Information Please

Consider this a starter Quick Reference Sheet of sorts, for those times when you’re looking to get your fingers on a rebuttal in a hurry.

My friend John West put together a list of links to counter the BS from the BS peeps showing up in his feed on some specific hot-button issues.

OKAY FELLOW DEMOCRATS: There is only ONE CAREER LONG DEMOCRAT left in the race running for President: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Because some of you still promote a number of FALSE and MISLEADING Memes that frankly, were generated in RIGHT WING THINK TANKS to be dispersed by #HillaryHaters on the left….I have assembled a series of factual articles debunking this crap.

1: ‘Goldwater Girl
2: Monsanto
3: Wall Street Donations
4: Vote to go to war with Iraq?
5: Hillary is a DINO (Democrat in Name Only)
6: Hillary is funded by Private Prisons
7: Hillary is unaccomplished (lots to refute this)

I’m sure the RIGHT WING has invested lots of money in think tanks and focus groups trying to figure out how to ERODE her support among the DEMOCRATIC PARTY base – exploiting entrenched sexism to find willing accomplices on the left to do their dirty work. But seriously, stop and think for just a minute…..why would the Billionaire class spend so much to stop Hillary if Hillary was part of their establishment?

Enjoy! Now let’s get to work electing the ONLY DEMOCRAT left running for President and make sure a DEMOCRAT succeeds President Obama in the White House! #ImWithHer #NoCeilings #DealMeIn

A few more places to find answers:

Hillary HQ: An independent blog

Hillary’s site, The Issues: Go directly to her position on the issues.

The Briefing: Facts and fact-checking from the campaign

Hillary speeches: An independent site with every Hillary speech thant’s available online

Still for Hill: Everything Hillary

Hillary’s You tube channel

Feel free to add more in the comments.


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  1. CA Hillary peeps, take a fabulous road trip to canvass for Hillary!

    HRC PAC is providing a bus, accommodations, and meals to volunteers who want to travel from Los Angeles, Palm Springs, SF, and San Diego to Las Vegas this Thursday to Saturday to support Hillary for President. $45 donation secures your space. Bring your friends and sign up to share rooms.

    Leaving Thursday, February 18, returning Saturday, February 20.

    Transportation? Covered by the HRC PAC
    Hotel? Covered by the HRC PAC
    Meals? Two meals a day covered by the HRC PAC


    Palm Springs:

    San Diego:

    San Francisco:

    The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) represents a grassroots force of more than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against LGBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

    No, you don’t have to be gay to ride the bus!

    Update: Added San Francisco!

  2. I wish i can join Hillary’s troop. I fish well yunno.

    Dangit gotta clicked on those link that Sophie has posted. Read and lurk, read and lurk. OOOhhh i am so good at those things 😀

  3. Excellent one-stop reference, Sophie. Good ammunition for the ensuing Battle Royale. From one Hillary supporter to another–thank you!

    Hillary 2016
    “I am not a one issue candidate . . .”

  4. Thanks for the links, will check them out. God knows we need some good rebuttals. I had a facebook friend bring up the email charges against Hillary made just before the Iowa caucus, so in rebuttal I linked her to a Sky Dancing blog post which explained that the classified content was sent TO Hillary, not from her, and that it was not classified at the time it was sent. To which she replied to me that she read the link but did not believe it. I guess I’m a lousy arguer, but I just didn’t know what to say to her. What do you say to somebody like that?

  5. Branjor there are people that still believe we found WMDs in Iraq. At some point you just have to start writing some people off and hope they don’t bother to vote.

  6. Branjor, tell them to be careful when they get near the edge of the Earth. Contrary to what people think, there’s no such thing as gravity and they are liable to float off in space and the man in the moon will eat them since humans go quite nicely with cheese.

  7. Hey Prolix! Dude!

    (Not to be confused with Bernie’s White Dude Nation)

  8. and the man in the moon will eat them since humans go quite nicely with cheese.

    How Jonathan Swift-ish!

  9. Branjor, Bernie Bros and the girls invited to the rally with them all see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

  10. High six to Joey!

    (I grew another finger because I’ve been eating too many GMO foods. Monsanto is so giving!)

    NES is around, in and out. But always with us.

  11. I’ve been busy trying to find the words “Lame Duck” in the Constitution with respect to nominating and appointing judges. Son of a gun! I don’t see those words. Obviously I must be inept.

  12. Ms. Uppity, Jonathan Swift = Notorious Rapid J

  13. Branjor, some people believe what they want to believe. Some people are just fucking morons. There’s a group that thinks the Newtown Massacre was fake. (I live in Newtown. It was real.)
    Heck, 1/3 of Louisianians think Katrina is Obama’s fault. And they were THERE when it was happening!

    I generally post correct material when I have it for anyone else coming along later.

  14. Hillary isn’t letting up re: SCOTUS nominee.

    Somehow, crackpots think that this seat BELONGS to Scalia, dead or alive, and that only someone just like him should be allowed to sit in it. Not that it’s hard to find a bigoted, racist, homophobic misogynist in this country.

    Still waiting for those “Constitutional Originalists” to show me where “lame duck” comes from besides the Thurmond Rule. You remember Strom Thurmond, right? The cadaverous guy they practically dragged into congress on a gurney, where they would put his finger on the vote button and then wheel him out. He made his own rule. Well, obviously it’s part of the Constitution now. I tell you what SHOULD be in it. TERM LIMITS FOR OLD WHITE GUYS. Congress is NOT a nursing home.

