Dem Debate #4

This is the last debate before the Iowa Caucuses on February 1. We still have the gang of three because O’Malley’s 4.5 or 4.7 or 4.8 all round up to the 5.0% admission price.

If you want to watch on regular television, it’s NBC at 9 PM (Eastern).

If you want to watch the live stream, that’s here:

We’re using Twitter and Facebook hashtags #ImWithHer and #DemDebate. If you Tweet, please use #ImWithHer excessively because there are a ton of sockpuppets using #FeelTheYouKnowWhat.

The BS got his “plan” in  (and yes it does raise taxes) and switched his opinion about guns just in time.

Hillary rocked the SC Fish Fry last night, so there’s that.

I don’t have a drink word or phrase yet, so if you have some ideas, feel free to share. (Please, nothing that will have me inebriated within the first 15 minutes, so stay away from oligarchy and things like that.)


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  1. OMG the press quotes ONE POLL that shows Bernie leading in Iowa. What time does it start?

  2. Nevermind I found it 9:00

  3. The time is in the post!!

  4. I hope the crowd is pro-Hillary. It should be, since it’s in SC, she’s waaaay ahead there. If she’s going to start pointing out her differences with him, he’s gonna get all whiney. I hope the crowd reacts in her favor.

    Thanks for the post Sophie.

  5. I have some drink words. Probably the same as the last time: Wall St., Big Banks, too big to fail, everything with free… college…free healthcare…..

  6. Thanks for the post Soph.

    Yeah they keep pimping that one poll,let em, it will make the Hillary voters remember how important it is to show up and caucus in Iowa

    The Bernouts walked out in S.C in their dinner or forum or whatever it was the Party sponsored. They walked out when Hillary started talking. Shows you what barn animals they are. And since the room was full of S.C people, including many AAs, they gave the bird to the AA community again like the spoiled brats they are. Bernie’s staff killed him for S.C. Serves him right, he raised the pigs on his farm.

  7. I’m so sorry!!!

  8. What I don’t understand about Bernie– and Trump– is why does anybody want a president who does nothing but stand up there and scream at them?

  9. No worries, Ga6th!!

  10. I grew up in SC. The thought of Bernie being on the top of the ticket literally would give them heartBERN. All the candidates in the state legislature and the state senate would have to run against him. It’s not like Democrats are doing great down here in the first place. One Bernout told me that Bernie would carry GA because of all the “nonvoters” Well, you can’t whine about how Deal has made it hard to vote (which he has) and then expect nonvoters to come out and vote. It doesn’t compute.

  11. He just put his “plan” out so nobody has time to read it and call him on it.

  12. O’Malley needs to pack it in. He’s only sucking up important debate time.

  13. It won’t take long Uppity, it’s just a few pages, LOL!

  14. He’s in SC, they’re ready for bear.


  16. Drink!

  17. If it looks like the thing I saw, it’s figures pulled out of his skinny ass.

  18. Bernie is just awful

  19. O’Whathisname is nauseating.

  20. Omalleyis better than bernie

  21. O’Malley is a jerk.

  22. And there is Bernie again riding Hillary’s coat tails to an answer to a question he wasn’t asked

  23. He looks like the Keebler elf.

  24. Hillary is rocking this debate. She brought up the Charleston loophole which Bernie vote for five times. He had no answer.

  25. I live inMaryland and O’Mally wasn’t that great. Go up to Baltimore. He couldn’t even get his own Lt Governor elected on his very short coat tails. Plus my taxes as a single woman ( city and state taxes) are very high

  26. ………and I wouldn’t say the crime rate in Baltimore is fixed either.

  27. Bernie’s all flustered.

  28. I’ve given up twitter. It’s freezing my browser.

  29. O’Whocares just implied that Hillary hasn’t worked to elect Democrats!!? Seriously???

  30. Why do young people like Bernie? Because they want a magical unicorn that farts skittles and they want it all handed to them; with no understanding of coalition or pragmatism. And if Bernie thinks this all comes down to big money then he doesn’t understand the role that gerrymandering and a winner stakes all system, which we have, versus a parliamentarian system that fosters proportional representation and coalitions

  31. Bernie has been successful in turning this to a debate about Wall St.

  32. Bernie is political revolution, a noun and a verb.

  33. O’Whocares (love this and I’m stealing it) said that she didn’t come to Maryland for that particular guy. I wish she had picked it up to point out just how much she has been there for all of the others.

