The Rules of Behavior and Engagement

The following is an Essay by Member William:


Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”
—William Butler Yeats, “The Second Coming”

I could write a book on this issue, and its many implications. But this will just be an essay. Bear with me a bit, as I do some generalizing and extrapolating. I hope that everyone will agree with most of it.

For any egalitarian social system, or democratic political system, to flourish, there must be an accepted method of fair dealing, a kind of “golden rule” as to how people and institutions act toward one another. It was in the Talmud. Jesus was credited with expressing the same principle at a later time. Kant made it his “Categorical Imperative.” You can call it, “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or you could simply call it behaving in a decent and fair-minded manner.

Many of us grew up learning those principles from our parents, and maybe our teachers. As we become older, we are invariably disappointed at how so many people fail to live up to them, and even take advantage of those of us who rely on someone’s word, or promise, or fair play. Some people become so cynical that they don’t trust anyone. Some even go to the other side, and try to lie to or manipulate people in the same way it was done to them. As this kind of amoral and even sociopathic behavior increases in a society, it becomes more difficult to sustain it. Ultimately, you risk the society devolving,and going back to the “war of all against all,” as Thomas Hobbes described his view of early human interaction in his 17th century book, “Leviathan.

Now combine that concept with the horrifying future imagined by H. G. Wells in his novel, “The Time Machine.” Wells described a time in which humankind has split into two races, one deciding to live underground, because after many wars, the planet was unsustainable. Ultimately there develops the Eloi, a race of cheerful and passive people who live outside, and have their food and comforts supplied by the underground race, the Morlocks. The Morlocks are skilled with machines, and toil away underground. They have become cannibals who raise the Eloi for their food. I saw the movie before I read the book, and I have never forgotten it, literally and figuratively.

In the ’60’s, I thought that the flower children were akin to the Eloi; and Nixon, Agnew, and their bully boys were the Morlocks. In the Nixon-McGovern election of 1972, the innocent idealists were at least figuratively devoured by the lies, dirty tricks, and appeals to racism and fascism of the Republican “law and order Southern strategy.” And Watergate, and all that went with it, were the natural outgrowth of all of that.

Now, I am not naive enough to believe that American politics was ever honorable. There was always chicanery, smears, and deceit. But I do believe that there was a time where there were some decent people to whom winning was not everything. People who believed in some principles of fairness or comity. Handshake deals which actually stood. Some kind of code of conduct. If you do not have anything like this, you ultimately end up where we are right now. The Republican Party lost its soul back there in the Nixon era, and it has only gotten worse since then.

That party is a very strange mixture of corporate oligopolists and their political arm, the radical religious RIght. It is an uneasy alliance. The activist Right has been used by the corporatists to win elections. The activists usually don’t get the kind of radical social and political change they want, but they love the battles, and they hate the other side. Now that group has gotten so strong that they are virtually out of the control of the corporate bosses. Even that group has become more radical, more fascistic, as exemplified by the evil Koch Brothers, who apparently would be happy to see the entire planet burn up, if it meant a few more billion dollars for them.

The essence of the Republican Party has become, “Win at all costs.” There is not even a pretense of playing fair, or compromise, or reasonable discussion. The goal is to use the corporate money and the corporate media to disseminate a string of lies which can convince the voters to elect them. From Lee Atwater to Karl Rove and Roger Ailes, they pursue a scorched earth policy of character assassination, and fearmongering.

We all know this, of course. What we are seeing this week is perhaps the furthest extension of it, as it gets worse each year. This time, the Republicans want to argue that President Obama should not be allowed an appointee to the Supreme Court, because it is his last full year in office, and because, “the people should decide.” Now, according to constitutional expert Lawrence Tribe, six times since 1912, has there been a President who appointed a Supreme Court Justice to fill a vacancy which arose in his last year in office; and all six times the President got to have his appointee confirmed. In 1988, President Reagan faced a vacancy on the Court, and said that the country needed a full court; that it was his responsiblity to appoint a Justice; and that the Senate must immediately fulfill its duty and confirm his choice. He ended up picking Anthony Kennedy, who of course is still on the Court, as a member of the Conservative majority of the last 40 years.

The Republicans believe that the are entitled by divine right to control the Supreme Court. They will do anything to maintain this power. They now make idiotic and untruthful statements about Presidents not having the right to appoint Justices in their final year. They say that this should a matter to be voted on in an election. Of course, the Supreme Court is not supposed to be elected. It is supposed to be a branch of government not subject to a plebiscite. Yes, the Executive appoints Justices, and the Senate advises and consents. That was the way that the Founders wanted to make the Court sort of a balance between the other two branches. Most importantly, they are life terms. The Founders did not want the choices to be political, but born of an effort to find the best legal minds to protect the constitutional values.

Of course Justices were almost always appointed with some political intent. But the Presidents before the 1970’s did not make a scientific study of vetting, the way that the Republicans learned to do. FDR chose his friend, the highly respected Felix Frankfurter, who somehow ultimately became one of the most conservative Justices on the bench. Eisenhower picked Earl Warren and William Brennan, who became two of the most liberal Justices. Kennedy picked Byron White, who became very conservative. Even Nixon picked Harry Blackmun, another ultimate liberal icon. That was the way the Court was supposed to work. Now, it has become absolutely, fixedly partisan. This by itself is terribly detrimental to the democracy, because it turns the Court into the rubberstamp of the executive branch. The infamous “Bush v. Gore” decision was naked partisanship shorn of even a pretense of judicial rationale But it got the Republicans what they wanted when they picked those Justices to begin with.

This time, it is as simple as that the Republicans do not want the court to swing to the moderate side. So they won’t confirm an Obama nomination, and that’s that. That is how the Republicans behave now. They are akin to the Daleks of “Doctor Who,” whose only motive is to “Destroy!” “Exterminate!” The terrible problem is that by doing this, they also bid to destroy the republic. They force the Democrats to either do things the same way, or to be eaten up by the radical Right forces. They cannot be negotiated with; they have no regard for history, or governance. They just want what they want, and like the Nazis or the Stalinists, they are determined to get it.

There have now developed some people on the American Left, who have become the flip side of the Right’s win at any cost approach. They are the people who perverted the caucus system to get Obama nominated last time. They literally locked people out of rooms, so they could not vote. They tore up their voting sheets. They threw some of them away so they would not be turned in and counted. These things were documented a thousand times over. They accused Hillary Clinton and her husband, the former President, of being racists. They thought that this all was okay, because they had a greater good in mind, the election of Barack Obama. Just like the Right thinks that God has given them the right to do anything they want to do, in order to build the theocratic oligarchy they believe in.

This year, while the Tea Party radicals are trying to elect one of their own as President, the Left is trying to get Bernie Sanders elected, because they believe in him as fervently, if not as religiously, as the RIght believes in Ted Cruz. So they think it is just fine to pretend to be members of the Nevada Culinary Union, in order to get into the meetings, and proselytize for Sanders. They think that calling people up in the late night, and pretending to be for Hillary, is a clever game which will cause these voters to not vote for her. They  try to get Republicans to vote for Sanders in any primary which has foolishly been left “open.” They engage in the same kind of dirty tricks which the Republicans perfected.

I would contend that there is a kind of “internet amorality” which has sprung up in the last twenty years. People who have become comfortable with making up multiple identities; pretending that they are someone else; lying or “trolling” for gain; hacking or trying to delete their enemies, find it an easy step to rationalize any degree of perfidiousness or cheating conduct, in the service of their ends. It has somehow become some sort of fun contest, divorced from any notions of honor, decency, or ethics. Winning is the only goal, just like in a video game.

And as this continues apace, we wonder if we even have a democracy left to preserve. Can this country function? If Hillary Clinton is elected President, will the Republicans let her govern, or simply try to obstruct her at every step along the way? Will the Conservative owned media ever call them on it, or will it urge them on? Will the Left Wing of the Democratic Party try for their perverse version of “winning,” by trying to defeat Hillary in the general election, out of spite or hatred, or simply not wanting to be on what they see as the losing end of their game?

Tip over the board, ruin it for everyone, just to have their way. That is what spoiled children do, that is what adult sociopaths do. How many people do we have left in this country to try to do the right things; to act fairly, as they would have others treat them; to have their word be their bond; to think of the greater good, and not just their own self satisfaction? And are such people so outnumbered by the instransigent “true believers,” who think that any nefarious means justifies their ends, that we cannot ever get back some kind of confidence in our democratic system; and the ability to rely on the better judgment and decency of both our voters, and our political leaders?

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?”


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  1. Only the religious conservatives are “divine right”.

    Religious conservatives believe they are ordained by God to own everything and everyone else.

    Non-religious conservatives believe they are ordained by their (allegedly) superior Darwinian fitness to own everything and everyone else.

  2. I have had grim thoughts lately.

    As long as sociopaths can restrain themselves from open murder and other such blatant crimes, they can manage to take more from the society than they put in, and rise to positions of power which give them more mating opportunities, hence an enhanced chance of getting their genes for sociopathy into the next generation.

    Hence, over time, more and more humans become sociopaths, especially as humans who are not sociopathic by nature imitate sociopathic behavior, in order to gain the worldly advantages of sociopaths.

    In the long run, sociopaths will, as William noted, wreck any society they manage to take over–but it’s too late by then.

  3. Ivory Bill, you can see it in our commercials.
    We are encouraged to lie, cheat (“what happens in Vegas…”) and steal our way to happiness.
    Apparently, a fatter bank account, a full gut and a drained penis equal happiness.

  4. William, I enjoy your essays so much.

  5. Sanders will get massacred on Super Tuesday….Clinton leads in 10 of 12 March polls, in part because she is winning a huge amount of black vote, Winning states by large margins, only exception is Vermont (shock) and Massachussetts is close.

    NEW @PPPpolls Michigan Dem Primary Poll: Clinton: 50 Sanders: 40
    Also in new @PPPpolls survey on Michigan Dem primary: Clinton leads Sanders 71-19 among African American voters

    @HillaryClinton leading @BernieSanders 60%-29% in Louisiana in new @ppppolls

  6. Sanders roasted by Obama and Pres Clinton economic advisors….

    Former top economic advisers to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are taking aim at the underpinnings of Bernie Sanders’ plan on income inequality and employment, particularly expressing dismay at the assumptions of his economic adviser, Gerald Friedman.

