Nevada Caucus – 2016

Okay, this is a hastily posted thread because we’re in the middle of the Nevada caucuses and the other thread has too many comments and is loading slowly.

Therefore, refer to the comment section of this thread for the meaningful content.

Except this—this is useful:

Refresh this page periodically to keep up with the Nevada Caucus results.


Hillary’s Peeps at Caesars Palace


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  1. FYI:
    Clinton camp persuaded 6 casinos give workers time off to caucus; Harrah’s and Ceaser’s agreed; Wynn and Ventian did not.

    Don’t know about the other two.

  2. Bless you, Sophie 🙂

  3. Awesome! If I’m in Vegas I’m going to Ceasers or Harrahs!
    Thanks for the new thread!

  4. Caesars is a full on sanders massacre. Sea of clinton voters………

  5. Caesars approx 75% clinton apparently

  6. Is it too early to drink? It’s only 1pm here….

  7. Moon – Caesars is a full on sanders massacre. Sea of clinton voters………

    Are you watching it somewhere? What station?

  8. imusthave

    Can you let us know what is going on there? Hillary reporter onsite 😉

  9. According to John Ralston, count at Cesar’s is 190-81 for Hillary

  10. Hillary has won all 6 casinos

  11. Shadow, I’m not the insider with the good news, I think it’s moon! 🙂

  12. Is Hillary running the tables in Vegas Moon?

  13. I’m following Ralston’s twitter feed.

  14. Ralston reports 12% in 50-50.

  15. Nate Cohen

    Sanders-Clinton tied in early returns, but many northern rural counties–Sanders country–have reported a lot of vote.
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  16. Clinton holding her own in Washoe which is where lost biig to Obama in 08, looks good.

  17. Thanks Sophie for putting that link up there for the results! 🙂

  18. only % of Clark County in and Clinton 11% ahead in it and lots of Bernies areas he is barely winning if he is at all, think Clinton pulls this out…..

  19. I suspect this is good for Hillary, Bernies areas are coming in fast, however Clinton is up now 51% to 49% and the big clark county is only 12% in…..if its just Clark left, i suspect she will win and win well but i could be wrong.

  20. 25% of vote in. Hillary up 51-49

  21. Report from field: Hillary wins all delegates at Doolittle, heart of African American community. 2 precincts, 33 delegates

  22. I hope she spanks him.

  23. Clark is still behind the rest of the state reporting, and Clinton is leading statewide and in Clark.

    fingers crossed.

  24. Hillary almost 3-4% ahead now in Nevada….the gap is widening, not getting hopes up, not getting hopes up.

  25. Bring it Hillary! Clark County is the key!!

  26. Hillary’s lead in Clark is expanding all the time, i think she may win big……….

    AP reporting HRC wins rural Pershing County. She got killed in rurals last time.

  27. Nate seems to think Hillary will win this by 7%

  28. Wow Moon, you are on top of it. Thx

    Come on Hillary!!!

  29. its practically 50/50 in Washoe with 50% in, If Sanders does not win big in Washoe, he aint winning this.

  30. Clinton now up 3.7% 52/48

  31. moononpluto – you are doing a great job!

  32. I hope she kicks his ass because if she wins this and then SC and ST, Sanders is pardon my language…welll and truly fucked.

  33. I kept reading that ‘Nate’ said this or that…wondered, who the he!! is Nate?

    Now I see that it’s off of 538. Duhh

  34. Moon, that link that Sophie put up shows Sanders got Pershing county.

  35. insiders saying it looks like an 08 rerun,

  36. Nate Cohn

    Clinton is dominating Sanders, 50 to 4, in the three precincts that look majority black to me.

  37. not counting chickens yet though, its a caucus and fiddling can go on…..

  38. Moon, by 08 rerun, what do you mean? Is Hillary winning like she did in 08? Or is she picking up the areas that Obama won? Didn’t she win NV in 08?

  39. She did win in 08, at this point she is doing better because she is holding her own in Washoe which hurt her and Clark is looking good.

  40. state delegate gap getting wider for Clinton

  41. I dont see how Sanders can win with Washoe so close and 65% in and Clark has Hillary over 10% ahead and only 30% in. Most of the rural vote is in.

  42. So she’s winning in Obama area and holding her own, good.

  43. the casino numbers are not included in this apparently, and she swept those.

  44. Harry Reid did something good for once! He helped get casinos to let workers stay at caucuses.

  45. Larry Sabato ‏@LarrySabato 33s33 seconds ago

    Conversation I had @UVA w/young women 4 Sanders: They’re feminists & proving it by refusing to vote 4 a woman just to back a woman. Well, ok

    That is just effed up thought process by those women.

  46. Here are the topline tallies delegates
    Clinton 2693 Sanders 2511

  47. moononpluto, From your mouth to God’s ears.

    I hope she kicks his ass because if she wins this and then SC and ST, Sanders is pardon my language…welll and truly fucked.

  48. Strip site delegates for Hillary: Caesars 28-12, Harrahs 25-11, Wynn 15-9, Paris 13-6, Rio 5-3, NY NY 23-11 Whalloped

  49. 109 delegates to 52 for Sanders on the strip 70/30

  50. Cohn still pointing to a modest win for Clinton in Nevada.

  51. Clinton delegate lead in Nevada over 250.

  52. Latino districts not in yet from east las vegas………

  53. Just like in 08, Sanders will win where the people ain’t in the Nevada desert. Those rural areas have so few people in their caucuses that an influx of Sanderbots can overwhelm the Hillary people, bully and threaten them.

  54. I think Clinton’s got it, not enough out there for Sanders, he’d have to sweep Clark county now……

    Washo is 76% in and Sanders only winning it by very little.

  55. She will win and then CNN and MSNBC will spin it as a Bernie win.

  56. I’m hoping she takes it by 6 points. That outta shut ’em up.

  57. I think Fox just called it for Hillary.

  58. I’m a nervous wreck watching these votes change. One minute Hillary is at about a 3+ win, next she is up by 5 or 6 points…then back down.

  59. its over

    Hillary Wins

    BREAKING NEWS: Fox News projects @HillaryClinton as the winner of the Democratic Nevada Caucus

  60. The decision link above just called it for Hillary…..ok, let us all BREATHE again.

  61. With only 20% of precincts reporting, they called it?

  62. Sanders is now screwed……..SC next where he will get massacred and then Super Tuesday where he is also going to get massacred.

  63. Sophie – there’s more like 50% reporting… some of the live updates sites are far behind.

  64. 61% is in Sophie….and a lot of Clark still to come in. Bernies voters are counted in the little dustbowls.

  65. This is Unbelievable! Bernie Bros show their true colors, and their color is WHITE only.


  66. Oh dear, imust! I’ll be so happy when he’s gone!

  67. MSNBC calls it for Clinton.

    bet they choked on that…..