  34. O’Whyishestillthere lectures on diplomacy? Does he think he knows more than a former SOS?

  35. Did Bernie just completely rip off Hillary on the Tech/Gov partnership to spy while protecting privacy?

  36. Yes he did.

  37. What else is new. He’s a thief.

  38. O’Malley takes up valuable airtime. His ass should have never been on that stage tonight.

  39. So what do you guys think?

  40. Pundits declaring Hillary the winner. And so is CNN.

  41. Bernie is toast. He doesnt’ look presidential. He doesn’t pass the muster for CIC. He could not relate to those voters in SC one bit. And he’s terrible on television.

  42. And I found out another name for the Bernie supporters–emos. I think that’s probably the best description yet.

  43. Tune in CNN. Hillary and BIll visiting a debate watch party

  44. I so WISH Hillary would have said, Thank you martin for mansplaining diplomacy.

  45. CNN is a Bernie fest at the moment. Click.

  46. Anybody who thinks Bernie is great is either spinning or is out of touch. I think the media love for Bernie shows how out of touch they are with the rest of the country. Are they really so clueless that they think Americans want a socialist revolution?

  47. Even if they wanted a socialist revolution (which they don’t ) do they actually think Bernie could deliver one??

  48. He needs to increase his BP meds. His face was beet red. Hillary had some fun methinks.

  49. That creepy woman they always have on for Bernie was complaining about Hillary’s “tone”.

  50. I don’t care what happens with Iowa/NH. Put a fork in Bernie. He’s done.

  51. Yeah Soph, Martin is a bit of a pig. And where the HELL did he get those ears?

  52. It’ll be good to get Iowa and NH over with so we can shut down Bernie and his merry band of Sandernistas down!

  53. I have to admit I did not watch the debate. However whenever I did switchover to it all I saw was the three of them agreeing on something. I hate to say it but: yawn.

  54. ^^ “switchover to it”. Oops.

  55. I give up…me and typing are not together tonight. 😦

    *Fixit Fairy visited your comment*

  56. Sandernistas!! I LOVE IT.

  57. Tweet that so I can retweet it.

  58. For what it’s worth(probably not much!), here is my analysis of the last week, ever since the narrative became “Hillary could lose Iowa!”

    I think Hillary has been extremely effective in keeping Sanders and his whole campaign on defense. On gun safety and health care. She continued this strategy last night. After days on defense, Sanders finally flip-flopped on the immunity from liability for gun manufacturers. Then he flip-flopped around like a mackerel on a dock on whether or not he would release a detailed single-payer plan before Iowa caucuses. He finally put out a few pages of a non-plan just before the debate which even Sanders’ fan, Ezra Klein, says raises lots more questions than it answers.

    I’m far from complacent, but I think Hillary has accomplished much in the last week to force Sanders himself to reveal that the Emperor has no clothes. He’s just another pol!

  59. Those areas in which a Democratic Executive branch has no power are those in which Sanders demands aggressive action, and the areas in which the Executive branch still has power now are precisely those in which Sanders has the least to say.

    New link!

  60. Sophie, that link doesn’t work. What’s the title of the piece?

  61. Glad you like “Sandernistas” Uppity. But I have to think of a tweet to use it in!

  62. When you get “Page not found”, imust, click on the home page. It pops right up. It is a great read.

  63. I taped the debate, as I get too upset when I watch it live. And I never watch the “commentary” parts, as the anti-Hillary faux pundits dominate. NBC had Chuck Todd, and Andrea Mitchell? Is there any “pundit” on any network that we like, or can at least abide? Thank you to everyone here who did watch it and comment, so that I could read about it; I guess it went all right, though Sanders and O’Malley just did the same thing they have done in all the other debates. O’Malley is extremely irritating, but somehow I think that he is inadvertently sort of a buffer between Hillary and Sanders, and thus might prevent a back and forth heated exchange that the media would love.

    The media fawns over Sanders simply because he is running against Hillary. And they give Trump immense airtime because he boosts their ratings. Their idea of a campaign bears no relation to what it means to the citizenry. It is fortunate that people can actually see Hillary explain her ideas and positions, rather than having the media misrepresent them. I well remember how every time Kerry debated Bush, he strongly closed the poll gap, only to fall back in the next two weeks, as the media got to mischaracterize and mock him.

    Uppity, an email for you, and an essay.

  64. imust, I updated the link.

  65. Well, Hillary’s statement about Flint is making the rounds everywhere and everyone is talking about it.

  66. Thanks Sophie! Ga, what has Bill been saying on the stump lately? Something like, everything Hillary touches gets better?