    In an open letter to Sanders and Friedman, a University of Massachusetts at Amherst economics professor educated at Harvard and Columbia, the four former Council of Economic Advisers members write that they’re worried that Sanders is citing flimsy arguments from Friedman.

    “We are concerned to see the Sanders campaign citing extreme claims by Gerald Friedman about the effect of Senator Sanders’s economic plan—claims that cannot be supported by the economic evidence,” the economists wrote in the letter posted Wednesday. “Friedman asserts that your plan will have huge beneficial impacts on growth rates, income and employment that exceed even the most grandiose predictions by Republicans about the impact of their tax cut proposals.”

    The Sanders campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the open letter.

    The four economists who signed the letter are Alan Krueger, Austan Goolsbee, Christina Romer and Laura D’Andrea Tyson.

  7. Wow, tremendous article…

    “I thought we’d get that talk from Bernie, but it was Hillary,” the woman said as she took her seat in the restaurant. The man with her nodded his head in agreement, and then they sat in silence, attending to the world in their cell phones.

    “Hey, soror,” a woman half-shouted a few minutes later, as she scooped food into her Styrofoam takeout box. The seated woman looked up, smiled, and responded, “Oh, hey, soror, you see Hillary?”

    “She was real good, right,” the woman making her plate said, now at a different food station. All three nodded their heads, almost causing me to join in even though I was not a part of the conversation. All of this took place at Manna’s, the self-anointed “Best Soul Food Restaurant in the Village of Harlem.” I religiously get a four-vegetable plate there whenever I go to an event at the Schomburg Center, the New York Public Library’s hub for black culture, which sits on the corner of 135th and Malcolm X.

    The venue is having a big week. On Monday it was revealed as the inspiration of this week’s New Yorker cover art by painter Kadir Nelson (work titled Schomburg Center, Harlem, New York). On Tuesday it was the site of a Hillary Clinton speech, advertised a day earlier as an “Address on Breaking Down Barriers for African-Americans.”

    On paper, this all felt very political. Hillary … in Harlem … talking to black people … about black people … and the timing only added to that sentiment, a week after getting beat by 20 points in New Hampshire, a week before heading into the much blacker state of South Carolina. Arriving at the Schomburg, the lobby was stuffed with people waiting to get in — most drenched from the monsoon taking place outside — many confused by the delay that comes with any Hillary event, by way of the near-hour Secret Service sweep that is required before she takes any stage. At one point during the wait, the crowd’s attention focuses toward one corner. “Oh, apparently, that’s Bill,” one man says. A few seconds later, he says, “Wrong Bill — it’s de Blasio.”

    After another 20 minutes of sitting, the Director of the Schomburg Center, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, takes the podium and begins talking about the cultural significance of the Center and Harlem. He mentions the moment Obama came through the neighborhood to speak at the Apollo Theater, the night he broke out into some Al Green. Following this, Muhammad pondered whether Secretary Clinton would give us some Maya Angelou poetry, a comment met with some laughs, since we all knew that was just never going to happen.

    Finally, he introduced one of the neighborhood’s most famous (and in recent years, infamous) sons, Representative Charlie Rangel. The 85-year-old Rangel walked out on the stage, but not without a crew. Following him, Mayor de Blasio and First Lady Chirlane McCray, Governor Cuomo and his partner, Sandra Lee, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton.

    Prior to the posse entrance, I’d just finished a conversation about what I saw as the myth of successfully convincing black people to think one way — and vote one way — purely based off the endorsement of prominent black people. That myth of “the black vote” being a monolith that thinks the same way and wants the same thing. And how getting the endorsement of a collection of black preachers, or even the Congressional Black Caucus, doesn’t mean as much as it did in election cycles past.

    There was one moment in Rangel’s introduction, however, when his presence — and his actions — were undeniably infectious to everyone in the room, especially the Black Harlemites: “It’s been brought to my attention that some people have been following the secretary of State around to disrupt rather than to instruct. Please be informed, you are in the village of Harlem.”

    This was met with wild applause from the room, a big smile from Hillary, and a Holder whisper to Cuomo, followed by laughs from both men. It was one of the more street-cred-pumping moments this campaign has seen. You fuck with Hill, you fuck with Harlem. And it capped off a perfect warm-up act for Hillary — New York State, New York City, and Harlem supporting not only Hillary being the next president, but her as someone who could do a lot of good for black people.

    Soon after, he finished up and passed it off to Hillary.

  8. “You fuck with Hillary, you fuck with Harlem.” Love it!

  9. Did you also see in the comments section after that NY Mag article, how Bernie apparently ignored black leaders in VT for years.

  10. William, thank you for the excellent essay. Yeats, Kant, The Talmud, Hobbes, Wells and Dr. Who!!! Can you tell me, has there ever been a time when all three branches of government were controlled by the same party? If so, what happened?

  11. Thank you very much, Sue. 🙂 And a special thank you to Uppity Woman for all her help in getting my essays up!!

  12. Moon, re the NYMag article. What was meant by the Obama/Green and Hillary/Angelou comment? Was that Obama is cool and Clinton is not? Do you think Hillary would be getting as much AA support if Obama was clearly endorsing someone else, even God forbid, Sanders?

  13. If everything goes to plan and it looks like it, Sanders will be crushed in March, it will show him as liberal north eastern only candidate….enough double digit wins in March ought to put an end to Sanders.

    South Carolina followed by the whallopers in Super Tuesday

    followed shortly by mississippi, florida, illinois, michigan, missouri and NC and ohio will just about finish Sanders off…..The DNC should be telling him to pack up shop by then and not to jeopardize the GE like Hillary was forced to in 2008.

    I do find it ironic that it was the AA community that killed her campaign in 2008 and in 2016, its her saviour.

  14. Interesting : Breaking: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to endorse Marco Rubio

  15. Catscatscats, thank you very much. Certainly in the LBJ era, the Democrats had a vast edge in the Congress, plus there was the Warren Court. It was sort of a golden age for liberal policy, except that the Vietnam War, and Johnson’s inability to admit that it was a failure, split the party, and ruined the Democrats for years.

    Then of course George W. Bush had a conservative Congress, in at least some of those years; and the Court was very conservative. And that was the nightmare of DeLay and Armey and the rest of them; and all the legislation which damaged worker’s rights, women’s rights, and basically turned the country over to the corporations.

    And then going back further, the Republicans controlled everything in the 1920’s, under Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. That of course inevitably led to the Crash, and the Great Depression. An interesting fact is that the Supreme Court was then filled with Republican appointees going back to the 1890’s, and FDR could not get any of his legislation passed, as the Court kept striking it down as violating “freedom to contract.” In frustration, he suggested adding members to the Court, the so-called “packing,” and that was rejected. But it did give strong indication to the Court that they were not popular among the people, so they started resigning, which finally made it possible for the New Deal to begin. That is a good argument against lifetime tenure for Justices. And I will add that while control of all three branches is not necessarily bad during a period, the rise of Republican far Right radicalism, has made its dangers far greater than in any other era in our history.

  16. Thank you, William. Do you have an eidetic memory? Amazing response. Is the lifetime tenure for Justices set forth in the Constitution? I skimmed Art III but didn’t see a specific reference. Could Congress establish a term limit?

  17. At least this year Texas is the big prize on Super Tuesday and Sanders cant game it, The Texas dems abandoned the 2 step primary and caucus in 2015 and its a straight primary in 2016. Obama used this 2008 to steal Hillary’s delegates even though she won the state by over 100,000 votes.

  18. Catscatscats, I am not sure where the lifetime tenure is spelled out, but I’m pretty sure it is; or maybe it is that the default status is that if there is no fixed term stated, one can keep running many times.Yes, Congress could change to a fixed term’ and it has been suggested at times, but there is no bipartisan consensus on it. I think that 15 years would be reasonable.

    There was no limitation on anyone’s terms when the country began. FDR won election four straight times. At that point, the Republicans spearheaded passage of the Constituional Amendment limiting a President to two elected terms.

  19. NEW YORK—Citing her lackluster support among young voters, campaign consultants to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential frontrunner who has served as both a U.S. senator and secretary of state, reportedly instructed the candidate this week to be more inspiring. “Right now, voters are looking for a candidate who stands for real societal change, someone who can stir something inside them,” said media advisor Jim Margolis, urging the woman—who overcame entrenched societal biases to build a successful legal career, became the first female senator elected in the state of New York, oversaw the Department of State during a period of widespread international tumult, and, if elected, would be the first female president in American history—to appear more uplifting to voters. “Many young people have completely lost faith in the political process, and they want to believe that true progress is actually possible. They want someone who embodies progressive ideals.” Margolis added that Clinton was too much a part of the establishment she spent decades breaking down barriers to enter.

  20. Hello everyone.

    CNN has been talking about Hillary’s ‘Firewall” in SC for months and months. Daily. Hillary NEVER said that word. I saw that Nina Turner doing the outraged scream thing about WE AIN”T NO FIREWALL!”. So Hillary took the hit for that too.

    Fortunately, she’s still going to win SC, barring the old Bernie Cheating tricks.

    But I’m worried about NV. YOu would think the Culinary union would have embraced her after Bernie’s bros infiltrated their places of work and pretended to be union members.But nope.

    I was hoping she would dispatch bernie’s wrinkled old ass with SC and NV so we wouldn’t have to watch her getting set up for every primary, but if she doesn’t take NV,that’s not gonna happen.

  21. Hillary Clinton highlights gun violence, police brutality in Chicago

  22. He’s dead from Super Tuesday onwards, the states in march are too many and too demographically challenged for him, she’s ahead by 20+ points in most of them, some 30+

  23. Moon, good to see some good news on Hillary’s campaign.
    Go Hillary, go girl!!!!!

  24. Sanders does not crack 20% AA support in any state in March in todays polling…..He’s needs too or he’s dead as a duck, Clinton is whalloping him by wide margins in the Questions of CiC, womens issues, immigration and race relations by over 40%.