  68. Thanks for all the info guys! Sorry I couldn’t be here to join you!

  69. MSNBC calls it for Clinton.
    bet they choked on that…..


  70. Great job Moon!!

  71. LAS VEGAS (AP) — Hillary Clinton wins the Nevada Democratic caucuses.

    All calling it now…..

  72. Msnbc called it but then had to spin it for Sanders b/c he widened the youth vote that Obama had in 08….she only won Latino vote according to them that’s not good. I.Hate.CNN/MSNBC

  73. Bernie and his supporters truly suck.

  74. Rachel Maddow – Bastes in Her Own Bitter Juices!

  75. She won it, up Sanders, it was his last gasp because next week it all ends for him….

  76. Chuckles Todd is squirming in his chair cuz he filled his Depends while trying to explain make stuff up about the Hillary win.

  77. They just can’t stand the woman winning.

  78. Sanders has nowhere to go from here, thext 20 primaries are crap for him, Clinto has such huge leads in these sates and Sanders can only win in the northeast and that is what Clinton should be calling him now, he’s only projected to win Vermont and possibly Mass on ST, i’d call that a regional candidate. He won NH, whoopey do.

  79. And thanks to America Ferrera for calling out the Bernie boys for what they did!

    She was so strong for Hillary in 2008. Great to see her back in the fold for 2016.

  80. This says it all about the next load of primaries….

    In 5 majority black precincts, Clinton has an 84 to 4 delegate lead over Sanders.

  81. MSNBC calls it for Clinton.
    bet they choked on that…..

    Here’s to them choking themselves right off cable.

  82. Shadow I see its completely devoid and dead at our old haunt this evening…….

  83. What MSNBC did not mention, is that Hillary beat Obama in virtually every primary last time, except in the South. This time, she will win all the Southern primaries. So extrapolating from Nevada, with regard to the youth vote, is missing the main point.

  84. Interesting how Newsday looks like it is pro-Hillary in their “Soars to Victory” Headline, but they…just can’t help themselves.

  85. Sorry, AP, picked up by Newsday.

  86. The sanders whining begins again……you could see that coming a mile off……

  87. Delegates at present in Nevada..

    Clinton 21 Sanders 15.

  88. Hillary won Carson City, which she lost in 2008.

  89. Bye Bye sanders, you cannot win the nomination with that….

    The updated exit poll gives Clinton a massive 76-22 lead among black voters.

  90. I guess the unicorns and fairydust did not work tonight…….watch the sandinistas flip their lids tonight…..

  91. moon

    Yeah, they hate when I keep posting positive things about Hillary, and that she won.

  92. Time to drink!

  93. Victory speech coming on soon.

  94. She won among


    The wrinkled old socialist slightly beat her among Latinos, though I can’t understand why.
    And he won among Independents
    (And Republicans who registered)

  95. A little song for Hairy Cyclops

    He needs to go back to his rubber band and think of his glory days…they are gone. Karma bashed him in the face.

  96. (And Republicans who registered)

    Yes, Upps. Even the rethug crossovers didn’t stop Hillary!

  97. Oh and one more thing. Fuck You Harry Reid, you never WERE supportive of women but for your LIP SERVICE at election time.

  98. HuffPo Headline “Hillary Hangs On.” At what point is a victory a victory and not just eking out a win?

  99. I just saw Brian (I always tell the truth) say that Hillary “eeked” out a win in Nevada. So far she’s ahead by 4 on that site Sophie put up. The talking twits also said she eeked out a win in Iowa. So I guess that according to MSNBC all of Hillary’s wins will be by “eeks”. 👿 Oh and they’re saying it’s all because of Harry Reid.

  100. You will all LOVE this!

  101. They want to see eek…….lets see what they say in South Carolina next Saturday……..that might be a whoa wtf…..

  102. Hillary’s on…speech time

  103. Red is definitely her color.

  104. @moon: trust me they’ll find a way to denigrate every victory she earns.

  105. This is the Hillary i know, this speech is great.

  106. Prolix had a new name for MSNBC:

    the “Mostly Some Nutjobs, Bastards, and Creeps” network,

    Hope I got those boldy things where they belong.

  107. Good job, Hil!

  108. upps or Sophie, please fix that above. Was supposed to only be initial caps. for the network.

  109. New theme from Clinton victory speech in Las Vegas: About what we can do together, not me alone.

    I was only able to see the last few seconds of Hillary’s speech online.

  110. MSNBC

    Mysoginistic nasty stupid backstabbing C****

    Thats what we usually call them.

  111. @moon: yeah, that one too. 😉

  112. Yeah well tell Brian, wait till next week when they drag bernie out of S. Carolina.

  113. fox has Sanders on with a great big “Sanders loses” underneath him….

  114. bernie thinks he’s going to win many of those states on Super Tuesday….

    Nurse, Nurse, somebody call the nurse.

  115. Bullshit on Harry Reid, I never liked that POS, she used women as bargaining chips day in and day out. Good riddance to his geriatric ass.

    He didn’t endorse Hillary. Fuck him. She won anyways.

  116. Is it me, or is Bernie’s concession speech longer than Hillary’s victory speech?

  117. So who do we want to win the Republican primary in SC? It is getting near the point that we really have to think whom Hillary has the best chance to beat. Not that we can influence it very much, of course. And many of the voters are not as perceptive as we would like them to be (witness this ridiculous “can we trust Hillary?” stuff).

    I am almost at the point where I am rooting for Trump, becasue he might scare moderate “independents” so much that they would vote for Hillary even if they don’t warm to her. Rubio is just plausible enough, like GWB, to have people vote for him. Cruz is just too scary to ever want to see him nominated. The rest do not seem to have much chance. A Rubio-Kasich ticket worries me. If the electorate were as perceptive at it should be, Hillary should get 70% of the vote, but they aren’t, and she won’t. So I want a Republican nominee who has major flaws. Remember, because of the Olympics, we have such a short general election season, which allows the Republicans to try to avoid discussing issues, as in 2000, and just spend billions on misleading ads, as their entire campaign.

  118. WTF he says he has the ‘momentum’.

    And at the convention we will see one of the great upsets in history. He’s going to start riots, you watch. I hope he gets clubbed on the head by the cops.

  119. lol Bernie…”On to Super Tuesday”

    Way to diss South Carolina dickhead.

  120. I would imagine all the Karl Rove money will dry up for Bernie. Seems like a poor investment.

  121. Republicans hoped to take Hillary out with the first 3, it didnt work, now they switch their money…

  122. I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but….

  123. After tonight, GOP establishment are bound to push everyone but the top 3 out of the campaign completely. they have to.