  67. A most eloquent analysis from Michael A, Cohen of the Boston Globe.

    In part:

    Sanders really does have a singularly naive and simple-minded understanding of American politics. He genuinely seems to believe — and I know this because he repeatedly yelled it at me during the debate — that money is the root of all evil in politics and that if you get the big money out, great things will happen. Sanders said that “a handful of billionaires . . . control economic and political life of this country.” He argued that Republicans and Democrats don’t “hate each other.” He called that a “mythology.” Instead, he said, the “real issue is that Congress is owned by big money and refuses to do what the American people want them to do.”

    I give the man credit for raising issues all too rarely heard in presidential debates, and as a protest candidate, Sanders is playing a vital role in the political process. But now that Sanders’ campaign has gathered steam — and he is ludicrously claiming that he’s more electable than Hillary Clinton — Sanders needs to do more than just sound the same tiresome platitudes and one-dimensional arguments about the evils of Wall Street. He needs to take the job of running for president seriously. If Sunday night was any indication, that’s still not happening.

    The simple fact is that there were three candidates on the debate stage Sunday night — and only one of them is qualified to be president. It’s not Martin O’Malley, and it’s not Bernie Sanders.

  68. Sophie are you getting blasted with snow and monsoon wind?

  69. Sandernistas!!! Good one, imust!

  70. I didn’t invent it socal. 😦 I thought I did…..but others thought of it first! But thanks anyway!

  71. Wow! Now here’s some in depth, political thinking:

    Rapper Killer Mike told reporters Sunday that he ended up supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders “after smoking a joint and reading his tweets.”

  72. Upps what part of NY are you in? I hope you stay warm!

  73. Sanders is not eledtable, even if he ran against Trump. You think you’ve heard the word “Socialist” used too much in the last fifty years? You would hear it a billion times. “Why do you identify as a Socialist, Senator?” “Do you believe that America should move from a capitalist to a socialist economy?” “Which model of socialism do you favor: the one in Sweden,or the less pure forms found in some Western European countries?”

    And the ads. “Stop Sanders from turning America into a Socialist country.” “Sanders is a Socialist radical who plans to triple your taxes.” Fair or not, that is what he would face. No chance of winning, and he would cost the Democrats any chance to take back either House for the next 20 years. Quite a cost for some self-indulgent venture. Maybe his supporters plan to move to one of the above, except that the countries won’t let them in, and they’re stuck here with no safety net whatsoever. Welcome to 19th Century London.

  74. A little snow last night. A little wind today. Really cold.

  75. RIP Glen Frey

  76. I didn’t invent it socal. 😦 I thought I did…..but others thought of it first! But thanks anyway!

    It’s cosmic synchronicity!

  77. William, you’re 100 percent right about Sanders. Forget even the taxes. People on twitter were making fun of him on foreign policy and comparing him to Ben Carson.

  78. Glenn Frey was only 67 years old.

  79. Oh, is this good. This may be the most devestating Sanders article yet.
    The big IF is – is the media willing to vet Sanders at all? The sure did not vet Obama.


    “Few voters are aware that of all the various people Sanders worked with in congress over the years, none of them – not even his closest ideological allies like Elizabeth Warren or Barney Frank or Sherrod Brown – have shown any interest in supporting his campaign. In fact, most of those who know Sanders best have endorsed Clinton instead. Even fewer are aware that almost none of the legislation Bernie has introduced in congress over the decades has found any support at all. In 2013 he offered a health care plan which was considered such a punchline, not a single of his senate allies would touch it. Now he refuses to clarify whether or not the supposed “2016 health care plan” he keeps generically referring to is the same as his failed 2013 treatise or not. Yet no one has yet called him out on any of the above on any level.

    But for those who worry that Bernie Sanders has gotten too far on a free pass without being vetted by anyone involved, that’s about to change. For one thing, Sanders has almost inexplicably taken a heel turn over the past month, seemingly willing to suddenly try any political trick in the book, in a last ditch hope of catching up. It was one thing to get caught stealing Clinton’s private campaign data. It was another to use his own scandal as an excuse to file a sham lawsuit against the democratic party while lying to his supporters about why, and then fundraising on the imaginary conspiracy it invented. Then he somehow managed to hijack the MoveOn mailing list for fundraising, in a move that felt underhanded and ended up alienating scores of longtime democrats. Then, after having previously scolded other candidates for doing so, Bernie decided to attack Bill Clinton. Now Sanders is arrogantly claiming that President Obama is copying his style, which has enraged Obama’s fans.

