Breaking!! There’s A Shortage!

Yes, Breaking News!!! There’s a shortage in this country! Something must be done. Stat!

What’s that you say? Food? Water? Energy? No, no! It’s much, much worse than that! Brace yourselves……there’s a shortage of Grumpy, old white males running for president!

Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 5.41.48 PM

Shock! Horror! Say it isn’t so! The humanity! What WILL we do???  I know, I’m surprised too.

Fear not, fellow citizens. One man. One brave, courageous man is stepping up to the plate. Michael Bloomberg. Yes, you read that right, Michael Bloomberg will save us. During a crisis of epic proportion! To combat an inexplicable and historic shortage of ego and testosterone. Michael Bloomberg will make the supreme sacrifice.

Washington (CNN) Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seriously considering a possible independent presidential run and is looking at making a decision sometime in March, two sources familiar with Bloomberg’s thinking told CNN on Saturday.


Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 5.36.28 PM

But we have a strong, intelligent and experienced Democratic candidate already running you say? Sec. Hillary Clinton!

Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 5.52.15 PM


Tsk, tsk, she is just a mere woman, meant for running the ground games and doing all the hard work of getting grumpy old men elected. Plus, she can make sandwiches and get coffee for everyone too!

Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 5.47.00 PM

So now add Mr. Bloomberg to the small but mighty list of potential grumpy, white male presidents of these here United States of America.

Screen shot 2015-09-08 at 7.31.54 PM

His Entitleship Sanders of Hanolee aka:  “Puff”


Screen shot 2015-12-08 at 2.10.32 PM

His Entitleship Trump of the Immigrants








Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 6.01.59 PM

His Entitleship ‘Owhatshisname


Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 6.10.53 PM

His Dynastyship Jeb “the smart one”!







Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 6.16.30 PM

Lord of the Bridges Chrispy Cream



Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 6.24.36 PM

Lord in Waiting, Joe of CreditCardLand










Rest easy America. Tuck your children safely into their beds tonight. The White Male Privilege lives on!


Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 6.40.49 PM

Make me a sammich woman!

I now return you to your regular programming……




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  1. Damns, Upps. I’ve missed you.

  2. Well done, imust.

    I hear Ross Perot is considering entering the race if one of his daughters isn’t planning a wedding soon. He’s only 85.

  3. Perfect!

  4. LOL Beata, hey maybe Ralph Nader could jump in….er…shuffle in. He’s a youngster at 81 compared to Ross Perot!

    Oh! Oh! On the GOP side, how ’bout George HW Bush! Yeah! He’s only served one term, he can legally run again at age 91! But we really need to find someone 92 or greater, that way we could have a grumpy, white male president actually turn 100 years old in office!!

  5. Lewis Black has the answer….vote Reagan! 🙂

  6. ROFL Voting!!!! Even better! I never even thought of that! Hilarious! Perfect way to find another untapped demographic to screw women out of the first woman president! But Reagan, has served 2 terms. Maybe he could get around the constitution because it it would be his first term as a non living president! OR! Ted Kennedy might want to get into the action again! Yeah, he’s probably rolling over in the grave, still angry that he didn’t beat Jimmih Carter back in 1980!

    Weekend at Bernie’s on steroids! Weekend at Ronnie’s or Teddy’s I guess.

  7. Hey, I know you all have seen the Trump/Fox war going on about the debate….want to have some fun?

    Starting tweeting Fox and ask why Carly isn’t in the slot open by Trump since Randy Paulie SKIPPED the last debate.

    Let’s add to the havoc/fun!

  8. LOL! Voting! I’ve been suggesting on twitter that FOX replace Megyn Kelley….with Rosie O’Donnell.

  9. imust, or Cher, Bette Midler,JOY BEHAR. ROFL.

  10. How about the whole crew at the View! LOL!

  11. Great post, imust.

  12. imust, that won’t work to have the whole crew of the View because by the time they get done “discussing” what question they want to ask, the debate will be over! ROFL!

  13. Hilarious post, imust! Maybe Darth Cheney will decide to be president, and the rest of the grumpy old men can be his storm troopers–I mean, his cabinet. (Darth Vader theme playing…)

  14. I’ve been suggesting on twitter that FOX replace Megyn Kelley….with Rosie O’Donnell.

    OMG that is deliciously sinister.

    Donald does nothing unless it benefits him. I’m sure he’s got something up his sleeve.

  15. Old Coastie!!!!! How are youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  16. ROFLMAO! Grumpy Old Men….let me think…Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon are both dead. Is Larry King available?

  17. Taegan Goddard is reporting that the NYT says that both campaigns admit that “Hillary has pulled ahead” in Iowa and that Sanders is contemplating “going negative”. I just thought WTF because Sanders has been negative for quite a while now.

  18. LOL Brassy! Good picks! John McCain might as well get back in the game too since this is the year of the Old Grumpy Guy.

  19. Ga., last night Bernie was here in Minnesota holding big rallies. I thought, fine, he should be on ground in Iowa. If he’s wasting time here, okay by me. Then I saw he was going back to hq to meet with his brain trust (lol) to decide on strategy. Didn’t sound good for them. And yes. He’s been negative for a long time. Btw, Iowa hates negative at the end. 😀

  20. Ammon Bundy, the “patriotic” anarchist and terrorist has been arrested along with 7 other of his fellow assholes. The spokesman for the whole bunch has been shot dead. Randy Bundy has been wounded.

  21. I’m OK Uppity…. clicking along in a similar vein to your issues, but recuperating nicely. 🙂

  22. For all of his posturing, Sanders proves he’s just another calculating politician. When he thought he was behind in NH he whined to Rachel Maddow;

    SANDERS: Well, look, you know, when the Republicans do primetime debates they get 20 million, 25 million people watching it. When we have debates, the one here in Iowa was literally on the night of a huge football game. It was Iowa State versus the University of Iowa. Probably the worst time that you could possibly schedule a debate.

    If we want to win in November, it is important that the American people hear our ideas. And debates are one way that millions of people can hear our ideas and hear the differences between the candidates.

    So, I think we have got to do a lot better than that.
    So now that he has the lead in some polls, he wants to AVOID the very thing he WHINED for…
    “Hillary Clinton’s campaign says she’ll participate in the debate, to be hosted by MSNBC and the Union Leader newspaper, if her competitors do. But Bernie Sanders’ campaign says he has no plans to attend a debate not approved by the party. Martin O’Malley plans to participate. The debate is scheduled for Feb. 4.”