  124. I’m with you William, I think Trump is much to frightening and he has a natural ceiling that can’t be broken. I also think Cruz would be easy to beat.

    But both those choices are really rolling the dice.

  125. For Bernie, his crew and MSNBC.

  126. No one calling it for SC……

  127. RE: Huerta tweet, America Ferrara tweeted about it first. The Bros started calling her a liar, then Dolores herself tweeted about it. No word from bros about that.

  128. Trump might lose tonight, SC vote, too evangelical and going for Cruz……..

  129. I would love for Trump to lose tonight and stop his boasting for a night.

  130. Sanders just fucked himself with the latino’s, this will not go down well..

  131. Sophie, you so rock! What an awesome tweet by you

    SophieCT ‏@SophieInCT 6m6 minutes ago
    @stellaaaa @defghi They don’t care. They are one by one demonizing and marginalizing all of the elder women icons we have. Eff them!

  132. The bernouts are acting like barn animals AGAIN. They boo Hillary and yell at Delores Huerta. They just need to stop it.

  133. SC called for Trump by HuffPo

  134. Another weak win for Trump, sorry but winning 33% of the GOP vote is not good, it means nearly 70% dont like you……

  135. SC R votes so far with 3% counted.

    Donald Trump 29.8%5901–
    Ted Cruz 22.7%4,480-1,421
    Marco Rubio 22.6%4469-1,432
    Jeb Bush 10.5%2079-3,822
    John Kasich 7.6%1505-4,396
    Ben Carson 6.5%1278

  136. William, I hate to tell you but when Jeb said Hillary would peel the bark off of Rubio he was right. He’s a target rich environment and how many Republicans in places like SC are going to vote for someone like him? Cruz is already making fun of him sounding like Obama and Christie literally took him down in one debate. He’s not ready for prime time.

  137. Same with Trump, I can guarantee you, a significant of GOP voters will not turn out for Trump in a GE….they will stick home.

  138. Y’all can make fun of Trump and I do but the guy is going to roll in the south. He’s the southern Republican’s kind of guy.

  139. Let’s say Bush, Kasich and Carson drop out of the race in the near future, I don’t see their supporters going in the Trump camp…do you?

    That would open up about 24% more against Trump. The GOP hates Trump, so he has an uphill battle for the primary.

  140. Ha Moon, we think alike again about Trump’s not getting the majority of R votes if others drop out.

  141. The day Trump pulls out of the race and declares that losing the primary is eating up his wallet, I will eat chocolate cake until I feel almost sick. Don’t drink, so it’s my way of celebrating.

  142. So at present Clinton is taking 22 delegates from Nevada, Sanders only 15, that tells me, Clinton did much better this time because in 08, she won the state but stinky got 1 more delegate than her.

  143. Even as much of the media attempts to paint Hillary Clinton as being in trouble and Bernie Sanders as having momentum, 538 says the polls tell him just the opposite. In fact he’s assigning Clinton a 93% or better chance of defeating Sanders in the primary race.

  144. The GOP will never ever let Trump win the nomination.

  145. I’m worried about Trump. He appeals to working class whites, aka Bernie Bros minus the working….Axelrod compared him to Reagan.

  146. I just got home and glanced at fluffpo, and it says: HILLARY HOLDING ON. wtf??? She has been the frontrunner since she announced. I hate the f*&king media.

  147. Oops, I said that wrong. It says: HILLARY HANGS ON. Which is even worse. Sorry, I just got home from L.A. and am frazzled from traffic.

  148. Ga6thDem, I certainly hope you are right. At this point, outside of Cruz, who is so scary that I simply don’t want him nominated, I want the nominee whom Hillary can most conviincingly beat. Maybe that is Rubio, maybe Trump. Obviously, Carson is not going to get the nomination. They are all terrible on the issues, they don’t even coherently understand them. But we saw George W. Bush win twice. Any Republican can win a national election, with the billions they have. Just put a fairly pretty face out there, and have him mouth platitudes. So I honestly don’t know who the biggest threat to our side might be. The corporate media would like Rubio, though, and will protect him.

    Anyway, I am very glad that Hillary won! Things look good going forward. We just have to win this general election, the most important one ever.

  149. Jeb is done dusted finished…5th place in SC, he has to go and quit.

  150. William, agree with you, Cruz scares us the most.

  151. Do consider making a victory donation to our girl. the text from the campaign is asking for $1.

  152. Cruz is evil. I can tell.

  153. lol on Hangs On. Shaking my head here

  154. No shadow, I would see them going to Rubio.

    Except Carson, that would probably be Trump as I can’t see Carson endorsing Beezebub Cruz after what he did to him in Iowa.

  155. The GOP was behind Bush, until he showed that he sucks.

    Lately they are putting little Marco in the booster seat. If Marco stays in a tie position with Cruz, the GOP will see him in second place and toss tons of money at him, IMO.

  156. Wow, Carson speaking and said he is not going anywhere…not dropping out.

  157. Carson must be in it as a book tour.

  158. FYI

  159. I’ve wondered if Carson is getting paid to be a “token”. I wondered the same thing about Fiorina.

  160. According to polling Trump will get about 2/3 of GOP voters. The problem is that the GOP base has shrunk so much that he’d get massacred with that number.

  161. Re: Reid’s caucus site. Wow, so few people. According to the link up top that Sophie put in her post, just over 10,000 people caucused. That’s not very many. As Upps says upthread, where is Bernies revolution? Bernie and his goons keep screeching it, the media backs them up, and there’s nothing. No there there. When will the media ever cop to it?

  162. Clinton now up 53/47 in Nevada and its still widening.

  163. NES, I saw a picture of Sarandon campaigning for Ralph Nader back in 2000! wtf, she knows how to pick ’em, doesn’t she?

  164. Thanks moon!

  165. I Must I’m with you. I think Trump is actually a stronger candidate than any of the rest of them because he at least has a constituency ala working class whites. Rubio can continue winning to lose I guess. Apparently Trump must not see him as much of a threat because as far as I know he’s never gone after him like he has Cruz, Bush, Carson, etc.

  166. Jeb just dropped out.

  167. Jeb Bush: “Tonight I am suspending my campaign.”


  168. Whoa! I wasn’t sure he would do it. I thought he might hang on in case Trump, Rubio and Cruz implode. Well, good riddance Jeb?.

  169. Now it starts getting tricky for Trump, he needed Bush to hang around for ST… it all gets close.

  170. My friend that reads the celeb gossip sites says that there are a lot of “blind item” posts about one of the top running repubs having a gay scandal hanging over their head, and from the clues they give, everyone assumes its Rubio. Hubbie says one of the radio DJs he listens to on his commute came out and said the same thing.