    So Super Tuesday ought to Hillapalooza…….

    The wide wins in Super Tuesday don’t include the follow up Clinton states coming after it.

    Its weird but in some ways Clinton 16 is Obama 08 which is the ultimate irony.

  25. Its weird but in some ways Clinton 16 is Obama 08 which is the ultimate irony.


    Big difference Moon, Barry got the minority vote because of the color of his skin.

    Barry and the DNC cheated his skinny rump, all the way to the White House.

    Barry was not the minority gender, he is lazy, didn’t take the job seriously, slept through most of the daily briefs and prefered to play instead of work, every chance he had/has.

    He loved the campaigning, putting is mug in front of the teleprompter…

    I know what you mean about Hillary’s campaign being run by obots is similar to his…but that’s about as far as it goes, for me.

  26. Harry Reid is a tool and I am sure he will do his best to help out his “bro” Bernie in NV.

    No surprise Haley is endorsing Rubio. She is a good establishment Republican that takes her marching orders. She made a point of giving a dig to Trump during the SOTU rebuttal this year.

  27. I mean in the way the states are falling and Clinton taking the black vote heavily compared to last time.

  28. I love Hillary’s big tent….

    Nearly 500 prostitutes have thrown their support behind Hillary Clinton, and some are even using their trade to raise money for the Democrat’s campaign.

    “A lot of people think we’re just a brothel, we’re just hookers and all we know is how to have sex and we don’t know anything about politics. But that’s not true,” said Entice Love, a prostitute and member of the group, “Hookers 4 Hillary.”

    Love said that she has been offering bonus services to clients who are willing to donate money to Clinton: “When we party I give free time if you donate to ‘Hookers 4 Hillary’ – money,” said Love, who works at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Mound House, Nevada. “I tell them ‘hey, if you pay an extra thousand and donate that portion to ‘Hookers 4 Hillary’ I’ll give you a free hour,’ and they do it.”

    She said in the past two weeks, three clients have agreed.

    Love said that the women in the brothels record the debates and have them available for the workers to watch while they’re in the house, as everyone has such different schedules. During their meetings they talk about debate performances and what’s going on in politics. She said many girls plan to caucus for Clinton on Saturday.

  29. ((Moon)), know what you mean. Just the thought of Barry and Hillary in the same sentence, makes me a little crazy. 😉

  30. Nevada has been ground zero for most of the Sanders campaign’s dirty tricks. And, according to the Nevada political guy, Jon Ralston, Republicans can vote in both caucuses since their caucuses aren’t until Tuesday. All they have to do is register as Dems on Saturday.

    So none of this bodes well for Hillary, but, of course, the media won’t explain about the dirty tricks and the Republicans who will probably show up to vote for Sanders.

  31. Brassy Rebel, I always worry about a caucus state, particuarly one with idiotic rules where you can vote in both of them. Why not just allow people to vote as many times as they want? Because it would not be fair?

    The entire primary system, particularly as run by Democrats, borders on ridiculous. Fortunately, though, even though the media will of course ignore these flaws if they can trumpet a Sanders victory, the delegate splits will be even.

  32. Uppity, it is just incredible how the media makes up narratives which they can then use to bash Hillary, even though she was not even responsible for them. And those articles about “Hillary changing her campaign strategy” only are done about her. It allows them to write a bunch of articles saying that she is pandering or inauthentic. Everyone else who runs is described as being consistent on a certain message, which is nonsense. The minute that SC came up in the schedule, Sanders started throwing in comments about Black people during the debates. But that’s just good campaigning, says the media.

  33. Harry Reid is NOT going to be helping Bernie out in Nevada. Reid’s people are working for Hillary. She had Reid’s people last time and then this time she has Obama’s people too. That is why Bernie’s campaign is desperately trying to get Republicans to come caucus for him. He knows he’s in trouble. I’m part of Team 16 for Hillary and I’m going to be on the phone with them the campaign tomorrow night. So I will let you all know what is said.

  34. Yayyyy “Hookers 4 Hillary”! Love it.

  35. Ga, are you working for Hill in NV?

  36. Ga — I wouldn’t trust Dingy Harry as far as any of us could throw him. He has, and always has had, a bad, bad case of CDS. E.g., he was the first to urge Obama to run against Hill in 2008; recently, he warned the Hill campaign not to characterize the demographics of NV in a way he didn’t like. He’s disgusting – can’t wait for him to retire at the end of this year.

  37. Harry Reid is a cadaverous asshole. I have never liked him. He’s one of them who would threaten women every election year with Fair Pay and how they were NEVER going to get it without HIM,and then he would forget about it till the next election. He’s probably looking for a bribe to endorse anyways. I’ll be glad to see him move his geriatric ass out of the Senatorial Nursing Home. I will also never forget that bullshit he pulled on Pelosi when he put his arm around her at the podium and stuck his face into the microphone while she was speaking, so everyone would know he’s The Man In Charge.

  38. Upps — Good point on NV. If she doesn’t dispense with him (or “dispel with” as the ignorant Rubio would say), we’re going to have to put up with Bernie beyond SC. I hope she has set up her operations in those pesky caucus states that follow on the heels of Super Tuesday (the ones that O won several delegates in).

  39. Yeah William, Turner was doing that real rant thing and said, you have to EARN our vote. She endorses Bernie, as if Bernie ever did ANYTHING for blacks. Ever. He moved to the whitest state in the country for what that’s worth. Now he noticed that there are black people.

  40. Hahahah Hookers for Hillary.

    They won’t be letting any shit go on in caucus let me tell you.

  41. VOting, useless as they are, I find the R establishment candidates far less offensive and dangerous than Ted Cruz. But then I find Dracula far less offensive and dangerous than Ted Cruz.

  42. I can’t help but notice that Bernie is taking pages from Obama08, including the bro cheating and lying. Although he tops them with the Stealing.

  43. Uppity, I think a lot of Bernie’s boyz are obots. They hated Hillary in 2008 and learned all the vote stealing dirty tricks. Good thing Hillary and Bill later found out how the caucus states were scammed. Lesson learned, hope they have Nevada spies out watchin’ the bullies.

  44. If you can tolerate a few minutes of Cruz, you will see that Trump wants to sue Cruz for an political ad and Cruz eggs him on to sue him.

    These idiots are making the Presidential race on the GOP side, a total farce.

    Ted Cruz to Donald Trump: Sue me

  45. I believe caucuses have no place in a Democratic Republic. Everyone has a right to vote without having to fight or listen to anyone or be shoved around. One person, one vote. For EVERYONE. I do not believe that a person in one party should be allowed to vote in a primary of the opposite party. Primaries are party devices by which that party selects THEIR PARTY candidate. If you want to be an Independent, you also should forfeit the right to pick which party you want to vote with in a primary. That’s left for the General Election. Republicans have used caucuses for years to cross over and vote Democratic, with an eye on helping to pick the candidate the Republicans find it easier to run against. In addition, Nevada has caucus hours that preclude people who work a different shift from voting. There is nothing good about caucuses. Ditto for “Open” primaries.

  46. no empty, I’m not working for Hillary in NV. I don’t think they would want me to because those Bernie Bros might get my knee in some places that they wouldn’t like and would double over in pain.

    I know of someone that is putting up organizers for the Idaho caucus so yes, they are not going to let Bernie pull the same BS in the caucuses this time. Even if Bernie loses in NV and he’s going to lose in SC no doubt we are still going to have to deal with them until Super Tuesday. The only thing is if he manages to pull out a win in Nevada Super Tuesday is not going to be enough to get rid of his skanky butt. Bernie and his bros are like a bad sinus infection that never seems to go away.

  47. If you are an independent/no party affiliation in PA, you can’t vote in the primary. One of the few things the state gov. got right.

  48. Uppity, I completely agree. And this idea of opening up the vote is not democratic, though they think it is. I do not understand the concept behind letting people vote in the other party’s primary, or to re-register every other day. It will increase the turnout, but at what cost? This is not a board game. The stakes are real.

  49. That’s right, William. It’s wrong on so many levels, I can’t believe it’s been going on for so long.

    Ideally, everybody should have a primary on the same day and that’s that. However, having small state primaries first is kind of a nod to the smaller pop states, kind of a way of having their vote feel to them like it’s going to count instead of being buried in the noise. So states like NH go alone and first in order to have a real say. Because the state is small, candidates have to glad hand with real people. And they state gets them to show themselves in ways they wouldn’t ordinarily do it. But their primary should NOT be open to anybody.

  50. Same here, Voting. You want to vote in a D primary, you have to be registered for a certain amount of time. You want to be an Indy, you don’t vote in a primary. Period.

  51. So,a bit of commentary in the realm of what my father used to call a ” penetrating insight into the obvious.”
    To our “friends” Killer Mike and Jane Elliott..I absolutely agree with you that having a uterus does not mean that you’re qualified to be President..but then,again,neither does having a penis.

    Do you all think the Bernie Bots are getting a tad desperate?

  52. One good thing about Burningman being in the race, no one under 30 is talking about Hillary’s age. BurnBots are hoping Old Man River is going to get them free college, free health care and legal pot.

  53. legal pot.

    And a government regulation bong.

    Pot makes people lazy and unambitious. I ought to know. I ingested enough of it in college. Then I grew up.

  54. Msdsal, don’t know if it’s just me, but Bernie has the most odious people endorsing him. It’s almost as if he just took the people Hillary didn’t want.

  55. NES I have nothing to base this on but gut, but I worry about Hillary in caucus states.

  56. Shadow, re: Old Man River. ROFL

  57. I appreciated the wit of the old coot, but I’m assuming this’ll be appreciated here. It’s funny and, well, musical.

  58. Ga–call me NES.

    ROFLLL at this>>> “…that they wouldn’t like and would double over in pain.”

    Chit, Ga, we need you in NV!!

  59. NES, if Hillary is not nominated, the Republicans will win the election, and then there will be no more labor unions, or only skeletal ones. You would think that this would be abundantly obvious to them after the last twenty years.

