL. The best!

  54. Hillary’s campaign should dispatch Boxer now, while Carly
    s still sort of in the race.

  55. Are you watching the debate Sophie?

  56. Dang! Hillary is on TV now. But it’s Rachel/msnbc. So torn!

  57. Cruz refers to the “Obama-Clinton economy”. What? HRC was VP?

  58. Not watching.

  59. Hahaha imust. I ain’t drinking that.

  60. Did I hear Scotch???

  61. Carly wants to fix America like she fixed HP.

  62. I had the debate on, but couldn’t stand it…..turned to Hillary on Maddow.

  63. I was, but Angel From Hell is on now.

  64. Here’s how distasteful the thought of watching is to me. I’m watching Bourdain eat an unknown crustacean.

  65. I have the debate back on now. Christie says he won’t let Hillary get within 10 miles of the WH! Trump and Cruz when at it.

  66. Imust–I read a tweet that she was rocking it.

  67. The part I watched she was great! She was asked about the lead water in Flint, and she was outraged and gave a ton of things that should be done right now. She’s a doer!!

  68. I can’t stand that Bourdain show, sorry.

    These rethugs are really going after Hillary like rabid dogs on red meat.

  69. Yes they are. It makes me think they are all shriveled and inadequate, but if they hate her enough, they can become real men.

  70. They are all so shrill, it’s giving me a headache! Did someone pass out a bunch of uppers before the debate?

    Well, Ben Carson probably refused.

  71. Well, Ben Carson probably refused.

    He said No Thanks. Got any Quaaludes?

  72. I had the debate on while made dinner, mainly cuz I wanted to hear the “natural born citizen” poo slung around by the chimps. That part was funny, but all too short. The rest of it sounded awful and we changed the channel while we ate. No sense in ruining good food!

    imust, LOL at the cocktails! So many funnies here! Quaaludes!

  73. see cover of NY Post telling Donald….


  74. Ok. This is just too much. The Bernie Bros. are actually telling Cecile Richards that her dead mother would be ashamed of her for endorsing Hillary according to tweet I just saw at Hillary HQ. In the first place, it was Planned Parenthood Action Fund that endorsed her after surveying boards and members. In the second place, Ann Richards LOVED Hillary. In the third place, as PPAF pointed out when the attacks began, Bernie has been a friend, Hillary has been a champion of the cause of reproductive rights and women’s health care.

    These people have a totalitarian mind set. Every one MUST support Bernie without exception, no matter what. If they don’t, they can expect to be attacked in the most vile, crude, and .often, misogynistic way imaginable. These people must not be allowed to win! It’s scary since at least some of them could end up working at the highest levels of government. And the Iowa caucuses require a public declaration of support for the candidate of your choice. These neo-Stalinists could end up making the Obama thugs of 2008 look like the local Cub Scout troop. I sure hope the campaign has prepared for the Storm Trooper tactics.

  75. DUDE NATION is like that Ga.

  76. It’s Rebel, Up! You called me Ga. yesterday too. Is there something wrong with my ID?

  77. No Rebel. There’s something wrong with my head.

  78. Oh, I thought it was just your ❤. 😉

  79. I have Hillary on Fallon taped. I was going to stay up and set the tape for the Scarborough show, but I could not abide the thought of watching him. I hope she did well there.

    The Republicans have no policy proposals whatsoever, other than of course getting rid of the safety net, and making sure that nobody stops global warming, pollution, or bioengineered foods. They just demonize Hillary. They are insane. The Sanders supporters are mostly insane. This is not about discussing philosophies or governing for them, it is about winning a video game, or trying to enhance their sense of self by attempting to destroy the only candidate who actually cogently discusses issues and solutions. It is a very weird and unsettling thing, and of course it will get worse as the campaign progresses. It is going to be a real test of the intelligence, inherent decency, and perceptiveness of the American people. The most significant election in our history, for more than a few reasons.

    And while I am sure he essentially means well when he does this, President Obama’s continued insistence that the parties work together, and that we can rise above partisanship, is either completely unperceptive, or self-indulgent. Paul Ryan is not “one of the good guys,” he is an Ayn Randish doctrinaire fanatic. The rest of the Republicans may be worse than that. Things have gotten far out of hand. That wing has got to be politically neutered, because you can never deal reasonably with them. The task is enormous, and almost impossible, but only Hillary has the will and the intelligence to try to do it.

