Iowa Caucus 2016

It’s Iowa caucus day! Hooray, hooray! We’ve been waiting for this since

So, WTF is a caucus and why does Iowa get to go first and aren’t you glad there are no corn dogs in February?

In case you don’t know this

At a caucus, members of a political party meet in person at an appointed time and location to discuss the candidates and debate their merits. The voting for candidates happens either by raising hands or by separating into groups, with the votes being counted manually by counting the number of supporters of each candidate.

If you really want to know more about Caucuses and Primaries…

Why is Iowa first? It’s a long story, but basically because in 1968, Democrats proved that they really don’t know how to behave. So the power went to the states. Iowa has a convoluted sequence of events that makes it take forever, so they have to go first. They also passed a law requiring that their caucus to be held at least 8 days before any other caucus or primary and no later than the fourth Monday of February. Read this for a decent synopsis.

On to what’s really important: getting our gal elected. If you live in Iowa and you don’t know how to caucus (seriously?), check out this nifty video put out by the Hillary campaign on how to caucus for Hillary in 3 easy steps:

The rest of us in the other 49 states will be following along. I’m following the Iowa Starting Line feeds. These people are always on the ball (and they endorsed Hillary):

Actually, it’s in the evening and doesn’t roll all day long like elections (something you might want to try, Iowa), so we’re not technically “following along.”

If it sounds like I don’t like Iowa, that’s not true. I just don’t like caucuses because they are undemocratic. They are particularly bad for Hillary.

  • No absentee ballots. The disabled, elderly, infirm cannot participate.
  • No secret ballots. Yes, people have gotten harassed, their cars keyed, eggs thrown at their house, fired, and mistreated by spouses for caucusing for Hillary.
  • It’s on a school night. Single mothers, shift workers, and anyone who can’t get out for a few hours on a winter night can’t play.

But they have to remain a caucus and not a primary or else they cannot be first in the nation. And their economy needs them to be first more than it needs Ethanol.

Winning the Iowa caucus doesn’t mean you won. You have to beat expectations or be a surprise. Then you’ve really won. Or so the pundits say.

Quite a lot of HRC Super Volunteers have been in Iowa all weekend. They’ve been going there regularly to canvass since the corn dog fair (I know it has a real name and I don’t feel like looking it up). Hillary has an exceptional ground game in Iowa. Problem is, the other guy has Move On and all the other FireBagger groups who have an incredibly aggressive game.

May the best woman win!


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  1. I sure hope the campaign has a couple of those burly Ironworkers I saw at the Hardhats for Hillary rally a week ago stationed in every precinct. Just in case.

  2. Game on!

  3. You never know what kind of stunt the Bernie Bros are gonna pull or try to pull for sure. It seems Hillary is ready for them this time. All the polls show her leading but after 2008 I have caucus PSTD.

    Has anybody ever hosted a volunteer? Adam Parkomento sent out an email about hosting one here in GA which kind of surprised me. I’m thinking she’s looking towards voters for the GE here in GA not but it says for the primary. I can’t imagine Bernie has any chance here in GA and that’s why I’m thinking they are looking ahead.

  4. Been waiting EIGHT years for today…

  5. So for me, the perfect outcome is a big win for our Girl, and a big, fat, humbling, loss for The Donald…

  6. I don’t like caucuses, as they are an artifact of a different time. I have notthing against Iowa, but they are a small Midwestetrn state, and not reflective of much more than that. And I really don’t like the media making so much of the Iowa caucus, just because it is first. But there’s nothing we can do about any of this, so let’s hope that Hillary can get some kind of a win. We know that the media is going to spin any result in ways which will upset many of us. But a win would still be very helpful. Go, Iowans for Hillary!

  7. Fingers crossed for a 10 point win.

  8. Careful what we ask for. I would be horrified if Cruz won.

  9. Upps what you hear from the ground? I really want Hillary to stomp on those arrogant little twerps in IA.

  10. Health report. I transmitted my ICD data to my cardiology clinic this morning (yeah I’m wireless) and they just called to tell me I am only correcting at 1%, which means I am doing VERY well. Let’s just say that you don’t get sudden cardiac arrest when you are only correcting at 1%. So things are good–much to the displeasure of my detractors but screw them. What an exquisite device I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of. Science is amazing.