  15. Branjor, Bernie Bros and the girls invited to the rally with them all see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

    Actually, she’s a conservative, not a Bernie girl, and I think that that’s what they think of us. 😦

  16. Branjor, then that’s a ship I would abandon. Goodness knows how many FOX memes she’s heard and then there are those BS fear-invoking viral emails the right passes around constantly. Her brain is already fed and she already believes anything good about Hillary cannot possibly exist.

  17. Just found out that Hillary will be on Hardball tonite.

    This Scalia seat thing is really getting stupid. There have been something like 20 other instances where a justice has been nominated and confirmed within the last year of a president’s term. The Repubs sure do talk a good game of Constitution and then it turns out none of them have actually read it!

  18. I’m sure many of the Sanders activists are obots ~ The Big Dawg and Hillary have been working on delegates since before the election started.

    Sanders supporters revolt against superdelegates.

    Outraged by the delegate deficit Sanders faces even after his New Hampshire win, the senator’s backers are taking action.

    Bernie Sanders lost by a hair in Iowa and won by a landslide in New Hampshire. Yet Hillary Clinton has amassed an enormous 350-delegate advantage over the Vermont senator after just two states.


  19. Sophie.not from CT,worked @ Camp Mohawk in the early 70’s and also Camp Sloane ( Y camps). Thanks for the links,I’ll do my homework later tonight after I’m back from taking my favorite kids to see Kung Fu Panda III. Hey..more fun than watching CNN.

    Shadowfax you previously asked if I TM…it took me half the day to realize you probably meant text there’s your answer. I have solemnly sworn to learn to text before the next Dem stay tuned.

    Off to the movies!!

  20. Of course the Rethugs are going to fight against any Dem that nominates a Supreme. They are used to having the 5-4 vote majority on the court.

  21. Republicans make up own rules, and then the media dutifully reports them as if they were real rules. If the media did its job, we would be much better off as a nation.

    Republicans have owned the Supreme Court for 40 years, and think it is theirs forever. The concern I have is that because most people do not understand the Constitution, or the role of the Court as an anti-majoritarian institution set up to check the power of the other two branches, the Republicans have been very successful at arguing meaningless nonsense like, “We want judges who interpret the law, not make the law.” But the conservative court has made all sorts of laws, such as “Corporations are people.” They were about to rule that “One Person, One Vote,” was not valid, which would have guaranteed Republicans dominance of Congress, maybe for a century.

    A conservative controlled Supreme Court is the linchpin upon which rests the endless dominance of the right wing, and the incipient fascist oligarchy. Democrats MUST find a philosophical argument to counter the Republican mantra of “we don’t want activist judges.’ People agree with that–except that the conservative justicds are radical activists, in terms of interpreting the constitution.

  22. Msdsal, I wondered if you were PM over at BPink. I said that in 2007 there used to be chat rooms online where a non publicized conversation could take place. I don’t remember what it’s called, or if it still exists.

  23. Branjor, you are not alone. One of my best friends breathes, eats and shits Fox News. Every time I counter one of her misconceptions about Hillary she just says, “I don’t trust her!” and the conversation ends. And yes she loves Trump who just oozes trustworthiness. Unless caught early, CDS is incurable….

  24. William, they are “originalists” because the constitution was written for white men. In fact, twas Fat Tony himself who said point blank that women are NOT protected by the constitution. He’s the same guy who said if we are going to protect gays then we have to protect child molesters. The same guy who, painted as sainted, said Black people are all too dumb to be going to colleges than smarter (read white) guys go to. All of these things are shit you will hear from “originalists” AKA constitutional purists. Because it works for THEM. They get to harass women, gays and lesbians, black people holding up that document. So you can see why holding onto the SCOTUS is soooooooo very important to them….and why they are crowing that THEY will appoint the next SCOTUS justice who will be “Just like Scalia”.

  25. If I were Obama, I’d nominate a black female lesbian and watch them all have massive strokes.

  26. Upps Facebook is exploding over the news that Loretta Lynch might be the nominee for supreme court. She’s one short of your requirements. LOL.

  27. Thanks for the info Sophie! Great list.

  28. If I were Obama, I’d nominate a black female lesbian…

    Wanda Sykes?!

  29. Queen Latifah!

  30. Wanda’s perfect. Hahaha. That’ll kill the whole lot of em!

    Yes, I saw Lynch as a name and some other guy Sim Sim…something. Indian. He was unanimously endorsed by congress.

    And another female who was unanimously endorsed by congress for a judge slot. Murray, or Murphy?

    I saw an interview with some democrat, I forget who, who said, Fat Tony told him if we were going to fill a slot on SCOTUS to “Give me somebody smart”. When asked what he meant, he said Give Us Elena Kagan. Apparently he at least admitted we have one smart judge on the court.

  31. In corporations, they are known for filling multiple “quotas” with one person. The joke in GE was, let’s find a disabled black lesbian veteran.

  32. Sanders can go screw himself over the SD’s, Thats how Obama got over the line last time. Hillary won the popular vote and the idiots handed it still to Obama, I didn’t see Sanders or anyone complaining then.

    So tough crap Sandinista’s, you can go blow it.

