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  1. God bless you, imust, for giving us this new thread!

    Totally love that pic and meme! Did you create it?

  2. Oh I WISH that I had that talent! No, I stole it from twitter…prob. should credit the tweet. I’ll go back and check.
    Someone named Adam Smith tweeted it. Don’t know if he made it either.

  3. I keep seeing all these focus groups on the teebee saying Bernie won the debate….

    In whose world did THAT happen?!?

  4. In a land far, far away….Bernieland. It’s near the Land Called Honalee.

  5. imust, I saw that one and retweeted it to a bunch of people and also put it on TW.

  6. The other thing that surprises me is Bernie’s statement he would be better on race relations than Obama (seemed pretty presumptuous me), has not had a moment’s coverage on CNN or MSNBC.

    You’d think that would get the discussion it deserves.

  7. You’d think. I was just watching CNN. 2 people on (AM) thought Bernie had good ideas. Then the talk turned to the idea that some af people thought Hillary was just assuming she “had them”. They didn’t like her previous stands/votes? on Social Sec, crime bill etc. That’s when I changed the channel

  8. The media fluffing of Bernie is getting to the point of being downright stupid. Anybody with two eyes could see that he was nothing short of a disaster last night and in fact there has been a lot written about it. But the pundits feel the need to fluff little Bernie. Tweety said he looked like he was constantly hailing a cab or signaling for the waiter last night.

  9. That was a nice article by Sec. Albright. Makes me sad that she had to write it though.

  10. Oddly, Matthews is the only one who seems to point out Bernie’s quirks and is vaguely supportive of Hillary.

  11. imust @ 10:00pm, I had the same thought.

  12. My memory of Bernie from last nite is both arms waving like a lunatic, or the right arm held high with that finger wagging at us for minutes at a time. I think there’s something wrong with him. And not just that he looks like he’s in his eighties, or that he coughed his guts up last nite, and had to keep drinking water (diabetes?). I wonder if he’s in the early stages of dementia. I’m not saying that to be snotty, I took care of my Dad from beginning of his (dementia) to his death (7 years and he died in my home); also helped with my mom-in-law.

    We need to demand he release a real medical report. I’ve heard he gave a copy of a note from his doctor. Anyone can get a note from a doctor. I’ve said before I think he’s too damn old to run for president, and if he isn’t 100% fit to take on the most difficult, stressful, aging job in the world, then the country has the right to know. If he isn’t, then he is wasting millions of dollars of other peoples money and untold hours of their time, ruining the Democratic Primary, and putting the future of this country in jeopardy.

  13. The media is determined to defeat Hillary by themselves, believing that if they color everything against her, they can create their own version of reality so that people will accept it. I hope that people watch the debates and not the biased analysis of them that they are fed by the networks.

    Apparently that poll out of Nevada, byt an obviously extreme right-wing entity, is now identified as a push poll, where they provided various anti-Clnton lies to those polled, and then asked their opinion based on them. But they got what they wanted, which is for much of the mainstream media to gleefully report the worthless poll. All Hillary can and must do is to directly talk to as many voters as possible. It’s ironic that Sanders endlessly talks about the economy being rigged, when what is really rigged is the broadcast media.

  14. Didn’t he look so agitated too? He couldn’t stand still. His face/head was beet red.

  15. I was getting worried he might have a heart attack. Hillary was getting under his skin and he was getting pretty agitated…. hence the flapping arms and red face.

    I also was worried he might cough on Hillary and get her sick…. yikes!

  16. I also heard the same about the Nevada poll, although I looked at fivethirtyeight and they had it up, which I thought was a shame. I don’t think Nevada is good polling state.

  17. Old Coastie, I think this campaign is a lot harder on him than he expected.

  18. He’s making big mistakes. Today he scolded an audience member that he had said “black 50 times”, and now “make that 51 times”. Something to that effect. He’s losing any patience that he had. (prob not much)

  19. My message song to the BernOuts…”I don’t care anymore what you say.”

  20. imust – I don’t trust Politico as far as I can throw them but, if true, looks like Bernie had a tough day with African Americans: the story is here

  21. socal – Bernie seems to be a pretty tough old bird but it strikes me as odd, he’s had that cold for a couple weeks and is still coughing like he is pretty sick. I thought he looked a little feverish but that could just be his personality.

    Maybe he needs to see the doctor.

  22. I agree he’s tough, but so were my Dad and step mom. Dementia can get anyone. My Dad especially took super good care of his health, and looked amazing on the outside. People thought he was at least 10 years younger. I thought Bernie kept repeating himself, and didn’t seem as sharp. Maybe he just has the flu. But I still think the DNC should make him cough up a physical.

  23. Oops, not step mom, mom-in-law. I think I’m on the way to dementia!

  24. SophiCT @ 9:31

    That article by Madeline Albright was one of the most graceful things I’ve ever read. Thank you for linking to it.

    She was obviously a diplomat, one among those whose chief weapons is a mastery of language. I only wish I had anything near that talent.

