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The following is an Essay by Member William

That was a phrase used by former North Carolina State basketball coach Jim Valvano, when talking about the “one loss and out” NCAA basketball tournament. His point was that it didn’t matter how you won, how close it was, the mistakes you may have made in a game; all that mattered was winning somehow, and getting to the next round. This phrase became so famous in sports, because he and his team rode it to an almost unfathomable national championship in 1983. They kept squeaking out wins, and suddenly they were in the title game against a much better team, but they won that in the last second, and that was the national title.

Now, of course a presidential campaign is not “one loss and you’re out,” though the media will often try to make it look that way for candidates they don’t want to win. But that’s sort of how I felt about the very close Hillary win in the Iowa caucuses. We won, barely, but we won. Winning by even a few thousand votes is infinitely better than having lost by a similar amount. A win is a win. It heartens her supporters, who worked so hard in Iowa. It goes in the books as a win. And of course she got seven more delegates than did Sanders. So all in all, a rewarding night.And as we all know, delegates are what matters. In some sense, the Democratic primary set-up is an illusion. The DNC has it arranged so that no state is winner-take-all, and delegates are apportioned and divided up as the results come in. Actually, the so-called “Superdelegates” have the real power. And Hillary has about 300 more of those than Sanders does. So in terms of delegate count, Hillary is already in very strong shape. The media conveniently ignores that fact, in favor of their “horse race” narrative, which they believe sells viewing tickets for them. Of course Hillary needs to win primaries, and she will. She will have a real struggle in New Hampshire, which of course is contiguous to Vermont, and where the homogenous and often maverick voters often go for the underdog. Does anyone remember who won the New Hampshire primary in 1992? Try to guess before you see the answer! And Gary Hart won it in 1980, which didn’t do him any good when the bigger state primaries rolled around. Okay, the winner in 1992 was Paul Tsongas.

After New Hampshire, we have a much more favorable primary schedule. South Carolina, Nevada, and then soon after, Super Tuesday. We can take nothing for granted, but Hillary should do very well in those. Sanders will not go away; he’s got support from the Howard Dean wing of the party, and that group is always loud and vocal and virtually intransigent. And Sanders never concedes anything. I just hope that he will be decent enough to finally gracefully concede and support Hillary if it is apparent that she will win the nomination. But at this point, his supporters will continue with their all-out battle; and we have to maintain all our efforts, support–monetary and otherwise–and enthusiasm.

Last night, we heard that Sanders’ campaign was considering suing all sorts of people and entities. Microsoft, perhaps. They wanted a recreation of the caucus in 90 or so caucus sites, the all-time “do-over.” I am afraid that this is an extension of Sanders’ temperament, which apparently is to never concede anything, to turn everything into a battle; to threaten lawsuits left and right. This is not helpful to the Democratic Party in general. I do remember the eras where the conventions had floor fights about a party platform plank or rule. Are we going to see a series of massive floor fights because the Sanders people will never concede a defeat?

We will see how this continues to play out. It is interesting that in 2008, despite obvious massive rule-breaking at the caucuses by the Obama people; despite the DNC rigging the whole thing in favor of Obama, to the extent that he was given many delegates in a state where he was not on the ballot; and where some delegates which Hillary won were summarily given to him, Hillary and her campaign did not sue anyone. She put the party and the country ahead of herself. I was very disappointed that she did not sue, and fight at the convention, but that is not how she thinks or acts. She always sees the larger picture, and wants to do what the thinks is the right thing for the American people.

I will tell you that I feel rather happy about the Iowa results, which could have been better, but certainly could have been a lot worse. This is Hillary’s first ever win in a caucus. Caucuses are not good things, and they skew in favor of the more extreme candidates, particularly in states with homogeneous voting demographics. So winning Iowa was not an easy task, but Hillary did win there, in all important respects. And so all of us dedicated Hillary supporters came out winners, in the first of a long and grueling campagn which Hillary is prepared for, and for which we all must be as well.

And try not to let the media upset you too much. I know that they upset me, to the extent that I virtually never turn on the cable news networks. These people think that their own gloss on events is more important than the events themselves, and the obvious conclusions which people can draw from them. And either they are too stupid or too biased (take your pick as to which it is) to see it fairly and reasonably. No matter what the media might say, Hillary winning the Iowa caucus is a plus for her. It is hardly her strongest state, hardly her best situation. She didn’t win one single caucus in 2008, though she won most of the major primaries. But she won this caucus, making her 1-0 in caucus/primary results thus far! On to New Hampshire and beyond!


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  1. Well said, William! Love the basketball illustration! My son has another one, so I will log out and let him make it himself.

  2. Hey William, great post! It made me think about all the great basketball games that are won by a buzzer beater, which happened many times with great players like Kobe or MJ. Afterwards, the sportscasters all rave about the great shot, and what a fantastic win it was, instead of questioning why they missed so many chances earlier in the game that would have locked in the win.

    You see just the opposite with this Hillary and Bernie contest in Iowa. She pulls off the win at the end, and all the media can do is bitch about her not having creamed him, and barely acknowledge she won at all.

  3. Hugs to Uppity and the Uppityites!

  4. Laker, that is exactly right. Sports writers and broadcasters are actually often fairer than the political writers and TV people. The object is to win, and Hillary won. Not only did she win, she got seven more delegates than Sanders, which is quite a few more, in a smallish state like Iowa.

    I went to UCLA, and I got to see a lot of basketball titles. Maybe the most exciting game I ever saw was in 1975, in the semifinals against Louisville. Louisville was ahead by one point, and they had the ball. They had put in their best free throw shooter, Terry Howard, hoping he would be fouled. He had not missed a freet throw all year, 31 for 31. And UCLA had to foul him with about six seconds to go. Back then, there was no three-point shot, and the clock did not stop after a basket, even at less than one minute to play. So if he made both ends of the one and one, UCLA could not win. But he missed. UCLA got the ball, called timeout, and designed a play for Richard Washington, who hit the winning shot with about two seconds to play. UCLA won, and the next night, won the national title against Kentucky, in coach Wooden’s final game. UCLA was very fortunate there, but they also managed to hit the winning snot when they had the chance. And that game is in the record books forever. And I bought a tape of the radio broadcast of that game. And UCLA won, and Louisville lost, just like Hillary won last night, and Sanders lost.

  5. Thanks for the pep talk,Coach William. Very inspiring.

    In the immortal words of Harriet Tubman..” You just gots to keep movin’.” Yep,we’ll keep moving,w/Happy Feet ;right to the steps of the White House.

    A GREAT DAY;after seven years in the wilderness..redemption.

  6. That was “winning shot.” My eyes are bleary from following the results last night!


    An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton

  8. Well done essay, William. Heartfelt and inspiring. Thank you for writing it.

  9. Sophie i read that link and then commented and the nuts have come out to comment all over the thing screaming about Monsanto etc. His supporters are going to literally destroy his campaign. They are creepy and gross.

  10. I’m not the only one recommending that article!

  11. Okay, the world is going to end. I think I see four horsemen.

  12. Yeah, I saw that tweet from Brazille. Hades must have actually frozen over sometime in the past few days.

  13. And I saw some rivers running backwards and a few ravens flying upside down…Donna fscking Brazille????

  14. You mean there actually are rules to the Iowa caucus???? Will wonders never cease.

  15. Fredster posted this good piece about the “coin toss” nonsense next door:

  16. I feel that I have gone through the looking glass. My head is spinning.

  17. I had no intention whatsoever of watching any of CNN, except that I turned to the station to check the listing on tomorrow’s town hall, in case I wanted to tape it. Unfortunately, I left the sound on, so I heard fifteen seconds of some person saying about Hillary, “When her back is to the wall, she usually comes out fighting…” Yes, she won the Iowa caucus, she picked up 28 delegates; and she is leading in every upcoming primary except New Hampshire. I still cannot decide how much of this is simple ignorance and inability to understand what is actually going on; and how much is simply the media desperately trying to create the narrative they are purveying.