  80. lol Rebel.
    *Tries to catch fly and eat it*

  81. I wouldn’t worry too much if Bernie takes Iowa and NH. The primaries of the larger states will prove decisive for Hillary.

    The sweep-the-caucuses-in-red-states strategy only worked for Obummer because the banksters of Wall Street bought, or at least hired, the Democratic Establishment to put its thumb on the scale for Obummer in the nomination process. 👿

    There’s no way in Areinnye those Malefactors Of Great Wealth (h/t Teddy Roosevelt for the phrase MOGW) will want a self-professed socialist to be Prez, so they won’t order the Democratic Establishment to hand the nomination to Bernie. 😆

    Hillary will win in a real contest, as she would have won in 2008 if allowed. :mrgreen:

  82. I know Bernie is a long shot but like uppity i really want Hillary to hand the Bernie Bros their a** so they will shut up. The caterwauling from the quarters of St. Bernard is just becoming too much for me these days.

  83. “DUDE NATION”?

    Did our esteemed hostess perhaps mean “DUD Nation”? 😈

  84. I’d post the tweets but nobody ever reads them so

    There is call in twitter to shoot hillary in the head. Presumably after the citizens united Benghazi Movie

  85. I saw that. The crazies are coming out of the woodwork. It’s scary.

  86. What?!?

  87. Bernie is suing Wikipedia. What a freaking moron.

  88. I saw that. How can anyone be so stupid. I wish he had sued and won. Then there wouldn’t be any unauthorized copies of Bernie’s logo allowed anywhere. HOW FUCKING STUPID can one campaign be?

  89. If I get weird, let me know. i am trying absinthe for the first time tonight.

  90. Oooh. Sophie, tell us what its like!

  91. Sophie thanks for the killing the breeze link. Heartwarming read!

  92. So far, like Sambuca, with more proof (110 vs. 84) and you have to add your own sugar.

  93. Someone tweeted:
    tone deaf, suing the most socialist thing in the world – Wikipedia

    ROFL Indeed.

  94. That link was really interesting, Sophie. Of course, it presumes her lead percentages are fixed, but still, we get the picture.

  95. Absinthe. The Green Fairy

  96. Absinthe featured on “Why Would You Eat That?” Cute!!!!! The Office tasting is HILARIOUS.

  97. Upps @ 12:22am, Yowza! Sophie, is it really that scary?

  98. “a mouthful of black jelly beans”? Hmm. And were they melting a sugar cube into it?

  99. That thing about Bernie suing Wiki was pretty darn funny. I clicked on Upps arstech link and read some of the comments and one of them said: “Crash and Bern” ™! Good one!

  100. I’m surprised if you like it. Usually scotch drinkers find stuff like that kind of bleh. Only time my family ever used Sambuca was in black coffee, which I despise.

  101. socal, the absinthe hallucinations of the past were caused by cutting down on costs when production included using copper for the green color and raw alcohol for the kick. Basically people were poisoned and the effects of the bad alcohol and copper caused a few murders.

  102. ok, thanks for that info, Upps. I’m a lightweight drinker in any case, so not sure if I will be trying it. I tried Ouzo when I was young.

    I read that some natural/herbal type doctors in Europe were using wormwood in cancer treatments recently.

  103. I didn’t see it in the comments so I’ll bring it up— remember what the Swift Boaters did to fellow vet (and actual war hero) John Kerry? Just think of what they will do to Vietnam CO Bernie (“Feel The Run”) Sanders.

  104. Anyone threatening physical violence against Hillary on social media should expect to get a visit from the Secret Service. Social media has turned into an absolute cess pool.

  105. I guess the only folks Bernie doesn’t think should be sued are gun manufacturers and retailers.

  106. Unless you count posting on blogs like this one, and posting on the anime forum I frequent, I don’t touch social media at all.

    I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, 👿 and I don’t intend to get such accounts. 😛

  107. I guess the only folks Bernie doesn’t think should be sued are gun manufacturers and retailers.

    Ooo…Brassy, you should tweet that!

