Hey! I found the perfect song for Bernie’s next Sandernista Ad !


Unicorn Poop.

I’m sure most of  Bernie’s followers in All-White Fraternity Dude Nation know about and “Love That Rascal Puff” – as well as his bloc of 14 year-olds on Twitter. And they all LOVE LOVE LOVE the thought of living in the late 60s-Early 70s. Why, one of them tweeted that they are going to make Congress do whatever Bernie says by marching on DC  and campuses just like in the 60s. They’re gonna get them their free unicorn that craps gold nuggets or else!

Selfishly, the girls on campuses would catch a break if they did go on a massive march somewhere, as the campus rape rate will go way down. Otherwise, the girls, whom they respect as equals of course,  can come along and make the sandwiches.

Of course, nobody told my Sandernista tweeters who long for those Old Days about those National Guard people who showed up and ruined all the fun in the 60s with those big guns and powerful water hoses, but nevermind.  I did mention Kent State at one point, but I got this strange silence, the equivalent of a blank stare, I guess.

I did mention that our government has three branches for Checks and Balances, but they seem to think that’s no problem either, Bernie is just going to go around them.

All Righty then.


Unicorn Selfie

If this isn’t the Twinkles Up OWS crowd that raped girls in their free LL Bean tents in between tossing paper airplanes at Wall Street, and who packed up and left their camp site the minute it wasn’t summertime any longer, then I’m Cleopatra.

If these aren’t the same lazy-assed OWS  freeloaders who complained when those Homeless freeloaders showed  up to eat their freeloaded food, then I can grow pineapples in New York. My only regret is not betting money that, when they said they would be back in the Spring, they wouldn’t.

The Revolution will begin again as soon as the weather is warm. As soon as my smart phone gets cracked, I’m Outta Here.

Ok then. Onto Bernie’s next ad model:


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  1. Love it!!! Bravo!!!
    I can visualize the ad right now. Free college! Free healthcare! Vote for Bernie the Magic Dragon! Live in Honali RENT FREE!

    And now….LIVE from Honali……

    *warning may cause psychedelic mushroom flashbacks..

  2. I was thinking more like…

  3. Ha! Better! Can’t you picture the ad with a Bernie Bus driving through Iowa!

  4. Did someone say psychedelic mushrooms?

  5. That’s funny Beata, but I think some bots see that as a positive ad for Bernie!

  6. LOL, imust, you are probably right about that! I just thought it was hilarious.

  7. If I weren’t tired right now, I have this satire in my head.

    Michael Bloomberg is considering an independent run for President because we don’t have enough Crabby Old White Guys running for President.

  8. Fuck Bernie Sanders

  9. I will complete my 53rd solar orbit in May.

    That makes me just barely old enough to remember “Democrats for Nixon” back in 1972.

    I wonder if Bloomberg has secret support from the GOP Establishment, because, like the Democratic Establishment in 1972, they would rather lose the White House this time than lose their control over their Party.

    I expect quite a few Republicans would prefer President H. R. Clinton to President Cruz or President Trump. 😛

  10. Unicorn poop is perfect. Maybe the bernouts will eat it for breakfast.

  11. Thanks, Sophie. A lot of people here won’t believe it, but I think it’s pretty obvious that Obama wants Hillary to succeed him. And he didn’t want Biden to run. A couple of weeks ago, Eric Holder endorsed Hillary and campaigned with her in South Carolina. He’s MUCH closer to Obama than Biden.

    I am also annoyed at Bernie’s arrogance (bordering on misogyny) in constantly claiming only he has enthusiasm and energy among his supporters. It’s insulting.

  12. Throwback Monday
    “aggressive and overly ambitious”

  13. Bloomberg running would be a serious problem. He would take more votes from Hillary than the Republicans. His support would be confined to states where Democrats heed to win. The right-wing Deep South and Border states would still go Republican. Bloomberg could throw Florida to the Republicans. Such a campaign would be a terrible idea, completely grandiose, because he could not win, just inadvertently help the right-wing Republican candidate to win. He was a good mayor of New York. He has immense amounts of money, and he owns media outlets. Surely he can find something more helpful to do for the country than allow the Republicans to destroy it.

  14. William, I think he said he would only run if Bernie got Dem nomination. That said, it’s not helpful that he’s inserting himself now. But I don’t think he’d have much appeal beyond NYC.