  171. Clinton still up 6% in Nevada and all the areas still to come in (13%) are all areas she is winning heavily in……

  172. I noticed on Sophies link that 7 people voted “uncommitted”. Why would you bother going to one of those things if you didn’t know who you wanted? Seems like a bloody waste of time. I’m so glad I don’t live in a caucus state.

  173. These numbers are not are not people who voted; they are county delegates. This time, there were about 70-80,000 people voting compared to 120,000 in 2008.

  174. Okay, thanks Sophie. So they have around 10,000 county delegates?

  175. I think so, Socal. and that translates to 25 national delegates, not counting SDs.

  176. So thrilled Hills won this!

    NES @ 8:34 beautiful tweet…Geena Davis is the real Susan Sarandon.

  177. Sophie, I am sending Hillary checks until I reach the donor limit, so do not be concerned if not that many people clidk on the link you provided. I know that everyone gives what he or she can afford.

  178. I have been donating to Hillary’s campaign for awhile. I just get an email, click on a little box and it’s done. I don’t have much to donate, but little donations when she is fighting, not giving up,- -click- – she gets a little more.

  179. Cruz is the most evil. Trump is disgusting and dangerous. There is something about Rubio that I just can’t stand. That hyped up patriotism, and calling Hillary a war criminal. And then there is that utter ignorance with regard to issues, and his inability to realize that he doesn’t know anything.

  180. Whew! I just got home and caught up on the thread. So happy Hillary won!!!!! ; ) Thank you to everyone who posted up dates. Always here for Hillary!

  181. Hey, what’s going on???

    Did this site just stop counting the NV votes at 81%? It’s been that way for about the last two hours.

  182. Shadow, seems that way. There’s this one too

    If anyone knows where to find the demographic info, please share.

  183. Testing…123

  184. Sophie, I hope that the total for Hillary ends up higher than 5% for our girl.

  185. On the occasion of another Hillary win, my avatar red bug has been sent to the roach motel.


  186. Sander is up to 16 delegates…Hillary with 22.

  187. I am trying to figure out why 156 districts haven’t reported in NV yet. Anyone know where they are located?

    HuffPo is showing that many still out even though they have 100% for Republican results.

  188. Voting, I don’t see more than votes for 81% in NV for Dems.

    The Rethugs didn’t vote in NV today, they voted in S. Carolina.

    S Carolina is not a stupid caucus state, it is a normal primary.

    Not sure what the hangup is for the NV votes that are still missing, maybe Hairy took them home so Hillary wouldn’t get above a 5.5% win??

  189. Shadow, I wasn’t talking about the link above, but HuffPo’s live results. I am well aware Repubs were SC but their results are already in. NV is still missing 156.

  190. Here’s her speech

  191. Thanks Sophie, I didn’t see the link to Hillary’s victory speech when you posted yours.

    Voting, I don’t see any site that has more than 81% of the votes counted in NV..yours and the two I was watching.

    I only meant that maybe having the cacuses counted vs the primary votes might make the difference…not sure what the heck is going on.

  192. Here is what I am looking at:

    BTW, a few more precincts in and Hillary is up to 52.7% of the vote. Hope the 93 left will put her over the 53% just to shut up the “hanging on” crap.

    Delegate count is still 22 for Hillary and 16 for Bernie.

  193. Thanks for the link Voting. I’m glad your find is still posting the votes.

  194. Sure, Shadow! Now, let’s see if the headlines are Hillary 52-Sanders 47 even though she is closer to 53. Bet they round her number down.

  195. I can’t stay up any later, but the precincts missing our in areas Hillary has been leading. Clark county has 96% reporting and Nye county has 76% reporting as of this hour.


  196. sorry, “are in”….I’m calling it a night.

  197. Vox questions exit polls saying Bernie won Latino community:

  198. Sandinistas are saying……Nevada is just a little flesh wound…….they’ll probably call SC stubbing a toe.

  199. I can’t wait till next week when I can tweet my Weekend at Bernie graphic directly to Bernie.

  200. Saw some grunts about how “We” should pick the candidate based on popular vote and laughed my ass off. Hillary got the most votes in any primary in either party, ever. She lost to the delegates and took it like an adult and then some. Us, not so much. Should it be Bernie’s turn to eat that, he will eat it. Not that I think he will ever get the popular vote.

    The audacity that an entire party would change its system for a carpetbagger who registered in a party 90 seconds ago, and who despises that party and seeks to destroy it, is more than I can bear without laughing my ass off.

    I will predict this, because Bernie has made some interesting grunts that many probably missed. But there will be oWS- style protests at the convention, where the same pissants who invented Twinkles Up and who tossed paper airplanes at Wall Street will bleat about how it isn’t fair that they don’t want to work but should get a living wage for it. I do hope they behave because, generally speaking, people tend to get clubbed on the head at gatherings where they get carried away. I can assure you Bernie will only be watching from behind Oz’ curtain, rubbing his hands together and pretending it’s his beloved Nicaragua.

    Now, after we ask Susan Sarandon and her vagina to drag Bernie’s ass out of South Carolina, we move toward Super Tuesday. So here’s todays Uppity take on that.

    Mass. could be a problemo since it is riddles with people who are just this side of embracing Castro. In any event, I’m sure Hillary will still do well on delegates there. Not too sure about Minnesota either. He will of course take Vermont and its 3 electoral votes. And of course, there is no telling what his scumbags will try to pull off at the Texas Caucus from the 2008 playbook. Beyond that, I think we can pull ST off nicely. Fingers crossed.

    Would be nice if somebody demanded that the MSN vet that POS Sanders. They sure were able to dig up a photo of him being arrested because that was supposed to make a civil rights champion out of the man who loved POC so much he moved to the whitest state in the country and had to take courses on how to talk to black people.

    ST States: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont and Virginia, Tennessee

  201. Sanders overspending like a cheap whore….spent twice as much as Hilllary . He spent 36 million. In january..15 million more than he brought in. He’ll bern out soon at that rate

  202. Moon, we want him to spend spend spend. I’m sure he will be comfy with it, since it isn’t unknown for socialists to have a great time spending everyone else’s money for personal pleasure and gain. He uses a charter plane now.

  203. Uppity no texas caucus this year it was abandoned in 2015. Straight primary now

  204. Hey Uppity:

    Texas will go to Hillary as they (TX) did away with the caucus all together and now it’s just a straight up and down primary. Not like last time

  205. New Morgan Freeman video for Hillary.

  206. Hers the article….Sanders has $14 million left after spending like a mob wive in January and Clinton has $33 million left…..and its Sanders who’ll need to spend on ads like mad now….

    Sen. Bernie Sanders drastically ramped up his campaign’s spending in January as the Democratic primary contest engaged, racing through nearly $35 million as he worked to try to match the infrastructure that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton built over the course of last year.