  18. If ya’ll haven’t seen it you need to go to MSNBC and watch tweety dissect the “revolution”.

  19. Haven’t watch MSNBC since 2008. Not going to start now. Gave up CNN last week. I regret giving them another chance.

  20. IOWA has a long history of reporting delegates not numbers. They are not going to change that for Bernie The Victim. And they don’t have to. He signed the same agreements everyone else signed when he had the audacity to register as a Democrat.

  21. Donna knows Bernie is a hot mess.

  22. You can watch it online. Yeah, I was shocked too that it was coming out of MSNBC.

  23. First thing this morning Bernie is playing the victim again and refusing to concede Iowa claiming he has “momentum”. Frankly this makes me hope that it turns off voters in NH and he loses there.

  24. Matthews is getting a lot of heat from the left about that interview.

  25. I liked the fact that he called Bernie a NDC Democrat–November Doesn’t Count.

  26. Here’s a poll I like;

    It’s an outlier today, but I think it’s actually closer to the real dynamic of the primary.

    UMass/7news (Daily?) tracking poll has Hillary picking up 4 points in one day…

    If they are doing a daily tracking poll, it could be a good barometer of how quickly we are closing the gap.
    Here’s the question that I would like to see asked;

    Hillary Clinton has been a loyal DEMOCRAT for 5 decades. When her contest with President Obama was over, she enthusiastically put her support, energy and her SUPPORTERS into the service of winning the general election for the DEMOCRATIC Party. Her track record proves that she will support the Democratic nominee in this election, WHOMEVER that may be.

    Senator Sanders has been a Democrat for several months, only changing his Party affiliation to qualify for the Democratic nomination. Will he pledge his HIS LOYALTY, SUPPORT, and his SUPPORTERS to the eventual DEMOCRATIC nominee, WHOMEVER that may be? Will he campaign for the DEMOCRATIC nominee, will he urge his supporters to support the Democratic nominee, or will he revert back to the Socialist/Independent he was before 2015?

  27. I wouldn’t give Chris Matthews much credit for showing support for Hillary this time around. His wife Kathleen is running in the Democratic primary for an open seat in Maryland’s 8th District Congressional race. No doubt the Matthews family hopes to profit from Hillary’s coattails.

  28. I love “Spam, Spam, Spam” but will someone get me out of it, please!

  29. Matthews at least has some historical knowledge of the Democratic Party. Our party has flirted with unwinnable candidates for decades. McGovern, of course, who actually got nominated. Jesse Jackson, Howard Dean. Elizabeth Warren would be another. There are actually people on what I guess you would call the Left, who would just as soon lose and feel virtuous. Most of them don’t have any hope for the country, anyway, and can easily revert to their bitter cynisicm if the Republicans take over the whole country while they are trying to tear down the one candidate who is progressive, competent and electable. The French Jacobins were like that. They ended up guillotining virtualy everyone of their own party; and ultimately their country made Napoleon emperor, and then later brought back the Bourbons to rule.

  30. Could not RESIST!…;-)

  31. Certain heads are exploding over Trump’s Iowa flop. Some claiming that Cruz, “stole” the caucus, (and this is the most totally insane of all!) to Microsoft manipulated Rubio’s totals to make Trump look bad.
    Tin foil hats for all of the conspiracy nuts!
    I just LOVE it!

  32. At least Matthews has some historical knowledge of the Democratic Party to draw upon. Our party has flirted with unelectable candidates for decades. McGovern, of course, who was actually nominated. Jesse Jackson. Howard Dean. Now Sanders. Elizabeth Warren would be another one.

    Many on the so-called Democratic Left would actually rather lose elections and feel virtuous about it. Most of them have no real hope for the country, anyway, and can easily revert to their usual bitter cynicism, if the Republicans amass even more power. The rest of us end up paying for their arrogant self-indulgence, while they attempt to tear down the one progressive, competent, and electable person in the now almost denuded Democratic Party. And most of them have no interest in Hillary’s ability to bring in downticket Democrats to rebuild the party’s infrastructure; that kind of thing is too pragmatic for them. They are of coursd reminiscent of the French Jacobins, who ended up guillotining most of their own party, after which the French turned to Napoleon and made him Emperor; and then turned back to the Bourbon Dynasty. Or the European anarchists, who blew up and assassinated some people, and got World War I, then European fascism, and then World War II, for their efforts.

  33. Yes, I keep ending up in spam, too. It is Microsoft’s doing! The posts must be recreated! Lawsuits everywhere!

  34. The Hill is reporting that Bernie is going to attempt to snatch some of Hillary’s Iowa delegates.

  35. Don’t be concerned, Iowa is O-V-E-R…
    Sanders can do whatever he wants, it doesn’t matter. The process for apportioning delegates is IOWA is so arcane that even Iowans are flummoxed, and they will ALL belong to Hillary by convention time…
    Here’s good news about a state we will win…

  36. Yeah, cause he’s so honest and trustworthy.

    In other news, sadly, we won’t have Rand Paul to kick around anymore. Now his supporters, all 10 of them, can move on to Bernie!

  37. Great post, William, but Hillary did win Nevada caucuses in ’08, even though Obama got more delegates there. (I will never understand these INSANE caucuses!) Also, I think she won New Mexico caucuses in ’08. In both places, she was helped by large Latino vote.

  38. Love Jennifer Granholm’s “This is exactly how I feel, F bombs and all” reaction to Sophie’s link. One of the Bernie Bros in the comments says he can’t be sexist because he will vote for Jill Stein (Green party) if he can’t have Bernie. Dude, seriously, Jill Stein is never going to be president so you don’t get feminist points for saying you’ll vote for a woman as long as she’s no threat.

  39. I couldn’t be happier! His royal hind-ass Rand Paul is out. Buh bye you little whiny mini-Bernie.

    Ever since the first Senate hearing on Benghazi, I have intensely disliked that POS.

    Also, Santorum is out. Poor Frothy couldn’t keep it going long enough this time to alleviate his Google problem.

  40. Next POS that needs to go:

  41. My morning comment about Chris Matthews’ wife Kathleen is still in SPAM. I’m not going to bother to recreate it. I’ve moved on.

  42. My comments keep going into Interwebz space. If I’m banned, let me know. I can deal with it.

  43. Brassy Rebel, thanks for the correction. I thought Nevada was a primary. It was exciting when she won it. Hopefully she can do it again, and Sanders can complain about that, too.

  44. I cannot believe how Christie is outdoing in obnoxiousness even the caricature of him. Everything he says about Hillary is belligerent, bullying, and childish. I was surprised that he was not indicted for his jam the roads corruption. Maybe he’s hoping to win a part in the next Godfather movie.

  45. Sophie, I shuddered when reading Christie’s sexist and violent comment. What a fvcking asshole. Yes, you are so right, can’t wait for him to go.

    Did you guys hear about the latest Cruz brouhaha? He sent out emails to all the party people in IA suggesting that Carson was dropping out and so they should encourage his supporters to vote for Cruz instead. What a sleaze. I think this a drop in the bucket with this guy. I really get the “evil” vibe from him. There was an article on fluffpo yesterday about how the IL board of elections said Cruz is a natural born citizen and “further comment is unnecessary,” so of course there were lots of funny comments about it. I wish Trump would sue him. It would be worth it to have it settled. Canadians keep commenting that if he was born there he is an NBC of Canada. If that’s true, how can he be an NBC of two countries. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’m going to check out the tweety interview.