  33. Yeah Moon, we complained and nobody cared. So now I don’t care. Fuck em.

  34. Nevada Dem party allows SAME day registration to caucus. Which means, I think: Be a Democrat for a day! Lovely.

  35. Interesting. The one and ONLY poll in Nevada that shows Bernie neck and neck is paid for by Washington Free Beacon. Now, I never heard of them so I took a looksee. They appear to be an aggregator of news articles from other sources.

    Polls, Nevada.
    Poll was done by “Target Point,” also never heard of them, so you be the judge

  36. Nevada is notoriously difficult to poll, that is why we are not seeing any bar this bullshit republican agenda pusher….and that is exactly what it is….

  37. Caucuses are just plain skanky and great tools for dishonest candidates and sleazy staff.

    Republicans KNOW Democratic caucuses are a circus and they take FULL advantage of that.

  38. Uppity,I figured that Sanders would start complaining about Superdelegates. He complains about every aspect of the nominating process, down to coin flips. Yes,Hillary would have won the nomination had it not been for very stacked apportionment of delegates which favored minority districts; plus of course the caucuses. Sanders is benefitting from having Republicans cross over in open primaries to try to help win the general election for their candidate. If I ran the system, there would be only closed primaries, and no caucuses. But that is the system in place now; and Sanders has gained from it in various regards.. And he has never helped one out of state Democrat in any campaign, so why should the party which he has temporarily adopted be eager to help him lose the national election, the Supreme Court, and everything else along with it?

  39. Clinton knows exactly how dirty the Nv caucuses are, I would hope she is prepared to do what needs to be done, no time for being nice Hillary, break his back because I guarantee you, the sandinistas are going to play dirty.

  40. I’ve been educating myself about polling over at 538. Nate says betware of Herding. Herding is when one pollster comes out with a poll first and the others get nervous and adjust their own polls to appear closer to the other poll. Then the media latches on with them, just as CNN is doing RIGHT NOW in Nevada.

  41. At the end of the day, the DNC is not going to go along with Sanders, no way in hell is it going to happen, he would kill the party stone dead and they know it, they are giving him so leeway but the shiv knife is coming soon for him.

  42. Oh well you look at that. Bernie finally went to Flint. He’s soooooooo upset for Flint….

    Can’t possibly be because Hillary received the endorsement of their faith leaders.

  43. The problem is you cannot poll a caucus because it depends on area, caucus location and other bits, its to keep the flame going for a contest…..

  44. Read this so very true tweet.


  45. Uppity said, “If I were Obama, I’d nominate a black female lesbian…”

    I doubt Lindsey Graham would take it.

  46. Sophie, thanks for the post, and all this great info. I so wish I could do the bus trip to NV! Unfortunately, I have to work.

    Re: the “herding”, that explains a lot. I sensed that kind of thing was happening. Useful to adjust dumb peoples thinking about who they’ll vote for. A lot of people want to vote for whomever is going to win, they don’t want to have voted for the loser. There are so many ways sheeple are brainwashed.

    Bernie & Bronies (love that word) can go &%^* themselves. They knew all about the superdelegates when they hitched their wagon to the DNC star.

  47. George W is going to be on TV, they’ve teased, he’s bald. Okay, balding. But he looks so different.

  48. imust, I wonder if he knows deep down, how disastrous his presidency was for millions of people (so many deaths, people ruined financially), and if so, its made him crazy. He seems really nuts now. And not just the painting pix of himself in the shower.

  49. Oh no. According to Dan Merica (cnn) Hillary barked like a dog during speech. She was telling a story about a radio station way back when in AR that had, supposedly, a trained dog to bark when someone lied. Anyway, talking about Repubs saying crazy things…she….barked. If that is true, you all do know what will happen with that clip. You know right? Dean’s scream 24/7 loop on TV will seem like restraint. Oh brother.

  50. Dan Merica plays with himself in the dark. He’s an idjit. FWIW I have him blocked.

  51. Prolix, I have always maintained that Lindsey would be so much happier if he would just admit he’s gay.

  52. I saw W pimp Jeb. I almost forgot how truly awful he is.

  53. Yeah, I watched W too. As bad as W is, he’s better than Jeb! who looks nervous all the time. He makes me nervous just watching him.

  54. A cover-up?

    The family of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has waived an autopsy — dismissing any chance to learn more about how he died with a pillow over his head in an isolated Texas ranch Saturday.

    Police do not suspect any foul play, and said Scalia died of natural causes. But authorities made that call without seeing the body, and without ordering an autopsy, according to The Washington Post — both of which are allowed under Texas law. The Scalia family immediately objected to autopsy, deeming it unnecessary.

    Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told ABC News she will write on Scalia’s death certificate: “Natural causes — heart attack.”

  55. Bill Clinton handles a Trump heckler like the master that he is!

  56. Uppity! Sanders did not go to Flint, I repeat, he did not go to Flint! He was an hour away at his big college rally and he made them come to him! UNfreakin’ BElievable!!!! The EGO on that guy!

    YPSILANTI, Mich. — Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont held a boisterous campaign event at Eastern Michigan University here on Monday with more about 9,400 supporters cheering along to his hour-long speech.

    Though Mr. Sanders had scheduled two rallies in Michigan on Monday, he did not plan a visit to Flint and instead met beforehand with several residents of the city to talk about the lead-tainted water crisis there. Mr. Sanders, addressing a stadium full of supporters after the meeting, said Flint’s water problem was just one of several examples of the country’s dangerous, declining infrastructure.