  108. Brassy Rebel is correct that anyone who threatens Hillary, or indeed Bernie or any other presidential candidate, should get a visit from the Secret Service.

    I doubt Hillary faces any real danger from dudebro types, though. I expect if the dudebro who did that got a stern lecture from the Secret Service agent(s), he’d never threaten anyone again.

    After he went and changed his underpants. 😈

  109. Upps, do you have the numbers for the Reuters poll?

  110. This endorsement from a NH paper is well-worth the read.

  111. Ivory Bill, you are correct. One encounter with a beefy Secret Service hombre would cause a cowardly weasel to soil himself and realize that threats to public officials and candidates is serious business and not at all cool.

    Sophie, I don’t have a Twitter account, but I know you do, so feel free to share it. Unlike Bernie, I won’t sue you!

  112. I’m getting like Uppity. I mixed up imust and Sophie. Sorry. Anyone who wants to tweet my description of Bernie’s attitude on lawsuits–feel free.

  113. LOL!!

    The Presidential Candidates Ranked By Their Usefulness In A Bar Fight

  114. Hillary has our backs for sure!

  115. The bernouts seem to be having a meltdown today on twitter. I guess they don’t really have that much faith in the Bern to win in IA or NH or they wouldn’t spend all their time attacking Hillary.

  116. Yeah too bad I had to splain to Bernouts (they troll my comments on twitter) That medicare as Bernie’s BS’er on CNN splained it, is going to cost them a bundle. First of all, it only covers 80%. Secondly, if you want to cover more, you have to buy a supplemental policy. THird, you have to purchase RX coverage. Not to mention the Part B premium people pay, but nevermind lol.

    These morons come on twitter and yell Medicare and I tell them you don’t know jack shit so let me give some of it to you.

    And that Candidates in a bar is HILARIOUS. Why did I not write that????

  117. Re bernouts on meltdown. Well yeah, somebody told them that there’s more than one poll out there besides the one they are paying attention to.

  118. Oh, man, I’m going to go look at your twitter account and see what they are saying. LOL. Maybe I will join in the fun. PS I’m Sheltie Mac. It’s the name of our beloved sheltie that passed away.

  119. I was just looking up poll numbers debating with someone on another blog and found out that 50% of the population of the US will not vote for a socialist. So Bernie has 50% of the country already dead set against him. Sure loser but we already knew that.

  120. Hey Sophie, I see GE is moving their HQ’s from Fairfield to Boston due to CT taxes.

  121. omg, that candidates in a bar fight piece was hysterical! Spot on also!

  122. I just think it’s hysterically funny that the Republican candidates are attacking each other over who is more illegal than whom. Hilarious! Trump is chumming the waters constantly. What a conniver! Reminds me of that movie Needful Things. He’s got everybody shooting at each other.

    I guess Cruz’ mother was a registered voter in Canada. Hahahaha. I can’t…..

    Rubio’s got that silly teen look like it’s an hour before the Prom and he’s nervous. He’s an anchor baby running for President in a party that is pissed off that there are anchor babies. It just kills me.

  123. Yes Uppity, you really couldn’t make this stuff up! If we did people would say, no way, that’s too over the top. And yet, here we are!

  124. Agree with you both. The natural born thing is so much more fun this time around!

  125. Right about GE. Apparently it’s not enough to get away without paying federal taxes, they want to get out of state taxes too.

  126. As David Letterman used to say, “GE sucks”.

    “Too much ain’t enough” for our Malefactors of Great Wealth.

    Every fat cat should drop to his knees before his statue of Mammon and thank Mammon for the Communist police states, which made plutocracy (fat cat rule) look like a lesser evil. 👿 The stupid Commies turned out, unwittingly, to be plutocracy’s best friends.

  127. Interesting read.

    The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter


    Applies to Bernie supporters as well. Several years ago, I read John Dean’s book Conservatives Without Conscience and he covered this very topic–rather well.