    When you’re behind you want to debate, but when you’re ahead you avoid…It’s standard operating procedure in electoral politics, and Sanders just outed himself as nothing more than a typical pol…

  23. This might just be a watershed day in the 2016 election. Trump is being ridiculed as “Donald Duck” and Sanders has shown that he’s just another politician, and a hypocrite to boot!
    We all know that when Sanders gets his ass handed to him on Monday night, he will change his tune about debating on the 4th, if he doesn’t cave in before then. But, this could be the day we all look back on as the day the two “anger candidates” jumped the shark…

  24. Oh Coastie, sorry to hear that!!!! You’re magnetized now, hey? What’s up with that? Bypass surgery?

  25. I think Bernie got himself ripped a new…….well you know. He visited with Obama today and now he’s saying he didn’t really mean he wanted to dismantle anything Obama did, um um…….he really wants to um…un… build on it. Yes that’s right…um..

  26. Bernie’s campaign advisor: If you run a negative ad, your campaign is dead.

  27. Nice Hill video

  28. Has this been posted and I missed it? I won’t be erased?

  29. boy that’s a great piece imust.

  30. imust, this is the best summation of 2008 and 2016:

    “I’ve come to feel passion for Clinton herself, and for what I see as a movement that supports her, even though only Sanders is judged a “movement” candidate. I believe she’s evolved back to be the progressive Democrat she used to be, more progressive than her liberal husband. Some of my feelings remain defensive, but in a warmer sense: I really don’t want to see her abused again. I’m tired of seeing her confronted by entitled men weighing in on her personal honesty and likability, treating the most admired woman in the world like a woman who’s applying to be his secretary. I’m stunned anew by the misogyny behind the attacks on her, and her female supporters, including my daughter. I’m sick of the way so many Sanders supporters, most of them men, feel absolutely no compunction to see things through female Clinton supporters’ eyes, or to worry they might have to court us down the road, take special care not to alienate us lest we sit the race out in November, if our candidate loses.”

  31. I agree Voting.

  32. I read the Nation piece, which was pretty good, considering the Nation is bernbot central, and I’m not really a fan of Walsh. Glad to see she is finally making her own decisions instead of bending to the winds of political correctness. There was a comment by a man at the top that was really excellent. Sounded almost like Upps. The other comments were bernouts.

    I can’t wait til Monday is over.

  33. Upps @ 4:33pm: love that irony!

  34. Just a few comments on Hillary and (so-called) Democrats…

    As some may recall, some months ago I stated my continuing and unflinching support for Hillary while also adding a caveat…

    I worry.

    Well, I still worry. And it is not Trump that I fret, nor any other grotesque clown that may eventually rise from the Republican swamp to challenge Hillary – no, it is the Democrats that I worry about.

    In 2008 (we lived it, remember?) it was the Obamabots. In 2016 it is the Bernbots. A certain segment of (so-called) Democrats seem to happily and blindly ally themselves with ANYONE but Hillary Clinton.

    (Especially, of course, if that anyone has a penis.)

    We lived this story. We lived the hate. We lived the injustice and corruption of the primary process. And, as for me, I still…

    Do not forget. Do not forgive.

    Yes, I realize that we will need some of those former Obama quislings, and some of these delusional Bernie idolaters, to help get Hillary enough votes. But, lest we forget, it was many of the very same (so-called) Democrats who stole Hillary’s rightful 2008 nomination.

    In other words, with apologies to Will Shakes, I come not to praise Obama and Bernie (and their supporters) – but to bury them.

    And it is only with fingers firmly holding my nose shut that I will stoop to accept their eventual approbation. For, if not for many of them…

    Hillary Rodham Clinton would right now be finishing her historic 8 years as our first female president, rather than still fighting her own ungrateful party for the chance to even begin.

    That said, regardless of Iowa or New Hampshire, I remain highly confident that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee come the general election. But, can she win? Of course, but…

    I worry.

    Not so much about her Republican enemies, but even more about her (so-called) Democratic “friends”.

    Hillary 2016

  35. Wise thoughts, Rev Vet. I think secretly we all sitting on the same hot rocks you mention. There is no reason to Trust. And you are right, these are basically the same pissants from 2008, plus new ones. Plus a lot of underage little shits trolling the net for the guy who pretends he can give them a unicorn that craps gold nuggets. This is a lazy generation waiting for everyone else to bankroll them for no other reason than their entitled little selves exist. But even more important, we must glance over at our party people to make sure there isn’t yet another sinister plan afloat.

    And I despise Joe Biden. I can FEEL him lurking like a vulture. I can feel his breath on Hillary’s neck….

  36. FWIW Pelosi dissed Bernie’s plans. I know she’s popular with the left cliff. The frat boys will be calling her that most frequently used C word by them by Noon.

  37. For those of us on social media, Peter Daou has a new hashtag #WeWon’t Be Erased, based on the last sentence of Walsh’s piece. It was already trending just a couple of hours after he introduced it…cause, you know, she has no enthusiastic supporters.

  38. Laat night while talking to Hillary by phone, Chris Matthews (of all people!) remarked that a lot of Sanders’ success seems to hinge on promising young people especially “a lot of free stuff”.

    It would be very ironic if this election proved Mitt Romney was right and that Democrats really do just want “free stuff” from the government.

  39. Checking in here – glad to catch up. Had a death in the family a week ago so I’m dealing with that.
    Had to post a piece posted on FB by a friend of mine. You won’t agree with all his points, but damn, I think you will high-five-him more often than not.

    (Of course, BernieBots had a total screeching meltdown over this)


    “Why I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton; The Smell of Napalm the Morning of November 9, 2016”
    By Jerry Saltz

    I think Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate running by a long shot; the most qualified candidate to run in many years.
    I even think she’s a little bit bad-ass. But I am old.
    I think Clinton running against either Trump or Cruz spells a very possible 50-State Clinton victory.
    And the complete destruction of the Republican Party for a generation.