  11. Ga, she told me they are all ready for the yahoos. Fortunately hillary has a massive ground game so everyone is ready and they have their pitches for votes ready. We are at a big advantage over Bernie’s bots in that our caucus crew is VERY experienced. Bernie told his dudes in Iowa (college students mostly) that they should go to their home towns to vote, which is thoughtless of him in winter conditions but the little drones will do it. He wants them in their towns because he figures he will do better and snatch some delegates from different places other than just his percentage of the college district. He’s a clever slave driver. I hope nobody gets in an accident for him.

    I’m seeing a win, just hope it’s a clear win. The delegates are split according to votes in each district, so if bernie ends up with a lot of delegates he’ll declare it HIS win. You remember in 2008 when Hillary won a couple of states but Barack got MORE delegates? So this is a sticky issue.

  12. Great health news Uppity!
    This might be off-topic, but it flips gender stereotypes, so maybe not that far off…

  13. Glad to know that you’re doing well, Uppity.

    It is so strange and silly that a literal few thousand caucus goers in Iowa are somehow going to be extrapolated from by the media, as if this were predictive of primaries in large states. Hillary is ahead by about 40 points in South Carolina, but somehow this Iowa caucus is described as critical by the media. Someone there has to know better, but it would be contrary to their agendas–make it exciting; and anti-Hillary.

  14. Just remember, that one can easily deduce from the above comment that since the media desperately needs Sanders to stay in the competition as long as possible, there is no chance in the world that the results are not going to be spun as “strong showing by Sanders.” Realizing that might help a bit as one watches the media coverage.

  15. Great news on your health, Up. Hope we all get more good news tonight!

    It’s typical of the media that they are spinning Iowa as a must win for Hillary. It”s not. But it is for Sanders. Even if he wins NH, he’s got nowhere to go but down after that.

  16. I bet the majority of those college students for Bernie are not going to show up to caucus. How many of them are going to drive hours home to sit in an auditorium? They could have driven home yesterday but then they would be missing classes today and driving back late? I just don’t see a whole lot of them doing this. Some yes but not enough.

    If Bernie lost by 20 points the media would still spin it for him. It’s ridiculous.

    Oh, and today his campaign manager is shopping a conspiracy theory that Microsoft is going to win the caucus for Hillary. Andrea Mitchell is saying that Bernie’s campaign is going to sue over the Iowa caucuses.

  17. LMAO! They haven’t even lost yet! I gotta say Bernie sure likes suing people–except the gun industry.

  18. Microsoft. ROFL

    Who’s desperate again?

  19. IOWA is important for momentum. And To keep that vulture, who is lurking, I can feel him, Joe Biden at bay.

  20. Here’s the Microsoft article. They stole data so they figure everybody else is as dishonest as they are. No irony here. No sir.

    It’s like saying Bernie’s Nurse SUPERPAC is going to make us all die if we’re in the hospital.

  21. Uppity I am so happy to hear your wonderful medical news. Iowa is one thing, but your health is on an entirely different level. xoxoox

  22. Bernie sues the DNC, threatens to sue Wikipedia and now Microsoft! What a putz.

    Geaux Hillary!!!

  23. I’m glad I never played Sanders at chess. He’d be suing the board, the pieces, the table, and his own fingers.

  24. Uppity Woman, on February 1, 2016 at 1:16 PM said:
    Careful what we ask for. I would be horrified if Cruz won.

    I’m with you on this one, Upps, because a loss in Iowa puts Cruz dead in the water. Did you see the GIF I posted on the last thread. It was borderline criminal what he did to that little girl. Gave me the creeps.

    And I am beyond thrilled to read the good news about your health. Now, please, try to STAY THAT WAY! 🙂

  25. Sophie, thanks for the interesting post!
    Upps, am so happy to hear your excellent health report! Thanks for sharing that! A boost for all of us on this crazy day.

  26. Also hoping for a big Cruz loss.

  27. I have an old friend who moved to a Houston ‘burb back in ’07, and she went to the Dem caucus there in ’08. It was her first caucus since she was born & bred here in SoCal, and she said it was a horrible experience. In fact, she said it was a total scam and in no way democratic, and that she would never go to another one again.

  28. I really don’t care who wins the GOP primary. They’re all YYYYUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEE Losers!!!

  29. Congrats on your health news, Uppity.
    It’s hard to keep a good woman down.

  30. CSPAN2 fully covering the Democratic caucus. If you don’t have it on TV, you can go here

  31. Me too on the Cruz loss, socal. Very very bad man.

    Texas O8 they locked the doors on Hillary people.