  15. I’m not going to worry about Bloomberg now.

    Trump-Bloomberg…==…….financial Rodan against financial Godzilla.

  16. Doesn’t Michael Bloomberg play this game during every Presidential election? He never actually gets in the race. He prefers to sit on a park bench with the ghosts of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. #BecauseCrabby.

    I’m waiting for another Crabby Old White Guy, Jerry Brown, to hint he may run. I can see it coming. He’s just 77 and in the prime of his life.

  17. The Bloomberg stuff is just BS. He only runs if we’re stupid enough to nominate Bernie because he might actually have a chance of winning against Bernie and Trump. He could capture the votes of un-angry America. His chance of winning with Hillary in the mix is completely negated AND if he did run against her he would probably pick up mostly disgruntled Republicans.

  18. I think Bloomberg is more whiny than crabby. Bernie yells; Bloomberg whines.

  19. Up, he almost apologizes for ’08 tactics. Almost. Blames supporters and staff. Whatever!

  20. Encouraging thoughts on Bloomberg, and I do hope that he does not run.

    The interview with President Obama was really quite amazing. Not only does he clearly favor Hillary, but he even admits that Hillary was unfairly treated in the 2008 race, and (without specifically saying that, of course) that his staff was quick to try to play the race card, and thus make it impossible for her to capture any African-American votes in the primaries. Of course this admission does not make up for the reality of what happened, but it is still encouraging to see him acknowledge it. Actually, it appears to be the best interview that he has ever done.

  21. Bloomberg vs Trump reminds me of those old cult Rodan vs.Godzilla movies. Two Obscenely rich idjits fighting it out.

  22. Well take heart gang. Imust has a relevant post coming to your theater soon.

  23. Yeah Rebel he did apologize for 2008. It was clear. Frankly, i was stunned. I’m waiting to find a video of it just to make sure I heard what i think I heard. Admitted the press favored him too.

  24. I’ll bet you that vulture Joe The Pity won’t endorse her though. He’s lurking.

  25. bloomers is just upset because he has no press and nobody is worhipping him. Another narcissist.

  26. Heh-heh, save all this Bloomberg talk for another day 🙂 (Bloomers!)

  27. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this headline:
    Obama Says Bernie Sanders’ Proposals Haven’t Been Properly Vetted Yet


  28. Bernie HIMSELF hasn’t been vetted. He will be dead meat when he is.

    Anybody tuning in to the town hall meeting starting now?

  29. Bernie’s on first so I’m watching Scorpion.

  30. This just in Twitterers:

    #‎DemTownHall‬ is trending. They show @HillaryClinton as associated. Please remember to add ‪#‎ImWithHer‬ (per Clinton’s Digital Director) and @HillaryClinton and #DemTownHall in your tweets – that is if you want them to count toward the analytics for CNN’s announcement after the Town Hall?


  32. Scorpion. CBS.

  33. *Talks Imust down from the roof*

  34. She.Was.Simply.Amazing

    Watching Hillary tonight made it worth the torture of sitting through Sanders and ‘Owhatchacallit……I forgot all about them as I listened to our next President of the United States Hillary Clinton!

  35. He should use Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Déjà vu for his next ad. Every time I hear one of his speeches, I can swear I’ve heard it before.

  36. Bernie ad after he loses Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada and barely manages a narrow win in New Hampshire:

  37. No Simon & Garfunkel background music, just and decades of a solid, CONSISTENT progressive helping to make the world a better place. She’s ALWAYS approved this message.

    btw, S & G couldn’t given keep themselves together, not sure how they’re going to unite a country.

  38. Good piece by Ruby Cramer

    Hillary Clinton Wants To Talk To You About Love And Kindness


  39. When one of Bernie’s freaks has CUNT as his only noun, that’s when i say Fuck the Kindness.

  40. Thanks for sharing, Sophie.
    That was a great article about Hillary-one of the best.

  41. WordPress is really acting up, today. I can only get here through Google.

  42. I can’t believe there are morons insisting that Bernie is providing detailed policy plans and Hillary has not. They only have to listen to both candidates or go to their Web sites and read. They would easily see that Sanders has a bag full of vaporware while Hillary has real, detailed, achievable plans. Why are people willfully ignorant? Why do so many people fall for the Penis selling the Unicorns?

  43. Whoa.

    “Chirlane and I are proud to head to Iowa, roll up our sleeves and work to get out the vote for Hillary,” de Blasio said in a statement.


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