    As a result, even though he outraised her for the first time, Clinton expanded her cash lead by the end of the month. After spending $21.2 million in January, Clinton ended the month with nearly $33 million in the bank. Sanders had almost $14.7 million.

    A huge share of Sanders’s spending in January — $14 million — went into television ads, outpacing the $10 million that Clinton put into advertising. That helped him get more commercials on the air in Nevada in the run-up to Saturday’s caucuses, which Clinton won. Sanders had aired 4,650 spots in the state since January, compared to Clinton’s 4,156, according to Kantar Media/CMAG data analyzed by the Wesleyan Media Project.

    Clinton still spent more on payroll last month, shelling out $4 million for hundreds of staffers the campaign has brought on. But Sanders more than doubled his spending on payroll compared to last quarter, plowing $2.5 million into staff, up from less than $1 million he was paying monthly at the end of last year.


    I think he’s done, money wll dry up now.

  207. How Hillary won Nevada and….Clinton is right…..states with diverse populations won’t be backing Sanders.

  208. Holllllllly Shit! He only has 14 mill left?

    What a hog!

  209. Oh the Texas Caucus is gone????????????


  210. Ypu Uppity, total hog…….spends a like a high class hooker with a clients credit card.

  211. Oh, Rove will still fund Bernie!

    Bernie Gets $10 Million in Mystery Donations from Washington D.C.

  212. Bernie Sanders Raised $16 Million From the Unemployed

    Maybe they’re not unemployed. Maybe his donors just don’t want to tell where they work. Big banks? American Crossroads? Burlington College?

  213. Why Nevada was a bad sign for Bernie Sanders’s “political revolution”

    Actually, it’s a bad sign for Dems in the general.

    Low turnout in Nevada wasn’t an outlier. New Hampshire saw 10 percent fewer voters in 2016 than it did eight years ago. In Iowa, turnout was also down — from 287,000 in 2008 to 171,000 this year. (By contrast, voter numbers are exploding on the Republican side, with records for GOP turnout being crushed in Iowa, New Hampshire, and, from the early results, South Carolina.)

  214. Don’t like that image. Not only is she behind him, she’s below him. Is this for SC?

  215. Sophie, I was just about to write something simiilar. The turnout numbers are worrisome. If the Left decides to sit out this election, it is not good, because the Right certainly will not. The relentless media campaign against Hillary, with false narratives about “trust’ and “lack of excitement,” helps create this situation. If Sanders is determined to spend the next few months impugning Hillary’s character, this will also damage her for the general election.

    It is so ironic that this, probably the most important election ever, is being met with such apparent lack of enthusiasm among some on the Democratic side. Hillary is just about the most exciting candidate ever, because of her abilities, and the issues she will tirelessly work on. The Supreme Court is at stake. The safety net is at stake. Our security is at risk. The economy will soon collapse again under Republican leadership. The future of the entire planet is at risk. And people can’t be bothered to do something about this???? Hillary doesn’t “excite” them, while Obama did? Is governance of this country now at the level of watching a TV faux reality show, where you are only interested if the contestants are bizarre or controversial? Are we going to elect a reality show host as our President, because “it’s fun to see what he’ll say?” Hillary can only do so much in “exciting” people, if they are too foolish and lazy to actually realize what is at stake here. “Not with a bang, but a whimper,” is this how the nation is ultimately lost?

  216. Well said William. What really scares me is the fear mongering and mob mentality. While Hill appeals to our better instincts, Trump and Sanders appeal to our basest.

  217. It looks like Trump will be the GOP nominee. So it’s really time for Sanders to drop out and get behind Hillary. I know he won’t though. He’s not a Democrat, there’s no motivation for him to do the right thing. DNC needs to find a candidate to run for his Senate seat in Vermont right now. It’s their sweetheart deal with him to get him to vote with Dems in congress in exchange for not running anyone against him that’s kept him in his easy senate seat. Gloves need to come off now. He’s disloyal and he’s hurting the party.

    I had to laugh at the low turn out excuse Sanders is using for losing NV. He basically said not enough white Bernie Bro brats came out vs POC. Yeah Bernie, REAL Americans voted in Nevada and they’re just not that into you!

    Also, did you hear about how the Bernie Bros were yelling at Dolores Huerta when she volunteered to translate in Spanish at a caucus site? They yelled “English only! English only!” America Ferrara, actress and then Huerta herself tweeted about it. It was verified by 2 others who were there. BROS WENT NUTS! They found an inaudible video and declared it PROOF!!! Huerta stands by her tweet. They keep shoving the video which in effect calls her a liar! Then they started saying she had rec’d $100k from Clinton Found in 2010 so she said that because she was BOUGHT! Think about what they are saying about a woman who has fought (and been beaten and hospitalized) for justice for 60 years! Sixty years. They are calling her a liar and a sellout for taking money from a global charitable organization. Not to mention, the amazing Clintons who knew 5 years ago that some Bernie Bro idiots would chant English only at a caucus in Nevada that Huerta just happened to be attending! Wow! Those Clintons really are sneaky!!!

  218. imust, they are also going back to like 40 years ago to a Delores speech against immigration. Just like the right wing is doing now with Barbara Jordan.

  219. OMG Sophie, really? Anyone who endorses her gets trashed. It’s such a bullying tactic to make people not want to endorse. I hope it backfires. America Ferrara tweeted first and started getting heat. I wonder if Dolores wanted to help her and back her up not realizing how awful those Bros can get? This treatment of her needs to get to the Latino population in Texas and others. What’s the count now? Gloria Steinem, Madeline Albright, John Lewis, not to mention, Planned Parenthood, Cecil Richards herself, NARL, HRC am I missing some that they’ve harassed and trashed?

  220. Cecile Richards’ daughter: got called a paid shill (because she actually does work for the campaign) and they said the only reason PP endorsed Hillary is because Cecile’s daughter worked on the campaign.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell them if you think Cecile’s in the tank for Hill, you should have met Ann.

  221. But they have always harassed, badgered, and abused anyone supporting or endorsing Hillary. And they are really stupid too! When Emily’s List endorsed, they were trolling their FB page and telling them they didn’t poll their members who prefer Bernie! I’m like, you guys don’t even know what Emily’s List is or their mission.


  223. Catscatscats. I am excited about yesterday’s results, of course. But I m really worried about the state of the electorate and the citizenry. Maybe watching the Republican primary caused some of that, all those beyond help people who cheer wildly at Trump or Cruz or Rubio. If the popularion is so dumbed down, or entertainment TV addicted, they cannot get excited about intelligence, and competence, and someone who cares. At least possibly not enough of them, as I know that there are many who do.