  128. Jake Tapper is such a jerk.

  129. Tapper’s a prick

  130. I’m beginning to see the dynamic that has been set up for Bernie. It’s very similar to 2008. Hillary couldn’t contrast herself to Obama at all. Even defend herself when they lobbed all kinds of attacks against her (false ones at that). I thought this time would be different, because Bernie couldn’t hide behind the “rayyyycist” card like Obama did. Bernie’s an old, white socialist for goodness sakes!!!! But, he’s managed to portray himself (with the assistance of the media) as the victim. When Hillary brings up legitimate differences, ala guns and healthcare……she’s “attacking him”!!!!!! OMG!!! She’s so awful, they say! She’s a witch! Look at her attacking poor Bernie!!!!!

  131. imust what they’re really saying is THAT BITCH! WE DON”T WANT A WOMAN PRESIDENT. THis is why he’s attracting white male pissants and their girlfriends who aim to please Him.

  132. Here’s what the sleazebag is doing. I wish that hillary could see it too. She points out his foible. He changes his stance and then declares what she said a Lie……when it was the truth an hour ago.

  133. imust, even Nate, the data guy noticed that!

  134. I’ve been messing with numbers for a few hours. Bernie Sanders can’t win. Even if he took Iowa and NH, he can’t win.

  135. Bernie can’t, I agree. But according to that excellent article Sophie posted, Trump can. YIKES.

  136. I look forward to the Bernout meltdowns when Hillary wins.

    I even more look forward to the Trump Chump or Cruzer meltdowns when she wins the general election. 😈

  137. If I were one of our oligarchs, I would not want my fellow oligarch Trump in the White House. He’d be too hard to control.

    Our oligarchs don’t want true democracy, but neither do they want one of their own to make himself a king, master even of his fellow oligarchs.

    If it looks like Trump could actually win, I expect the oligarchy’s Deep State will swing into action and take him down.

    By any means necessary.

  138. If this deep state exists, how do you know they don’t want Trump? After all, the media promotes Trump 24/7. They are literally giving him continuous, free advertising.

  139. I had NO idea that Kevin McCarthy of “we did Benghazi committee to get Hillary” fame…….was Rep Carolyn McCarthy’s son! Mccarthy retired last year from congress due to lung cancer. What I didn’t know was her husband Dennis was one of the people killed by that colin fergusson –the mass Long Island train shooting. She ran as a Democrat and was adamant about gun control but never made it happen. Kevin was also injured during that train massacre. I wonder what his stance on gun control is from the Republican party.

    I have the answer on Kevin M’s stance on gun control Care to guess? Unbelievable.

    Kevin McCarthy on Gun Control
    Click here for 4 full quotes on Gun Control OR background on Gun Control.

    Preserve Second Amendment rights. (Feb 2006)
    National cross-state standard for concealed carry. (Jan 2009)
    Teach kids Eddie Eagle GunSafe’s lifesaving message. (May 2010)
    Ban gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington DC. (Mar 2007)

  140. I retweeted Nate’s tweet with “Women Panic. Men Strategize. Right?”

  141. @IMHH: I’m figuring the other oligarchs don’t want Trump as Prez because he might be able to make himself a de facto monarch.

    Pardon my cynicism, but our Founders were oligarchs, and set up the system to prevent both true democracy (and the redistribution of wealth which might result from that), and to prevent any of them from rising above his peers and making himself a king.

    I hope I am not overestimating the intelligence of our current oligarchs, but I may be. After all, most of them made their money through inheritance and connections, rather than brains. They may be stupid enough to want Trump. Holy Haruhi, I hope not. 😦

  142. However, the media may merely be promoting Trump because he’s a ratings gold mine. I hope that is the case.

  143. If they are dumb enough to pick him I would be a hell of a lot more relaxed than if they pick Cruz. Cruz is poison.

    Trump will beat on Hillary and we would see a repeat of what we saw when Lazio invaded her space during a NY Senate debate, posing an obvious threatening stance. His poll numbers hit the sewer and never came up an inch. She kicked the shit out of him with the woman and sympathy vote. It was horrid.

    Rick Lazio bullies Hillary on stage and hands her the election
    Start at :55

    I say bring trump on.