    Can you imagine Hillary getting away with that?

  57. No.

  58. Well, that was very succinct Sophie, lol!

  59. Saw Scalia’s suite over at the ‘ranch’. Press had pic of his unmade bed. But i could see furniture and it was called the “El presidente suite”. So I checked it out over at the ranch. 1,100 square feet with a fire pit outside of it. A reminder of how lavishly all branches of our government really live, and in his case, die.

    He didn’t show up for brekky so the manager knocked but “The suite was large” so he figured he didn’t hear him. So off he went, till Tony didn’t show up for lunch. I imagine Tony didn’t miss many meals so then they really got alarmed. Found him with a pillow over his face “in peaceful repose”. No autopsy. Eh, I guess some people like to sleep with a pillow over their faces.

    Maybe his wife knew he had sleep apnea or something like that. I had a close friend who died that way.

    Scroll down to see El Presidente suite and pricing.

  60. He made it SOUND like he went to Flint. What an arsehole. He probably figures they are never going to vote for him since he doesn’t give a shit about anything but Wall Street, and he’s probably right about that.

  61. Ypsilanti is NOWHERE NEAR Flint! I actually know an undecided voter who went to this rally. She is still not sure about Bernie. She and some of her FB friends were discussing the bigger picture in terms of electing more Dems to Congress, so I jumped in and pointed out that Hillary is the one who raises money for the Party and campaigns for downticket candidates.

  62. Too much going on tonight. I have Twitter up for both my Pittsburgh Penguins and US Women’s Soccer scores (women up 1-0 after only 6 minutes into the game), Grammy’s on TV (want to see Adele and Lady Gaga..I have no clue who anyone else is.), reading about this lack of autopsy for Scalia (really?) and the BS going on in NV primary.

    My brain is ready to go….POOF!

    Oh, and for 80’s fans, Vanity passed away today. She was only 57. I met her once at a national record convention for store managers/field managers and for as brash as she was onstage, she was so humble and very sweet in person. Such a shame.

  63. ok, in the time it took me to type the last post, the ladies are now up 2-0. GO USWNT!!!

  64. Make that 3-0…these women are just so FIERCE!

  65. As for breakfast at that resort in the Chihuahua Desert, I wonder if anyone ordered the in memoriam Texas Toast?

  66. Whoa. Big Dawg reduced that twit to ashes.

  67. Checked out the place on Trip Advisor. Lots of unhappy ‘campers’. Personally I think it’s some Invitation Only place anyways because not too many people have been there since 2012. Lots of complaints about food, and especially rude staff…..and the ‘manager’ was very snotty in his responses so it wasn’t hard to believe the reviewers.

    This was a visit by “invitation”. Owner says there were three dozen people and couldn’t stop saying how “jurisprudence” was not mentioned at all. Ever. Never. Nada. None. He wouldn’t say who any of the guests were just people who “admired” Fat Tony.

    Doesn’t seem like there’s all that much to do there, either. I mean you can ride horses most anywhere in Texas and I don’t see Nino on a horse, do you? Not much to do. Unless you like killing pheasants and quail. He didn’t show up for the hunt so some poor quail got a Stay of Execution.

  68. Jens a tweet I read said about one hour from Flint. So I googled it and it said, 1 hour, 1 min (66 miles)

  69. On their website they regard “fire pits” as Texas television. That explains so much on so many different levels.

  70. I wouldn’t travel across the street to see him.

  71. Hey Prolix, maybe they’ll name a rack of ribs after him.

  72. On their website they regard “fire pits” as Texas television. That explains so much on so many different levels.


  73. Great place to go to play “Count The Rattlesnakes,” “Let’s See Who Finds the Biggest Diamondback, “Who’s Afraid of The Mountain Lion?” and “First One Who Gets A Visit From A Bear During The Hike, Wins”

  74. Uppity said, “[M]aybe they’ll name a rack of ribs after him.” Or maybe some wiener dish?

    They also play rousing games of, “Hump the Cactus,” and “Scorpion Scrabble”. Before they took pictures of the room, they thoughtfully and tastefully removed the Catherine the Great ceiling harness (it was an ala carte amenity).

  75. Back to three minutes of serious….This place was a good place to not be Heard. Or seen. One report said he was supposed to be guarded by the US Marshal’s ofc wherever he goes and he released them during this visit. Just saying. A rather odd place with 36 “admirers” in tow, would you not say?

    Owner says the Visitors were not “political”. Just notable businessmen. They were there on his dollar. But he hand picked them. Just saying.

    Can’t remember where, but I also read the owner wanted to purchase some state park land.

    Ah well. The country lost a special man. Where else can we find a bigot, racist, homophobic misogynist to replace him.

  76. Where else can we find a bigot, racist, homophobic misogynist to replace him.

    Maybe if this election thing doesn’t work out for Trump or Cruz…

  77. He was found with a pillow on his head?

  78. El Supremo evidently saw his doctor twice in the past week and his wife didn’t want an autopsy and for him to have, ‘died of natural causes’ put on his death certificate. Now what’s power, or at least okay in Tx.

    They mentioned something about a possible heart attack, but why would that be something they didn’t want brought out in an autopsy?

    The pillow on his face doesn’t sound like a normal way to die. Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts, I wouldn’t think putting a pillow over your face would help each time you stopped breathing.