  32. You can WATCH caucus at the link I posted I am watching now

  33. Thanks for the cspan2 link. Laker just found it on the tv. I looked at fluffpo’s caucus page and they show Hillary with 6 of the 52 delegates already. I’m guessing they’re superdelegates?

  34. 17 YEAR OLDS CAN CAUCUS IF THEY ARE 18 BY ELECTION DAY. Splains all the little snots on twitter.

  35. There was a ruckus earlier because Bernouts brought food in. Like it’s a party lol

  36. Did they bring beer also? What idiots.

  37. Whoa. Organized chaos. Lots of people in Des Moines.

    Hey get this: I got a call that Jack Welch (Former GE honcho) was on Fox and he ripped them a new one, told them they had better not work against Hillary because if they get Sanders, he’s going to bring in Warren and BIDEN. Better to risk losing to Hillary, hey?

  38. Uppityites – It’s here, it’s time! Happy Iowa caucus to you all. May the best woman prevail! 🙂

  39. Hokay. Nobody here.

  40. I am here.

  41. There was a ruckus earlier because Bernouts brought food in. Like it’s a party lol

    Give ’em a break. They have the munchies.

  42. I am here also, Upps. 🙂

  43. Yes Uppity, I think you need to refresh your browser. 🙂

  44. I can’t believe they let reporters into the caucus rooms. I would think it would be like a jury room. So not only do you not get a secret ballot you have to allow CNN to broadcast which candidate you are supporting. Caucuses suck

  45. 6% of the vote in… Hillary is leading 52-46.

  46. Wow! I’m loving what I see on Twitter!

    I’ve got the wrong CSPAN on Tv it’s the Repubs. Don’t want to stream on computer. Socal what channel is cspan2 can’t find it

  47. 8 percent in… Make that Hillary is ahead 53-46.

  48. Nate Silver said that Bernie’s support seems to be confined to very liberal which is 29% of the caucus goers.

  49. Uppity, thanks for the heads-up on C-SPAN2. Wolf has been driving me nuts on CNN.

  50. 15% reporting. Still 53-46.

  51. CNN says 23% reporting. 53-47.

  52. I was hoping for a Hillary blow-out, but it’s going to be tight. She’s still leading. 23% reporting, 53 – 47.

  53. Nate Silver says Hillary is leading in “considerably more counties”

  54. Raw data…..

    We can be our own pundits!!

  55. Have precincts in Johnson County ( University of Iowa ) and Story County ( Iowa State ) reported yet?

  56. Beata, the first link shows every county and the numbers so far. Sorry, my Iowa geography is lacking. 😉

  57. Thanks, honora. I’ve spent time in Iowa and I found them on your link. Sanders is leading in Johnson Co. and Clinton is leading in Story Co. but not many precincts are reporting in either place yet.

  58. 538 says it is not that close…..

    The Democratic race looks extremely close, with Clinton leading Sanders 51 percent to 48 percent. BUT, it’s going to be very difficult for Sanders to make up that deficit. There simply aren’t a lot of “Bernie blowout” zones. In very liberal, academic Iowa City (Johnson County), Bernie is leading by 15 percentage points, but that’s not as huge a lead as he might have expected there. And his leads elsewhere aren’t nearly as large. Plus, there’s still a good chunk of Clinton-friendly Polk (Des Moines) still out.

  59. I just looked at the link, honor, and according to it, O’Malley is at .5%. HAHAHHAHHAA!

  60. Just as I tweeted, Sanders says he will declare victory even if he loses and he’s calling for a revolution. The guy is Chavez.

  61. Poll is a buzz saw. CSPAN is covering polk in full. It’s a circus.

  62. Satan Cruz is winning in Iowa 70% votes in

  63. O’Malley suspending his campaign. WOnder who got his delegates in reality.

  64. Bloody hell. He keeps going up, and she is stalled at 49% Even if she wins this, she is going to have to seriously re-think her campaign strategies. I fear our friend John W. Smart might be proven right.

  65. Damnit Uppity, unlock your Tweets

  66. Sorry…she’s still at 51%

  67. 50%. Dammit. I know I should shut up.

  68. Hey Uppity! Hey all! Even when she’s winning, CNN reports how much he’s won. Blech!

  69. I can’t Sophie. They’re all over me like white on rice.

  70. imust, cspan2 is channel 110 here in my neck of the woods. We have Verizon Fios.