    That’s opened the door, if only incrementally, for Hillary Clinton to go ahead and begin the process of using Bernie’s numerous weaknesses to gradually punch him out of the race. She’ll have some help from the media in that regard, certainly not right now, but within the next month. Up to now, the media has been propping up Sanders in the hopes of making this non-competitive democratic primary look just interesting enough to keep people tuned in for it. But the media can read the voting demographics that say she’ll blow him out on Super Tuesday, just six weeks away. That’s right around the point at which the media will decide that it makes for better ratings to dredge up Bernie’s numerous weaknesses and finally vet him for all to see. So on some level Clinton merely has to bide her time until the media is finally willing to do its job.

    Supporters of Bernie like to point to a single outdates poll which suggested he could defeat the republican in the general election by larger margin than Hillary Clinton would. Most such polls suggest the opposite. But either way, the reality is that Sanders is temporarily benefiting from the fact that no one on any side has been willing to lay a hand on him. Objectively speaking, he’s one of the least suitable and least capable candidates for President that either party has put forward this century – and considering all the duds that have been trotted through of late, that’s saying something. But Sanders has lucked into being at the center of a perfect storm which thus far hasn’t touched his glass house. Regardless of who takes the first swing at him, he won’t remain in safe harbor for much longer.

  80. Hillary’s strong comments on the Flint Water Crisis are getting major airplay here in Michigan.

    Sad news about Glen Frey… He was my high school’s most famous alumni. We weren’t there at the same time, though.

  81. Good article on Sanders, and I agree with almost all of it, except for the “one of the least suitable and capable candidates of this century.” By default, he does better on that score than every single Republican candidate this year, except possibly for Kasich. But of course Hillary is the best candidate for President that I have seen in a long time; maybe the best overall since FDR. And she has to win, hopefully by a large margin.

  82. Sheesh…Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and now Glenn Frey. It’s not even the end of January.

    2016 sucks already….hope this isn’t going to be a trend for the year.

  83. So, today HRC (Human Rights campaign Fund, prominent LGBTQ organization) endorsed HRC (45).

    The Stans were all over them on Twitter and all over their Facebook post. In case you don’t know, they bash every endorser because:
    – You don’t know Bernie
    – You’re endorsing against your best interests
    – He’s much better than Hillary on these issues
    – She’s bought and sold and Iraq

    They did it to Planned Parenthood, Billy Jean King, everybody who ever endorsed Hillary. They even trolled Emily’s List when they endorsed Hillary, for God’s sake!

    Yes, a fish rots from the head:

    And a brilliant voice says knock off the shit

  84. This is why America can’t have nice things

  85. I cannot believe how over the top the bernouts have gotten about that Human Rights Campaign endorsement for Hillary.

  86. I can. they have been over the top about every single endorsement Hillary has gotten. Trust me. I’m on a team that fights back on their Facebook pages. And they are aggressive animals about it. I will have a hard time backing Sanders if he pulls the nomination out of his ass. The author of that Shakesville piece (linked above) says it all. Here’s some:

    Sanders’ supporters are key to his plan for executive success.

    His stated reliance on the his supporters’ continued engagement in the political process warrants an assessment of his supporters, and their tactics, in a way that most candidacies never would.

    So, yes, those of us disposed to vote for a Democratic candidate are looking at Sanders and his supporters. And I, for one, don’t like what I see.

  87. Well I am on record right now by telling you that you could put a gun in my mouth and I still wouldn’t vote for Bernie Sanders.

  88. Yes the Human Rights Campaign endorsement freaking their little asses out. Boo Hoo.

    To use classy Joe Biden’s quote: “That’s a big fuckin’ deal”

  89. Well, somewhere I read anywhere between 40% and 30% of democrats don’t show up to vote if Sanders is the nominee. So if the party gives the nomination to Bernie it’s going to be about smacking down his supporters. Seriously though I don’t think that’s going to happen. Sanders just does not have enough support with voters. And winning NH is not all of a sudden going to make people in Nevada flip over to Sanders.

  90. William, I actually agree that he is the least suitable and capable candidate of the century. Mainly because he’s a flaming socialist who worshipped Fidel Castro, said that JFK made him sick because Castro “Transformed Cuba”, traveled to Nicaragua to attend the Anniversary of The Revolution, is endorsed by the Communist party of the USA, and thought both Ortega and the Sandinistas were ‘Impressive”.

    He’s not only incapable of working with ANYBODY (The mark of a socialist despot), he’s a con artist. And I kind of prefer NOT to live in a socialist country. He is so weak on foreign affairs, in fact so weak on EVERYTHING, he is a disaster.

    I will never vote for him. Ever.

  91. Sheesh…Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and now Glenn Frey. It’s not even the end of January.

    I know. It’s just a collective bummer.