  46. Yeah, why didn’t Christie get nailed for that bridge closure. Is it over?

  47. Oh, please. I wish that dollar-store version of Tony Soprano would debate Hillary. She’d stomp a mud hole in him and walk it dry, as we say in the Arkanshire. 😈

  48. Looks like a ‘bot is paying a visit.

  49. Ivory Bill, well said!

  50. Good one, Ivory Bill!

  51. Prolix has a funny recap of Iowa posted next door.

  52. Prolix manages to combine brilliance with humor in his posts. He always amazes me with his knowledge and wit.

  53. Uppity;thanks so much for this site. I know I can come here and have my spirits raised instead of my blood pressure. Thanks,too,for all the helpful and informative links.
    Now,if I may, a cautionary tale for our younger feminist sisters from an old fart who’s walked the path you’re walking now.Beware the argument that a perfectly good woman will be elected some day,just not now. This “not now” argument has been used for millennia to distract women and minorities from their purpose or goals.
    ( Honey,you work while I go to school and then I’ll work and pay for your schooling..sure you can do that and raise kids,too. No problem)

    Women have no need of the ERA because we men will look after pretty brainless little you..ditto equal pay. Oh,and you can have control over your own body as long as you jump through whatever hoops we male legislators determine are sufficient.There are businesses,universities,homes and churches all over this country,hell all over the world, that would shrivel and die without the free,unpaid energies of the women of this world.

    Remember MLK’s statement of “the fierce urgency of now.” WE WOMAN NEED REPRESENTATION IN THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND…NOW!! If you think me paranoid check out how long it took for women to get the vote. We still don’t have the level of female representation in any of our branches of government,or equal pay;or equal rights.

    And you suggest to me that a 74 year old man is going to advocate for these things more than a woman who’s devoted her life to these issues? So,hey,you think Bernie can get you a free college education and free health care? Again,check your history and then check out the ratio of Dems vs Repubs in the House and Senate. You think Bernie can even get elected,turn out more Dems down ticket so he can even have a snowball’s chance of getting his agenda passed,let alone paid for?

    Moderate may now be considered a dirty word,but there’s no Progressive alive who didn’t have to moderate or compromise to take the smallest baby steps…to keep moving toward our progress.

    Wake up and smell the coffee,young ones…there’s a pretty good chance you’re being sold a bill of goods..even if he does look like your favorite uncle.

    Thanks,had to get that out of my system.

  54. So I think this town hall could get heated. Although it’s not a debate so they’re not face to face. I hope Hillary is last so she can rebut all of his lies and garbage.

  55. IMust, it seems as if Sanders has stepped up his attacks today. He wants to make the campaign more contentious.. Hillary does not attack him, and I understand the reasons. But I think that she could point out somewhere that while Sanders has never campaigned for a Democrat out of his state, she has campaigned for Democrats all over the country for 25 years; and that the Democratic Party, which she is a proud member of, needs to have more statewide success, for a variety of reasons. Clearly, Sanders has no interest in any of this, and never really calls himself a Democrat, and that is a weak spot for him which the media lets him get away with.

  56. WELL put, Msdsal!

  57. Yes, that’s a good thing to point out. I hope she remains her cool, calm collected self because the media is just looking for her to seem upset. Then they can claim she’s desperate, shrill….you all know the rest.

  58. Milbank? It truly is the end of the world!

  59. OMG Laker Dood! I just saw you here!!! Dude!!!!

  60. Folks, if you land in spam it’s not my or anyone else’s fault. Complaining about it repeatedly will not make wordpress release you. I, however, will release you from spam when I get here. And just like you, I will get here when I get here. It’s the first thing I look at when I do get here. And I promise you I will get here before somebody actually dies from strangling in the spamnet.
    Thank you.

  61. Do you hear Bernie talking about what a shitty student he was and how he learned alot “Off Campus”. I’ll tell you what he learned Off-Campus. In addition to falling in love with Communists, if he didn’t learn how to drop acid every single day, then I can grow pineapples in New York. I tell you I have known Upper and Downer junkies in my life and hallucinogins produce the world’s Bernie Sanders’ decades later.

  62. Ok now I’m zoning out. I had a hard time listening to Bernie Sanders, I confess. My mind wanders. Be back later.

  63. A real good diary. The writer is a friend of mine and a resident of Iowa. This diary got her banned from DKos.

  64. WOW, she did reallllllly well

  65. I don’t even know how you can even listen to Bernie. Frankly I would just wait until he was done.

  66. Well, I admit I did not listen to Sanders. But I listened to Hillary, and she was warm, compassionate, and incredibly knowledgeable. Again, I do not see why 90% of Democrats do not vote for her. Some in the audience just stared coldly at her, including that one woman who asked the set-up question, “What can you do to rebuild the trust, blah, blah.” But for any reasonable and thinking person out there, she is the kind of candidate who comes along maybe once in 80 years or so. And surely they have to see and realize that.

  67. Hahah William, I can’t help it. I glaze over with him.

  68. You should all read that diary that Sophie posted.

  69. Love the Lennon/Revolution reference in that diary. Well done.

  70. Sophie, great read but she missed the real visionary lyric from John Lennon that applies to the Bernout Bros and the 21st century in general…”Woman is the ‘nigga” of the world.”

  71. I am so happy to say, this little shit is not going to be president in my lifetime.

  72. Dick-head Axelrod is slamming Hillary all over Twitter tonight….I think we now know why Sanders had his meeting with Obama.

  73. Ahahahahahahah Sophie! He really is an odious POS, isn’t he? Look at the title of the video. It’s safe to say HE’s been “Relieved of his post”.

  74. Sophie, I read your friend’s brave post. What an appalling thing that a site which is so proud to tell everyone how much it represents progressive ideals, appears to try to ban everyone and every comment that offends its delicate sensibilities. One of the social tragedies of our time is to see that the Left has often become as censorious, narrow-minded, and punitive as the Right had been for most of the last century.

    And what she said is so important. The Republicans have just about taken over the entire country, because most of the rest of the potential voters couldn’t be bothered. They only show up every four years for the celebrity match. So many Democrats have been defeated in crucial state races because not enough people turned out, or gave money, or to do the hard work of trying to win elections against the inexhaustible Republican money machine. Most of them have no idea of how governance works, or what sacrifices were made by so many in wars, and labor fights, and demonstrations and marches. Your friend obviously cares; and for her trouble, she got banned from what is supposed to be a free haven for liberals to discuss important issues. But no, it lost that kind of credibility long ago. I hope that she keeps on caring and fighting, and working for state candidates. Somebody has to. Sanders’ supporters aren’t going to. I hope I get to hear more from her in the future.

  75. The regressives, William, have become the mirror image of the far right. They have become everything they despise in the right. Caught in their own irony.

  76. Sophie, I also read your friends post and thought it was amazing. I can’t believe she is banned over that! I rarely go over there, but I have seen so much hostility to Hillary and her supporters over the years. I thought they were changing…guess not. Anyway, your friend has lots of those facebook links and likes, so that’s really great. I read through the comments. I have to say, I have never understood all the baggage that goes with being part of that site. What does that tip jar thing mean? And I think that flagging of comments is bs. And the little box that says “mojo”!?!? I don’t have the patience.

    Oh, Uppity! I read the comments down to the bottom, and guess who was there? Strawberrybitch!!! Remember, you two were hilarious together in the old days at nq. I haven’t seen anything of her in years.