  71. Thanks socal.

  72. 538 again….
    David Wasserman 10:21 PM

    The Democratic race looks razor-close, but one good sign for Clinton is that 25 percent of Polk County (Des Moines) is still out compared to just 17 percent of the statewide vote still out. Des Moines is home to the largest concentration of non-white Democrats in Iowa, and Clinton leads there by 8.2 percentage points tonight.

  73. Any Hillary win here is fine, though we obviously would have liked a larger one. Of course the media will spin it against us, but we knew that. In lareg state primaries, Hillary will do much better, as we know.

  74. honora, thanks for that!

  75. I’m biting my nails here

  76. I know. I am disgusted at how close it is. I am angry when I think of his women supporters, who would not only fight against the chance to have our first woman president, but who would actually support a man who thinks that “women fantasize about being raped by two men at once…” I will never forget or forgive that horrible, hateful, misogynist remark. Sanders doesn’t have an ounce of character, imo. And no, Bernie, I do not want to pay another $7,000 per year to the federal government in income tax so “everyone” can go to college. My husband & I work twice as hard as our parents did and have half the standard of living they had. Screw you Bernie, and your dimwitted followers as well.

  77. Well, all that matters is that Hillary wins int he end and Iowa was the 3rd most favorable state for him with NH being 2nd. C’mon NV and SC.

  78. 94% and she’s still ahead. I now think she will pull this off by a whisker.

  79. Anyone think Trump will run as 3rd party candidate if he doesn’t get the nomination? Sanders?

  80. I have this fear that Sanders might, because I used to see him on a show like Hardball, and he would never concede one point, even if the host mostly agreed with most of what he said. They would say, “Well, you would at least agree that…” and he wouldn’t. So there is a certain chance. Hopefully he will care enough about the country not to do that.

    I am not sure how serious Trump’s campaign really is. I don’t know if he really wants to be President. Even if he is very serious about winning, I don’t think he’ll run as a third party candidate, because he couldn’t win, and he can’t stand being in that position.

  81. She has 27 delegates, he has 21

    She’s ahead right now but TWO TENTHS of a point

  82. Good points, William. Thanks.
    I can see Trump running as 3rd party… just for spite.

    As far as Sanders is concerned, I think the Democrats let him run as a D so that he wouldn’t run as a 3rd party, and with the caveat that he doesn’t run 3rd party should he not get the D nomination.

  83. Momentum aside, I just can’t see all the energy, money, and focus spent campaigning in Iowa for a measly 40 delegates when it take hundreds to win.

  84. William, that makes sense, although…if (god forbid) we had Bernie and Cruz get the noms (I’m shuddering as I type), I could see Trump getting in then, because if the rethugs manage to get Bernie nominated, they will unleash the hounds of hell on him right after. He has a lot of weird baggage. And the more people get to know Cruz, the less they like him. So Trump could make a reasonable play under those circumstances, imo. I sure hope not. I can’t imagine a more dismal election with worse choices.

    God knows what Bernie will do if he loses. I have no doubt the party would lean on him to not do it, but…he has never joined the party, has he?

    Oh, god, could you imagine a 4 way??? Cruz, Hillary, Trump, Bernie?

    Hopefully, this year won’t turn out so weird. 🙂

  85. DWP, yes, its insane. I wish they’d stop with this IA/NH bs. There are so many ways they could make the primary season more fair to all the states.

  86. socalannie,
    Agreed! After the statistical impossibility of the caucus results in 2008… I’ll never trust them.

  87. 95% in. 50-50

    And boy did this blog ever get a lot of traffic tonight.

  88. She needs another boost. She can’t slide in the last 5%.

  89. Annie, the great fear with multiple candidates is that any result where there was not an electoral majority by one candidate, would go to the House, and so we would lose. That is why we really depend on just a two-party system in a national election. Both the caucuses and the electoral college system are far from ideal at this time.

    But the media, in its fervor to spin everything against Hillary, is inadvertently or deliberately encouraging a third party bid. I’m just hoping that Sanders does not want to be in the Senate and deal with colleagues who saw him allow a horrible Republican to win.

  90. Hillary has 28 delegates now, and Bernie still has 21. The superdelegates put her over. I did not think it would be this close, though. It looks like Bernies nasty crew are using Obama’s 2008 playbook. I hope there are people documenting whatever is going on, not that it would change anything. The caucus system is really a travesty. The New Yorker already has a piece up about the repub caucus and said not even a third of voters show up for these silly shindigs.