    Six quick points about her qualifications:

    1. What is now known as Obamacare was originally called HillaryCare. The attacks on her were relentless; far more than leveled at Obama. And Democrats all folded and left her holding the bag. Her plan was single-payer – and the basis of RomneyCare.
    2. Tasked with the almost impossible job of cleaning up the Bush-Cheney Wars and the numerous alliances that they destroyed, as Secretary of State her diligence and people’s belief in *her* made at least a partial reboot possible. This with non-stop push-back from the Rupert Murdoch media empire (can we ship ONE immigrant back to his country!?), FoxNews, WSJ, talk-radio.
    3. She is a decades-long warrior in the War on Women; she has done more for women’s rights worldwide perhaps than more any American politician. Ever.
    4. She is a steadfast supporter of Planned Parenthood and abortion rights. Her three or four Supreme Court picks will help turn back the Republican tide on this issue and many other social issues that we all believe in.
    5. All polls suggest that at least 80% of African-Americans and Asian-Americans support Hillary over Bernie. Over anyone else running. The number is even higher with Hispanics. (That is part of the coalition that elected Obama.) To suggest that Hillary is “bad for poor people” or into “crony capitalism” or “has no integrity” is to completely write-off these people as not-knowing-enough to know what’s good for them. That has a whiff of ‪#‎WhitePrivilege‬.
    6. Hate me for this: She’s a woman and our side – if we lose – will not get this chance again soon. Especially not with a candidate this experienced who can win all the Blue States and a batch of purple ones; who has already been in the White House for eight years, was the Secretary of State for four years, and a New York State senator for six. (Maybe she’ll let New York City adopt the Pirate Flag as our city flag.)

    About Bernie: I like him a lot. However, America is not prepared to elect a self-defined “Socialist.”
    C’mon! We have to get at least a little bit real.
    Crucial states like Pennsylvania and Ohio or Florida or New Jersey are not prepared to elect a self-defined “Socialist.”

    Six points against Sanders that I think should give those about to vote for him pause. I need to ask what has he ever actually *done* except say what we want to hear (and that NARAL and Planned Parenthood are part of the “establishment.”) It’s like hiring the nicest person for the job. Or Leonard Lopate. (Please see Jonathan Chait in New York Magazine.)

    1. Sanders talks about only “modest gains of the Affordable Care Act.” This is a very churlish assessment of a law that has already reduced the number of uninsured Americans by 20 million. A law that our side has tried unsuccessfully for 40 years to put in place. Moreover, Sanders has promised to install a national single-payer plan without even a remotely plausible prospect for doing so. He could not even get very-liberal Vermont to get to go along with him when he tried that – twice!

    2. Against all odds Obama has engineered enormous change. On almost every front. Sanders’ claim that “meaningful change is impossible without a revolutionary transformation that eliminates corporate power” is patently false. And it an unelectable strategy/platform. Particularly as whoever wins the Presidency will find Republicans keeping the House and likely the Senate. Most of the “revolutionary transformation” he talks about accomplishing through executive orders are *NOT* even subject to the executive actions he says – making these claims disingenuous.

    3. Back to Socialism. It’s a demonstrable fact that Americans respond to “socialism” with overwhelming negativity. Whatever your ideals look it up; think closely about it.

    4. Sanders has difficulty addressing issues outside his economic populism wheelhouse. And is not as strong on Gun Control.

    5. The last two times a political party tried this type of “righteous indignation” outsider vote were the Goldwater and McGovern campaigns. Both times the results were disastrous and wrecked a Party. The Democrats are very lucky that the Republican Party is close to falling in line for a Trump/Cruz Goldwater candidate.

    6. As a pragmatist I ask why risk losing the presidency by embracing a politically radical doctrine that stands zero-chance of enactment even it wins? Should I add that at 75 he is by far the oldest person ever to run for the office.

    Along the lines of not gamboling away this unique situation: I think Civil War has come to the Republican Party. Trump is the John Brown of their party. Brown was an ardent white antislavery abolitionist who believed armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the US. (In 1859 he led a raid on a federal armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. He was tried for treason and hanged.) Brown broke and unleashed the final blockage to the conflagration that led to the Civil War. That’s Donald Trump; the nativist splitting the Republican Party in such a way that it can never come back together. Cruz is their George Wallace; someone who will lose them all but their most zealous supporters and is hated by all mainstream politicians. He is a virus that destroys the Republican brand, probably for good. What we are seeing is a real split due to their hate, ineptitude, charlatanism, profligacy, intolerance, and stoking more and more radical racial fires. I think a Clinton candidacy would finally tear that party asunder. I hear the mission bell ringing the morning of November 9, 2016. The end of Right Wing.
    The Republican destruction could come this year!
    My 2016 Clinton vote is 100% pragmatism in real time. Blunt Realism. (With blood politics mixed in.)
    I. Want. To. Win. Big. Total. Final.
    A Clinton candidacy puts that in our reach.

    Of course she’s a flawed candidate! If the email thing implodes it’s all over. But I’m with Eileen Myles on this: “I’m supporting Hillary because I just want to see a woman sit in the White House once before this empire falls down.” And my God-Daughter, Lena Dunham saying “The way that Hillary Clinton has been talked about in the media is so gendered and rabidly sexist in every single portrayal.” Hatred turns hard in America. Hillary is treated worse than any candidate in my life-time. Like a chew toy.

    As for me: I am a second wave Feminist.
    I want to live to see the first woman President. I want her to be in charge. Flaws and all.
    I also harbor an old belief that no one on this earth is hated more than women.
    No one. And that this hatred is hard-wired into us, primitive, primal. Deep. No one supporting Bernie is necessarily misogynist or self-hating.

    But consider the last time “our side” splintered in 2000:
    Over 80% of Ralph Nadar’s voters were male.
    Over 90% were white.
    This helped elect the worst President and Vice-President in US. history.

    The patterns are there again:
    Today over 55% of Bernie’s supporters are male. (That number is said to be higher.)
    Over 75% are white. (That number is also said to be higher.)
    This should tell us something.

    Again, I’m old. I have bad binaries ground into my thinking. I believe that we men sometimes vote too much from our heads, our “big ideas,” big principles, abstractions.
    Women have “big ideas,” principles, integrity, and all the rest. Obviously.
    But, in my antiquated way I believe that women *ALSO* vote from their bodies.
    They know in their bones that in elections bodies are on the line. Not just “ideas.”
    (If I had a daughter I’d find it unimaginable to risk a Republican winning the White House right now. Beyond unimaginable.)
    To risk this strikes me even as reckless. But, you know where I’m coming from. This isn’t an accusation.

    My voting history? In 2007 I wanted Obama over Clinton. That is because Clinton tragically triangulated and voted for the Iraq War. In 2008 “our side” could not have a candidate who voted for the War. It was that simple.
    Now? She has “apologized” for that vote over and over; as have most Democrats. They were all asses.