  77. Strawberry, yes! I remember her!

  78. You won’t believe what a Sanders moron tweeted. He jumped in like the barn animal he is and declared that someone should ‘defend why hillary didn’t vote with Warren’. Ended his tweet with “Go!”. As if anybody was going to follow his fucking order. Well………I couldn’t resist and answered…

    ….Um, because Hillary wasn’t a Senator then?

    Now tell me these Sandernistas aren’t morons. Warren has been a Senator since 2013. I also told him to cut down on the drugs.

    And besides that, who the hell appointed Warren in charge of telling how people should vote? As I mentioned before, I do not like that fractious woman one bit.

  79. Sing it, Sistah!

  80. Wow! Love the link from your friend, Sophie. Powerful. And sheer genius to point out the similarities of this revolution to the one John Lennon saw coming decades ago.

  81. Besides free college and free health care, there’s one more thing the Bernouts crave–all the pot they can smoke. One of the town hall questions to Hillary (isn’t she great!?) was what would she do to legalize marijuana? Like that’s the main thing a president should be concerned about.

  82. Instead of a chicken in every pot, they think Bernie will give them a pot plant in every yard.

  83. hello Ms UW,

    It’s been years since 2008 huh. Ahhhh those were the days then. And here we go again, I guess I’ll have to do illegal donation again (shhhh), Hillary is back!!! Yeahahhhhhhhhhhhh.

    BTW, been following your website on and off. Or whenever I could find time. Things have gone bad to worse in my country. And I am NOT really proud being a Malaysian right now (sigh).

    Ms UW, pleeeeease make sure Hillary makes it to the WH this time around k.

    Muahhhhhhhhhhhhh, hope you are well. Till next time…tschus!!!

  84. Oh. My. God! Joey! I can NOT tell you how many times I wondered if you were okay!!!!

    We’re doing out best, Joey. Don’t be a stranger! I am just so glad you came here.

  85. Gang, I’m sure our old guard remembers Joey. She’s our Hillaryite from Malaysia.

    What’s happening there, Joey?

  86. Bernie enjoys his slash and burn attacks on the Democrats and Secretary Clinton. Who the fu@k is he to decide who a progressive is? He’s just another man trying to place limits on a woman, so very establishment of him! The level of animosity that comes from his campaign is just astounding. He loves to be a victim, as if an old white guy who has been in politics for about 30 years could be. Open your eyes Bernie, people like you have been in power for like forever and you guys have really screwed it up. So many excuses, so many conspiracy theories because Secretary Clinton couldn’t possibly win without cheating. He needs to quit his destructive campaign before he causes irreparable damage to the Democrats. If for any reason the Democrats lose this Presidential election, it will be due to the kind of bs that Sanders and his minions are doing. Bernie needs to remember that the revolution is being televised and a lot of us are not liking what we are seeing.

  87. Flvoter Bernie is not concerned about damaging the party, because Bernie WANTS to damage the party. He wants to merge it with the Socialist party. That’s who he is. Nothing historical about him suggests any differently. If the truth be known, he would love to eliminate the other two branches of our government and go straight into Cubanizing us. I’m sorry but, as I said, everything about him defies the meme that he has anything else on his mind.

    The thing is, I am not a Progressive. I hate the extreme wing of my party. All they have ever done is take chances apiece with the right wing nutbags ruining America. Most of America falls in one direction from center or the other. They are not Nutroots or Nutbags. I am not all that excited about how far left he has forced Hillary. The thing is, I disagree with EVERYTHING Bernie says so, beyond the fact that Women’s Rights is my Number One issue (no more back burner!), coupled with the fact that there is no way I am buying into socialist bullshit, I have no use for Bernie whatsoever. When I see people insist “unit blue,” I can tell them without reservation that I will NEVER vote for Bernie. The best I can offer is to stay home, but no way would I ever vote to turn my party into a socialist shambles. That is his Number One goal. It’s far more important to him than helping kids with college, on that you can bet. He’s a Socialist to the rotten core. We’ve already witnessed him lying, cheating and stealing, and we have only gotten past one primary.

  88. Uppity, Warren does remind me of a schoolmarm. Her views are fine, but she could not govern. She still has not endorsed Hillary. If the Democrats ever nominate her in any era, she would lose as badly as McGovern. I repeat that there are a group of so-called Democrats who would sacririce eveything for political purity. Actually, HIllary’s rating by liberal groups while in the Senate was extremely high. She voted against tje confirmation of Roberts where Obama did not. She voted against Alito. I believe that Obama was originally going to vote against Alito, but apparently after consulting advisors, he voted for him.

  89. William, Warren is no less a politician than anyone else. She’s not going to endorse anyone until the candidate is picked. She’s fractious but she’s no fool. When you have a three branch government, put there to thwart street revolutions, you have to get along with people. Warren is another one who fails on that score. Because people who are far left are no better than people who are far right. the far left behaves like Ted Cruz. Arrogant, entitled, not willing to reach consensus, my way or the highway. I am sick of this bullshit and I’ll bet the rest of America is too. This is why Hillary keeps pointing out that she “Gets things done”. She knows America can NEVER be anybody’s idealistic utopia. Thank God. I have always rather cherished my individuality and ability to advance myself using my own skills.

  90. UW, I was born in Cuba. My family escaped the revolution in the 1960’s and when I say escaped, I mean with just the clothes on our backs. My mom’s uncle was a political prisoner in Cuba for over 20 years before we were able to get him out. He suffered so much torture there that he died within 2 years of reaching the US. I still do not understand the left wing’s love of all things socialist and communist. To me, Che Guevara was nothing more than the Butcher of La Cabana. So, no I am not a leftist, just a moderate realist. I still think that there are more moderates in the party than there are leftists, so I do not want them to damage the Democratic Party Brand with this Bernie Bullsh!t..

  91. Incidentally, the VA is skewering Sanders publicly as we are writing. He headed that committee and actually achieved…….nothing.

    I would like to amend my last comment to say I am 100% certain that if Adolph Hitler were alive today in the USA, he would succeed with both the nutroots and the nutbags. Because they are The Same Mentality and both love the thought of getting everything they want. And Adolph knew how to tap into that.

  92. flvoter, you have NO idea how high in esteem I hold Cubans who risked their lives to come here, only to roll up their sleeves and become productive members of America, showing love and entrepreneurship and, most of all. loyalty to the country that offered them freedom. I have known a fair number of people who did what you did, and only you know exactly what I am trying to say about so-called ‘for the people’ socialism. That is why the great proportion of Cuban-Americans ARE basically Centrist. They Understand. And Remember. I’m with you.

    flvoter, why don’t you tell us how Castro, to quote Bernie, “Transformed Cuba”.

  93. flvoter, I do not mean to put you on the spot, and feel free to say No, no questions asked, but I offer you the opportunity to write a post on this blog about why you left Cuba or anything about Socialism you want to say.

    Any time.

  94. UMass NH poll shows Hillary UP 11 points in 3 days!…

    It will be within striking distance by Monday…

  95. Smiles @ms UW (wide smiles)

    Personally I am well and doing a lot of fishing, literally. Also happily enjoying my time with my life partner (shhh, don’t tell the world i have gf k?) And retired too. Thank you for asking.

    What’s happening in malaysia? You have to ask that??? Really??? Just surf for 1MDB and Najib Razak and you will get the whole story. My country has gone to the dog!!! I tell ya.

    Oh I forgot to tell you, the last time Hillary was in Malaysia as a secretary of state, I had the chance to see and shock her hand. Making a fool of myself actually. Grinning ear to ear. Oh man! I was so wildly and madly inlove with how she she carried herself. Her whole personality, the way she seemed to win the crowd as she talked about issues.