  79. Shadowfax,I’m not PM from Big Pink. I only lurked there.

  80. Just want to bring a bit of “positive” for we Uppity ladies…especially those of us of a certain age.

    Most trending artist of the Grammy awards tonight…not Taylor Swift, not Lady Gaga, not Adele, not Beyonce….the winner is……

    BONNIE RAITT!!!! She slayed her part of the BB King tribute and then some.

    (I will leave her politics out of this.)

  81. He said he had to quit tennis because his arm was bothering him. He went to Dr. for that and I guess he thought it was a rotator cuff. It probably wasn’t. I had arm issues off and on before I ended up on a gurney. I think his Dr. probably Got It Wrong.

    Regarding a pillow over his head. I kind of think if someone was going to take the time to suffocate him, they wouldn’t leave the pillow on his face. Maybe there was light coming from somewhere. I know I can’t be the only one here in Uppity’s Great Room who is guilty of putting a pillow over my eyes to further darken a room. Especially if there was a migraine. For all we know, he may have had a brain bleed resulting in a bad headache prompting him to put a pillow over his head.

    I just think a 79 year old morbidly obese man with a volatile personality,who probably ate too many hot greasy meals, died of massive myocardial infarction or cardiac arrest, massive stroke or apnea. Like I said, it’s not too hard to die from apnea if nobody is next to you to give you a poke. This is a guy who came from a Sicilian family and I can tell you without smirking, that Sicilian sausage bottled in oil was a staple in his home. His parents were directly from the old country so there was the sausage, potatoes and peppers or steak, peppers, potatoes and fried egg on Saturdays; then on Sunday, the pasta with more sausage. This is not an embellishment. I have seen this kind of meal planning in plenty of families. The man was bursting at his seams and he was a stopped heart waiting to happen.

    If I were to be bothered by this situation, it would be bothered over the constant mention of the owner that this was a benign event with 36 hand picked co-visitors (at his own cost, in other words, there for Free), all of whom he refuses to name, and his constant mention that it was unpolitical and no “jurisprudence” was involved. He clarifyith Too Loudly, Methinks. Toss in that Nino told the US Marshals, whose job it is to look after him, to take a hike.

    In any event, if there were a nefarious purpose to the meetup, such as the nearby state park intentions mentioned in a few places, they will have to go invite another Justice to a weekend, because Nino isn’t going to be able to help. After all, Nino had no problem going privately and quietly hunting with Dick Cheney while a case against him was pending in The Court. Hunting is what these guys do when they want to talk freely with nobody hearing what they say. Those who can’t hunt, golf. But when it comes to Nino’s death, I just think the diagnosis is Sausage Syndrome.

  82. Onto yet another subject, what do you get when you decide to look out for the world instead of your own, what do you get when you have ‘free trade’ besides the loss of jobs? What do you get when your borders are a Free For All in addition to a financial burden and crazed jihadists that kill rooms full of people and then blow themselves up? What added benefit is there?

    Well, there’s the added benefit of diseases that we never even heard of 15 years ago. Mark my words when I say that, this summer, we will hear that the Zika viral mosquito hitched a ride to America. Just one more ‘benefit’ to deciding USA is a “Citizen of The World”. Can polio and other horrible diseases, Malaria, etc we once eradicated in the USA be very far behind? TB, Hepatitis, all continue to rise. Salmonella e coli, listeria. The list is approaching endless.

    America is becoming a mess for more reasons than ‘free trade’. I dare say the good news is, the more dead Americans there are from diseases brought to us by being ‘citizens of the world,’ the lower the unemployment rate will be. Carry on!

  83. To follow up on what Uppity said, we eradicated polio and thought that the answer to all our ills was constantly prescribing antibiotics until they too were rendered useless. Then the pharma companies, that used to have scientists at the helm decided to cast them aside in favor of MBA’s who are only concerned with 3rd quarter profits. So instead of investing the time and manpower into looking at ways to eradicate disease, and invent the new line of antibiotics thru stem cell research, these pharma companies are only concerned with limp-dick syndrome to the detriment of everything else.

    Pharma doesn’t want to eradicate or cure anything. I mean what long term profit is in that? They want to “manage” your illness, with drugs that can produce 5 side effects that you will also have to “manage” with their assistance.

  84. I think at this point, we are more in danger or the reemergence of diseases from our own anti-vaxxers than any third world nation,

  85. As for “free trade,” we cannot afford to be either anti-trade or blind to the consequences of trade agreements. For example, 11 other nations are involved in negotiating the TPP and not China. We cannot afford to be out of that deal yet we need to negotiate to our best interests. Unfortunately for us, all of the other nations also have their best interests in mind. That is the nature of negotiation. When you buy a car, the dealer gets the money and you get the car. You don’t get to keep the money AND drive off with the car.

    You would think that where we have to take concessions in a negotiation, we would make a plan here for the affected industries and populations. You would also think there would be renegotiation points set up for the future since things change. Why the heck is something as old as NAFTA still standing without any tweaking?

  86. MUST READ! Well done!

    Also, yesterday, I mentioned a “news site” known as the Beacon, which paid for that Nevada poll that suddenly showed Sanders neck and neck, is being questioned on twitter now. This ‘news’ site is nothing more than a collector of news links from other sites.

  87. True, WE would Think of those things, and you can bet others in charge have too. They just don’t seem to give a crap, Soph.