  60. Meh, they’re just waiting until they know for sure who will win the nomination–though if they don’t know already, they are paying too much attention to the Corporate Media, who want a horse race for the sake of their ratings, and so are growing a molehill into an illusory mountain.

    I would expect the AFL-CIO will endorse her after Super Tuesday.

    This too will pass.

  61. I am so sick of looking at white male cadavers on TV attempting to shape America after they all contributed to fucking it up. This morning, George Pataki took one foot out of the grave to advise everyone on how to further fuck things up like he did in New York. Advice on pillaging and plundering will cost extra.

  62. I appreciate the fairy dust thoughts here, but I see a familiar pattern here with Hillary. The only thing that hasn’t happened yet is the superdelegate switches. And if she doesn’t win Nevada, that will come. I’ve just been around far too many blocks not to see what is in front of my nose. Bernie Sanders either took or was given Barack Obama’s playbook. While it all appears downright surreal it is actually quite real. If the old white cadaver pulls this off, it doesn’t get more insulting to women. I mean, come on, he’s ludicrous. To lose to bernie sanders is a huge statement to American women. His history on absolutely ANY subject is horrific. Unfortunately, it’s women who are doing this to themselves so, you know what? Fuck these young morons, let em eat conservative Justices because that is what they are going to get for the rest of their miserable lives. I realized long ago that it’s no skin off my nose. I got mine. So,I give up on the whole lot of them. They aren’t mine and I don’t want them anyways. They will get what they deserve, because I don’t know about the rest of you, but I will never vote for Bernie Sanders.

  63. One good thing about Burningman being in the race, no one under 30 is talking about Hillary’s age

    I laughed about this in the beginning, but now I fully realize that, in the USA, the female gender is the most horrible quality that can possibly exist in a candidate for President or a candidate for CEO.

  64. Re democracy Nevada style: maybe Hillary and Bernie could just go down to the casino floor and play roulette or blackjack. That’s about as democratic as current caucus rules. I totally agree with Up and William that open primaries and caucuses are anti-democratic. In a couple of weeks I’m going to have to hold my nose and caucus for Hillary here in Minnesota. I swore in 2008 I never would again. It was a joke but not a funny one. People were coming and going for a full hour after doors were supposed to be closed. You filled out a ballot then someone from your precinct counted the votes. They took them to another table and started counting until I insisted they be counted in front of all of us. I don’t think there was anything corrupt going on–just ignorance. But it’s certainly not democracy in action. As far as people coming in and voting after doors should have been closed, that may have been corruption because that’s when Obama surged ahead. And if the time is not convenient for you–too damn bad! Democracy Stalin style.

  65. It’s true that the young women are doing it to themselves. But I have daughters, and they like Hillary. They will have to live in a post Obama, Sanders country long after I’m gone.

    And I’m selfish, I like Hillary. I want THIS woman as my president.

  66. Well, I’m not going to vote for Sanders either. I wonder if a woman can ever be president in the US. Seriously. And those nutroots that think that Elizabeth Warren would win are just as clueless. Sanders just said that the only test he would have for a supreme court justice would be they were against Citizens United. So Anton Scalia would have been fine with him I guess as long as he was against CU.

  67. I wouldn’t vote for Warren. She’s a socialist just like Bernie. And just like Bernie, she does not play well with others. It’s her way or the highway. Fractious, just like he is. You can have her.

    If I wanted to be a socialist, I’d be living in Venezuela. The Democratic party is no longer the Democratic party. It has fallen off the left cliff. They are ten degrees from socialism in their philosophy. In case nobody knows it, women are dog shit in socialist countries. Their job is to make the sandwiches for the Revolution and service the men. I will hold Bernie up as your example of what men of his politics really think of women. Besides that, everyone ends up dirt poor, except of course, the leader, who dies really really rich. I give you Chavez.

    I have always been a center left democrat. The party has gotten rid of all the people like me. I’m an outlier to them. I rarely hear anybody call themselves a Democrat, it’s always I”m A Progressive. I am not. I do not want to belong to the Progressive Party. My party has been hijacked by the far left fringe parties that failed.

    The same holds true of the Republican party. Complete hijacking. So if my choice is a socialist-bent party and a theocratic party, you can understand why I intend to vote in this primary and then switch my party affiliation to Independent. Since 42% of the USA voters have already done that, soon both parties will be fringes again. As it should be. Once Independents exceed 50%, candidates with sense will begin to emerge. Most of them were thrown out of the D and R parties just a few years ago. Hillary was a sensible candidate who has now been dragged into the socialist abyss. But that I love her and know what she will do for women around the WORLD, I would reject half of what she is saying on the stump. She’s a fish out of water in this party, and worse yet, she’s an Icky Woman.

    Sensiblility to American politics will return as Independents will need to be courted soon enough. Upon their return, people like me, who have longed to see some presidential candidates with sense who aren’t dragged to the crazy left or crazy right, will finally feel like voting without holding their noses.

    Bernie is the face of the Democratic party now, not Hillary. It’s the party of bitchers, moaners and complainers with a Gimmee attitude, most of whom, if they spent more time actually doing something productive for themselves, would do a lot better in this world. It’s a party that despises anybody who does that for themselves, and I’m not talking about the 1% either. It’s anybody who is doing well enough. The Democratic party hates capitalism. Funny, though, how capitalism works for all the people who are endorsing Bernie. Susan Sarandon has done really well under ……capitalism. So has Michael Moore. The list is really endless and adds up to Capitalism for Me But Socialism for Thee.

    I’m done with these two horrid parties.


  68. Killer set of videos, imust. Thanks!

  69. Uppity, I’m not giving up yet (maybe after Super Tuesday if things don’t go well).

    Holding onto the hope that Nevada goes OK.

    But I know what you mean.

  70. Upps, “I fully realize that, in the USA, the female gender is the most horrible quality that can possibly exist in a candidate for President or a candidate for CEO.”

    Nothing scares men more than a strong, intelligent woman. Men have always ruled our home, (the top job is being master of the White House), the men’s club where women are not allowed in the front door.

    Any man, even the Fraud, is keeping that tradition safe, but for Hillary to be pounding on that door, AGAIN,….that scares the crapola out of men in politics.


  72. Ahhhhhh…that felt good.

  73. No way I will every vote for Burn, he would be a terrible President. He can run for El Presidente of Cuba.

    I won’t ever just vote for someone because they are a Democrat, just like I will not vote for someone just because she is a woman.

    Hillary is exceptional in my book, she and Bill are my JFK.

  74. Hahahahah NES.

  75. Don’t give up yet. Hillary is slated to roll on Super Tuesday right over Bernie and his brigade. Even some reports in Nevada that his campaign is a mess still trying to get people to vote for him instead of reminding voters that they need to come out and vote.

  76. To me, Nevada is a cr@pshoot because of two things:

    Reid and the prehistoric caucus.

  77. Sarandon is my favorite hypocrite. Loved her in “Thelma and Louise” then learned about her politics and promptly fell out of love. She shills for all kinds of corporations doing commercial voice-overs. Maybe she thinks we’ll never know, but her voice is very distinctive. Anyway, after all her corporate shilling for big bucks, she considers Hillary the biggest corporate shill EVER. And before Iowa caucuses while campaigning for BS, she actually said, “Gender is not what’s important.” Yeah, that’s why men your age are cast opposite women half your age while you’re doing voice over work so no one can see an aging female face. Because gender is not what’s important. Horrible woman.

  78. Thank you, Up!

  79. I’m not giving up, per se, Ga. I do think she is going to have boulders throw in her way for each and every state primary. Every one of them. It’s exhausting to watch. If they could ensure it would kill her, they would step it up. That is how much they do not want a woman president. Any woman. Least of all a woman who knows more than they do. And women will never get ahead so long as half of them hold women to a different and nearly impossible standard.

    Getting rid of Bernie, soon I hope will not get rid of the problem.

  80. Caught that horrible cold that has been going around and have been resting for days. The more I hear about Secretary Clinton being bought by Goldman Sachs the angrier I get. Its just the same old story. Secretary Clinton is able to be bought but Saint Bernie isn’t? Why is his penis a magic wand that makes him ethically superior? Or is it just that she is a woman and women are easily corrupted like Eve was in the Garden of Eden? What is it that offends the Bernie Bros so much? That she was paid money to give speeches and because she is a woman it is assumed that it must be a payoff since no speech by a woman is actually “worth” that amount of money? It’s a terribly sexist attack on all women. She has never been bought by anyone and her voting record proves it. She is the most admired woman for many many years, and should actually be charging more money for her speeches.

    Bernie Sanders and the Bernie Bros, the neanderthal wing of the Democratic Party.

  81. I too have come to loathe Sanders and his supporters. but you are right about women. It is hard for us to do anything.

  82. I am pretty confident that Hillary will get the nomination. If she loses by a point or two in the Nevada caucus, that will be disappointing, but she still will be nominated. There is not one significant Denocrat who has endorsed Sanders. They realize that he will lose badly in a general election. They also have never gotten any help from him, either in the Senate, or by him campaigning for them.

    Thes superdelegates are the DNC’s protection against the nonsense of their caucus policies. In 2008, they wanted Obama, so they gamed the primary delegate apportionment system in his favor. This time, they do not want Sanders, so he is going to be 700 or so superdelegates behind by the time the primaries are over. And there is no chance that he can at best for him be more than 150 or so primary or caucus delegates ahead. The damage he will do to Hillary is of course going oin; and his campaign is forcing her to spend more money. But he will not beat her. The media is doing everything it can to try to convince people otherwise; the reasons being that they want her to lose, and because they want as many viewers as possible. What a few thousand Nevadans might do in a caucus arrangement that resembles a strange TV game show, is not representative of much of anything.

  83. The Onion

    Much too close to true.

  84. Well, I can’t speak for straight men, but the majority of gay men I know are passionate for Madame President Clinton. And I think there is as much homophobia as misogyny in the BernieBros (and the Obots of 2008, but that’s another story).

    What bothers me most about the anti-Hillary ravings is that NONE of her accomplishments and experience are considered (or if they are, they are instantly discarded) as evidence of her preparedness for the Oval Office. And Sanders empty career is something to be proud of.