    Then it struck me why I was big on supporting her as DNC presidential candidate back in 2008. And what a fool Americans had been for not having her as president as well. She was an epitome of intellectual. Make sense? What a WOMAN! I had met my “ideal” madam president.

    And now she’s back on! I hope this time around, the americans will give her the chance TO SHINE. And correct the correctable. She can do the right thing for us all, not only USA. Get what I mean?

    As for Obama visited Malaysia…well I couldn’t be bothered. LOL

    I see some of the old guards in uppity are still around, Ms UW. Doubt they remember me butt from the old days, LOL

    Good seeing you too Ms UW, muahhhhhhhh.

    PS: How is Bill? Still catnipping and moderating, too?

  96. UW, My family history in Cuba reaches far back. The family had been in Cuba for generations and were doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians etc…, (one supposedly was given his nickname by Teddy Roosevelt) My family did not like Bautista, and Castro is worse. The Castro brothers destroyed Cuba. Castro’s brand of communism is basically what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine. If you really want to know what happened during the revolution, my mom and dad lived through it and will never forget. She would be the perfect person to tell you what communism in Cuba is all about. I was about 2 1/2 years old when we left. But I do remember midnight phone calls to grandparents in Cuba since that is when the Cuban government would put the calls through and the calls were always monitored. I remember my mom’s uncle arriving in the US in such bad shape but eternally grateful for the years my mom worked in releasing him. Letters went through Canada and so did care packages that never really reached the family in Cuba. Like most Cubans in the 1960s we left all of our family and friends to come to a strange country so that we can be free. My parents are my heroes. They came with 2 kids under 6 and my grandmother with no money and no connections and rose to a comfortable middle class.

    Now that’s an American Story.

  97. flvoter, does your mother use a computer? Because if she does, I would be happy to start a thread in which she could tell us all about Castro, who “transformed Cuba”.

  98. Joey, Bill is his same old fractious self I’m pleased to report.

    And here, if you have a gf, we celebrate!

    And most of all, I’m glad that Hillary brought you back to us!

  99. 11 points! Hollllllllly Shiiiiiitttttttt.

  100. I will ask her for her input and see if she is willing to give her first hand recollection of the Cuban revolution.

    And yes she uses a computer but she is not very computer friendly. LOL.

  101. I’m looking at UMass poll and I see Clinton 36, Sanders 58. She’s 3 points up on that one, and he’s 6 points up from last UMass poll. 4 undecided

    ARG has this (Thru Jan 31, though) Clinton 43, Sanders 49, but that’s with 3 for O’Malley and 4 undecided

  102. Last 3 Umass DAILY tracking polls

    Tuesday 63-30
    Wednesday 61-32
    Today 58-36

    He’s down 5 points She’s up SIX! that’s an 11 point swing in 3 days…

  103. Still not very pretty numbers, we need to understand that. We’ll see what happens in the next few days with more notable pollsters, including Feb 3 (last night’s forum). College-related polls make me nervous.

  104. flvoter, maybe you can interview her and do the writing for her!

  105. I do consider myself progressive because society must progress. Our system is set up to progress but slowly, incrementally. That’s what the Bernouts refuse to accept. But because we are a two party system, both parties must be big tents which hold moderate voters too. Sadly, the extremes on both sides are now trying to force feed everyone “pure” ideology and purge the moderates. Fringe parties on the extremes are trying to take over the two parties because they cannot compete at the ballot box. The reason Sanders leads in NH is not just because he comes from neighboring Vermont. It’s because people who support the Greens and other leftist parties are allowed to vote in primary, just as they’re allowed to caucus in Iowa.

    I too would love to hear from flvoter’s mom on her experiences under the Castros. Whether an oppressive regime comes from the left or the right, the people being oppressed are suffering just the same. It’s another blind spot of people on the left in this country that they refuse to recognize the oppression of left wing regimes–think Venezuela and Chavez.

  106. 0h dangit, Hillary better catch up fast. At 36 to 58 is 22 points behind. hmmm. If only she muster another 11 points everyday, wouldn’t be something huh. Hillary!!!! do something, pleeeease!!! (I”m shouting mad now)

    Grumpy catnipped Bill, eh? LoL

  107. Uppity,thanks for the compliment. I’ve managed to settle down a bit from yesterday’s rant. The Town Hall was fantastic. I can even see how some like Bernie;he comes across as the elderly uncle who stops by once a year w/presents or money…as long as you don’t expect too much of him or look too closely;he’s lovable..just not very practical.

    Every time I watch Hillary I just cannot understand how any other human being can watch her and decide she’s a liar or untrustworthy. Her responses to the cancer patient,how she dealt w/being in the public eye as she dealt w/very personal crises and the discussion on what gets her through a day, were nothing short of poetic and beautiful. Even Gloria Borger and Van Jones were knocked off their “bash Hillary “game and complimentary.

    I have assigned myself the onerous task of watching CNN,for my sins. OK, so no one deserves that level of punishment,whatever the crime; but they have finally started vetting Bernie to some degree. Their money folk trashed his plan for a single payer /medicare like health plan..saying it would add between 3 to 14 trillion dollars to the budget. They also said they doubted very much that they could start taxing the well to do @ an 85% rate;which is what would be required for his plan to work. THEN they had the guy on who won awards for his reporting on the Veteran’s health care crisis and he basically called Bernie negligent;if not obstructionist for his time as head of the senate veteran’s committee.

    I have to believe that even CNN has reached the conclusion that we,as a country, can’t take the risk of even having Bernie as a possible candidate.

    If Hillary really is up 11 points already,maybe she gets to,at least, claim the “moral victory” this time around.Me, I’m holding out for another “comeback kid.”

  108. The faster we get past the NH primary, the better. It would be unreasonable to expect Hillary to win this. The small gain in the polls is somewhat of a statistical regression. I just feel both angry at, and sorry for, those Sanders supporters who think they are doing some great thing here. As Sophie’s friend Delia suggested, they’ll all disappear after these primaries, and never do a thing for the Democratic Party or any of its candidates. I respect committed citizens, but these are not. They are just self-indulgent dilettantes who primarily have no real idea of how laws are made, and what a President can or cannot do. I don’t think that they are much use to the Democratic Party in general; they are carpers and political puritans.

    Did you take a look at the woman who insolently asked Hilllary, “What can you do to regain our trust?” The camera kept showing her in the audience as Hilary answered other questions. She never smiled once, or nodded in assent. She wasn’t asking a question, she was making a statement. Just like that male jerk in Iowa who pretended that his friends told him that Hillary was dishonest, and how would she reply? Stood up there smirking as she answered.

  109. Msdsal, I completely agree about Hillary being compassionate and very honest. The caricature of her comes from CDS, and lazy and stupid journalists. Who has ever seen a political figure answer profound philosophical questions with that self-reflection and honesty? And I completely believe that everything she promises to do, she will do everything she can to accomplish.. And that is why the Republicans hate and fear her so much.

  110. Oh, this is better than Christmas! Just saw on twitter that Colin Powell and Condi Rice have both been contacted by FBI. Seems they both had email now deemed clasdified on their personal email accounts. Didn’t Condi deny using email for official businesd as SOS? Wouldn’t you love to see her emails to W?

    Hope someone can find link to a news story.

  111. Thanks for sharing, Sophie.
    That was a good article, although the author looks barely old enough for a Bar Mitzvah.
    My husband also says that Bernie and his fans remind him of the Tea Party types.

  112. I’ll probably get smacked around but I thought Condi Rice was the smartest person in that entire administration.

  113. Colin was just on Tee Vee fixing things for Hillary for sure. Seems that he understands completely that no one can be blamed for reading emails that are not classified, that become classified later.