  92. GWM, the Sandernistas are willing to throw anybody under the bus for him. Including Obama and anybody else. they are crazed. And if you look at the faces in his rallies, you would swear that an awful lot of them are too young to vote. Just saying.

    Today one of them told me that Bernie is wayyyyyyy better than Obama. I say this because it is an indicator that they are not all former Obama supporters. I believe Ron Paul’s crazy-asses have appropriated the Sanders campaign for something to do. Secondly, I’ve seen the tweet to people I tweet with, call them Gramma and tell them that “Your” party is going to be taken over by us whether you like it or not. They are not democrats. Indeed many of them are not even anything other than high schoolers in study hall and kids who are hoping to turn 18 in time to vote. And then they will sleep through election day lol

  93. I have very few expectations for people’s general knowledge, and it is a sad thing. But even I can scarcely believe the statistic about Judge Judy. Not that she wouldn’t be better than four of the Justices, but that’s another issue. Are these people who just take computer classes?

    I am wondering where those Sanders supporters will go in a general election. Not vote? Support Trump? I just hope that Sanders has the class and concern for the country to strongly endorse Hillary, or at least say nothing negatve about her. And on another somewhat related thought: I wonder which Democratic luminaries will be speaking at the convention, and what they will say?

  94. OMG I am hearing Sarah Palin talk loudly through her nose and I think I broke an eardrum. Why does this woman not have a “G” in her alphabet. I wish she were ‘workin'” on that. There is one delightful thing about her endorsement of Donald. Ted Cruz must be busting up walls with chairs right now. Of all the candidates in that field, Ted Cruz is the more horrifying of all.

  95. Listening to Sarah endorse Trump.
    Wish I didn’t block all those Bernie Bots–I sure could use a few bong hits about now.

  96. Uppity, I share your general distaste for Sanders. I just thought that the writer’s comment perhaps inadvertently gave cover to some of hte Republican candidates, who are horrific to contemplate, and some of whom might be certifiably insane. I don’t think Sanders is at all suitable or capable as a possible President, but Cruz, Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Rubio, are nightmarish. Sanders’ comments about Cuba are idiotic; the Left loved Che Guevara, of course.

  97. You are correct Uppity. The Sanders base is NOT the Obama 2008 base. BUT the aggressive white boys who called all of us raycists and dried up hags, they’re in there. The David Sirota’s, DKossaks, MoveOns, Ring of Fire fools–them. And yes, the Ron Paulies.

  98. I absolutely LOVE Hillary’s campaign!

  99. You’re right Sophie. A lot of them are the Obots from 2008/

  100. I read the McEwan post linked from Shakesville.

    The post itself was quite good.

    It reminded me of why I hung around that site for a while some years back. 😀

    Then I read the comment thread.

    It reminded me of why I shook the dust of that site out of my sandals some years back. 😛

  101. I consider myself a leftist, though most politically conscious Europeans would probably call me a centrist. (In many European countries, our respectable Left would fall into their Center.)

    I was actually considering voting for Hill or Bern, whoever won the nomination.

    However, the more I learn about the Bernouts, and even Bern himself–and the more I see of free-lance leftist ideologues such as McEwan and her cult–the more I find myself seeking the center, which in this Presidential election means Hillary.

    Apologies in advance if I do this link wrongly.

  102. “…the Left loved Che Guevara, of course.”

    Plutocracy is a disease, for which Communism was a highly toxic quack remedy.

  103. Ivory Bill the problem with the bernouts is they are as much in love with authoritarianism as the right is. The tea nuts hide behind religion for theirs and the bernouts hide behind economic systems.

  104. Georgia, good point.

  105. Folks, the establishment of both parties are now at it with regards to polling. Sanders is suddenly 20% up in New Hampshire and Bush, who hasn’t polled above 5%, is now suddenly polling at 11.5 on Reuters.

    I guess we can now declare for both parties…..”Let the games begin.”

  106. Ivory Bill, McEwan is certainly a left wing idealogue, but this time around, she’s been fair to Hillary and has praised her on several occasions. She is NOT a Sanders fan. She is especially critical of his campaign staff and supporters. I would be surprised if she endorsed him.

  107. I think a lot of regular Democrats have stopped responding to pollsters. They have a life. Sanders supporters have a lot of free time to take polls.

  108. Picture this: Sicily, 1938….Oh wait that’s what Sophia would have said.

    Ok here goes. Two people get up and go to work because millions of people who aren’t working depend on them to get there. Adult Child is home, unemployed because he’s waiting for a CEO to tap him on the shoulder to be Lord Of THe Company. Landline phone rings. It’s Bloomberg doing a poll. They ask who the person will vote for. They say Bernie. Parents return home from work and start dinner for their special child.