  25. Social, I agree. Where is the physical? The media will hound Clinton for stuff ad nauseam, but Sanders gets a ride on everything. How can we allow him to run without having any idea if he is healthy enough to complete a term in office?

  26. His health should be a serious question after that debate performance. Twitter is full of examples of Bernie being fluffed by the right wing going back to 2011. So i guess we should not be surprised that the fluffing is continuing from them.

  27. New Hillary ad mocking Bernie’s Single Issue: Wall St.

  28. This is a great article by a 17 year old female Hillary supporter.

  29. I think Bernie’s campaign might be declared DOA soon. That ad could really turn Bernie into a laughingstock.

  30. I hope so Ga. They’ve got to continue these ads to show how lame he is.

  31. I vote for Samira to speak on behalf of the smart millennials. ( Hillary: someone on your campaign needs to contact her)This young woman gets it big time..I wholeheartedly welcome her to the Sisterhood. Unfortunately she was immediately baptized in the foulest of Bernie Bro hate…I’m guessing,though, she understands where this comes from and how to combat it.

    Tried to leave a comment for her,but no go. Please,someone who has the skills,contact her..let her know we have her back. Tweet her a link to Uppity..she’ll learn so much here.

    Samira for President… 2038…may I be around to vote for her.

  32. That is a great article by Samira. I glanced at the comments, poor girl, they were vile as usual. What type of scum would trash a young person’s (not even a legal adult yet) article like that? I would never do that to a 17 yo that was writing about Bernie.

  33. Breaking: Justice Scalia dead.

  34. btw, for those of you who know about the Bernie/old photo kerfuffle, it looks like it may be Bernie after all. Jonathan Capehart will supposedly have a new article out about it tomorrow. He tweeted that he talked to the widow (of Bruce Rappaport) and the photog who took the picture. We’ll have to wait and see. Its really much ado about nothing. No one contested that Bernie was in the civil rights movement.

  35. imust, where did you see this? There’s nothing up yet. That is really “breaking!”

  36. It is crazy… I saw it on Daily News website but no where else for about 10 minutes and then Drudge. I guess it was hard to confirm.

  37. Took CNN a long time to report. Saw it on twitter.

    Local San Antonio paper was first, then a local ABC affiliate. Then I saw Gov. Abbott tweet all long before CNN.

  38. It’s true and all over the news now. And then there’s this:

  39. Deer everywhere kick up their hooves.

  40. Quails, too.

  41. Metaphorically speaking.

  42. So the gluttonous son of the Mussolini Party parents had his final large greasy hot meal.

  43. Uppityites, this is a must read! (I can’t believe this is on DK) Amazing comparison of Hillary vs Bernie. We need to make it go viral before it disappears. Please check it out:

  44. Sweet Sue & Uppity, LOL!

  45. Deer everywhere kick up their hooves.

    Along with millions of women, black people, gays & lesbians.

  46. May the Deity forgive him his sins and have mercy on his soul, BUT he was oligarchic, authoritarian scum, the USA’s answer to Carl Schmitt.

  47. I do not think that the Republicans will approve anyone Obama appoints to the Supreme Court to replace Scalia. McConnell has already said so. I suppose if Obama picked a conservative, they woudl approve him, but I have to be confident that he will not do such a thing.

    Some judicial scholars are mentioning Klobuchar, but I don’t think they’d approve her, even with the so-called senatorial comity. They are also mentioning a judge whose name I do not exactly know, but who I think is of Indian descent, was approved for a district court by 97-0 vote. I think he clerked for Justice O’Connor, though. I do not think they would approve him, either.

    This means that the November election, if it were not already, will be all the chips on the table for the future of this country. Whoever wins the election will pick the swing Justice. Every conservative voter in this country, all the conservative media, will do everything they can to keep the Court corporatist right-wing conservative. My first response was that this could galvanize the Democratic vote, but then I had the unsettlng thought that if the actual social issues (abortion, guns, various individual rights) were actually the subject of a national plebiscite, our side might well lose. Hopefully we will win on the other issues at stake in the election. A lot of sleepless nights between now and next November. We must all do what we can. I will send Hillary still another check. A swing moderate-to-liberal Justice would very possibly be part of an overturn of Citizens United. Maybe that will wake up the Left End voters.

  48. William, I’m sending Hillary another fifty bucks tomorrow.

  49. Sue, that is great. This was already the most important election ever, and now it is even more important. And Hillary is perhaps the best candidate in almost a centure, and we have to do anything we can to help her.

  50. Fat Tony got done in by all that greaseball sausage in oil.

    Anyways, a Republican senator, forget which one, posted a pic of Fat Tony with an RIP – and it was that pic of an actor playing Tony.

    Update: Ron Johnson of WI

  51. The strategy for Obama is fascinating. I do not think that the Republicans would approve anybody. Now, if he picked a noderate-to-conservative person they might–but that would in my opinion be a very bad idea. You might get the appointment, but the Justice might be a swing vote to the Right.