    Imust, yes, Sanders should leave the race, assuming hopefully that he does not come close in SC, and loses most of the states on Super Tuesday. Of course, the media desperately wants him in, and they want floor fights at the convention. They were yelling at Hillary to leave the race in ’08, when she was winning most of the primaries. Sanders must do the best thing for the coutnry, at some near point, not indulge himself and end up losing the national election. Of course, his suppporters are a real worry, as they are young enough and wild enough not to care what happens, and hope that Warren runs next time. “Nach Hitler, uns,” said the German Socialists in 1929. “After Hitler, us.”

  224. Attacking Dolores Huerta is like attacking Rosa Parks.
    The Bernie Bros will rue the day.

  225. So, any guesses on which way the Bernie Bros will go when Hillary gets the nom? Will they go to Trump, go third party or stay home?

  226. I figure, 95% of bernies followers will go over and fall in line really, its just the ubertwits that will get the hump and sulk.

  227. Hope you’re right moon. We need all hands on deck to defeat Trump in general.

  228. I imagine the Clintons know an awful lot about Donald Trump and I still dont understand why Trump is running GOP, is he really a plant? Once his positions become front and centre,you can bet religious vote will melt away….in the GE, primary voters are a lot different than GE voters.

    I suspect an awful lot will come out about him come GE time, if he makes it that far.

  229. 238 comments so far since last night…we did good covering last night, well done everybody…I had fun and we came out smiling 🙂 since Blander Sanders got his ass kicked.

  230. His win in SC was interesting. He got the establishment vote and the evangelical vote. He of course appeals to angry non establishment as well. I think many people who vote GOP are getting more angry at their own party. Even those who would traditionally vote based on religion, which is telling.

    I think the turning point for me regarding Trump’s viability toward the nomination was when he mocked and even imitated a disabled reporter. For me, that was the lowest of lows. His numbers went up after that. He really taps in to an ugly part of the electorate. They’ve held in their hate and ugliness and now feel free to let it rip.

  231. Moon

    “Sanders has $14 million left after spending like a mob wive in January”

    — Well, since Burningman has cleaned out most of his young supporters allowance money…Burn’s only hope of staying alive is if the Republican’s keep sending him the massive, anonymous donations.

    The more they give Bernie, the less they have for their new puppet, little Rube-ee-i-ee-i-O.

  232. I don’t think anyone cares if Donald’s positions changed. They don’t care what he believes. Fact is, he hit the GOP Third Rail (Iraq War) and won ALL of SC. SC that repeatedly gives Lady Lindsey the hawk a Senate seat.

    They like his “style.” He is the alpha dog. People get their virility vicariously through him (ironic, since given his age, the odds are he’s a Viagra man!).

    She needs to do her 11-hour Zen Yoga on him.

  233. SophieCT, on February 21, 2016 at 10:43 AM said:
    Oh, Rove will still fund Bernie!
    Bernie Gets $10 Million in Mystery Donations from Washington D.C.

    This might be a big find Sophie.

    Someone on another PUMA (now for Trump) site was posting “inside” info that the GOP was funding part of Sanders campaign by donating with “funny” credit cards. Small amounts, to keep his campaign alive, weaken Hillary. The intention is that Bernie would still be in the race when Hillary is “indicted”.

  234. imusthave

    It looks like Trump will be the GOP nominee.

    Trump is winning at this point, but the last people that want him as their nominee is the GOP.

    They HATE Trump as much as they hate Cruz.

    We will probably see them tossing their massive money behind RubyBoy, now that their dream man, Jeb is out.

  235. My question about the funny money is not that Bernie got it, but will he still continue to get it? I think Bernie is not viable any more so Rove is probably not going to continue to fund on the basis of choosing the opponent. If he is funding to weaken Hillary thru Bernie attacks, the dollars may continue, but by how much?

    I think money may dry up for the Bern. But I sure can’t be sure about that.

  236. I saw two funny things about Trump when I turned on the computer:
    1) a SC exit poll says that the majority of Trump voters voted for him because they think he would be best at fixing the economy!?!
    2) Trump retweeted a tweet that said Rubio isn’t a natural born citizen! (born here, but both parents not citizens) The rethuglican race is so bizarre!

  237. I used to really worry about Rubio being the R nominee. He seems the toughest to beat. But there’s something wrong with him. He’s too sweaty and tense. He talks too fast. Now the meme is he has a glass jaw. I think that might be right.

  238. Coastie, I hope you’re right, but I think it may be another month or so. Rove probably gets his $ from billionaires and probably doesn’t mind spending it foolishly.

  239. I think Rubio has a lot of problems. His past may be a bit shady too. He wasn’t very academic, somewhat of a problem kid. I’m thinking AD/HD with his manic talking and robotic talking points.

  240. Sen Dean Heller of Nevada just endorsed Rubio..right on cue.

  241. imust, agree about Rubio having a lot of problems. Good lord, it’s looking more and more like Hillary vs Trump. I saw some commenter, somewhere, call them “Lady and the Trump.”

    Oh, wapo article about the Dolores Huerta issue. Don’t bother with the comments. Berniebrats spamming, pointing to a long video of the event, but saying the issue happened at the the half hour mark instead of the 50 minute mark when it actually happened. Oh, and also, one of them is floating the idea that it was really Hillary supporters–pretending to be Bernie supporters–that dissed Huerta. You can’t make this shit up:

  242. I know socal, the bots are throwing that video at me constantly. My response is….so you’re calling Dolores Huerta a liar?

  243. First of all, the video is poor quality, dark and bad sound, but its so long that no one is going to sit through the whole thing, so the brats are directing people to a mark on it where nothing happens, when in fact, what happened occurs much later. Nasty little liars. The wapo article is ok though.

  244. Also, Susan Sarandon claims to have been there and tweeted that it didn’t happen. In effect, Sarandon is saying Huerta is a liar.

  245. Rove is going to fund Sanders and Sanders is going to continue to attack Clinton, because that means Clinton can’t bank as much money for the General Election. They want her ‘bloodied’ when she takes on the Republican nominee. Rove underestimates Hillary. Trump will not be easy to beat. All the old sexist white men from both parties will show up like crazy. Just have to hope that their wives either cancel out their votes, or convince them that drinking beer and watching sports is more fun than voting in November…

  246. I think Rove is definitely going to prop up Sanders as long as he can. Sanders knows this. That’s why yesterday at his half-assed concession speech he said all the way to the convention.

  247. Yes socal, it was a cellphone video from the back of the room. The mic picks up only what is very close to the phone, like the person holding it people very close by. She was onstage. I’m sure she heard what she heard. America Ferrara also heard it and they had other witnesses. Once again the bros double down on lies.

  248. Trump predicts he’ll face Clinton, break turnout records

    Washington (CNN)Donald Trump’s general election prediction: He’ll face Hillary Clinton, and the two will bring out “the greatest turnout in history.”