    We may get to thank Colin Powell and Condi Rice. Stand by.

  114. It kind of fits in with what I’ve been saying. The Right and the Left are killing America. Rigid assholes, making sure everything crumbles while nothing gets done.

  115. This too will pass.

    Bernie only eked out a statistical dead heat in lily-white Iowa, a state in which he should have steamrolled Hillary.

    The Bernouts had better enjoy Sanders’s oncoming moment of glory in New Hampshire, for it will be brief.

    After NH comes South Carolina and Nevada, and then Super Tuesday.

    There is no non-white candidate running for the Democratic presidential nomination this time. It even looks like Obama (!), and the rest of the Democratic Establishment, are quietly supporting Hillary.

    Hence, the usual Clintonian lock on the non-white vote will return to full effect.

    Hillary will take most or all of the big blue states, and the states with significant non-white populations.

    Unless the media weasels are complete idiots (not impossible), they know this, but they need to pretend it’s a thrilling horse race for the sake of their ratings. 😛

  116. No William that is not why they hate and fear her. They hate and fear her because they will never control her. That, and the penis thing.

  117. Haha Joey. Bill says he wouldn’t object to some of that fresh fish.

  118. Rebel, the word Progressive has nothing to do with Progress any longer. It’s a political belief system that is rapidly approaching socialism. What you are describing is another P word….Practicality. In that case, you are my kind of “progressive”.

  119. Unless, of course, Bernie falls asleep in a tanning booth turned up to 11. Then forget I said anything. :mrgreen:

    Oooooh boy, I’m going to Areinnye for that one… 😈

  120. I can’t forgive Powell for not stepping forward till his own ass was in trouble. He and Rice have been silent till now.

    Rice probably was smartest person in that administration. Not a high bar if you don’t count cunningly evil people like Cheney and Rumsfeld.

  121. You’re right Bill. There are only three really white states, and he already lost one of them. Furthermore, he knows he had best watch out because when it comes to NH and Hillary, they have already provided the Smug with a surprise.

    She might lose, she might not. And if she does lose, it won’t be a huge loss. After that, Bernie can kiss all our asses, and watch if he doesn’t move right, because he’s just another ego wanting to be a despot. Just like Cruz.

  122. She wasn’t asking a question, she was making a statement. Just like that male jerk in Iowa who pretended that his friends told him that Hillary was dishonest, and how would she reply? Stood up there smirking as she answered.

    The smirks will be off their faces soon enough when the electorate reminds them that if they don’t like living in a Democratic Republic, there are other options. In the meantime, they will need to start planning their own lives and figuring things out like every other adult in this country has to do. Because nobody is put on their earth to take care of their Special Person needs after they finish spending all their parents’ money on themselves. I guess they will have to stop with the lattes twice a day and forego a few manis, pedis, concerts and trips and start paying their own way. Oddly, they keep donating to Barney (not a mistake) instead of learning to save money to pay off college loans.

  123. flvoter, I’ll wait to hear from you. Take your time. But hurry up. lolol xo

  124. I assume Uppity means Barney the Dinosaur, rather than Barney Rubble. :mrgreen:

  125. Barney Google. With the Goo Goo Googly eyes.

  126. I’ll probably get smacked around but I thought Condi Rice was the smartest person in that entire administration.

    No one could have predicted…

  127. My mother used to sing that song, along with Mairzy Doats, and Little Orphan Annie, and the one about the Fishes swimming over the dam! 🙂

  128. Awwww little Billy!

    And they swam and they swam all over the dam !!!!

  129. Lol. Yes, they were cute songs.

  130. Noticed this morning there was a lot of going on and on about how Hillary doesn’t have small donors. So I took my monthly donation, divided it by 4 and sent that in…. Next week, I’ll do the same. 🙂

  131. Guess who else won the New Hampshire primary?
    Eugene McCarthy.
    You remember President Eugene (“clean for Gene”) McCarthy, don’t you?
    I think it’s time for the Hillary voters to put the Bernie voters to bed.
    They’re getting so cranky!

  132. Funny that you mentioned McCarthy, I was thinking that he lost to a Nixon landslide. Nixon of all creatures. And the reason was……….his followers! They scared the CRAP out of Americans with their bullshit on TV day and night. And many of them looked like they needed a bath and a hair washing. He ‘related’ to them and that was his downfall.

    Funny, that.

  133. And of course, even though Colin and Condi had emails that were classified AFTER they fact, it’s “Different” from Hillary. Once again, the bar for the woman candidate has been moved.


    CNN/UMH/WMUR (To Feb 4) Sanders 61, Clinton 30 — 9 Undecided
    NBC/WSJ/MARIST (To Feb 3) Sanders 58, Clinton 38 — 3 Undecided

  135. JOEY!!!!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}} So great to see you!!!

  136. I was reading if Hillary gets 43% of the votes in NH she’ll get almost half the delegates. NH is Bernie’s last chance pretty much to get anything of substance in the race. I think once the SEC primaries come he’s going to be pretty much wiped out.

  137. In case you’re curious about just how much Hillary made in speaking fees and from whom:

  138. UW, I got something for you. its short but to the point. How do I get it to you?

  139. Sue, I loved Eugene McCarthy as a candidate, when I was an adolescent. I still think he would somehow have gotten the nomination if Robert Kennedy had not entered the race, but of course many might disagree. RFK and McCarthy started splitting the antiwar vote, and then of course RFK was assassinated, and by that point there was no sweep of the primaries by an antiwar canddiate such as might have otherwise happeened. So Johnson already had the party bosses in control, and Humphrey, who did not even run in a primary, got nominated.

    So in some sense I can understand the appeal of the outsider or the very liberal candidate to the young voters. But McCarthy was not Sanders; he was brilliant; he had written the book “The Liberal Answer to the Conservative Challenge,” which was a classic statement of Democratic liberalism. And of course Hillary has much of McCarthy’s intellectualism, along with her proven competence and determination, and it is no contest as to who is better in this campaign. And it’s not 1968. And she would very likely be a better president than McCarthy would have been. Anyway, for the record, Johnson won the NH primary, though McCarthy stunningly came so close, that it was basically seen as a win. The next primary was Wisconsin, and McCarthy was way ahead in those polls, and this almost certainly is whatcaused LBJ to say he would not run. At that moment, RFK, who had earlier refused Allard Lowenstein’s plea to run against the President to give a voice to the antiwar movement, decided to enter the race. The whole thing played out like a Greek Tragedy.

  140. Are we watching debate? Thought it was gonna be in Flint?

  141. No, this is the NH debate. The Flint one is the next one. Bernie is stuck on one subject once again.

  142. Holy shit! I am so, so, so happy that Hillary called Bernie out on his passive aggressive bullshit!

  143. Wow!!! Bernie is definitely feeling the Bern of Hillary!!

  144. Huh. Bernie has never supported a trade deal….

  145. Brief “other news’ break: Maurice White, Founder of Earth Wind and Fire, died today. Damn, I am really hating 2016.

  146. Is there a mercy rule in debates? Cuz Hillary has owned this one AGAIN!

  147. So Bernie is going to wait to get things done to overturn Citizens united, so he can get a congress that is not bought. Wait until he can appoint justices, then wait until it can be brought before the Supreme Court. Then wait for the next election cycle after that when these new, fresh, clean congresspeople can vote!! I think I’ll be dead by then.

  148. SophieCT, on February 4, 2016 at 9:32 PM said:
    Holy shit! I am so, so, so happy that Hillary called Bernie out on his passive aggressive bullshit!
    And she BURIED him on foreign policy as well.