    Now, of course there will be a national election, and there will be polls. If it somehow (let us hope!!) looks like Hillary will easily win in the general, the Republicans might be willing to bargain for a moderate Justice. If they think they will win, they will roll the dice. It is all up to getting Hillary elected, anyway, because if the Republicans win, they’ll get at least one if not two appointees. So I think that Obama should not try to find someone whom the Republicans might consider, but just pick the best person, moderate to liberal at least, like his other two appointees, and President Bill Clinton’s. He or she won’t be approved, but it’s still the right thing to do. The way that the Republicans think and operate, they will simply count on winning the election, and getting all the replacement Justices. They never compromise unless they are absolutely forced to. They will figure any negative comments are worth it if they win. I do think that McConnell’s statement was very foolish and arrogant. It would have been easier for him to have said something about the Senate doing its constitutional duty, etc., and then just voting not to approve. He may well modulate that ridiculous statement of today, but I hope not.

  52. Socal thanks for that link. It’s a storehouse of Information, too!

  53. Upps, you’re welcome! I’m so glad you looked at it. Can the bernbros get it banned? I was afraid it would disappear. I retweeted it on twitter, and some people retweeted it; hopefully it will get a wide audience.

    William, McConnell’s statement is disgraceful. No statesman, that guy.

  54. LOL re: the scalia/actor tweet. Ron Johnson is a creep. How did WI get such horrible leaders?

  55. Oh, the post @ DK is so good, my husband actually read it!

  56. For some reason I’m torturing myself by watching the Republican debate. Wow, it still surprises me how crazy they all are.

    I hope all Bernie’s little children recognize how much is on the line.

  57. Best tweet of the day:

  58. Yep, that tweet is wicked funny!

  59. My tweet about the dkos piece has a lot of retweets, but I got a really creepy comment in Arabic. I reported it and blocked the guy. That’s the first time I’ve had a negative experience on twitter. My husband would’ve had a cow if he saw it. Why do there have to be so many assholes in the world?

    Oh, and why can’t I retweet anything of Upps?

  60. Sophie, you know you have my respect as another Hillary supporter, but I can’t agree with your best tweet of the day.

    When politics takes over our fundamental sense of decency, we are all a lost cause. I well know already the barrage of comments I will receive that neither Justice was “decent”, but I like to think I am just a bit better than this. I am not a fan of either Justice, but wishing death is just not in my political playbook.

    And yes, I know I am going to get nothing but negative for this comment.

  61. socal you can’t retweet me because my tweets are protected from Bernie’s Barn Animals.

    VotingHillary, I just believe he doesn’t have any sense of decency and deserves none in return. Just ask Anita Hill. I will never forget that. Therefore I wouldn’t care if he were sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first. But then I never did very well pretending I feel badly about somebody I thought was a horrid person dying. It’s not that I think about it and wish them dead, I am not capable of that. It’s just that, should they manage to remove themselves from the planet, I regard their leaving as a small step in making the world a better place. That is why Scalia’s descent into his own abyss didn’t move me one bit. So I won’t yell at you if you won’t yell at me.

  62. OldCoastie, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to watch a bunch of guys channeling Stalin and a fake Democrat channeling Castro, knowing they each have aspirations to finish turning the USA into a shambles.

  63. Socal, I have no idea who Ron Johnson is, all I know is he’s stupid and can’t even recognize a real photo of a guy he regards in lockstep as a hero.

  64. socal I usually report goatfuckers who try to tweet me in their hieroglyphics. But being a curious snot, I generally run their tweet through Google Translate just before I block them.

  65. At the risk of getting ripped a new one, I think this tweet is at least a runner up.


  66. Upps, there was a translate button next to the tweet. I reported it and blocked him. Glad to know I’m not the only one that has happened to, it scared me a little.

  67. Upps, this is where we will have to agree to disagree. Maybe it was my religious upbringing…I just can’t go along to get along with wishing death on another.

    For what it is worth though, I am Irishcatholic lesbian…yes, irishcatholic is one word, not two in my family…but more being Irishcatholic lesbian is proof-positive that God has a sense of humor..right up there with a platypus…let’s stick a duck bill on a beaver. 🙂

  68. Betty Bowers was on a roll!
    I for one believe it’s a GOOD thing when the oppressed are finally allowed to speak freely.

    We protect gay people – so why not child molesters?
    –Antonin Scalia

  69. Off topic: Happy Valentine’s Day! :mrgreen:

  70. Oops! I thought that would just post a link to the pic rather than the pic. 😳

  71. I’m glad it posted the pic! Thanks!

  72. Ralston is reporting that Bernie is trying to round up Republicans to caucus for him in Nevada. His numbers must be worse than are reported but he’s also reporting that Hillary’s campaign is being very savvy in Nevada. So hopefully we will get some good news out of Nevada.

  73. I need to see Bernie win a state which is not a small Paleface Bantustan before I start taking him seriously.

  74. Following up on William’s last comment:

    Most Reptilian Senators now come from ruby-red states, and most Reptilian Representatives now come from ruby-red districts which have been gerrymandered to perfection.