  88. Sophie, no doubt the Un-vaccination nuts are a problem, but still, these diseases, formally non-existent or eradicated, have to be contracted somewhere. It’s kind of like the invasive and predatory Asian Carp that were accidentally let loose in many of our waters, eating up the food supply and terrorizing boaters besides. Voraciously eating up our native fish, they came from elsewhere …and were…um…contained. Until they weren’t. Now they are looking for a way to feed the poor with these freaky things.

  89. The Nevada poll is not just from a right wing rag. It’s actually a “push” poll which asks respondents leading questions designed to “push” them against Hillary. “If I told you HRC kicks her dog, would that make you more or less likely to vote for her?” I don’t know that they asked that, but it’s the general direction of the questions.

  90. The minute I heard the news of Scalia’s demise I knew GOP clowns in Senate would slow walk a replacement. But even I was surprised when they openly admitted they had no intention of confirming any Obama nominee. Hillary is correct–this is strange behaviour for people who claim they strictly follow the Constitution.

  91. euro, you make an excellent point, although many of these illness are viral rather than bacterial and would not respond to antibiotics. Our bacterial diseases are becoming increasingly resistant to our antibiotics. But it’s not just because of over-prescribing. Our cattle, chickens, pretty much any meat and milk products contain antibiotics that were injected into our food supply. This means we are ingesting even more antibiotics in addition to any our doctors prescribe. Yet our government, and that means BOTH parties, has consistently blocked the labeling of foods that contain both GMOs and antibiotics. In fact, while we are all made to look the other way, they passed the DARK ACT this year, which makes it illegal to label our food with GMO warnings, even at a time when laboratories are producing ‘meat’ in-vitro and ‘farmed’ fish is raised in the most horrific of conditions, requiring God knows what kinds of antibiotics.


    And for your satire coverage of In Vitro meat, enjoy and cringe, written by me in 2009:

  92. Rebel, this AM CNN had videos of Republicans saying in the past when it was THEIR turn…..that the Thurmond rule does not exist and sitting presidents are sitting presidents and have the right to nominate judges and have a hearing. This was right after the same Republican quoted the Thurmond Rule and declared they are NOT required to consider any nominee at all. I love Chris Cuomo, he’s the one person on CNN I try not to miss, he does setups like that and I just love it.

    Can’t remember which one of those R’s it was as they all look old and white and sound the same to me. Will find out later though. I’m sure those videos will surface all over the net today.

  93. Rebel, I wasn’t aware it was a push poll. At least not till now. If it is, we will find out. I posted the list of polls and it sticks out like a turd in a punchbowl.

  94. Sophie, I am actually losing track of the Sanders campaign’s dirty tricks. There are so many!

    Up, it was Eric Boelhert of Media Matters who discovered it was a push poll. He posted some sample questions on Twitter last week.

  95. Damn I wish I could find Boelhert’s tweets!

  96. Sophie, I’m getting “Page doesn’t exist” on the link in Kavin’s tweet

  97. I can’t take time to help you look. I’m at work. You might try Media Matters twitter feed or Hillary HQ twitter feed. That’s where I saw it–I think on Friday or whatever day “poll” came out. Good luck!

  98. It’s ok I found it! You’re right!

  99. Ok our usual troll, whom I suspect I could identify easily, is here downgrading star ratings again. Ignore. Vote them up when you see it.

  100. Eurogirl, I agree with your comment on the motivations of pharmaceutical companies. And I also agreed with your comparison of Cruz to the horribly evil political figure in “The Dead Zone,” something I had earlier thought of as well.

  101. Hey William, when I think of Cruz, “Needful Things” comes to mind too.

  102. This one?

  103. On Kavin’s tweets, right click on the Date/Time and open in a new tab. They are still working for me. In fact, they would not display here if he tool them down.

  104. Even the Onion gets it. It’s not even a parody article!

  105. McConnell made a big mistake when he immediately said that the Senate would not even consider a nominee. The media is so hopeless that even Chris Matthews the best person left on MSNBC, seemed to say yesterday that if the Senate just went through the motions of considering a nominee, and then automatically rejected him or her, that would be okay. Chuck Todd, trying to sound journalistic when interviewing Cruz, kept saying, “Why don’t you just go through the
    process?,” as if that were okay. It is not. It is utterly disgraceful either way. But now the Republicans will have a very hard time even pretending to do that.

    The money quote in this situation, the one which should be up on every Denocratic site, came from President Reagan in 1988, his last year in office. When a Court vacancy came up, he said that he was not going to “play defense,” he was going to immediately fill that vacancy; that the American people needed a full Court which could make the important rulings; and that the Senate should fulfill their constitutional duty and immediately act on the nomination. Anthony Kennedy was nominated, and approved by a Democratic Senate in three months. That statement, from the Republicans”hero, can be contrasted with the current approach of that party, which is to treat all governance as a board game, where the only goal is to win; and if you are losing in any situation, you just tip the board over, and start a new game where you have a better chance to win. If the media and the voters allow this party to play havoc with our democracy and make up “rules” as they go along ( a la Bush v. Gore, where the Court made a ridiculous ruling, and then said it was confined to that one case, with no precedental value), we will cease to function as a legitimate government.

  106. Actually I saw another one, and this one is WAY better! ReTweeted.

  107. So three things to make you more confident….

    Massive Hillary I’m with Her concert in New York on Wed March 2nd with Elton John and Katy Perry.