    Since I’m already so far down my second wave identity politics lane it’s worth keeping mind that America selected a black man over a woman. Think about that for a moment.
    I love Obama.
    But part of that old-old deep hatred of women, an altering of the standards, is more than in play right now.
    I think all the people running down Obama are totally wrong.
    I think Obama is one of the greatest Presidents in US history. Period.
    (I mean no one on “our side” even thought he’d be able to save the American car industry! I hate most American cars.) Let alone fix so much of the tragic damage done by Republicans between 2000, when this country had a Clinton-surplus of 100s of billions, to 2008, and their destruction of the US economy.

    On the night Obama was elected in 2008 I wrote on my Facebook that a younger generation would now have to become disappointed in new ways.
    Obama talked about “putting aside childish things.”

    I think that with total victory in our grasp it is time to reconsider that.

    This isn’t to convince anyone not vote for Bernie. Debate is great. I don’t begrudge anyone from our side voting for Bernie. I agree with him on a lot too. But as artist Matthew Weinstein wrote ” I agree with Cher on most issues. I don’t want her to be president.”

    When I was young I voted for an insurgent candidate too – Dick Gregory; look him up; amazing guy. With that vote I helped elect Richard Nixon.
    If this has to happen again it has to happen.
    I will say that I tend to think of this kind of abstract vote is grounded in complacency and privilege.
    I am NOT accusing anyone here of casting votes that way; just my older Feminism kicking in.
    I am completely committed to my pragmatist, vengeance-seeking, bad-ass – even Identity Politics vote.
    I want the smell of napalm in the morning of November 9, 2016 when Hillary beats the Republicans. For good.
    It will smell like … … victory.

  40. There are a lot of men who support Hillary. There would have to be, for her to win. If that stupid college-age guy with the self-satisfied smirk who asked the incredibly rude question of Hillary the other night, helps to galvanize more women like Joan Walsh in this campaign, that is good. I do think that the Sanders campaign is more a function of age and fantasy expectations than it is about gender.

    Sanders is at least nominally Jewish. I am Jewish. I would love to have a Jewish president at some point, I vastly prefer Hillary to Sanders because she is simply a far more capable and knowledgeable individual, and she would make an immensely better President. She is the best candidate I have ever seen, so I send her money, and I try to write an essay or two to help in a small way.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I am already irritated and weary with the incessant calls for more Black Oscar nominees and winners; as if art has now devolved into a counting game, rather than anything to do with aesthetics. If the next 20 Oscar winners are Black, that will be cheered; if they are White, then the whole Academy is condemned as racist. Thus the Oscars, a source of pleasure for many, are now essentially ruined, except for the counters. I realize that merit is subjective, but at least people should try to look for it and fairly evaluate it. Hillary is an amazingly gifted person who cares about issues that I care about, even though I probably disagree with her on a few marginal things, as one would with anyone. It is absolutely crucial for the country and the world that she wins. I only wish that this would be so obvious to most voters, as to transcend gender, age, race, or anything else.

  41. I have been saying this since the first right wing attack ad against Hillary, but finally it’s real because the NY Times noticed it.

  42. Omigosh! Wapo has an editorial up (by the editorial staff) that slams Bernie! The bots’ heads are exploding! Over 3,000 comments. You guys should check it out–it doesn’t say anything we haven’t already said dozens of times, but its still pretty funny!

    (Sorry, I can’t link to it–I’m using hubs work pc & I don’t know how to link on a pc! Pitiful, I know!)

    William, did you see the LATimes opinion piece on the Oscar brouhaha? It was there yesterday and really good.

  43. Thanks Upps! 🙂

  44. This is a must read!! (Believe it or not–despite being on DKos, despite the author being a former Occupier.) I implore you to read it. You will not be disappointed. You will be thrilled and you will have a TON of information to throw in those lying, whining BernieBot faces when they claim she’s in Wall Street’s pockets. Spoiler alert–if she’s in their pockets, she’s got a torch to their balls.

  45. He was also just on CNN screaming about Hillary being negative and he declared to his audience that she’s out of town raising money from some finance company or something and I’d rather be here with you (suckas). And David Brock ruined Anita Hill. Funny, I saw those hearings. That was Joe Biden. All you have to do is ask her. Anyways, there was the suspicion that he might be bussing in caucus people from out of state and he demanded to know the proof. We know about how that’s been done before. But I talked to some of the ground people and they assure me that they are going to be watching his people like a hawk and they are requiring a special caucus card, so every caucus person will have been vetted as a resident of Iowa.

    And Saradon was on doing her vagina talk. Breaks down into tears introducing him, because she isn’t an actor or anything….

    I am hoping Hillary brings out Meryl.

  46. I just looked at Sophie’s NYT link. Bernie is such a flaming hypocrite. Also, it bugs me that unions are spending so much of their members dues on PACs. I know they are trying to even out the field a little, but at the bottom, it just seems wrong that so much money goes for these stinking political ads that most people hate watching. We really need to overturn Citizens United, imho.

  47. Sophie, great catch on the DKos article. It was very interesting. I read the comments for a few minutes, and gave it up. The kos folk are their own bizarre community, aren’t they? I’m glad that some of them are supporting Hillary this time around though.

  48. btw, imust, love your post and all the funny pix!

  49. Holy Chit, Realist.

  50. In addition to that Culinary Union button fraud, he has sent mailers with the League of Conservation Voters logo, when they actually endorsed Hillary and also the AARP logo, when they haven’t endorsed anyone. AARP issued an letter of disappointment.

  51. Can you give me some links to that Sophie? Boy you’ve got great stuff today

  52. This from the guy who threatened to sue wikipedia for showing his logo.

  53. Also Bernie told his crowd that Hillary was in PA raising money from some Bank. It was a lie

  54. ACK. NEVER bite your tongue while on Plavix!

  55. Hillary had two events in PA. One was a fundraiser with Jon Bon Jovi and the other was a meeting with African American Leaders. Of course, Sanders did a major “She’s fundraising with bankers while I’d rather be here in Iowa with you.” What a shit.

  56. Uppity Woman, on January 28, 2016 at 7:31 PM said:
    Sophie! What an outstanding Kos article!!! I urge EVERYONE to read it!


    Holy shit, Upps, You trying to give all of us a heart attack? I hope that OllieGarkey person doesn’t ever have his/her personal info revealed or they are dead-person walking by the looks of the comments.