    In one of the the 2008 debates, she said something about the Republicans that has always stayed with me. Paraphrasing, it was “I lived through the GOP for eight years. I know how they operate and what they are capable of. ”

    She should use that sound-bite in her campaign.

  85. The Left Wing of the Democratic Party has bee doing this for decades. Jesse Jackson in ’88 and ’92. Dean in 2004. There were Kos people who were so upset that Kerry beat Dean, that they never supported him. And of course Obama in 2008 and now Sanders in 2016. These people hate the Clintons’, and they have deluded themselves into believing that somehow the great liberalism of the Demnocratic Party was stymied by Bill Clinton and the DLC. They still blame him for everything, as we see from various articles and speeches their people make. NAFTA destroyed the economy; his crime bill incarcerated people; his economic policies led to the housing bubble and crash eight years after he had left office.

    These people are ever searching for a kind of political, hence moral, purity. Warren is their new hero, the Saint Joan of their causes. The facts that she was a Republican most of her life; that she has one issue; that she knows nothing about foreign policy; that she is only cocooned by being in Massachusetts, and cannot possibly draw significant votes in a national campaign, are not important. These are not people who know anything about actually governing, or even care much. They are akin to evangelicals on the other side. They want some kind of imagined moral sanctity. They wil be endlessly disappointed at their false messiahs, but in the meantime, they will keep trying to ruin the country entirely just to show how important amd how politically pure they are.

  86. I’m not one of those who worries that BS will win the nomination and lose the general. I worry that as crazy as this country has become, he could actually win. I’m not sure that’s better than President Trump or even President Cruz. NES, there are empty suits everywhere this election year–as far as the eye can see. How the hell did we get to this place?

  87. Warren used to be a Republican???

  88. Rebel – – I agree that crazy as this country has become, Bernie could actually win. Ugh. Trump or Cruz winning will be just as bad, if not worse; but, I’ll still resent Bernie more because he’d have climbed over Hillary to get there.

  89. NES – Yup. For about the first 45 years of her life. Watched the Senate hearing for the Fed with Janet Yellin awhile back. Warren blew in the chamber, plopped down in her seat and proceeded to throw bombs at Yellin – every question an accusation. The second she was done, she blew back out….

    Not nearly as interested in finance reform as she states, from what I saw.

  90. I have said this so many times, but it is the truth. I do not understand how anyone in the USA can become enamored by anyone who has any ties to socialism or communism. The citizens of the USA should look around the world and see how these two regimes end up. Nothing good has ever come from following charismatic socialist and communist politicians. The wall weren’t built to keep people out of those countries, but to keep their citizens from escaping.

  91. William @12:58 pm —

    William, I respectfully disagree. I don’t take any comfort in the hypothesis that the superdelegates will step in to pull Hillary over the line if we get to that ridiculous place of a possible photo-finish between Bernie and her. I think they may do exactly the opposite of what you expect, even if they still dislike Bernie (as they currently do). The party establishment’s calculus will be as follows. If they pull Hillary over the line with superdelegate votes, Bernie’s youth army won’t vote in the GE because they’ll view their savior as having been crucified. If they pull Bernie over the line with superdelegate votes, they’ll expect Hillary voters to ultimately fall into line, get over themselves, and vote for Bernie in the GE because….ABORTION! SCOTUS! WAR ON WOMEN! EQUAL PAY! GUN CONTROL! (add other Dem tropes, ad nauseum). And, why shouldn’t they expect the spurned female or other Hillary voters of 2016 to fall into line: after all, that’s exactly what the vast majority of them did in 2008.

    And, that’s the sorry truth. So, yes, Bernie could be the nominee.

  92. New nevada poll 53/47 Hillary on top.

  93. The pope entering US politics to declare that Trump is not Christian because he wants to build a wall on our border. For the record I am Catholic and appalled by the statement. It is fine for the pope to criticize Trump, but saying a person who professes to be Christan is not Christian is over the line. Of course, the Vatican has a wall around it and lots of guards. Pope may not know enough about US politics to realize that his comments will raise Trumps turnout in SC one of the least Catholic and Catholic friendly states. The pope doesn’t get a vote in the US and I don’t get a vote in the Sistine Chapel, fair is fair.

  94. The Pope vs Trump, that’s almost funny.

    It is supposed to look like good vs evil, but I resent any outside influence trying to influence American elections.

    The one thing I totally agree with is that the US needs to have a dang fence around it so people enter our country through legal channels like every other country on the planet.

    Open borders is just plain crazy, IMO.

  95. Dear Crabby,aka Uppity, et al;

    My goodness our anxieties are to the fore today;certainly understandable w/the constant barrage of anti-Hillary coverage on our news media platforms of choice. Plus many of us are probably experiencing flashbacks to ’08. We all had a lengthy and painful lesson in dirty politics that time around..I lost any faith I’d had in the Dem Party.Right up there w/the Vietnam war and Bush v Gore..just to be sure my faith in anything was well-roundedly and thoroughly destroyed.

    It’s good that we have a place to go where we can air our concerns,throw out some “Hail Mary” suggestions and,eventually be lifted up by a comment or link. I’m trying real hard to be ” At peace with the journey”… but man there are some butts I’d love to kick and people I’d like to shake until their brains actually clicked in.

    Ga6thDem;what was the source of the poll you mentioned?

    All, any suggestions for distracting us all until 11 am Saturday?

  96. An offer from Canada 😉

    Someone sent me this –

    This gorgeous Canadian island is offering refuge to Americans if Trump wins

  97. loving Hillary’s new look with the glasses…..

  98. All, any suggestions for distracting us all until 11 am Saturday?

    I suppose I could run nekked across the room and live stream it here…

  99. Open borders is just plain crazy, IMO.

    Amen. Twice. And I’m not even all that religious.

  100. You’re right Honora. THe Pope needs to keep the hell out of our politics unless he wants to run for office here.

  101. Whose poll was that, Ga? Did it show ‘undecided”?

  102. NES, it saddens me to say you are probably right in your analysis of what Super-Delegates would do when faced with the choice between the two.

  103. The poll is from Gravis Marketing. Most recent poll showing on FiveThirtyEight.

  104. Thanks Coastie.

  105. Ok now this damned near made hard-assed me cry.

  106. Me too Upps. Me too. I will report back tonight after my phone call.

  107. Upps, liked the correctrecord link. What swine Bernie & his bronies are. I agree with all of you about Progressives. Back in the early aughts, when Bush was busy destroying everything, I read a lot of Progressive sites like Common Dreams, and thought I was a progressive back then, but it didn’t last long. They’re too radical, the opposite end of the spectrum with the rightwingnutters at the other end. My mom always told us if we want a happy life to seek the the middle of the road in everything. Like Upps, I consider myself a center-left liberal. I can’t even imagine that total tool Sanders getting the nom, so I don’t know if I would vote for him in the general or not. I know I don’t want to pay higher taxes for his stupid ideas, or support someone for president who has lived such an unaccomplished life. How anyone can look at this offensive, lazy, crooked person and think he should be president staggers me.

  108. Huge…..breaking: Clyburn to endorse Clinton as early as tomorrow.

  109. I heard the Pope has given the ok (or sort of given it?) for women in zika areas to use birth control. I would like to see birth control given out free all over the world. We have too many damn people.

    As far as the Popes telling us we should have an open border. Sorry, no. I don’t think we should send people back who are already here, unless they are criminals, but I would rather see legal, safe immigration from now on. California has BY FAR the largest percentage (per pop) of immigrants/refugees, compared to the other states. They are very expensive. We are already taxed to death, and running out of water. I am no bigot, and have done community service since I was a little kid, but I don’t think Americans should have to support half the world. Again, the happy medium works best.

  110. @ moon: Yay! Thanks for that!

  111. I can’t believe NES let that Uppity running nekid comment just slip by….
    I agree with everyone about the idea of Sanders being the nominee. I don’t think we’d have to worry about taxes, because he’d never get anything, and I mean anything through congress. I’d be worried about national security, because Bernie doesn’t have a clue. I hate to say this, but I don’t think he’s even that bright. Bright enough to get his BA yeah, but not the kind of bright that would enable him to grasp the complexities of the world. He doesn’t even understand basic economics, even though it’s his favorite topic. He has a superficial understanding of some topics that allow him to rail on from the stump. He reminds me of that character, Cliff Claven on the Cheers TV show back in the 80s. He was a mailman who hung around the bar all evening talking like he was an expert on every subject. It’s really scary thinking about him with the famous 3am call, and I’m not joking.

    Hillary has plans, for economic development in hard hit urban areas as well as poor rural areas. She can tinker with ACA to fix the problems that are causing real people, real suffering, and many other things. But most of all, I think she would be an amazing role model for girls and young women in the US and around the world. What a loss for our country if we don’t elect HRC.

  112. imust, hear, hear! Agree it would be really scary to have him in charge of national security.

  113. Bleck. Listening to Rachael interview Biden. I’m so completely he is not running.

    I’d probably break a lot of tvs.

  114. Why is Biden on the TV? The only interview from Biden should be an enthusiastic endorsement of Hillary, otherwise, he should just STFU.

    Is that town hall on MSNBC? Jeeze! Does Hillary go last again? I hope so because then she can rebut all of the lies he tells.

  115. Hoping Telemundo host has tougher questions for Bernie than what they have been so far.

  116. Okay. Just got off the call. It’s mostly talking about policies and plans. However a question about Nevada came up and they said that they were feeling good, had a very strong team there and were prepared for the dirty tricks.

  117. Uppity;
    Is it too late to get on board the nekked run? ( Shades of streaking back in the day). Hey,here’s an idea,our nekked ,aged ,been through it all bodies would definitely freak out the millennials.

    Maybe we should start a new group.. Nekked for Hillary; go lurk outside the NV caucus sites and watch the millennials run away screaming from the reality of what the future might hold for them . Don’t even have to go nekked..when we have gatherings of “troubled teens” in the park behind my house;I don’t yell at them,I just go sit as close to them as possible and within minutes,they’re gone..I bathe daily, I don’t think it’s that.