    Hillary is to make a landmark national speech on Racism, why not it worked for dickface in 2008…..

    Hillary is taking the supreme court mantle on and hitting the GOP hard.

  108. Another lying mail beg from Sanders. At least the media is onto him.

  109. Also a nice Twitter “essay.” Click the date/time link, scroll to the top and read all 11 Tweets

  110. Hey CHURL!!!!,Bob, I was just over at your pad, every time I go there I think I’m Stuck In The Middle With You. lol

    I saw Alessandro has started whining over at your blog about being banned from various ‘Puma’ blogs and “so called” Hillary supporters, and boo hoo we aren’t nice to men. No, we aren’t nice to him, because he’s a whiny-ass MCP. Since blogspot never allows me to post a comment because I refuse to open my computer up to their web bugs, I can’t post what I want to on your blog.

    As you know, we have some wonderful men here on this blog, including you. Alessandro is not one of them and neither is….well nevermind. Allesandro is not in the Wonderful Man category and that is why he gets banned. Personally I only have a problem with two male bloggers who are “so-called” Hillary supporters and he is one of them. I don’t like being told what to do or being pushed around. And I don’t like being called names and whined about when I have done nothing but refuse to put up with lousy commenters. That includes plenty of women too. I am sure you can relate to this because you have always been a great blog member. It’s not about male or female to me, it’s about being an asshole and acting like you are the expert on simply everything, and always pointing to how everything on this earth about yourself is a woman’s fault, and thinking that’s ok.

    So I’m going to comment here what I would say if I could say it there at your blog, which will probably make you happy that I can’t comment on blogspot. hee hee.

    Dear Dear Alessandro, Go Screw Yourself, you whiny, insulting Pig. You will get on my blog again when Haley’s Comet rolls around again. And if I could block you from even READING me five times a day, I’d do that too. That is how objectionable I find you. I wouldn’t so much as expose my members to your rants. And we don’t need you to come to our blogs with three different names and TELL us what to do in order to validate your manhood and superiority, or whatever your problem is. We aren’t “So-Called” Hillary supporters, you ass. We are Hillary supporters. And you are nothing but a whiny little child with some kind of Napoleon complex. I, among others, banned you in place of saying what I am saying right now. You’re a legend, and it’s not in the way you think. Incidentally, you tried to post here in one of your several names again, not so long ago. Take the hint.

    Now run off and post some BS about me and gain some more blocks if anybody reads you anymore. And remove me from your blogroll. I want nothing to do with you. And for God’s sake, stop using the name PUMA and move into the year 2016! And if you’ve got a problem with women, it’s YOUR problem, not ours. Look to yourself.

    Sorry, members, but I’ve had it with this jerk. He’s been whining about women and Hillary wimminz sites banning him for years now. And everybody knows why. Except him. I popped over to his cluttered site and noticed he says he can “fix” Hillary’s campaign but it will cost her a Million Dollars. No further comment but a real statement of how self-important he is.

    I don’t shoot first as you all know, but I am sick of this jerk’s bullshit.He’s like a bad rash that won’t go away.

  111. Looks like Sharpton will endorse Hillary, body language kind of says it all. I guess it will come at the right time.

  112. Bob’s blog is He’s been a loyal member and he’s a good man. Show him some love at his blog.

  113. Sorry William you landed in spamnet!

  114. Hillary speaks in Harlem about how we can combat systemic racism and break down barriers for black families.

  115. She’s going to whoop Bernie’s skinny wrinkled ass in S.C AND Nevada. I know those union people in Nevada are seasoned caucus people, so his skanky dudes shouldn’t get away with much. Hope they make sure all of them are actually from Nevada.

  116. “I want to talk about how we break down barriers that disproportionately affect African Americans, & build ladders of opportunity.”

    It’s not a coincidence that the Flint water crisis was allowed to happen in a largely black, largely poor community.

    “We face a complex set of economic, social, and political challenges. They’re intersectional, reinforcing, & we’ve got to take them all on.”

    “Something’s wrong when black kids get arrested for petty crimes but white CEOs get away with fleecing our entire country.”

    Hillary is really knocking this out of the park….

  117. “These inequities are wrong, but they’re also immoral. … We have to begin by facing up to the reality of systemic racism.”

    “These are not only problems of economic inequality. They are problems of racial inequality. We’ve got to say that loudly and clearly.”

    Anyone asking for your vote has a responsibility to grapple with reality—to see things as they actually are, not just as we want them to be.

    “I’ll be the first to admit…I’ve made my own mistakes; I’ve walked my own journey. But I believe with all my heart that we can do better.”

  118. We need end-to-end reform in our criminal justice system—not half-measures, but a full commitment with real follow-through

    We need to fix the crisis of mass incarceration…and end the epidemic of African Americans being killed by police or dying in custody

    Hillary Live

  119. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline…We need a cradle-to-college pipeline.


  120. Hillary seems to have a bad cough at the moment…estch Drudge go all,, oh she’s sick and dying shit……i bet ya.

    I get a cough all the time, doesn’t mean i’m about to croak it.

  121. Wow Hillary spoke for 45 minutes solid on race and racism without a break… great applause.

  122. When you talk non-stop for a long time, cough is inevitable.

  123. moononpluto, on February 16, 2016 at 4:38 PM said:
    Hillary seems to have a bad cough at the moment…estch Drudge go all,, oh she’s sick and dying shit……i bet ya.