  57. What this world needs is many more shocked, tiny kittens.

  58. Yowza!!! Wapo doubles down! They release another snarky editorial on Bernie tonight! They are responding to his angry response of the first one.

    On a sadder note, Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane/Starship died today at 74.

  59. That’s cool that Bon Jovi is holding a fund raiser for our girl!

  60. Annie, I saw the Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship for the first time, a couple of years ago. Paul Kantner was there, and was impressive. I’m glad I finally saw them. Cathy Richardson was as good as Grace Slick, amazingly enough. And they had a free concert scheduled soon for the Santa Monica Pier I think, reminiscent of the many free concerts they used to hold in the ’60’s. From what I know, they really did believe in what they sang about. Very sorry to hear that news.

    I didn’t see the L.A. Times article about the Oscars controversy. I hope that someone dared to take the other side, as it has seemed like a completely one-sided issue.

    Just a few more days to go until Iowa. If we win that, we are in strong shape. I would not watch the Republican debate, but apparently without the Trump carnival show to amuse some viewers, they show themselves to be a truly frightening and completely ignorant group. Not that Trump is any bit better, of course. How did this country get to this point? Well, we all know; we saw it develop over the decades. Somehow these people have to be shown for what they are; and maybe the populace, at least much of it, will shun them politically in the future. We can at least hope so..

  61. My mouth dropped when I read about Paul Kantner. What is it with January 2016? I swear I want to put bubble-wrap around all of Fleetwood Mac (including Peter Green) and Janis Ian.

    I can’t take losing one more of my music heroes.

  62. William, the latimes opinion piece did take the other side. You should check it out. Sorry I don’t know how to link on a pc. I heard the same about the debate. I wasn’t interested in the debate either. They’ve lost their novelty, and now it would just seem like watching Fox News.

    I’ve been going over my memories of Paul Kantner, who I used to know back in my young years. He was known as something of a hothead, but he was always nice to me. We intended to see their reconstituted band, but never made it unfortunately.

    We were at the NAMM Show in Anaheim last weekend and ran into Jack Casady and had a brief chat.

  63. Oh shit. Jefferson Starship!

  64. Upps, stuck in purgatory…release one and delete the other, please.

  65. Read the revealing comments. Maybe the rumor re bussing in out of state people isn’t so far off..

  66. Sorry about the spam net Yeesh.

    G, yours landed there because it was so long.

  67. Wow! So many great links. Just wanted to note that the Gary Gensler referred to in the kos. piece on Wall St. reform may become Secretary of the Treasury WHEN Hillary becomes POTUS.

    Thanks for fishing me out of spam or wherever I was yesterday, Up!

  68. Oh, man Uppity you were onto these little creeps before. I understand Hillary is ready for these idiots this time.

  69. WaPo stepping it up. Note how Bernie tries to divert the issue and project something upon the accuser. It’s his Method. That’s why he sued the DNC for catching him stealing data.

    His campaign isn’t so much based on a new vision as on that old tactic known as overpromising.

  70. Ga, I have no basis in fact but it sure is very similar, I think Bernie has somebody from Obama 2008 advising him underground. There are just too many similarities. An IOWA caucus organizer told me that they are issuing special cards and nobody will get in without one. But if they can forge the Culinary Union buttons, they can forge an entry card. She told me that in 2008 there were even underage people voting in caucus, so they have been pretty diligent this time. She said the only place that might get ‘out of control’ is campus areas but that they are shoring up security.

    I think Bernie’s outrage over this accusation was Very Bernie. Be outraged when caught and declare an insult to your integrity, then turn the subject onto someone else. It’s how he rolls because Mr. Pure hasn’t got an honest bone in his body. In any event, he knows it’s being watched. The recent incident where his morons impersonated Culinary Union people backfired. Des Moines register covered it heavily. It hurt him. His credibility is on the wan as it is.

    The other thing I want to mention is O’Malley. He won’t get the required 15%. Under 15% of the vote means his representatives have to transfer their support to another candidate. Now I could be off-base here, but I don’t think anybody supporting O’Malley is going to swtich to Sanders.

    Here is how caucus works.

  71. Upps I have to say that his whole fight with the WaPo is making me laugh and it’s also making me smile. These are the same people that have been promoting Bernie and now are having to suffer his wrath.

  72. Realist, UK is covering this but not our networks. Barn Animals.

  73. Thanks for that, Euro!

  74. My God. Shakeville’s piece is the Be All To End All. It’s all you ever thought and everything you’ve seen and hope not to see.

  75. Oh will you check this out! Here’s Mayor Bernie with that freak anarchist yippie-man Abbie Hoffman. Pass the acid. Oh, and Bernie is using the same ten lines here too.

  76. OMG, Up! Every time I see Sanders, all I can think of is Abbie Hoffman. Two peas in a pod. Remember when Hoffman “nominated” a pig for president? It’s all one big joke to these people.

  77. Forget that Rebel and think of this. That video clearly shows they knew each other pretty well. So I wonder just how much Abbie acid Bernie dropped.

  78. Socal I forgot to post this for my Laker Dude.

  79. Trivia: Did you know that Grace Slick had Paul Kantner’s child?

  80. Uppity, I read her autobiography, so I should have known, but I did not remember. I know she had a relationship with the drummer, Spencer Dryden? Actually, I think that the only person in the group that she didn’t have some romance with, was Marty Balin.

  81. Uppity, laker loves Grace Slick believe or not! We don’t listen to them much these days, and never caught one of their concerts, but I have a lot of personal stories about them that laker loved hearing. I dated a guy for five years that was close to that band. In fact, Grace was responsible for us getting together.

  82. The latest column from Gene Lyons, who acknowledges that Hillary is not perfect, but supports her anyway.

    I particularly enjoyed his response to a Bernout. :mrgreen:

  83. China Kantner Isler, the daughter of Grace Slick and Paul Kantner, speaking at a women’s recovery center in Los Angeles a few years ago:

  84. She stayed close to paul for a long long time. They remained in touch till he died. She was It. The very first woman to front a rock band.

    I was looking for stuff on her today, found some great shots of her and vids of her at woodstock. she looked really hot, even I wanted her lol.

    She’s looking pretty awful now, but that’s what age does to some people. She paints. Rabbits. Alice. Stuff like that. SHe’s pretty good too.