    The average Reptilian incumbent who compromises is more likely to lose a primary election to a fire-breathing challenger, who will be backed up by a flood of McDuck Bucks, than to lose the general election for being too intransigent.

    Hence, even the Reptilians who are not nutty by nature tend to be compelled to act as if they are.

    Our system now rewards Reptilians for being intransigent, and punishes them for acknowledging reality.

  75. Think its about time I posted here..been a while and frankly the Sandinistas and Trump bots are driving me nuts.

  76. Sanders is about to encounter something he is not used to in Nevada……Union heavy hitting….. and Nevada is one of the dirtiest in regard to it….when they went for Obama in 08 it was dirty as hell, this time they have backed Clinton. Sanders already pulled some crap with them earlier this month when they lied about being union to get at people and the unions caught them, it did not go down well…

  77. Hello Moon! Sorry you landed in spam. It will happen to you a few more times. The blog is moderated and everybody new lands in spam at first. I hope you understand. And Welcome!

    You are safe here if you are a Hillary supporter. Bernie’s Barn Animals never make it through the spamnet

  78. Yes indeed Uppity….don’t worry Hillary til I’m dead here, I’m sure you’ve seen me over at HI44 and that was a Hillary site until it has been taken over by the invasion of the pod people, sadly its now a Trump hellhole. Only a few of us there left defending Hillary sadly and frankly its not friendly territory any longer for a hillary supporter. Very sad about it.

  79. HI44 is for Trump now? Bummer. Anyway, welcome moon!

  80. A FB friend just posted his status update:

    “I don’t have a problem voting for a man for president, just none of these men.”

  81. La Rouche! That’s who Bernie Bros remind me of, Paulies and LaRouche!

    LaRouche put substantial effort into his first Democratic Primary, held February 1980 in New Hampshire. Reporters, campaign workers, and party officials received calls from people impersonating reporters or ADL staff members, inquiring what “bad news” they had heard about LaRouche.[61] LaRouche acknowledged that his campaign workers used impersonation to collect information on political opponents.[62] Governor Hugh Gallen, State Attorney General Thomas Rath and other officials received harassing phone calls.[62] Their names appeared on a photocopied “New Hampshire Target List” acquired by Associated Press, found in a LaRouche campaign worker’s hotel room; the list stated, “these are the criminals to burn – we want calls coming in to these fellows day and night”.[62] LaRouche spokesman Ted Andromidas said, “We did choose to target those people for political pressure hopefully to prevent them from carrying out the kind of fraud that occurred in Tuesday’s election.”[63] New Hampshire journalist Jon Prestage said he was threatened after a tense interview with LaRouche and his associates, and found several of his cats dead after he published an account of the meeting.[64][65] A LaRouche associate denied responsibility for the dead cats.[64]

  82. The Sandanista’s as i call them can go take a run and jump and as for that snake oil salesman masquerading as a conservative GOPer Trump, how people can be so stupid as to listen to that rabid loon is beyond me.

    Yes socalannie, they may as well rename the website…..if you defend Hillary, you get tore into, its exactly what is was like in 08 with the Obots except this time its the kool aid Humpty Trumpty hopium smokers…..

  83. The Trump Chumps don’t want a President; they want a Fuehrer. 👿

  84. I am a rabid lurker here and I wanted to thank Moon for having the brass ones to fight for Hillary on HI44. I used to love that site but it is intolerable now. I always end up screaming at the screen because in their eyes Trump can do no wrong and only he can save us. SHEESH. Thank you ALL for the safe haven here! Back to lurking…

  85. Anyone else hearing about some problems w/ the Bernie contributions? Apparently the FEC has ordered his campaign to account for several hundred illegal contributions.
    Maybe Hillary has the same problem,but I haven’t heard about that. Me thinks this smells of Obama’s ’08 contributions.
    ( Remember,Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop making contributions ?)

  86. Uppity, hope you don’t mind if some of us Hillary supporters from Big Pink wander in here. Good to see you here, Moon and Voting.

    Ah, nice to finally be around Hillary supporters again, we don’t always agree but it’s better than listening to all things ‘wonderful’ about winning Trump.

  87. MSDSAL, Big Pink bloggers were talking about FEC with Bernie on the previous thread. They said there is an investigation going on against massive illegal donations. Also, Wbb from the same blog, said he has credible info. that the GOP is donating on Bernie’s website, with bogus credit cards. I guess credit cards that do not lead back to the GOP somehow.

  88. I think they buy those gift card type credit cards to donate, not traceable.

  89. Bernie’s donations do reek of shady, would not surprise me one bit…however the FEC have started investigating, also, they investigating substantial dubious travel expense claims that could end up in serious trouble, they are looking at a federal audit.

  90. imusthaveHillary, I wonder if they would be traceable in an investigation, if lots of them were purchased at the same time. I doubt the GOP would just pick up a few at a time to make a dent in Berie’s numbers???