    Oh, this may be redundant but I read that Hillary has gained 87 super delegates since NH and Bernie-11. Would it not be the ultimate irony if Hillary won this time because of the super delegates ..rather than losing due to DNC fraud?

    ” What a world,what a world..” Wicked Witch of the West on the occasion of her demise.

  118. Hey MSDSAL! Sounds like a plan! Let’s you go first and I’ll be right behind ya.

  119. Oh Ga, that’s a huge relief!!!

  120. Coastie, it doesn’t really matter what he gets asked, his answer is always, WALL STREET! INCOME INEQUALITY! BREAK UP THE BANKS!

  121. Biden is on TV because he is hovering like just another Dirty Old Cadaverous White Man, hoping to hop into the race so he can spend four to eight years groping all the women and girls.

  122. I can’t believe NES let that Uppity running nekid comment just slip by….

    She’s getting old, imust.

    Cliff Claven. ROFL

  123. Yup, Uppity, that’s about the size of it.

  124. The Jackass dodges every question…. good grief!

  125. whew, Hillary up

  126. Coastie, how did the Sanders interview go?

    We saw Hillary interviewed by Scott Pelley tonight. It was ok, she did well.

  127. socal – SSDD – same old crap.

  128. Watching the Rethug debate, Trump on now. (Know your enemy)

    This man loves to boast about himself…I want to just punch him in the face.

    I hope Hillary kicks his @$$ in the General election.

  129. Another rethug debate?!? Good lord. It seems like they’re having one every few days. Ah well, maybe that’s a good thing and the republican citizens will rightly grow to hate all of them and vote for Hillary! 🙂

  130. Bernie said he’s an honorary Woman! Gloria Steinem

  131. Coastie, thanks for watching!

  132. Also said that Steinem campaigned for him… wtf?

  133. Bernie an “honorary woman?” Now I’ve heard everything. He’s an honorary sexist pig as far as I’m concerned.

  134. Ga6th @8:58pm, thanks for letting us know!

  135. imust said, “I can’t believe NES let that Uppity running nekid comment just slip by….”

    Lol. Upps ran nekkid across my Skype screen. I didn’t want to mention it in case lorac was lurking and got J.

  136. That Gloria Steinam quote was from 1996 for Sanders as a congressional representative.

    Nice way to twist a woman’s words, Bernie-boy.

    Can’t find anything on internet searches at the moment except regurgitations of Sander’s current misrepresentation, but it would be interesting to see who he was running against at the time.

  137. U.S. News and World Report has an interesting review of some of Bernie’s bag-o-tricks:

  138. I just finished watching Hillary at the Nevada Town Hall. Once again, her grasp of a wide variety of domestic and international issues is breathtaking; and it is always hard to believe that a reasonable person on the moderate-to-liberal side would not vote for her.

    Clearly, from some of the questions from the younger participants, there is this comparison between Sanders’ proposals ahd hers, as if somehow it’s just a matter of waving the wand; and if you vote for one of them, you automatically get what they are offering, as if you are a baseball free agent, and you get to compare offers, and pick the best one. If there were an effective way for Hillary to say that Sanders’ plans are completely economically and politically unfeasible, it would be very helpful. But I know that she doesn’t want to sound like the less optimistic canddidate, particularly with all these young voters, many of whom do not seem to understand the realities and constraints any President faces, particularly with a very large conservative House majority.

  139. If there were an effective way for Hillary to say that Sanders’ plans are completely economically and politically unfeasible, it would be very helpful.

    Hillary has brought that up several times in the recent debates I have watched of her with Bernie.

  140. The old coots mask slipped, this will hurt him big time especially with the southern primaries coming up….bad tempered old bastard.

    Bernie Sanders on Thursday accused Hillary Clinton of cozying up to President Barack Obama in an attempt to court African-American votes.

    “You know Hillary Clinton now is trying to embrace the president as closely — as she possibly can. Everything the president does is wonderful. She loves the president, he loves her and all that stuff,” the Vermont senator said in an interview with BET. “And we know what that’s about. That’s trying to win support from the African-American community where the president is enormously popular.”

    Clinton and Sanders have both been courting the endorsements of prominent African Americans and have stepped up their outreach to minority communities ahead of the South Carolina primary. Clinton in particular has played up her connection to Obama, who bested her in the 2008 election but later picked her to be his secretary of state.

    Sanders, meanwhile, has been increasingly critical of the president’s progressive credentials and his ability to productively work with Congress.


    The AA community is going nuts accusing Sanderrs of talking down and as if they cannot make a decision……….He really is a dick.

  141. The AA community shouldn’t feel alone in that respect nor should they feel singled out. It’s how Bernie talks to everybody.

  142. Oh man! Hey, Bernie! Thanks, you wrinkly-assed old white boy!

  143. Hillary shot back and came out and said, maybe it’s because Bernie wasn’t a Democrat at all until he started running for president. Lots of boos from Dude Nation.

  144. William, listening closely to Bernie and reading tweets to me before I locked up my twitter from these little assholes, he is telling them that there will be a “revolution”. His intent is to make them march and protest till they get what they want. They are romanticizing the 60s, but nobody told them the National Guard has guns. When I asked one of them how he thinks Bernie is going to get all these goodies, he answered, we will barnstorm the capitol. They actually think that they can force congress to give them what they want by threatening them. That is his intent. That is their intent. It’s obvious in everything he says. Listen to him. Just listen. He says Revolution. He’s even said it when asked how this will happen. Bear in mind, he’s a Socialist. Not a Democratic Socialist or some other made-up name. He’s a Socialist. In the Castro vein, in the Chavez vein. This is a guy who traveled to attend a CELEBRATION of the anniversary of The Revolution in Nicaragua.

    Bernie Sanders is going to get a lot of people killed just like all crazy socialist despot wannabees have done before him. He’s not thinking Denmark, which is silly enough, considering there are only 5 million people there. He’s thinking Cuba.

    I posted a video of the march they did in NYC last month. Fortunately the news didn’t cover it, but it happened. And they were loaded for bear too. These are the OWS children who finally fizzled out because everybody realized it was just a carnival with no real demands, unless you include “I want everything”. I think this is why the press ignored their NYC March. They know that these little pissants would go over the line if encouraged. They also know they are just 1960s wannabees who have no clue what that really means in the end.

    Bernie Sanders is a VERY dangerous man. He adored the Sandinistas. He declared that Castro “Transformed Cuba”. He adored Ortega.

    When Bernie Sanders says the word “Revolution,” Bernie Sanders MEANS Revolution.

  145. Found in Spam. Translator has probably already been shot at dawn and hung at dusk.


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  146. NES! You promised to shut up about the Skype stuff!

  147. Tap….tap…tap.

    Is this thing on?

  148. You may get a kick out of this: Bernie Sanders Brother – He backs class warfare

  149. I hope that the participants in last night’s event realize that Hillary was trying to be as honest as she could with them, rather than pandering. One of them seemed to be plaintively asking, “Why can’t you raise the minimum wage to $15, like Sanders?” (Sanders has no chance to do that, of course). Another was hoping for that free college tuition. Another young woman, just graduating from fabled UNLV, felt that her generation did not have the opportunities of the earlier ones and nicely asked what Hillary was going to do to fix this.

    While we all regret the housing bubble crash in 2008, it was not close to as catastrophic as the Great Depression, which went on for nine years, and had a third of the country out of work during much of it; people selling apples or pencils on the street. The Dust Bowl, all the migrant workers, etc. No one should have to go through that, but I seriously doubt that the opportunities for this generation are worse than that. These people are inevitably going to be disappointed in any president.

    I’d be happy of Hillary kept us safe, picked really good Supreme Court Justices, protected the safety net, supported Israel, promoted equality; raised taxes a few percent on the wealthy, built up the Democratic Party on the state level. Those are daunting enough tasks in themselves. For any of the rest ot it, she is going to need an immense outpouring of voters who will spend their time and noney trying to get downticket Democrats elected. Without that, she is facing the most insane and intransigent Congress in American history. Sanders would get nothing at all accomplished; he and the tea party people would just yell at each other. And he wouldn’t get elected in the first place, meaning that we’d have no safety net; we’d have another market crash; pollution, global warming, and tainted foods and drugs would increase; and the Supreme Court would continue to be a rubberstamp of the corporate oligarchy. This is what the voters of any age or era need to realize. The Sanders supporters do not encourage me as to the future of the Democratic Party, since their heroes have no chance of being elected, and hence they unfortunately could up continually nsuring that the Republicans control everything. That of course is why the Republicans are so actively supporting Sanders from state to state.

  150. Clyburn makes it official….Endorses Clinton over Sanders.

    Finally, this should help enormously carry a lot of big AA states. Clyburn’s word does carry a lot of weight in SC and beyond.

    Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) made official his endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president on Friday, declaring her the candidate best positioned to conquer a range of challenges, including income inequality to education and health care.

    “A few days ago, I admitted that my head and my heart were in different places relative to this year’s presidential primary,” the South Carolina lawmakers said at a press conference. “Today however, my head and my heart are in the same place.”

    Clyburn, an influential black leader in South Carolina and nationally, remarked that some had speculated that his remark last week that his “head and heart are in different places right now” to mean that he was torn between Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

    “That was not the case at all. My heart has always been with Hillary Clinton. But my head had me in a neutral corner. But after intensive discussions with my wife, Emily, who is here today, our children and grandchildren and other constituents and friends here in South Carolina and across the country, I have decided to terminate my neutrality and get engaged,” he said, noting that he had the opportunity to work with both candidates “up close and personal” in Congress.

    “My experiences with both have been pleasant and enjoyable,” he said. “But in spite of how it may sound some times, campaigns are, and should be, about the future. And I believe that the future of the Democratic Party and the United States of America will be best served with the experiences and know-how of Hillary Clinton as our 45th president.”

  151. Political insiders have rated Clinton a 75% shot at winning Nevada but beyond that Sanders is in dead zone territory. All insiders say that Sanders will be struggling past SC.