    “Frankly, if she gets indicted, that’s the only way she’s going to be stopped. I think it’s going to be Hillary and myself,” the Republican real estate mogul said Sunday in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

    Trump’s comments came the morning after he cruised to victory in South Carolina’s primary — giving him two wins and one second-place finish in the first three GOP contests.

    Trump said he expects to win enough delegates to clinch the Republican nomination before the party’s convention in July.

    “I don’t think we’re going to have a convention, a brokered convention. I think it’s unlikely. I think I’m doing better than that,” he said.

    He laid out his own road map to general election victory, pinpointing two states — Michigan and New York — that he said he’d sweep into the Republican column.

    “I’ll win states that aren’t in play. I’ll win states that Republicans don’t even think of,” Trump said.

    And he predicted he’d earn a “tremendous amount” of support from African-Americans.


  249. The woman is not the type who would lie for the hell of it. I personally no longer believe any Sanders supporter against her. I have good reason not to believe people who steal data, infiltrate unions and impersonate members, put signs up changing times of caucuses, write Hillary obituaries and submit them to newspapers, call John Lewis Uncle Tom, and get investigated for voter fraud. If all of these things are okay with them, their word means nothing to me.

  250. Check out this video of Susan Sarandon harassing, lying and getting in the face of Dolores Huerta! UNbelievable!!

    THIS IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUSAN SARANDON, well that and she supported Nader, the idiot.

  251. I had to protect tweets again because they are not only dishonest, they swarm you like cockroaches.

    Listen up, gang. Today is February 21, on the 27th there is S. Carolina. SUper Tuesday right around that corner. Bernie is finished. He is out of money, having spent like a gambler in a cheap suit. There is no way, even if he had more money, that he can reach all the states for Super Tuesday in person before votes. He’s toast. Last night he said the wind was at his back. It is. Too bad he’s facing the door.

    This reality is making his supporters even worse than they have been, if that’s at all possible. Let them ride.

    Personally I agree that Trump will bring out tons of voters, including the ones who vote against him. He’ll scare a boatload away from himself too. I wouldn’t mind at all. He will beat the crap out of Hillary personally and look totally ill-tempered and irrational, garnering empathy for Hillary in the process. That kind of behavior might fly really well with the crackpot wing of the R party but i really doubt that the entire moderate country is going to enjoy watching a bully on the playground meet the adult in the room. POC will never vote for him and he really is a mirror image of Bernie, so there will be plenty of time for him to offend everybody. Besides, he’s entertaining. Hillary can handle it, she’s accustomed to being bashed for decades. And he hasn’t been vetted yet either, so who knows. Besides, it will be good to know that Cruz is toast. That guy is from someplace really dark.

    As for Bernie voters, one needs to only delicately point out they they will have to live with the resulting scotus for the rest of what will be their very miserable lives. That should cure enough of them.

    In the meantime, looks like we can take a deep breath thanks to Nevada.

  252. And one more thing. According to the MSM gods, the turnout was NOT bigger than 2008 in Nevada. Bernie did NOT bring in that Huuuuuge voter block. He’s not hauling in the fish when the rubber meets the road. Lazy people will be lazy.

  253. imust – I don’t think that’s Delores Huerta.

  254. Why not OldCoastie?

  255. Upps,

    (Sanders) Last night he said the wind was at his back. It is. Too bad he’s facing the door. (And needs a big shove.)

    I would like nothing better to see Hillary kick Trumps ass in the General, and him going back to his golden mansion with his bank account partly drained and his reputation in the dumper.

  256. Sanders has the wind at his back all right. Backdraft from all of his hot air speeches about Wall St, banks, Wall St., banks….

  257. UPPITY, A MAIL AND ESSAY FOR YOU! You suggested that I say it loudly. You can certainly hold on to it, but I didn’t want you to miss it, as I know that you don’t check your mail too often.

  258. How is it possible that people like Susan Sarandon think they can “whitexplain” to Hispanics how horrible Hillary Clinton ? Why because they think we are stupid and can’t make informed decisions? Incredibly demeaning being talked to like that.

  259. Upps is right. Bernie is pretty much done. He’s definitely going to win VT on Super Tuesday but anything past that is really in question.

  260. They just had Bill Press on CSPAN. I remember him from local TV here. He has written a book entitled, “How Obama Let Progressives Down.” It would be fun to see him argue with Sarandon, as she was telling everyone in ’08 how wonderful Obama was going to be, and how much she disliked Hillary. I’m assuming that Press was also an Obama supporter then, though I am not certain. So many of us tried to tell them that if they liked using the term “Progressive,” then Hillary was the real Progressive in the race. They still don’t see it, of course.

  261. Well, only 22 precincts missing in NV..all in Clark County. Hillary is at 52.6, Bernie 47.3. Delegate count remains 22 for our lady and 16 for Bernie. Five are not delegated to either candidate.

  262. Missing voting? Or not counted? Don’t get how they couldn’t have counted them by now.,

  263. I would like GMO’s to be labeled so that I can decide if I want to eat them (I don’t)…. I think fracking is a mistake and we will get natural gas with the profits going to the producers and polluted water and earthquakes left for the rest of us… But Sarandon is selective in her
    ‘purity’ test. How come Bernie being a of the NRA is okey dokie? Guesshis FEC violations and his stealing Clinton’s data is just fine. No candidate is perfect….especially Sanders. She is just like every other Sanders supporter, an ass. I just hate caucuses and can’t imagine having to put myself through that in order to exercise my right to vote.

  264. VotingHillary,

    Well, only 22 precincts missing in NV..all in Clark County. Hillary is at 52.6, Bernie 47.3. Delegate count remains 22 for our lady and 16 for Bernie. Five are not delegated to either candidate.

    Thanks for the update Voting.

  265. imust – Delores Huerta’s hair is white.

  266. Old Coastie,

    Here is a recent pic of her and her endorsement at Hillary’s Facebook page…

  267. BTW, Saradon really is full of herself and I don’t like the way she talked down to Huerta.

  268. She’s so nasty and she’s taking a boatload of bashing on twitter. I was previously involved in trying to get her to correct a LIE about Hillary she posted.BALD FACED LIE brought about by INGORANCE on how the system of military arms works. She made it sound like Hillary sold arms like some criminal. She got trounced on by people and still did NOTHING to correct it. And it was TRULY a false smear. She is a disaster and I’m glad Bernie’s got her instead of us. I have lost ALL respect for this woman. But to bash Huerta is beyond the pale. And she’s paying for it publicly right now for WHITEPSLAINING to Latinos about how awful Hillary is. You would think that, while she watches decrepit male actors still get great roles, women in her category end up with slim pickens. You would think that registers with her. In any event, she did really well under Capitalism. She’s got hers, she just wants us all to be socialist ducks but not herself. But let her carry on some more because Bernie has REALLY lost the Latinos now. My God, she’s a grown woman acting just like those 18 year olds. You would think she would set an adult example.