    Not surprised she is sick after Bernie was hacking all over her during the last debate.

  124. Meh who gives a crap what Sludge thinks.

  125. The old coot gave her the cooties……it was a damn good speech though.

  126. I certainly dont a screw what that dried up old media whore Sludge thinks, his self ego importance is vastly inflated like the size of his over inflated head and terrible sense of fashion.

  127. Voting, had the same thought, Bernie was coughing a lot at the last debate.

    Upps, you’re on top of your game today! Enjoyed your comments. Don’t work too hard though! Take it easy and relax.

  128. Uppity, thank you for fishing the post out! I hope someone can find that Reagan quote and send it out across the webs. I want some Republican to be confronted with his hero’s statements in the exact same situation, and let him try to tell us why this is different.

    I will have a new essay for you soon, hopefully today, so look for it. 🙂

  129. Ok William! Make a loud comment so I go to emails. I don’t go there unless I’m told. You had three comments in spam so I just picked the longest one of the three. If you want another in its place, let me know.

  130. You reminded me I have to find those CNN videos of Republicans saying just the opposite when Reagan wanted to appoint a justice in his last year. Hahaha

  131. Doing fine, Socal. Thanks, sister!

  132. Moon, Drudge’s site is what you would have expected to see in 1998. Looks like something a five year old slapped together. I don’t remember the last time I read anything he pimps. He’s got a choir. He preaches to them. He gets his orders from the GOP along with whatever he is supposed to stick on people’s heads.

  133. Upps, thanks for having a place where the barn animals can’t penetrate.

  134. They’ll NEVER get in, Ga. I flush them immediately.

  135. MSM ignoring that there’s a Push Poll out there on Nevada. Still showing up on sites even though exposed.

  136. I hate that you have to read them though. I guess that’s the downside of being a blog queen!

  137. That’s muh job, Ga. I don’t mind. Mostly I laugh at them because I KNOW it makes them crazy not to get the last word in.


  139. Uppity,

    Re: that Puma site – I got redirects and clickjacking when clicking on the links listed as 1 – 7 at the beginning of this post, but the identical links from That Site go through correctly.

    As an erstwhile nerd, do you know what’s up with that?

  140. Sorry, it wasn’t the 1-7 links, it was these:

    A few more places to find answers:

    Hillary HQ: An independent blog

    Hillary’s site, The Issues: Go directly to her position on the issues.

    The Briefing: Facts and fact-checking from the campaign

    Hillary speeches: An independent site with every Hillary speech thant’s available online

    Still for Hill: Everything Hillary

    Hillary’s You tube channel

  141. I read this tweet and thought, well this pretty much sums up why we need Hillary as our president. (I hope it embeds)

    Mr. Mansplaining progressive thinks he knows what her life would have been like. (Which is what she told him in another tweet)

  142. imust, here’s her answer.

  143. Which PUMA site, Nerdster?

  144. The one referenced at 2:53 pm on 2/16. That one.

    It may just be my browser/scriptblocking setup/antiquated Linux OS too:

    I copied the link texts and edited them. For example, as listed above, this is what’s copied:

    If I take off everything preceding the www, it goes through fine.
    So it may be just my finicky browser, or the link formatting.

    Wev’s – it’s not the sneaky ultra-tech hijacking war I suspicioned at first.

    Danggit. I coulda learned sumpin.

  145. earlynerd,

    I fixed the links. Try them now.
    (In case you’re curious, they acquired an extra http in the URL when I pasted them in.)

  146. Imust, Lizz Winstead is a Bernie supporter, yet defending uterus-informed voting.

  147. SOPHIE please read your DMs stat.

  148. Well she was right to tell that guy to stick his mansplaining.

  149. Voting I will email you soon as I can, I am in the middle of something right now. ok?

  150. Apparently, as could have been expected, Republicans are now moving toward holding a sham hearing on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. The chances of him or her being approved are zero, unless he picks an extreme conservative. I’d prefer they don’t hold hearings, as this is to our political advantage. They’ll just use the hearings to set forth their “judicial principles,” which amount to exactly the same as their political positions.

  151. SophieCT @ 12:29

    Thanks for the linky fix.

  152. I think Hillary should speak a bit about Shirley Chisholm and her run for POTUS and quote more from her 1976 convention speech.

    Ms. Chisholm is a beacon to all women regardless of race.

  153. Oh you mean in the post Nerd? I’ll check it out. Sophie is probably in bed or drinking single malt scotch or something

  154. Oh Ok I see you weren’t drinking, and you fixed it, Soph. xo

  155. I get that clickjack thing in vine videos all the time. I uncheck it, it’s usually just an object. Don’t know if that’s what happened there, though.

  156. Ups, thanks for checking – Sophie did fix the links. It was nothing more sophisticated than an extra http:// tacked on when copying, but I getting all excited thinking someone broke in and hacked them.

    Should’ve figured they couldn’t do that here.

  157. THat’s a good idea. And how about her closeness to Maya?

  158. Hokay, Earlynerd. Just so you know you’re safe.

  159. “I flush [the barn animals] immediately”

    That must be one hella big toilet. :mrgreen:

  160. Oh Ok I see you weren’t drinking, and you fixed it, Soph. xo

    Like i can’t drink AND fix a link. Pulease.

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