  85. Here’s a nice shot of her with China and Paul

  86. Same song but look at her live at woodstock. she barely opened her mouth and that belting voice came out.

  87. We can win this thing. O’Malley will never make his 15%, so I’m thinking most of his numbers will come to us.

  88. I’m starting to wonder what surprises IA and NH hold…. ya know there’s going to be one…. I’m hoping Hillary has a very decisive win in IA and NH is not going to be the blowout it appears.

  89. The selzer poll comes out tomorrow. I hope it holds good news for Hillary. I really don’t care about NH but she’s come from behind there before. NH is not going to change anything.

  90. Lovely, thoughtful blog on HuffPo by Mary Steenburgen. My fave part:

    “So I will vote for Hillary with my head and my heart. I will be hopeful that a woman who does think before she speaks is not completely perceived as “guarded,” because a man who thinks before he speaks is called “thoughtful.” I will hope that people’s hearts are touched by her life of service to this country and even the world, that is second to none. I love that my friend, who has seen many of the world’s sorrows, is still outraged about what has happened in Flint, Mich. And that fierceness is true to her. There has been no numbing, no inuring, on her part, to the mountains that people face. I LOVE that she has that edge. And I love that she chooses her words in a world where we hang on every one. Much of what is said about her tells us much more about ourselves; how we all still struggle with what a woman in a position of power is supposed to sound like and be like.”–yo_b_9104038.html

  91. Coastie, I’m not going to be greedy here, I always thought the Old Man would win NH because of propinquity. However, if Hillary wins Iowa and, best scenario, even garders O’Malley’s numbers, it could influence NH somewhat. You never know there in Upper New England. They are pretty weird people overall lol.

    I have a cousin who lives in VT and she hasn’t voted for years because she says it’s a waste of time with Bernie there, she said those people are batshit socialists. lol I guess that’s why he gravitated there in the first place. There aren’t many places in the US where a crazy assed die-hard socialist can be mayor, much less senator.

  92. I was reading a piece in the marxist rag or the communist usa rag, can’t remember which, and they were all excited because if bernie could win, they could get more of “Our people” in congress.

  93. That is a nice piece, Voting. I didn’t even try to look at comments there, though.

  94. Did you catch the Murdoch tweet yesterday? When he broke with Trump, he implored Bloomberg to jump in

  95. I had to turn off news tonight. Lead stories were “email..blah, blah, blah”. Another dump of e/m right before IA? And some are being held by WH, implying something nefarious of course…..WTF??? So this was me: “click”. I’m wondering if I can even watch tv between now and Tuesday! I may just have to hang on the blog. Don’t worry Up, I’ll bring my own snacks and clean up after myself.

  96. That’s because Murdock is afraid of trump lol. THey are eating their own. It’s delicious

  97. Yeah I’m pissed they dumped those silly emails now. I hate that horse face kerry. He’s probably working with Joe The Lurker.

  98. I was thinking the same Uppity.

  99. Bloomberg is such an egomaniac, he’s probably all upset he’s not in the limelight again. He’s a horse’s ass. The R’s need him around like they need another butt.

  100. He can’t let another Billionaire beat him to the presidency!! It’s a pride thing among Billionaires!

  101. I just saw this huge line up of people coming out to NH to help Hillary with the caucus. Among many others, Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson!

  102. CNN just did O’Malley in with a mini docu on freddie gray and how all the chaos in Baltimore was due to Marty’s Zero Tolerance program when he was mayor. Boy he is not popular there.

    The way he brags about his achievements sure didn’t match up with what I just saw.

  103. I agree Uppity. I think if Hillary has a very strong showing in IA, her numbers in NH will improve.

  104. Now I see why “Intelligence” Agencies is an oxymoron. Classifying newspaper articles is like something you’d see on “Monty Python”. When Hillary is POTUS, she’ll fix this.

  105. I don’t know if the whole email dump right before Iowa doesn’t actually help Hillary. This whole nonsense really ticks people off. It’s not like anybody in the country likes the stupid media anyway. I also have to say I’m loving the fight Trump is picking with Murdoch.

  106. Trump beating Cruz by 8 and he’s going to “run away with it”
    Hillary beating Bernie by 11 pts and she’s “slightly ahead”


  107. There’s that one guy who was CIA or something who’s after Hillary. I think he has something to do with this OBVIOUS timing. However, it give the Rs something to do but doesn’t affect her with the D’s. Truth is, too many people know about the 11-hour grilling she took.

    I also do nut trust horse face, as you all know. He’s busy taking credit for all the things H did the hard ground work for. Reminds me of when Reagan took credit for release of hostages in his first day of office.

    Current poll results IOWA

    Gravis Marketing/One America, Clinton 53, Sanders 42, O’Whatshisname 5. NO undecided
    PPP (D), Clinton 48, Sanders 40, O’Malley 7, Undecided 5

    Also the poll sizes are larger now than they were early. Under 300 in early polls, now over 800

  108. Back to Kantner and the Airplane briefly: I must hand it to the hippies. The vast majority of them were non-violent, yet somehow they scared the living $#!+ out of the Establishment.

    The Establishment has demonstrated that fear by spending every decade since the 1960s moving heaven and earth to try to make sure that nothing like the 1960s can happen again.

  109. I saw over at Still4Hill that Correct the Record is filing Freedom of Information request on Intelligence and State IG’s. Let’s see what’s in THEIR emails!

  110. Remember, Rebel, benghazi was a CIA station not an embassy. I think that says a lot.

  111. DO NOT MISS THIS! Watch Lanny Davis eat CNNs Smerkonish for lunch when he has a hack judge on trying to wipe out Hillary days before IOWA. Gloves were SO off, his knuckles are bleeding!

  112. I heart Lanny Davis! How’d you like Smirkyguy telling Lanny when he was killin’ him with facts, “oh, they’re telling me in my ear…I..I…I got to get out of this…uh…I’m running out of time!”

    And WHO is that judge?? Lanny had to be so nice to him, “respectfully….” A hack like that doesn’t deserve any respect.

  113. Yeah hahaha. Gotta end the segment!!!

    I tell you I’m surprised the NY Times endorsed Hillary. They always treat her like crap. A sure sign of just how bad Bernie is. But I tell you this endorsement will be great among the nutroots.