    This is what she wrote……

    Now is the time, this is the place,
    Now we are ready. Hillary is the face.
    Why am I endorsing this woman to my right?
    Because she has for years continuously put up the fight.

    She seeks to make equal pay for equal work a priority.
    I don’t know about you, but that sure works for me!
    Here’s a woman who has shown time and time again,
    She has the skill, experience and staying power more than 20 years in.

    Yes, there was Benghazi and the infamous email situation.
    While both were stressful, she maintained her poise and dedication.
    Dedicated to seeing mothers who singlehandedly raise babies
    Finally get compensated equal pay in this world that has gone crazy.

    Selfless in sitting down with a room of mourning mothers,
    Who have violently lost their children—both sons and daughters.
    Now this I know to be absolutely true;
    I am one of those who met with her and was able to make it through.

    She has a plan on gun laws that’s like none other.
    Unapologetically she speaks out about the NRA and issues of color.
    Her plan for immigration is to keep families together.
    She’ll end family detention and close private immigration shelters.

    She supports the bipartisan U.S.A. Freedom Act.
    President Obama signed it into law, and she has his back!
    She has fought for quality affordable health care her entire career.
    So she’ll defend the Affordable Care Act and build on the successes of it here.

    She’ll cut taxes for the middle class, raise the minimum wage, and ensure the wealthiest pay their fair share.
    She’ll invest in infrastructure and education. This woman really cares.
    I’ve watched and followed her career, and saw her take hits.
    Yet she still manages to stand here decades later as if it didn’t bother her one bit!

    As Sandra Bland’s mother, I know a little about frustration.
    You have to stand and push through it, even when you want a vacation.
    Like me, she misses the counsel of her late father, who told her always “carry a shovel,”
    So at any given time she could dig herself out of trouble.

    Like me, she lost her dad in 1993.
    His wisdom played a big part in the strength she shows you and me.
    I’ve shared with you just some of Hillary’s views,
    Now it’s up to you to do your research—and vote when you’re through.

    People, we are expecting a new president in nine months. Hillary is that new baby.
    From now until November let’s fiercely support this lady!

    I present to you, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  153. Oh great!! Since Sanders is an honorary woman, now the female millennials can vote for a woman and a communist at the same time. This may be the first problem that Sanders has ever solved. Wait… voting for a woman is so old fashioned and wrong, guess now they need to vote Republican.

  154. Found in Spam.

    And putting the proof in writing, that he is an idiot.

  155. Morgan Freeman narrates Hillary’s ad. See it here! Also see Don Lemon interview him about Hillary at 9PM tonight on CNN with Don Lemon!

  156. Hillary’s campaign on Flint is paying off…

    New Michigan poll tonight

    Clinton 60% Sanders 27%

  157. New NBC poll on South Carolina out today…Clinton +28

    Clinton 60% Sanders 32%

  158. YES! Now if we can hand just that borderline commie his skinny wrinkled ass on a plate in Nevada.

  159. This is why Clinton win….

    Democratic governors: Sanders is just not ready

    The governors tell POLITICO that Sanders deserves praise for his focus on income inequality, but Clinton is the better bet for the White House.

    Read more:

    Even Sanders’ own governor, Peter Shumlin, has shunned his fellow Vermonter for Clinton. On Friday, he offered kind words for Sanders, saying that he “would never say a negative word” about him but that Clinton is more prepared to be president. Praising Clinton for listening carefully to state’s opioid abuse problem, he remarked that “Hillary has the smarts the ability to bring people together.”

    Shumlin paid special notice to Sanders’ advocacy of single-payer health care, which he supports but does not feel is a realistic expectation given the current makeup of Congress. “I do not expect the U.S. Congress with a tea party majority to adopt a single-payer, publicly financed system,” he remarked.

    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, who as a Democrat won the increasingly Republican state in 2008 and 2012 when Barack Obama fell short, said that while he admired Sanders for bringing issues like economic inequality to the forefront, his democratic socialist message would not play in his state.

    “I just think that while Senator Sanders has a point a view, we are not a socialistic state and I think that that angle, while he’s got some tremendously legitimate points on income inequality and all that sort of stuff, I just don’t see him as having the electoral strength to be helpful in the Show-Me State,” Nixon said.

    Remarking that he understands “where that lack of excitement” for Clinton comes from (like negative ads), Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper said that of all candidates running in both parties, there is “no one else ready to be president.”

    “I don’t think there’s any other elected official who’s had more money spent to diminish their reputation than Hillary Clinton,” said Hickenlooper, who endorsed Clinton last year and on Friday downplayed any concerns about his candidate’s strength in the face of Sanders’ rise and enthusiastic base. “Now, it’s like if she’s speaking about women’s issues, it’s like she’s got a conflict of interest.”

    “She’s hired people, she’s fired people, she’s run big, complex organizations,” the Colorado governor continued, raising the specter of another certain Republican candidate who is also known for hiring and firing people. In recounting a recent trip to Europe, Hickenlooper recalled a Swiss politician who told him that the “biggest problem with Donald Trump is that he just doesn’t have dignity.”

    Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, who at one point backed Vice President Joe Biden for the White House, said Sanders has “tapped into the anger,” but added, “That’s not how you lead a country. … You’ve gotta articulate a vision.”

  160. I get the feeling if Clinton wins tomorrow, and then whallops him in SC and then Super Tuesday hits, the Dem establishemnt will tell Sanders it is over.

  161. This could be fun….Rubio is only 3 or 4 behind Trump today in a new batch of polls……for South Carolina…..if Rubio wins tomorrow, watch heads explode.

  162. Ruby Slippers is only a couple of % behind Humpty Trumpty in the latest SC poll, this could be fun tomorrow…..

  163. That Freeman vid is fabo-brill. Good for him. Are the Bernie Bros slamming him yet?

  164. Oooops! Planet Pluto landed in spam.

  165. I tell you what I would LOVE. I would love to see Beezebub Cruz knocked out of the box.

  166. Haven’t checked on the bros NES, I’m sure they already called him Establishment and an old man (Unlike Bernie, lol). I’m pretty sure Morgan doesn’t really give a shit.

  167. Sanders is just not ready

    —At his age and for all the decades he has been in Congress…the train left the station a looooong time ago for him being ready.

  168. Bernie Sanders is every bit as much a woman as Caitlyn Jenner…and equally qualified to be POTUS.

    I have decided to have my own classification: HTG woman….HONEST TO GOD WOMAN!

  169. Ruby Slippers

    Ahh Moon…you remembered.

  170. Suspecting Bernie dirty tricks already, Nevada Democratic Party and Secty of State have announced they will comb all new registrants.

  171. Watching the faces on the people at the town hall last night, you can tell people were not buying Bernie’s schlock of shit…….

  172. Republicans trying to rig NV election to hurt Hillary by fraudulently voting in BOTH primaries.

  173. Moon, I read that he was kind of out of gas last night.

  174. This is the same old story. If they commit fraud and are caught afterwards, their votes are still recorded.


  175. Nate Silver gives Hill a 72% probability of winning NV. Yay! His predictions have been pretty good.

  176. Hillary email dump on the day before Nevada. Nothing skanky going on here. Nahhh

  177. Since Caitlyn Jenner was mentioned: :mrgreen:

  178. A twitter thread you WANT to read.

  179. Oh, bleep. I didn’t know those ads were going to pop up under the pic.

    I apologize, and I understand if Uppity wants to delete the post.

    I wish there were one uniform system for posting picture links. 😦

  180. If Hillary is really the candidate of the Establishment the way the Bernouts say she is, then why did the Establishment rig the nomination process against her in 2008, and why is the GOP wing, at least, of the Establishment trying to destroy her candidacy again?

    I know; I shouldn’t try logic with Bernouts… 😉

  181. I don’t see any ads, but I find the graphic FAR FROM FUNNY. And frankly, as a Hillary supporter, I would think you wouldn’t find it funny either. Do not post shit like that here again.

    I’ll let the others judge my wrath when they see it.

  182. In that case, I’ll apologize for that, but I was concerned that the accompanying ads–which I did not expect–might be offensive. 😳

  183. I think I just won’t link to anything here from now on.

  184. On immigration, from Bernie’s Senate office – it <a href="; wasn't about immigration

    Good grief!

  185. Sorry, Ivory Bill, but that was just so rude.

  186. Yeah, I’ve been something like the social-interaction equivalent of a dyslexic, as far back as I can remember. I don’t try to offend people, but except for really obvious things–like avoiding the N-word or Carlin’s 7 Words, for example–I seem to lack the knack for anticipating what words or pix might give offense.

  187. Italian writer Umberto Eco (The Name of the Rose) died at 84.

  188. I’ll let the others judge my wrath when they see it.

    I agree with ya Upps. Implying that Bill is excited over Bruce/Cait is just crappy.

  189. Super cute photos of Hillary and Bill on the campaign trail today. Bill doesn’t look as frail as he did in the red plaid shirt the other day.

  190. Can someone let me know how I can change my red bug icon to another tiny photo, or lead me to a link of instructions? I hate bugs.

  191. To all of us Hillary supporters…

  192. 10 PM CNN, Don Lemon with Morgan Freeman on Hillary

  193. Morgan Freeman is on CNN NOW!


  194. Upps, if you are watching, will you give those of us who don’t get CNN a brief recap? Thanks.

  195. Hillary’s Double-Standard Dance

    Bernie Sanders receives accolades for his ideas, while Hillary Clinton struggles to get credit for her actual accomplishments.

  196. Freeman was great. I’ll let Uppity tell you more about it. He did a very nice commercial voiceover, which recounted Hillary’s career, and showed her as a young attorney and later. Lemon apparently thought that he should try to convnce Freeman out of his endorsement (which he gave), and brought up the “trust issue.” And Freeman said that this just goes back to the early days of the Clintons in politics, and there was not a thing to it. He said that we need a real leader in these dangerous times, and that she is the most capable person. He is nervous about the state of the world, and he felt it was time to speak up and do something. He evinced an impressively dignfied presence, and spoke carefully and with feeling.

  197. Congrats to the soaring soccer women of the USWNT for qualifying for the Olympics after another dominant performance tonight winning 5-0.