  91. In 2008, Obama won the Kansas caucus by about 82%-18%. which is absurd. She won virtually every major primary, and kept losing in caucus states by more delegates than she got in bigger states where the delegates were apportioned.

    Recall that Hillary came in third in Iowa last time. She did not win one caucus. No matter what Sanders or the media say, the extrapolation from a tie in the Iowa caucus (I just saw, total turnout 140,000), does not help Sanders much.

  92. Why has that Iowa caucus link been stuck at 95% for the last 45 minutes??? 2008 redux I suspect.

  93. Hillary is still leading in Polk County ( Des Moines ) 53.5% to 45.7% with 87% reporting. I think when all the Polk County precincts are counted, Hillary will win Iowa, albeit very narrowly.

  94. Hillary will win the primary. Of that I have NO doubt. It’s just that we will have to put up with Sanders and his barn animals longer than we would like to. In the end as primaries move forward, they WILL be outnumbered.

  95. Caucuses are skanky. If you have a skanky campaign, and he has proven he does with DNC data stealing, Culinary Union infiltration, and the like, there WILL be cheating. THat’s why it leaked that the Clinton campaign suspected they were going to bus in out of state people. Bernie was outraged. Outraged I tell you, but the story goes, they were caught plotting online to cheat. Period.

    When we get to real primaries, their balls are going to be restricted, one person, one vote. I have him New Hampshire for obvious reasons. After that, he is going to be popping nitro tabs over the embarrassment of Nevada and S Carolina.

  96. Agree with all of you. I just find it hard to swallow that the people of IA, who picked Huckabee and Santorum the last two times, would really prefer a pervert socialist who wants to raise their taxes, over a regular democrat. These caucuses will never be accurate, because most of the voters won’t go to them, and they are too easy to rig.

  97. The precinct that isn’t in is in Polk and it is the one CSPAN is covering. I am watching right now, still happening.

  98. I effing HATE Iowa.

  99. socal, the R’s picked Huckleberry and Sanitarium the last two times. The D’s went Obama the last two times.

  100. CNN is trying to get an answer from Polk County Democratic Party officials about why all the precincts there have not been reported.

    I am having flashbacks to Lake County, IN ( Gary ) in 2008.

  101. Yea, the numbers were coming in pretty fast when Hillary was ahead by 4%…and then the reporting of numbers got slower with her lead slipping a bit more each time.

  102. Voting, I know, I was talking about the R’s, I was just mentioning that because they picked evangelicals, and they seem like a conservative state overall.. But there wasn’t a dem primary in ’12 was there?

  103. Looks like it’s going to be a “whew” win…

  104. Annie, Iowa has a liberal tradition, too. Much like Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  105. Beata, thanks, and I get that. I just thought of the liberals there as being more middle of the road types than radical types like Bernie. I did a bad job of giving my opinion upthread. What I really meant was, I think Bernie’s goon squad bussed in some supporters.

  106. NES, I hate caucuses! Hilllary may go through two national campaigns, win 50 or nore primaries, and one caucus, if she wins this one. How utterly ridiculous is that? Caucuses allow for the potential of some radical fringe candidate on either side (look at the evengelical turnout for the Republicans tonight) to steal a nomination.

  107. There was socal, but Obama ran unopposed. However, the other option was uncommitted which the kiddies from OccupyWallStreet were promoting. See second paragraph:,_2012

  108. Voting, thanks, did not know that! That makes caucuses seem all the stranger, imo.

  109. btw, love Huckleberry and Sanitarium!!!

  110. 45% of Iowa DEMOCRATS identify as socialists.
    Iowa is also VERY white.
    As is New Hampshire
    And Vermont

    After that, good luck to you Bernie.

  111. Sanders is demanding that 90 of the caucuses be recreated. Here comes another Sanders lawsuit. A hint of what this despot is.

  112. There are video clips on twitter of Sanders people lying to the uncommitted people.

  113. I feel ya, William.

  114. Haven’t we all played with someone like this as children? I remember a boy or two in elementary school who was always calling for “do-overs.” The ball may have been out of bounds; he wasn’t ready for the pitch; he had called timeout; that was a foul! It’s ultimately insufferable. Unfortunately, I also knew attorneys like this. Maybe they were the same kids grown up. I remember one attorney who objected to every single question I asked at deposition, and then wanted to have the objections heard in front of a judge. Fortunately, no judge had enough time to want to do this.