    Scenario 2. Saturday. Parents working overtime to continue to supplement 28 year old so he can carry on his/her standard of living in another city. But the 15 year old is home watching Sci Fi movies after having voted 35 times in an online poll. Landline phone rings. It’s CNN doing a poll. They already know the parents are registered to vote. 15 year old pissant answers the phone and votes for Sanders in the poll. Yay Bernie!

  109. Speaking of Che Guevara! In 2008 a member of this blog quit when I made fun of Che! As you can imagine, I didn’t run after him.

  110. I had a Bernout tweet me and tell me I am the reason he will never vote for Hillary. He keyed Hillary’ acct on the remark. I looked at his profile and there he is all proud in his high school football Jersey.

    So I answer him,……..I won’t have to worry about that from 1 to 4 years since you have to be 18 to vote. I do hope HIll’s people got a kick out of that.

  111. I have something good to say about Sanders supporters: so far they have not threatened to kill me, unlike the Obots and Bushwaggers of past campaigns, but to quote “They Live”— the night is young.

  112. Uppity, that’s hilarious.

  113. @Brassy: I know McEwan is not a Bernout. That’s why I called her a “free-lance leftist ideologue”. 🙂

  114. Consider yourself lucky, Churl. You haven’t seen this blog’s Spam net.

  115. I don’t put much stock in blogger endorsements, although I think she will endorse Hillary. But I am remembering that POS Taylor Marsh, who saw dollar signs and threw her principles to the wind, doing a full 180 in 24 hours. She lost her followers in droves, they were banging into each other to find the exit. She blew it for a couple of cheap ads and Press Pass.

    McEwan hasn’t spent months endorsing one candidate only to flip in a matter of hours, she’s smarter than that. She’ll have the good sense to wait till Iowa is called at least. And she’ll put thought into it instead of considering what’s in it for her. Still, it’s always risky for a big blogger to endorse, but I guess they get used to being threatened.

    As to being sick of polls, I hear you. You cooperate with one poll and they will NEVER leave you alone. They sell your phone number faster than you can say Digitone Call Blocker. And they don’t just call you for political polls. They bother you for EVERYTHING. You are a big chain letter to them and unless you break the chain, you will never have peace. SO I answer NO polls. Been there. Done that.

  116. I feel the need to hear Glenn Frey

  117. I googled my middle school (in my day, we called it junior high) tormentor and there was his picture, carrying a rifle, astride some poor, bloodied deer, proudly sporting his Palin For President tee.
    People don’t really change.

  118. Upps, I have a confession to make. I am just not into the election this go-round as I was in 2008. I can already see the handwriting on the wall…so much seems similar to the 2008 primary. I just can’t go through that heartache again. I’ve got enough heartache and worries right now w/o this primary.

    My question…is it ok to still post here (NEVER negative Hillary) from time to time? Hope the answer is yes. If not, thank you and thanks to everyone else for being so good to me. Much appreciated and my apologies for the lack of enthusiasm.

  119. New video from Hillary:

  120. Well, hopefully Hillary will pull out Iowa and that will be the end of Bernie and the whole narrative about it’s 2008 again. I have to say I will not vote for Bernie though. There’s no point. He obviously doesn’t think much about women’s rights anymore than the GOP does going by what he’s been saying. He wants to fight against all the things women have been fighting for for years.

  121. If Sanders were ever treated with a tenth of the media skepticism and hard questioning accorded to Hillary, most of his support would disappear. The Republicans and their media will not lay a finger on him, desperately hoping that he gets the nomination, or at least drags this out. or even considers a third party run. The rest of the media acts like jealous schoolchidren who keep trying to “get” Hillary. How many debates have we had, and how many times has Sanders ever been questioned on his socialism, or how he thinks he is going to manage to get any of his vague legislation passed by a Congress dominated by tea party people? None?

    Sanders would be anathema to any Democratic candidate running for Congress outside of Vermont. The Republicans might even manage a veto-proof majority, if they even needed it. I cannot even want to try to imagine how awful things would be in thie country and the planet as a whole, if the Republicans gained that kind of generational control.

    Sue, I wanted to let you know that I bought the book you thought highly of, “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” by Neil Postman. I am sure that one can even extrapolate from the points made, to so many current realities

  122. With respect to endorsements, this is a refreshing dose of reality. It’s a summary of endorsements, weighted by position, by governors and members of Congress, current within the last two weeks.