  149. I thought the moderators did a good job.

  150. I didn’t watch it but I just saw recaps of how she, if I may be inartful, she ripped him a whole new asshole. And I will tell you this: He’s going to think twice next time he pulls his passive-aggressive shit from now on. Imagine him debating the GOP. She crumbled his ass. Finally, he got what he deserved. it was beautiful purge and she rained all over him.

  151. Hi Joey! omg, you will not believe this, but I was thinking about my trip to Malaysia (in the 80s) this week, and I wondered what had happened to you, Joey! So nice to hear from you! Awesome that you got to shake Hillary’s hand! Don’t be a stranger! 🙂

  152. Uppity and everyone else, good reports.So I can watch the tape of the debate later tonight. I am glad Hillary did so well, though she always does. Of course, we know that the media will spin it just the other way, but hopefully people will trust their own eyes. And of course this can help her in other states later on, it’s not just for New Hampshire.

  153. Gratefully, William, from what I am seeing, they all think hillary took his ass down.

  154. I will email you flvoter.

    Update: You’ve Got Mail.

  155. Smiles @iMust. Waves and says:” Hey imust!!!!!!!!!”. Hugsssssssssss. Howdy? Mebutt is trying to catch up on uppity’s.

    I caught Red Baramundi a few hours ago. A certain german blondie was yelling fracticously like Bill the catnipped cat: “sell those fishes and donate the money to hillary’s campaign!!!”.

    Huh??? On second thought, she might be right.

    She loves hillary too. My influence (smiles). I had dragged her to meet hillary on Nov 1st, 2010. I dare say she was alittle jealous over my enthusiasm on hillary, then. Sigh. Women!

    The dog – Hunley: the german shepherd howled and sniffed at me. I swear they’re both up in arms against me. LOL. Will have to save some fish for Bill huh, Ms UW? Celebration still on???

    NH does sound promising for our girl H. But if NH disappoints her it’s still alright by me. Another 48 states to win. Right?

  156. Gawd! MSNBC’s website is as ornery as MSNBC. THe WORST to navigate EVER. An award winning example of a website that drives you away after spending twenty minutes trying to get anything to work. If you can even find what you are looking for. Horrible. You have to open yourself up to about 100 cookies, web bugs and trackers. If someone finds a video copy of tonight’s debate on youtube or some USABLE site, please post it for me. XO

  157. lol socal, imust: Joey actually thought we forgot her. I too thought about her many times. Glad she returned home.

  158. Hey @socal!!!! Hugsssssssss. I was never a stranger. Just did some soul searching after 2009 thingy. I did peep in here, from time to time. And I was sick contacting dengue fever. Almost took most of my energy trying to stay healthy again. And then, there’s malaysian politics. Joined the opposition pack. Become foot soldier for them. We won the fav 53% to 47%, but we lost the election. Amidst all the soul searching I met someone who has been part my life. Smiles.

    Hmmm…I remember shaking Hilary’s hands. Her warm smiles and it was like better than orgasm??? I don’t know how to put in any better. LOL.

    Socal…What you saw in 80’s in Malaysia is not what it is today. My country is being saddled and shamed in international news: Corruptions at the highest level, money launderings and high profile murders. And yes it has gone to the dog. Thanks to Obama, our prime minister could afford to play golf to kingdom come and rob the country and tax payers money to bankruptcy. It’s in the news all over the world.

    So….nah I won’t be a stranger. But now it’s time to standby Hillary. Again.

  159. Read Upps Daily Beast link. Wow. He is clueless. That was the dumbest plan I’ve ever heard. How did this this idiot become a presidential contender? (How did this country become so stupid…Trump…Cruz…Sanders???) The article states that the Sanders campaign would not return our request for comments on his plan. There’s a surprise.

    Upps agree with you about msnbc. I went there to watch tweety’s interview with Hillary, but I couldn’t get it unless I signed in. Not doing that. Will wait until its on youtube.

    It’s so nice to see Uppityites of old checking in this year! I remember chatting with Joey in the early am hours.

  160. joey, am sorry to hear about your dengue! I’ve heard its awful. I like hearing your input about Malaysia and am glad you met someone special!

  161. awwwwwwww Ms UW. Hugssssssssss. I often thought about you too. But I peeped in here from time to time. I know then, you’re ok. You’ve been bookmarked in every ways. LOL

    Where is the artistic FF??

  162. Happy Thursday eve!

  163. And one for Hillary…. I’ll always have a spot in my heart for her…

  164. Sophie @ 8:38pm, LOVE that article! I like Blue Nation Review. I didn’t know that it was Peter Daou’s .

  165. I love all these songs (yes, I sit in Uppity’s “Vanilla Section”). If you haven’t seen this video, you HAVE to watch. I watch it every once in a while because you just have to smile. Keep watching. The boys start having a hard time keeping a straight face.

  166. ok, ok, cleaning up now for the day crew….!

  167. Hey lorac! Remember joey from Malaysia? She used to join some of our late nite posts years ago? She’s back! Cute old songs!

  168. I loved The Midnight Special! Happy memories of watching it when I was little.

  169. Ask and ye shall receive, Ms. Upps.

  170. HI Socal! Yes, I remember, hi Joey!!!

  171. I’m watching! You better clean up after you’re done here! Or there will be Punishments!

    Yeah, NOBODY does Duetto di due gatti like those boys. They’re long been adults now. I often wonder if those kids were left untouched, though. Can’t help it. But boy could they be Cats!

  172. Thanks Voting!!! Snatched!

  173. Ah Joey you sneaky lurker you!!!!!

    You had Dengue? Holy chit! No wonder you were laying low. Well, you do understand that now, if you don’t stay, we WILL come get you with a hook!

  174. Socal, he became a presidential contender because he tapped into the Entitled Generation, spoiled brats who think that, after they spend down all of their parents’ money, we should take over where they left off. aren’t they Special? Like I was put on this earth to provide them with their every desire. Their response to Bernie’s promise of a free unicorn that craps gold nuggets was predictable.

  175. Joey, in answer to your earlier question. NH is Bernie’s neighbor. We never expected a win. It’s one of three states that are regarded as just about All White. Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t run away with Iowa too, but after next week, Bernie is going to feel his own bern.

  176. Hugssss lorac. Smiles, great vids, comments and thank you for the welcome backs.

    Socal, it wasn’t only stayed up late…it was alnighters for mebutt, because of the time zone diff. Yeah we had laughed, grumbled and cried too. Now….it’s deja vu, again??? Let’s us all laugh all the way, perhaps….with Hillary going into WH. What say you people??? Dream big.

  177. aah Ms UW. I see that now, after watching the debatein NH that VH posted. Thank you VH.

    But but…Hillary is gaining ground: 47 to 53. Yeahah…the sun is shining girllllllllllllll – Go Hilary Go!!!! Sanders looks like my partner,s grandfather…alittle dementia. Hmmm..can we trust him to handle WH? I doubt. He blames the rich alot, me thinks. Okies time to get back to pencil drawing LOL..BBL

  178. Upps and joey, here is the last part of the debate not included in the first video:

  179. Thank you so much VH. Much appreciated.

    Hillary was brilliant. I like how she made sense of getting things done. And she had done much of she had set to do, at least on her capacity. But then I knew that Hillary has always been a practical person.

    Sanders looked and sounded like as if he piggybacked Hillary’s opinions on issues. Hmmm….like Sanders had not come up with realistic ideas of how to manage the country. He blames rich people alot huh. Does he really believe that he had done much for the unfortunates and the poor? If so, how much? In the last 30 years being in politics? I wonder. But maybe I am bias. Because I believe in Hillary.