  115. NES, I clicked on the politico link, they are utterly despicable. The comment section is utterly vile. Don’t click on it–looks just like ’08.

    I didn’t think it would get that bad.

  116. I can just imagine Sanders trying to delay the Democratic convention until December, while his forty lawsuits demanding revotes in the primaries can be decided.

  117. What’s up with these last 10 precincts? Although, since the other 3 outstanding, Hillary picked up another tenth of a percent.

  118. SoCal & Willam, these BernieBums are despicable. Bad memories from ’08.

  119. One precinct left….Hillary still holding on to the lead.

  120. Yay. Hillary pulled it out. Does Bernie ever stop whining? What is he going to do when he starts losing by 30 points or more?

  121. TheNewRealist, on February 1, 2016 at 9:43 AM said:

    So for me, the perfect outcome is a big win for our Girl, and a big, fat, humbling, loss for The Donald…
    Good Morning all!
    It’s a great day in the morning! A win is a win, now let’s get past NH and start competing in states that are representative of the country at large. They were gonna spin this as a positive for Sanders no matter the outcome.
    Speaking of spin, how are those Trump supporters feeling this morning?

  122. I am seriously not going to follow the NH craziness at all. I can’t believe how this turned. I saw photos, and stats from the beginning of the caucus where there were clearly more Hillary supporters. When the photos and videos began of the Bernie nuts screaming at Hillary supporters and saying all kinds of crazy things to them…..on top of the constant spin from the MSM about how this was so positive for Bernie, and imagine if we proved we could elect a socialist, and imagine if Eliz Warren had run……it so reminded me of 08 I just had to turn it all off. Wake me up in SC.

    That’s part of what this is to them. Let’s prove we can nominate a socialist, let’s prove we have moved the party LEFT. Women, meh. They don’t care. I saw a report where young women today don’t care about electing a woman NOW, because they say, “I know it will happen”. So hey, they know it’ll happen in their lifetime, so they don’t care about electing a woman this time, esp. THAT woman! They have been brainwashed by RWNJ talking points, know nothing about history, so what do they care! They get to chant! Feel the Bern! And support a socialist! How cool! Sickening.

  123. What’s the point of “moving the party left” if you leave behind all the people who needed it?

  124. Eight years ago, Hillary lost by ONE delegate, and it was spun as a crushing defeat. By that metric, this caucus was a YUGE victory! And it IS!

    Don’t let Hillary’s, “Other” opponent (The MEDIA!) get you down. We have to defeat Sanders, the GOP clown-bearer in November, but we must battle the Hillary hating, Hillary Bashing, CDS media jackals, who see a cloud in every silver lining when it comes to Hillary.
    Hillary did the right thing last night, declare victory and move on…

  125. I like that Realist. That’s it! She won right! So let’s tell every Bernbot, “It was a crushing defeat for Bernie!” A Crushing Defeat! Oh, don’t forget….when is HE getting out of the race? Especially after that crushing defeat in Iowa. What a disappointment it must have been for Bernie, that crushing defeat in Iowa!

  126. Let us all rejoice. A win is a win no matter how razor thin. Last night the glass ceiling was shattered in Iowa. This is the first time a woman has won the Democratic Caucus in Iowa. About time for the party of women to support a woman. There is nothing more establishment than yet another angry white man running for President. If you want a revolution, if you want fundamental change vote for a woman. We all know that women don’t just talk, they get things done! Congratulations Secretary Clinton on defeating the establishment candidate!

  127. Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Hillary is the first woman to win the Iowa Caucuses. And that is huge, especially since no Democratic woman has ever won state wide for a Federal office. I worked on her last campaign there and found the whole place to be a mystery wrapped in enigma. Forty three percent of Dems self identify as socialist. On the other hand, many women are afraid to declare their support for a woman at the caucuses. Their husbands wouldn’t like it!

    I am very interested to hear from Hillary supporters who caucused and encountered threats and intimidation. It’s true that early on it looked like she would breeze to victory when suddenly everything turned around. Returns got slower and slower as Sanders edged up. Still, she won–against all odds in crazy Iowa, I would say.

  128. I was at the Los Angeles Hillary HQ in 08. It had just opened. We went to work and to watch the IA returns on the big screen tvs. It was unbelievable how deflated the room felt. Shock maybe was more like it, or both. It was hard b/c they started passing out cell phones after it was over and so many didn’t, or couldn’t make calls. Just too upset. That’s what’s bad about an early loss, that’s what’s bad about stupid Iowa.