  91. Hillary Clinton speaks at town hall meeting in Flint

    Hillary is great in this…

  92. I don’t know if they could trace that way Shadow. If they were indeed bought in bulk. But I read where the pattern they are seeing with Bern Donations is multiple donations in small amounts right after each other from the same “person”. Like, if I went to HRC site, donated $50, then a few min later, $50 more, then $50 more, etc instead of $150 all at once. But not just a few times, 100 times, or whatever the limit is on indiv. donations.

  93. The FEC standards say that individuals can’t donate more than $2700 to a Presidential campaign. Anonymous cash contributions may not exceed $50.

    Burningman keeps commenting that his youngsters average donations are small, $27 dollars. Isn’t $27 an odd amount to send anyone, let alone the majority of donations in tens of millions of dollars?

    $27 x 100 = $2700. (This part sounds like an obot scam to me)

    Then the GOP uses $50 prepaid cards, also anonymous.

  94. What I’m reading is “excessive contributions”, is one of the things being investigated.

    FEC launches inquiry into hundreds of “excessive” contributions to Bernie Sanders campaign

    By dailynewsbin | February 12, 2016

    The Federal Election Commission has launched an inquiry into hundreds of what it calls “excessive” unexplained contributions to the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign for President, according to a letter the FEC has sent to Sanders and posted yesterday on its official government website. The inquiry comes even as Sanders tries to make the case that he’s running the cleanest campaign in the 2016 race due to his lack of excessive outside contributions, and the revelation could not come at a worse time.

    In what the FEC has titled “Excessive, Prohibited, and Impermissible Contributions” to the Bernie Sanders campaign, it lists nearly a thousand contributions from hundreds of donors, some of them repeat offenders. Sanders is accused of failing to provide adequate detail on who the contributors are beyond their names, which campaigns are required to make their best effort to do under federal law. The FEC is also informing Sanders that he “may have to refund the excessive amount” if he can’t adequately explain where all the money came from. But it gets worse.

    The FEC report also accuses the Bernie Sanders campaign of widespread “incorrectly reported” reimbursements for travel purposes and other costs. ………………………” Read the full FEC report.

  95. ImusthaveHillary, could you please post the link to that article?

  96. Thanks, the full article just appeared on my ‘puter.

  97. For anyone that likes to get into the weeds on the report:

  98. “The Trump Chumps don’t want a President; they want a Fuehrer.”

    Right on, Ivory!

  99. For the record, I never liked Hillis44 & their many conspiracy theories. Always sounded shady to me.

  100. Shadowfax…i’ll be here from now on…i dont think i can stand hi44 any longer…its gone full on body snatchers…..i’d be around real Hillary people

  101. Welcome moon!

  102. I get it Moon. I used to love Admin’s main posts, but it’s been a long while since I agreed with anything. I am also tired having anything positive said about Hillary, attacked by posters. I wonder if Admin still has any desire in wanting Hillary to win, now that Trump is the ‘fighter’ he/she wants. Almost all traces are deleted off of the main header, I have asked if this is a problem created by the problems with WordPress or a statement. My question never being answered, I think is the answer. Sad.

  103. Ok, listen I feel your pain, but we do have a longstanding rule here. We never talk about other bloggers unless they shoot first. Okay? Every blogger has a right to run their blog and support whatever they desire. It’s the way it is, and all of us get to choose to participate or not. xo

    Good to see both of you, Shadow, Moon.

  104. Hi Rabid Lurker, Cats. You landed in spam! It happens to new people and people who haven’t commented in a long time. Usually I fish you out, hopefully faster than this. It could happen a few more times, if you would be patient, I’d appreciate it. This is a moderated blog and it’s the way I keep the squirrels away from the members’ eyes.

  105. Oh Msdal! Please keep on that Bernie FEC thing!!!! Verrrrrrrrry interesting. But not surprising considering he’s already proven himself to be a liar, a cheater and a thief. All three checkboxes for Socialist despots.

  106. I think they buy those gift card type credit cards to donate, not traceable

    Can they get those in Cuba? LOLOL

  107. Cats!! Don’t go! Uppity will get you with a hook! Besides, we want to hear from you. Cats are very welcome here, we even have a moderator kitteh who’s a lot of fun. (Esp after he gets into the nip.)

  108. Oooooooo thanks for the link, Shadow.

  109. considering he’s already proven himself to be a liar, a cheater and a thief. All three checkboxes for Socialist despots.

    He’s also a user, a big user. I can’t believe what a pass he’s getting from the media.

  110. Yeah Cats! Do you not know the rule? The rule is, once you comment, you have to continue commenting or we come and get you with the hook.

  111. No problem, Uppity, your blog your rules and I’d rather not talk about it anyway, lets get positive for Hillary…

    and with that I got to get going, see you tomorrow….

  112. Yes, lets build a big tent, i blog a lot, throw a lot of info,its the research ferret in me if it gets too much , tell me…Shadow knows what i mean, we usually get drunk and do running commentaries of debates and primaries…

  113. pssst…moon, if you like to drink, FYI, Uppity likes scotch, the expensive kind! Sophie too!