    And no matter how they pretend, they did not win Latinos in Nevada. It’s bullshit like everything else Bernie puts out. Pulled it out of his ass. You don’t win Nevada not even by 5.5 points (Bernies say 4, because 5.5 is 4 in Bernie Language) without carrying Latinos. Even CNN came out and said that. And the Culinary Workers Political Director was on MSNBC this AM and she made it really clear that Hillary carried well the monitored locations that were heavily Latino.

    I can’t wait till Super Tuesday so this guy can be put to bed. His people are worse than he is. And that’s saying a lot.

  269. honora, Bernie and Hillary have the identical position on GMOs, and Tad Devine (Bernie’s guy) was a Monsanto lawyer, so I don’t get where Sarandon comes off with her bullshit.

  270. OldCoastie,

    Mine is too (underneath the coloring).

  271. Huerta’s in her 80s isn’t she? I mean, Jesus, you beat up on an old woman?

  272. Gawd Caucuses are horrible, I agree. Why did five delegates not get assigned? Excuse my ignorance, I just don’t understand all these different caucus systems.

  273. Bernie can have Sarandon. We have Meryl Streep and DAME Helen Mirren!

  274. William I have seen your essay and it has seen me. Now I am going to go jump off my roof.

  275. Sophie, I just think Sarandon has a thing about Hillary and it doesn’t matter who or what runs against her, she’sIn, even if it’s a crazed disgruntled old man like Bernie. And I don’t think she’s very happy growing old, when all the old boys are still getting the roles, they’ve got her doing voice-overs. She hasn’t had anything bashingly big in a long time. Beyond that, I just cannot understand why a public figure would be so venomous, so it has to be personal about Hillary, whatever it is. I saw her as a talented actress and now I don’t think I ever want to see her in anything again. All I will see is her political personality. No wonder most hollywooders tread lightly, at least compared to her.

  276. Huerta is 85 Uppity. She screamed at an 85yo woman. (I still think Dolores could take her though.)

  277. Hahah the old girl must be one tough lady. I’m sure they are torturing her on her twitter acct too. You know how that is.

  278. Uppity Woman, on February 22, 2016 at 12:02 AM said:
    William I have seen your essay and it has seen me. Now I am going to go jump off my roof.

    Oh, no, Upps! DON’T DO IT!!!!

  279. LOL Voting. How about just off the garage roof?

  280. Sophie please check DM. I need your opinion again.

  281. How much money has Susan Sarandon taken from Johnson and Johnson to shill for a product that could shred your liver?
    Corporate prostitute!!

  282. I got over 43,000 Impressions on twitter in the last 24 hours. There must be a contract on me by now lol

  283. Which product, Sue?

  284. Sweet Sue, she also is “spokesperson” for L’Oreal of Paris…you know, the ones that do animal testing….

    BTW, this political “genius” backed JOHN EDWARDS in 2008 before Obama.

    Need I say any more?

  285. Well, as usual, Bernie gets off w/o a scratch. Wapo has weighed in on the English Only chantGATE. Says video (inaudible from the back cell phone vid) gleans no chanting! And btw Sarandon, who was there, says there was no chanting…, of course, there must not have been anyone chanting “English only” like Huerta said. The article goes on to say that America Ferrera did not comment, Dolores Huerta did not comment for the article. So, therefore, inconclusively, BERNIE”S off the HOOK!! Then Rachel Maddow, Bernies official campaign spokesperson now, said: Ahh…a reasoned response from Wapo! See! Oh, and even so, Huerta should not be disrespected. I.Want.To.Puke

  286. Well, I am now fully engaged in 2016…I just got my first FU from a Bernie supporter for pointing out that Tad Devine, Bernie’s strategist, was a LOBBYIST for Monsanto. The Bernie Bro is none to happy with me.

    Hence, I also changed my email settings on Twitter. I would actually like to be able to READ my emails tomorrow.

  287. oh, imust, I meant to give you five-stars but my cursor was in between and registered a four. Sorry.

  288. John Edwards. ROFL nothing like being a good judge of character.

  289. What is an impression on twitter?

  290. Uppity, Sarandon shilled for Tylenol.

  291. I have another twitter q. Some bot on twitter put me on a “list”. The only way I could get off it was to block him. What are the lists for and why would a bot put me on one? I’m a total twitter novice, (or dolt) can’t even figure out how to post a pic or link.

  292. Bernie BS about winning the Hispanic vote in NV…Clark County is the heaviest area for Hispanic voters which Hillary won.

  293. ok she pushes tylenol. Yeah it can wreck your liver, but for people with kidney issues, such as myownself, tylenol is their only option because it’s processed via liver instead of kidneys. Six of one, half dozen of another because Ibuprofen and Aleve, etc can whack your kidneys instead.

  294. Uppity does not mean that she does not like the essay; she means that it is hard for her to format it into WordPress. She has been great about doing that. I tried to take her suggestion as to how to avoid some of the AOL pitfalls, but I guess it did not help much. Maybe changing font type will help. I am stuck using AOL for now.

  295. William, actually I think I solved the problem by flushing all the control characters at once, leaving the fonts and other doo dads clean. I owe this to a brain tweak imust gave me last night when I was seriously considering Hari Kari.

  296. Hillary Clinton Must “Lose” In Order For The Media To Win | Anita Finlay

  297. I just spent an hour looking for a reasonable video of the Huerta incident. (I know. I must not have enough to do.) I found a fairly clear one here:

    There’s a lot of yelling, whether you want to call it chanting or not, that’s not making things easy for any speaker. I can’t imagine an old fighter like Huerta being fazed by that. But she never gets a chance to try.

    The *moderator* says “English only” and then there’s very clearly much whooping and clapping and joy from one corner of the room. So where they stood on that is obvious, and all the legalistic excuse-making in the world doesn’t change it.

  298. Thank you quixote. I agree. They are twisting in Bernielogic, akin to pretzel logic to make excuses for their behavior because they KNOW it was a big deal. Well, after the fact. Obviously they were clueless until someone with 2 brain cells to rub together probably said, “WTF!? Are you people crazy? You dissed Dolores Huerta?” So they went into overdrive spinning and lying and trying to cover up the mess. Course they can always count on Rachel Maddow et al to act as Bernie’s official press directors to get whatever meme going they need.
    Bottom line: They were rude, disrespectful directly to her AND they implied she was untrustworthy to simply translate for them. Someone of her stature, being called, basically, dishonest. (Just like they do to HRC every day.) It would be like if MLK were alive and offered to help count the ballots and they said, “No! You’ll cheat! We can’t trust you!” Seriously stupid people those Bernie Bros.

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