    So far:
    Hillary Clinton 458
    Bernie Sanders 2
    Martin O’Malley 1

    But I can already hear the Bernout and media spin: “That she-devil may have a few more endorsements – BUT HE’S 100% AHEAD OF THE OTHER CANDIDATE!!!!”

  123. Who is McEwan?

  124. Blogger. Shakesville. Damn good writer too.

  125. The other day ole Bernie attacked Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood as part of the “establishment” he’s fighting–just because they both endorsed Hillary. There was quite a bit of “WTF?” on social media but probably not enough to hurt him with the deluded souls who support him. Someone on Twitter cracked that Trayvon Martin’s mom must be a tool of the establishment too.

    Up, I also think Bernie is a con man. That’s worse than being a socialist. I call him a snake oil salesman. Like any good con man, he has an easy time attracting marks. Even some journos who agree with his agenda have started to wonder where the beef is since he really doesn’t have plans. He has slogans and bumper stickers. Someone described his newly minted single payer plan as “a seven page high school term paper.”

  126. Brassy, yesterday was hilarious on Twitter. the #ImSoEstablishment hashtag trended!

  127. Sophie, those tweets are fabulous! Thanks! Off to NAMM Show! Have a great day everyone!

  128. William, let me know if you like the book (it’s dated but the principles are sound) and I think of the title every time I chance upon a Trump rally.
    You might also like “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?” by Timothy Caulfield.
    I’m looking forward to your next essay, as always.

  129. Saw Hillary interviewed by Wolf. I know what it is and I recognize when I see it. The Killer Instinct. She doesn’t have it.

    He gave her plenty of openings.

  130. Voting, bless your heart, of COURSE you can post here!

    Must say I feel a bit of the same way. If Hillary wants my enthusiasm she’s going to have to get some herself first. She’s going to have to prove to me she’s got what it takes to win. So far, she hasn’t done that.

    Hillary knows how to govern. But before you can govern, you have to show you can win. You can win without being able to govern effectively, but you can’t govern effectively if you can’t win first.

  131. Part of Hillary’s interview with Wolf:

  132. Yes, Hillary missed important opportunities in the above segment with Wolf. Maybe she was having an off day.

  133. Can I still post here?

  134. I didn’t see the interview, and the limitations of my computer make it difficult to watch videos online. I’m assuming that the “openings” were with regard to Sanders. I don’t know what the poll numbers are showing. I am pretty confident that Hillary will be able to win almost all of the major primaries after New Hampshire. It is certainly possible that she and her campaign people have decided that to go all-out against Sanders, and to try to destroy his credibility, would have more negative consequences than positive ones. Maybe that is a mistake, maybe not.

    I thought that Hillary was pretty tough against Obama last time, and I did not see it doing her any good. Obama was impervious to any criticism because his campaign simply called it racism, in one way or another. In this instance, attacks on Sanders are called “desperate,” “shrill,” or any variety of adjectives by the media.. If Hillary is almost certain to win the nomination, then she doesn’t need that, nor the threat of a Sanders third-party bid. Now, if there is a chance that by going easy on Sanders, she helps him win primaries, it is a risky approach. Ideally, I would prefer that she defeat Sanders in a reasonably collegial manner, and then go all out against the Republicans and their nominee. It makes it easier to do that if she doesn’t use that tactic at this stage.

  135. Hillary has to tread carefully on Bernie, and Obama for that matter. Personally, I don’t know how she holds it together. I’d be yelling more than Bernie.

  136. Hillary is trending up in Iowa and Sanders is moving down. I think she doesn’t need to go after Sanders but her surrogates have been ripping him to shreds dropping all his baggage out there for the world to see. I will be damn glad when Iowa is over with so the press can quit fluffing Sanders.

  137. Very insightful and reassuring comments, William, imust, and Ga.

    I’m going to give myself 1 star for my comments about the CNN interview.

  138. It’s starting to dawn on the political class that Bernie is not going to be the nominee simply because after all this time he has not been able to expand his political appeal. The only people he appeals to are the Bernouts and the only place there are more Bernouts than IA and NH is Vermont.

  139. Don’t know how I missed it, but I didn’t see the IAmSoEstablishment thang going on. Doh me.

  140. Everybody is making fun of Bernie now. After railing against the establishment he’s now backing off what he said and Hillary hit him with he’s been in Washington longer than she has which is true.