  114. I for one love info ferrets. That’s because I’m one too. So let it rip.

  115. Moon, yes we love to comment on all the debates, both the D’s and R’s. Maybe I need to start drinking…some of those R debates make me nuts. Are commenting on the Republican debates, or somewhat bashing them, okay here Uppity?

  116. UW and imust you are very kind (and funny) but you are way out of my league!!!! I don’t know how you all find out so much interesting info (or find the time) but I appreciate your efforts and insights immensely. That’s why I am here.

    Moon, I am in the tent and don’t plan to move. Keep that research coming! I wish I had someone to share it with, none of my friends like Hillary.

    P.S. Many thanks to Shadow as well for standing with Moon against the Trumpbots at HI44. So glad you are both here now.

  117. Yeah sure Shadow. If you can stand to watch them. I missed the last one, from what I hear I missed some almost-fist-fights.

  118. Attention Cats!

    I wish I had someone to share it with, none of my friends like Hillary.

    Which is why you should keep commenting here cats! Vent, joke, laugh, talk about cats! It’s all good! Jump in, the water’s fine!

  119. Yes Uppity, Trump turned the ‘debate’ into his own reality food fight. Imagine the Real Housewives of Atlanta…and that’s about how it went. Trump interrupted Cruz, Marco and Bush, tossing scuds while they were talking, wanting to have their attention and trip them up.

  120. It reminded me of the Jerry Springer show, or Maury Povich. Remember when Geraldo Rivera got his nose broken when they started throwing chairs on one of those shows?
    Correction: I looked it up. It was on his OWN show that Geraldo got hurt.

  121. I tell you though, Shadow, gross as he is, he doesn’t freak me out. Cruz freaks me out. I have an actual visceral reaction when I see him. As if I am in the presence of raw evil.

  122. I wish I had someone to share it with, none of my friends like Hillary.

    Get new friends.

  123. I have the same feeling about Cruz, those evil eyes. Trump worries me as far as Hillary is concerned, because his mouth is so out of control, it will be creepy watching Hillary debate with him. He loves to trash his opponent and throw them off balance. Good that Hillary is seeing how he reacts to his GOP opponents.

  124. I know this sounds like a gross generalization but I can only speak from experience. I’ve known a fair number of evangelicals. And most of them are just like Cruz. They have this thing where they can criticize everyone else’s life while living one of their own in secret. They really believe they can do anything because “we all fall short of the glory of God” and, no matter how bad it is, if you say you’re sorry (when you get caught), your slate is clean. Then you can start doing it all over again. These are not very ‘godlike’ people inside. Talk the Talk. And that’s about It.

  125. You know, Cruz’ harvard room mate didn’t say he’d sooner pick a president out of the phone book for nothing. This is a bad bad man. I can feel it in my bones. My third eye sees someone very very bad.

  126. As for Trump, Hillary can handle it. And it will actually help her. Let me explain. When she first ran for NY Senate, a creepy thing named Lazio ran against her. At a debate he became very aggressive toward her and walked right up to her podium and planked himself inches away in her face. Within 48 hours, the polls tanked his smarmy skanky ass into the dumpster and Hillary destroyed him in the election. When Trump starts bullying Hillary, people will empathize. Every women in america will remember when that happened to her, and let’s face it, it’s happened to every woman. I’ll see if I can find the Lazio video

  127. Welcome to all the HI44 people! The thing about the FEC was making the rounds on twitter yesterday. I however did not know about the problem with travel expenses though. The whole thing reeks. Apparently one person gave 5,000 either at one time or on one day. How did his campaign staff not catch that one? He either has inferior people working for him or inferior software or maybe even both.

  128. Rick Lazio bullies Hillary on stage and hands her the election
    Start at :55

  129. Let me echo the welcome to our new folks.
    Welcome and Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Yes we do have running commentary for debates (a lot like MST3K).
    Yes, we drink (as imust mentioned, some of us have a penchant for single malts).
    And I never liked the Big Pink because of the line spacing. The leading is way too tight. It sucked and gave me a headache. (This technically does not break the blog rule–does it?)

  130. I was watching that Lazio debate live and when he invaded her space, I physically cringed. You are right Upps. Let the Donald be Donald.

  131. Welcome Shadowfax and others from HI44.Used to be one of you but dropped out a few months ago for all the same reasons you noted but I will not discuss in honor of Uppity. ( Was that not kind of Trumpian ? Saying something then pretending I didn’t really say it?)

    Also wondering if anyone else heard Brian Fallon accuse the top aides of the ( is it IG or IC?) who’re investigating Hillary’s e-mails..of leaking info to Chuck Grassley. Apparently one of the top aides had worked for Grassley for 8 years. Brain saying it was supicious that these leaks were coming out just days before the caucus and primary.CNN pundits were flabbergasted ( Clearly caught flat footed) Wolf opined that those were “Very serious allegations.”)

    Nothing today about this on any of the Sunday shows I watch ( State of the Union,Inside Politics, Meet the Press and ABC) Also no further news about a supeona to the Clinton Foundation from Congress.

    Any knowledgeable ferrets out there?