  129. Secretary Clinton’s achievement in winning the Iowa Caucus is more amazing since Iowa has failed to elect a woman ever to the house or senate. Yes, this is HUGE.

  130. flvoter sorry it took so long to fish you out of the spam net.

  131. Notice how despite the fact that all 100% of precincts have reported and Hillary won both the “vote’ and delegates, the MSM (with the exception of NPR) refuse to declare her the winner…
    They’re not biased…much!

  132. Watch Jimmy Fallon expose fake Iowa caucus voters. Hilarious. Dumb shits.

  133. Actually, NBC did declare her the first ever woman to win the Iowa Caucuses. But quickly added ” but it feels like a loss”. That led Melissa McEwan to declare that this proves women can never win–even when they do!

  134. A very small win here is far better than a very small loss, even though we are talking about mayber a few hundred voters in a strange caucus proceeding. I am happy that we got the win. Jim Valvano’s motto during the NCAA basketball tournament was “Survive and Advance.” And this is what we did, not that a loss would have been awful, but we avoided it. And Hillary got more delegates, as well.

    It should be clear to us all that the media has an anti-Hillary agenda, and it is not going to change. So I turned on CSPAN last night for a bit; then got up; and turned it back on, and caught Hillary’s victory sp;eech, with a proud Bill and Chelsea standing and clapping. Apparently that was marred by rude and obnoxious Sanders supporters yelling at her. They are an unpleasant group, and we cannot expect their suppport in November. But what the media is either too foolish or too biased to see, is that any win for Hillary in this Iowa caucus is a solid showing. So now we just have to get by New Hampshire, and then go on to much more winnable primaries.

  135. No problem with the spam. I was frankly surprised that my login was still valid. I decided to retire from commenting for the last 8 Obama years. But damn the pen!s wing of the Democratic Party made me re-emerge.

  136. Uppity, an email, and a time-sensitive essay for you.

  137. Flvoter, Iowa elected Joni Ernst, the hog castrator, to the Senate in 2014.

  138. Thanks SophieCT. When I was doing my research her name did not come up. Any still a huge huge victory

  139. Happy day to uppitville…And yes Hillary is back!

  140. Hillary won Iowa. Let’s celebrate her historic victory!

  141. Joni Ernst is a Republican who ran as a man. It’s the Dems, believe it or not, who can’t get a woman elected to statewide Federal office–or even to Congress.

    Hillary finishes first and is declared loser by the media while Marco Rubio finishes third and is portrayed as crushing it. Also, not long ago, the media was complaining about her “coronation” and how she’s inevitable. But they’re just as snarky when she toughs out a close contest by fighting for every vote. And you’re supposed to do retail pilitics in Iowa. Sanders mostly did his big rallies without even bothering to shake hands when he left. Think Hillary could get away with THAT?

  142. Last night I did my patriotic duty and tweeted “Hillary won.” to every Bernie voter that posted a “virtual tie” comment. I slept content!

  143. The main problem that I have with Bernie Sanders is that his campaign has been trying to delegitimize any win of Iowa by Secretary Clinton. All his accusations of Clinton packing the caucus with out of state caucusers (sp?) the demand to release raw vote counts, coin toss victories, etc… all trying to demoralize her supporters and re-characterize her win as no more than “cheating” and collusion by the DNC. This is negative campaigning with a sexist twist . So sad that the Democratic Party allows this cr@p to go on.

  144. A win is win; period. NH will be hard, but I do hope her people are positioning her as the underdog so she can claim a win by coming in a close second.

  145. Bill Clinton doesn’t look healthy. Someone give the poor man a burger and fries. Is he still a vegan?

  146. Sanders simply cannot abide to have anything go against him. I wonder if this demeanor and attitude will begin to wear on people. Not the media, of course, which is invested in trying to beat Hillary. In general, he is unpresidential. Can anyone imagine him negotiating with anyone in this country or any world leader?

  147. My Reader’s Digest summary of today’s media reporting of Iowa Caucus:

    Dems: The 1st place finisher….lost. The 2nd place finisher won.

    Repub.: The 1st place finisher won. The 2nd place finisher lost. The 3rd place finisher..won.

    Welcome to the American media.