  114. Last night, ABC News had a blaring headline about this that read “Clinton Bombshell.”
    Well, it was the same bombshell that they hawked a month ago and the month before that and the month before that. Emails that were previously non classified are suddenly, now, classified. How convenient.
    It appears that convicted felon, Tom Delay, has an in with some assholes in the FBI and he’s been wormtounge whispering to any Media type who’ll listen that soon Hillary will be sporting an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.
    An awful lot of highly placed people really don’t want her to be President.
    I just hope that I, and all of you, can make it through primary season without stroking out.*
    *My blood pressure is through the roof.
    I keep telling myself that if Hillary can take it, I can take it.

  115. Sweet Sue, please take care of yourself! Hillary CAN take it, so don’t worry! Relax in that knowledge, she’s got this!

  116. Thanks, imust. Usually, I’m the one talking others off the ledge, but yesterday was tough.

  117. Sue, honey, when it’s time to walk away and think of something else, you must do it. Please take my advice. If CNN does this to you, tune to the Hallmark Channel or A&E, or Lifetime movies where women get to kill deserving men. Watch Young Frankenstein for the 27th time. Walk your dog. Have lunch with someone you’ve been meaning to spend some time with. Pet your cat. My point is, if you have high blood pressure you are at risk for other issues, not the least of which is your heart, so I want you to drop the baggage for awhile when this “gets to you”. It’s important to your life.

  118. Here’s some images to brighten everyone’s day! I hope this tweet embeds!

    and Sweet Sue, listen to your Aunt Uppity! 🙂


  119. Sue, I have had to avoid watching virtually all the news, simply because it upsets me for the rest of the day. The political coverage is abominable. The scare headlines and the anti-Hillary themes, are disgraceful. And one knows it is coming. They try to rationalize it to themeselves by believing it is just about geting ratings, but this is about the future of the country, not their stupid salaries. And it is more than about ratings, many of them are desperately hoping to defeat Hillary.

    I used to love to watch political coverage and even the weekend talk shows. Well, at least my parents liked to watch them, and I watched along. But I wouldn’t watch any of them now, they are run and populated by people who can’t even understand what the stories or themes entail.. Witness the email story, which is utterly ridiculous, but apparently will be continued until the national election. What does anyone care if Obama wants to keep some of those emails from being released? They were private in the first place; the only reason Hillary is releasing most of them, is because of the nonsensical faux scandal concocted by her enemies and the media. And what does it matter if the State Department has a new system to classify mails? Nothing. But through terrible headlines, and fake concern on the faces of their newspeople, they try to turn the presidential race into episodes of a TV show. They do it all the time with TV dramas ((which I do not watch): “A stunning twist upcoming!” “Unbelievable surprises!” It works for them there, so they do it with everything else. A bunch of carnival barkers and con men in fancy dress.

  120. It’s true William. There was a woman on Don Lemon’s show, a Republican operative of some sort I think, but she was very reasonable. It was on the eve of the debate when Trump was having his fit over FOX and Kelley. The woman said that she hoped the rest of the news channels would not cover Trump’s replacement rally in solidarity with FOX. Not because they like FOX, but in standing up for the idea that candidates cannot, and should not dictate who the moderators are, what the questions are…etc. Don Lemon just LAUGHED at her suggestion. He said, something like, “Ha, ha, of COURSE we’re gonna cover the Trump rally….we’d be crazy not to!” Sickening.

  121. Uppity Woman, on January 30, 2016 at 12:17 PM said:
    I tell you I’m surprised the NY Times endorsed Hillary. They always treat her like crap. A sure sign of just how bad Bernie is. But I tell you this endorsement will be great among the nutroots.


    Well, this explains the loud boom I heard this morning. It was the Bern-outs’ heads exploding. End times are near because I never thought I would say/type this:

    Thank you, New York Times.

  122. When I saw the news that they had endorsed her, my initial reaction was, “oh reeeally” after the shitty way they have treated her, falsely accusing her of being the subject of a federal investigation among other things. Anyway, I read it and glanced at the comments, which were the vilest anti-Hillary stuff imaginable. Hardly any pro Hillary at the time I looked. Again, while I’m sure there are a lot of obnoxious bernbots attacking her, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the majority comes from the rethuglican party ratfvcking machine. I think they are going all out. Donating to Bernie, organizing voting for Bernie, paying for ads for Bernie, and not least, having their army of cockroach trolls swarming every political website to infect the comment sections.

    It’s what they do. We can’t stop it, so are best off ignoring it. They aren’t going to change anyone’s minds with their insane drivel.

    Oh, NYT also endorsed Kasich for the rethugs. Thrilling, I know.

  123. Ivory Bill, when my son was in his teens, he was enthralled with hearing about the hippie era, and wished it would come back. I told him that while it had some good elements, like the peace movement, and the personal freedom movement, fighting the republicans, etc., it couldn’t sustain itself because so many of them didn’t want to work to support themselves (and/or their families). So many of them just wanted to hang out. I have an older sister that was born in ’50, and she did the hippie thing for a while. A bunch of them moved to Hawaii and lived together in an old house, and she ended up being the only one who got a job and did most of the cooking. She finally got tired of it and moved home. I was a kid then and really enjoyed the colorful clothes and music, but by the time I was in my late teens, it was long over. A lot of writers say that Altamont ended the hippie era, what do you think?

  124. Drugs ended the hippie era. My hippie older brother’s life was destroyed by addiction as were the lives of many of his friends. That time holds no happy memories for me although there was a lot of good music back then.

  125. I’m taking a news break until the Iowa caucus is over. The stress was getting to me. I’m packing for a move and doing other things to keep my mind off politics.

  126. Uppity, that was very good advice you gave to Sue.

  127. Des Moines Register poll released

    Clinton 45
    Sanders 42
    O’Malley 3

  128. Annie, we know that writers often like to pick one event as marking the end of a particular era; and of course it is always more complex than that. But if one wanted to pick one event, it was probably the Manson murders, which in some weird way, took all of the themes of that period, and twisted them into the most horrifying form.

    Of course, as Beata and you both suggest, the era could not continue. Most of the hippies, not all, were young people who did not need jobs. Eventually they had to get them, although some did try to live the life, on communes, or as transients. There are books written by people who tried to make that work. Interestingly enough, take away the colorful outfits, and the music, and the free love, and the drugs; and the stories of getting up every day to feed the chickens and water the garden, does not make for very exciting reading, or probably living..But fortunately, or unfortunately, such an era doesn’t last, just like the Roaring ’20’s could not last. And from what I have read, the “good feelings” drugs of the early era were replaced by mercenary drug sellers with the harder drugs, leading to many deaths and hopelessly addicted people. And then of course we had the backlash;: Nixon nationally, and Reagan in California, making political hay by campaigning against “hippie radicals and protesters.”