  144. //

    Dowd of course. Who else. I retweeted it with “Bernie Sanders is running as an old white guy and a cockroach”

  145. Bill I think the Republicans have called in one of those evangelical ministers who, in between molesting kids and looking for their next wife, can channel Lee Atwater, hoping he will put a dirty trick into their heads. They want cruz and trump gone so badly, they have chewed their nails down to the first knuckle. Who knows what lurks in their vault.

  146. Sophie I don’t think Bernouts are authoritarians, they’re just dumb little barn animals who are practically spawning at the thought that they won’t have to work, can go to college and play beer pong for free, and have the government take over where their parents leave off after they go broke bailing the little shits out. We talked about this on twitter, you and I, and let’s face it, they’re the OWS Twinkles Up, Twinkles Down creatures. I still would throw some Ron Paulites into that crowd too. I mean, they don’t mind spending all day while their parents work…voting in online polls 30 times and declaring Bernie the winner.

  147. UPDATE.
    I have the answer on Kevin M’s stance on gun control Care to guess? Unbelievable.

    Brain Damage?

  148. IBWP,

    …but our Founders were oligarchs, and set up the system to prevent both true democracy…

    We’re seeing the wisdom of that. That “rule of the mob” thing is scaring the shit out of me. We saw the beginnings of it with the emergence of the Tea Party and this election is just crazy. All these people who have NO clue coupled with all the people who are just angry and aggressive and batshit crazy–well, perhaps individual involvement needs to be limited!

    Bernie Sanders is running as an old white guy and a dinosaur.

  149. I’m loving all the comments, guys! Sorry I have not been posting- but I’ve been reading. Found this just now and had to share the warmth:

    “The candidate you see on television working crowds, shaking hands and even smiling has undergone a presidential campaign conversion. And there is no doubt that Sanders is a smart, deft politician riding a popular, populist wave. But what is real?

    I’m not alone in my opinions about Sanders. Chris Graf, long-time Associated Press bureau chief in Vermont, in an article published Sept. 30 in, had this to say about the senator.

    “Bernie has no social skills, no sense of humor, and he’s quick to boil over. He’s the most unpolitical person in politics I’ve ever come across,” Graf said. Others who have covered Sanders agree.

    Seven Days, the lively alternative weekly in Burlington, is offering extensive coverage of the Sanders campaign, reporting framed by decades of coverage. A recent article by Paul Heintz titled “Anger Management” featured current and former staff who have experienced the dark side of Sanders.

    “They characterize the senator as rude, short-tempered and, occasionally, downright hostile. Though Sanders has spent much of his life fighting for working Vermonters, they say he mistreats the people working for him,” Heintz wrote. Among those he cited was Steve Rosenfeld, Sanders’ press secretary during his 1990 House campaign, and author of “In Making History in Vermont”. At his best, Sanders is a skilled reader and manipulator of people and events,” Rosenfeld wrote in his account of the campaign. “At his worst, he falls prey to his own emotions, is unable to practice what he preaches (though he would believe otherwise) and exudes a contempt for those he derides, including his staff.”

  150. Yecch, Dowd. What a miserable, bitter woman. I like to imagine as Hillary is being sworn in, Dowd bolts from her chair in the Press Room, and starts screaming “NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!” while banging her head against the wall. Nobody stops her.

    What’s happened to HillaryMen? It’s been months since I’ve gotten an update.

  151. Bernie will never be vetted by the media. However the GOP sure will do it. They never did Rev. Wright but the GOP sure did.

    The stupid thing they are doing is pushing Bernie and if he loses Iowa he’s done. He HAS to win Iowa and NH to even make it race. Even then it’s not favorable to him.

    I guess you saw where his people went to the SC Dem dinner and halfway through left all the while the people there were asking them to stay there and help the party. It just shows how bad the underside of his campaign is.

    And yeah, he loses his temper quite easily and if Hillary needles him he might just scream and walk off the stage.

  152. A millennial wrote this. There’s hope.

    Millennial Scorecard: Hillary Clinton is our Best Bet

  153. Sophie, the dailynewsbin post is excellent! Good catch, as usual!

    GWM, I know, I miss the HillaryMen. I think they are doing other things that will help Hillary, but it would be nice if they put up another post, maybe along the lines of the posts you and Sophie just linked.

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