  148. Voting @ 2:19PM, that is exactly how the media spun it! On fluffpo last night, their headlines shrieked that Hillary and Bernie were tied and that Rubio “almost passed Trump,” when in fact, Rubio was some 2,500 votes behind Trump! They could have said that Bernie almost passed Hillary, that race was close, but 2,500 votes behind is almost passing?!? wtf is wrong with these idiots? They’re supposed to be unbiased and tell the truth. They don’t report the news, they create or alter the news.

    NES forwarded an hilarious tweet last night, it said (something like): kudos to Rubio’s team for getting the media to promote that 3rd place is the new 1st!

    Anyway, congratulations to our wonderful Hillary and her team! And heartfelt thanks to all her supporters in Iowa!

  149. What the media won’t tell you is that a caucus is far different than a primary. Actually, to use the modern vernacular, the caucus is ageist and ableist, and employedist, in that it is far easier for a young and unemployed person to attend and stay for eight hours or so. So the electorate in a caucus does not bear much of a resemblance to that in a prmary. Now, I don’t know if the media people are too stupid to understand this’ or they do realize it, but they don’t want to do anything to deviate from their anti-Hillary script. My guess is both of them.

    You simply cannot extrapolate from a caucus result. Consider one more time: In 2008, Hillary won most of the primaries, certainly the ones in big states. She lost every caucus, some by immense amounts. In Washington State, she was beaten by about 70-30 in the caucus, and then when they had a non-binding primary later, she lost by about 52-48. In Texas, where they have an actual primary in the morning, and then caucus at night, she won the primary by about eight points, and then lost the caucus. Does this not get through to those media members who ostensibly went to some sort of school?? A caucus result does not mirror the a primary result. It is a skewed sample. It does not extrapolate. It is a political artifact. And Hillary won anyway, you stupid media idiots.

  150. Meh! These diet people and believers of one type of food lifestyle or another are all full of crap if you ask me. Both are right and both are wrong, so what to do and what to do.

    What to do!

    I know! I’ll do both together and enjoy all the things nature provides for my chewing pleasure. While I’m doing that: I can put nothing that comes in a box or salted can in my pantry. Then I’ll try that nearly lost art called…….cooking! And I’ll remember to put my fork down before I eat the entire sara lee cheesecake instead of after.

    Now that seems to be working for me, at least my blood profile and BMI say it does. But most of all, it keeps me from losing my mind trying to figure out which one of these doctors, dietitians, busybodies or authors is full of shit, and which one is full of even more shit –thereby saving tons of money not buying books, which I can apply to the purchase of non GMO foods.

    And as much as I have tried to prove it true, thinking about exercising does NOT burn calories. Goddammit.

    Hey, maybe I’ll write a book! I’ll add it to the list of book ideas I have.

  151. William, seeing Bernie operate, it becomes increasingly easier by the day to comprehend why nobody in congress endorsed him.

  152. Hahaha I just saw you NES. Give that man a steak!

  153. flvoter, Bernie is walking irony. He cheats (Culinary Union infiltration). He steals(DNC data). He lies (No Superpacs!). And then he has the audacity to accuse others of doing what he does rather regularly. Should he get caught at Cheating, Lying or Stealing, he will be “Outraged” and declare himself a Victim. His skin is paper thin and his mind is the product of dropping too many acid tabs in the 60s with his buddy Abbie Hoffman. He’s a psychological mess.

    In short, he’s a typical Socialist Despot Wannabee.

  154. A win is win; period. NH will be hard, but I do hope her people are positioning her as the underdog so she can claim a win by coming in a close second.

    Yeah so we can call it a ‘Moral win’.

  155. Yes I agree with you 100%. For the life of me I cannot figure out how anyone in the Democratic Party can see him as a revolutionary. He’s been an elected official for what around 30 years, he’s an old white guy who has been pretty ineffective in the Senate. Our government has mostly been run by old white guys and look where that got us. Obama has been the only difference, but of course he’s still a guy! How he can push an establishment label on Secretary Clinton is just mind blowing. And how any woman can possibly believe that a Bernie Sanders will be better for her than a Hillary Clinton is just plain foolish.

  156. NEW POST UP.

  157. flvoter, well said. It’s so frustrating.

  158. The only ones that like Bernie better as far as women are the ones not old enough to realize he’ll throw them under the bus in a heartbeat. They’re the same ones that went for Obama and were shocked that the first chance he got they went under the bus.

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