  141. He never looked more socialist than when he attacked PP and HRC. Despots threaten people who don’t worship them.

  142. What is the IAmSoEstablishment thing? Is it something the Bernie supporters are using against Hillary?

  143. No Beata, the opposite. Hillary supporters are mocking the Sandernistas for supporting Bernie’s rant against PP and HRC as the political “establishment”. Bernie said that’s the reason they endorsed Hillary b/c they’re all part of the establishment.

  144. imust, thank you for that explanation. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter so I often miss these things. I don’t know how either PP or the HRC can be characterized as part of “the establishment”. It’s absurd. PP is always fighting to continue to exist!

  145. This quote from Bill Clinton speaking in NH may help explain why Hillary was more subtle in her remarks about Bernie Sanders during her interview with Wolf Blitzer yesterday:

    “The former president’s approach was not to berate Sanders’ supporters or dispute their existence; it was, in classic Clinton fashion, to feel their pain. ‘People who feel left out and left behind — they should be mad, and they should feel left out and left behind,’ Clinton said. But — and this is increasingly the central message of the Clinton campaign — ‘what they need now is not anger but answers.’ ”

  146. Would #NotAngerButAnswers be a good hashtag?

  147. Can’t believe nobody’s clicking on that polls link.

  148. Answers not anger is actually brilliant. I hope they go with it.

  149. Wow, you DON”T fuck with Emily’s list! (In fact, Bernie’s trolls were all over their pages and timelines when Emily’s List endorsed Hillary. They had no clue what the organization was even about. Let me say that again: Bernie Sanders’ supporters were not aware of Emily’s List’s mission and work yet were trolling and demanding their endorsement.)

  150. I love Answers Not Anger!
    As satisfying as it might feel to us, no woman is going to win the Presidency by shouting and waving her arms.
    Nah gonna happen.

  151. I clicked, Upps. CNN has been pimping their poll for twenty four hours and it’s such an outlier, I can hear Wolf-using his concerned voice-asking Dana Bash’s husband, “where did we go wrong?”

  152. I do wish the geniuses at CNN would explain how Sanders gets a 9 point lead when according to the same poll, she leads by 17 points with people who caucused in 2008–and that’s a universe of voters she LOST in 2008. The new voter turnout would have to be so spectacular that we’ve never seen anything like it before.

    Meh. Nate Silver dismisses this poll as “loosely screened”. To say the least!

    Up, I know you want Hillary to rip the old fart a new one. And she would like to, I’m sure, but that would be unwise at this point. You say she missed openings. Another way of looking at it is that she won’t let interviewers bait her into making a costly mistake or put words in her mouth. Look how Sanders effed up the other night by attacking PP and HRC. And for Hillary the fallout would be MUCH worse–plus as William pointed out she would be described as panicking. Not worth it. She will win and must think about uniting the party.

  153. My favorite headline of the day (maybe the campaign so far) comes from The Los Angeles Times:”Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Offer Democrats An Imperfect Choice.” Unlike all those other “perfect” choices we usually have, I guess. I swear the media is dumber than a bag of rocks.

  154. Well, look at the bright side with that CNN poll. It’s probably going to depress turnout for the bernouts because they are going to think they don’t need to show up at the caucus.

  155. Brassy Rebel, was that the article by Doyle McManus? I happened to read it while I was taking out lunch, and someone had discarded it. I used to really like the Times back in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s, but I stopped subscribing years ago, fof various reasons, including not liking its political slants. McManus is a decent reporter, usually.

    Anyway, the article I read was about Sanders being the equivalent of the Powerball ticket (great payoff, long odds) and Hillary being like a money market fund (not exciting, but your money won’t disappear). I found this so irritating that I was going to write a reply, but decided it wouldn’t be worth it. Unlike a powerball ticket, where the odds are about 50 million to one against winning, Sanders has zero chance to implement any of his “programs.” So not only would he lose, he would destroy the Democrats downticket. And if by some amazing chance he won, he still couldn’t get anything done, and we would just wait for the Republicans to get the veto-proof majority in 2018. Hillary is more liberal domestically than Obama, she was in 2008 as well. So this “unexciting candidate” theme is utterly ignorant and ridiculous.

    Uppity, I wrote an essay for you a few days ago, you may have missed it. if you thought it might be a bit controversial, that’s fine; I can write a different one in a while.

  156. I don’t think it was Doyle McManus, William. I would have recognized the name. It was a reporter, David Something Or Other. But I didn’t spend any time on it because the header was so stupid.

  157. No I didn’t see it, William. I am more than a little remiss about emails.


  158. Well, well, well.

    JFK Daughter, Caroline Kennedy (Ambassador To Japan), Endorsed Hillary Clinton.

  159. That’s nice. Considering she’s a dimwit.

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