  198. Sophie, that Double-Standard Dance commentary is outstanding. Well worth the read.

  199. Nope, William, you did a good job, I don’t have anything to add

    except I am pissed off at what CNN did. Said he’d be on at 10 and put him on 15 minutes earlier so if you got there at 10, you would have missed it.

  200. Bernie doesn’t HAVE ideas, Soph. He has socialism fantasies.

  201. Voting, Morgan’s most important lines are in this article. They took “10 PM” out it, the cockroaches.

  202. Thank you, Upps and William, for providing the info on Freeman’s interview.

  203. Its Nevada knockout day….hopefully.

  204. Why Nevada Polls Are Bad


    For starters, when it comes to surveying public opinion, Nevada is still very much the Wild West, and pollsters may be unwilling to gamble their reputations on the state: Nevada is among the hardest places to poll in the nation, with a spotty track record to prove it. Going into the 2008 Republican caucuses, the polling average gave Mitt Romney just a 5-point advantage over John McCain; Romney ended up winning by 38 points. In 2010 when Republican Sharron Angle challenged Harry Reid, then Senate majority leader, for his seat, the polling average showed her beating the incumbent by a 3-point margin; she lost to Reid by nearly 6 points.
    According to Mark Mellman, a Democratic pollster who’s done extensive work in the state on behalf of Reid, caucus polling is “excruciatingly difficult” to begin with, but the fact that Nevada’s caucuses are relatively new makes polling them even more fraught with uncertainty. After the 2004 election, the parties moved from primaries to caucuses, and Nevada was bumped up to a higher spot in the primary calendar, a play to incorporate a broader swath of the American electorate in the candidate-winnowing process.
    But that means that Nevada populace’s is still pretty unfamiliar with caucusing, making for difficult polling work. “In Iowa, they know what it is, they know what you’re talking about, they know if they haven’t been and if they’re not likely to go,” Mellman said. “In Nevada where it’s a new concept, more and more people are finding out about it each cycle.” In 2008, less than 10 percent of the state’s voting-eligible population came out to caucus (117,000 people turned out on the Democratic side, 44,000 on the Republican) compared with 16 percent in Iowa. Only 1.9 percent of eligible voters — or just under 33,000 people — turned out to vote in the 2012 GOP caucus.
    Nevadans are also notoriously hard to pin down for a survey. Many work night shifts, thanks to the state’s thriving hotel and gaming industry, meaning that they aren’t home to answer the phone in the evening, when polling calls are typically placed. That makes a particular difference on the Democratic side of things, where this year’s race shows Hillary Clinton holding a slim lead over Bernie Sanders. “If you’re only polling at night, you’re missing a fair share of electorate that’s works in the casino and entertainment industry that’s highly unionized, that’s very Democratic,” Mellman said.
    And given that the state’s population is highly transitory — the bright lights and job prospects on the Strip draw people in like moths to a flame — phone calling can itself be a highly inefficient process. Many people with Nevada cell phone numbers listed in public records, for instance, might no longer live in the state (maybe their burgeoning poker career flopped and they moved home to Oklahoma), while a new resident is less likely to have registered to vote, and thus might not appear on any list from which a pollster might procure relevant information.

  205. I’m trying to figure out something. What am I missing with Bernie’s “free college’ plan? He is promising public colleges and universities for free. Yet it seems to me, the public schools are not the problem. For example:

      State school, SUNY Purchase, Westchester, NY in-state tuition is $6,470.00
      Nearby private school, Pace University is $39,697
      Manhattan College, Bronx, NY is $36,900
      Fordham University, Bronx, NY is $45,623

    State schools are already competitive because they are significantly less costly. If they become free, they will become even more competitive. Basically, if you are not able to get a scholarship to a state school today, you will likely not be able to get into the schools for “Bernie’s free” either.

    Am I missing something or is Bernie’s “Free College” just a puff of steam?

    Wouldn’t people do better with Hillary’s debt-free plan?

  206. This is a great essay, thank you.

    Also, so glad I checked in here as the god awful caucuses get going and the fraud is again emerging. It’s like coming home. Thank God you guys still have your heads on straight. #I’mWithHer

  207. Sophie, it depends on your state. NY does a great job with funding its colleges. However, here in GA the rate is around 20K for a year in college with much lower paying jobs. That being said Bernie is relying on the states to go along with the free college thing. So basically nothing changes or even gets worse for people here in GA.

  208. Thanks Ga. Bernie’s “plan” has that Wall st. tax subsidizing it.

  209. Welcome Soup! 🙂

  210. Hiya Soup!!!!

    I’ve been busy with the counterrevolution on twitter today. THought I would lose a zillion followers and gained a whole crapload instead.

  211. Good point on State Schools Sophie. Judging from the morons who have been trying to upstage me on Twitter, most of them aren’t even literate enough to be in college.

    I’ve found if you say to them, If you’re so smart why don’t you have an academic scholarship?–it tends to bother them.

  212. Regarding Nevada caucuses, please read
    “Ratf*cking Has Consequences: A Note On The Nevada Caucuses.”

  213. Furthermore: Letter from ATTY GENERAL’s OFC To Project Veritas (Creepy James O’Keefe might finally have done something useful. Here’s hoping he didn’t doctor anything)

    “This letter serves as formal notice to preserve all footage filmed at the production of a video captioned ‘Out of State Voters and non-residents Offered Ballots in New Hampshire Presidential Primary’

    See rest of letter here

  214. HEY VOTING! How’d you do yesterday!?

  215. And here’s the video under investigation by NH AG

  216. Oops more lying by Bernie….

    LAS VEGAS — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are scrapping it out for every last supporter here in the final hours before the Nevada caucuses, including, apparently, for the backing of Will Ferrell.

    Both camps have now laid claim to the comedian’s backing. Clinton’s official Twitter account posted a video on Saturday morning of Ferrell speaking with casino workers alongside Bill Clinton on Friday, urging them to caucus for the former secretary of state.

    The only problem? Ferrell was on a list of “Artists For Bernie” that the Sanders camp put out in September.

    The Sanders campaign was not immediately available for comment.

    Read more:

  217. Omg, that video is priceless…I hate that I love an O’Keefe video. Shame on me, lol.

  218. The Bernie Bro comments at You Tube highlight the sickness with the Bernie Bros–whatever dirty disgusting thing Bernie does is okay.

  219. Sophie @ 12:17pm: Peter Daou has a sobering article about that subject:

  220. I know how you feel Soup, lolol. He’s got some about Hillary there too, but nothing like this. This guy is going to jail. Unfortunately, his vote is still counted and so will the others he convinced.

  221. Pluto lands in spam again. It’s not for lack of love.

    Pluto are you using more than one IP address, location?

  222. Yeah so Sanders redistributed another one of Hillary’s endorsers. What else is new

  223. The Las Vegas Review-Journal on Friday reported a possible threat related to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after a man tried to place an obituary notice for the former secretary of state.

  224. Good news for a few of us…

  225. “Redistributed endorsers,” great line!

  226. Someone on twitter put me on a “list” of sanders/nader fans. WTH? How do I get off?

  227. nah just the one internet address, although sometime, my phone would log on elsewhere…at work or out and about.

  228. typical socialist commie, taking something off you and redistributing it to someone else……

  229. Uppity will you be sticking up another thread for the results tonight, this one is taking forever to load…..

  230. Sigh. Now I start waiting with bated breath, pacing the floor, for the NV caucus to begin.

  231. What a coincidence – just back from lunch at my favorite soup-salad-sandwich place. Four women (mid-50s-60s) at a table and me. They were talking about Hillary vs Sanders and all had grave doubts about Sanders and were pretty much pro-Hillary.
    Then one woman said “I like her but I don’t trust her.” I could not resist. Very nicely, I smiled and interjected “I’m butting in, I know, but I gotta ask you. WHY don’t you trust Hillary?”
    None could give me an answer. I joked: “You don’t trust her because she’s gonna steal your lunch money when you’re not looking?”
    Still nobody could say why. “I think she lies.” said one.
    “What does she lie about?”
    “Uhhh….her Emails.”
    “The same Emails that Rice and Powell had and were given full clearance on? Ahhh… ya not convincing me!”
    (Always counter with a smile and a chuckle. Engage, inform and instruct in a friendly manner)
    Me with a big grin: “I love her. The woman is the smartest, accomplished most well-informed person in the room. Shes’ hard-as-nails. You do NOT screw with Hillary – she will cut your balls off!”
    The ladies liked that. 🙂 They thanked me for my opinion, changed the subject and left shortly after.

    Admittedly, I don’t know if I could be so light and friendly if I lunched next to BernieBots…

  232. Here’s a link for ongoing tracking tonight. Refresh it now and then

  233. Thanks for the tracking link, Upps.

  234. Does anyone have any info on the website fivethirtyeight?

    I keep running into it this political season an wonder if it’s something semi-worth while or not.

  235. I hate caucuses.

  236. Yes, I’ve posted some 538 polling. That’s Nate Silver. He calls them well. I think he’s calling NV for Hillary at 71% right now

  237. fivethirtyeight is all about the data. I find it useful.

  238. Re the Will Ferrell kerfuffle: Apparently Ferrell has switched his endorsement from Sanders to Hillary. Let’s hope it’s the start of a trend!

    Fingers crossed for Nevada!

  239. Welcome Shadow. Keeps you from having to listen to opinionated assholes. I’m waiting on CSPANBEN to tweet me as to whether they have a field team in NV and if so, which channel. Can watch online if they do

  240. 1/3 Latino turnout in Nevada.

  241. seeing on twitter many culinary members out caucusing for Hillary……..

  242. Can watch online if they do..

    Thanks Upps, that will be great!

  243. Someone on twitter put me on a “list” of sanders/nader fans. WTH? How do I get off?

    I block people who put me on lists I don’t want to be on. Don’t know if that stops it but it makes me feel better.

  244. One of Bernie’s bots said that there are a lot of young people in Nevada that like their guy, but they don’t plan to caucus.

  245. New thread up to give your browsers a break!

  246. Caesars is a sea of hillary voters…you cant even see sanders lot. He’ll get crushed there

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