  132. Well, the subpoena to the Clinton Foundation was from the state department regarding an aide. So I’m guessing it’s an aide’s email that the State Department was looking for. The whole email thing is pretty dead now. And that subpoena to the Clinton Foundation was made back in September. So even though it’s just making news it’s really old information. The email stuff is going nowhere. They’re just trying to turn routine FOIA requests into something sinister.

  133. Uppity at 8:27

    Is that freakin’ Tim Russert?

    Yes, Hillary handled that little twerp, well. Trump thinks he is King of his own planet, can’t wait to see Hillary dish it back when he wears on her last nerve.

  134. Thanks for the welcome, Ga6thDem.

  135. Used to be one of you but dropped out a few months ago for all the same reasons… Wish I knew your other ‘name’, are you PM? Thanks.

  136. Thanks Sophie

  137. Msdsal – I read something about that the other day too.

    February 11, 2016 8:08 pm

    Hillary Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon on Thursday accused the State Department Inspector General’s office of launching baseless fishing expeditions aimed at harming Clinton’s campaign.

    CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Fallon about a Washington Post report that the State Department issued a subpoena to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton family’s charity, for documents about projects that needed federal government approval while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. This included records from Clinton’s controversial aide, Huma Abedin.

    Fallon claimed that individuals working in the inspector general’s office are working to smear Clinton, citing their professional histories.

    “It’s very hard, to be honest with you, for me personally to keep track of all the fishing expeditions that this IG office has conducted,” Fallon said.

    “In the last few weeks, we’ve seen reports of who works in that office, that State Department IG’s office, you have the number two official there, Emilia DiSanto, who’s a former eight year aide to Sen. Chuck Grassley who last month said his number one goal this year is to defeat Hillary Clinton,” Fallon said.

    “So you have these individuals that have a history of targeting Hillary Clinton and strangely we’ve seen a pattern of leaks emerging on the eves of primary elections and debates,” Fallon said. “So I think it’s a very troubling phenomenon, and I think it’s just more of the same.”

    Fallon didn’t walk back his allegation when pressed by Blitzer, who pointed out that State Department Inspector General Steve Linick was handpicked by President Obama and confirmed by a Democratic-controlled Senate in 2013.

    “So you say this fishing expedition or whatever you’re calling it, that there’s sort of a plot inside the inspector general’s office in the State Department, to get Hillary Clinton?” Blitzer asked.

    “All I know is they have mounted several different fishing expedition-style investigations since she decided to run for president,” Fallon said. “There’s no basis to any of them and it is intended to create headwinds for her campaign. It is not going to work.”

  138. Did you folks hear that in the ‘top secret’ emails, BarryBoy in is in the chain of the emails too? I think those are the emails that have not been made public and never will be.

  139. msdsal,

  140. Holy Crap,Batman..there are some pretty savvy ferrets out there. I keep learning more and more. Thanks Shadowfax and Sophie.

    Hey,Sophie;you’re from Ct..ever heard of Camp Mohawk?

    Shadowfax…I’d love to engage in an off site rant re: the Big Pink;but do not know how to go about doing that and don’t wish to violate the Uppity zen…perhaps one day the way will be made clear. ( I seem to be channeling “Grasshopper” tonight.)

    Onward through the fog!

  141. Also, want to welcome Shadowfax (whom I’ve seen around), Moon & Cats, and thanks for the news! I’m glad that Fallon and others are pushing back.

  142. Why do they consider poor Huma to be controversial? Cuz of her husband?

  143. I also think Cruz is the evilest of the evilettes. So do my guys.

  144. Cruz reminds me of “Dick Dastardly” from the Dudley Doright cartoon. He is evil and you can see him coming a mile away.

  145. Msdsal, I’ve been living in CT for about 12 years but was born, raised and lived the vast majority of my life in NY. I Googled it and see it is in Litchfield County, not too far from Kent Falls. As a Girl Scout camp counselor in NY, we took our unit backpacking on the AT over there. Beautiful trails up that way. These days, I’m interested in the good farmers markets and wineries in Litchfield. Are you from CT?

  146. Glad to see you posting again, Upps. Hope you are doing well.

    Howdy, Shadow and moon!

  147. Happy Valentine’s Day Uppityites!

  148. Msdsal,

    A meet-up rant, sounds good. Not sure where to go either. There used to be places, back in 2007…I just don’t remember what they were called.

  149. Hey Voting, good to see you here too.

  150. socalannie, thanks. I am from NCal

  151. Hey Shadow, Moon, Voting and other fellow blog migrants! Nice to have a place where Hillary is treated in a positive manner. Thank you, Uppity and all the other posters here who are finding incredible info on Bernie, his Bronies, and the primary race.

  152. Hey trixta, good to see you. And I agree, thank God that Uppity is still here after all these years, still keeping a candle in the window for Hillary. I would have never thought that when Hillary finally ran for President again, that so many PUMA sites would be dust in the wind.

  153. Ted Cruz is a cross between mass killer Jim Jones and the presidential candidate “Greg Stillson” in Srephen King’s “The Dead Zone”.