  180. UW, sent it off. Feel free to edit I’m not a writer!

  181. Joey, you make an excellent point about Bernie Sanders. For all of his talk about the poor and the downtrodden, he has no record of actually helping people–unlike Hillary. She walks the talk as we say here in the States.

    Stay safe!

  182. Sorry! I meant Joey of course!

    And Up, when you called him Barney I thought you meant Fife.

  183. Good Morning All!
    Great performance by our Hillary last night! She always shines in a debate!

    Among Democrats, the Vermont senator has a 15-point lead (55 percent to 40 percent) over Clinton with likely Democratic primary voters. That represents a tightening of the race since the last poll released on Feb. 1, where Sanders led Clinton 61 percent to 30 percent.

    Read more:
    I know, I know, I’ve been touting this college poll for the past couple of days, and the gap is not insignificant, but something tells me that it’s a sign of positive movement towards Hillary that points towards a close contest on Tuesday
    I can’t claim to know the accuracy of this daily polling or the methodology employed, so maybe it’s just a poll that “makes me feel better as a Hillary supporter” but the trend is positive, rapid, and undeniable…

  184. Brassy,

    ahhh so sanders has no record in actually helping people. Ok then sanders is only big old empty vessel. There’s something about him that does not convince me entirely that he’s POTUS material too. I have to read more about this man. And he seemed to take pride in attacking hillary in his campaign. And he looks rather temperamental too. Hmmm. Did I misinterprete his body language???

  185. Joey, you’ve got him all figured out. Big old empty vessel is the best description of him I’ve heard. And yes, he does have temperment issues.

  186. So, Uppity geniuses, are we bullish or bearish about the stock market?
    My husband and I are both retired and have a decent chunk of change at an investment house (about half of what we’re all told we need to retire). That’s our future income along with Social Security (eventually.)
    Should we move our modest fortune to safer accounts? We have vivid memories or 2007 and are too old to let it ride.
    OTOH, I always make the right decisions at the wrong time and the wrong decisions at the right time.*
    *That is with the exception of my decision to support Hillary; that’s always the smart choice 🙂

  187. Sue,
    I stay out of the market except what was already in my portfolio before 2008. I lost more than half of my 401(k) then, and 2/3 of my dividends almost to the penny. It was horrific. So I decided to keep it there and use Time to increase it again. I just recovered somewhat and then China fucked us last week.
    My portfolio misses Bill Clinton in a HUGE way. I remember looking at my balances and watching my money grow. And grow. And grow.

    Bank rates are useless. They are just one step up from paying the bank to hold your money, but I see no other really safe choice at this time with money I would otherwise save and invest. I do not trust the market. At all. If a Republican becomes president, things will be bad again. There is no arguing with history. If Hillary becomes President I will invest again. If bernie were to win the nomination, I would not help him win nor would any of my friends. Furthermore, if he were to become the nominee, I think there would be another crash nearly instantly. While people cheer that the 1% will get hurt, they won’t. They trade at night and then leave us with the results in the morning. The people who get hurt in these crashes are the middle class and anyone who grew up saving or investing a percentage of their paycheck, no matter what size it was. Seniors who depend on dividends from their 401k and are required by law to remove part of the principle every year, regardless of a crash, are the ones who get really hurt.

    I did it all right. I made some sacrifices to shore up against my future and retirement. I have already been fucked. I’m not giving them another chance. I’m not just Bearish. I’m 1000 pound Grizzly Bearish. I won’t have enough time for recovery again.

  188. It is not true that Bernie has no record. He did name those two post offices.

  189. Was it Quinnipiac that the Hillary Men exposed for manipulating data? The pollster whose polls were extremely different from all the others? Because they released a national D poll showing bernie within 2 points of hillary.

    I am waiting for other polls to emerge. Soon I hope.

  190. Uppity, thank you for your response.
    You are a wise one!

  191. Don’t know about that, Sue. More like judicious. Cautious. Sick of this shit.


  192. Veterans are totally pissed at BS’s claims that he did a great job as chairman of Vets committee in Senate. They say, au contraire, he totally blew them off until problems became a big national news story. Of course, media doesn’t much care that he’s caught lying. Again!

  193. Rebel, the Vets want his head on a plate. They wrote to him, begged him to intervene and many vets died awaiting doctors’ appointments and other needed diagnostics and treatments. It bordered on Elder Cleansing.

  194. Sue, I of course would never presume to proffer advice about the stock market. Obviously, what happened in the housing bubble not only destroyed much of the savings of the middle class; but then in the afermath, the country was so concerned about propping up the banks, that they put them in the position of not having to ever offer any savings rates, since money has been so cheap for them. So that is even worse, and the retirees have been put in a terrible situation, where inflation, even as low at has been, still outpaces the cost of living increases in Social Security and the savings rates.

    I certainly agree with Uppity that if the Republicans somehow take over the White House, you do not want to have any money in the stock market, unless you are a financial genius. They will crash the market again, they always do at some point. If Hillary is elected, it will probably be okay, but the world economy becomes a major question. I did some stock investing a few years ago, and fortunately did well, but it was an up and down ride, and I lost sleep during some periods. The market was always risky, but now it is dominated by hedge funds and algorithms which trigger big swings. I wish I had some idea of where to put money for a safe and halfway decent return. Probably the stock market under a Hillary Clinton administration would hold up pretty well, but then you would always have to pick the right stocks.

    I read an interesting book called “Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?” And it was simply a play on an old joke about some investment broker trying to impress a would-be customer,and taking him out to the dock to show him all the yachts owned by the brokers there. And the customer naively asked, “Where are the customers’ yachts?” And the book tells how the writer took some stabs at the market, based on brokers’ advice, and they were almost always wrong, due to their incompetence. or maybe manipulation of customers to the benefit of the brokerage trying to help wealthy clients dump their shares. So unless you have a really smart and trusted broker, you should at least do your own research into everything that he or she suggests.

  195. Just an add: I haven’t scientifically researched this, but it has always been my sense that during an election year, the corporatists who run the market try to encourage the populace to vote Republican, by making it look as if the market will go up if they elect the Republican candidate. And if the Democrat wins, the market goes down a few hundred points, and the media says, “Oh, this is what the market is saying about the result.” When the Republicans win, there is what the media likes to call, “the Republican rally.” and the market goes up for a brief period, to gull the unwary. I would not at all be surprised that if Hillary is nominated, and leads in the polls, the market will start going down, through manipulation, or frustrated corporatists. It will just be a ploy. I used to listen to an hour mid-day show on a local radio station which was all about the stock market results. And virtually every guest on the show could not help himself from espousing a corporatist right-wing philosophy. I kept hearing how Obama was ruining the economy, and that we needed to cut the corporate tax rates to save it. Most of these people are total laissez-faire types.

  196. UW, I checked and I don’t see anything new.

  197. Hahah I just got your response. It must have taken some time for my email to arrive to you. I will publish shortly

  198. NEW POST UP !!!!!!!

  199. Was anyone watching CNN this morning? I’m just furious about this. A pundit has been interviewing young women Bernie supporters who ALL said it just wasn’t important to them to elect a woman for President. Nope, don’t care because they assume THEY will see a woman eventually in their lifetime. These little entitled ungrateful shits need a smack down with a good old uppity rant post. Maybe Melissa at shakesville too. Here’s a compilation of media sexism 2008 version…

  200. Meh Ga, there you were in moderation. Bill is probably angry at you.

  201. We have a new post up Ga. Suggest you go there

  202. VotingHill:
    Thank you so much for the debate video.
    Hillary SHINED!…Brava…
    Upps, I´m in Spain and I´ll be back on time to vote for the primary in Austin Tx.
    Love and hugs…

  203. Oh spain! how cool! Tons of fresh fish!


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