    There is a science fiction writer named Lisa Mason who wrote a novel called ‘Summer of Love,” which is her imagined evocation of San Francisco in 1967, with a science fiction element also involved. It is quite a remarkable imagining, although I was not there, nor was she. You might enjoy it. Actually, she wrote an even better one, set in the 1890’s in San Francisco, I think called “Gilded Nineties.” I felt like I was actually there. She is an excellent writer, but unfortunately is now relegated to writting books online, apparently because she can’t get them published. I am not a big sci-fi fan, but these two books are remarkably evoked history.

  129. I think Altmont was the beginning of the end, but IMHO the real end was Kent State.

  130. Beata, agree with you about drugs destroying people. I pounded that into my kids head when he was growing up. Do take a break and take extra good care of yourself! I hope the move goes well and you can de-stress and enjoy your new place. {hugs}

  131. I was still a kid when the Manson murders and Kent State happened, but I watched the news and read the papers and magazines we used to get back then, like “Life.” Those were horrible events, and really scared me, I remember.

  132. because I never thought I would say/type this:

    Thank you, New York Times.

    Hahahaha. I said the SAME thing!

  133. What do you make from your analysis of the poll Uppity?

  134. I think we are in good shape, especially with the situation with O’Malley voters. Was DMing with a ground leader so I won’t say more at this point.

  135. Re: The Times endorsement: I like to imagine that nobody screamed in impotent rage louder than Dowd.

  136. Good. Maybe she stroked out. Arsehole.

  137. GWM4Hill, on January 30, 2016 at 10:50 PM said:
    Re: The Times endorsement: I like to imagine that nobody screamed in impotent rage louder than Dowd.


    Dang, GW, it is too late at night for me to laugh that hard or loudly. My neighbors may have me committed for that one. 🙂

  138. Upps, thanks for the updates! I checked out that long Iowa poll, wow. I think we’re in good shape also.

    GWM, LOL!

  139. I just looked at the front page of NYT. Modo’s newest column is titled “The Beauty of Trump.”

    I loathe that woman.

  140. Stick This in your nose, Dowd!

    Selzer said the data suggest Clinton’s support is more solid than Sanders’.

    The poll shows 83 percent of Clinton’s caucus supporters have made up their minds going into Monday’s vote, up from 69 percent earlier this month.

    “That’s huge,” Selzer said. “That’s a number any candidate would like to see.”

    Sixty-nine percent of Sanders’ supporters are firmly behind him coming into the caucuses, about the same as earlier this month.

    The poll shows a gender and generational split among Clinton and Sanders supporters.

  141. You’re welcome, Socal.

  142. socalannie, on January 30, 2016 at 11:24 PM said:
    I just looked at the front page of NYT. Modo’s newest column is titled “The Beauty of Trump.”
    I loathe that woman.

    Relax, socal, I just read it and it’s a hit piece on Trump. But, I still loathe that woman, too.

  143. MoDoDo was up for the part in “The Martian”, but lost out to Matt Damon when test audiences wouldn’t believe anyone would go back for Morepreen Dowd.

  144. Prolix is in the house!

  145. I was in NH yesterday and EVERYONE who wasn’t in Iowa was in NH!! Governor Malloy (D-CT) kicked off my group of canvassing volunteers. He was introduced by Congressman Joe Courtney (D-CT). There was a former Senator as well from I forget where. We had a contingent from NY. LOTS and LOTS of CT people, including a bunch of young Yalees. And I was in Keene, which is a small place. Many many more were in Portsmouth and Manchester. NOW (and Marcia) were in Portsmouth, I believe.
    Go Hillary!!

  146. Go Sophie!

  147. Uppity, I remember that moment from the Town Hall: goosebumps.
    That has to be one of Hillary’s ads!

  148. I hope so, Sue!

  149. That’s a great video! It’s not an ad? Oh, but gosh darn….no Simon and Garfunkel?

  150. Hello uppityville, from overseas.
    Well, the NYT finally giving the credit and treatment tha our HRC deserves. Check it out!

  151. So MoDo does a hit piece on Trump. I’m actually loving that. Not because it’s a hit piece on Trump so much as he’s going to attempt to take her down.

  152. This is OT, but since I know there are many animal lovers in here:

    Thank you, ASPCA!

  153. Hope you don’t mind if I don’t click on that. Animals in distress make me very upset.

  154. Hi Belle!!! Where ARE you, girl????

  155. GWM @ 9:24, fantastic cartoon!

  156. Apparently there was a bernie parade in NYCity yesterday but boo hoo nobody covered it. I have the link to the youtube but will obfuscate it by place XXX in place of COM, you can put it in your browser correctly by putting COM in place of the XXX. I don’t want to give that video any blog traffic — it could attract barn animals. This looked alot like OWS people acted. Just saying. These kids won’t dump the trash on trash night but they sure are energized by a parade…

  157. Yaleees! You mean kids who actually are smart enough to be in a college that’s not dumbed down now. That’s new.

  158. I love looking at those kittens, but this thread is getting long! Could we please have a new one tomorrow for Iowa? I’m not complaining–I massively appreciate all of you post creators!

  159. Snow storm predicted in IOWA for tomorrow but their des moines news says they believe it will arrive after caucus.

  160. CSPAN field guys told me that they will be covering Iowa all day tomorrow. “Tons of coverage”. That’s what I’m watching. I am tired of the cable channels stirring up turds and interjecting their slant into everything.

  161. A Bernie parade? Good grief. Like he’s a hero or something.

  162. Upps, cspan is a great idea! Thanks for reminding me!

  163. Hillary & Bill big rally. Is it on CNN? F/B? Does anyone know?
    I’ve been given links to hillary’s facebook page but there’s no rally there.

  164. CSPAN has all the rallies in their archives too

  165. It was frightening to watch socal. I never realized america has so much white trash.

  166. i looked for a Bernie parade but I guess it’s not popular in google searches.

    ****I posted it up above. Remove the XXX and place COM in their place, using your browser url line. Imust’s is better though!****

  167. I found it! I found the Bernie Sanders parade!

  168. She must be a Hillary supporter….

  169. It’s Iowa Caucus Day!

    New post up!

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