    You put a pair of dark glasses on him and he’ll offer you a cyanide laced cup of KoolAid.

  154. Happy Madam President’s Day!

    Make a donation and tweet about it using the hashtag: #MadamPresidentsDay

  155. Hiya Trixta!

    Yes, admittedly I don’t write much anymore these days, although once in awhile my light does go on………but this place will ALWAYS be a safe place for Hillary people. And that’s that.

  156. Thanks Voting, I’m ok, it’s just once in awhile I’m not. lol

  157. SoCal, I believe Huma Abedin is controversial because of her ethnicity and religion. While American born she is Muslim, spent time in Saudi Arabia, connections to the Muslim brotherhood, too close to Clinton, you know how it goes…..she must EVIL.

  158. Socal the Republicans looked upon Huma with jaundiced eye long before that asshole of her husband, whom I thought was a major force for women’s rights, broke my heart and stuck his fugly dick on the internet. They don’t like her because her family is Middle Eastern born. She was born in the USA but the family moved to Saudi Arabia when she was young. When Hillary practically adopted her as another daughter, it became obvious to these convoluted assholes that it’s a terrorist conspiracy.

    Here’s wiki to show you who this family really is:

    Abedin’s father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was Indian, and her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is Pakistani.[6] Both of her parents were educators. Her father, born in New Delhi, India, on April 2, 1928,[7] was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar of Indian descent, who founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation, and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities living in the diaspora.[4] He graduated from Aligarh Muslim University in 1947 with a master’s degree in English literature, and joined the department’s faculty as a lecturer.[7] He later received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Her mother also received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently an associate professor of sociology at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.[4][8]

    Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan.[4][9] At the age of two, Abedin moved with her family to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she was raised and lived until returning to the United States for college.[4][9] Abedin traveled frequently during her childhood and teenage years and attended a British girls’ school.[9]

    At age 18, Abedin entered George Washington University,[4][9] where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.[10]

    Here’s how far back Huma and Hillary go:

    While a student at George Washington University, Abedin began working as an intern in the White House in 1996, assigned to then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. In 1998, she was also an assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.[11] For several years, she served as the back-up to Clinton’s personal aide, and officially took over as Clinton’s aide and personal advisor during Clinton’s successful 2000 U.S. Senate campaign in New York,[4] and later worked as traveling chief of staff and “body woman” during Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.[2][3] Writing in Vogue during the 2007 campaign, Rebecca Johnson called her “Hillary’s secret weapon” and noted that what seemed to motivate Abedin was not the details of policy or political horse-racing, but rather “the way that politicians are uniquely invested with the power to help individuals—as with, say, the woman whose legs were badly broken by a piece of plane fuselage on September 11,” whom Abedin and Clinton visited in the hospital. Abedin told Johnson, “To me, that’s one of the blessings of this job. In some tiny, tiny way I am part of history, but I am also able to help people.”[12] According to a number of Clinton associates, Abedin is also a trusted advisor to Clinton, particularly on the Middle East, and has become known for that expertise.[4] “She is a person of enormous intellect with in-depth knowledge on a number of issues—especially issues pertaining to the Middle East,” said Senator John McCain.

  159. New post up

  160. Oh no, not Eliot Spitzer again. Boy that guy has it bad.

    THe first time I met Eliot Spitzer he was the Atty General of NY. I knew he was an exceptionally bright man. He had been Atty Gen and was outstanding at uncovering corruption. He was a hero, actually. But when I shook his hand and talked with him, I honestly and truly thought, This Guy Has A Secret. I don’t know what it is about me. But that has happened to many too many times to mention. He just didn’t seem ‘right’. But you know what? He was doing such a great job, I immediately discounted my gut. When he ran for governor I was happy because I knew him to be an honest man, gut be damned. Eliot had broken up prostitution rings and that was his downfall. I have no idea if that is where he started his foray into the darkness, or if he had participated before he targeted them in order to validate himself. Eliot’s scandal came when he was governor, and it was then that I became really angry at Eliot SPitzer. Because he actually was a good governor. And I wanted to kick myself for ignoring my gut years before.

    Now he’s at it again.

  161. Bronies is the perfect description for the Bernie Bros. LOLLOLLOL.

  162. Okies, so I have been away for abit. Yunno..stuff like Chinese New Year celebration. But I was lurking too, hehehe.

    Oh man! DKos article re: Bernie Sandburned ass. That was quite a read. Dangit, so much to read. Ms UW, Hillary looked great almost 15 years ago. Sigh, I am inlove!!!!!!!!!!! Totally. Oops…better not say it out loud. Or else I get smacked at the back of my head. I don’t care what my godmother say. She thinks Hillary should stay home and look after her grandchild. Sigh. Again.

    Is NES here, too? Happy belated valentine, y’all. Also to catnipped Bill. Is he here? LOL

  163. Not lying–there really is a new thread up!

  164. Hi joey! Yes, there were a couple of good pro-Hillary articles on dkos, for some reason. Brave souls.

    I LOVE “bronies”! What a great word!

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